21 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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v?i. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. Fill DAY. DECEMBER 21. 1866. NS. 4.803. THE EVENING STAR IB rUBLIBHID DAILY, (EXCEPT SUNDAY*) AT THE STAR, BUILDINGS uJ.ua: comtr of Ftnm m witHM md lit* strut m W. D. WALLAOH. Tb? STAB U Mrved by tha cam?T* to IBalT m bscrtbers In til* UUy aad Die trie at TBI i iirro ram warn*. Uopl** at the coaaier, witB ? without wrapper*, Two Oenta each. Faica tor ?Thr*a month*, Om Poiiar antf #V'? C?wU, tlx months, ZVm DoiMri; an* year, Ar< DoUmrt. No paper* ara at from *h#> offlca longer than paid for. The W LEKI-Y ST AR?published on Friday WB>It?Om DoUmt and a Faff a Fmt. mmwmmmmmtmtmmmam/tfm holiday coons. T T K N T 1 O N. KBISS KV.INKLE 3 IIE 1PQT A UTE B"4. 7AUTHUISAMD POUND AND FRUITCAKES 1 am d> -"irons of Informluf n>y rgi;?m?r< ?n I the tnMir that 1 have just tf tufd i large invoice of Foreign Hiid Domestic Confectionery Fruit*. Fai-cy Boin Ac . which I am prepar-d t???ll at great y reduced price*. Having pr? cured at great np'Of th? be?t wt.rk'n?D and the fluent material. It i* my ir.tentlen to itatd bef,?re the public nuriuilnl in tfce Confectionery basinets IceOrean f: SO p- r gallon, delivered t> any portion of the ity. Cnlia*d**e. A. F. POTENTIBT, d* 17 8t* 51T9 Pennsy '.vat,is avenue. wK&Ifcs sKATKj ! SKATES!!! ~ ? We b? g le*ve to rail the atter tina of everybody to oor superior inality a".d -juantitv of PATEN r PLOND1N CLIPPEH and ober SKATKS, believed to t e the very beet a?s< rtmeut in tha city, from that celebrated h.<u?e of C. B it gers A Co.? the admiration el gentlemen and lad tee, and the deligbt uflali and laasiee, wb > o'er the icy snrf.ve ?> sli .e i l ec?tacy, to chase ea> h other and time way. W.* have also G-ntiemen'* and Youth's TOOL ( HBelSand Bojt' "LtDii for Holiday I'resan' All ?f which we will *ell at cheap aa the market can *3ord The Skat inn Park will be lu.iabed by Thursday, and shares < au ba had of us J D. EDMOND A CO.. N' a 1? Seventh 'treet. de ll-lt* Intelligencer Builitn . .* I BI WORKS H8IWOSK9' FHQS AMD CHINESE LANTERNS, TI E LARGEST ASSORTMENT IN THE CITY of alt kin-is Wholesaie an ! retail, at BOSWBLL S FAN' \ SToBE de 13 Iw 34 J E street, near lith. J | OLID AY PBESEMTS. if you want to make a n-efal ''hrnttii* gift, go to I A IS A GA1THEK. M \BKET SPACE, and l bt * GKOVKRA RAKBR >BWIN - M A HI*NE. f!e IS lw | B1STMAS PRESENTS AT Mir/.EKOfT > >11 SIC STORE A larg? *electi-->n "I t?eantifn'Iy bonnd^ Wn?.e Book- au.t Mn*te Folios, MnsicSj^EB t i ai' op?n OIiimm. ii'.r uwr. liiije>r-'>' 411 nation Flutes. \ i .llnf. Guitars, Accorileonn, Plan w and t* |4M Pi?r,u Stools and Cover* VV. G MET/EROTT t CO , rt i ? IVux-y I vkqh erne. Si le Acfnt? 'or Stei: ? ?v < I I \No." I Mas n Ifamliu'a CAHINBT <>BO\NS de 15 1m * UR1STMAS PRESENTS TOYS, TOYS. TOYS, TOYS, of aU kin<la. LADIF* WORK WRITING DESKS. LADIES' CMPANIOS*. OREasisu cases. With lot* of FINE FANCY GOODS. For tale very . heap at BOSW'ELL S FANCY STORE. it M lw SO J E street. uear lit ; . \1 EHA\EJTST BECE1VEDON CONSIQN" me?t a large a?s.?rtment of 7ERBA r?'TTA ANH BHON7.it PARLOHOB SAMUNTS VASES AND F1QIBES. MYTHOLOGICAL A OTUEK CHARACTERS In coiile meiice -f these article* being oat of utr ' cf bnsiiie-e. we otter tnem tor a^le at t price. They are moat beamitnl Christm** pre* e> t?. and vary in price from 41 to ?.0. We also j?st rtcei?ed tru<u Europe a lirge as ii itBirct i.f il LSIC BOXES AND OPEBA GLASSES. MET/.aR(>T r A CO., del.*>-lw* 31* .-"enn avenue. MINCE MEAT ol axe- l est ona'ity N W. BURCRELL. Corner l4tb a*id F street*, de 19 under E' hitt House, jlATENT HEAD BANJOS ' PATF.NT HEAD BAN.IOS!! We have just r celved a la'ge lit of BANJ03 of a sr/es and kiiid*, at low rigtr-s i, St JOHN F ELLIS. J^OB CH ILDBEN?To> Drums, Mouth Organs. Kattlera Freweb Mouth Harps, Violin*. H.ind <V.-a*?. Drum Sticks, Drnm Belts, Sang Bo-As, A JOHN F El. LIS. de 18 eoSt SOS Penn avenie, nei?r luth *t. ior sale and rent. I^t'R BENT-A large, c ino odion* ICE HOUSE, la tua rtsr of No 3d street east, b?i? ?i-q N street t tb and *>i rxia atautie. In iaire on tr- misee, <?r at no. .'t 14 New Jtraey are. -jel.? at* L'l'B HENT?PABLUK and Hlt!>-Bi>OM. sui'l able tor wo. B >%rd it r*imrr4. B-.-ut-S^a i onth. Apply at New York avenue, t-etweeu 4*h aud Sth st?. de 17-iw * (/( KtALB Being <-biiged to iaire the city on 'her bii*:ne*?. will sell a snail but select i?s?( rtment o? Ladies and Gent'* FCRNlsliiNG ( OUR in a deriraide sitr.ation Inquire at 321 JV-tl.st del?6i* L*OB BENT^I anuar) 1-t a completely turniahed I Hol>E of 7 rooms Escelb-nt aud c-ntral lor.tion, 7erm- in a-lva^ce. In-inire at St*r Oit.ce. dels It* L'Oli BKNT?HOCSK ou H street, between J?1 I at d 3d streets: eight rooms , gas throughout. Ih-^uire at the corner Also, a HoCSK on Mencen Hill. Inquire at !l etreet, between 2d aud 3d?t*., t>42 B-nt flu a month. delMt; D MIDDLEMAN L\<K BKNT?At 5i6fle and ?tte?cb,lwo new two etwry H"CSFS on Government Printing Office 0-iunre Oue kas lye riK>ms. the other six, with pa**age. STARK A CO., drW 4 w 7th street. f-L BMSHBD ilOl St WANTRB, by Mother and Daughter w here Bard would be an e jut vaiect lor teat. with privilege of taking a few ?-lect boarder*. Addree* Mrs MABY LEON, Waehingtua PoetOfbua dei*-3t* Desirable hoi sis and lots at private sale. The subscriber will sell .hree well built Brick DWELLING HOUSES oil ?>4 street, corner L treet south; 1 cr Brick DWBLLINU HOUSES n 6S street, tetween D and E streats sooth, one Frame DUELLING hOt'SI. ou L ?tr--et *<>uth, near ? . -treet and t?<> Ul'ILDlMG LOTS on etreet near L street eouth. The above l.ousea are all now under retit to go d tenant*, at profitable rettx. and the vacant iota are the most deairable iii that section, aad ofler i?n opportualty tor inve-tifcent, er to obtain adwelling Seldom met wita < HAS S W aLLAi'H, Att riey at Law. No 42 La. avenne. corner tftk et. deli lw* ^ORSALR?That vaiVa le pie, e of PROPBR TY. corner of New Yjrk tvenBe and Thirteenth street. 