24 Aralık 1866 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

24 Aralık 1866 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE EVENING STAR. LOCALNEW& AMUSlKKm. *?.. TO-BIQHT. Natiobal Thbatbr.?Lut nigbt but one of Jfffrraoa'f impersonation of "Rip Tan Winkle We were present at its sixth representation on Saturday eveping, and the house was again crowned to 1U utmost capacity. The success of this play is u paralleled, bat warranted by tbe excellent manner in which it ha* been brought ont by tbe managers here Caat scenery and mnur are all (food, and in keepiag with Jefferson's finished and artistic charao?erir*tion. Wiu'uKiw Ofbra Hot SB.?Messrs. Wall ?* Kerry nave made ample preparations for holiday jierformances. and this will doubtless be a highly successfal week at their Opera House Mr. Chanfrau has been engaged and will make his flrat appearance this evening as 'Ka*n' 4 character be has successfully rendered timing many weeks in New Yora, Philadelpbta, and Baltimore, and which be here pr esented some weeks ago to enthusiastic audiences. Fair Hriliuno. corner of 7th street and Fa. aveuue.?The Grand Masonic Fair, for the benefit of the Masonic Hall Association, is one of im mwt places to ppend an even* ing in fbe metropolis To-night there is an additional attract.on, being the grand opening nicbt of Reynold's Campbell Minstrels in burlesque opera, w.tb a full brass band, tbe oeca* 'r#l,d complimentary benefit to the Masonic .raternity of our city. lsi a>d Hali.?No one who attends the dehgbttul fair at this place for the benefit of Grace ( burcb. will regret the time or money spent, "lbe ladies are courteous and agreeable. and the entertainment, embracing tableaux , is most interesting. I'r??f. Kkkis' Acadknt, Penn a avenue, be'we"1 Sth and ?th streets.?Third Orand Ball Of Friendship Club No. 1, this evening. Washington City C.ardkbb.?Third Grand La?l oi the Capitol Hill Social, this evening. AKIL? AND Aurk^ts.? Yesterday morning, at 5# o'clock, Mr. John Maxwell, private watchman on 7th street, between D ?nd E. uncovered that the shoe store of v. Magruder, on I>, near Tth street, had been entered and robbed by burglars during the night Tbe job was performed by no ordinary burglar?, as the tools used, a part of which were left in the store, indicate. The store was entered by tbe front door, .two panes of glass being out of tbe sash, giving them opportunity to work They first broke tbe padlock from the out-ide. and removed a screw from the keeper of the lock inside, when they entered without difficulty They then replaced the keeper, and put another padlock on the outside and locked themselves in. They then went to work on the safe, a Valentine A Butler bnr. glar-proof pattern, and by drilling the rivets ont of tb?' door and drilling an inch hole below the lock, managed to spring it with a jimmy, and burst the door to pieces. The buiglars carried away the little safe vault from the inside, containing abont ?1.50 in money. Nothing else was carried away. As soon as the facts were reported to the detestives suspicion rested on Charles Snyder. John English. the prize fighter, and Daniel Donovan, who were arrested soon after at a house in Hooker's Division, by l?etectives Miller and Coomes. and were taken betere Justice Walter, who sent them to jail for further hearing today at eleven o'clock. The tools found in the store are a cast steel jimmy, about two feet in length and neatly made: a powerful pully, u-ed in prying open the door; a monkey wrench, drill bits, a screw driver, a cold chisel, mortise chisels, nut wrench, a hammer, and a dark lantern. With such tools, handled by men as -killfnl as those who performed this job. few safes are burglar proof. About two weeks ago an attempt was made on this store by boring the back windows, but it was not successful. The proprietor had the sbut.ers which were bored covered with sheet iron, and supposed that his store was at least comparatively safe. This morniag Charles Snyder alias Tip Snyder. Michael English, and Daniel Doaovan. tbe parties named above, were brought out before JusticeTncker, who beard the evidence. There was no testimony to connect them with the burglary, and they were dt>charged. Sunday merning. tbe shoe store of Auliffe & Hartman. No. 405 Pennsylvania avenue, near :Ju street, was discovered' by Mr. Wm. Horaer, who lives in the adjoining house: to have been entered during the previous night and robbed. Tba pad-lock was wreached from the ontside: and the door-lock inside was sprung open. Mr. Horner heard nothing of the burglarious operations. The proprietors being absent, nothing definite as to tbe amount lost has been ascertained: but it is supposed that over a f kni worth of goods were stolen. No clue to the thieves has been obtained. Obphabs' Cocbt, Judgt Purcfll.?Saturday morning :hewill ol the late Joseph Follanshee, bequeathing the greatest portion of h>s estate to bis widow and youngest son, was filed tor probate. Tbe other beirs-at-law filed a caveat to tbe will, alleging that the paper filed is aet tbe last willjof tbe deceased Tbe will of tbe late Jacob Snyder was folly proved and letters testamentary were issued to Frederick Valk, the executor named (bond, *4,000.) Elizabeth Blumer was appointed guardiaa to the orphan of F. Blumer, (bond Margaret Webster to the orphans of John D. Schrin. The flrat and flnal account of the administrator of Thomas P Wilson, and the fourth and final account of the execator of Eliza Henning, deceased, were approved and passed. Letters of administration were issued to Job W.Angus on tbe estate ef Henry F.Baker, bond 910,000:) to Z. F. Borland on the estate of John Lange, (bond >3,000.) Henry Whitehall, tbe executor of the will of tbe late Martha K. Woolley, the probata to which, it will be remembered, was set aside on tbe last court day, flled an affidavit tor a reopening of tbe case, alleging tbat be has now evidence to the effect that Dr. Woolley and tbe deceased frequently said that they were not basband and wife, but were living as such to avoid public scandal: that at the time they were living together be had a wife living in California, from whom be bad not been divorced. The question as to whether tbe case aball be reopened or not was argued by Mr. Tbompson for Mr. Altman, ana Mr. Schmidt lor Dr. Woolley. Kobwathiu' Dat.?On Saturday night, we believe for tbe flrat time, the anniversary of tb** Landing of the Pilgrims was publicly celebrated in this eity. Thn celebration was under tbe auspices of tbe Ladles' Aid Society of tbe Congregational Church, and was held in tbe nail of the Columbia College Law Building. (5th street.) Tbe room was handsomely decorated with evergreens, the