9 Şubat 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Şubat 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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^ / '+ jtf$r t ??? ? ? _ - i V&. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9. 1867. N?. 4,&i5. HHMHM BaHliaM*IHIIIHa THE EVENING STAR FliBLISHED DAILY,(SCHDAY EXCEPTED) AT THE STAR BUlLDfcNO, 0c*iAmxft comer tvm?' . pcmm u4 Uft ttr**U >T W. D. WALLACTH. Thf STAR It ?rr*d by vaa carriers to tRoir ?nb*cTtb?r? In til* City and District at ru C**t* ram wbbb. Coptta at the counter,wit* *r without wrapper*. Two Cysts each. Paica rom Maiu*??Thre* month* On* . Dollar and f\J't Ctnlt; stx month*, Tkrtt D 4Urt, one year, Fxv* Dollars. Mo paper* in eat from the off.ee longer than paid for. The W LKKLY ^TAR?published on Friday iorninf? Ont Dollar and a Haifa Year. aaaMM???? DENTISTRY. |\B. LEWIE'S DANTiL ASSOCIATION, U No. SbO filMI'A ATI , Betaseu 12th and 13th street*. Teeth eitrKteJ without pain by adalaat*rlng Ettrou* Oi)d* er LtuihiD( i)m. LAW 11 fast recently purchased the b-?tNfca5p Chew.icsl Apparetix in the country for**1' * " eking par* km every d?y, also, *n I u. proved V il volar Inhaler. 1 he Association is now prepared to maae Teeth on Gold Silver *ud Rubber at N?? York Philadelphia and Boston prteee All perM?t wlthing dental work done can here Itierhetp fci is the ?b ve named cttiv* All work done in ite neetest u<l beat manner end vwmt?i to give -atisfecuoa. Persons will do well to rail J!!1 *^ra!D? onr work. de U tt T1 * T m Loams. yee Invsnter and Patentee of the M1HERAL PLATA TAKTH, attend* personally it^pn his office in thie city. Matty person* cuaymBBm wear th??e teeth who cannot wear other*, 1' and so person can wear other* who eanaet wear thi*?. Pereone calling at my office osobe aocotsmod* ted with any style and price of Teeth they may de sire, bat to those who are particular, aod wt*h the purest, cleanest, strosfMt and mo?t perfec t den tnre that art can procure the MINBBALTBBTH WiM be tor* fully warranted. less* in this olty ? No 33* Fenn'a avenue be tween *th and 10th st* Alao, 907 Arch street, Philadelphia. octniv ~ PERSONAL. \ OC CAN NEVER M AR* TUB TRIP on Ba1 c> >i or Mnitriun butubugi* Ste Dr. DABBY. 47th street. He is the bigueot auth ority on ??ich rases His private rooms are opp site 0?d Fellows'Hall ja^ltn' I ) KB V AST ION B KTTBK Tbl A N CURKI Fr? n, h preventives a<4iui' <lJe?s? *n 1 pr -s nancy c when eh i? nn>le i . able i * nt to ao al re*- at St.#.'- >aud i?7 u r lo/sn according to <tna>l y . b_. Dr WOOI? Hox tfl.1, or ".all at 4?? th eueet, i up stairs. > IA a*htt>gU'C. D. O. jaJS-lni* !\|1?S CURTIS IRVING, dairroyint, ant T'U 1*1 M-i/tum. will give lile reading*. Including Fut, Present and Future at her office. 4 ill, n <rtu sidt' of Pa av ,between ?V? aud 4th streets. O *ice hoars from 9 to 2 a. m and t to i a. m. ja 2l I in* AB. UK RU E. HRAL SOISNTIF1U AS TBOLOOAR UK \MtKlOA, y roni the po?ttiou itui a-pect o! tt e S'*r* at the lime I oii?'i birth, wti! reveal ast >mtUing secret* that no living mortal ever knew before; how to be siicc- ttiul In .?li ressoa-?!<le underttkiags Li> tells tanis and very <lny you marry, descrii>?t tfc" inttt .ted coinpaiiion. *'>d t>-ils all ?vent? "f :lfe good la k and long life to viaiiors. Laiie-tK' cetits to $1 grntleqieti io fall fl. 0*11 at 4 7 0 Utili st -ne?rlT.aU hours until y in trie evenitg. de 31 ita / * BNTLtMBN WHO ARB A >" C MOT K D - A " I cure warranted by an old burgsou of twentytlr*e )-ars experience in this taiti xlar branch t the pro<e?si?u. I harges moderate. Do not ?ppl> to .4u*cks. t ut to J B. OARIrNKR. M D , late bf the United States Ricord Venereal H>>rital. Ofbce Mo. 'J1 south A street, opposite the apitol S> luare. south sMe. N B ? Ms<ltcmee also furnished at cost. 0.27 1 m' CONFIDENTIAL ? Young men who have injured tbemsaive* oy certain set r?t habits, wbich ucflt them for t<n4ine*s. ple?.4ure, or the dutiae of n.arned life; also, aiidlle aged and old net), who. trom the follies of youth, or ottier San?es feel a debility in advance of tneir years, befere placing them?o!ve? EL ' .r tb<? tr attaint of an> cnr.abotild firs* r- id 'ihe Secret Frl.od " Married l?<iie? wit . rn -or?>^; hing of importance by perusing ' "The S--; et Friend " S-nt t-> any a<idrevs, in a sealed tm-i.tf-.n rewpt jf Scants. Address L'r. CHAc A MTAST A CO.. iloston no i-ly CLOTHING, <ko. ti* J. H BIBEBGEh. ? . Successor to H t. lj-adon A Oo., a. CITIZEN S A*D MILITARY M MFBCHA>T TAILOR, Jf* Metropolitan Hotel late Brown'*, fw 36'i Penn*ylvanla avann*,--mm W-T Utf Washington V- O. OTTO WILKBN8 PIANOS AND OARilABT A hBiLkAM ? PARLOR ORGANS. AM wlli find it greatly te th*ir Interestk. to m ??ire tliex.-nperb 1 tw-tromeuU be teS?S fore pDrtlmstijg any other. Tl *T I Only agen-y at GBoKGI L. WILD A BRO.'S U*'* P'auo Forte and 0-gan Wareroo.n. No. ji?7 lMrt street between Penn a avenue and B -<treet A ?elet t ? ?. rttuent of new air<4'ecoad harvl Instron ea^, ltcluding a CHDRi'H ORGAN, for ?*' ;at lowest fac*.ry prices. <tnd on easy terms TfM^Gand RBPA1R1NG faithfullyazernted DO lip " WBCRBT D I 3 K A 3 B a. IINARITaN'1 GIFT! BAMARiTAtra oim TBI MOST CSKTAIN RBHBDY EYBB USBD "Yes, A PosiTiv* Ocaa," far CwyOSKlIUtA, ULtST. aTMCTLRES, OaMt?ms no Mineral, ao Bal*am, no Mercury, Only 'l'en fillj to b? TU* is to EJfttt a (We. They are entirely vegetaule, havtug no smell got aay anpieaeam taste, aad will aot tn any way la jnie the stomach er bowels of th* most delicate. Cares la fna two to four day*, and recent caaet In "twenty fonr honr* " Prepared by a gra<luats of the Tnivsrsity of Pennsylvania, aneof the most aaiiL>?ot Doctors and Chemists of the re*eatd*y, m t&oiurt, no itombl*, no rhantt laka'tvtr. U-t those who have desaal rsd of ?