26 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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^L / ^m 9^ / Ift / ^*/^BT 49 B -T^ V0L-. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY, JANUARY 26. 1867. N5. 4,338. THE EVENING STAR PLBLISniD DAILY,(SUNDAY BXCKPTBD) AT THE STAR BUILDING, Soutkutti center Fcna'a. motniu and lltk street, >r W. P. WALLACH. The STAR is served by tae carriers to their fubecnters in the City and District at Tx? Ciktp fir win. Copies at tie counter,with or without wrappers. Two Cnrra each. Paics for Maili so.?Three months, 'One Dellar and Fifty Cents; six months, Three Vol. tars; one year, Firt Dollars. No paper* ara eat from the off ce longer than paid for. The WEEKLY isTAK?published on Friday morning? One Dollar and a Half a Year. DENTISTRY. |TK. LAW IK'S DtNTAL ASSOCIATION, U Mo. ?60 I'KBN'A AVE , Btlween 13th a ad Uth streets. Teeth extracted without pal a by admiacterlnf Ft It il l^xj * #r L*u*hln* <ias. LhWlBhas recently purchased the KHTtsaJ < hemK-al Apparatus in the conn try forv?*JJ-u/ l?*Baeevery day; also, an imyr >v?d Val' u sr io.iaier. Ibe Association ii du* preMred VnM? ?01! 1t,oW-8?'?*r ana Babber at New * f tod B hion prtcM. All Mr*T ''hintr ?Hntal w.>rkdone can bave ltasi h?ap ae Id the above Dinel dtis All work done in A manner, and warrsnte.1 to flee satisfaction P-rsoas will do well to call and eaanuae oar work. de 24 tf T1 T ?TT \ M LOOM IB, MO P?^ateeof the M1MBBAL ^kATB TBBTH, attends personalty tt^M^ his office la thM city. Many persons caaUESV nenr th?ee teeth who cnnnot wear othera^*111" J ?o person oaa wear others who sanaot wear th?ac. . calling at mj office onn be aooonmodalfd with any style and price of Teeth they may de- . tire, bat to those who are particular, and wi'ti the Crest, cleanest, strongeat and most perfect denit ib* *rl ?*r?r<xfir- the M INBBALTBBTH wi'I bem>>r<- fully warranted. Boem? in this efty?No 3S* Penn*a aveaue. be*"l Mth its Also, 90V Arch street, Philadelphia. oclOly TersoxalT i\|*8 (TBTIS IKV1HQ, nair:ovi?f, an<l T*.?r I?* \i,dium, will give lire r?-adiugs. including ' nnd future at her office. 4'JO, n*rtn eide of Pa ar,, between ?S and 4th utreets. O.Iice hours from 9 to 2 a. ui and 6 to ? p m. j* 24 lot* AB. teaf HI * KKAb dOIMNTlKIC A> TfciJbOuKK OK aMKUIOA, > roni thf p. ?iiiou ani aspect ot ti e Stars at the tin.tf >! one's bintw will revt-al ast>ni?ning secrets that no In I fig mortal ever knew before how to be soece^sful in a.l r**4M*iil? undertaking*. lit- ??lis tan e *n1 very day yon irurrv , descries ihe ii-1?i <lnl cub muud. ai d t-lls ail events of lif* good l.i? k and long life to visitors. litiioiW cents to $ 1 Kfiitlt-mea in fall *1. Call at 4 70 13>h at .ne?r IT, all hours until * In the eveninz. de 31 lm* | ' BNTLKM KN WHO ABK A KKLIOTKD-A I cure warranted by an old Sgrieuu of twentytl?r?e > tars' e*^rrtfcce in this parti alar t.ran-ti et the proV??i?ij. tbargee mo?ierate Do not apply to ^uaiki. t ut to .1 B. O ^ ttlrji KB, M L> Ut?- of the United ^tatei B cord Venereal Uo? rital. OBicc Ho "J1 soutK A street, opposite the spltol h ,?;ar?. south si?fe. h B?Mrdicinert also furnished at cost. de27 lm' #^ON K1DENTIAL ? Toutig m< n who have inVy ;ured tbetnselT^ py certain secret habits, which nntlt th^m for business pleasure, or the dotieaof c arried life; also, middle ts(ed ami o'4 ten. who. lrom the follies of youth, or other eauf-ea, feel a debility in ad ranee of their years reforr placing them*elves nnder the treataMot of nn> on., should llrst read "The Secret rrieud " Marrie,! !adi?>s will lesrn ?OUK>thlng of itBDortaac? bf perusing "Tba Secret Friend.'j S^nttoany ad- . dre?e, in a sealed enTelon*- en ra^Vipt of v> cents Address Dr. CHAB A 8TUABT A OO . Bo*toa WM* ao>-it CLOTH IN Qt Ac. IT J- HBIMBat kT nili-wi: ^rc#**or *" H r. L-ndon A Co., ia CITIZEN'S AXV >m. IT A RY ***1 ? . MF.RCHAXT TAILOR, WK a>etroyolitan Hotel, lwte Brown s 4T M 3f>a Peansylrnnla a?enne " "Fl lf ^Washington. D- O. lanE^rioUl^ Uth twt' apposite wi|. ' ' da 11-tf 11 IB/.HKBG s LOAN orrirMT U._U . , Kstalwiel ed MS?. M..NI M "n WATCH SB. DTArnj^n^f. - .*Mfc?L w*AlilMa AHPAKJu, rnn? >i Bnainess etrKtly ??h .,r a. ? ? North C sireet,bet?n**n 4>* and Mat I Immediately la rear of th^ National 1,0 ' _ _ j>?8 lm* j^ATJtcT ^AB^,rA8ajwaiB or HAIR t A1.L10T. 324 UHJrye^L,HA,t- i'RESSER. Mr ai i.f ^^n lsth and 14th st*. ?al?.h?a.ia*i?' l!,*1ru' hair-Ureeaer. of the . Ma> hel, Willi w bom he arrived in till. !sr Cf' ^ ' H*r;'.wc :V - ?asja? 53 LOUlBIANA_Ay*M??: J. H. CB.\MM A OO. Uare on hand a large and fln? assortment of OOD8, tufted to this market, sach as BCTTMB CHKM.*K, EGOS, APPLK8, BA1SINS. PIGS,' CTTTBON, NUTS, HAMS. C0DFISH, MACK???L. HKBAINO. SOAPS, CAH5ZD OOODS Ac. Also, 80 Barrels Moore's celebrated (jiam CIHE.by barrel or gallon. All the above roods are offered at the lowest n arket prioe, and warranted to suit, by Ja 4 lm S3 La. aye.'. betSeLn'S, tnd^tt wm t- ma a*d a?.Uhf?"w r' 8cbw>?>ernitare@r in* d'oie at^JTi^^V m'af' fhnd V arniahofjlh and K streets aort^ No' lV* de"lV*J?**r |J * M 0 Y A L~ TH* HATTONAL rNlON INSOBAMOM 00MPANV OP WASHIBGTON iiawe removed to th?*ir Mew Office. Bo. 71 LOCJISlABA AYBNUB > lrst door east of 7th St. * m,a- W ?D ',B ?* oil: Cnea. K nap, Pres't, Geo. W. Biggs. Ylce PraaH Z ?"iJ^rl7' Marshall Brown, HUchd Walla- h' "o**- ?