26 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

26 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE EVENING STAR local news. ABU8BMBMT8. ftc.. TO-HIOBT. Wall's fcsw ofkba Hoes*.?Last night of the new ?d siccmfol comfdj of -The Fast >axni'y.'' tbe performance to conclude with tbe Itufliable farce of 4" A GRost in Spi:? Of Jiimsel! " National Ttikatxr.? List night of Mis* Ma^g'e Mitchell, who will sppMr ?? Marie." iu -Ibf Pearl of Savoy, or, a Mother's 1* rarer." Mot/kiwtt HaLl.?Afternoon aod evening periormauce oi the great combination of two JVake families Swiss Bell-ringer# and the Berber family. Oni> Fellows' Hall?Burgess and UKne'i Carnival Minstrels. A good troupe. Th* Burn* Club F**tival.?The one hundred and eighth anniversary of the birtn of Robert Burns, the bard ot Scotland, was celebrau-d last evening by tlie Barns Club of this city, br a splendid supper at the restaurant of Sebastian A man, Esq , 507 9th street. The snpper-room was tastefully decorated with the national colors, llowers, and evergreens. On ihe wall, near tbe head of the table, were suspended pictures of Kobert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, Kobert Hogg, and Mary, Queen of Scotts, wbile irom tbe chandeliers over the txMr were branches of ivy, grown en a bush oriiriually from tbe home of Burns. Th? dinne: was superb, and gotten up in the style for which Amm is so justly noted. Everyone praised mm tor tbe admirable manner in which be bad arranged things, and his ability as a caterer. Among tbe guests were Generals Pal loch and W hitilesey. Alderman Lewis, and J. W. Angus. F>-q. About ? o'clock dinner was announced, and after a blessing by the venerable President of the club, Mr James S. Clephane, tbe guests were seated, and tbe feast commenced Ample justice baying been done to the good tbints on tbe table, tbe President -ii.nouneC as tbe first regular toast of theeveuing; - Tbe day and a' wba honor it." Responded to by Mr Hector B. Eaches, with a song, Roblu Ada ir. ' "1 he next toaet, "The Queen of Great Britain. aud ihe President ot the United States." -wtts received with chirrs. The next toast, -The land we live in, and the land we left." liesponded to by Mr. Albeit Woodley with a song, " Nannie's aws " 1th. "The immortal memory of Robert Burns." Responded to by Cant. T J. Multey. in a neat address, and song, ' ''aatin" Robin." by Mr. Knox 5th "The Poet* of Great Britain a.H lreland." Hesponded to by lien. Ballocb, ?'i'.h t-ong, 44 BirXs of Aberfeldy." fitb The Poet?of America Responded to by Mr. \Vm. Rapley with song, "Rock metoSleep, Mo'hei." ;th. Scottish Music. From its plaintive, melancholy ?nd artless simplicity it has ever se? ured a high appreciation iroin all states of society. Responded to by General Bailoch with speech and recitation Mb. The taemory of Geore? Washington. Prank in silence. Swng, 4 Washington's tiiave," by Mr. K. C Woodley. :?th. Tfce Mayor and Corporation of Washington K?sponded toby Mr Douglass, vioe. | president ol the Club, with humorous speech *nd song?4 My liigh'.and Home;" also, a song, -A Man's a Man for a' That, ' by Mr. | Sword. |i th. The Press?4-The art preservative ot all arts." Responded to hy H. K Traeey. E?q , of the Rejml ltcait, with an address and song, Miss Juiia " 11th 4-Thc Losses"? >4Auld nature swears. tbe lovely dears Her nc blest werk she classes. O; Her prentice ban she tried on man. And then she made the l^asses, O." Song, -'Green grow the Rushes O," by Mr. Dav.d Knox. Mr.Clrphane ihen read the fellowing telegiaro, recei ,ed from the Burns Club of Philadelphia : The Hums Ass-ciatiun of I'Uiladelphia to th' burn* oj Mai* iw^'w. >;rfting. To t#e meuory ot Robert Bums, the riivintty ut v hcse genus is evidenced in his overtlowi ng love lor ev? ry creation of Gad Please m ercbauge. IJambi. McIntyrk. 1-27 Church st. Mr Clepaane said that he had telegraped the ioliowmg reply 44Scotchmen at home and abroad: May they ever remain free, happy, and uuued.M Me also read tbe following letter from Mayor Wallacb : Mayor'* Optic*. Washington, D C.. Jan. 25, l?ti7 ? Jas. Ll*i>Kane, E*>f Mv I'kak Siu: I greatly regret my inability to be present ou the occasion of th* celebration of tbe llv-th anniversary ol the birth of Kobert Burns. 1 am very reluctantly compelled to be absent to faifil a previous engagement to meet some friends at my own house. Say this much to the Burns Club for me, and tender them an acknowledgment on my part of the honor done me in their invitation. Very respectfully. Richard Wallach. Volunteer toasts' being iu order, Mr. Clephane proposed 4*Tbe St. Andrew's Society May their treasury ever be fall." Responded to by Mr W. K. smr.h, prejident of the St. Andrew's Society, who proposed 44 The health of the president of the Burns Club." ' Rot-ert Burns, the truest democrat Europe ever produced." and a number of other toasts were proposed Songs were sung by Messrs. Sword, Woodley, Traeey, Rapier, Douglass. Knox, and Eaches, aiid tbe company separated about two o'clock, well pleased with the entertainment Cxbtbr MaRkbt to-isa* .?Beef, best cuts, Br lb., 25c.; next,2t>c.; Salt Beef, 15a20c.; Dried ef, -^5a3?c. Veai, <tuc. Mutton, chops, 20c., Lamb, 2oc.; Lard, 10c.; Pork, fresh, 12aI5?.; corned. 15?.; Bacon, hams, uncut,'jtiaJOc.: sliced, breasts, lea >t?c.: shoulders, 18c. Butter, 4ua 45c.. Chickens, pair,5(K a?l.50: Turkies, each,?1 a*4 Geeee.75c.ajfl.5??; Ducks, pair,75c.afl. Eggs, slox., 44<a45c. Green Corn, can, 40c. Green Corn, Inear, dozen, 12 cents. Apples,pk, ?5c.aSl. Apples, dried, 75c. Leeks, bh.,5c. Turnips, 25c. pk. Peaches, dried, per quart, 15 cts. Beans, butter. 4iuc.. white, 12al5c.; dried cherries, qt., 50c. Radishes, per bunch.,*2a4c. Beets, perpk.. 10c. Onions, 4oc.; Okra. 3oc.; Parsnips, ,)iia4 <t\; Pras, quart, 10c. Carrots, bunch, S cents. F isb?Kock. large, each, ?la2: small.bunch, 4<?c.; Perch, 4oc.; Mackerel, 25c. each; Halibut, lb., 25c.; Sheephead. 75ji*1 each; Lobsters, per }>ound, 15 cents; Set Bass, per pound, 12 cents; Spanish Ma< kerel, gia?l 5o each. Kye, per bushel, 95c a$l,10. Corn Meal. | 9lafl.lo Shipstuff, ''xa.-oe. Brownituff, 50c Shorts, 4<>c. Corn, wbelled, ?lafi 10. in ear, t>bl., S4aS5. Oats, bh.. (V ai^ Hay, cwt., ?1.5?j SI.75. Straw, Slat.So. Colery, pr bunch, Inc. Krout, per quart. Sc. Caboage. per head, saiiic. Hominy, quart, 10 cents. Lettuce, lalO eeiits. Pheasai ts. per pair. 9!.o0a$2; Potatoes, 3>c. per peck; S*jirrels, cents each: Egg Plants, Saloc. Chestnuts. 2 c. qt Sweet Potatoes. 