18 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

18 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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J?1?????? THE EVENING STAR. . LOCAL NEWS. AMUBIMBHTB. M.. TOHIOHT. W ALL B N'lW Uf 1KA HOUBB. ?HoUCIOAllIt** cr-ai play. "Tor L*>eg Strike," contmn?s iU woed?-r!ul popularity at Walt's Opera Hon;*, and wtfuld doubtless draw good houses for a month, but It must soon be wtttdrnwa to make room (or other novelties. IS'at i ob aA Thiatik?Maggie Mitchell takes a N-isffli in the plajr of '-Lutle Barefoot." NbtzkeotV Hall?Tbe Combination Com\ nr.y ot Swiss Bell Riugers (Ibe two Peak families) and the celebrated Berger family ia their charming concerts. Skatiho Park.?Grand Carnival at the Skating Park ibis afternoon and evening, wan T^nrr cpstnmc?, mn.'ic, and a brilliant illumination. FIRE AT THE EXECUTIVE MANSION. The ( onkrrvaurj Dfitr*ff4. Th.? morning, a few minutes before eight o'clock, dense smoke being seen issuing from tbe we-rern <>nd ot tbe Conservatory adjoining tbe Executive Mansion, one of tbe guards on duty there discharged bis musket, thus giving an alarm, which was taken np by others. An effort was made to turn in an alarm from tbe comer ?f New York avenue and 15th street, but sailing, Sergeant Walker turned in an alarm from Wiilards' Hotel. The apparatus of the targe bells being out of order on account of tbe cold weather freezing the oil on the tnking machinery, the companies could not be informed of the Are, tbe bells failing to strike by the machinery at the Central OfficeA messenger was immediately dispatched to tbe engine houses, aud in a short time Hiberuia. No 1, ot tbe I', j*. Department, and Franklin, No. a. ol the city, were on tne ground?tbe former attaching to the plug immediately in front of tbe Mansion, and other taking water from tbe plug in the rear ol tbe Treasury, la a short time the hook and ladder company was on tne ground, and their ladders placed in position to reach tbe interior of the Conservatory. Although the water almost froze in the hose attached to the engines they went mmfully to work, as did steamers Nos 1 and of the city, and the other ,wo (government steam re, Hibernia and Meig?, which were soon on the ground alter getting word of the tire. I Chief Engineer Dixon, ot th* Government department. sad Chief Engineer Sessford. of the city flie department, were soon at the tire, and, with Secretary Stanton. Assistaut (Quartermaster General Kucker, and Major B B. Erench, Commissioner ot Public Buildings, did all iu tbeir power to prevent the spread of the ilsmK In a ^bort time the engines haa streams upon the tire, and after battling for swnie time the llames were subdned. though not until the plants had been destroyed by the beat and smoke. The conservatory of the Executive Mansion wa.? formerly on tbe east side of the building, but during the administration of President Buchanan it was torn down, and tbe new one erected on the west side, over the row of onestory buildings used for the storage of wood and coal, the roof of which was of copper; tbe floor of the conservatory was erected over this, leaving a space of about two feet between the tluor and old roof, in which space the flues for beating the conservatory were laitf. The Bre was first discovered immediately over the boiler, and, it i? thought, originated from a defective flue The firemen were compelled to tear up tbe floors of the conservatory in order to reach the flames, and thus they had to won for two hours before they could get the control of them The weatber being exceedingly cold, rendered it very difficult for tbe firemen to work effectively; but they were true to their duty, and manfully fought the flames until subdued Too much praise cannot be gi ven to Chief Engineer Dixon, of the Government Are brigaile. Chief Engineer Sesslord, of the city fire department, and the fireman under them, with the policemen under Lieut. Hurley, for their faithful performance of duty. Many of them worked until their clothes were frozen on them, trying to reach the fire. Mr A. C. Smith, a member of the special police under Commissioner Erench, on duty at tbe Executive Mansion, with the pipe of one of tne engines, stood by the flames nntil he was nearly suffocated, and fell, officers Eeacb and Harris immediately carried him out, and Dr. Norris was summoned, wno administered to him. One of tbe members of the Hibernia ell throngb the roof, but fortunately escaped with a few scratches. The loss will probably rea:h two or three hundred thousand dollars. Many of the plants were very rare, and have been accumulated lor tbe past fifteen or twenty years?th?*y cannot be replaced lor any sum. Among the rare plants destroyed was a very large lemon tree, four Stritlitzia Regina, in full bleom, the larg. est plants in America, a Pandanus Odorata, or Screw Pine, very rare and large, one Cycut Kevoluta, imported during tbe administration or Gen. Washington, and a very large number ot CamaUn Japoaicas, the finest in this country. Mr Kerichar. the chief gardener, with those in his empley, did all in their power to save the plants, and succeeded in getting a numoer out before they were reached by the flames Mr Wm Slade, the steward at the Executive Mansion, properly provided for the firemen furuishing suitable refreshments. The District ik Cosqums?'The House yesterday pae*?d a bill to regulate proceedings before justices of the peace for tbe District of Columbia, and for other purposes, lis main provisions are that justice# of the peace may exercise jurisdiction in casee of debt not exceeding flOO, except m cases where real ee. tat* is involved. Tbe District Supreme Court shall make rules for the government of the justice?, and shall determine the fees to be charged in civil caws. There shall be no stay of execution for judgments to sums less than *5. but stay of execution shall be allowed as follows ?For sums over #5 and under S?u one month; over f? and under gW. two months over f40 and under ?