28 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

28 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

r M i ' i > ?ailO<W>wl? ?l ' A . M. . Trw *' w I A ^ r ^?. . ^ ByAy H^|V^ ^Br ^BrVf i^^Br H ^1 9 fl ^WP H ?^B - * c M H V H > __ _ V". XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY. JANUARY 28. 1867. N?, *,334. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY, (iritDAY XXCKfTID) AT THE STAR BU1L.D1NO, Sn&wtit corner Fen*'*, oenm Ml UU ilrtk, BT w. P. W ALL AC H. The STAR t? nerved by me carriera to thoir mbecribara In the City ui District at T?* CKTI ru fill Coplee at the conntar.wltR or without wrapper*. Tiro Cn*T* each. TaicB fob Mailing:?Three mouth a,'On* D+llar and /N/iy Cent*; tlx months, Tkret DitfImrt; one T?ar, Fir* Dollar i. No papers *1% seat from the oSea longer than paid for The W EKK.L.Y S>TAR?published on Friday morning?One Dollar mnd a Bmlf a Tear. DENTISTRY. IVR. LETTFE'S DBBTAL ASSOCIATIOB, LI Bo. 960 fENN'A AVB , Between 11th nad Uth atreete. Teeth eitr acted without vain by adsalnaterlng Nltroua Oxyde ? Laughing One. J>r.d Li WIS baa recently purchased t hemical Apparatn- in tbe country ^ ''' . buIdi ?r?|M?Ttt) ity;slN,iBli>pr(Wd Valiu,ir InLjkler The Association is now prepared to make Teeth on Gold. Silver mnd Rubber at Hew turk Ptiil*4?l*hU tail Boston pries*. All per ?<nn wishing dental w?rkdone eon have it ne cheap as in the above named cltix All work done in the neatest end beet manner. nad warranted to |itp satisfaction. Persona will do well to <(U bd examine onr work. de 14 tf T" " T m 'loomib.m p.. Jhe Inventor *ud Patentee ef tun M1BBRAL i LA I B TBBTH, attends personally Ma office in tbie city. Many persons oaaM^BV ? ear these teeth who cannot wear "there, and no person can wear others who eanaot wear ns calling at ay office oan be aoeom?mdB*4 with any style and price of Teeth they ana y de?ire,but to these who are parti* alar,and wlau the pareet, cleauset, atrongest and most oer.act denfirs that art oan procure, the MINIRAX TRBTR ill bsnore fnlly warranted. . Boobs 1b this aity-N'. 3S* Penn'a nvenue. be twero ?tb and 10th eta Also, tOT Arch etreet, Philadelphia gJ!Lll_ PERSONAL. MB8 C'l BTI- IRVING, CJatrropaa' an I Test V'rftwn. will gl.e life rending*. Including Past, Present and Future at her office, 420, n-rtb -ide of Pa bt., between S and 5th streete. Office hoars fro^i 9 to 3 a m an?; 8 to ? p^ m. jB 14ISB a B. BAUBM. UAb SCIENTIFIC AS aA . X BO LO' >(H Uf A il K BIO A, Krom the position .*00 aspect ot t_e Stare at the tine ot one'H birth, will reveal .stonlshing Be creta that no living mortal ever huew before; how to be successful tn *11 re??a?t(l? undertakings He tells Ban e and very day you c.arry, describe* the iateuile'l companion. at 1 t"I ) sil events of life, good let and long life to isuors. Lalies&O cents to $i i Hutiemey la fa'l $). Gail at 4 7 0 ljthst.ne*- P. all hoars uotil sMn the evening. de 3! 1m* | /'BNTLEMEN WHO ABB AFFLICTED:?A \B care warranted by an old Surgeou of twenty three years'experience in this particular branch ?t the proftssieu. Charges moderate. Do not a; ply to tiuacks. hot to.J 3. 94 UMi BB, M. D., tote of the United State. Ricord Venereal Hoe pual. Office Mo. 'Jl sooth A street, opposite the h fapitol .nare, south side. h B -MediciDee also furnished at cost. de 27 ini* C"?ONFir 1NTIAL.? loan* men who have In/ inreo ihemselvea oy certain secret habite, which unflt them for bnslneas. pleasare, or the duties ' f married life. also, middle aged and old aen. who. from tbe folliea of yonth. or other >anaee feel a debility in advance of their yenrs. befere placing themselves ander the treatment of any on*-.e*ioaid first read '-The Secret friend.'* Married Udioe will learn *ometklng of importance by perusit g "The Secret Friend.': Sent to any address, in seale I enTelope. on receipt of 29 cents Addrees '>r. CU AS A STUABT A OO.. Boiton, Maes ao f-lr OLOTHINQTki FJ. HBit KBOKh , . Ssccex?ort? H P. 'if??'8 iOo.,ja CITIZENS AyD MTLTT.iKY ,"fl MERCHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel late Brown'a, IB >6B Pennsyl'*ala avanoe. 1 my l_tf ^ashlngton, D. O. aaiwiABa-BLACi. waar h.lamow. c.p. black. LAW OIPIOB. BLACK, LAMOH A CO., Uonnseliors and Atteru?ys at-Law tn the Snnreme Court of the Tnited States, the Court of Claims, the ''onrteof the District, the Executive Oepartrr. ts. and Coaimittees of Congress. . '-T10?,' l4'h etre*t, (directly opposite Wlllaris H tel ) ^e l?-tf nib..' EBU K LOAN OPFICBT" Estabii.hed 1HB3. ktRbe-t advances made -n WATOHBS. DIAMuM'K JIABLkY, WBABIMO APPABEL, and -ill klnde < t Merchandise. Bnsinees strictly k conf> eniul. H41 North O street,between tK and I 6th*tr?ets. immed.ataly la rear of th* National Hotel. lm^ Latest pabis pashiobs or hair dbekdim. E. A7LI?T, tRFWCH HAIL LtRESSXR, 324 street, between 11th and 14th ata. Mr. Alllot, frcm Pitria, Hair-Dreasar, of the celebrated Ba< hel, with whom he arrived In this c uatry. hae now been e.tablished far tae last euht je?rs in Washington and Newport, en jo} Ing the patronage of tne tvrps dtrtomatiiut, and cf the highest society. He ba* the honor to ant oun e that he has this aeaeon imported the latest foshiotie of hair dresalnir, and abi<> pomadea, and everything that belongs to the dressing of hair at very reaeona. le pri.ee. ja/ ?m* LP CIS 1ABAAVEB L'B. ^ J. H. CBANI * CO. Have on hand a large and fine aeaortment of GOODS, aulted to thla market, each aa BOTTBB CHEBSB, BOOS, APPLES. BAI8INS. FIGS,' CITRON, NRTS, HAMS, C9DFISH, MACKEREL. HBRRIBG, SOAPS, CAHRRD GOODS, Ae. Also, 99 Barrels Moore's celebrated CHAMFAME CI9BB.br barrel or gullon. All tbe above goode are offered at tha loweet market price, and warranted to suit, by J. H. CBAHR A 00., ja 4-lm 33 La. avc.. betweea 4th and 7th. W" T- c?Lbi,"Aaci\BiKT ?"