22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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n THE EVENING STAR. i "CMlOil Jchay.'* TUB TARESt: or All I V f HOVI PKXT Hf?Y. Tt?' Oil t'i'j R-*??t?-r contuny he following. *h > b will b?Interesting to man v of our reatlWfiiw Nm bn??f, m yesterday"* |>*per. ih? ??lf ot tb* .lotin W. moiv fiim-ilmrly known t?>e Widow M<<*lm too* farm. by the I li.xl lirpsi; l^llrctor, W L. GruT?*?. u? muIt Lb* claims of rhe Government for t?x?? rti e It wm b?<1 in by the Govern men'' i? * . ?ir?-:lie claim amounting to HljiBO- At :t |>r?-\ ioii< ?aie by the sher-fl" of this county, *: ?- W was bid for the property, bnt the etlw wa- *1, ibe (iovernirient proving prior <-Uici. lb? claims against the property ar? h?m y. A brief h<M^ry of this farm may not prove i i! .ntere?t>*g to a iart? cP a* of onr readers. 1 be tt idnw McClintock farm. cotis!?*ing of alM'Ut iU)?en', 1* immediately opposite trie itoiri-hmg town of Kou?e\itle. on O I creek. It i?sts ue oftbe first among theoil proJiK-iog \ tarm- of tfce valley Tbe Van }*iyke well, on .hie farm, ??rnck early in prodocert for >f?me Mme at the ra.te of barrels of oil per day. 1 tie HimmoEtl well. 9trvck wrac tirae alter, prcdu<?-d at tbe raw of C04/ barrel- pur day j In I Mil Mrs. M 'I'linfofk died. H?r death w?s . an?ed by being badly bnrned while *in<lImgatirewi b crt?d?- oil. Affr berdenth.it * >i iid by ber will tbut tbe firm and alt her p< were left entire to ber uaopied aon, I I .. ..n.h ? JWU'MU! nu.r.tru IT IBfUty, The rtaily lai'omr of the farm. accruing to the Ixr d ih'? r?*?t at the iim? ot her death, averas^d N i t ?'* t? { In the iron *.ve wtiff Mm. >IcClia'vck k?-pi her motley wits touud m.'.uw id fuM andfl'^KMio f r-?-n b*io Its. All tats fell 10 Mr :?tee|.- as heir He *s* a yoou? roau of a\er:-.fe principle*, but uneducated. >o*ooner bad Le i.b aii.?-u po*msio> of his property than he w:is -urrounded with para-ues. lie proved an easv victim to tnese sharper*, *tu> w?nt wnb bim all tb* lime. and :av no br?-ri to the connse)? of those who were nis best Jrtenrt* tlnish the history, we will merely 'hat Mr. Meele i? dow r^uced to povt?rfy, ami i" hnnned hy rhofce who fawned upon fciin tu lit* day ot prosperity. A Delicate Husband. Not many years ago ther* lived in a smalt t? -*:i in l^ucks comity, a queer and extremely tli . id chap? oni> not overburdened with sound ifn i- *i bal?by the name ot hit Suidpool. Sin) ceuiBf, to hie surprise, and Lh- infinite ..-bmeiit of bis acquaintances, pricked np ..thci-ut courage at t be :tft* of forty to ^et mar'itil. lie proved a very dntiful :ind of?edi?-L' husband: but his timidity and extreme ratKicu^nes- provoked the but of mauy a joke. | ar?l alv.ava at bi?own t-xpeu*e. lu tb?* course of time, a* is alwavs the rase, his eool lady w ,u> mKt n hi. ana me resale was a tin** healthy Slut (>o?t iiuior The lucky fattier was very luiiultiiii' ifftaraiiin bu ili-ar (uio|Kiiiiun'*fta:e lip tc the late boar, hut when iulormed that all ??> over," aud be wm invtit'il tu coagr.?t>.iate Mr* S on !he haj pv termination, a li U .if fear and * rha?'ly pallor pao'ed over bi- nature?. ami the prof o*al vras declined. Trie nurse, th rk n? tbe wen*e of delicacy the cai.ye, forebodeto urge his presence ia the ?iclc r< > m tbeit. t>ui a= ihe day p\-?e<l on without tbe consolation of bis attendance. she visited the sitting rouir stam. a little indignant, and e?ea ia?is>ted that the liejre lord ?hoaid. at once. go with her to his wife's, room. Evidently with tbe greates* reluctance, ue at last r? esented; ard absenting himself for a few roiMites, be was seen reiurniag from a ueigti- ' b?rnig apothecary's bearing ia bis baud alarge | bunch ol dri?'d tansy. Ascending the front j staircase, be knocked gently at tba door, which I b?n.C opriied, be iti.med a;ei V Sri/ed. anil nrariy ci?ecd a?aiu, *i&udiuc wt!b Itu buucU ct 'aucy tbrDft t gbily ^aiast bi? iumw. and j tremblit.ir in every joint. T<? the nmwmtui | i>f a present, when urg? d to come in by th* i teeKe voice of his "better half," Lt*- npiwd, j with 'he greatest trepidation -Mi'. iiO? mt dear 1 1are not expose myself | for i?ur of catctkiDK tbe disorder:' %f~ The Ix>Ddou Review has the following ' 1; ??<. uId appear that th-> i.itualisti.-movement in tb?- Englibh Church is alre.id.v bearing the troit which its adversaries have al vray* f? re:old it would l>riu? lorth. I>:irine the ia?r thr-? moir'bs, bo less than five ?lerpymea in fuil ^ncltrau orders, and all belonffiLg to the nltia Hicb Church school, have given up Their re?-p?-cMve living* or coraiiee. and have been ' formally r>veived into the K Cbnrch. J iur uaicrs ui ibw senu<,mi,n are:?(iordon. -w. : o tit-id a livmjr in ibe rouuty of Norfolk- I 1?. ve-Pore. formerly curate of Sf ???K>r2e"s- I in-'he-Last, and latterly curate of St. Mary >!:? :iMnnsisr sqnar?- O Brieu, who ?a? in!ucb?bt of a parish in Wilshire. De- ! war. ?bo was vi, ar of M irket Ua-eo. m Lincoln-birr, and lrtWHjn, w6o had a curacy 111 j tL? w*sl of England. With the exception of \ tbe last named, ail these Kentlt-men h?vti ftwu ul >>arsand upwards cier^ymeu of tbe Ksrab.i?hed Church. At Oxford tn?re is altto a i ?U*>bfc muirmiat in the firue direction; ooe ' 15 A. n?.d four under-craduates bavr -ifone over" within tbe last lew v-ek?. Three of vpfin tA **- ' ? ? .v. . " ""I mm one to [ Trinit): all were enaasia?iic members of Ui? | mctt '" ausanced"' Kitnalistic school. Ht3BY?'i.KST SiK'Hiu'.f.?Two years ago, a oelety *S!? established in Berlin, the members | ot which agreed to preserve all the points of their tutars, instead of biting them off and itiovi iu?i them away. Tlie.v ends are collect. e?i ai.d th^n sold in inrge quantities, e.ther for tbe manufactory of anafT or for smoking in pipes. The tarn thus raised is applied to the roarr tenance and education of orphans, and tumr idea ot the exten: r f the society, sxid me intensity of its affection tor ihe weed, may t*? rained tTom the fact that the cigar end? of two j < ars saving have brought in a sufficient sum for ;be maintenance of twenty-two children. !?acb a society might be established in London to support a h-*pital for persons suffering from the deleterious effect* of excessive smoking. ^"Female Seffrac?. recently iha *ubj.