7 Şubat 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Şubat 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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tf|l#Sg Hii V&. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 7. 1867. N?. 4.343. ?????? 1 - 1 "THE EVENING STAR riVLfSnED DAILY. ( SrHUAT EXCEPTED' AT THE STAR SiuUkwrt ctrrnT P**n?*. ?Bd * 1 f* tirefl, BY W. 13. WALLAQH. Tbe STAlv w twrted by ?ao ?arr.^r? io thsir mbscritar* in the 0*7 U.nrct it T? ( ?'ri?TP r*K whk Coft-^ at the ooarer.wr.h or vl'bout vrr?rper?. Two Cksi * euh. Ikick *? * Mum#;??br*B innutiw, 'Wni DaUar ami >"?/ y Ctnii; six rauutbs r/irw i*?Z? ktrr on* year, '"**? Dtilari No piper* ax? ?e*t fmn the office longer tbau pa "t f"?r TLe W LLKLY 5>TAK?published uu Friday BScrnirg?Ob* iHUmr and a //?'/ ? I'eir ???Wl IW IfI DENTISTRY. B. LEW IB'8 i>h?TA"L A"<??CIATION, No. 4?n rk.NJi'A AVfc , B> tw?eu 12lb ?? 1 UtU streala. Teeth extmrtrd without frAio by <adml ottering Mtri'?4 Os><Je ar Laughing 0a? l>r LAVU1 h? recently pnrcbs'ed the b"?t%sJBBM 4 neutuai At>p-4r?fo< in the ronntry for"- ' 1 ' v mailt.* ^ur?" g+* e ?er d ?y , *10, *u in pr .*ed V ,l \ulsr ft iaier ib* As-ociatt >o u fi>n>n-d to lut.r Te.th on Cold Si .?*r and Bub.jer * N<?* ^p?k Phil*d?l?hl* tad H otna price* All persons wl-hiuif dental w..rk i)on? cati Bare ?? mi h-ip m m tin n%m+A rltl-s AM work don* in the ?h<I b?*t ni.ro't a*<i outmH <o e've .at;?factioB P?raona will do wei? to ' all ti.d nullum- anr work. d?iitf riij 1TB . 1 M LOUMItt. * 0.. Tfe lBt?ni?r and Pauntes uf tu< MiAlftAu T LA 1 L T AE TH, attends bis office in this ally. Mam pers.p* cftn?%yaty w?*r three ?eeth wbi cnti?t wear others, '1 and no pt-raca can wear others who ?anv >? vear tbeac Pereonacalling at m> office cult accots.no-1* ted with *ny style an*] price of TearH they a?ay d *1re,bnt t< tvio?e who >r* fart'cnlv, i'i1 sri*b the Crest, cleanest stron?e?t and mo.t perfe- t l -n re that art car: procure the SIRXK.VL TBKTH wlU beaaore fully warranted *<><*? In this city ? So Pean'a avesue be twwn?tb and 1Mb sts Alao. 90" 4""h street, Philadelphia orjQj'' PERSON Ali VOC CAN NIVEH 31 VKK TdE TRIP . 1 Pa 1 ehu cr ^Aiuaritaii bumbu<4 e Dr i'A.14IK, 4??'.~ih!!t eet Un li ?bf lil(tno> -k'ltli r't) tii ?"cb ciift-s tils p iiat? (ooms are opp Ocd Feiiows' Hall j*."S-lm' tlKEVk.NTlOM rtKTIEH r?t*N OtiRF.i Krench pr>-?eDti%e9 l??<a^ in I pr : is'jr) wkrii rnicti it siids i *l>leiS nt to aa ?l r*a- at,* 5 %6ai?.| S7 i?r!o/en aec yrdi^g' .? ?ok l').li> l?r WOOi? Box j'JJ, .>r _ *ll at ?" tli ireet, op ataira > V> a*h Dfob, D jsD I:"' ? I Ub t l Ki Is 1RVIN.#, ( .ur mil T'-t i* .Ur.Jium. will aire 1ms r?-?'ii 4*, iu;luliu< Po?t. Ptei?ul a: d Pntur* at ti^r :ti e. 1 2". n-'ti ile of l a a?., l? tiiovb aiid itli ^tree's OTics koari from 9 to ^ a ui and ? to i o m j ? 2t l a" ? B M.M hi R KJAL SHHMl'10 AS S\ . UOLIH.IK Vf AMKUli A, ? roin the p<>*Miou an i a-"p"Ct <>t t' e 8'?rs tt t!ia tlise i t ohc'i birth, will re*??l nt nl-itiMirf ^e r?- - tint' i. n.ort .1 ever hn?w '>et>>r?*. u?w tj b* - ic. - 'tnl in all re?-<ot?i.l^ nilsrt^kiius " tell* tai e ?nd very day y-?u n?i?rr? ; d?9c?n!?as ,i.-i dad c->:i'?<?Bi?*i, w d t- l'? all .if lite pood In k ?nd lo-.it lil? : > viaHors Ua Ii??-s - > cei.ti lo {I. ^t-i.tlemeu li foil ?l. OafP'at H? lilt; ft i e i- f, all hours until to the Jteuin^ de J1 2id" < ' KMTLI M IN VMIO ASC A f 1" LHJTCD:?A A I iur> w?ri?ut^<l b? an eld Sorft- a of twmty )r?rs nn-rirmp n iliia pwitl alar oiwnch t iL> tr j'fumiJ. I h?r^?-? molernte Do not i,(i) in ,iKkr I nl to J H. O N K 1*3 Kit >1 1> , ie.; of Ihe liuited Kicord Vfu?it.n Him X . -1 *il 3 No aoitk A street, oppoaite the ?pvtol t ii?r-. H'Mth .N H M ?t(llcir.-?s aino I nrui"be l At ro-t. de 17 In * ('<?>! UPlJiTI A L- li'Bi'H mm wh h-*?e lti J J?reu IklBMSlTta Bf c?*rt? ii i? r>-t habits, which aiif.t ft :?i i ?r t>asiue?s pl^-??ui^, or tUdktwc ; i b ! ** middi- i_-.| an'l oil B??n. wtio. tr?. . *' " Hi'-s ot y .uth, or oth?r c?.i.-'-s ?? debility lo advance of tht-ir years. t f*M' ,4 1 " otnliT th? tri-iitoi'Mt of *' In taad l"?i? -oc i i?u l " ,r j.] 'ti-oi:>*'blnK ot imp >rt?uc<> , T' S 't Srleii I s-ut toany <<1 ni.i e.j% l.tae, i>a r><c<riat of .'5 '?'its I l ! ; A- A STUAKT A CO Ba^ug Jlare DO Ml CLOTHING, Ao. JT H c phi HQ * * Jkv eesor v- 11 t. t-?don A Co., CJTiZE/i'S 4XU MILITARY ' til MFKCHAVT TilLOR, Ht?p?llf?r H'.t?l lata Brown'a, |f 3f>i Pttiwyl'w'a ?Tstin? ?7 I If Washln^toQ O O. J kl ro niUISB' PIANOS AND OABUAliT ' " a MCLl UaM'S 1'AELUU OMGANS. A;l will End It greatly to their ititorest^?vM^ t~ Maniim tin -e upt-rli lua;iauieuU be \r?5^^ J Tr pl.t*'.lAnll-H ?D) ott?-r. Ml *11 Oi > ag?U.y at GCOitOK L WILD A BBO 8 fa yi.rte aad Organ wtnn 9 . 497 lilb -tree! between Peaii a avrnue and B -traet A ?^.?-t n?r. rtn.?-Dt cf ne? a i -rcvud b ?nd Inatrnnent*, Including a CUrK' U uKG\N for pale at li ?f?; far??ry | rl< e? and oa eaty tarins li and blPA iBINO faithfully azecnte 1 no 13 ^m* < t C B B T D I 8 K A S I S. n % A yi h H ITaI'I O | FT! SAMAMTAPrS GIFT 1 TU1 MtJPT C'BKTAIN UHtl'l IVEU USBL' "lee, A P.iv Tivs Ouaa," far VOSOHkbdi A, GLkJtl, 3 THiC T OH A J, *, Cout ?ias no Mineral, no Balaam, no Mercury Oa.? 2<a FUit (O ts VtMta (o kjeei u (\?n. They are eaiWely Ua>iu(j u-> smell doi /U') ui.plcaewut taale. Bad *iU not ib any way la tre tur ?tuunu.b ?r b*i??i? of the most delicate Cnrt>- la Itubj tsr? M four aa> s, and r?cet? caa?? lu"t?ectj tour iwuri Prepared by a |r?lasi> cf the t nifonrtty of renusylvauiB cue of the iuua> tuiiutn 1'?k tors ?nd < heu i'ts of the present day. no ?xf>o*nft, ho .'rani-s, uu (min*4 ic\aUi cr. Let thi-.i-e who haTedaspalrrt ot getting cured, oi vbobkn 1'?sb gorgad with Balsam Coaaviaor Mar cury. try tba ?AMAB1TA5 8 ClFT. But by mall in a plain envelop# Price?Male packages, !I renaie, gs. BLOODr BLoon It BLOOD in BUBOPCi-^ULCBBd. SOBBS, 8POTB tbttbbs albs, boils, syphilis OH VBNEBBA\> DlbBASKS, Ac BAMAHITA.