24 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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(Krmittg liil ?????????.? ?? vs*. XXVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. DECEMBER 24. 1866. 4.305. THE EVENING STAR 11 rUBLIHMD DAILY, (EXCEPT IU1PAYJ AT THE STAR BUlU)lHOS 5maMK eeraor tf rmm'm mmm mU III* Mtm ST w. d. wallaoh: The STAR Is Barred by tB* carrion to (Ml nbecrlbara tm the city ud Dtetrlc at Tn Cmrra rn win. Uoptea at tkt coma tar, witB ?r wlthont wrapper*, Two Onu each. Faica vob Maiubo:?'TUN moatha, Om BoUm mmI JW* CmU; alx moatha, Am M? ?; aaa year, n? Defiari. m> paper* art mi from the offloe longer <Mn paid tor. TIM WEEKLY STAR?pnbliahod om WttiMj mjrwing?Om DMmr a*4 a ? Fear. *i?T"?? HOLIDAY GOODS. T T E N T I O ?. ~ EBI88 KRIBKLE 8 M E ADQU ABTBB8. THOCSAMD POUND AND FBUtTOABEB 1 deelrooe ofiaformlog my caste mera ami tbe icllic that 1 hava.aat received a large invoiceof end Domestic Confectionery fruit* sai.cy Box ra. Ac. which lam yr*firrd Uxll ?t r*entiy rednced pricee. Havlag procured at great exp*ase the t>e*t workmen *nd the finest material, ? > *7 iutentlen to staid before the public nnr.*a'ltd in Ue ConlKtiontrj buaiee?B IceOrean * *0 per gallon, delivered to any portion of tb? city .Call and eee _ A. F. POTENTINI, de 17 M* 279 Penney lvenia avPti-.ie. ^O'niTHlSe N~E?f 1 hare . art received eereral new etylae of Black Walnut Caned RUfTlO FRAMES. mad* to my rder sixee. from **8 to l?x?4 Tbeae are re?Uy drairable Alec. a fall atock of PICTUBB OHKHi an: TA^.-I18. POBCELaIN NAILS BINGS, Ac. A?a?. Enamelled KE('ESS FBAMES, with an.l wltboct Flawera; a amiable Pre*?nt for the Holl dava. HOT BB'>CK. de 15-1 al Opioette Patent Office, 7?h atreet. J. J Oil DA I Oil TBI tf yen wieh to tire ^r friend* a neefal and ' icHlf Christmas Gift, call and examine the guanine FRENCH COBSF.T8 inycrtnl by Mra. 8TERN. fratlafy yourself by coirini? ir,m?'11ate'.y to lira. PTEBN 8 Hoop Skirt Factory and Corset Depot a 12 7th etreet, bet D and E ?te. de 11 tJanl WAX DOLLS, SLEEPING DOLLS. CHINA DOLLS. tlAl Til I L TOYS. roMIO TOYS, FUNNY TOYS. Cbenber ?ete, Parlor 9eta. Tea Seta, Gloves, Drees tape. Bibbons. etc.; Notions af every description at WM P SHHDD'S. 1 itb street. de 17-7t* ie?*n doors abive Penn avenue. J"LEGANT GOODS CHEAP I' FOB TM? HOLIDAYS. C_BB P2Hf b Bowls and Pnnch Gln?*ee, r'/lJ bianer S*ta Feaeeta, HII Smoking Beta. Tobacco Boxea. Ac.. Bill Ml. h Fisted Ware, And a variety of other banieome gooda. WEBB A BEV BRIDGE. del9ft Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th atreet. BEAUTIFUL BOUQUETS: FLOWER BIS KITS. BANGING BASK ITS, CHB18TM\8 TERES *< .at JOHN HAUL'S, 446 Hh etreet. ?rp??ite p S Paten* OfTW de 19 mo'.t PifiKSONAU \f BS L SMITfl. T18T CLAIBVOYANT. 1*1 Hn*ine?e and Magnetizing llealiug Mediant, site da> a tc deecribe deader living, give* nam oh. Ti?tCircles Bnadaf, Tne?day. nnd rri<l?y, at 7 o clock p. m. 367 Penn. avenne. delo-H* nB. JAMES T. YOUNG he* removed hi* office from No. 4 73 10th street, to hie reaidence. No 421" New York ave.,four doers eaet 9I 14th atreet. Ail erder* left at the Drng Store of NAlBN A BBO . corner 9th jt an I Pa ave.. during the day , will be promptly attended to. de 15 lm' F'BANB M. STBINOriBLD, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOB. Collects Rente. Debts and Ctaime af all klada. Bnrineas pi a- ed in hi* hands receives prompt ?tteaticn. References given ifra^aired. Office 411 :-th atreet, above Pa. avenne; reei* dence iOi L street, between 9th and 19th. N B ?Orders by rnai 1 promptly attende 1 to. de 14-lm' 1 a dies it is acknowledged that -j the NEW STAMPING DBl'OT, en :'th street, 4 31*. hae the best selection of Patt?-rna ever offered bere, an' the proprietor ha* r?dat-ed the price t" ONE HALF that ha* been charged heretofore. Beint a practical Stamper, Bu Tear need Ltr bad of getting ? hat will snit yon. Go aee him. He wilt nmke at>d flume ANY pattern, de 13 tf (CONFIDENTIAL ?Young men who have injured theni*elv-f py certain secret habits, w ich unfl; th?-ni for bnaineHS. pleasnrd, or tbe dutiM ot married life: also, middle aged and old men. vbo. from tbe follie* of y<>nth, or other coulee, feel a debility in advance of tneir years, tefere placing themselves uuJ.-r tLe treatment of ary one, shr iTld firat reiid "The Secret Friend." Married ladie* will learn <<om?tking ?f importance ty pernriag "The Secret Eriervf HJent to any a<ldre*a. in a senlt- i envelop** <iq#<>'i >t of 2& cents. I A lUreaa Dr. til AS A STUAKT A CO.. Boston. Macs no ? ly Bridal and finubAl Sheaths, bo QCETS. CBOSSES. ANCHORS, STABS, Ac., are?erved In uatnml form WAX FLOW EES, HAIR FLOWBBS. and BEAIblNG. by Mrs. FRIES, late of Beaton Hw removed to No 1'iS lltk etreet, between G and H. vc l ?a* A DIES WHO ABB D ESI BOB 8 OF A HK1LLI < tnl ani acc at-pliehfd Phrairian. shonld consult Dr HENRY MORTON, lbi? ea*t Kayrtt? etre-1, Baltimore. Md. T?r Mor"oa'e wvlcee may be .engaged in Waatringwnor any other city, by addreesingaa above oc 13 la* JAMBS GUILD. D*nltr tn Seir and Second kind Fsratiari. Old Fnmitnre Repaired, Reap bolstered and Yaralabad. lSt<i and Bata.,faa?r tha car al > Hlgbeat price paid fo? Second hand Fnmitnre ee 1 ly* 'I*I*UH? BL*r* WaaOH. LAVOH. C. F. BLACK LAW VrFlCE. BLACB, LAMON A CO., Cconsellor* and Atterneys at-Law In the Supreme Ocwrt of tbe United Staxee. the Conrt of Olaima, tbe Oonrtaof tbe Platric*. tbe Executive Deyart enta. nnd Oommittaea of Coacreae. Office, 419 l?tb atreet, (dlracMy opposite Wlllarde' Hotel ? de l?