~5, four months and over fjs, six months. When a stay of execution is demanded, ample security shall be entered inte. All jasucee may lasue processes in both civil and criminal cases, and any person auea may upon bis own motion transfer the bearing to another justice if thev believe that tne one issuing the process will not act fairly, or if he ia interested in the most remote degree. No person sbail be arrestsd or imprisoned for disorderly conduct unless he is actually engaged in the disorderly gathenng; and an officer exercising undue'severity in making an arrest shall be liable to pun- I ishment. upon conviction, for assault and battery. No exorbitant bnil shall ever be de. | manned, and speedy trials are secured to all persons A bill was also passed to punish the crimes of grand and petit larceny in tbe District of Columbia. The bill provides that any person convicted of stealing goods to the value of twenty.Ave dollars shall be punished by incarcerailon in the penitentiary for not more than three years nor less than one year. The willful destruction of a bank bill, publicstock, bill of exchange, or similar paper, shall be oeemed grand larceny, and the person convicted shall be poui-hed as above. For the larceny of articles valued at less than twentyfive dollars, and lor destruction maliciously of bank note., Ac., of a value less than thirty.five dollars tbe party convicted shall be compelled to make restitution in double the amount ot proper ty so purloined or destroyed; shall pay a fine of not more than two hundred dollars or be imprisoned not more than six months iu the county jail, or both, at the discretion of the court. Prisoners under sentence ?hai! be employed to labor as tbe courts may direct and the remuneration for their labor shall be u?ed ?? defray expenses ot their trial, Ac. When on trial for any crime except a capital one, :be PK1",?n'r ?How?d four peremptory h*! "V*** Tb* for tbe defence shall be paid by the Oevernment, the same as witnesses for the prosecution: and attorney* c"art to defend criminals shall ne entitled to such compensation as the court shall allow, but ,t shallot exceed in anycZj ? ? The Typographical Society's Ball T ?I'nUaI b*'i-?/ lbe Columbia Typographical Society, at Odd Fellow*' Hall. lk,t night, was one of the largest and best-managed halls ever given iu the metropolis, surpassing even the balls heretorore given by the Society? The hall was crowded with a select company and to the music of Healdsstrlngband dance after dance followed in qnick succession, the work of the floor managers being to prevent tbe floor t-ecoming too crowded, and not to look after couples to All tbe set*. The snpper and re fresbments were provided by Shaffer. The dancing was kept up until six o'clock this mcrning. stole hir Pocket-Book.?Mr F. Henleln, wbo resides on Virgmlaa venue, near stree , w a^hington. D C.. appeared at the office of Justice Meore ye.-terday, and made complaint that a coN red girl by the name of Margaret Parker, formerly belonging to this city, a*d escaped from bis sevice a day or so since, carrying off with her a pocket-book, belonging to bim. containing about fouoin government funds. "1 be J ustice issued his warrant for her arrest, and officer Davis i* on the track. ^ 'zat'drioL Journal. Th? Pnivam Hop of the O T. M s, on the ? 'h instant, at Prof. Kries' academy, will be * very delightful affair trom all the indicates A capital cummittee of arrangements nave the affair in band, who will be cure to &*ke it a general success. Boa?d or POU^-lTirtArday the Police Cvmmiaeioner* met in vheir rooms ?t police headquarters, all the ambeh present* and continued io session frpm * o'clock p. m- uil 6.10,,traaaactlBg a large amount ol business. The Board dispeaed of complainst member* of the force a* fallow*Privates William K, Dunn and John C. Mansfield vara each lined **> *nd ordered to be reprimanded. Ohm*. K. Campbell was fined*. Wm. H. White, t we complaint*, *10 fine in each case, aad to be reprimanded. Tba complaint against Frederic* Penater was dirmlsaed. Tbom?s McCaf. . farty was appointed a private fax duty in the 9th precinct, rice John Lynch dismissed. lu accordance with a reaolntion adopted the Board proceeded to the appointmentor twentyfive privates under the law providing for the increase of the force, aad tDi following were selected :-Geo. A. Bess, Charles N. Hospital, Janes T. Bo bey, A. B. Hilton, William Luring, Samuel W. Koontz. James W. Kaed. Edward MrHonry, Wm. Dubois, J. H. Hugties, J. A. Dnnnington, John N. Berry, Henry E. Murks, Robert Kin*, Robert French. J. T. Cross, Thos. Eawlor, Albert Conway, K. H.Radcllffe, Geo. N. Arnold. It. A. Frere, KobertB. Pnmphrey, Harris Atchison, John B/Nntting nndThomas Will .anas. These men were assigned pro rata to the various jurisdiofions, giving two tatbe county, three to (leorgetown, and the balance to Washington city. M ABKiait.?Yesterday Mr. William J. Miller, a member of the bar of ibia District, was united in marriage to Miss Fanny Joyce daughter of Andrew J. Joyce, Esq., of this city. The reception took place at St. Matthew's Church, at noon, at which mere were present a large number of the friends of the parties, Rev. Father McNally officiating The young couple had a reception in the afternoon at Mr. Joyce's residence, on Uth street, at w&ich a large nnmberof the friends of the parties called and extended their congratulations. ? Jonn M. Lamihtox, colored, was yesterday, on motion ol Uen. < 5 arfield, a memb-r of Congress from Ohio, admitted as amember of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. ?? -CITY 1THMS. Thk Motto of >Huick Sales and Small Profile" is etrictlv carried out at Franc's Popular dents' Furnishing Store, *04 7th street, 3 doors shore Odd Fellows' Hall. Jbwbi by -Bog Wood Setts, new styles. Brtllanre, Cluster Sett*, Jet (Jombs,. Long Chains, Bracelets, Kings, Silver-plated Spoons, Forks, Gobleta, Cups, Call Bells, Butter Knivee, Napkin Kings, receired this morn in(r, at Prigg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, No. 438 Pennsylvania avenue, nearly street. Tito** I'krmo* who fail to get suited to Clothing elsewhere, will And a good assortment yet at Henuinjc's Oan Price Store, on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue. He has been receiving new goods recently, and all his broods are marked in plain figures at the lowest market rates. Mr old PATROK8 will find it greatly to their advantage hy calling at the new Shoe Store, No. 502 Tth street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. G. B. Wii*ttoN, lm late ot the firm ot Hurna A. Wilson. I offer a splendid stocit or flu* H karat Gold end Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry and Opera Glasses, 40 per cent, below cost, to close business. 