*"-t of an mtereetii.g d?ha'e tn the L'mted States Senate. is to be urzed in Cr#*i R?i'?'? T-? monster petition* are to be presented to Par. Iiament in lavoi of removing tho?e restrictions which at present debar women from tmuo( lor members of that body. One of U?>m> petition* is to be signed exclusively by numariied women and widows, qualified to vote for members of Parliament in all re<pecta bnt that ?l sex, and the oto?r by persons, of all sexes and classes, who favor the extension ol the enErage to women. A Sfif-Struoolk.?The following duly sigted, was lately contained in a Western paper: "Whereas, at any particular times 1 rosy importune mr friends and others to lat v.* h<.. !."?-? ?> > ?- * " - .... ,.^av>| < "-V? ir> HUrUUI lO IDA *11 tl detrimental to society: this is, therefore, to forbid aty person selling me liquor, or le'tinc ?f'ive i! on any account, (or if they do, 1 v ill positively prosecub* them. not withstand. iBf \oy promise 1 mar mak? to tbe contrary a: the time they may let me have I . A Maryland Post offk b Kobivsk ?The pool office at Port l>epo?l\ Md, wm enured la?t a fchr by bnrrhtrs, and all the l?tu*r? in the ottice rifled, including the mail matter ol tne m i Licru and eastern mails, and alto tor Ivinca?ier and Washington, to be mailed this morn* In* From Bun to 7U0 letters were taken away. An officer of the Pout OWee Department left tbf city to-day to investigate the matter ? II ask. Cor. .V. Y TriKune, Dee. IS/A. A Xkm Tot ?A new Invention for the benefit o! the little ones makes iu appt-aranc** this CLri?!nas. Itis called the (lurrnromico?&n I aatomatu- figure. performing: cartons anties during tbe revolution of a tma.ll wtufl. Kqnipped with a long suck, a child can man 1 p n la te tua toy with inrnriw satisfaction, and it i? rapidly becoming popular, although thm is Ha first s*aj#n. because it combiues 1 < elegance and durability. /" Mother, where Is the man going to lerp " asked a girl of tmtea. of her mother. ?b< bad ^nst promised a traveler a night's reat in their ont-of-tha- way but. "I'll bare to pat brm lu with 7011, and Jack, and Kate, and Sue, aid Bet, | suppose," was i&e reply, and if It is ux> crowded, one ot you tnnat inra in with ine and dad, and Dick, and Tommy, aad the fc W .09. By A paper 10 a neighboring State, say*, that we bear much of citizen's rights, woman's rights. negro's rights, and foreigner's rights, but nothing of children's rights. Tbe right of exemption from whipping*, ?o generally advocated. must be highly prised by children. 7" Fears are expressed for the safety of tbe i). M. steamer Kmcuc, which left New York hbi? time igo lor San Francisco, and hu not been heard from or seen siac*. Her machinery whs new. POIITICAI E^riLlTYl* IOWA?Theodore Tilton. in ? totter from tbe West, eaye that Iowa will be the first state in the I'aion toarVbo* ledge the political eq nality or men and W'meB. ? riHsens entitled each alike to the citiiua s franchise. (TTIw Boston City Cenncil has voted two hundred and fifty 'bousaad dollars for the parpoee of buddia* and faratehtag high, ecbeols, especially for girim. V a rrBHUtru^l UIJ-IWUS Cl*r* Ifl n?W l ork has iron# clrtn cra^r bvcaaM a s.ubburn old mUiionatrv woaid nut lat bio. nurrj Us d*>:rb'*f. VAiiM kata t'owlar. of Altar. lllinouL. bad mt?rr<hla mr^fbr. nd for want ofn battrr rriardy, poured a of tb*otl ofprp. p^muat la?n lurw. Slw rtrj ?oon bec*a? d?lir?<??. aid di#a norm attar. tarVfh*n Kyach recanad Kobru ?I rr*rr: to inform tou I do not tbink yon ara to b* a attend. * br is rfjiortcU to bara said, "to nooac * govd ?ws"' RuHARDe. THE L.YLKS Ml'RDIKBRThe Prlaee O^orrian. pubhebed at 1'pper Marlbi) mncb, Md . say* On the S2th in??aut, Sheriff Tnrten re.-ei v^il from Governor Swann & requcition upon the E*ecntiv?? of \ trgtnia, wi'b urgem order* to proeed at odc* to Norfolk and briar to this place a pn-?on#r confined to th* jail of that city, *nppo?ed to be thel-jles murderer, Henry, ali&a Nimrod Kichwd*. Having obtained proper authority at Richmond be reached Norfolk on Saturday afternoon, obtained the prisoner and arrived here with him on Monday la*t. Tb? pri?oner in cn*tody anrwere y?"-y cloeely to the description eiven in the Governor'* reward It will be remembered that the crime was committed > vn the nigh- of th- Mth of Jnly la?'- this party when arrested had In hi* po??e?*ion ? dH?! charge Jrom the navy beaming date the lti:b. ?? uicu u.i.r was e\ lurnuj nut Tot* irue one out j bad been altered. We learn the negro is a native of Portemou'-h, Virginia. where hi* former o'.Mt#r re* idea; that be left bis home there in 1*6.) ami only returned a short time ?ob?eqg?|t to the murder with which he is charged, that the detectives in that section w?re npcn Lis track some time before effecting his arrest, but he repeatedly eluded them by tran?lerrin* from vessel to vessel. They Anally followed him to City Point; searched the boat he bad come there aboard of: he was again nwtt, and the crew of his boat ignorant of his whereabvu's. The authorities of Norfolk were at i once telegraphed tiiat he was supposed to he aboard a ve-se| that had left City Point that 1 day. and upon its arrival be was captured. Af tbe true criminal (Richarrts) was nn| know a to onr citi/ens, The prisoner is not yet | ftiliy identified, but Mayar l?a:ham, of Alexnnrtrfn. ha* iieer. requested to send over an ?flicei who kuows Xi^hvita. If this is the right party, he will probably be tried at an eailv day, being already jwiuily indicted with the four who were execnted. aud thereby the n< cssity for a grand jury not existing. The Auv> mber term ot conn is still up. u, a juror having: retained ittr that purpn-f. and the <-nly delay nf..?.