\B BOOT ASD HKX-b juiom Is offered tbe anb'lcaa a pocitlre enra. b^ftiii-ift OB mkbkAL oistAsea. th? IrAMAiillaN S Bool AND UEBP J-LIG* U a nn st potent, certain and effectual remedy aver ore scribed It reacbaa and eradicate? every partie'e oi tha venereal poison ao that tbe cure U thorouat aid permanent Take, theu.of this puiifyiua reui e.;> and be healed, and do not transmit ft to voci p, itertty that for which j?u may Repent In aftar year*. DO N?ST DESPA1B1 Altbongb yon may oe pr nitim. e^ in-nrabia >AW ^ HITAN S R0<T AS1> Ht BB JCIOBB wi"! retu.te every vestlgj- -f imparities from th? BjtttcaijM %fli All tile b*d tfttcr* gf M?raarr rkM4Lius; rtUALMaiT99 Il uuaiiy aOocuoqi with waicu i>nn,> >? r* ut ?. r -lea ,cflrr tbe BOOT AND HABB JUI.J*an^!, U?i>l'll> aiiatrted, iu L Icoralrd Uteres m Len ?,r Ijift. iu bearing doai. r aiung of lbs Womb da ll'iiy. aud lor all compla.jta incident to tiia baotty axpreaa Prx-e ?1 is per bott}? SAM ABITAN b W ASH SMfaWi.*" 55w-D,ed lnooma*ctto? *?? ru.ld1rettioM Prica 16 cents The effiiacy of ttitsse reuediei? is alike a^kaewi f.'u.i'. Tb" " *U4T T" KJS%0S^VDi','.Ta?,4?" 'lrVIA'. Vit1 '"? MAifHaa. LaiUoiors, * ? -U laai - 1 h?*e great ^atislacU?u tu atatlng tbs* I have osed rb- Sauraritaa Uauiedles' fcr N eueral di sasw Lu it. u^it cu?t..uj*r> forma: f at I ha\e nsed them wltn jod^meut, discratiou Bod property, and, ha.e found tbrtn respond to int at?tlclpatiotiB promatij aud efleciuall,. Kaovisi ttair composition. 1 bare the fullest contldeoce In Uielr eCca > aad as far aa my use of them aztoate. 1 raomi?ad to am strongly. "ALPBBD O BoWIgg, "ASBtitact Surgeoa, 5th N T. Vols ' BOM by a. O. VOBD, csmar Uth street aad Peonsy lraaia areDBB, Wasblogtoo; HBN UY 000K. Afe4atssb?i;?a.vj,iU,.fas,.?,~r^MI 'I1IV.1BI.IUCI. WilDR-UMO!!. C P BLACK. LAW orrlev 1 BLACK, LAHON * CO , Lconoellors and Attorneys at Law In the Bnarania tx>wrt of tge United Stnias the Court of Claims th Oonruof cha PUtnci. th- BieouUra DtWrt.' "Jf?ts. and Committee* of Congreaa. la^loiS l4U ,<Ur#cl1' op??Si#tyrt}1Hbbzbbbu b loan orrics. ~ Lstabuaha.1 li62. Utghe?t advances nia.ie ?n WaT<'HB4 DTAMONDB. JBAILkV. WBABINO APPABJEL aBd all kinds of Me* batdi9e. Buslnaai stri. tip' confi lantial. 3dl X*irth i stieet,l.et\>Ben 4s, and 6.b strreta. laiaisdiatctj la rear mf tbe National Hotel. ja> In' LATBaT PAB1S TAItUlONS Of UaIB DBICsMMi B ATTTiot. HtFBCH HA !/. PHESSRR, 3^4 streat. b^lwe^B 1 Jtl and Itth sts Mr Alllot, fr.-in Paria, U?ir-Dr -??er. of tba tf'rhratad Bai bal. with whom he arrived in this e< uatry. has n.>w I t-en e?ta'>H'hed far las last Hpht years in Washington and Newport, aac.? mg (iia patronage of tfi? rrrrpi 4t*frnitiw. aad cf the highest e .nsi> . He ha* tbs boaor to aaconn e that he has this msjod iaportsd the latest fa*b 101S < hair dreseiag, aad at?n pona las. aad everything that h?l=?t?*s to the draasing o'hair at vary reaaoaa le prKea. ia7 im* SO B. JM WILL. OAPABBOANDLB M AH UPACTCBEB. Tbe sobscrlbBs will ba pleased to s?a all Bis old ineuds aad castBBaers at his new piaca yfaadnsea. U street Bonn, bat 4th and ?th atraaBs, woerehe will keep eoiistnutly on Baud hi a prs?Uub Aoaps aad Ceadtes. and vill rantiBBS IB ell tl rib at the loWPMrhsh pricss 0 straaC,h*. t*asoAl*B??*th. ja ll-4a bankers. jay CWOKE a lilKIIB. t\fi tenth itrttt, erfstft TVfcwwn. ( i)ud Ml I icvmat market ratee, and one*aatly on hand, a fwll n???lT of all fiOYlUMUT BONDS, t?EVBN-THlBTlB8, AND COMPOUBB INTBBB9T HOTBS t?r '?rtf3r JTOOEI. BONDS, Ac , exeemted, and > *!1crtione made on Ml aceeesible pointa. se 1-tf j^ARROW fc W ? BANKERS, Ooruer Louisiana avewue and Seventh reet. ii?al**? m iiOVF.KSMEVT SECURITIES, o'> T> ASP SlLYEB , AND LAND WABBANT8 Hnt National Bank of Washington. > |? Ct'OKE, tof Jay Cook? * Go.,) Preeldent W M. 8 HUNTINGTON, OwW?f. ?OYEUSMENT DEPOBITOBT A?D * U> ANC1AL AGENT Of TUB UNITBD STATES, U \ ?:r$e:, crPoiii* tn* Treasury D?j>*r.v??ni, loTernnienl Secnritiei with Treasurer United "*4 ~ar USE MILLION dollars n?bt) indKllkllelMM of GOVERN ME yj i ri ElTIESnt current market ratea. r 11 > JiSH EXCHANGE a* I make Coll<rf :n, * Ai L 1UE r*lNCU>AL CITIES Of THk yjTED STATES. W t vurchaee Government Vouchers on the , .. ( *T FAVORABLE TERMS, and glveooreful , n? prompt attention to HOUNTS sj BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. ..nil to any other bueinesa ent mated to ue I I'LL INFORMATION In regard to GOVEBB MtkT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM 8 HUNTINGTON, Caehler. Washington, March 10. IP* m 21 tf hotels, restaurants, Ac. i A B D . wTlUBD 8 HOTEL, I Was hi Jl<. tos , Dece-aber 1,1866.> Senators. B"pre*ent?ti ,e* , and others, residing In V* n?bi!.eu ti. ? lio oecnp> private apartments, cam b? <?jc-tiiiHiodated with tbHr 11IAL3 at this Hotel it the rate ol 91" Mi per week de 4 2m h l K 18. OHADWIQK A Co. IBKWOOD HOUSE, I 'orn'T F$nnc arexue and TV*?