19 Şubat 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

19 Şubat 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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$ i * f * | I Q i , i Jl ' - ' % J u ; t *? ? 'A i t 4 J*VT T/* * ' i \ ? ? , THE EVENING STAR~ LOCAL NEWS. J |? AMr?EMK?f TS. ftc . TO HIOHT Wall'* Nbw Or era Hons*??A1! that Olttters ip not Oold." and "Stat? Secrete." Natio?al ThbaTbb.? Edwin Forrest in Yirginius," Miss Lillie as Virginia." MmKOn Hall. - Theodore Habelman's Cm Operatic Omcert in co^tnme. llAMLias Choir Cobcxet at the Churchcorner #th and p meat*. Cbpbch of tri EptrHAST?Last lecture of R*t Dr Samson, President of Columbian Collet*, 00 the Holy Land, lor benefit of the new Episcopal Church in tbe First Ward. Board ef Trade. IB* BALTIXOKB AMD FOTOMAC RAIT ROAD? ]*rku\**KST Olt TBS K1VXU. Aa adjourned meeting of the Hoard of Trade vat held lui veiling at their rooms, tbe first vise ptesident, Mr. Samuel Bacon,' in tbe cbatr, ?ii<i N. Sardo secretary. Mr. Wall, cbairmm of the committee to represent tbe interests of the Board before Con(rre-?. ?'.ai?'i( that a bill bad been drawn and presi-nti-d to the vntirman ot tbe Senate J>isjnct (l#mmit?e. having tor its object tbe improvement of ibe obatincl of the Po'oraac, agreeable to The re?olo'ion of Mr. Clagett offered at tbe last meeting Mr. A R. Shepherd said he had a conversation with tfce Mayor. and be hoped tbe Board of Trade would act in unison with the Corporation m regard to the new Centre Market and river improvement All that was needed was to ohtaiu from Congress the necessary legislation to erect a new building on the site row occupied by the market The Mayor had expressed the opinion that if it was attempted t.> i*iu\ e the market, interests wonld clash 4iid probably the whole tun c would be defeated. If a snrable building be erected, witb no obstruction in from, tl.ere would be no objection to tbe eject.on ol a building on the site nnw occupied If itie Board of Tradeand corp.irite authorities would work together tbe improvements could be effected Mr Kit an* wanted ?o know if the Board did not act with the Corporation, would the Mayor oppose us? Mr Sb-pherd.?' No, sir; not at all. Probably the wish was tamer to the thought." Mr S. sn;d he wits in favor of having the proper bill prepared, and i>lac>ng the whole thing ia tbe Lands ol the Corporation authorities. Mr. Wall wanted to know wha* the Mayor had done wi'b the bill passed by the Coun il? appropriating for tbe improvement of tbe channel of the Potomac river ( Mr. Shepherd said It was only ?5 0. appropriated for surveying the channel. He h id been informed by the Mayor that the m apj ropna'ed would b* used a.1 intended. l?r Jaaie- 1; Morgan asked leave to off?r tbe following resolution Arnl, 1 ha' tLe cities of Baltimore, Wash11 gton. and <Georgetown are deeply interested in developing the re.-ource.-i of tbe agricultural districts ot Maryland, and that they should therefore unite their energies in opposition to all corporators and monopolies tnat oppose the M'ei.-i. i, of railroads through aov and every | art i t Maryland. Av??7 - !. Tb i? we have heard with surprise and tepre- tl.it tbe representatives of our I'Uht'"!