22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCAL NEWS. " AMUSEMENTS. ?c . TO NIGHT. NaTiosal Th katkr?Sixth night of Jefferson in -Kip Van Winkle,' the most uctWilul play by sar ol any theatrical season here lor kwip yi>sr? past. Wail'S New Opera HOCSB -a. good bil! to-uifiit. the teaui.ful domestic drama of -Mad-lain*." and Shakespere's corner of * ?am,i,g a?rfir,"l? which play, Mrs Bower*' Mr McCollora. and all the prominent n'mb^rc ol the company appear. ?ii>l>Dm *LLOWR kHall ?Laet D'ftht of the Glass mower*, who will give a large variety ol presents this e\ening. ! . 'r1/?0. Hall ? one who attends the delightful fair a? this place for the benefit of spent" rhICi?HW,n r"Kret th" t,me or ihTr ?'ad AT" court*"ii9 and agree. entertainment, embracing tabJeaux. is most interesting. t air BriLPiHo. corner of 7th street and Pa a>enoe -Thi* Grand Masonic Fair, for the J>eueflt of the Masonic Hall Association. ? one or the most agreeabl- places to spend an evening m the metropolis No one should fall to attend this model entertainment. Th* cox P?or?n A??aik_Military vtC,r I Authorities?Further l.t9al I'roceeJwp A lew weeks since we published, under the head of - Two tenants in one house." the nirI)M litigation between the managers uLd ki H^%forco,or:^om"an(i ewow ihnr * of Oeorgetowu, who left b,* fJtmf>? >T,Uh ,n the war After Bis return, aboat a year sii.ce. he was parses f'commenced proceed??>uiin possess,on of his mansion and grounds on tbe heights of Georgetown, eccurtrena%?e J1"' for colored wom^n and chil? d ln re?aiB?>K possession, a. was . .a ed by us, and the managers of the Hh r proteges, left the premises ?h-" ifi J 1,1 aTK""' during their occupancy of the p.*c>-, obtained from the Government, tbrwngh the i Quartermaster General, it is said] the use of certain lumber and other building materials, with which they constructed a temporarj fiame building adjoining :he brick mansion. Yesterday, Maior General O <> Howard, ( tnef of tbe Bureau of Refugee* > reedmen and Abandoned Lands, issued an ?rnd;['? 'h;s '"me structure torn down, and the ma erials, the property of the Government. removed to this Clry. and to use miliary force to carry out the order if necessary ?nd ?*'i? rm*r,y lB ,be tnihtary service, and now a Government a^ent, was sent to SET? s?" ',rd"r' employed Mr Kd" ward j. ? hoemaker, a carpenter and builder of Georgetown, to tear down the building yesterday afternoon they commenced work M l took oit the doors and windows and rewal^rr f ,^8t PT?n">IC Mr. Shoemaker wa arres.ed on tbe charge of trespa*- on i by ^ ?C*HuCKey,Pai the in. . tance of 3lr. W m. H. Rohrer. whe seems to be rctmg as the agent of Mr. Cox. who has left lown Mr >h..emaker stated that he was employed by Mr. Collins, w hen Mr Rohrer also ttnVrT1 ???*d lor h s arrest. Charging J a per ( ohms with forcbly and mahciouslv breaking open the dwelling house, and build^ ice attached, of Richard S. Cox. and carrying kTr T eame? on the -.'1st of DecernJ V*' Collins made his appearance and plead that he was not amenable under the law of tre-pass. as he was only acting as a rere,;?^,?' ,,ntl-r Tb" orders he had Th-J L 19 officers Both of ac.-used parties were held on their own re. cognizances to appear before Justice Huckey at 12 o clock to-day. ' D is nnderstood that Mr Rohrer will applv To-day lor an injunction to pr-vent any further iuterterence with tbe buildin- in Question: bnt we are informed that a mili ary gnard is on the ground this morning, and tuework is proEressing. * e^"Tf.u Market To-Jir=Beef. best cuts, re[b ^; ne^'-r-i ^J****- 15jt5{wc-; Dn**d T **? ' c- Mutton, ch. ps, iuc . A^amb. o.; Lard, lac.; Pork, fresh, r2ti.,e corned, l??.. Bacon, hams, uncut, 2ua3nc.; sliced,' t?"1"a'->,'c-; shoulders, ltc. Buiu-r, i ..t 45cChickens. pair,50c a?1.3(); Turkies, eacl.,si .^I.Ueeee , JC.af 154.. Ducks, pair,75c a?l. Lgg^ lox,4.>c. Green Com. can. 4nc. Green C.-n inear.dozen, licents. Apples,pk, ,.ic.afd. An! l^ks, bh..5c. Turnips, |jt , \Peaches, dried, per quart, 15 cts. Be;ui?, t .' lwlnf k' W lt*' 12al5c.; dried cherries. qt? ,5oc Jtadishes, per bunch.. 2a4c. Beers, per ok.. *k ' Onions, 4oc.; Dkra, 3?ic.; Parsnips, :}oa4iK-' Peas, quart, loc Carrots, bunch, 5 cent-' Perch 4o, '1^,*,waCh'.ila'-: ???.'>"eh, 10c "; K it ?k: Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb., 45c.; Sheephead, 7ia#l each; L-jbsiers, ner pound. 15 cents. Sea Bass, per pound, 12 cents; Spanish Mackerel, ?ia$l 5 j each" ?i??i ,PCT<Kb!!l!Mi 930 a*1-10 Meal. EL ? /S?>ipstnfr, OM80C. Brown ttnir, 5<ic fchorts, inc. Corn, shelled, ?la?i.io, in ear bhr, ?4a?5 Oats, bh., GuafiSc. Hay, cwt, ?i jo *1 <5. Straw, tlal.50. t>lery, pr bunch, loc Xrout. per quart, be. Cabbage, per head, 5aloc' PorTr,Dr' l?ar:' 10 cenfs 'alo cents. I?er?r^k- s<llTT*l* 3 ' cents eaca. -fc?g Plants, 5al0c. Chestnuts. 20c. at Sweet ?rap#*??? >*? Small Birds.perdoz ] 91.26. W oodcock. per pr.. #1. Small Ducks, 75c ?ii) ?;IVtridT^TT doz * Robbins," 150 Rabbits, each. 3wa40c. Chinquapins, per C'r,uib,,rr,?#' ** Pumpkins, lu to The market was plentifnlly supplied this norning. and the attendance or country dealers ^J,DUSn3.!,y lar*^ tb* wagons and carts occupying the entire market space, and ex. &?<?f*.V!OWa 1^?Kul8l*Da avenue as far as %%all a Haiaar. Tbe poultry supply wis verv large, and of excellent quality .flavin" b?n Jitstr?^ V1* ?trm,,r8 ,n vicinity of the District, the turkeys, geese, chickens, aud ?hU?Cr, ??r#S*w 1 mucl1 fresh?r appearance than when brought lrom distant sources of tipply, and much care had been given to dressing them for market. Large lots of prime pork were offered for sale at prices ranging from ?;? to >10 per lOu lbs. Country-slaughtered scarce; the ordinary price was 5<?a *10 during previous days, hut some choice quarters were offered this morning lor 812.50 ?KfwH,?WO" Skati*g CLrn.?A meeting of the Washington Skating Club was held last Mrn'w!m1I?tJl,(,'ooms ol tb? Trade, Mr Wm H. ClAfett jq the chair, and J J Chapman secretary. The President announced that the skating pond had been flooded, the fence around it completed, and if cold weather should continne, p would be open to the public on Mon- j day or Tnesday of next wee*. He also called upon the members to do all in their power to preserve order, and see that the rules and reg- | ulations for tne goverument of the pond were properly enforced. It was also announced that all the shares bad been taken, and season tickets were now ready for sale. Mr. W aggeman moved that a committee of three be appointed as a finance committee, and another committee of seven, whose duty it should be to sell the tickets; adopted, and the Tol 10wing.named gentlemen appointed ?Pixaiu e Committee?Messrs. Samuel Bicon, ir . James B. Nalle and Wm Parker. Committee to sell tickets?Messrs. Samuel F. Savage, K w Jones. Sterling Galt, John Edmunds, H H. Sweeny, John G. Clarke, and Joseph Djdson. The pend Is on the north side of the canal between mth and Jlst streets, and comprises ,V,^n acr? The Platform and building will be completed by the last of n?xt week provided with refreshment rooms, &c. Tickets were last night issued to the members by the secretary. J Th* IV*w Polkk Arrahoemeut? Last sight, about. 