/.'* jtreef.Yf^Skx I fta. attic on, b C. ?i4U Sltn-cttd In the most central location the city, Luidwrey between the CAPITOL /. ND PRESIDENTIAL MANSION, Otily a ?h.,rt distance from all the Departm-nta, i'ateut and Post Offices, Smithsonian Institute, etc. U. H DUDLEY ? CO , no21 tf Proprietors. I^MBWB'B ttt^TAlE&:<T, a No. 3*5 Peun* avi aue, uear ftt'a street. I P KM hi* h wishe* to i?* -rm his frlen Is and the public generally Ikit k? no.; k>-?T- c>nA ^ ? m -'auilj on tab J O > S>Ti.R.->. fresh every tmSbt day , prepared lb every *t, ... ' "'In | Ills' ^ iM KS and I l<ji 0?ia cana jt be eurpassed. I Call and ?lv> hioi s trl tf. oc 23 tf wood and goal. ^JOAlt'OOAJjl! AT GREATLY BE DICED PBICES. Gro>n tone ol i,2*b Ibi., deiiveied in snjr part of I ttie city Chestnut White A?h. 7. i Stove. Igi and Euruaoe White Ash, $3,20. Kid ilk *8 50. Lehigh #9. t>?k Mrd Pine Wood eonatantly on hand. Orrt? ra recei*e>i at on"* Office; or at the Wharf, I foot ot bev-enth street 8 P BROWN A SON, ja!5 tf 463 9tii atre?t, between E and ^JOAL ! COAL!! COAL til T T roWLEB A CO. Whit* Aah, atofe aod egi< slzesi 88 16 per ton. Bed Ash. do Co $1.75 per ton, 2 .40 pounds guaranteed. Orders Mceived at the central office of the WaahInKton and U?orgetown Ice < oaapany, (late L J Mirtdlftor A Cocorner 11th and t streele.aud at u harf, foot of luth ateeet. ja 141m B. 8. LAMBfN, Agent. PO TO U W.B.MOBB8' FASHIONABLE CABPBT, rCBNITUBB ABD BBUD1NO 8TOBIS, N08. 321 A 519. INTELLIGENCES BUILDING, OOBNEB 7TU AND D., j ABD 1 BIO 50H TTH 8TBBET, THOBN'B BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD EBLLOWS HALL, and KXAM1NB TBB FINEST ASBoBl'ED STOCK THIS SIDE OF PHILADELPHIA. Be has all the latest designs made In Philadelphia, New kork. and Boeton The atock la alwaya selected by Mr. iloaen, and bonuht at the lowest rates tor caah. w Lit -li eoak'ea htm to compete with Baotern prices. Hieflueat F nrniture la made to order In Philadelphia, and of Uie best material that cau I e fonn t Purchnaera shouldatndy their owi interest hp calliDg ?t hi" Store* an 1 examining the well east r ted stock ot < ABI'ETS, FUBNIT0BB. Ac,, at d obtain hi? price-hat before golog elaewhere, | which he w iII furiiiah with pleaaure His assortment of Mattr*-ates Blankets, Oomforta, C-un'rrpaiB'^a. Plllowa. Boletrrs, feather- I b< da. and all kiuis of Cottage and Kitchen Fnr nitnre is < ooipie'e. *^hleh h - offers at the loweat I New York and Philadelphia prices. B?-member No? 5"il and 319 Intelligencer BulldiDs corner Tth and D. and No 30*? 7th | street. Thorn'a Bnildlag. adjoining odd Fellowa' I Hall, between D aud E streets. js 14 tf W. B. MOSES. 111 kit POTATOES. 0,U IIU hwhels MAINE POTATOES, jost arrived, and for aaie at onr Wharf at the toot of 7th street. 8 P BBOWN * SON, Commission Mercbauts, I de 14 tf No 4H3 ?th at., between E and r. I ^ LODkl f B B P I A foil aeeortment of all gradee cuolce Floor (or Bak>-re; qnality No I; prlc?low. Axe tLe enly direct re?elvera for Oolden Hill, J. I H Gambrlllinot Patapecol and Lmganor Family Flour# tn the District. Aa the latter brand has I btx-c extensively counterfeited and seld In this I city, we would Inform those wishing thla flour by I arrangement with the miller* we fnrntah It lower than It can he obtained from aup other eonro*. Quality sec end to none. Price n fraction leee than I otb*r 4ret-claee Painllr Flour. Buckwheat nt low ratee. All gradee of Weetern Flour n atore and for aale I tar by . W M G\LT A CO., Indiana avenae and 1st atreet, | no It near Depot. I p B M O T \ L . I tub MATtONAL UNION INSDBANOB OOSf* PANT OF WASHINGTON Hare removed to their New Office. Bo. 71 LOUISIANA AVBNUB. Tint door eaat of 7 th et. D I B 0 B 8 : Chaa. Kwr?, Freet, Oeo W. Blgaa, Tloe Preat, Thoe. Berry, Marshall Brows, Tch'd Wallach, O B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Win. Dixon. Bde Ski?* ?*?B*dBLB D. LABNBB, Secretary. C'HOGOLATB DOUBLE, VANILLB, y OB H. MA1LLA1BD. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Xxern^t de^t'#1^e|Ja,1*e King Ptaoe. Corner Vermont avenue and lftH atreet. WE8T IBD1A OBANSES AND bwbbt Malaga obapbs, Freeh BIBO PLACB. . f 'HOIGB NUTS, BA181NS, FIGS.OUBBABT8, V 8PICB8. Ac., Ac , to ault thla Particular aeaaon. For sale hy E. M P. BIBO A SOB, de ?i-tf Blag Plaoe. JUST BBCE1VED ^ _ TATBS A'SBLBT-B, Bo. SttS Penaaylania a venae, A aoortor lot of UADIBS' OLOaKIBGS, which they an efferlag at vary low prloee. mm M M MOCI ?SAT i^|LIj SPECIAL NOTICES. ? mitoalk'j oke4t khsom&tic bIbIBT ie the only dure cnitfor KhenaUUn ever knows. and it w as wonderful Id Ita nature as certain In its effects fe ^ m!w B o. FOBB, Agent. BCMEDIAL 1N8TITOTB FOB SPECIAL OASBS, ^ Ba. 14 Bond street, Bew fork. B^"Full information. with the highest ttstimeatah; also, a Book on Special Diseases,?n a sealed envelope, nwntfree. W be sure and *eni for them, and yru icill not rtftt. it; for, as advertising thy sicians are generally tmpoWor.i, wltheat referent's no stranger should be trusted. Encloe* a stamp for postage aad direct to BB. LAWBBNrB. No. 14 Bond street. New York ue It DBWly HALL'S YBGETABLB SICILIAN BAlB SI NBWBB Renews the Hair. Hall's Vxsxtablr Sicilian Hair Restores gray hair to the original color. Hall's Vegetablx Sicilian Mais Kknrwkr F "Tents the hair from falling off. Hall ? Vigktafl* Sicilian Hair Uknf.wxr Make* the hair soft and glossy. Hall's Yf.g*tablr Sicilian Hair Bknxwxr P-es not stain the skin. Hall's Sicilian Vkoetablk Hair Kknrwrr Has proved Itself the beet preparation for the hair ever presented toth* pnhlic. Price $1. For Bale by all drugglstB. jaSO-Tnly %T HA UK1AGE A>.?. KLIBACY, AND THI H?rplr.e?s <f True * d - An Kssar for V' ug Men on the Cr'm* i t boiitude, and the Fk) sio of i' ai Krror , A !