* *?? ? . * *"_ M0BLB D. LABJIBB, BecreUry. J\Jj*.BBltg PIANOS AND OABHABT B MBBbHAM'S PABLOB OBOANS/^ k^alL'L??? 11 to their '?I- 1 m tt e2amine thwaperb ln.unmenta ks-MM other. Ill Iff Uth street between Penn aaveaoe ank B street A select aeeorbbent of near and second hand Instrun eoU, including a Cfit'lC'H oBUiH r?? s^e at loweet facfr/prlceeand on Mj^UrrJ no U 6m? MPAIB1B0 faithfully exec a ted iiiTn potatobs. bnjhela MAINB POT ATOMS, jaet arrived, and for sate at onr Wharf at the toot of 7th B. P BBOWM A BOM, . _ Commission Mere Hants. I _de l4-tf No. 4 51 ftb St.. between B aad 4 'HOOOLATB bocblb, vamillb. I _ DB H. MAlLLalBD. Par Cacao et Btwrs. Bsauiat de twat; melamre Z. H. P. KINO A SON, Comer Vermont areane street. IV K8T 1M1>1A oBANdBt) AMD Tr#-k swbbt Malaga gbapbs, Xr*" BIMO Pl^ACh. Csp{c*sMliJ*VEAlS,il"l- *^,w?^?obbantb, ^ ^ ? Ac., to tilt thil .ilaa . b' * * P. iuje A i&f? Blag Plaee. t? cty. er address the prtaclpai. ?* *his M >ABBOBS. Catonrtlle. Md. ITBMMCH ALMABACUS FOB lMT.-Alma aacfc. Lomune; Almaaach Poor Vlra; Alma ?-acl. du A-i.-toa, Almaaach Ohefirarl. Almaaach jjT'* V'pso. AiiasDach de la hoaae Cuisine. Almaawca Imperial. Almaaach de Napoieea; Almaaach da* jeax deBodete; Almaaach Polichiaeile. aod -Jrs '-^~"r,SfltoP?T?r pOMlABU BTBAM B NO IN KB, LastMaing the maximum of efficiency, darahinty. ad eeesomy, with the mi aim am of weight and Hies Tbey are widely aad favorably kaewa, era thaa BOO being la ase. All warranted satts**w?ry or ae sale. Deeeriptfva eircnlars mm m ^Blssika. Addtorn t^jSSLi'Ss. M VlBOlN OIL OP ATX. r T. _ . . PBMM fllPOBTATIOM Us tr^ie"5|f225nii ml KP4Wd *? "IW MBW YOBB PBICBB ?>r. Uth aa4reta..mUa??v"uHLj'jt9 BANKERS. JAY COOtK * CO.* BlIIllli IVimmA htmi, oppmU lYeasanf, * ? yand Ml 1 current market ratts. and k?H constantly on hand, i fnll n|fl| of all GOVERNMENT BONDS, BBYBN-THIBTIBS, AND COMPOUND INTBBB8T H0TB8. Order* fw STOCKS. BONDS, Ao , eaeeated, and Collections made on ell aooessible points. e 1-tf 1J ARROW fit CO.i banknbs. Corner Louisiana avenue and Seventh feet. dialers ih UOVEKf/MEyT SECURITIES. GOl D AND SILVBH jyl tl iKDIAND WABKmS First national Bank ol Washinstou, H D COOK*, (of Jay Cooke A Co.,) President W H. B. HONTINOTON, Cashier. GOVERNMENT DNP08IT0BY ANT) FINANCIAL AOBNT Of TUB UNITED STATES, 1 ilk *rrs?t, orvo.Mi tk* Trmsnry Dernrimm. Government Becnrlliae with Treasurer Onlte<l "tWOyR MILLION DOLLARS V e Inj and sell all classes of 0 OVERyMEJVT LCI RITIESnt current market rate#. H'RXISH EXCHANGE and make Collection.? m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CxTIES OF THE VMTED STATES. We purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST fA VORABLE TERMS, and fire careful una prompt attention to ACCOUNTS af BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. and to any other business entrusted to us FULL INFORMATION in regard to OOVKRN MENT LOANS at all times c!.eerfnlly fnrnlrted VN M 8 HUNTINGTON, Cashier Washington, March 30.13M mtl If HOTELS"iESTAURANTs7&0. A B D WTLLAKD'B HOTBb, I December 1.1866.1 Senators. B<pre?ent<?ti ves, and other- reeidin* in Washington, who oecupy private aj ?rtnients, caa be accxint'iodated with tneir MKALs at this Hotel st the rate ot .$l? 60 per week de4 2m bVKES. OHADWIOK A CO. j^ibkwood house, Corner ftnna. arsnirt and Twelfth ttreet.yfabv Wa,/Kn?:oH, D. C. I"' * Situated In the most central location the city, ortdway between the capitol and presidential mansion, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent and Post Office*, Smithsonian Institute, etc. H. H. DUDLEY n CO., no21-tf Proprietors. MBICH "S RESTAURANT, j ho. Penna aventje, near 6th street. P EM RICH wishes to inform Ms frlen Is and the public generally thai be low k>cp? cuu A . , a Htantly on hand OYSTERS fre-ta everj f.a> . prepared In every style 1<"ma I Hi* W iM?s and LiQiORS cannot be snrpTs^eT. Cail and gfve bim a trUI. o Z1 tf WOOD AND COAL. 0OAI' COAL!! AT OHEATLY REDUCED PRICES. tiros* tons of 2 IiO lbs., delivered in an* part of tha city Chestnut White Ash. ?7. Stove, fcgp ?n i I >irnace White Ash, ?S.2>. K. d Ash >8 60. Lthlfh f9. 0?k and Piue Wood sonstantly on baud. Orders received at our Office; or at the Wharf, foe t of Seventh street 8 P. BROtfN A SON, ja2S tf 46ft 9thstreet, tetweeo K and F. ^JOAL ! COALPITCOALTH T T. FOWLEB * CO. Whit* Ash, stove and egg sizes, <8 29 per ton. Bed Asb. do oo $5.75 per ton. 2.240 pounds guaranteed. Orders recei vea at the central office of the Washington and Georgetown Ice Company, (late L J. MiddletonA Co ,) corner 12th and F streets, and at wharf, foot of 10 th ate eat ja lt-lm B. S. LAMKIN, Agent. (JOAl? I GOAL 11 00 A L!! t Having determined to sail a first elan article of Woed and Coal as cheap as the cheapest, I hope by doing so to gain a liberal share of pa bile patronage. The Coal prices are as follows: WblTB ASH MOT OO A L, by the ton fT 8ft BALTIMORE C9. WHITE ASH, Egg and Stove sices. 8 8ft ALLOTH KB QBALlTlSSof WHITN ASH 9 8ft LYKENS YALLKT PORBBBD ASH ?71 DIAMOND YBIB BED ASH 8 Tft GB08S WEIGHT, ?J?0 LB8.TOTHB TON. Always on baad and constantly receiving the best <4ualitiee of WOOD of every deaaription, delivered in any part of the city. B. C. BAUM, jal-lm 7Th st., between B and Fata , Inland. C^O TO I W.B.MOBBS' FASHIONABLE CABPBT. FURNITURE AND BEDD1HQ STORES, N08. 