75 f^-et treat by 1W? feet deep. The proveaent* consist of one three story Brick H . ldinw,fronting -ti New York avenue, and containing fourte-a rt>oviii with al! modern 1 mproiei ent* auo in perfect order: and ci? three story Bri?-k Bmidiuie treating ou Thirteenth street, containing seven room*. The at-o?e piofettj will l>e sold entire or separate!} . K1T0M A FOX. R ?i Bstate Broker*. CorLer of i and Seventh sireets, _de l?-otf c>ppoaite Pest wifice. T'OB BERT T? Wnrtrt*hed~BOOMS, at No'. a ?fe7 nth street, Hetweso E sad F sta. de 14 tf L'OK RENT?Tie late BKSiDENCE of H O I Faut. 4"J"* D street, coataialui; 17 rooms, with all tlie n - dera linpr--venitnts. Apply toCLIFTON HBLLBN. J74 F st no.W-tf nP.LG STORE FOR SALE -A DRUG STOKE of 2ij years standing, with ;>xtures comrb-te neu stock: aoraer store food location, and best of r*-a?un? for seiliug. 1ern>s easy. In-iatre of ^TA KB v CO , 4*"*H 7th s reet. Bo m No 13. de S 2w * L'OH BaNT?One BOOM on 1st floor and threa i BOOMS oi id floor, ov?r Stineoietz s Hat and Fur Store, 'Jj4 Penn a uv. uue. Beat moderate. no a tf 1,'OR BENT?T wo large aad one small communiA rating BOOMS, aatnraished second floor No. 134 Penn. a*., bet l?h atd jetli sts. no ?i tf E,""B BERT-The STOBES on Louisiana a ar aue. between 9th an1 It tb streets, No. "tf, 4, aa>1 **6. under Brtidy s Gy*ina*iuin. Tbey will be rented together or separately. For t>-rm* inquire ot CLAGETT A BWRENY. No. 4 Market Space. second floor. de 10 a I'd 1,'OB BENT?Large aud imali furui-hn-1 and naI furnished HOUSES and A P A BT M ENTSmuit able lor h nsekeeplng. II"), For Sale, s^eral small HOUSES, on easy t rat Inquire BT.tBK A CO., 4*?H 7th street. Roo-a 13. oc lUnL^OB BENT?The FABM, for tba last three year* F the residaacaof Major 'rhewpbllus (ialnts coa>lstin? of I'd acres, lying sear Fort Mahan. 1 mile IroniBei nmis Bridge. ImyroveueuU, d welllug house of li room*. *toue si able, ervant's houeee, tara.Ac Addreee 'E S 437 E street. WashitoL. D C.,or call la pa-eon, bstweeu 3 and T a. Oi. oc M tf 1. f BN1SHED PARLORS A*D BED ROOMS 1 f r rent from fs to $?? per month Al*a, Pt AhD for Mecbanl *. A . ply at No 4*?j ?th *t., bet?rv:iC and Louisiana* v. ao 27 In" KAiiE CHANCE For immediate sale, one of tie r.e?t Icvated small c-?rner store GBOCE BiFS u. the . ity Sto. k and Figtur-a new Apl 1 m u.ediate |. by lettei, to A. B. 0.,City P'-st Of?ce aoNtf i EOBGETOtFM HOU"Fi~AOKROY, ~ 1 1 too IIRIDGIC STREET. e \ ave *e<-eral desirable HOOVES for rent,a JVf Aleo. tirat-r'ase RBSIDRNCES, 1 i-'11 * e O. vite the at-entloo of reliable paries in a.ediately. o-.2 2m* 9 OKHI A COOPEB |,'i k BENT?The SToilB No 1H1 D *tr*at. near iith It froi.t? Immediately oo Penna. ' V- arr svd is me of the largeat an-, most convai.?b..y sitrated store roc me in Wa-*klngt?-n city. A til; u. C. t PAKEB. at tb* Star Offiv* ,a?) tf HOLIDAY GOODS. o t 1 c e . In addition tj onr aire.dy nnnsually large m "ortmnit of lie* and depart Goods. dengueJ o? |*clally for the HOLIDAY TRADE. We tbis morning open a number 01 choice Involcei. emJraciDg all the LATEST NOVELTIES. Which, in consequence of the recent decline iu pi ices, we are enabled to offer at GBEATLY REDUCED BATES. M. W. OALT * BRQ S . Je?elers. de 80 3t 3SI Peansy'vania avenue. EKB-CAl M i'lPES. A large assortment of GEM INE MEERSCHAUM PIPE?. M W GALT A BB9 , Jeweler*. ?iel<'-3t 354 Pennsylvania av.-n.je.H J ET JEWELRY. Jmt re-eived. all the newer styles of JET JEWELRY. M. W. UALT .t BRO . Jeweler*, de :0 3t 344 Pennsylvania av^n le. j; U B PRESENTS. PIANO roVKB-i AND STOOLS, MIMO MCkliT BOUND, NEW MUSIC. OPkRAS ALSO. Oi'l^ARx VIOLINS, ACCOKDEONS, ana every article Id he Mmsic business. JOHN V ELLIS. .... 306 I'eiiusy Ivaou nvenne, d^Z'St Mar 10th street |>ttE>ENTS FOK HOUSEK KBPKBS. : A Set of Plateri KNIVES. FORKS or SPOONS An ICE PIT( HER, bYRUP PITCHER,OAK K HAJ-EKT. BUTTER COOLLR. CASTOR, UBN or TEAPOT, A ?ase of NUT PICKS, or Nl'T PICKS and FBI IT KNIFK combine J; A Carv.d ltRE^D PLATTER.set o! TABLE MATS CALL HELLS.or FEaTHER DUSTER aud I her ai tides kui table for Presents to Housek?eper-, at very low prices GEORGE FRANCIS, de20.ir 4?0 7jb street. |)U1LP A SOLOMONS' CHOICE SELECTION OF GOODS FOR THE HOLIDAYS, EJ.URACIL.; KVlRt rOS?lBLK VAEiKTV OF BOOKS AVtl F A X c V <; O O D s, 18 NOW READY FOB INSPECTION. PHILP A SOLOMONS' METKOrOl.lTAX ROOK S TO lit\ 333 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. jle 19 tf Between 9th and loth streets. ?|<) FOB TH* HOLIDAYS.: J net received the largest a-?r.rtment of French and Atneilean BON BONS and CAND1E> that cannot be surpassed in ti e District A Lao, A large assortment of FANCY SUGAR PLUM BoXB.>,jt>st rereiae l frt-m Paris, which I will c>lter >he public at the lowest possible rates N B?Large assortment of FANCY POIND and Fhl IT CAKES, constantly on hand Call and ex imine, at NOBBE'K'S, 31b Pa avenue, <le JO lot bet w. en 9th and lOtn streets. PRESENTS7 PRESENTS! Writing Desks. Woik boxes J. wei Boxes. Dressing < M?s Cigar Cases, Card Ca^-en Musical Cigar S-ands. Watch Stands Pocket Books, Cabas, Satchels Baskets. Brushes Combs, Fans Opera ?'asses, Skates Parlor Skates. Chess Men Dominoes. Backgammon Boards, Togetter with a lull supply of Toys aud Notions for tb?children. GEORGE FRANCIS, de ? St^ 490 Seventh street. |) I B B C T IMP PET ATION. 