25 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

25 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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: ,,, ? : Vft. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. JANUARY 25. 1867. N?. 4.332. r mmm T ? T Mm a MP Hi Ml ti1keve!*lng star ft blianto d'u t.'frndav excbfte3i at the ptar bl An-K BV W. D. w A LLACII. it# (stak i? ^rvfd b) lue carriers ;o tae.r fnucr. er in the otj aid u.-ir.i - at rw fifi? r? win cor^*?iitu? onuter.'wiui or without wfkrr"s' r,yo **chi'iki for mailimj ?thre? aaoatui, 'Ont IMtiar cn>i *"?/? c?m?; shtinod-n? f*r? iMtar>; oue tear. t\t* LtvUart. f?o t>ap*fh !Ura tent from :b# oltc* longfr than j??id to* the wlkkia s>tah?published on Ft jay mcning ?Ont Dt.ar " DENTISTRY. flb liwii'd pisial association, l) ' No. ???? fl-nn'a ave , b t?c?s 12ih -*?j 13ui str? eta. Teeth eatrectew without ?% ; *>f t^a>bit?fln| i m(mm oxjse et b-nhlpg ? * j? / lkwikhu recently purcl?%*o1 th?? h? (k?n.i >1 a pparetn- in the cuntry w ' ? , ? ??!' rf s ure gas e?er.> j ij ano, au m.pr ?v?a visl tu ir iblilft Th a?*r>' inti a ? o"* ?, b t.r te*ih ol i?<>".<! :*il v?r end hu*>t>er a' New > ?.t k Philadelphia and m ?i"i? ?nc* All par *i*hing drbtal *"tkdoDt c? heap .s ib i be eb<>*r b?ne>1 clil-e a'l work done in the nmteit stl tenl tusiiner. ?i.i v mrwlwl to s*t? -etisfactios p< raons *111 do wall to call ? tnnn;MOiif ?"rt. de *4 tf T ' * T * loom it 51 d . 7i<t liml*r *..d p?v?btw ?t the ilsleali 1 la rx tiki h, attenda per.i>n?h> Siik ift.ce in ttim city. m*ny person* ^n^jpgy e*r these eeth who eann"* ? ear others, iml no ftriau <-an wf?r plh?r? who ?a?o. *wr Hm. _ __ Persons celllis at m, fllce cwbf nooin?n.od? 1*4 with any style %o | price nf Teot h lb?js ,h'_ sire, bat to th-se who t?rv |>%rt"'?/ler.eiid w1*n the KrHt.clMuMt. stroaiie?t and n?o*t per.e-t apn mkt u*i art can rr?car?,ib? m1neba u t it a i n will t* mcr? felly aarrattwl bo-ims tn thin oiit-No js* Penn tween9M>%n1 Ifftb jt?. klm,9fl7 Arch *'r **"' ffclt^olphu ocT]_ii_ i' ERSON A U Mbs ci u r i.- i t*v i 6io, Cl<*<rvoy**t, ami t?sl x<di>.m. willitv in* rr*rtl:' ?*.! titt*nr ? .,! rc'ntd a**??**'a*?' #<<le of pa ir btt jr^-s h ?oi j-1? ?tr??t?. pacy h'-nre fr?m * to ? tr? ?l?<* * t<- v m _ ? ti m^cftk i. bait aou.'i i'l^u' a.">. tuiluuts of amii*io p ram tb?? i ? ti?n tuo?-?>-ct ol t'.o d'ara ii x .? d|? lit nr birth *iif r?t<?i nt nl-"un* ? ' n.itiuik'i nort?l???fr k-new lwtor? ? i ?il r?? - u;ij?*]tw*'*?* ttr t?lt. lt> r ?.ttl \*t 1 >ot. ?*rr". ?t.? ibt? ar?i i ..Ii.p?au?u. ? * * ' ? ^'1 t*.? Vail htc io^in k^dloa? l.i,;lo>i.??or? c* .? i. 51 ? . t si-!. i ? Tail 51- k**1 ?t j ? 0 xj.b ??*r *11 liourj u'i il iint:i#et?aii>g #? jl 'tn* i^ilTLIXXfl who &bi a Vtl.l'jtkd ? \ i . ure ? ?i; ?i.t?*?l b> ?a vu am *ih>n of iwtnt* ti r?-* imri'ortrtfnrr n tiis i!*r br?n n i the ?,r. < h?rtfn tro?t?r>?te do n-yt ,ir|> to .iu*h- to j p. ttt'n kh imit- cf the i'lilted stjtm li .-or 1 vei.erenl h > r!t*i Oit,?.e ku -1 ?outii a street, opiweite w.?j tiiid l><b?r?. milk ililt. fc b - SIr?llciiiee *l?o f?rtii?hea at co?t. de '/7 lm" C-'on pldhntl ab ? >onna m.-n ?hohaee lay jured th*m?wtTe? oj certa.n eecret b*Dit?, which dd6I th. ni for boeines* b!-??nre, o' tbe dntiea ? f m?rr1e<l life, ?l?o. middle nmed ani otd ?efc who trorn the fellies of jouth, r other 4?n-e? ?*el n debllttj in adrenceof their ye?r?. befere placing ?heni?elTee ntiJer tbe treixneat ->f bv cue should firat read "The j*ecret Ifrtead m.fried l?diee will 'earn ?om?"Wng ',f lnpt"-t?nce ti perusing ''The Secret Friend. ' s'nt ii?l ?!re-s. in a sealed ?nvelor ?n rec^*t of a aau a-ldrese i'r cb as a bTUAET a oo . boston rw no t ie CLOTHING, Ac. l; ttu ktb k btt ia, ' ^c*< e??or te h 9. uejjlcn a co.,_a* rlt*?e> s ' .YD mil it a "fl >tfbchavt tlllor, ketro?ol"ar hotel w p"'^n i. fi ,k>4 pf.an?vl?<vnt* ae?ane ni 1 If Washington o o. biaok. waft>ti c.?.*l4ri. law o.- jtiub. dla k lamum a oo., .. - ii r n.a At oru >o at l?w lu the anfsen.e OcuTt ef I'l. 1? es. the t'.'trt o' ITmiius, tfte ?-OCrtn < 'bt- i '?trict the fc\ecntiTf Drp?rtBtent*. au<) oob mltte*? ?f Cobgr t/ffce, ? ? |?th sxre*t. ( ttractlr opposite wllUrds b tel i de lt-tf Hlb/lltt'i 8 loa.s orru It FstablisbeU lflj. h'ghe?r a'l?a''ce? '"lie -i, wat'.'hks dt\mum>f jkwb..a* \ppak?li, ab4 all klbds of m- r< hath'e bn-r ee- strictly conftcieiitial. 3-?l -North 0 street, bet *?.-d t-2anl (iliitKets. 1diui? lately 1m rear o# the Natlo-ial Motel. j*6 lm* Latlsr firth ita?hion0 ok ha1b dbk?s1>??. k. ai_li9t, mfmcir hail nr.Essm, 3?4 street. b?twten ljui and Ut!i sta Mr Alil<a fr- ni p iria. b;?ir-l?i e-^#r. ' ?elebrate<i k? hel, wltli whom he arrit-m ?i this f.uuti; 'as dvw been entablNhed fur 'o- !? t etn?'t years ia vvapiiii^ti>a atrl newport, ins the patronage vf tbScuriu ilipl> s/i(ivh' ^ ?l 1 of the huti.st s i iety Lie ha< the hu>rija'. oiiti e tfiat he ha? thl? season alerted the latent fusblo- of hair <tre?<1ns, %sd !?