?A" Show date Manulacturer. School FnrnltureUA and Hoaeofnruishtng Wareroome. Uee an4 Ml Old furniture, of all descriptions, beuuht I ? | | and sold. Repairing, UphoiMering, and Varniah ing done at the an or lee t notice. Soatheaet corner of 8th and K streets north. No. 13. de lS-ta* J? B M O A I* . THR RATIONAL TBION IRSURAHOB COMPANY OF VASHIBGTOR Have removed to their New Office. No. 71 LOUISIANA ATRRUB, First door east of 7th at, D I R bTTT ORB: Chaa. Knap, Freet. Oeo. W Rlgga. Tlee Preet, Thoe berry, Marshall Browa, ttich d Wallach, 6 S.Oideoa, Daniel JUodd, Wo. Dixon. H.nr> D. Cooke. de 3 if MOBLB D. LARRRR, Secretary. Otto wilkbnb' pianos and oabhabt A IBIUkAMV PA BLOB ORGANS. AM will find It greatly to their lntsnit^^ to e*amine theee??p?rb Instruments ke-KaM i*t pursbasing aay other. HI 11 V Only agency at OBORGB L. WILD R BIO 'S New Piabb Pott, and Organ Wareroojw, No. 497 11th atreet betwewn l'enn a arena, ana R street. a Deleft aea- ruuent of new n?d seeond hand In?ti amenta, Including n CUUBCH ORGAR, for aale nt loweet feeler/ prices and on eney terme tuning and BBPA1B1BQ 1Mthfu 11 yexecuted no L3 fln 3/wwk POTATOES. f9IUU bnjbele MAINE POTATOBS.juat Arrived, and for enle at onr Wharf at the foot of 7th etreet. S. P BBOWR A BON, Oommisalon Merchants, de 14 tf_ No. 4SA atn at., between B and F. C hocolate double, vabillr, / DB H. MAILLA1BD. Par Oacno et Sucre. Riemet de Untl msjange. Z. M. F. KING A SON, Ring Place. Corner Vermont avenue nod 1W> street. i W*?T 1RDIA obar?bs aid \ V sweet Malaga obaprs. *reah K1RG PL.ACB 4 '?2iSlBDTB.BAl81NB. F 10S.0UBRANTS, ^ SPINAS. Ac , Be., to ault thle parttcnlar aoason Foraaiaby Z. M F. KING A SOB, da W tf Ring Plaoe. I' _ ST. TIMOTHTV MALL. 1 UI dndee of this institution will be reeaaBal on Sept. 13,186# For terms, Ac., sea catalogue and circa la r at the prt'iclpal bookatorea of city, ar nddreea the prlnctpni. aa ? R. rARBOBS. Oatonvllla. Md. LTBRNOH ALMABACHS FOB ls?7.-Alina A aacA t'ouii^Be, Alaaannch Four Vlro; Almaaacb du Beii-toa; Almannch charivari. Almnaach Je la l*aiisa: Al:nanaih do la hunne Cnialne; Alaaar*. n Imperial. Almannch da Rntoleon; Almaaach lea jenx deSoe<e(e; Almaaach Folic Jnallo, and "JTS 4 <"*^>0"rKifepTaTte?. poBlABLB STEAM BN0IVRB, Combining the amximnm of efficiency.dnrnbltlty, and ecoaomy, with the minlmnaa of weight Bad prlee They Bra widely and favorably knows, more than 600 being Ib aee AH warranted aatfa* uctory.or ne enle Doeertptlve elrcalara aaatoa applionitoa. Addrea* J. 0. BRADLEY R 00., ne ft ?oJm Lawrenoe, Maee. \ VJ..H i?ro?T?noa. lam n?w In receipt of new eeeeon OLIVR OIL, <1vw:t fr< bs Bord.ana. and nm prepared to anpply w th. tra^e and taKlliea at W NEW TOBK FBICBS. r N w. BUBOHBLL, ecr. 14th and F at*., aader Rtbltt Hoaaa BANKERS. JAY ooou * cm., lilllll. I Itminl icuftat mtM rates, Mi 1?? 1 owtutlj on Ual,? fan eappty ef HI gotbbhmbbt iovm, SKYBH-THIBTIBS, AMD COBPOCHD | INTBBBST If OTIS. > Ordera Car STOOKB. BONDS, *?., limM, Md Collections aid? aa ill mi?1M? folate. t eel-tf I UARROW * CO., j D j Corner LoalaUne imo* and BiTntfe real, Diinu m I GOVERNMENT SECURITIES, 1 GOLD AMD BliTU I Jy f-U AND LAHD WABEABTB , First National Btik of WukiigUi. ? H. D. COOK*, (of Jay Ooohe A0o.,> PreeMent, \ W*. S. HCNT1NGTOH. C?Wer, 1 GOVEBNMENT DHPOBITOBY i AKB F1HAKG1AL AGBNT Of TH1 U HIT IB STATES, 1 lltk utttt, orrosu* the Treasury Department. OcTtrnmnt Beonrltiea with Tmnrtr United ?l?ln iTC VE MILLION DOLLARS We buy end Mil nil claeaea of GOVERNMENJ , SECURITsESnt current market ratee. FURNISH EXCHANGE and make (Mleetumi \ on ALL TUB PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES. We parcbaee Government Yoacbera on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, noA ml pro- ipt attention to Al COUNTS (J B USINESS MEN mnd FIRMS, j uid to any other baatneea antrnated to na. < rCLL 1NFOBMATION In regard to GOVBBB j MEAT LOANS at nil time. cheerfnily furnlahed WM. B. HCNT1NGTOH, Onahler. Washington,March19ti. mil tf < ? HOTBLS, KESTAUBANTSTio. j C A * D ? ! WILLABB'S HOTBL, 1 Wubuqtm, December 1,IMS.I j Ben at era, Bepreaen. ..*1 vee, and otfcere. residing ; tn Waahington, who occupy private apartmenta, 1 caa be accommodated *ith their MEALS at thia Hotel at the rate of ||i) mi par week de 4 !m BYKKB. CHADWIOK A 00. j^IBKWOOD HOUSE, Corner Penna. arenw and Tv.lftk ?rr?<i,9/$^y Ifa^iiK on, D. C. JmmUL Bltnated la the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AHD PBESIDENTtAL MANSION, 0_ly a abort distance from all the D<partmeata, Patent and Poat Offices, Smltbaonian Inatltate, tc. H. H. DUDLEY AGO., _P? IjW Proprletora. I^MBlCH 8 iiBSTA UBiRTi J Ho. 3*3 Penna avenue, near 6th atreet. P IMBK'H wlsb^eto inform hla frlenia and the pal lie generally that ke now keepa cou|. .? stajtly or :aad OYSTEKS. fraah every day, prepared in evary atyla I^bT _ **' WINES and LIuL'OBS cannot be eurpaMeT. Call and yfve him a trial. oc M tf WOOD AND COAL. ^OAIii COAL!l AT GBKATLT BBDCOBD PBICBB. Groee tona of lb* , delivered tn eny part of the city. Cbeetnnt White Aah. 47. Stove, 1 gg end Furnace White Aah, #8.1). Bed Aah ?8 80. Lehigh.#9. Oak and P ine Wood eoaatantly en hand. OMera recai ve<l at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreet _ BP. BBOWH A SON, JetBtf 4di 9th atreet, between E and W. C?AL! COAL : 1 COAL III T. T. FOWLEB A CO. ybite Aah, atove and egg alzee, 48 SB per ton. Bed Aah. do no $6.76 per toa. 114$ pound a guaranteed. Order* reeei vea at the central offlce of the Waeh* Jf*?? and Georgetowa Ice Company, (late L. J. Middle ton A Co.,? corner ltth and F i tree to, and at wharf, foot of 10tb ate eat J* !*-! B. 9. LAMKIH, Agent. ?0ALI COAL II COAL I! I Bering determined to eeil eSrateleee article of Woe* and Conl aa cheap aa the clieapeet, I hone by dolag ao to gain a liberal ahare of p?bllo patronage. The Coal prlcea are ae followa; WBITi ASH NDTOOaL.by tba ton ?T aa BALT1MOBB CO. WB1T? ASH, Egg and Stove a* tea g jt ALLOTHEB QCALITlBBof WHITB ASH 8 9? LYKBHB VALLKT PUBB BHD ABH . ft T? DIAMOHD VBIH BHD ABH ! 