7^; o'clock, squeds of policemen in uniform, carrying their weapons, were seen mart bing in regular order in various parts of the city The inquiry, "What's out " was frequently heard ameng tbe groups of pedes, trians a, the squads passed. The movement of the police Indicated nothing wrong They were only conforming to a recent order, which is an improvement upon tbe old manner of relieving guard. Heretofore there was no regularity except m the roll-call and departure of the men to their beats By the new order, the relief guard is required 10 meet at the station, answer roll call, uniforms and accoutrements to pa*s inspection, .and the sergeant of the relief marches his s<]uad to each beat, relieving the gnard on dnty. who fails in the place ol his relief, and so the sqnad march round tUl all are relieved, and then the old guard is marched ha. k to the station. By this arrangement no' beat will be left unguarded for a moment, unless a special order should temporarily call an officer from bis post.orthe officer is engaged in conveying a prisoner to the station. The arrangement is a good one, and Is the initiatory etep to a more perfect system, that will reqnire the force to be regularly drilled. Major Richards is giving bis attention to the improvement of the force in matters tending to increase its efficiency, and. with Capt. Reed, the inspector. sees thai all orders are strictly complied with. MmiCAL?In the absence of opera so far this w inter, we are to be consoled with a splendid musical entertainment on Cttristmas night being the production at Mvtxerott Hall of Hnudel's great oratorio of the Messiah by tbe Philharmonic Society, under the direction of Dr. J. P. Caul field Trespass awp Lar<1>r?Nelson Hackney ( colored, was arreted by Officer Gordon, npoo tbe complaint of Wm.Oiiniiad, who charged him with trespass and laruenv of wood Justice Handy fined the accused 910. Police Reports.?Tbe Lieutenants of Police repor?ed this morning*!" arrests In the ep'ire District. A o serious offence* yesterday were charged in any case. The sotire amouat of lines was SiKl.lV CITY ITEMS. F.n V happened to be the unlucky mdivid i*l thst ort-w 't>" pipe hi ib<* (Fla<e Blov?erla?t f vrniBK for the best dkncint a cheap ai?i? sr hstantia! cflri'tma* <?ikt ?A share in Brady's tiymn"?*iurn. cost* ? ?, which will entitle to a life mem!?er*h'p. use ol Baths. Ac. r Attention, I.aimbo!?Just r-^eived at the New York l?ollar (lilt Store, 4-m? Pennsylvania i avenue, another lot of those splendid eoods rr Jewelry. Silver-Plated Ware, Jet Goods. Toys, Ac., all the new style*. + Ho! ior christmas prkskitts.?Just re. ceived at the New York iKtllar (lift Store. *<? Pennsylvania avenue, all the new stvles of Jet Good*, Neck Chains, F'od Chains. Bracelets. Sleeve buttons. Ac. W uiTKiiritM G Ai.i kkv, 421 l'ennsv I van la avenue.?Prices reduced 50 per cent?Vignetts formerly sold at *fi per do/en reduced to S3: lor lour full length, including frame, only SI See bi? Christmas presents, a' low prices. 2 S. C Mil i s. Photographer. Th* t.kst and cheapest Prayer Hooks. Bibles. notaries, Statuary, Albums, piaries. F ancy Articles. Pocket Cutlery, Ac , in Washington are at Bropby's new bookstore. :H4 p street,between Kith and 11th streets, near St. Patrick's Church. ? PorBT Thou the stars are fire, Ilovbt that the sun doth move. l>onbt truth to be a liar; Hut never doubt that Henning sells Clothing lor Cne Price only, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. Bahe Hai i. and Skatokiai Hbaoquarteks?Wo advise all those interested in the Skating clubs and the Base Bill clubs ot Washington to call on Mr. K. A. Croniu, Pennsylvania avenue, norh -ide, 3d deor from 1'tth street, where thev can obtain everything appertaining to Skates and Skating and Baoe Balis and Balling. Thopk that wikh to purchase tine i^ace Gooils. Ac., for Christmas Pre-ents,'should not Jail to go to Bos well's New F ancv Store, 3(12 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. Oth and 10th sts.. where they w ill find one of the best selected assortments in the city, such as Point Lace, Point Applique. Valendenes. Thread and duny Eace. Ilanderchiefs, Collars, Barbs, Head Presses, and in Sets: also lots of fine 1 ancy Goods. Notions, Ac., cheap, ttry ckrjp. Pis* Skatiko at the New Park: also, large skates for large boys, and small skates tor small boys nre to be found in great variety at the stores of our lriend. J. K. Foley, :jio F' street, and 27.1 Pennsylvania avenue, be. tween loth and 11th streets: also, China, Tea and Dinner Setts. Toilet Ware, Eggnogg and Punch Bowls, Chitia. Glass and Lava Ornaments: together with a large assortment ol < rockery, Japan Cutlery and Plated Ware, such as Castors, Tea Setts, Mugs, Spoons. Forks. Ac . with Coal Oil. nud Lamp Goods. Do not fail to give Mr. P. a call and our word tor it, you will there receive entire satisfaction. The! >ny. pot i ar Jewki.p.v Stork of Mr Prigg. No. 438 Pennsylvania a venue, Ins; itist been freshly stocked wilh a large assortment cf the popular bog-wood sets, long jet chains, silver plated cups, spoons, fork*. Ac. Nothing could be more appropriate for a present to a lady than one of the beantitul bog-wood sets to be had so cheaply here. We would also call attention to a new style sleeve button that has just been received, which is very popular in New York and Philadelphia at pre>ent. Notwithstanding the low prices, there is a finish about the goods sold here not urpassed by bigber-priced articles of the same class. Ynr K5ow not what is cheap until von go to Franc's Gents' F urnishing House, No 4!i4 Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall Headquarters for Scarfs. Ties. Gloves, and Flandkerchiefs, for Holiday presents. 