521 A A19, INTELLIGENCES BUILD1NG, CORNER 7TH AND D., AID O ?0B TTH BTBBBT, THOBICB BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS' HALL, AND KXAMINN THB FINEST ASSORTED STOCK THIS 0U>B OF PHILADELPHIA. He hae all the latest desigae made In Philadelphia. New York, and Boston The stock le always slUctcd by Mr. Moeas, and tewU at the lowest rates for cash, which saah'ea him to compete with astern prices. Hlsflaeet Furniture is made to order In Philadelphia, and of the beet material that can be foaad. Purchasers should study their owa Interest by calling at his Stores and examining the well-sasortef stoeh of CABPBTS, FtJBMITUBB. Ao? end obtain his price-list before going elsewhere, whieh he ?IU fnrnisb with pleasore His assortment of Mattreasee. Blankets, Oomforts, Ceaaterpaiaee. Pillows. Bolstera, Featherbeds, aad all kiade af Cottage and Kltehen Far 'tare is comnleie. whlah he offers at the leweet New York ana Philadelphia prices. B^emember Noe ft81 aad 619 Iatelllgeaaer Building, corner Tth aad D, aad No ftOH 7?h street. Thorn's BaUdlng. adjoining Odd Fellowa' Hall, betweea D and B streets js lt tf W. B. MOSNB. ^ZBKIBL'S YIBGINIA HAIR BB8TOBBR. H*ia B*50vat**.?We pabllah this moraine the advertlaemeat of oar well-known townsman, I. Bvekiel, who la the proprietor of the wellknows sad widely ased " Bsekiel's Hair Restorer." This prepavatloa Is no new preparation, bnt pat np by a genUemaa of kaowa probity aad a native of our city. He has in his possession certificates from residents of Blchmond, whieh he will pnhlisb. These recommendations are t?"ni fidt. aad plaoe hla ereparatloa aix>ve the qaack aostrnms palmed an as hair restorers. Try It. andyeawni save year hair ? Rxtkmond Amu, Dec. 10, MM. _ Washikotom Oitt. D.O., Reo. SI, 1M4. I Dxab Sta: I am gratified to see that yon have Main comseeaoed the manafactare af yaar " Hair Restorer " ' From the testlmoay of many friends who have need It. 1 have ae hesitation In stating that I believe Htske the moat efficient cemponad or the ktna ever presented for sale. Indeed, many of theee who hate trtea It aeaare ma that it a?t only leasees the scalp perf?-cUy, hat aadoabudly r?e toree the growtii of i|m hair 1 , _*eeasctfnlly, Ac., yo?*?* _ i Alix Y P ABXKTT.M D. 1 a H Bzskisl, Blchmoad, Va. or ?ale by all Druggists. Orders addreesed to DBMAS BARNBB A CO .Park Bow, Nsw fork. ja H eolni I^BCBPTION L0XUB1B8. jast received, a large variety af articles eair;-oc,i"u 'v. ? ? ] da M Oor. Tt.a^alVa/ilCet. j VvHl" OPOBTO POBT,ofth.,aoro.'.) Direct ImportsMoa.^ M p EJlf o a son, i da?t Klag Plaoe. SPECIAL NOTICES. Wf METCALFE'S GREAT RHEUMATIC RF.MIDY instantly relieve* pain, sad never fat? to cure NeuralicU. N>tvous Headacne, and rain Id the Htud or Face. ? t jaiJeoJw B.O FORD, Agent. KTKABNUM. IN H1B BXPOSK Of MODBBN huntaxi. will,it it understood. eeptr tfc? 1Mb to the counterfeiters of U reign perfumes in this conntry. They are lair gam*. bat v?f nnAll * const, u PflAL^N-ft SIGHT BLOOMING CBKKrS " the great fle-el extract of the day ? rapidly driving their trash ent of the trade. So d everywhere. ______ J? lt> A MODISH MIRACLE I From old and young, from rich nnd froI,L high bom Mid lowly, wmet the Universal voice el praise ter HALL'S YEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RBNEWEB. It Is a peilect end mirtcuivui article. Cures baldness. Makes hair grow A better dreesing than any ' oil'" er 'pomatum." Softens braeb, dry and wiry hair iuto Beautiful Silken Tree*** But above all. the great wonder it tbe raplllty with which it restores Grat Hair to its Orisihal Color. 0*?? it a few times and PBKSTO, CHANGEI the whitest and worst looking h.ilr resurneglts yonthfnl beauty It does not dye trie hair, but sirikes at the root an* fills It with now life and ""lui"net*take a long disagreeable trial to prove the truth of this matter. TUe first application will do good, yen will see the N atvrat ^olor returnIns every dav. and __ BEFORE *OU KNOW IT, the old. gTay. discolored appearance of the bair will begone, giving place to lustrous, shining and beantlfnl locks. _ _ Auk for Hall's Sicilian Hair Renewetj.no other ai tide is at all like it in effect You will find It Cheap to Bit, Pleasant to Try, Axd 8orr to do Yor Good. There are men) Imitations. Be sure yen procure he genuine. mannfactored only by ^ R. P. HALL A CO . Nashua- N H For sale by all druggists jr27 8.ly UKMKD1AL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL OASES, N?. 14 Bond street. New York. S^Ftill information. with the hirkt-i tutimomiih; alto,a Book ou Sp?ciril D?-ra.>>.?. in sealed tnr*lr.pc, sent free. MtjT B**ur* and *'n I for tke*n% and >tru mill not rrt'tl tl; for, a< advertising phy SKiatir are general'y tmra.-tori. without ref<r-nr-.? no stranger ghoul 1 be trusted. tfuclose a stamp for postage a? ?l direct to DR. LA WREN* E. No 14 Bond -treet. New York ne 12 DAWly *S~ MA Bill AGE ANDCKLIBAOY. AND THE II appliiess ef True MsBh ? ?d. - An Ks?ar I ?f Young M>-n <n the Crime of Solitude, aud the Physiologic al Errors, Abusesaud Diseases which ci eate impediments to Marriage, with ?n*? moans of Relief 8eut in sealed letter euvt t.<p>-s free of chatge. Address Dr I RIL L1N HOUGHTON, Howard Association Philadelphia, l'a. jall-3m SECRET DISEASES. SamaE'Tam'- Gift is tbo most certain, safe and effectual remedy? Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered Cures in two to 'our days, and recent caeec In twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, no mercury Onl> ten pills to be taken, it Is the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do not want t? be exposed. Male packages, $i,female, Jf 3. Sa> aritan*? Root ast' Hfrb JricK?? A positive Sii4 permanent sure fer J?p> Uilis. Scrofula, Olcers, Sores, Spots. Tetters. Ac Pr'ce #1 25 per bottle. Sold by 8 C Ford. See advertisement my EUKEI. V, STEADILY, SUCCESSFULLY, SMOLANDBRS EETBAOT BCCKU IS CtUIM ?very case of Ridjtrt Di??Art, B**?*at:sj?, a^AVRL, URIWART D T lO r U H rs , wriiss-1 Mid Paiks In the Baci, Female OokflrIjits and Vbotri.ro arising from Excels* or ant S'.?? OOMI, TI AFFLIOTEDI TRY SMO LAND EBB. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKO. SoUi bf ail Apothecaries. Price #1. D.BABNES * CO., flew York, and BABNE8, W ABU A CO , New Orleans, Southern Agents. BOBLSIQH A ROGERS, Wholesale Druggists, Boston, Mass General AgeuU. fob )01? COLCATE A CO.