*ttmc on red, or who have baaa gorgedi ^th Balsam .Ooaavkkor Msr cury. try tks SAMARITAN S GIFT. Sent by mall In a plain envelope Fitos Mai* packaaea, S3. Female, ||. BLOOD t BLOOD H BLOOD III 8CBOFULA, ULCBBS. SORBS, BPt>TS TrrrBJts. scales, boils, syphilis UB VBNBRBAt DISEASES. Ac. BAMAMITAb 3 BOOT AND BBS-B JVICB la offered th* publica*a aoattlve ear*. SVPUlLla OR VBRBilBA.A. DASBaaBS, Uis SAMARITAN 8 ROOT AND HERP JCloI 1?* atoat patesit. certain and eflectaal remedy aver pre ecnb-4, It reach** and eradiaatae every particle oi the veaeTeal poison, ao that the cur* is thorough and p*ra?auent Take, then,of this porlfylng r^anpoeterlty that'for wWoh^S^iMVSKat'u lf& DO MM DB8PMBI Although yon may ?e pr >? mnceo i*'arable. SAMARITAN 8 ROOT AND HERB JCIOBS will remeve every vestige ef Impurities froa. |>u -"tttS-'iri*" "*bM "?ifike?1rIn many artecvlcna with whlen numeers of e_ mate, -ufler the ROOT AND HfBB j|"?Cfc! ?* h&pp>l> adapted. In Ulcerated Uterus in Lecro*: rorea. In bearing down ?*alhng of the Womb da Witty , and lor all complaints iuoldeut to tha bant by expra**. Prioe 91 a par bottl* SAMARITAN'S WASH KJf.e.Tu2t8Jiii'' ? ? u,. Full directions Price V cent* The efficacy of these remadlee Is alike acknowi in*ths I* ? kX^?d >*U"'U Th#' ren^ WHAT THE BCBGBONS SAT OF TBI B AM AR ITAN'S REMEDIES ssUF?irZfc 'fT M*asHALl., Baltimore, Md, Fen. A). I Ms ? 1 have great satlataou.n la stating that 1 have naed - The SaMiitaa Remadiea1 for > sneral dl-.ases to Its aaost oastosaary forms thatl havs nssd then* with j-d^s^^icr^n; aad properly, aud, have found them respond to mit fstsssa ALFRED 0. BOWERS. "Aartrtaat Surgeoa, ftth N. T. Tola. ' ^HfigSbTli?'.?3fflSif? ' nawTAH *.black. wabt>h.t.a?oh. c r black LAW OFFICE. K?LAO*, LAMOB A OO., 0"*lJ0rs au?i Attorneys at Law In the Supreme wrt of the I nlted States, the Court of Claims tnc Couru of the Dletnct. ihe Executive Deaart.' ante, and^ou mitte** of Ceagrees "" "" """i HERZBE&OS LOAN OFF1CB. Established IW. Highest advances mad* .a WATCHES. DIAMONDS. JBWBLAY. WEARING APPAREL aad all kind* at M-r. handiw Businaas strictly confi>leetial. 34 I North <! sireat.bstwaen and 6th streets. Immediately la rear of the National Motel. Ini* LATEeT FAR1S FASHIONS Off HA1BDREAOlhU. E. At>Ll?T, WENCH HA1H DRFSfiKR, 344 B street, betaken 13th aud 14th at*. Mr. Alllot, from Farte, Halr-Dreeear, of the s*iebrate<l Rf he I, with whom he arrived In this eouatiy. baa au* been eetablished for tne last eight year* In Waahl:igt?n aad Newport, eaejiag th* patronage ef tbe 'orfi dirfrmntiqwe, and of tfc* highest society. Ha ha* th* honor to andmiiu that he baa this ssaaoa imported the lateet fashion* af hair dreseieg, aad aA*o postadee. and everything that beleng* to thedTeaalag afnalr at very reaaoaai. 1* irin*. ja7 9m* W 0. ?. JEWELL, . ? 2VAF AHB CANDLE MANDFACT0BIB. The sabecriber will ba pleased to MO all all *M nieada end eaetoaaera at Ala aaw alsaaofhasiness, O street north, hat ?th aad Mb streets, ahsre h* will k.ea conatntly oa hand hi* pre isai Aoeps and Candle*, aad will coaliaae to sen them at the lowaat cash prlaaa. 0 *lmy? >iH?Miaa4iiA JiulT BANKERS. JAT COOKS k CO., J lillllli A/i?e?tA strut, oppe.nu TS?**rv, H?Tud Ml I icaniBt urkit int l*iy ouuiUr on bud, a full supply of *11 OOVBKNMBNT BONDS, 8EYBN-THIBT1BB, AMD COMPOUND INTBBB8T NOTES. Orders f?r STOCK*. BONDS, Ac, executed, end Collections mad* on ail accessible points. eel-tf ARROW * CO., mm. Ucraer LoiUImii tTeiua tai BcTinth reel, DKALKRt III VQVERXMEKT SECURITIES, GO; D AND ILV5B ,y *lt AND LAMP WABBANTS_ [ int Naiional Buck of Washington. W D CVORI. (Of Jay Cooke AOo.,) Preeident. W *. 8. HI NT1MJT0N, CuUer. GOVEBS'irST DBPOSITOBT kXU I FINANCIAL AGENT 0* THE UNITED BTATKB, 1 btk ftrtti, orPoaiit U? Truuury Vepartmtru. Government fcecnrlttee with Treasurer United States mr ONE MILLION DOLLARS V* e b?> *cd sell all classes of OO VERNM EN2 tECU K1TIES*t current market rates. H'HNiSH EXCHaNU E and make Otll' tions m ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE CN1TED STATES. NVe purchase Government Vouchers on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS, and give careful us prompt attention to ACCOUNTS 4f BUSINESS MEN ant FIRMS, tnd to any otber buslneee entrusted to us. FULL INFORMATION In regard to 0OVKRN HEAT LOAMS at all timee cheerfully furnished W M 8 HDMT1MOTOM, Ue shier. Washington, March ?. 1806 rati tf HOTBLST RESTAURANTO7*o. C A m D _ WILLABD 3 HOTBL, 1 W AAH1NGTOK, December 1, 1864. | Senators, Bepre<?eutat1 ves, and otk< rt> reading In Washington, who occupy private apartments, can b? acr jn.modated with their MKAIjS at thia Bote! at the rate of f\'] 50 per week le 4 ?m SYKBS. CHADWIOK A CO. J^IBKWOOD HOLSK, Corner Fmn-t. a>$nue an t T-nlfth S!r?et,W^!tA f H*a iinfnn, L). C. XiiemJL Situated 1n the most central location ueclty, midway between the CAPITOL AMD PKE8IDENT?AT< MANSION, Only a short distance from all the Departments, Patent aud Post Offices, Smithsonian I'telltale, etc. U. H. DUDLEY AOO., no H-tf Proprletort, f'UWCHS RBCTAUBANT. * No. 3??i Ptnna avenoe, ne*r Cth street. P KMBJCU wishes to inform his fries is aud the public generally that be now keeps c u A .. ?tai.tl> on hand OUSTERS. fresh ev? d?> prepared in every style l T III. * if* Kr> and LIQi'OBS cannot be surpa?>?eT. Call and give him a trial. oc a tf WOOD AND COAL. ^OALI COALII | AT GREATLY BEDUCED PBIUE8. Qros- tons of 2 2*0 lbs., delivered In nay part of tbeclty Chestnut White Aah. ?7. Stove, ?gg and Furnace White Aah, #8,8). h d Ash $8 SO. Lehigh $9. O.