6 I. Alkxandkk. 244) Peuna. avenue. Dr. Whitr, Chiropodist, 4*4 Fenn. ar.. between 4)4 and 6th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a m. to 5 p m . and 6 to 8 p. m. Established 1*61. For Chilblaixh and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation i* a specific. Price ?l per bottle. For sale at 494 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4,ij *a d 6th streets. AScbbPilk Curb ?Dr. Gilbert's Pile |n strument positively cures the worst cases of piles. Sent by mail on receiptor B4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Ag?'nt? wanted everywhere Address J. B Komaine. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. $ Pbbhiba eau be had in auy quantities at the Star office counter Goto w . B . M0SE8' FASHIOHAHLE CABPIT. FCBNITl'BE AHD BEDDING STOKES. HOB. 521 A 519, INTELLIGENCES BUILD 1NG, COBHBB TTH AND D., AHD BO 509 7TH 8TREET, TIIOBN 8 BCILD1HO ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWB' HALL, AHD KXAMINB THB FINEST ASBoBTED STOCK THIS BIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. _JJ* *,Lth* Ut"?* designs mads in Phllsdel phia. New York, and Boston The stock Is alwsrs selected by Mr. Vo*m, and bought *t the lowest rstey tpr rash, which enables him to compete ?lth His finest Furniture is made to thirds b?roSd,phl*'and tL# u,t m*teri>i th#,r 0WB interest by celling at his Btorse and examining the well u "rb.of CABPBTB, FUBNlTCBB, *?., ? ' ??btaln bis price-list b-fore going eliewher-. wbieh be will furnish with pleasure His Meertment of Mnttreesss. Blankets, Comforti, Oeunterpnines. Plllowt. Bolsters, Feathsrbeds, and all kinds of Cottage and Kltch*a FartSSiSS?VSffliSS?a* u"r,Uo"jalAtf w. B. M0SB8. p?IHH BOBDBACX W1HH8. Chateau Margaui7(rint*g*, lttl.? Chateau Leroee, * * ' Chatean lMr?(|e, ' 18W. Mtnan Medoe, Cenlenac Medcc, 14 " Chitean Lafitte, * 1961. Chatean Leorlll*, Chateau Baaterne, " P utet Canet, ' M Julie*. u For sale at rednced price* by B O. PTER ft 00., Peensylvani* avenue, _j*J7 ee? between Utk and 13th streets. (j BOOHBIHB. HALL 'k PLANT, PLAHT'B BCILDINO, Comer New York avanne and Uth street, (Entrance en Hew York srenue,) Dealers tn ftse FAMILY OBOOBBIE8, TEAS, WIHBB, IMPOBTBD LCXCBIEB, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their Mend* and tb* public that they have jast opened their Hew Gro <*ery Store, where can be obtained any article usually kept in a first class Grocery. Without attempting to enamerate our large, freeh and well eleeted stock, we cordially invite the public to eaamine our sUre aad stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire SftMslbctlon to all who may faver us with thsir patronage. We call eepec 1*1 Attention to our assortment of TfcAB and OOFFBBB, which b*ve been selected with greet care for ?urity. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and our prices to euit. Goeds delivered promptly In any part of the city. 1A? 9 3m ^BALING OFF TO CLOBB BU8IHB88. A. W. TOW8BBND ft CO., Jewelers, 516 7th st., bet ween D and B. Having determined to retire from businesa, we Oder our beautiful assortai-nt of Jeweirv *nd Fancy Goods *t first cost. All jpodi sold *u*r*nteed to be what rearesented. Whilst closing ont our stock of Jewelry aad F*ncr Ueod?. we offer onr patrons who wish to purchase Watcbcc the opportunity of buying them at wholeeale rates. PBICH LIST OF WATCHES. Bllver hnntlng case, *nober movements, jewelgold; Do. Amerloan, Bllery movements, jeweled, fif, gold; Do. American, r. 8. Bartlett movements, jeweled, f n geld; 14 ksrat gold. 46 pwt. ease. American, p g Bartlett. chronometer lei. S?7. gold, 13do. do., #78. gold; U do.,Ap pletoa, Tr*c?y ft Co., uhronometsr val., 996,gold. ABT1CLHS TO BB BAFFLED. . Cb*lr.papier macho, inlaid with pearl; first cost, f Stt lu golg. l Ladiss' ]*ork Table, napier macks, inlaid with pearl first ?oet, f 761 .sold. I Boeewood DresslagCate, monnted with solid Sterling sliver; first cost, $iuo in ?Old. The whole to be raffled for SSdO carreacy. A W.TOWBIHBID A CO..Jewelers, . ? , . 516 7th street. few doors helow 1B-1"* Odd Fellows'Hell. I^BCBFTIOH LCXUB1B8. " received. * lsras variety of articles so Car. Tl. ,T,? MiiwSrrt. GMTf?V5SJ!K#,T?Jfc8oMWIBI"0 ^ ock *l?t? variety of the ftaeet *** ?I ?V*1lCOAT . DBB88 8DITS, and BDBIHBB8 8C1T8, aver offered iu tble city, which we are closing out at lees than Hew Yerk prices. An opportunity is sow offered ear ens toman to supply tbemselvee sttbe loweet rates jntl ftlf I Intel) ] between9th and lothsls. "AMtFSRWFJNTS. . national xxumc* MwWlte near WPlard*' |<w. i " THIS (rmlt>AT> EITHTISO. JAB .is. " Miss Maggie mi^ohell. H*r hmi4 inNtuct tU<NM3i> li thortuBi ,ing tkvuUt of A ABIE, In th* beautiful ?( >, in I nve note, translated trem tha German, expre-niy I for Mis? Hmi*1 Mitchell by Augastus Wauldmer, |H .iiititiNU* , """ nw LITTLKBABBFO"T. , kf ' J W. OOLLlBBeadtbeeicellent ito k CvttpBOT . MBS. 1ABDEB will *oon ipntr. WALL'S NEW OPERA HOUSE. BBBBT * WALL PROPRIETORS. H. B. PHILLIP#. STAGE MANAGER. Door* ?pea at 7. Perform mm conniorM at 3 TBl0 *V*N1BU, JAB lt>. 1H67, Lait night but one of Dion Bouricealt's greet THB LONS'BTBIEE. which. notwithstanding theeaLhastaam with which it is nightly hailed by crowded and delighted ? iUirei, moat be withdrawn. after to morrow BigM. to gi ve place to other n6 veltlea. BATES OF "ADMISSION. Private Boxm, 98; OrcheatraTTbalra, 81; Draee Circle, T6 oeate; Perquette, 60 cent*, raailf Clrole. tf. conte; Colored Cirole. tt ctoU. In rebwrttl, the I eat successful comedy, a* played at Wallack'a Theatre, Hew York, en I tied El 60.000. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. OBB WEEK OBLT. COMMENCING MOBDAT ITIMHQ, JABUABT 31. BUBGE88 A LA SUB'S CARNIVAL, MINSTRELS Tbe largest and moat perf?t Minstrel Company ever orgaaiced 24 di*tiaeui*h*d Ethiopian Artiates in an entire new programme ever) evening. Tickets, X4 end #0 Cents ja 17-41* NETZEROTT HALL. For aseason cfTWO WEEKS, commencing 1 THURSDAY, JANUARY 17th, and continuing every evening until farther netlcs Ur*Dd consolidation of three distinct and asperate Com pantes, THB TWO PEAK FAMILIE8, j SWISS BELL BINGEBB, And the celebrated BBBGBB FAMILT. Vocalists, Harpists, Violinists,and BILTER CORNET BAND. Composed principally of Children. TWO tOLO HABP18TS. TWO BOLO VIOLINISTS, TWO SOLO STAFF BBLL PLATERS, Tbf enly Staff Bell Player* in the world. 25 PKRFORMERS AND 2*0 SILVER TABLE BBLLS. Cards of Admission ~ ? 50 cents Kmfrvrd hctla .......7 Ticket* for sale at Metzerott's Music Store, wh*r? a diagram ef tbe liali may be aeen and seats secured tbree day* in advance. 8ATURDAT. JANCABT 10th. GRAND BELL BINUERS' MATINEE. Children aJmittrd to tbe Matinee for 25 cents. bo<>raopen at 7 o'clock, commence at 8 o'clock. Afternoon-Doors open at IS o'clock; coramonee at o'clock ja^lJ|t^ PERSONAL. 'fAKE NOTICE.?Bridal and Faneral Wreiths, I H jUi*ts. Urosse*, Anchors, etc., preserved in natural form. Flowers, Hair Viewers, on Glass or Pearl, at No. 340 G street, near 11th. ja 16-) m* Ladies it is acknowledged that the NEW STAMPING DEPOT, an 9th street, 4 39. has the best sslection of Patterns ever or ferad here, and tbe proprietor kaa reduced the price to ONE HALF that baa been charged heretofore. Being a practical Stamper, nowsrneed be bad of getting what will enlt you. Go aee him. He will make aud stame AN Y pattern, da 15 tf MBS. CUBTIS IBVINO, Clairvoyant, and T>M iVfJ'um. will give life readings, including Paat, Present and Futnre. at her office, 430, nertb side of Peun'a avenue, between tS and 5th streets. Office hours from ? to 2 a m. and to 9 p. m. de TU 1m* AT THE BEW CHEAP STAMPING BOOMS 439 9th sweet, oppeiite Patent Office, ladles can get at our reduced prioes.on the very best Wamaeutta? Night gown Tokea, ready stamped .40 ct*. Ch? nii?e Tokee, ' .3$ eta. ' Bauda " ' JO eta. Either for fcraidor embroidery, onr patterns are of tbe very tatsst dseUns, selected with care in New Tork, and being in receipt ot them weekly, we are able daily toluene new patterns, aa well M male sad stamp any pattern brought us. 1. O. O. Working Cotton at reducoa prion*. da 19 tf JOHN D. CLARK, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW ABB NOTABT PUBLIO, No. 524 13th etreet weat. de 1? ly BBIDAL AND FIBEBAL WBBATHS, BO QDETS, CBOBSES, ANCHORS,STABS, Ac., preeerved in natural form. WAX FLOWEES, HAIR FLOWBBS, and BBAIBINO, by Mre. FRIES, lata of Boeton. Haa removed to Bo. 429 11th street, between Q and H. oc 3*m* JAMES GCILB. Dealer in N*w and Stcond hand Fur*su?r*. Old Furniture Repaired, Reap bolstered and Varatahed. Uth end Bete., (near the canal.) Highest price paid for Second-hand Furniture. aelly* J ADIBB look at this. COLLAR AXD CUFFS OlV&y AWAY. Baeb lady having work done at the CHEAP STAMPING BOOMS. 439 9th etreet, opposite Patent Ottoe, will receive trait* one Collar and pair of On SB, stamped on the flneet mnelin, for chain stich. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for night-gowns Star Braid and Colored Oatton for tbe above at reduced prices. Initials atamped from one to five cents. Stamped good* at half the price heretofore aaked. de 29 tf i \ U ABTERLT BEPORT vl ni iHic*KniTion or tii FIBST BATI0B4L RANK OF WASHINGTON, D. 0 , On the morning of tbe let Monday of January 18<J7. f sIbts. I Loana aacnred by Government bonds. *? 5571,83 M Banking-house, furniture, flituree i? 8ver drafts 12,??? 77 ne from banfce and bankera J19.I91 41 U. B. bond* with TreasnrVr 0. 8 980,0110 00 . bo. and other sacuritiee J7?.W) 00 OathoB hand 711^03 19 Specie 86470 09 Total $<.960,818 8t I _ LIABILITIES. Oapltal. ._ ASOBSOOO* Circulation 4S0.381 <M Individual deaoalt-irs Ml,131 04 Government deposits 1X4389 97 Bue national baaka 49417 40 Dne Jay Cooke A Co l,<wl,797 u Profit and lose 37.MO jg Surplus ? 1M.OOO 09 Total #3^60^18 M I, Wm. 8. Hnntiagton. Cashier of the Firat Bational Beak of Waabinfton. D. C., do aoiemnly swear that the above atatement la trae, to tbe beet of my knowledge and belief. WM. 8. HUNTIBGTOB, Cashier. Sworn and aubecribed before ae, thla 19th day of January, 1M7. (Signed,) WM. E, HOWARD, ja 18 St Batary Public, yy*- KB ABB B OO.-S PIANOS, ru.os ? OOJ?^JSS "D ??nflfc for aala and rant on easy terms, a. Ne. 499 uth "SiU&y F,w'"y.v.TiafeE.??to?. SO. B. JEWELL. OAP ABB CANDLE MANWFACTDEEB. Tbe anbacriber will bo pleated to toe all bi* old friend* and cuatomera at bla new place of business, G street north, bet 4tb and 6th streets, where he will keep constantly on hand hia pre mlum Boape and Caadlea, and will continue to aell them at the low eat cash prices. G street, between 4tb and 9th. ja U-flm J Q B1A T BAB Q AIB 8 ! ^ One almost new OHIcZebING PI ANO.^|^ 9One JAMBS PIERSOB PIANO, SIM. One upright GILBEET. $100. For sale upon eaay uraa. at tbe Wareroema of W. G. MBTZBBOTT A CO., Sole Aceata for SMlaway 'j Planoe, and ja 11-tf Maeou A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs. BOOTS AND ftflOBB. flj B B W S_T O B . Th^nderaigned fesga laave to inform his frien? aad the public generally that ha baa apaaed the BBW CHEAP STOBB, Bo. 30S 7th etreet,under Odd Fellowa' Hall, where he has on hand a general aaaortmeat of Ladloa' and Gentlemen'a. Boy *a, Miaaee and Children's BOOTS ABD SHOES. Besaember the number, 509 7th etreet, under Odd Fellowe' Hall The New Cheap Store, formerly K. F. Page', atore. de 18 GEOEOE B. WILBOB. IT NAOLB* CO., AueUonaara. *-> Salesroom Bo. 994 Penn. avenue, Betweea 9th and 10th ats. BAGLE A 00- will give their peraoaal attention to the eate of Baal Becate and Honaebold Furaitare. Also, to tbe aalea of atocka of Grooeries, Win?e, Liquors, and Msrcbaadlee of every deesription, Horeea, Carriages. Haraaas. Ac Liberal cash advaaeea made on consignment*. Beaalar Bale* at our aaletroam every TOESDAT. TMDBBDAT; aad BATCBDAT, at 10 o'clock BAGLB A CO., jail tr - Auctioneer*. JELLING OFF 1 BBLLIBG OFF II Tbe entire etook af Lad lee', Miaeaa'.^^B Chltdraa'a, Men's. Boy'a aad Teath*a " WL BOOTS. 8BOB8 ABD GA1TEES Will be aold at privata tale at and bBLOW COST PBICES. JOHN ANGBBMABB, ftOf 7th etroet, between D and B etreats. ialMn* #n>oelte Odd FeUowe* Hall, WAtrrs. WANTffr-lniBi*itaUU.ft MBTWKB. Wfc'l ?T ctir<t *1, for tn* b**t n (nf i?Wo?H iaibccitj A64**a# ?*ic# f <* *r j WA IITXD?A (tool KlfuUSN 9<KU .*_-he | ondrr t .net her Im-tmii Qae?l w?g-?#i ' ?Infoiip of J . P. CBCTCHE T, corner of **h ea ' 0 . rtnnn