1 am this day in receipt of a package direct from Germany , ot my own importation, which, in addition to a general assortment of Musical Instruments contains specially n very great variety of new. fresh, and superior VIOLIN,GUITAB.HABP. A BANJO STRINGS, BeautDnl Violin Bows, Flntes ; -everal very fine VIOLIN*. Ac , to which 1 Invite the attention el n'USh inns 1 have perfeeted my arrangement* for receiving regular snppitaaDom Europe JOHN F. ELLIS, de 2U St 30b Penn. a?e., near 10th at. jyow beady, AT MY OLD STAND. SO l-j* DBIDCE STREET, GEORGETOWN, A FULL ASSOBTMENT op SPLENDID HOLIDAY GOODS AND TOYS. A full line of Swiss Carved Work Boxes aa<i Desks, Tobacco and Cigar Boxes and Stands Cigar Stands with Music Box attached, together wuh i full stock of fine BOOKS. and alt that par tains t? the B^ok and Stationery trade for Hie Holidays. da? 4: C,. CBANDALL. BAND PI ANOS. r_^ TWO OF CH1CKIBING A BOB'S StPERB FULL GBANDd on exhibition and for sale at JOHN F. ELLIS'S. <le2" St 30b Pennsylvania ave , near luth. MA 1 L L A R D '8 OHOOOLATS DE FANTAISIR. ET BONBONS. HAILLAB D 8AL#", CHOOOLAT PAB EXCELLENCE, _ (Triple Vanilla.) This Triple Vanilla CHOCOiiATB it superior in quality and flavor to any other made Hi this country, and ia prepared especially for table nse. N. W. BUBCHELL. corner 14th and F street*, >0 under Ebbltt Honse, / HINA TEA SETS, ' PLATED OASTOBS. Ac., IN CBEAT VARIETY. ? o. ? . At _ . BOTELEB A BBO.'S. H_n-e Furnishers, 320 Metterelt Hall. ilel?-W,F.S.AM C^eLD BAND AND WHITK F CHINA DINNEB SETS, VEBY LOW PBICES, At J. W. BOTBLEB A BBO. s, del9- W,F,8.AM SXO Penoeylvanla avenue. UEAUTIFDLBOU.JUET8. FLOWER BA8D KET8. HANGING BASKETS. CHBISTHAS TREES Ac., at JOHN SAUL'S, 4?b 7th street, oppaetta U S Patent Office. de 19 ao<>t PUNCH BOWLS, EBG NOGG BOWLS, In great variety, _ At J. W. BOTBbVR A BBO '< , delv WKSM H-JO Met/erott Hall. 1>LATEB TEA SETS _ 1 BUTTBR DISHES, BYEUPPAN8, GOBLETS. MU??, Mt. of SUPBBIOB QUALITY At J. W. BOTELEB A BBO , House Furnishers. f* 19-WFSM 3'JO Penna av .(Metzerott Hall. j^ADlBS'.rUBS, rCBS, FUBS. A ORE VT VAEIETT, FOB CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. t BICES LOW SB THAN EVER. de IS It* At SB Y MOUB'S, 1a Gaorgetown. Jl'ST BECE1VBD.?Malaga Orapes, Bwaet Havana Otini'i, at?. Fresh Cakes and Pastry every dsy. My Ladies' Oyaters, lea Oreaoa and Diblng Saloons are n?w open * J?* H. SH AFFIBLD, I 246 P*nn'aav., bet*e? u l.'th and 11th sts , it 19 St* l*ta Jewell's. HOLIDAY GOODS. ^JHBIWTMAS PBESEHTflk find at BOS WELl/S Mow F*ncy Store, Penney Ivama avenue. between 9th and l"th streets, a flue assortment of real LACE GOODS, vi*: POINT LACE. POINT APPLIOCB. VALKNCIEN ES AMD OH NY LUI, HANDKCRC'HIEFS COLLARS. B t BBS. Jtr..iui-t4 Also. lot* of FINE FANi'V GOODS. NOTIONS, TOILET A BT1CLKS ZEPHYBaND WOOLEN GOODS Ac., Ac. Everybody ?b*n)4 call on BOSWELL to get Ch?*p Chrl?t?M Q?od?. d* 17 ?t t 'BAND EXHIBITION-OF BE AUTI FU L Pi " I ANUS ? We iiiVite the attention of_4^^ the put lie to nir extensive e-4ort-fiaBH| ment of fine, new, aid beautiful " PIANOS, selected piifi'ltlly for the H?llilv?, comprising specimens from thnmi bestm?oufacturer* of our rxuntr;, ttnd fi>r sal? at fartory prices on rea-oi al le tortus Also, Piano St >ols and ('oTt-rs. P*r or Organs. Melodious. C,altars. Violins, and every arti?le ia the music bu-lness. JOHN K EM, 19. 306 Pennsylvania avenue, de 17 tft n?ar Tenth street. SOMETHING NEW I have jn?t received several new stylos of Black Walnut < abri RUSTIC r KA M KS. ma4e lo tuy order sizes, frotu 4*6 to ISx-U The?e ?re roill/ I desirable Also, a full stock of PICTUBK CORDS > TASSEI.8, POBCELAlN NAILS KINOS.jic. A>*o. En>m*-lled KE?'B?iS KBAMES, with r?nd without H?-wer?; a suitable Pre?-nt for the Holi d*vs. ROTH ROCK, do i.-t al <>p?o<ite Pvnt oitice, 7th street. Ol'T FOB TBI HOLIDAYS' r H K . Rl PPERT, KR1SS KRING1.E HEADQ UARTERS. No 7Tb STBEKT. HKTW KEN D AND E. Importer of all kin Is of NEW TOYS AND FANCY GOOBS, Adapted for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Mr. RUPPEBT takes great pleasure to inf'roi his numerous customers and the public generally ti at he has just received, through his agents in I- ran e ?nd Germany, the largest and best selected Fancy Goods, suitable for Holiday and >e* Your Pre-ents, among w hi. h we enumerate in p<*rt:? DOLLS of every description, A great variety of PORTMON AIES, CARD CASES, WOBK "T ANDS, baskets, PERFUMERY, WHITING DESK ?. WOBK BOX KS. AND CHESS AND DBESSIMG CASES, BAI'KOAMON roabds. CHINA VASES ORNAMENTS, BOCK AND HOBBY H"RSES And also state that lu order to give hii customers in. teased advantages and facility in the eximma tioo of my Stock of Goods, fcav" fitted, at much trouble, .? large apartment in the second story, directly over my Store, where we will at all tiuo-s take great pleasure in waiting upon those who miy favor me with a call. Ladies who wish to avoid the nsnal crowd are especially Invited to make their selections as early as c< nvei ieLt de 14 t.al || O L 1 D A Y G I I I iTi ~~ If yon wish to give yonr friends a nsefal and valual le Christmas Gift, call and examine the g- nnn.e FBENCH CORSETS ImporC-d by Mrs. STEBN, fcatisfy yourtelf by cominir Immediately to Mr?, STEBN'S Hoophklrt Factory and Corset Depot ' > 1 7th street, bet. D and E ate. de 11 tJanl ' AX D??LLS, '? SLEEPING DOLLS, CHINA DOLLS, CEAlTUt'L TOYS C?\lic TOYS, FI NNY TOYS. Chamber >ets. Parlor Sets, Tea Seta Glove*. Dr<m Cape, Ribbons, etc., Notion* of every description st WH P SHEDD 8,11th street, de 17-7t* seven doors ab*ve Psdo avenue. CbristsTAS PBE^KNTS ? At JiQSWELL'S A'EU FliVCy STOKE, 30* I'lfiX. A VEX C S. between 9th aad !