71c. (irapes, 25c. lb. Small Birds, per doz., fl.26. Woodcock, per pr. #1. Small Ducks, 7,?c.a*i Canvass Hacks, *3a?l ; Red Necks, flavj: I'air. Partridge- per d.^t., Robbins. $150. Rabbi??. each. *ua4i?c. Chinquapins, per cjuart, 2i>c.; Cranberr.es, 20c. Pumpkins, lo to Soc. each. The supply of poultry in the market this morning was much larger and of better quality than for sereral days past. The prices hare not varied materially since the holidays. This morning a largt lot of slaughtered hogs, in excellent condition, were otTered at the ecale.house, at prices ranging from S9.50 to S10 for good to prime hogs. Country slaughtered beef was sold at ioal3 cents per lb. for lore and bind quarters. AlX-xasduia axd Yiciji it v. ? From the Alexandria Gazette of yesterday we clip tne loliowing items: The harbor and river still remains closed, and the ice is apparently getting stronger Fieavily loaded wagons cross the Potomac ttailv tr< m the \ irgiuia shore to Georgetown, ai d at all the upper fords of the river; ticco?,uan cre^k has been used for a road bed between this city and Fredericksburg for nearly three weeks The Potomac has now been closed for four weeks. Mrs Mary Greenwood, tbe wife of the late Jonn (ireeiiw<>od, suddenly fell dead tRis iroruing. brtwwn the hours of V and lo c'clock, in thehoii?eof ber next door neighbor, Mr W Simpson, who resides on Queen treet. near Pitr. Oannei coal, iron ore and gold quartz, hare toe?-a louad ou the estate of Mr Z. Kank-y. Tear Dnmfries. prince William county, Va, and capitalists and miners from the North Lave lately been prospecting In this locality. ? Int?rxmijio Mkicting.?The meeting at Xir. Sunderland's Churcu to-morrow evening promises to be one of more than ordinary interest It ia to be beld under the auspices of ihe American Tract Society, which has displayed great energy aud elficiency In providing jor tlit wants of tbe de*titnte whites and freedmen of the South. The speakers are among the most distinguished of the National Coog ress. Sal* of La.vu ?Mr. S. S- Hoover, of thu city, has purchased of Mrs. L. A. Taileton :?.) actesof lauii, aboutmiles lrom th-4 citj, on the Bladeiisburg mad. for III.IUI. The place h:>? on it a handsome residence with th? necessary out booses. Tug Hk'.pew liiflOTOJLMT Association ir.-ns to-m?rrow morning at 10 o'clock, iu toe ' 'ry to m of the congregation. SeeadrertlSfllt Tin 4 lf. T.V? are preparing t j? tbeirSecoad I - li.bly, to u-.ke pla eat Prof. Kreis Acadet v. f'ebrnary 4 It is to be a grand attAir. ? ?i?- ? Th* coiinrNK ATioN of --A Fa'her' i* laid fcrtr for want 01 a responsible signature CITY ITEMS. Jewei.et.?Bog Wood Setts, Tip Uro?? Drops, Tip Ctom Plas. Plain Jet Crow 8etu, ??0 new styles Button*, Carbuncle Setts, California Stone Setts, Silver" Plated Spoons. Forks. Goblets, Oupa, Call Balls, re. celved this morniaf, at Price's One Dollar JeweTy Store, Mo. 43" Pennsylvaniaavenue, near 4* street. "14 F, between loth and 11th. Mr. John P. Bropby has just received at bis new store, a lsrg?? invoice of elegant prayer b cks. bibles, rosaries, cold and ailver medals, stainsry, fonts, new books, school books and school requisites, French and American stationery. diaries, portfolios, scrap books, cutlery. extracts, cosmetics, hair and tooth brushes. and everything in the Fancy goods line, nil of which he offers for a trifle above cost. His number is 314 F. between 10th and 11th. Hewwiwo has recently marked his $9 black durt-kin pants, down to S^his $? pants, down to *7; and his S7 ones to #6. His place to on the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue, be has but One Price, and that is invariably the lowest. Cukaf Dry Goods.?Read Miller's advertisement elsewhere, and then go to 101 Bridge street, Georgetown, and see how cheap drygood* can be hougbttbere. The saving in your cash will make it pay. Go To Bar A Co.'s, corner 7tb ana E street, near Post Office, to get you a line Oa?sunerp Suit from ?Vft to ?V5; also, a fine white shirt at ?'2.5t); and a box of paper collars at 'Z5 ceuts. A I.evee for the beueiitot the 1. O O. F. library, will be held at Odd Fellows' Hall. 7rh street, on Monday evening, February 4th. A fine entertainment may be expected. VALESTrxES! Valentines!! Fresh! Cheap!! at Rropht'a, 314 F. between lotb and llth streets Bnown'g Patrnt Mitaluc Weather St hi I'm keep out Wind. Ham, Cold. Snow and Bust from boors and Windows. For sale at D. Moore's, 53s 7th street. 3 We take plea?ure in announcing that our old fellow citizen, J. B. Gardner, i>l 1)., has renewed his practice, in whirl! speciality we know be has had great experience. We refer jou to the advertisement column. s My oi.i> Patbosp will find it greatly to their advantage by calling ar the n?w Shoe Store, No/iia 7th street, liuder (?dd Fellow s' Hiill. G. B. Wilson, 1m late ol the firm of Burns A Wilson. Dr. White, Chiropodist, 4^4 Penn. St.. betw-er. 4)4 and fitb streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, hid nails, ehlnrged joints, warts, moles, vascular excresences, Ac. Office hours from 8 a. m. to 5 p m., and to 8 p. ra. Established lattl. For <'Mti.Ri.sikM and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 }>er bottle, l or s?Ie at U4 Pennsylvania avenue, between and Bth streets. A St*re Pile Cure?br. Gilbert's Pile in stmment positively cures th<? worst ca^e. of piles. Sent by mail ou receipto* ?4. Circulars free. Sold by druggists. Agents wanted e\er\where. Address .1. K Kotraine, Manager, No. 575 Broadway. New York. :J: Pewhiep wan be had in any quantities at the 3'nr office counter MARAUD. HOGA5?S4NPKK8')N, On the 1st of Decem1 < r l-to.ty tl.e Ko? Jame* Gibbons, at the <'ath-dral of Baltimore TH"MAd H HOGAN to ELEANOBK HAHDEUSr?N, of this rlty. * MABLOW-B1BD. In Mew York city , on the tith instant.by Be? ? V K?er,h l> MaBLoW, et W aeliimton, to Miss ANMK E BltiD o-Ne* York ( Baltimore and City papers ple%S" cep> | DIE U. LANGUV ?Ob the 2'tn mst , of pnenrnonla, Mrs. llAKV K LANGLKY, wlte of the lat>> G.t triel Langlry , aged 45 rears The fnneral will take plA<~e to morrow < Snndav) evening. 27th Inst . at 3u clock, from tier late re?ld tore, 244 sib street,' Wetween M .ind N streets north, to w hich the friends and relations are in vited. 