-tf CLOTHING, Ac. jo o t M o ADVICE. That'a It '"that'a It I Jut llatea a bit Froia tbe folk* at Smith* Oak Hall Comes a word of advice, Soeoand and so nice. For tbe present ae aeon of Fall. Button yonr coat Dp to yonr throat. And aee that yon ra airaly clad; Or with aald In yonr bead Yon 11 be aick la yonr b?d, Wbjch will be exceedingly bad. And yon'11 etay la bed With tbo cold layoar bead. And oompdlled to be aom*wbat juiet. Till yoa*ve had enough Of tbe Doctor'a atnff. And nil aorta of aiek folka diet. Bettor beware. And alwara take care To be properly clad for the Fall, In auitable clothee, Jaat aach aa thoee Which are eoM at Smith'a Oak Hall. SMITH BBO8. A CO.. MBBOHANT TAILOBS, A!*D n*AL**S I!t ? NTS' FUBMIsHING GOODS, OAK BALL, 46? Bsvbmth STKIET. _ J ? *?<:??*ed tae Inrgsat and flnect etock of PlbCE GOODS ever offered in the city of Waabingtou. Having secured tbe beat artiste in tbe dty, we are prepared to make up la tbe finest atyle, and at leea pricee thaaanyotAer eatnbli'h ment. lusUtf] t. I. A 0O. II LOBABO, W. MLRCHAXT TAILOR. Corner ef 9th and D etreeta. Dsslree to ratarn hie thnnke tor the liberal a* patronage beetowed npen bim during paet^H sntone, aad at tbe came time invitee Me la frienda to visit his atoreand inspect bla new WW end choice selection of gooda, which be baa .aat nvrchaaed tor tbe Vail nnd Winter Trada. Mr. B HaBDOB. bla aeeodate, coatinuea to glva hta cone tact attention to tbe atyle and general appearance of all g arm ante made at the eetab4 llalmnnt. The heat work aad moderate charge* la oar motto. det-lm* ?* DOLAN, MBBOHANT TA1LOB, corner dm of 14th street nnd Pennsylvania ave.. aa oppoeite Willarde' Hotel baa received a^flm aaperlor aeeortm?-ntof C oth*. Caaeimeree, l| VeeUnga. ChincbUlae and Bacomaa. for M Overcoats, and a general aeaortment of"Ba Gent*' Faraiabiaa Qoo-ls He baa aleo added to hie atock aeplet>did lot of first class Oaptom made Clothing frualiw York, at lower acfcoe than can be bad in tbla city. He invites hie frienda and the public to give him a call, aad retnrne hie atacere tbanke for Ihetr liberal patroaags ocSl-Xm IT * HB?BBOBA._ ~ 7 r cjhzMirs^HyD _ mfmchant tailor, K& Metrepolltaa Hotol- late BimY, Wtf -PIM 36aye??y|?agiT' M BAEBB CtLIlliTt* F1BBT PBBMIUM Fd.Wl.LY SEW IN* MACHINES. The beat Family Machine to the marked. The eaJy Ka/?>s< that will both Sew aad Bmtrolder nrfectif. . They make aa El*ute Stuck that will aot break ia weehlaa. taU aad examine their merits, at DAY 18 B AITBBBW, ne 14 lm Hasrtata pace. TIB CBOOMBT OOLLAB BOOB. MBS. 1 Bayte a Earned Lace Oollar B?s?;fte Bagle Enltdag Beek, Mrs GnngalaJpEast Shawl and Scarf Book; Mm Oaaaala a Onxhet Baby Oaf s-?M ?^aft4ftaaF HOLIDAY GOODS. *mi * * isihti niTHi nfl^ HOLIDAYS. PRICKS BEDUCED. JAB. 8 TOPHAM * CO., W>o. 400 SEVENTH BTBBET,_j*? One Door above 044 Fellowa' Hall,) Offer their Ttry largo ud well-aaeorted atock of TBUJ5KS, SADDLERY, AND HARNEBP, LADITS TRUNKS, LADIES MUFF SATCHELS, LADIES1 MOEOCCO BATOI! ELS. MEN'S TRAVELING BA03, P?BTMONNAlB8, EBGOY AND PABLOB MATS, TOT TBDNK8, BOLE LEATHBB TB0NK9, BIDING WHIPS, CABBIAGE WB1P8, CARRIAGE B0BE3, FINE H0B8E OOVERS, FANCY DOG COLLARS, BEAL BUCKSKIN GLOVES, Ar., Ac. Be., Ac., Ac., Ac. AT BEDBCED PB1CBS, PREVIOUS TO TAKING ACCOUNT OF STOJK ?*r?00 SEVENTH STREET..^g do n-4t 486 F1!,1C 01L^?T7NU8 Mother'a Joy, by Meyer; Cynreaa S ump, by L?b?i?d, Vi<-w near Canada, hi Brown; Interior Cathedral View, a very ?u j>?rior w?rk of ?rt. by Rfiiour. Th? above with a limited bat choice election wf ENGRAVINGS. OHRMMOS. A for *alent MARKRITEK3. . ? ... No. 4*o ,th atreet, delist* 8doorg above Odd Fellow' Hall. |^ABGA1NS BARGAINB I To BB0PHY8 m? Book at ore the crowd atill preaae* on. To ii rchaee CHRISTMAS PRESENTS ere all ar? old and gone; So beautiful, so CHEAP are they, the people all declare. To BRuPHY 8 Store they 'll forthwith go, nor apend a cent elaewhere. Don tfc-rget 314 F STREET, between 10th and llth. rpOY8 TOYS 1 ! TOYS ' ! ! FANCY GOODS, FANCY G00D8, ROSARIES. ROSARIES. PRAYER BOOKS. PBAYEB BOOKS, BIBLES, BIBLES BE8T STOCK IN THE CITY. ALMOST AT OUST. At BROPHY'S, de 21'it 314 F -t., bet 10th and llth. Holiday presents. HOLIDAY PBE8ENTS. J net recel ved? Rich dt-corettd DINNBR SETS TKA BITS TITEA TSTE SETS " French and Engliah TOIUET BETS " Fancy Chinaai.d H- hemtau BI'KCA U SETS (>l?gne Bottles. Vase*, Mam, Match Boxee Cigar Stand*. Aah Stand*. S-noktng Seta c*?j Receiver*. Card Plate*, and Card Baaketa i'ofi Boxea. Motto oi ffee- and Wine Seta AI?o. a large asaortment of China Toya, which I I am offering at greatly redaced aricee Pall early and examine my atock, before pu rahiaingel-ewuere. F. M LA7.ENBY. No. 1x4 Bridge atr> ?t. deli st _ Georgetown. D. C. j ook out fob thkIholidays:CHR. RIPPERT, KRISS KRINGLE HEADQUARTERS, No ?2il 7TH BTBF.ET. BETWEEN D AND E, importer of all kin la of NEW TOYS AND FANUY GOODS, Adapted for , C HRIBTMA8 PRESENTS. ?. BUPPEBT takea great pleaaare to inform umeroaa cnatomera and the public generally that he baa jnat raceivad, throogh bia agenta in Fran-a and Germany, the largaat and boat aeiected Fancy Good a, auitablo for Holiday and Haw Year Praaenta, among which we oanmerata In part:? DOLL8 of every deecription, A great variety of POBTMONAIES, CABD CASBB. WOBK STANDS, BASKETS, PBBFUMBBY, WRITING DB8K8. WOBKBOXE8. AND CHB88 AND DRESSING CA8f?, BACKGAMON BOABD9, CHINA VASES 0BNAMBNT8, BOCK ABB HOBBY