<>th ?ts , Can be found beautiful and choice CH RiST %f Aa PRESENTS such as? Ladies' Writing Cases, Work Boxes. Companions, C.lovo Boxes, Dressing Cas *. I'ortmonales. China ornaments Toil-t Articles, Cbams, Ntckties, Nets for th- Hair, Gloves, Woolen Goods. Also, an assortment of tine Fancy Goods Motions. Ac., VEBY CHEAP. VEBY CHEAP de 17 -it ('HRISTMAB AND N EW YEAR S I'BES JtHTE. A rick and elegant assortment of Gentleman's Robes de Ohanibre, gotten up expressly for the holidays. Gold, Sliver, and Ivory-teaded Canes, In bestitiful variety with Scarfs, Ties, Gloves Su-penders. Ac ; with superior lot Toilet ArtUlts, at reduced pricss, at LAMB'S Gents Farnishlna Store, do 11 eotf 4 24 Penn. avenue, near 4S St. ^jHBlbTMAS IS OOMIMO. And OTorybody who wants a good FBI IT OB POI MD CAKE ought to call at J.OBO. BEISINGEB'S Oonfectionoy Store. Ho. 193 IX STBEHT, ISLAND. Persons can find all assortments of Fancy and Plain' AN DIES; also, TOYS; to Please the small ones, as well as largs, who are fond of good things J G. BEISINwEB. . ? . No. 193 4K street. Island. do Il-tdett* between F and G, Washington. YY INKS AID LIQUOB8. VMisie bov on baud a fnll pnpply of California wines, consisting of Port, Hock, Angelica, Muscatel and Claret. Also, Pure Grars Brandy. Also, Pure Old Rye and Roorbon Whiskeys, 8 otch and Irish Whiskeys, Jamaica and St. Croix Bum. New England Bam, French Brandy. Holland Gin, Old 8herr? and Madeira Wines, Blackberry Brandy Peppermint Cordial, Drake, Stoogbton. atxl Hostetter's Bitters. Schldam S< hasps. Imported Brown Btor.t and Ale. For sale by EGAN A PEKBI E. de 19 et Corner E and 9th street*. Pianos:, _ pianos: P I A H O 81 _ , _ 'J (two) superior PIANOS, just rsceivedSo?B from James W Vose's celebrated factory?*1* \1 ? ? n? of them finely tinUked? for sale low and on easy terms JOHN F ELLIS, de l<? St 306 Penn avenue, near 10th st. L'OB THE HOLIDAYS. ' Beal L*ce Collars and Handkerchiefs in Point, Poiat A ppli^oe and Thread. Rich French Bmhroi dereH and Oluny trlmme<i Handkerchiefs, Plain and Fancy Kml>rei4ered Belts, and a general variety of Fan- y A'tides, suitable for presents at de is 6t LOWE S, Me. 1 a Market Space. I/LEGAMT GOODS CHEAP r* FOB THE HOLIDAYS. Po?< h Bowls and Pnnch (Jla-ses, t TT| Dinner Sets iVarets, [ffv* Szaoking Bets, Tot>acco Boxes. Ac., 1H kirn PI.,ted Ware, And a variety of other han 'some goods. _ WEBB A BSFBBIDOE, de l'1 f.t Odd Fsllews Hall, 7th street. 505 BI?TH_8tbeet: 505 PBEPABE POB THE HOLIDAYS. kidwell aTendbrson Wonld respectfully call the alteution of their friends and the public to their largs and wellselected assortment of WALL PAPKBS AND WINDOW SHADES, of the Latest Styles. Also, on hand a-'large assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLE COVBB8 BISTIO BLINDS PAPEB CDBTAIMS. F1BE BOABD PBIMTS, OVAL PICTUBE KBAMES, Together with COBDB AMD TASSELS TO SUIT. All of which tbey are prepared to sell at the LOWEST CASH PBIOES. Remember the place, io:> NINTH 8TBBET. Four doors abov* D street, Beaton Hall Building, de 18 2w F' C B8! . TV B S F o B s::t Having recently retnraed front New York, I am n?w prepaied to offer fresh-made desirable F(J BS, m<st mitable mementoes for Helidny Presents, embracing? Hl'DSOM BAY BABLB, MINK SABLE, BOYAL EBMIME. S1BEB1AN SQL'IB BE L, ABTBAEH AM, WATER MINK, Ac., Ac., In Skating and Dre?s MUFFS. BoaS, aad COL LAIU?. Also, full n-sortmsut of OiilLWKEN S FUB9. B. HeBTlBEMETZ, Hatter and furrier. 434 Fauna avenue, ueU-tt tws doors from 13th street. TELEGRAMS, fee. Judge Meredith of the Circa it Courtof Richmoud, issued a writ of ha:ems etirput yeiwrdaj lor Dr. James L. Watson. General Scttoflel.i j declued lo produce bini. assigning reasons m I writing io tLe effect thai by tbe act ofCougress I .lulv Iti, It#-!, commissioners of the Free-linen"* I Lnreau s?re 10 exercise jurisdiction over all I ca?e? involving the right to tbe equal benefit I of the law? aliecting the personal security of I a-l citizens wi'boul respe*t to ra.'e or color. I I hi- ni t Laving b? en officially published to I the army by the President, throuirh tbe W:ir I Department, Ueiieral ScDodeld says it is the I

duiv of nu officer ot trie United Stit* army I and assistant commissioner 01 tie Fr?itae?N I Buieau to d-elme i ompliauce witli !tit> vrrito! J me lionorabl-* court. General (5rant has referred tbe petitions tot I interleience in Governor Fletcher'* proceed- I legs in La ayette county, Missouri, to General | Han.-ork Tfce larter ordered fonr compauies I ot regulars to Lexingrou. A rumor prevails I at Si. Louis that, owing to a onar-el between I the citizens and militia in Uichtnond. Kay <otirty. that town has hoen bnrned, bnt th? rum >r is contradicted. Three militia romp inie? for active service have Iwn raised there. I There is a suit ou trial in the Supreme Court I in Philadelphia. of Merrick &. Co., vs. The Germania, Hanover, Fnlton nud Lonllard In- I * urance Companies, of New York. Tbe action I is to recover npon policies of insurance on tbe I South wark K<iundry. The plaintiff* claim I iha' their loss was *51,801, which included the I macliii.ery of the Cb:i tanooga and several I other vessels that they were building, and I which less was proportioned among all the I companies. Lieutenant General Sherman arrived at New I Orleans yesterday evening from Brownsville, I his mission having proven a failure because of the relusal of the Imperial authorities to I prant him a pass across their lines to reach I Chihuahua. He left Minister Campbell at Brownsville. who would proceed immediately I to.luarez's headquarters. Captain Craig, ol the Veterau Reserves, and I bureau azent, has been arrested and commifed I to jiiil by Judge Ireland and the civil aulbori- I ties of Gundaloiipecounty, Texas. for destroy- I mg the bonds given for the appearance ot bis I predecessor before tbe civil courts. Craig acted nnder the orders of General Heintzel- ] man. His release has been ordered. Tbe trial of tbe Kenian prisoners is still in progress at Sweetsburg, Canada. Yesterday evening the judge said it was evident that the I jury would have to be shut up lor another I night, and therefore he adjourned the court I until to-day ar. 9.30 a. m. Judge Dure!I. of tbe United States district I court in New Orleans stated yesti r Jay that I when the Supreme Court renderea iu>decision I on tbe teat-oath he wonld not raise his band I against their decree. The court desired not to I be further pressed on that subject. The Virginia Senate passed, yesterday, ehe House bill to pay tbe claims of (taring Broth- I ers & Co., of London, rigainsttbe Common- I wealth. Both houses adjourned