*9 W1NTBR soap. Recommended for chapped h a.nbj and for general toilet use during cold waathrr. it may be obtained of all drnggidts aud fansy goods dealers, teb 9 aoly DANCING. pBOFS. J. w. A U. P. K.BE1S' DANCING ACADEMY, M Pennsylvania avenue, bet. Mb and 7th sts.. JA Opposite Metrepolltau Hotel. yj^ New Classes forming every evening. Those desiring to enter our classes should avail themselves of this opportunity. Preparations will be Bade in this quarter for our annual May Ball Circulars can be bad at J. F. Ellis' and W. G Metrerott A Co.'s Music Stores. The Hall can ha rented lor Soirees, Be. iMy< and Honrs of Tuition ; For Ladles, Misses and Matters. Toeeday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen's 01aee?s, Tueeday and Friday evenings, from 8 to 1U o clock. For further luforaatlon.aBply during the hoars of tuition, or addreee a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the Irst lesson, ja MA B I N 1 ' I FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY,AT M | MABIW 1'S ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M E, between 9th and 1Mb streets, JA 1 This academy la ao? open fer tbe reception of pupila. Da> s and hours ef tvltioa for yonng ladles sslssseand Masters Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 9 tot 9. m. Gentlemen's classes from 8 to 10, same evening*. , M B ?Private Instruction given to suit the convenience of the pnpll J' sell 1 lif ABQUBBADE AND FANCY DRESS BALLS IM AMD PABTIS8. The undersigned would meet respectfully Inform the ladlee and gentlemen of Washington city, and the Dlstiist generally, that he Is at all times prepared to fnrnlsh parties with Masquerade and Fancy Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at tbe well known fancy establishment of Christian Support, Be-j., iy J 7th street, between D and B. where he will b? happy U await orders. CHARLES BERG, late Oostumor at Ford's and Grover*s ja8-lm* Theaters. Wanhlngton, D. O. rj^HS LITTLE Bill OIOAB, Manufactured exclusively nnder copyright for S, 0. DYEB A 00., 3A6 PEBHSYLYAN1A AVSNUI, Between 12th nnd 13th streets. LONDSBS FIHO, LONDBBS DE COSTS, CONCHA DS BSGALO, REGALIA DS LA BSYSA. These Cigars are manufactured of the vary best Havana Tubaoco, Imported by oareelvee through Mr. Ben Belt, brother In law of Mr. Dyer, who bas been living for a number ef years pact in Havana The special attention It called to this brand, as it is In every reapaot a first class Oigar, at a low price. jalP-eott Silling off *o gloss bdsihsss. A.W T0V8HIND A 00.,Jewelers, 816 7th st., between D nnd S. Having determined to retire frea busineee, we ofler our beantiful assortment of Jewelry and Fancy Goods at first cost. All goods sold guaranteed to be what represented, whilst cloelag out our stock of Jewelry and Fancy Gnods, wa offer our patrons who wish te purchase Wa tehee tbe opportunity of baying them at wboleeale rates. FB10B LIST OF WATOHSS. liver hunting case, anchor move me eta. Jeweled, #9. gold; Do. American, Sllery movements, ievseled, Si7, gold; Do American, P. 8 Bartlett movements, jeweled, $11, geld; 14bemt gold.it awt. case. Amerioan. P S Bartlett. chrenemeter Lai.. S?7, gold, Udo.de., f7? gold; IS do.. Aw pieton, Tracey A Co.. chronometer val., #9?,goid. ABT10LSS TO BS BAFFLSD. 1 Lsdiec'Cabinet and Chair, papier mache, inlaid with pearls first cost, S32t In gold 1 Ladiee* Work Table, rapier mache. Inlaid with pearl; first cost, #7M . gold. 1 Rosewood Dressing 1 >?e, mounted with so.ld Sterling sllvsr, first cost, M In gold. * The whole to be raffled for 9M0cu*rency. A. W. TOWNPilBHD * CO., Jewelers, 316 7thatreet few doors below ;a 10-lm* Odd Fellows' Hall. O T I G S . Tbe undersigned would respectfully announce to the public that that continue the business of ibe laUttrasofO. S. JBWSX.L A Oe.. in all Its branches, sad wcu'd solicit a contiaaaaoeof tbe jn?-anw?w Street Whar | \I A BIBS FOB 1MT.-A large aaeortment of I) MAB.sC^ telegrams. *c. The Feniau trials were r?nnpd in Oantda? Thursday, before Judge Mormon Jam?a kic? pleaded not guilty. and being a southranch '"terest was manifested by tbe v-nri tn.e"',tb* j"rj wer* hmf *'?ens. Gen ?r ?k l ? tbe Confederate army, testified !? ?. # nc'* *dd th* >art rendered a verw0t fnllt* Thorn is Gallagher was tried and convicted. Harney Duncan was re"*i?t'!- ?f **??* engaged aa a Fenian conthe iQTasion. Several others were to con yfct evidence not being sufficient a fight has occurred ia New Orleans be. twet?n Bill Davie, of St Louis, who fought ^cl5i00,r.hrp* inon,h, **<% and Mr. Burnett, \i Orleans, which ended in a victory for 1mt" ln eeren round* The flgbt lasted 'jifklyit-,ph!fc tn'n?t?*- Burnet' ia charged *ph Belling the fight. a second flphtocjurrvd between Dnffy of St. Louis, and Peter Joice, kL JZ, \OTK Affer fonrt41<,'? rounds Joice rrrke his forefinger and thumb and threw ud the sponge. v All the Democrat* in the Kansas Legiaiature except one signed a request for Colonel Blair, la ethe Johnton condidafe for congress to *o inWMhinrUtn and assure the President that late senatorial contest. wa* between Ra1i calum and Conservatism, jn which the hvhu7rt?