>u??s And Diseases which create impediments t? 'Jirr'Hge, with sure means of Belief. Sent in seal' i leto-r envelopes. fre? of rbarge. Address Dr. .1 vhil,LIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association, P >iU.lelp lia, Fa. ja 11-3m BKCBBT MSBASES. Sa akitan - U.fi it theuiwsl certain, safe and effectual r< medy ? indeed, theonly vegetable remedy er<T discovered Cares In two to roar <lay?, au<J recei t ca*es in twenty four hours No mineral, bo talsHDi. tie mercury Only tea pills to be taken. It Is tb< m idler s hope, and a friend t'? those who do tot wunt to be exposed. Male packages, #J.(eaialf, Savab tan - Boot ant.IIkrb J uicr?-A positive and per-nanent *nre for Spykllls. Scrofela. Dicers, bores, SpotB. Tetters. fte Pr?ee ?1 25 par bottle, boldly SO. ford. See advertisement my FUR FLY, STEADILY, BOCCESStCLLT, BMOLABDEBB BXTBAOT BDOKD is cvrin* every rase of Bidnrt D,?rabR, Br rimatism, UjtAVBL, Urinary Disordrks, Wrarnrss and Pains In the Bacr, FrmalR Oomplaiwt^ and Trot blr" arising from Brcrssrs op ant Kir*. COMB. TB AFFLIOTBDI TBY SMOL ANDBB'B. TAKE HO OTHER BUCKV. BoW by all Apothecaries. Price fl. D BABNBB & 00., Bew York, and BABNBB. WABDAOO., Sew Orleans, Sonthern Ag?nta. BOHLEIQH A BOGBBS, Wholesale Drugglste, Boston, Mass., General Agents COLGATE A OO.'B WINTBB BOAP. Becommended for chappxd hank and for general toilet use during cold weathrr. It may be Obtained of all druggists and Taney goods dealers, feb 9 eoly DANCING. |>B0Fti. J. W. AH. P. KBEIb' PANOIBO ACADEMY, ^ Pennsylvania avenue, bet. ?th and 7th sts.. Jfm Opposite Metropolitan Hotel. f'MMS f irming every evening. Those deAWE?, Si'i'i """ ' 'or Cireulars can be had at J. P. Bills' and W o "' rerott ft Co.'s Music Stores. The Hall can be rented tor Soirees, Ac, Days and Hourt of 7Vuion : For Ladles, Misses ainl Masters, Tuesday and eaturdiiy afternoons, from 3 to 5 o oloeR (ieiitiemen lOlnwt. Tneeday and Friday e*enings. from 8 to lu o clock. At'T^nrtber Information, apply during the hoars rtultloB, or address a note to the Academy. Quarter commencing with the ftrst lesson, jafl Ma b i n i > i pabbionabLb dancing _ AOADRMY. AT MABINI s ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M ... E, betweau 9th and l?th streets, JA This academy is now open far the recep- EB| tlOH Of pupils pays and hours ef tuttIon for young ladles misses and masters Tneadays, Thursdays and Saturday {, from 3 to 6 p m. 2' lL,l*,2len'? classes from 8 to 10, same erenlncs. * ?Private instruction given to suit the convenience of the pupil. seU MASUlE&ADE AND FASOY DBMS* BALLS AND PABTIBB. xae undersigned would most respectfully Inform the ladl?? aid gentlemen of Washington city, and the District generally, that he Is at all tunas prepared to furnish parties with Mas<jaeraae and T an ay Costume, either on loan or made to order. He has taken rooms at the well known fap^i tabllshment of Christian Bappert, Kso B2?7th street, between D aa4 ?. whefe he WilTU happy to await orders. CHABLe? BEBG, lata Oostumer at Ford's and Grover's ja8-lm* Theaters. Washington. D 0. BOOTS, SHOES, A.~ ciixikiom billibo orr : i Tlie entire stock of Ladles', Misses'. Children'a. Men's. Boy1* and Youth's VkL BOOTS. SHOBS AND GAITBB8 VN 111 be sold at private sale at and BELOW COST PBI0E9. JOHN ANGBBMAMN, dOd 7th street, between D and E streets, )aI2 1m* opposite Odd Kellows' Hall. gg|l BOOTS AND BUOBB. fB B B W 7t O B . fW The undersigDod b ge leave to inform his friend* and the public generally that he has opened the MEW CHEAP HTUBE. No. 304 7th street,under Odd Fellows'Hall, where he has on hand a general assortment of Lsdies' and Gentlemen's, Boy's, Misses and Children's BOOTS AND SHOBS. Bemember the nnmber> :,l)* Btreet, under Odd Fellows' Hall The Mew Cheap Store, forDaaieK' ,t0t#iBOBGB B. WILSON. 480 CBNTBAL L0ANS0FFI0E, 480 No. 4*0 lot hstreet, one door below Pa. ava. 1110.0(10 to loan en Gold and Silver WATCHES AM0HD8, CLOTHING, and MBBCHAN Die B of every <leecri pti?u. ja 9 WBuslness strictly confidential,jp% ^JOLUMBIA UOBP1TAL FOK WOMU LYING IM AS7LUM, Fonrtaanth street < elrele,)corner af M Btreet Washington, I). O. This Institution has Ween established for the reception of patients who may be suffering from diseases peculiar to their sax. and for the admission of such females as may require tha oomfarts of tke Iytag In chamber The bailding Is sKuated In the most healthy portion of the District, snrronnded by its own grounds. Oars pas* the door every five minutes Terasu of admission: From #? to Bio par week fn accordance with the reom required, payable in advance. This includes Board, Mediciaes Medical and Surgical attendance. ' ?M IiPIOlT STAFF. BJ BGEON IB OHIBF. ... . Jj. H THOMPSON, M D.. United States Army. ??eon wwerai, iWMS-tns:-j"-w*t ?V.S^TS, iM I street, or i,?i"Gi?.w1Si;S5ass.si.'u ?sy^ni?K^44?ia%'asjs*iSis . Patlentell^.g M t distance whe intra to oama to thlsjaatltntlon tor treatment oaa sooara private mmssm1 i TELEGRAMS, fee. The Senate of Pennsylvania yesterday Instructed the Railroad Commit'ee to report on Wednesday next a free railroad bill. Such a bill, with proper restrictions, will undoubtedly pass, and Governor Geary will sign It. The Senate parsed a bill, whichwill also pass theHonse, making it an offence for railroad or railway corporations to make any distinction with their passengers on account of race or color, and punishing sncb corporations and their agents and employees for such offence. In the Workingmen'sConvention in Albany, N. Y., yesterday Mr. Jessnp, ot New York' moved that the platform adopted by the National I,ahor Oonirre?