7? GBOB8 WEIGHT, 1J40 LBS. TO THH TON. . Alwaya on haad and conatantly receiving the beat qnalitiea of WOOD of every deacrletion. delivered la aay part of the city. _ B. C. BADM. jal-ia 7th at., between H and Fate , Ieiand. flO TO U W.B.MOBI8' FABH10HARLB CABPET. FOBNITUBX ABD BEDDING STOBES. NOB. ?31 A 419. INTELLIGENCES BUILD. 1HG, GOBNBB 7TH AND D., AHD HO aOBTTH BTBHET, THOBB '8 BCILDIBG, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWB' HALL. AHD EXAM1HB THH FINEST ASBoBTHD STOCK THIS 8IDH OF PHIItADBLFHIA. He baa ell the I a teat deeigna made In Philadel- . phla. New York, aad tioetoa. The atock la alwava aei^ted by Mr. kpaea, and bought VT the low*' jeteetor caeh. wblchenabiee him lo compete with B<Mtern pticee. Hia&neet Fnrnltare ia made to ??<!???" ?r*ef etoak of CABPBT8, FUBNITDBB, A?? ^?talabla price-Hat before going eleewheru. which he will fnrniah with pleeaare , Bla aeeortmeat of Mattreaaee. Blank eta, Oomforte, Oeaaterpaiaee. Ptllowa. Bolateaa, Featherb''di nad all klnda of Cottage and Kitchen Farni tor a la complete, whleb ke ofTera at the leweat Hew York aa^PhlladHpkla prlcea. - member Moa J<1 and BIB Iatelllgeaoer Ba?dtog.earner Ttk aad D. and Ha 40% 7th Kl l?wS,nlM tMd * I,0W ' w. B. MQBBB. ( J^ZBKlBL-8 TIB01BIA HAIB BB8T0BHB. ] . H* BajvoTATaa.?We pnbllah thia morning < Si1* ^yie^eat ef aar well kaown towaaaaa, ' H. Bzekiel, who la the proprietor of the well- < wldeTy-aaad " Bzekiel'a Hair Bee toJ*r. preparatioa la ao new preperation. B^bjr of. kf?,ra Probity aad . if oar M* poee. aeloa oer J Blchaiond, which he J. nu l*1^. Tbeae reoemoaeadatloae are bona ! Ad*, and place hla {reparation above the qaaek 1 noetrnme palmed en ae hair reetorara. Try It, ] iKc *mT Ml * 'Ml tAi*--A?cA??umd Ttmu, 1 ? WAeMl!foTO!?OiTT.D.O.,Bea. SI, WM. i . D*ae 8ta : I am gratlfted to aee that yon have SKtoamV""'** Hal" t the teetlmoay of many frieada who have j need It. 1 have ae heeitatlon In atatlng that 7beIt ta he the moat eElclent coaipooad of toe kind ever praeeoted tor eale. Indeed, many of hoee who ha,e tried It aee a re ma that it aot ealy 0. a H. Bzbkiel. Blchmond, Va. | _ Jor;we ?>v all Dreggiete. Ordera addreeeed to 1 HABBEB a To., Park Baw, Bow Terk. | ja jNaja j P BCBPTIOB LPXDB1B8. . iaet received, a large variety a# artfeleg ae- J st- ?"*?> t Jfrr^TCsr? j deJH Oar, Tt. ave. aad 1AK at. ITTHITH OPOBTO POBT, vv (" Teara of the Baere.'O Direct Importation. _ I L?. ' a r "'hWL. I1 SPECIAL NOTICES. jar A BOLD IKS WHO BAD LOBT TBI USB f kls llaabs frwm Kknatliim ku k*W eominttljr ?w4 m4 titbM to il>?Ddoi his irutchM by one .ci?i* f.f METCALFE'S OKEAT BHBUMAT1C IBBBDT. It I* trnly Ik* wondsr of lk? eg* jm 11-acftw . 0. FOBD, i|?t. A MODBBB MIBAOLBI dgkrbora _ ?4ti4\IR7.AK?BB. ^ It I* a perfect ud miracuioaa article. Our** >aAda*e*. Makes hair grow. A better dreaaiag tea aajr "oil" er "MMtia." Softena braeh, In Brtwlrr hair Into Beantlfnl Bllkea Traai. Utabeve .all, the mat woader la tae rapldltT rilk wkkk It raatoraa Out I&uto in Obi*m*l tiftt a h? ttm. aad ha whHeet and worn* loekuS?kLir rmwmm tt> reothfal beantr It Bom not Bya t*? kalr, but trlkee at tha root aad fills It with bow Ufa and xdertng matter. It win aat take a loag dlaagreeable trial to prove bo tratb of thia nutter. Tbo flrot application will lo good; you will ?00 tbo Matobal Oolob returning every <^roEB TOTJ Iirow n% bo aid, gray, dlacolored appearance of tba hair rill bo (oao, giving place to Iuatroua, shining aad teeutlful locka. A ah for Ball% Sicilian Hair Benewer: ao othar krticle la at all like It la effect Yon will Bad It Ohkap to But, Pliiunt to Trt. Alto Be** to do You Good. There are bp any Imitations. Bo aura yea procure tba genuine. maanfactured only by B. P. HALL A 00., Beebna. H H. For aala by all druggists jaJ7-8.1T BBMKD1AL IB8TIT0TB FOB 8PB0IAL OABBB, Ba. 14 Bond street, Bew York. B9?Fnll information, with the huhest itstimo I uah, also, a Book 00 Sptcial Distates, ?n a staled fnveiope, sent free. W B* furt and send/or them, 1 nrf vov will mot rtgrei it; (or, at advertising phT iiclan* are generally impottor.i, without rtferente* ao atranger aheald be trusted. Encloee a stavp or postage a*d direct to DB. LaWBBNOB. No. 14 Bond atraet. Bew York no It DAWly MABB1AGB ABDOELIBACY, ABD THB Happineaa of True Maahood.- An Essav for Young Men on the Crime of Bolitude, and the Physiological Brtora, Abuses aud Di*?-aaes which eteete impediments to Marriage, with core mean* ?f Belief. Bant in tea led letter envelopes fre* of rharge. Address Dr .I SK 1LLIN HOUUMT<>M, Boward Association, Philadelphia, Pa. jall-3m BBOBBT DIBBABBB. Banabivan's Gist is the meat certain, aafe aad flectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remely ever discovered. Cures In two to tour daya, and recent caaea In twenty four hours No mineral, no balsam, no Mercury Only tea pilla to be taaea. It la the soldier's hope, and a friend to thoae who do net want to be exposed. Male packagee, |],fe ale, |1. Bam amitar1*Boot and Hkrb Jhci??A positivs and permanent eure for Bpykills. Scrofula. Ulcers, Soree, Spots. Tettera. Ao. Pr'ce #1 16 per battle. Bold by B. 0. Ford. See advertisement. my > SVKELY, STEADILY, 8VCCBSSFCLLT, BMOLAHDBB 8 BXTBAOT BOOBU la cvbino wy caaa of Eibkbt BuiaUi BimutUM, Qbavbl, Ubihabt DisobdbAs, WBAEitaaa and Pain* la tba Bscg, Fbmalb OoMTLAiim and Tboublmb arising from Bxcxseaa or art Kip*. OOMB, VI AFFLIOTBDI TBY BMOLANDBB'8. TAKE NO OTHER BOCK 9. Bold by all Apothecaries. Price fl. DB ABBES * OO., Bew Tort, and BABBBB, W ABD BOO., Bew Orleans, Southern AgaaU. BUBLBIGH A BOOBBS. Wholeaaia Druggist*, Boston, Mass., fteneral Ageata. fb If-IT COLGATE A CO.