<> pooa?dea, and e*ery?hin^ that beings to the lreasing o-hair at vary reason* le prices. j? 7 Sin* ^ l0c1siama av1ndb. j. h cb'-nb a oo. Hay* on hand a large and fine assortment of goods. acKed to this market, aach m butteb cbck^b. boos, apples. bai9ibb. figs,' 0itb05, nets, hams. codfish, maoeebkl, hjkbbinu. boaps, cambbd ttoods, jte. Also. m) barrels Moors'! celebrated cham pa8m oioib.by karrel or gallon Alltheaboye goods are offered at the lowest *_Arket price, ata warrant?.! to suit, by j. h cbane a co., ia 4 lm la ?ye., between 6th and 7th. Wm t. c0llib8, cabinet makes amd UaBEBTAKIK, ftv Bhow Vaee Maoa acuror, bvmol FarnltnrsVA. nd Hessafnralsbiug Wararuoww, Mswan4 m| Old Kuultare ef all deaertptloos. bough' #li and sold Keyairiag, Upholstering, and Varnlsh izm dene at tba shortest aatioa. Moatbeast corner of 8th and k streets north. No 13 da ii 3a* g e m ct a 17~. tbb battonal tntttn insubabcb company of washington Bses removed to their New 0#ce. Mo. 71 loc1siana avbncm, First door eaat wf 7tn st. d i b mttt o m 8: Chaa. knap, Prse't, Oao w Biggs. Ttee Prest, Tbos Berry, Marshall Brown, aick4 Wallach, o h.UWieou, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Bens') d. Oaoka. de 3 if noble d. labnbb, Secretary. Otto *ilbbb?' pianos and oam&abt * mukuamd pa blob oboabs. All will And It greatly to their iniarset^*^^ to eaaaaina Uiaaa mperb InstrnaanU be-iwka fvri aurtbasing any other. * v Only aaanry at obobom l wild * bbo.t} Mew riaiia Forte and Organ Wareroaa, b?. 49t lHh *trest between Paaa a arenas ana b street. a select aaa- rtnaent of new ai.dsecoad hand Instrtrments, Including cbcbch oboab, for aale at lowest factor* prices, and on eaay tar ass t l' n1m o a*4 bmpa1k1h* tatthfnlly axecaUd wo h fas' 3l\ fl a potatobb. ,tlUU ba^bele mainb potatoms.jnst arrived, and for sale at onr wharf at the toot of 7tb treat. i. p bbown a bon, Coaamlsslun Merchant*, de 14-tf No. 46> >tk at . between e and f. C bocolatb double. vabillb, hi u. maillaibd. Pnr Cacao at ??' biem^ de^^melen^e. tog Plaoe, Comer Versaon t aeeaae and street. Webt lNDlA ()k\n?bb aid swebt malaoa 0bape9. Freeh. b1mo plaoi. C~?ioh;b nuts, kaisinh. cius.oobrants, ^aiplcbh Ac., be-, to salt this particular seasab For aale by z. m p. bi no b bon, dejl tf Bing Plaoe. T'^ 8t. timothth mall. datles of this institution wtu be rasnmed en ftaa*. 13, ism For Urine. Ac . see satalogns aadtla ular at the principal boakstorse of this sip. ar addrsas the principal, an 31 m. pabbobs. Oatoarltls, Md. Fubtr almanaohs fob 1*??t.-Alma aach Cotnlctos; Almaaach Poor Vlre, Alva nadi da Ben-u>n; Almaaach Charivari: Almaaach 4* la Lanat, Almaaach da la bonne Cntsine. Aima ara Impertal, Almaaach da Napoleon, Almaaach das j* hi deBociete, Almanaeh Poilrhinelle, and mnct ^fS^n^tatlob. pobtaaiss k steam bn0inb9, l' ot iklstag the naxlnan of efflclency, durability, ad w?n--r wrth the inimum of weight and >rlm Thar are widely and favorably know*, ore t^aa ? ? beia? la n>e All warranted satlsla, or ae pale i?ee?rtptl ?e eircalars sent oa ?#ptieat.w?. Addresa u9kdhul b co., iats?h.t l*^?ia,m?. \ ""i,n v,,1l 0f afuehu impostation. i ar. b'-w i* receipt of new peaeoa ol1 ve oil, t ?we.i ;r. as bos-ds-mix, and am prepared to aupply t>? r,kr . ,nd %ibt 1 ies et leetr.-tane fokb pbicb* n w. bohohnlb. cor. i?t? ?bdfpt?.,fa4e* Jlfcblu House BANKERS. jayTookk It CO., lAIKIHi t\fu<nih >ir?st. arpOftU Trearary. ruyand eel a'current market rate#, and kaa? onstaatly on hand. * full supply of all GOVBBN y KMT BONDS, SEVEN THIBTIB8, AND CO*POUND INTBBB8T NOTBS. t.rriers fa? BTOCKB. BONDS, Ac , asatftted, and c"<*cT1oti? made o* til aeea??lbla f 'iU. * 11! ______ HARROW * CO.? * banbbub. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh r*et. DkALKRS 121 UOVEXKMSyT SECURITIES, lit'uD AND SlLVBB ,v , rf AND LANI' WiKIUHTB First National Bank of Washington a.fc COOKB, tof I ft r Cook? ?0o.,) Preai4e?l. W ?. 8. Hl!i? rlKOTOa Oaahler. OOVTBNMirsT DB?OS!TOBT *! ? S NANCIAL AGBNT OF THB UWITBB states, i i:k ttrtft, tht Trta'^n D?j ar:mn?. wnvernaeut ^aeuritUi with Tmaaurer United mrUNE MiLLlOX DOLLARS * f bu> and ?e!l *1) cla?p*? of (JO V bRNMENJ fciC'lRITIES at current market rater tl'hblSH bH'HANir S nnd -take CMltrtio-At ,? ALL THE PKJXCIPA L CITIES OF THt LMTED STATES We purchase Government Votrhers on the V; OFT TA VORABI.E TFIi US, *n4 gl re caref-.l iM prou.pt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MF.N and FIR Mi* Mid to any c" t.er business entrusted to us FULL INFOBMATION In regard to GOVBBN MBNT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnlrtied WM 8 HUNTINGTON, Cashier. Washington, March 20,1384. m 21 tf HOTELS" REST A URANTS, c A a B W I > LARD'S HOTBL, I Washiv . l ?n. December 1 I8MJ.