national colors and appropriate mottoes. On several tables were displayed baked beans, brown bread, pumpkin pies, parcbed corn, and other N*w England flxins. with turkeys, chickens, oysters, Ac. About 8 o'clock the company, numbering about 250, were seated. Among those present were Chief Justice Chaae, Col. Farqubar. of lad.; Hon. Mr. Baker, of III., and Hon A. C Fessenden, of Conn. Tbe chair was taken by Mr. W. F. Boscom, formerly of tbe Sanitary Commission. Alter full justice bad been done to tbe substantials, a number of toasts were given and responses made by Kev. I?r Boynton. Hon. A. C. Fessenden, Revs. B. F. Nerris, Dr. guaderland, Major Ketcbum, and others, and the company dispsrsed abont midnight. Tbe choir of tbe cbnrcb was present in full force under the lead of Mr. Moultrop. and tang a number of appropriate pieces of music, including the old piece, ? Pilgrim Fathers"* \ovvo Man's Chiistiav Absik iatios.? On Saturday evening a meeting of tbe Young Men's Christian Association was held in tbe lecture-room of tbe Lutheran Charcb, at which, after tbe reading of a selection of Scrip, tores, and prayer by Dr. Butler. Mr. A. K. Browne took tbe chair. Mr. Browne read an address from tbe Young Men's Christian Association of Richmond, fraternally greeting the Washington Association, and asking correspondence Mr D L Moody, of tbe Chicago Association, was introduced, and spoke of tbe work of tbat association in Chicago and throughout the State. Gen. Brown also made a abort address Las' night, a public meeting was held at Merzerott Hall, at wbich Mr. Moody gave an interesting history of tbe work in Chicago and other cities, and he was followed by Hon. W. E D^dge, of New York, who made a few remark as to the work in New York. Christmas Sbeyice* ? From what we learn Christmas will be pretty generally obeenedin tbe churohes, not only in tbe Catholic, but in cearly all tbe evangelical churches. In many of the Methodist churches sunrioe prayer meetings will be held, and in tbe Catholic churches service* will commence very early n tbe morning At St Matthews church there will be high mass at 5 o'clock a. tn? followed by other masses. A solemn service will be beid at 12 o'clock a. m , at wbich Haydn's grand mass No 1? will be executed by the choir Tbe Rev. Father McElroy, of Georgetown College, will preach on the occasion. muiiu L:v?i or uif tbb Small.?Patrick IM^t m Afe irT??itfd by olfew "\eatman? ol lbe seveitb Ward, for selling liquor by the small w ithout license. Justice Boswell fined aim ?*) 'Hi. T? ~ Cabrtibo Wkahobs.?Benjamia Turner acd Robert Ihamoad, colored, were arretted riJiit by Wbit^mor# and Oww. of the Seventh Ward, for carrying conc*alea weapons, they were Sued frit eaca by Justice Handy. AMCdIMENTS. Ac., ON CHRISTMAS. National Theatre.?Grand holiday matiJM to-nsorow afternoon of Sbakapear'a Com*, dy of "Katharine and Petraehio." aad Broagh- . am s musical burlesque or "Pocahontas." 5 At night last appoarance of Jeflereon aa "Rip 1 > *a Winkle." Go early. Wall's N?w Opera Horsa ?Grand Conedjnttinf# Chrisiuiaa afternoon comrasncmc *i J p. m . with the line coined/ of "A Ball in a China Shop " At night Chantran makM bia second appear- a ance in bia great speciality of 'Sara," supported by an excellent cast. Metzerott Hall.?On Christmas night Handera grand oratorio ot the Mesaiah will be c given by tbe Philharmonic Society, under tha Oirectton of Dr. J. P. Canlfleld. Fair Boii.dino, corner of 7th street and tbe area ne?Tbe Grand M&aonic Fair will be open >< during tbe day and evening. ^ M a bonk Hall, corner 9th aad D atreeta ? Second performance by Reynolds Campbell Minstrels of burlesque opera and concert. Island Hall ?Grand Christmas celebration at tbe Grace Cburch lair to-morrow evening, where many addmonalattraction* will be pre- v aenied. * Chriptnam Celebration.?Waugh Chapel j Sabbath School will give an entertainment tomorrow evening at the Cbarcb. corner of *2d afreet eaat and A street nortb, Capitol Hill. Metropolitan Hall.?Grand holiday per- 1 formances Christmas afternoon and evening, r when tbe grand corns of pretty ballet girls. vocalist*. Ac., will all appear. The Soldier* and Sailors Orphans Home.?A ihtagrerment?The Manager t try to Vote out the Lady Secretary?She Won't Go.?On g Saturday, a meeting of the managers of the Soldiers and Sailors Orphans' Home waa held ? at tbe Home, 2d ana II atreeta, (Capitol Hill.) For some time past there has been much said as to the management of the institution, and it r has been alleged that two or three having gained control, have been carrying it on in / their own way. It has also been asserted that " notwithstanding the act of incorporation provides that the children "shall be educated in I the faith of their lathers," the orphans of }j Catholics have been denied admission unlets it was agreedjbat they should be raised In the Protestant faitb. It ia also stated that the proceeds ol one of the State tables at the fair h is thus far been withheld because the holders wi?h to see how the institution is to b? conducted first, and there has been bints given that unless tbe doctrine of "no distinction on account ot color" is cairied out in the institution, the money from that table will not be paid over. The Home was opened in August last, starting with $$;.(XNi received as tbe proceeds of the lair?tbe number of orphans the first week being 3, wbicb has been increased to IS, and gi it is said that S6,00<> has already been expended. Tbe present Board of Managers consists of Mrs. Capt. Morris. Mrs. Oen. Howard. Mrs J. C. Smith. Mrs. J. C. I,?wn. Mrs. Carlisle, (secretary,) Mrs. W. B. Told, Mrs Gen. (IrHj.t. Miss E. Howard, Miss Charloite Taylor, Mrs Secretary Welles. Mrs. Gen. Sherman and Mrs. H 1) Cooke. The bill now pending before Congress to *' amend the ac: of incorporation, names the foling as directors of tbe Home in lien of the I above Oen. Grant. Oen. Howard. Oen. Sher- N man. Admiral Farragut. H. I) Cooke, Rev. Dr. Hall, Rev. Dr Gillette, and Mr. Carlisle. It seems that this bill is in opposition to the wishes ot the majority of the present managers. at least to tbe four first named, who, with the Secretary, were presenton Saturday. The subject ot tbe bill amending the charter was considered, and it was charged by some of those present that the Secretary waa in favor ' of it. ignite an animated discussion was bad, and some of the ladies urged that the Secretary should resign her position. This the Secretary \ refused to do. and the managers tben adop ed cfc unanimously a formal resolution requeuing th her resignation. The lady then informed the ?< managers that she wonld probably resign after co *be njride her report, and there tbe matter rests. 