1 KBI.V On the 2/th in?tant, In Georgetown, D. C., W M WHITE YK Bit V, aged 65 years. formerly of Ljnchbnrg, hut for many years a clerk in the General Lund Offlci; Tbe relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend his fnn?ral from the residence of his ?cn in law, opposite Trinity (Catholic! Church, in Georgetown, to morrow, Sunlay at 2 o'clock. | ADIE8 DBESS TB1MMINGS Li FOB EVENING OBEdSES Just received, s fine assortment of Crystal Drees Ti turnings Chenille Fringes and Gimp; White Fur Feather Trimming* ; Opera Cloak Tassels, >Wft%lowa, Gold and Sliver Fringes, Spangles, Wax Besot, Crystal Beads, Ka.les, 4c it Mrs. LOWE'8, ja il St 297 Pa ave ,bet. 9ih and lotk, Q BOOB ET B 8 . HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner New Fork avsnneaud 15th street, < Entrance en New York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY GBOOEBIE3, TEAS, WINES, IMPOBTBD LUXURIES, Ac., Ac., would respectfully notify their friends and the public that they have just opened their New Oro eery Store, where can L* obtained any article nan ally Iwpt in a first class Grocery. Without attemptfcg to enumerate our large, fresh and wellselected stock, we cordially Invite the public to exusineour stere and stock, believing we shall not fail to give entire satisfaction to all who may favor us with their patronage. We call especial attention to onr assortment of TEAS and COFFEES, wbicb have Lee a selected with great care for purity. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and oar prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly in any part of the city. jen 9 3m JELLING OFF 1 SILLING OFF ! ! d The entire stock of Ladles', Hisses' fH Childress, Men's, Boy'? and Yeuth's * Mb BOOTS. SHOBS AND OA1TBBS Will be sold at private sale at and bBLOW OOST 1'BICKS JOHN AMOBKMANN, 804 7th street, between D and E streets, ja 11 la * opposite Odd Fellows' H at 1. ASKS 1 MASKS I ! MASKbTi A fall supply, *f all different character, jast received, at . CHB BUPPEST'S FANCY BAZAAB, ja 18 at Bo. t'ill 7ta street. BOOTS AMP BHOBflk fn NEW _HT O B a. The undersigned bege leave to in torso hie friends ?d the public generally that he has opened the BW CHEAP bTOBE, Bo. d0? 7th atreet,under Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a seneral assortment of Lad lee' aad Gentleman's, Boy's, Mieees and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBS. n . tlie number, 50>2 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall Sow Cheap Store, formerly K.. F. Fage's store. dett 0BOBGB B. WILSON. QOLDBN BOUPPEBNONG WIBE. < Native.) Bich. fruity flavor, with delicate boquot. Produce ef the . aOUPPBBHONO GBAPB, of Nortk Carolina. A. ease Z. M P. KING A SON. ? -U King Place. Q BB AT B ABGAIB8! % One almost new CH1CKE&1NG PI ANO,^^^ "One JAMES PIFBSON PIANO, IM <>ae upright G1LBEBT. ?l?t?. For sale npoa easy terms, at the Wareroatns of D W G. MBTZBBOTT A CO., Sole Agents for Bteinway's Pianos, and J* 11 tl Maaou A Hamlin's Cabinet Organ*. QLD B BAN DIES. Artedilnvlan, (year unknown) Henaesaey .? vintage 18<4t Alex Seignette, " 1??9 Aid Sazerac, ' l??s J.J. Dupuy A Co., vintage 1A49 Champagne. " 1161 And various other brands, in weod an 1 class, for sale l y B 0. DYBU A CO ? . .. 256 Pennsylvania avenue, Ja 17 eott between 12th ?ud 13th streets. X...- ? B. rfBWBLL. " < A?OLE MANHFACTCBKB. Tke enb?enber will be pleased to eee all Aisold Inetids aad en stealers st tils new place of bu<daees. G street north. I>et 4th and 6t11 streets, * here ha will kt?-p constatitly on hand bis pre SImTI. handles, and will rentinne to sell them at tbe lowest rash prices. G street. i>atween ?th and ^th jail-Am MlfcOB MEAT of excellent onality. _ M. W. BOBCHELL. . Corner 14th and F straate. naaer Btit>ltt House BOY'S 6K AT ES from 5* cents te Si. MENS bk ATBSfross Sl.'Vto 330. at tbe Skate Depot POULTNET A TBIMBLE, No. 200 W ?t balitssAre street, delS l Baltimore, Ml. 1 AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S MW OPERA HOUSE. BUM * WALL PROPB1BTOBS. H. B. PHILLIP*. BTAQS MANAGES 8ATUBDAY BVBMING, Jniirr 96,1ST. lMt night of tbe a?v and successful Omedf, the fast family, which anat be witiidrita ferine ?r?dueto i or tb? r roveltla* ALL TUB OBBAT STOCK COMPANY IB THB OAST To coBflndt witb the LuKhtbl* Fnrae of a UBOtT <h &P1TK u? uu'bklf MOMMY, Jnnnar> 23. will be rcfivist. with all ft? beaut.lal effects, a u?ii?t(nr Dwly "s succeseiul Pramatl/a'ion at tiHIfFITH OAONT The Wasblngtoa tasorlte Miss A?BB BYTHGB, In her criuTual <heratsr of KaTB rBTToN. BATB8 OP "ADMISSION. Private Box**, S8; Orcheatra Cbaira. 91: Dree* Circle. 7ft cents; Parjueits. 80 centa; Family Clrcl?, ts> cents; Colored Circle. 28 conte. NATIONAL THEATRE. pninrUuit nema, near Wlllurdi' Hotel. THIS (BATUBDAT) BOBBINS, JANOABT M. FA KB * ELL NIGHT and la?t appearsm e moat positively of the dasbIng little favorite, MISS MAOGIE MITCHBLL. One more lepreeentatton of the beautiful maai cal drama, in five act* adapted expressly lor Mis* Masai* Mitcht II, entitled THK PEARL OF SAVOY; OB. A MOTHER'S PRAYIB. Misa Mitchell will be supported by the popular actor, Mr J W OoLLlEB. and the Brilliant Oa t of ita Last Representation. On Mrudav evening next, BILPBIHOB, THE MOUNTEBANK. ODD FELLOWS' HALL. 7th Street. EVERY BVBBINOTHIS WEEK ONLY. The Great Confederation of Distinguished ETHIOPIAN ARTISTES, BIROESS A LA BUB S CABNIYAL MINI bTRELS Tbel>argest an d moat Perfect Minstrel Company ever Organized T W ENTY FOUR BRILLIANT STARS, fcix Comedians, including the great PURDY AND K'.aN. Four ON.* Dancer*, thechanipious of ths world MIKE KAN AN la. NKD V> EST and the wondrous CT10A BOYS. Marvellous Vo?al Quintette, 8WKET. CHURCH. BRAHUISI, W'lIEATOS, AND CART br. NED KNEELAND S MACNIFiOBNT OROHKS TRA B^"An entire new Programme every Evening 1 *v the Lamest and Moet Versatile i'omp*ny and M'>st Extraordinary Combination ot Instruui-utal. Voiai Comic and Terpsbhorean Talent ever confederated in one organization. Tickets. 3d and 60 Cia. Colore I Gallery, '23 cts ja n et- D C LA RU H. Manager. MLTZtROTT HALL. UNEQUALLED SIOCESS. monday EVENING, Jan. 21,1367, And every evening during the week, ORAND CONSOLIDATION of thk TWO PEAK FAMILIES, SWISS BELL BINCERS, Assisted by the BBR'iBR FAMILY, Vocalists. Harpists, and Pianists 25 PKRFORMERS, '2>0 S1LVKB BELLS. THK LARGEST TROUPE OF BELL RINGERS IN THB WORLD. Tickets ?? - 50 cents rt?>er\?-u Beats 7 6 ? Tickets for sale at Met/erott's Mnslc Store and at John K Bills', 3?? > Penn'a avenne,where seats can l.e secured three data In advance. URAND MATINEE ON SATUttDAY AFTER NOON ja 21 6t balls, parties, &c. Ball for the benefit of the poor OF THE SEVENTH WARD. The undersigned citizens of the 7th Ward re- I -pectlolly annonnce that tbev will give a ftJL Bali ter the benefit of the poor on THURS j?x KAY EVENING, 31st, at Island Hall. /T* As the proceeds will he appropriated f-rljUjM alleviating the wants at the destitute of the Ward, I they re-pectfnl!y ask tor the patronage and pres I enceot the chat itahle on that occasion Tickets 91 admitting a oentleman and Ladies, I to be had <>f the Manager*. J ax L Pearson. E. M. Gray, J. H. Bird, Dr K 1 V It Botwell.Dr R C. Croggos, J. Yates R H I Giahani. C O. Hamilton. G Wright, Th >ma? E I Lloyd. William W Lask.