-.k and Pine Wood eoastently on band. Ord< re tsceived at oar Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street P BBOWM A BOM. jaJS-tf 463 9th street, between K and F. ?OALl COALII COAL 111 T T. roWLKB A CO. White Aah, stove and egg sues, fgttper ton. Bed Ash, do do #d.76 per ton. 2o*o pounds guaranteed. Orders received at the central office of the Washington and Georgetown Ice Company, (late L. J. Mlddleton A Co.,) comer 12th and F streets, a ad at w harf, foot of 10th steeet. Ja I4 ln> B. 8. LAMK1M. Agent. Goto w. B. XOBIB' FASHIONABLE CABPBT, FDBNITUBB AND BBDD1HO 8TOBBS, NOS. 321 A 619. IMTKLL1GBNCKB BUILDING, CORN SB 7TH AND D? AND HO 3BW7TH BTBBBT, THOBN'8 BUILDING, ADJOINING ODD FBLLOW8 HALL, AND KXAHINB THB FINEST ASBORTBD STOCK THIS B1DB Of PHILADELPHIA. H- has all the latest designs mads In Philadelphia. Mew Vork. and Boston The stock Is always selected by Mr Uosee, and tjonKht at the lowest ratea lor r??h. wbliheuafe'es h' n to compete with Ea-tem prices. His tiuest t .'i ultura is made to order In Philadelphia, and ol the beat material that can be found. Furi lingers should study their o?i Interest by calling at bis Btores and examining t)i? well assorted stock ofCAKi'Ers, FL' KN ITU BE, Ac,, aLd -i taiu hi< arlce-llst b'-fore going elsewhere, which be Kill furnieii wltb pleasure His i?-ortment of Mattresses Blankets, Comforts, C?unterpaia''S. Pillows. Bolsters, Feather* b^rts and all kinds of Cottage and Kitchen Furnltnre Is complete, which h? offers at the lowest Mew York and Philadelphia prices. Ben.ember Noe oill ml 4I? Intelligencer Balldiog corner 7th and D. and No 30* 7th jtreet- Thorn's Building, adiolnlng Odd Fsllows' Hall between D and E streets. js 14 tf W. B. M08B8. 3fWWl POTATOES. ,UUU btijhels MA1MB POTATOBS. just arrived, aud for sals at our Wharf at the toot of 7th street. 8. P. BROWN A BOM, Commission Merchants, de 14-tf No. 4<tft >th at., between B aad F. fLODll F II D I A full aaeortmeat of all grades choice Flour for Bakers: Quality No 1; prfc?low. Are the enly direct receivers for Oolden Hill, J. H. Gamhrlil (not Patapsco) and Ling an or Family Fioure la the Dletrlct. Aa the latter brand has teen exteneively counterfeited and seld la this city, we would Inform thoee wishing this flour by arrangement wltb the millers we furnish It lower than Tt can be obtained from any otber nouroe. Qnalltv eecead to none. Prloa a fraction leas than otber flrst-alass Family Flour. Buckwheat at low ratee. . All grades of Weatera Flour n store and for sale lew by W. M. GALT A OO., Indiana avenue and 1st street, no M a ear Depot. E M O T A L . 1 THB BATTONAL TNum TB8UB4N0B >Wt PAMT OF WABHIBGTON Have removed to their Mew OOce. Bo. 71 L06I8IARA AVENUE, First door east ot 7th st. D I B B~T OBI: Ohas. Kna?, Fres't, Geo. W Biggs. Tloe Preet, Thwe. Berry, Marshall Brown, B.ch'd Wallach. Q B.Gideon, Daniel Dodd, Wm. Dixon. Benry D. Oeoke. de s tf BOBLB P. LABNBB, Secretary. Chocolate double, yamillb, DE H. MAILLA1BD. Pur Cacao et Sucre. Exempt de taut! melange. Z. M. P. KING A SON, King Flaoe, Corner Vermont avewue and HH street. WK*T IBDIA ()R4M?ES AND V bwbbt Malaga grapes, Frank. K1BO PLACB. p BO ICR MCT8, BA181B8, FIGS, 00RRAMT8, 8P1CR8. Mc., Ac , to ealt this particular isea oj 'weale by k. M F. KlfO B BOB, de n-tf Klag Plaae. JUBT BBOBTTBB A ?8erjr0ijJe? ^Dltro LOAKlBOa,-whJcA tby ara e#es<M at vtty few |t>pas mR-lT SPECIAL NOTICES. that UOt Only nilVtlfi'n i^*re,..ttlkt*?,n,7of ???hl?d. Oonwhirh ? Al*I - .. numerous aatallltea J&TSlTVro?Siit Intheahapeof Oougha, a? Brenchitla. ?or# Thro^Mnflneaae, *?"* JStJXS&m?? allude to is DB. WI STAR'S w\?tf (iF?r1LJL) CH ?**, ?N??r?d by Beth W. kowle A Son. Boston. It R^^Jl!1^C^vLFI,!, GRK AT RHBOMATIC f.. v ?.??'* sur* care for BhtomUitni Jftr.^nVw?? *a? ' J* w wonderful in Ite nature ae certain in Its etfects ' 5 *<>'* 8 O. FORtt, Agent. A MODISH MIRACLBf From old and young, from rich and poor, from I high Urn ud lowly, cornea the Universal Voioe ef I pr&i?e xor . HALL'S YXGBTABLB i? i SICILIAN HAIR RCNIWn. - A, ? ft I*?'1*" ?nd mir?, wctta article. Ouree I baldness. Hakea hair grow A hotter dreeaing I than ajiJ oil or "potnam .? M^^na brash, I uTnJ,mu!1 wift,fatJi,ato B?*,uifnl Sllkon Treesee. Jh" *r,' at wonder ii tne rapidity Colo* ' *??* ^mat 11 aib to it? Obioinal I Use it a few times, and th. .htw PKKSTO, CHANGE! i.?f i k worat looking hair res nines Its youthful beauty It does n..t dye tn? hair, but a rikes at the root and fllla it with n??w Ufa and I ccloriug matter. I it will not Lake a loDg diaacreeaMo tri ?l to prove I the truth of tbia matter. The flr-tf unification will I Joeowl, yea will see theNATUBA- Oolok return ing every day. ar>d | PBi RK TOU KHOW IT, i the old, gray, discolored appearaict of the hair J mi I be qone,giving place to matron*, shiting and I beH itifiil locks A'kfer Hall's Sicilian Hair Renewer: no other I article la at nil like it in effect. Yon will tinl It j Cheap to Buy, Pi.kasaxt to Try, I A*t> SrrRF to do Y??c Goon. There are many imitation*. Be sure y#n procare I the genuine manufactured only by | 3 P. HALL <1 CO., Mwbil N H. For iale bv all druggists. jaX7 S.ly j RXS1KDIAL INST1TUTK FOB MPBCIAL CASBS, No. 14 Bond stnet. New York. I ^Full information, with tlie htfhe.si ttstimo- I ntnl . also, a Book on &r><rial Distant*, tn a ttaltd ' n\' lute, s*nt free, t f bt sure and yen< for them, I ati l yon irtll not ret et tt, fjr, a* advertising phy- I siclans are o'neriilly impostors, without referenret I poatranper sbnnid be trusted. Bncioae a stasia I for pctaye *i.d direct to OR. LaWBINI'K No 14 Bond at:eet. New York nolSDAWly ?/ MARB1AGB ANDCBLlBAOfT AND THB li appiLesa of True Manhood. ? An B-taav for I l ouuk Men n the Crlmt< of Solitude, and the I Phyaiological Brrora, Abuaaaand I>ia. aae? which c^??*t.,3,**il,n'enU to Marriage, withaure meaiM I or Relief. Bent in aealed letter env?|opea. free of I charge. Addreaa Dr. J -KILLIN noUUHTON. Howard Aa?>ciar.on. Philadelphia, Pa. jail-Sm I BBORBT U1HBABB8. !IAfITA!,'i ?'.,T '* the certain, Mfe and I effectnal remedy?indeed, theonly vegetable rerae- 1 dy ever diacovared. Cnree in two to four days, and recent caaea In twenty four honra. No mineral, no I balsam, no mercnry. Only Mi pilla to be taken. It I Is the eoldier a hope, and a friend t# those who do I njai'Vi t# expoaexl. Mala packagea, #J,fe- I 8a ? a? tan's Ri. >T ant! Hub Juicks? A poaitfve an# p rrnaaeDttnre far Spykilla. Bcrofala, Ulcera. i?.rTV iot/!'I#t!,er'i 40 K * * bottle, ool-. b> 8. C. Fori. S^e adTertliemsni my I j SURELY, STEADILY, i SVCCES8FOLLY, I SMOLANDBB 8 KXTRACT BDOKU is CVR1H# 'very caae of Kisimy Disiaaa. Biiihitim, I 'savul, Ckisaxt Duo*dbBs, Wbaknbm and Pains In the Back, FbxalB Comp^aimts and I TkotJBLB^ arising from Bxcbwbs of art Kif? I COMB, I| AFFLI0T1DI 1 TRY SMOLANDIR'B. | rMJS AO OTHER BUCKV. 