* ol Montgomery county. Maryland. it. it.e 1 .efc.islature at Anuapolis, have united With tbe President of the Bdiimore and Ohio hanroad .n making war 011 the Baltimore and Pl tunn. H.11Ire ad, and we trust that tlie-e rep- rts are unfounded, and that thev will realize the tact that the prosperity of the l?istrict ciii. * ind Baltimore is of more import nice to them than adding fnrther to the alreadv overwhelming influence and wealth of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. Rt, /?rf, That we are in favor of the imme#flia*e ronstru- tion of the Metropolitan Kail*oad through Montgomery county, Md.. and he said roan, in our opinion, would now have een tar advauced towards completion by I ortbern apitai bail 1: not been prevented by ibe Bal in.ore and Ohio Railroad Company. HtnAi 'ti. 1 hat tie Baltimore and Po'omtr Kailrond will be the shortest route from the Sooth, to the North and Northwest, and therefore its completion will compel the Baltimore and Ohio Kaihoad to hurry the boildiug of the Metropolitan Load. so a.- to coiuueie with II for the travel. It M said he had recently -visited Annapolis and found that there wi? great opposition to tLe Bap 1 nil r* and Pu'oma; Railroad, about Lalt ol tb*' members of the Legislature were in favor ol th? B tlnmore and Potomac Road, and ibe other Lali in favor of the Baltimore and Ohio Road, bur it was said that Mr.?iarrett had brought -ufllcient influence to have tbe JBaiorrv for tbe Baltimore and Ohio Road. Mr. Biyan said there was no doubt tnat the .Baltimore and I'otonaao Road would be constrocted. Mr 1 horn moved the adoption of tbe ftr?t resolution, and that the others be stricken out. Mr. Bryan moved to lav them on the table Mi Thorn stated that parties had entered it-to contract to build the road. Mr. Bryan said he neard the Montgomery delegafon in .he Maryland Leg;.-lature bad been bough' out by the Baltimore and Ohio Kwad, and he had no doubt such was tbe case. On motion of Mr. Llvan*. the resolutions were taken up senaum and all adopted except the la-t one, wnicfc was laid oa the table. Mr Ki vans moved that the committee to represent the interest# of the Board before CungTess be disciar^ed. Mr Wall said fri.si 0,t)f0 had been appropriated by Coi gress for t6e improvement of harbor* and rivers, but none bad oeen appropriated for tne irr.j rovemeu: of the Potomac. He, therefore, offered the following: K'*olr<d. That the Board of Trade wonld refcpectJully ask for an additional appropriation to tLe bill now pending betore Congress pro viding for snndry harbor and internal improvements for the improvement of the channel of the Potomac nv^r. Mr. SLepnerd offered toe following : R't J 'd That the committee representing tbe interests of this Board be, and are nerebv in-tructed to furnish to this Board a copy Jf the bill prepared by them and submitted to the Senate Committee in order that this Board TT.ajr have an opportunity of judging of its merits. Mr Nhepherd sa d he was a member of tte ?cmmittee, on tbe part ol this Board, before Congre-s, but at ibe time the bill was prepared and presented to tbe Senate Committee ne was sick, and did not see the bill, therefore he knew nothing of its contents, and he did not propose to go it blind on anything. Mr Wall objected, and wanted to read th?# resolution instructing the committee. ' 'riEe wanted to know what was before he Board The Chair?-Mr Wail, you are heaping " lions on questions and speeches 011 speeches so that we don't know what we are about." Mr. Wall said hi* resolution was the flrst before the Board, and should be acted on The question wa? taken and tLe above resolution ctfered by hiBi adopted. Mr. Shepherd withdrew his resolution. 