28 Ocak 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

28 Ocak 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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THE EVENING STAR. local nkws. > m ABUBBMUTS. to.TO-ll?IT. H Nbw Orui Hocta?"Griffith this evening. with Mim Km Eytinge id A?r (WrhriiMl imp?r?o??tioiiof ?K?<* Pfj* ton." l>? ori|tul pig will ht on hand. Ji*TK>iAL Theater.?The Knack drarat ot "iclpbrgor, lite Mountebank." this nine Mbtzbbott Hall.?Tbe great combination o! two 1'eake (*miliM Swiss Bel I-ringers ud the Bcrger lainUy this evening. Arrival of a Dblboatioe op Iwdiah? ? A delegation of chiefs and *?rnors of the Wanj-eton aid SimKub baud* e( Sionx udiui ar ritrd b*r* Friday Mtmiii. and ar? stopping at the barrack* on tbe corner of 19th street and N?* York arena*. The delegation, which consists of twentyone tine, stalwart men. under the guidance of Major Joseph R Browne. co?? u> make a treaty for the right of way through Indian ter- I rttory tor a wagon road to Fort Benton and Montana. They declare their readiness t* make the grant, and to protect the same against any hostile Indians. j The delegation Include? Other Day ani one of the Indians that assisted him in g*ttiug the whites from Yellow Medicine. Qabril Ren villeistbe bead chief; Scarlet Plume, head < bief of tbe Siseitons; Akipa, bead chief of ths \* ahpetons. Oyehduza, caief of tbe Eight Hand cd ihe big Stone l?ake: Washeecohah M t. chief of one ot tbe subdivision* of Standing Buffalo's band. Tbe others are head soldiers representing the several band* who occupied tbe conntry between Yellow Medicine and tbe head of tbe Coteau des Prairies. Kenvilie, Akipa, Two Stars, and Other Day were among hose who opposed tbe outbreak from the first indication they had ot its progress. Tbey never joined the hostile camp, and took every opportunity of openly denouncing tbe outbirak, and dissuading th* young men from jo.nni< it. The numoer ot lodge* w bo thus opposed the outbreak were torty-fi ve. Through the influence of these Indians, Gens. Sibley and Corse succeeded in recapturing HA) captives, which the Indians bad captured two years before. All the white captive* were returned but one boy. They were delivered up at Camp Release. Scarlet Flume was at Big Stone Eake at the time of the outbreak, and when the hostile band.- reached there he was led captive by them on their skedaddle to tbe Northwest prairies, anu was in tbe bos'ile camp when ibe troops under General Sibley encountered them at Buffalo Lake. He there approached ine troops, and warned Gen. Sibley not to bold h parley with the Indians, as in that case it was their intention to kill him and the whites with him This he did at tbe risk of his life, and while he wa? speaking he was seized and forcibly dragged from the field by a party of hostile Sioux Two Shoes. Pretty Boy. Scarlet Crow, Scarlet Fagie. Ecshe-ta kiya. Ich-wa-iuke, Wakan-to, and tbe Eean Man were employed as scouts at tbe Hawk's Nest, on the Coteau, wben tbe murderers of the Jewett family were killed Tbe men composing the entire aelegalion were actively and usefully employed as scouts in 1-iA and lSW, and tbe snmra iry treatment they meted out to the several war parties ihey enci uutered has. beyond a doubt, secured the peace of tbe frontier during the past sum mer Major Browne i? accompanied by Benjamin Th. nip-ou, Esq.. Special Ageut, and Messrs. C. H Mix. A seistaut Agent: Anson Brown, Interpreter: CUarles Crawford, Assistant Interpreter. I>L"KA->Er> Mkat asd Milk?Several cases have berii tried receutly by various Justices and parties fined for oflenug diseased meat for "ale. 1 be supposition has been that onlv those miserable creature- who are engaged in killiug sick animals tor their bides aud bones are guilty of such conduct, but a case reported to Eieuienaur Johnson, ot the second precinct, is a warning to the public to be sure that the re ilk sellers of whom tney purchase miik, ar. J the bntcbers w3o supply them with meat, are worthy of confidence. Yesterday a colored man named Nam striver was driving a sick cow to a bu'eber's slaughter house to be killed, and the cew tell and died upon the road. Upon being interrogated by Eieutenant Johnson S'nver said be Knew the cow was sick and belonged 10 a dairyman who lives in swtmpuodie. but tbe butcher promised to give another cow for the sick one. He said the dairyman bad been selling the milk from the cow, sick a- she was. Tbe Lieutenant is going to investigate the case. Striver having agieed to give the names ot all the parties. ? A Goli> Watch Cask.-Charles Cassidy was arrested yesterday by Detective* Kelly and Bigley upon a charge of stealing a gold watch, tbe property of Stephen Giusta. last Saturday night. 1'pou examination before Justice Tucker it appeared that tbe watch was pawned by Cat-sidy with a broker, aud, wishing to get it from the broker, be got Ginsta to redeem it, | and gave it to him to keep &* collateral security for the money. Saturday night he proposed to G:nsta to take tbe watch and ?el. it, and return G.usta the money advanced. Ginsta agreed, and gave him tbe watch, and Cassidy fail ng to return as soon as he thought he should, he had Cassidy arrested. The prisoner admitted all the facts, but denied any intention to defraud Giusta. Justice Tncker dismissed the case, and Cassidy delivered the watch again to Gmsta, to be returned as col. lateral security. Sorthkkk Eyask.blizatioh.?East evening a meeting was held at tbe 4^ street Presbyterian church, (Dr. 5nnderland's,) under the auspices of the American Tract Society, at which Hon W. E. Dodge presided, and addre?ses were made by Rev. G. E Shearer, secretary of the society far the South, and Rev. J C. Vassar, a missionary of the societv, who gave interesting statements of their labors among the whites and freedmen in the Southern States. Senators Frellnghuysen and Wilson also made short addresses, as well as tbe pastors, and a collection amounting to the handsome sum of t?(*> was taken np. Ii>KJfTiFiKr>.?The lot of stolen fowls found In po?