-arv w:Il be the couvenienceof 1 the wiiiinm!)?I'rinc Uevrqiait. A Stkak<k ('A"-KiW St a hbi n?* ?The Staunton )a*etti? Mat#** that about midnight on S itur<??y last, Mia* Hathaway, daughter of Mr. I >?ar<iner I.. Hathaway, of Iiichtou, wa-s :iw.tkfd)>d. as sht* thinks. by a light ftbiiiiuk iu her room She eat up in Vd, and at ouch a man wearing a circular cloak etabb?d her twicp, cutuur th?? bedclothes, tut merely rra/iB? her person with a knile. She seized the man by the wrt?% whe? he grasped her by the Throat wi'h h:s other baud, nearly safl\>e?t.t:g her. By a desperate effort she freed *.?? * -r? i * auu mraiuru, WUfU lU^ - v illip eprUllg tbrou^L Ujf window and disappeared. OFFICIAL. pEPARTMKWT OK STATR, / WAS:ii?iiTi>!?. Lb-eeraber UO. 1 -?*>. \ | In let-mar ion bis b*-eu received at this l)e| par?m?*nt from Mr. S. Hi?gin?on, ,lr.. tbe Vice I CotmiJ of tbr I niTeo Matfs ai H-uavia. Java, I of tb?* d?-a!h on tfce of , at ?ea. of ' L?-ver? tt Hoftdiey Cook, of the American sbip SaplM." Tbe Legal representatives of 'he deceased can oh'ain further information by addressing this J>epartrien:. Examinations for the Sa?y. TO VOLl'NTKER OFKfrtRS. Navv UBfAKTMEST, ) WASHINGTON, D. U., NOV. 20, 1?W>. \ All persc&s who have served as volunteer i'Mirri? ;n me i_ niie? :vaTe? *>avy lor me term o! two years, and who desire to be examined lor Hdnni'-oton to the regnlarNary as provided in tjie act of Conjtre** approved July vW, IMW, will at once make application addressed to Uoinm? dore J*. P. Hartford, Conn., who will notify thejn when to appear. Those who do not make application prior to the 1st of January next, of who do not present tliemseixes when notified, will b? considered as bavin? waived their claim for examination. | Oi>didat?-3 will take with theia. when ?am| moned, their oflicial paper* showing their uaral Klxnrri n . rv-,.w tl! - eclm S<?i*iTt?iry of flk; Navy. SPECIAL NOTICES. TBI <;BABD nlBBBNDKB-Bftlodl.tiog all tb*>r tor-Mr rrrjadicri in itvor at Ktrepetti perfunx-n. the Armrrlc* now *rlrntt ttint i'U& LO*?\MGlIT hLOOM IN' < KBKL8 Mike tl>a Lm-t wkti? it "TtjriB?tt(i, has sj e?aai tinder the kd. fcold everywhere. * ANOTlIF.lt CUB* -a Mullen, Sa<t , or No. 134 tiratd Willlaoitboxr, h?s 6e"ii c->m?i<-tely CHr?i of a ?l?l-s' <>f Bbennetium ' * .?? hottle of METCALrB'S UKKAT KIIBD MA TIC K*MEl?Y ei>1 i* willing te at?r? bi* c?-4 t< tnv ftrtoo wbu villetll it tf* nb'iTcvlilmi. . i" .w g.O FOKD, Agent. Vlltt'f* PAPBK COLLAR AMD CUFFS, To bo bad Breri where. DIT1B * liAITIlEl, ProtisylTtnia avenne. bp. vii m net >pa. i . l et wet u mb and 9tb at*., AgtLUfer Washington, V. O. u > & 2A COLGATE A CO. S # WINTBB 8 O A P . Reci nntnd^d for chap'eu hank- ard for genertl IOII.1T lit dotlDK COLl? '.VlATIlIB. it Ili?T be obUm-d of all drugging and Uo?y goods dealer*, feb ? aoly BEMED1AL IBSTITD-TE BOB SPECIAL OASIS, Ht. 14 Bond street, Mew York. yFuM liiferniation. with the hiekt't mtah. tlio, i Book 01 Sp> -ial Diitasrs, t? a rtmlrd envelop*, eeatfree. bt mre an'i f'ni for tkem, mnrl yrru irill not rttrtl it: for. m tdfetUalu phy Kiaii* are generally *mp*stor$, without re/?r??os Bo (tnanrlb*?W be trneted. BdcIom a tamp for rootage and rtfrect to BB. L&WBINC'I. Mo. 14 Bold itrMti Hew Terk. ne U DJtWlj CBIilB AWT, ** */. of Warning and I?a traction for Tonne ?eDjJ.Al?o. DIkmm and Abnaaa which proa (rate the rltal pewara, with anre tneaaa of relief. Beat fr* of charge in aealad letter envelope*. Addrera Sr-J HeoOBTSB. Baward AaaoclaMon, Phila.le1phla. Tm. ?u 13-fen ~BKWBBT D181 ABM. BiiitniiiNfiiRlt the n?it certain, aafe and efiectnalrenedy?indeed, the only vegetable renteW arer diecotered. Care* In two to tonr daya, and recent caata in twentyfonr honra. Ho mineral, no 53 trSnr? 0nl? ?,u" *? *> *** It la tba ao idler'a hope, and a friend to thoae who do nat vaattob* axpoaad. Mala package*, #2;la8 a a abitar's Root aid Hkbb Jcicb*?A poeltire Cand permanent ?*re far Bpyfcllia. Bcrofala, Dlcera, r?V Iel!.er,i *? Fr'e* > u battle. Id by B. 0. Ford. See aJr?rtieement. ray I, STEADILY, 8VCCE88FULL T, MObABDBB'B XXTBAOT BD KU U CVBIM turn mm of Inm 9ii3ai>i Biinutin. e?AT*L, Ubibaby Dwobdbb?. Wbakrbm ud Pint! is th? Bid, Pliuu Oomiiim and Tkoqblbs ortolaf tram luuia of ANT Biro. COMB, X B AfFLlUTBDI TBT BHOItllDIB'B, TAKE HO OTHER BUCKO. Bold by *11 Apottucartw. Prlco #1. D. BABBBfl ; * CO.,Bow Tork. and BABBB8, WABDBU'J., j Bow OrlMao, Boatborn BVBLBIOH A UOQKEJi' WhoUaaU BrUfloto. Boatoo, Mam.. Qonoral A*aatt. Mi lAly > EPUCTION OF l'kl< ICS, I\*I>tOTlON or PBIOBa, DCOTIOM or PB1UA8, Bit rcTioa or pbicbs. kBDICTlON OP PBKTBS! BBDUCTIOM Or PK1CB8. O* and after thi? d*u I will anpyly to nyciu town, and to all otter dealer* who war favor ma with tb*lr order*. IIAPS*Y, HD8T9N M CO '9 MASSEY. Hl'STOW * r o.-g UA8SB Y, HUSTON A CO.8 <Late Mane?, Collin* A Co.'*) I PHILADELPHIA DkAUOHT am STOCK ALB PHILADELPHIA DB*UOHT aid STOCK ALB PH1LADBLPBIA DBACOBT asu STOCK ALB AT PR I LADS Lr HI A PBI^BS, AT PHILADBLPB1A PltlOES. AT PHILADBLPHIA PBICBS. 12: I 1>B'. I flBT OK X ALA AT B11 PBB BBL. DUACOUT OB X ALB AT ill PEB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT f 13 PBB BBL. STOCK OB XX ALB AT #1* PBB B BL. Oo*di4?IU?r(4 la *11 parti of Wachiaftoo uJ *org*iowa /r? of cAart* TBBMS 0A8B. ? All order* promptly ?U*dM to. BILBT A, SBIVH. Phi 1*4*1 phU At* A tent. Corner of Greene and Out* *tr**te, I AoM? Uoof*tow, P.O. i' ST. TIMOTHY * HALL. 1 JildyMtiofUtilMttUtlo* will umnot Wd cfrrpTar M DASLBrVoCS #&*BCAI8; Ot.Do Tn Rietk wfcg??; myi4^aw^?. ?ssmhuss&; AUCTION SALES. i |?Y G&KKN * W1 ULlAMfl, AmctUa?r? TRU8TBK S SAL*. rm'frnid by virtue of d*cr?e ?