-y, J . A. W Clarvoe I ja 2f?r I ^ ^ RAN D MILITARY DRESS BALL, At uL! ODD FELLOWS IIALL, FEBRUARY 1, 16S7. I DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON, POST No. I DEPARTMENT OF THB POTOMAC, G A. R.. Will eivi- tbiir First Annual Ball on FRIDAY I p\IKING, February 1,1*7,at ODD FELLOWS HALL. Officers *f the Army and Navy, and all member* of the late Volunteer Armlet of th? United States, I are requested to be present In uniform. Tickets and Card a of Invitation f?r Ladies will be procured from any member of the Oommlttee of I Arrangements. TICKETS admitting<;entlemanand Ladies) .S3. I Refreshments furnished to Ladies. COMMITTEE OpTRRAHOEMENTS. Col. W. Millar, southeast corner 11th an] K its. Major T. Lubey, corner atb and I str.-ets north. I Major J. W. Lord.47? lftth street, near Pa are. I Major C G. Gonld, 236 6th street, bet. M and N. Captain B. Mid.lJaton, Capital Bxt -nslon. Captain R. Morgan, Capitol Bitenslon. Lieut. Col. C.W. Taylor Quartermaater's Dep't. I Captain C. 0. Parker. 346 C street north. Major H A Myers, 3 .7 Massachosetts avenna. I Dr. W. F. Collins, Office Internal Revenue. jssjk???????? i lost and found. LOBT-A pair of Gold SPBC'TACLBS, batw-en Ball mans Hotel and 9th street. By leaving I them at Rnllman'a a reward of $3 will be p?id. It* OST? On the Iftth Instant, a Gold BREASTI i PIN,set with coral, on Maatreet, between F and H. The flndar will please return it to No. I 44U 9th at., above G, and receive a suitable re- I ward. It" I I OST-By a poor man, on the Eitb instant, bet. I a I2tb atraat and P*nnaylvania avenae and I Plant s aew building, 16th street and New York av< nue, ft.10 in notoa and cnrrancy The finder will r> calve the tnanks of the owner if left at [ Hall A Plant's Grocery Store, N>-w York avenue, | bet ml and isth ata. i?^_ I C~ AMB TO THE PBBMISSS of Mra. Emily Beall, near Qlenwood Cemetery, two MQLB8, | which the owner can have by proving property, | pay chargeaand 'ake them away. jait 3t ann REWABD-Stelen on the night of the ?OU 23d of September from tbe premises of I George Jones, near Bladanaburg, a dark browa I HORbE, marked U. 8 and I. C.; medium alse, I mane and tall aoaewhat ranbnrnt: baa a roan noee. Tbe above reward will be paid If returned to QSO. JO BBS, I oc 2 Hyattavllle, Prlnoe George's Co . Md. "boarding. L^LBNISHED ROOMS for reat froa#8to?16 r yer menth.aud BOABDINOat #20per mouth I Bo. 4?4 Oth atreet, between 0 and Louisiana avenna It* I AFVBNISHED FBONT ROOM. 8CITABLE for two, with Board, can be obtained at oorner Indiana avenu e and 3d street west, upon moderate I terms. ja213t* BOARDING.?A few gontcol Boarders can be accommodated with BOOMS and BOARD, from 7s oeuts to #1 per day. Two FRONT PAR LORS for rent, very low. Apply No 3ft? Pa. | avenue, opposite National Hotel. ja 26 ce3t' / 'OOD BOARD ABDCOMFOBTABLE R'JOMS vX at #26 per month, can be had by applying at 36S K street, below 12th street Also.afew TABLE BOARVEBS at reasonable rates. ja>3-3t* j iTANDhOMELT FCBN18HBD ROOMS for II RENT?With or without Board. No. U3 4 H street, between 19th and ie:h, one square from the cars. ja as ?t* l^OR RENT-Two neatly furnished BBD BOOMS, r adjoining eoch other, with Boari if deelrad. in a private family. Mo. 47b Ifttb atreet, opposite , the Treasury: ja fc-3t * i HP A BLE BOARD at No. ?e? 10th atreet, a few 1 doors north of the avanaa. Terma #M per month. dolC-n It"yoITwant bargains IN OA BIN BT PUBNITURB Oall at the Extensive Warerooms of H. P. ZIMMERMAN A ($0.. Mo. AHO Seventh street, Ja 21 dim between La av, am i D atreet. pOU'KI IB1DI A full assortment or all arrsMte* choice Plour for Bakers; guality No 1; price low. Are the only direct receivers for Golden Hill, J. H. Gambrt II. not Patapaco) and Llnganor Family Plonrs in the District. As the latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and sold la this city,wewonbl Inform those wishing this flour by arrauveme.it witb tbe millers we furnish it lower f tbau it can be obtained from any other sonrce. Quality seennd to none. Price a fraction leas thau 1 other first elaas Family Flour. Buckwheat at low rates. All grades of Western Floor n store and for sale lew by W. M. GALT A CO., Indiana avenae and 1st street, no 13 near Deeot |/INK BOBDBAUX WINES. Chatean Marganx,(vintage. 1M1.) Ch-teau Larose, Chateau Lagrange, " 1858. Marganx Medoc, " Canlenac Metjoc, " " Chateau Lafitte. " l<a;i. (Jbatean Leorille, " Chateau Sauterne, *' u P.41 let Canst. " H Julien. " " For sals at reduced prices br F. C PTFR A OO., iiiti Pennsylvania s??u?ts^ , ja 17 eo't between lttb and 13th streets. WANTS. ABTBD-A flrat-claaeOOOK for riBt,(?kiu.i?i|M|llHrBoaU. Ap?lr at ?8t> B H .MwNM M?. " WANTBD?Aa hsiartaaned HONOUR Apply at Golambla Hospital. cornar 14th treat ??d Maaaaahaaotta evaae* J* ** 8t \\i i.MMi-a G 'LuHAD o'uuB who n-derYV ataadabartMMlna* Apply 431 Iltb atre-t, batwtan w and H ib jaMSt WAMTBP-WASHING awl IB 'BING by a poor widow with six children to anppert, and la varycapable of ii?a'li| Aaplyfo[ r? NOBMYLE at the aoutheaat ooraar of dth and south A atreat.GapUolBlll. J*it It WANTBD?By a yaung man, who ?SJ,!?ol?' via beat of to'tlm-wala, a POSITIOB 'a a grocery atora Haa b*d experience in bo akeeping an<l will not ob.ect t* keeping books and waitlug en customers. Addreaa "A k. City P. O J?M A SITUATION WABTBD BY A WHITE A glr 1 aa Meat and Pastry Cook. Addreaa K , Star office. jato-n* \ITA1T1D-A middle aged WOK AH to taka VV care of children aad make herself generally ueefal. Beferencee required Apply No SO alar ket Space. . jttJftW M SILVBB ABTBD-A BBBVANT. te cookTwaab. and Iron. Apply at 676 7tb atraet. between 0 and H streets, 1 aland. ja24 it* WANTED?A SITUATION aa unrae by a young American woman who wlil give -atl< faction 1'lt-a-e addreaa a note to Box No * 8>ar Office. jajj St W,'ANTBI?-By a respec'able girl. UlTD v v ATION aa chambermaid, and to asaist i<> waabing and ironing. Apply for throe day* at 'iltf K street, between 171H and 13th ja i* St* LL OUT~OK BMPLOY HEM I ahoul I u t fail tocali at the Employment office Pauu .