*ession of Robert Jones and George Williams, colored, by Eieut. Hurley and officers Hue! and Crump, of the First Ward, as mentioned in'he War Saturday, have since been identified as the property of Messrs. G. W. Hopkins and John Jackson. Justice Drury Kent tbe accused to jail for court. A nipper tor burglar's use, an improvement upon tbe old style, and a hook, both fitted for use open heavy door locks, were found upon the accused. A SrerictofB Character ?Saturday, I>etive McDeviU arrested a colored man named Re/in Wallace, who bad in b is possession a lot of carpen'?r's tools, supposed to have been stolen Upon taking him to the Central Guardhouse, other circumstances excited su*picions that tbe prisoner was connected with recent felonious operation* in various parts of tbe city. Y esterday be had a hearing before Justice Tucker, and was remanded for further hearing. A* Accii>**t at tui Smith so mas An accident occurred at tbe Smithsonian Institute on Saturday afternoon about one o'clock. The iron frame tor the new roof fell to tbe old wooden roof below. The work on the new roof was suspended some time since on account of tbe cold weather, and that portion of tbe frame in poritiou was supported by prop*. Oue ot these props tell, causing tbe roof to fall, but tortunarelv it did not break through tbe woodeu root, and no damage was doae to tbe museum. Tin Ball for tub Poos.?We learn that the ticket* lor the ball lor the benefit ot tae poor of tbe Seventh Ward are selling so rapidly as to indicate that a very considerable sum will be realised for tbe worthy object in view. The ball is sure to be a very delightful affair, and the participants will en joy it all tbe more from tbe fact that they are aiding in supplying bread and fuel to tbe starving and freezing poor. Tools Kxco\xrbi>?On Friday, Detectives Oat vo? and McDevitt arrested a colored mm named Ke/iu Wall is. who had with him a carpen ter'? tool chest aud tools offering it for sale at a junk shop Tbe prisoner and tbe prop. *rty are at tbe Ceutral Guaidbouse to be identified. Police Kei-outs?Saturday, the lieutenants of the police precincts reported forty-tour arrests in the entir? District: most of them for offenses- agamst tbe municipal laws The fines amounted to *-? in Yesterday the arrests were only eleven in nnmber, and the fines amounted to IIU fti. - Dihobderlt ? Tbe conduct of Samuel Strong, on the avenue l:ist night, becoming o rather a disorderly nature, he was arrested by officer Strong, who locked him up for a bearing thia morning. ? Game Pebishiko ?The Rockviile (M 1.1 Smtinei ssys ?We learn tbat what little ;a ae that has ?ucaf?ed the huBtsinen, in this section, is now t er ?ti ng f'om cold and hunger, being unable o ob am food on account ct tbe snow. Che Omen of Navy Paymaster is t'mofd to nevi building, corner of New York avenu* and Fifteen'h street, opposite baukinf house Of Kiggs A Co. Pbdih.iBo Without EioRjfsi ?Saturday, Herman IWwgaw.-n was arrested by otfi. er Bawes for pt-ddlinr goods without licence. Justice Thompson fired bitn ?2'). The Ubbabity Awwiatio* Ball, to b* given on tbe 4'b of March next, will he a (rand affair. See auyei ti-emeut. r CITYJTEMxS. Jswblbt ?Bo* WoeiJHU. ** wttw Jet Comb., *M> MV etySsT Batons, Oallf >roia Ktoae Sett*. Plu, tiiwi S?& Silver Plated Hpooat, JPtrfet, OoMeta, w Bella, Butter Knivee, Muttrt 8pw%,received thia morning, tlrrtfr*! Omm ? Dollar Jewe?ry sum, Bo. 431 Pennsylvania war 4 K itmt ' ^ i ^ It i? IxrotTAKT lor to km#fr that I tar * Co, corner of 7th and K a tree** era a?ll'Bg off their floe large stock of men. ui boj? clothing at and below eoet. Bct 0? Pbic* and tHat tbe lowest, for clotbing aad all other good*, at Heaning's Ob* Price Store. ob tbe corne* of Seventh atreet and Maryland avenue. __ Bbowx'ii Patknt Mbtallic Wbathbr STKira keep ont Wind, Rata, Oeld. Sao w and Dust frofli wanaatf Window#. For sale at I M Moore'a. 53b 7th street. , ,/! 3 Mr old Patbobb will Had It greatly to their advantage by calling at the aew Shoe Store, No. 7!b street, under Odd Follows* Hall. a. b wllsob. Ira late ot the firm of Barns m Wilson. I o I>* Wh'tb. Uhiropodiat, 444 Pens. at.. between 4H and 9th streets, continues the successful treatment of corns, bunions, bad nails, enlarged Joints, warta, moles, vascular excre?>*u cea, Jcc. Ofllce hours from Si a. m. to I 5 p m , and ? to h p m. Established i Fon chilblaikb and Frosted Feet, White's Embrocation is a specific. Price #1 per bottle. For sale at 444 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4#and Sth streets. ' o 1 AScbbPilb Oubb ?l>r. Oilbert's Pile in sirunieLt positi vely cures the worst cases at I piles Sent by mail on receipt of S4. CircuI lars free. Sold by druggists. a?ent? wmikhI I everywhere. Address.I. B Komaine MannJ ger. No. 575 Broadway. New York. 3 Pbbbibb can be Bad in any quantities ai tti* I d'er office counter DIED. WAMIR. At bla home, In Newark. Delaware, I on the 26th instant Mr A.l> WaLLIK, a_-cd ? , | year*. long a *s?i.l?-nt of this city, where he was well klitvn end highly esteemed. * The fsneral of Mr JOHN MoKIM of this city, | will take place t?-ninrrow (Tuesday* afternoon I at 2 o'cloch. at Chrltt Church, i Episcopal,* en O I street sontb. near the NaT* Yard. Friends vf MwwMBHBBasa%iBaaiaasasMBM*BHBM^MaM^wM I |)BICIi BEDDOKH. We offer a large stack of Winter Dress Goods? Shawls, Blankets. Flannels, Balmoral Skirtings, I domestic C? tton Goods, Prints. White Goods and Linen Goods, at BEDUOED PBICES for cash. PALIS KID OLGVI DEPOT, An immense stock of the most popular makes. Ladies'Gloves #2; Gentlemens $2 25. JOS. J. MAY A CO., 3?** Peonaylrania avenue, ja 26 eo2tif between 9th and 10th ats I/OB AIL THE LATEST NOVELTIES IN i >ANCY GOODS so to DAVIS ft G \ ITH E B'S, <!0 Market Space. I ICBT BEt'BV ED?Fresh supply of B-a! La?-e*. I " Lace Col ai#- Bugle aud Crystal Trimmings I and Fringe Cut Jet Buttous, Ac., all of the I latet-t importation,at | DAVIS ft GAITHEB'd. VT*W AND DES1KA BL B QOuDS IN EVE BY I il variety,at DAVIS A OAlTHKlt'S. W'ATEBKD AND PLAIN B1BUONS, Flew j ' ' ers Ke&thera, Beltings Ac .at ja U eo3t DAVIS A G AIT LI KB 3 O B BALK. 10.WO p< unds of Telegraph Wire, suitable for I fetiC'S. Ac One large size Fire and Burglar Proof Safe I One H ton Coal and Hey Scale. 