5 - or>l?n Hai.l Clothing kooxm! Odeon Hall Clothing Rooms! Take ad\ antage of the temporary reduction of prices in our very large and well selected stock of very tine and mednm clothing which we now offer at greatly reduced prices. Also, now selling a good Merino Shirts and Drawers, at fts cent* Odbos Hall Clothiro Room. < No. 446 Pennsylvania avenue, corner F ihb-ptitched Boots made to order, and a good fit warranted for 810: pegged boots, custom-made store boots, S6.50: kip boots, for *3-50 K> W>: *t Heilbrun A Brother's, 5tK5 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 2o F'or chilblain's and F'rosted F eet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price f l per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between *)? an d 6th streets. ? A Sure pile Curb-l?r. Gilbert's Pile in. strnment positively cures the worst ca^es vf piles. Sent by mail on receipt of #4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted everywhere. Address J. B. Homaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: cornBnnions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, Warts, Moles, Vascniar Excresences, Ac, successfully treated by Dr. Whue, Surgeon Chiropodist, 424 Penn. a*.. between 4* and ?th streets. Office hoars from 3 a m. te 5 p m and 6 to & p. m. Notice.?The Simpson House for sale, corner of 10th street and Pennsylvania avenue, at a great bargain; with a Ave years lease and cheap rents. g PiMiM can be bad in any qnantitles at the Star ofllce counter MARRIED, . EDMOHSTON?HILLIABD. At the Church of Ascension, lMc ll. iw by the Rev. B. W Low>. BDMOHgfeH to RATI 8 HILLIABD. all of this city. Nofcards. | Baltimore payers please ?opy J H AY ABD?S1LEN0B. On Thursday,the 3rth Inst by Bev J.C. Bmith, Mr. LEOPOLD A F" 8C8AN BOBBBTSOB-YOKBM. On the a?h In-tant, & mau?var*V BMIBL BGBEBTSotf to HAKOABIT iOKIM, of Mclkinoufh. Delaware. ' , DIED. ?.^ ALKBB. Ca the Jist Instant. WILLIAM H ? t ?'B'ln lh* 441,1 hi* ' r??rly of PriLw G?orfe conuiy, Md His fenerd will take place at his residence, near 5.nr2L'?,,l#' Mo^ffon^rf eonntr, Md., on Sanda*. the 2Sd Instant, at lOo clook a. m. sobikt^j^aon ?th# 21,t BOBBBT JA0K8OM. youngert son of Andrew J. and Loey B. Collier, ajed eight months and tweLty Qft. I TFe friends and relatives of the family are invited to attend ihe funeral, from the residence of ' his parents. No 943 4th street, on to morrow (Sunday,) the 2.1d instant, at 3 o clock p.m. <> *! ?tL,# nBOr'dng, ?1 last., DANI K L 15 K i A N f Icq > The funeral will take place from the residence oi his seii-iB-law, Judge Wylie, ?t>o'clock b m te morrow, 18nnday,)-jM Inst. tbiay. ?>n the 3*1 last., at 10 o'clock a, m . after a few hours' illness, Mrs. BITa tbiay, in the :6th vear of her *&>-. Her relatives aud frlanls are respectfully in *1 ted to attend the funeral, from her late residence. No. S-A sth street, Navy Yard, at ten o clock M< Dae morning. I Haiti n;ore and Hew York payers please espy 1* 8KNOSTACK On the 21st in.Ui.t, WILLIAM 8. infant >od of C. A. and Mary J. 8?ugst icK, I ag?d d days. | I Bel ti mors 8n ii please copy J y?WO MOBE OF THOSB BEAL'TirCL j ,30. pianos. tiff* Beceited this day. Call and see tbam. JOHN F. BLLIS, dt 52 It 300 Penn. ave.. near 10th st. MBTBOPOblTAH PATENT 8TBAM BAKBBY. 84 7 C at., between 4S and OJi streets. havenneb'stamily bbrad 1 His no final In the market familiei andQrocers supplied. 'le J) -'w THO HAVENHBB. | BOOTS AMD 6HOB8. fjj NEW SJ ORE. . The nndersigned begs leave to inform bis friends and the public generally that he has opened the j HBW CHEAP 8TOBE. Bo. *02 7th street.nnder Odd Fellows' Hall, where he has on hanaageneial .<srortment of La lies'andOentlemeu's, Boy 's. 1 Misses and Children's BOOTS AMD 8H0BS. 1 Bemember the number, AOS 7th street, unler Odd Fellows' Hall The Be? Cheap Store, for- ( merit K F Psza'a store. d"fa WEOBGE B. W1L80W. r\DBl?N HALL CLOT HI MO BOOMS, U Corner 1% and Pennsylvania avtnue Having a large Stock oTf'DBMISHINO GOODS on hand, we new offer tham at lss? than one half the usual prices. _ ? Formerly. How Under Shirts and Drawers... $1 90 selling at M I i. -"??? .. 4UQ .. grM ? ? 3 OH " 1 M) ' ?; s ao 1 76 " J 71 I ? Fine Whits Sblrts 4 ? " - J * -_5U0^ --? 3 Ml Ard all other FCRNfSHIHa 00DS In pre < porticB I We have also tbe largest and best ?el*ctnd 'tork cf Fine B1N8' VOUTHS'.and BOTH'CLOTH- ? 1NU to wh>< h w* invite speeial attention Bemember UDBOM Ha?l Bo 4?? P^ are^ de 11 It t Intel. Chrea A Ojb Union) AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL THE \TR E. Pennsylvania ihth?, near Wlllards* Hotel ( Twelfth ttebt of the re ??uf aberrant of MB JAFEBRSON, Who will ?rp<-?r t TM8 Saturdav) EVENING DEC i For the sixth time in Dion Boucicault's drama, KIP V WIKKLC ; OR. THE SLEEP or TWKHTY TEARS. Fouoded on Washington IrvingV beautiful story, , n-retvtd e?ch evening with the atuoet enthu I littB. , CH RI9TM *8 AKTFBKOON. CBAND HOLIDXY MATINEE MABET/.EK 8 OB AN D ITALIAN OPEBA TBOUPE Will appear earl? is January, 1SS7. J WALL'S NEW OPERA hol'sk. HEBBT A WALL PBOPBIETOB8. H B PHILLIPS WTAGB MANAGER. SATURDAY EVENING, December43,1966, Lmt?ppear9i<'? of MBS. D. P. B0WEB8 < MB J. C AMcCOLLOM. When a ill he presented the beantifal Domestic < rt.imaof MaDELAINE, < And Sbakspeare a KATHtB'NB AND PETRT70HI0, Comprising in th? Cast Mrs. Emily Jordan, Mr. .1 0 MrCollom. Mr. 0. Bale, Mrs Varra). Mrs. 1 Graitau. etc., etc I PRICES OF ADMISSION. ' Private Boxes, $8; Orchestra 8eat?, 91; Dress Circle. 76 cents; Parguette, H> cents, Family Circle. 25 rente: Colored Circle 28* ants. . On M?nda> evening, Mr. F. 8. C11ANFRA0. ( METZEROTT HALL. 1 CHRISTMAS NIGHT,(DECEMBER '24,1 ( HANDEL'S GBAND ORATORIO or THK | MESSIAH, BY THE PHILIIABMONIO SOOIETY, Under the direction of Dr. J. P. 0ADLF1ELD. SOLO PABT8 By ARTHUR MAT%HISON, 1 First Tenor of Trinity Church, N. T. and Mk. JOSEPH HERMANNS, the Great Banso. TICKETS 4 I: for sale at the Music Stores. i Set uted Sea's 50 Cents extra. Ti e sale of secured neats lo commence at Met-/erott s store on Friday morning next. d*31 id i 'BEAT ATTRACTION AT THE U OKA Mi MASONIC FAIR N, w b. ins: held at th> MAMMOTH FAlU BUILD j 1NG,corner of Seventh st ani Penn. avenue. ( MONDAY I \ E NIN * , December *24. 