HOB8ES. And alao atata that la order to give bia oaatomera Increaaad advaatagee and facility in tha examine tion of my Stock of Good a. have fitted, at mnoh tronble, a large apartment ia the aecond atory. directly over my Store, where we will at all timea take great alaacnrelnwaltiag nponthoaa who may favor mo with a aall. Lad lea who wiah to avoid the naaal crowd are e?facially invited to make their aelactiona aa early na convenient. do 14 tjal O* BBADY, at MY OLD BTAND. BO. IBB BRIDGE STREET, OBOBOBTOWN, A FULL ASSOBTMENT ot 8FLBNDID HOLIDAY Q00D8 ABD TOYS. A fall line ( Swlaa Car Ted Work Boxea and Deeka, Tobacco ?ad Cigar Boxoa aad Btnnda. Cigar Staad* with Mualc Bos attached, together wtth a full atock of fine BOOkS. and all that aertaina to the Bi>ok aad Stationery trade for tha MoMdaye. da 10 4t G. OBANDALL. H BOWJ. VIOLIN | STRINGS, ? lOLIN > HAIR, ?EO?8, 1 ROBIN. a PIANO AND MUSIC oaaiaeaaa at vary lowe?t r*te? at JOHN F. ELLIS'. 306 Pennaylvnnia avenae, <U21St near 10th atroot. pHlBA TBA SETS, ? cmi?t ?iRirrrPLATID OA3TOM-tt" l&farott0Bail. /^OLD BAND AND WHITE VEBY LOW PWCM.?H?NADfBHBB.BTB. At _ J . W. BOTBLBR A BBO.'a, del9 W ,F,B.AM ?<0 Peaneylvania a venae. yyiBBB ABD LIQUOB8. We have bow on band a foil an*ply of California Wiaea. eonaiatlag of Fort, Beak, Angelica, Mnacatcl aad Claret. Alao, Fore Grata Brandy. _ Alao, Pure Old Bye and. Boorbon Whlakaya, Scotch and Irtob WMakoya, Jamaica aad 8t. Orolx Bam, New England Bam, Froach Brandy, Hoilaad Bia, OM Sherry, nod Madoira Wiaea, Blackberry Bready. Peppermint tiordial, Drake. Stoaghton, and Hoetetter'e Bittera, Bobldam a. 4e ? It Corner B aad Mb atreeta. MM* ",AI ' -?"?. ioSSk?LL. Ooraer Ittb and t atreeta. do W nader Ibhltt Hoaaa, ABIES FUBB, FUBS, FL B8. FOB CHBIBTMAB PBE8?*TSJT VAW*TT' 1BICBS LOW OB THAN BYBB, do Hlw' At bBYMoUB'S. In O^orgetown. nOLD PEN8-A fine naoortnaent of Gold Peae. HOLIDAY GOODS. ?pwo hubs or those beautiful t30? FlA*08' iflffc Becel v?d this day. 0*11 lid im th?m. JOHN F. BLLI9, de " It 306 Penn. eve.. n??r 10th St. Music BOXES, HAND ORGANS, MUSIC BOOKS, Ac , Be., 4? BLLIB, deIX2t 306 Pennsylvania twiDt. GRAND DISPLAY JOSEPH BHAFriKLD S fbench confection BBY, 246 Peuna. av.,bet. lltb and lJth itrMta, Of Fruit, Pound aad Fancy Cakes. Fancy Doiw, French Sugar Toy*. other fine French Confection*, Foreign Fruit* aid many other beautiful Articles suitable for Chrifttma* preaents d?22-it* p 0kbt fubsii fc bt-ti fancy goodb. CBBIBTMAB PRESENTS 8BLBY B YATB8, 4* MABKET SPACE, TNDEB AVENUE HOUSE, Have saw open a large lino of dbesb f u k 8 and fancy goods, citable for Christmas and New Year present* for Ladies and Children. The stock is targe, wall elected, and the pri es guaranteed. W Until further notice the Store will be open until p. m. deSi 3t 8BLBY A YBTES^ Fine french and English chin*, DINING TEA. a. d To I Lltr SETS, WO MUTT'S 'OFFEBS. dRL/ FINE VA8FS. PCNOH BOWLS, PLATED WARE CUTLERY, CASTORS. Ac,, (for the holi laya.) Housekeepers and Rn?tanr*nts unpolled at low pric.s A large lot of cbetp TO VS. LAMPS. CHANDELIERS,CHIMNEYS. and No 1 COAL OIL, for storekeepers, cor 7th and F nts.. opp. P. O -6f] H BAYLBY ft CO. Pablob base ball fibld. .4 \EW GAME FOR THE PARLOR. Thia new and Interesting divertisement, Illustrating all tha point* of the national game of Baae Ball, ia bow on exhibition and sala at China Hall, 341 Pennsylvania avenne, opposite Metropolitan Hotel. T. PUB8ELL ft SON, i* 21-3t Agent for thia city. Uf AKTBD-Every lady to know that the Orover A Bsker Sewing M*chtn?*s have been awarded the HIGHEST PkEMIUM at every State fair where they have been exhibited. Fnrsale at DAVIS * OAITH KB 8. UO Market Space. pob the holidays REAL LACE COLLARN. HANDKERCHIEFS, CLUNY AND CAMBRIC SETS, beal la;;e. F\NS, . * w j , perfumery, And all kinrt* ef FANCY MILLINEBY GOODS, At DAViS ft GAI THEB'S. C^bnl'ine JOUVIN8 KID GLOVKS.In white black and colored, at $2 per piir, at de 21 3t PA VIS A QMTHEB'8. ,\l INCEMSAT 1*1 Fi-her a Unrivalled MINCEMEAT Harrison CKAH CiDEB. Just received and for sale by J. fi BRYAN A BRO., 343 Pennsylvania avenue, _de 11 St Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. i nnn hams, ?c. ' r'yV New b mall si zed SUGAB OUBBD HAMBAIw). a few old mabylani) hams, SMOKED BEEP. BEEF TONGUES, and Prime leaf labd. Jnst received and for sale by J b. bryan ft BRO , , _ .. 344 Pennsylvania avenue, dcll-tt Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. jjo: for THB holidays!! Jnst received the largest assortment of French and American BON BON8 and OANl'lBS that cannot be surpassed in the District. . . Also. A large assortment of FANCY SUGAR PLUM BOXBS,joat received fr?m Paris, which I will offer the public at the lowest possible rates. N B ?Large sasortment of FANCY POUND and FBL1T CAKES, constantly on hand. Call and examine, at HOBBBCK'S. ? . 316 Pa avenns, deM lOt between <?th and 10th streets. 