\ 8enat -rs, Representatives, and ot-hers re?iding In ^u' lugton. who occupy private apartments, can be tec?mi>iO(lslid witu tneir MEALS at this Motel a the rate ot J1 per week de 4 2 J BY K KB. CHAD* ICK * <30lRKWTyOlTiiOLbN. . t orner Ptrint. a tnuf an<I T rt'fth ttrett,, H'a'/kiscos, D. C. JLmHLL Pit sated in ttic most central location the clt>, m-dway between the CAPITOL Al.D PBKSII>ENT1-AL MANSION. Ouly a short distance from all the Deparfnep* Patent and Post OBicws, Bii'lthsoniaa Instltnie, etc. H. 11. DUDLEY A OO., no21-tf Proprietors. Ij'MBlCH 8 BE VTAUBaNT, j No. Ptnua avenue, near (ith jtreat. P EM UK H wishes to mforu his trlen is and the public generally 'fiat be now keeps c? n- j* a. ? Jk. fantl> on baad 018TEB8. fresh eve>> i da> . prepared id erery rtyle ^JDU Ills W IN Ks and LT '?"OBS cannot be surpaiseT. Call and glre bim a trla' oc 23 tf WOOD ANIi GOAL. ? O A L COAL.! AT OKEATLT BEDl OED PBICBS. ' . o* totis of lbs . dtUverad to sny part of the 2i?y Chestnut White A?li. ?7 bto\e, t.g< "D 1 Furria e White Ash, $9.2-'. h. d Ash .?8 W. Leblgh #9, Oik ai d Pme Wo<d sonstantly oa hand. Orders re< eiva<l at our Ofiice; or at the* Wharf, foot of SeTenth street . ??? ? r BBOAN k SON ja?5 tf 463 9th streat, beiweta K and W. ^JO AL ~CO A L :i OOA L ! 11 T. T. FOWLEB M CO. Whlta Ash, atore and egu sizea, $8 IS per ton. Bed Ash. do do $3.75 per ton, 2 .i4? po nnds guaranteed. Orders receiver at the central office of the WashIneU'i and Georgetown Ice Cum pen r, (lata L J. MiddktonA Ca.,* corner 12th and r etreets.and at w hart foot of lUth steeet ja 14-Ibb B. 8. LAMKIN, Agent. ^"OALI GOAL!! COAL 1! I Having determined to sail a first claas article of Woad and Coal aa cheap as the cheapest, 1 hope hy doing ao U> gala a liberal abare of pnbllo patronage. The CosU ar ices are aa follows: WblTB ASH N OT OOaL. by the t^n ... $7 Hi BALT1MOBB CO. WHITE ASH, Egg and tttore UXtl.. * 'i? ALL OTH KB QP A LIT IKS of W H1TB ASH * '2? LTKENS VALLEY PUBB BBD ASH ?* T? DIAMOND VEIN BBD A8H STJ GBOB8 WEIGHT,2J40 LBS. TO THE TON. Alvaye an band and constantly receiving the beet qualities of WOOD of every description, delivered in any part of the city. K. Ge BAUM, ja4-lm 7th st., between B and Fsta , Island. GO TO W . B . M O 8 E 8 ' FASHIONABLE CABPET. F URN ITU BE AND BEDDING ST0BB8, NOB. ?21 A &19. 1NTBLL1GBNOBB BUILDING, COBNBB 7TH AND D., AND HO 50?? 7TH 8TBBET, TriOBN'8 BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS' HALL, AND EXAMINE THB FINEST A8BOBTBD bTOCB THIS SIDB OF PHILADELPHIA. He baa all the latest dasigna made In Phlladel pbia. Hew York, and Boatou The atock Is always seated by Mr. Moaae, and boagbt at the lowest rate# lor rath which enables hiin to compete with Ba?t*rn prices Hisnueet Furniture ia made to rdarta Philadelphia, and of the bast material that can be found. furcbs* .ra shoal4 study their own lateraetby calliug At bis Stores and examining the well-aa?. 'W<Tstock of CAB 'BT8, FUBNITDBB, Ac., Abd l.talb his price tlst before golug elsewhere, which he will fnrulsb with pleasure His aasortiueat ot Mattrea-<es. Blankets, Oomforts,0?nnterpaiaes. Pillows Bolsters. Featherbeds and all kinds of Cottaga and Kitchen Eur aitr.re is comalata, wM?h be ofTars at the lewaat New York aud Phi lad phia prions. Bemembt-r No* 341 end 319 IntallLgeooer Bnildmg. corner 7th and D. and N? 409 7th street Thorn's Balldlag, adjoining Odd Fallows' Hal:. bet weea D and X stream. js 14 tf W. B. M08H8. I^y/BKIBLV TIBQINIA HAIB BB8T0BHB. Haia BiNorAi?i.-We publish thia morning the advartiaamaat of aur well known towumaa, H. Bzekial, who is the proprietor of tha wallknown and widely o?ed " Br.ekiel's Hair Bestorer." Tula preparation is n. new preparation, but put up by a geutlemaa of kn >#n probity and a native of our city. Ha haa in !.iepo*e*aelon certificates from raaideata of B'r'jn. nd. whiob be will publish. Thee* rer:4.n,rjead t/ous are hnnn fide, and place Ms rmparntion nbov" th maik noetrnn? i o . . r . s. T > 14. a?"* m,u vkli st* yaur hair ?h*ekf *-i T'? ?, jrw. maW oiHi rtoi Oitv.O r . S! lf-i?. DzaBBiK I ar: cr itiimdto seo iha' you hava ag?. i i ?' ? . i Unit 1 . ,T From ih? tfntlin ny of nia>iy fr;etid? wb< have need It. L h*v?> n< be- Utioii 1 sta'lng that I b? llave it t?b< u>r i... st ort ie:it r?>fc p .uuii of the kind aver preae- t?d for sAlu. Imle.. t of those who havetr'.- " ' asaure amtti.vt it aatonly oleanaea theacaip p"jri<- tly.but und. l < jdly restores the growth of tbe hair. iKwaectfully. Ae., youij, (Copy) Ai.ax.YP Oakxrtt.M D. Ta H EzaiiKL.Blcbmond.Vh. For -ale by all Druggiete. Orders a-ldres?"d to DKM AS BABNE8 A CO., Park Bow, New York, ja 10-eolm I^BCBPTIOH LUXUBTBS. Jast received, a large variety of artlclee selected par UcuUriy for the cejs M*" oa. 1. M. P KlS'i a BUI, King Place, de M Oor, V?. ?ve. and W^at^ Direct i?BorUtlai.^ ^ ^ IJN ^ <.*1 King Place. I 1,1ST OF* IJETTKBH kimaininu (r thi WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, Friday. January 23, 1*67. (OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN TUB PAPER HAVING THE LA ROUST CIKCULATION 1 *?rio cibtaln .in y of tt??ee latter* toe eppllnan' in ait call for "Au ver;i*e4 Lett era," give the date of the liat, and per one cent for adver taiu< C* If not .ailed for witbla om month they will be (ant to tte Dead Letter Office LADIES' LIST. A bell Vlo't AMraUray Ltllle Parker LacyMra Allmei. Chi? MraGrorea Pneby C Price I) Ol'nMre Aiiitiwii tfer"a U??rftC???l*riP?>ti?n Italia La AldncliG o'a V Uraham Kate L PerrtebotUeMre Aadiecn MaMldaGraham Jn < MraPaiiuor AlenMra Mra I OreentildL >utsaPumpbr?y Lin Ani-evl.teMarg'tOarrtieou Addle ale Mra 2 K Mm K Palmer Le'k Mra Alien Hornen r,waldinzLi*7i* PerkieeM'ryMre Atb'oril Saphro-Ooodrich.lauoLi I'hilltpa B d nia Mi * OaitbarAa banaParaer Aun I"ell Anna 1 Mr* Qnian Kate BrownHtn'eMratttebam Hattle bee Llzaie G 2 Brown A .1 Mrs Ho't Thr>sLMra Bli >dea Lin U P.