3HH> Cot tub ??ri Lin? n Bed Back*. 30" Iroa Me>late*ca Also, a la'gn lot of yu%rterm%eters' Storsi from I the late Government tales Cheap f<>r c**b E. G WHICLKB. ja 26 3t* 7th street and Canal Bridge. / * BOB IN HAJ* BICtlVKU A LOT OF LA V> D1KB SABAToGA SKATES, at hi* Head I quarter* '2 (9 PenneyIvania avenue. j%li-?t U'lVE T\N ENllAb r AND SIV1H thibties A full supply of January and July FIVB I TWUM ri BB en band, which we can ?-xcban?e for I all issues of Seven-Thirty Treasury Note* eu fa I veiable termt. COMPOUND 1NTEBEST NOTES wanted. ia 23 djw_ JAY COOKE ft 00. 480 CKNTBAL L^N8OFFICE, 480 Ne 4*0 lift he tract, one door beiow ra. ave. BIO 0*10 to lean on Gold and Bilvsr W ATOH ES. DIAMORDB. CLOTHING, and MEBCHAH I DleE of every description ja 9 B^"Butlnesa strictly confidential. jg% I fAPlTOL BILL _ t BOOT AND fiHOl STOKE, Corner 2d street east and Penn'a avenue. Just received from New York, a large and heae| tiful assortment of Men's, Women'*. Miaa I es. Children i. Boy a and Youths' BOOTS, 1W OAITBBB and SHOnS Prices to snitfHJ I everybody Call and examine. Quick I sales and amull profits. Msaanrea taken and a fit | guarantied. B? pal ring promptly attended to. ja 21 4t* THI tf IAK AND T31> It PaIBED EYESIGHT. ' I Arising from protiaetad alcki.ess, ganeraldebil I ity of the r.erTooa ayatem or tbe natural diap<> I altlcn to far er short aigh*ediiee?, will b- restored. I sUeuutheaed, aad preserved by tbe use ef our Ce>*bBBAZILIAH PEBBLE SPECTACLES. I manufactnied b? us from tbe genuine naart7, ] (pare ?ile*.> affording nnrivaled clearness to tne I org .es of vision , _ Tbeee Pel.Me Bpectacl-a aad Bye-Glasses ws 1 adapt with utmost care sad attention to the propI er coaditloB of the p*rMculsr eye alght, in acI c< rdance with tbe physiology of the human eye, I sad tbe laws ?f tbe science of optica. We sell our I Pebbles, as >?ell aa all other OPTICAL INBTBCMENTS, I ni yetr York and Philadelphia pried*, as stated in I tbe catalogues of leading firms?Beaj Pike, fern Btona ft Co . McBnliiater Bros., Que^n ft Co., Ac. FllAN K LIN ft CO.. Scientific and Practical Oaticiaoa, 344 Pennsylvania avanaa, between 12th and IStbsts . Wasblagton. WW Ao'osi tbe distinguished patrons of our Optical Establishmeat daring these lest six years, we beg leave t? mention President Abraham LtnI ctlu. Mrs Lincolu, Chief Justice d. P. Cb tae. | eecretary Seward, Secretary Stanton. Senators I Clark. Orlmea. Guthrie, Morrill, bprague, SamI ner. Yates. Bon B.I Dawes, M C . Waa? ; Hon. ( John Went worth. M. C III ; Jodg? Fiaber, D. S. | Supreme Court: Mayor Wallach, M*jor General I Hnnter. Major Gen Schurs , Gen. De'afislJ, Maj. I Gen. Belntselman, Admiral Goldsboreach, Hur| geon Gen. J. K Barnes, Prcf Henry, Bm'thsoI nian Institute; Prof. Mason. Columbian College; I Dr Benry Brnt. Chemist. Agr. Dept; Dr. B. K. Fti<ne, Ocaliet; Judge Tabor. Fourth Auditor, I Treas Dep't; Oov. Fatten. Ala.; Gov. Pareone, Gen Spinner. P. 8. Treasurer. Ac.. Ac. ja 2> <t SUM'"yCoi^BAG* HOME M4IDVACTDBE I E. GOODMAN, PRACTICAL CARPET WEAVER, Oo> ner ?H and 0 streets. (I>laud * Msksa Carpets to order with dispatch, oa mods I rate t -rmx, aad satisfaction guaraatisd. Carpets [ constant!) en band, and far sale. ja ll lin (j * <> 0 * I B . i HALL ft PLAMT. | PLANT'S BUILDING, Corner Hew York avenue end 14th street, < Entrance *a Hew York arenne,) Dealers In fine FAMILY QBOOIBIKS, TEAS, VINES, 1MPOBTXD LCXDBIBS, Ac., Ac., | would respectfully notify their frtenda and the pi.hllc that they have juat opened their Hew Oroeery Store where can be obtained any article tun ally ke?t In a first claaa Grocery. Without attempting to enumerate our large, fresh and well elected Mock, we cordially Invite the publle to sxafflBeour atere and atock. believing we shall not fall to give entire aatlsfBctlon to all who may fever us with tbelr patronage. We call especial attention to our aaaortment of TLAS aBd COFFEES, whicb have bees selected with gieat care for purity. Dealers will find a fine assortment to select from, and our prices to suit. Goods delivered promptly In any part of the city, jau 9 Sin * In CUB11HBY. 'DOWN WITH HIGH PBIOEB." Tbe t eat American Howard WATCH, 18 karat asee. *mu ; in karat Applet->b ft Tracy, with all it* luproremeuts, All*. G t. Bartlett, witkali H? impiover eat* f?k. In currency. Asplsitdid lot i f i.EN 1 V A WATCH EB, set in diamonds and In slain gold cases, 8 .0 less than In anv other store ib tnis i tiy A very large lot of ladles' aew tk.id i HalBS, of the latest style. #16 each O il Tbiiiiblea. very bea*y 18 karat geld. Very rlcb Gnrnett Set*" aad others, one half le->a ttiaa anywhere "lae Bold seal aad plala Binge, of the very fc-?t make Ml p?r cent |e?? than In any other aU re in tbl? citi sine Silver Tea Spo ins. bavdoome fignral. weighing 4 oa, a half deaen. at $13 ; plain 3he came 4 07 . #10. warrant**! para coin A Ire l>?t of OPEBa glasses an I BPE< KB,of laefineat pebble ?arr?nt.>d to give satlsfactiwa, by 1 AlsEXANDIB. Jeweler.-J4 0 peon ave., je21?t* bet I2th aa4 Uth at*.' i % ? AMUSEMENTS, > i bit noBih+noT'i* washibgtob BBUjOMOB,:*BB MOUNTBBANE i ?sx?ffijsx?-.?ssif asm GB4MB OiRVlU Nm. <^??{'- * *? I WAIL'S NBV ?V|R4 MOUSK. SffU2^-=ir4CTfi Bui|NWit for a ItmlM uab?r of Uihii witk ti>? ??Bc?^?ny, ?w?timio> by iituiik DatLr, ^ OBWnTB GAUBT. BEYBBAL BOTJ^AB. I* ACTIVE BATB8 Of ADMISSION. FHnt*BoiN,|l; Orchestra Chain. 81; Dress Circle. 74 Mats: ?o cents; Family Ctrels, V> rent*; Colored Circle. ? cents. ipABCY DBBUU AND OOETOME8. r For Tebieaax im* PriT*l# P?rtl?i. A?plytn &B8. FlitlKKlt, ja??f 44T Kith ?tr let. BALLS, PARTIES, be. Ball fob the benefit or tbb poor Or TBB BBVBNTH WARD The nn4tn<|n?d cltlivM of ?! 7th Ward reFiMitcIlT announce ifeu tbe> ?tll (It* a K& Ball tor the benefit of the poir ou THOBS- JD DAY BYBBING. Slat, at Island Hal>. . At) tbe proceeds wi II be approprlat-ri f?rUM alleviating the wants ef the destitute or the Wnni. tkfjr re?pecttal!y ask for the patroaags and pre* enceof the charitable oa that occasion Tickets 91 admitting a ttentlemaa and Ladies, to belied <?f the Managers. _ _ . _ Jm L Purtoi. I ll Orif.J B Blrl.Dr K V. B Boawell.br B O. Crnggos, J. Ya'e* B U Graham. O 0. Hamilton. 