1*66, GRAND uPKNIN'. NIGHT OF KE\.\OI.Its' CAM f FK 1.1. V I VST It El.S, BL'BLESQI E OPKBA TBOUPE, FULL BRAS-BAND. , THE FlOIi EEli THi/t l'E if AMERICA J This e\eumL has been set at art by the manage i merit a* a uRAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT to tli? ( MASONIC ? KA I EKNITY of WAbHINGTON. < ' The Campbell*" will give hut three wf ttieir , cba te and fashionable Parlor Entertainments in thi-iity, as they are now on their annual tonr | South, ei> r*ute to California. This Company is c, mpo?ed of the tine-t talent. Vocal, instrumental, ana Comic. In the prote?*ion. Each a star within him>elf. The Managemeat take plea^uteln sutitg that while their entertainments contain all of the elements of NOVELTY aa.l HUMOR, yet nothing Miilte introduced on oar stag* calculated toot 1 fend ?he most fa?tidion?. Second and Third Entertainments at MASONI'I HALL, corner Ninth an.! D stie-ts. on TC K-DA V and WEDNESDAY evenings, 2.'. th and 2 th iust. For particulars -ee small bills of the day. de? 4t I ODD FELLOWS' HALL. THE ORIGINAL BOHEMIAN TBOUPE OF GLASS R LOWERS, THIS< Thursdav i EVENING, a splendid case 0f work will 1 e given to the author of the best Conun drum oubject Ti e Gla-* Steam Engine. The Wonder ot Modern Times, the Glast SteamEcgine,Fairy cjueen greatest curiosity of the a??e? stands six leet high which. If ot iron, wo**'c? he 1^ birrs power, aud is composed of ZO IKO pieces of Colon d Glass th-- largest specimen In the w orld. Immense attractions (or SATUBOAY at 1 p m. F. *ery child wil teceive a Christmas Gift Doors open at 7 o'clock ('onipaay at Work. 7'. Presents Given, 8V Tickets, 3.> cents. Childreu, cents. do 17 t>t* F-ANCY D K E 88 ES~AN I) COSTUMES For Tableaux and Private Parties Apply to MRS. FRANK REA. de 19 6t* 4 47 1 ?th street. |)BOvB7J. W. A H. P. KBEI8' DANCING ACADEMY. Pennsylvania arenne. tet. 6th and 7th Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. MHk Oar Academy 1? now open for tha reception of , Pnpils. A select class is now forming on Wedresday afternoon from 4 to o'clock, for the*e I who cannot attend oar regular classes. Circulars can be had at J. F. Bills'and W. G. Metserott A Co.'s Music Storea. t The Hall can be rented for Soireea, Ac. L)ay.< and Hour* of Tuition : For Ladles, Misses and Matters, Tuesday and Tbn raday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'elock. Gentlemen's Glasses. Tnosday and Thursday evenings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For farther Information,apply during the hours of tuition, or addreea a note to the Academy. ^Quarter commenoing with the first lesson, ae W MABINI'S FASHIONABLE DANCING 1 ACADEMY, AT A 1 MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY ROOMS, jt ( E, between 9tb and 16th streets, ( This academy la now open for the recep- tflBb 1 tlon of pupilc. . Days aad honra of tnltioa for yonng ladies misses and masters. Tueedays, Thursdays and Sat- 1 urdays, from 3 to 6 p. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evenluga. N B ?Private instruction given to snlt the convenience of the pupil. Se IS BALLS, PARTIES, &c. T"H I B D G R A N DBA L L " 1 ofthk i FRIENDSHIP CLUB No. 1, J# To ba given at PBOF KBEIS ACADEMY, IB Pennsylvania avenue, between 6th and 7th sts., 1 ON MONDAY EVENING, DEC.2I. WJ? By order of_tba Committee. de 21-2t* / 'OMF. ONE, COMB ALL, T(7~THE THIRD 1 V GBAND BALL ?? or THE iW , CAPITOL HILL SOCIAL, \ WASHINGTON7Ol^Y GARDENS. on New York avenue and First street, ON MONDAY. DEC. U4. i Tickets, dO Cents, admitting a Gentleman and ! Ladlea. I K order of tba Committee. * Lavender, J. F. Sheehan, William F. Roche, de 21 Jt * ^ECOID ANN U ALB LL THE UNITED CIRCLES XL fan THE FENIAN BBOTHEBHOOD Of the District of Columbia, I will take place On WEDNESDAY EVENING. Doc. S6,l*6tj, At ODD FELLOWS HALb, 7th atreot. The Committee pledge themselves to snare no pains 1 in making thta the Grand Ball ol the Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, $1. Committee of Arrant'^"*1*Stephen Egan, G II Leonard , James Gerraty, T H Regan J O O'Oonnell, POCallagma . J J Cook a RICHABD OULAHAN,Chairman. , FRANK P. HUGHES, Secretary. * MATTHEW PEPPER. Treaaurar. Proceeds to be ferwatded for the use of the Irish Eepublican Army. (Chronl de lrt <t* LOOKOUT FOB THE I GBAND ANNUAL BALL J or thk JH JOCBNEYMEN BOOKBINDERS'l SOCIETY. (A ? To take place at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, on , MONDAY, January 7th, ldo7. Particular* iu | fnture advertisements. ? By order of the Committee. de 15 tf boardIngTI7LEGANTLY FURNISHED BOOMS, IN n Hj suits or singly, with or withou* board, at 2**"5 H street, between 17th and 18th. Table bearders accommodated. Terms reasonable. Also, Basement Booms suitable for offices, and a Stable and _ Uarriage Houae in rear of the house for rent. MBS. K. KEABNEY JOBDAN. Befereacea: Major General Bright, Paymaster Oeneral. General Morris S.Miller, U. S Army; Rev. Mr Keeling, pastor of Trinity Church; Bev. f Father McNeil/,or St Matthew's Church. 1 de 1 JUt w Jingle gentlemen, ob gentlemSn ? 0 and their wlvee, can be accommodated with f ROOMS, furnished or unfurnished, with good ^ Board; gas; bath, hot and cold water. MX No. >110 Bridge street, Georgetown no i3-im* TABLE BOABD at No. tM lOth street,a few I doors north of the avenue. Terms ftt par 1 noath. de 16 tf oi ? - ? d< QONGBESSIOEAL DIBECTOBY, L OFFICIAL EDITION, JUST PUBLISHED. 4 FHILF A SOLOMONS, C de 20 3t 339 Pennsylvania avenue. D BOY'S SKATES from ? cents to 9$, ? MEN'S OKATBSfroa fl. ?to ?3U. 11 it th* Bkato Depot. P0ULTNBT A TRIMBLE. I No. 'iOO Wast Baltimore street. ? de l*Tm Baltimore, Md. tl S"""m 1 all kinds, from #1 sntofis. J POOLTNEt A TBTMBLB,! ' *1 No. 900 Wart BaltimoreItreets de IS 1m mm Baltimera. Ml. tl WANTS. , %%' A NTKD ? Aflr?t etas* COOK waited. ou? who ' * bsa haj .xpeiisn e m a rest*ur?nt \d are??t? A L., bxx 2U,tUr allict. It* \\ ANTED-A SITUATION m Clerk ia a?iro * . r"r> b> ?r ung Di%ui??lt *c<iuelnt?d *'L? tutin^M. !? "TT*t+r+vc~* Hr*a. CaiI U K f. L.Y.MENTOFFIOK, 49-?S 7th it. de:i St* iVAHTED-A 8BBVABT toOook forT*m?ll ?* tauilly. lotcooiM'UDtptriioi, vha otafnrr>l?b