until tbe 3d ol January. General Grant has left St. I>>nis for tfce I Last. Before leaving be sent a company of United States troops to Lexingtou. Governor I Fletcher has gone to take command of the mi- | litia in person. A Canadian named Patrick Hart fell into a trance and was supposed to be dead. Preparations were made for the fuuerai. but he re- | covered consciousness in time to prevent that ceremony. Governor Wells has issued a request to the clerks of the criminal courts in Louisiana to furnish him with a list of criminal indictments on the dockets, troiu Novemrier, 1"??K), to November, ltG6. The Legislatnre of Virginia ha\e elected Hon. Alexander Kives Judge of tbe court of appeals, which position he has beld by appointment of the Governor since the death of J udge Tboma*een. Resolutions have been introduced in the j North Carolina Legislature looking to the pro- | viding for the payment ot (he Interest on tbe State debt, or fundiiig the interest at an early day. Tbe New York jury in the case of Weem against the First National Hank ot New Or- I leans, for the negligent delivery of a trunk, I returned a verdict lor tbe bank. The Union Pacific railroad is now completed forty miles west of Fort Klley, and will soou I be ready for business. General Kiddoo has taken charge of the I Freedmen's Bureau in Texas, relieving General Lathrop. Tbe expenditures for military purposes for Canada since June 1, leGti, are <hiO,ixiu. CONGRESSIONAL. Senate.?Yesterday afternoon tbe bill tor i the admission of Nebraska was debated at some length, when tbe Senate, after a short executive session, adjourned. HornK - Yesterday afternoon Mr. Delano (Ohio) offered the following resolution: which was agieed to . Be it enacted by the. Senate arut Houu of Hepresentahret rf the United State$ of America in Con- I grttt arxmhled, That, until otherwise ordered, I it shall be unlawful for any officer ot the United States Government to pay any account, claim, or demand against said Government I which accrued or existed prior to tbe nth of j April, 1*61. in favor of any person who pro- | moted, encouraged, ot in any manner snstamed tbe late rebellion, or in favor ot any I person who, during the said rebellion, was not I known to be opposed thereto and distinctly in I favor of its suppression: and that no pardoa heretofore granted or hereafter to be granted. I shall authorize tbe payment of such account, I claim, or demand, nntil this resolution is mod- I itied or repealed. The Speaker laid before the Houseaeom- I munieaatlon from the President, transmitting the report of the Secretary of State, with ac- j companying papers, relative to the attempts ot Santa Anna and Ortega to organize armed expeditions within tbe United States for the ] purpose of overthrowing tbe national Goveminent of Mexico. Referred to the Commit- I tee on Foreign Affairs. The Speaker also laid before the House the report of the Sergeant-at-Anns of the House, I announcing that be had taken tbe Hon C. V. I Culver from tbe custody of tbe sheriff of Ve- I nango connty, Pennsylvania, and set him at liberty. _______________ FROM EUROPE. Pari*, Dec. < ?.?'The French budget shows a definite balance in estimated receipts over expenditures for the Incoming financial year No new taxes are to be levied on account ot the army scheme which has mst been promulirated. and wbicb tbe budget declares to be a fresh guarantee for the peace of Europe. President Johnson's message is published in full | in tbe Paris journals, and has had a much I better effect in all circles than was anticipated alter tbe reception of tbe meagre telegraphic summary, which failed to do it justice. i Madrid, Dec. 20.?Tbe Government of Spain I has negotiated with M. Fould, the French Minister of Finance, for a loan of 90,0uu francs lrom the French Government. i I By Steamer.] | Halifax, Dec. 50.?Advices by the Java I state that tbe London Post nrges inquiry into the loyalty of Irishmen in the large towns of England. Slight symptoms of alarm are felt in Liverpool, where large numbers of Irish laborers were out of employment. Armed I guards were placed on all depots of arms there. Tbe police were hoaxed in their effort | to find Stephens in Liverpool Troops continued to be forwarded to Ireland. | The Scotsman says Disraeli, by threats of I resignation, has obtained the couBent of the 1 Derby Cabinet to the introduction of a snr- I prisingly liberal reform hill at the next session of Parliament. At a great reform meeting in London on the 4th, John Bright made a bold speech, to the effect that Parliament still resisted reform, and, for anght be knew, might continue to reflet when they met In February until the diacontent shall become universal, and that wbicb | Is now only a great exhibition of opinion may become necessarily and inevitably a great I and menaclcg exhibition of force. Mr. Bright I was warm in praise ol the Queen, who, he said, was not wanting in great and generous sympathy for tbe people. | The English journals continue to take exception to tbe illegality or tbe arrest and extraditton In Canada of Lamlrande, tbe Frencb defaulter. _ ^ Stephen J. Meary, tbe Fenian Senator, ha* been committed for trial at Dublin. Tbe Dub- I lin Orangemen have called npon tbe main body of tbe Orangemen to support the author- I lue?. 11 17*Tbey have news-girle in Chicago, as well as news-hoys. C HR ISTMAS GII TS What to Buy and Where to Bay It. We eon tip or to-day our Ubriitmt# directory to enable purchasers to ascertain ju-: w Ler e to go to be suited in the ?ty le of article deeirtd. We ?tail cmtinne the list from day to day, and advertisers who ? mb t? receive nonce abt nld send iu their advertisements season .ibly. JtwtLtv, A.C M. W. Galt A. Bkos , 304 Pennsylvania a \? n u?-. -whose average n'.o. k of Je?r?*lr.v i? perhaps tbe largest in any city south ot Pniiad?