22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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T111: EVENING ST A R The lirttst Cirtolitioi it lit DiiUiil. W . D. " 11 Ml II E 1 'tor >ld Pr#pri?t?r. washington city: ATI K DA V DECEMBER 99, 1*66. /"f.tading m att rr on 1tbry paol. ; kb outsidb por intbbbbtino tblb graphic and other matt1r TO ADVERTISERS. Tbe following is the official showing of the 1 circulation of the dally papers of this city competing for tae Government adT<rtlMn| under the recenta?t of Congress directing such ad vfrtisine to be made in tbe two daily newspaper* of Washington Having the largest circulation : tvMina Stab 7.714 copies par day. CkrtmieU . .5.1Mb ? ?? Intelligencer 3.S5'2 44 44 Tbe eturns of advertising by the city papers for ttb quarter ending September 30, 1906, as ta^-u (rum tbe books of the Internal Revenue Oftice. are a? follows . hvawiRtt star 910,091 /r>rell, fencer 13. It* Ckmntcle. 10.30? Republican 4,791 DISPOSAL OP Pl'RLIO lands K? furn> received at tbe (General Land Ofbc? tor tbe month of November -bow that 41 737 acre- ttf the public lands were disposed of at ?fce following local offices ?Stevens point, Wisconsin, 32,977 acres, *,003 of which were e? In tor cash, amounting to 910.117, and the rein miller located with agricultural college scrip and mil-rary warran's. At Li Cro>se, Wit- . cosisin. acres? were taken under the homee ead law lor actual settlement aud cultivation , ThkJmist Committer-* of the Executive I llepaiimenU laboring for additional compensation to the clerks and otber employees, met at their usual pi are last evening, ana, among ! other things. adopted a resolution denouncing the conduct of clerks, or persons assuming to be cl?rks, in their abuse of Senator William* for his assumed hostility to their interests; thauking the Senator lor his appropriate and j magnanimous reply to such attacks; suggest, in* to tbe clerks tbe propriety of permitting f be committees of their own selection to act in their interest and behalf on the subject of increased pay. especially with members of Congress. and the necessity of harmonious action tbrourh their appointed and approved cban- j nejs in order to sacceed. Ltyror. lu kspks a>d Prohibitory Laws. I Mr SennotL, of Hoeton, is to argue tbe case of i the 1 nited States vs. Nancy Swain, before the ' Supreme Court, next week. The case involves i the ques'ion as to whether the United States can or cannot exact a license from a distiller ' or a retail dealer in a State where tbe sale of I liquor is prohibited by law. In the liquor ' so called, :kere are no writs ot error entered except by Mr. Sennott. notwithstanding other reports. sn retart Mcculloch Will be abientfrom ! tbe ciiy a few days during the holidays, when Assistant Secretary Chandler will be Acting Secretary of the Treasury. Patiwtb to bk laac*D ?On the 1st of January. 1-67, 365 patents will be issued from tbe Patent Office, being the number for the two weeks ending on that day. KP*Sbillingtcn, Odeon Building, sends tin the ; Hilary for January 1, a handsome number. S^*There are indicationsof a famine in Montana this winter. A chap in St. Louia came near stealing a atr-nir boat tbe other day. ?^"Snow is six incbea deep around "the H ub." rr^ V MR MKNDBHSUN. of Oragsn, Wfc5 ? 2e-^ofC'ougrese,) will yreach In uSion Ct.epel M. S. Cbarch. vi JUth street, near Pennsylvania avenue. SABBATH 23d Instant, at 11 'clock a. m. Preaching also at 7 ocleck p. m. if rrB-SCPDAT TBsTGIBCLB MSBTINO AT UJ UtJun League Hall, 49| #th street. at I o clock p. m. Spirits aescribed. n>mn given, i Mrs. L Bmlth, m?4luui, will give the reason why ehe 'Hie to this city. Admission 3A cents. It* ! nrs?lar0b8t COLLECTION " | MUSICAL lSsTBGMCNT? Id tb? city to select * yramit from bat be found * JOHN P. BLLls', . 396 Pennsylvania avenue, _fl* a * near 10th street. of CM ION VM _ Ho. 11. are re-juestei to meet at ?od Fellows Hall, Navy Yard. TOMORROW, Bee. *i,i etoneo clock p as , to attend the funeral of oar late Brother. Jon* A. Hill. I TJ* fjaer*1 *Ut taks niece at two o clonk, irem C^rt* Okarck, Bevv Yard. Members of sister I?odgee i? good standing are fraternally Invited to tit) JQj 8. MaBTIN.Boo Bee. Ch "public are reseectially no rrt mem theOBNJM MABKIT aa MONDAY AFTBBOON. Dec. **th instead of Taeeday morning. i OS" ware and Diamonds. Ho ?40P?M,lv&a av?, SSfScXStiS/SSUr PH^"5Rp"HAAV?AK,Bf8LfbFH intend 00 B t?*?4 th*h* W?JI commen. - on W SDH BSD AT, taat., and continue for three days. Tbe ynbiic are reepectfnily invited to attend. Admission tea cento. detl it ^nested to meet on 8CNDAY, at I e clock a m . ISL iM?lng tbe laat tn jnte'f re Urot.b#r- ''atriarch Joh* 8. Hill. vitS^t,? ^ respectfully In ^fner?i "ices to take place at 5 Church. Bavy-fsrd, at j o'clock a m i * JQ8SPH 8. TUOKBE, Scribe. frS-CHSlSTMAB 0BLBSBAT10N.?Waogii U-3 Chapel Sabbath School will give an entertainment ceneiatluc of stngtoe, dialoiae* real La VlttnfCh-r?^TCK8DAJ!; *V"?NO' north Sm?* etreet eart and A atreet north, Capitol Hill, commencing at 9* o'clock Adalu- ? Cento,Children* 4 0-n" a# 20 4t nr^^OBAOB CHCBCH PAIB, (Christmas and IkS , Hf?\e?r,)f*rthekenefltofUraceOhnrch Jeiand, (Bev. Alfred .Holmeail, rector ) Island 22!!'.0' Virginia avenue and rith st .will open December 9Mb. Tableaux and otber enteriainmeiite. eapper each nigbt. Season tickets *0 cents. I iatABep | de 19 tf nrg=? GRAND MisoNitTrATB ^A -Kli7-^f LL? l dSPCL AND B10H FANCY ABTIOLKS n?ow baiag held BVBBY ITlNlso 1? ' ?ai!a av^?IH0, con*r 7th aud>enn^yipbocbbdb fob the bbnbfit of thb masonic hall association . Th# Members of the fraternity aad the public In saneral are reepectfully invited te )> prewtnt The Building has been thoroughly renovated, and new roofs put en aad new" ^re isl/ ani everything done to make It conrfortable. everf^enftT1 ?f Mui' Pa ca? or Ad?iss;ox -Seamen Tickets admit and leaf, fl, Single Admiwlon. 