* held in Baltimore be reaffirmed A debate ensned involving a f harp discussion on the practicability of pressing the eipht-bonr sy?tem at present. President McArthur*. of Troy, and others tiking the negative of the question. It was finally referred to the convention. In Baltimore, yes'erday forenoon, while workmen were engaged In demolishing a building lately occupied by George C. Nenl, in progress of opening Holiday street, toe t hird floor, on which was piled an immense quantity of brick ruhrticb.gave way. causing a large portion of the walls to fall, and killing two m^n and wounding six others. The Democratic Sta'e Convention of Connecticut In session at Hartford, yesterday, nominated for Governor, James E. English; l ieutenant Governor, Ephraim H. Hyde, of Stafford; Secretary ot State, LeverettE P>as<?, of Somers; Treasurer, Edward L.. Mosely; Comptroller, Jesse E. Olney. of Stafford. The ticket was received with applause, and adopted by acclamation. The Louisiana House of Represen-atives unanimously rejected the constitutional amendment yes'erday, and unanimously concurred in the hill calling a State constitutional convention. The bill now awaits the signature of the Governor to become a law. It is reported that it will be vetoed. Two unsucc? ssful ballots have btfen had for United Sta'es Senator. The Government organ in Canada says the cable dispatch announcing that England had demanded Lamirande is incorrect Wnai sue demanded was an explanation, which France immediately gave and which was satisfactory to England. A terrible hurricane on February 1st swept over the Ouachita river and the adjoining parishes in the neighborhood of Pine Bluffs Louisiana, causinir grrat destruction of property and loss of life. The inhabitants had to flee to the open fields for safety. The Senate of Tennessee has adopted the resolution requesting Senator Patterson to resign. The House adopted a new bill in lieu of the pending negro suffrage, restricting the white franchise still lnrtb*?r, but giving to negroes the right of suffrage Official information from Fernandina, Fla., states that the question at issue regarding confiscated lands, taxes, Ac., will remain m statu quo until the opening of the United States District Court. The Ohio river is still full of floating ice. A number of barges passed down in the ice. Re. ports from above and below represent great destruction of property caused by the breaking up. The Maine House has refused to |oin in the action of the Senate in ameuding the law* ?o as to prevent white persons intermarrying with negroes, Indians, or mulaUoen. The vote stood 45 te 70. A .joint memorial asking Congress to extend the jurisdiction or the State of Nevada over the 1 errit^fy of 1'tah Ha- b^e.i introduced mto the Nevada legislature. The Pennsylvania Hou?? has passed the joint resolution ratifying the constitutional amendment* by a party vote. The Senate aas already passed them. The Senate of RUode Island adopted the on sututional amendment with but two dissenting votes. The House will probably adopt it this week.' The Democratic Convention of the 7th congressional district of Kentuckv has renominated for Congress James M. Beck, of Fayette Pardoned John I^etcher,ex-Go vernor ot Virginia, is now the Richmond Examiner s candidate for Governor. Government of the Rebel States. The Hon. Tbaddeus Stevens, chairman on the part of the House of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, presented the following bill yesterday as a report from that commit, tee. It is understood as having b*en agreed upon by a majority of the members of the committee: Whereas the pretenaed State governments of the late so-called Confederate States of Virginia, Nortb Carolina, South Carolina, Georgiu, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, and Arkansas, were set up without the authority of Congress, and without the sanction of the people; and whereas the said pretended governments afford no adequate protection for life or property, but countenance and enconrage lawlessness and crime: and whereas it is necessary that peace and good order should be enforced in said so-called States until loyal and lepnbiican Stat* governments can be legally established. Therefore, Be it enacted by the SenaU and House nf Repretentatives / the United States of America in Congress assembled* That the so-called Stau-s shall be divided into military districts, and made subject to the military authority of the United States, as hereinafter prescribed; and, for tha' purpose, Virainia shall constitute the 1st dlstriot; North Carolina and South Carolina the 2d district; Georgia, Alabama and f Ion da, the 3d district; Miosissippi and Arkansas the tth district, and EwUsiana and Texas the 5th district. Sec. '2- And he it farther exacted. That it shall