u? exceptioual reiereuces, liberal ??*' <?iil >e given. Apply Immediately ?r 473 K (it ,|.?Ui id* bttWNu 4th and 5th street* Whit* rr? erred. It* WANTID-New and Out of CLOTHING, old <iO?-D ?ui SlLvffR.or aey etber r'io>* of raiue, At the ?ld aatablishei Meichaat Pawn looker's Store of B. FULTuN A CO., AOS 9th St., I'"?iri ourtb of P?nn? imtiao Sole Agent for BINGEB'S"BEWINO MACHINE. ue ? I) WANTElT fd~ BE LL~A B ABBE B RHOP, " <1?>tn<r a go >d bniixu Bmioi for selling, prorri.t r going West A tply at Continent! I R-ataurant, tfV4,corner 7th andLeU. deil 3t* IV'ANTKD-IU person* desiring Servant* <>r 'J Help of ur kind, to call at the Employment Jnlce,4"?H' 7th atreet Situation* now open for ;ook*. chambermaid*. Ac.. Ac. dellJt* W~ ANTID-A T1DT COLOBBD GIBL. to cook, wwh, and Iron, aa<l aaeist In a small private family. Hone bat thoee whe C?n give J1 od reterencee need apply. Apply at No. Hat st . w?rthoaat corner of I. Jell-M* W A NTKD?A tlrst claaa BE AMSRTBSsTTTa private family. Prefer one who can operate >n WUfUr * Wilton Maciilne Apply ioim*di ?tely. Mrs. WALTER O. BKRBY'S. No 4?3 B street, between ftb and 6th. dell St* WANTED ?Active, enerjetic AGENTS hare an opporinait> to m*ko 95 to > is a day for a re-vdays and o* Investment of capital required Apply at ti.e ollica ot D L WILLS A Go., Northwest corner F and 10th meets, at and after 12 m? Saturday and Monday. d?^12t* V\'ANTED?A WOMAN, to cook waah and * " I'ou. Apply at No. 4 13 lOtli street, between B and H etreeta. ae 2'J 3t* \ % A NTKD?By a young woman who nnderataud* *' her busine?a well, Cook'a SITtf ATION in a private family Sliehas tirat-class recommendaU'i s. Please address a n >te 10 Box No.lt Star Dffice. de 20 St \\' ANTED - A PARTNER in the Beit tnd Provv vision Hu'Im ii. Aililresa W ., Star office, fie 19-lw WANTED-A YOUNG ~LADYof p!ea?iiii; ad*" dress at the new STAMPING ROOM**.<9 9tli street. npp"iite Patent Office, to act as sa'ea woman. Good wages to one that will suit. Also w nted, a goo l hand to eml.roider initial) solely, fce It tf WANTED?100 LADIK8 it*:nedial-ly. to I'mbruider Yokes, Bands, Wrapper Yoke*. Flannel Skirts Slippers, and Initisia. To good ban la ?bo brim; sample of work, gooi wages and con st?.nt employment given Call at the new Stamp In# Roem. 439 yth str- et, opp site Patent Office t<TAM PINO re-1need t > FIVE cent* per width <*e II tf. WANTKD-I 0 00(7T, A D~l ES~t<T kn >w that at the New Stamping Room*. 439 9th street,opp?nite Patent Office. they can nnd the beat selected ?ss? rtuii nt ot Patterns ever offered here for Cloaks, apes. Aprons. Joseys. Waists, Yokes Bsnds, Wrappers. Slippers. Pincushions, and Ini li?u Als", leslgns for Pillow Oases Ottoman*. Uhair Oovera. Pianos, and. In abort, every variety' r>t Patterns as they are daily is?ned We have a French Machine and a 1'ia tual Stamper, and liave ledoced the price to FIVE CENTS PER WIDTH. H e make and stamp <>?>/ pattern brought na. RraH*, Silk and Working Ootton very low. de l*-tf WANTED?A HOUSE, containing fro?n 7 to9 Rooms and Hall, in gooi repair, within thr?>e roiuthaof a mile of the Post Offlce and north of I'u. avnue. Rent not to oic"ed S.10 per month. HIMIY B SEARLK. _<!? IStf Architect, cor. 7th and W sts. WANTFD?TEAMH to haul wo?<l in the country. a'-ady employment all wlnt'tr can be had by !*pply lug to D L.WELLS A CO.. Real Estate Brokt rs, corner loth and F sts. de 7 im 11/ ANTEr> - BaCONO tlANO FURNITURE Also, MIRRttRS, CARPETS. BEDS, BSD DING and KOUBEFURNISHING GOODS of every descrlpttob B BiJCHLY, 40A 7th street, 3? ? tf between O and H. ?Mt aid a HOLIDAY (JOODSTpURS! K UBS 1 ! FOBS! I! FAN?'I GOODS. CHBISTMA8 PBE8KNTS SBLBY A YATES. 4H MARKET SPACE, UNDEB AVBNUE HOUSE. Have ne w open a large line of D B B 8 8 FUB8 A*a FANCY GOODS. initable for Christina* and New Year presents for Ladle* and Children. The stock ia targe, wall lelectad.and th* prices guaranteed. Bc^UntH fnrther notice the Store will be open intil 9't p. m. de 11 3t SBLBY A YATE8._ tMNB FRINCH BHD 1N0L18H CH'Ni. r DINING TBA.aod TOILET SBTS, MTi MOTT'B WOFFEBS. JES/ FINE YA8BS. Of PCHCH BOWLS, PLATBD WAttE CUTL11Y, CASTORS. Ac,, (for the holiday*. | aoo*?k*epara and B?stiorants anpelied at low M"lc?s A large lot of ch* p TOTS. LAMPS. 3HANDELIBRS. CHtMNBYS, and No 1 COAL )fL, for storekeepers, cor 7th and F sts.. opp. P.O (Jeilofl H BAYLBY ACQ PABLOB BABK BALL FIELD. A \EW GAME FOR THE PARLOR. This new and Interesting divartis*m*nt. Hintrating all tb* points of th* natinal game of Base Sail, ia now on exhibition and aal* at Chma Hall, 141 Pennsylvania avenae. opposite Mttropelltan Hotel. T. PUBSEbL A SON, d?-11-St Agent for thi* city. WANTED -Every lady to know that the Grover A Raker Sewing Machlaea hav been awarded th" HIGHEST PKEMIU M at every BtatT flfr vhere they have been exhibited. Forsale at DAVIS A GAITHKR S. 5*0 Market Bpace. pOB THE HOLIDAYS. iEAL LACK COLLARS. HANDKERCHIEFS, CLUNY AND CAMBRIC SETS. BEAL LACE. FANS. PEBFUMESY And all kindaaf ' FANCY MILLINBBY GOODS, At DAYiS A GAI THEB'8. n*NUINB JOUY1ITB KID GLOTES.ln white LE black and colored, at E12 per pair, at dejljt DAV IS A GAITHEB'B. \| incbmeat. " "I Kiaher'* Unrivalled M1NCEMBAT Harrison CBAB OIDEB. Just received and for sale by J.B BIYAN A BBO.. 344 Penasvlvania avenae, de !13t Opposite Metropoilun Hotel i nnn hams, ac H?w Small-*lted BUGAB-CUBBD 1AM8 Also, a few old I1ABYLAHD HAMS ??t>KEI? BEBF BIIF TONGUES, and Prime iEAF LABD. J oat received and for aale by J.B. BBYAN A BBO . . ? _ 343 Pennsylvania avenne, den-3? Opposite Metrepoliton Hotel. j^GE CHBIBTMAS AMD HEW YEAR a PAY . ? . . JD8T ??CBIVBDfZ A,Inl?1nafi English Pickle* t*. Filbarts. Jellv, Cnrrant* hell Barks, Bngl'sb Walnnt*. Citron Ingllab Mustard. Fancy Crackars iomestlc Mince Meat, Pecana lake*. Bweet Cider, Ac , Ac I have also on band a large and well-selected apartment of fine and medium qaallty WINES AMD LlqUOBS, II of which will be sold at low price*. Persons m want of good* to my line ar* reapectillf requested to examine my stock JOHN KEVWORTH, . _ corner 9th and D streets. dfc LO Stif under Maaonlc Hall. LOST AND FOUND. S'OTICB.-Gp Wednaaday, the lJth of December, ' 186d. a BAY MABB, about It handa high, one bite left, came to aur place ob Proapect Hill emetery. The owner thereof may come and prove roparty, pay the expense, aa? have hia Mare lain Gall at 420 atreet. de a-St* JOHN GKOBQB STOCK. OBT OB BTOLXN-Twa NOTES,dated August -i list. 1M6? drawn in favor of B. W. Barneclo, ne at six moniha, for fonr hundred and alxty two >11 are and fifty cent* (B?l flo : one at twelve lonths, for same amount,drawn by J. W t Jos Simms. I for warn any parson from negotiating >r the aame. aa payment i as bean atopped de S2 Sf R W. BABNBCLO, par T B M. tQA BEWA BP?Stolen on the night of the ? 