23 cents. Children from in to ten years of see id cents, Und>-r Bve yrars ef age, tree. % embers of the fraternity and the pnbllciB general are cordially l?vlted to be preeeat tdod. thompson, 4? 14 M See j Coos ef Arraagesaeats. nrg? B STABHSHBP IMS. ... McPHBBSON A FBEQUSON. 5Y1 pms i?sci, cotsu 1st stskkt, _ . ? OaritoL HILL, Dealer* in FL BB DBCOS, MBDICIBBS aad 0HBH1CALS, PIBFUMkBY, PAB0Y GOODS, INSTECMBNTS. Ac , Sc. Phraidan* Prescriptions accarately componud? ! The Blgbt Bell yrouptly answered. _ee U if q^=?boticb to tax paybbs. ? w atib Bcoistbar s Orrici, Citt Hi:l,( Necember 11, lid. | wners ef lots wlUfn tbe citv, which bind on or touch on any avenue, street, or alley , In which a water main hae been laid either by the United States or by the Corporation of Washington, are reminded that unless the instalment or ths tax BOW due be paid at tbi* office prior to the 1st tf January, the property will be advertised an* sold ccordins to law. de 12 tjal BANDOLPH coy LB, V. B. nrca?to THB V0TBus OF WASHIHOTOH. nnib assbssobs of thb d1ffbbbbt WAB08 will meet at tie following alacee. fr?m , l1 o'clock a m. to S p. m., from the fith t; the 31st Decern) er inclusive, to <*orrect and register the names of thoee omitted from tbe prlated poll lists I P1BBT WABP-GB0. F K 1DWILL?Corner Taeaty-aecen-l street and Pennsylvania arenae. /B?0N1> WABD-OS JB'iS w It ABKNSSS ? itrsft between Twelfth and Thirteenth streeto. THIRD WABD-W1LL1AM B DoWNlNUL strert. between Seventh and Bjcbth streets , POLBTH WABD-WILLIAM H JOttHBON- I Fifth >treet between 1 i>ad K streets. FIFTH wabd THOMfSOH van B1SWICKOoraer Third street eas- and I street south. SIXTH WABD-CHARLBS * | O street south, bctaeea Sixth and Seventh streets ^ *1s*VENTH WABD-IoHN h. BIBD-MArr- j lai.d a<eaue acd blxth street. de 11 eoUI Till TOP*V TBEO^V HO V C A TOB OIL 18 MADB. A- etrange a* it may appear, many of tbs colored peopl* here cherish tbe belief mat tber? is a cla?? ot physicians wbo prac'.ica "burkmr." and are addicted to tne dissection of lire human subjects for the purpose of rauaufaetar> lug cantor oil. and that for th;* purpose the doctors prefer bod e# with a dark cuticle. Tbi* opinion u so firmly impressed on their minds. that no amount of reasoning will remove It, and we know many of them, particularly juvenile Africans, who will not budge a f.>ot outside their dwellings after dark. An otherwise intelligent Topsv," employed by as, debcr.bes tbe modutoperandi of thes* imaginary ghoul*, by saying. "Dey steal upon cnllud persons unawars, clap a plaster over deir mout to keep on from hollenn', and dren drag um Away to wbir dey lay um on a table and cut up, and den bile um down for ile." This is a cheerful notion fertbose invalid* who use the oil of the palma cbrista bean as a catharticTbe Annapo'is (Md ) Republican states that a similar belief prevails among the colored peoplein tbatsection, and it probably exists elsewhere. Ho w it originated it is impossible to tell. Al.B.X ANDU1A AND VUIMITY ?We Clip th<? tollowiiifc Hems irotn the Oazette of yesterday The presence ol Mr. .1. W. PSelps. who resides in Vermont, but who has suck a poor opinion ol the justice administered by the count of this county a* to be induced to petition the Sena'e of the I'nited Stales to reannex Al-xan dria to tbe District of Columbia, is earnestly required by the tax collector of this city; and we are requeeted to inform him that without he either brings or tends here?within a limited time?tbe amount of city taxes due ou the lot of ground he purchased iu l"<5l, proceedings will be instituted to sell tbe s?m>- at public auction. We regret to add thiU in consequence of the disorganized and uncertain cenditiou oi affair* in Virginia, produced by the action of the political party to which Mr. Phelps belongs, tbai should hit? properly be offered at public sale tbe city will, in ail probability, be a loser, because his lot of ground will not, it is thought, bring the amount ol taxes due upon it l,:ist night was tbe coldest we have bad this winter. The Potomac river froze over solidly, lrom shore to snore above, opposite to, aud below this place. Hunting creek is firmly blockaded" with ice. Tbe mail boats, to and from Aquia creek, made their regular trips, however, cutting their wav through the obstruction. and iliesteamer Waw&settalso proceeded on her down,trip, after tome slight delay. Tbe Washington ferry boats are mvking'ibeir regular trips. Without th-re is a decitit d elevation of tbe mercury in the thermometer>. tbe river will be so firmly fro/en over to-night, that navigation will be completely closed. A splendid car, containing about thirty-tive gentlemen?members of Congress, prominent merchants. a-id representative- of the presssome accompanied by their families, passed throucb this city v ia the Orange and diexan riria Railroad, tbi* morning, ou their way to New Orleans. Tb^orttceof the (ilobe hxpress Co , in this city, has been closed for the present, and Mr. Orlando Wood, tbe agent, transferred to a situation in the office of the Company In Wash* ington. Thk "Lokdon Timki*" on thb Alabama Claim*?'The Times in a leader says ?