*? *<? by tha Bnyreoie Court of the District of Colnaibm, to * c*u?e de??c<)ioKtberein.?D<l numbered in -H, r. y?.h?l_K t. ?.. Horace Btri ngfellow tad other* are dnfeudui'a, l>r?rine date on ta* M <taj of .'al*. lw, we wilt crt?r for haIp, WEDNESDAY, the 21 ?iay if Jannary ne*t. A D. 1M7. at 3s o'clock p m .on the part* of Lot* Ho. I an<l in 8 i0-?re I Mo 43. aa folk ?? ? Begiauing at the aoitituaat eaat corner ef Buuaie No. 4.12, and foldih^ thrnce *nt 4< ttet and 2 i lichee; thence norm JO ft?i, thence ??-at 82 feet aivd 10 lncliee, thence north 2i f?i-t and ?S inches; theiice eeat 100 feet to 7th etre t west, and ttience. with eaid otreet, u> the b*giuiiti . together with the inipjoyetnenta, < - t. iDg of the building well known a* the " Ar 'u.je j llonae r Thetetma af aale, na preacribad by the derree, ' an: One third of the pnlkimoney to be ?*'d I in rath; *a<'. th--residue in two equal jnstala.en'a. , ta)ahle is ?ix and twelT( month*, for which da ferrrd pejment*. with Interest from the 4ay of ??le the purchaser tball fir? hi* note*. endr.r??d to the (atiefartinn of tke truatees Conveyancing and statu pe at coat of purchaser. Vf the ??rn>- of *ale are uot at>? piled with in flye da>ntk<' trnilee reeereea the light to reeeii at the i ilak ?nd coat of the dtlanlllot purchaser, upon I ^neu?ek'? notice by publication in the Hational Intelligencer A Tnnma DDtm *T > WICliVbTX "riNVALt',,1 TrneUea. de 8s,tu tb OBEBN A WILLIAMS. AncU. gT QHBBN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneer . ! TBieTKK^ 8ALK 0~F~SIX FBAMK TSNE BNTS AND LOTS. TRONTINO ON THK Alley tetwern fth and 7th streets west and L ?n 1 M north, at Pablic Auction by virtue of a deed of trm?t, dated the 11th Jay of July, A. O 18-9 and (worded in Liber N <J T, I No. .'9. folio z&3 .Vii.lj3au<i U^.uf tbeLar4R?c I oda of Washington count*. District of Colombia, i 1 snail eell. on MONDAY. tbe31?t da> < f Decem1 b? r. at 4 o'clock p m . on the premises. Lot No. 13. In Square No. 441*. witk the dlmeueions ai.-ordiug to said deed of trust Tne iropr-"Trueim com-lst of six Fian.e T-nenieute, wht< h tntkrs it a profitable investment for any one wishing to onrcha*e i to attend the ??le. Terms: One half rash, balance iu sis and twelve months, for notes t-earine interest, and s? it red i>y j" a deed of trust on th*- nreiuis'-s. All <-ou\e> sii !nv ' and revenue stamps at the cost < t th? purchaser. 1 9iuo down on the day ot sal*. An<t If the term* | are not complied with in Ave day* %tt?-r the day of S?le. the tru?tee reserves the rinht to re-ell the pror'nj. m ir.e niK iiiq coat ?i tne actuating , puro a*er, i j advert: sine three tfmeain (ho EveI ulor Stir. D. H TILLY. Trnntw. j UfcBfcAda GBKEN A WILLIAMS. Anrt?. ! |?Y qbebh a WILLIAMS, Auctioneer!. TBrSTK* 8 SAL* OFtaLUABLE BVILDIN9 LOT. FRONTING OM L 8TKKET NOHTH. ! HITWIIN l?TII AND 1 IT H STREETS WEST. AT rCBLIO A LOTION. On H EDNESDAT, the 2Mb in-ta?,t. at 4 oYlo- k p. w , 1 nbal) m*I1, on the preuilaet., by virtue of tt decree of the Hupreme Oonrt of the Dlairict of ColnmMa.jpaaaed In chancery came No. %X>. w herein Lotiiaa W?rr?n. complainant, ya. .lane R Breut and Ell/a William*, defendants, nil that piece or Rirrel of Gi?ncd, being the western half of Lot o .1. in SMjnareNo U7. having a good front and depth, miming ba. k to a.?)-f<>ot alley. Tertna: One-third ca?li; and the residue in two e-jual Iti-talImeiita. ataix in<l twelv.- muntha from the day of salt- tha whole te l>ear inteo-Mt fro? t he dav of ante, and tb<- #?> ment thereof to be aecared by ?he i t'te or tsotea of the purchaser or enrchaaer*. with g o<t and sufficient in4erser, to be approved of by the Trnatee All conveyancing and ravenne atamp* at the coat of the pnr--haa?r 910' down when knocked off; and if tha term* art. not coin lied with 1m five daya alter the day of aale, the Troatee reserve* tke ruM to resell the vropert at tbe ri-k and coat of the d< faulting purchaser, by advettiaing three timiafu the e\ew1ug 8r*r. R l. Rti Niirn-i de llecxU* GRtltw it'Vv iLlUMs'. a'pcU HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, Ao. c * WTLLABB8 HOTEL, I WA?Ht<fGTO*> December 1, 1866.f Senator*, Bf preventatives an 1 others residing in Washington, who oeraey private apartment*. cam be acc..nm odate<l with Their MlALd at thlf Hotel at the rate ot ai mi per week le 4 ifm 8 Y KKg. CUADW1CK * 00. I^IBKWOOU HOUSE, l crn.fr Ftnnn. artnnt m*il T>rtlf k V. C. itmi Pltnated In the tnott central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL, AMD PBK8IPEHTIAL MANSION* Ody a *hr>rt dlatane** from all the T>'-p%rtm?nt?, Patent and Putt Officer, Smithsonian lootitute, etr. U H Dli>LBY A CO., ; no21 tl Proprietor*, i t'AllTOL HOC UK AND BBSTAUBANT, Phhq avenue, between i?t au<l2J. ?U. Comfortable Romna. vrfth Ural rlaaa Ro;?r<1. T? cut; jf*ri ?i??rienrt ?? cklffl eeo* <u tbe aeveral For Hun Legationa and principal Hotels in tbi*< onntry ?bo?ld be a aorilctent cn*rant><e of fttistHction to all who wiU extend in* Uieir vatronag'-. L JNNKBS and SUPPERS at private reefclencae, for parties and balia, will i>e r oiten 111 la the bent etyle. CHAKLIS G1V M'DAN, oe?eolni* Pr ip: iet >r. EMKK H 8 RB*TAtJRAH No. PtLna event**. Bear 6th ?tT?#t. j P KM.BICB vriabea tn Inform hla fries** acd the anblic generally tbar be now k?-epa con l. . A -tantly on bead OY8TKKS. freeb every day, prepared In ererr et?U i?Al | Hi* WINK8 end LIQTOKS cannot be an7pawed, l Call and *1ve bin a trial, oo 23 tf CLOTHING, Ac. ^ U L M 1? a D V I O K . That's It' that'a it I Jut Hitw t bit. Frora the folks at Smith 1 Oak Ball a word of advice, So sound and ?o nice For the nrereot hmop of Fall. Button roar cost Dptoywr throat. A ad aee tb?t job ra euml; clad; Or with cold fa your head ImII besiok in your bed, Vhich will h? exceedingly bad. And joull itti in bod With the cold in lunr head. And comadlled to ba somewhat quiet, Till jom>e bad enough Of the Doctor's staff, And all sorti of afek folks' dlst. Better beware, And ilvua take care To be #r*perty crad for tbe Fat), In suitable clothes, Jast ?aob aa tboee _ _ vt men are acta it BBia iuit Hall. SMITH BROS, ft CO.. HIB0H1RT TAILORS. and uxalirf is ORNT8' rORMlslilMO GOODS. OAK HALL. 404 8e*bxts SttaaiT. J ant received the largest and |n?at stock of P1K01 GOOlxi ever ottered id the city of Wuilogtou. Harln# secured the text artists Id the lity, we are prepared to make uf la the finest sty le, and at less prices than any other establishment I no 13 tf j B. B. A 00. iM . h?