13d of September from the aremises of leorge Jo&es. near Bladensturg, a dark brown lOBbK. marked 0. 8 and I.U.; medium sise, ian* and tall somewhat sunburnt: ha* a roan oae. The above reward will be paid If returnad 0 - - ^ - ?"0- J0BB8. oeS Hyattarllle, PrtnoeGeorge1* Co., Md jTlAJIG? One fnU-*ta* Chtckarlng Grand Plauo, C which wa hav* taken la exchange, >r sale npoa easy term*. Price $SiO, k* wararooms of '"in J*.' ? MBtXSBOTl A 00 , da 7 Bole Agent* of Stela way A Son*. [ UB* BBCBIYEI) _ YATES ATsn.BY,B, Ho. 193 P*an*ylauia avenae, ! A snperlor lot of LADIES CLOAKIBG8, which toy ara offering at Tsry low prices, M tf FOR SALE AND KENT. I'OR PBICK HOf'St. ot nles r?oro?. I with km water, and ba'h n>oiti ln'julr? of K t. M i.uM . coruer ?S aud F streets. >* aehing ton,?>. 0. * *'!*? TO LIT-An Bf??i ituiit HOD**!. ten ro nit.with modirn <y?tveetesc good n?ig! bvihood. iiilf i'B |r?ni'M. .t(i9 I5th st L. or 40.1 Uih it.. before in or after ? p r* da Si* ? um KB NT?A food ?0 SIS188' OKSKK with r DWEt.LlbO HOUSE, contaietngelg ht room*. cmidiI water Imiuir*of K. b bAOwN. c >ru*r 4'? ahd k booth *?DtUkt< a. do JJ at* I .'OB BALK?A superior Urge tired FIKE PROOF 8\FE ?ul'eble for ? l.?nk-r or a large mercantilehouse, ?ili be 10H for a sacrifice It applied f?r at onoe. E Q WB <ILIK de 12 St* Canal and 7th street. Li'Ok. OA LA?lb* STO? K and FIXTURES of a I small Grocery Store; aod tha atore for rant. Also, one large KOOM. turuHbed or unfurnished. Inquire at No. 5*0 N airaet north. between lib and 7tii streets. It* |/oR HALI- A qn^ntit* of Gold and good Plated r JKWKLHV. MCbI<AL INtTBU Mit NTS.*- , at H FULTON 4 O* 'S. Pawnbrokers AOii l b treat, three doors north of Penn avenue bole Agents for bmcer'a Sewing Machine. dell-zw* LTOB bALB-A KM;! CHANCB-A Brat class F RESTaUBANT dotng a good business with a TEN HB ALl.BY attached,and B'GATKLLK TABLE, all In good c*o<litio<i. and l.cer^e paid on nil for um year. Will be told at a bargain bat iafectory reasons given for sclllag. Iniufrecer uer of 11th and F street*, Island . da 21 rit* L/OR BBNT-T?o very desirable ROOMS. furr nished or nnfurnished, with or witkoat Board No. to Missouri avenue. dsJl.tt* ri>\T6 LARt.E AMI) NICELY FURNIeHED 1 HOOMb to rent, Inquire at Ne. a < " 1Mb street. <*ll St*_ .""OB BENT-A BRICK lit'USE. . ight rooms, s l?rie utable and cellar, on 7th st west, t>et. M and N sts. north. Inquire at WS *th street, at the t'isar store |de21St'J J KOLB F'()B BKNT A suiti of unfurnished BOOM*tor houtekeeping, at 4"*^ 12th. between E vl i F. Location central ai d desirable. A party without bo>s preferred Po'sess.on givta lmtne.ll etely. Rent ? .0 per month da II St* L,*OR BKNT--On or bet-Te Jannxry 1st. three story bhlCK HOVBE, containing 10 rwm?, w.th bath room and modern i mprovenr-nts. centrally located and in an excellent neighborhood. bTABB A CO . de21 6t* 4 4^'j 7tb street, between D and E. R OOMtTFOB KENT-Foar desl.nMe FBONT BOOMS on se ori't or third t1o<rs. either furnished or uufurni-bed Kent <ea?onable. A few genti el BOABl'BRS < an be accommodated Apply at No. 3b? Pennsylvania avenue,opposite National Hotel. a< .1 2t* l/OR SALE?A FARM OF~ kl.HT Al'KK> r Uaif mile from the cit> limits, near Bhujii^ " ltridge, opposite Pouglas' green hou*e. Imprme men's consist o a Frame llonse. Kitcben, St ib'eftla ghter ho?-?, good Orchard. ar"l well watered KITCH A FOX. Beal Esta'e Brok-Ts, corner of 7tli an i F -tre? t4. oppoait-* Post orti e d^ :i st L'db RENT?A tb ronsbly fnrni-hed HO0BE i corner of 21"t and O streets, coniaini?i? ten Rooms, Bath. Water, and Was. Price. per month if txken for a longer term than tbr<"* months. FITCH A KOX K<-al E->fate Brokers. corner of 7tli hdJ F streets, opposite Post Ofltce. de 21 St. __ COT PER MONTH ?FOB BENT-A ue? *? > > liBI' K DWELLING HOL>K containing 9 rooinn, good cellar ga? and water: toeether with a mall lot of Fnrni.nre and Kitchen Utensils for sale If not sold h- W ednesdav morning, the I th. will tiirii be sol 1 by auction. Apply at No 21 street. Oe Tgetow u. de si 3t * L OR bALS ANI? KK^T?A nnml>er of Kr4rk F and Frame HOI >E3for sale and rent in v? ile us pat ts ol the clt) . at all priios. and to ->utt (?ny rurcha?-fr For?-1sh*d Hon re, is K oms, O ?s Hii'! U Hter, well located, (or % 1\ p r mon'h enly. Bom- esc llent Building L ot? and wh >le s iaares lor sale on easy terms J. T. COLI'WKLL 4 OO., de 21 2t* < betenth street. LTOB SALE ?The~8TO''K and APPl BtE I NAKt'K> of Wairy Farm, one and a half miles trotn the c'ty, suppl;lB2 t'ie larg?-t hotel aid confectionery in town. The ?tO'k c n?:sts In part ol tweotv< ne cows, two milk wagons three tior~e? and liarness. cans and pans snftic ent for the business. The Dwelling and One Hnndred Acres ot Land will t>e rented to the purchaser KiTCH A FOX. Be: ! Estate Brokers, cornor of 7th and F ?tr?ets, de 21-3t ofp eilte Pott Office L,* I'BNISHED BOOMSto rent, 4bn l>?treet, lie r tween 2daDd .il, convenient to Oapitol an I Patent OtLre. Stresttars ran before the door de20St* I.-LBNIBHED BOOM, OB Bl'ITB OF BOOM-. F' >R BENT?In a pleasant and health^ part of I the city. Terns moderate. Apply at 4t>b Massa i cbusetts avenue, between Sth and 8th sts de lu St* I/OR BINT?Two ut turoish -d ROOMS, snlta I ble for hoasekeep ng. situated on the first floor Apply at L street, between <lth | and 7th sts. de20 3t* F"0B BENT-Two Firnlnh d BOOMS on tho first floor, suitable tor housekeeping; 916 a I month. Also, a BACK BUILDING, w.th tbre? rooms, unfurnished; iflO a month. In advance. Apply St 29# lUth street, bet. N and O. d 20 St* 1/OR BENT?io a family wituoat chilurei a r partly FUBNI4UED HOUSE cj italnlng rooms supplied with r as and wa.er ; ja-d front and rear. Apply at b H street, near istu de 20 '.aw?t F'OB BENT-The STOBEBOOM corner of Pa. a>onne and 11th street west, in the Star Ortice Building, formerl) occupied by W O Mett-r?tt as a music store, and recently as tha office of the National Express office Apply to C. B. BAKER, Star Office. dc 2tMf F~'0B BBNT-A large two story tt RICK HOl'BE. contalring eight reums. with a large garden attach?d. situated on 11th street, between Maryland avenue and K street, Island The house has been repaired throughont. Po-?e??ion gl?