6 Şubat 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Şubat 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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doming ^tur. V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 6. 1867. N?. 1.342. THE EVENING STAR PUBLISHED DAILY.. SUNDAY BXCEPTBD) AT THE STAR BUILDHIO, Jovttu*?t ccrntr renn'?. *cenue and 11U ttrut, BT w. d. wall a oh. Ttie STAR is by toe earners to their subscribers in the City and District at T bit Vmhth fir wm*. Ooplee at the coaatar.wltA or without wrappers. Two Osvtb sacta. Paid fob Mailiho ?Three months, 'On* Debar and F\fty Cents; Six months, Three Dollar t. one year. Fne DoUart. No papers art ?*ai from the office longer than paid for. The W L?RLY i>T AK?poOUshed oa Friday morr.iry-Onc Dollar and a Half a Tear. dentistry. DR. LEWIE ? DENTAL A&SOOIATIOB, _ Mo. Ub? rbNN'A avi, Between 13th sad 13th streets. Twth extracted wit boot pain by admlastsrlng Nitrous Uijdi ?r Laughing <> ?, Dr. recently pnrcb%?*d the be?t%JS3 Ck*mic?l Apparstus in the country for** 1 ' ** otallng suregasevery day. also,an Inproved Val ulir hh?i?r The Associativa is now prepared to make Te, tb on Gold. Silver sad Rubber at tlsw Yr rk Philadelphia and Boston prices. All per?<>ne wishing dental work done can have It as . heap as in the at>..ve named cities All work dons In (tie nrau-a: sad beat manner. and warranted to give stiifsctioa Persona will do well to call sl?i examine onr work. d? 24 If t 1 * T m loomw.m D., ,"T^* l*y*ater ai.d Pateatee of we MiffISAb t. l TBKTH, attends pertonally at^n^ bfs office in th>e city. Many person* can ***r th-*e ceetb who cannot wear othersT"""," and no person can wear others who aannet wear tlMM. Persons calling at my office can be aooomaaoda:ed with toy it|Te arj price of Teeth they may detire, tot to those wh i are parti ular.aud wish the rurest, cleanest. strongest and moat perfect deatore tbat art can procure. the MIB BBAL TB1TH will be more fnlly warranted. Room* In this etty ?No 3!t>* Penn'a aveaae, beV**?? "h and 1Mb tts Also, 907 Arch strset. Philadelphia. oc ?0 1r "Fkrsonau v ol can never make thb tbiponpi cliu or Saniar.tau bukiuat*. See Dr. D\t4li?, 4!?a 7th ?t.eet He 1? the hignesi anth>>ritv .i. -ii a c*.-es His private rooms are opp site OJfi f*)!oin Hail ja :S-lm " l>BBVKNTION BETTER THAN CURE 1 > rt b prftentlve* against clieaae and preg us.<c> ? win u si.cb :a nois irable)Seut to any ad ?t ?4. %: anc 37 r?-r io/eu according to una l'y.by Dr WOOD Bo* iOJ, or call at 4? th strfet, up stairs > Washington, D. C jaM lui* \l "8 J I BTI* TBV1N0, CUttrioycint, and 7*"f i 1 .Vedium.wil . lv* life readings, Including P? t. Present and Ku'u e at her office, 120. narth ?t e of Pa av.,b-tweei. and &th streeta. Office hours from 9 to 2 a. m and 6 to 9 a. ui. jaltlm* 4 B. MAIBI B KEALSOIBNTIFIU AS- I a. TROLOGER OP AMKB10A, Prom the p.?)tion una expect ot ti e Stars at the lime >1 ( cr'? bir.b will reveal astonishing serret? thst no |i*i hk n.0 tal ever knew before. Bow to be ?iicee(Mtal lu ell res?ous^ie ondertakings. H> tells tame snJ very day you marry; describe* Ibe iLtemled couisanio i, axd t? lis all events of life good lu- k and long life to visitors. La lies so i elite lo ?1 geiitleseu lu fall fl. Oail at 4 70 'Stbst Lear F. all hours until h lu the evening, de 31 :m" i i ENTLKMEN WHO AKE A ?"KLHfTED ?A * cure wsrrstited by ?n old Surgeou of twentythree >ear?'experience in this particular branch ?? the pro*t?sien. t barge* moderate Do not apply to ; scks. but to J B. OARDtiBB. M 1? . late of the United Ststes Bicord Venereal Hoaf i?l Oflice No -21 south A street, opposite the I ai>itol S iUare, south side. ^ N I. Madlcines also furnished at co-tt. de ZT lm* C^l^PlPBNTIAL ?T -ung men who have In / jured theui?clves oy certstn secret habits, which nnftt th-i? 'or business, pleaaure, or tbe dctiei of marritd life; also, middle aged and old m^t.. who. trc the follies of yonth, or other *-i?e* fe?' a detiltty in advance of their y?ars. b?f?r pt? ir e h- m^elves under the treatment of a > O '.-.abouU. nrat read "The Secret Priend " s. r - I i?diee wHl le^rn ?ou>ething of importance vy p?. 1-ii.g Tbs Secrst Friend. Sent to any ?ddress, ic a sealt t enreloa*-. on recast oi 25 ceats Addresa Dr. CHAS A STUABT A CO.. Bo-toni no >-ly OLOThtng, As. L' J. HBHtKB'JBlT " ' J,.!.,!, tte^coseor te H F. London 6 Oo., CITIZEN S AXb MILITARY ^ . MEBCHAXT TAILOR, etropolitan Hotel Iste Brown's, g|P __ , ? 3?'i Painsyl??U avenue, "? " jny l tf Washington, u 0. 0tti)ai-kb,'5 pianob akd vabqabt A NEE, 'Ma M S IAULUU OBOABS. -V.'Jli!1 11 te their interest?^^ r ,th^rupcrb Instruments be-|B86| f..r- pur?hj*ing ?d) other, Oal? agency at GEO KGB L. WILD A BBO 8 ma ?r^?? ^Organ Wareroo^, N.?. 497 11 tb street between Penn 's avenue atrd B -"tre^t A ?rie?t ass rtment uf new ar>e seeoud hand In laiem??1"' CttPiTH OIOAH, for < V, . fac?ery prlrea and on easy terms no S3 ?m? *nd BB P A1B1N0 f?lthft>Hy sgecn ted WECBBT DI8BTSTST BAMARITaH'I A IPTI 8AMABITAJTS 91 FT/ TBE MOST t'BKTAIN BEMBDT EVEB USBD "Yes, A Powitivk Oral," fer OGXOKMUOiA, OLMMT, 8TMJCTL'HKS, Sa Contains no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury, On!i Ten Fills t* 6s 7h*<a to A/sci a Cure. They are eitUrely vegetaoie, Uavtug no soiell aot aay aup easaut tsste. and will not in any way Injure the stomach er bowels of the most delicate Cores la from two to four days, and recent cases la twenty fonr hours " Prepared by a graduate ef tbe tuiversity of Pennsylvania, sneof the most SBiiocLt Doctors sad Chemists of ths present day no urosttre, no trouble, no <-knngt ?*Aalter, ' Let thoae who have despaired of getting cured, oi who have been gorged with Balsam Oo savin or Mar enry. try Mm * SAMARITAN S &1FT Bent by mall In i plain envsloM Price?Male packagea, |1. FsMs, # ! BLOODf BLOOD!I BLOOD in SABABiTAtra BOOT AND USR-B JUloa Is offered the public as a sosltl ve cars si HIIlIs OR VENllisAl, D1SEAsgg SAMARITAN b BOOT AND HERB JUlcS' iVl Bioyt potent. ?ert*m and eflectaal remedy aver ?? scribed It reaches and eradicates every ^artt^rotbe?eaeraal polsou so thst ths cure Is tboroMfc ^v s^^nssiie7i!. P?'lfylng r^ say sua be healed, and do not transmit it in . posterity that for which tSm me# Mpeai toiftJi 1 DO NOT DFSPAIB I Altnomgh yon may oe proonoucei inenrtait SAMARITAN 8 ROOT AND HEB^T^C^OM will remeve every vestige ef Imsurittaa system, as wellas all the bad effaffo? rEM ALB8: p|[; H a h?!