**iui*CX*tiT TAILOR* Corner of 9th sad D streets, Oeciros to retnrn hie thnki tor the liberal, paiioaaee bestowed apon him during pest^BB seasons, aad at the same time invitee bis 11 friends to *Wt bis store and Inspect bit new Wlff sod choice selection of goods, which be has^" luih lurtuura ror *ne ran ana Winter XiMt W.S BilltOil, k<i woeUI?, ooothiim to tin bis cofuUnt attention to tbe style ?ud general uMtruci of nil gnments nidi ?t the eeteblf*l ment. Th? beet work ud moderate charge# ia oar motto. da 5-lm" c* 5olam.' MIBCHANT tailoC corner I ZtJBWSB anperlor aaeartgaentof Cloths. Cnwttmerea, |t Veatinge. Chinchilla* for WW Overcoata, and feneral assortment. of**"*" Genu' Fnrniabing Soadi Be bee also added to bia atock a a?l*odJd lot ?f flrtt cjasa Ouatom made Clothing, from Hew Tork, at lower pricea than can be bad in this city. He invitee nie friends and the pnblle ia give hiui a rait, and ret a ma bis slncere thankstor tbelr liberal gntronago. fcSl-tm Metropolitan Hotel, late Brown's, Wlf 1M Peaneylvenla imia, iv l-tf Washington. P. O. ^yUBBB Id IT, BUTJIBLXT Br IT howitt irm*? api&s&aF 1 i*tSy2E tof ca* "*:?*!* t?? t . B*t thor* ia, ^uo' FIdUt. v Doy*ur m?*Kbium'l color well * But *n<] try, quo'flntor. Are ttury Mrnhun. awl* to Mil B ?ry Mil. quo' flaw*. Ban yon ?ln| of eWrr pidi f . $T? Bowl? and vtemYfa owy rtyH T ??M? *?*ERS? TTH^tTBBKT, Mtr B. teJS;..yK^a ;^sv?f.vDHt|l' j ., . thomasriiti, ? > la eorMr 10th?lrMt?flft#a4CM^. L?" """" ??,,??? TL BitW?lll>.n< lltfctmu. , MBI1T lOAIIBw OoU?a?nw v?k5 i Jt?tlr;,Cltibi>|.ic ,1c. * . f 4,lw , !LB!?N0TA*' I-)* LlCtblfd FlVlhcklf. GOVERNMENT SALBg. A"~tCTU'M SALE OF GOYEBfild EWT|*\)PEBTT AT PU1MT LUUBUCT. MD Htadttuarttrs Perarimttu ?f W*fkt?tio%, ) OMLfAlif 1'hie.f CJunrfMr m, ui+m ' intton. D ( 1)> ceiutter 19. I1i6 \ B: otrection of lb* Quartermaster Geoera' U 8. A , ttj?r? will Le fold, at fuuli AartluB, *t Poiut Lo< kont, bt Mar> s c< ur.tt Md . nn lar direction > ?f Pftft Ttn'or A Q M. it l; i V.ork noon, en I'BlUAi D euUf 2.%,-*,, Ih? foil- ?!.? d<*crll*Mi f-rvyeriv be'ungiog to ;:,o C l > t**i Bla'e* ' A f orrt -0 ?v n geeond h?a<f Brirk Ab .>nt. <t out 8e ">n ! hand B? w. d Shingle* Ab< nt Mi.(.40 feet Short Lrefcgib Second-Band Cnllicci. 8c?Lt|iBk* A< About 15.t*0teet 4-4 CnlliBei, tiBlng :n?l-le earth?orfta Ab< nt ),r?i fiBe 8il ^o-ti, 3 feet Jung ertd 12 inches In PtHnifter 4<w Plw Fence Poet*.. r*a?li.l 1U feet Jon* ?8> IIn- al fe?-t Stock atihe In febt bleb .'JU lineal feet Slab Ndc>k ,4 feet hi*h 1: mi Bil Slab Buildings, various dimension* 1 Lot Building. itf toy iiitfl 1 I tub ud Brick Bat* Oven. IS by 4". feet 1 Li't of Mannre. (ebont SO rerd?i 1 Wharf ol Timber and t,umber,t al*lr condition, 4T>'. f< rt lung, and aryiBfc m width from 22 to l"i feet Bef>:)?r iiurgrer boaU'eive Baltimore avary ToeaHay ami Saturday afternoon*, and Wa*taiug ton ev?ry Wtdoenlay ao'l Saturday morning, atoppinr at Point bu< k>ut. Government aieaoi mij ?1M leave B'Zth street W harf in this city or Thursday morning, December 17 Property will be *-old in lota to suit purchaser*. an<l ten ?!ay? allowed tor ren?oval. Term* Ctib, In Government fnnd*. M. I 4.ruiN'.TOJf, Bvt Brie. Oen. and Obtaf Uuart?rmiitrr. do ]9-7t Depart turui of W?-hi gton I A BOB L()Tfor~l Nsjt RVI SCAB LE QU *? jTKKMAH'IBK PBOP1CBTY AT AUCTION. i C.n'f OvrttTtniAtiT's 0*c* D'roiaif WashttttUnA a. C . Dp'emb?-r 17. li6o. I i Bj illri-ctlKli of I ho Oaartermanter Gen?r?', the i foilowtriR '!? ???-rlONfiCBvI KAKLE 'jCAB| TKBMASTK!: BTOBtS. vill ho ?<ld at I'.iMic i Auction atLiocoln D< p< t hi ttua citr. and-r the II xapervision of Brevet Brigadier (General Charles 11 Toifpfcin-, I'tuuty gnart?riu?<tfr G<-n.r?l, coi'-nieiicii-K ou THL'BSDAY, Janntry J. at 10 n m. " 61,"tf Grain ( ?' k-? 1 Cook Bangpe It MllM'iid Uorxe >b?ft> 1,1m Blanket* 6 t('" >Vrought Srrap 1 ,<5H0 !tor??- and Mule OolIrou _ _ 1 ir? .1 l? a < ? Sciap Iron 1 22* Head F alters 2-IHU I' * olflH ?r u Titm \V> Wngon Mi><lie? 1,7i<> lt'? Iron Butt-. ? <- 12 Army Watroi.a orte'l voT?o Ii?m Aiubnlan7 43S lb" Loc eii&iri ceii 1. IS tt !<?i gr Kir* li- ? W n.rn( C?rli tofi feet vii?ilI do. t.0 Wa<on Wheel* ?i<#? 1e?-t leath-r do. t<> AmliaUitco Wheal* 1-7 rteW>li< cl Mule H ar 3 Ctlinriricnl Steam Boll ne*a *r* 167 Ml< Wheel Anabu arir.e <%? ks IhCi ? Ilarnr?? HtTVobI Mo> lets Lead Mule liar llOftir* I>. ik* Di-w 01 Ottice Ohaira 17!} Watron Bri Ilea 4? Water Coak? 12* Bt'iiLg Bri?1l?- 10: Barrel* 6f> M< Clellan Saddle* 21 Ormditonea l7Va)tMjd?. .li' Ltniorm 1 Ami}- Huiige lv'{9?) Iba Aaaort '4 B ipe Together with Sh'-vela, iNck*, dp%ae<, Ave*. Wapon Whlpa.Cait Harn???, ltl*rk?mlth? T .*?!?, Tin W are, Oarpe?tera' Tools, Tat-lea. Uocja Mattli'f. A* . #c. Itimi - Caah in CoTi-miaCnt fund". Oond? mint be removal within ten lars from dateoft-ale 1?. il BlXKt(L Acal-tant Quarter matter Geaann. ile J7 dta Mr*?rt Major General U. IS. A. SALK OF OLW AMD r?S*KVI<7cVL1C CANMON. ? *1 ALL AJi MS, Ji NDa MI M'_t L t/.tnaiui'D vni iin j va Sl"ltt3 Burttiu rf() riltinnCt, Navy D(parfiiint,l Wumtm.cn City, Dec. 1.1,1SW | Ob the lot It da* o! .1 aiiuars, 1867, at nooa. there will Of cold st pnidic aurtiuu, Id the Norfolk na?y )?r l l(, iti? highest btdder. a lot of old an-t unealle Cacin n tmall An n, and Mi*ct-llabt-ono Article <>f N?Tal Orduaact* T lie Cannon. Blx-t and M??<U will be (oi l *>y the Knnd, ai 1 t!ie hrtiall Arm- and other Minc. 1Article# of UiOnauoe iu loUtobbit porch a- ? TK. Terra*: One half catb.ln Government fund- to be dt-poi-iud on t he concliit-lon of the aale, and th?