22 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

22 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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1 ^HFEVENmGSTARTl LOCAL NBW? AMU81MUTS. *C^TO-*lOMT Wall * 4Naw Omba KoMi.-vrood nurtc of tbe new and popular corned j, Xlflft. tW." Natiohsl Thkatu?Lut might of Miss Maggie Mitchell in 11 Tbe fwrl ofSavoy." MrziEcTT Hul -Tb? popiltr entertain-menu ot the two Peaks families Swls* Be4l Km*?n asd the Berger family continue to draw good bousea. Ot>i> Knurrs' Hall.?We dropped in to ?ee Bur&ess and La Hue's Carnival Minstrels last rrfninir, and found (bat lb* MtU la Odd i'llowi' Hall were ell III lad, and that tk?>rit waa hardly standing room. We cu endorse the troop* aa an excellent on*. embracing aura* really talented musician*, bold vocal and instrumental. and some flue Ethiopian comedians Tba end mn, Purdy and Eagan, are immense. aad tba Olio Concert," a la Juti ii is aiooa worm the price of admission. G? and see them. Dbiok Lbaocb Hall. 481 Mb street.? Henry Vincent, tbe great English reformer, will deliver bia lecture on "The great Amertcu Conflict and the trends and enemies of America and tngland" tbia evening for tbe benefit of tbe ? relief fund" of Ut Soldiers' aad Sailora' Un ton. Dbatii OF Mr. Hbli a*.?Yesterday, Johnson H*|Ipd, died at hit reeutence on the corner of D ana ith streets, in Lbia city, it tba ?tb Tear ofbissge. Mr. Heilen waa a native of this city, and in early life studied law, aad waa admitted to practice in tbe Montgomery < bid ) county Court, but returned to tba cut ann waa admitted to the bar of tbe Circuit Court of the District on tbe Mtb day of May, on motion or Mr Swann, tbe United Staies Attorney at tbat time. He waa at tbe bar an able advocate, aad ever faithful to tbe interests of bia clients. Tbia morning, a meeting of the bar was held to give expression to their feelings on learning or bis death. On mo ion or Mr. Bradley, Sr.. Philip R Kendall, Esq, wan called to tbe chair, and W. K Mattingly, Esq , appointed Ssecretary. Mr Kendall, on taking tbe chair, paid a feeling tribute to the memory of the deceased. M^os-rs J. H. Bradley. J. E. Norris, J. p En ma, W. B. Webb, and E C. Carrlngton were appointed to draft resolutions expreealve of tbe sen.'e of the meeting. Tbe committee subsequently returned with a preamble and appropriate resolutions, wbich were preaented by Mr. Bradley, and after Tleeers 1 Harrington and Webb had spoken in * arm terms ot commendation of the charactar ot tbe deceased, they were adopted. The meeting adjou rned to meet at ten o'clock to-morrow, to attend the funeral, which will take place at eleven ? Affairs nr Albxani>ria.?From the Alexandna papers of yesterday afternoon wa clip tbefollowiug The market place yesterday evening waa tbe scene or considerable interest, occasioned by tbe appearance there ot a man aouut 60 years c! age whose smgnlar manner aooa attracted considerable of an andience, when he proceeded toelu idate, in bis own peculiar atyle, tbe last five verses of th?* 5th chapter ef James, which he rer.d from an ancient looking Bible, which it *eems. with an old tin cap, ie bis constant compaai >n. He claimed to have received a df--.pat.-b from Heaven on the subject, and was enlightening the people accordingly. Cysters have become a luxury. Our supplv is now drawn from Annapolis, tbe stock on band before the freeze having been entirely exhausted, and tbe river as tar down as beard from, "as tight as wax," with a prospect of rfmainmg so for some time. The bivalves are now retailing at f*2 per gallon. A party of officers camenp from Fort Washington. Saturday evening, in a sleigh, on the ice. V, ben returning, a a late hour, the team of males broke tbrourh the ice and were both drowned. The party in the sleigh escaped with a good fright. The little daughter ofMr Lewis Brill, who was so severely burned last week at Mr Harmon's school, is lying In a critical condition, and ia not expected to recover. A Kiw Wat to Catch Wood Thiivks. > or aeveral wmtera past Mr. George T. Rnub, aoap and candle-maker, with many others whe bave large quantities of wood near Murder Bay, have been suffering from the depredation* of thieves who supply themseivee with fuel from the yards, and although parties have been arrested they were not convicted, because loaers could not identity tbe wood Mr Kaub fell upon a plan to identify his wood, aad after it was piled painted the ends with * * ***- Sunday night about one and-a-half corda were stolen, and be suspected tbe party and had a search warrant Issued by Juatiee Moraeil, upon wbicb the house on C street, near 13th. occupied by James Henry, colored, w** aearcbed, aad aboat half a eord of the painted wood was found concealed under a bed Henry waa taken to the Central Guardhouse by officer Fraxier, and waa aent to jail for court by J uattce Thompson. A little fuel taken to supply ibe need of such a night as that of Sunday might be excused; but a supply for a season, stolen from one person, is rather too aevere to be overlooked. Dobiaks "Slbb*ibs Child."