1,1 The Home is at present in tbe large brick i dwelling at tbe corner of B and 2d streets, w (Capitol Hill.) The bnilding contains a parlor, m dining room, sitting-room, and bed-room on ? the first floor, and seven bed-rooma, nursery, fe and bath-room, with hot and cold water, on tbe second floor. They have accommodations " for about seventy-five children, but at present al there are but 1(>. all but 3 of whom are large enough to attend school, which is taught daily by Miss Tuttle. Of these children 3 are from |. one family in Maine, 3of one New Yorg fam- a ilv. a from Philadelphia, I from Trenton. N. J., and the others from the District. The institu- _ ticn ib in charge oi Miss Shuman as matron. j Sillwo LwroR without Ljcbn8k.?Mary Suilivan was- arrested by officer Bluet, of the P Eighth Precinct, Saturday, for selling liquor without license. Justice Haudy fined her SOJO, and she appealed to conrt. Police Repobts for Satueday.-Yester- n' day morning, the lieutenants of police re- * ported 60 arrests made Saturday. The fines ?? uuder tbe Corporation laws amounted to S173 9U. CITY ITEMS. 1 m n Everything wherewith to keep comfortable and warm ibis cold weatherat Henning's One 0 Priee Clotbing Store on the corner of 7th street and Maryland avenae, south ot the ca- fl nal. i1 t'PEKCL Cii RI8TMAK AND MlW YEAR PBESents are to be found in great variety at the ? tore# of Mr. J. R. Foley, 318 F street and 275 11 Pennsylvania avenne, between loth and llth n streets, together with a new stock of China, Q (flats and Crockery Ware, Cutlery and Plated Ware. Coal OH, Lamps, House Furnishing 0<v?ds, Ac ; also, a large assortment of Skates * and Fancy Ornaments which be is offering a' 5 greatly reduced prices, and guarantees satisfaction to all who may favor him with a call. ; The most Attractive and mo^t desirable article In tbe market this season, is the SIB Drab Overcoat, which Henntng, oa the corner of Ttb street and Maryland avenue has just received. He has but one price and that is the lowest. Whitbhurst Gallki'.y, 42* Pennsylvania j, avenue?Prices reduced 50 per cent? Vignetts formerly sold at as per dozen reduced to S3: for iour full length, including frame, only SI. See his Christmas presents, at low prices. '2 8. Q. Mills, Photographer. Ji Yor know not what is cheap until you go to Franc's Gents' Furnishing House, No. 4M Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' HaII Headquarters for Scarfs. Ties, Gloves, and Handkerchief*, for Holiday presents. 5 < * ihe-stitchkd Boot> made to order, and a T good fit warranted for SH>; pegged boots, s?; ens torn-made store boots, SAJSO; kip boots, for SJ.S0 to 85; at Heilbrun A Brother's, 506 Seventh street, one door south of Odd Fellows' Hall. 20 For Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Fmbrocauon is a specific. Price SI per bottle. For sale at 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4j{ aad 6th streets. ASlbbPile CURB.?Dr. Gilbert's Pile instrument posiUvely cares the worst cases ?f Ii piles. Sent by mail on receipt of S4. Circu- j lars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted f everywhere. Address J. B. Romaiue. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3: Cobnp, Bunions, Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, ?. Warts, Molee, Vascular Excreeences, Ac., f, snccessfally treated by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 494 Penn. av., between and Sth streets. Offlce hours from 8 a m. to 5 p. m., and ? to 6 p. m. I Notice.?The Simpson House tor sale, cor- i nerof 'Oth street and Pennsylvania avenue, " at a great bargain; with a live years lease and cheap rents. 6. v Pbnnies can be had in any quantities at the | Star offlce counter ~ ??????r DIEU. ; McCRATIT. On the 23d Instant, Mrs. MABGA 8 RAT H. McUKAl H. ia tbe tfth year ef her age. ti Her fninral will take place from her lats rest- a dsnce.530 Hsrjland avenae, Wedoesdar morn- g ing. If o'clock, to which ths friends of the family are reepectfally invited to attend. [Baltimore and fcew York papers ?lses? ceyy.)* j WALKBK. Ib Georgetown, on the Sith Instant, I JObKPU T. WALK**, la the SMh year ef his Vhe fnnersl will take place oa Wednesday af- I ttrni oa. at o'clock, frosa ths rseidsaceor his father, corner ef BLentjaaery and Olive streets. n*** ia'it, *UT *!*LIf 'g f ^ BT HOWITT BUBITS. Where can I get a good cigar T Oh, foos to ms. qso Finlsy. Most I walker take ths ear * As yen plesss. ?? ' Fialey. Do yea keep the Ooiden Leaf r Isdcrrl is 11 in? fin 1st 1 AH things In ysnr line, ia brief f 1 Come and see. quo' rinley, g As I pees. Wldmalnf 1 Do drop in, quo* Flnley. Bsve you fine cnt wraeped in tlaf Beat there is, quo'rinley. I Do yonr meerschaum'a color well r Bur and try, quo'flnley. ? Are they mere-shams, made to eell tJ Vary sell, qao' Flnley. Bave yoa plag of every grader Every grade, quo' Hnley. . Pleeee tbe taste aad eaite tbe trade f I Jast ths thisg. >iuo' Flnley. Bowls and stems In every style r Bvery style, quo' Viator- . I 'll call there in a little while. tl tjo-im**0""0_^.^fWr?T*BBT. near B. | IA OOBFLBTB SBT Ot SBOOBB HABD t AMU3EMENT8. WALL'S NSW OPERA HOUSE. IBM A WALL PROPRIETORS. I. B. PHILLIPS. STAGE MANAGER. MONDAY EVENING, December 34.19??. OB E AT'C&M ED 1 A*B, Mr. f. S. 0 H A N * B A C. In bi* Great Speciality, HAM, uppsr*6 by a Powerful Out from Ik* GREAT COMBINATION COMPANY. CHRISTMAS AFTSBNOON, ObAND COMEDY MATIN CB. om fencing ttl p. m., with the Eleg?nt Oeinedy. A BULL lM A CHINA SHOP. MATINEE PRICES rlfty o?nti to Orcbeetra, Parquette, itii DrMi Ircle. Family and Oolortd Circle* twenty Ove bdU NATIONAL THEATRE. PemuylTMl* dmt W Wards' Hotel. Thirteenth olghtof there engagement of ME. JBFFBB80H, fho will appear THIS (Monday) EVENING, DEC. 34,1966, 'or the *ev<>nth and last time bnt on* in Dion Soncicanlt's drama, RIP VAN WINKLE; OB. THK SLEEP OF TWENTT YE ASS. 