t\TAttrtT>-A (rod CO K. WtUHKK a * | ~ IBONBB ODtU^t MrdarAl??&> L?r <* >'* can DM ? tfood b- di?> at 3?I r at surik,i?r**"? 1 9th and 10th sta vMt i* id tt WANTED TO PGBCBahH-A Brtvh LINO, of fiom four l? nil room*. A1dr*e*? I 1 stating (tnsi, H. M.. btor Otoce |MT 3t* W:ixai-4. rMQi hah. far Hor** hi elng Shpp. A go?d and *t*vdy man can Set a permanent jub, by applying to ft. H 0K\> I AIT 477 8lh?r" j*17-3'? WAITIP-llr ft foau tolored i?*b wHo th*rM|lilfIii4?ritowlili kaitOM*. bBITCATION Mifultt POvTn rrTMt 1b 1 boardineh ??? or private family. ftefereBcee gives. Addreea a note to Bob Mo. 3 Star Office. J* l? H* I IV4>TK1>' WAWTBD!'-At th* B*crui?iag Tf OSc, No 4*1 O *tr*et, Rf*r Baltimore UIb f?r lh* UnUei aute* ArmyIE7AETBD-A cow) OOOK. WA&BiB and m IBONEBm &bgt*4 A whit* roaw pr?ferred. Liberal wages will be given to one having t?4 r*rer*Bce*. A ?plyto \0BBBT T. MABT1H, D iontown, aero** Navy T?rd Bridge. jit 1&-M* . WANTBD?N*w And Oaat-off CLOTHING,old (iOLUud SLLVBB.or t>> other article of vain*, Bt the old established Merchant Pawn bieker'a Store ot B. FULTON 4 0U..JU4 9th at.. 3 door* aorth of Pimi. aveiro*. Bole Agent for BIMGEB'fe SEWIHO M AOHIHK de 23-ly ^ ANTED?100 LADIES iBBodUtylf. t* *mbruider Tokes, Band*. Wrapper Fokea, Flannel Skirt*. Slippers, and Initial*. To good han is who brine temple of work, c*o<1 wa^ea Bnd con tant emplo) ment given. Call at the new Stamp log Bo?ra. *.'i9 9th etreet, opp osite Pateut Office (STAMPING reduced to FIVE conU p*r width. del?-tf. , WANTED?10.000 LADIES to kn?wthet at the New Stamping Boom*. 439 9th ?treet,oppoaite Pateut Office. tha> can find tbe beet eelect*d * ? rtmeut of Fattarn* ever offered hero for Cloeka, Cape*. Apron*. Joaeva. Waltta, Token, Band*, Wrapper*. Slipper*. Pincushions, and Inl tiala Alao. deelgna for Pillow Gasjs. Ottomans, Chair Covers, Piano*, and. in abort, every variety of Pattern* h? ther ar* dull* leaned. We hare a Trench Machine and a Piaitieel Stamper, and hate mdured the price to FIVE CENTS PF.B WIDTH. We make and atatnp a*v pattern brooght a*. Braids, Silk and Working Cotton v*rjr low. de 15 tf M/AHTin-BBCOHD HliD FDBH1TUBE Vt AI*o. mibborb.oabpbts. bbds, bbo Dlb Oand HoUSBfTI HNl^H I HO 0001>8 of everf deecriptiou. B BU'JHLf 4G? 7th street -Jori-tf liotween Q an^ H. eaa? aide LOSTAND~FUUN D. bsf^A child'* FEB CAPB, lined with red j *iik. either on Hew York arena*. 0th or 7th *ti*eti?, on the morning of the loth in?t*nt. A liberal reward will be paid if left at 6ft'i north L atrtet,betwe*n 4th ana ath. it 1 ? f I IW A BD?The thief who *tolo mj ?O WAOOHon the night of the 6th instant, will racBlTB the above reward for hi* martne**. by leaving it at the Government Printing OalcB, (compoaing room ) It wna tlie prcp*rtr of a nian without l?g(, who think*it a good joke. )?H lt* IOBT Os Monday laot. a aaaall black and tan u TBBBIBB, with amall wblt* ?}t ?n her breast Very i^ctlostte and timid. H%d on i red;ptriped Morocco collar, with a wire ilnf. A i unit able reward will be glv*n fer her return to iiOS Pern a avenue, aouth aidB, between 14th and 1 1Mb atreet*. I* J?'3* _ fit r BB W A BD?Strayed or stolen froa my prem- I iaea on Sunday, the 1Mb inataot, eae amall ! BBD COW. with home, and white down the back. Any one that will retnrn or give any information ?*f ihe aame will roceiv* tbe "(Jw'njoH ja 1 i 6t* Oorner of X and T atreou aouth. I f;k)n BBWABD? Ateleu 00 tbe nlgut of the j >3d of September from the oremlees of George Jonea. Bear Bladauabnrg, a dark brows HOBfeE. marked U. 8 and I. C ; medium alte, mane and tail aomewhat *iiubnrnt; ba* a roau no*e. The above reward will be aiUd If returned to GEO. JONES. 001 HyatUvllle. Prlno* Oeorge'* Oo., Md. BO^ARDING.ONE SECOND STOBT FBONT BOOM, with BOABD.inltabl* fer gentleman and wite.or two g*ntl*m*u. at 41? ltfth atr*?t, between O and H . jaia-.tt* A FEW WILL FCBfllHBEl) BOOMS WITH Are and gat *an be obtained at 374 D*tr?*t, near Patent Office, with or without BOABD Charg-s moderate ja 18 6t / ' KNTLKMKN CAN BE AUOOMMODATED II with private BOOM aod BOABD. with h*m? made braad and *nnp?r at nia* In the aveatng, for per month. Alto, nnfarnlahed BOOMS to let, very oheap. 304 D -treet. between 12th and 13th. ja iaat* A GENTLEMAN DESIBES A FCBN1SHED BOOM, with Boarding, for blmsalf, wife and ton of 12 >vara, in a private family where there are no ether boarder*, at a reasonable price. Pleat* addreaa Bo*B?4 City P. O , atatiag loca tion an>i price. Beferenees ezchanxed. ana board pat able waakly or onthly. ja it 6t* TABLE BOABD at Ho. 404 Wth airo^, a few door* aortb of th* av*au*. Twa* l? Mr oath. <Ul?tf GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. WOT ICS.?All WATCH IB Uft with S. GOLD 8TEIN for repair* brerloa* to Jannary i.iiM, uu*t ba aall*4 for by Jaauary MIA. lata, or ihoy ja IS 3t* 73 M4ge ?t.. Gwrretowa. P. O. M. B. WHIATLBT'S PREMIUM STEAM DTE1NG A CLEANSIMA ESTABLISH MENT.OSceNo 49 Jeff*r*on at., Goorgetown. tO. Betabli*hed 1SS1; presnntn awarded by th* itropalitBB iMtitnt*, M&7; r*t>ailt ISM, andli now by far th* large*t and nto*t oomplrt* eotabliabm*ut of the kiad ia thl* **ctioa ot country, with a larg* stock of the b*at forein and dotnoati* Dye* and Ch?o?ical*; replete wlla every da?frabl? Apparatut, aad provided with th* b**t Tal ent aaa Artistic Skill to b* obtainnd. Th* sab Kribi r it prepared to dem?n*trat* to hi* cn*tom*t? that pre emln*nt as may hava he*n hi* previoa* reputation, his motto i* " B*cel*ior'- in Dyeing. CUanelng, and Befialehiac Lad lea' aod Gentlemen'* Apparel, BiHia, Velvet*. Sattna. Merino. Cloths. Ac., b* m*an* to stand anrtvalled. Truly thankful far past favors, h* aoliolU thacoa. tinned onttom of the aosamuBity. *r Goode rocelved and retnraad by Express with th* utmost promptnaaa and dispatch. ja_l?