be the duty of the general of tue army to assign to the command of each of the said districts an officer of the regular army, not below the rank of a brigadier general; and to detail a sufficient military force to enable such officer to i erform his duties aud enforee his authority within the district to which he is assigned. Sec. 3. And he it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of each officer assigned as afore, said to protect all persons in their rights of person and property, to suppress insurrection, disorder, and violence, and to punish, or cause to be punished, all distnrbers of the public peace aud criminals ; and to this end he may allow civil tribunals to tike jurisdiction of and to try offenders, or when in his judgment it may be necessary for the trial of offenders, he shall have power to organise military commissions or tribunals tor that purpose, any. thine in the constitutions and law-. of the socalled Stales to the contrary notwithstanding : and all legislative or judicial proceediugs or processes to prevent or contest the proceedings of said military tribunals, and all interference by said pretended State governments with the exercise of military authority nuder this act, shall be void and of no effect. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That courts aud judicial officers of the United States shall not issue writs ot habeas corpus in behalf of persons in military custody unless some commissioned officer on duty in the district wherein the person is detained snail endorse upon said petition a statement certifying upon honor that he has knowledge or information as to the cause and circumstances of the alleged detention, and that he believes the same to be wrongfnl: and further, that he believes that the endorsed petition Is preferred in good faith and In furtherance of justice, and not to hinder or delay the punishment of crime. All persons pnt under military arrest by virtue of this act shall be tried without unnecessary delay, ard no cruel or unnsual punishment shall be infllct?d. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted. That no sentence of any military commission or tribunal hereby authorized affecting the life or lloerty uf any person shall be executed nntilitisap. proved by the superior officer in command of the district, and the laws aud regalations for the government of the army shall not be affected by this act, except in so far as they conflict with Its provisions. A Bank Ronncs CaughtAt the Philadelphia National Bank on Tuesday, tbe paying teller detected the rustling of bank notes, and saw a one dollar bill disappear through the wire screen around his desk. Before it was a man who was taken to the oashier's room The teller found that a package of one and two dollar bills, containing ftuo, had been taken from the desk. On the floor, at the feet of (fee prisoner, were 9tt. Detective Taggart was called, and recognised the man aa Ohaua. cey Johnson, alias Harrison, for years a bank rubber. H Is mod* of work has al ways b<?en to iteal money bags from counters, or to purloin notes by means of a long flexible wire. Alderman Beltler committed him, In defkult of 16.UU0 ^i| ?./'AtJLwfrifdfl. CONGRESSIONAL. SlHATB?Yestrrday afteruooa? Mr. DIxoduITitmI a prftmbltind resolution, which br raid h# intrndrd te offer Mtnamrad' ment to Mr. Wade's pending amen.lment of lb* Co?*tilltiM. The resolution is, that the following article* be prepared to the Legislatu r?a of the several States a* an amendment to tiie Count un ion of the United States which, when ratified by three-fourths of the said Legislatures, shall b? valid as a part of said Constitution . bee. 1. The Union under the Constitution shall be perpetual. Sec. 51 The public debt of the United State*, authorized by law, shall ever be held sasred and inviolate, but neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any det>t or obligation incurred in aid ot insurrection or rebellion against the United s ate* Sec 3 All persons bora or naturalized in the United States, and subject to toe jurisdiction thereof, are citizens ol the Uniu*d State.- and of the States in which they reside, and the itiseus of each State shall be entitled to all the privileges sad immunities of the citizen* of the several States. JVu State shall depr've auy persoi. of life, liberty, or property Without dne process of law, nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the Isws. Sec. 4 Representative* shall be apportioned among the several States according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each State, excluding Indians not taxed. But when any Suite shall, on account ot race or color, or previous condition of servitude, deny the exercise of The elective franchise at any election tor the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, RepresentorjVes m Congress, members of tns Legislature. a.nd otberoftices elect! ve by the people (OUf Ot habitants of such States, hemg t went v one years ol age and citizen* of ttie United s . ?? ?. ten the entire class of person* ?o excluded from the exercise of the electu ftMKfejsa shall no' be counted in the btsis of repre.en tation. Nj I State shall require a property ^uiliticvi jn 1 for voters more than the valae of two bun 'v l and fitly dollar* taxable property, nor a? tu educational qualification MvidaettlM enough to enable the voter to read the Cousti tution of tne United States in the Eo(lnb language and write his own name. The bill to regulate the tenure of office wa* discussed at some length, when the vote wataken on the House amrndrn'O', viz S'-ikout the except ion of Cabinet ministers from the officers who may not b?' removed without the advice aud consent of the Senate. D.