-We entirely agree with Presideut Johnson ibat it is bigh time th>s vexatious dispute was set at rest, and we regret that l.oril Russell did not hold out any hope of a compromise honorable to botb parties. It ought to have been recognized from the first mat the circumstances attending the equipment and escape ot tbe Alabama constituted a new case in iir.ernational law. and tbe discussion ye: should have been deferred until the end of this year. Tbe pres. ent Foreign Secretary is perfectly welcome to entertain any fresh proposals without prejudice, and it wonld be a great misfortune if be were to be embarrassed ?n dealing with tbem according to his own judgment by any reluctance to reverse the decisu :i of bis predecessor." vftt MS AMD FIFES for Boys at GBEAT I* VAKGA1NB at ELLIS' Music Store, aOtt Ps. avenue _ J* CHEAPEST WETT1SG CBSES IN TOE CITf will be opened on Moniar^at^ jjCDD'8 jt? 36* P street near tth. Tot books. From 3 csats t") #3. w??wv? At A 1. MCDD 8. It? .169 D street. Dear 9th^_ Mr8f0 "H ASD ORQ1N8. MUSIC BOOKS, Ac , Ae.. At BLLIS , a 2t 306 Pennsylvania avenue. A ?BAND DISPLAY A* JO>BPH 8HAFF1ELD S rBBBGH COMFBCTlOMBBT, U46 Penna. a v., bet. ?tb and 1Mb streets, Of Fruit. Ponud aad fancy Oakes. Fancy Boxes, French Sugar Toys, other fine French Ooafectlons, Foreign FrsltsAM many other t>eautlful Articles, suitable for Christmas presents. de 1I-2C Fine oilj?aihtihgs Holy Family, from Bsffselle's celebrated picture. a flue copy; Mother's Joy, by Merer; Mora, tne Pride of Rndare. by Goatee; Cypreea Swamp, by Laiivas, View nsar Canada, br Brown, Interior Cathedral View, a very superior werk f art, b? Beaour. The above, with a limited but choice election ef EBGBAYIMQB. OHBOMOS. Ac., for sale at MABKBITBBS, Bo. 4*6 7th street. de2?St* S door* abov* Odd F*lleW Ball. THB 881 amd 9*3 POlBLB AMD TWIST SUITS. flow for sals at IIEHMIBO'S, Ooraer 7th street and Maryland avenue. de ? 2t* pBOPOSALS FOB COPPBB Haw dkpaxtmknt, ) Bureau of Cont'rn-'(tee am! liepmr,} Decernb r 19.1**. \ Sealed Propoeals to furnish 400 uuu pounds of In got Copper. oBs half " Lake " b??t duality, will be received at this Bureau until 1 o'clo k P m., of January 3.1?7. at which time the prepoeala will be opened. The prapoatl* mast be addressed to the " tMef of tk' Fur ran of O-muruCiion ainl Heitair, Kav y D' partm* *t, Waskmoton." and be endorsed " Propi> ?al* for Copprr"? that they nu be distingalsbf-d bom ether bu?la*?* letters, and must be made ia rompllancs with the * Instmrt\ons to bidder* mak'tn off'rt for svppHe* to the Xary Department," which can be obtained from the Oo<nruan I ant's Office at aay Mavy Yard, or frem the Pnrcnasing Cymaatsr at any Maval Station, or from this r#Ai. Tbe copper to be subject to the neceesary taet aad inspection of the propur officer of the Washington Mavy Yard, where tbe whole quantity is to be delivered; 16?> WO pouals to be delivered on or before the let February, aad the remainder on er before tbe let Apr1l, lfi<7. de S2 1awtw pBOPOSALB FOB FBBSH BBEF. Qgir* Depot fwimuMry of SubitfteneM. I Washington, D. C.. Beoemberil 18W,\ Sealed Propoeais, of the fora rnrmshed by tne undersigned, will be received, in duplicate, until TBUBBDAY, the 3d of January. 1*>7, at U m., for all the PBBaH BBEF r?<inired by the troope at tbe following place*, viz ?Fert Washington and Fwrt Foots, Md. All tbe meat will b* subject te a rigid inspection: to be of excellent marketable <iuality and in unexceptionablv coudittoa.of e-mal proportions of fore aad bind quarters, aecks. shaaks, and kidney tallow not received. la all cases, if tbe meat Is not satisfactory, purchaees In ths open tn?rket will be male at the expease of tbe coatractor. Tbe contractor will be required to deliver the mest at the etore house at the places named, in such quantitiee. and at ?uch times, as tbe A. C. b at tbue* placee may direct. separate propoeais will be received for supplylay either of tne abovenamed piacee. Bidder* must be preeent at tbe opening of tnn bids. Payment to be male monthly,or whenever there ta fsada oa b at>d lor dlsbarsemeot. All queetioaa respecting quality and condition will be settled by the officer of the Subeietence Department receiving the meet. Tbe contract will be made from the loth of Janaart until the nth of April. 18?7, or snrb per led as the Cemiaiseary General may determine. Bide must be eudoreed " Prepoeala for , at ." aad addre??ed te tbe nndersigaad. da a-7t Q. BELL. Msjor and C. B.. 0. 8. A. UEW1NQ M ACHINB FOB BALE?Wheeler A Wileoa'e; has all tbe latest improvements ; almost aew Apply at Mo Fayette street,cornor of >1 street. Georgetown. de ?-3C HYACIMTH BULBS, tingle or doable; alse, Mo. llid Bridge etroet, de 11 8t Qeorgetown. D. C._ 450 8mvk?th_stbbbt. 452 bot iiook'i, Opposite Patent Office, Seventh street. Persons of refined taetee, .aad wbo admire and appreciate ta* beautiful ia Art, ar* requested to call end cxamia* a very select stock at 4n* Chroame, Oil and Water Color Falatiags. Steel Engravings, Ac., embracing a gr*at variety of school* and subjects. Kramesof every description oa hand aad mad* to order. Picture Tassels. Cards and Ball*. The largest stork of Bee ess Frames aud Pom Partonts for Bsdrwork, Plowtrt, Ac , la thl* Distrist. Oall and see thrm , _ kOTBROCK'S, oppoait* Patent Office, de 15-dtjan 1 Seventh street. a PIANOS A LARGE Assortment of Stelnway A Von*' "pianos hare jn*t been roreiv^ Aleo.^-aM^ I <piaao Wools aud Covsrs For sale at fa?- BPM tor* nrioee at the vaisresae ef ,n*" , do7 W. 0. M1TZ1B0TT * 00 Mbtbopolitan I'&TKNT 6T9AM BAKBRT. 31? 0 ?tr?M.?>?tw?tDiSnllth rom?!?i? id ell it* appointments, having on* of McKmitt splendid KmI Oven* and new Xiohlnery, msnufecturiag work superior to anything possible by the old procMHi BOSTON GRAOK BBS. A ??rj superior article. fresh dally MILK BISCUIT, Fresh da'ly; tar* to please try them SODA CBACKBB8. 1 h? b??t lu fie m*rk< t. a constant snpply WAT KB CBICKEBS, Of tbe beet quality. in *ay quantity. Together with CBACKBK DUST, SCGAR CRACK BBS. NOVELTIES. Q1NOBB SNAPS. Ao., Always on baud, at tli? lowMt prices Ti f and be cansiaced. d?20*w TIIO HATENNEB L O T n I M o iT BBDUCBD PBICIS I ONE rilOB ONLY, MABK Bl> IN PLAIB FIGUBES. NO DEVIATION. AT GBOBGB O HBNNIMG-S, Ccrnt Sevfvrh and Mti'y'mi if*** I iiitl receive daring this week new adlitioa* to my already large stock , and at prices that c >tn mend the Goods themselves FOB GENTLEMEN Ca*sinif re Suite. New Styles 3 to 330 b?i>t Silk Mixed Suits ... ?