0. Wright. ThosaasE. Lloyd. William W baskey. J . A. W Clarvoe ja 14 7t* {^BAND MILITARY DBBSS BALL, ft* At UL ODD FELLOW'S HALL. FBBBUABT 1, 18*. DISTRICT Or WASHINGTON, POST So. 1; DEPARTMENT OF THB POTOMAG, Q A. K.. Will give tbeir Kir?t Annual Ball on FRIDAY nVhhING, February at ODD FELLOWS I 11A LL. Officer* -f the Army aud Nary, and all member* 1 of the late Volunteer Araiies of th? United State*, 1 are rtMjaeeted to oe present to uniform. Tirht-mand Card* of Invitation t?r Ladle* will I be procntetl from any member ol the Oocnmlttee of I Arrangements. ? . _ T10KBTSi admitting Gentlemanand Ladies).Si. 1 Befreatoments fnrnUhed to Ladies. COMMITTEE of"ABR*BOBMENTB. Col W.Millar. sontheast corner 11th an 1 K tta. Major T Lubsy, comer 4?h and I streets north. Major J. W. Lord. 474 l*th aireet, near Pa ave. Major C 0 Gould, iJd 6tb *tra-t. bei. M and N. Cartalo R MLMJeton. Capital Bit m>lon. ( apUiu B. Morgan, Capitol Bxteuaiou. Lieut Col C.W T?jl>>r Qnaiter-naater 8 Dep t. I Captain C.C Parker. 345 C street north. Major II A Myers, 3 7 Msaaachnaetts avenue. Dr. W. F. Collins, Ufflct internal B-veoue. LOST AND FOUND. BSWABD?Stolen on the night of the 'JOw aid ofBepteniber from the premises of I George Jones, near Bladenabarg, a dark brown H< ?h>K marked U. 8 and I. 0 ; medlam size mane and Ull aomewhat annbarnt, baa a roan no*a. The above reward will bo paid If returned I to G?0- JOPBga I pel Hyattsvllle. Prince George's Co., Md BOARDING. A KFRNISHBD^BONT ROOM, SUITABLE /a for i?u, with Board, can be obtained at corner Indiana menu e and M atreet wat, upon mo leratt) | turn;. jali It* / ' OU1) BOARD AND COMFOBTABLE B'JOMS " at per month, can be bad br applying at I />b'i K street, t>eiow lllh street Also, a few TADLK HOABBB dS at reason able rates, ja ?-n* II AN D^OHBLY KL' KNIfHED BoOMS FOB 11 HaNT?With or without b >ard. No. UH U street, between 19th and l?th, oi.e e'juare froai the 1 c*r?. ja u ot" t-OR RBNT?TwoaeaHy famished HID BOOM 4, I r odjoiulag eocb other, with board If deaired. In a private family. Bo. 4?b iith atreet, opposite I the Treasury. jafc> 4t* A ULK I40ARD at No. 464 10th street,* few 1 door* north of the areane. Terms * per I moatb. do 14-?f AT Bel BKATksTT 8KATI3 I 11 joat received, a fnll assortment, for Ladiea, Gentlemen, and Boy a, at CaR. RI PPKBT8 FAHCT BAZAAR, I ja 18 8t Bo. 7to street. 0 enn BCSBBLS OATS FOB8ALB LOW 6.JUU hy F D. 8HOBMAKBB, No. 70 I Water atreet, Georgetown, D O. jn 23 eo3t* WKLLIMB OrV 1 8BLLIBO Off ! I - in I The entire atock of Ladiea', Mi*ses',FWj I CbUdrea a, Men*a, Boy 1 and Youth'* * Wb BOOTS. 8H0BS AND OAITBRS Will be aold at private aale at and bBLOW OOST l'RIOKS. JOHN ANOBRBABN, AOS 7tb atreet, between D aud B streets. jal2-lm" opposite Odd Fellow*'Ball. MyjAsneT masks t! mabrsii A fall aa??ly, of all different character, jaat received, at I UB. RUPPKBT'8 FANCY BAZAAR. \ ja 18 8t Mo. 932 7ta street. mjjm BOOT! AMP BUOU. fll B B W TV ORB. MR The nnderaigned bejfs leave to Inform hie frteiHs and the public genei ally that he haa opened the MBW CBKAP STOBB, No. 908 7th atreet.nnder I Odd Fellowa* Hall, where he haa on band a general assortment of Ladiea' aad Gentlemen's, Boy'a, Mieaes and Children's j BOOTS AND 8HOB8. Remember the Bnmber, dO'i 7tn atreet, tinder Odd Fellowa' Ue|| The New Oheap Store, formerly K. F. Page'?etore. 1 dels ttBORGB B. WILSON._ I^OLDBN BOUPPBRNOBG W1NB,(NaUve.) Bich.frnity flavor, with delicate boqnet. Pro""" ""worrsEsoso on An, of North Oarolln. z ? p , 8oH. do39-tf King Place. ^ R B AT BAB Q A I N 8 I ftOne almoei new OBIciiBING PI A NO. *Ooe JAMB8 PIEB80H PIANO, ?11B. Oae upright GILBBRT. #100. For aale upon eaay Urma. at the Ware room* of loraaieup w q MBTZIBOTT A CO., 1 Bole Acents for Stelnway'a Planoe, and ja 11 tf Maeon A Hamlin's Oabinet Organ'. QLP~BBABP1B8. ~ Antediluvian.(year unknown) i Henneasey , (vintage 1848> I Alex Seigaette, ** 1?? Old Sazerac. ? ia.o I J.J Dupny A Oo., vintage 184# And^varigna^ther brand*. In I for sale bv B O. DYBU A OO., * 856 Pennaylvania avenue, I ja 17 eoSt between Hth and 13tb atreets. I IP YOU WANT BARGAINS 1* 1 V ,N oabINBT rORNITURB Call at the Bzteaalve Warerooms of H. r. ZIMMERMAN A CO.. No. a30 Seventh atreet. jail dim between La. av,and Dstreet. tlo uTi f Pi" I A fnll assortment of all grades choloa Flour for Bakers: qaality Mo l; prip*low_ I Ars tne only direct receivers for Ooldea Hill, J. I BT Gambrlll (not Patapsoo) and Ltagaaor Family Flours Id the Diatiiot. As the latter brandies been extensively ooanterfeltod and sold la this city, we wonld Inform those wishing thla Hoar bf arrangement with the millers we furnish It lower than ft can be obtained from any other sonroe. Quality second to none. Price a fraction less than I other first class Famfly Floar. 1 Buckwheat at low rates. i#All grades ofVeetem^Kgr ^re a^ sale Indiana avenne and 1st street, noil near Depot. ?T C B. J BWBLb. S^OAP AMD CAN OLE MABUFAOTUBBB. The subscriber will bo pleased to see all aia old frirnds aud caatomers at his new place of ha*lI oess, G street north, bet ttb atnl 6th streets, I where he will keep constantly oo hand his prs I Blum Soaps and Candles, and will continue to sell them at the lowest cash prices. G etraet.beI tween 4th and 5tb ja ll-8m M??? ""T" Corner 14th and F streets. del9 ander BbMtt Hon?e. I BsOY'S SKATES from60cents to ?6, t> MEM'S 8KATB8 from #1.M> to 990. at the Skate Depot POOLTBBY A TRIMBLE, Bo. 90# West Baltimore street, j 80MM Baltimore. Md. CPBClAJriW'^B?T?o thousand loads cloaa O washtd SRA v i-j. of the most sal table kind tpr seacrete. Abo. two thousaad loads SHARP ' SAB D and two thousand loads FINE 8AMD. saltable for asMsrr aad plasterlag, oa haad and far ... ? ?'?< VAHST. . 1 Atl tm Oifw Miktirttft9mu&. * It- "4l 0/315 to Jr o* 9 : UAT^;1ATl?C| 1. t * wants. tmrnssm vv "w ' 4i-?a BJkelrVb mb ^ bh bd huum af *> ?? 2. or a rtoai, kuuh ttk and nth 7?*taaad and j , tor a'auity otaeu'ts. IlBt mill { >r?v>t. aad inut be ad**#* "tliabt." Star o?ce jb h it* A?BKNtll '> tbe drag isaitMi j?murturii|?t arti? etalmlaeiM ?nd tfee *iw?1piwrtow mi phatoerapfcy derives kmrlovmjlf. t?aki it'ttkuM Bagllak. amim "a. i "8i?r of e*_ ja!*-*' w gibl. i| ( lr i mr a gl4. to ' .** av.** ^ Leraalf gsaeta! fy >hUI wWu KdFTiMI. W b. CHAMuLEB. Vermont t??au*. M*(fi m fcatf tl lUuti, ndar 14th. faame cettaga in a large