-agreed to?veas, I?;nay*, iSo the Senate refused 'o concur in the IIon?^ amendment, and the subjev must go to a committee of conterence. At :|;30 p m. the Senate went into executive session, and soon after adjourned. Horn-Yesterday afternoon? House bill declaring and fixing the rights of volunteers as a part of th? army, wa.passed. Bill to amend the act of March 3. 1=40, providing for payment of horses lostui the service, se as to include horses lost by drowning, Ac., in transportation; passed. Joint resolution authorising the Secretary of V> ar to adjnst the claim of I?. Randolph M trt?n. assignee of the Washington, Alexandria and Georgetown Railroad Company, for the use and occupation of the road bv t"t?e United States from January, 1-6:4. till August, i^?5 passed. Bill amendatory of the bonn'y act of July 28. l-i*.. so as to allow soldiers who bu! lost their discharges to make proof of service, \c , to the Second Auditor's Bureau parsed. Mr. Ingersoll introduced a bill to am*n4 the Hot establishing tue Newsboy*' Home of the liiftrict of Columbia. Referred to m- District . ( o:i mittee On motion of Mr Delano, the Senate amend- I mer.ts to the House bill declaring the sense of ; the act restricting the jurisdiction of the Cjuri ot Claims and providing tor the payment of i certain demands tor quartermaster,^ scores. , &e . were taken from me Speaker s table and concurred in. On motion of Mr. Wilson, (lowi,) the Senate amendment to the House tviiI rezula'tug he duties of the Clerk ot the House ot Representatives in preparing for the organization of t&e House was taken from the Speaker's -able, aud concurred in. The House then proceeded to the consider.!, tion of the bill reported i.y Mr. Jeaeks, trom the joint selectCommt tee on Ke renchment, to regulate the civil service or the Tuited States and promote the efllciency thereof. Alter deba:e i! was laid on the table by a vote of yeas T'J, nays fiO. Mr. Steven-, from the Joint Committee on Reconstruction, reported a bill t? provide for the more efficient government of the insurrectionary States. [This bill is published in full elsewhere in our paper to-day.] Mr. Stevens intimated that Me thought be Wuuld ask for a vote on it to-morrow. Adjourned. The MarthhdLeoislatieb.-Leave was obtained in the Senate yesterday, bv Mr. Kimmel to report a new bill providing for the election of a mayor and city council in Baltimore The following bills were passed To aid in the completion of the Dorchester and Delaware railroad: appropriating gk".,i?w to erect a monument to the lain Chief Justice Taney, to protect fish and wild fowl in Harford couuty and a bill supplementary to the act incorporating the Chesapeake Bay aud Potomac River Tidewater Canal Company. It change* the name to the Chesapeake and Potomac Canai Company, with a capital of 81,000,duo. Among the bills reported in the House of Delegates yesterday was one from the Judiciary Committee to authorize certain conscientious persons to pursue their lawful avocations on Sunday within their own premises, and another to amend the Baltimore police law. A large number ot other bills were introduced, after which the bill to call a convention to frame a new coKstitution was called up an.l passed by a two-thirds vote?yeas 54, nays l?. This hill had previously passed, but not by a two-thirds vote. Lost Haughtkus in Ekglajid ? A few wteks ago a young girl of fifteen was bron?h before the Thames police court, London, charged with insubordination in a worknouse. where she had been several weeks in th.~ casual" ward The report of the case published in the daily papers, attracted attention, and when she was next brought np a host of persons in all part* of the kingdom whose daughters, all about the same age as the prisoner, were missing, had written to the magistrate, to the chaplain, and to the master of St. George's Workhouse, and each was in hope the prisoner was the "lost daughter." There were two ladie.' frem Liverpool in court, who had each lost a daughter fifteen years of age. The magistrate, at the close of th* ex animation, remarked that the publication of that day's proceedings would be a sufficient answer to the numerous persons who had written him respecting loet children. , A London journal says: ??A source of irremediable sorrow on an extensive scale is thus revealed. The publication of a single case brings to light the fact that there are, at ibis moment, numeren* persons? a ho*t" of mothers?in this country mourning the loss ot daughters of the age or fifteen, who have been kidnapped or enticed from home " Lmihra rioN or Krudxew.?The Macon (Ga.) journal notices an extensive movement cf tree blacks from Georgia to the Mississippi Valley, remarking that ?we must accustom ourselves to regard this emigration as a fixed and irrepressible fa t and forecast of the day when Georgia will boast aa almost exclustvelv white populatioa.". CAPrPaL or W**t Virginia. ? Hy a vote of West Virginia Legislature, It has been decided that Morgan town, in Monongalia county, is to be the new capital ot