<?* Heavy Silk Mixed Suits -* Double and Twist Suit* 322 Fine all Wool Beits i ju Blue.Dray fine Brown Baits 5 1 4 fhMJi Gray >nit* $ I .'i an<l $ 1 :t AO Beet Doulle a?d Twist Baits 3 2 A ati'l $30 KI?tk Beaver Back C- at* f -JO and 3 J Black Poe-kin end Cloth Sa k Coats 3 * to $ 2 3 Biark Oloth Frock Coat* $|Oto ,?:t0 Black Cloth. Doeskin, Satin, VelTet. and Silk Vnt?. Black and Blue Beaver Overcoats $ 2 > to 3'{'A H^avy Melton Overcast* ||'j Si* Mixed Overcoats .... $I?4 Special atUn*|on is railed to the all Wool Stilts at % .'O ?ui the Double aud Twist Suit* at BU2 and 6U "> Also, the |l-> Black Sat k Cast. FOR BOYS Melteii Jacket and Pants .37 o Park Ca*stmere do *9 AO PonMe and Twist uo *.3ltl Hllk Mlxeridr > I * aad *314 MrPon Sack. Pants and Veit 311 -?o Park Cassiinare do ft 14 AO Pf iiMe ai d Twist do. 3 I 7 and > 1 * Si'k Mixed do $19 to 324 Overrosts nearly sold out.. 3*'to 32*2 All for Boys w ho wear suspenders. FURNISHING GOODS Fire White Shirts *3 B07 ' W hfte Shirts.. <1 AO and $2 ."io Oood Merino Undershirts and Drawers 7 Acts Better Merino hhirts and Drawer* .? | IJeavy Bib Shirts and In awnrs i j'.jj B?-d Flaunel Shirts and Drawers SI.?Aand32 FiteB'd Ham ei Shirts and Drawers, very rerlor | so Fine Merino Shirts ani Drauera .*2 to S 1 Heavy Shaker Flannel Shirts 3i AO Country Rnit S^ck*. good '>0 and 7 A eta Oermsn Bsnd Knit Jackets vaui<.?cia Woolen Hooks cents per pair Buckskin t.loves. Gauntlet-., an I Mittens, home made io . t > boys'Buikskln Gauntlets GBOBGK C. LKNNING, Co?>m 7th Stkkft avi? Makvj and ArKxre d.,^?t?f. rBIC* ?NLY48f) ( mabkbitbbb. J 4S(.7th street.\ L lTB?8 4^8 0*1| 8 '7,h ^ Fi.Al T/FI I. AND USEFUL t'OMBINI-'D .. PA1KTIH08 AND BNOBAVIWOS A limited bnt choice selections of Oil Painti Bngravliifs. Chr..moe, Wreatha. Baakets of Flow" ais.Ac., appropriately frame<l.' 1 * 0 . , ?VAX PICTUBB FBAMB8. A rich and varied assortment frem tbe beat m*n utactnrera in tbe country embracing Walnut. Imitation Rosewood, all Gilt. Bu,tlc anl CarVid Franies^raseesartonU, Car.l Frames, Ar. PICTCBB COBD Allp TASBBLS, WALMCT ?... ? BBA'KETB. Ac. Picture Card aad Tassels all slue* and rolora, Bing Malta, Walnut Bracketa, Basel*. Ac PAPBBHANOING8 AMD tflNDOW SHADES A beautiful variety of tbeae goods, embracing the richeat designs of Gilt Babroldered Parlor Pat terns in tbe District, with a well aaaarud atock of the cheaaar grades, wUb a large variety of Wladow Bhadea, different atz*s and colors. Orders far Window Shades and Papsrhangi ngs gtinctually filled. In city or country. A large portion of the above Good* ware made specially toordar. believing the beet the cheapest, and aiming ta kee|1 thai: class of Goods we respectftilly Invita tha Public to inspect and coaparn our Gaods with any In the markftt. Term* invmriablj r?>V ^ J. MABKBITIB.Mo. ??6 7tb street, da 18-Iw* Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. I^UXUBUB FOB THB HOLIDAYS. ' MAILLABD'B OAHDIBS AND OHOCOLATEB CARAMEL'S CBBAM CHOCOLATB DO LB LB TANILLA CHOOOLATB. (For tahle use.i BOSK AND VAHILLA BURNT ALMONDS, MIXBD PPGaB PLCMS,a?<ASBOBTED CABTDIEi^T Just received at BING PLAtfB. ' Z M. P KING A SOM. WX8T INDIA ORANGES AND 8WBKT MALAGA GRAPHS. Fresh, at KING PLACB. IVflNOE MEAT (DOMESTIC.) A.*s Just made, of select materials, At KING PLACB. f^OLDBN BCUPPEBNONG W1NB. VI OCB FINBhT NATIVE WIHE Gold colar, lull, yet delicate flavor and fragrancs.aad lass thanoaa half the ro*t of Imported Wlae. BING PLaCB P HOI OB N0T8. BABINB. FIGg, CURRANTS. V 8PIOBS. Ac., Ac . toeult this particular sea son. For sale by Z M. P. BING A SOS, de 19 King Piaco. j^J HLODBuMS. ^Several very good second hand MBLO DBONB, for sale or hire, on easy terms. ' 11 \ T I One of MASOH A HAMLIN'S, la good order five octave?Piano style?at a bargain. MBLODEONS and PABLOB OB'>ABS for rent, by day, week, month, or yaar, on easy terms _ JOHH F ELLIS, . r_ 306 Pennavlvanlaavanne. de?12t [Intel. A ChroB.l near 10th st. THB 320 1 CAB81 MERE SUITS yon GKNTLEMEH, HBHMNO*. St Coraar7th at. and Maryland avenue. j?BAD8TBBB*>? gT PATENT W BATHBB The bast Invention of ths age. Bzcludss snew, rain, cold air and daat from doora aud wlndo wa or every deacripfion. For aala at Builder's Depot A6S 7th atreet, opposits Centre Market ' _de?Jw H. W HAMILTON A CO. ^AKBIAGBS, OABBIAGBS Ob hand, a large and flae assortraentufluHK ot first-class Carriages. Also, a mm " ~ mm bar of good Sacond haad Carriages of eTery description AH work sold warranted. Bepairlng promptly attended to. BOBEBT H. GBAHAM. 8T4 D street. da SO W Bepairlng Shop dT7 8th street^ M1HCB MEAT. MIHCB MB AT. Btansbaryl Extra Qnality of Mlnca Meat, for sale by BGAN A PBBBIE, d?l9-'.ttf Corner H and ?th atreets. pUBB APPLB CIDBH. We bavw received another supply of PUBE APPLB C1DEB Those that have been waiting can bow get aapplled at BGAN A PEBB1B S. da l? *tif Coraer of H aad Pth atreata. A SPLENDID OPENING FOB A MAN WITd SMALL MEANS, 3230-An active and intelllrent man with above amount to parchaae onehalf iatereet In the eaolnslve right to aall in Dtatrlct of Columbia ANDHEWS' GAS GBNBBATOR, or no Chimney Lamp Profits very large aad aala ready Every boaaebold will use it. Apply dail* from 11 o clock a. a. till S o'clock p. m at A07 9th street. de? 3f WM. T. COLLINS. CABINET MABEB AND ? _ VnBEBTAKBB, fTk Bhow Gase Manufacturer, School Furniture^A. aad HeasefurBlebiBg Wararooms. Mew and Ml