8cId by all Apothecariaa. Price fl. D.BARNBB A CO., New Fork, and BARNB8, WARD *00 , New Orteaca, Southern Agenta. BDBL1I0H k ROCFKS, Wholeaale Crngglata, Boa ton, Maaa , ?*?oral Aiaan m, COLGATE k CO.'8 j W I N T R SOAP. j Recommended for chappkd HA5?a and forgeneral toilbt nae during cold wiatubi. It may be I dancing. pBOFg. J. w. A H. P. kills' I DANCING ACADBMT, ^ Pennaylvanla avenue, bet. Sth and 7th aU Oppo^te MatropoUtan Hotel. i ?a- i?i?u MCWanlara caa be had at J. F. Bllia' and m a I Th? n!n ?#;1? Moalc Store#. ' ?* I The flail can be rented for Solreea, Ac. r Houn qf TStittm: Qaarter commencing with the flrat laaeon. ja 8 I MAD??i?8 K 8 A88?MBLT ROOMS, A Thl. - ? **? "d 10th atreeta, ML uJa of Tn^ii?7 U 1#* ?Mn f#r OL Da>a and lionra tattloa for young ladiea n rdajTit" ronfV jo# J"?**1'' Oentlen.en?a classes from 8 to 10. same -venlnga B00T3,~SH0E8^~ &. klj|KLLlNO OFF I MILLING OFF 11 The entire atock of Ladiaa', Miuea',7H1 I Cblltlrea a, Mea'a, Boy'g an<l Tenth's ' BL ; ? ... . BOOT8, 8 ROBS AND OAITIBS " ill ba aold at private sale at and bBLOW COST PRICKS. ,,, ? JOHN ANGIRMANN, ; ,/?*7th between D aad I streets, I ja U lna' oppoaite Odd fellowa' Hall. , |ft| BOOTS AND BHOBB. fB b w Tt o b . fM The underaifned begs leave to inform hta friers I J'l?c generally that he haa opened tba I CHBAP 8T0B1, No. 40* 7th atreet.under Odd Fellowa' Hall, where he haa on hand a gen- I aral aaaortment of Ladiaa* and Gentleman 'a, Boy 'a. I Hi sees and Children 'a I BOOTS AND BHOB8. , tbs uumbar, 5Oil 7tn atreat, ander I ^iFh'?r*-a?ll W* New Cheap Store, for- I W* P. Pace*atore. WBOBOB B. WILSON. QBOCBBIB8~ I HALL A PLANT, PLANT'S BUILDING, Coraer Hew York avenue and lMh atreat, (Bntrance en Hew York avenue,) Dealers In fine FAMILY OB0CBBIB8 TBAS I WIHB8, 1MPORTBD LUXCBIB8, Ac.. Ac.', would respectfully notify their friends and tha public that tLey have just opened their New Grocery Store, where can ba obtained any article nan I ally kept in a flrat claaa Grocery. Without at- I tempting to enumerate our large, fraah and wall- I aelected atock, we eordlally Invite the public to I en amine out atare and atock, believing wa shall [ not fail le five entire satisfaction to all who may I favar us with their patronage. I Wacall espesial attention to our aMortmant of I TBAS and 00FPBB8, which have bee a selected with great oare for purity. Daalara will And a floe aasortmant la select from, and ov prioea to alt. . ,t QooU delivered promptly la any part of tha city. s-aw? TELEGRAMS, fee. The United SUItt (rtnd jury la (falTMton. Texas, has found three trne bills against Roland Smith. the district tax commissioner, for extortion, and one for alteration of the reoords. Also bills against H. C. Warmoath and G. L. Dennlson. late United States treasury agents, for embexzlement. Warmoath is charged with embezzling gttP.0(0 in connection with James Morris, bit deputy. Dennison's charge i?embezzliug tl ooo,in connection with A. Muason. bis deputy. The large safe of the Dnncannon Iron Co. at Duncannon, Pa., was opened Thursday night and robbed of oyer thirteen thousand dollars in greenbacks and twenty-five hundred dollars in North Pennsylvania tea per cent, coupon bonds, Nos. 1*3. 1,000. ?44, 7?i9and .10 each tor ?60ti. The cafe was la a fireproof vault with walls three feet thick, which were bored through with a drill. No clue has been obtained to th? robbers. Belle Hoover, a "likely" colored girl, in Louisville, Ky., was poisoned Thursday wnorniujt by a white man who had been keeping ber for a mistress The man was arrested, and gave bis reason that he was afraid the girl would te 1 bis wife tbet she was with child by htm. He was tried before Squire Kennedy, and on making the above explanation was reeased. The negro testimony bill was defeated by the Senate of Kentucky Thursday. The Senate voted Governor Hramlette frt.coo for his service ez as president of tne Board of Internal Improvement. The committee raised to inquire into the expediency of removing the State capital have reported in favor of establishing it at Louisville. CThe Kansas House of Representatives appointed a committee to act with the Senate committee in investigating the charges of bribery in the recent Senatorial election, la the Senate the Committee on Military Affairs reported that the State arsenal was unfit to receive the State ums and that the State arms were unlit for use, and that they be changed fer Government arms sufficient for six regiments of State militia. James Ryan, of Onondago county, N. Y.. was arrested in Binghampton, New York, on Thursday evening, on the arrival oi the Syraceee train, for the murder of his stepfather, Jerry Denham. and lodged in jail. Yesterday morning, on going to his cell, be was fonnd dead, having hung himself with bis snspenders. The Tennessee House concurred in the resolution requesting Senator Patterson to resign, and adopted a resolution to adjourn fine die on the 4th of March. John R. Kensey was elected by the Legislature as State treasurer. The Senate passed the colored suffrage bill on tirst reading. The constitutional amendment will be reported upon unfavorably by the committee of Tbe Massachusetts Legislature in who^e hand* it is, a majority of the committee being kuowa to be opposed to its ratification. Tbf> Democratic convention have nominated J. Proctor Knate, ot Washington county, to represent the 4th district of Kentucky m Congress. The most destructive fire they have had in Baltimore for set oral years occurred yesterday atternoon, destroying Boss A