-ln? WM. H. WHEHTLET, Dyer. ^jy0?TH KBOWHIQ. . It ia worth knowing that th* gr*ate*t Bargaiat are to b# bad at MILLEB'S CHEAP DBT GOODS BTOBB, 101 Bridge *tr**t, Georg*towa. D 0. He ha* jast rec*iv*d a larg* *tock of Bl*ach*d Shirtings and Sheeting, at lower prion* than they hav* t<o*n sold alaca Mve war. Bl*acb?d Muslin*, at 1IH and 1?eta ;good yard wid* do., ?>ct*..and th* b*at aak*a at M aad 30 ojnta. Sh*et1aga and Pillow Cottoaa verv chaaa. Br?wn Mnahae, 12 ? and 1? ot*., yard wi l* do. ISand 30 *t*. Merrimack aad other best make* Oattoo. JO eta. Fine AllWool French Merino, #1 Wf^tor Dr*** Good* I generallr. embracing P*pllas, Empr*sa Cloths, Plaid*, Pelaia**. Ao.. at coat. SbawU. Blanket*. Flannels, Cloth* and Caaaiasras, Gtov** and 1 H?*i*ry,at anuaually low ario**. | 0.,, ""gsV^MU, M1LIH. ?J1?T*ocniB for Cong ha C-olda aad Throat Dlaoa*?. Special Agent, hiDWE^L * BOH, and sold by all drug?itu. Ja?-llt? M"*'""T " "^KfSatLL. Coraor 14th aad W * tree I*. da II nadar Bhbltt Hou**, iyjATOB'8 9FFU?J'ALL< j4Baar7 10tbt 1857 Sealed Propoaala will be roooivod at the Mayor's Office until 12 o'alock m,on M ON DAT. the 21at laatant. for aavlar. curbing, Ae., for the yaar commencing April 1st, 18*7, for th* aeven taveral ward* of the ally, ao contractor to hava more than on* ward. SpeclBcatlons can be aeon atthi*oOo*,al*oat the office of lb* Oommi*glon*ra of Imyrovomant* iiith* Bssatont of the Weat Wiag of the City Hall. Ho bid will b* received which doo* not include an offer fer each aeparat* item of work and ma( By law the Mayor 1* prohibited from award!ng contract* for tbe above work to any peraon on peraons who are nolpracHca! pa vera. Tbe Mayor raaerve* to himself the right to reject any or all bids sboald ha deem It to the interest of the Corporation to do so B1CHABD WALLAOH. r jall-eott [Intel.] M^yor. ME BOH ANT TAILOBirce -m" IN ALL 1TB DBPABTMBNTS. We bag to lavtta ear friends, cltiiens, ^?a make to order ia the moat an parlor style of tbe art, at much rheaaerratea than the aanal city price*. WALL. BTEPHEHB~A CO., jafl-at 3aa Pa a vs., bet. 9th and 10th sia. NOTIOB ?This Is to give notlee that the Copartnerahip. hevatofore eajhUljUT aader the name and style of OWES A THOMPSON, to bora* by di*^lved thi* day by m^tt^al oo^teut. January 8th, 1817. B. B. THOMPSON. The "OWBB H0UBB" iriH. fbr the ftttttje^Ve ander th* daaarrtoion ?f the aropdetor. S. W. Owll. who #fll receive Bndiattle ah claims pertaming to th* battaesa of the lAte Arm. January Sth. 1S47. q ia?-lw |jOT^gATMKftwMfC*BtoUJ4^ at the Skate Dopot. POWLTS1T A TRIMBLE. Ho. B? Wert Baltimor* street, deU la EaUtaaor*. Md. gBATH mor. of allkladi.Ipom JOka #m. n... POCLTUrt A TmtfWLB, Bo. 400 Wast BalUmoreatreet, dcli in BaUimare. Bd. FOR SALH AND RENT. P?" lllUuKiaMb b. ^i * .n^tSSrur, Jx,""""??*' i ?Jt?i Pona'nereaue.betwe. a < a l/OB HALE-Tbat (Mt FBAM F COTTAJB .-f !L2?,CS t etr*?t, Mtvtra istt) \ad nt* f??U oonk. Iwm imt. Aepl# to M HILL OS OieptOBiiccc; n ?imt?r. ,* it St* ' ho ?4?F street. baiina Mto a?v! <l|fe Bent SJL^JiiT^o V*:nr*- ?*l?tB street, jl li-i* ** ttr?U. (iu and vtUr and Piuo. h ?iwA^fl^T n !^s* V*4 twtNtott DWELL' '"O^wlUi all them,xlfkrnln.Bro^mikeu ?lth or ?H*vtt ??- faraiture, 109 Wm street **1''^** Malght*. PtitrMiati si Ten Ibh?4i . BlOly liisuTrw ?.| Mr 0B0BQB L ABMUT *18*l* *>*??r,???>t.*roothepreiBieea. F?b bbmt?two Tdjotbnro booms7r?rnnbf<l itbonl Boar J, Ids trlntt i*<J threat rix 8Ur 0?ce^_ jaiT^i' |/"OB BBNT?8T0RE end~DWBLtlM(? M^hs flnliEU*^ V" Bn?l<"ng ;n?t flnisbeS A Be. 1 stead for a Orocrrj or Drsr S?9re._lB?Bire next 4**r. _ jal7st* F'OBIIBIIT-Two b*? rUAKI HOVKB8 on 141b Mr Btete D^>rtn.ot l"aa,~ ?! P. A^PODOUBBTI, corner sf l?th and I atraau. #%I7-3I* FWaV* H??tf?& W1V.i.hBJ a.Bic* *?0 ?fory Jl. *BAMB HoOaB. with nearly SJttu f?ot of 0p'0,l,? ib? wk Hotel Terms easy Apply to . ? BILBODBHB. LATTA A 00 . jawn corner 7th and P -trr-ti l^OB RALE?A BABE OHAMOB?TbT LBA SB M IMTBBBST of IB old established reapectable bnetaeee kncst'on the most rostral Bod best iu the city BenfVom oaT KILBOUBN * LATTA. Baal Batata hroksrs, 1^"'** CorBcr 7th Bad F streets. |4a0BSALM-Two year* sad niaeronnt t?s LB A *E Witt* ?owr*??.8TOOK.riXTtBB"?aD.J OOOB WILL of a earner Grocery. doing a good buti r fcoslneeepart of the city. Sst*l*?n for sailing For terms ?T>plyto JOHN FATOB, Beal Batata Bod Insurance Agent. : - .. ? - ... . Office No A.corner of J* '1 1 th strait and Loaisiana avenue J^ANfr FOB SALB. ~~ s!.i. VI I5*LyB A0BE8 or LARD, 'A**'* *? gardening purpesee. situated on tba Ifi aw road, and about one eifht of a SSfSffi.'Ssa'KW;^ tiSr.^rtt^fSiV"b* " "or Inquire for particular* of Dr. U. B Noble JIT* Pennsylvania avenue. " jal7?t* LESTER N0BLB fPY?? V5Lrl?BI,,8,,Ku 'OB BENT I Ol tint flaor, amtabla for HaQ.Akaarinff twi.t'? - in mt?th; Bt Bo 3 JO 3d ?trBet b* t??an F and O straats north. jaM St* LET?A BACK PARLOB. either fnrrlahBd a\J?i^??rmi!?'.,dl.mndm *"?T???>ed BED BOWII. Apply Bt Ho 4?a Pa bt . between the WB<hine tan Honae and tha United State* Hot<*l jBlvtt* F?k1B.BI,J A FHBBI8HBD Pa BLOB, at, It BOOM A,"0?" rUBNl^HBD f2n I f? K r.* st month. Apply at Bo. t>dO L St.. between 4tb Bad ?th. ja lx 3t* L^OR BENT?A sli room FURNISHED HOl'HB' * n MtBBted Bt the corner of lltii aa l O ata Bent Sn J>ValODfb of C F B BIGUARU bOM, L at . bnt. Hth and lith ata . Mo 4 23 jls St* F'OB "ALE-The STOCK and FIXTURE-I of a Retail Grocery and Proriiion Store, one ot iae beat atar.dH In tha PeTenth Ward ttailefarlory rtMou iiyen f .r aellinc Apply at No O, atL. Imaod ja |6-at? F?A?AT T.Wu? 3:"^u four room b*i,7K A BOngES aitn?ted In cn.tre of Klbbey'a Bqnare^ between lat and 2d atraeta w&at and D ?nl E street* n^rth. Will be rented oniy to peraona of g. od repute. Apply ta ptfrauo. Baldwin bbothbbs. JB 16-3t Island D etraeta Waahm?toa. IT OB KENT?Three new BBICK HOtSESrthree .ni' Si?'..0" Bliode Irland aretine between l?th iyh.'"d"mb. K .1 .,!>?*'.'? larte y ard. el tuated on the cornar of loth and u at* : l Bent moderau Apply to J T.(titar Oflice, or on th? premlaea jati 2w t ?BBDEkSom PA BLOB and 1 "BD BOOM. At Hammack ?, on PennaylTa SitttT*?