* avenue, t>etw< eti 12th and l.iNi ate Warned?Ten Qh la, white and colored, foi general housewoik Alto, all those in ne d of male or letuale HhLl'. gitnutiona promvtly Tilled. Agents wanted. j* 1#J?^ WANT KD' WANTED '-At the B?tmitiQg Office, No. 4bl U street nesr Baltimore Tepot, KBCBL'ITS for the I'uited Statea Aruiy. ja 16 1m UJ ANTED? New and Cast otl CLO 1'UING, oil? GOLD and SlLVEB.or a?> other article of value, at the ?ld established Merchant Pa>?n bioker'a Store ot It ll'LToN A CO., AU'J 9 lb at,, 3 doors 0'>rth ef Peuna avenue Bole Agent for B1NGBB& SEWING M\CHINE. de 22-1y 1*7 ANTFD?100 L IDIK8 Immediately. to mY* br<ider Yokea, Bands, Wrapper Yoke*, Flan nel Skirts. Blippera, and I nitidis To uo<>d hau Is who brlns; -ample ot work, guod wages and coostKnt employment given. Call at the new Stamp Ire Bo?m. 4 Sft 9th street, ?pp >site Patent Office bTAM PING reduced to FIVE centa per width. de 16 >f \\I AN I El?? >< Oot? LADIES to kn >? (hat tt ft the New Stamping Bo. mi. 4 3? ?ih -treet.op pesite Patent Office. tbe> cau Iiud the beat cele t?d as? rtn.ent ot Patterns ever offered here for I'loakc, > ap<s, Apr .na Joseys. Waists, Yoke-, Bands. Wrappers. Slippers Pincushions, and Ini tials Also, deal?us for Pillow Gates Ottomans, CLair Covers, Pianos and in short, every variety of Patterns as they are daily Issued We hate a Fit ark Marhine aud a Piat tisal Stamper, aud have i educed the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp unv pattern broucht na. Braids, silk and Working Cotton very low. de 1' tf %? ANTEM-SEfOND HANI* FITHNI I'CBB ? Alan M 1 KHOItS. C A BP ET8. I'EDS, HEK DINGatid HOL SEFDHN^H IN<i GOOl?-? .?f every description. B BU^HL'V 4Cr-? 7th street. j<*e8-tf l.atween G and H .-'aat ?iae 1'KUSUNAL. \1 BS WOBBALL, M MEDICAL ELKCTBIC1AN, Ladies cufterlng with nsease ate mvitad toon suit me. ai.d examine m syate.'u of treatment Ho i!14 New York avenue. .auo-bt* ri'AKE NOTICE?I hereby alve nSw.that 1 1 have not instructed any on" in my business ot Pres? rving F1 wera, and no one doing bnsineasin WaskiUktea is authorixeil to ns?* in> name a ii-lui* MBS. Fb^lB8, 4v>y 11th street I A D 11 8 ?Tboaa Who w.?uld sooner look I i Uealtby. feel Well, ana Kajo> Li e, tn*n to sutler with iieaiacbe, Pain in the batR an 1 L<)in* with the many evil conee.4iieu es arising from Cebia. Ac . at an i'rorroper time, cauaing tnoae irregularities which prone the?>s?eni to L>*?PKPB1A, HYBTEBIA. And manyotber Diseases, should procure all"! MBB. SMITH'S FEMALE l'lLtLS. And read the Circular with it. They restore the s> stem to that healt I y condition without which no lady cau ewjoy the Health, Happiness, or at luireiufnts of her sex- Price SO cents per Box. bold by Drufgtata arby SM,XHi ja 22-eo3t* Washington. D C [V OT1CB.?Apprehending that drafta drawn upon bernu) be oftered for ne^>tiation in or ne?r Washington, Mrs. BTILI.WK.l.L of /.atiea vllle, Ohio, dtems it proper to thua notify the public njt to purchase or advance money upon the aanie, as they will Hot I e accented or paid by her, no per?on being authorized su to draw . ja 21-|w * 1M POBTANT-FOB LADIES-At OH A BLES BALM'S H op Bkirt 31auutactTy you can bny Faeucb Woven ? orseta, whalebonea, $1.50, reeda *1 2' No 4H Louisiana avenue, between >5th and 7th streeta .a 21 lm* UBIDAL AND FL'NEBAL WBBA TUB, BO- j 13 QUETS.CBOSSEB. ANCHWBB. BTAKS. Ac , preperved In natural form ; Imported FLOW KB?. I1AIB FLOWBBB. and BBAIL1NG. AUo.lm ported MOSS, Ha IB DBBSSE8 tor Baits, by Mrs. FB1K8 Ilaa removed to Bo 429 ilthst., between Q and H oc i flm* 'fAKE NOTICB ?Bridal and Faneral Wresths, 1 B'Qneta, Oroaaea, Aachora. ate , ? eaarved in i nataral form. Wax Flowera, Hair Flowera, oa Glass or Pearl,at No. 34? G atraet, near litb. j* 16-1 m* At the iiw oubap srAMPiMG booms 4 39 9th aWeet, oppe 11 te Patent Office, ladiea can get at onr reduced prioei.on tbe very beat WftniftintU? Might gown Tokea, ready stamped 40 eta. Utn-niiaa Tokea, *' " J? eta. ' Ban 4a _.?cta. Either for araidor am broidery, oar patterns are of the very tuitst deaisns, aeleated with care in New fork, and being in receipt at them weekly, we are able daily to issue new patterua aa well aa make and a tamp soy pattern brought ua. I. O. 0. Working Cotton at reduced prioe*. da 18 tf I A DIES IT IS ACKNOW LKDGBD THAT the NEW STAHPIHO DBPOT. on 9th atreet, 4 39, haa the beat selection of Patierna ever offered here, and the proprietor baa reduced the price to ONE HALF tbat haa been charged heretofore. Beins a practical Stamper, no tear need be had of getting what will suit you. Go see him. He will make and atame ANY pattern de 15 tf JOHN D CLABR. ATTOBNBY AND OOeNBELLOB AT LAW AND NOTABY PUBLIC, Bo. iUi latb atreet weat. da U ly ? ADIEB LOOK AT THIS. COLLAR AND CUFFS OlfEX AWAY. Bach lady having work doue at the CHBAP STAMPING BOOMS, 439 ;>tn atreet. opposite Patent OMae, will receive trait* one Ooiiar aad pair of Cufta, stamped on the finest muslin, lor chain stirh. Braid or Embroidery, suitable for aigbt-gowns Star Braid and Colored Oatton for the above at reduced pricea. Initials stamped from ?*' to .ft ef cents. Stamped goods at half the price heretofore aaked. de 29 tf GEORGETt)WN ADVER'MTS. JTsT BBCBIVED?At WAhLACB 8, ? Hifh atraet, Georgetown, Sweat Havana OBANGEB and daliciona Malaga OBAPEb- Partiea and Weddipga fnraiahed with tba choicest CON FEU T10BBBY. ja 24->t * g^BBAP COTTONS. L AT MILLER'S. 101 BB1DGB BTBBBT. GEO BUR TOWN, D. C. J ait recused, a large atook of COTTON GOODS, wblcb wa ara selling at lower prices than they have been aald ainca the war ?BLached Mnalln, 12*.. 16.1?oenta. good yard widaBbirting ditto. 90 ana 24 eenta; 4 4 Asdroacoggiu Bleached Muslin, 90cents; 4-4 Wammtta d?., S3 cents: 5 4,6 4,?4, 9 4,10 4, II 4 Sheetings, vary low, Calicoes at 12K, 16,cents; Merrlmacka, bpraguea, aad oihar beat Biakea, 90 centa; Shitting Pimta. 20 cents; Un bleached Mnalina, I2>s, 16 centa; lard wide ditto, 18 and 20 canta. Gall and examine our stock, MONBY GAB BB SAVED by ao doing ja24 lm* BENJAMIN MILLBB WM B. WBBATLBY'S PBEMIDM STEAM DYBING A CLEANSIN9 ESTABLISH MBBT, Office No. 49 Jefferson at , Georgetown, D. O. Batablishad lill; premium awarded by the Metropolitan Inatltuta, 1B.'