yard. ja w in Mr*rlttc?4 LiONDIIii. ;* . a??l? ?l Columbia heipiui. ootmt 44th treet aa3Meesecbn*elts avoaa* jatt*' iv aimed?a OuIjOBBD C?uk who nnderMZtlZVx!-?; "' "'Vr*'W ANTID-Ij t )MO| ?u. ?h? t?t JrodtiN " ik? 'ttmi. ? msitiun in grocery store- dti h?4 la bo g wplnt and will not ohfect u kmfini books ?nd ;wt4bg on euMnwri. Address "a. l j City p. 0 t?w 4t* All oot or bmploymbnt *houit n>t un to call at tbe kn?ploy meat Office us* Peuu'a avenue. between 12th aiid lithets Wauled-Ten Girls, white and colored fot t?wril housework AUo all those in n?>d of mala or it-male h clp. Situations promptly mied. a pent* wanted. jm 19 2w* Wanted wanted u-ht tha bruiting Otflce, Ho. 4fif 0 drwt Bear Baltimore repot. hkgbuit8 for tbe OnileU t la tea Army, j* it 1m \\r amtbd?Mew nod Oaetofl oloth1 mo, old " cold and silvbk.or oar other article of tame, at the old established Meicbant Pa?i looker's Store ot tt fdltun aoo., iojjib at., 3 doora n?rtb of Penna avnne. bole Ageut for bimobb^ sewing machine de 22-ly Wamtkd?100 ltdiks Immediately. te .10brider Yokee. Baud*. Wrapper Yokes, runnel Skirta. Slippers, and Initial* To aood handa who bring cample ot work, good wagea and constant emp1o>mnnt given. Ow.il at the new sta-np Ing buom, 439 9th street, opposite Patent Office stamping rednced to vlvc cent* per width, da u u , Wan 1 ed-to 000 LADIBi te kn .w tbaiTt tb? New Stamping Bo. ms, 4 3m 9th street,oppe?lte Pateut Office, they can And the t? at selected asa- rtn.eut ot Patterns aver offered here lor Cloaks, Capet, Aprons. Joeeya. Wat ate, Yokes, Banda. Wrappera, Slippers Plncnehioae, and Ini tials a lao, deal cue for Pillow c*a?e. Ottomans. Chair Covera. Pianoa. and. t? ahort, evorjr variety of Pattern* aa thej are daily l*aaed. we have a pi tack Machtae and a Piactieal Stamper. aad have 1 educed the price to riVB 0bnt8 pbb width. We make and stamp any pattern brought aa. Braiiis, Silk and Working Ootton very low. de 1-tf Wasted-second hamd pokhitdbb Alao mi km( !{*<. cakppt8. hfds, bbl> din o and hol'skpu hnish ing oood8 of every description. b blt<'ttl*t 40.-7tb atreet. Jee8-tf between g and r, eaat side PERSONAL. Y ou cam ne\ ie make tub TBIPoa baolm or bauiaritau bumbng*. bee Dr. dtbuk, 49>l 7th street lie if ?be bigaeat authority n *uck caiea Ilia prlvata rooma ar* oppjeita Ocd Pellowa liall ja'ii-lm' FBKVKNTiON ti k.t uk 111 an cub*kPr6uch prevent! vea agaiatt alaeaae and pregdabcj (?k?n aoch la niidp-iiabla) itiut to any aadrea? . at $4, ?5 and 87,according >e<jaall'p, by Dr hooi* Box toi, <?r call at 4w 7th stn-et, (up aiairaJ Wajaingion, d c. jais lm* Mbb wobbalb. mbdioal BLECTBiniAN, Laalaa suffering with disease are ilvitjd to conanltme.and examu.e mv ayateru of treatment Mo 214 NevlorkavciM. ja2n-4t* 'I^AKE NOTICE?1 hereby nive notice tliat I a have not instructed any one In my bu*tuea<< of Pr^atrvlbg F1 .were, and uo one doiug bntinea^in WaHkingtou ia authorized to u?e ni> uame jaU-J?* hk8 KB1E8, 4vi? Uthatrcet 1HPOBTANT FOR LADIES-At UH ABuEd BAL'M'b Hoop Skirt Manufactory you can buy Katiock Woven < orneta. wbalebonea, fl M), reeda V< Mo. 4 V Louisiana avenue, betwi-ea tith and 7tbatreeta jalllm" Bb1dal amd pthebal wkbaths, boguets,ck08skb. amcuwbs.stah8. Ac , br<-a?rved in natural form, laip>rred PLoWKii^, uaib f lowbhs. and uraimnu. al-o, 1m Sorted moss. Haiti db csse8 lor Bails, by lia. kbibb Haa removed to Mo. 429 llth at , between g f.nd h. oc 1 ?m* r|"a kb notice -Bridal and rnneral Wre?ths, i ii qneta, Oroaaea, Anchora. etc ,* eservejin ??'aral lorm: Wax rlowera, Hair Vlowera, on ' ttlaee or Pearl, at No. 346 o atreet, near lith ja 16-lm* At tub laW tttfiap stamping huoms 4 49 9tb aw-eet, opposite Patent Ottice, ladiea can get at our reduced price*, on the Very Lest Wamaaitta? Might sown Tokea. r?Ady atamped ..m eta. Chemiae Tokea, ' ctg. Banda * ...?...lOctg. Bither for prald or embroidery, onr paitetns are of the very deaigns, aeleeted with care in Mew York, and being in receipt et thorn weekly, we Are able daily tolaaue new patterna aa well as make and a tamp *ny pattern broaght na. i. o. 0. Working Cotton At reduced price a. de 19 tf r adibs it ib acknowledged that the mew stamping dbpot, on Jth atreet, 4 39, baa tbe beet aalection of Patterna ever offered here, and the proprietor haa rednced the price to onb h alp that baa been charged heretofore. Beina a practical Stamper, no teamed be bad ot getting what will unit yon. Go aee him He will make and stame an v pattern de 16 tf John d. olabk., attobnetvmitcobmbbllob at law abb motaby pdbl1c, Mo. a3a 12tb atreet weat. de 14 ly j^adibs look at this. COLLAR AHD CUFFS OIVEN AWAY. Bach lady bavins work done at the obbap stamping booms, 439 9tt? atreet. opposite Patent OMee, will receive gra:i* one Collar and pair of cnffa. atamped on uhj tinea; muallu, for chain atich. Braid or Embroidery, auittble for aigbt-gowns Star Braid and Colored Gotton for the above at reduced once*. Initial* atamped from on'- to.rtr* cento. Stamped goods at half the price heretofore asked. de 29 tf GEORGETOWN ADVEirMTS. Cheap cottons. ~ AT MILLER'S, 101 bb1dgb stbbbt gboboetown, d. 0. jn?t reot lved. a large atcek of cot r??n goo da, which we are telling at lower prices than they have been aeld since the war ? bl ached Muali 1, 1l>i. ii. 18 cants; good yard wide Shirting ditto. 2u and2?aenta; 4 4 Androeooggln Bleacbfd Muaiiu, 3Ucenta, 4-4 Wam-mtta d-., s3 centa, 94 (4.8 1, 9 4,19 4,11 4 bh.eiiiik*, very low; Calicoea at ws. 16. is cents. Merrimack*, Spraguea, and other best makes, ju cents; Shirting Priata, at cents; un bleached Mualina, 12s, 1^ centa; yard wide ditto, id and 20 centa. Call and examine our atock. mobby gab be savei* by ao doing jaj4 la?