- n ' In rnauy afl sell one with whlsn numsers of w males -uder the BOOT AND HEKU Jniim* happil> adapted, la Ulcerated OWus Yn' rhaea. In bearing duwu. Felling of the Womk Ulity. andi tor ati oo?pUints Incident to t^i* SMtby express. Pnc? $1 si per botu# 1 . samaajtan* wash BoofMd^ef^J utses"' ??? o?o, with the Full directions Price 16 cents The efficacy of these remedies Is alike arkn?j sett stating that 1 have used The Tteoarltaa BnmZdli* 1 reeouMnd theas strongly, e*d by g, 0. FOBD, corner Utfe street and * ' 'najUABS.BLACX. WaaOH.tAllOW. e P llir, LAW OFFlCIM. -WAC1. ^ BLACB, LAM ON M OO . had Attorneys at Law in the n-surn.. Oa*rt of the United Btatea, the Court of the Ooqru of the District, the Bxecntt?e S.^f' end Oemnrfttees of boagrUT * ****" iWBotoU 1Uth U-t' ^ WllIIEBZBEBO B LOAM 0FF1UB. " " **. . . ^ BataMished 1*J. siffef.' JS?w?pnraatso5ffigi?nad all kinds of MercfcaTdlZ B?t.^ .tSu,' coaBdsaUal. 391 North C street.between Vi .,I ?th strvets. ln.tuedl.uly 1.' r^'of ttrN^on^ U*ul\ Ja8 lm* lat*ct M9,&t2in? ?' "?'? B. ALLI?T, tltEJrCH HAJK D)ltSSFR% 394 B street, between Itth and ! tth sts Mr Alllot, from Farts, Balr-Dr> *aer. of the selebrnted Barbel, with whom he arrived In this ^oaatiy, bas now been established for tne last ?ifl<t years In Washington and Newport, eaV.'"B<>e >'*>"ang'S sfttsteryi diPVmat,qyt, aod aft he highest society. He hoe tbe honor to annaaneo that hs bas this season imported the latest fashions of hair dreestag, and atoo pemadea. and everything that be|?aga It thedraeslag of Lair at secy reaaoaa le prlwed jal lm* I 0 B. JMWMUL. ^OAF ABB CABDLB MAB6FACTUBBB. The nbserlher will ba pi<?ead to see alI his old frieada aad ension ra at his new atneeofbasT r \rssstt r!77 i*U4m I ' - j' ?< ,i, ,or mm is j i^ya tij iwt 'li * I i BANKERS. JAY COOKS * CO., lillllli Fkfttimk mm, lVww?? l?rul Ml a learreat marho* ro?eo, oa* Baot OMtuttr on hud. i tall aavfly of all OOVIUHUT BOND*. BBTBB-THIBTIBB, ABD OOMPOUBB IBTBBBBT NOTBS Orders t*1BTOOKB. BONDS, *0, n?dM< Collections mode ob bll aooooriblo folate. seljtf _____ . UARROW fc CO., BABKBBB. Corner LoiWui ?wim ?*d Boroath *eet. sbalbm m government securities, GOLD ABD BlLVBB Jy rtf A HP LAUD WABBABTS First National Baak of Waihingtoi. tt.D. OOOBB, (of Cookt A Go,,) Pre?HtB?, Wl.l, HUNT1NGTOB, OmUW. GCYBBBMEBT DBPOSITOBF AMD VIB AN01AL AGBNT OB THB CNITBB BTATBB, 1*U irr???, orfosut ikt Treasury Dtpartmtm. Gcvernmeal 8ecnrU|ee with Treasurer United iwone million dollars .4 *ebur and sell all classes of government uiclrltiesit current market rates. tVRNlSH exchange and makt Coll' twns all tee principal cities of the united states. We parcbase Government Touchers on the most favorable terms, and give oareful ana prompt attention to accovnts of business men and firms, and to any other bnslnees ant mated to na. FULL INFOBMATION In regard to QOVBBB MBBT LOABB at all times cheerfully fnrnlabed WM 8. HUNTINGTON, Oaebler. Washington, March te. IBM. mll tf HOTKLSVRESTA U R ANT87&0. r A B D . W1I.LARD'S HOTBli, I Washikgtos, December 1, 18641. Senators. Bepre*entativea, and others, residing In Washington, who oecirey private apartments, cu be accommodated with toetr MEALS at thla Hutel at the rate ot #1" *0 per week de 4 2m 81 KBB. OHADWIOK ft 00. J^IBKWOOD HOUBB. Corner ftnna. at e*** an t 7VW/rA ?fre?, Wfktntion, d. c. 1*"im 1 BltsaM li the moat central location the city, midway between the CAPITOL AND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Only a abort distance from all the Departmeata, Patent and Poat Offices, Smith? inlan Institute, etc. H. H DUDLEY A 00., noll-tf Proprietors. EMBICHU restaurant, Bo. 344 Ptn&a avenue, near 6th street. P EM BK'H wishes to laf *rm hla fHen la and the public generally that he now k*-?pa cou ft ? n i tantly on hand OlSTiCRiv tretb every f|f?f day , prepared in every atvle ItaXlLA His WlJsESand MOTORS cannot be aurpease J. Call and give him a trial. oc J3 tf wo( >i >a \7> X'oalT ^OAlii COAL!! AT GREATLY BEDUOED PRICES. Orwn tens ot 2,2?0 lbs , delivered in an/ part of the city. Chestnnt White Ash. 87. Stove, k gn and Furnace White Aah, 88.%'. Rtd Asb S8 60. Lehigh 89. Oak and Pine Wood eonitantly on hand. Orders received atonrOtlice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atreet 8 P BROWN A BON. jalS tf 464 9th atteei, teiwenn K and F._ ?0AL1 COAL ! I GOAL: II T T. FOWLBB ft CO. White Ash, atove and egg aizea, 88 M P?r ton. Bed A?b, do do $3.73 per ton. 2.>40 pound a guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of the Wash* in*ton and Georgetown Ice Company, (late L. J. Middle ton A Co. ?> corner 12th and F streeta, and at ?barf, foot of lutb ateeet. ja 14-lm B. 8. LAMKIN. Agent. ?0AL I OOAL11 GOAL 1! I Having determined to tell a first class article of Woed and Coal aa cheap aa the cheapest, I hope by doing ao to gain a liberal share of public patronage. The Coal prices are as follows; WblTB ASH NUT GOAL, by the ton $7 Hi BALTIMOBE t>? WHITE ASH, Egg and Stove sites.... 8 'it ALLOTHBBqr ALlTIESof WHITB tfSH ? Ji LYKENSVALLKY PURERBD ASH *74 1'IAMOND YB1N BED ASH ? 75 QBOSS WEIGHT, 2,140 LBS. TO THB TON. Always on hand and constantly receiving the beet qualities of WOOD of every description, delivered in any part of the city. E. C. BAUM, ja4-lm 7ih st., between B and Fats , island GO TO W . B . M O S E 8 ? FASHIONABLE CARPET. FDRNITUBE ABD BEDDING STORES, NOB. 4*1 A 419, INTELLIGENCES BUILD 1NG, CORNER 7TH ANDD., ABD BO 40* 7TH BTBEET, T1I0BM '8 BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOWS HALL, AND KXAM1NB THB FINEST A^SoBl'ED STOCK TB1S SIDE OP PHILADELPHIA. Be baa all the latest designs made in Philadelphia. New koi k, and B<iMtou The stock la al waya ??iecttU by Mr. Mcaea, and boaidit st the lowent rate* tor c?