^rt,^;bnt ur*ine him to stau l hv his friends in kansas who adhere to him, "ffr" * kad,cal 10 h?ld a Federal i he arms seized last summer from the Fenian?. and which were depositee at ewv^rai point* in General Barry's military district. ' 1*!? appraised by in? ordnance officers aiover fluj.wo. Bonds to double that amount are being executed. * hen the arms wilt be delivered to the claimants The Canadian Government has taken prompt sct.on respecting the claims for pensions re. rnlting jrom the Fenian raids Ninety.six petition? were granted to widows and chiM. ren, and in some case. to the mothers of vo anreera killed and wounded in acuon and !lbf tal gratuities to those disabled \val bridge, phonographic reporter of he St. Louis Democrat, ha* been summoned to Washington to testify before the impeachm-nt prt'.n ?t fl? t^,corrpctlm*?of bh, report of President Johnson'a speech at the Southern Hot**l in that city. 1 u General Palmer, treasurer of the Union Pacific railroad, has received from the Government *4011,01# ,n bouds, the amount due on wmty ti\- miles of railroad and telegram line west of tort |{,ley, which has jaitven accepted by commissioners. The Baltimore mail sfeam?rs are sfill tained at both ends of the route, the navigation' hL.r.i. p"a eonsidered impossible at the present condition oi the ice* Numerous failing vessels are detained at Himn ton Roads, unable to get to Baltimore 1 a bill was introduced iu'o the Kansas Senate providing for a board of emigration, and appropriating ?ia,?tio jor the publication of pamphlets and the establishment of agencies in the Lastern States and Europe. Abouteighty of the new breach-loaders are now bemr turned o?t per day by the Soringp Maaa , armory, and their number win be constantly increased till, in February two huidred will be the daily production tr-yun."? man nin1?,,,?'n y?? of age. named , a Hlxley, was shot and fatally wouuded ny a policeman io Baltimore last night Tut r^sin assigned was that he had la.led io halt wtieu ordered. Oionel l. a. Ruble made the opening ar fumtntm the tennessee Supreme Court iu trie ct.se involving the conMitutioualifv of italian c Lite law. The court wui ?,e occupied several days with the case. General Hamman, Republican candidate for <?o\ernor, and John g. Sinclair, Deuio. cratic candidate f>r Governor of n"w Hatnn gether arrerked to stump the State toThe Chamber of Commerce of Cincinnati ba< passed resolutions adopting a centa ey.rem regardlng the weigut of g am, and also changing the weight or a barrel of flour from 106 to a,u pounds. a Montgomery (Ala ) special of the q4fh w^'tlt 'ouh Judiciary Committee will submit to-morrow a bill for the removal of the capital of the State to Mobile. Tae commit tee stood 11 for and 2 against the measur .jwo m.n arrested last fall at Danburr for the robbery of the Adams Express carat Norl8sl jaou?ry' escaped from Danburv jail by digging a bole underneath the cell be low the wall of the prison. ,hhe?ty.lc" Kappahannock rirer, the floating fields extending to Wolf tran vessel^ navigation dangerous for sal ing It i* reported that there will soon be a convention of Republican generals in Mexico to cbm<k!rkn,'ra'-,"*ctlief- 1118 fueved Ortega will be chosen. ' Accounts from the plains state that there are about 10,000 well-armed warriors upon the warpath, and It is feared they will jounce mpon some exposed point. Delegations from all the Kansas tribes of Indians have left *ort Leavenworth for Wash, ington in charge of Colonel Murphv The party numbers eighty. vt' If the confederation bill undergoes anv important alterations In the Imperial Parliament the Canadian Legislature will be convoked in April or May to approve such change. a special to the St. Louis Democrat from Top-kasaya that the Snate of Kan ass defeated the bill for a constitutional convention. a bill has passed tbe Tennessee House increasing the salary of tbe State joaree It had previously passed tbe Senate. The Conservative Mayoralty Convention of Baltimore after organising last night jonrned until this evening. 1 In the Hal lid ay distillery case, Toronto. Canada, a verdict was given i n favor of "nj Government for ?48,0<' i. or Famoel Angler, an aasorting cierk in the Boston post-office, has been arrested for purloining money from letters. Tbe Massacbnsetu Anti.slaverv held its annual session in Boston yesterday The attendance was not large. "terday. The l'jtb regiment United States colored troops are in New Orleans en route for rahi more for muster out. ror ba,tlThe Western railroads are moeUv hinoka* up, from Cincinnati. mosuy oiocked The Maryland legislature. ?h k n of yesterday naaaed the bill io correct the fist of qualified vot^k. adding thereto tbe names ofc"tt^? wh??l5l been restored to tbe mil rlghu of clu*nswn An order was adopted requiring the oonmu' The House, after transacUng other buainesa took up the bill tp qaJl a convention to frame the tests o| reprueen tatioa by giving tbe twelyi smaller couaue* one additional delegate each w" ^?pted. After considerable djact^i y?e *>u1 was pawed, by yeas 53/nayV 17 tns House then adjburned ttfl Wednesday. ' Vuoihia lkqislatcm.?la the Senate, on "ia done. The bill prom^nd ??' ?u,d to *??Wanta of Richrate of inssja. ^ ?*#t f*rtt?er _ House, a bill to incorporate the Nor. folk and Great Western railroad waa ordered a memorial from Kotkahj for .u*b*cco **?oy?d by ttreia 1m3, waa referred to Fiaanee Oom r.^^,s?ri^,s??iinB*1?rs5; KSi***'994lh# *,#oUo?^ -f ??ca waa proceeded with, and rejmr h>~ ? Saav*d Hr* ri?nt>, Piuan.