1 he Chair announced that an arbitration commime must be elected, and the Board proceeded to ballot for tbe same, when the lollowitg named gentlemen were elected: Jame8 L. Barbour, (chairman.) W. H i'lacgett, TV. li Phillip, J. W Boteier, and Sam'l J^ewis. M-s-r? Cooper A l.atimer, Br. Howard, W <ii.ii.ai d. Jacob Kamsbuig A Son, and John P Crowley were elected members of the Jiisrd. Mr Wall a*ked if the bill for tbe erection of tbe t?w market bouse should be presented to the Chairman of tbe House or Senate Commit. tee. 1 he Chair informed him it was at the discretion of the committee. Mr. Kl vans and at tbe next meeting he would move to amend tbe constitution, providing tbat no member sbonld speak more than ten minutes, or iiore than once on one sttbject, v- b?n another member wanted to speak. Adjourned. ? Rbcotbkt o? stot *s Uoodi - Last Friday a satchel containiiigproperty belonging to Rev. C 1 -igh ner, of Mt:h , valued at aboat &U)u, was s olen and reported to Detectives Kelly and Blgley. The facU were that the owner was at tb# Capitol, and gave a check to Edw'd A Joues colored, to net the satchel, at tbe J>ati?ual Hotel, and bring it to bim at theCaui. toL. Jones got tbe satchel, but failed togue it to tbe owner The Detectives soon recovered the bate be 1 aud arrested J sues, but the owner had Jeft tbe city It was proven tbat Jones is not a tbief, but was very drunk when he got the sate bel, and there being no evidence to jus. tify a commitment for court Justice Tucker Oismi.-sed the case and directed the property to be delivered to Hon. R L. Trowbridge, of Micb . who was authorized t? receive it. On Saturday mgbt Mr. O. T. Noyes lost a fine overcoat, valued at 80s. Which was stolen from Lis resident*. !*>tectives Kelly and Bigley. eeefcm* for otber valuables at a pawn o (See, identified tbe coat and took it. Major Richards directed its return to tbe owner. a Rbi oykbt ov stolxx Mi;lb6.?Last week a man was arre?ted in Al?xandria for the larceny ot a nair of mutes, the property of John w Muhl-r. ff Outre mile, Va Krotn information r*i eived the mule*' were suppoeed to uis j . .in ofTt 1 er < ame to Washington. and. with detec'ive- Miller and Coomes, went ia searc h of tbe stolen animals, and found one <*f 'hem at Mr Jau.es Shreeves' staMe, where it b^id b-en e?.1?y Mr Shre?ves very cbeerfuliy n rrej dered tbe animal to the oglcer, to be tak*r to Al*xr.ndna to await tbe result of the * 'rial there. l'"ti?s Hkiokth ?Yesterday, the police F < * .4 arrests for various offences in the His. ?ict. The f.n?s imposed amounted to 171.16. | j a f\ r? i. i q ?J 'JjUli/.JJ 1 "* * * ' ... < 1 ( %?? <& sfiips s^3?r SSR&sss; & <?ae1??Mul '?Tn' at *""* ?W?iac VtCM.Iir r.k. " *"* * wJi be- r??BMnbered of thl* P?P*r. On tbe trial tbe de^pfOT# **<>* ??* di. ' tk2t^^TMa,tow,<ib* tfeffMarata a how i |utM (kit date of the bolmi be vu grossly ini WM\ M,",,r *** of! Itqiior be was Inclined tp eamWt, aad that tbe payee of me notes, one S'ewu. kept atttfa time 1 a giinunc fcanaa In this city. where the nr>te? ! y****<? I'pon tbM evidence the rwrdiet ^Ll*. 1 rJh" daieadaat. and tba plaintiff ap. , pealed. Tha conrt now, per Mr Justice Davis, readmad optnton- reversing tbat indrment, holding tbat to allow sueh a defence to be so proven would be to overturn all tbe established rules of evidence. Op*raticC?hc?rt IK OOflTcm.?-Theodore Hithfinnnn's firs' operatic concert In costnra-> at Mefaerou's Hall this evfniag will no d^ub'. a.tract all lov#rs of roadie in our city, at b* will ijng ton* of hi* fln*?ei Bones, find M lie Seelig u reported n?'