505 ""hjtbebt: 505 pbepabe fob THB holidays. tKIDWELL BHKNDBRSON Would respectfully call the attantlon of their friends and the public to their iatge and weli elected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WIHDOW SHADES, of the Latest Styles. Also, on band allarge assortment of OIL CLOTHS. TABLB COVERS BUSTIO BLINDS. PAPER CURTAINS F1BB BOARD PBIBTS, oval PIOTUBB FBAMB8, Together with CORDS BHD TASSELS TO SUIT. All of which tboy are prepared to sell at the LOWBftT CASH PBIOBS. Remember the place, 405 NINTH BTBBBT. Four doors above D street, Beaton Ball Building de l? 2w [< C B ? F BJ^B!!! F U 8 Having recently returned from New York, I am n?w prepared to offer fresh-made desirable FUB8, must suitable mementoes for Heliday 1'reeents, emb racing? HUDSOB BAT 8ABLB, MINK BABLB, BOYAL BBMINB, 8IBBBIAN SQUIBBBL, ABTBAKH AN, WATBB MINK. Ac., Be., In Skating and DrssaMDFFS, BOAS, and COL LABS. Also, fnll assortmsnt of OHILBBBBB FURS. B. H. STINKMETZ, Hatter and Farrier, 334 I'enn'a avenue, ds H-tf twa doors from lath street. AILLABD'S " CHOCOLATS DB FANTAISIB. BT BONBONS. MA1LLARD* 8ALso' CHOOOLAT PAB BXOBLLBNCB, This Triple Vanilla ch000LAl^l > superior la quality aad flavor to aay ether made la this , . oomer l?th and F streets, de?. under Bbbitt House, PLATBB TEA 8BTS. At J. W. BOTBLEB B BBO., de 19-W FBM 380 Peaaa^avt' jSetaerotTHAll. ^HBISTMAB ASD^HW YEABS PBBSrick and eteennt assortment of Gentlemen's Bobes de ObambrA, gotten up exareealy tor the holidays. Gold, Silver, and Ivory-beaded Canes, In neaattful variety' with Scarfs, Ties, Gloves. 8 pewters. Be.; with superior lot Tellet de U eotf 494 Penn. avenne, near4K st. ^HBIBTMAB IB COMOfcT " Bad everybody who wante a good FBU1T OB POUND OAKB ought to call at 4. GBO. BBI81NGBB*8 Oonfsctieney Star*, a. IBS 4H BTBBBT, IBLAHD. Perseae can find all aseortmeats of Fancy aad Plaia CABDIBB; also, TOYS; to aleaae theimTli eaee.aa well ae large, wbe are fend of good tbiaxs. ? 1?. BBI8IBGBB, No 1*3 4M street. IsUad, de 11-td?28* __between F aad 0, Washington. uobom BOWLS, r BBG HOGG BOWLS, la grant variety, _ At 4. W. BOTBbBB A BBO da If-WFBM Mstzerett Bali. TELEGRAMS. fcC. Rio Janeiro letters of November 20 state that no further collision bad occurred between the Paraguayans and Brazilians. In the Ugh: of October 30, at Terjnty, after repulsing the Paraguayans the Brazilians sallied oat trom tbe fort, but were surrounded and badly cnt op, losing rente six hundred in billed and wounded, besides numerous prisoners. The gunboat Paranayba was badly damaged by the Paraguayans on October 29, and was compelled to rnn ashore to prevent sinking- It I? stated that three more iron.clads have joined the Brazillian fleet. Feur colored children, who have been bound under the apprenticeship laws of Maryland to a Mr. Kicbardacn of Anne Arundel connty. were restored Saturday morning by General (Iregory, assistant commissioner of the Freedmen's Bureau, in Maryland, to their parents from wnom tbey had b*n separated for nearly two years. Mr. Richardson adopted the above conre in preference to suoraitung the case to the ivil oourt, tnereby acknowledging the i|. legality of the detention. Judge Boad lately ordered the return of a number of children

siroilary held to their parents. Several witnesses were examined in New Orleans. Saturday, before the congressional investigation committee, among whom were Judge Warmouth and Jndge Howell. All percons connected with the commission are sworn to secresy. Before returning to Washington the committee will take evidence regarding the sentiment ef the people and the inHnagement of the Federal departments. Peru and Chilli have determined to reject the terms of mediation prop sed by France and England. Spain mustsalute their flags, abandon tier claims, and return the three million of dollars received from Pezet'e Government Preparations for the war continue. A treaty effusive and defensive had been formed between Bolivia and Paraguay. The former is to suiply twenty-flve thousand troops and catry the war into Bra/.il. On the 30th of Octobcr the Paraguayans, with ten battallians of infantry supported hy cavalry and artillery, during a heavy rain and | denee log. assaulted the same position which tbey lost on the l*th of J uly, but were repulsed leaving 500 dead en the field. As the Brazilians were well protected by their defences, their loss was comparatively'smail. A Valparaiso letter of November lb says that the bark Fannv, of London, with eighteen Parrott guns on board for the Cnillian Government, Is forty days over due. The ship Tecumseh, with several Blak?ly < annsu from | Boston, is ?oon expected tbere. The Indian commissioners sent by the In! dian Department to conler with the tribes in Kansas have appointed a grand council to be held in Kansas city. There has been no difli culty with any but the Kickapooe. who refuse to leave in a body. The jury at Sweetsbnrg, C. W , in the case of Terence McDonald, on Saturday night returned a verdict of "not guilty." The prison, er was taken to jail being still held for charges of robbery and attempt to commit rape. On recommendation of Dr. Mnir au order has been i?*ued to the troops in Canada u> grow their beards during the winter months as a presentative of catarrh and bronchitis. It is stated that the military authorities in Canada expect to receive works and machinery from Fngland for the conversion of all the hnfleld rules in the province to breech-loadera. The United States gunboat Shamokiu has reached Cuniv.er with Minister Washburn and suit on board. They landed, and were provided with an escort to the capital of Paragnay. Three roughs came over to Buffalo, Saturday, and while on Canal street sho. a woman iti the leg with a pistol. They escaped, but are known. GevemoT Worth, of North Carolina, wu inaugurated Saturday in the presence of botti Bouse o: the Legislature. His inaagural ad. dress is warmly endorsed. Admiral Dablgren had assumed command of the South Fitcitlc squadron vice Pearson, relieved Captain