?Some time since we noticed a baat of Lambert Tree. Esq, ot singular apirit and excellence, the work oi a wlf-UD(lit artie', Mr. Thomas P. Dorian, a clerk la tbe city poet office. There ia now to be aeen in the window of Gait's jewelry a to re another effort by the earae artist, a figure in marble or a sleeping child. Tbe attitude ia easy and natural, and the lace aad figure have the raarveloua attraction always belonging to the faithful repreeentatioa of childiah Innocence and grace. Aa a first effort la figuremodeling, the work is something remarkable. T be work was don* in odd hours, and mainlr by lamp light, we learn. We aball look for the fatara achievement* of Mr. Dorian with great xc thrust. Tub District ii Consii<g.?Yesterday at* ternoon, ia the Houae of Representatives, Mr. Ingeraoll asked leave to introduce a resolution appropriating *tS,voo for distribution to the poor of the District of Columbia, through Ma. jor General Howard. Mr. Eldridge said he would object, a a less tbe Mayor of Washington wa* associated in tbe dietribution. Mr Innernoil consented so to modify 1L Mr. Radford said be would object, unless there was aa understanding that tbat amendment abould not f># cnanred Mr. Infersoll eipr?u#d bia r*adiaese to have that underatandiag; but Mr Wileon. of Iowa, objected to binding the Houae in any such way; aad, consequently, th* resolution did not come before tbe Hoase lor action. CuATina a NriflAjica.?Yesterday evenlag. Officer Howes, arrested 8. Ben linger, bu tcher tor creating a a nuance, aad took mm ?etore J uatlce Thompson for trial. Lientaaant nkippon testified that his attention was called to a nuisance in the canal at the foot ef 9th street. L pon going there be found tbe nuisance to conaiatol about a cart load of slaugbterbouae offal, calves beada, entrails, Ac., and notwithstanding the coldaes* of tbe day, the stench arising from It was past endurance Tbe accaaed confessed that tbe nalsaaee was fTtTVv by ?f hia employees, but promised tnat tbe public ihonWft not htr? etau again to oi him. Jaaoce Thompson fined Th? Show Law?Tbe officers have commenced to en force tbe anew lawaiace the storm laat Sunday. Eight arreet* are registered maialy in tbe Second and Tbird Wards, and warrant* are being leaned for othera. The olllcera made all allowancea for the benefit of beuaekeepers, giving aeveral houra beyond the limit of the law to begta tbe work, and conetdered the difficulty of removing the ice. The law waa loudly called for by our ritizena before it* enactment, and no one can reasonably find fault with its enforcement. CLXBicALTaAasraR*?The following tranafers of clerks were yesterday made in tbe interior Department ?O. Z. Cutting, tranaferred rrom the ludian Office to tbe Patent Office- C W. Fitcb and J H. McKean. from the iJand Offlee to tbe Patent Office; Measra. W. J. Johnson aad T T. W^swag, transferred from tbe Patent to the Land Office, and Henry M Hurdle from the Patent to the Indian Office. Measra. Cutting ai>d Hurdle each receiTSf 1.400 per annum, and tbe otbers 91,200. Attotios is called to the announcement elsewhere tor a meeting of tha citixeus of tbe ?ih Ward at Potomac Hall, on Tbaraday night next. sMib inat . to take meaaures lor relieving tbe poor of tbe Ward. Tbere is a great amount of suffering at this inclement teasou of tbe Tear, and this movement will commend itself to the fa\or of ail charitable hearts. Dkorki of Kibbkah? Last evening, the degree of Kebekah was conferred in Harmony Lodge ot Odd Fallows, at tbe Navy Yard, on nine ladies by p. G. M Gewrge Robinson. There waa a large attendance ot tbe members or the order p-e>ent, as well as large delegations of tbe Ladies' Kebekah Degree Association*. I'OLira KxroBTs ?Tbe returns of the Ileateusn's ot tlie various precinct* this morning ?how 4*2 arrests ia tbe District, mtxt of them far violations of the municipal laws. Tbe '"nired Stares cases, only 8 In nnmber, were for larcenies and aaaaultaad battery. The fine* ia Ccrporation caaea amounted to $84-58. 9 P??KMTATio?.-On Snnday morning last f 1 uf?ils of the ad Baptist SandaySchool *^**y Yard) presented, throagb Mr. Juliaa ^ottlnghim. a beautiful silver-plated pitcher **> ?beir superintendent. Mr. George F. Oulick, a token of tb'-ir esteem. ' r 'f * a CI ? MM / 4 orrf rmtg. . . TO a IT (i**wi*t OgAMFA Q*B.?fh timed man drinks rrrj year 30,000.90> bottles "f f?M'M MMl rtDS0.V? Of IfOriOll CltMIP*IMj?r IMTlf fUOO.OW.QQQ W Jrth. Now ne oca Wnb* to drink 'hit spurious artiste -when the ( aviae ou kiMtoiw4,talMM?*Milni. will d??fiT? ?m deilcri TM otlf vf" way u to pnrobat e from weU kM?? and re pousibtp importers ?ho are- judges o* tk? hrncle IU? deal ia, aad ?. O- Duvr k Oo , daJers m liquors aad dfuaraPiaMrlmia a*enue? fulfil this r?quir?m?at to letter. They import iheir lienors and cigars aad know j a?? what they are buying and selling. jitntar?Mew etyiee of Jewelry aad 8il sr-Fiated Ware, received this morning, at Prlgg's One Dollar Jewelry Store, Mo. 438 PtiuylTatlaaTeate, near 4# street. . ? ? ? Bid mb Ditoovmsa, aad 1 will enchant thine ear nub >wi*i ui Clothing (or One Prioe onIt?Barked in plain figures?at Henniage, corner ef Seventh street aad Maryland arcane. . ?.? Gi.ovna. Halt How, Merino Shirts and Drawers, White SAiria, Ties, Scarfs, at re. duced prices, at Franc's popularQente' Furai'biag Store, 4M 7th street, near Odd Fellows' Hall. Old Fobt DartAacn, 281 O street, oorner 11th.?Baeeivlng daily the fineet Norfolk oysters, which 1 am selling at my raw b^ix for 10 cents a half dozen. I hare not raised the prices in any saloon during the freeze. Fresh opened oysters celling at 40 cents per quart, or 150 per galloa; extra large, 50 ceats per qnart, or %l per gallon, which can be bad ta quantities from one to two hundred gallons per day. Call at tbe original oyster depot, 381 C street, corner ef 11th street, wbere you c&n always Et tbe best oysters served in the Knit,in arket style. T. M. Habvsy. Mr old Fathoms will tluditgrently to their advantage by calling at the new Shoe Store, No. Sil ?tb street, nnder Odd Fellows' Hall. O. B. Wii.aoir, lm late of tbe Arm or Burns &. Wilson. I offer a spiennia stock of fine 18 karat Ootd end Silver American Watches. Diamond Jewelry aad Opera Glasses, 40 per cent, below cost, to close busineas. 