State. Heretofore the seat of government has been at Wheeling. m the extreme northwest corner ot Weet Virginia, Morgantown is situated on the Monongahela ti ver. * 1ST A choked berae In New Haven was lieved by inserting a street hose in his month and the water torned on. 17* A Cincinnati pedagogue tried to make the Ideas ot a vouth shoot by flogging him so tnat be couldn't speak tor 24 boars. VA young man In New York was fined *5 for stepping on a lady's dress. VA Minnesota paper says that fare hare sever boon so plenty la that Slate and oa IV northern fron fer as the present year. 99-It has been objected that if women voted, husbands and wives might vote against each ther. Wo think that the wires may he trasted to prevent that. t9~Mr. Kent, of Natchez, was astonished the ether day by roooiviuga tall of lading for ten toxee of Tom eats. Ic shoald hare beea Tomato catsup. VN or folk Is peaceful and happy with Hist evsa hundred Soft. EtRurcii TlrOrnlB|*( rirliiiurit Krlirm -Yari. a ***?**>?. $?The Qn##n np?>.,| ptr. !* * '"-day m pfr-on Th?i<ty c nuiruvrU at twga elock n tli# after**-. .n TuI ,rv"n w'??i?>r ?t I!o'ctcjk.aiij l? tt Hu> klu^ham 1'alac# at o&# o'clock i u?>i> ho' the t>laa?*a Sr. T drM*#d ?<* ?h-ir an'for- ,% j.y th# mm ra# crowds ol people cohered b> umbr#lla? mau.iH?u-,i no#nib?i?i. Mtn, and |It? no ch##r? a* the Q.u*#n dro%?. np to ? Mminr?r 11*11 aad alight-d N#irbar w#re ft,.-- By rbern, ,ar |^lr(^of Wa^. Tb* ac#a# ii. tb# Hon*- of 1>.rda vw m?. lh' Uu#*u was ?Q|M?rblr r .be.i stia a*c#nd#d tb# tbroue and read ber ap*?,-b ,n a rlaar, firm voica. Ht autn+queat r#tam u* Buckingham Paiaoe ?*? n#n m>r* dfa&l 'han b#r departure Cries of reform gr##?e 1 t # Q o**n if ?be pa~*?tf. and thf i^on|# cbatT+ri tb# pwjice and II* ?u|i1f*n: but *her<> w cbeerin*. TB# police hebaved with jr#at mod e ration, or trouble would bara ensued. aa u.crowd ??* rip* frtr mn'bW <ir?a- pr#t?aramakiB? for ta# triorm d#mou*u ation ob tb# >atb instant. Th# bitterness oi tb' i>oi?!l!!!L llnf. '* andiaf ui?e<, and placard- ar# bovnoa th# fr^'i .?v,n| m-r wi'h'oi yotes 7. , _ * * " P*?*??bI r#card for the Qu##n > #c|ipa#d by the reform furor#. ThrUimm A ^n#^frV*l\'d ,n **>?>#ar ??or?ui public, day fro-ra' r#c#ptiou? ar# aua.un.au u?>>b. 5- L'##inr?Th# lar#?t de?. SStZXTP0 '~l r#c^i.#d to-night u.di?MfMr T^C,U" "?*f???OB?BrBBrt.?a*|n ?.t" '? " ?r crea-m* in Dun ber? aud .un.iru - Mor# ev#r. It |* repot re , ,r^, v.^roy of | . i?*i" f" ??c#rtB.n wb?"h-r -r.J i^a.i" Pow#r? of Europ# vouM ftv.ir he ,m P#rKuara ra.l#, .t? acr#, o/ oli kJ.Z.I ^'nr -??-?-Ti! S! wn# this (! #? tn ^acb p#r*oa a mi Z i ? MiJveMara^f a W,J1" ,n W"'<'h to ?,v- ?ni M.ale^ iJjV " ,,r Hut ibia hr#^?bin^ fi.- r * u.?uibui#,|. tor whiit L. - ?f ,L* X1I,U W^d mavJuUll Bpoa a fair divivi >q with bi-> n#i?i,!, ,r(l <-H\ ^uarr yarn. *or hl, indU,dual Am' lr ' C ^ Y hUU llie LOT,,i' ,,u -"-'n#n- ,r> -i'l. nt tb#X?b \\ar4 rau.t b^ rba.,aiu. forirvardf ->i b \\ nrd i-sn claim hut ic Tii*--*Btatni ii.clBd?atr#vta Bad ofh#r ?p?.? v .. that the curious (n -ucb mto^n niav ii'<lr#oi thw iTi10!!'!!1"1"'1'1*'** #Bl.?r? #d in th#^. io,a iti-a m^n. w>.m^u :tu., ?Uil dr#n ar?? pnek^d , it), r;tI^ of 1 f'1; tjuBi* ^ii#. ir o'h. r w,tr?i?. a, ,i,0 .vn ? J? tahlrB wbK'b -* ?? lau* V paMi?b#d. ih# tr% ?K?uud?"d t,y JI.V^IOU tU^ IAuw#rr Z J, tour^Mi rw, aud th# r-n?.i;e 'h# xi h. \m u au,,k vV 11 u U ird.. niid c>B..VBh,r f IC -qnVr# m.l#- ^ fhanU'wf rli J* l!" ^'Tr<?a<- ' l.i i". ^ ?'.? ""'r dty ot I ' . . *x ^ 'ptiuc N#w York, l(t.H>klyu I'Bila d#|phia and Haltlm-.r-. i be \-ii ?k m h? mor# p#opl?tban ,f#r?#jr fVv Har-f.Ir.i ,r vi hil# bad ar that lini#. -U# XI b I, wdi la# ifm"" hnrVh11^ Ml??' * h*rl^rsfon. llfM.f, |?iu" XVMr'h n?T 1 rBBciaoo, wb?l#tti# X\ llib. co?#rinr hut about ou?-balf ^uuir.711";c;7,",'i,"?oir!?'?>?# -h.u d.d M?"*, Lui.\illt* or Wa?hiBrt >n ?\ r. Tribu f. Tm; M'lUM 'M (?iuls.? Kcbut Wiiiiars. who <!#li\fiv?j a l#ciur# at lluit ii.. r#i .*uri? * od th# Mormon", alluded i? tollowa , tb# d'ltiirbine -??-m?-nts amon* rh# Saint- ?* .? t, .[ki'" h-ms. u#, rhit s tiuuhle^i,,#. ib-C' u#ral laattaoaT of th^ ?*t- i" *hwha*'*' Itved iu luiunatf Ifi'lon* with tb#in is but the *,^1^ .-iri ^ tb. ir honor b# |? .ald^ ar# m...f|y d.Alfictid' irowitiy tip w nh ir. ?b#y bar- s^#n th# ln?'i tumoii ?,til all us abaraiikatioaa. Tad r ^r t ? It 18 to an ,b#ir U, |.,r lwl,;; ,?7r, i?M |C "" ?t spiritual tbiiiid* rc?-i #Bflr#ly coarrof rh,m H-rr. ,, #v#rVw #?" th^y ar# apnMlf^l cln... n,n aelllb# abipp#d wr iiapriauMtf L<k#nn? ,-?t .be d#ac#udaufe utt?f, ti,r> v,ll ,* * nZ ^ r ready to #!?,,# with -.j,. k.A * '? th? course* ai d can c#t a*,,- * , ,,.. a 1b#y raHDt marry a <f#n'il# an i - n , n prTfrr i wh1 |hTr ^rrv ?Btarailv f,..y t. a l?#ut.i^ lo Ollc t-N u 4,1 n. M< rmoi. Tb#mas'#ff?. :0al way oTJ,r"*k.u2 up *b# whol# ?r*t#m Wi>tild let. . i army oflu.no uatna ri^d m?-n -a n i n" U-tt*v#ry man wli<j aarri#t a M?rm. ?? V ? "^"waj lr?!!1rt'"f'1;hr u *r,?? W- niijrat'i," ? . J * ru1 ?f -!>?* i?Ui?au,* Wi'h.m hi ,, |. - "T incurring tb# odium of a rHijr >u< p*-ra#cBtioB. r7r ? >"" *>?- < *4#rf "n"1 " ?< ?""-t iB 'rSe r'0"",1 c,V'u"'?7?t>iion of Wh#at ind ?l??,r in id# i U. #d Kiuicdoin may t?f _aa-u a- i/< ^ .u..i quarts, of wbka our a^.A bJu# ' w,b ' " ""U.fHai quart#-* Th,. ~ r . i* i>n#-#l|rbLh d#Hrt#?t -_aa*iT*l r I ?* . 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