*h, whiclienab^ea blm to compete ?itn Ba*terti prices. Hishueet Furnltur* is made to or?ier In Philadelphia, and of the best material that can te found. Purchasers stiou'd study their own Interest by railing at hla St.>ret and examtniug the well assorted stock of t'ABPETB. FCRMTCBE, Ac., and obtain bis price.list before polng elsewhere, which be will furnish with pleasure His aasortuieat of Mattreasea Blankets. Ooraforts, C?naterpaia*-s. Pillows. Bolsters. Featherbeds, and all kinds of Cottace and Kitchen Farnitnre Is complete, which he offers at the IvwMI New York and Philadelphia pricos. Bem?mb?,r Nos '>-J 1 and 419 Intslltgencer Bnildins. corner Ttb and D and No 40* 7 th street, Thorn's Building, adjoining Odd Fellows' Hall, between D and B streets ja l4 tf W .Jj^M08E8. 3,000 b*Jb?l*MVlM?BPOTATOBS.it?t If. ri~Jl. .. Wkjrtw? U..?? ? Ttb Commission Merchants. de 14 tf Bo. 464 ?th at., between B and F. f LOOBI F BB D I A foil aaeortmeat of all grades choice Floor lor Bakera; unallty No 1; price low. Are the enly direct receivers for Ooldeo Hill, J. M Gam brill (not Patapeco) and Lingaoor Family Floaraln the District. Astha latter brand has been extensively counterfeited and setd ta this city, wa wonld Inform thoae wishing this flour by arrangement with the millers we fnrnloh M lower tbanlt can bo obUload from any other oonroo. Qnalify seceod to none. Price a fraction less tbaa other flrst-claas Family Floor. Buckwheat allow raUf. All grades of Wsetern Flour netore andfor sale low by W. M OALT ft GO., Indiana avaaaeand 1st street, no U near Depot. TBT. TIMOTHY'S BALL. BB datles of thla institution will be rosamod ea Bont. IS, ISM For terms, Ac., see catalogue aad cfroolar at the principal bookstores of thla -??Ttfasii.. o?o.?iu. i. yneaeiLOF*igieH Illf0g.,?0B I am aew la receipt of aew soaeoa OLIVB OIL, dftaetfrom Bordeaan, aad am prepared to anpply b oor.uth aadF t?..aaftorSbbltt Hooas JCST BBCEIVBD ^ tftoy are oforUw at Tory low prloos. aoM-tf ... : 15 torn j : ma > r>* I I SPECIAL NOTICES. AVI YOOB DOCTOR'S BILLS. ?hs? Dr. WIBTABD BALSAM Of WILD CHkBBY will sure Coaghs.Oald., Bleeding at tea t?|i,ud arrest the ft II <Minr?r- Ooaso?ptton.lt dr?t more than molt icaaido. Tta ase of alagle bottle casting oae dollar, will satisfy ths incredulous that tbsy need look no farther for tk? requlrsd aid. ? L7" TBI MOST WOHDBBFUL MBDIOIBB #'?r known to aaa la MBTOALf K S 8M** RHEUMATIC KXMKUT, Tall your afflicted friei da to ti y it. _ fsi-eotw 8 C FORD.Agsat. BBMEDIAL IBBTITOTB FOB BPBOIAL I OASBS, la. 14 Bond siraai, Hew York. B^FuIl information, with the hrtktst tsjltmontai*; alao, a Book on Speriml Dictates, ?* ? ?sultm envelope, seat free. W B* sure and send for thejn, and yea iwill not rtgru it; far, m adaarttelug phyBiclai>* are generally tmpostmr*. without Ttferentt* bo stranger shsnld be trusted. Bncloee a "tama for postage and direct to BB. LAWBBNOB. No. 14 Bond street. Naw York no It DAWly HALL'B YBGETABLB SICILIAN HA1B BE BBWBB Beaewa the Hair. Hall's Vbobtablb Sicilian Hm Bwiwit Beet? res gray hair to the orlgloal color. Hall's Veoetable Sicilian Baib Bbnbwee Prevents the hair from falling off. Ball'b Yeoetablb Siciliah Haie Beneweb Makea the hair soft and glossy. Hall's Yb?etable Sicilian Haib Bixiwii \>oes not ataia the akin. Hall's Sicilian Vegetable Baib Besbweb Baa proved Itaelf the beat preparation for tha hair aver preseBtad to the pabllo. Price 91. For aale by all druggists. jaSO-Tuly MABB1AGB ANDCBLIBAOY. AND THB II appiueaa of Trne Manhood.- Au Essar fur Youdb MfD on tbit Crime of bolitudo, nu<i th? Physiological Brrora, Abuses aud Die<*ees which rieate Impedimenta to Marriage, with sure means of Relief Pent in sealed letter envelopes. free of charge. Addrcii Pr .1 SKiLLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association Philadelphia, Pa. jail-Sin BECBET DISEASES. Bamabttan'o Gin is tbo most certain, aafe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable ternsdy ever discovered. Cures In two to tour days, and recent cases In twenty four hours Mo mineral, no balsam, no mercury OnlyteBplUatobetakea.lt la the soldier'a hope and a friend to those who do not want taba exposed. Mala packages, #l,iemale, g J. _ . Sa a abitah's Boot ant> H ebb Jcicbs-A aosltl va and permanenteure far fpyhllls. Berofsla, Ulcara, Bores, Bpota. Tettera. Ac. PHse |1M par bottle. Sold by 8. C. Ford. See advertisement. my 0 KVHELY, STEADILY, 8VCCBSSF0LLY, BMOLANDBBV BXTBAOT BUOBO la cbhinb every caae of Btdnby Bmuli BiitkiWit Obavel, Ubtnabt Disobdeba. Wbaejibss aad ! Pains 1b the Back, Fbmalb Comflaibts and j Tbovblb* Bftalng from Bxcbmbs o? ant Kipb. OOMB. ? AFFL1GTEDI TBY BMOLANDBB'B. TAKE NO OTHER BUCKW. Sold by all Apothecaries. Price Bl. D BAKBBB A CO., Baw York, aad B ABB IB, BABD A OO., Bew Orleans, Bon them Agenta. BUBLB10B A BOG BBS. Wholaaala Druggists, Boston, Msss, General Agents. fob 10-If COLGATX A CO. 8 WINTBB BOAP. Recommended for chaffed hasp* and forgeneral ToiLirnse daring coll> wkathbb. It may ba obtained of all drngglata and fanay goods dealers, feb 9-eoly DANCING. |>BU*S. J. W. A H. P. KBEIS' DANCING ACADEMY, JB Psaiisylvaula avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts.. Opposite Matropoiitan Hotel. bM New Classes forming every evening. Those daaiilng to entar our classes should avail themselves of this opportunity. Preparations will be made is this quarter for our annual May Ball. Ctrsalars can be had at J. F. Bills' aad W. G. Metserott A Co.'a Music Stores. The Hall can be rented for Solreas, Ao. Day and Hours of Tuition : For Ladlea, Miaaea and Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'clock. Gentlemen s Glasses, Tuesday and Friday ovaDings, from 8 to lu o'clock. For further informatlon.apply dnrlaa the hoars , ef tnltion, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, ja 8 i MASIHI'B FASHIONABLB DANCING ACADBMY. AT MABINIB ASSEMBLY BOOMS. M E, between fth and 10th streeta, This academy Is now open far tha racep- Hlb tlon ol pupils. | Days and hoars ef