> reBiHii<der wlt'.in ft-n dam af erwird*. onring wbi? h tim* the articl-n mc-t be removed from the yard, ether wue they revert to the Government. B A. WI8B. de 17 eotd Chief of Hnrean. DENTISTRY. II I K&moval,. ? IJ?W ii, fifcWTOT. bu mBMovBH <r?a Ml to Ut?0 Pmbh. tTenot, ten doors abc*e. Or tat bu ton try m Uemu'rf .Uoii T??ifc Krirac ni Wiiko*i Pat*. AJI per km baTina Tcetfc to extract, i woolil ad?ise them i to cell M Di. LKW'it s office, and nev* them tehee cot. Teeth inserted oa Kabber, Oold wl Silver Plates. In *rdsr thet all persona ahonld nave Teeth, w? have rednced the price very tow. To t-e convinced of the feet, celt and see for y>nrMlftsa. Also, call and a?e the new and improved aethod of inserting Teeth. o. ifcO Pens'* ereeue, Mveen Uth and 13th rtreeta. ie 2-tf g. ?. L1W1I. i. P.. PenHet, T* * T ft."Looms.*.P.. yhe Inventor arid Paten te? of the M19BBAI* PLATK TfcKTH, attenda pertonallf Dia office in Una cltj . Man; persona canlMi wear these teeth who sannot wear others, " and no person can wear others who eanaot wear theea. PerioH ctlllni at ay oRm ?b be acoommoda tf* with U7 style and price o( Twtk they mey deft re, but to theae who are particular, and wish the aareat, c lee neat, strongest end moat perfect d?nrnre that ert can procure, the IIIIBAb TIRfl win be more folly warren ted. Boom* in this elty?Ho 33* Penn'a avenue. between 9th end 10th ate. Also. 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. _____ or ? ly_ pOKlABLB BTBAM BNGlNEg, ' Combining the met in am of efficiency, dnraMllty, end economy* with the minimum of weight and price. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being inu-e. All warranted satisfactory , or no tele. Descriptive circular* Mat on application Addreaa J. O. HOADLBT * 00., nofi eosm _ ltawgtnco, M aa>. #\BPHAK?rCO0BT, December ll" W^-Uiay tun or Coldkbla. wasbiactox Oountv, lb tew .? In the case of Johanna Nra?*(a4aialt> tratrix of llaiUI Brewu.decaaeed. the adminls tratrix aforaaaM baa. wi|b_tbe approbation ei im urtpu* umn of wHkin|(o? county sforeaaid, appointed Saturday. the ttkdtr 4 jAuaarv, 1*7, for the final settlement ?n?l dieUibatlen of the estate of said deeeesed. end of (b* uMta la head, as fer M the une here been collected end turned Into Boner; when end where ell the creditors aad heirs ef said deceased ere notlfted to attend. with their claisns eroperlr toaebed, or thsymay otherwise by lew be eacluded from ell benefit In said deceeeed's estate: ?rorM*t eoo?r of.thli order be pnbHehed ?ace e week far thra* #eelu fa the Irede ll-lewdiw* 1?IWerofWins. 1 kKPABTMUT Of THB ItfTBBlOB, ^ to all ft/sirsnst'siusua* A?licatloa baring been made nader theeet ef J?ne z9, ltM), for the laistaeof the following described Lssl Werrents, whloh ere alleged to here been lost or den trey ed,?~Hc>tlce is hereby glrea thet et the date Collowlaf the deecrletion of eaoh warrant a new oertMeaTeor warrant ef like tenor will be reissued. If ao vend objection should then MH" JUS. B. BABBITT, ONUMSMT. No. 15.1W, for 110 seres, Issned under the act of March dd, iu tbs aasie of Horace Gregory, and was granted December 36, ISM? Bee ember 29-1896. Ne^ sJJSSfer MP seres of Hod.issood under the ki "i aaarcua, ?>s. ib in* HUM or imm Btioi, "J WM gtmHd January 34, 1M6. January n. Mo. tor MB *cr??. faeuodnndtr tb? actor March &1,18M, In the. name of Jtot; Butler, and waa ?ratrt*d April 19, ltM~Kf*roary 2, i?j7. N<>. 4> for Ifttacree, leaned under the act of March 3d. 1866. In the tan* of Lararua Harton, and waa granted September 17, )M. February 16. |s#7. . ., No. I04.7M. for Ito acre*, 1aaned under tbe act of March >1. IB in the ran* of Kobert w Pierce, and w*? greeted May 12, HM8. fcrr h 9.1667. nOLVMBIA HBBPITAli fOI WOMII LYING JM ASYLUM, VWrtee nth treotj^a^clojooroar of M atroot, Thla InatUBtten,haa boon eatabllahed Cor tha reception of aatlenta who may bo aufferlng from dleeaaaa peculiar to their a ex. and for the admlaelou of aueh femaJoa aa nay ra?atre tha coAJbrfa of tha In accordance arl th the room ragulrod. payable In 1 BIO* L IT Air. . , ''"gSSS&ffV'V IX)N 6 C L xl^J'HTsYclKjfaM's U K ?0 N?. atemsa? ,(?tssrs?s!? ftssa-5 the tiriMiii ?kl?f ?ttkti?Bm. 184 i*tr?*t,ar of My of tk* Medical ateff, and of the l?n. Dn. sasst:,,,., wtll imIi to tte tai|MB flturtl, OuM BUtaa nay. PMliiti Urlng at i dletww wk? kiln to mm to tWi lMtttotUw fortreatoiMit chncin imiu oksi ?fs?wws! # ,B M B?IfJ Pr?Idont. I'M VUAT BIBIbUOI. by John Minor itotuj. Q1>*r?ct?r and 0>T?ator1?ilfl }+*n A Story 4f~tfe* Otrii War. ki Micbola: > " **h, kil. no l" ' FBABOK TAYLOK. IUABIBS JOB mt.-Alun MwrtMM?f " " MABIBS, tot 1*3,tor ??l w7rtc3T 1 ? ? 'BABCB TATbOB. BANKERS. glLLS ON LONDON, FOB BALI IN sraiB TO SUIT. FORFSUH FXCHAyr.E BOUGH1 ON FAVORABLK TERMS. LBWIS JOHNSON A OO . Banker*, bo 14 tf :|92 Pennaylvaaia J A* COOKE <c COM BiHIIIS, Af'tnuA mrtt, nv?Hfi IVwin, *C7and Ml ft learrrat market ratow, u4 kwf oMUklly on hud, > tall nv?ll ( Ml GOVERNMENT BONDS, PEVBNTB1BT1E9, AND COMPOUND INTEREST NOTBf Order*f=r BTOCKB. BOND?, Bo , iimM, Mid Collections wit oa all ao?e?ible poinU. M I-If JJARROW t CO., BANK. EBB, Corner Loalelana itmib* w< rnt, dealkm m OOVEKNMEST SECURITIES, ?OLD AMD SILVER i7 j.if AND LAUD WABBAHTS^ Hr&t Nationil Btnk of Waitaiifton. i B L.COOK*, (of Jay Cook* AOo.,) PrMidant. VI. 8. HCNTINOTOH, CwUtr. OOVEBNMKHT DEPOSITORY A1TD E1BAM01AL AGENT OT THE UNITED STATES, lttfc ttrttt, orrosv* tk* Treasury Dtpnrtmtmt. Government SecnrltiM with Tnunrw UniM ' State* mroXE MILLION DOLLARS.eM U> V>ay and sell all cUaaea of (tOVERNMEN 1 Icc I v n 11 i m ** currcni ntriti raina. fURXISH EJLCHASUE andmakt Collfrti<mt <m ALL THE PK1XC1PAL CITIES OF THE CyiTED STATES. Wa parchaae Government Tonchert on the MOST FA VORABI.E TERMS. aud fite careful t>n?i yrcn^pt attention to ACCOUNTS <J BI SIS ESS MES and FIRMS, and t<> any other buln?u antraated to aa. FULL INFORMATION In retard to OOVKRH &IKNT LOANS at all times cheerfully farnlatied ?H. 8. HUNTINGTON, OaehUr. Washington, March V. 1M. m tl tf RAILROAD LINES. 