Old Furaltare.af all descriptions, bought I f | and sold. Repairing, Upholatering, and Yarnlahrag done at the shortest aotire Southeast comer of 8th and K streets Borth. No IS dalt Sm* QBBAT BBDUCTIONTn PBICEB " AT B0THB0CK 8. Tih BTBBBT, OPPOSITE FATBHT OFFICH. Not wishing to carryover a heavy atock uatll spring, 1 have determined to radaaa my prices apon every deecrlptioa of Franoh aad American Paper Hanglags, veaoratHas, Borden Centres, Btatues ano Medallloas. Firs Board Prlats, Ac.. Window Bhadee, Shade HolUads, Shade Fixtures Bastic Bliads, Tabls aad Stair Oil Oleth. Psrsoas who may need nay of tha above artlelsa will find it true economy to call and examine mr very 1 elect snd large stock. _ BOTHBOOB, , 4SO aad 4?l) 7th street, de lB^tjal opposite PaUut Office |Y| ACRE EEL AND COPFIBH. ?snatJ'tTtSKag"""1 , Jest received sad for sale at oar wharf, at tha foot ofBevonthet. S P BBOWNsSOH. uu lf <o> s,?.rSs.%ar?!,> gun ? O'CLOCK P. M. I 80VBRNNKNT SECURITIES. Washibotob. December 22. IBM. j Jay Cooke 6 Co. furnish the following I quotations of UorercasDi e*curitlee: u. s.rs coupon, is?i .?!7nTi "ST* U.S. FIT? TWWUH, 1982 K15V jog* U.S. Ftr* Twenties. 1W4 lotu Htf* U S. Five Twenties, w, n*v |a-,2 K S i'Te TwentlM,Jan4J'y',fi5 U. S. Ten Forties. 9?) J K,0 U. S. Seven Thirties, August.... 104 w H15 u y,S*Ten Jhir,iM? June 1(H* luft* U S seven Thirties. Jnly U4* 1U5% HEW YOKE VIK8T BOABD HALM. Uonpons. 110.#, Five Twenties, ih6*. 106 Jk Flye Twenties 1HM. 105 Five Twenuea, J 1966, 105V Five Twenties, January and July, 1966. 107*. Ten Fort es S?*. Seven Thirtiw, August, 104$; do. June, 104\ , do. July, 104 v Ooifl. 133 < ? FINANCIAL. Lewis Johnson 4c Do., quote Stocks and Bonds is home nnd foreign markets as follows Nkw York, Jnc 22 ?1st Board?U.S. reg. I istered. I"*!. 107; do., coupons, link: 5-2U's, I registered. KS, do. coupons, 1?6^; do., l*<65I lUfy 10-40 s, registered. <H?; do. coupons, W*; I 7-3?' s, UHJ|; Ohio and Mississippi Certiflcates, I Cariton. 41; Cumberland. r>5, Quicksilver, 42, Mariposa, 12; New York Central, !'' i; tr'e. 67\; do prelerd, fc4. Hudson. 116 I Heading, lu3j<; Michigan Ontral, lottu. Mich. igan Southern. 70\: Illinois Central. 115} I ?,''1,!iland audJ'it^hurg. Si#; Cleveland and I Toledo. 121 Rock Inland. 102v; Northwe?I tern. 43Ji; do. preierred, 77\; Fort Wayne. 1*4 ..Chicago and Alton, 107k, Alton and TerI r?* Haute,38; Toledo and Wabash. 4o W I' Telegraph. 4 1 Boston Water Power.' 3o- Pa." ciflc Mail. 161 *: Atlantic Mail. ice*. American I gold, 2.30 p. m? I33\. : Lobixin, i>ec.22.?|I?er Hablel?B ind* 7'i a I J,: Consols. S?\; Krie 47: Illinois Ontral, 7!* ] Monday will ue a holiday m London | Krankport, Dec. 22?Bond* | 1?K1*AKT1 KK OF A SI'KCIAL COMMITTKK. | The Select Committee appointed by itie House of Representatives, of which Hon. Mr I'ike, of Me , is Chairman, to proceed to Charles1011. S C., and inquire into the circumstauces relative to the murder of certain Union soldiers and the release of the parties committing I the murder, will leave this city on Monday I morning for Charleston to commence their inI >estigaticn. I NATIONAL BANK CGBRBNCY The amount of national bank currency Issued I during the week eudiug to-day is *| ?,?*(r I making tue total issued to date $3uo,4.ajj uoj I From this is to be deducted the currency returned, including worn out notes, amounting to *2,183.432; leaving in actual circulation a> I this date. S29e*..3i 17,509. I FRACTIONAL CURRKNCY. I The amount of fractional carrenry received by the Treasurer from the printers during the paft week was *3.32,140. The amount shipped dunug the week to assistant treasurers and I national banks was ?544,000. , 8KCURITIKS 11 KM). The securities held by the Treasurer of the I 1 . S., is trust for National Banks, reported to-day. were as lollows:-For circulating notes. ?.'<4t.,256,650; for deposits of public inonI jes. f ta,933.950 total S379.19U,GU0. I Ct'RRKfcTY DnernovEn?The amount of lractional currency redeemed and destroyed | 'wib;.Trs".*Jrp"t?"t Ihtxrnal KievKNI B ?Thereceipts from thie source to-day were S4SM3I.12, making the to. I tal amount tor the week ending to-day ?2,936,I 514.'.0. fcTThe South Carolina House of Representatives has rejected the Constitutional Amend1 ment by a vote of 95 to 1. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. BY T. S. ft BUROPRANNRW3 ASSOCIATION. FROM EIROPE. fBy the Atlantic Cable.1 Limrtool, Dec. 22 ?Cotton buoyant. Sales I of 12,ow bales. Middling Uplands at U*;. FiveTwenties, 72J?. Consols, Illinois CenI I trai, 79. Erie, 47. 1 *^en7?^KA>KlrORT' I>*c !fci~ISoon ?Five-twenties, Abtwbkp, Dec. 22?Petroleum 53\ francs Lubxh>n, Dec. 22?Noon There will ha I scarcely any business done in this city on MonI day. It will be observed as a holiday All I classes are getting ready tor Christmas ' THE FENIAN TRIALS. Thomas Madden Sentenced te be Hang S*?KT*nBRO, wec. SI -The jury returned at 1.20 p. m.. with a verdist of guilty, and upon the prisoner being asked It he bad anything to say why sentence should not be prououoced upon him. Mr. D?vltn asked his Honor to reserve sentence until he had submitted an appeal upon various important legal questions which had been raised during the trial The J udge said that before the counsel could bring the appeal before the court he was bound to certify Uiat he bad serious doubts I as to the points which bad arisen. The Judre the,1 proceeded to pronounce sentence of destn upon the prisoner, and said he bad t>een proved 10 have joined hims?lf to parties who had ruthlessly invaded the country. In his present sit. uauon he would say nothing to the prisoner to iucrease the painful feslmgs which must be tearing his breast, aud he would say no more than be was obliged to say aa a minister, not an author of the law. The sentence is, tbat you, Tbomaa Madden, be now takvn to the prison from which you came, and that on Friday. the 15th day of February next, you be taken trom thence to a place of execution, aud there be hanged by the neck nntil you are soul and ma^ ^0tl bave mercy upon your His Honor was visibly affected as he pronounced sentence upon the prisoner The prisoner betrayed no emotion when the ver diet was announced, or while the sentence was being pronounced, nntil the last words I were uttered, when a sneering smile passed I e\er bis countenance. He was immediately removed from the dock, and the trial of Smith proceeded with Discharge el Dr. \Tatsen. Rich mob i>, Va? Dec. ?The military commission for the trial of Dr. Watson was dis. solved by order ot the President of the United States. Watson was discharged. ! Lnter frem Hnvnnn and Mexice. ^ N KW Y?BK, D?c. 24.?The following are our I Havana and Mexican ad vices: I Havaha, Dec. 15.?The Spanish mail steamer k^'* y??????ay from Vera Cruz, and I - J1'? dat?