tattioa for yoang ladles mlssea and masters. Tueedaya, Tharadays and Sat- i urdayf, from 3 to fi p m. Gentlemen'" classes from 8 to 10, same eveninga. B B ?Private Instruction given to salt the coa anlaace of the paiil. se St IVf A3QUEBADE A NTD FANCY IDKESi BALLS 1*1 AND PAHTIES. The BBderafgned would moot respoctfally inform the ladlea and gentlemen of Waahicgtoa city, and the Dlstriat geaeraliy, that ho Is at all times prepared to furnish partlea with Masquerade and Fanes Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooma at the well kaowa fancy establlohniaat of Christian Bappt rt, Eso . A'iU 7th i>tre^t. between D aod E. where he will La | happy ta await ordert. CH ABUEfl BEBO, latel)osturner at Fr>r>l's and Grover's ja81m* Theaters. Washington, D. O. BOOTS, SHOES, &. ^ KLLING OFF I feELLia^ OFF lT - m Tbe entire stock of Ladles', Misses',fl] Chlidrea's, Men's, B<>y's aud Yentb's BOOTS. SHOES AND GMTEUS Will ba sold at private sale at and bBDOW COST PBICES. John anubkmann, fiOfl 7th street, between D and E streets, jal2-lm* opposite Odd fellow#'Hull. BOOTS AND UHOBS. g|| fll NEW 7t O B B . fn The undersigned bees leave to i oform his frietvU and the public generally that he has opened the NEW CHEAP 8T0BE, No. 4??<7tU street,an,let Odd Fellow?'Hall, where he has on liauu a general assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen s. Boy's, Misses and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBB. Becaember the .amber, ."UK 7th stroat, naler Odd Feriows' Hall New Ohaap Store, for mde 18R* *' P*re>"#t0r*?EOBOB B. WILSON. /Colombia bwbpital fob wombb LYING-IB AB7LUM. Fourteenth street ,< airele.)corner af M atraet, Washlagton, D.O. This Inatltntlan ksi Ween established for tha reesptlon of patients who may ba suffering fross diseases pecunar to their sax. and for ths admission of aaea females as may ra?alra tha comfarts of tka l7^he UdTngTi situated la tha most healthy portion of tha District, surrounded by its own grounds. Oars pass ths door awr n*o minutes. Terms of admission : From #6 to f 10 par week, fn acoordaace with tha room required, payable In advaaoa. This I a eludes Board, Msdlcfaas, Medical and Surgical attendance. MEDICAL staff. BCBGBOB IB OHIBF. J. H THOMPSON, M D.. OONBOLTING1 P^V^Yc'l^NII^AN D'^UBOEONB. JOS. E. BABNBB, M. D., Sargeon Oaural, United States Army. JOS. B1LBY.M D.,OeoryetpwB. __ THOS. MILLBB. M. D? F street. Waahlafftaa. A Y. P.GAfiNBTT. M. D.jNew Yorkavaaaa. W. P JOHNSTON. M. B., WashlngtoB. GBAFTON TYLEB, M. D., George to wa. F. HOWARD. M. P.. F street. Orders for admission to ths tree bads ta tkla hospital, (of w hich thsre are 80,) caa be obtained of tWBargeaa In chief at this offlca, 194 I street, or of nr af ths Medical stafl. and of tha Be vs. Drs. Hall. Garley, OlUetU. and Coombs. . , Wlvsa and widows off soldiars desiring admisslsn win apply to the Bnrgaon ttaaaral, United BUtsa ^Tsrtients U?iag at a dlstanos wha Bsitri to aama to tkls lastitutlon for treatmant paa somtre private ssssff ?" ?? t';r?.?ut.?v,oDipf,^ ja M-aoljjr_ nssMaal, MM ttiAaim. TELEGRAMS, fee. Official informatioa from Fort Mcintosh report* (bat twelve or fifteen bandits are roam, in* a beat tbe country between Nueces river and San A a ton to, Texas They had killed eight persons, and were pillaging. Maior liogan. with a small party, started in parsuit, and succeeded In killing three of thorn, and capturing twelve horses, with tbe loss of orte man. Captain John A. Wilcox, with a scout, tug party, on tba 18th January, near Ran m'mi, pursued a party of Indiana, and over'ak.ue iheso. killed two. The Indians abandoned ibetr horses and sought refuge in tbe nouutains. The special House committee in Tunisian* has reported a bill calling a State convention to alter and amend the State constition It provides that an ? lection shall he hold on tbe second Monday of April, and if the peepl* decide in favor of a convention it shall tsserable on the first Monday of M*v. Tbo hilt passed the House by a vote of mor-- than f?nrftf'hs. Its passage bv the Senate in considered certain, but it is expected that tbe (Govern >r will veto it. If be does so, the hill will pass by a two-thirds vote over his veto. Tbe dispatch from Junction City, Kansas, dated Jnnnary 31, saying that place would b* the terminus of the Union Pacific railroad durjag tbe coming summer, mount that Junction City won d be tbe outer point on the road from which freighting to Colorado and Now Mexice would be done tbis season. The Union

Pacific railroad is already completed twenty miles beyond Junction City, and trains arc moving to that point; and the road will t>? finished to Fort Ellsworth, sixty miles further, by the first of April. The Fenian prisoners arrived at Kingston' O. W., Menday nitrht. and were escorted by the warden to the penitentiary. Thev had their hair cut closely. Colonel Lvnch resisted having his whiskers and imperial shaved, bu A'ber the rnles were explained he submitted. Colonel Lynch and Father MeM.ihou were sot to woik in the fouuary department. The State commissioners of tbe Hoosac tnnnel have advertised for proposals tor con. tinumg the wori at both the eastern and western approaches, and m sinking the central stiaft, which has yet to go nearly six hundred feet deeper before tbe gride will be reach'-d, and one thousand and thirty feet below tae surface. Yesterday, between twelve and one o'clockthe office of Leonard W. Jerome, on Wall vreet, New York, was entered by burglars and robbed of #.00,u"0 in United States Fivetwenty bonds. The detectives have soinu hopes of securing the guilty parties. The State Senate of Louisiana yesterday adopted the report from the Committee on Federal Relations on the constitutional am-i dment. to the effect that Louitiau.t refuses to accede. The steamship Worcester, frem Liverpool, get into Annapolis Monday night, wber>-ati* is detained by ice. Among her passengers are niue seamen of the brig Filter, of Philadelphia, which foundered at sea. The remain* of Hon Henry S. Magraw wore buried yesterday morning in the grave.yj< ! belonging to the Presbyterian church at 1* - I?ep< sit. Mil , of which his father has boeU |t t * tor lor more than thirty years. Fd. H. Way land, the Krie railroad cio-k> who absconded from Jersey Jersey City v?ii:i *15.