*8 WINTBB SOAP. Kecomniended for chappkd haxh and for general toilet ua? daring cold uiathbi. It may be obtained of all drugglat* and faaey goods dealers. lab 8-ooly dancing. pBOFB. J. W. A H. P. ABB IB' DABOIBG AOADBMY, aM PannaylTania avenue, bet. Cth and 7tb sts.. Jj Opposite Mstrepolitan Hotel. .ifll* fTsry evening. Those de bonl!! c'V^f'SV, pill ' 'or Ci-reulara can be bad at J. F. Bills' aad W n taerott A Oo.'s Mualo Stores. W' ?' Tha Hall can be rented lor Soirees. A*. Day I and Hours of TV trt en ; a ^0L.Lad1-?*' M'aaas and Master*. Taeeday and ??|o,day afternoena, from t to S o'olock. Gentlemen *a Olaaaee, Taeeday and FrldaT evening, .from 8 to M o'clock. J1?'or atlon.apply durlag the hoara /! ?D| w ^' i? dom to th# Academy. _ commencing with the flnt le??on. ja 8 M A *1" 1' ,AO*"i1iT"*TL" """S'' MABINI 8 AS8BMBLY BOOMS, A ... ? between #th and 10th streeta, low 0*?n f#r Days aad hoara ef tnltloa for youag ladlea Thuradaya and Saturday *, from S to B p. m. Gentlemen'a claaaea from 8 to 10, same evenings. ~^T*te Instruction givsn to suit ths convenlence of the pupil seM j^ABQUBBADB^BDFABOY DBBSB BALLS . *ka UBderalgned would moat reapectfnily inform the ladlee aad gentlemen of Waahington city, and the Olatriet geaerallr, that he la at all time* prepared tofnrnUh aartfea with Maauaerede and Fancy Ooetum*, either on loan or made to order. He baa taken rooms at the well known tabUahment of CbHatiaa Bappert, Bau , iUi 7th atreet. between O aad B, where be wlllba happy to await order*. CHABLB8 BBBG, late Ooetumer at Ford'a and Grover^t J* 81m' Theater*. Waahington, D. 0. rpHB LITTLE BBLT CIGAB, Manufactured exclualvely under copTrlght for B, 0. DYBB A 00 , 966 PENB8YLYANIA AVBNUB, Between 12th and 13th street*. LONDBBB B1BO, LONDBBS DB OOBTB, OOBCHA DB BBGALB, REGALIA DB LA BBYBA. Thftae Cigar a ar*< manufactured of the verT beat TJbaoco, Imported bT oureelvee through J1brother In-law of Mr. Dyer, wlio f '9r ?n??ber ef yaara paat In Ha apeclai attention Is called to thia In #T*ry re*^ct * Br*t-cla*a Clear, U a low price. jal?-eo6t ^BLLING OFF *0 CLOSE BU8IBB88. A. W.TOWBHBND A 00 . Jeweler*, 61B 7th St., between D and B. Having determined to retire from budnasa, wa >Ber o?r beautiful aaaortmtat of Jewelry and ?*n?t Gooda at Srstcost. All gooda eold guaran?ed to be what rearesented. Whilst closing out 'nr stock of Jewelry aad Fancy Good*, we offer >nr patrons who wish t* purchase Watches ths >PPortualty of buTlng them at wholesale rates. PB10B L1BT OF WATCHES. Silver hunting case, anober movemeata, jewel* tt' Amarlaan, Bliary movement*, w*"*d? #17, gold: Do. American, P. 8. Bartlett novemeau. ^waled, Ail, g?ld. 1? karat goldM fwt' erf' ? Jartl*tt. chronometer bnl.. gold; lido. Jo.. #78. gold; 16 do.,Ar Metoa,Tracey A Co., chronometer val., #96,gold. ABT10LBB TO BB BAFFLBD. i l/'n?'0 j'V1 *1'' Chair, papier macb*. in ?* >ngol|. 1 Lad.es' ****? . mache, Inlaid with pearl; Ire* coat, #7*1 .sold. 1 Boeewood DraasiaaVaee ?oun|ed aith soHd BterllM -H?; jal6-lm* Wreet^w^doorabakiw^ ^ O T I 9 1. to th* public tnat the* continue the buxlnee* of ?* lateBmofO. B JBWBLb A^Oo.. In all Ita BUflMNTT"" 9 LADKB#' bbatbb * all kM, ftM #1 80 to #u. .rSKlB tiSSStMk *a l6-lm Balrtmera, Md. TKLIOBAMS, ke. TlM St. Loot* Rtpublican huaipMttl from St. Joeepb, which nji tb? tdvlcts from the pla n* and mountains report that a great body of Indian* arc moving sontoward. Old Indim fighters ssy this m*aDii war, and that the Indiana have a knowledge ?f (be troops whu-h are on the way out, and are moving *ou?tt ward 10 open the war in the leas protei-Kni region*; bnt when the troops areeont al'er them they will give them the *lip, dash north again, and apread murder and devastation np< n the region thus uncovered. The Indian delegation whieh left Kansas City, Friday, for Washington, are the repretentative* of 'be following tribe*: Pot'awattomies, Sac*, Foxes, Kaws, Shawnee*, K , kapooe, Ned*, New Yor> Indiana. Unao-if. Seneca*, Peoria.*, Pinkeabaw*, and K**ka.*k s. The delegation of the prairie bands?Pot awaitumiesand Delaware*?will follow Aport on ot the Ottawa and Chippewa tribe? have a#reed hy treaty to abandon their tribunal organization and become citizens of Kansas. The trail agent on the North Missouri railroad reporta that six men, passengers on th? Northwest-bound train, were drowned while attempting to crosa the Missouri river on the ice at St. Charles on Friday morning The ice waa too heavy for the terry boat to attempt to run across. and these men, being anxious to pursue their journey, undertook to no ike the journey in asraall boat, which waa crushed by the ice, and all were lost. It is officially reported that the freedmen throughout Florida are renewing the.r contracts in large numbers. There Is a nuraeroua immigration from South Carolina and Georgia for the purpose of obtaining work or colonizing on the St. John's river or South hereof General Ely had arrived Irom South Carolina with a colony of eight hundred treedmen Colonization apeucie* in the southern part v ' the btate seem very popular. A difficulty had occurred In Fernandina. Florida, by some citizens reals ting a seizure made by the sheriff of property s?