**;., Hili*rd'a. Thay front iiuutef! ? '> ?? t!? A?*nae. h.ive a private entrance, and are tha maat dealrable rooms for rent in Washington. Apply on tbs premises, ja 1 ?6t F?imW -Threastory BRICK HUL'SB.No or - ?t.r<>^t' bet; 2tith anJ il?t st? , furnished eontalnlBf 8 rooms, range In BBS Ae' ^Thu ^0t *Dd r 1 *?ter; bath ro<m. VLhin^ I.J: ?n*?of ,he locations in WA?Ungt?t). close to 0 ?*ernment D^par(m-nts Inquire on tha prtmisas. or Bo! .iOi ?b st . net D ,D<J : jalt-tf POBSALBOBTO BENT-Two BOOMS.suita mha miM* IS tb??^i\",il?,b*r C*rni,h<wl BOOMg ln? .,r"n lD? pr^ini?w 12 FSAl^VAiT?* BJW^B GOOD and iin kI*T2B**#' sOrocery 8t<Te on 7th etraet will b# sold at a barrain. BusIboii abont liftw i doKrs nar ann^m Addraaa MKBCBAHT, Waahington Olty, B 0. ja 12 ?t* I F0M.5B?T~HO?81%?IBth* PhUadaiphla Bow, I 'yy. '"ILM11 honr'B tide from the j Trtinn, and tour Mocks from tb? cars. Theee I Louaas nava all conTealencaa. Iaqnlre of tKa ' CTiV?0? * street, bat waan 11 tb ?f tb# J?U?t TMOMAB M. PLUWMaM. F????3BW?~A Ur?*. BBIOK HOUSE, obtaining U rooms and cellar, with gaa atxl *a I :::'"-t-i 0* ^ /?h^".wsjips QuKeol HENBT AOTTMANN, H$ nth streat I cmmi" ja 10 tv* I i\ ^LCJL~wiHn mVt* T(~H L*A waU Xfn&FSl. ^a^n^nVt^ A and <th ats . opposite National Hotel. ja7 dim* j F?y?iBM (???EBTBT 8BAT ABD OABDB? FABM, withfa one milecf the < !*? tk>> I property will be eold low and wTeswVena. o? f1*! property. Also, from Twentr ! to??F A ore. adjofaln* tba aboTs. Ati>.rari^ and Conatry Saato In Maryland aad Vlrlnla. I Apply to V. D STOCKBBIBOM, I a, M*r^*"?c?ri^tflSd*FAst?2!ti, JM " Waehington. D C. ! F?nt??fVriisQtnrf?,Tt,Sr,^l'd bnoemenl Brick /Li^T .Pi*1*? HOrSK. bruWB frent. water im gai, tan room#: aitnatad m i^h itrMt VMt I B?5r#lVi^lt?e?V?4,5l?aMl4 Mam a *?!*, If a! l4lh trw, be twee* 8 nad 10 a. n. aad i Bad I p. m. jBJtf I BALB?Bereral deeirable bollding LOTS ! *cU?o* of the city. Terms, 100 I i 51? psr month for the rental a der For I H^?3B ob ? . ??i between and ?th | t*il ii tf4- of Joetloe BOSWiLL, No I __ dei7 eolm* I ITO* BBBT?Twolarge and eommodiuas BOOMS j room) vn second floor, oommant- I eating, baadsomsly famished and pleaaaatly sit ?o. PeBB*a BTenaa, between list and go streeta. Sell-eotf I F?AS^f!^JSSSS'SiS'i& ii^OBBBBT?OOTTBGBcontalnlaw ai?ht Immediately**' UlloM-?1* ^lENT^?tt ! F>b BB?T-The F ABM, for th* last throe yean 15? TVV?*C* 01 BbIbbc, conir#M fT Mahaa, 1 mile from Bennlngl Bridge. ImBrovemaaU.dwolllng house of h rooms, etono stable, servant^ honaee bora, Ac Address "B. 8," 437 B street, WaaB ^gton, D. 0.,or call 1b porsoa, between 9 and T^p. J *** ??0 Of I the beet located small corner store OBOOB- I aBlBB In the ci^yT^stock aad Fixtures new Aplmmadlately, by letter, to A. B. C.. oily Port bow tf I *TOB*B(JOM corner of Pa", i BBd 11th street west. In ibe Star Office 1 iana^'w?? i POB BKIIT-Two large aad one email commnnl* 1 t".ri araana aad laoae mt tbe UrgeM and moot oonra^ fleetly situated store rooms In Washlngtoa cltr i I Apply to O. B. BAMBB. at Ue Btar Q?ee.jeA&-tf' F?A^fJlTTTlT 'j *!**! BOOMS, at Mo. I i * 46f 13th street betweOB B aad F sta. de 14 tf 1 J piOUBI HIPI t Are the only dlractireceivers for Ooldea BUI, J. | ^SSiSirtiU,SiJEsaM,SiSJ k'st"ei;i2 Buckwheat allow rates. , All gradaa of Western Floar n store and lor sale I ' Uwb' , ^ W- ALT A COT MIndiana aeravo aad let street, I *?? Bear Depot. RA. OMOBIB'S BABM MALL AMD BMATOMIAL HBAD QUABTBBB. Dealer la Imported Cigar*. Also, tb* following brands of Domestic Cigars: Tnllp, isdy, Pair, I Bcbcrt Bams, Ac I also keep a flue aeeartmeat of I Tobacco. Maaracbaom and Briar Waod Pipes, aad Faacy Articles. ! A. large assortment of tbe feasat and beet "AIM. d,Ulm I ACCTION KAMvi. '?? " ? rnnrnv*mm ! ?' (? " ??#?.( . r?iJ JLFTMAtiO rv-MumMv m~ gVoBEBB * WILUAM8, 4uti?B**ri. TBUSTEE^ BALE Of BBAL Bat 4TB By nrtM ot * deed ( tr?M J at* <>a ||? ifili d?y ?.f Jooa*ry. <??, eaoootod hr JtH OjI lis* to a.e lor the bw?tl of Jeha Hm*J, re MMIbLiUrl.C T .io V folio J4i,Ac. on* of the Ikod rcc-rdefor ? 41 b* ngtoaaoantr .To itr Pie trtct of Cod*uNi, 1 wiii i?(f*r for Mklr vg tn? pc-tDl?ee n FBIDAY th? 1-Hb day oi Jo&uart 1*7 *1 4 eYl?ok p m..lh? norf.h part of Lot ho U. id Ikiaw* b*. M.U tho attr M WeeMagt.n, I>. C , from lug If f??l ood 1 ImIm m nM | ife bfivMi A w4 B ilrtfU aortb. ui . .? Bifii at that ortith to the reK, UftUN with n.? In.jsroveow nt* m-Boieting of a em oil dwelllB* bow ud Other baildlnao Tortno Oco eoif ra?b, (ho ImUmoo ia ? noniki the por. k?*r to rM*ir? o 4*M ?W give hi* n<He. eocuted Vy o deed of traot. All eooveroerlog mad iI*om ot U* out of lbo porchooor a dtpoMt cf tf? re.nlro4 at tbo ttae of aale. aad tho traatee rooerTM the right to reeoR ?t the o??t of the pcm heoor If the term* of o?le ?romt ooo piled ?IU vitkl* toe 4ayo. JOHN B- B0BBI5, Yraatae _ OBBBB A WILLIAMS. A*cilo>o?w |?Y W. It. U>ll A OO . AaoCleoeore TBBBB FRAME HOCfBS FOB 8ALB AT _ . ' . ACOTION 'BIPAT, Jfcn. lltb, ot 4 o'clock, oc tho arem ftro, we ehell oeli tho three Houoe*. N? Zlh H Otreot 01.4 How York eveone, Mo 4 0J Srw Tork ivome, and hou* to root ?f lot Hint WM . B LEWIS A OO , Anru B" t W. L. WALL A I? nil Ortglno! Boroo on4 Cerriooe Buut 99 Loaieiona avenue * 8ALB OB B6B8B8. CARRIAGES. BABMB8B. 19, ot Id o'cl 'k o??ill?rtl,?t tho Euur, o noia'rtwj Sa^di* torrloge and Work Horeoo, fafull deecrlpt'on ot eole.i coapriaior obout? ^ FIFTY BOB8BB JJM' food Work. Kaddlo ojoI U?rneo* Horeoe Ote ficoiltot Pcgf), Htm**, Ac . , Aloo, * 'WW collection of M*? ool HoeoBdhend Bnc other ^?5ew._J 6,1,1 > huilt totblociti Wio Htek ud olo Ouiy 111 |uoddrd?r, h ew and Second bond tloruooo. Beddl?e,Oerrfa**e Ac., at privet# aale _ Jee <Uye. Taeedue. Thnrodora. end ntudifi. Corpse. ac.1 Borooo* alwoyoen private eole j? m w. l. wall a pp.. aoou OF M. K WALbH A OO., AortionAore EJ Ko. si9A Po. eve., comer 1Mb otroot LABGB ASSORTMENT OF DBT GOODS ^ CLOTBINcJ, Ac . AT AO. T10B Ob TH I Bf-PAT ond KATl BDo V MOKNIN08 .laneery 17th and 19th, el It o'clock. on) E VBB Roomo *cUck' w* wi" *,U' * *ur Ao t.oc XUU pie^oo 8eooouoMe l?ry Ooad* 1W (lecoo V>\ oitui Ouod*, cscb m Bltik?tt, 9-r tnoe Pr roo-l*. rt?<1er*hi rt. . L>ro?or?. h looorU l odteo od1 Oeot*'Uooiory, Ac #0 Boorr Boorer Ororeooto Bock < ooto. PouHioaitl Ve?t* Ml dor.