(00, was arrested in Richmond, Va. last night. Mollie Trttssell, of Chicago, sent to the penitentiary for one year for killing her parain^Hr, wac pardoned Monday, after au imprisonment of about one mouth. In the Tennessee Senate the Committeo on Fede/al Relations reported a resolution r*q us* ting F'avid Patterson, L'lated States Senator, to resign. It is authoritatively stated that the<'ana Man Parlifiment will meet on the first w?>k tn May. The l .xecut ve Council meets at Montreal on the IStb inst. Money is still coming from England for the (Quebec relief fund. Snor Lin iBu?Mrs. Augusta Emeriek, a respectable married lady of St. Louis, who?e busbarid Is in well to do circumstances, was detected, one day last week, by a dry goods clerk, in the set of slipping a bolt of silk in a slit m her dress sKirt. She was immediately handed over to a policeman. The unfeeling officer proposed to search the lady, wheroupon she fainted. A second proposal was at. tended with like results. In a few moments she recovered, and tbe search proceeded. Again the conscience stricken fair one collapsed, and fell over in a fainting fit. Again she revived, and tbe unhallowed hands ot the officer made free with the folds of her skirt. It is a sad thing to tell, bnt the truth must come out. Under the smooth folds of the lady a dress were fonnd two good sized sack?, made expressly for receiving such articles as the owner might choose to slip into them from the opening in front. In these sacks were found several small articles, which were ascertained to have been stolen from another dry goods store. Fl'BL in Miwhesota.?The Minnesota papers are complaining bitterly that wood sells in St. Paul aad Minneapolis at nine dollars a cord, while, not many miles back in the country, the farmers are paying men ten dollars an acre to cut down and burn up tbe timber which covers their lands. Tbe "Big "Woods." extending from about eight miles above St. Anthony in a south west?ru direction to Mankato. is a heavy forest fifty miles wide and more than one bnnd red and twenty miles long. The timber between St. Paul and Superior is amply sufficient, in the opinion of civil engineers, to pay for the proposed railroad between these points. O'her points of the state are almost as well wooded. Tbe trouble, then, lios in the want of facilities for gettinr fnel to market, and one of the St. Paul dailies thinks that the new railroad company should be obliged b\ law, to transport It. Otherwise it sees no prospect of relief from the present high prices. Maine on list on.?tructio>.?Resolutions were introduced la tbe Maine Senate, and re. ferred to the Committee on Federal Relations yesterday, declaring that tbe people of Maine demand that Impartial suffrage through nit the United Sta'es ongbt to be incorporated into an organic law: that the conscious intelligent traitors who originated the rebellion should be forever excluded from all political power and privilege; that Jeff. Davis ought to be bronght to a speedy trial, and the extreme penalty ofthe law should follow bis convictiont that the pretended State governments set up by President Johnson are mere usurpations, aud Maine demands their Immediate and total abolition, and the organization of suitable governmonts throughout tbe ten States lately in rebellion founded on the organic laws of Congress and tbe will of tbe loyal people. TheMakyland LKOWiATrar-A number of bills were reported in tbe Senate yesterday to repeal certain sections of the code in relations to colored persons, so &s to conform with the laws of Congress. Another bill was introduced to make intermarriage* between blacks and whites a criminal offense, punishable bv Imprisonment in the penitentiary. A message was laid before the House from Governor Swann, in response to a resolution, stating that no correspondence had passed between tbe President of the United States and himself in regard to the municipal election in Baltimore, or the removal of the police commissioners. Tbe message f urther explains the action of tbe Governor. ? i Kawsas.?The St. Louis Democrat's Topeka special despatch says tbe resolution was introduced in the Kansas Hoaee asking Congress to confiscate all the property of tbe rebels in excess of t?,0<x). Both bouses have passed a resolution requesting Congress to establish \ more military posts on the frontier. A resolution was introduced in the Senate previding , lor a committee ot Investigation in tae alleged case of bribery in tbe State senatorial election. Both houses passed resolutions asking Congress to provide for tbe election of a United * States Senator by tbe people. < Catholic Puou&khb in Enola*d.?Tbe an- < nual ecclesiastical register and aln&anao tor lbC7 states that there are iu England l,on , churches, chapels and stations, 1,415 clergymen, 63 communities of men, 904 convents, u colleges. Scotland has lfl3 churches and chapels 190 clergymen, 18 convents, and 2 colleges England is divided into 13 dloonnes in which there are ! bishops, and Scotland is arranged 1 into 4 districts, to which there are 4 bishops. < l9*The famous Irish jaunU og car In Dabt in < in going te tbe tbe shades. Street oars. j TApples will not grow tn Minnesota. W A young man aged It committed snicide ? at Whitehall, ?. Y. 1 . 1. ; . t' ; J I, _ * _ i cJ \ ' 'K?., V' ;| ' nao?'*' ? . >, i-'jl ; *< ..10 J .i *x ; i.4 .i?its ; t, I COXGREISIOKAL. ^iMATi.-\'(>ttrrda) afternoon? Tbe Bankrupt bill, after b-itig fur-ber amended, w?? rejeo'ed by the folio wine voe y**M?Chandler, Ooumvi. I> t n. Doolmie, fidmunds. Fessenden, Fosier, H >ward, Howe. Jubutiio, MclKrjg&n, M n in, Norton, Poland, Pomeroy. K<ro?rr. Kj-?, Stew art, Sammr, and Van Win He?