Green takes command of the Powbathn, vice Davenport. The first rail of the Galveston City railroad was laid Saturday The Mayor, City Council. Major B. Bush Plumby, and others officiated. John K. Wighar has been sentenced to the New York penitentiary for ten years for robbing the pott office. Some half do/.en counterfeiter received a like sentence. William McGann and Robert Chambers were sent to jail in New York, Saturday, in default of 910,000 bail on a charge of defrauding B. Mordy of S3,000at faro. The Masonic Order of Philadelphia decided, at a recent meeting, to erect a new Masonic temple at the corner of Broad and Filbert streets. Twelve ocean steamers left New York, Saturday, for different parts of tbe world, taking an aggregate of too passengers and cargoes valued at over S5,000,b00. . Tbe mediation proposed by Chili and Bolivia has bsen refused by tbe Argentine Goveminent. Tbe trains on the Buffalo and Erie rail read have been blocked by snow, bnt tbey are beginning to work through. The ship in wbich Dan Setchell left San Francisco for Mew South Wales, is yet unheard ofJames Byrne, of New York, was on Saturday held In !5,0(i0 bail for sedaclng Jennie Pullman. The painting, Y'o-Semite Valley, lately sold in Boston for S5.500. is one of the several small views of the valley by Blerstadt. The Emperor of Brazil has emancipated all his slaves. Christ Chnreb, at Rye, New York, was burned Friday nigbt. Loss ?2&,9U? Five whiskey distilleries were seised in New York Saturday. Tbe Congressional excursion party leaves Nashville for Decatur to-night. Mexlce. Nxw Oblcaks. Dec. 23.?The steamer Mexico, from Vera Cruz on tbe 20th, arrived to-day. The Times' City of Mexico despatch of the 18th says Maximilian bas determine not to abdicate just yet, and had issued a proclamation Cor a congress ol tbe Mexican people to consider further tbe Government of the country. The Empire has been divided into four division* with Generals Vldauri. Mejia, Miramon, and Marque* in command. Maximilian baa changed his headquarters to Puebla. Ten millions of dollars and forty thousand men hare been raised to support tbe Empire. Tbe French have declared lor non-intet ventlon and seized tbe customs at Vera Cruz. Loudon. Dec. 22 ?It is reported on tbe Continent that tbe French authorities in Mexico have seized tbe baggage of thepseudo Emperor Maximilian, which had been carried to vera Cruz. It is alleged that among this baggage were secreted a number of private letters which have a tendency to oompromise the Emperor Napoleon with the United States Government. Maximilian haughtily refused to gi%e up tbe letters, when they were taken possession of as above stated, and be himself held a prisoner. Anothik Gold Tumblh.?The price of gold is again on tbe downward grade, the quotation yewterdny being only a fraction above thirtylive. Tbe preeent depression is general!* acsounted on the ground of speculauoa, and it Is therefore tbought that a reaction will soon occur. Tbe dullness of trade, particularly in tbe importing line, however, has probably been the chief instrument in bringing down the rate of gold, and if that be so it is probable that low rates will rule until a revival of bueiaeet shall occur. It need not be expected, ol course, that the fall In gold will have any tendency to reduce prices paid by consumers Tbe retail dealers always nse an advance la gold as an excuse for increasing their prices, but they al> ways lor get to mark down their goods when gold declines. The rule is one which does not work both ways. There has lately been something of a decline in retail prices, however, and it is some consolation to know that the matter might be worse.?.V. F. Hum. A man in Brooklyn advertises: "Wanted a boarding-place, where the (arms are not moderate, and where none of the 'comforts of a home' are guaranteed, and la a pious family aot preferred." %J-k. justice of th* peace named Malnix, of Hillsboro'. Ohio, last week, heavily Amed a number of yenng men for laffUiging la the silly pastime of "belling*' a aewly married conple. KTBut for Chiaeee labor aeKber borax acrsnlpbnr could bo obtained In California. CHRISTMAS GIFTS Whatte Bay tal Where to Bay It. We COD tin UP to-day our Christmas directory to enable purchasers to ascertain jest wber to go to be suited iu tie style of article desired. We shall continue tbe list from day today, and advertisers who wish t* receive nctice should tend id their advertisements seasonably. ola(m? aidcroikutvaii, t-aa be bad oa reason able terms from Charles I LUCK, Jr., (td street, between L) anil L, aud be has supplied himself with a large and varied stock of new goods for the holiGive him a call before making tout purchases. gitot iBiiD. Ac. Babeocb, Hamilton A t o. have a large and janed stock of family groceriee, from which can ba selected aim >*i any necessary or luxury required by housekeepers to supple tbeir tables for the holidays. _ , M Plated Wars. J. O. McUtiBi a. Co. are selling at anctioo at their rooms, corner of luth and D streets, a be?had?f fl** P,atea war? Great bargains may lovers of the wked, By calling on Jar M.Towere. 