1866 Pennsylvania boots 1867 fNLt I ?IJ I HI I? I i n -~-sg&3 TO TUB NUBTHWE8T. SOOTH, AMD SULTH_ WEST WINTER SCEEDrL*." On and aftar November 19. 1*> . train* will leave aa folowi Waahmgion ... 7 0"a.m I Baltimore 9 11 a m 7 ?> " It 10 a.m. _ " 8 00p.m. I * ...I>l0e. m. TBIPBIaT DOUBLE TRACK BOOTS, with ELEGANT BO*N KMT. Paiare BUt- room day and night Oar* with mo tarn imarovementa. au'l sarins from four to twelva bom* in time over a'y other ronte. T?<> hunlred mile* aaveU to Vaateraano Central Mew York. Two Daily Train* to the Went. * " * North. Tlirorifh from Baltimore to ROOHESTEBand I'lTTBHrRQH with' ut rbange. Paat-t-ngera by tbia ronte from B%ltimore have the advantage of making all ,hau*ee in UNION DKPOTB. and no * fcRBlKS Ticket* l.> thta rou'e can he procared at the office, corner fit b street and Pennsylvania avenae, order the National Hot* I. where reliable in for miiioi wf}| given at all time-. Pimtngpri procuring l'ck**t? at thii office eta cure m< omnodttloBi in tileepin* Can for El miraor Pituburir. A . B. J . WILKISS. Ticket A#?nt. Washington D. C. ED. 8. TOCHO, Can. raas. A?*nt, j , , Baltimore, Md. A _!?L WASHING TO Ji, ALE1A5DRU i.M) GIOEUCTUW1 bAiLKOAD. , TIME I On and after MONDAY, NoT?-iiil.*r 12,19M, ani 1 nuUi further notiM. PaaMucer Train* will ran be- I 1 tm**n Wnahiairtoii and Alexandria aa follow*: L?:*V?t WA-tt.S^To*. iife-AVK ALEZAMDai*. Ft< m Md avctiu* From oar Pake t iiear? Local at .5:15 A. H. aU.. Local at 4 45 A. M. lhro?fc?>Mai! 6 y, 44 Local cor K>nc Local at...? T 00 44 and H<*nrf?.. 6 00 * " 0:0# " Local at- 8 00 44 4 ??0 P. . " 10*0 44 4 ? '4 44 S? P. . ?-Jt 44 Throagh Mail % corner of . .. ai.ao M F w-Mdll. AIDS and Henry.... 7 *0 " - " ' U.JO SBWDAY PA881NQBR TBAIHS LEAVE WASH:S?t*>S. LKAVK AL?X AXT>R! A. Fr>m Md avehoed^pot. Front cor. Dvk* A Henry Through Mall 6.31 A X. ata.,Local at 4 46 A. M. Local at??J> 30 P. Through Mail ft 00 P. 1ft. O. A. BTKVKH8. G*naral Saperint?adaDt. polo W.J PHBLP8. Qaneral Manager. TBftOLOB LINK BITWtIN WAMINttTOM 1 _ . . . WiumMioi, Dac 9.IMC. Tnin btt*Ma Vaihiaitot aid Ha* York arc ovm aa follow*. vlr: FOB NEW 10BK, witboat change of car*. Laave daily (axcapt nndaj) at 7:45 a. m. and I F<?BHBW TOBB.cbaarfa#?^r- at Phit^i.i yirn - ^ Z(exoeyt Bandar > at 11:15 n.a.ant _ ?0* PHILADELPHIA. * ??? for Mow York and Phllad?l?bla nt :? p. m only. 8b*|tfaf oariforSow T?r* on 6M ?.m. train tiliy. Throw* tteketl to York, a* Bo* ton, can b? had at the Station One at althonre 81 tk? day. m wall a* at n? at* attoe Is tha nkera and Broker* Telegraph Line. 349 ma. ?T?ia?i *atween Itk aad 71k treats. 8m Baltimore aad OkioJUtlroad advertleeeent for Kb?dn]< btttwt Yuklaiitik, Baltimore, Annapoila, an<* the West. J, L. WILSON, Matter of TraMferUtlw. L I. SOLI Qeoeral Ticket Acent OBO. 8. KOOVTZ, Agent, Wankincton. oc ?-tf B4*?***" "'SSSXSXft.*.. fratna between WABHIWQTO* A WD BALTlMOKI.ud WABBlftSTOB AMD TBB WB8T air* bow ran na follewa. via: FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave dally, exoept Bandar, at TM, 7:45, Bad 11:16 a. m., and 2:4?, and ? JO. and 0 00 ?. m. FOB ALL WAT 8TAT10B8. Leave daily, except Bnaday. at 7M a. a., aad 3 CO and 8 00 a, m. FOB v7 AT 6TATIOB8 BOUTB Of ABBAPOLM . JU-N0T1OB. Leave at IJIudT dU a. -.aad at 3:00 and 4:18 *' TUB ABBA PO LIB. Leave at 7:00 and 7:4* a. a., aad 4J8 p. a. Bo train* to or from Aanapolia en Bandar. > FOB BALTUftuBB. 'Leate at 7:48 a. m.. an* SHK) and 8*08*. ?. . f OB AL1* PABT8 OF THB WBBT. Leavj? daily, nont Banday, at 7:46 a. m., aad HltODfll ff^KBTB to tlie Woat can bo had at the * aaUactoa Mt auon Ticket Office at all boar* la the (?ay. aiotU aa at the aow office of the Baak* era and iiohera' TaJearaah Liao, 348 Penn. *'WfeOTS -,,r^^^srsf?S?i~w>ru?? Ll.tlOLI, General Ticket Agent. oc?tf GlO.g. KOOHTZ, A*ent Wariiitutoa. pLOCBI,. TIIDI A foil MsorUMBt of all * rule* choice Flour tor Barn; iinaMty tfo 1; ?rtc* low. Are the oal] direct Tfeceirere tor Go idea IQ, J. Gambrlll toot PatapecO) ?id LIn?anor Family !SS city, wewMlOJafora thoee wlthine *** flourVf wtu?m?M with the arfnen we fmiih tt lower ' ttutt be obftetaed fro* any other eovree. "i Qaalttr *ecead to bom. Price a (Taction leee Mian ther Bret-ciaM Family FlWr. Buckwheat atlew ratoe. wtu jr? Indian* ateamialMHrHt. I O " ?? P???t ^jgfcgbei(Ecarit^yp. gOSTOM IBM MAOKBEUH " j Ik. ? *? > ty Uy ?^?i .Bn.Bit 4* 1-tf -~"<ttWr^ag'4V*sT * PROPOSALS. [ |#?v?ru? W?TI PAPBK Pn*T Oar C? DtPABTMKKT. ( i _ W* .H ! V.T<>*. I)? r. ait*-' M. Hjri. S Pror^n'a sra iLvieO t??r p;in|? i-lns " >* W AsTB i I'A PJK *>i ti t?< o! * fin g 4a tkli u*y> tuion' .f ti? folio* lug *^*ctlpUoii. *1* 1. Traiurripts of | ?>?tiaaa ?r?' accoanta of inula i ?a* ?nt. po?t 1411a. ?kU? (tprr . Nil mated qnantitj, 1C tXJU poan la a j??r t Mined P?p?T, ?f mr-ipt?rn of cotinta aadvthar parkart*. tnf*?bor with letter ?-o>aiopea of various sJlora. awtiBatod (uaatitr, , jmjum pound* a ynr. 3 I)?m l.?itrn ?bick ik* bl<ld?r atll t?r'<tilr?4 to dtftit thoroa?Ulr. oader *! * au ptrtMno of an is*nt of this Defattarai.'" aa to r?f4?r tt IntHM'iM* to tui Uirm , nUioatfl ! (;uiD ltf. St ?nti pounds jear ?. Nowapapers erttoiaied joaltitr , 4 oOOpouoda I'M". Bidiars vMl ajecify a pric?* rr fcondforoae cUsd of p?p? r A? to the dead Utters. the I>?part:i.fiit nnst b? aiik tb* nod** al defacittf them irlorw a crptiu( a I id The pspor* aiuat r'ttrntfl from tro rrWat of tbr Qet>" ?1 Pcwt Olttr# Birl'lln* *? thr ro-t or tho bidder. sad in ki? n b?i<. a* ottiitu mav k? raunlrad br tho P.?ima??Ki d'Hful. J?o unit bacs wilt be famished for tb>? purpo>?. Th- pap<r ill bo ueijrfced at tlitsd* paflntout a&d nuiat i*. paid for on ctliaerji tnritixl T< r vf rear, c n>m?n io#oo I th? fir-t ?f Jftt.uiry n?it. anil will l*> nntll MONDAY . the Slat ta?'