Co.'s liquor establishment, Ac. Loss $2oo,uou. Minister Campbell pronounces as utterly false the reports recently cirt u lated of a disagreement between him*elf and General Sherman on their joint mission. William McGrorty has been nominated for Congress by the Gentiles of Utah. Spiritualism in tub Patent Office ?a ciiriou* application for a patent has been made by a New Yorker for a process to determine the lalsry or truth of spiritualism. In tonsil's of a room closed perfectly, so that all air and li^ht is effectually excluded, except air lor breathing, which is admitted from a stopcock. opened from time to time. Light Is only admitted by being passed through a dark blue, ""lolel, or black liquid, so that the room is perfectly dark to the unaccustomed eye, but be. cones slightly illuminated when .emaiuing lone in it, the Inventor asserting tnat toe particles of common light are much too heavy and solid compared with the innch finer constituents of the bodies of spirits; therefore common light passes through them, and is not reflected from their surface; to see spirits at all, the light must be first filtered. The room is to be painted with spin's of turpentine, or any other spirits mixed with substance akin to carbon. The inventor asserts that with these precautions it may become possible for the inmates ot the room to see spirits, forms or ghosts. He claims the use ol filtered light in a closed room for the purposes of divination. The patent was refused, on the ground that when a company of persons were for some time inclosed in such a room, without sufficient air to breathe, they will not only see ghosts, but also give up their own. Dull Times in N*w York ?The New York correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger writes: The dry goods dealers, who wore cheerful faces about the first of the month, say February is advancing without bringing with It anv increase }f business, while the advicee from the interior continue discouraging. Salesmen wander about the warerooms with nothing to do. The leather and hide, the drug and medicine, and the hardware men, all join in pretty much the same chorus. There are a good many western men here, but they are here as lookers oh, as yet, and not as purchasers. The inclination is to hold back in expectation of lower prices soon for almost everything ThkPohaku thbCoi ncilof Baltimore. The Catholic Mirror contains a letter from the Right Rev. Or. Lamy. bearer of the dispatches ot the Council of Baltimore to the Pope. It is dated Rome, January 13th. l)r. La my writes as follows: "The Holy Father was rejoiced and highly pleased with the Council c f Baltimore, and also to bear many particulars 1 gave him about the progress of the cbnreh in the United States; but what pleaded bis holiness most, and gave him great coDkolatiou in the midst of the troubles with which his paternal heart is afflicted, was the letters addressed to him by the fathers of the council." THl LEGISLATURE OF MARYLAND?The bill providing for the selection and drawing ot juries In Washington, Frederick, and Carroll counties was. in the Senate, yesterday, taken up, and after debate, was passed. The Senate adjourned until Monday. In the House, leave was obtained to report a bill to establish the eight-boar system as a legal day's work for all the mechanics in Maryland. The consideration of the bill re. lating to Sunday cars in Baltimore was postponed until Monday. virginia Legislature.?The Senate, on Wednesday, "indefinitely postponed" the joint resolution to send commissioners to Washington on behalf of the inter**}* of Virginia. The vote was quite decided. House bill No. 167, to incorporate the Alexandria Dock Company, was passed. A bill was reported by Mr. McKae, chairman of the Committee on Finance, which provides lor the payment of the interest on the State debt. Flogging is Switzerland.?a Swiss citizen, a native of the canton of Uri, was some months ago Hogged for having published a pamphlet against the Catholic religion. The Federal Assembly, to which be appealed, baa just decided by a large majority that he was entitled to no redress, because flogging wrs adopted in the code of tbe state ot UrL and that tbe Federal Assembly cannet Interfere with the jurisdiction of the reign oanton. Nevada?a joint memorial asking Congress to extend tbe jarledlction of the state of Nevada over the Territory of TTtah baa been introduced in tbe Nevada Legislature. a Challenge.?Captain W h.Williamson, of Mobile bae purcbeed the race horse Harry of tbe West, and challenges an? horse in 'the United Statee to meet him ia the spring races tor any sum between #10,000 and 9x5.000. > ? >7"Rabbits generally die game. 6TA man in PUtabnrg Was lined 95 for courting a neighbor's wife. ST*An Iowa young man married hla stepr mother alter his tether's death. (TThe newspapers of tiladaaati have reduced the prloes of composition from 39 to SO cents per 1,000 ems. mrA little girl twelve years oM, la Ifew York city, died from 1 ova of aa actor. 7*A Lexington (Kentucky) papar says that towa has a population of "nine thonaaad persons with eleven soals." 