-l|>hia. have added to it an assortment of the newest and inort tat-telui sty leo! fooil- adapt. ?d 10 ibe holiday trade ever opened in this market. Amoi g these novelties are all the newer stylesot jet jewelry, an eucbanting (to the smoker) assonmtn: ot meerschaum pipes, a rich display of the celebrated Gortiam eiectro-plaieo ware, which is bandsoin> r and lasts longer (ban solid silver, and is sold at one-filth the price of solid silver: fine plated card receivers for holiday presents: new styles coral jewelry; silver berry, preserve, and ice cream spoons; all the latest styles ot pearl, amethyst and stone cameo jewelry, especially for holiday present*: fine English table cutlery, do., silver and fancy poriemonoaies, card cases, solid silver goblets, cups, napkin rings, ice cream, coffee, and egg spoons, icecream and salad bowls, silver tea sets, A.c., Ac., A.c. In fact the list of new and elegant goods expressly adapted to the holiday trade to be seen ou the counters ot the Gaits might be extended indefinitely. It is so well known that tnis turn deal in nothing but first class good-, that customers there feel assured of being fairly dealt by; a great desideratum in purchasing jewelry, in which so mucn deception is sometimes practised by unscrupulous dealers. J Kopikhok. at 'H:t Pa. avenue, has a larj-e st<?ck ol watches, clocks, and jewelry, all of which be is disposing of at reasonable rate*. Give htm a call. * ok the Ladies. I AXePVR<.h A Hk<>.. 515 7th street, have a most templing display ot goods for laoies' v ear, direct from Pans, and much below i jiportation cost, owing to lateness of arrival, such as cloth ?aques and basques, moire antique silks, Ac., Ac. Their general stock ol goods is also unusually large and complete, which accounts tor the tbrengs of customers visiting their store. GOOD KARE. P. M lit bast A Bro., National Kating House, Penn. avenue and ?lth street, keep up the fame of their establishment for excellent tare, and (hose who cannot go th?*r# in person to partake of the good things will do well to order some nice Christmas fare from the restaurant. The potables at Dubnni s are quite a? famcu- as the eatables, as all < onnoisseurs are aware. Good Bctter The nicest Christmas fare may be spoiled by bad butter; but this never happens to those w ho buy the golden article sold by Gbor<ib J|. 0\ st icr, Centes Market. Oyster has a reposition to sustain, and will not sell a bad article. The STArr or Like. Tuns. llAVtMiKK g splendid reel oven and complicated macmuerv at bis celebrated steam bakery, 347 C street, between and o;h streets, enable him to manufacture, on the largest scale. Boston crackers, milk biscuits, soda, water and sugar crackers.ginger snaps,aud delicious bread, which, on account of the saving of labor. he cau sell at the lowest prices. His establishment is now probably the largest and most complete iu this section of the country, ami bis bread, crackers and caK?s have long been celebrated for their excellence. Galt A C<>., Indiana avenue and 1st street, have the choicest flour for baking Ctiristma* cakes, pies and puddiugs. and many other things needed by housekeepers at thi? season. Give them a call. Com hex tionrry. Ac. Norbei k, 31*1 Penn avenue, has a large assortment of French and American bon bons and candies. fancy swear plum boxes, fancy pound and fruit cakes, of excellent quality and at the lowest rates. IS'. W. Ptec hell, 14th and F streets, has at his fashionable grocery the celebrated Maillard's chocolats dt fantaitu. bon l>ons, and cKocolat par txctllrnee. .lop. H. Shafhield. Ji6 Pa.avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, has just received a sup. ply of grapes and or.-tngee. and has lresh cak*-s and pastry every day. His dining saloons, where ladies can be served with oysters, ice cream. Ac . are now open. C. White succeeds Shalfield at 3mJ fi'b street, and will make to order confectiouery. cakes, ice cream, charlotte russe, blancmange and jellies, prepare supper, Ac., Ac. Clothisg, Boots andjShoep. L. KoPEM Eno. 493 7th street, between L> and F, is closing out his large stock of clothiug. by selling heavy overcoats for from ?7JO to #15, fine cloth dress coats from *9 up. and other articles of wearing apparel in proportion, as will be seen by reference to bis advertisement. The weather is getting very cold, and it behooves all who wish to prevent colds in making their holiday calls to be well shod Robert Israel, No. 371* 7th street, has a fine stock of boots and shoes, for men, women, and children. and sells the same very low. Dcvall, merchant tailor, 434 Pent, avenue, will not only fit you out with a fashionable suit ot French or English cloth or caseimere, but has dress Aid undershirts and drawers, ties, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, hose, gloves, and everything necessary for gentlemen to make a handsome appearance during the holidays. Carriages. A nice carriage is a good thing to have at Christmas time, or any other time. One of our most reliable dealers in this line is Mr. Rout. H. Graham, 374 1) street. His stock embraces everything required in tue carriage line. Tots, Famcy (Ioom, Ac. George Fkamcik, 490 7th street, is famous for his stock of holiday goods, useful and ornamental. His list of presents for housekeepers is wonderfully varied and fall, and he caters for the little folks in the most abundant manner, as seen by his announcement elsewhere. Everything imaginable in the toy line and housekeeping line can be round at bia extensive establishment. G. I'basdall has, at hie Georgetown bookstore, a fine assortment of holiday gt>od? and toys, a superb stock of books, beautiful work boxes, desks, cigar cases, music boxes, Ac., Ac. Sold at moderate prices. Wm. P. Shimd. nthstreet. near the avenue, has a fine assortment of wax dolls, sleeping dolls, beautiful toys, funny toys and notions of every description, besides iHoves. dresa cape, ribbons, and other useful and ornamental