*'roni that port to the 6th instant. I and from the City of Mexico to the 2d. The I proclamation of Maximiliaa, announcing bis determination to remain in Mexico"wa" pa " ni TU* Impression is I ^ run away flr,t chance he gets and a passenger by tlus steamer states I tnat a portion of tne Imperial baggage has SEE!J!?.?* Parim His private secreS?^, Mr came by the last English steamer: I and has gone to New York, en route far I ^mP?rial papers announce that I k? decision #f Max was received throughout the country by bell-rlnglng, Are works, and III Inntions, buttheiTitofgt^.Marshal Hmm.f! official organ, says tbat all this was done by 'he m?nrTra!J??h * ,?r tU* Imperial (Government. tbat the people are disgusted and will never sabmit to his return to Mexico as the head of Ue Oovernment. and conseouenti* the French party is desirous that Mm shonli leave, first putting the reins of Government in bis (Baxine-s) bands. It says tbat French bay. onets brought him there aud have supported him thus far, and therefore to them it beionra to guard the throne be yaoates. Mazatlan has been occupied by Corona and his Liberal, il threatened Tezcoco in the Valley of Mexico, granting twenty-four hours lor it* su. render. The gunboat Winooski haa gone toTampico to meet Minister Camnheii ?i,b dlip.tchM brooght c.Jf5SSii of New \ork. There is nothing of interest cans begin to arrive. The steamship Mississippi arrived off the port on Thursday night, having left Sandy 600k last Sunday morning. She was obliged to Anchor on account of the fog, and the anchor gotloul Shehas made the quickest p^s of anyicww Frem New York. . N?w Yobk, Dec. S2 -Vtele, Who has been on trial In Brooklyn as one of the alleeed S*?or Otero, was aeq^OTSfiytdWMrs .Christiana N. Crosby has recovered f 5,M>0 damages from the New York and Brootl>n ^ erry Company, for damages sustained by irnJb#tw^n ^e ferry-boat NebrasS had the U. 8. gunboat Muscoota, in 1805. Thf Mitwiri TrcakUi. St Louis. LMc.il.?A letter in tbe Repuhli. \ ran And kit editorial in the K> enm<j fhipt'ck givests'ements in retard to affairs at Lexing(OB. They recount torn* twenty ouira^'i -aid to baveUen c immltted by Col. Montgomery * militia, including robbing the Vnited State# Kiprea Company, attempted robbery of tbe Farmer's Hank, tbe wholesale arrest of Citizens, and establishing and maintaining a reign of terror The principal instigators ot tbe troubles ar# aid to be W. Cooley, tbe Supervisor of Registration, and Ex-Sheriff Adamson The statements also say that since tbe spring ! of l'-BS there bas been no armed resi?taoae or obstruction to executing legal process, nor have the people failed or refused to respond to the summon* of any civil officer. A number ot tbe leading citizens of St Ljuis have sent President Johnson a statement ot the condition of affairs m Missouri, going back to la*t year, and embracing recent events, with the reqnest that be lay tt before Congress. aad aek tor a committee to investigate matters in this Stat*. The United States Commissioner has issned warrant* lor the arrest of Col. Montgomery. Dr. Cooley. and Ex-Sberiff Adamson aid four other men in Lexington. The warrant), have been issued under tbe Civil Rights bill, and U. S. Marshal Wallace has gone to Islington to execute them The parties will be brought here for examination. From tbe West ladies. New YOBK, Dec. 22.?We extract the following trom late tiles of the Nassau Guardian, furnished tbe agent of the IT. S and Kuropean News Association, by the Purser ot the steamer Corsica. It was reported at Nassau that a copper ore ship was wrecked on tbe north side of Btrd Kock Reef, near Inogua. on the 2*>th of October, aud that all bands on board and the cargo were lost. The accounts of the late hnrricane at St Tliomas. sbow it to have been one of unexampled severity. Tbe steamship company's new wharf was completely destroyed by a barge being drivea tbrongb it. The damage to this alone will be g|0.(NN>. Tbe hurricane at Turk's Island waa equally severe. At tbe Carocas lelands and a large number of wrecking schooners were lost with all on board. The numlter of lives lost at the Carocas was estimated at 5<?. At Nassau earnest efforts had been made to relieve the starving sufferers at Turk's Island. They are sending loads ot produce and food I'nited States Consul Cresson has forwarded an appeal to the New York and other mercantile association;- in tbe I'nited Slates for aid for tbe destitute. From Harbailoes we learn that tbe crops are improving under the influence of good weather. At Barbadoes American breadstuff* are in good supply, and prices on tbe decline. Flour, #7 5<a#-30 per bbl. Corn meal. S4.ij5a*J 75 per bbl. Tbe Philadelphia Safe Kebbery. Philadelphia, Dec. 29 ?Tbe safe ot Wm.g. Cochrane, robbed here this morning, was enclosed in a brick wall nineties in tbickne-s A hole large enough to admit a man was made in the wall. Tbe inside of the proof was completely ransacked The bnrglars are supposed to have been secreted in the store at its closing. The securities are principally Coupon Bonds of tbe Schuylkill Railroad Company, Camden & Amboy Company, and Lehigh Valley Railroad. Tbe following are tbe numbers ot the certificates of stock of the Lehigh Valley Road No. 1<K) shares; 3566, IU) shares. L>lu, j.kj shares; 3J1U, 113 shares, 3j50, 100 shares, certificate No. 23. C, in the name of Cochrane Jt Cowan. 