-At A'ay*?Mfwri. Brown. Buckalew, Crtg u, l'avis, Fogg. Fooler, Grim*-*. lisrn-. ileP derson, Hmdricke, Kirk wood. Line. M >rr n. I'a' ciMin, SanUtiury, Sb.rmau, Trumbull W ade, Willey, Williams. W I on, Yate* - > Mr. Wilson entered a motion to re on?iJ)*r, and tbe Senate adjourned. Horax.?Yesierday afternoon ? Joint resolution directing the pur^ha-' by the Secretary of W:tr of L?.tvul Islm 1 m Long IslanJ souiid, lor 13*,Mi. in accord with tbe terms oi tbe lea*?- of Sibimoii Lei . id datfd April Cl, 1S6_>, find nui-wil March t by wliicb tbe >slaud nn- lea*<Ml to and nrn* occupied by tbe I'mtrd Stai*- P*e*~<l The Ho use tlieu went tut<> Ooimatt'-e o<* the I W hole the state of the I Iniou (Mr Gar'i ..i iu the chair) ou ibe Prrtidrut?> am.ii.u :ii sape, when Mr Hooper spoke ou lb-bill ported by the I?auk Commute-, which wa? raade a special order for the Ibh of l?-t e-nher last, but which has been delayed by 'e pressure of o' ber business, and treated if th" I vet of hanking and the currency at consirt -r i- ! ble It iip'h. The committee then toon np'V India i rip. I prrpriation hill, wbit'b appropriate* * i -y i out the stipulation* of lndim treatie*. fcc . a 1 Utile over 'wo and a half mittim.- o' ". i-1 be hill contain* a provi?wi< t!)H* n< m ; e- | annum** shall b?' pud lo xny tiik iu b - i|i. j lie* against the Goverumt-u' or citiz-i.? ot a - | I'niied Mates On motion of Mr. Bradford, (Col.,) a jirov * ? added to the paragraph in tkmr an ip;i- ' priatiou for ibe expeni>ex of itie Indian - -r- I mtt-ndency in Colorado? 'ba* no pari of i: j - h o u; d be distributed by Ales Cuminiuc. '*ie j present supeiintrndent of Indian attai-- tv ' Colorado Tt rntory. On motion of Mr Hooper. (Utah, t the ap,ir.?- I priatiou lor incidental expu>e? oi itte lu-t i service in thai Territory was inc reased ir-m 1 jflO.MW to IK II Mr. Kawfln stated that there was no so ;>erIntendencv in which the Indians were so well managed as in I tab. Tbe committee rose and reported the bill, and at hail.past four o'clock t&e House ad journed. Elopement in Hi^h Life, [From the Lvansville Journal, Jan *|n.j 1 he hero of our seu>ation is Will o Bryan, formerly a citizen ol Loui-\ille. but at pre-en residing in Henderson, and is tne lessee of the gas works iu tb.?t city The heroine is one ot Owenhoro's fairest daughters, han-4 some and wealthy. Maggie McKey. Tbe old taletu*' the young man waul appreciated, and wasgi%eu to undeistand his room was be'ter than bis company. History bw yet tailed lo record an instance where a woman's spirit was broken t?y for e. The voting man was forbidden tbeb iui and as a uaimal couseq uence stolen interviewwere ?he r*-n|t. cnlminatiug iu au elopetneu'. On Sunday evening the yonng lady and u'entleman m-t near Owensboro. and determm d to pot an end to mailers t?y flying to this city and (< i-unima-.e the wieb of their live- by ' bectmlng man and wife, and rtd themselves . ct obdnrat Rnarrtiaus, which to all youug folks ate nuisances and meddlesome', riie nxioiis |o* tr hud a horse and buifgy m wai' ing, anil ready tneuds to assist in otse of trouble. As soon as night drew b?r dark curtains over tbe earth, the anxious lovers put wings to an old horse and flew for Evausville. Alt went well until arriving on rue opposite shore Here an i in passable barrier presented J itself? me heavy floating ice?but the vis. >n- ' uf an an?ry guardian aud a brother at tb-ir j heels, and ihe fatal result thituiigh loliow a meeting on the banks of the angry Ohio, devr- I mined them to make tbe attempt to cro.-~ li they met a watery grave, would they uot co down togetherf Thus they moralized, rii.a.tvice of Blanpv the daring ferryman. * i I asked, and he told them ot the dangers, bithought he could get ttem g uely across T:ie trip ?;i? nndertak. u, ai<d Blangy landed them stfely at our wharf. They repaired t-> the American House, cill"d for the s oiling iiotts of mat famous hotel, *nj known tneir troubles, which they de?ire<i turned info joys Messrs. Tiavis 6c Asiihv immediately ? set about "* preparing mit'ters for a wedding. The services of tne Kev. Mr. Bow>iin were seenred to tie tiie knot, and tbe parlor of the Am^ncau House was opened lor tbe occasion. The affair pacsed ofT pleasantly, and tbe happy con sie pa*sed the nigbt at the American Uou-e Labor?The Wilmington (N. C ) rhapa'h understands that the steamship Juuo bn.ii:'' aut about thirty white laborer* for a plauter to a neighboring section of that State. I tiey are mostly foreigners. And on the subject of labor the same paper savs that several gentlemen from (ieorgia and Texas were on the streets yesterday, endeavoring to make contracts with negroes to accompany them to those States and eugage in agriculture duncg the year. For good field hands tbey offered terms which struck as being quite liberal, viz twelve dollars per month. In cash, aud house room, food, and tliree suits of good clothing per year. Up to noon they had met with very little success, although they were enough idle negroes congregated around to have produced several hundred bales of cottoa. This question of labor is becoming a very serious one, for. from present prospects, planters will find it even more difficult to procure labor this year than it was last. Thk &ka6on of Hkavt Snowb ?This winter w ill be noted hereafter a? a season of great and frequent snows, as snow-storms have happened in very unusual places and toa very extraordinary extent. Of tne heavy snows throughout the whole Northern country the people in these latitudes are of course well informed, but we have had records of them ai?o. showing that they have extended from Great Britain westward to the Pacific Ocean, and . n our own continent as far south as Texas. Tne recent fall of snow in Louisiana was such a phenomenon as to set the newspaper scnt?esat work overhauling their old meteorological tables, aud they nave fonnd but five such occurrences within the lasteigoty.seven years. Thi Fp.bkpmk!! is Tkias.