6 1. Aliiandix. ?40 Penna. avenue ? Dn. Wnirn, Chiropodist, 494 Penn. nr.. between 4Jf and 4th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bnnions, bad nails, enlsrged joints, warts, moles, vascular excreeences, Ac. OSes hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., and 4 to 8 p. m. Established 1391. Foa Chilblains and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price f 1 per bottle. For sale at 4^4 Pennsylvania areuue, between 4)( an d 4th streets. ? AStmnPiin ITttbh ?Dr. (JHlbert's Pile Instrument positively cures th? worst cases ef piles. Sent by mail on receipt of 14. Circulars free. Sold by drugiriats. Agent* want?d everywhere Address J. B Romaiue. Manager, No. 575 Broadway, New York. 3i Pbkhibs can be had in auj quantities at the Star office counter 1)1 EU. ELWOOD. At her resilience, In this rltf,?B the morning of the 21st instant, Mr* ILClNOU M. KLWOOD, in tbe Mth year of her age. bo fades a Hummer clouo away. Borinks the gale wbsn storms are o'er ; Bo gently shines tbe eye of day, Bo diss a wave along the shore. Tbe friends of the family are r??pectfally in vited to attend her funeral on Wednesday, the 230 instant, at 2o clock. WOLFF. On th? morning of the ttd Instant, at 4 o'clock. WILL1K THOMAS, beloved sen of Charles and Sarah Welti, aged 5 months and 8 days. The funeral will take place from the residence of its parents, No. 49 Sd street east, Capitol Hill, at half past two o'clock, en Wedseeday, the S3J Infant * REMKMBVB yon of the Bass Ball frateraltr. that OBOBIN'rf Headquarters is No. mi Pa. avenue Call ob? and all, and sxaiulae his Sue BEGABS abdTOBaCCO jaW-<it COAL 1 B'?N. AND OIL. or the Practioal American Miner; being a guide toearmln?s and mineral resources, with numerous maps and illustrations. Price B7.S0. ja 18 FBAHCK TAYLOB. j^JASKB MASKS I ! MASKS 1 ! A fall supply, ef all different character, just received at rng BUPPKBT'8 FANCY RA7.AAB, ja 18 8t No. 48S 7th street. OIL LIB O O 0 T, TO BEFIT. With a view to rebuilding ear stere In the spring, we bare determined to sell the WHOLB OF ODB STOCK, oonelstiug of HOB1KBT, GLOVES, and a general aesortmeat of FUBBIBHIBO GOODS, AT COST, i From thia date nnfll tbe first dar of May. FBKD'K PILLING, 998 Pennsylvania avenue, [ ja 17-41* neat to nth street. jpiBB BOBBBAUX WINES. giltil Lagrange, MM. Mereanx Hedoc, ? Van ten ae Medoe, Chateaa Lafltte, " 1K1. Chateau Leorille, " Chateau Saaterne, 11 " Poetet "mi " " IK Juliea, M " -j- p?, ? oo.. AS Pennsylvania avenue, ja 17-eet between Hth and l?h streets. QBOOBBIBB. HALL A PLANT. PLANT'S BUILDING. Corner New Tork avenue and Utb street, (Entrance en Bew York avenue,) Dealers in fine FAMILY OBOCBBIBS, TEAS, WINES, IMFOBTBD LCXUBIBB, Ac., he., would respectfully notify their friends and the public that tfcey have jest opened their New Grocery Store, where can be obtained any article osu ally kept In a first class Groeery. Without ab tempting to enumerate our large, fresh aad wellselected stock, we cordially inrite the pnbUc to exaataeeur store and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who may faver ue with tbsir patronage. Weeall especial attention to our assortment of TEAS and OOFFBBS, which kavsbeea selected with great carefOr parity. Dealers will Had a fins aesortmeat to selsct from, aad oar prlees to suit. Goods delivered promptly la aay part of the city. Jan 43m RA. CBOBIBV BA8B BALL and sbatoeial bbad QUAETBBS, Dealer ia Imported Cigars Alee, the fellesrtag brands of Domestic Cigars: Tullpi Judy, Puff, Bobert Burns, he. I also keep a fiae assertoaeat of Tobacco, Heersohaum and Briar Wood Pipes,and Faacy Articles. A large assortmsnt of the Sasst and beet BE ATBB. ds!8 lm TO V W, B. IOIBS' FABBI0BABLB CABPBT, FDBNITUBB ABD BBDD1BG 8T0BB8, NOB. 431 A 419, INTELLIGENCES BUILD. IBtt, 00BBBB 7TH AND D., ABD HO. 40? 7TH STBBBT, THBBb'S BDILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8' HALL, ABD EXAMIBB TBB FIBEBT ABBOBTBD STOOB THIS B1DB OF PHILADELPHIA. He has all the latest designs made In Philadelphia, Bew York, and Bostea The stock lealweys elected by Mr. Moses, and bought at tha lowest rstes for cash, whichsnablas him to compete with Bastern prises. H is finest Faraiturs is made to order In Philadelphia, and of tbe beet material that caa be foand. Purchasers should study thslr own Intsrsstby calling at his Stores and sxsmlalmL the well-aesorted stock of CABPBTB.TdeNITUBB. Be,, aad obtnta his price-list befors going s las wbere, whleh be will fUrnlsb with pleasnrs. . _ Bis assortmsnt ef Mattreases. Blankets, Oomforte, Oena tor pal aee. Pillows. Bolsters. Fsetbsrbeds, and all kinds ef Cottage and Bltebeu Furniture Is complete, wbleb be offsrs nt the leweet Bnlldiu. corner Ttk aad D, end Be 40b Tth street. Thorn's Building, adjoining odd Fellows' g"" ""i"" One almost new 0H10BBBING PIAHOMB 'a: i assmm. ,m .<s. " Bole A rents for Bteinway *s Pisne. aad )a 11 tf Mseon A HamHa'sOebfnot Organ*. . ^KATHSI BEATES I 1 SBATEB l.~! f J net received, a full assortment, for Ladle I, Gentlemen and Boys, at OtiB. BCPPKBT-B FANCY BAT.AAB. jaiedt Ho. 444 7ta street. ??? T T_!~' AMUHRMBKT3. WILL'I BMW triRi ItDil. ~ BUT A WAIf< PROPRIETORS. B. B. ?HHAUn.? >TA?1 KAlitll J The MlfMM' taka CP??t |lim? iw UI menacing that lUUiiT BTBBIBO, Jiwrr a,MV, M?r ?Hk* ( itnanUM. thtf vtll yr*' * * tWf -MtTHI U Vrtf laal OwHif of th* W hick bad ? run to Lendow, aad I NMMi; at WiJIukS Thutor, Mtv Torlu I m_. . m^TMOjr"Sl>MIS?IOM. Private Boaee. ft; OrotaeetraOfca*ra. ft :Draee I Oirele. Mw?ti; Parqaatt*. toceata* Farnflr Circle, tt cetrte: Petered IMwU.amti, NATIONAL THB4TRK. J; Peaaeylvaala ITNIMW WHMt' Hotel. ! BIOBTH NIOKT I Aadlnt?**kor tk*flMita?i?4 krilllittli' of the bewitching and tooomparable little favortte, MISS MAOr.f* MITCH ILL. iayyort?d by the pwnlirjoni actor. \T JSL+JW.COLt-IBB. and th? powerful Company. THIS (Tweedayi BYBNING, Jaa it,1*7, Leet ilea? poeiil valy uf THE PICA RL OF BAYOY; _ OB. A MOTHER'S PRAYER. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, TU ItrMt. EVERY SVENINGTHIS VIIK ONLY. T^e Greet Confederation of Dlitlt|*labe4 ETHIOPIAN ABTISTBS, BUBGEBS A LA 11)11 CABNIVAL MINSTRELS The Largeet and moat Perfect Miaatre! Company ever Orgeniaed | TWENTY tOCB BRILLIANT BTAB3, Eix Comedian*. iHladiai tht treat ( POBDY AMD lUlK. Poor Clog Dancer*, thecbampiona of the world, MIKE KANANE. IED WEST. and lha wonrirooa DTIOA BOYS. Marvel leva Voaal Quintette, SWEET, CHURCH. BRABfllSl, WHBATON. AND CABTBB. NED KNBELAHDD MA0HIF1CBNT OBOHK3TKA. 1 Ai eatlra saw Programme every Bveaing. Tiokete, 3ft and 00 Cta. Colored Gallery, ii eta. jt n (f D C. LA RGB. Manager. I MKTZEROTT HALL. UBEQUALLBD 8000 888, I MONDAY KYEN1BG, Jan.*1. 1*7. I And every evening during the week, i GRAND CON SOLID ATION I OF THK TWO PEAK FAMILIES, SWISS BILL BINOBRS, I Aaetaled by the BBBOBB FAMILY. I Vocaliata. Harpieta, and Planlete | 25 PERFORMERS, i->0 SILVER BBLL8. THB LARGEST TROUPE OF BBLL RINGERS IN THB WORLD. Ticket#. SO oente I K**erved Seata. ,~.7 ' Ticket* for sate at Mctzerott'* Mualc Store and I At John K B Urn', SOW Pen "'a avenue,where aaata can be aecnrtd three da>a In advance. grand matinee on Saturday after NOON. jalltt BALLS, PARTIES, &c. BAND MILITARY DRBSS~BALL~ ek ODD FBLLOW8' HALL, FEBRUARY 1. 1.1S7. DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON, POST No. I DEPARTMENT OK THE P0T0MA0. O A. R,. I Will give their Kir*t Annual Ball oa FRIDAY EVENING. February 1,1947,at ODD FELLOWS I HALL. Officer* of the Army and Navy, and all mum hem of the late Volunteer Arm It* of tho United State*, are requested to be pretest In uniform. Ticket* and Card* of Invitation fer Ladlaa will be procured from any member of the Oommliteeof I Arrangementa. TICKETS (admitting Gentleman aad Ladlee) S3. Befreehmeata farniabed to Ladiea. OOMMITTBB OVARRABOBMBNTS. Col. W. Millar, aoutheaet corner 11th aal K eta. i Major T. Label, corner 4th and I etraete north. I Major J W. Lord. 474 lftth street. near Pa are. Major C G. Ooold, <34 6th atre*t, eat. M and N. Captain R Middle ton, Capitol Bxt-ialoo. Captain R. Morgan, Oapttol Bxtenalon. Lient. Ool C.W Taylor Quartermaster'a Dep't Captain 0. 0. Parker. S46 0 atreet aortk. 1 Major H A My era, 367 Maaaackueetta avenue. I Dr. W. F. Collina, OSee Internal Revenue. PERSONAL. ]\IOT10B TO LADY BOABDIBG HOUSBI iv BEBPBBft? A young man of kifb ataaaiag, I wact* ta ENGACB with a single Southern lady, I to attend Market aad take a general iatereat in I her wellfare. before aad after onaiaeaa heara, for I his room and hoard. Beat referencee given. AdI dr*** A. B.C. BALL, Peat Office. ja ZJ Jt" I (V OTICBApprehendieg that drafta drawn I it upon her may he offered for negotiation in or I near Washington. Mr*. 8TILLWELL of Zeuee I villa, Ohio, dee ma it proper to thoa notify the peb| lie not to purchase or advance money upon the I aaue, ae tbev will aot be accepted or paid by her, I no peraon being authorized ae to draw, ja ll lw? I 'TAEB NOTICB.?Bridal aad Faaeral Wreatha, 1 B.xioeu, Oroeeee^Aacbera, etc., preeerved in I nataral farm: Wax Flowera, Hair Flowers, oa I Glaaaor Pearl,at Bo. 346 G atreet, near Uth. I ja lt-lm* T ADIES IT IS ACKBOWLBDOBD THAT Li tha BBW STAMP I BO DB POT, en nh atreet, I 4 39, haa the beet eeleetion of Patieraa everofI fered here, and the proprietor haa reduced the I price to ONE HALP that baa been charged hareI tefore. Beiua a practical Stamper, no tear need I he kad of getting what will aait yon. Go eee him. J He will make and atame AN f pattern, do M tf A T THE BBW CHBAP STAMPING ROOMS I A 439 9th atreet, opposite Patent Offloe, ladlee I can get at oar reduced prieee.an the very baat | W im?ntti? I Might gown Yoke#, ready a tamped M dm. Chemiae Yokee, M cta. 1 * finii 11 4jo etc. Bit her for araldor embroidery, oar'patteraa are I of the very iai?.?t deaigna, ae lee ted wltk care ia I Bew York, aad beiaa fa receipt ot them weekly, I we are able daily tolseue new patterna. aa well I aa make and etamp ?ny pattern brought ua. I I. O. O Working Cotton at redacea prioaa. da If-tf IOHN D. CLARK, ATTORNEY ABD COBB* J BBLLOB AT LAW ABB BOTABY PUBLIC, I No. i'it lath atreet ?eat^ da 14-ly J^ADIBS LOOK AT THIS, COLLAR AND CuFn OITEN AWAY. Bach lady having work done at tke OBBAP STAMPING BOOMS, 439 9th atreet, oapoeito I Patent OSae, will receive gratis one OoUar aad I pair of Cafa. a temped oa the flaeet maatia. for I ehain atich. Braid or Bmbroidery, euitable for I aight-gowoa. Star Braid aad Colored Oettoa for ! the above at reduced nrtcee. Inltiala etamped I from on* to>re ceata. Stamped aooda at half the I price heretofore aakad. 4aN tf " 486 I \ 486 A limited but cboiee aeleetiona of Oil Paiatinga. I Bngravlaga, Ckromoe, Wreatha, Baaketa of PlowA rich and varied aeeortment, from the beat maaI nfactaeeraia the eaaatry. embracing Walant. ImI itatioa Ro*<'wood. all Gilt. Ra*tle and Carved Frame*. PaaaepartoaU. Oard Pramea, Ac. _ PICTUBB OOBD AMD TASSBLS, WALBUT I _ BBACKETS, Ac. PlcttM-e Card aad Taeeele all alaea aad colon, P AVBRS A*NCHN GBBAINDOW*SB ADBS. A beentlful variety of theee goede, embraoiog the I ricbeat deaigna of (Hit Bmbroldered Parlor Patteraa la the Mlatrlct, witk a well aeeerted atock of I the ebeaaar gradee, with a larga variety of Window Bhadea, different aKea aad aolora. > Order* for Window bhadea aad Paperkanginga punetnally filled, la city or coaatry. A large portion of tke above Gooda ware made apecialfv to order, beHeviag the beat the oheapeet, and alaung t? keep that ciaaa of Gooda, we reepectfnlly lavita the PabMc to laapect and ootopare oar I Geode witk any ta the market. I Term* invariably ta?A. _ J. MAEKB1TBB. No. 486 7th atreet. do 18-Sm* Eight deore above Odd Fellowa' Ball. i^PLBBDID JBWELBY. MB. ALBXANVBBbaa jmt re tamed from New York, where he took from the Ouatam Hoaaa a I very magaileeat aanortment af Silver FlMgree JBWBLEY. la.ported from lUly, whick be will aell at oae-<jaert?-r the ooat; they cannot be obtained at aay other eatabhabaaent here. Bealao brought oa a large aaeortmeat of aaw atyle COBAL GOODS very rich and of great variety, whlob ha will aell at tha aarnn rate*. I ja 14 M* 94O Peanaylvania avenue. VICTOE BBCBEB. f PIABO TUNER AND BBGULATOB. m BaTABLt*Hn? m ISM. B3M I otmtnaitowagciivnDAT DBMP8EY A OTOOLE'S. Bngravera aad Static ae re, Ao , 3 6 Pa. nr., bet. 9th aad tot* eta. r. c. BK1CHENBA0H* Piano Booaa, 49? lltk atraat, a ear Pa. anaM. Special Notitt from Wm. Knabt # Co , Baltimore. Mr. Beaker naa tanad Piaaoa for ne at oar Wareraome, aad we take pleaaare la etating that we baUare hta to bwa oomaatent tanar. aafl-fc ' DBASS I0CNDBY. ~~ D Ba. 414 B atreet. ' Having alerted a BRaTs FOUNDRY in eoaoeotion with my Oan aad Lockaaltk baalaeea, I am prepared to do all vork la that line. ja 14 Sm JOHN 4. PBABODY. i $ , M ^ 11 ' ' ?