514 7tb street, can be supplied with anything they reqnire in their hae, such as cigar*, pipes, cbewinir and smoking -obaeco, snuff, Ac , on the S ressonable terms. mo ' c\?JZJmTLMy- K keeps a first, rlase tobacconisi es-ahiisb ment,where smokers chewers. and snuffers can get the beet qualities of the weed in the market. Boot* andShoh. The weather is extremely damp and di?arr>*e. * and to prevent colds and catarrh* ill should be wrlfshod. A.l\ Hoover, 331 Pennsyl> ania avenue, has a fine stock of boots and shoes from which to make a selection , , ? _ Books, Ac. .h- I Mt'RD, 3ti? D street, near 0th. advertise* the cheapest writing de?k? m the District, and toy^books at from 3 cents to S3. Give him a co*ferrio??*rr. ?.CHA5l'T*L? 18 tnakiug a grand displav of trench confectionery, at 240 Pennsylvania avenue, between 12th and 13th streeu * Jewilst. Ac. Kiw^WKRtf^ J* "/. and silverware suitable for holiday presents, can be purchased at Albxabdbr s, No. 240 Penn. avenue .. Groceries, Ac Hall Himk have a tine stock of familv groceries, and tbeir rates are moderate. 7 ??ii'.k Co., No.Sl Louisiana avenue, sell the'r groceries, fruits, ac.. on reasonable abl?^X^oYdayflSM,UPP,y0f "Ucl" 8U,tmiscellaneous. I-EAEKLijf A Co, opticians, No. 244 Penn avenue, have a splendid assortment of opera glasses, spectacles, stereoscopes, stereoscopic pictures, A c., suitable for Christmas presents. a ii?r? Bro ? 4,3 Peuo. avenue, have a large stock of carriages, buggies, Ac . whirh tbey sell at reasonable rates Millteert. JlRfl. Lowe, ifi7 Penn. avenue, has ladies' dress trimmings and all other articles of milli| nery, as cheap as tbe cheapest. I Alexandria and Vicinity-?From 'he Alexandria 6a:rtU of Saturday afternoon we clip tbe following wn we [ Last night a party of negro soldiers, numbering a dozen or more, some of them armed with bayonets and sUeath knives, came into !n'.lr^iV ?,T CamP I'tstribution, and forcibly entered, without paying the admission r*e a boose in Petersburg, in which a to??, i?ve^,v people of their own color, was ,n progress-! I fi ling the doorkeeper that they intended to go "ind take what they want? ed. and that they never paid for what they rot A Iter stay in gat the ball some time th-v went ^ivifTuCf'r,7 6U>re 'D lb<" n?*'Kbborhood, k*p' by a Mr. Harlow, who, at their solicitation, oivened bis store, and drew them a pint ofwh^ske. After obtaining the whiskey ihey called for "omething eise, and, whilst the proprietor was lh,s last arder. the par'v rushed out of tbe store, taking with them the money drawer, with its contents, a box of cheese and a keg of ale Mr. Harlow at 0I? gave the alarm, and the watch traced them back to tbe house ,n which the ba.l was gof^ I on. A portion ol them were arrested bar r?<?r until they bad defied the waTSto^ their weaponc. wu ? a n*gTO mnn fconis Lane was discovered by Mrs. Julia Elliott proori' etress of Elliott Hal,, removing planks from 1 b^ini,f?o#n,i,TOa"d,nr h"?r&rd,,n; bnt there f^ k policeman near at hand, the thief would haw escaped had not bis discoverer if* ^ bSl not W',h0at resistance, char** and conducted him to carj' Wb*r* he was properly seSbootiag this season has up to this tune not been very profitable. Canvas back ducks ??e selling at *3 a pair, and rad necks sen at tD.LarH<>r3L Scarr*; ?n the Potomac, more wild geese have been killed than usual, but canvas backs, red necks, Ac . are scarce The local trame on tbe Washington. Aiexan. driaand Georgetown railroad commenced running again yesterday, and this morning were making trips between this city and Washington every alternate hour. uing. w,S9y*J'*! b*"els of whisky, confiscated to the I nited States for violation of tbe revenue laws, were sold at the corner of Royal and Pnnce streets, this afternoon, at f 1.85 ptr galA Chase After a Female who Bl*ee Orr with a Mrr of Tebth.?On Saturday last a full specimen of the femialne sax called at the office of Dr. Payne's steam dental works and had a set of teeth" made. After mMtl^ter. adjusted to her montb, the lady prepared to leave, and stated she would call in the coarse ? w**kB a"d the bill, hot the doc tor did not sea it in that light, and demanded tba greenbacks The fair one declared she had no money, but promised that if she could . wed to take the teeth home she would retum in a few hours and bring the money, but on being required to leave the teeth till she returned with tba cash, she made a dash for the door and want down the stairs at t>? jumps. Mr. George Arnold, the doctor's as sistant, who Is always in tbe office playing the agreeable, and ready to wait on the ladles, dia. pteyed his gallantry on this occasion^KvXtaSl the next best time down stairs in pursuit of the flyiEg fugitive. At the front entrance her tilters caught on the door, and hare Omim overtook and embraced her in aVerya*?! uonate manner. Dr. P. called to him a^tto jjjjf *? bard, bat suggested that he bad belter obtain the assistance of a star. On beia* released the ftiir damsel went dpwn Olive id Fourth, and dawn Fourth with the speed of an antelope, George patting in his best fieks close at her heels, bareheaded. The flight eontinoed Myrtle street, where the maaculiae sex di* vailed?the female ? caved "^agreed Z mut' render?shelled out the money, and (Unm returned out of breath, having eclfpSTIC fastest time ever made at the Lac I ed elatesMitrovrx Democrat* lltt. Ot n Pustioe Abroad.?The events ol the past five years have given the United States a great importance in tbe estimation of militarv powers abroad. Oar remarkable achievements with volunteer soldiers astonished the old governments UMUhad believed war iapoelinl* U*i?u* ?r fHoUia. At first tbey tidicnled our awkward efforta, but it was aot ong before thev were glad to send oat offioere to take aotes or our doings. Both the French and English Governments took lessons of ns during the war, and the United StaVeTkept" sort of militarv school, whereat tbe raet of the world might (earn how tar they were behind the tABtee. Oar Goverament inaugurated a ".went Is naval architecture, and forthwith all the powers of Europe bnilt themeel ves iron c*ad veseelaafter on. patterns. A late dispatch savs that tha Prussian govarnaeat u about to end out a commission of experienced o(Doers to enquire into afihlrs connected with oar naval !.rTlcS-_Tb# "ailedStales geaerously mri'sa all nations to avail themselves ef iu disco" ertes and improveaeata, and the fact that the ?,d?