-'The San Antonio I.rdgtr says iu regard lo the frawtmi-a about that city: "One year ago it was impossible to obtain freedmeu and women in our city to go to the country at any price: but now they are ail anxious to go, or do soreerbiug to keep from starving. A gentleman was in here lrcra the Clbolo p few days since, aud he was throned with applicants who desired to go out and work ou hia ranch. This was easily accounted for from the fact that a few days before the treedmen that had been in his employ the past year came in town and received pay for their laber for the past year, and returned loaded with heavy purses of hard dollars." AFF*CTfxo.?The Baton Kouge Comet reports a most painful incident connected with the loss or the steamer Fashion. The bodies of two beautiful children, one a boy about three years old. the other a fir 1 of six, which had bee?| picked np in the river by parties in a yawl, were brought to Baton Kouge. and after being properly dressed were laid out in the Mayor's Office. When the Magenta lauded at Baton Konge, the bodi*s were carried lo that boat, upon which the mother of the little boy bad been carried when she was rescued from the burning boat. The scene which ensued when the agonized mother caught sight of her dead child beggars all attempts at description rbe lady's name is Kimbro S7*An exchange says the scalping Indians In the West are coBecting their poll-tax. tCTA Madrid letter writer calls Spanish nuns ' black birds of pray." * VThe captain of a vessel is not governed by his mate, but a married man generally is. KTTheN. Y. World says of the unr bill, "instead of a bill to increase tbe revenue, u jusht to have been entitled a bill to blockade >ur own ports.** 7*At BarnesviUe, Ohio, a gentleman fell i lead while leading a prayer meeting ( 99"When is a young man's arm like the Gospel 1 When it makea glad tne waist places. 1 VThe right of New Jersey to refuse the nffrage to men on account ot color, is shortly < to be tried In the big heat courts of that State. 1TK woman In Northampton, Pa, has been I brought Into Court on the charge of being >-a < sommon scold." 0*Georgia has dtareepectful darks, who ? sail the negroes who were free before Lincoln's c proclamation, '-the old issue." 7*Tbe rays on five-cent pieces are to be t >mitted hereafter, tfca't make a'-raise" with t Ire cents. , -4 t 1. : f % ' . 1 ' : A ! ' 1 > 1 * ''"t 171 ' - , " ' ) v?: H ' ' > - .?"?-< " EL'BOrSA* KKWI. Q?mi TicUrta'i Ac. Tbe kibn-ii'i ipNth, at tbe re-op?nlng of P?riiMheui jwitrdt;, waa umr?P>*< s (all by Cable In reference to Poreiga Affairs sue cud t?'-lii u|ut recurring to your n4 vies ana asei?'ai.re I MB happy to nfbrm job that my relation* with ('om(a Po*?rtare oa a frwndly Il4 ?a iafactory footiag. 1 bor? tbat the war v ti.tU hrBMin, Austria. aud Italy bav* bt? d ruiufd la may toad to 1A0 esa*i ttm-al ot admtblf pHcf n Europe. I barr >u(. gt?i*d to lit ({sTframratol the I'nttd Suiuk h m??? by which U?s qa??iloDi> ptu liiif be:?? n the two owaairiea, amtag out at the civil war. may racalve an amicable solution, and a bleb, met, as 1 trust it will be, la a cur mpoudmt spirit, will rrmOT* all irotindi of |K ?aibir m isunder.-landtag, and promote relatidiir ol a lurditl frh-ndabjp tlw war brlwffa Spun and the Republics of Chili and Pera still coi tibuee, the fund uIRk*? ot ray (f'>T?r,io?nt, in > ut uucttoa wiUi mat ot Lb* tm|irror of tba 1- r? uct, bavin* tailed toefleci a reeoaeUiation If Itber by agreement between the parties tbemsalvee. or oy 'be me?f?*tloo of any otber trt*-i.dly power, p?i'e should be restored the U which 1 bad ta ?m>w would be equally am.tea Xbe discontent prevailing iu some t the Provinces of the Turkish Empire baa brol't >at in artual insurrection 11 Crete la iiabiu u with mv allies, 'be Kmj-eror of the t rem-b aud ibe Emperor of Pra*(i:i. I La . e ?b?(?nid trona any active luterfsreuce ,a th,*t.e in?*raal uisaibai.cts but. h>iui efforts bar* beet. directed bringing about improved relation brtawn the Por'e and bis Cbnatiau ubycis no* inconsistent with tbe sovereign riptiis of tbe Sultan ** She says a bill will be submitted for eoafed rstioi, ol tbe protibce* ot Cauada. .>?va SvOMa. and New Brunswick , aad refers to tbe Indian famine. saj ing instructions h*\e Wi ?4ued lo mitiga'e tbe diatraas m tbat vOniitry. In regard to i'eniait affairs abe aav? "lb* j-fi se\erwg efforts and i"je unscrupulous assert Ions of 'reasonable conspirators bare, during u?e list au'amn. ex?. ite.1 tbe hof? of aoiae ..i.-allecteJ p. is* &s iu Ireland aud tbe apt re. l.? usions of tbe loyal population. biu tbe firm and t#-mpetate exercise of tbe pdwui an rns'ert to the executive, and the ho?tilry mani*a-tea hiaiaat ibe eaii?pi*i?cy by men of all i-iasses ami treeua.bave creativ !<*nile<t to ra. Mole public tubilUence. and kava rendered t.cjel.>-a any attempt to disturb tbe jreueral ranqutltty. I trust tbat you will ruuw,; ti~nri v he ruabied to disperse with the rovttnnaaoeof my excep* jual I-pi'sia- oa lot tfeatpartvf my uoQitaiot.*." Mj* tli-ubri? 11 y reiers to tbe cholera, to the n*t'e pV.fne, ta 'be ne^ev^itjr tor :tn ade^uttw n pply of pure water. ?o 'he ^timates for 'b?? eiimiiuc year. loestenMon of tbe fran *bi*e. to return in tbe regulauoa of worksbaps tor V- jmea acil children, aud wUn r local mat(<*r?, rtiyinf: ? 1 commend to your oar. lul coo?id> ern'ion and o'her roenatirea wh!, b will tie brought before yoa. aad I pray that your I iIhiu a ay. under the biesaingof KrovMan<w, uduce to tbe prospcritr ot tba cou-.lry and hapjuneap of mr people." I'owr^w, Feb. 5.?Tne following tetepram was re?e<\ed tbia mormrr^im T^iverpool by Ur. it O. Howe, if the tireek Keliet Dommittac The Hellei c commamty of I^varpoot re?ine?t job *o trnder their trat-ful thauka to he !' ? , n snd New York committees and the AiTieric*ti people for their sympathr in b"h?if c i the destitute .'.amilies ol rbe Cretans tltUtiuc 'ol liberty The I.on.ton Poor l?IMrec? ftlvray* HfM 1b I^ondon. the very tlcb auu the very poor beinjr clo^ oeiKhbors in the *p*at metropolis. Ttte Lemdon limes t.O'uea ib t at certain door- in soma ot Uie districts of *.ie ctty crowd- ? : men ma.y be seen joatlirr. ttnvin?, almost tlrbime aach other, ter ailmis.