'ounded on Washington Irving'* beautiful story, oceivtd each evening with the Itmost enthu*K?D,by?he iarreot audience* ever seen within be wall* of this theater. OHBISTMAS~FTEBNOON. OBAND HOLIDAY MATINEE. TWO PIECES, hakapeare's Comedy of KATHABINS AND PETRUOIO. i r.d Brougham'a Mnaicai Burleaque of po-ca hon tab. Price* of Admission same a* at Night, excep hiidren, SO sent*. CONCERT AND EXHIBITION. J A CHRISTMAS CONCERT AND BXHIBl lON will b? given by t.ie Do-barton Street M. Sn>>b*th Hcuool, 0?' rr?town, THIIB^D.tY, *c.S7th 18^, at 7H o'clock. de 21 St* NETZERUTT HALL. CHRISTMAS NIGHT,(DECEMBER 33,) HANDEL 8 GRAND ORATORIO OV THE MESSIAH, BY THE PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY, Under the direction of Db. J. P. CADLF1ELD. OLO PABTSby Ml?a E WEB and Mrs. BALTS. Soprano Mrs J P. CAULFI ELD, Contralto Mr. ARTHUR MATTH180N, of N. Y., Tenor Mr.L. E.GAHBON.Basao. TICKETS SI ' for sale at the Music Store*. Secured Seat* 20 Cents extra. The sal* ef secured seats to e^mmence at Metarott'a store on Friday morning nest deJl t<4 ' BEAT ATTBACTION AT THK V GRANI> MASONIC FAIR . w btiBR held at the MAMMOTH K&iR BUILDIN O, corner of Seventh st and Penn. avenue. MONDAY EVENING, December '24 , IS66, ORANDOPENIN*. NIGHT OF REYNOLDS' CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, i BURLESQIE OPERA TROUPE, 1 full brass band. THE PIONEER TKOI I'E 7) if AMERICA. Ttri? evening has been set arart by the manage en? a* a BAND COMPLIMENTARY BENEFIT to the MA8ONI0 F KATRRN ITY or WASHINGTON. ' The Campbell*" will give bat three ?f their iH?t* and fashionable Parlor Entertainment* in is city, is the) are now on their annnal tour >nth. en r*ute to California This Companv is mpcedofthe tine-t talent. Vocal, Inatrauiental, id Comic, in the profe-siva. each a star within himself. The Management take pleasure in stating that bile their entertainments oontain ail of the eleentsof NOVELTY aa.l HFMoK. yet nothing ill be Introduced on our atag>* calculated to Of nd the most festidienti. Second and Third Entertainments at MASONIO ALL,corner Ninth and D streets.on TUESDAY >d Wednesday evening*. 2.'th ani?'th inst. For particulars -?e small bills of the day. de20 4t PANCY DRESSES AND COSTUMES For Tableaux and Private Partie*. Apply to MRS. FRANK BEA. del9 6t* 417 I'lth street. )RGF8. J. W. A H. P. KREIS' DANCING ACADEMY, M ennsylvanla avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts . Jb Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. Our Academy i* now open for the reception of uplla. A select class is now forming oa Wed* eaday afternoon from 4 to 4 o'clock, for these bo cannot attend our regular classes. Circulars in be had at J. F. Ellis' and W. G. Metierott A o.*a Mu?lc Store*. The Hall can bo rented for Soiree*, Ac. _ Days and Hours of Tuition .For Ladle*, Mis*e* and Maater*. Tuesday and hu relay afternoon*, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's Classes. Tuooday and Thursday e*aIngs. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information,apply during the hour* r tuition, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter oommenc4ng with the first lesson. so 10 aABIHI'l FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT M ABIE IS A8SBMBLY BOOMS, M E, between 9th and Ittth street*, This academy Is now open for the recep- HBk on of pupils. Day* and hour* af tuition for yonng ladlaa >lM**and masters. Tueeday*, Thursdays and Setrdays, from S to ft p m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, aame evening*. N B ?Private instrnotion given to salt the consnlonce of the pupil se 16 BALLS, PARTlEsT&a >OME OBB, COMB ALL, TO THE THIBD > GRAND BALL or the OAPITOL HILL SOCIAL, at thx WASHINGTON OH x GARDBN8, on New York anm a..d First street, _. . . ON MONDAY, DEC. 34. adfea * admitting a Gentleman and By order of the Committee F. Sheehan, William F. Bocke. dt 21 ft* B C O B D ANNUAL BALL ? THE UNITED CIRCLES M THE FENIAN BROTHERHOOD Of tke District of Oolumbla, will take place >n WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dec. 36,1966, At ODD FELLOWS HALL, 7th street. he Committee pledge themselves to spare no pains in making this the Grand Ball of toe Season. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladles, $1. Committee of Arrannemtntf. Stephen Egan, G H Leonard James Gerraty, T H Began J C O'Connell, P O Callagan J J Cook BICHABD OULAHAN Chairman. FRANK P. HOGHES, Secretary MATTHEW PEPPER Treasurer. Proceed* to be ferwaided for tke use of tha ri*h E*publican Army. (Chron] de la 4t' " OOKOUT fob the jk GBAND ANNUAL BALL ?| JOURNEYMEN TBOOKBINDEB3' /A SOCIETY. To take place at ODD FELLOWS' HALL, on IOMDAY, January 7th, 18tiJ. Particular* in iture advertleement*. By order of the Committee de lft-tf JEOBQETOWN ADVKB'MTS ~2BBAT BABGAIHB IN DBY OOODS AT J MILLBB'd CHEAP STOKE. 101 Bridge atreet,Georgetown, D. O. As the season is advanced, we are now selling Vintar goods, embracing French Merino*, Boares* Cloth*, Poplin*. Merino Plaid*. Alpaca*, lelain*. Cloaking Oletna, Shawl*. Blanket*. Flanels, Clotk*. Caaaimere*, Satlnetu, ?c., at graatly educed price*. We have also received a good lock of Demeatlcs, purchased *tao* the decline. rhl?h we are eel ling very cheap. Sood 4 4 bleached hirting Muelin at 'A cent*, unbleached Mnalin rom 12H to 10 cents. Prints 12*. IS, dad the ibest t 90 eta We are determined to sell good bar aias. Give ns a call before purchasing a? SO-lm* BENJAMIN M1LLBB. LfOY S SKATES from CO cant* to S6, 3 MENS SKATES from fl.* Co 930, t the Skat* Depot. POULTNBY A TBIMBLE, No. 300 Wast Baltimore *tre?H, de is lm Baltimore, Md. J KATE DEPOT. 9 LADIES' BKATBS f all kinda. from 91 W to SIS. POULTNB1 A TBIMBLE, Mo. 900 Weat Baltimore atroot, de 18 lm BalUmere, Md. CfOB BALE GB BENT?A fine tone PIANO, o l modern atyle, with atool and cover. ln_jg^^. ood order. Can be seen at BOSWELLSlBSlwl 'ancy Store, 303 E atreet,near 14th. HIIII ocas tf PIANO?One full-etie Chlckaring Grand Piano, wklch we have taken in eicnaage,^^^^ >r aale upon eaay term*. Price fJ50, a*PMBBI be warerooma of *? mJi Vf. Q. MET/.EBOTT A CO , day Bole Agent* of Stainway A 8on*._ fOST BBOBIVED YATES SHELBYS, No. 3tf3 Pennsylaaia avenue, A aaperlor lot of ladies' CLOaKINGS, which hoy are offering at T?ry low prtcee. no U tf SKATERS. ATTENTION '-Go to ADAVBON'S 406 9tb street, and for 23 cents get one ef kl* onave Caps, just the thing ts keep your ear* 'arm when Skating, de 17 lw ^WANTS. YV ANTBD-A white VOMil toO ?ok, Wash, ?v and Iron. Good reooaamendnUeas req A v j!j at 33ft O St., BMr ink. *? *!*_ w ABTBD?A OOLOBED rooe to oome 3 a* 4 ?' mile* Into the coialrr. Be*t :uirad. Call at Star o*?oe on wadaaoday and Friay, the 2fth aad Stb December. dsH4t*_ WilTID-A BOBSB is food repair and central lootUn. If ttotomaut moderate a (Md and r?rmiMat tmit om to obitiiw Addrree, stating ttms. etc., B. Iwrolo. ? W AHTBD-A SITUATION M Clerk I*aGre^ cor* etore. by a young menjwell nOQualtited with tbe business. Best ?