- neJaue Hill Emma KeeTee Oelia A Hall I aara Mra Hoy fell* Mr* Beed Anu M S Hnrr Kiuma t Hoaer .lenuie Bow Frenci* 1 I Ktc.wr l atiM Mralieooe Mary F Belinda Mary ' Prowy. ' ' M Mr?TIelm Sopula B blmuu M W ! h-o*n Xi.uireMHolt Mary Mra i V rf 'o?r;e9 llow ird Frank B vttera J O Mra Bal> Mary G Mr* H i ley B i / \i M r* i Nnck Olivia Harrlaoa I> Mrs KoherU Matilda I |<'?ir f A Mri H irriOrft'i? Mnai4-?berte M Mr* ' Beale Marth 4 H. r' ert Clara Koger*8op aMr* ' r rand S A Mr* Mra B 4in W B Brool eMai gMraHickmanJn Mrs Butler Mary Mra ! Brr.cc-Mary E Hamilton!!) MrsBobliin-onMMra Brown M Mr* U >rper Faume Uirbarda Marg t l nrton Cayi ie 2 Mrs Mr* ' "i ?1> : Pe? Mrell Ibrooktltlii'bSmith L A Mra -.allOOMrt Mra .->haw Bab'iGMra akfcwell iraLkU"?aru Emma Storne 1 8 Mra j b Mr* Mri Swoab Uaroliue i Brad ey LaviniaIIiek< * Suiie Sant'i Kate M Mia Henderson B T bmiih Lvurice Be. let L> Mr# Mra Mra He!ttr Kama A Il> wardMKMr* Steele Julia 0 Bnn.-tFai.iiie HailltonM yMra Mra Booker tlaniiie H?udtj-'??itPen'eSmMh K I Mra Prodricl. K-te H.>y; uM .rvMri Hteele Fannie U Prcn- ret Mar tMunou Meliaaa Smith Ltzsieii Bct'ar C in line Uaekell Mary Mm th Mary Ha'dy Ann Mr* Mr# 2 Bruith Ma ( I A BaitonEm'aM r* Hen*tu Bebeaca 8t< ne Kachael llHr'oi. Mary H?mat< aJAMra Mia Bn n- tt LevMre lrwi?KLa?'eMra8lninia Martha Bo'len A nn* ark?on A tnanda*hie d?M*r? 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Inlla Mrs 8he?pard J A Mra Croain Hid'iy Kaaley Aaaanda Uorrell Mary E tan,1*11 Fr sMrs Mr* Mra Coetieen Mary K?-l*ey A M ?rs Sawyer Eil/.ao h < h. rwlrth M E LaBK Win Mra B l lira LongKeaaedyL Tllna Ann Carroll Maria Mra Terry Brwina Claf lnTenne?*'eLaw rtMaryEMr*Tro*l?r K ?e O'owptdh <tKr:hLi-?i< K*'" w Tr tier D F Mri f\ l Ji a CathMra Lewi* Katte MraThy*on M Vil* Ira-ali O Lernon Nellie Tiuney Barab P .t> Am Mr* LaBraidMary Trban kliza H Uu iicn* J at Mra La*?ou Cas*a VanAnden E A 9'>ii?T b Ell<n Mr? Mra Pr.rant H M a Mr ttHaleaJane w?rd O Mra I?e Hennd'itier Mrs White Eliza W 10 %|r* Vaiord 'etirlt w'riuht Jane Mra r.,1- K?lel M M rgan Krama Want/. Ma tha L i J'tLi < ii Matil- Ma* nHMra WlrH Mafgle , Mrer.lulla WillardJohnW Di kintonTC Marvin'* Mra Mra Mri Muchell Bailie W.l*.in Cba Mra Pi-ki-.ion M F 51lt l.el Kilen Wo iliard La*"a Mra Mra Wnlton Anaatta I>. r-i. Mr>CMriMalanreMar> E Wat ere Kate 1>?.* . ,(lt ai u Magm'erAn'eMw> 11 iani? 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CO hey bolt J bo W St ddaid M L Pwe-?ih^rei Cha*Bb? len John fitorgtua Bro RhtliT * S* u ?h?n,*\HonJ P03 -tone Su.nuel Shield- Edw H Smith Jaa Scbarp T 8 S:'7?F . Sloan Jaa A Pall-ld Thos L Sbeat* Fred Strong J D Simtaon Wm W bmith F ?<1 Smith Jas steward Wm b?V. nr'*w 5'?,,r Lewil Simpson W W Scott Geo W Sclioonover bear* Wm Blepp DrQW Merris 8haw Wm F Shlpman H T??Jor Dr K ThomasColHitn To-nenj Hon I M Tiadele Kngene 8 T * otn*ly Mi hi tw"1 Zick.n*T }**? Taylor PorterW ThompsonGilb tTay Inr Ja< R Taylor K H Todd 0 W Thomae Jna Tils ten R (i Tbompti nnonHThoni** J Henry Tt imer R T F TerretJno Tenal K| h4 Tot Henry Tb<mpsonABo Tomelaor. 8anil Taylor B R darmee Tyler Wm 8 To?ns<tdHam nTuckerJno Turner Wm Vickars Gen VanghnJM Ylllard DrThe-1 JII?*bA W Wblta Henry F Wigt.t Jno(! w?Lk"f ?Q l- Jf.T*'1 Hcu'yTWi'iBmi. L 8 w! n S! i,B Jf"1' wlllmnn Lawli 21 fcv??,<ill,iB "llllnmn Capt W.lbrldKe Hon FOWMtney Lt J 0 'r'kob*"<" J WHliiiui 0#o wIkmT Wn-nbarne H-.n Whittlngar Oeo Wella Jaa M Wdib A Van Or" ^ Att John man Yorkoaa Alb't YonngJnoL Tatter M L M I8( j. LLANKODS.? Boi No. 1; Kye aod K?r Ina"oirj6? ? ???; -ii?J- BOWBH, p. m DANCING. " , pRUFB. J. W. * H. P. KRII8' BANOIHO ACADEMY, am Pennaylyanla areune, bet. 6th and 7th ata.. JfL, Oppoaite Matrepolltan Hetel. iHn? p'****" forming every erenln*. Tboae da"^o^th^pXnV^r "tberu-. onrannoaf May Bal'l b# "ftd* ,D th" Quarter lor Ctranlara can be had at J. F. Kills' and W O ?'?^ot. A Oo.'a Music Btorea. Wt Q The flail can be rented lor 8o1 reee, Ao. Dtys and Hour* of Tuition 1 I Mieaes and Maatera, Taeaday and Saturday afternoena, from J to 6 o'clock Uentlemen a Olaeeea, Tneaday and Friday erenlng. from 8 to 10 o clock. ?r>a?y ere nr ?Sf.? :rther ,?Ior ?tlon.apply dnrJng tbe hoara or tuition, or address a nr.te to the Aca l?my Quarter commencing with tbe flr?t lo.non. \ a JH A R I N I A BL? DAMOIM G MARIKI b AfSEM B'LY ROOMS *4. 8<h and l?th Mtree'a, >^36 tlJn if pnVn"r n?*?^nf0r t^recep l^* pays and hours tuition for yunr<e lMienr^?/U? masters Tuesdays, TbnrsU.) - a ,d Bat urday a, from S to6 p m. O'-ntlem.-n's classes from 9 to !U, aame eTenlnrs Tenla,lceof tTbae pu?t|ri,CtlOU g'T<>n !? tbJec?u JWasqukraiib^ndf^YOEMTballs The nadersigotd would moat respectfully inform tbe l*dlea and gentlemen of >aahiu?toa city, and the District senerally, that he Is at all timra prepared to furnuh parties with Masaner? *nd Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to Hr_ ba? taken reoms at the well known ko.H/i? t lament of Christian Rappert, B?u 422 7th at/eet. between D and B, where he will ha happy te await orders. CUABLrs BIRO W late Costutner at Ford's and Drover*! _J*_ m_ Theater*, Washington. D. C. (jJ ? 