WANTS. W sri; >v a* _*?? ssKZ^ttw. W *** ?--* first ttM frmale OOOB for a i2w^li!Sr k ^ k?MMiM?*U -r* *? iTkV*V?t'hu d uFp<r ' *?. >7* Tnrt,,??w O. Miry I?K, jag ?* W VLWJti?* *? ? ? table Totna girl. rtIT _?ATlOl| M Cb?Bb?nMM, anT to assiat la washing and Iron lag. Apply ? No iTl fat., botwaos. >M aad lit nmM. Apply fer three dsya. ja B ?' Wiyj?P~By tw? ro?sstdbls Qlrts B1T0A *".*!?** fas u HoiNkMm, U? ather as ^ k. OlBbriai |*o4 rlfMNi Apply et Mo. ??T * ' Toik iniiM, pis 4?n (rm the owner of4thstraet. if AMTiD-at W(tbl*|toa hotw, imrtl good CHAMBBBMaIDB }s2i3f ULTAHTBD TO BBBT-A wtni s9er> HACK ? v BOOM, which h?i a complete eet if M-r?oa furniture a?d MlUni AIre. * third otory PB0NT WO* Toraa. iKloJilf the two reoau n4 furDitore. lit Mr month, in Mium. Apply ai 3 i T 4th et ,b?t. L aad M. je 11-M* AGBNTLBMAB Wants A BOOM, furnished or unfurnished, in * genteel private fatally In the First Ward Add r see Box 1 ft A Poet Office. jalv St* ! A LL OCT or BMi'LOYMBNT ohoaH sot fell I A to eeli et the Employment Ofllce '*99 Peon'* I ?rcBue, between 12th end 13th ete Wen ted-Tee I Giils, white nod ceiert4 f?i general housework I Alto, allthoeein ne?d of mate or female HKLP. I Sitastioos promptly Hied. Agwnletreated. I ' "J1"" 1 11/ANTBD-A good BOAP MAKBB; oae that " Is thoroughly MMuai?t?d with the buslaee* I la ell its braacheo Hone Bead Apply hat thoeo I who caa give satisfactory reference# MOBGAN A KU IN CHART, ja 19 3t" O atreet Wharf. 1B7ANTBP< WANTBDM-At the Beirut tin* "" Other, Bo. 4h| O atreet. near Battiaore I Depot, MBOBCITS tor the Uaited States Army. ja It lm %B/ ABTBD-Bew end Oeeter CLOTHING. old ; ' ' GOLl) and SILVBK.er aer other article of ratne, at the eld aatabliahed Merchant Pe*a I bieker's Store ol B. FULTOH AOO.,dU4Ptb et., I 3 doora Berth of Penna. avenue Bole Agent for BIBQBB'S SBWIHO MA0H1BB. de 22 ly _ i tX/lhtrd-im ltdiks Immediately. te ?m"? broider Yohea, Band*, Wrapper Fokea, Pisa t nel 8kirt*. Blippera. and Initials. Toaood hernia i wbo brin? sera pie of work, seed wagea end oon i at?nt employment given. (Jail at the new 8temp i Ing boom, 439 9th etreet, oppoeite Patent Offloe i stamping redaced to FIVB oents per width, de \b tf. I 1*7 AN TED-10 OOO LADIB8 to kaaw that at I vv the Sew Stamping Booms, 4 39 9th street,oppeeite Patent Office, they caa Had the best selected aaa rtiiipnt of Patteraa erer offered here for I Cloaks, Copes, Aprons. Joeeye. Waleta, Tokea, I Panda, Wreppera, Slipper*. Pincushions, and laiI tiale Aleo. designs for Pillow Oases. Ottoman*, Chair Covers, Pianua. and. In ahert, svery variety J of Pattern* aa they are dally Issued. We here a French Machine nod a Piactieal Stamper, and hare tednced the prloe to FIVB 0ENT8 PBB WIDTH. We make and atemp any pettern brought as Braid*, bilk and Working Oetton rary low. j del* If eb7 antbd-second h ami? * fuknitube >r Alao m1rkobh.0abpbt8.bbd8, hbt) dl? o and hul'sepukmi8h1 bio ooou8 oferery i deecription. b. boohl*t. 46^ 7th atreet. i>?? ff betweenO anil h.eaet *ide LU8TTiSjOrFOO^XK f 08T?On the afternoon of the 19th Instant, a 1 J MINK SiHLK VIOrOBIHB. Aaaiteblore I ward will be paid on ltadellrory at ?3:2 G atreet, between I7th end lath ja 21 Jt"^_ j 08T?On Hatnrday evening, the I9tn Inatant.n ~J Black DOG, atrayed from AilO L at , between I Sth and 10th str?eie; sad on a leether collar with a I chain and Iron weight attached. The finder will I be llbeially rewarded by leaving him at 4^0 L at . I or atKU r atreet. tf I f OST?In going from Wall'a Opera lleaae to the , comer or 9th and B, a Gornl Pendant BABBIN Q. large al*e, with pendant resr^aentln< an I apple aurronnded by Ieavea. The fluder will be liberally rewarded by learlag the aame at the offioe of WHIard'a Hotel. jaM 2t* piMWOCB PBBM18B8 AS I BaT. a wtilte 00W with little spot# on U?th aldea; right e*r apllt. little pieee of the left ear; horns turaed I duwa. straight hoofs Th>- owner will come farI ward, prove property, pay charges and take her I nway. DANIBL 8HBA, 18th street, between L I ana M streets^ )n 22 Sf UBOUGHT TO MT 8TABLB AB AN BdTBAT, D one Black HULB, about 13S handa hlrh, I about < yeara old , scar ou the left rnmp . tail a I little bobbed. The owner will pl< aaa come for ward, prove property, per chargea. and take him away. THOMPSON NAYLOB, j ja ?2-3t^ B at., bet. IJ? and ittn. I U'OCHD? la Baltimore and Ohio Depot yar4, r TWObTUBBB-onebrindle,withcroppedears I and straight bornn; one hntlalo, white ?nd red. I with onsnctch"4 ear. The owner can have the same I by proving property and paying expenses I JoS. LlTILB. Engineer. Bait aad Ohio Depot. I Apply ?t Clark a hag pens, near Baltimore aud I OMo DayaC. j? 22 2t* I A* ff WILL BB PAID to ani one who will retaro 9D te SMITH PBTTIT,I?U 11th street, oa? black aad tan tbbb1bk DOG Answers to the I name of Pete. Hea on his neck a red Merooeo j poller with brass lock. jail Sf I BBWABD?Loet.en the Sd of Jenaary, 1447, 1 roj at'HBUB on the Treasnrerof the United I States, Bo. 1.29P. for fig OS, payable to Timothy I Hartaettor bearer, drawa by f. Whyte, Q_M. m I M.a.K The check has beeastapped at theTreaeI ary, aad the fluder la reuneeted to return the sense to Oapt. Y WHTTB, at Waehlnxton Arsenal, BJO. je 19-3t? BOA BBWABD? Btelea oa the nfght of tha I ?OU SSd of September fro? the premises of G?