. ouly to have a fine m>-/rxo soprano voice, bat to he a pretty woman and a good actress, Steinecke is in concert trita, and ii rosseonrth is a capital performer on tbe piano. JHaTt'inior"Cert* haV6 bt>en Ter/ soccesilul in ' < ?? CITY ITEMS. A Moiikl (iR0CERV.-Mr. l?. K. Hell has jus* np and Atuok^d a first cIjih* t&aaiiy grocery store, at corner of 11th an<1 K siree a and our r-nders will do well to riv? him a ^all, as his goods are of the best Quality, and bis prices reasonable. Boys ' White and Printed Shirts at Henmri: w One price dothm# Store, on tn? corner of Seventh stree' and Maryland avenue A lull assortment ot siz^g < M r 1. Antx a.npkk has determined to remain in W ashmgtcn. and has a splsnritd lot of the ! I'est gold and silver vrHfc?.??, diamond-", and jewelry a- 010 Pennsylvania avenue. He 'ells at lower rates tbau any oth-;r establisbment in ibis city. > A. Al>AM80N, r - J>PS|pr in House.*urhiabing rjoods, i* Aintb stree', near Pt. av.. Washington. _ Always on hand Ready-made Sheets, Pillow (Jues, Feather and liair Pillows. II >lsters, Mattresses and Hed Spread-, Blankets Window Shades and ^"pets.^lOloth. Crash, To well i/, and Table I,inen. Mattresses made to oruer or heno\ ateU. .. . ? , v oLf> } atuonk wili find itgr-itlv to tb-ir to I vantage by calling a: the new s||?- M?rt. Ao. SlU 7th streft, under Odd Fellows' Hall ) , <* H. Wilmon. Im of th? firm of Hums Jfc Wilson. I>R Whitr, (Chiropodist, 424 P?nu av be tw ei and fith streets. cotitinii?s the successful treatment of ,-orns. bunions, hid naii? efclarired lomts, warts, mole?. vascular e*. cres^noes. ic. Offlce botir, from - a m to Jl' rn aud r to < p m Established laGl. - r or </'hili:la!XS and tro-ned h'eet, White's r.mbrocs'isn u- a kpeci(l?. I'rice *1 per b. ror sale at 4?4 Pennsylvania avenue, between *)i an d 6th streets. ASraRprt.il (Yue -l>r. (liibert's pji* in struiueut positively cures rhe worst case- faf piles Sent by mail on receipt ot ?4 iJir nlars fre??. Sold bv dru,?,Ms Agents wanted 'v-rvwL.re A-'cltess .1 It K<vnaine. Mansit^r, Kroadwny, N>vr York. P?KWiK? car. l?e bad in auy quantities at tne war office counter 1AIUKI. WATSON BABKBU Qu the ?)th D- em<?r ' " h-T'rj pnr(on?K?, I!< t niOiC I , t' e K??' llrn . eherlork PII AKI.KS K ?V TS ;S U DkKSIli SPIONCL On the 11th Inst . bv tl.o v Uti n uiosfc-ireHt, .'Oil N B DKmrw # M" MAUV r, M'10N I'L >11 of tMs uMr ? ' UIKO. L ABK E Y On t^ e sft^rtioon r>f the l?th inti>.t 'pars mania M A K Y. Inf.r.t child t \vi,|Um ? ' "???? K Lssk;r. sted i a) on tin sodV^>. Tbe tnt)?ral *111 rake ,f0rn the resirtan?; ?r b-r psrtara, No ..4 3 Mar, land avm.ns o'wjj,,^ dsj the iO h laatsat at 3 p i.i The relatl it a fnend^M^^smllt are invlt-d to att> n>l \ I *1 BOI'OLITAN PA TINT ??? 34 7 V street, betweea 4>?lld atb "rs^tf8 *' tlif t*fet riiatfrijAl c*r?-ftj||> H*?l#rted TibeUrark era msnafscture 1 ?r toi. e.tabli.bm.nt a?e .Ts^ r. r to *d> heretofore otier.d In tm. u.ark!t ft, . A very fl?DrFrom Welch lanHl?^rt?nr. ejusl to any In tbe _ . . spi?ACca'arK ebs. ? i? Ar* Pff froai h,?h ?rs les ?*trs t!oar WATi*CMA( K*V* "DJ*rd V*rieUe' bl'tiAE CKA< KIRS BCTTEK CUACklRH, OBAUK K U DI ST. PILOT BBS A D, 01B0KB SNAPS. tVh*!?!? *'8* Gro?er? ^nl^^fsM.'n?.' with (fDD?T wttll knowD trA M 11 Y h lit a i\ U IM. T80. BE*"'.V,!' ? * ? 