<7; rebvllt 106*. andl< now by far the largest and uiost complete establishment of the kind in this saction ol country, with a large ateck of the heat foreign ami domestic Dyes and Chemicals; repleta with erary deslr able Apparatus, and provided with the best Tal ent and Artistic skill to be obtained. The aub acribi r is prepared to dennanatrate to hla custom era that pre eminent as may hars been bis previous reputation, hla motto is " Bxcelsior" in Dyeing. Cleansing, aad Befinishlncr Ladies'and Gentlemen's Apparel, Bilks, Velvets, Satins. Me rlno. Cloths. Ac., he means to ataud unrivailed. Trnly thankful far fast favors, he solicit* the continned cnatom of the commuufty. IV Qooda received and retnraed by Bxpresa with tbe utmost promptnaas and dispatch, ja 19-lm WM. U. WHEflTLB T, Dyer. IivOuaam. tgnmanta. ? Reasoned oak wood, FOB SALE OBBAP, AT WALKBB'S LCMBBB TABD, jail It Corner 10th atreat and Canal. I3IABO?One fnll slse OhickeHna Orand Piano 1 which we bave taken in exchange. for aale upon eaay terma. Price .b. w?rerooni? o>w ? , 0',*" de 7 Sole AtK nM of Sbdnway A Sofa tor concrete Also Awe itOTiaaa^ loa ls 8H ABP SAND and twothons^ndl^ajs FtllB^AND. aaitAble for masonry ?eih#i>astef1ag, on hand and for aalaat wary faHBY. da 3 im come lWh atreat w*at aad Gaaal. FOR SALE AND RENT. F>? URT.-Fo*r Beat 100MK"far rent. o?U trMt.0M4MrrN?UMK. Ja??irea?tbo kMH jaB?3t* _ FOB KBIT-Vroa February lit. ?aper B*?MB.tamieh*i.at t*eeeb. int at 4# 1 eth street west. nwr P? eve P3B BBBT- 4 two atory BBWB BOOSB oa Kth atreet b t?>M U aad P Bejt * M month it itii tltkd f 'ABBOLL FLAPS. ??? Wt atreat. f*o#'>t L/ l A|ttol Ptrl -TwoWni?ofli* PAKfcOM.fl?? ntih^l or Qiifuroiib#d, w\ik Two HEMtt LotOIod uM<iaftilnd. j%K M t'OK BEtlT-Two ?eod BBIOlflirHliiTT^v, ?fli misled at (M ?*cb Slreet liavHl >bi ?itb im. B W W iLliBI'. r s raet s?uth. bet 4S and ath, Ho. 17 * jalt-v 1KB SUITBS UF~BOOMB v.-ry pfteaeantly io?at.d to raat, stogie or tmrtmr. upon moderate tf ail Inquire at H street, Mt. ft b end Kith. L'UK klMT t rKAMW HOI on toiiuinni 1 i?on*?.-ituattd on tbo coraor of #u? and 0 st? B' nt fr per uianth. Inquire next dear. ja :? ? I?OBBENT--"Part of thsTa:?? FHA MIC < >?T r TA0B, P street, 3 door* w??t uf Hin <, ?r? (aia the earner a ad coavenlsnt to tbo Depirt n.ents. jalV.it (,"0B SALB->TOCK. FIXTUBBS. and GOOD r WILL vf a fl-st-class Miniaory 8 ore.Uono of the beet locations oa Fenasylvaaia' ev en. AddtMl A B , Bur Ofic? ja M St l/OB UBST?A two story FBAMB HOUSE, r on O atreet, between itb and Mb sweet*. Ap ply to A n EITMILLiEB Term?nt ^ranae bo l?r?g N at.d O atioota.or II HB1TM> LLEB. O atreet, between 4th and 6th ata jaJo .t* F'QB' BBBT Onwliat HOCSB ?ttb fgar TOOBI, fAMnse, iud kkUh?A Inquiro at No. 330 l.lth street between H and C. Is and ...i tt ? prtmlsee, or at B H HBa'Saioro D ?t ouitk. be t w eea 13th and 13 Possesion Is' f February **lt_ TO LIT A FBAMB HOUSE of7 room* No I 1 4 H Hreet. near lid Bent per in??nth In quire O ? BAhBB, Boom?, corner 7t?. an' F streets. J* ^ f^OB BBFT Two atory BBl'lK IIOl HE. c. r Ma?i nvenue and I6tt. street l'? station gi?fn?n ibn l<i of Frbnikry In^u.re o' J > (JPblBN . northwest coruer of 13tb and H sts ja il> ?i* F'OB BKNT?In Georgetown, two new HOUSES, containing !* roowoarh, on 3d street. No ,*?1 and ii. Bent to suit the tin*s App'y t .IAS. BOBEBTBON. Ag' Ut, No.Oft Prospect et ja2f--3t* L, OB SALB-A BBSTAUBaNT and FIX T lUBBB.wi.h three years lea-e now d trig a fair buMnes* For farther iu'oi mat ton appl> tj JOB. B BaWLIMGB. No 4bO ibthstret oppo ?lle Tieasuiy Department. ja ?> ??t t. UB HKBT A HufsK, with r. ro-m and base P u en' : water con\eti1?-nt: near the cars In ?u<re at No corrit r of Bridge and Green ?t., (jeoi^etu. Also, a Boom, lutshbsd or tin tarnished. J*B>~3* * i.<OB BKNT A large aud n?-atl> Poratsitod I >B?'NT BOUM.In a prHat faini y.soit* M?- f r oneer two gantlemen, at '2:tt? l^t eait, l.e t v. <? k < mid I* north, nei?r tut-t'aplU.1. Also, onFront Bocrn, nuftitniaheW. ja 16 I W |.-()H BENT?Twenty acre* or asore of LAND, V with i COTTA'iB. a few ailnute* walk trnm tho cttv hmlta. on tho Carltol road near Glen wood Cemetery. Kor p iiluulnts tn.juir* o* tho premises. Possession gt*eB by the lot of VBarcb. W M CM TH. K UT? ja CS-ooSt * Mt. Pl< ssatt. nesr Waoht igton L'DVU I Nri BMBIiAD )BuuMf BOB BKNT, ! r on llth tt , bet. 1 ana K ?ts.. Ho 42U. ja:. 3t" |/OB BKNT-1 w .ft.r .l-he.l HBI> B tOMS.wi h 1 leather beds. In-mlre at tho ??roc r> Btore | < ? rneroJ Iftth and K etr>-?i? weit ja 4 6t* l/OB BKNT?Thr^e uufurniehed BOOMS, vary P desirable to a small tan tly tor bookkeeping, ?34 7th etreet, near Pat. nt aud Post Ullicoo. ja Bt*_ I/KB BKNT?Two fTBMSHID BOOMS.suitr able tor honeekeeping. one at * 12 per m nth. ArplJ at No. bftO L street, between 4th aaiotb trteta _ ?| /OB BKNT?A two tt .ry BB1GB HOUSA containing si* rooms aud bitse nonl. oa lltli st , between Mar>Ian?l avenue and K ?tre?t. lslanl. In^nito f Mrs ST I.A1B. 7lb streot. betw< on G and H sts. is "J4 >t l/OB BALE - riiA M E DWELLING HOCBB, t contai ning ?l* rooms an 1 a back kitc'.iou SitI nated rt H stieet north, I e<ween 2d andSletat Tbia will be soi l cb?-ap for cash It brings in I ayear Appl>t<>Mrs IJANBAllAN.Lst. noar I 1st street l?B* >.. t"0B BEST A bands, mo BBItiB HOU^K, 3 floiie? and basement, containing 12 ro?ia?. furnished, including pi*n j. Tho bonso i^contrally located and contains the m -dorn imi roTeaients. Fnrniture ail I be aold it desired. Bout low to a good tenant. Appl) t-' l? E VIT/ GBBALD 3ii'-i G Stroet uortn, tot voen !2th 1 13th. -i* a >'* L'OB BENT?STOBK BOOM 4U feet ioop. with Z sutntner kitchen and wood ?h?d, oa 7t!? street, betweea M and N t.t'eeto wast, Ho. a4?>S- Beut ?2 . ln^n.re next door, si41?. ja >4 eoit* F'VBNlBHKi) BOOMS i-OB BBBT?Nicely fatnishod BOOMS, for rent, singly oronauite. Board Bay be obtainod cpp"?i?e Apply at 34 7 K street, near 13th atreet, opposite Franklin B w ja C-eo6i* COMFOBTAPLE BOOMS F<iB BENT?Barniched BOOMS for tent oil l<Hh street : a c-n tral sed pleasant location Apply to N . W Bt It CHELL nnder Bhbit House ja l^eo'it l/OB 8ALB?Several desirable buildi^ LOTS P indifferent section* of the city. Terms, $10i down, and S1U per tnoutb for tho remainder Kor particulars, call or addreae BOG AH it WYLIE, Ho. 7th street. _ de?-aolm* FOB BENT-A 3 story BB1CB HOOSK. con talnlng9 rooma, gas and water, on td street, Georgetown. Aaply to JOSEPH A I. E. LIB BET , Lumber Mercbanta, Ho. 27 Water street, Georgetow . ja 3i 8t* nrT o~o"apitalibtb. BABB CHAHCB Ft>B INVESTMENT For Hale, two two atari FBAMB HOUSES and LOT,3 zM), on an alley, betweenlttb and 13th and B ana r streets. Price 91^00. Tbis property Is low and must be sold. ?.-ITa ?. n? D L. WILLS A 00 , Baal Estate Brokers. ja 23 8t Narthwaat corner 10th aad f su. L^OU BAI.E?A QBE AT BAKGAIB?The KUBT NITUBB, LEABE, LICENSE, AND FIX TUBES ot one of the beat located an i paylna Ho tela, with bar, near the Centre Market and I'annsylTaala BTenue, all in good order, now d dng a good busineaa, and fnll or boardere; has thirty rooms Owner learlng the cWwmoii. foraamng Apply to D ? WBLLB A CO , Baal Batate Broker*. ja 22-8t Northweat comer of bith aad V sts. i?