-orgs Jones, near Bladeni>borf. 4 dark brown HOBtrB, marked C. I aad I. O.IBeMna sine, maae and tall poaewhat saabanit: has a roan aoee. Tha above reward will ha aaM If returned | to GBO. JOHB8, I otl Hyattarllle, PrinceBeorce*s Oo .Md. BOARDING. |?0S BBHT?Three TOBBISHBD B00M8, | r with Board, la prlrata family. Mo. 4-J1 lOtb | street, between G and H ate.. oae square west of I the Patent Office ja lt-St* I?DBBI8HBD BOOHS POB B1BT?With or I JT without BGABD. With Board for two I a month. Will be reated for honsekaeplng, | with kitchen privilege if desired. So tl Penii ave.,betweeaMtb aad Kthstreets. /al?St* i A PBW WILL rumaiSBBD BOOMS WITH /a. Sre aad gas ean he obtained at 374 D street, I aear Patent Office, with or wltboat BOABD. ? barges moderate. ja t8 6t* T^ABLB BOABD nt Mo. 464 19th street,a few 1 doors earth of tba avsaaa. Tama # per GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS. ly-TBBlSCFFBAGB. Mayor'ii Omici. i ^ MaokOKTowN, D O.,Tha.?, 1847. ( Motfce Is hereby given to all the male lahebi | tenia m this tewn above the age or twenty-ene I years, both white aad colored, that the Mayor aad Board af A Mermen of this tow a will be la opea session la tha Mayors Oflka, between the I hoars of 10 a. m. aad 3 p. a., oa thsSSd, Mtb, aad 2?th days of Jaaaary. 1W7, fer tha prepstraUoa af I a list oi the aamas of all the persons they may jadge to he qualified to rote la the several voting 1 precincts of this towa, aad for lbs receptioa of I evidence of the qualification of peraons claiming I the right to rote ia nil elections in this towa nnI dsr the preriaions of a late act of Oongreaa eatitled "An act to regal ate the aleotlonfraaohiee I In the Dtotrlet of Columbia." AH peraoaa interested era reonested to prsaaat I tbsmael vea ia aoeordaace with tnls notice I jail * HBMBT ADDIBOM, Mayor. I will dsliver his buiuoroua lectare oa "Bacon and Oreeas, or The Bative Virginian,"' in Porrest I ?nll?_6*orgeuwa, TUBSBaT B^BBIBG. Jaa. ?, at 7H o clock. Admittance 4V costs. Tickets | fer sals^at the Bookstores aad at ths door. MBNT,OfficeBo. 49 Jeffereoa st., Goorgetowa, D. C. Metahlishsd 1981; pressiam awarded bp the I Matropolitaa lnstitnte, 1467; reballt 1884, aadli now by taribe largest aad most eompleto eetabliahmsataf the ktad ia this sacttoa ofoountry, I with a large stock of the best foreign aad doneoa) tic Dyes aad Chemicals; replete with every deeirI able Apparatus, and provided with the best Tal1 eat sad Artistic bkfH to be obtaiasd. The sabI acriber ia prepared to demeastrate to his castomI ers thst yre salasM as may have been Me pre I vlona reputation, his toOtto is " Mxcelaior" in [ Dyslng. Clraaaing, sal Bsfinisbias Lad lea' and ttoatlMBoa's AppareliMlks.telv^. Satlas. MeI rino. Cloths. Ac., be means to stand narivailed I Truly thankful for past favors, bo sellclts the continued enetom of the eommnarty. mf woods received aad retaraed by Bzprees with the utmoet promptness and dispatch. jail-la WM. H. WBMflTLBI,Dyer. U^HMo^"?,?B?OIx555 taj^tbochbb. "ssrstk "rS druggists. . )amf WB. KBAJPB * 00.*B P1AMOB, pbibob a oo^d^i. a4d in mm for sale aad rant m aasrWas. a; Ma. OS Uth s^^*y^^.V7ar0WMBA0H. friends aad castoaers at his aaw plada ofkad aess, 0 street aorta, bst 4th aM 4Bstreete, where he will keee aoaataaMp oa 'BaaAaMs pre al|Ba Sospajpd^Cs^dlsa.^aad w^sytstto twsoa 4th aad ?tB. * ja ll-4a fAMMS BDILD, Mar to New aad Saaead kmmd <9 PWattara. Old Puraltare Be pal red. Baapbolstered and Taratabed. Uth aad Bsts .iaear the oaaal.) Hlgbeat pctos paid bi Seeoad haad Faraltara. telly* i i ?~Tl V* i kok sals and rent. FJgfSW.^WSSSS!,JS!S Ft5 fW^JSKi ?3T Ju>' Apply to BBEBAB* Hi l a?. ?tmr i%h?*gTtL , rMlOMlira IwMlUai eat. U?>irt tt IT?7m KtMlfk JAtt 3t* e*ob~~isrr em balb-a house wi?b fir# r rtxtt*. rttaatod M rtrgtafb arena*, b*tw*eo r tth Md i*th rti Mast 9? far aaooth Apply ? GEO W BAVniAl, ??VBU ?tmt MtrO ; KtHC I ETUBVIBU9 BOOMS FOB BBBT-Btoely r fnraliM ROOMS, for km, *?agty or Mil*. Bout) m) be iMmiH HtNti*. ANll at34T K Mrttt, mw UU Mmt, oppeaite Praikllt Bow. JiBMK* , 17QB~EALThe COUBTBB ?4CiUl PAB r TITTON aaM la the OuOS??, eattabW for bwk wriiN tflc? A1m. Stat elaaa BAB OOrRTBB.ln cempUt* ord?r,ek?H. at JAMBB GVTLB'S Beeond test Fviltiit Him, UU ?n4 B ttmii. weer cml. jmtt it* I70B SALE-AGBEAT BABGAlB?The FOBI* MTCBB. LBASB. L10BR8B. ARR FIX TCRBS tfou of the Mot loc?U>4 ud htKm Ho Wis. wfth bar .'near the Qeatre Market m4 Peao ?r!t*?U avenue. all lifoW ordtr, now#o>ag A good buimrw, u4 fall of boardere, ku thirty iSSt.0"** '-Tt V.BTiWBool Bet ate Broker*, ? a ? Rortkweet c??>r of fib t?4 R it? L'Ol BUIT-Om HOUSE with alt roe me and r c?ll?r.fti, ltd vOrr, on Capitol Bill. tool. 3d and ith f'B , frosting oa Pmi it?. Iaiuire At Mi. McOOBSIOK t? narwr atow. ja?3f C9B BERT-A bow two aton BBICK HOUBB r ooatalaiog ail raoni nd large ooliar iltr 31 feet, aituated on ?th atreet north, betweea 0 aad P atreet* waat Inquire at lha coraer oftth and P ata. (je?4t*1 T. HOLLIDQS. FOB BBBT?From Febraary lat, thro* unfur- I olabed BOOMS, laittkl* f >r bou?ek?eplBg I Lor a tl on. Ho i^t Miih Batrtft. noirMr* l?r- I ae> avenue. Capitol Hill, witain on* aqaare oftho I Capitol aad atreet oara. Terma $t& per taontn. jiS-31' I F~ OB SALE?FCBRlTURH for aale for %\M* and BBIOK HORSE of ten room* or real, vrith gM end water, at $?