>|d for taxe?. The sheriff was driven off. and ap|>ea|ed to Governor Walker for a militia force. The Governor bad no men, and asaed the interference of the militarv. Colonel Sprague d*. clined, and the Governor applied to the President lor assistance All is now quiet, the parties awaiting instruct or;* Irom Washington. A long and violent discussion arose in the Missouri Legislature on the adoption by the Senate of the concurrent resolution approving Governor Fletcher's action in suppressing the outlaws in certain counties of the State, and condemning the at acks made on h:m as h iving a tendency to create a spirit of hostility to the civil authority. Official letters from Florida state that the In- , dian* in the Everglades are determined to keep the negroes in the tribes as slaves, denying that the white men's laws are applicable to them on the subject. The negroea claim their liberty, and have appealed to the military for assistance. It is feared there will be trouble in Florida touching the matter. The Patapaco chemical works, on Locust Po nt, Baltimore, were burned to tue ground at six o'clock yesterday morning. The works < onsisted ef three large buildings, two stories bigb, 100 feet long by 25feet wide. Loss Stiu,uuf>: insurance, 915,000. The body of the man Kills, who perished in the great snow storm of December 27, has be- n found only a abort distance rrom his own bouse at "New Marlboro, Mass. He left a v idow and eight children in the greatest destitution. A carpenter named Schroder, living in Third avenue, Chicago, attempted the shoot bis wile Friday night. The bail grazed her face, not inflicting any Injury. Schroder fled and has not been seen since. It ia though' he has committed suicide. In Milwankie. La Crosse, Prairie dn Gbien, Madison. Wia., St. Paul, Minn, the snowstorm was the heaviest which has fallen tor many years. Eighteen to twenty inche* deep on a level, and drifting badly. The trains are all hauled off. The Missouri House passed a resolution to appoint a committee to inquire Into the exorbiant rates of freight and tare on the railroids in that State, and report a bill lor the government of such matters. The United States steamer Moss wood was burned to the water's edge, at the ship-yaid where she was undergoing repairs, in BMtimore yesterday morning. Her engines may be saved. Loss #20,0 0. Baltimore harbor was opened yesterday by a large l.umber of workmen with axes, aided by the city tug Baltimore. It Is the work of private enterprise. A Are in Chicago. Friday night, destroyed a new block of six brick buildings, owned bv J. D. Jackton, et South Adams, Massachusetts. The loss is 917,000; Insured for 912,000. Rev. Joel Lindsay, wbo has been on trial for whipping bis child to death at Albion, Orleans countv, N. Y.. has been found gnilty of manslaughter in the second degree. It Is reported that Major General Hnlntaelmen will be assigned by General Griffin to the office of assistant commissioner of the Freed* men's Bureau in Texas. Ex-Governcr Parsons, by request, has addressed the Alabama Legislature in convention I in emphatic opposition to the constitutional amendment. The trial of the thirty ladies of Greenfield, Ohio, for mobbing the liquor dealers, was concluded last week. The jury returned the verdict of 9025 for the plaintiffs. U. H. Crosby Saturday bought the Chicago opera house of A. H. Lee, the luckv tlcweibolder in the late lottery, for two hundred thousand dollars. A severe snow storm In the eastern part of i Maine. The roadsides are obstructed, and the snow Id the woods is reported to be five feet deep. The Legislative Council of Colorado has passed resolutions requesting the removal of Gov. Cummings. I James W. Nye, United States Senator from I Nevada, arrived in San Francisco, Saturday night, en ronte for Washington. A bill to provide for carrying the financial transactions of the State on the coin basis has been introduced in the Nevada Legislature. A meeting in aid of the Cretans was held Saturday night, at the Cooper Institute tn New York. Mayor Hoffman presided. The railroads centering In Chicago are free from snow, and the trains are running on regular time. Tbebark Delaware, from Demararafor Baltimore. went ashore at Cape Henry on the 25th Inst. The steamer Orizaba, with four companies of troops for Arizona, sailed from San Francisco Saturday. The report tnat Stephens, C. O. I. K . sailed for Europe on Saturday is untrue. It Is said positively that he is now living in Brooklyn. The snow Is two feet deep in Kansas, and badly drifted. The Union Pacific railway is blockaded. Governor Cox, of Ohio, decline* a renomination. The Louisiana Legislature meets to-day. Ths Rkcokstructiom Prooraxmi or the Bostob Ahti-Slavkky Min ? la tne AnnSlavery Society, in saeslon at Boston, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted: Rttolred, 1. That the safety and honor of the nation demand three things: The removal of the President, the setting aside of the present so-cslled Stat* governments of the South, and the remodeling of the Supreme Court. And without these we see liuie or no bopeof the continued success of the Union party. 2. That no rebel territory should be recog. nised as a State until the Federal Coastitutioa itself guarantees to every loyal citiieu within the Union the ballot and education, and to the negroes land besides 3. That the vindication and protection of the negro and tbe restoration of bis rights demand the same measures, and are inseparably tound up with their encoees. That in the uame of national saiety, national honor, justice, and tbe negroes' right, we demand of Congress that it go forward nnul this national structure reeta on justice and liberty for Ita oornor-stoao. Fatal Accident.?William Lightboun, a brakeman on tbe freight train between Springfield and Plttsfield, Masa, waa killed Friday night about 1% odock, as tbe train passed I*atham Ledge Bridge, three miles beyond Mlttenegne, on tbe way to Bprtncfleld. He was standing am ifco front ?m1 of the ear, and was struck bytbebrldae and knocked down, and bad bis neck broken Tbe body was not discovered natil tbe train stopped to switch on the other side of the river. He was M years old, ud a native of Blandlord. CONflREMIOSAL. SkuatB.?Saturday atieraoon, the tariff bill bfiDf nnder consideration? Mr. Davis moved *o incr*ae? the duty oa Komi, Manilla, and atl other brmpi nana* fa?uured, trvm *wen y-flve to fifty dollars per toa. Disagteed to The bill ?u then t*ken out of committee of the whole aud reported to '.Be Senate, the next qnestiou being oil concurring iu (be amendment adopted in ponimntif. Before proceeding any Inrtber than this the Senate went into ei*cutive sntiun at 4 10 p. m., and soon after ajjonrned Horea ? Sa'nrday afernoon, there wan an acrimonious debate on Mr Sreeens' enat>l ur till, tn which some harsh language wa? um-i! by members. 