0 0 B 1 K 8 . BALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Comer Naw Fork avenue and lath street, I *ntrance en New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OBOOBBIK8 TEAS WINE8, 1MPOBTED LCXDBIE8, Ac , Ac.', would respectfally notify their friends and the public that tfcey have jn*t opened tbair New Qro ?ery Store, wh*re can be obtained any artlcl* nan ally kept in a first claaa Grocery. Without attempting to enaaarate onr large, freah and well elected atock.we aordially invit* th* public to lamlneonr star* and atock, believing we ehall not fall to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor u* with their patro&aga. W* call especial attention to our asaortmeot of TEAS and OOFFBB8, which have be*a Mlected with great care for ?urltf. Daalara will find a | fine aaaortmant to ael*ct from, and onr price* to ' eult. I Goods delivered promptly in any part of th* dtj jan 9 Sm rpHB LITTLE BELT GIGAB, Manufactured exclusively under copyright for B. 0. DYEB A GO , 9?6 PEBBSYLVANIA AYBNUI, Between 12th and 13th *tr**u. LONDBEB F1NO, LONDBB8 DE COBTB. CONCHA DE REUALO, nn,?.ilhlTiTL, ; h?a been living for a number ef years n^kt In fi. 1 Ki i *ailed^to tn*. ' at a low^rice. " ? fir" elJ?^gr. vi ^ ELLING OFF TO CLOSE BDSIBB88. A.W TOW8H1ND A GO ,Jeweler., 416 7th at., between D and 1. Having determined to r*tlra from w?-?- j ;:;vs,k.2 i opportunity of buying them^"twhSIeJSftSSLf** ! KPBi0B LI8* 0? WAT0HB8. ! ed ?S SSia -'DAf??**?h*r Jewel,ew.Kf.i,7*V5d*; D ,A^?iL*lp "? B^UeU* 1 nwtVeS^Uli'9Tl"' l?4 gold*^ ' Sal A67 '^?S?^ri?5n * BartUtt, ohroD^oifUr * piston Tr^il'a rL.? d.?-' 97^. gold; 18 do., Ap- < pleton, Traoey A Co., chronometer va!., 9?B,(old. ? , ^/BTJOLM TO BB BAFFLED i wwk ^i&to?'??'***?>**?' <"c*e, inlaid with pearl: i ' VWVMRMMRj ?"n>?^ATiaeaia. i O T 1 9 B . ~ ' patronage extended to the oU Irs "** J Sa?.u,M. LtDlM, iltTM J of all kinda, from ftljo to ?u. POOLTNB1 * TBIMBLB, 1 Be. g?0 Wm Bal tt snore atreet, < **" !? Baltimore, Md. 1 yj^M. KB ABB B oo.t FIABOfl^ SS^?^"S8S; TELEGRAMS, Ire. The Quebec relief committee has adopted a plan to ?et apart f&K.,0U) to aid in building boos* a ol incombustible materials, in sum-* ot I mm f 100 to SAO each, the bouses to be bull bef, re lKt*. and ot a certain sixe. This will insure tte ereetien of 1.500 bon?es in the burnt district The total amount received for the relief fand is *.140,00o. Tb? re hi?? te-en expern*d fit* .000. Three thousand three hundred dwellings-were destroyed The case of Ridley ve. Sherbrook wa? reached iu the Sopr*me Court of Tenne-s.' j es'erdav, but was postponed until to day It* decision involves the constitutionality oi the franchise lav. and is looked for with much interest. The Tennessee House has declared the seat of the member from Jaclt?on vacant, because the occupant was uot sufficiently loyal. The qustionof the acceptance of the law recently passed by the Main* legislature. anttiorizipg the city of Augusta to make a loan of *250,100, in order to secure the development of it* water power, was acted upon Wednesday and secured by the necessary two-third" vote of the legal voters. Tb?rewasa great excitement in Baltimore last night in political circles in selecting ward delegates to the Mayoralty f-onvention The probabilities teem to b?- in favor of a maiorttv of delegate* for John T. Ford, Esq., as the candidate of the Conservatives for Mayor. In the Common Council of Philadelphia, yesterday, a bill was passed, by a vote ol 35 to 4. prohibiting tbe city railroad companies In n ( aiting tbeir tracks. The President has coramu'ed the sentence of James Hrown, the colnied rook convicted ot the murder of James M Koster, a' sea, Miy '."J, to impr.sonment for life. The I'tah legislature petitions to Congress to repeal tbe anti-polygainy law. There ha\?been immense ihIIk of snow on -he mountain* The Senate of Wisconsin. Wednesday, by a vote of 2? to 10, ratified the constitutional amendment. In the Kentucky Legislature Wednesday 'he ballot for Senator re#nl;ed a-* follow Powell 43. Harding 4*. Brn?tow 3??. Robiusou 1. The celebrated trotter, "Ethan All*?n." has b?en sold to Z. E Simmons, of N?w York, for 11(1,000. ( OKGRESSIOfAL. Skkate ?Yeeterda> attereoon? The tariff bill lieing under consideration. Mr Sumner offered an amendment, to put charts, and enpravmgs executed prior to 1-1' on the free list; also an amendment, placiug books published prior to lv4n on the free li t both of which were disagreed to. Mr. Sumner moved to amend by placing scientific and mathematical ii??truraei :s and apparatus imported in good faith for any politic, scientific, or collegiate institution ou ttie flee list, Disagreed to. Adjourned at i p m. Hoi'Pk?Yesterday afternoonMr. Stevens' enabling bill, the currency qn"?Lion, and other matters were debated up to the hour ot adiournment. Particulars ef the Terrible Tragedy at Auburn, Maiae. The Lewiston Journal of .tlonday contains the following additional paru ulars of 'he khocking tragedy in the village of West Auburn, Maiue, last week, in which "he vie. nms w*re Mrs. Susannah Kinsley, a widow, aged about 64 year?, and Miss Polly Caswell, a maiden lady ated about?