* benjamin millbb. Wm i. whbatley's pbrm10m 8teau dybing a clbamsintft eitabl iStl ment, Office no 49 JetTeraou at., Gaorgetown. d. 0. Established 1bs1; prewinm awarde<i by tbs Matropolitan Inatitute, 1867; rebuilt 1806, andlnow by far tbe largest aud iuo?t complete establitbmontof the kiad in thla taction or country, with a large atock of the beat foreign and domestic Dyes and Cheuifcala; replete with every doair able Apparatna, And provided with tha beat Talent and Artiatlo Skill to be obtaiaed. The aub acribcr ia prepared to demenatrate to hla cuatomera tbat pre eminent aa may have been his previous reputation, hla motto la " Bxcelaior'' |n Dyeing. Cleansing, and BaflDtahln^ Ladles'aud Gentlemen a Apperel, Silka, VeiveU. Satlna. me rlno. Clotha.ac., be meana to atand unrivalled Truly tbankfnl far paat favora. he aolloits the continued cnatuiu of the coarnunity. ?/ Goods received and returned by Express with the utmost promptness and dlapntcb. ja h im wm. h. whbutlb y. Dyer. ?^S^45iU!US13.trfi? *ba??ntfc my u-m reasoned oak wood, vob sale chbap, at walkbb's lumbbb yabd, jaJl-lt Corner 10th atreet and Canal. piAMO??nofnll-als# Ohiokeriag Grand Plaao b which we have takeo la exchange. tor Bale upoa aaay terms. Price #uo, a<|bb| the warerooms of invii w. o. metzeeott ? co , de 7 Bole AgaaMaf Staiaway a Bona y 1MB BOBPBAUirW1NB8. " Chatsan Margaax, ( vfBUg,, lmi ) Chateau Laroae, * Chateau Lagnsuge, " uk, Marxauz Medoc, " Canfenac Medoe, " " Chateau Lafltto. ? 1161. Ofiataau Leorllls, ,4 Chateau Bauterae, " " Pootet Canet. *' m Juliea ? ' " For nip at rednced phcea br b o. dyeb a co., bi8 Pemaylvanta avaniio( jalT-eot between lith aad IStb atreetg. A LABGB Aaeortment' of' BMawar I none' J Pianos bavl juat been received. Alao,^^') dir ?. a SBTZIBOTT t CO. UHB'!,0.I&,."?.."ST?Sgi TAJ?TBUOH10. 5K2r,S?iD%rtTS5?! uHSi"?! drusguu. j?wlt* 11 ff| 4. if yi># i ? FOit SALE AND BENT. ?UB UIT- Two hMI| IkriiiM BOOMST** ?atL Ot lilt -A Mlwi AM i' diif bvon r ' ? #Mr> Hluk T?r tma *r three #*i>M m? Mk aa-> 7(1. afroete. jam ?' l* I o 4*j J'VrV^ iMk?, iMpirtat Mm, *lv> H atreat, MMMllfSmti. jaS?4t* Ff 1 KK|TT-T? r.-* rtnfc ??M??P ?. i? a lrt"Ntartly, tatabftt far iambics of Com gr*e- . r ktk*l MNww So II! M1 <? ( t. career V,G*,IM Kit*. I^OB BBPT-gt Bt*~?i?. 9% . #JO.aad ?0.*4~ * Cat'irtUhad BOOl?B8 erert p.rt?o( the cl?y fjABB 4 06..4P?h ?? >'*" ?. >H*M" D Mid B. Booa 13. jaM-pwABTTOaBBHIBltP rot UfcT.lRITHK Proiace aad PhtarM lee im*. i|Hr M IkifMj ilanar Mr. McSell.ua I Ah bo tVH ?Cm?P jf Bt Fob MBNT-A eaaaL. four rtta BBIOK liMDBB tHmMtoimwM beetwaea MMMMrMto tNtud BtUBwrMM ?rtk. A??H M BALDtt'IK A BBOS . ) ? tad flotsfc Jobt<Bf amp rlitMitertVa* Three s'ory R BtOK*B b ? BE oilit li. 1)4, IwtwMB M is< atbat* , vnb (iiMtf ? er, aad In goad re p eir, tor rem. Poeeaeaion jlw March lat. Tbe Furniture In the al>ove koaM being ? ? and desirable. Will be void at prl rate sale a put ttOTtfcttml. ja | <t L'OB BIRT,->Fw test BOOMS fur reui. ua I" twlMr from MU M. in iutiv il the boaee j* I. at* LH'B BBHT? From frbruirjr lit IroiltMtnl r Upper BOWMS. *urniebf*,at S5each. App'y at <91 Mb?tR?t wMt, dht Pt ar? jtHlt' P)B BBHT-A two"story BRICK HOrsB on 1 -th stt<^t b tw?eo o wd p. Bent $? P* month Inquire at 4*4 lite at. ja M-JI' ("'ABBOLL PLAT'S, 446 lat itrwt fronting J Capitol Park ?'Twobaniaome PABLOBH.fur ' bad or unfaruiab^d. with gas. T?o CHU KERB Location u ties nail erf. jeMkt* t'OB KENT?Twe good BRIUK HOCBES. two stories. well tioiaM. at lis neb lireM paved and lighted ?uh gee. B W WiLLBT F eirret e *uth. bat 45. and oth, Ho. 17k iaM-tt* FINB 8UITB8 uf BOOMS r-Tj pleasantly locatrd to rest, single or togethrr. spun moderate t?rma Inquire at 329 H street t>et 14h and 1Mb. jntt-tf l/OR RBNT-A FBAMB HOUBB containing t rooma. *itaaud na the rornar of eth and U ata. B-ut #2i par amuth. Inquire next door, ja 2o-3t* L'OR BBNT Part of the larg?- F H \ M K CUT I TA8B, Patriot, S door* ??t of 1 jth (J? paaa tb? corner aid roannlfit to tfae Oepirt at It* l'oh 8alb?>tock. f1xtprbs. end oood i will o! a ai at-claaa Mil<ia?r> s ore, in one of the beat locatloti on Pennay trauia) ?er an? Addreaa a b , Btar Ottice jah ic L;UK BBNT-A t?o atory FBAMB HOrsB. I on O atreet. between 4th and Mb etreeu. A? ply to a HB1TM1LLBB Veramnt atrenae tniweea N aid O atiaeta.or 11 BBITMILLBB.O atrtet, between ?th arid Mb eta ja 16 tt* L'OK KENT?Ownfnwiit ttuL'i^B, ai(h t >nr V ro<~aia,|?Kii gr,and tntrb?D Inquire at N<>. 430 lath aireet beltaecn H and O. le'aud <m ths pit oaiaee, or at B H BRtnlauiia. -27ft D ?t n. rth itUtM Utb and 15',. Poeeea*loa la' f February. jh 1H> LBT- A V Ka ME UoUr' IC or rootu? ftV iTa H atraet, near Sad. Bent ^30 per nuntb In <inite O 8 BAKBB, Boom 6. cornet 7th aad F at re* ta^ ja J5_5t * L'OB BBUT?Two atorr B KICK HOUrtB. cor a Maea. aveacr aad I5tti atre<t t'.-??evoa aiven on tbe let of Fearuary Inaaire of J V CO BO BS , northwaat corner of 13th and H ata ja 26_3i* F'OB RI NT?In Georgetown, I wo a?w DOC8K9, contattiinir elx room- each, on 3d atreet. No 41 and 4i. Bent to anit the tioiea. Apply t<> JAf. KOBEKTtK>B, Agent, No.bO Pronp-ct at ja rv.tt* UB BALI?A BBBTaLBaKT" and FIX t TO BBS. wi h tbr?-<- >eara lea*? now doing a fair tactnea? Kor farther In'orniation appl> tn JOS. B KaWLINQS Ne ??u iMh atr*-et oppo tlte Treaatny Pepartnent. la 25 it* L lib BhNT- A 11 ul 8K, ?itb 5 ro-rn- and ba*e1 Hit-ui: water con\eDlt-nt; aear (he cara In jnlre at No 37. Corner of Drldge ai:d Oreeu at., GeoiKatuwu. Aleo, a Boom, larnishad or un ftrtiiahed. ja j.i J' * L'OB BFHT?A larse and aeatly Forntahed a IBuMT BOOM, in a private faml y, amt* ble |?r one ?r two gantleiuen, at tt3b l?t eant, tie (week C aud I? nc-rtb, near the Capitol. Alao, oaFtont Room, anfumlabed. ja ts-lw* F"OB S A LB? A~L BC G 8 TO BB. aitaated on the moat promiuant corner in the city, wellat-cketl, aad dolag a good t.oain?