-& wbtta ?man named Aieb 9mtth, was ehol aad killed r a negro, a few day* aga, aear gel am Ma. ennessee. He was gambling With a lot of all groes at the time he was killed. (ONGKEMIOHAL. Sbwatb.?Yesierday tlterioon, tba tartff bill being under ceasideratioa? Tbe smendment offered by lk. Johnson, to make ihc duty on bituminous coal SI 30 per ion, wat. d)icnt*d at iorip length. and finally adopted by a vote ol jcv "2t?, bui 14. Tbis amendment (lie* tbe tariff on cannel or candle coal at $1 so per ton, no matter where Imported from Mr. Foster moved to amend tbe bill by charging he tariff on planters'and other boe?. wholly or in part of steel or Iron, from f lM per d >sen to f'J Mr Grimes suggested that the amendment be modified no as to make tbe tariff on planters' hoe* #3 per dozen; on all others, S 1.50 Tbe amendment was disagreed to. Mr. Foster moved to amend the paragraph in relation to pocket cntlery, on which the duty Is 55 per cent ad valorem In the bill, by aiding to it a specific doty of 57 cents per dozen on all knives worth more than two dollars and leis than five dollars per dozen; oa all over Ave dollars, 70 cent* per dozen t)i*agreed to. Mr Willey moved to amend by changing the fluty on cbapapnte or aspharnm. bitumen or 1 mineral pitch, nlbertite or bituminous shales of every description, from fifty cents to five dollar? per ton. The amendment was agreed to Mr Spragne moved to amend by increasing the duties on all machinery made in part of iron or steel, or of any other metal or material, complete or In part', from forty - five to six tv per centum ad valorem; provided that ail machinery contracted for prior to January l, P-66, shall come in nnder rates then existing. At the suggestion ol Mr Connese, tbe amendment was modified to read CO instead ol t?5 per cent . as proposed Mr Johnson called for ad i vision of the qneei tion, and the vote was first tak?u on tbe increase of the duty: afterward on the proviso. The increase of duty was disagreed to?yeas 15: nays 17. The proviso was then disagreed to. Mr. Connets then moved totucrease ttw du'y on machinery from 45 to 55 per ceut. a 1 valorem. Agree J to. Several other amendments were acted on. when, without liu&l action on the bill, the Senate adjourned. llorHK ?Yesterday afternoon? Mr. Hogau, from tae (Committee of Ways and Meaus, reported |oiut resolution relieving from ; the payment of tax alcohol made from distilled fpirits on which the tax had already been paid, and burning fluid made from alcohol or spirits of turpentine or camp bene on whicb the tax had been already paid, and directing that all products of distillation that contain distilled spirits or alcohol on which the tax had not been paid shall be considered and taxed as distilled spirits. Also, striking out of paragraph 19 ol section 7fl of act of Juae *1, l>-fi4, the words "distillers of burning fluid and camphene." l'asseo. The Committee of -.he Whole was discharged 1 from the further consideration of the Senate j bill for the relief of Josiah O. Armes. and it cawe before the House lor consideration. It appropriates 99,5011 to pay for bouse and br'dii'gs burned at Auandaie, Fairfax county. Vir. gin;a, for military purpose*. As the bill establishes a very important principle, at variance with a resolution of tbe House, i' gave rise to considerable debate. Mr. Stevens favored the principle of the bill Mr. Morrill remarked that he knew the gen- i tleman from Pennsylvania never flinched i from the logic of bin position, no matter wnat i nught be the cost to the country. The passage el this bill would be a precedent for the allow- I I ance of claims that would amount, in the ag- i v, pregare io at le??t St,(NAU?M,0i<V H? asked the Chairman of the Commit e of Claims (Mr. Delano] whether that estimate wa- too iiirh Mr l>eiano replied that it was impossible to i make even an approximate estimate He sup. p?^sed two thonsa?id millions would not cover me amount of such claims. The bill was passed?yaasffti. nays 27. FbozXX to Death.?On the lfitb inst- John A. Wilson, a vuner.ible and well known citizen < in Albemarle, V* , died at bis home, about five miles from Charlottesville, from the effects or < exposure to tbe cold. Tbe Charlottesville Chronicle bays: No white person lived with bins. When his < negroes, of whom there are twenty-seven on the place, were emancipated by the war, be al- I lowed them to remain on the farm and work it for their own benefit?only stipulating that they should take care of him Tats latter part of the contract was not fulfilled, as Mr. Wilson froze to death He was found by bis neighbor. Edward Coles, on Sunday, lying in bed insensible and stiff with cold?his only cover- * ing two counterpanes?and no lire iu the house 1 He lingered until Wednesday, when be died. He had been often urged by his children tunve with one of them, but would not consent to do so, being attached to bis place and bis negroes. < He retained his mental faculties. bnt was not 1 able to go out of the bonee, and was, there- 1 fore, almost helpless There had been an ! abundance of b?d covering in the bouse, but ' everything but two counterpanes had been 1 stolen. ( I SiHurLAR Arrant?We are are informed I that Mr. Peter Butner, a former resident of our i town, who has contended for a number of years i that he will never die, was thrown into some l sort of a trance, a few days since, by whicb life < was, to all appearance, entirely extiucL His i belief led bun often to warn his friends not to < put mm under terra lirma too soon, but to keep 1 bis body many days, so at to convince them- 1 selves of the fact that he would never die. His < warning was taken, and on the firth day of bis < transitory, unmistakable signs of lire appeared t in Peter1? body, and in a few hour* he was 1 himself again.? Wythtnlle Ditpatck. t ? . I The Jahanrsb Embasst ? It is announced I that a Japanase embassy, consisting of nineteen persona, of whom two are ambas- . sadore and the remaincer their attendauts. has arrived at Paris, en route for the Cm ted States. They will remain some time in Europe, however, before crossing the Atlantic. The Japanese Government, it is said, ? Intends to establish two permanent embassies at . Paris and at London, at each of which scbaols will be opened to teach the 1 Japanese language. This is one of the first ! fruit* of the accession of tbe new Tycoon,who , favors foreign intercourse. Rbup. hfiinilitt or Mail Carriers.?The * Court of Appeals at Richmond, Ya., has grant- 