>7 years, wbo resided tor'ther alone in a cottage On the floor, lying across the loor-stool of an <'pen door leading into a sman entry eeji:t- . iatmg the sitting ro'rn from a sleepiug Hpar'm?-tit, was stretched the liftless body ot Pollv j t_'asw? 11?tier bead and shoulders iu 'he entry ai d her body and lower limbs In the fitting j rui tn. 1 he Dody was partially covered wi'ba j mght dres?. and on proceeding to take hold of , it. it was found frozen iil'ty, an<l giving evidence of having been in that condition tor I some days. A broken chair, covered with blood, lay near, affording evidence in itself . that it bad been used in aiding in the murder j of Mist C. H ardly had this terrible scene been real z?d before another still more terrible met ttteir gaze, in the bed in a small bed room, ten feet I square, adjoining the sitting room and connected with it by a door?which was open? I was the lifeless and ghastly body of the widow Kinsley, also frozen stiff," and lying with her night clothes ou, in a pool of congealed blood. The bed-clothes were matted with blood, th - I qnilt and feather tick torn, and feathers were I scattered about, and everything indicated that :t terrible struggle had taken place, Mrs. Kinslev being a large and powerful woman. The body of Mrs. Kinsley was horribly cut I and mangled. The jugular vein was severed by a deep gash on the sideot the throat. There were also cuts on the left jaw bone and on the left forehead; a gash nearly six inches in length on the left leg, and severe bruises on | the left shoulder, not to mention many minor cuts and bruises The immediate cause of her death was the severing of the jugular rein. Appearances indicate that the murderer or murderers had attacked widow K. in her bed, from which she bad not risen. Mis* Caswell had received severe blows on her head and fsce, (probably by the chair,) her skull was fractured, her left wrist broken, her waist and left shoulder bruised. There was also a bruise over her right eye, a cut on her left arm above the elbow, and a cut on her left knuckles The immediate canse of her death was probably a fracture on nerskull, although I it Is possible that this might only have pro- j dated insensibility, and that freezing did the I rest. Blood wm found by the tide ot the stove la the sitting room, near the mantelpiece, indicating that Miss C. bad been attacked there first I and pursued towards the door to the entry opening Into her room, where she was stricken down. The supposition is that Miss C., who I slept in a room in another part of the house, I was awakened by the neise of the straggle in I widow Kinsley's room, and was reaching to the mantel piece for a lamp and a match to light it, I when she was struck by the villain t wboprobs- I bly had completed bis work with Mrs. K.) with jj & chair. Miss C. not being rendered senseless n by the blow, probably, attempted to flee to her room, the villain following and beating and I cutting her until she fell in the doorway. Her I writ-1 was undoubtedly broken in attempting to I ward off the blows ot the chair. A more horrible scene than was presented cannot be imagined. The bodies, cut, bruised and mangled in almost every part, covered I with blood, the hair disheveled aad bloody, the painful expression of the countenances, indieating, even In death, the fearful struggle for | life, and then the bodies and limbs frozen stiff I ?all made up a scene from which we re- I coiled, even on the succeeding day, when tome of the evidences of the straggle had I been removed. Maryland Legislature. | The dicker which ie to make Mr. Swann Senator was finally consummated at Aunapolis yesterday. The Senate, after a prolonged ind excited debate last night, passed the bill repealing the Eastern Shore law by a const!- I tntional majority. Measrs. Victors, Waters ind Broadwater, Senators from the Eastern Shore, remained steadfast to the last, speaking against it and voting with the Republican members against the adoption of the bill. Mr. I k'razier, of Dorchester, however, voted for the I ?ill. The election of Governor Swaaa as I I'm ted States Senator will probably take place I o-day, unless the Democrats have some new I condition to exact. The enfranchisement bill | also passed the Senate by a vote of 15 to 7, bang a two-third vote. It is now a law. In tbe House of Delegates the ninUi ballot I it as taken for United States Senator without I -esalt. The Convention bill was taken up, and I Mr. Williams, of Calvert, addressed the House I n support of it, and in favor of giving in* J reased representation to the smaller counties I >f the State. Mr. Williams warned ths>'&ad- I cals" who were appealing to Congress for I protection that they were liable to paatshmeat ( lader the State treason act. Doubtless the | centleman thinks it very cruel to punish Reh- I >ls who took up arms or encouraged tbe war | against tbe General Government, bat all right 1 o punish the "Radicals" who even venture te | alk about appealing to the Uoasutattonal I sower which a etherises Congress to secure te I seh State a "republican form of government' I tie ts invited to try to paaish the "Radioals' I n the way indicated. I VHon. J. Dixon Roman, formerly a Represeatative us Coagveas from Maryland. died at his realdsaoe ia Hagsretowa on Saturday last. y Marriage la pronounced the first law ef nature; the seeoad law. demanded by many, is >ae that will aaaal the ant 7"Both the Baltabary (N. C.) papers lave come eat la favor ef qualified negro suf- I Wf*. j mm m - a at I ROM MEili O. Advicw from Bro?ns<|li* *tate tba* t\ -r faro. a here Grcntl M na -rim.rii Sau Loin* Poltii, is to in- vt -a il i j f. .1 pood i< 'h? I/b>r*t? advm np<m *y Gi>n?r?l F?eob?