( rsferencee given, Cell at KM PLOYMBNT OF TICK, 499* 7tb St. 4?4 3l* WANTBD-rfew and Cut off CLOT BTNO, old UOkDwd SILVER, or wi other article of nia?, at the old establlshe-l More baa t Pawn biaber'aStoreot B. FCLTuN A OO , AO'JPth at., 3doora nortb of Panna. avian*. Sola Agent for IiaiB'S SEWING MACHIN SL doS-ly WANTED TO SBLL?A BABBIE SHOP. doing a go >d busi?eea Beasoa for eelling, proprietor nine Waat. Apply at Coatlneutrl Baatan rant, m.wnar 7tb and L ata. dall 3t* VtTAHTED?A first-clase BBAM8ETB88. in n T" private family. Prefer ona who eaa oporata anWbaclarA wll*on Machine. Apply Imraedi ately, Mr*. WALTBB O. BKBBY'S. Ho 4h3 B street, between 6tn and 8th. do 21 at' W ANTBD-A PABTHBB In tha Hoot and Provieion Builnee*. Addreea W., Btar offloe. da lf-lw WANTED-A YOUNG LADY of pleating ad4fmi atth?naw DfAMPINJ BOO439 9th street. opposite Patent to act ?i sa'e* woman. Good wages to ona tbat will auit. Alao wanted. a good baud to embroider initial! solelyda 14tt WANTED?100 LADIES Immediately. ta embroider Yokee, Bands, Wrapper lokea, runnel Skirts. Slippers, and Initials. To good bau 1s who bring anapla of work, good wages nod constant employment giron. Call at tbe naw Stamp Ing Boem. 439 ??h street. opposite Patent OSIce. STAMPING reduced to FIVE cenU par widtu. dt WANTED?10.000 LADIB9 to kniwthat at the New Stamping Bo mi, 439 9th street,oppsslte Patent Office, they ran find the ?>?at selected assortment of Pattern* aver offered hare for Cloaks, (Jape*. Aprona. Joaoya. Walata, Yoke*. Bamia, Wrapper*. Slipper* Pincushions. and Inltiala. Aliu, designs for Pillow Oases. Ottoman*. Chair Covers, Pianoa. nnd. In abort, everr variety of Pattern* a* thay are daily issued Wehavaa French Machine and n Piactital Stamper, aad have reduced the price to FIVE 0BNT8 PKB WIDTH. We make and stamp <iny pattern brought na. Braids. Silk and Working Cotton vary low. delMf WANTED?A HOUSE, containing fro? 7 to 9 Boomaan<l Hall, in good repair, within thr?a four tha of a mile of the Poet Offic- and north of Pa. avenue. Bant not toaxoeed ?50 per month, H KN K I H J*K\*?LK, de IBtf Architect, cor. 7th and W utn. WANTED?SECOND HAN D FCBN I TUBE. Alao MIRRORS. CARPETS. BEDS, Bin DlhQ and HO (J BE F U RNISH IN<> GOODS ot every description. R BUOHLY 40ft 7th at root. JiM-8-tf l)?twean <i and H, naat side LOST AND FOUNDT" L?BT-A Brown PIABT BOOK, about 5 by 2* inchaa. marked on tbe outside,''General Rum* Ingalls, Qnarterma?ter D. B. Army " A liberal raward will bo given for ita delivery at BB1 Pennsylvania avenue. da 2t tf a r REWABD Strayed away on the ad in*t . a Brown and White-spotted CO** ; sharp horn*. The abovo reward will be given If retnrned to ELIZABETH WHITE, No, B*t ,aouth aide of the Capitol. 4e ti-it I-OhT-On tbe ni(kt of the 23.1, a dark aorrel a MA KB, abotlt 14 hand* high, light mane and tall, white apat Inforaliead ana n<?e. ?75 reward; C OforboraeandtasfertWe^ b QBAHAM de 24-31 * corner 21at and B atreet rierth. TVOTICB -On Wednesday. the 19th of December, ll 1806 a BAY MAKE, about 14 handa blub, onwhite leg. came to my place on Proapect Hill Cemetery. The owner thereof may come and prove pro per t>, pty tbo eipt)Di?? hmve bis ||SIB da g.3tt?''IOI>JOHH GEOBQE STOCK. I OBT OB STOLEN?Twa NOTBS, dated Anguat 1 j Stat. 1066, drawn in favor of B. W Barnario one at Mx uionlhs. for four hundred and sixty-two dollare and fifty centa (f4?2 So , oi.a ^ tw?lve months, for *ane amonnt, drawn by J W ? Jo^ L. Bnnmn. I forworn any person from negoUating for th<'aame . a* pay merit t-aa bean stopped de K it* B W. BABNECLO, per T. B. M tJTOLEN FROM THE SUBBOBIBBB-Two NOTE8,Brawn in hor favor l>r Pat'k Lane), each dated Aug 20, 18*5. for fRl 65 each, pap able reap'-etively *lx and twelve mouths after date wltn intereat. The public are cautioned against a negotiation of tbaee notea^ dejl eoCt' MABUABET MBANNY. Sqa" BEWAKD?Stolen on the night of the muU SSd of September from the pre ml sea of I Oi-orKe Jones, near Bladensburg, a dark brown HOBbE. marked 0. 8 nnd I. O.; medium alia. mane and tall eomewhat sunburnt, he* a roan noae. Tha Above raward will b^atd if renamed "oc 2 Hyatt*vllle. Prince Qoorga's Oo . Md "BOARDING. WBVEBAL NICBLY-FDBBI8HED BOOMS. O with Board, atBo. 74, Missouri avenue, between Sd andaH^treete^ Elegantly fcbbibhed booms, ih salts or singly, with or withont board, nt 'i**? I H street, between 17th and 18th. Table boarders accommodated- Teraa retainable Aleo, Bate meet Booms rnitabla for offices, and a Stable and I Carriage House In rear of the honae for rent. MBS. K. KBABNBY JORDAN Befarencea: Major General Bright, Paymaster General; General Morris B.JttUer, U. 8. Army, I Bev. Mr. Keeling, pastor of Trinity Church; Bav. Father MeNallyTof Bt. Matthew's Cburch. da 1 Bit filBGLB GBNTLBMBN, OB GBNTLBMBN and tbelr wives, can be accommodated with BOOMB, furnished or nnfarni*b?d. with good Board; (as; bath, bot aad oold water. At Uo. 910 Bridge street, Georgetown. no ^3-IBS* I rpABLE BOABD a* Bo. 4B4 14th atreet,a faw 1 doom north ot tike amis. lem W gw mm??I PERSONAL. $80 ? w A 1_D Bbcklitikc BnHD*zv?i's. D. 8. Aanv, I I 4ftl C Bt,, Wasiii>otoi?, 1). C., Dec. It, 1*4 \ I Thirty Dollara reward will be paid far tbe appre- I beuaion and delivery tome, at this Beadezvuns, I of the followinf-named man, deserter frwin the I United States Amy -Recruit WILLIAM H<| cobby, General Oavalfy Mounted Berv.oe; age 21 years; height 5 feat81, inches, complexion dark; I eyee hazel, kair dark. Bald deeerter suppoaad to be la this city or in D SiKL, A. W00D*UV?. First LUnt. 24 Artlller .. . Brevet Lient. Oolonel.U. 8. Army, It Beorniting Officer^ | THl8 IB TO G1VB NOTICE THAT 1 WILL pay no debta ooatracted by any other person in I my uatue, except tboae contracted by me parson ally LOU IB BaUBB, I de -'l .n* Ho. 4T1 4th St., between D and B. I Aabtbologt. B. MAUB1CB. | GREAT AMD BBAL ABTBOLOQBB | Tbe advice of thls'raal Astrologer, A - B. MACBlOB, Is baaed wbally an adentlflc prtnciplee, and I waa never knowa to fail. Toe baad af fate haa marked ont tba path of aacb Individual, aad tbe 1 planets are bonrly pointing ont tbe destiny of man kind. Praf. Manrlce haa a profound knowledge of I the rnlea of tha aclenaa of tbe stars, aad can beat tbe world In tbe above science in regard to tailing all tbat relate* to tbe bappinaaa or mieery of one e I whole life; and with several sacreta tbat no living mortal ever knew before. He will bring success I ont of almost aay undertaking. j Call at No. 470 12th street, between F and G streets, near W. Ladies ttceuta to #!, Gentlemen | 91. Hours from 9 a. m till > p.m. de ?1 6t* I MBB. CCBTIS IB VINO, Clairroyant, m?d Ttst Medium, will give life readings. Including Past, Present and Future atber office, 4:10, aertb I side of Penn'a avenue, between 4H aad ttb streets. Office hours from 9 to 2 a. m. and < to 9 p. m. de 2U-Im* I DB TOWL1HOMBOPATHIO PBYBICIAN. Beeldence and office. No. 40S 4th street. I Office Hoots ?9 to 10 a. m.:6 to < p. m. de!9 tf AT TBBBBWCHBAP STAMPING BOOMS 4 39 9th street, opposite Patent Office, ladles ran get at our reduced prices, oa tbe very bast I W emsAutta? Night gown Yokaa. ready stamped *C*BCbeasia* Yokee, " ...?Jjcti. I ' Bands " .Mete. I Bitber tor braid or embroidery, oar pattei as are af tbe very Imfst design*, aaleatod with care in 1 