'During the (debate Mr Ashler ?aid : The :t?fumpnon. the bra/>-u-fi . d aMump'ion, of men bere who, during 'be entire ?ar, w?r<'m fecret ailian. * wnh these iel>eK, coming here now and joining band- with 'tie apostate at the o-her end ol tlif ?\mue, who is 'hi leader. the re< ogniK'd leader, of a counter revolution, a itegsiive rebellion, as 1 said a while ago. passe* romi-rt-hftiMon Mr, Wmlleld a-k*d Mr. Ashley to whom he hud mt? nded to aj plv tho.-e remark-. Mr. Ashley. i intend to refer to the treat body of the m> n iu 'he opposition?to et erv man who wn? opt se<t tu 'he w ar. opposed 'o the drati; w ho di? ..uragcd enlistments, who harbored desert r>. who ?n.i iu'.'w re'-o. i.-ties in order to or^si ue Cv?nipira. ies in the N< rth ainst 'he <?overain? nt. Mr. Winfield. 1 desire to Know whether 'he ceiitlrman from Ohio invnli to ehargethat 'h< re were niet h?;e iu ?- rei all.ance wi ll the enemy duriiig the rebellion Mr A?hley. I nm unatue to fay from any peri-t i.al knowledge v. he n-r tb' r?* :?re u V socb men h? re. Hut, from g- e:ai repu'atioii and from the vote- of ireutlemen vr! o were m op|toeiiion doner 'be war?-no' ano'her r*i;?a and not another dollar"?an.I from ?f>oe ?<- ? mfdc bj gentlemen on 'ha Fide of the Hon-*. I baye no doubt ihu, et>rit" of them aie bore 'ind baye been bere dt.lliig the ei.lite y*ar Mr WiDllfld. I do not | ropoee <o be tried cn general rep mat ion I desire u> -ay for inyeeli and? so far a? I know?for mv n*s >ci tt-? on this flwor. of my own s hool'of politic.", that the insinuation 'hat we are or eve, have been in alliauce with the rebels is utt- -ly untrue, and. it intended to apply to us. it i? a b?<-e and unfounded slander Mr. Hunter. Aud 1 -ay that, so far as 1 am concerned, it I* a bas? lie. 1 he Honse subsequently passed a resolution censuring Mr. Hunter, who made a proper apology. The Tempest aUul the Treusury TeeFats. Mrs. Ingersoll. a Washington correepond'-ut ot the Boston Advertiser and a clerk in thTreasury Department, writes to thai. paper follows on the Hnuch-disi-u^sed subject ot -the teapots in the Treasury "In the first place, thote who -enow b*nt are sure iba' the threaiei.nl Ci-tui--'ii arose from the pressure of upplu ations lor the place-. nnd the r*cretar> ha.- aid that he was >Mi->*d to do something to relieve bimselt of th? m?some, tbiiig that should let *ail tti world know' that it was r?eje<s to -evk the places In th* next place, about the :?apot," 1 will *a round nn>liisheti tale deliver, li. oueofthebe-t bureaus, Jiwui < ne ct the b? ?t beads,' (ag.-ntleniaii, of coutsm.) there came a suggestion one da> to oi.ei.f ibe Indie- *Lat she should gel ip :t ea club, and snui suggest on was made fceveral times by the irentlen>an before the i;idy carried it out; and at er the clubva*larm- l. there were viarr gen lemen belonging to i tl?.;a lames. One of the gentien".eu wa: tueexeellent John Hi'rpout, who lor uiar.y uiuiiUia n>ade the lant h hour agreeable t>v hi- i.tit.-tni>g TiiKiijr. naif wit, aan stonal poetic recitation He al ways seem 1 *o lee I unuer especual obUaratious to th- lilies who maoe the U-a?so accep'aolt* where ticu*ti>Dis of business allow but two meais i dajr?and apparently felt bouu 1 to repay the ::t\or by bringing to the Iu h-t mental iood seasoned wi'h the Attic -alt wi:a which be was so well bui plied. "Mow. do jou think. Me-?rs Editors, that ladies should be leproaclied lor the ?t*tpot iu the Treasury1 turner these circumstance*,} it is true 'bat if laoies were not bere the gentle men woold not have their tea made lor ihetu and it is true also that whenever and wtier ever ladies go to work by the side of men some modification, some feminine influence, will go with them. 1 think the carpe* on the rooiu i am sitting Id, the diminished tobacco juice on the flo?r, the reipectable and decorous attitude of the gentlemen at their desks, the refined aud agreeable aspect of the whole room, may be largely due to the fact that there are matfotis and maidens sitting at desks at one eud ot it and 1 will ventnra to assert that not one of these ladles, lor the two years they have beeu here, could or wvuId say'that from the position of co-worker with men there had arisen enr /Amy to wound the delicacy of the most sensitive lady, nor woald a caretui mother feel that her daughter wae not as much shielded from harm bere as she could be in the quietness or home. Across the ball, where clerks have been coming and going for two years, we do not even know them by eight. I went to the bice book one day for the address vf a gentleman who b?d been at enr bouse, and discovered thai ha had been for more tbau a ytar in the room opposite. Attbe farther end of this room I could not tell the naaae* of the clerks sitting there, nnlesa 1 went to the records of the bureau. Such is tbesiateof things in this much-abused and causelessly-slandered Treasury Department, a place where 1 have carefully watched the experiment of woman's work for more than two years, without witnessing the shadow of an indecerum. and where 1 venture to say there are more really superior women together than can be found under any other roof in the wide world to-dar. 