<0 l?fi Mn i?r?T f- r t? nor on the 7:h mitui, wi'b to- l.irgest, ..rr. ever got together by tbe liberate n.enl Berrlozobalssurcerded in rai*ir.g?. < >' r? 1 i an# dollar* from the merchant* i f M .. ? 1 and irnt 'h* m o n - y to l". ri.u?? uu 1 h' vtt tu* ant. with orders u? proceed a> once *0 Vie toria. Cortmas 1* recruiting and kiirmK Ail the rsucberos sttl 1 in the vicinity of Matvmoram and saj* b? will be Oovwraar of Tuiranllpa*. At all *rnt? he <rnl likely pmnctinc?forOr!??a. K*niio Jairi-i *rrit*d * iiurauyo on ibi* 26tta ultimo. A fi*' of 1 ?i< m|>o?rd on and paid Vtw-^n thr?- eit?zens, and a monthly prrn*mu of .? ?,(?* upon the city to replenish hi* treasury. Pr*|?ua tions ure being made at Sau I>>iiii Po.osi for the r><cpuon of Juarez, who i* is saul will -stablisk the seat ef bis Government in ibat city. Mexican politicians are certain tktt Ortega will boom be President of the Republic of Mexico, if Maximilian lea\es the country. 1 he negro patrol guard at Brownsville shot and killed a oitizen and a policeman on the evenme 0! tbe if.th mutant. Tbe Kanebero of tbe JO'b i*?tant mt* a new and great movement ol reformation in tbe Roman Chart b it reuig inaugurated throughout Mexlcu. Rev. Raiael Ilia/. Martinez ha* tx*B elected M'hop #1 thi* new Catholic Apostolic National Church of Mexico The ,?r>t?ct of this movement is 10 break off from the old Koman Cburib. for tbe i?-?>on. as charged, that through the Romish 11 flntnces nm? I ren -h srmf wbicb have iuvaded Mexico ai. l ,l?lugej that land with republican bl.od R-v. Father Hernandex, who was captured by tbe imperialist*, ww 'hot toy them, a.tt?r tuff enur unheard ofatroci'le*. He ? a- charged with be lac a Liberal. and endeavoring t? break off from the Roman Church. General Kscobedo arrived at Sau Luis and claimed two thousand liberals < aptuted at 'ha place The whole of Sierra Garde, including the old 1 burcb partv. pronounced for the Reput.li<an*. Tbe Liberals are fortifying I'ampico General Trevlno is in Sin Luis recruiting General M< jia marched to the protect! m ol tin city ot Mexico A force of *:ghte?n thou*a- ? Liberals under General \l>y'/ have surrounded Cnonanaca and tk" <^ty of Mexico Nkw (JRLEAts Jan si ? Tie st-aiu?*ip Victor, from Vera Cruz on the tt^h mstau', ba? arrived She broufh' ?he remains ?<f e\ Governor Allen, of this State. The French transport* bad arrived, and it was expected iha: tLev would depart in a few davs * r.h Che French troop*. A regiment of Efj ptiaMtitd left on the trench mail steamer a f-w <iav before. Maximilian bad i*-ne<i auo h< r pro tarnation condt mnifig in the strongest tern: th? conduct ol Oeneral Sedgwick in taking pi teflon cf Matamorao B 'b the French and jlexuan flags wave over the c<i*ton house at Vera Cruz. Maximilian at Ha -iei..ia >.e Teja h.id a consultation w th Council Min.sters Hn/ame ai,d Ca.-relnrui, retuliing. h ?wever. in notbiny The l,iber:il? continued advance bv ev?ry road on tb? capital, weep. in* everyibirr before 'tem. The pro?i>ec(a of holding the capiial are Mnall. 1 tie evacnition of MazatIan, Topic, md 1 Inadalaj.im. and Other Wf.tern citie*. followed by tbe flight of the French and Mexican Imperialists, humbermc eome Mjii, haa left the entire onntry inll of fugitives, who are generally in tbe most destitute condition The tr ustdetpera e effort* are making by the native Impenaliots to maintain Maximilian on tbe 'hrone after the Frt-ncb leave the country. Advicee by the steamer Constitution from Celimx '.o January 12 stat* that the city is still in possessien of the Imperialists Guadalajara w as evacuated bv the Imperial forces wrhout a t.attle. and occupied by the Kiberali. I.azodo forbida tbe passage ot Corona s troops through bis territory Four French war vessels are in the harbor of Acapulco. It 1* repc.rted that tbe fort will he evacuated on tbe arrival of the flagship Victoria Coal PbodccTIOK.?Tlieannu-tl increase ;n tbe product of coal in Great liri;a?u, una-r favorable cir. nmv.ances. 1- - iua*-i r tnree and one-half per -ent on tin* of *h- prece ling year. The greate6t ann iai pr.>du<*t erei leached was U>i.?. m i-?;} (>hnt ot 1? ^. being y<?! undetermined , 1 he ucreaae of l-d.5. at the e?tima*e>i rati i. w t- % : . t m-In l'enn-vlvania tlie 1. r- . , - v. ,, about 3.560 OUU tons, of which Ko?lu.?it*i *ere anthracite coal. As the ? oole proouctiou tu the state wae about 10 0. . loan, tne in crease m production was at-Le r-Volabou" If: per cent. In Great lirrain the prndnction of coal w? slow until her machinery h id appro* he 1 perfection, and her coal gave a p >w-i tor m propulsion whi"h no o'her nation r julJ procure at so low a cost. l>owu to tha* tune ?Ue favored ibe policy of protection, hut in l*r.