articles. Christmas Cheer. Johm Keyworth, corner 9tb and 1> streets, has an abundazt supply of the best groceries in demand tor holiday use; new raisins, almonds, English pickles, figs, Alberts, jellies, currants, nuts of all kinds, domestic mince meat, sweet cider, winea and liquors, Ac., Ac., and all offered at low prices. Groceries, LtqroRS, Cioars. Ac. N. Ml BraoHELL, corner 14tb and F streets, under the Ebbitt House, not only has mince meat of excellent quality, but almost every article kept in first class groceries in the largest cities. En am it Perrie, corner E and 9th streets, also advertise mince meat of extra quality, pure apple cidtr, Imported and native wines and liquors, and a large and well stock of groceries. Z. M. P. Kimo A Som, King Place, advertise ranges, grapes, nuts, raisins, figs, currants, spices, scuppernong wine, domestic mince meat, candies, chocolates, and many other rare and delicious articles In demand for the holidays. Gbo. McCatlby A Co , 39s Pennsylvania avenue, keep what is really a first cla?6 establishment, and snuffers, cbewers. and smokers can be accommodated with cigars, pipes, sniff, and every variety of the weed on moderate terms. Laces, Dry Goods, Gloves, Ac. Jo*. J.May A Co ,3ut? Pennsylvania aveaae, between 9th and loth streets, are selling great bargains during the holiday season: sack u French merino**, French empress cloth, and fine double-width all-wool reps and poplins at SI P*J yard, and drsss goods in proportion; alto/test Paris kid gloves, and fise cloth gloves at low rates. Boots, Shoes, Ac. Hbilrxcm k. Bao., SU6 7th street, near Odd Fellows' Hall, have boots, gaiters, b&lmorals, slippers, rubbers, snd other varieties of footgear, which they advertise to sell cbaeper than the cheapest Geo. B. Wilsom has opened a new cheap boot and shoe store at 503 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall, and is doing a fine bustnees. Tots at Auction. W. B. J.EWis It Co., auctioneers, commence to-night the sals of a large su>?k of toys, fancy goods. Ac., suitable for presents, at their 4lore, 3d: Pclb. aveiae. Naolb tc Co.. Jfts Pean. avenue, are a1*o selliag at auction a large stock of goods suitable tor holiday presents. FcRHiri Rr, Cabibpt W *bk. fcc. W. 1 t VLLI fce, son t - t ??rit*r "I -*h*r?<t K ??ree'* north. will not only *eii ?*> n** I Igrnlittrf. hut rrpair. ..ptiolster. so ' ' v?"l> I your old family h?if-l' om?. "" *? *?* 6rn'ii?i? ! tiieni up f? r tLe holiday *, and niiki* lue u l.?jk ' a* *oo?; ?* ?alntw* . Jamio Gt ili> (a tooa >lB*f *rh?? m - n??| t hw? fnaf nuMifhmfn' ' If'fei*' H near tb?* canal, wtere he bay* M< ?? < n- w mi it *ec?'nd-baud furniture, md ii|itiJlrii^t it it t at ui?Le?. Knrai'ir* Ware-n?>tns a* t ' tt? ?tte.t, Mr* well sapplied wi'b *11 *?rt* of nrtitles r? < ntred by parti*-* Mi'mr op ??on??-fc ep. irr- or those w bo wish to make a di?p'?? during tbe bol.d**? Hi* >r?? are rajd-rate. " WooniiDdtiL. Tbos- vbo wi*b to rtf an t'bris'ma* prrtrut to 'h? p?>or In lUw uei*n. berbood. nboifld go o S ?' Brow* & <?>?*. I ;a% ??tti *tr?et, and ?b vest In * car? of wornl ur , r ton of omI. If tb?-y do not wi>?t?ri*i- u rntav ibrT can it at bum#, for every on? *?|ect? u> keep a warm bouw during 'Jw 6>'l" CRT*. To kindle your fire* readily these cold mornget some of TuotiR* J. Gil T R RibJIibc v. ,oc?, and Hove wood. sawed and iplil to any ? nye Hi* oftUe. where orders for wood and i oal nay be let', is No. >'J IVuu?yl???iR ave, live, between lltb and IJth streets. Ka*i V AKTI? LE". PilKFI MEKY. At'. At MiioRR'R drug store. us Pennsylvania avenue. in tbe let ward, may t?e tonnd a great variety of fancy and toilet articl?? aud tbe fine*t psrfumi-ry. Those vrbo get tu k by over. Indulgence of Ihelr appetites at this |e?'ive season. can also obtain fr?-m bint the requisite medicine* to accomplish a cure, and at re*. >oi.able ra'e* I X Ii?oirv. wbofe welt-kuown "tore i? ob Ciptiol Hill- bae pure aud fte?b drug* and chemical* for those to iintor'uuate a* ?o ne*d th?m. and fancy articles and perfumery tor tbo??- who require them. Mi* *i LAf9f*v?. !V?i:s. Fries. ol Boston, who has removed to 4;?' Ilth meet, preMTtri bridal and fuueral wreatfcs. bcquets. croRtr*, anchor*. stars. Ac., in natural form. and makes wu flower*, hmr flower*. and braid* II. V. Hall, 5317th *treet. Bear l.oui.nani ?vi uiif, Las an excellent article of home mad? mince-meat, which i.? calculated to save housekeeper* a world of trouble. Davia A Gaithp.r. No 4W Market Space, are :he arenu for tb? Orover A Itaker * *ewmp xaacbiiie. which i* a muat u?*-ful article to present to a lady friend a? a I'hri-tir.i# gift. Alfo, ha^umany other elegaut article* auita^4e for preaea'ts, which they di<po?e of a: r?-a?oBabli- rate*. I amil\ ^kWl^? Ma? Hi>aw ?The?e excellent machines. W heeler A Wil*on * patent, can be purchased at the Atucy. No. WRi, I'a a\e , National Hotel building- where they have a beantiful a**crtment of all *'.yle? and at every price. \V ipr A Beveriixje, Odd Fellowa' Hall, ?tb *'reet. have punch bowls and gla**ee. dinner aud tea set*, rick plated w are, and all ether article^ kept in a flrat-dua bouee-furm^bing ? *t?re, which they are Felliuf cheap for the holidays. ForLT*BT A Trimble, at thei- -k\te depot, No. 2<4i Wet! Haiumore street, hi Halumore. ba\e all varieties ol menV, boy's and ladies' t-katen, which, on account of making them a speciality, they sell very cheap S"KY m<?Vb. in Georgetown, U C , ha? a fine stock of ladies' furs, and thi* ren-en has a great variety suitable tor Christmas presents. Stammko Hocus ? At the new. cheap stamping rooms, 13!) '?th street, opposite the Pateni office, they issue new patters*. a? welt as B~.ake and stamp any pattern brought them. Their rates are extremely low, the ladies will be giad to bear Kilev a Munw'h bottling establishment in Georgetown is one of the institutions of tbe District, and the excellence of his mineral