-n To beaeld eetylov.tlie proprietor ba\lug kutiaro oat of ih-cit\. Apply at once to J. O. FILL., ttecratary Pbatw AaeociatioBt Box < 40 Citf Poa; UrUce. ja A> ao3t L'OB BENT-Twenty arrea or aaore of LAND, r with a COTTAGB; a few mlnatea walk trom tba city limlta, on the Capitol road, near Glen wood Cemetery. For p.utKulare tn.iolre oa (be preiuiaea. Poeaeaalon given by th? lat <>f Marcb WM CM B BBT ja 2i eoSt* Mt. Pl? aanr.t, naar Waahlngton. f'^OB BKNT?Tv^ToraTThed BED B >OMS, wCb leather bed a. Injulre at tha Grocery Btortcorner of lath and B atreota weet ja .'4 *t" F'OB BINT-A two ti rr BB10B. HUOSB c-?ntalning alz roomy ana baaament. oa 11th at t betwaea Maryland avanne and B ?tre< t. Island Inqnlraol Bra ST. CLaIB, 4'^.t 7th atreet. t>etvean G And 11 au. ja u st' FOB bbmt-A 3 atory BB1<:bTMOUSE con talnlngS rooma, gaa and water, on zd atra^t, Georgetown. Apply to JOSEPH A t. K. LIB BBT, Lam tar Barcbaota, Bo. 27 Water atreet, Georgetown. ja ?-et* J^O CAPITA L18T8. BABB CUABCB FlMt INVB8TBEHT For Sale, two two atar? FBAMB UOUBESanl LOT, 3 *i4, on a u alley, between lttb sad 13th and E ana F atreeta. Price $1^00 Thia property la low aad muat be aold. D L. WBLL8 A OO , Baal Katate Brokera, ja 23 8t Narthwaat corner li?th aid ? ata. h^OR BALE?A GREAT BAROA1B?The FOB NITl BE, LEABE, LICENSE, AMD FIXTCBBS at one of the beet located and peyiac Hotela. with bar. naar tb* Centre Market aud Paaa aylvanta avenua, all in good order, now doing a good buaiueea, and lull ot bearoera; bae tairty tooaa Owner leaving thr ci*y raawa fur aallioe Apply to D la. WELU8 A CO , Baal Batate Broker*, ja K 8t Mortbweat comer of ltKh and F eta. F' OB BALE -FOBBITOBB tar aale for #i ?W and BBIOK HO0SK of tea rooma tor rent, with gaa and water, at per mvith near the F atriet eara. Tha Home le in good repair, and tha Fnrnltnre la la yerfect order A great bargain fer any one desiring a uaat home. D. L. WELL8 SCO., Keel E'tata Broken. norbweat cornar 10th and F eta. ? F. B - Seraral first cln>a F0BNI8I1BD BOC8ES for rent, in good locations, from $luo to 920U per month. ja >i ?t FOB BEBT-Twonaw FBAMB HOt'BBB. on B treat waet, naar corner inn. They will be rented on raaeonabia term* to paectnal tenant*. Inquire at Office of JONES A COLLINB. 474 xtb treat, between D and B ata. ja l? 7t* L^OB BALB?(Only eaab re-jnlred >?Berer ral new2 atory BOl BEd.ln different parte oftheelty. Thia ( a rare chance for pertnaa of mail mi an* to procara bomea. B f ARB A CO., 4E?H 7th ?t., bat. D B. ja 19-lf t^OB BENT?One larga three ctory BBIOK HOUSE, containing alz room* and oellnr, large y ard. aitaated on the cornar of loth and Q ata , pnniplnthe yard. Beat moderate. Apply to J. T , Star Office, or oa the premieee jail tw LHiB RI NT- A large BBIOK HOOB>B, eoaa te'nl ag 13 rooma aad oallar, wltb gaa aad water; altnatad at tba oortier of 7th atreat and Pa. avenue eaet opposite Wallach School House In ^uHeol UENBT KOTTBANN, 444 lltfe (tree* eaat. ja l? ?w* HOOBK ABD BTOBB FOB BBHT?Ne. 414 Pennsylvania avenue, betwaea Masdllt ate., a *?ry prominent buatneen etand. resaaeeioa given February let. Apply at 04?">a Ball. F WALLACH. jall-eotf Cornar 44 at. aad Peon, aveaoa. L'OB REMf-A three story BBIOK MOOHB. r furnished, on 0 street south, between 2<1 and 3d aaat, Oapitol Bill. Inquire of F. FAIBFAX, at the Coaat Survey OBoe, Oapitol Bill, between 9 a. m. and 3 p m. ja 15 eolm* JVVTIOM-FOR RENTOR LEASE-Tk? wall 1^1 Known F1BHBBY on tba Potamac river, this aide ol Fort Waablngton on tha Maryland aide, 10 n>llea by water nod 13 by la>d Apply u H B. JOHNSON. Bo. 3^3 Penn. avenue, between ah and 6th ata . opposite national Hotel ja7 dim* Fob salb-a ooubtbt beat abd gabDEB r ABM.wttAtaonemiieef tbeotty Thia property will be aold low and ou ea*y terae, or aacbangad for dt) property. Alao, from Twenty to Sixty Aoree adjoining tba above. Alee, Parma "SUPST"' HerlAanat cornerVlb and ACS., ja Aim* We?bingtoa. P.O. l?OB BBNT- A tbraa story and baaemaat Brick r DWELLING hoi sK brown fr-ar, water and gaa, tan rooms, now undargclug rcpalra, situated en 13*.h atreat weet. between L st. north and Maaa. nvaaae, le. 369. In aire at Ho. BOB utb t, between B aud 1* n. nt. and 4 and 4 p m. ja 3 11 ^17OB BEBT?Tba FARM, for tba laat tbraa yean A tha raaidaaoe of Major Tbaepbiloa Oalnea, c?n(lftlnc of lUlacree. lying naar Fort Maban. 1 tin from Penning'a Bridge. Imnrovementa, dwell og ouae of 11 room, atone atnble. aervaat% boneea, arn.Ac Addraaa **B. B.,n 437 E street, Wasa Ington, D. O.,or call In poraon, between 3 and 1 a. m. mm tr RAEB 6BABOB?For laaMdlate eaU ea."^ the best Issatad anaall corner stor? GBOOB BIBB tn the rlty Btock nnd Fixture aew Ap^ immediately, by tetter, to A. 8 ?..CHp^Port frOB BENT?Tbe ST ORB BOO ^ corner of Pa. nvanue aad lttb Ureet weet. In tbe Bter O Joe uildtag. formerly occupied by w. B. Mecn< rott na a mnein etore. and recently as tbe odea af tbe agssuv-?? *"* ?<" yiyITOR BEWT?Two large and one email eommuul- ' r entlug ROOMS, nntarntsbef.aacaud 9oor He. lSd Penn. av.,bet l?.bjamd lath eta, n??8 tf PR?5K5f>Kr? v'i *? B # AUCTION RUM JT ? ?. w wmi ZTfc . JjrAVl'' * rf ! attbows rw>trtr.r ^W?Std Whi/ ,r? ? ' Qiwtft tMki Irttlr Bnikrlssadcesr. WiM. S?trSi y c,Bb ",tt*ri - Wi5a?il?lf afother Coeds la tberrac-ry af which will be paiMMnltv. MlT,J <>??? W I. WALL A OO . Aeei* B,"A8U,*<XL^rsr,71^1. Ju.SZSti&iSF" A le?*e log ef Baot*. Shoes m4 Gad tecs fcfas . ?** Tobacco Mu4U lipaiti ait in Mao. ",,b 1 ??W T?r?. rath. J1. WiffLK A OQ Ana's RT AIL U?- A^HMMTt D Baa a?i and it * r. * .?. between HI *?4 MKa MrtM fBSWA\piT VrSSSw^iBii*#! SIBhKT *T AUOTIOJ ' * 9TK n,f* TCBBPA* KUkOIVO. Jeaeery m at IP oYlcck ?a will a?ll, at the eliee ei~L .J balance at st<*-k the ret a, ib* **??> **T t??m Mr to <u until rVewft: u ViaTSLr? SJ.<r^T^UC0M Place ?i4rfi Dnr Goods MerlB<-e?. tl?Ui>u Poetise. A!??i>< (ilk.. Call cure c Hi ataea Ttr^T' .?.* ? ?*lrM bheetii.*. i^sawis S&K&,., Tha I.dies are invited L. attend ^ k . ? kAW A ?O . An t* -a?tt b c. bbookma. H? * L. WALL A CO . Auctioneer* l' ? m?im Mm XUmii xn South cornsr P?,LDa nvenneeud ?th street BOSK W 00? TIA BO, Hitr8IUf)i,p rt-BMI ? __JlJPkk, Ac AT AC'TIHI **-*miOi WIOMM'A T MdBKIHfl i ? .. l_oV|.^k ,, win a?l|, M i.o<we * ,ML ',n-" " ltow?u?4 Piano and Stool Nrnni latins. * a rdr<>!><* Bedstead*.. iflerent HidH*lr and Ih rk M?rtre??*s Of air. B. rkm, Toilet Table* t rcckerp HUn*u? Oo kins Hi- ve? Ar . With m?u) oUm r ariiclee la tha houaekeeein* "fc* all of which will be * Id w11boot reaerv* 3 *1_ W.L. WALL A OO.. A ucU J. C.McOLlKB A OB? AirHw.,?, ?B11?ES? T?A SETS, UINNRV ? ?*Lf *KS. WORK >tani?? nanim * iix&JiSift, " "? ??