500,000 G"A S ALB1 N * ? CT TI ?OS FOB FROM K E XDALL <>HEEX VIXEYAKD. COKCOBD. tbe meat valuable Qrape ln the counwj BOBTOH'B MBOIBIA, CATAWHA ABBEOOA. PIANA, IIABTFOB!) PBOtlEK ' with Oisny othsr choice kinds, st %\ 15 Cer no cutting" or >10 per 1W; ra,?-d aPl aood wo. d and trne to name Oaretally paoked ayd shipped to any address on r. mitta'.ce Barly orders are solicited. _ J- -"??" ? w? S3 ?"A? ?m ? B9TABLISH MBNT. x9 Georgetown.D C B.tablNhed In 1851 prrmlnm avrar led by the Tow L^ir Institnta. 7, rebuilt IM, an-l u now *?> lar the largest and most complete cstal V'? k,D(1 ,n !b,', ">f,loD of country manner Seoarlii*ofaIUlnd?deneln the be.t ?.Tir?lj.,h,%,,k,,,,il fori p*"1 f?T0" the suescrii.er A!S 1 c"n'J?i?ad custom of the com-uuoity oitt^i'Jr ** rJ,tnrnt,lf^ express with the Diiioit pruUiptnt)?8 and dciratch at orica ad^resa. Lock Box No *0 , i11'. ?at ?nn8#t except Saturday, when It la closed at l;j p ai fs Ifi 4m A ?p!*,i?1i<t fatally carriage nt ??nd with Tirr* ?iH ? > handsome light UAt-^ ? HABBEBH, neariv nsw. Will Ls Haij.1 * ' .""'to'S A MBBIOAN GOLD STOCKS and U0ND8. 1?J ommissioB at the New York 10^ cei^vad * Quotations regularly re. LEWIS JOHIfSOV & CO . Baakers, _T?-LzT Penna. avsane. K?HAmVksaMAa *n.?,? T9? WAOON AND ^ n/*' *nd handsome c\ Tn ?? i-"1* h**,nH n(' ?se for them. K? J.u??hrey% staMss. Ost..-^2S ^ ^ Bsiloaal Hotel. Tu a customer In waat the whcls will b? ?.ld a Largala. fes iat* Thb pribnd or woman-Thi~o?e?t FBBBOH BBMBDY-D* VKL*AU'SV** 1I1""''* ?The only eertala aiid *et'o ai ^ **rl?e Obstraetions. Monthly Inf. ?c?,tl1e* "??'[ other Diseases to which the iale Is pe- Qlnrly Itable It Is ou Account of thi? certainty m their .ctlon that they^ihauUI not lia pregnant females, (dnr|?g the tint thren aonths j as Bisearrfaae ia certain to be hronrht saVs Wn i%ntr ,h",r n,e '? perfectly lutb. Island. **** street, between tth^and K B?oI^S!KruiA?: 'T^" ss-jfjayja ?&?????^ N W. BUBCHMBE. fe 14 Corner Itfb ?Tr stfJSis. r#n Pader Bbbltt House w"x- Masr Old Fnrnftnre.af all desert ptloas. baagbt /^| and sold. Beyalrlaa, Dpbolstsnn?, a ad Vanilsihvftsn&eii:: jt^vtasf MB f?9 1m J^' ALEl*' 80ALIS 8'^ALBS Boc"T,",,oSJt*A:x.ri?"' rLATrOBB ALD aJpsl AeU,rA^ 8C,e0P for *h 1 ng*P^stoe?,VirJ. P. BABTHOL^W, fai? JA?( . . 8eveuth slreet; rai. sott below Petjasylvsuia svsans. FaTTSoss, Oatoavflli^*d. 3nnn potatoes. ^ ,UUU bajbels MAINE POTATOES jnst ar rived and for sale at oar Wharf at the twtt of *h treat * P BROWN A SON, Commission Merchant* de 14 tf No. 4t?3 9th St.. between E tad F. <83ivJl i U ia but 10skbhvjb iit <l ./.ltM'JJu > \o l\a?T 1 1 ,?1 1e 1' " ASlUSKMUNI^. , in eB t ?g . .? 11 1 <iiii WALL'S ,?W OPSRA HOBBB. BERRY * WiLL. , VRUPRIBTOBS B. U. rilLLLiF*. ... STAG! MANAGES. ' I . 1 I _ The Bi?#e?tOeeedy<)* ALL TBATArrres" 'i**pt BOLD, ,?r. To conclude tti? Lm?* 3tu BLASCHI OBIT. the M "'leal THE CHILD Of TIB BBOIMENT, lb'1 I'm Com*1'* of 80MBB0PT BL9B. ' HATB8 OF ADMISSION WnjjBffiw, ?8; Orcheetra Otia , *1: Dr??? Oirelo. ffe ceotv; PanineOe. I0??tei Family C\rcle,?5ce?ta-Colored Circle. B cltU. NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avet?*. near WHlftrda' Botal. bbcond~niobt OF _ BDWIN F0BBB8T, Who will appear ThI8 tT PBfcDAYI BVBNIBG, Feb. If, 1M7. TIBWIBIFB MIPS LILLIB A* VlBGlNiA. Pcaleet Prices fwr Mr FOBBKST'S Nlgfita Admission to Orchestra Chairs, Parnuatt*. and DresrfOtTCle fi <? feenred Seat* Btt cente extra Admi?