> per month naar the F alrt ot ear*. Tba Houae la in good repair. and tha Furniture la In parfact order A great bargain for any on* doairing n neat homo. D. L. WBLLB A CO., Beal Estate Broker*. ncr'hweat corner 10th and F ata. H. B ? Several ftrat cIam FOBRISHBD HOOSli* for reat, in good locatlona, from $100 to $?0U per naoath. ja J. tt f"OB BENT 1M <?BOB(?BTOWR?A two-etory BRICK HOUBB, coraar of High and lit at*. Bent $16 par month. jel? St* ft/OB BINT?Two good BBICK HGUSBS.two I ?tor lee blfk : well flni*hed; atreet pared, aad 1 lighted with gaa. B. W. WILLBTT. F at. eoath, bat. ?H And tth. ja I# ** S^OMFOBTABLE BOOM8 FOR BERT -far V niched BOOMS for teat on MHh atroet . a o?n I tral and pleaaant location Apply to R. W. BUB- I t'HELL aador Bbbtt Honaa. ja ID-wit flM>B BBBT-A two atory BBIOK HOUSE, eon talnlbg S room*, oppoalta the Maw Bt >ta Do- I pertinent ob 8 etreet. Apply to P.JOUYBBAL, I 1*8 14tb atreat, b?t. 8 nad T -t -. ja 19 St* L'dB BALE?The FCBNITUBE Ia n honae of " ii r^oaa, rrry naar oar office. Bant ot hoaaa I $71 par aaoath. D L WELLS A CO . ja 19 fit eor. 19th aad F atreato. ljM)B BERT?Two now FBAMB HOVSBB.onB r atreat west, near cornar 19th. They will he I rented on reasonable tern* to pnartnai tenant* Innnire at Office of JONES A OOLLINB, 47 4 ?th atreet. betw?en D And B *ta. ja 19 7t* i^OB BALE?< Only $76 eaeh re<iaired -Sore- I i ral newl *tory HOI BBS.in different part* of the city. Tht* ia a rare chance for pvroons of I email m? ana to procare home*. 8TAHKAOO., I 4?f?H 7th at.? bet D E. ja 19-la* Fob 8ALE-Tbat ceat fbame cottaus. ef aix norni, on U atreet, between 13th end 1 tth I atreet* north Terna eaay. Apply to M HILL, I on the preiuta**; nepamber. jal8 ?it* |>OB BKM T?Th at d e*l rab I a PnrnlahaTHOUSK I No 440 Ei>treet. between 5th aad Mb Bent | 976 per mouth In advance. Apply 4 31 6tb street, I between F and O rtreta. Oea and water and Piano I JA 18-tf LuB RENT ?A laipe and conreniant DWELL a IRQ, with all the modern improrementa with or without the furniture, 109 Went atreet, I Georgetown Heighta Po'Be?&ioa given Inioiedi - I ately. Inuuire of Mr. OEOBOE D ABBuT, I Treasury [)< partnect, or on the premiaea. ja W-4f I J^AND FOB SALB. twelve agbes of lard, Puitsble for gardening pnrpMa* aituated on the weataideof 'ha road, and about one eight of a wile north of Fort Blorum, will beaoid at auctioa about the ftrtit weak In February. One week' notice will be glran In tba Star of time and pla<-e of aale _ Inquire for particular* of Dr. H. B. Nobla. 878 I PennajlTaala aranaa. I ja l7-4t* LBSTBB NOBLB. FOB ^BERT?Oae large three utory BBICK 1 HOUSE, coatalning all room* and oellar. large yard.altuatadon Ibe corner of loth aad Q ata.; I pomp In the >ard. Rent moderate. Apply to J. I T . Star Office, or oa the premlaaa. jalt >w F'OB BEET -Tbreeatory BBICK HUOSB.Mo. 1921 street, bet. 2vtk aad 2lat au? farntabed or unfurnished, containing 8 room*, range In | kitchen, with hot aad co.d water; bathroom. I gaa. Be. Thi* hi one of tha beat loeatlona la I waahlngton. cloae to Government DepartmenU Inquire oa the prtmlaea, or Bo. 301 9th at . bet. I DaadB. Jala tf COB BENT?A large BBIOK HOOSE. oon- I r taint ng H room* aad cellar, with gaa and ? a- I tar; altnatod at the aornar of 7th atraet aad Fa. I arenae eaet. oppeaita Wallacb School Bouse la- I take of HENBT KOTTMANN, ASS 11th atreet eaat. ja 10 Iw I gJOBSK ABD STOBB FOB BBBt-Ro. 449 I n Peon*jIrani* arMae,between Maad4H ata., 1 a eery aroadnent buainaa* ataad foeaeaaion I ;all eotf Corner 4K ?t. aad Feaa. aveaaa. f*0B BERT-A three atery BBICK HOUSB. I r fnrniahed, aa 0 atreet aaath, between 3d and I 3d eaat. Capitol Bill, laqaire of F. FAtBFAX, I at the Goaat Barrey OBce, Capitol Bill, between I t a. m. aad 3 p. aa. >a U-eolm* I NQTICB-FOR HBVTOK LEASB-The well I haowm FISH RUT oa the Potaaaac rlrer, thla aide af Fort Waahlngton oa the Maryland aide. M I fie* by water IMU by lead. Apply to H 8. I JOBNbON, Ro. 37 3 Paaa. arenae, between ti% I and th ata.. oppoalte Rational Hotel. ja7 dlm* P>B BALB-A OOUHTBY SEAT ABD GAB- I DEB FABM,wlthla one mile of the city. Thia I property will be Bold lew ao4 ea eaay term*, or I ucLacfwd for city property. Alao, from Tweaty 1 to Sixty A or* a adjoiaing tba above. AIM, Farina I and Country Seata la Marrlead aad Vlriola. Apply to T. D STOCK BBIROB. Baal Batata Ageat, Rartbaaat oeraer 7th and F atreeta, I jaS lm* Waahlagtoa. D.C. I L"OB BRRT?A three eaorj aad baaemeat Br??k I r DWELLIRG BOUSE, br. wa freat, water and gaa, tea room*; aituated ea 13th atreat waat, | between L atreet aorth aad Maaa. aveaae, Re. I 369 laqulreatNe 'iOS 14th atreet, betweM I aad 19a. m. aad ? aad > p. m. ja> < POB BaLB?Several deaiaable balldtag LOTS in digereat aectiooa of the city. Tar ma, $K? I dowa. aod $19 per month for the remainder. For I aartlcalara. call or addreaa BOOAB B WYLIB, I Ro. 399 ttt atreat. da Riolm* E*OB BERT?Two large and aommodioaa BOOMB I r (oaeafreot roomloa aeoond floor, eonamual- I eating, baadaomaly faraiebed and pleaaantly ait aatea, at Mo. 6S Faaa'a aveaae, betweeai tut aad I ad atreeta. dell eotf P)B BERT?The FABEL fer the laM three yean the raaldata af Major EhaaahMaa Galaea, oeaelating of Ud acrea, lylag aear Fort Mahan. 1 mile from Benaiag'a Bridge. Imarovemeata. dwelling honae af 11 room*, ataae etable, aervaata bouaM, I bam, Ac Addreaa *'B. 8.AST B atreet, Waak- I Ingtoa, D. 0.,er Mil ?a pwaoa, batweM I aad Ta. I. I n ABB CBARCB?For immediate Mia. om of II the beat located am all corner atore GBOCB- I BIKB in the city. Stock aad Flztarea aew. Ap- I glj immediately, by letter, to A. B. 0.,W1fPm1 170B BENT?The STOBfBOOM corner of Pa. r avenue aad 11th atreet weet, in the Star Offlae I BaUdlng, formerly oocapied by W. G. IKetaerott aa a muiic atore. aad recently aa tha offtoa of th* I National Ex pram office Apply to 0. B. BAKBB, I Star Office. da ?