*n lmaiediately. Apply to Mrs. B. ST. CLAIR. No 4 3 7th stree. north^ de au-<t* E>OB SALE - A desirable LOT on the corner of a l?t ana 1 streets north, next to the St Aloyslus Church property, on the late Douglas estate, near Gen. Grant's and Major Wallach s residences, 26 feet front and luO feet deep. Oas and watef pipes running along the froat. Will beaoldat^fi cents per foot inquire of JOHN O ME A BA. Penu'a venue. de20-6t SioTooo" TO INVEST *10.000 IN GOOD SEAL ESTATE f Al'.-B IN SUMS TO SUIT. FOB BENT?SMOBtf BOOM on 7th street west, near M stre> t, 17 foet by A*. Also. HOUSE, five rooms,on Md. av. nne east. near 7th street east; and for sale several small honsea. very rh.-ap. A very desirable bnildi^h lot on 2Uth street, near Pa. avenue Several lots on K and L strsot, near First Ward Market, together with a large nnm ber of other Iiouees and Lots throujhont the city. will be sold low and upon liberal torn*. MITOHELu A SON, Baal Bstate Brokers, southeast co ner Pa. ave. and Uth street a? W it' FHIB SALE?The FIXTURE GOOD WILO, HOBbE nnd WAGON of a M.*t and Pr > !sion Store, doing a good . nsiness, Addroas C. Star ofiico. de 19 1 w PIB SALE?A GROCERY bTORE In the north ern part of the city, doing a good business. Fixtures and small Stock for sale cheap Rent low. Continued aicknese of owner the cause of selling, lnqnlre at Star Office counter. d!9-?t* L'OB SALE-A HALF IBTBBEST luaGrocery, r Wine and Lienor Btore, located in the heart of the cltv and doing a good business. Apply to C. A SHBBM AN. Broker, corner of 7th and D sts. ?le 13 eolt* L,"OB >ALE?(Only SSOicash. the balance can be a naid in monthly iDstallm-tits of fii each r? COTTAGE HOUSE, containing five rooms, hall, side alley, front and back garden; situated No ?b3 ICtb street. Island, between Maryland avonne and E streets bTABB A CO.. de 18 2w * 7th street, naar E. |?OB BALE OB BSNT-HOU*B situated on F South C street. No. 349, t>ctween ?S and 6th sts . Island. Ingnireof Justice B9SWELL. No. 113 4>? st. del7 eoim* ."OR BENT-A four story BBICK HOUSE r stable and garden, on the corner of ISth street and Maryland avenue Terms low to a good tenant. Inquire of J WHEELBB, No 399, corner of it and Sd streets. de 13-eo2w* f'OB BENT?Two large and commodious BOOMS (oaaafreat room) on eeoond floor, communicating, handsomely furnished aDd pleasantly sit uated, at No. ^ Fenn'a avenue, between 21st and Sid streets. de 11 -eotf BUG 8TOBB FOB BALE -A DRUG 8TOBB of 2t< years standiag, with fixtures complete: new stock; corner store, good location, and best of reasons for selling. Terms easy. Inquire of ST ABB A CO., 4 "? ?>* 7th street. Bocm No 13. de 8 tw* 70B BENT OB LEASE ? Th< wall-known r WHITE HOIBB or BELLVOIB. and the OPPOB^l'll NOBE FIBHEBIES. on tbe Potomac river. Either or kothof them will be rentvd or leased for one or more years, and If not disposed of by or before tbo 10th of January. 1847. the privilege to fish them will bo sold for cash, for on* or more seasons, oa that day at 12 in., at the auction store of Jaa. C. McGulia A Co. Wood may be had at a reasonable rate on either estate Apply to GBO. 11. BoHBBB, Agant for Sarah Otter beck. Executrix de d-3tawt J an 1? FOB BENT?The PBOPBRTV known as - The Commercial Buildlnc " located on La ave.. adiolnlng the Central Oaardhouae. The building has a front of abont SO feet, and a depth of 170 feat, running through from the avenue to Canal at. Ithaa lately been vacated by tha National Bs* For tenuT'applT to WM. H. PHILIP. 40 La. ave . near 6th at. no * eotf_ FOB BENT-The FABM, for the laat three years tbe reel den ce of Major Theephtlns Gai nee, consisting of 1A0 acres, lying near Fort Mahan, 1 mile from fieffning's Bridge. Imnrov-uienta.dwelling house of 11 rooma, stone atabla. servant s houses, barn, Ac Address "B. 8.,'? 43T B street, Washington. D. C.,?t oaH in parson, between 9 and 7n. m. ocM-tr 1 RUBBISHED PABLOBS AND BBD BOOMS for rent, from t( to #16 par month. Alaa, BOARD for Mechanlca. Arply at Bo. 4S? 6th at., I tween 0 and Louisiana av. ne <7 lm* 1 RABB eBANOE?For immediate sale, one of the best located email corner store OBOCBB1B8 In the city. Stock end Fixtures new. Ap^ Immediately. by leUere to A. B. 0., Clty^Post & 81>D We l.tu. tk. MKiUm ol nll^l. iuOBWB it OOOPBB j IB BBHT?The 8TOBB Bo. SB1 D ftrmt. near Uth. ft frontt issssedls^ely on Pennn j >Ar-'?ts?ti4 * W c.pa ,J.m?J?II AUCTION SALES. |/br arte--JwMm 81*t t*? fmtrOk ft* I THia AriMHXjO* AND TO MoKHum jjT J AHIDC MtGllKB A OO .AicUviMri clopikosale or pTnb Sheffield pla T4D WABE AT AlUTItiN. BEING THE Importation f on the wellkaowa and caleb^e nouM> or Jeeepb Dekla A B*u, Sheffield, England * ??'' "SJ*A T C B D A T MOBMNG. at lae'elk, and I> IM NO at 7 ?'cik tito |<IM OIT M WEN I NO Dec 2?:h. at 10 ar d EVENING at To'elaah, ?' *' ? ' ? the remaining atock of Baa Plated W are, asming? Gold-Imed Tea Bervicne Four, five and sii bottls Breakfait aad Dinner Omni Card Kcclreii Oak* H??*r PlaM Dinner and Taa Forks and 8pv>as Carvers and fork* Mid Diner and Taa Kiiim W Ith an aseer Intent of Po kat Cutlery. U<Kdi on exhibition and for inrattMladiHu the ilar. Tftmi caah. de213t J O MratJlRE A OO . Aaete. j^V JAB. O. McQ JIBE A 00 , Auctioneer*. A HAOHIFrrBafT COLLECTION OP ALA BARTER tTATUBTTBb, YAMBM. OAEP KB t.EI > B IS and many other Ornaments selected from the no.t calebratad Studios in Plorerce OnTHlBSDAY WOBNING Dec fT, cmikdiv itJK at l?< o'ti" k In the ni ri n( and 7 evening, c< ntlnnlt.g each morning an t evening until all ara di?poeed of, ?e ?hall e*li. at oar Auction E >uaia the ent're collection of A!abaater MtatuetUe, Ac , tain* the Importation of D Cri-tofny This collection comri l?ei tnanv (ma at Art beaatlful la deMCL aud fli.lah of Bind I am aire, well adapted for U'' Parlor er Bond.ir Termeca-h J 0. McOCIBK A OO.. de 19-d (Intel) Ati'ttoaaara. **y ALlABLB PANDKANKS FOB HALK7' HIGHLY l?lPOBT*NT TO C0NTBACT0B9 AMP BCILDRR* On MONDAY. 24th im-taut. at S o'clock, on Smith * Parir, near 7th street Park, we will offer tor ?ale, to th > highest bidder. One Acre af Pan 1 batik. Tarroa to be ma le known on tha preml'ee an -a when the property i? ofl*red far -ale. da 21 2t U K MAUH AOO.AltU PERSONAL. 