7*Kerosene la said to he aa exoelto at rtmedy f?r frost-Mtto of all kiadn. CONGRESSIONAL. YM'rrdv afternoon the 1mi?UUt* ^"1 being DDdtr toaiidcrtiWD tr1****Mr w to strike oat the appropriation for printing tbe Proceedib fa of Um 1st seeeion of tae Koruetb Congress In the Daily (Hobs. bm' inbMquat. reconsidered the Tota and adopted it; yeas Mr.l'olnnd offered an amendment increasing the salaries of the Judge* of the Court of !?!m* 10 *-5"n P*r annum. Disagreed to. The hill waa then read a third time and paaaed. It goes back to the House for ooucurrence In the amendments. Mr. Wade called up tbe bill to admit Nebraska. apoa which the question was. Shall the bill pass tbe President's objections not with* standing ' Without debate the question was decided? yeas 31, nays 9. So tha bill was passed over the President's veto, and goes to the House ,*r- Wade moved to take ap the Colorado bin, bnt subsequently withdrew the motion. Mr. Otimes called up the bill to locate the iron.clad depot at League Island, but without debate or action therron the Senate want Into executive session, and soon after ad|ourned Horern?Yesterday afternoon? The reconstruction mil was diacnssed bv Messrs. Harding. Sbeliabarger, Dawes, Hotcbkise, Griswoid, Raymond, Garfield, and others, nntil halt-past three o'clock, when Mi. Stevens rose to second the previous question. He said there were but etgh* days for legislation this side of a veto, aul therefore he deemed it his duty to move the prevlous question. Mr Banks asked Mr. Stevens for permission to make a remark, while Mr. Eldrnige wv> appealing to him from the Democratic sid of the | House. At this moment the members were manifesting Intense interest, and were gathering around the neighborhood of Messrs. Ranks aad Stevens and the excitement seem*.I t.i be shared by the spectators in the crowded galleries. Mr. Stevens yielded to Mr llanks, who said Mr. Speaker, I would not oppose a vote by the House on this question at this time if I did not think there wa* ai I opportunity to do moie toward the settlemeut ot the difficulties in which the country i? involved than we are doing at ibis time. I believe that a day or two devoted to the subiect of reconstruction of the Government wih bung ns to a solution in which we shall agree in which the two houses shall agree, iu which the people of the country will sustain us, in which the President will give us his support. If we shall agree on a measure satisfac: jr v to ourselves, and iu which we shall be sustaiued by the people, and if the resident shall resist it tlipp we i-ball be justified m dropping tlie subject of reconstruction, and considering the condition of the Government in a different sense. [Sensation] Mr. Stevens, (referring to Mr. Hanks, said, sneenngly,) Mr. Shaker, I have no: the advantage which the distinguished gentleman from Massachusetts has of ibe secret negotiations from which he expects such perfect hari mony between the President and the Congress of the I nited States within a few days, if l had that ad vantage I do not know wtiat effect J it might have upon me. Not hav.ng it, I cannot of course act upon it. The gentleman from 1 w isconsin [Mr. Eidridge] says that the decree i has gone foi th that this bill is to pass. I do not know that, sir. 1 have seen enough of this I House, and, as 1 have heretofore noticed, it is ' demoralized so far flaughterj that there is not enough of the spirit that seut ns here to carry ' , out the will of the people and perfect the legislation which the people expect. I have, th*re- ! fore, no sanguine hope that this bill is to oe ' torcad upon the country or upon gentlemen ' j There are woid> and letters iu the bill (alluding to Mr. Bingium's critnism ot it) fro a the > first through thf whole aipUabet, which some 1 I friends object to aud carp at, and mait-; an ex- J | cute for their attacking it. I am quite sure j that much of the opposition on both sides of this Hjute comes frori a modification of vie ws coinci litg with the Presidents vie as, and tnat hs arguments ha yecon viuc#d many geetlemen that bis theory is the true one [Gieat excitement among members, most of who n were standing in order the better to hear and witness what was going on.] I am unaoie to j learn to what extent that has pravailed, but after the previous question shall have be-u voted upon 1 shall be better satisfied a* to w hether it is worth while to proceed further in any attaaipt by Congress to resist the power of the Pre ident, or whether it is our duty I like humble Christians, to submit to the power that hae conquered us, and allow the South- I ern people to remain in their present condition Mr. Banks ?In the remarks which 1 made, Mr. Speaker, I had no allusion to any uego. I nations with the President. The gentleman , from Pennsylvania [Mr. Stevens] knows mora of his opinions than 1 do, and will yield to his policy much sooner than I shall, (expression* of encouragement to Mr. Banks, and ef satis. I faction with the last remark.) 1 spoke in good I iailh to the House, askiug for time to debate this question. My reason for it is based on tbe simple idea, which evary member can under- | stand, that the measures which we propose 1 and one of which is now before tbe House, depend for their efficacy on being enacted by two-thirds of the two Hoases, against tbe Ex- I ecntive branch of the Government. Mv belief I is that we cannot carry on the Government of the United States in that way?that we mast have laws In which the Executive will ao-op- I erate in order to make those laws effective If I after we, the representatives of the people,' have agreed as to what laws are necessary to I aecure the peace of the county and to maintain the existence of tbe Government, aud after the I people have sustained ns in those laws, the I President refuses co-operation, it is our duty to the country to drop this question of reconstruction, and to proceed to the consideration of the position and purposes of the President I himself. 