-ioa: and the admission whan ones recti red i? tiot to 8*4 a favorite actor or haar a popular pieacber, or to witness a pnre tl^bt or rat ^alt, but to pain the pri\i|. ?e .f t.rr .kmc hard Cciii, in a cold, tnuddv yard attached to tbe parish workbouse. t*r the reward ot tbr<w. pence m d a loaf of bread Thesa men " it --are But clad iu the Bsual stoae-yari appsrej ; tb*y wear rood coti'-s ? ra^s are * ir e|y to be seen They are men who. bo'. v-iy lone ti?o, were a-trump from ^ lo flj weekly, to whom tlie very mention ot rh? wor..bouk?' would ba\s brtn c<M.?aiua'tia; nn ! here they s'rtig*;le t.nd wrestle ;or its uiost ireti?re urtvan'iff* Tba journal rejerrei to then ntakos 1 on ptuiK>ii?ot tba relief afford<td to tbepoor. l'uriiig tbe wiuter* of l^-tiS?t>H tbe average daily imiBberol" laborer* iu t??e I'oplar stone.yard, httai-hed to one of the L,<wtdou poor bouses, w nsvio. but in the w? fk J>r.dmr .Taeuary 9. i ;, ibe daily averace was ovr I,'Mi. In the l.isi week of l-fi?i, that poor-uouse sava ontdooi pt.rocbial rel.ei to 4,3i'. j.ei trur, as com* pir* (i vi.ii 1,'JT4 in the la?: w> en ,.r a. This eai.ibl *hmenl is now *,vi.T r? t 'o : ? nr. rau-t < apftcttv. and ibis fac. tope her wi h the <tibuuiieea.'nt tbat nearly ail tbe funtis Bave he- a drawn out. of tbe L>o:idou aa< .ug? oauk?? the xvcifctcp claa-es ha Tine b* - n from I.ur to six months witbont recr.lar *if??-sliowi tbat at present there la greater di<tre^ in l.andoa tLun bas been Known tor a loi. * ime. A Ballkt I?A*rER akkkstkd.? M lile Salvioni. the ballet dancer, at present talttUiu|; an enfattemeat at tb> Argentine Tbeativ |n Koine. bai< beeu arrested by order of tbe auta >rities under the follow in* circuraatances >Be <iaii . e? in a ballet entitled "The Conntesaof l^cmjn!," and a? a certain part of tbe p Tformance has to etnbrace one of ibe characters, who is auppos. d to be her lover. Tbe Iteuteaaat of the vicarial, b*inp apfirebeoaive tbat tbe public wo a Id be shocked by tbi? amatory exhibition, ordered Mdlle J?aivioni to discontinue It. She refused, allepmc tbat tbe peraon she embraced was a woman like herself, thourfe dressed ui male attire, and ibat tbe audieuce were aware ot the fact. To puniab ber diaobedieace tbe lieutenant sent foar pendirmes to arrest Mdlle. Salwoni. and tbe arrest would appear to hav* been made oa tbe stair<s. As a treat tavor. the rebelliaus danaeose wis allowed to renain nnder arrest in ber owl bou<e -r.My? Letter. Hkatt Show storms in Eraora.?Tha wiBter baa baen as severs ib Bat:land and oa the continent as in the Untiad >ta e? A private latter from Paris, dated oa tba I3ia ot January, reports tba' tbe cold is in'ense, and every tbuiK covered with troat and snow. Tba beavieat tall ot enow for manv years took place in Scotland on tba ltth and I3tb of January; railways were blocked op. and one fatal col I laioa Occurred. It, Loudoa, January 1?, another beavy snow-storm occurred. The merenry fell to two depress below zero, navi. pation on tbe Fbames was saapeaded. and tba pnblu works ut UlackfTiar's bridpe aad tbe Tbaiaesembankment were Hopped Mo baa s bad arrived at Dover from Calais for tbree daya, owing to tbe blockade of tbe Kreueb railratids by snow, and the consequent detention ot pasaea para. Tbe Enflisb coal traffic was also impeded. MAXIXILLIAN A* : THE C?CKSTIOH OP ABDIcatioji ?1 he New York Tribune correspondancepivas an a?c< nut ot the meetiap of tba Alraicaa couueU ot miuisters to wbicb was ret< ried by Maximillian tbe quesuon of bis abdication Tbe majority declared against abdication; bnt among those wbo were in favor of It were Marshal Baxaine aud tbe Archbishop of Mexico. Tbe latter, with a number ot other prominent adherents of the empire, has left the capital, anticipating its early fall lata tbe bands of tbe Liberals, wbo were advaacincon it from all sides. Besidas Porflno Iliac. Gen Alvarez is bow mentioned amonp tBose who preaepiriBg tothebonorof captanap taacity ot Mexico. Fur* SrEBcH.?At SpnugOaid. Haas., accord mp tbe Kepublic&n of tbat city, a case of what it calls "church discipline" recently occurred. Tba pastor having made soma remark* at tbe close ol a prayer meeting, a lady rose antf requested the privilege of replying to soma of the doctrines advanced. This waa refuted. tba pastor ntatiop 'nat there were two reasoas why tbe lady should not speak. ? In the first place," said tie. '-a larga majority of the peopls here doa't wast to learyoa, and tecoBdly. it is una tor as to co borne." This sew interpretation of freedom at spaach. according to the KepaMicaa. broagbt tne tody 's five years of coastant attendance at tba: chatcb to sudden close. Pari-KRISM is L.o?ih>? abw PASJt.?London pauperism is nearly fire times as gr%*t a* tbat of Paria Tba aatbority far tb?a stato. rneut is M. da Poatea, a lata French preft- t, wbo bas elaborately examined tba social aonditicu of England, aud baa collected from various official documenta the statistics of eleemosynary efforts in this metropolis and in that of Franca. In Paris tbere Is ao casual ward, aad ao need of oae. SisorLAR AcctnaaT ?An iaqneat was con elBded Friday a ipbt over the body of fm. >H. Carman, aged 13 years, who was fatally IA lured by some plaster froaa tbe oatliap of ban room falling opoa bim while in had. Tba Jury found a verdict of ceasure agauwt *be owner of tbe building, for allowiag it to ba >o. so unsafe a condition.? V. J*. ? '*.?/ 7*A cockroach wttl m-ke a eoertbrt<ble meal off of tba edga ot a raaur, a oafea of aoap, jr a blister plaster. UT Ax exchange adverusas for a boaae girl to assist in tbe washiap of a small family " [s it a family of scrabat asks ano Jier ex:haaga. g^The Norfolk Joarnal says that Kr Dale Jarter. .senator from Kussell, owaa oae haaIred tboaeaad acres of laad. VBaaaor. Matae, to prepariag for the end if tba world, which to aaaowaoed for tbe iomiog Easter. */"Tha Freach Miaister ia Mexico to #atag ? marry a lady tber* wttb a dowry of tan niliions of tiaaoa, aad to bar family b?fc,n?s ha oalebratad silvar mlaa of Baal dal INab. 'm%Vn i J -a i. n./?;> *a? jA*'^B^'f 'i.'/f -S ?l ,t.silOli 'J Uldai

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