*t unhertiatlngly do so. U a KmSfy fng proof of what American energy ,* ingnaity can aeoompllsh when concentrated A perpwe ?* "T s'ven subject ? SSTMempbis waa visited with a hard froat recently, and the street cars wera prevented far soma time fram making their trine. The companies have not yet learned tha sahdodxsL WThe Virginia Conference reqaeets the Oeaeral Conference to change tbe "Mwhodist Eplecopal Charsh SonS^^^ Episcopal Methadist Oharch. I""lt is a mistake to sappose n??? tvsrv. ^ ' r^tnift.^ IIP"1"1"* 'or ?avera<J. - bera are thirteaa man who are aot. Thee are the candidate, for Lieutenant Governor S^ A mnn has Men convicted for steal in an umbrella m Portamoath, O. ElROPBt* MM'H. | By Cable J ' 1 f=T I'lTKRirrKU. THc 23?The S? l'e'eraIvig JvurHti. m an editorial, puts an etnpfca:ie denial an* n the report* the: KumW ?n? Au*iri& u? a I variance upon an> iubjr?i, ltd a? *ru as a'roagly that their re in 11 or s are In all respects ot a moot friendly ttalMMT. DtKiiii, Dec. 23?Tbe sipcr hotw of tbe l'ruf?i*n Ihet baa agreed to tbe budfft as avoided by the lower braa<b. Km ??rL*, Dee 23 ?1 be old difference coacerrnBg tbe Scheldt dues bare been renewed, and the Governments of Belgium and Holland re at open issue upon 'be subject. A a attempt it. bc?rver. being made to settle tbe question . by diplomacy, with what rerult is yet problematical. Lobi>ob, I)ec. it??Peace meetings are bring held in Ireland, and confidence is increasing in England tbat there will be no Feulan trochlea. It ia said that the British tic* triaeit will require Spain to explain the seizure ol I be Tornado, and apologize to and indemnify tbe owners and craw of tbe w?>l Pabi*. Dec. W ? It U rumored that another conspiracy baa been dlscoTered id Madrid, and that Gen Prim is at the bead of it. Gen Dia will bare an interview witb the Emperor Napoleon to-morrow. All tbe attache* of me United State* Legation will be present Pabih, Dec. '?1?livening?The Oouatltntionnel belieTea the journey of tbe Lmprm Lu. genie to Heme to be poetposed. CitiiKW n Hotei . Ixi*do*, Dee. 21?1b tbe Vice Cbancellor'a Court in tbiacity, yesterday, !te adjourned ca?a of ibe Cared Mate* agaia*t Prlolean. in croaa suit involving claim* for damages by the veuure and detention ot Teasel*. alleged to have been fitted oat and intended for tbe arrviee of the rebel American navy during the lata rebellion. Sir Wm P. Wood, Vice Chancellor, granted a motion discbargmg Pnolean's auretie*. which bad been given totbeamooat ot aterling to proeetute ihe .rial to an i**ue. but retaining hi* per*, rial k recognizance. Tbe time given to tbe Government of (be Inited States to answer tbe questions Hied with the croaa auit ia extended to Vi*h of February, next year. If they are not replied u> at thai time tbe suit brought by tbe Vnited States against Prioleau will be diecharged lor deficiency of proaecution Paris, l>ec. 41.?Tbe Moniteur du Soir save all tbe stepa have beea taken for the evacuation ot Mexico by tbe French troop* en ma?t-? }Ry Steamer, j Mail advioea from Candia give the detaila of the dis-aster to the Turks at the Coavent ot Arcadion. Tbe convent contained 54<i aoula, including 343 women and children, leaving 197.men defending it agaiust Mustapba Paaba a army of R.01U. The Cretans refused to surrender. and the Turks bombarded the oenveat two days and nights. After breaking the walla tbe Turks poured into tbe court of tbe conTea!, but the Christians continued to defend tberaselvea from tbe oeila, and finally a monk fired tbe maga/me, hurlinr Chri?t?aae and Turka into the air. Two tboutand Turks were killed and large numbers wonnded. and only :j{imen and tit women and children ol the garrison were left alive. Over a thousand wounded Turka bad arrived at the hospitals from 'hia exploaion. The Tnrks had burned seven Cretan village*, in revenge tor which the Cretans had burned *7 Turkish Tillages thi fkman movement ik irelawd. A Dublin letter te the Sunday Newa says iho Government officials are frequently sold by stories that Stephens baa landed at different points on tbe coast thus keeping the troops and gunbeats constantly on tbe move. Pb<i-mx Park, in which is situated tbe (loverament Cowder magazine, baa been aurrounded by eavily-mauned earthworks, and Dublin Gaatle i& protected by newly.bmlt palisade*. Troopa are continually arriviag from Kngland, and suspected Irish regimenta are transported to .England and tbe coioniee. Despite all tbe exertions ot the authorities and patrol* ofphe military, midnight meetings for drill and exercise are beld all over Irelaad, and tbe people evidently are determinedly awaiting Stephens arrival to riae in spite of tbe great. odda againat them. A Mother attempt* to Dtowx Haa-elr ami> Child.?Some two or three weeks ago, Mrs. Amelia Holtzsclaw, with a