| btie threw off tbe protective ^v?te^n, aad tree trade became the pie vailing du.triie Wa.U th?-monopoly ot cheap fnel ju aiues it will be the popular doctrine th?r?*. b-cau*e it su.:? the national circumstance*, now that her m tierals are developed and she has unlimited supplies > f power in cheap coal an J cheap labor. But already anxiety is sBown atK>u* tbe coal supply, aud candid investigators u.. knowledge that at its present ran* ol cousnmption. in short of a century, tbe grea* seaof manufactures will be found' u Pe,,nsy|T%111a. Tbe present export of coal is a cause ??t alarm in tlrertt Rritain and its prohioi'ion n talked about. I*rof. Jevons, who ha? written a very able work on the coal production or Great Hntain. says that it is thought a parte will soon show iteelt to oppose the export of coal. Mt-btier KY a ma*iAc.?John Morton, a religious enthnsiast, or monomaniac ou Sunday aliernoon last, at Saratoga Springs, sHo at.d probably latally wounded a man named Michael O'Neil. Morton believes himself to be Jesus (Christ, and sava he is attended bv numerous minictering angeia, who stand readv at ail times to execute his slightest wish fl" has not heretofore been regarded as a danger cus man. but rathsr harmless and inoffensive O'Neil bought a pair of pant? of him a few days since, one of ihe conditions being that if they did not fit Morton should take them back U'Neil returned the pants on Saturday t.irh' but Morton professed to be ill, and said he could not attend to the matter then On Sunday afternoon. O'Neil went to s?e Morton again, and insisted upon a compliance on his part with the terms of the bargain. Morton pleaded sickness, but O'Neil persisted in his demand. Morton finally told O'Neil that if ha did not leave be would call on* of bis angels to shoot him; but u'Neill paid no attentioa to the maniac's threat said remained. Tbe unfortunate madman then drew a revolver and at O'Neil, tbe ball entering tbe windpipe and passing downward into the stomach. Morton was immediately arrested by tbe police, and tbe pistol taken from hia. O'Neil was atiended by a surgeon, and everything possible is being done to save his life. Monday morning he vomited up the bullet, and appeared comfortable, though his recovery is doubtful Thb Rbason Wht?TheOable has informed us that the Pope bad ordered all the Protestant places of worship oat of Rome?but It do not tell us the reason why. The mails, now at band, say, tbe reason ia. that, now the French are gone from the Holy Otty, tbe extreme Church party can do what they like. There is nobody to remonstrate. Wnile French Influence dominated at the Vauean, religions toleration, to a certain extent, was conceded, as a sort of political necessity? but that necessity is no longer recognised; albeit tbe perilous political surroundings of the Holy Father, seme seem to think, never rendered a liberal policy, on his part, so necessary, if only for his own security, as now. At last dates the British Minister was remonstrating with Cardinal Antonelli against tba expulsion of each of the chape la as were in ase by the English and Scotch Protestants?bat thongb tbe Cardinal expressed his regret at what had happened, he is represented to have declared be con Id do nothing to remedy it. 8outkkbbaa goibq gbbmabb comibo ? The change going ia eonihern population is illustrated by the fact that on Thursday of last week, as tbe brig Derby waa about to sail from New Orleans to Rio Janeiro, with disaffected southerners as emigrants to Brazil, the hark So nor a. from Bremen, was comiag ap the river with a company of German emigrants. VLadies at the opera i a Chicago partake of liquid refreehment through a straw. VItaly*s financial weakness has exposed her to he called "The Micawber of Nations." *7~Tbe Providence Journal calls this the winter of our discontent. VLots of people are killing time just now? sleighing it With a vengeance! KTOiaclnnnu has become the third maaafaetariag city in tbe world. 7"Some convicts ia tbe West Virginia Penitentiary lately set fire to the building in the hope to escape. p-T A van's baslnees capacity now-n-daya is measured by tbe quantity of his advertising. S^A hones is twios finished: oaoe when u Is be lit, afterwards when h is horned. WTbsre are tboee who predict that Floar will be nu a barrel before tbe firet of May. 9*" Weather-wise people predict another bic enow-storm. VTwo pack-pedlers went late a house in Memphis last week, gave tbe oocepaats chloroform and took nso worth ot roods nnd money. VTbe deep-seated melaacboly of Brtgham Yoaag's first wtf* often produces Might* of m sanity, which increase with her declining years. Mhf At Alymer, Canada Bast. Rev. Mr Barbier, an Lnglteb church clergyman, is on trial tor the murder of his wife, aad thscase ea cites great iaterest ia that loenlity.