*D Bock CHo?o* Bilk OIctm, Ac All of tho oboTe Good* will he ool 1 withoo' ro p*rd.!*.*0,d V.' PW "J'oocoo ood cborr?w jo 16 St M. K . W AL8U A CO., Ao to BTW B. LBWlh A CO., Aocttoo*>er* EXTENSIVE 8 A LB OK~ I BY C.WOM. Pr OB __ DBB OF TRLBTEE. 1 UB TO MOBBOW ot In o'clock, ot Blood No not I eo B?> Itodio 0?0Dt.0 00 *ho!I oolt. the wh ?lo otook. coBoiotibg of 6.n00iotoef OTery Ue*cr1?>tiuii Of Dry Om?* fioolerlo*. THbbIm' Mlilii.r, Ribti c* V< l?rt*. Fhbcjt Good* A< , k< Bolo coa tin lied dolly uani ?t<v-k to cloood. M BBIGbB. Truotoo jaJ6 3t W^B LEW18 A OO , An.-u. OBEEN A WLLLIAM8, AkrOonoora TWEBIT TBOOSAhD LIGBTS OF WIBDOW hAsB AT PUBLIC AUCTiOB. On SATtbDAY. tho lirtb instout, ot il o'clock k m.,00 *bolI *oll. ot cor Auctluu Boooi* o.l olzo*. which we toll the ottentiua of deoi r* u, toe Above oole o? tho> ore oil now Term* cosh jol< 3t OBBEN A WILLIAMS. Aoet* BT BAOLB A CO 1 AntUoDe-ro. 8AT1BUAT. Joaoorr 19 ot 10 o'clock. At oar tioleorooa. lit) demijohn* of Wineo ood Lt?kora, boiocc* of tock of a botuo docliaisc I uoiloo* A LO<>, A varioty of Orocorloo and Snndrioa. Torai* caah lb BAGLB A CO . Auctioneer* BI W. L. WALL A CO . Auttloaoora, Btaroa 31A and 317, Bunth corner Ponna/lTaaio aronno oad 9tb at _We will oell.wltbio oar SatokroAtn* oa SAT pBI>A? MOBB1BG. Joa. Itth, con..nen (n? ot 10 o clock, oa aoao; imoat of b nraituro, c-iuoiat1 B( Of? Bedaleoda, Baroana, Mortio toa Woahaiando Morblo too Toblea. hota* ' u Stuffed obo Coao ooot Chair* Oae Freach Plot* Mirror Bitches Bouaiaitea, Ae., Ac _ Auo, One Bag&tollo Totlo. vlth ball* comaleU Tho Tabla baa boos navly covered. Alao. Bruoooh. Throo plf, IngrHlb and Cottooe Caroot w 1th maar other ortliHea tn tho Fnrnftaro tin* n w. L. WALL A CO., Aaoba. B* KAOLE A CO., Auctioatora. 29A Poauaylvania arcane. PBBEMPTOBT BALB OF VTOCE AND FIX TLBhh OF A PBUDCCB AMD PBOVIBIUM STOBE Bo Moeoachoeoilo X;S Oa MONDAY MOBNIBQ, Jaaaary Mat. at 10 o'clock, vo oball aoll tkocoaunuaf tbo obuv* oonod Storo, ooaoiottac of CouBterv. Sbolvoo. Partitions, Dooka, Sealo*, Ac AI*BO, Bacoa^HakM, Shoaidora, Botter, Lard. Bait 10 bortola Flour, eo hoxaa Balat&a 1l8 can* Meata and Vegatabloo Broom*. Wocd^nwaro Ac. Bale BokttiT*. Terai* raob Mia n KAOLE A OO.. Ancti EBBY OOLMAN A CO.. AOCTtOM AND COMMISSION M ESC HANTS. Boo. 9*1 aa<1 993 Pooaa. o*.,b*t. Vth aad l<nh eta Baloa at auction every Tneodar, Tbnradoy ouA Saturday moraln* aad eTealac B. C. BMOOK.BB. holeoaiori A fnll oooortmont off Dry Goodo, Boota, Bhooa FaralablBc G .jd*. Crockery. Tia Ware, Sterol! Ac . olway* oa hand at vrlrato oala. Oaah advanced on coktinaenta. ALSO, Wholeeale end Be tail Dealer* la Bardwore and Tl? Ware. Btoroo. Ao., Hal. 'JU1 aad 931, 7 th etreet, b?t??-?-n M oad B. A lorje (jaaatity of Government etook. ooaoiatlag of Bunk?u.8beeu. Plllowa. Sbtrta. Cloth:ug CarU, Haraeeo, Vo|?u. Vofoa W boo la. Wbe?|. borrow* Trncke.Fletf?rm8caW*,Coabter 8- o]^B Clfickery. Lampo, Lantern*, Tar,Paint. anU 4 jmu .oflU Bl??e Pipe Alio, larfa Quantity of aoc >D.j. hand Stove*, with moor other ortlclee toe antaoroai to ennmerote. The gooda are aoarly B9V, oad will be aold at alaoat any yrloe to rait. ja Id-la* ^ZEElEL-8 YIB61HIA HAIB BBBTOBBE7 Haik B?kovatk>.?We ykbllah thla ornlng the advortiaetaeat of oar woll known towasiaon. B. Bcoklel, who la tho ?ro?rietor of the wellknown oad widely mod *' Baekioi'a Balr Boato rer." Thle preporotton la no new ?re?oratioa, hat pat np by a geatiemaa of known probity and a noUve of onr rttr Be hoo in hla poaeraaion cor titeateo froa roaMeaU off Blchaond. which be will pahlioh. Thooo rooonaaaoadotioaa oro Nm?.i fide, and ploeo hie proparotlon above the qaark noatrnmo nalmed off oa heir restorer*. Try It. ondyoawfll aovo your hairKtckmomd ri??>, Dec. 10, NM. Woani<*iiTAH Oitt, D O , Boo SI. MM DtlbSlI: I oa grotitied to eoe ihot you hovo ^oin coataeeced the aaaafactnre of year " Mair From the teatlmoay off many frtonda who have ooed It, 1 hovo ao keeltetion In atatlng that I bo Hove It to ho the moot efficient compound of tbo kind over preeented for eale. Indeed, mony of thoeo who have tried it oaanre mo that it aot oaly cteaaaea theecalp perfectly, bkt aadonbtodly roe to roe tho growth of the hair Boeaectfnlly, Ac., yonro, _ ^ICopy 1 T f OAkKETT.M. D. To B. BzkiikL, Blehaoad. To. For tale by oil Draggieta Order* oddraeaod to DEM AS BABNE8 A OO., Park Bow, Bow Tork. jo 10 eoSa IhBPABTMBBT OF TH IBTBBIOB, w to ?.L fiwgrizt's&sitijp _ AppiltoOoa hovlog booa made aoder tho act off f??a a. nM. far tho ret aoao off tho follewtBC doacribed Land Warranto, which are aUogod tohavo that at?tho<daa folf^u'he dJc'rftStn'of^ilh warrant, a new oorttSoaTo or warraatof like taaor will be relaoaod, If ao vaBd oh>ocUoo ohonMthoa >V9Mr' JOB. B. BAEBBTT, Ooaalaloaor. Bo. MM. for Macrae, tooaod aaAar the act of torch ?U??, la tho naae off Ivory Batter, aad waa created April 19.18M?Fobraary S. MM. No 43 0M. for M0 acre a, laeued under the aot of March Id, 18fi6 in the name of Laaarao Barlot>. ood waa granted September Iff, 18M. Fobniary U.UV, Bo. K4.7M, for Me ocroe, 1 oonod a ad or Mm act off arch 3d, 18TB. la the naae of Bobort W. Pierce, aad waa gr aatod May IS, )*? Merc h 9, WT. Bo. M.U0, for MO ocroe, iooood aador the aet off March MM, la the aaao of BUj^ ?. Ball, aad waa graatod iaaol.MN. Merck 9. li(7. Bo S.tlb, for 80 ocroe, leeued aatot kho act off March 3<i ldM. le tkr aome of Oeorm Plain, aad waogranted Aagaet Mth, l?M. Morch SO. lw. Bo ?T fit for IWaoroe. laooed aoAor the aot off Mar eh Sd. MM, 1 n the aaao off Jameo Moary, aad waegraBted AaHIMd, IM1. MarchM.1^7 Bo. M 7M. for Mkarrae, teen*d uador the ad off Morch 3d. IfM. lathe aaae of John Wood, and waa praabod Febjaary M, MCT. Aprfi 6, MM. Bo.M lM for MV ocroe. laaaed oador tbo aot of March 3d. lA^*, ia tho name af Borah Wood, widow of Bob. ri Wood, aad *00 gr aatod Fobraary l?, IKP7 AjrtM.ttg. MAOUlBli AMD OODF1BM. 16 oon pouada lorge 8HOBB CODFI8B ' J?tbrocelved?aad fir eole at <>or wharf, at the doM tf Ho. 48* Blath ot . hot. ? and F. 17>OB BALB-A pair off Morgan BAT MAJEMB. r (orecially adapted for breeding purpoeea At ?ly at thla o#c* 10 it It* 4 /