<3iB 8ALE.-FUBB1T0BB tar aale for i.?0> r and BB10K. HOUSE of Us rooma lor rent, with gas aud water, at $6o_per m >nth. near the F strietoara. The House is fit good repair* and the Furniture Is in perfect order A graat bargain for any one desiring a neat home D. L. WBLLB A CO., Beal E-tate Brokers, U'-nhwest corner 10th aad I1 sts. H. B ?Several first cla?s FCBNISHBD HOOBBd for rent, In good locations, from 0100 to $ju# per month. _jaBt-4t Ir>OB BBBT-^wo new FBAMB HOVSBS.onB atreat west, Bear corner l>?tn They will he rented on reaeonaVla terms to punctual teuants. Inquire at Office of JONES A COLLINS. 47# nh atreet. between D and B ?ta. ja 19 7t* FOB BALE?tGnly JjJifl a ask reioiredv?Several new! atory HOI BBS.In different parts of the city-. This ia a rare chance for persons ot rsaall ui'ana to nrocara homes. STABBAOO., IW)j 7th st . bet D B. ja 191a' i/MDB BEHT?One large three ntory BBICB r HOUSE, containing six rooms and cellar; large yard, aituatadon thecorner of lot k aad Qata ; pomp In the yard Bent moderate. Apply to J. T , Star Office, or oa the premisea. jalft-2w_ ft?OB BENT?A large BB10K HOUSE, oonr taming 11 rooma and cellar, with gaa and we terceltuatad at the corner of 7th atreet and Pa. asenne east, onpaaite Wattach School House Ia?ufrool 11 EN BT KOTTM AHH, 443 lltk atret tat. jalQ IW HOUBE ABD STOBB FOB BBMT-Na. 44? Pennay Ivania aveaae, between 3d aad 4?t ats., a very prominent business stand, foaaaeeion Kiaen February Ut Apply at Ode^a HaU.^ jalJ eotf Corner 4>j at. and Penn. wane. F" OiTRBBIT-A three atory BBICB HOUSE, furnished, on O street south, between 2d and 3d eaat. Capitol Hill. Inqnire of F FAIBFAX, at the Coast Surrey Office, Capitol Hill, between 9 a. m. and 3 ? m. ja Ift-eolai* IVTOTICB- FOH REST OR i.E^SB-Tbe well11 Vnown F1SHBKY on the Potomac rlter, thla side of Fort Waablngtoa. on the Mary 1 sod side, lo , miles by water and 12 by la?d Apply to H B. JOHNSON. Mo. 3*3 Pean. avenue, between 4), and 6th ata . opposite National Hotel. ia7 diia' F~o1TSALB-A OOUNTBT BEAT AND GAB DEB FABM.w ilhio one ntiieef the clt) This property will be Bold low and on easy terms, or exchanged for clt) property. Also, from Twenty aixty Acres adjoining the above. Ala*, rarnia { i.ntry Beats In Marylaud aud Virlnla. Apply to V. D STOCKBBIDGB. V Beal Bstste Agent, Northeast corner 7th aad F streets, jaeim* Washington. D.C. FOB BENT?A three story aud naeemeat Brick DWELLING HOUBE, br wn front, water and gas, ten rooms; now andergctng repairs, situated on 13*.h atreet weat. between L ?t m >rth aud Masa. avenue, Ne. 3t>9 la -^Ireat No 2?S llth t. between Band 10_aja. andI 4_and p. m. ja2 U >B BENT?The FABM.forthe last three ye are the residence of Major Tbe-philu? Gaines, consisting of IM) acres, lying near Fort Mahan, 1 ..ike from Benning's Bridge. Improvements, dwell*ng bousa af II rooms, atena ata Lie. servant* honaea, barn. Ac Addreee*'E S.," 437 B atreet, Washington. D. O.,or call ta person, between 3 and 1 a. m. oc 14 tf SAKE CHANCE?For IU. I?>llau? sale, one of the best located small corner atore GBOCB KB In the city. Stock and FixJuree aew Apply Immediately,by letter, to . B. 0., City P it Qtlice. aoH tf FOB BTOT?The 8T0BBB00 >l corner of Pa. a\anue and liUi street west, in tti? Ot-w O.Tice Building, formerly occaplol by W. Q. M?ta?wtt as a maals store, aad recently as the offlae af the National Bxpraas office Apply to 0. B. B ABBB. Star Office. |/OH BEHT?Two large aad ?m emailI comtannlV rating BOOMS, anturalsbed ,eer#?d flaor Bo. 134 Pean a*., bet IWh and JHbett. no >B tf I/OB BE MB?Two Farntahed BOOMS, a* ^lo. l4 ? 67 13tb treat berwoaa B and 9 <U da Is tf OLD PMMB?A flns aaaartmant of floH Pane, J AUCTION PALES. |JY f. B. LIVll *00., Iiillnilii * * 41 -eli lh* wM. ? Mr V tie* .t FIs store Bo **# Pt iiriiw, bftr 1 ikitr'?i sKSwatSsii ir; jr -SJ ?'*" v. J* Aor4> ?MMT? 111 DOWBMlI * .ABBUDB* ** 1**1 Ku*:*Br >kti. T aOHAI DOW LI NO, Auttoaeer. BALK OF UOLfc*HUL~A?r K ITCH KM FCB_ b atauctiow Ob WIDMbD't. ihtWIkluiMi, at iPo'c'k Bo ? Gay strsst, bet BlgkondCeo tnw kMut kill BalrcJnth Chairs and ftn'aa Tables, ar>A Wardrobes VmIi'UUi. Toilet >?ti "troths. Carpeting Window Ctirt? n* *n<! Bhadrs PJHwmi. Cm UU ? K!i(b?? Ot?f! -.As . AC. Tt rut roah The Lcbss for rest. ja?o TBOfl BOH LI MO Am' Hf W. L. W A ' ?? A OO.. AltlloiMn, tt?M .11 i 1*4 Sit, t* Bib earner PnutyirMli and Mb ? PALE OF CBO< KKl?*7 LMOB\ 8CGAK*. MCTH>i??,lU*B 2?, ore ?ill w room- withont rft.rfr t r ' fl of Oiuorl?> Ar. c iii iri?lu( Ulllli*i White ?D 1 llt.iwo Sornf ?< *ea AiomoDL.Br a no Mool.l t_ audio* Broom*. Backets, Ht-kru 10? .sssi IJonner Bed Milk Tumblers, 6 dot each W?> l>orrefa of g.-o-i Whisky different I ran is 2t'?<iartar r??k* Brandy Miki-li*iKl cor> Wmoo Braady. Ac looo.key Club Bitter* Barrel* rt?h BU?.dOa'k? Ar. n?. i!1 variety of other Co? I* In tho grocery cn?h' wbicb will be peieuipto'llv *11 far V L WALL A ( O . Anota |JT JAB C. MrttllBE A CO . AacUutotr. T,R AND llOfc' TlBXltB'b TOOLS. AT AlC m"'1 MoBNIBO no*!, .laonarr l? at jOo dock we will aell. at the M ?re of Mr M HalIsIhm) ,<,u,h<ui corner ol ?h. and f atr?.- *, 11 ?'*w Stop OB riot Top Cocklnr tHovo* Full h-i ot Tiuoi-r Tii i?. n<-?rn n?w root <f!l* A*sor tod lot ot t'B Milk, and Wat. r Bucket* Till r*u>,Ci>fl*i K-<iIereaad P As Lot Ctppt r tKltoinLot Coat Iron. Oj I uflers, Grate.*, Xc Lot neaorted Ftov?- llri k Lot Uraclr* Ktrltiti. arid ther Ctr n*tl? and 1 txtnrea npia. taming lo a 11B and Move Stoop. T< rin* c?*b iV-i 2t JAB C M? GUI KK A 00 . Auct*. |?Y JAS 0 M (illli^A <'(? , A mMmsmB MMEABLK TBBKE BT??BY F K \ M BOl SB ?,n i4k ttroH. |rct*ceii U?a4 11 at i oou nortii. at Auction. On VKDNESDAY AKTEI.N??OSi n*?t. Jan nor> .*>, at i ov Itck on the p'eiuine* we will-all Lot N?. ft. In Bquare , Impr v~d by an eg, ? 11#*nt three afor> Freine Hon*- containing ? room* with boll, alao. rid* olley. ikoani' frnBtini ^ ffet OD thr eaat ride of 6tb ItTMt W**t. between O and II street* north, rur.uiu* ta<k 8' foot loa h fo. t pavid alloy li. ill* r> ar Goa in the ho * o'.? water In tbo >ard. IIouao now re;.tiu? for A ">i per aiDnm Torma: Ono halfroab; lialanr# In *11 anl trrho mo tit tie wlrh inloreai aocareil t>> .loed ot tro?t uu tho preBilaoa All couvoyancibK *? ? rotonue klamp* ot coat of pnr< baser J. C. M? OL'lUk t OO . ja23 it Ad* AilwUwniora. |JY J AMMO. BcWlUkW . A i. t ueer* tkcstbe b bale or lot on the matt IAHD By ?irtie of t ot Tratt. t^irfng :tt6 1> 'b of Mhr?It. isa-;. and re onlo<1 ancins th^Latid B co? da in LI her H M. M , Bo ?w, tilio J*. Ac . t "-e^'Unt) of * a> lull slot! D. O . 