'Tne tendency of the nineteenth centsry is to five women a fair share of tne work and wages of the world?not one half, buta/atr tkare; and wherever woman works by the side of man his work will be modified. Charitles managed by men alone lack tnd'mttt? by women alone they lack ttrengtk. All work, too. shall gain by nniting the powers which (Jod designs to go together when he senas an equal number of bom eexes inte the world. May He bless the experiment which our re. publican Government has made of giving to women a share of Its work and iu wages.'' ALBxatfDBiA and V ictjtiTT? t rom the Alexandria Gazette of Saturday we clip the following: Prol. Paul Gregory, who has been prospecting on the farm of Col. John I'owell, in Fair lax county, near Vienna Station, on the Alex, andria, I.oudonn, and Hampshire railroad, has succeeded, after boring one hundred and flity feet, in "striking oil." The "flow" at tbis depth is not very pleuUful. but the boring will be continued, and Prof Gregory is confident that "lower" he will find an abundant supply. The discovery et oil en the farm has caused considerable excitement in the neighborhood. The market all this week has been but poorly supplied trem the country. Turkeys were selling at from SI .5ft to f5 55, according to size, aud by the weight, from 17 to IV cents per pound. Dressed hogs, (yonng.1 10 to II cents per pound. Geese tl 54) to *1.75, according to size. (Jtaickens from 4<) to 45 cents a piece, Ac. Butter and eggs are scarce. A few winter shad from North Carolina were for sale at the fish market. Four hogs,raised and slaughtered in Loadonn county, weighing respectively 3#i, 3W>, 37U,and 342 pounds, were broagbt to this market and sold readily, on Thursday last, at per hundred. Mr. Joseph Cawood started this morning tor his flsbiaf-shorebn the Potomac, accompanied by twenty bands and two wagons, over the road. He will commence operations as aoan as the river opens. VfMIXtA Lbgislatubb.?Last Thursday a sort of Senatorial spat was indulged in upon a resolution looking to aiedaeuoa of the legisla. uon per diem, but the resolution was adopted. A bill was pasaed to regulate tne charges of telegraph companies in V irglnia, and to compel them to transmit messages for the State and railroad companies in which the Sum is Interested, free. Under the hill, if it beeomea law, the power to regelate theee charges will be veeted in the Hoard of Public Works. In the House, a large number of reeolntlons were presented and referred?one by Mr. W. P. B. Tayler to tax bachelors tor the sapport of widows and old maids left wlthoat protectors by the war. 7* The mafia rates in Derbyshire, England, have jnst sentenced Jen Mace, Jo* Goes and three other lesa noted puci lists, to smooth's imprisonment with hard labor, for tafeiag part la a prise fight. i^The Montreal News protest* axalast small menageries, panoramas of the American war. and tat women, as "degradiag exhibitiAnt '' UVIW EFRtmn lmiLIRMCK Lo>ooa, Ju. Lveaiag.?It la reported > Aat tbf OoT^oantof PraoMkuwkM Aw. , tr>t m by truop* an Imbi concentrated m u?. llcia. 1 here is a report iBai a ne w fr-on * ler 11 ae w 11 t?-between tka territories of Austria ?c<l I *i? Lonoon. Jaa. 84.?I" a* official joaraalof Conent.vgei denies th/.t tbe Ornish Uonranrnt has *1 y li.teuuoa o: eeiliag is* island of Hi. Th. tu t- to 'he I'Bl'fd Staw it m tan?ou**<l < fo mlt> today that tbe Britiah (}oT?ram*iit b;. tccr|'b4 a plan submitted by (b* Protiaem! c?.' gates tor u a Baton of ibrCuadMD Fiumikm Advice* from Parts ataie (bat France la disgusted with tbe measures recently J pit' tor ward l?v tbe F.mperor Manoleoa Lom>ok. Jaa as? Moon -The Canadianrail, way loan ur #4,uti ,woo sterling, $ naraaieed bv tL P: ti-h Goxernmeat, ta soon to be pat on the ir. rke?. Pari*. Jaa. St?Telegrams from all tba da. partment* ol tu? empire express diaaauafact oa w tn the proposed reform* ib tba policy of ihe G.v tnmect Tb* bourse la dull and rentes declined. Pari*, Jan ?*.?Tha French. Raaaiaa and Pri.**>.an Governments hnve resolved to negotiate in . > mn.on witb tba Porta upon tba Lut< m. gu>aiicu Ra> i m Job. 25 ?Coast Hismarck declines a ata ib the (ierman I?iet. Pint is. Jan. S.S?Noon.?Tba Duchies hara b?en formaPy aitexed to tba German OibHera'ion The (Wintin Dtet Is to meet for tba lira' ?>roe on Tb?* *.i4th of February L? K!" w. J.tn lo ? N?on ? I) spate bee ro reived bara state ibat tba Cretan war was ende? , an?t (tat tba volunteers bara gone back to Ureec* .Ian 2:>?ltiesaid tbat Gen. kaleris b?s f?r hied 'be mission to tha I'uited Stales ir i?"t ol -he 'iifffrmc Cretans PARI*. Jau UK ?Information baa been re. r?-i\?d bat workmen are ib riotoaa assemblage in the avttcu ol Madrid. Their clamor ta tor b e ait A serious outbreak is anticipated Tha Government ta taking measures to raeei it. [By Steamer J The DnMih detactlvea had made fartbar arrest" tit' uan?, one ot tba arreau being tkat o: \\ J. Sni) lb, said to hart been a colonel m the A it.eric an army. The Memorial Diplerrat.c(iie ?ave the Ktnpra>? Carlotas health ta n: n< i? improved, there not being tba slightest it.* i-tHi derangement apparent. Tba Spanish i'W urd !hree-quarter uiiliion loan waa very unfavorably reieived in Paris, and was quoted a: \ discount. Tlir Kiumiaii af A. Si. Jehnstea. Tb- lottova in* < oi respo.idence between (Jen i tal P li Sb>rtJai< nutl t>ia Mayor of Galreeton. toucbicr General Jobueion's remains, bas been published : (SiLvvroM. Trxaa. January 24, !> *.? To Mtfjfr (? ?.? iu? P. H. .sATufaa, c?m?aaa<iii?^ l>fya?whtft. ij the VtUf: Tna ciuaena ol Crai Teuton r i-ti lo t \r a civil escwrt, from tbe steamer to be r^r=, to the retrains of General Jobnaton. f-?-n?ral Grtttin ha* Issued a prohibitory order. V\ ill >in (ifeaciB iri'y to tbe ciuxena bare to ?i\e civil etcort to Dia temaina ! I'BSuLki A Lbiiard, Mayor. Mr CUarlt* A. '. oaard, Mayor of (rtlieium, ItuifSir . 1 r*#pei tfu .ly reluse to (rantyuur request. 