*??#. Ware. cam i r >eiag? verneee Tea Sets. Dinner PUi i aid Disbe* 1'anch Bowl* and Vum Carved Bb av Stands C'lierker aad BarkfanBi^o B >ardi workManda. rt^ama ld l? V'ickar 01 >tk and Baakata Kietch 01 loa Winner and Toilet Seta Oak Btt<>D>l?B TaMaa ud Dmiug Chairs T?(>le ?nd ft d Ltaan Blanket* feheeu ? aatker Bolatara and Pilli?. Hair and Hn*k Mail r-?na? J^nrdrobta b> r? aui aLd Wa-h?tandi Tinwanj Ac., aad a general i^ortmant of km hen > inn; lure. ThmnA. ;0 d J. o McGFIBB A 0?., Aact. yT W. B. LBWI8 A CO., Aoctlooeera. LABGE STOCK OP CLOTHING AT ATOTIOB TULKS! AV N k XT. January M.atlCOil*. k we shall ?ell the wkole ?to,k f Mr. W Aiaa at Me store. *"**' Pa ivhm, aear liik<treet. ci>asl>titic of Clolklnft ef every deerr|?tl0B rUr iiiakiDg 0?-<<0e Hosieries Ac . Ar ' Pfcle W411 la cOBitliued evety eveniac until C?f?J W, B. L?B IH A CO.. ,f?26-'t Auctioneer*. BI DOWBMAB A MAUUClikU Baal Kiiae Cr^kctS THOMAS VOWUKG, Au*ti? near. SALE OP HOl bBUOLTTABD K ITCH KM PCBon w?BJaK.W Mabocaaj and Haircloth Obslra and Sofas Kockers. Tahi< a. and W ardr Ces \? as hats i d? Toilet 8a ts Oilcloths. Carpeting Window Curta'ns and Sb?4es Parlor ani OoaHag Btures Kit. hen Otenalis, As .Ac. " rm caeb. The house for rent J*2? ? THOS. POV* LINO. Anrt. JAB 0 HcOUlBK A 00., Anctioaaarn DBS1BABLK THBKB STOBT PRAMS HOI SK atABction^1' ? **4 H " r**u B??b. Oa UkbNBSOAT APTBRBOOK aazt, Jan nan 30,at * o'clock, oa tha ?ramieM we will eatl Lot Ha s, In Sqaare 48., tmprored by an excellent ?brea story Prau-e Hoaae. contsluing ? rooas. with hall also, side allay, tke eaaie fronting is J ? ast side of Mb street wast between G and H at reels aorth. ranaiaf back |i faat ita II foot paved alley In the rear. Gas la the he nee and water In tke yard. Hesse a?? renting far Ax<0 per anr.nm Terms: One haif cask; l.alance ia sis and twelve months, with lutareat aacared by deed af traet on the premleea Ail eotiveyaacit,g and revenue staaps at eost of pni kaaer J. O. MtGl lRK A OO . ^alS d Ads Aacuoaeers JJI GBKKki A WILLIAMS, A actio Beers IBCSTKB-S SALKaf VaLBABLK IMPROVED PBOi'ARTk OH ItH MnIBT. By virtue of b deed of trust, I earing date oa tbe li?h 4a> af Aagngt, A D. MM. an4 daly recorded in Liber B. M 11 Ha. 14. fullaa tih. Ac , of the iBBCI records lor Washington uoaAty. ia tbe District of < eluMkta, and by direction af tke aariy Mrared tb?reby, 1 will sell at pnhlic aacUon, ia frontal tbe preaiieee, an MOBLaT, the lltB day of Palmary. A. 0. 1847. at? o clock p mi , Lot aaniherad twenty four <u> la Wiitneraer s recorded suhdlvtaioa of suaare numbered four huadred aad forty twai?42>, i* tae aity of Waab.ng L.a, ia tke IMttrlcl af eluiabia. together wi tk all tl.e imprareti ei>u tkereon. This piopetty is well ia proved, aa4 located ia a ary deairahle aad iaiproviag part of the city Terms of sale One third la cash.ef which AaO aiust be paid at the sale; tbe reaiaiaiac two thirda to be paid la six and twelve tnoathe. with latereat fraai day of sale, aad to be aecared by deed of trn?t to the satisfaction of the truster. Terms of sale to be complle4 with with!a five days; otherwise tbe traatee reaerve* the right ta resell at the risk and eoat of Brat parchaaer, atter ne week s pwtiic notice All convey ancing and stamps at tbscostof tbe parohaaer. WM. H WaBD, Trustee. ja?-eoA4? OBEEN A WILLIaMB. Aucta. |JT OBEEB A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer. TBChTBE'S SALB Ok' H0UBH AID LOT. PBOBTIBG UB bOCTH O BTBHT. BBTWBBB me AMD 1'ITB STBBBTS BAST. AT PUBL10 AUCTIOB. OaTHCBSLAT. Slstiaat., at llo'elork m., I ahall aell.oa the pramiaea. by virtae of a deed of trust, dated tbe IJta of September. A. D. I?j*. aud daly receraed ia Liber ft. M.U folio. 1SJ. 1.1 aud 18, la oae of tbe Land Becorda ef Kuhlnitss Ceaaty.iB the Dtstriwt of OolainMa, baeiac M feet fraat l y ltat?et4eep. to the pieet af tanning, with tbe impravaaseBts. coaaistiag ofa t.o story Frame Hoaae. Terms Oaah All oeaveyaanag and reveane .tamps at the eoat of tae parchaaer. #50 |t?ra on the day af aale.aad If tbe terma are ai>t complied with wtthia five day* after the day of a*le, tbe tt o.tee reaerves the fight te reaell tb. pre* laesat the risk aad coat of tAe defaultiBg parchaaer. by advertising thiee time- ia some m-wspaper published ia vashiacton city. BOHBBT CLABK. Trustee jaM-aa GBBBB A WILLIAMS, Aacts. Tri; KViVr'dF^rM. VfirSi* rS"?. WOBTH.of Monut Oarmel. Oonne ucat, praying tor the eitaaaluti of a |ilut granted to Via. ou ?b" ?Jb *** J um. IkS, tar ah iBprovei ?al In SLatUa Box Mat ma ia Looms for seven years t rum rt"* ? -< Itlaerderad that Ike said wetitiaa he beard at tbe Patent Obee oa Monday, ttie .id day of Jaaa Best, at it o'clock M.; aad all perwona are uotiAed te appear aad stew cauae, if bup they have, why said petition ought not t> be fraated. personsopposisc tbe esteaaioa are reqaired to Aleii> tbe PaieatOSoa their abjections, speoai.y set forth in writ leg, at least hrewiy 4ays Mors ttte day ot bearing, all testimony tied by ettber parly to be aa?? at the said b*arlac must he taken aud transmitted ia acooreence witb tke rulea of tbe of !< .. which will be faraisbed oa application Ilep^*itlous and etBer papers reliad upon as teetimomr must be kled la tbe ? flee rwva* days before the dap of bearing, the argameats, if aay, wltbia ten ds?s after filing rhe te* tnaooy [ ordered, also, that thta aoteo ae pabMebed la tbe Bepabllcaa aad the lateflleeeaer, Wa*hiagioa, DO., aad ta tbe Palladiam, haw Havea/Coa Becticat, oaee a week far three ennoaaslM weak*. tbe first of eatd pablleatleat t* be at leaat sixty days prevtoas ta ?be Aayaf b^artaa_ t C THKAKBR. I _ ? Oammtaetoaer of Palest* P.S ?Bdltars af the above papers will pleeae copy, aad setid their Mils te tWPateat OSioe with apsipwcaatalnlag tblsnotioe. ja 9 Iaw3w L'Oft SALE?Oae tweat) hocea power aertaKle r arBAM BBG1NB aBa? BAW MILL, list completed, and ararm .t*-d to slve sstlt'eutioa. Also, several amall s?atioaery EMGlBBa, sew aad see?*a?VHind whfebsrtilbe s 4d low Tor ca?h. Apply fewji if, ELLIS A BBO Bods Iron Vrm. caraer of #bla aveaae and Itth itr^t, WmWagtou, D.O. Clioal J ia?-Saw?? eeseaj c? '? .a.A bp *v> 1 ssf M