1 repeat my expression of belief that I we c-in, before this*e&9ion closes, come to tucti I conclusion as will compel the President of the | t nited States to sustain us in our action, or I as will justify us in adopting another course if I he refuses. I have no negotiations with the I President, nor do I know his opinion; and in I the vote which I shall give on this question, I neither the gentleman from Pennsylvania, nor any other man. has a right to asMime that I I accept the President's policy in the slightest I degree. I hope for a change of his position, and I think that la not impossible, and \? worth I trying for. The House proceeded to vote by tellers on seconding tbe previous question?the Demo. I crats voting solidly against it, wui a sufficient I support from the Republican ranks to mike I the negative vote 86, against the afflrmauve I vote of 61. The result seemed to give m^re I than the usual satisfaction to the wmmnr I side. * I Mr. Banks intimating that be did not desire and was not prepared to address the House I this evening, the House at 4.30 o'clock ad- I journed. , WA case Involving the right to money I fouud was decided In the Supreme Court, Bos- I ton, last week. William Morgan loand a purse, containing S8U, in the depot of the Old Colony and Newport Railroad Corporation, I and handed it to the ticket master to be ad- 1 vertised. No owner appearing in answer to I the advertisement, Mr. Morgan claimed the money. 1 he corporation refused on thegronnd I that as U was fouud on their premises, if it I vested in any third party, it did in them. The Court ordered a verdict for the finder. A terrible instance of cjjlld abuse has come to light In Colnmbus, Ohio. A little girl seven years eld has been systematically I tortured by her father, named Blackburn, and her step-mother. The Itttle victim's hands I have been nearly burned off by the fiends, and I she ia a mass of festering scars from head to I foot. Her skull baa been also fractured by a I blow. Some of the details are too horrible for I relation. Tbe wretches hare been arrested. | 9"Mr. Henry B. Blackwell, of New York' I in view of the present difficulty about suffrage. I propoees to the legislatures of the Southern States. ?te allow females to vote?1? rive. I then, general suffrage to white and black"? I and then, he says, "fee fonr mill ion of Southern I white women will counterbalance the four miittona of negro men aad women, ana the political supremacy of the white race will re. main unchanged." 19*George Eversman dropped dead whil dancing at a ball In Burlington, lowa, oa aigkt laat week. *f"It ia a criminal airaace to pitch penniee I in Portsmouth, Va. Th# penalty u cropping j tbe long ears of the little pitched. PP f WTA Mil has passed the ladlaaa Senate abolishing tbe distinction between witnesses an aacoaat of race ar oalat. WThe fresdmea havs almost eartrcly aban* I doned Um rioe landa of Soath Carolina. IVTbe Hoaaeof Camnaoaaof NorthjCarolina I on Wednesday last, by a very large vote, aboi- I jabad lmprteoajaeat fbr debt in that State. . I raoN luurc. LOVPOV, >*fc ? -Tk? IMOM frem Mm nprwMU th* ooadiuon of tltiri a so threateaing that the fhrnilie* of the Tarke are fleeing trotn tb* roBurrr. Earl >rn?rt?i wilt ?e*i ***k mnxHf* m Ptrliinnit bill for the anion of the Utnt. disn province* Buriiiu. Fob. 9 ?Tb* disturbances am?sg tba laboring pep a lauea in tb* southern provinces of Belgium tire subsided. nod tranquility ha* Men rrst/jred. Losdob, Feb. ? Evening.? Noth wi*h*tandIng tb* jontrary ad vVses r*c*iT*?i from Bru*?els tbia nursing report* bar* reached bora tonight U.at tba trouble* in ^owtr Belgium are oa tba iscrea** Buuv, Fab S? Evening ? It is sai* tbat will propose in tba Parliament. or tba North Ufniai Stat** a tat to ba levied oa tobacco Tbe Begouatioa* bettreea the North Oermai. Stataa nod Prussia were concluded to-day St. Pm*?BrB?, Fab ??Tba Japan*** Err.ta*** baa amv ad in tbta conntry. St Fktbbpbvro. Fab F?Eveniag.?The KaMiai (loirrnm'tit officially denies the tro'b of a report ef a victory In Bokhara Vi***a, Feb. ? ?Cbarle* Bsron Von dark baa barn appointed Minister of Financo in tbo imperial Cabinet Lt'iMV. Fab. 8 ?Tba Greek tfown?#nt, in a no'? to fortl|n Fawera. declare* tbat tna criaia of tbe war i* sear at band, and though tbeir deure ia lor peace, tbey deem It proper to propoee an increa** of tb* army ana navy. Despstcbes from Ch aa a?at* thai arrauge. ment* have been nude for tbe eetabli*btnent of a Eorof eaa Coll*g* is Pekm, with tbo consent of tbe C'biaeN> OoTernn'nt. Senator Coakling aa a Pugilist Jprtpt i of tbe pagilistic accomplishment* of Mr ConkliBg a very food story i* told. Muscl I* bia mama, and bit leisure boor* are p\**e4. wi'b iht-dumb-bells, of which be caa -put up ' n great weight, or the boxing cloven in use af wLlca be is quit* au sdept H? tig a i man wvertl inch** over si* feet in height, be i* an ugly customer in tackle While Inn Kerrigan kii member from Brooklyn. Conkling taw fit to b* quite polite to him. but in & way that offended Kerrigan, a* Conknng always led coni?r?*uon to him to aporuag topic*, and, though probably not intending >.? do ?o, conveyed the imprf??ioa to the Brooklyn member tbat tne Vuca representative tbonght b* (Ketrigan) knew nothing <>f other matter* One day Conkluig told Kerrigan b* should lik* to put on the glove* with him Dan said be ?iu not much of a box*r, and besides ?m too email a man to contend wuh Uoscoe, but that a friend of hi* *?? a good sparrer.and h* would bring him to C mkling'* room that evening, "f agreethle. The appointment was made, and lian appeared pun<tu*liy. accompanied by a frieud nearly a* larg* a* Conkling. The glove* were speedily duuned. and the sparring commenced. Kerrigan oc ipying bimseit the while in arranging in a lino n 'h?? table the .nkstand, paste-bottle. gia-?e* md other article* of Congressman'* table furniture. As 'he boxer* *parre<i ainjut the room. Conkling "got in" several blows, light on**, bat was not struck nntil be r*a> lied a position in line with be string or ?-*kulcb" arranged t>y Kerr.trail, wbeu tbe stranger led out asrraigb:. bard bl< w on the Corgres>-mau'? nob, wui. h sprawled l.im flat in tbe mids* of 1>m'? preparation*. Conkling ro?* rather di*conraged, like the cow w hen the locomotive kno ked her down tb embankment, and bis oppoaeat handFcrr.e'y apologized and expressed m* surprise ar succeeding in hitting a boxer s ? superior to himself Roscee kept bis temper, and a second am* they went at it, but again. wh?n Conklu preached tbe proper position, be was ?? laid on the table,"' like a Democratic bill ia tbe Hons* of Kepreeentatives. A third tim* th* operation was repeated, when th?