1 ed a new trial in the case of Sawyer vs. Corse. r which went up from Alexandria circuit. It F was remanded because tbe case did not find 11 any negligence in Saw yer in transporting the n money which, with tbe mail bag, was lost by ? Sawyer, tbe contractor for carrying tbe mail 1 between Alexandria and Washington. It was ? decided that Sawyer in this respect was not a public officer, and on that account exempt * iroa liability. J Railroad Ixdbbtzdnbm.?An article pub- I lisbed In tbe Boston Advertiser slates that the b following railroads were indebted to tbe l'al- ? ted States Government oa tbe 1st of laet July in tbe sums annexed to their respective names Tbe Grange and Alexandria, ?a7,130.24; tbe 1 Alexandria, Loudon and Hampshire, KM,?77 a 5-; and the Manassas Gap, #4.460.03. * t] VSfeatlng takes up nearly all tbe time of * New York fashionable people. | Mr A. Cincinnati physician, whili out gun- ' ning, shot a peacock. He tnought it was a * turkey. i< VThe penai law of Alabama, whicb pan* f ishes horse and male stealing with took effect on tbe first of tbe year VCoal tar in successfully a sad to remove r, maggots from sheep. ^ ^Transported for lift?tbe man tfeat mar. ries happily. d *^"Oov. Morton, of lad., the newly elected U. 8. Senator, baa transferred bin executive duties to Lieut. Governor Baker. TA young lady in Mobil* upset a basket of J eggs with her crinoline and down sbe want among them, creating a smash that was frigfct- ^ ful. ? ^-Hon. r. T. Fralinghnysen, u. 8. Senator .. eleet from New Jersey, in the third of his name , who ban occupied tbe position. sl WA Chicago man triad to eat a Cincinnati man's throat, because tbe Omainaau man said S Cincinnati wa* a batter city than '^M-igir * WA tall Feataa only Ht fbat bleb eloped _ u 2 M9 The ladies of Martinsville, Va, are adopting tbe "abort dress" fbnbion. Tl 7*Tk? edaaattoa of tbe aagroas by native _ i while teacbara la advocated by tba JVortalk Day Book. J y-Th* Lebanon (Tannaeaae) Herald atalaa 10 that farmers la that vicinity find littladUBeal- 1 tyh bliiag negro tabor at fl?s aad tiM tor '* the entreat year. Tba aupply ia fally equal to tba demand. la BilncriiMry M?Hm ef Httria?*UI RIMI*. [Prom Uw NukTitk Bann?r, Ju. I(J Oar Edgefield wl|hbon ktrr rrcaUj favored wub a Mitfauvn *ol kM rwy than startling. la the shspe of no'Sinr lm ihm i double rloprswt. Tb* rlr ibiihhii are as tolkivr For ?rmt two or three month* put a family named Riddle, from LwtT?m??M>, have he*n living at Hu k'e ok? buck > ard la Uiwrr Edr*fleld. The family consis'ed of Mr. Rtddie. bis wife, a little ton of Mrs K by a former marriage, and a joukf lad; wbosenatue we were not able to ascertaaa. Here ron? in tbe inevitable yoouf geatleman. iiu name is H?rri?, and bit visits were frequent. Having "laMnhed a cloee mtimay with tbe Ki<i. dies be i a trod need tato tbeir bd*a a ?sarpmt" named John laateri. John waa alsty. five, and, as tbe deaoument proved, seductive. Last Snaday week Hurris and I Jim her t went to Riddle's bouse in company. Tbeir errand was a sinister ane. They went to tear Mrs R from tbe emt>race of ber unsuspecting busband. and io tbe latter was informed by Lambert Kiddle snickered at the idea?'twa? a food joke. But wbet. be noticed tbe firm compression of Lambert's Itp and tbe ominons flitter at Harris's rye?when I was ber: crow lad out tram between hi* teeth, ib tbe most approved melodramatic style, that they baa come fo; Mrs. Kiddle, and were going to bavs ber, and tbat If be made any resistance they would decapitate" him in tbe sh?*. of a a beep's tail?Riddle realized tbe intensity of tbe crisis, and sprang te tbe bed for bis pistol. Tbe charges bad been drawn. There was a traitor in ibe caroi> " Riddle was h-trayed At tbis juncture Harris, who was heavy on the muscle, seized and tied turn fa?t. Forth came the recreant wife, aod undid bim wub four brief word*. "It Is too rue.-' Wnb imperturbable calmness and a grim sort of smile, as if aba were panu( off old scores, she proceeded to reveianon*, wbicb filled tbe soul of Riddle wltb anv amount of uncomfortable emotion. In tbe flr?t place arrai cements lor the elopement had been systematically concluded. She wan -bound" to go with Lambert, and tbe yonng lady (name unknown) was bound to go with Harn*. The ?tit lotion was certainly a "hard one" for tbe ' old man,*' bat she considerately boped that be would -grin and bear it Lunber' bid riven her "something to make ber love him"- some sweet oblivious antidote, and that was the Ion* and short of it. t>be bad. in fact, trsn a perfect stranger tc love until she met I^amttert. and It v. onlu be very ungenerous of Kiddie to aland In tbe w ay of her happiness. The least thing be could do for all concerned was to let her depart in peace. Stiange to say, this singtrTOr plea "sei Rid die,"' as our informant state*, -o thinking " Such an agrregation of domes-ic calamity, at such sLort notice, parali/ed. as It were, bis powers of action bo he took a seat, utterly subdued, and while he wa> groping in tbe dim recesses of his mind for reluf lrom this (treat sorrow of bis life, moru ng came, and with it the express wagon which was to bear away Mrs. R and her lu?gare Riddle arou-ed hnneelf; be n.ade n last appeal to his levanting belter half, without avail. Ijamberts |o\e poticn was still In ' successful operation " Seating lierself on an ancient cedar chest, the ritt ol ber first husband, she waved adi?u W ith a yellow bandana pocket handkerchief. until lost b> distance to the tear-dimmed vision of her deserted spouse At last accounts Mrs Riddle, Lambert, Harris, and tbe "young lady" had embarked for Cairo, en ronte. it lb supposed, for Missouri, where a brother