1 will aell, or. NOB Da) AFTKkkuoN. fohruary *tb. ot 4 0 i lack p ui . . n the preuil. ea i?ort ol Lot N ? 6 iu Square No. T'lft, lyiBf and 1*4: ? on the ea-t aide ot 6th street .oat b-t?e-n Pen nay Ivoma aveooo and K ?treet ?i a:h, beglntilng tor th? eame at the a?.utb\<oat e'rner ot eahl lot. runt>ih? thence sooth % teot y IB h.a.thenco eoat im.. foet 1 ifcch. then e north so >ft a tnc):A?. thence ?til li... to?t 1 inch to the place ol bos nLinc Terms of sol-. ?< pre* rlt.ed by dee-l of trnst fa*b, * '41 of which *111 be repaired ot um of pnrrhOM- All coarepaBtiBK and rerenua atttmps Bt cost of parcliaser. B K. PBtCE. Trustee. J C. M GUI HE A CO., Ancts. jo 8.12,19Af*? QBE EN A WILLI AMD, AocUotieort TBLSTEB 8 BALI o!ULtAHLR IMPBOVED . PBui EbTl t'B IthMttltT ?y Tin no of o .icod of tru?t, nearin. d?t? on tho 16th 4a} of Aokust, A D IS06. onA ,iul> 1 e, r led In Liber B. M II Bo 16. folios ill. Ac , ot the 1 ono re< ord? for Wa-llogton conpty 10 th D.irict ol Columbia, nod by directiob of the poriy so. or*] tberehy. 1 will aell at pal li? ao ti.m. n frort ?f the premloea, 00 MONDAY, tbe ilth day of Pelrnaiy, A D. I??:.at4 . clock p to . Lot nurnlorou twenty loer >1* |B Wlltbercor'a re or.led auI onian o of a^sare Bumbored foar buo dred and f.^rty tao,?U*>. Ib iteoity of Wosbioe ton, 1b tbe Dlatilct of Oolnmbio, Uiretbor with all the in. proven en ts tbero^m. This piopertjr is well Improved, an4 located ib o vary deairofale and impro>ln? part of the < itf Term* of aole One third in cosh, of whioh B?0 mnst be poid ot tho sole, tb<- romaiBinc two tbirds to be poid Ib six and twelve moBtbs. wltn interest from day of sale, and to b* pecarod by deed of trn?t to the satisfoctloo of tbo trustee. Terms of sole to be complied with within fire days; otherwise th* tmst- e reoerrea the rlobt to resell at be rlak and oost of first porchaoer. after no week's psblic notice All c< ar*>ancinc and stomps ot tbo coot of tho purchaser. Wl B W ABD.Trustoe jan-ooAds OBKKN A WILLlASifl. Ancta. |JY BBBEB A WILL IAMB, Anouoaoora. T^Ii!2?8Afe? 0^ H0U81 ABD LOT. BBOB.1BG OB BOUTB O BTBkBT BE TWBIS l'JTHABD 13Tb BTBBETd CApT AT I'BBLIO AL'i TlOB ? *? BABT. O.TBUBBDAY. Sistlnst . ot ISo'olock m .1 shall toll ob tbe promsos. by virtaa of o deed of trnat, doted the 1Mb ofbeptoahor, A. D. lvi*. oud doly recorded in Liber B. M . U folios lfc. Ill oud la, mote of tbe Lond Becordp of Bashlnctot. < ounty. ia the Dietri?t of Colombia, bavin* SM feet front l-y 1W feet deep, to the plooe of be*lnning, witp the lmpreveBents. consisting ofo two tory Frame Bones. Terms: Cash All conveyancing end revenue stomp* ot the cost of tbe pnreftaeer $ao dow n on tbe dor of aole, and if the term* are act complied witL within five dop? after the doy of ooie, the tra?toe rcoerve* the risht to resell the prem isesot thi rl?k and co?t of the defoulting parchaaec. by odeertislsg three time- In soma n**ipoper pat ills lied in Was Most on city. BUBBBT ( LABB, Trn*tee jo 11-eo GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aocts._ JJT OBXBB B WILLI A MB,AocOoneers. TBCtTBK S BALB OP BBAL BBTATB. By sirtue ot o deed of trnst boonng date 00 tbe fifth day of Jauusry, 18*6, enecatod hy JoOn Ou.lln* to me Tor the beB. fit of JehB Hoael, and re corded In Llbor B.C.T . No i7.folio 18i,Ac. one of tbe lond r -c?rds for Waehingtooooabty, In the Dis tnct of Oolwnbte. I will offer for sole on tbe premises, on FB1DAT. the IHtb day of Jonnory 1867. at 4 c'clock p. m..tbe north part of Lot Mo' IS, in Bijaore No. 8*7. in the city of Washington. D. C , frcnting 18 feet end 2 iuebes on soot e ih street, between A and B streets north, and wnntns ot that width to tbe rear, together with the improvements, c Delating of a small dwelHnx bouse and ether bnildtuga Terms : One half cosh, the bolonoe in 6 months, the purchaser to receive o deed and (lee his note, secured b) a deed of trut. All cenveyaocing and revenue ?tamps at the cost of the purchaoer A deposit of 9t0 required at tbe time of sale, and thatrusteo reserves the right to r?eell ot tho cost of the pur 'baser If tbe terms of aole ore not 00mpliod with withiB Bvs days. JOHNIB. BOBBIS, Trustee . flBEEB A WILLIAMS. det7 2ofAds Auctioneers. B7"TBB ABOVB BALB IB POBTPOBBO until MOB I AY, the 11th doy of Fabrnarj nsxt, at tbe aame tour and ploee lty ordet of the Tru-t.-e jali xow Ads ttBBEB A WILLIAMS, Ancta. |\KPABTMEbT~Or TBE iNThlilOBT U U.\J TED ST A TtS 1'A TEX T OFrjCE, ,v_ _ WoaaiKeToK, January I. |%r petition o, CUBIBTOPHBft DUCBWOBTH.of Mount Oarmel Oonoe ticBt, praying f?r ?* ?>* grantod to hiB. ou J*?"! 1^l'Ur ?n Improvement in Motion id Loons for letao jeari from the expiration ol said patent, which take* place on the ath day of Jnns, laoJ : Itls.rdsrod thot tbe *a?d netttion be beard at the Patent Office on Mon&y. the Jd day of Jane next at it o'clock fi and all p?raoo< are notified to appear and shew cause. If our they hova, why aoM petition ought not to be granted. PersoB* oppocinc tbe extengJon or* reqalroJ to file in tbe Patent Office their objections, specially set forth in vriUwg, at least <?' *?i? day* iw-fore the Aor of be*.n nif; oil tostimotiy filed by eitb-r party to be upec at the sold bearing must b* token and trai.smitted in accordance with the rules of the office, which will be furnished on aprliooUua Depocitions and other papers relied upon a* testimony most be Alexin the rfll^ iwoty Aays before the day of bearing, th* argument*, if. ociy, wltbln reo aoys after Anue fhs tea linony. cr Ordered, also, that titu notic< be published In th* BepntHchn m.1 ths intelligencer, Waahiugt. n, V.C., and in the Pailadlnm, New Haveo, Con pectlcnt.occ* a week for three suooaaalve weeks; tbeflnt of said puMicaU< ust* be at leaal gkatr days prevlon* to the day of hearim. ? . uu. n. a paper containlnf this nod oa. )a P-iowPw cempleted, and warraateA to give sotiafocNoa. Also, -everat small saaMoaerr BB<1IBB?, new end sec-nd bond whl h win be Bold lowforoaaa. Apply to V M M- BLL1B A BBO . Burl* Iron Worfca. oc ner of Ohio avenue and isfhairwet, Wm-hinfftonVD. C. [Intel 1 jaf X?*r*w A Pliioi ??yPiano btools sal Ooooaa Dor solo at Iho-fHHEl tory nrioeswttke warepoom* of ITTm der W. O. MBTEBBOTT A OQ A rent1** IDWElITa sssi Aru??tsU. jalAll*

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