75 sbare? of the Spruce and Pine Streets Railroad, Philadelphia. From the West. Kassa* City, Dec. *1 At the preliminary examination of Scott, Coalter and Walborn, in the arson case yesterday, their counsel made no defense. The prisoners were committed to the county jail to await their trial at the March term of the court for arson and mnrder in tbe flrnt degree. Gov. Fletcher's decision not to statioa troops in Ibis county gives great saticiaction to all parties. Destrnrtlen ef a Newspaper Office by Militia St. Lena, Dec. 21.?The nemocrat this morning announces the destruction of tbe office of the Mtttottr* Freeman, in Richmond coantv, by the S<ate militia. A movement is on foot here to establish a board of trade. Gaswerks Blown l>. New York, Dec. 22 ?The gasworks at Astoria. Long Island, blew up yesterday morning. through some defects in one of the tanks, and a portion of tbe building was blown to pieces. Rcbber jr ef ?90.000 frem n Safe. Pn 11.adklfhia. Dec. 22 ?Tbe safe of Wm (1 Cochrane, wine merchant, was broken open and robbed last night of 940,000 in con Don bongs and in stock. LOCALNEWS. Presentation??Yesterday afternoon, the pupils of tbe Male Grammar School, ef the 2d district, presented Mr. John W. Hunt, their 'eacber, with a pair of beantifnl silver-plated breakfast castors. There were a large number of the parents and friends of the scholars present, and during tbe afternoon several of tbe scholars delivered recitations. Mr. Hunt responded to the presentation address in approEriate terms, and remarks were also made by lessrs. Rbees ant Woodward, of tbe urnstees A Christmaat Gift, in the shape of a y?ry beautiful and ricbly-ornam?nted pitcher, was presented yesterday to Mr. John E. Thompson, of Male Frammar School Ne.4, Island. Master Eddie Hay, on behalf of the pupils, prefaced tbe gift with a rery creditable and complimentary address; in reply to wbich Mr, T. stated that yesterday closed his nineteenth year of labor in public schools of tbis etty, and that be higbly appreciated this manifestation of regard by bis pupils. Yesterday, tbe pupitoof the Male Grammar School, first district s. Jebn Thomson, teacher, presented to Mr. Joseph H. Daniel, the musio teacher, a handsome silver pitcher and tray, from the establishment of Messrs. Gait ic Bro. Both the pieces were neatly engraved, and coat about twenty-five dollars. Tbe pupils of the Female Intermediate School, first district, Miss Hoover, teacher, also preeenfed to Mr. Daniel a handsome pair of gold-frame eye-glasses. Yesterday afternoon, the pupils of Secondary School No. 6, first district, *liss Israel, teacher, presented to beralargeand handsomely -bound photograph album. The pupils of Columbia Institute, M street, between 10th and 11th streets, presented their tutor, R. H. Williams, UACkristats present, a handsome suit of clothes, constating of ceat, vest, pants and slippers. TBiErBBKR Cases.?This morning Chief justice Cartter gave his decision in the cases of Jesiah Bacon against Tbemas O Hills, and Henry Goodyear against O. A. Dailey. In these cases the complainants?tae former being tbe owner of the Cummings' patent and the latter ot the Goodyear patent?ask for an injunction Injolnlng the defendants from using vulcanised rubber for ma*. Ing artificial rums and plates for teeth. He denied the injunction in the first case, and granted a temporary injunction in the second case, subject to removal at any time when the parties shall give reasonable security for tbe payment to the complainant for snch use as they may make of it. Messrs. J. J. Coombs and A. A. Poltak appeared for the complainant-, and Messrs Joseph H. Bradley, sr., aad W. F. Matttagly for tbe respondents. Criminal Cornr, Judgt FUhtr.?'Yesterday in tbe case of Edward Letcher, indicted for an assault and battery with intent to kilt officer Cunningham, of Georgetown, a verdict of guilty was returned. Mr. Day gave notice of bis intention to move for a new trial. Joseph Peyton, indicted for larceny, was found guilty. J James White and James Marsha), indicted for larceny, were called for trial, and a nolle Pro*- was entered ha to tfce former. Marshal was convicted, and the jury found him to be under 16 years of ace. In the case of Henry Johnson, alias John Johnson, aad Sarah Johnson, alias Sarah l.iongster, Indicted for burglary, a wile vrot was entered. Real Estate Sales?Green * Williams, auctioneers, sold a four-story brick dwellinghouse, corner of 11th and G streets north, to C. Tweedy, tor *10,000; a feur-story brick dwelling on G street north, between 12th and 13th streets, to Julia E. Waters, for ST,<00-. a vacant lot between the above mentioned bouse*, to John T. Lenman. for si per foot: part lot 11. In 437, with two Irame houses, to Edward Fttsgerald, for #860; part lot t, la square 518, on H street north, between 4th and Sth wsst, with a throe-story brick dwelling, for M,itS: two frame dwellings, fronting on Wgshlacton Jreet, for ti.ooo and t8C0reapecttvely, to A. T. Pbttt Laeceet?Mary Turner, colored, was arrested by OMcer Crump, of the First Ward, upon the complaint ol Martin Lawtoa. who charged her with (he larceny of a small lot of dry goods. She was committed to iail for court by Justice Drury. The goods were recovered. The Cox Trespass?Ths parties in this case, noticed iu our first edition, appeared before Justice Buoltey, in Georgetown, at noon M ^a W ^ ******! was postponed until m ^ Affairs ta Or<r(rt*wa, T"* !??~Tb# c '*?* of if* a*em* u> La.* iTJuTciSh m VE*,?* J?: for th' P ?? Kotk (reek ta firmly cloa*d. and ?u c?