*nt, at lotloct * They rfcould t>? HddrM^d tn th'' P<>atir.Mt?r Gen(r?l, tsd ro 4or>td " Prop ?hIi fnr *? ?< l'tp*r. ' al1x w. randall, de 14-mI(!?)I I' ?tHi??ifr UcDfr<l. ^ a itc'li itbut>. plan* and ppkolvlo atiokh for niw bcli.dlku8 xikthe wak l> hf at*tm t.n t at *a)hin<;tun. d. c. ArthitK<lir<> intlK'd to >r*p?r? plaoti and Hri'it*l1''W<aii'l nf cn.t,fnrii?? disproof frBtldtB?CI f,?r till- \\ AT nn I lh? lit* now ??< npuvl I > thu \V?f l?*p-irtmant i Mtd adjac?ot vacant ground, in Wa?fctn*t u, | D C. TUe 1 eliding* r?-<inlr*4 ahonld hav* a *aaf-rflcial i ir?? * !aic>' ?> the ?lt? a*lret44 will ol. Pliotocraptin o ?1tf, an<J >11 ?th'r iBforrntti''* r?latlin tmliranbjKl wliil* fnmi?h?-d t<> Architect* <1**irin* to rctapot# t>r iU+ work. <ip >u application ytriuUtl) , or L.y letter, t* tlinsnltrlUfd A pr*mltitn of $J,flOOf>r tha flrat.of $2,000 for th? ?. ond inltf ^I.AOfur lh? third mo?t ar?ptaM<* platiti at. 4 *i *riflratl?B?. t?e*i rod . will a*ai?1?-<i iipor< the appr >val <> ii>? H o t*?>r#?tarf ofHar,l>) the Boaid of OlHcttw < harcod with the dttt) or k-IcciIbi iiilv aiid prfptrmq ptana ai>\ rpi-rituatioiia (or tl?* building* ol the War Urpartni':it ahUT act ot O-iuit^i appr>ft?d Julf I *8The r'"?- *D<1 "f^iftration* ami h? ?t to the oftic of Hr?*?t Lmui. I'olnual T I. T-w?- >1, k*-rord?-r of t)t? Board. OrdoftD'a Olfit'. #il lor HatMitiff. Wu?itii|l?u, P. 0.. on or l?at<-r* torn lit da/ of t el>ru *n . IS*. me Uutto a ill r.eerr* m* rich: t.> reject *07 or ?'l plana igt'Biitttt, ahnul-1 none k* re*?**! ?utt? bl? for th* ptirpoM. m well u to retain u; or *11 1 ??f 'tj<h plar*. By ?rd?; of ttoe Hoard T J. THE ADW BLL, PwjOlm Brt Tel H*Dt. Ol . fe. A., B*A-<?rd?r. ??????????? | ~ FEKSONAIu \IBg. L. BMlTfl.TEST CLAIBVOY AtfT. ; i'l Bootiie?# in 1 ?ffueUrinir Healing M?dt<in, It* da> ?c d>#crlfe dead < r living. *>?* uaru**. T<tt Circle* 8uud f, Tuf?<U>. ?ud rn-lay. a: 7 o cloikp.ru. 36? IVnu. xrnai 4?1* M* DK. ) AMKI T. tOI'Mft hM removed hi? oflvoe Irom fiu. 473 1Mb >tr*r(, !< Li? r?<*i4*kc?t Vor 4'2H Bear Vork tee., four doer* east ot 14th "trwl. All ?rder* lelt*t the Drut Store >>f Bi Al UN 1 t BUO .corner 'J'h at in 1 Ha tie., d iriM the ! d?> . will be promptly attead-d to. 4*15 In' ! 1/BAN B~M 8T BISOYIE LOT I r t??STABLE ASK < LLKi'T'JB ''oIImi K>r>t?. Debta nod CUini ?f all ktuda Baritieaa pla> ed lu bis b?e 1? re?*4eee prompt at tfitloa. Beterencea ()nn 11 ra>iairad. Vffiw All vita atreet, abuva fa. iwnue, residence 301 L nrrrt. UlurrD ilk >ul llllh i * B ? 0:det? bj Qikil froBiptly attendad tc daHliu* ' I~At) 1 KB IT le A''K NOW LKDOID THAT 1 * th?- Mff STAMPim; LBl'OT ou tth tre-t. bu tb? l>?4l Mtoctioii of Pttf'Dl cfer of ferad h?ie. mu i the proprietor ha- reduced the ?iric? to ONK HALf that bu be- n charged h-re efcr?* B^in* a practical Stamper no R?r nr?d be had of gettlBfr * hat will rfrsit y,a Go aee hiaa. Ha will make and >tta? AW T pa'tern da tft tf f^ONFlDKSiTIAL-Toun? m<n Vb.' haTe~l^V' jured themselves dt certain secret habits, bleb unfit them for basinets. pltanr*, or tb? dntiasof married life; also. Kiddle a^ad and old men. vbo. lrorn tba follies of fuitb. or other o?b>ea, iwtrl h <?Ulltjr 1b advance of their jear#. Lefare placl e tbwtaealvea obder th?- treatment of I an) on*-, should ftrtt read "The Secret friend i Married ladit* will learn om?iMit| ?f i?j?ru?f? hy peroeia* "The S?cr?t Friend. ; bent u>any addraat. ia a sealed envelop*. ?-a rK>1a? oi a> car it*. Addreaa Dr. CHAft A. fcTL AKT * CO.. 3o??oa. | B*>l not-lr BBII'AL AMD flBBfttb WU1TUR, BO Qt'KTrf. CB088E8. ANCHOK8 hTA KS^Ac., preserve* Id tttuttl lurtr ?A.\ ILOW IW, UA IK FLOWKK8. m4 BBVUflKO. t>y Mr*. F&JKd. late of Boston Rw thbotM t>> !*o 4is# 11th atrnt, bttirfpii G ar<l U. *c) ' * | iMKI WHO ill DlilBOVtj OJ A 8SILLLi ful ami *<-? < Bbliitud Ft. uciao. hao'dcon nlt Dr flKUKT MOKtON, 1M> tn-ft, Baltimore. Md. I?r Uprtw'twrTtfMB*) b?-.'n>*ae?<l 1* WMMiftoD or any other city. L/ Mtdrwmciffti kbow oc 13 Sm" JAMB? GlfLB. Itfirr inHewm,%4 Serim* kamd P*rntt*rt. Old Furniture K-j?*Jr?-d Reapholitercd and Tarnished ittM and Bata..(n**r the canal ) Hi<L>eat ?iio? ?u<l lot SMrnd haul Fornltcre eelly* 'SKZM1AH ? black WAtMi.taifoa. c.f.blacilaw omo*. BLACK. LAM OK * OO., . Oota**Uori *o<3 Atwrnor* m Law la the 8u?r?*r Ooi-rt of th? Cw-d btiiea, Lht 'Jonrt of OUir?. tbvCocrtaof th?- District, tb* l\NvtlT? Department*. and Committee* of Oonfre*?. Office, 4**> l?tb treet, tppotilf WllItrdi' Hiitel I d# iH-tf g * c e s * pTa jTa a i mZ IAHAEITaN'I fllff! MAMAMITAjra BIFTt TBI MMT CSBTAU UMIBT KTB1 D8IO. UY?, A rowTTri Or??," fw OOJWRRUOtA, QLBBT, STRICT ORBS. Coctaln* bo Mineral, ?o BiH?,w Merwy, Oa.'v TV* FtUi M h IU? t* Tbti irt ootlreiF fcMtm mo mui.II mom UT BcplfUMtUiU. Md wUt Mt la Mr way t?. in re the itomacB w ovwmtm in bum aeiicau. OvrM \* from tw* to four a?r?, Md r*o*M tmi tn "twenty tonrhoort." Pre**f*<i by fr?laai? af the CiawBttf <* oil4" atinvat Doctor* *?? Ch?nlrti of tttimnHy; n4i tJTouri, no rro?feJ*. ? Anr< atelcrir. ImI by wU t * ?UIb 1t?i. BLOOD f BLOOD ft BLOOD f ft bamabitaitb boot and jf*k? yc/c* b of*r?i A* HbltaM ? MiltlT* ev*. CABaniia^ " vv* u?Ar rftlUS Ifl A ml HtMt. MrtMs and effectual remedy ever rr*Khtwti it reach* tad eradicataa tnrr partieU of the tmwtmI yotooa. ao Itml tb* cere is thorouh od permanent Take. then.of tbta tarlfrtne rem. DO ??* DSBPAISI ^Btwaw roBs-afrtarfR'c. AMilTTA V* ?ABtt is,IBIMM oftrphuiitaw* lawSwtioe witk lk? STtf.fKKSSi^-^' WUI THE JC JgSPgStftPt, *uua 4Uyjm*t? Iu*?J?Trai?yi?QTI^T ! i IPillBII flHiT infx JoVhT?C?ctm*l rtrndr tm M? ^tojraesi^r.'SsESur ??L mu trrx or, Mrc'&Hrti "a Ljpnrtti?^??d B*e***u^5^ettM'de*22?rkw "**>* 1,4 WIlu4;SMi fi&&?ou.. JftggH!,jMj?t? ?* * ??'*">"> ' ? iSE^sSatt.j.s?4 Of4mWFlamMrtSLAM|na|ll> MIHliI U rnu. tftawitoivm ink ul Utb *** ? ?Wt, WMkllftH. v. 0. w ?

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