* Congressman. disgusted, laid aside th* glore?, atnl learned afterwards that Kerrigan'* friend wan Ned Price, the celebrated boxer.?VI. L< n Republican Shootiko Affkav betwkbm Hofbasd ab ? WttK?A difficulty occurred yesterday atternoon at No. 4T North tTalvert atreec, be- w>**n Louis M Herkenthal and Laura V". H?ck*utbal. hi* wile, which retnl'od in the huihaud having very narrow ly escaped losing hi* I if* bj a pistol ball Mre^l by the wile, it appear* that some time ago the parties agreed to separate, and referring the matter to the law. an arrangement war- effected by which tb?*y should live separately, and each vw given tne custody of two of the children. They w*er? to visit the children in the custody of each other at least once in each week, without h:udrauc*. Yesterday Mr*. Heekembal made a visit to her eluldreu at the hou*e ot her husband, and waile she was there a dilUculty arose between her and 11* ken btl She testified before th* magistrate that the husband threatened to *h ?ot her and declared she should not live five mmutes he made a step towards her, when sn? drew a revolver and ured. tbe ball pa***<l through hib cap and narrowly escaped Ui? head. Th* report of 'he pistol wa? lietrd by personH on the street, a nd Captain Mitchell w ith policemen l acker au 1 Culber son took both of the parties to the police station. Ob her pei>ju was found a ^niail revolver with two of :h>? chambers discharged, and on him were ton ad two Derringer pistols, both heavily loau-d. After a hearing of the case.fuatice Dryden permuted bo'h of ibem to return to the charge of tbeir children, on the promise that bo aing of the sort ahall occur again ? Halt. ->ik i tut. Th* Labok Q.CBBTIOB?At ta? Workingmen'* Convention, at Albany, NY, ye^teidav resolution* were adopted in lav or of at leant semi-monthly payment* of wages, ana t.? petition to the Legislature for a law giving wages the preference over all other clam.- m ces^a of insolvency, also, in favor of indenture *y*tem a* far as regards apprentice*, and also for tbe abolition of a tax on all incomes of fii.een hundred dollar* and nnder. Also, that the workingmen'a organization* send representative* to the next (National Lah >r Congress in Chicago in consequence of the position taken by Mr McAribnr, of Troy, on the eight-hour aylem, which wa* antagoaistical to the view* of a majority of tbe Convention. he resigned the presidency of tbe Convention, and Mr. Jessup, of New Y'ork, was elected in bis place. The Convention adjourned tins dUe. Nxobo Scr?RAGE?The Columbia South. Carolinian recently contained an editorial article on the question. Are our people ready to give the negro ^ua'ified suffrage:" The editor say* there are prejudices to be overcome, but nevertheless, "there are thoughtful men?leading men in the State?who, recognizing the band of Providencs in 'be great changes that have been offected in onr condition. regard this final consummation of the purpoee of the war a* an essential ingredient of our material and political prosperity. There are ibo?e who see in negroes who can read and write, owb property, and pay taxes thereon, and are otherwise acceptable members of community, element* of a tature strength which a wise policy forbid* us to ignore." Accidkbtp in Crop sis.* th* Hrwoi on thk lev ?The ice in the river at Kisktll, N. Y., is about ten inches thick, yet it t* not tbo sound, black water ice, but composed entirely of heavy comb ic* aad snow. It is very dangerous for pedestrians to cross. This w<'*ic tbe horse and wagon of the Merchant*' T'mon txpre*s breke through and came near being lost. .lodge Monnell and two ladies alsobr. ko through, but escaped with a slight imnter-on. A gentleman who was carrying a carpet-bag, the latter containing fr,s?j in gold, brok* through aad narrowlv escaped drowning. Thursday morning th* Rev Mr Wrigbt and lady of Pongbkeepsle, while attempting to cress, went in ap to their necks, ana would have nndonbtedly drowned bad not as*i?tance been given them in time in the shape of a sleigh. A PKKeacrTKD Man -Mrs Mary Jan* Seeof New Albany, brought suit against N. V. Evans for entering her boase wbea forbidden doing so. Evans set ap tbe defense that he was pnrsaed by a mob of two women, three men and four dogs, and sought tbe sanctuary in Mrs. Seeley's house. He was acquitted. Mi?*mota Orro?*n to Cckubbct Ca*tbaction.?Both bouses of the Mianeeota legislature have passed concurrent resolution against tbe further reduction of the currency of tbe country at the present time. They also oppose tbe payment of tbe public debt until tbe country shall bave time to recover from tbe effects of tbe war. 07*Massachusetts ba* only l,4oo colored voters. 7*A Brooklyn paper recommends early marriage as the best remedy for "social evil." T'The "Infuriated Bootjack" is said to be the title of a forthcoming novel from a Philadelphia publisher. VThe usual dullness of Athens. G*., was enlivened tbe other day by a woman whipping her husband through tbe streets wltn a large hickory. A bill to take tb* sense of tbe peopl* oa the proposition to bo!d a coaventioa ia p?nd~ ing in tbe Virginia Legislature 3T A well-defined iBN of Insanity, reeuitinc from the nse of hair-dye. has occurred ia i,iayette, Indiana. mrA. clergyman ia Pittsleld. Mass, aaya that tbe Bible does not prohibit the u*e of indicating liquor. Neiber doea it forbid cockfighting. >7"A Paris critic says tbe finest thiag aboot Menkes is tbe "mobility of her nostrils and hps?-.be former expand aad eeatzwet Uke tb* wlBgn at a buuerfly " VA young Cuban m Krntarky cat bin throat oa being erasasd by tbe Mtber la lus p?loa tor a vonng lady. VTbe wit* of a poor artist diai sadden I y af Darllagtoa, Peansylvaaia, last week, aad It w? discovered that sbe aad lir husband bad bean subsisting ea aotbiag bat cora Aeal.

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