*. r? 1 with juvenile* tbi. morning, who w*r* em..* !r?MC.TCr,OD,ty lor ,ka"D? Th.po.oSl; entirely fro*#* o'Pr aad icm Wu lhlffc enough to interfere with the trip* of \#-> !? u. Jiudlrcmtfiu port. The aeaiLr .pp.^ ? be a*am moderstlag (it o'clock) atrftu* , ' PAlrP^L'y dieappe.r trot* the riv *r and ?. hear that Super .men dent sPmw. oi lb. M? nocacy diTuioa of the Canal, u now b re ana *"* '"* r lo ?P*B ,h# way tor boa** to ar riTe ard depart, ard there are *om* f-w ana irajasr4- t" **b""" Klota aao Oaaia makkkt?1 h* re-,?. Advance ta Hour and grain bad the eff>--? 7, cbrrk trinuotioni to totnf < tt?* and the market ha* been comparatively dull' and dealera not dispoeed to ?<II be,olia "n* quantity neoeaeary to *au*fy Immed ate vf the local trade. The pnce. V^H?T"o* day are nominally, for *uper*. fn&f II in rn, *traa ?I2 5<ia?13, and estrtu sn.itusil I cordiag to r?putation. Tb* clo>* ot nav'i,* tion hna .n.peaded the receipu of wh-a?. torn'i lot* aeiimg at about M for r*d. and S3 > ?* ,V 1 for white There are no aaJea ot corn r*?Jr P'r bb,'' or fl b^-> Tub ( a> * i.?The canal ia fhtckly c-ate.1 with ice, and no boat* have arrived or depart t u*C?T!V *"* wb*u ,b* "rival, wer* tb? J. H. W illiain*, with corn to market t!aiut<> to. With perk to do.; Ba-Hine. wltk wiSRSi three boats with coal to Central Co. 1*! i; k??*- l^PM'ed-The Munrher, with m?r cbandiM* u> lift Irck No in. the J. 11 w.i. light*'d? to *>?*y. *?d twobv\u Coat SmrwawT* -The ?hirtn*nt* of coal tbi? week were a* lollew* Cumberland fo JO ton*. Borden Co . *? tone 11 mpib.ro aDd Baltimore Co, I.Sou tona; Kay'a l>ock. 5 u,i ^om. Poa* ?Tbe.npply offered tbia raorninr wa? meagre, though th- pork waaol ea^lient uuaiity. The price* are $*.m and S:? per luu ib* wholesale and retail. ^ CHANG*. The und*ralga?d would r*? per t r011 y iaf*rtn hi* friends and th* anl lle generally th*t an tb* 7?h last b* bought of Mr. Jame* 8o*tt, for e*?h. h.? ntir* ?Ux k of ?bina, Gta*>, </r ?k*rk War* gr |o iioit Ilk ilr*t, (forinoilf (<i]j ^ 'bitt b* intend* to ontiau* th? b??i P^entVr.cS 4?*n ^ t, M ' ttf*d *? th* ntir? *tor* KKW GOODS KIW OOOD8 NEW GOODS He ha* ju-t l>en?ht In N?w York, for c**h ?m now mrriwtvt, . f.,ll M*ona>*nt o'g .txf in* of Cbna. OI?.i k^p*. O ?*k*r u.rl H*n><-t*?ploj( Good*. B*?keU. Bird ; ab*e^or tb**"' Afc#,i? *ben.aremanj ?^oda.ait holidays, 1 arh aaTete * Tmm Tea am Dinner ??t? v. He. Cologne S*U M xto Coff**a a. ?j g,,., B J ^t,^ #tb#r mrtlC'^ Uu rail, t* SOLAR OIL. n?* wonM al*o atate that h* KonghtofMr Brott J r,*ht tn Bianof^ctor* the h>lar Oil who ?e ' oU ?' ti.f^ti^ toV OlV**' ?n b*Bd mt *" Ul"*" th* Hatcbln#on Coal * anii'd *?k hia fri?-nd*and all m want of ai> tin ng ia l i* Ha* to ?i v* h at acall A full aiM>rtment now oa b*n 1 Ihe pi .cm ar. a. lo? a. .he aame goods can t? ton ,ht tUevuer*' C HARLKS CLRICH, ii . . Hiatii *tre?t, * ? Jt B>-twe#n D and I, 1 H(1 11TH cTRBKT-'irNt na*amg af the I* urn -i>le? I. VILLI N BET oa HoMar Dm; L4th. Entire winter .tock Will t* ?old o jt at co#t de ai-tt' 493 4<|:{ AT KtDCCED PRICES. Jn*t receiver!, at Ho. 493 9TH STREET be tw*ea D and E *tr?-*t. a air* liaeof BRTS. C A l>a BOOTS and SHOES, having pnrchaaad then, aiao* the decline in price*, which I will aell at v*r? low fi*nre*. I can oTw great indncen*'ntato l?u* *r.. a ii aak ia an xamlaatioa of goodg ant grloaa. You caa gel A r**Mctabl* Hat for ? M A goo i Bat for ? ftJ A nlre Hat for { ? A*?l*oJi4 Hat for I *2 A tip tvp liat for * j 3 1 B0OTS^etryfl?,Un"'re ?*' Fine Stitchel OALF EOOTS^ Burf* mako ? ,lM? H- A. OLCOTT 4?^tthatr*at. ?*a* >?tvm D and Eats. J)IMOT FROM PARIS. W* havs jnst recsl'ed Fifty of the moat nai nlficent LADIR6' BLA3E AMD COLORED CLOTH SAQVES AND B A SQ-f E >. Direct from th* Oastom Hons*, which as shall sell, awing to the lateaes. af arrival, MCCH BELOW IHPOBTATIOH COST Also, 12 places of all th* most faahleaable *hal?? of MOIRR ABTIQUR BILKS. LAHSBI ROH * BRO , 4U Sseanth stn st. betwsaa D a*.1 R. Largest btgrr in thr city j TWO STORES COMBIXED Iff 0>E ' FURS! VtRIi FURS! FOR LADIRS ARD CHILDRRR, I* great V A KIKTV. Having porchaaad them early this ssas-n. w* are enabled to sell them M gsr cent, cheaper than any house la tb* city. LANSBCRGH * BROTHRR. *14 rth straat, - I ! IatalMgancer Baildma CIGARS! C I A R S CI?A1IL1 " Tb* undersigned rsspectfWly Infant their friend* aad the public generally that they have taken the old ci?ar ahd toragco storr. Ho. 39? Pennsylvania aveaus. So leug conducted by M*ssr* G*orge w. Oochran *?0,,wh#r* *b*7 will b* ploaasd to ses and wait poa all who glee thsaa aaall. Having a large, choioe stack af all kind, of goods pertaining to a YlIifiT GLASS TORACOO BSTABLISHHENT, They are datanalaad, by moderate charge and trlct attention ta baalaess, to aaerit a .bar* of patroeafe A call from all thelavete of the "weed" solicit A. tdeLS eoatl OHO. cOAUI.HY A CO I M A HALL ' (?4I Peaa'a a venae Retabllahed ISV.) maw goods. fizsrsu u *1T* a sail and malt* *toc* aad ar*r*a SJ.? m?* " " ^^"^MKv5S? Btoaewave at factory prices R 'ZL- T PCRERLL, A SON A. CROSIH* RASH RALL AND SKATORIAL HRAD QOARTRRS D^rla la^ortad Olgar* Aim. th* following ^ Demetlc ouwrs ; Tallp, >ady. Pu ,, obert Baras, g? 1 elsoRsepaRaaaeaortiaeBt Tahaoco, Burgling aad Rriar Weod ..j Faacy ArttcleT^ Fi~'Md ratrT ",Tt"'u ** ^ *mmt ud b^t ds Is 1m pAPITOL HILL ^ I>HO? STORR. 1 . o , iSA ? Pure aad fresb Dr^^M CtanlSuN?. ary., Faasg ArUclta\lwaTs oTlaMHago^ ^T- deuiw 'plH OPFORTTH ITT to ?ow offered to the pahticte bay tkdr^H HOOTS AHD BHOHS ikcJ'ISKrtSa' ? "ton.*.! RORHHT ISRAHL, Ho. JT9 Seventh street, ceraer of I. ..yj f ?? *?. .f "tock. aad roo will be - i ?^>?* aad Shoes Ibr small chlldraa at half aVice | ,1*4HL'8 OHRAP BOOT AHD BMOR STORK I <W if 879 Seventh str**t, corasr of I.

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