Bew York, and being in reoelpt ot them weekly, we are able dally toinaue new pitterne as well as make and etamp *ny pattern brought us. I. O. OTWorking Cotton at reduced prioe*. da 19 tf JOHN D CLABK. ATTOBNBY AMD COBB8BLLOB AT LAW ABD HOTABY PUBLIC, Ho. 484 13th street west, 4a 14 ly Y OU HATB BBBH IMPBUDBHT,but neither Buchu nor Samaritan kumbuga " wll make ih* trip.1' Bee DrTpARBY, on 7th*traet, oppo^ aite Odd Fellowa' HsJl, aad be cured euiokaad permaneatly. " 8-lm c-'aimfe Tbe proprietor wlabea to lafam famlilaa, hotel proprietors, aad tbe public geaerally, that he contlnue* to furnish Coalectloaery andi tbe choicest Ice Cream at tbe ehorteet notice, aad on the mo*t rraaoaable tarms. Weddtag and Faacy Utkea, I Pyramids of *11 kinds and sliae, Charlotte Basse. Blanc Mange aad J el Ilea aaada to order. Parties, fin rpera aad other antoctaiamenta furnished at a low rate. psiK'a/gaL'ssa.if&'a.igagy. Pillow Oaaaa, Feather and Hair Pillows, Bo aters, Bed Spreads, Blankets. Mattreeae*, WJjndow Shades, nil Cloths. Carpet, Stair Craab. Towallng, Table Liaea, Ac. 4e 14 dlft FOE SALE AND RENT. TWO FBAMB HOUSES rOB BENT Oe the A Jencr of p? in< O street ?one for |1) wr month. u4 another it fit. de lt-ir POt KIIT-B; the 1st trMh r in DXIOK lOOIIl iltutol ob bth Mrixt west, bstwern Oaad P stirs* Borth. laiairenaxt door. 4 attflf P(B lUT-1 hiadNM STOEB BOOM. Mo. SI# 7th itrMt v??t, Mwwd H a ad N streets, with shelving, counters Bad drawers, In good ordor_ Bent f* bmU. deU6f If OB BIHT Foaru* CBIOK HOUSES, three A story, en Bho?e Island avenue, between lUfe d iMh?U, Apply Bo. 1SJ K a tree t, between 18th aad 1ft j streets. do 14-3T WM. J. WILLIAMS f'OK BKNT ' bow naftaraished brick HOVBB, with 11 Boom : oil tho saedern Ibwoti menu . hot and cold wo tor throaghoat; both room, Ac. Apply ot tho hoase. Ho 39* 16th at., near Bi*g?. ds H-Sf L^OB BENT?Hnooomely Burnished PA BLOBS r end BED EOuMS. cofnuiunicatiag. to bo lot togetbet or separately, wlih or withoat Board. Oaa. water, ond hath ia tho bouoo. Apply at 434 11 st., between 19th aad Vth eta., ono sqaare from da it tt ai I^OB SALE?BOt SB and LOTon 6tt> atroot ooat, B between Virginia avenue and G atroot. with aix r<>oms. In fins ordsr, with choice fruit ot oil kinds, with tbroo different hlnd? of grape*. within ono and a half m wares of msrket aa<t two ustm of city core, and within awo s.juarss of four charcfiee. Enquire withia, to d024-6f GEOBGE SOP KB. F'OB BENT?A ItBlCB HOUSE, ot sine rooms, with gas. wator, ana bath rooei. Inquire of B S. BAcOl. corner ?S and F atrooto. Washing ton.D.O. d o a -?t' , T^O LBT?An elegaat Browa atone HOU3B, ten I rooM,with modern conveniences good neighborhood. Apply oa premises. 3?9 lStb at., above L. or aOS Uth at . before 10 or after 4 p. m. da Ji' I,'UK BBNT-A food BISIN ESM <VOKN KB with r DWELLING HOUSE, containingeig ht r?na>, I gs^sn t wator. Inquire of B. h. BACtfN . om.r ?s ' aad F, booth W ashingtca. de a at* 1,'OB SALE?A anterior largo alzed KIBE PBOOF SAKE. ?nitat!? for a banker or a large men antilehonse, will be sold at a ancr.ticit applied f^r at once E O WHtELBK. delist* Canal and 7th street. j F't'K SALE?A 'jmntlt* of Gold and good Plated JEWKLKV. MUSK AL INMTBt ?(KNT4 A- , at B Fl LTON A O<0 H. Pawnbrokers. *OU | h titot. threo doors north of I'onn avenue bole Agents for Singer's boning Machine. dea-.-w * F-OB SALK-A K\Ki"CHANUB- A hrat cl*aa , BEHTAUBANT doing * good business with a TEN FIB ALLEY attached, and BAUATELLE TABLB, all in good condition, and license paid on all for ono year. Will he told at a bargain. Bat factory reasons glveu for a*IIIsg. Inquire rer- i nor of 11th aud F atroeto. laland de '.'1 of i LNOB BENT?Two Tery deatrenle BOOMS. furT nished or unfurnished, with or witboat Board No. ? Missouri avenue. do 21 tt* 1 > WO LA BMC AND NIOELT FOBMlaHBD 1 BOOMS to rent Iu<aire at Mo iJ* 11 otroot. doa St* F'OB BENT?A BBICK HOUSK eight ro .? ?. large >table aad cellar, on 7th at w?ot. hot. M and N ato. north. I?<julr* at 22J 7th street, at tho Cigar store. |doM W'| J. KOLH F"OB BENT A ?utt? of nnfarnlaho<l BO^Mifnr i houtekeefing, at l^th. between E and F. Location c ntral and deairable A tarty wfth- ! out boya yroferred. Poaeoaaioa givca imm?di 1 ately. Beat #.!0 per month. delist* ( L^OB BENT?Ob or before Jaanary 1st, three atory bbICK HOC6E. cntaintuc 10 roomi, with batb room and modern improveiuenta. centrally located and tn an excellent neith'^rhuod. i STABB a CO . doll-fit* 44*.'j 7th ttreet. between D aud B Lf'OB SALK?A FABM OF BICHT ACKK? 1 haif mile from the city limita. near Beaniiic a Hrir.ge, oppoaito Dougtaa'green bonao. Improve meii'i ronniat o o Frame llonxe. Kltcheu, stable. Slaughter hou>o, good Orchard, and well watered i ITCH a FOX. Beal Eatate Brok-ra, corner of 7th anl F Htreeta, oppooit? Po?t OtH^e <!.? 21 3t |VOB BKNT?A tlawroughTy fiirnT7hod HOBSE. * corner of lint and O vtreeta, containing ten Boomo, Batb, Wator, and Oaa. Price. 412S per month if tnken for a longer term than tbr e months. FITCH A FOX. Beal Batate Brok-ta. corner of 7th an4 F Btreeto. oppotlte Poot Office. de 21-3t. t">\ PEB MONTH-r?>B BBBT-A no* BBK'K DWELLING HOUSE.containing ? room*, good cellar, gaa and water: together witu a tmall lot of Fnraiture and Kitchen Dtonaila. for ?ale If not oold by Vodneadav morning, tho 2 th. will then bo toM by auction. Apply at No *>0 id treet. Georgotowu. delist* I? OB BALM-Tho STOCK aad APPLETS E NANCES of a fairy Farm, one and a hair miles trom the ctty, oappljini the largest hotel and confectionery in town. The atock c-mnta in part of twenty one cowt, two milk wag no throe bnrsea ond horcooo, cano and nana sufficient for tbe butinea" The Dwelling and Ono Handred Acrea of Laud will bo rented tn the pnrchaoer K1TCB A FOX. Beal Estate Brokoro, corner of 7th ond F streets, t do 11 St opyoafte Pr>ot Office i j'OB BEBT?To a family withoat children a r partly FCBNISHED HOUSE, containing s rooms, supplied with gaa and wator; yard front and roar. Apply at U7t> H street, near lHth. de 30 2aw4t* ' FOB EXNT-Tbe 8TOBBBOOM corner of Pa. avonne aad 11th atreet west, la the Star Office Building, formerly occupied by W Q. Motr-rott ae o music store, and recently as the office of the National Express office Apply te C B BAKEB, Star Office. do au-tf F^OB BENT?A large two story BBICK HOUSE, containing eight rooms, with o large garden attached, situated on Utb street, between Maryland avenue aad K street, lslaod. The hoaoe hoo been repaired throughout. Possession given Immediately. Apply to Mrs. B. ST. CLalB, No. 423 7th street north. do au-6t* FOB SALE?A deotrable LOT on the corner of l?t and 1 stteete north, neat to the St. Alov> sin* Church property, on the late Douglao estate, near Gen. Orenie aad Mayor Wallacb s rsoidon ceo. H foot front oad 100 feet deep. Goo and wator pipes running along the front. Will be sold at 66 ceots per foot. laiiairo of JOHN O MEABA. alt Ponn'a renno. de 2?