-tf j i 17OB BERT?Two large aad oae aroall oommaal* r eating BOO MB. aafarnlahed, Mcand floor. Mo. I 134 Feaa. av., bet 19<h aad ttth ata. ao?tf PIB BEBT-Two Faraiahad BOOMS, at Bo. 4flT 13th atreet betaoaaa B aad V at*, de it tf I KOY-B SKATBS from Mceata to ft, m MSB'S BKATBSfromtl tOto $?. at tb* Skat* Depot. | POULTRBT * TRIMBLE, | Ma. 80$ Wtot Baltimore atraet, de 18>1ei Baltimore, Md. iss^s?wiJsaK sns%j;x Jullaa Bllveraniith. Idalia, a aew aovel; by the jyael Oagoad. feabob tatlob. able lor maeoarr aad pMaritg, m haid aad Tar MUUTay^raU^^ f 4*1 Hi Mma Mthatr?t aremaad Oaaal. I KSaU M ^ f ^ *" t f ... i AUCTION SALS3. rata aftmmmoow amtd ro-monkoW! |JT JAM. 0. MoVCIBM A 09 . instlsB.in MttE tell Mil. ftt osr Avrtl.a u< v'ai >>>l? tillwllw if MliUr1r?l7in>iWiWt Im? OkMctl and *U?r Wtrki, fnw t Mlnu ltkr*rr. BtflrMM aditir?g. ia hUlim*tyl* of trt ardln elegant Mt4ltn Tk? B??kf mi b* uialitd ttm AkrOre vtaas to Ml*. Omiinn WW tmAj at the A actios IMm terms caek j. C. icflDIM ? ^ , J* IT Thg.M.Ta* BIW ? LBWIS 4 PP.. AMOOWM, <*2 ?>jMiw BT B w iTOBM. OLOTHitrB,*e * 1* KTBBlMtt Mfotioek ?Mw*l? a ad or Hetieaal Betel. WW shall J*".- * M/ ?in?H UoM Mi Sltoar VmIm, Olotklng, (5itl?rj, ud Fancy OooAs. jalA* TB LlVMftOO.Ui* B! " * WILLI AMI. 1MVMM A UWB QUANTITY OF THB FIBHBT yJST ?0BLBTS. CHAM PAONB WIN Bit AID TCiBLBM.klN. * a'.ffy"*?* * *hbmab Vbbba OWTTA ?ni. oowlittai oi HABtfliV TA8B8, lit varietr of ?lykee far lk? ooeaa r?M,mki4?, or <W ittiiai roots. DBOOKATBW FLO W^B POTS, 8PITT00H8. MATOB boxes cabb b ah a km, aad oth*r nSfaT *r Mcln.al Prblie Aact<?a Ou WBDHBBDAY, I ha MA laeteBt at M) o'eleck n m . W* sfce'l **11. at oar AaoUoa Mama, U< above uM Oeoda. far cwb T h- trad* are **?rieir> invited to attead the a ale. Tha ftodi will W raal; tar lupMtioc aa TimAA; morning. 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Capliol Hill at P abllc Aartloa Ob W BDHBsDaT, tke sad Ib*.aat. at ? o'clock f nj . I akall aall, in front af tbe ^anuaaa. by rtr ue of a 4e<*d o( troat to ma froa itbe acbMribar. datod tba 10th day of March IS S. r*d dnly record ad 1b tbe L. \ad B"*c?irda fwr Wa^flnatoti c?aat) , 1'iatrict of Colo hi Ma Liber Nt t T . No 65. fo lioa 90S 20i. and 2AJ. L t Mo 12. ta aaaara Tm. fr ctiog fr feet on aoath A atreet ruanlng bacL a Itoad dtptb ta fine alley*, with> tblaaixra *Mt Tba above property will b? a?ld arvordlaa to tha aaid dead of traat b tha pren.laaa aadtitiCaoM that ia vceted In nae a* trnatee Term* One faMrtb ca*b?balaare o?i and twalaa moBtha. for b jtea tx arlac lataraat, and aeeorad by a daed of truat on tha pramlsaa. All caavayancing an4 revenue ataapaat theooebof tha par chaaer ?100 down wbea the property la kaockad off by tba anatloBerra. BOBKBT BOSTON. TTiMM ja7 2aa Ada QBBBN A WILLIAMS. A acta |JT OBBBH A WILLIAMS. ABctloaeara. Tj^w?60'^M;!iTg0S',.T{ir?,Lg; ObTHUBSDAT. Slat i sat . at IS a'elock u .1 aball aell. on th? premise*, by Tirtae of a dead of trnat. dated tbe 13th ofBeptaMl>ar, A. D. ll-it.aad My rtaatMd it Lmer B M. H falio* ita. is: aad ISS, ia ana of tba Land Becorda of Waahlnatac Ceuaty.ia tba District of Oolnmtta, bariac SP feet freal; ! y ISO feet deep, to tbe place of beclabIb(, with tbe impraTementa. conalatlag of a twa atory Fiatae Room. Term* Oitk All coBTeyancin* and ravenae ataatpa at the ?oat of the parchaaer foe d*wn on tbe day of Mia. and If tha term are not co? allnd with wltbln fire day a aftar the day of aala tbe traatea reaerve* tba right to reaell tba praM> laea at the rlak and coat of tha defaaltlaa parchaaer. by adrertialnf three tlmaa in aoaa nlawa?apar pa b Via had in WMblncton city. r*-hBB, TraatM jall-ao OBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aacta. Ill NAOLB * OO., Aactloaeera a3 Batoaroon Bo ?9A Peaa.araaoe, Batwaaa 9Ch aad 10th Ma. HAOLB A eo will id** their naraoaal attarvti ?a *? tk* m?* of Baal Batata and HooMhold Fnroi A252; 3IZTZ HAOLB A bo., All " AaoOoaaara. UBHBY OOLMAN A CO., ADOTIOH AMD 11 COMMISSION MBBOHABTS. t ??J?l ^ *** P#M% V;!kJ?VhUd 1Kb Ma. SalM at aocti on *v*ry Taeaday, Tharadar Satarday morals* and evening H C. hfiOOUBB. Sale*man A fallaaaortmeat aff Dry Good a. Boot*. SkaM, ?arataklac Goede. t rockarr. Tla War*. Stores Aa., al way* aa hand at prlTBM sal* Oaah ad. raacad *n conaignnt*nu ALSO, Wholesale and Betall Dealers la Hardware aaA Tla War*. SMtm. Ao , Hos. SS7 aad 831, Tth street, b*t?een M aad H. A larje qaaaUty of OovaraMaat stock. Mnatatlasof fil?nket*.She*ta.PlUowa. Shlrta. OlMhM, Carts, Harn**a. Vai*as. Wacoa Wkeels. Waeel barrows Tracks. PlatfermSoalM. Counter Scales* Otarkery, Lamps, Lantern*. Tar.Paiat. and jofSt* btove Pipe Also, large (luaatltr of secocdnand Stores, with many other article* ta* oa aroae to aaaaier ate. Th* (o*d* are aearl/ aew. aad will ba Mid at alaost say prto* to aalt ja Id-I n gBLLlHt OFF I I1LLHO OFF 11 _ Tb* *ntlr* stock of LadlM', MIssm'.^^H Chlidr*a'*. Men's, Boy ^ and Tenth ? " BOOTS. SBOBS AHD OAITBB8 Will ba Mid at private sal* at aad bBLOW OOST PB1CB8. JOHN ANSMMAM, BOS 7th strMt. between D aad B streat*, ja IS-Im* oppo*lt* Odd F*llo*as! Hall. BOOTS AHD BHOBB. fn a W 6_T Oil. n^al*rtifBed bags Imv* to Inforsakls friands aad tb* aaklic g*n*rallr that h* kH op*aad tks BBW CHEAP aTOBB, Ho. AOS 7th str**t.BBd*r Odd F*llaws' HaII. wh*r* he has ob band a genaral asaortmeat of LadlM' aadOsatlssnti's, Boy 1? MIssm and Okildraa *8 BOOTS AHD BHOBB. Bsnasabr tks a?ab*r, AOS 7th strsat, nada* OddF*How*' Hall TB* H*w Cheap Store,far"d*^* F~ ,U>f OBOBQB B. WJLBOB. P LODBI FBBDI A fall Msortasat of all grade* ckolo* Floar far Bakers, qnality Ba 1; prto* low. Ar* tb* oaly direct receivers for Ooldsa Bill, J. H. Oambrlll i sot Patapaooj and Linganor Family Floor* In the Dlatriot. As tha latter brsad has been extensively ooaaterfettod aad Mid la this city, w* woald Inform thoM wtsAlag thlaf owr hr arrsnramant with th* aUliars we furaloh M loa.es than it oaa Ba obtained from nay other aoaaae. Quality sso*ad to aon*. Pr1o*abaottaa Ism th*a wt'ir? " Wmu"yTv usrr&z? ..a J?,lKfa. ]\] BW BOOBS l>nl% PmntfBswihdtasi IT *f Distinguished G*n*rala, #>, Btr Baaak USr FBABOB TAT LOB. It/1 BBCBABT TAILOBINO M IB ALLJTA DBPABTMBHTB. Wa keg la la vita oar frtsaAs, alMsaas, *a sHSssr ii ^^AOKBBBL AftD OODF1SH. dall tf Ho. 4S? |Vf BTBOPOLITAH ~ i" BOWL1HO ALLBT, P rtrMt. ketwea* lltk aad is*h a*ar Star OM^e kf 8B0. W. BAUBBb.