1 have too ir.u i regard for the memory ot th^ brave men wno died to preserve our <ioverturn ut to authc'rixe Confederate demonstraiioiis over tbe r> inaiut- of any one woo att*topttd to detiroy it. P. U >muiuam, Xajor (ienerat U S. Army HoraTos, Jaa ?The remains of 'General Jobnvtou have just arrived. All building* are nrap'd in moarninr. anc tbous. nds ot persons ii.n tbe txxJy at tbe depot and escorted it to the f> n.ale academy, wuere i? will remain in state iit:til Monday rnorni.if, when it will be taken to Auetm tor iuterm>-bt. (ialvtsToji, Jan. v~.?Tbe ladtea car of tbe spe> tal train whii h conveyed General Johohub'i remains to Houston was tbrown ofl tb? track ^bile returmuK, and a number of ladiee were severely injured; BOBe taialiy. I'reiu >I'iif?. Ntw Ori kan8. J ,n. ?Ac;ounts from variona M) xi an qua:ters indicate that tbe city of M< xtco ib closely besieged by tbe Liberals, w;th indications ot its early evacuation by IJ&aamr !>>> > RAJictsco, Jen. 37 ? Sen or Goderjar, tbe Mexuau Consul, received by tbe steamer Continents! rr< m M^/atlan. this evening, a let. t*r frum President Juarez,dated Durango, Jan. 1'j. advising him of tbe capture ot lioazalee Ortega and General Poston by Governer Auro Gaiierial, of Zaca eca.-. Juarez stated that he would leave for ZacatJ err? op 'he i;th of January, and remain there I two r three day -, and then leave for San L,ui? I tt?: i r (Iuanujuato. and exi>?cta to be .n tbe ( city oTMpxico in March. ! Tus Pat of Ailxv Orricus.?In tbe 'e, ot Sar urday. Ur. VT ilsou introduced a b??' I tc. lucrease and equalize tbe pay of araiv oi". ] cer , v. liu h w as oideied to be printed aud r-*in.ed to he Military C< remittee. T^e xirtt s-f etion pives all officers ot tbe arny i nt ei. i?;? d to denbie rations, or commutation b^iefur. an increase for two years from Jan. nary 1, l"<57. ot twenty five per cent, on tbeir pre-en* pi?v | roper, aud establiobee tbe pay of -ill mnuiii' d vfli, ers a; ibe same as tbat of cavalry of like grades. Section wo repeals section thirty-five of an a> t ?t July l*i,t?. and fixes the price ot ra. tiens for two jears at fifty cents per ration tor all officer* below brigadier general serving wub troops, and for protet-sors at West Poiut. Section three continues to all officers in the regular ai my who have served as volunteers tbe same r lik by brevet as tbe bigbe<-i commission they held as volunteers, and provides tha: tbe relative rank of all officers of same grade and date of commission .-ball be determined by their previous commissions, whether regular 3r volunteer, and places al< officers on the i-ame footing as to rank, pay, promotion emoluments, and in all otber particulars, in their respective trades. Section tour continues preset)' pay of enlisted men for three years from tbe proclamation of peace. August 9u. 1866. Section s.x abolishes tbe efflce of Second Assistant Secretary of War. The End ok ok Ulu Kailru&u MoioroLT The Legislature of Virginia, when railroads were great curiosities and objects of admiration and wonder witb tbe masses, granted to the Fredericksburg and Potomac railroad tbe exclusive privilege for thirty years of con veying passengers to and from Washington to Kicbmond. In tne course of time when tbe junction of the Central and Orange and Alex, andna railroads at Gordonsville gave a continuous line of road to Washington, ibis charter monopoly ot tbe Prederickabnrg road was fiercely questioned and contested, but tbe Spe. ctal Court of Appeals sustained tbe validity ot the right secured by the charter, ana allowed to tbe Fredericksburg road tbe enjoyment of every bour of it* thirty years' monopoly of through travel. Tbe Central and Orange roads were forbidden to do anything in contravention ef tbe chartered rights of the other railroad, and were not permitted to issao through tickets or to rnn freight or passenger cars all tbe way through from Richmond u? Washington On vesterday tbe thirty years ended, and tbe monopoly expired. Tba publie will bereatter enjoy the advantages of through ears and tickets by two great lines to Washington. Hereafter,'as the impartial showman said, "You pay your money and yon take your choice'^ of routes ? Richmond Timtt. ^There are two hundred funerals daily la London. y A man in London lost bis life at a gama of poker. His wife held tbe poker, VHrignoli is engaged lo Miss Glover, a New York lady. Vln Lngland 14 i,3*o widowers yearly marry spinsters, whereas only ?,<U6 widows marry bachelors. WA man In Cincinnati was crashed to death by a beer barrel. VA Michigan woman wants a divorce because her husband cannot raise a moustache. 7*1 n tbe north a* in tbe so nth of England, nurses think it Incky for the child to cry at its bap usm. WTbe late General Cass's cradle was a common sugar trongn. His babyhood mast have been sweetly spent. A sweet thing on ice?leaching a sixteen year old bundle of calico bow to skate. y The debt of Virgiaia is S3&,(J0U,UU0. VScarlatina and otber fatal fevers arc on the increase In New York and Hrooalyn. CTA widew in St. Louis recovered damages against a man wbo sold her a stove tbat w ouldn't bake. 7*The Princess Xnrat was bora la this country. KTTbe maternal ancestors of tbe Emprssa Eagenie, were Scotch. ITSylvisBt Caboon, of Harwich, committed suicide by cutting bis throat with a raaor. Insanity. VA returned Ualifornlaa la Pittsburgh Is astonishing the aativas by bis specie payments. ST*Some person lately played a practical joke ob tbe Mayor of Qaebec by lasatag 30 invitations to dinner in his aaae. , m*^Virginians are calling for a gwotoCleal survey ot tbeir State. 1 hey think it beau Pennsylvania in mineral ar*alih. VA school mis trees la Olmstaad. Ohio, has besten a little girl, a pupil, almost to death WTba Supreme Co art of Iadiann baa decided as constitutional tha laws laryiac taxes on dags la that Kate. Dab lonega, Ga, la crowded with misers and every night presents mach tbe appearance of a mining town la OaiiSoraia. /"Two men were inert si ly wounded In lirownsville, Texas, recently hy a patrol of colored soldiers.

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