-st $10,000 TO 1NVB8T $10,000 IN GOOD BBAL ESTATE PAi'EB IN BUMS TO SUIT. FOB BBNT-SMOBE B?OM oa 7th street west, near M street, 17 feet by S3. Also. BOUSB. five ro?me, on Md. aveuus oast. Bear 7th street east: and for sale several small honaeo, very cheap. A very desirable building lot aa JOth street, near Pa. avenue SoTorol lots on K aad L street, near First Ward Market, together with a large num bar of otber Houses and Lots throughout the city. will be sold low and apou liberal terms. MITCHELL A SON. Bool Bttate Brokers, aontboaot corner Pa. ave. ond 16th street de ? rt" Fob sale?The fixtobb vtnon will, HOBbR and WAGON of o Moot ood Pr vision Store, doing a good l nsiaess. Addroos C. Star office. del> 1 w FOB BALE?(Only tlno cash, the balance caa be paid in monthly instalments of SMj eech>? new two storj C room HOUSE witli aooooge, ai<Vand be. k alley, Ac., sitnated No, SdO G street, ?~r " * """" 8T4M.0O , do 1K-Jw* 7th street, noor B. EpOB t?ALE?i Only ASM cash, the balance can be r paid tn monthly Installm nu of SSS each >? COTTAGE HOUSE, containing five rooms, ball, I side alley, front and back garden; sltaated No. 4^3 10th otroot. Island, between Meryl aad avenue and B streets STABB A CO., deia-2w* 7th otroot.near E. FOB SALB OB BENT-HOUSE situated on South O street. Mo. 2#9, between 4K ond 6th sts., island, inquire of Jaotioo B9SWBLL. No. 113 4H st. de!7 ooli* Bj*OB BENT-To the highest bidder, tho NOBTH r STOBE BOOM under Odd Follows 'Hall. Sth street east, (Navy Yard.) formerly occupied a- a Barber's Shop aad Magistrate's Office. It is a good location for bnsln'-so. Perseus desiring to rdbt. will pleoso send in tboir bids (sealed?to tn? undersigned, on or before the 1st day of Janaary next. The Board of Trastoeo will reserve the right to re je<'t any or all bids submitted, deemed by them too low, BAMUBL B TCBNEB, Sec y Trustte*. Besideace No. 490 7th street, between 1 and G streets. Navy Yard. dolS thAmtt FOB BBBT?Two largo aad commodious BOOMS (one a (rent room) on seoend floor, commuaieating, haadeomelv furnished and yleaoaatly sit- < uated, at No. t*3 Penn'a avenue, between21st and 22d streets. dell-ootf rkBUG STOBB FOB SALB -A DBUG STOBE IF of 90 years standiag, with fixtures complete. bow stock, earner store, good location, and boot of reaooas for selling. Terms easy. Inquire of STABB A CO., d&?l(7th otroot. Boom No. 13, do8 Iw* 2 P)B BENT?The F ABM, for tho loot throe yeora the rooldaaco of BLaoor Tbeeahllno Gaiaoo, coaslsting of ISO acres, lying near Fort Mahaa, 1 sail a from Bennlng s Bridge. Imarovements. dwelling bonso of 11 rooms, stone stable, oervaats houses, 1 bam, Ac Address "B.S.," 43T B street, WaobIngton.D. C.,or oall la porsoa, botwoea S aad 7 a. m. oc 16 tf i RUBBISHED PA BLOBS ABD BBD BOOMS ! r for rent, from Sti to $16 per month. Also, BOABD for Mechanics. A?ply at Bo. 49? 6th ot., between O and Louisiana av. ao t7 1m" U ABB GHAMOE? For Immediate sale, oae of XL tho best located small corner store GBOUBBlESinthoclty. Stock and Fixtures new. Ap^ immediately. by letter, to A. B.C.,City^PMt /^BOBGETOWB HOUSB AGEBCT, U 100 BB1DGE ST BBBT, . Wo bavo several doslrabls HOUSES for roat.a #? to #60. Also, first-clam BBSIDBBOBS, to Slab. We invite the attsaUon of reliable parlas immediatalr. ca-ta* OBMB A COO PEE FOB BBHT OB LBASB - The well-known WHITE HOUSB or BBLLVOIB. and tbe OPPOSSUBB NOSB F1BHEBIES, on tbe Potomac river. Either or both of them will be renUd or leased for oae or more years, aad if aot dispo-ed of by ar before the 10th of Jaanary. 1K7, tbe privilege to flsh them will be oold for caah. tor oae or more seasons, oa that dav at 13 itvj at tba auctloa store of J as. C. McGuii a A Co. Wood aiay bo had at a reaaonable rate oa either estate Apply to GBO. 11. BoHBBB, Ageat for Sarah Ottertieok, ! Executrix deA-3tawtJaalu ^ BBBT?Tbe PBOPBBTT known aa Tbe omercial Building " located oa La. ave.. adioinicg tho Central Gnardhouse. The building hss a froat of about 60 foot, and a depth of 170 f?et, running throrgh from the aveoao to Oaaal st. It baa lately boo a vacated by the Matioaal Bx- i aroeaOompaay. i For terms apply U WM. B. PHILIP, d" La. < ave , aeardth w. ao 9" eotf 17 QB BP FT?Oaa BOOM on lat floor.and tbroo r kOOMI oi Id floor, over 6tissaetx's Hat sad i Fur Store, 934 Ptac'a aveuos. Bent moder i ato. no? tf ( AUCTION SALES. (/Wetter Jaaiaeaa' BmUt aaa/eaartt *a#? J tbim Arfiiypoy aud ro~Mo**o* gr JAMBA 0 McOPlRB AOO . Auctioneer! olopiko sale or yibb sncrriSLO pla tad wake at aVotiob. bbibo thi InKrtttiM from the well kaowa ti< ralebre ted K?um of Mill A Baaa. Wl will oa SATCBDAT MOIMNO, at ! ?' <?. Md VBMlhO ItfaVlk kUo MitBN IRO.Dtc J4th. at M. m4 EVENING . w- will Mil All tbe remaining clock of Im fl?u4 Ware, naming? OoH Laed Tm Bernoee Four, Dm end ill bottle BrnklMt W??? Card B*H?m Otkr Beekete _ _ Hm?j Plated DI?MrMi Tea Fork* and Sp-nu 0?runu4 forka end Diimi lid Tm ebitm V lib u MMrtmriit of Po.ket Citlirf Gondaoa eikibiuoa and for private aale Beriac t he day 55RT*; J o Mm BOO . Ai?u BY W. L WALL a OO..Airao*Mn. 6ti>r?i SI A and SIT, g<>atk earner Penaiylvaala i?*i?* ?d 9tb ? BXTBBBIVB AND POMTIVB HOLIDAY SALE OK hU'M AVI VALUABLE rtK8. BOBBS. Ac., BT OATALOGCB. Inn lot wimntid perfect led Iran to lib* B(l to be aold without rwrr* it our Aurtioe Boom* ob THL'U OAT and FBlDiT M<>R.? lh?.. C?c rth Bid ??th. NBBfiring a? Ida'cHx!. comprlaing tbe iera<-?t Bad bum e >etly lot o' Ftr? ever offered In WMbingtoa city by embracing r?l ill PhON BAT SHAWLS. MlNR SHAWLS. MBBBIaN B0FIBBBL8, vrench pitch. WATRB MINK. A . mar ufe tared ia tha latMt and moel tubuul ,tyle? of *crf*bllabbtts. BUG SB I ?S. OAP*S.ft ..ft< . ALSO, a full aaeortment of Gent* G'evee aad M hart ai d ta carrtaaa and eleigh Rob?? bo?'k> I&OCNTAIN BBA>EB BLACK BKAB. . _ I'BAIBIE W ?LP buffalo. KAOCOOM UBBBETR. A . ftr ALSO. _ h lirre *itietyof fine driving Gierae and Oanat leta THey > eing a ranalgument fr.im one >f t ho largeat importing and maaufacterlag hoaee* ia New V?'l, W? invite e.periel at ton tt< a of buyere to thia lale of valuable Bora aa tb atock ia of tbte M? nfaciu.e aad ar* true to the ??m? 8ALB TOKITIVE. . W L WALL ft 00 . do 24 It a* c tilmth . BT M K WALSH A CO., Aoctloaeere ko v** Panne eve., corner 1mb atrMt "VALUABLE SANDBANKS FOB SALE." HIGHLY important TO <ontractobs ANB 1'CILDBRS Ob MONDAY. 