1^ TO G1VR NOTICE MitTwi LL I pa> do d> ate c< atracied by any other p?reon in d?) name, except tho?e cuntrar t?d by m peraon llr. LUC 18 BACEK da 21 St* No. 471 <?th at .between D aad B A ~ A>TBOLOGT. /\ . B MAURICE GI'. KAT AND REAL ASTLOUEH The a!vice of thla real Aafrol ger, A B M AT' BILE la li*?-d wholly ou scientific principle*. and was tit-tar known to fail. The hand af fate ha* marked out tba p?th i.t ea h individual. ill taa planet* ar- hourly pointing ont tb> de-tioy of Baa kind. Prof. Maurice ha* a profound knowledge of the ru!. * of the acience of the atara, and ran heat tfce world In the ab >*e acienre In regard to tallta< all that relate* to the happinea* or tniaery of oaa'a whole life; and with aeveral aecrat* that no living mortal ever knaw baf >r?. He will bring aaceeaa ot'toi alnioat an/ undertaking. ? all at No. 4 JO 12th atreet. between F and O itreeta, peat P Ladle* <U rnta to $ i. Gentlemen $1. Hour* from 9 ? m t>11 9 p m de *| m* \|B8 ? IBTI> IBVlNG.C.irr o^ar. ami T'i< i?l M' hum. will giw hit- readi(i?a, in India* l>*t, Pretent and Future at her office, ?'JO. nertb ?'Pein a avenue, between ami ?th aireota Office hour* from y to : a m and 6 to ^ p m. de? lm* I IB TOW LB. ' HOMBOPATHIO PHYSICIAN Be-1deuce aud office. No 1112 4th ajreet Office Uco-a ? ;< to 10 a. m 6 to 6 p.m. ( ') tl At tue new cheap sr amping iTuwms 4 59 <?th street, opposite 1'avent Office, lad.ea can s t at our re<lu<e<l prlcec.on the Tery beat W arnaantta? Night gown Yoke*, ready ataroped 40ct?. Obi miea Yokea, ? . M eta *" Baud* ? ? ........M eta. ither for i-ral l or rnjbri Jderj-, oar pattei a* are of the *er> (flltil ^*5tn-, aeh-atel with care in 0F?, an^ being In receipt of tuem ?r? ki?. *e are al le daily t- i?#ue new p .terna a* well a* make ami atainp aty pattern n. oncht n" I. 0.0 \v urkin^ Cotton at redact-1 prioa*. da 19 tf .D7nCHB.K attorney aKT> copn tf SELLOB AT LAW AND NOTARY PI BLI'', No^524 12th atreet weat. da It ly VOL" HAVE BEBN IHPBDDBNT.bat neither A Hnuin nor Bamaritan humbuga "will maitht tr,p ' Ha? Dr DABBY,oarth atraet. >ppo site Odd Kellowa Hall, an<l be cared nuick and permanently. denim* FOR SALE AND KENT. FOB BBNT-PARLOB and BBl'-BOOJl. livable for 'Wo. Board If ra<4nire4. Hit $2S a month. Apply at -JO* New Tork arenne, Tetweeu 4th and Sth at*. de 17 tw* ft^OB BALI -Being obligad to la*re tha rltfon E ether bnrnee*. will ?ell a small bat aelact aaacrtmebto# Ladle* and Gent's PUBNIBIUNG GOODS. Id a dectrabla situation. Iojuirsat S34 I**1! ? da if 6f P^OB BENT?At filll aud $90 each, two naw two stery HOU8E6 on Government Printing Office Square One has l?e room*, the other six. With passage STARS A OO., de H lw* 4?"?S, 7th atreet. FOB BALB-That valuable place of PROPBB Tl. corner of New York avenae aud Thirteenth street. 75 feat f rent by 10* feet deep. The improvements consist of one threa story Brick Building (fronting on New Tork avenue, aud containing fourte' a rooms, with all modern Improvementa and in perfect order; and one three story Brick Bnllding fronting on Thirteenth street, containing a* van room*. The above property will be sold entire or aaear ?tel> riTOH A POX. Real Batata Brokers, ..... Comer of K and Seventh streets. da 14-dtf Oppoaite Past Office. fpOB BEHT-Twt Varnished BOOMS, at No". 4 67 13th street, betwean B and P sts de 1? tf F'OB BENT?The Ute BE8IDENCE of H G. > ant. 4i2- D street, contaialnv 17 root'.*, with ail the uodera luipr vemcnts. Appl> to CLIPTO* HBLLBN . 'JT4 P st. ' n0? u fj^OB BENT?One BOOll on lat IL>or.*and threa BOOMS.oi Id floor, over (Junemeti s Hat aad rur Store, 2J4 1'enn a avenue. Rent moder ae 88 tf ITOB RLHT?Two large aad one small oommumr eating BOOMS, obinrmshed second floor. No 134 Peno. av., bet lvih and ?th ata. no t< tf FOR BINT?Large and small furnish*! aad an famished HODeBb and APARTM BNTttaialt^'.'i/Hor-. AU)- I" aareral fw? ST ABB A CO., 7th *traet. Room 13. oc It ]nFOB BBHT?The STORES on Louisiana a aaue. f.etw een 9th and loth streets, No. *a'J, w* bb<1 **6 under Brady s Cymnaaium. They vitl be' or aaparately. Por terms in^alrof OLAGETT A SWfcEJIT.Ko.d Market Bpace, second floor. de 10 al t GEORGETOWN ADVEH'MTS I^QB CNDBBSIGNBD HAS A LABGE VOL. of CONPBCTIONKRY aad PANCY ARTICLES suitable for Christmas Pre*>nta fJ)r sale beat er than els?? hare in the District. ? ^ YALENT1HB MAN/EB. No. JO High street, near Bridge street, ?e 17 r.t* Gaorge^jwn, D. C Great baboainb in dry goods at MILLBB 4 CHEAP BJuBE 101 Bridge street. Georgetown. D. C. Ak the season t* advanced, we are n w selllaK winter food*, em bracing French Merinoe. Bin K?aa Cloths. P.-pllns. Merino Plaids, Alpacas, laiBs.Cioakiag Claths, 8bawla. Blankets. 1 .an nels. Cloths. Casaiioerea. Batinett*. Ac., at greatly redured prices We have alao received a good tock ?f Demrstlca. purchased slace the dacfina. . W" S.1"*1 T*rT he?p Wood 4 4 bleach...I Shirting Muslin at 2? cents, nnblaa< bed Maslin from 12H tosOceuta. Print* 12%. is. aadthesbe^t at 30 eta We are determined to sail good bar gaiB4. Give us a call before parchaalns io 901m* BENJAMIN MILLBR QVMBCOATS : OVBBOOATS ' Wa lavlte Gentlemen now In waat of fine OVIB COATB to axamiaa oar large aaeortmeot of Brown CHIHCHII^LA OVEBSACKS, Grey CHINCBILLa OVBBSACK8, Blue CHINCBILLA OYBRSACKS, Black CHINCHILLA OVBRSACK.S. Brown W H1TNBY BEAVER WVBRSACKS Gray WHITNBT BE AVKB OYBRSACKS, English MBLTON OYBRSACKS. Black BkAY'BB CLOTH OVEBSACKS. Bine BBAYBR CLOTH OYKRSACKH, Ac-, Ac., Ac. Made and flnlahad e^nal ?a enston. work, which wa ara sailing at tha LOW EST PRICES. Wall, stmphbns a 00 . 3XJ Paaa'aaveane. da 17 St (Int) hetwaan *th aad ivth atreat* CWHITBtJ (LATB 8HAPPIBLD'8 CON KF.CTION BRY AND ICR CRBAM ^ MANUPAOToRY, No. 3?tt> 4th straat. Tha proprietor wishes to lafora familiaa, betel proprietors, a"'1 aablle general I; . that he con tiBues to furuish Confectionary and the choicest Ioe Cream at the shortest notice, aad oa tha most raaaonabie tar ma. Wadding aad Paacy (lakes. J*jrramids of *1 hi ads and aires, Charlotte Ranee. Biane Mange aad Jellies made to order. Partiee, Buypers aad other aatortaiameou furuishe - at a low rate. de? lmPBRSOMS PUBNIBHING ROOMS weald <ave SJ?*i ?b4 trouble by calling at AD AMSOR B. ?04 Ninth street, aext to Pannsalvanla avenae, lag, Tabla Llaea . Ac. de U dipt C*OR~SALB OB RBBT?A lae toae PlABO 'w? whfD Bsnttng. XT-\w i