of Mrs R resides Lambert is between sixty ai.d *ixty tive years of age. and formerly lived near Elizabeth to wn, Ry.? i*ut for tbe la?t three or four years has been in tbe employ ol Mr. Kramer, in Edgefield. He left hebind bim a wile, who is old and afllicted, besides several children, and we aie informed, grand children. That husiands are false and that women are frail, Or that men with each other's wives meddle. Is a troth we ll adroit ? though tbe wife in this tale Is an incomprehensible Riddle Virginia Kewi. Last Snndav aiternoon, two gentlemen In Lynchburg found Mr Nat Terry, an old aud iiilirm man. on the street, lying prostrate, the ice bavmg lormed upon bis lace like a ma-k. bis whole body rigid, and bis while hair thick with snow Hakes. These gentlemen supported him between them and carried him home. In ail likelihood, if they had not gone to his rescue, he would have perished II the snow. A petition signed by all tbe workmen employed in the Oosport Navy Yard, has been forwarded to Congress, praying tha'. tbe action ol that body, looking to tbe closing of the yard, may be stayed The Norfolk Journal boasts of tbe unobstructed harbor of that city, and says ve*?ei* and steamers enter and depart with as much ea^e as they did in July. The Virginia and North Carolina Mission Conference ol m* Methodist Episcopal i 'nur.h was organized in Kichiuaud by Bishop :?co:t, on Thursday ?he 3rt of Ikimorr Tke names of a number of gentlemen in diffeieut quarters ol tbe State are proposed in connesion with tbeollice of Qoveruor. The small pox has again broken out ia Portsmouth. Sale- o? Rkal Lst.ite tw Loroot * OoirwTT.?A correspondent of tbe A lexabdna Gazette. writing from Leessmrg. aays . > New stead, tbe residence of the late George M Grayson, anci more recently of Alexauder (i ray son, sold recently lor 045 per acre, under a decr<-e of the Circuit Court, by consent parties: Miss M. J. Rose became the purchaser. Several larms in tbat (tbe Upperville) neighborhood have been sold recently. ill to resident.*. Tbe people from abroad purchase tracts near tbe railroad, in South Ix?udoun. or in tbe country lying north of tbe Fnickersville tump ke, or clone to it. I have recently examined our records for ntatisUcu. 1 Bud that the judgments entered on tbe bencb Socket for tbe year ending June *1, iwift, were for *U<i,5oO, principal, and (estimated i entries tor 9*25.iiU),or In all S?7S,uki; tbe deeds of trust lo secure debts amount to S 163.172, making a total lien acquired of S33>f-,172 for year Lbe deeds of trust to secure deferred payments' ju purchases ol real estate amount to WS.ftK, and inasmuch as tbev are usually two thirds >f tbe whole sale, it would result tbat 9131 914 worth of real estate changed hands in that :ime. 1 think at least *90.0110 was from pur. :base by non-residents, and tbus s.ki,<iiio for Cales of land were brought into our ennatv id hat year. Since July U. IMS, when the c ?iirts were reorganized, to Novemoer court inclulive. 82*.' judgments have been rendered against ibout 6o?i persons, or one fifth ol tbe voUng copulation." Ikxir.ElTioi,?Lord Dutlerin, a resident risb landlord, bas been publishing letters in he Times to show that Ireland, which had >,i*X>,ot? of inhabitant* lorty years ago, and low has 5,500,000, is too densely populated, ind should be tbinned by emigration upon a arge scale! It woald appear, by the official eturns from Liverpool, that tbe a umber of >ersons (chiefly Irish) who left that port for he United States, in ! **. was greater by 2,337 t an went thither jn the previous year?name. y, l'J2,3K2 persons in tioi. >bips. This was oae. hltdof the number of emigrants during the Teat exodns of lb55. The increased facilities n all the Irish ports for emigration mast have educed tbe number who started for Liver100I. Tbe British Government mast be eraisrrassed bv tbe departure of the able-bodied nen from Ireland, lrom whom the army and mvy have huberto been so largaly recruited ?o Induce such men to enter into the militarv r naval service of England, three reforms are Ddispensable: the bounty-money must be .ugmented, the par in?reased. and the brutal nd degrading punishment of flogging wholly bollshed. With Feniaawai so rile among the risb, there ia little chance of the British army lemg anv longer maintained in fall force by nLastments m that oouatry. Th* East Btvu Ic? Baiooa-The New fork papers, whilst they make a great clatter bout the people being able to cross the bast lver. between New York and Brooklyn, on he lee, are at the same time full of war mags 0 the people not u> venture too much It ap'ears tbat two ladies crossed over this way on Wednesday. The tide of the sast river ia troag and swift, and when a thaw breaks tbe oe it Is feared that hundreds may he drowned* Crossing that river on the ice is described by he World as most arlminally rash." ^Mr. Ross, aewly elected V. 8. Senator rom Kansas, was a private soldier daring the rar. tar A colored man wants to be Mayor of usky Plusbufh. WCameron ia M. VOittss enjoy the luxury of taxation to a egree that would drive farmers crazy la a reek. VMsggle Mttcbell will soon oommoeoo an ngatement in New Orleans. VProf O. H. Opok, of Rutgers' OolR?e. ays the shores of New Jersey are gradually m? nking. 7 There are twenty-two tar nr. Mia theEpiseepal Church la theDaaoeeeof iTgmm. L*. hotel, the o< her day, a >od sized brook troat was foaad ia a can of ilk, so-called. ? or Sr/iTJSSE^ #M'*UI VLoadoa will have street -Tllras^ before W A colored woaaa ia NortMk gave birth et Sunday to three childrsa. T A Richmond paper beasts that Vlrgiaia not bow depeadeat oa the Yaakees for lea.

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