24th in-tent. at j o clock. <?a Smith* karm. near 7th atreet Park, ?a will offer lor -ala, to tbe hi*h?it blddar. Oaa Acta at Baad tank. Terma to be made known on tba yr?iai.?a wh-e tha pi party i* eCared tor ?ala. da 21 "it M. K. * ALSH ft OO .ftBCU. ay TBI abovb salk IB POST PON BB ON icconat of tba .Bclaaaaarf of tba wM'bar. antl. HON DAT, tha SUt laataBi. at S o'clock p bi <<?>24 _M E. WAMHt OO . A-.cto. yv OBEBN A WILLIAMS, AarUoaaara TBUSTET-s RALB by rlrtaa of a dead of traat baanar data oa tba laaeoth day f Marcb. a u. ini, tal du'y ra corled In liber n.o t .Bo '4. folio s70, of tba Ian 1 n c?r ia for w*ahin?ton aounty, In the Dta tnct of Oolnnibta. I will at-ll at public auction, ia Treat of tba pr' tul-aa an thrilbdat tha 9Hb day of Dact-mber, a. d i9k. at ? o'clock p aa., rrtof Lot r.uwber thirty, (so,i In Biaaraaamr nine huadrad aad foar. (904,i aald part of lot baviag a 1 r??tit of twenty fire..s faet ob tL- wa*t fdc ot eighth atraat cut, and runainc back wta that width eighty mtbd ?tc > toot and throe [i ia chea to a pablicalley. Terina of aala Oaa third of the anrrhaa* moaa? to be paid in i?ah and tba balao' a fa alt and twlaa uj .Ltha, with interaat, wcirtd by daod at traat npna tba premoea a deposit of 9m aill bar* nuirod of tbapnrcbaa- r at tha tliae of -ale All coBveyanctBg and ataoipa at tba coat of tha purIf thetarma of aale ara not eompliad with ia fiaa ilava troiw day of aala, tba traat e raaerTea lAa r-gbt lo'ieaell the prenuaaa at tha rlak aud caatoftfta dafulUa, porcbMar wm ^ WAE0 Tr?^ noS6 aoAda OBEEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. TIIB ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED oa lil WBDNBSDAT. tha 36tb inataat. aama boar icd ala. a. By ordar af tha Trnetee d'- 34 2t OKBEN A WILLIAM"* Anctt |^T jas. 0. mt 0u1be ft 00.. AacUuaMra. a MAGBIKH'EBT collbotiom or ala BASTBB STATDBtTBM VASES, OABD BB CEIVBBS aad ma ;y other BMailtal Or name a ta aeiected Ircm the Baoat celebrated Studio* la On?T*Iil'*B8DAY MOBNIBO, Dae V, comunclag at 1 o'clix-k la tba aioramg. and 7 evening. x ntiaaing each maruiaf aad BTealac nntti all ara liapoMd of, wa xhall aelT at our ftuctioa Eoou. the eatire collection of Alabaster S^taartaa, Ac.. ttaiag iba importation of D. Cri?tofaf Thia ool lection camptiiM many ieaa af Art haaatifal 1b leaian and fli.iah. of aiedinm wsa. wall aftaplad for the rarler er Boudjir. Tertaa caeh. J - C. McOUIBB A OO.. de 19-d 1 Intel! Aa?-tloaeard. UY THOB. DOWLIBO, Aact.; Georgetowa. rBUSTKI*8 SALS 0>"^VALCABLB BBAL BBBy Tlrtna af a dead of uaat made by Jaaea Bba Her and wife ta tha aubecribai. the Mb day of Otober ISM and record.^ amoaa tbe land rejorda or the Dlatrict of Colambla. In Liber b M B ., Bo. r, foito 2U, Aa , 1 will offer at P?bl.c aale. ia fr>at \ tbe premlaaa. TBCBBDAY. tba iftb December IBM. at 4 o cicck p. ta . the foHewia* deaaribad real -a'ate. being part oV ??? <>. 47 aad la le tar Beatty. Threlfteld aad DMkla a addition to Baoigatown aad Dlatrtet afora^ald, arronaonaU aaaM?l la foraMr daeda aa Iota Jo a# and ?. Baemctng for tba hb* at tba aad of r f^et? lacbM mea-ured ob a line drawa eeat from the InternetloB of tbe aaat line of Lln*an with tba northJtna af Proapaet a treat and rauaiag tbeaca aaat with tbe nortb line of Proeaact atreat ? feet; tbenca north and parallel with Liagaa atreet feet more or lea*, thence wat aad ?ara*lel witb I roaaect Itrtet SO feat. tbeace ronth aad paraUel with Lia ran atreet B feet mora er leee ta the begn.nlna Tarm* of aale One third caah; and tae reaidne la al* aad twelve mo a tha. witb Interaat fr aa tba Hay ? f aale. the title batn? retained anUI full pay ant of tba parcbaae taoat-y. .... If the tana of aala are n 't complled with within three daya after tha day of eale tbe truatee retervea tba rigbt to reMll, aaoa thrM day notice, at tbe rlak an l ooatof tbe defaulting parabaaar dalS aoAda THOB DQWLIBQ. Aact |>Y THOB. DOWLIMO. Aact.;Qaorgatowa. BALE OF 1MPB0VBD~ BBAL ESTATB IM OBOBOBTOWB. By Tlrtae of adaad af traat, dnly recorded la Liber J. A B ,Bo in, fe.ioa *#. Ac.,o* tbe laad recorda of tbe Dlatrict of Columbia, we will.oa tbe Sib day of Jeauary. 1K7 at 4 o olock p aa., ?xaoa< for aale, at public aartioi aa the praati lea, cerlala real aetata la Georgetown eltn?te*l, being part of Lot aaabered aa* hundred end toar, 10?,Tin BMll'a addition to aal? town. t?a?iBnlii* for tha aama at tha aad af IM fMt from tba northtrat ooraer af Greeu aaM Beall atraeta runalng rant by and with the iiae of Beall atiaet 42 fMt and aad 4 IS of a foot, thence nortb to feet, tbeace weat and parallel with Beall strMt SB and 4 IS fMt. tbenc nortb ?ffe^t, theaae waat 3 fMt. tUence onth ISO feet to tbe beffinnlnc, with the build I nara. ImproTemeau aad appartenanoea te the aama ^armafOaa half eMh. beiaace la ?. IS *nd W montla Ubeaacnredby a deed af traat oa tba premieM. All con> e> encing and, ataapa at pur ohaeer'a coat. If tbe terma of aale are n?t com plied with within daya after the aale, a reMlwill be bad at tha eaat and rlak of defeating purtbaaer. B1W to be paid at the fall of tba bamm?r * W ALTBB B. OOX.__ _ OH ABLE? M. MATTHEWS. TraateM of tbe Tblrd Building Aaaaciatloa af FOR SALE AND RENT. PiB BENT?PABLOB and bbd-BOOM aultable for <wo. Board If rag aired. Beat $M a month. Apply at *06 Maw York avenue, between ith aad 5 th eta. de 17-Sw* IT'OB BALB -Belag obliged to laare tba city oa r atber bnamaee, will aell a aaeortment of Led lea aad Gent a FCRNIBI11NG GOODS, la a dealrable aitnation. Ia?iuire at SS4 I ft hat. E70B BEHT-At fit SO and #? each, two aeV r two atery BOCBEB oa Gorerament Prtntiax Office Bgnare Oaa baa Ireroomt. the other ala, "grsr FOB BALB?That Taluable plece oTpBOPBB TY, corae of New York areaae aad Thir taaath atrMt. 74 feat lroat by WffMt d**p Tba im|ro?eBMU cctiltt of torfBrfck Buildtag,froatlag on Hew York aeeBoa. anft ooatalninjfourte' a rooma. with all1 modera I mproeements bbo ib perfect order, ,tr,e elory Brick Bnildlag frosting oa TblrtMntk atrMt, Donialaiag aereu raonaa. ?, Tke abore property will ^ '' B?*l Be late Brokera, Ooraer of T and Seventh atreaap, de l?-dtf_ Opp<a< to Peat wffloe _ png anT-Te" Faralabed ROOMS, at Mo. r mh atreet, betweea B aad Feta, fte 14tf ^oTflHT-TtM late &BBIDBB0B of M a r raat, 42M D atrMt. eoatalalng 17 roama. witb ilk the ri. dera Impr jemeBt. Apply toOLlPTOB HBLLBN. VT4 V at ?a?-tf P)R BKHT-Two large aad oaa amill waaaji. eating ROOMB. aatnmtahe?t. aecoad floor He. |jl penn av , bet IPth aad SBth ata. aoSltf OB BBBT?Lorae aad email faralabed aad aa far bi a had HODlBB aad APABTMBNTS ealt able -or h oMkeepiac. Aleo, for Bale, aaveral imall HOUBBB.on eoey terma Inquire BT ABB ft DO.. ?***Ttb atrMt. Boom IS oclt Sia* J! sSa*ear4 aad Uoaeaf the lergeat aud m ^et eon re alentlj attuated atora rooma la WMbiagtoa cl-y . Apply wO B BAEBB.atUaBtarOMM ;a? tf |

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