waters. malt liquors, pure elder and bottled ale have made him a wide reputatioa: besides he is the agent for Massy A Huston's celebrated Philadelphia draught and stock ales, which are favorite drinks in this Metropolis. His *ttccess is owin? entirely to the superior q uality of tb? articles in which he <ieals, and parties purchasiug liquors lor the holidays sbonld bear this in mind. Get your pianos tuned for the holiday season, and put in complete order, and to do so leave your orders for Vl< tor Hb kir. piano tuner and regulator, either at F.llis' music store, on the avenue, or Keichenbach's piano room, on I lth strei t At Jamr* S. TophaV- well-known establishment, No. WR) Tth Street, may be found a I large assottmi-nt of ladies' truuk* and satchI els.portmanteau*, travehug bag*, riding whips, and almost every conceivable ns**foI or ornamental article made of leather. Making these articles a speciality his stock is large and varied. and he can afford to place his goods at a reasonable figure. S. P. Hrowh A Sow. commission merchants, at 4<k> ytb street, not only have H.otHi bushels of Maine potatoes ttr sale, but almost every other article ol produce in large quantities, of excellent quality . and at reasonable prices. At CroMi'a Base Hall and Skatorial Headquarters may be found skates, clears, meerschaum and briar wood pipes, aud numerous fancy articles, many of which are particularly sui'abie lor Christmas presents. What solace there i* in a good cigar, and bow cob Id smokers get through their idle time during tbe bolicays witnout a putt I'irlrv. a No. 1-9 Tth eueet, near t. otters great mduce meuts to lovers of the weed to give him a cal and in a poetical advertisement in our columi.a enumerates the articles which he has for sale b?x.iAKis Miller, 101 Hndgestreet,Georce tow n, is noted for selliug great bargains in dry goods, and in consequence of that fact, man W ashington ladies cress Kock Creek to do their shopping. Hi* stock of winter goods iverv larsre. and purchasers can be tuiied wub almost anything they require in his line. Mexice* Mexican advices of the 6th instant state that Gen. Ba/ame had issuecLa manifesto declaring that tbe French troops weuld remain neutral, taking no part whaiever in Mexican aflairs. General Bodriquez. with 3uu men. dashed into Ori/aba on the 4th. capturing a lot ot mules. He could easily have captured the Kmperor and his ministers. An anti-Frencb and astiAmerican demonstration was held in Orizaba when it was known Maximilian would resume tbe throne. An Imperial report says that Gen. Itiax has declared tor the Lmpire. and bringe 8.uu< men with him. Additional Mexican Intelligence state* that there appears to be no concert of action between Maximilian and Bazaine, as the latter has issued a manifesto that since the Em|?eror bad determined to remain In Mexico the French troops would remain neutral and enly fight in case they are attacked. Maximilian ia still at Orizaba, and it is improbable that he w;ll take any permanent steps until the millions of money promised him have been paid in. Fully three-fifths of the Mexican people south of San.Luis Fotosi are In favor of J uarez. Ortega has no party, and NantaAcna is despised. Marshal Ba/june has stated that he had sent a commission to tbe United States to open negotiations with Ortega relative to the future government of Mexico. All the French troops are concentrated from the city of Mexico to Vara Cruz, except a lew hundred in the interior. COKSTRrCTIOK OP RAILB0AD6 III MaRTlam? ?Railroad facilities in Maryland bid fair to be considerably increased m a short time. Tbe survey of one route of th? Kent County Railroad has been completed. Work has been commenced on tbe Potomac and Baltimore Railroad, near Millersville. Anne Arundel County. Th? contract for the extension of tbe Western Maryland, from Cmon Bridge to Hagerstown. was given out several week* ago. and the contractor* purpose pushing tbe work ahead as rapidly as pra ti< able Last week Gen. Tench Tilgbman was unanimously reelected president ot the Maryland and Delaware Railtcad CompRuiy. It is sato that a good force Is now at work on tbe road near Green^ borough. Caroline County The Port Deposit Branch Railroad is rapidly approaching completion An engine and tram is convsyiag the stone ballast to tbs lower part of the road, aad it will soon be ready for regular travel Tbe contractors on tbe Port Depoelt and Columbia Railroad are busily engaged grading through the town of Port Deposit. Mobs Oil ib Fa;bpax Ooi >tt, Va.-Wr understand thrt Dr. Pan! K. Gregory, a man ot science, who has for some time been pro* pectibg for gold, oil, Ac., on tbe line of the L. and H. R- R , in Fairfax coanty, has made tbe discovery ibat oil in great abundance exists on the place of Mr. Thornton, near tbe starion that bears his name A well has been sunk nader his direction, and tbe yield thereof is represented by those who have recently visted that section to be in advance of tbe most saagoiae expectations This is cheering news, aad oar dull old town bads fair to become soou oae of tbe "slickest and greasiest'' places within tbe borders of the Old DoaiRkin.-^kjswIrts Journal. WCincinnati Jews ant pig. ITKany of the moat beantiful articles of holiday goods are ?ade of leather. ay Transforming sand Into stone in tbe short space often minutes, is an English iaeeatioa. y New York to putting on its skates. y Wsaring female apparel is eae of tbe dodges of the New Haven robbers. 7" A Nash rills street car cat a little boy m wo. /"Mr. N. P. Willis's health is rapidly improving. 17* A man has been arrested in Pittsburg for fltdrg a window frame on Sunday. KTTbe Jesuits arc openly preparing to depart from Rome. VTh? average wnges per month of female teachers la nutmeg Slate is ttt. gpA Berke county ca:ti?-dealer paid a My tea ceats for two wen|?' service.

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