child three years ot age. bacded us an advertisement, making inqmry of ber brother, John Gweu, formerly of Clay county. Miaaouri. She appeared to be a woman of education, and bad tbe air of oue who bad beeu raised ib good society. She remained at the Collins Hou?? about a week, when ahe informed tbe proprietor of the hotel that she had juat money enough to pay her bill aud bar paaaage to Memphis, but tbatshe preferred it they would glee her wages to work for tbem. Thia waa agreed to, and *he kept faithfully at work BTor ling to agreement, until Sunday morning last, when matters led to auch a conclusion as to indno* the iiafortanate woman ?o make the r;wh attempt at her life, stie at ouce resolved what to do. She took her child acd went to the river ai.d threw it m and as suddenly jumped in after her ofUpring. They were both rescued ficm being drowned by the ferryman, a negro man Sbe and her ch id were taken to Pr. Ringgold's, where ibey received Kind a-teutiouTwe understand she is doing very well _ O'reneda (Mtt*.) RMhr. A Jail Tbauedt.?The jad of Pike county, Mississippi, waa set on fire laat wee a oe one Stephen Peake, who was confined in tbe dungeon on a charge of bor*e stealing, and totally consumed. The jail was built of heavy logs, and tbe dungeon was enu-red by a trapdoor from above, and the tire was so hot that ao assistance could be rendered the wretched mac. who had been attemptiag to barn hje war into a less secure apartment. lie had tried it during tbe day, but the fire bad been put out. He procured more combustibles after nigh:, and his fire became a fatal one. Peake waa a very deaperate fellow. Tweaty years ago, while in Columbia jail, he cat to pieces a fellow-prisoner witb a razor. The jury found him guilty then of some light grade ol manslaughter, on a suspicion of insanity. Killed nr a Pabtbee.?Tbe Rutland Herald learns that a iran named Geo Fiaher was attacked by a panther on ShaftebnrT Mountain on the Gth mat., and ao badly injured that he died tbe aame day. He waa engaged m piling wood which be bad cut. when be beard a rustling noiae in tbe underbraah near him, of which he took no noUoe at first, but on hear, ing it the second Ume, turned roand. and caught a glimpse of the animal. He immediately seized hta rifle, which ha had been in tbe habit of carrying with him, ana fired; bnt in his baste or from fear, he only succeeded ia, slightly wounding the animal, who immediately sprang upon him and bore him to the ground. When found be was still aliwe, bat was fearfally wounded, his left arm being torn from ita socket at the ahoulder, and bia aide terribly lacerated. WJohn Smith, a aeoond Qointua Curtioa. a citizen of Memphis, deairouaof ameliorating the condition of the atraets of hia natlTe city. ia reported to have plunged headlong imo the mud, feaving only the heela of bia boots exposed, with tbe tone bine inscription .n chalk, Who will care for mother now." T'Whilea physician waa working over a young lady who had suddenly tainted m tbe atreeta of Zaaeawille, it waa found necessary to remove eleven pairs of stockiag lags and one pair of hoee before be ooald restore circulation through ber pedal aztremitiea. VCharlee Rub, a Demociatic member of the laat New Jersey Legislature, has gene to the State prisoa tor one year at bard labor, and ia forever disqualified from botdinc any office of truat or profit m tbe State. Caoae? He accepted bribe. VThej have thonghtfal widows is Virginia. Tne Petersburg Expreee tells of one who recently, while buying ber wedding trousseau also purcbaeed a tombstone to be placed over the grave of her late haaband. ?7~Tbe trial of George W. Gayle, the Alabamian charged with Inciting the morder of tbe late lamented Lincoln by anadvertiaement offering a reward.far bia body, has been commenced at Moatgomery, but continued to the next term ot the court. WA father out Weat kicked hia daughter'* lover into the atreet, and tbe loTer re to aged himself by causing a stick of wood fiUed with gunpowder to be placed ia the old gentleman * stoTe?effect to be imagined. *^"B. J. Roberts, the girl-flogging schoolmaster of Cambridge, has received a present of *360 from divers austeie bean -eater* of Boeton wbo "take this method of signifwmc'* their gratification at hia exploita. VPouiingcold water on the faoe and head deetroTa the effect of aarootlc poisons, a girl poisoned wHh laudanum la England waa jawed in this way after all other remedies had WTwo aangulnary indiTideala chopped a man'a head off with an axe a ear Kingston Spriaga,Tenn. 99 ] he California end of tbe Pacific Railroad will be higher than the paeeea of tbe Alpa. TA North Oaroliaa pabhaher wauta 100.0U0 in Sentbern bank mile, and ?te,ooo ia apecie. It ia anppoeed ho ia going te eatabliall a priwnie ma re am KTAbont thirty gentlemen were fined SI each by the Mayor ot Lynch berg oa Monday, for mow balling In the etreete oa ttaaday TTheodora Tilton ia known among hia political mends hj the atgrnning fbru,un of - the infant Herculea of Amerioan freedom." tar Ab American teacher in Enroyo eaya the lump of butter da American girl pat* on a plate would make a Pariaaeaae stare wildly. fi9-Th* yoang aaa ia Praeport who reoeatly committed auicide by takiag a done of hahlag powder ia not expected to rise from the WWbea alone ere naee our thaagb?e t* watch, in oar mmihaa ear tempers, aaA ia "aety oar teagnea. "" ,, fHi* .w :?ita> m

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