*ion to Gallery 50 rents Poor* op> a at 7 o'clock. Cartatn rues at 7 H MET/EROTT HALL. THBODOBB HABLBMANNB OBAND OPERATIC COSTUME CONCERTS. TCB8DAT, FBBBUABY 19. WEDNESDAT, FEBRUARY 20, The first part of each eveaioeN entertainment will finhrti.o >li?< ellatieom t?ele< tlon? an.I the second win produce in costume scenes fr in th ? (JpirrM 8TBADKLLA and LA D 4 ME BLANCHE. including BOO IN APMB ' Mr. U&HLEM\NN will be agisted by >1 IIBEEIjIG. 1'riiun Sepratiw fmm t?ie K in*'< T.i--* ire, Hanover: Herr r*TEI N E''K E . Baritone tat* of the Grand 'ierrnan Opera. Mr. Ri-n, iy fortr gentlemen amateurs; and Mr. BOSS 0<>UBTH the eminent Pieni-t Amongst otber novelties, Mr. HaMomans will si 11;- tlje li-a Hifol s tig, "THE IMAGE OF TUE BOSK " Prices of Admission, 9 1 > nf> extra ch*?ge for Reserved 8"at* Maertiui openel at Metrerott's Music Store Saturday m rniuc February 1" fe 14 d ^ | BAN D COIOIET On WEDNESDAY, ioTH INST , AT BAST WASHINGTON M ECHIBJH, for the I ?-n? lit of WASHINGTON N A\ AL LOD'i B N 4. ? and A M ByWaihliiRt'in and Columbia O^nimanderie* ot K nights Teibplars have been invited to be pre S'-Dt. lioor* open at7 o'clock. commencing ats Atoliaisa 50 Gents. fr 7 7 ll.ll.l.-i.)H I* g? 7t BALLS, PARTIES^ <tc. A GRAND PRF.MIIM BALL FO H TUB benefit of the ?*oor of the 1 UtrlOt, will ?V be given at iW ODD FELLOW S iULL, /A W[j M O N DA * , February *8 M .7 (A 1 i k*t- Two Dollars, admitting aG-ntleni in an 1 Lanies N B ? Gentlemen who re eive-i Tickets hy iti i'l are requested to retnru the tab* with tlie min-y to either et the Managers ?r t>? Mr. Scheely at the Metropolitan Hot' 1 by Friday. tbo22d la'tant. ie 19-M^ UK>1 EMBBB NEXT THCBSImTV i KKHBTABY 21,1857 OllAMi hOlBBB mX opTni JM PYTHIAN BAbB R\LL CLUB /*?. AT POTOMAt HALL UA I Corner Man land avenoe and llth ?t , lslan I Th? celeliated Holy Hill Band will be in atten| dauce. of Arm-nut F.D Tneker, J Cumberland, J .''onlngton, n Li>?r ice, D. A. BatcliO, B. hirby. fe 19 2t* ~ IsECOND GRAND 1*ALL % ISL EL GOOD WILL ASSOCIATION, Will l>egiran At FOBItEST U ALL , GEOBGETOWN, OS THURSDAY. FEBBCABY 41. Tickets One Dollar,:idmitt.ng gantKman an l la dlen. _____ fe H 4f SEVENTH GBAND BALL ? Si or TIIX jfjl FIBST WABD SOCIAL CLUB Cutfik i will be given at ODD FELLOWS'HALL, 7tb st , between D and E,or? WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 80,1867. Tickets, admitting aGsnt and Ladies, fl. No ticket admitted onles-* prepaid f- 14 *)t* Lost and jjoitnd. ~ fc ' BBWABD?Strayed or stolen, on Sanlay V^'laat. a red to 'alo OO W , both oars torn. Tbe abo>e reward will be given if r?<tnruad to MrAGAN . (itb street, between T and boundary us. Ie it-St' JOST-On the 1ML> instant, a p ,ir of Gold EYB * GLASSES. Ti e tluder will be liberally re warded upua returning tbem to Ulf 11 street, between l7tb and )8tb its. fa 18jit* I^Ol'ND -Od the 12th lontaat, a WATOH and r CH A1 N . which tb? owner can have b> ealling en JOB. FLE IOHBR. Corner of 4ta and I street*, proving property, and paying for this advertisement. Ie IS 3t* | OBT?Lost, thl* morning, between the Bank i iug B ous- of Jay Oooke A Oo and Georgo. I town,oneH.S 7 30 BOND, .'>9^65. itated JnTv, for one buadred dollttrs: also, BARK BOOK, from tbe Seaman's kavititr Bank uf New York, an i some papers. A liberal reward will be paid tor the recoTery ?t tbe same. Apply at Mr? MOBANS. Bridge street Georgetow n, D. O fe IS 3t* ????B????????? boardlngT W ELL Pt'BN 18HBD FBONT BOOMS, W!th vf Board, ran be baa; also, one anfurui-ihe?| Bevra, upon moderate leruis, at corner of I ndiai.a avenae and td street west. te 19 d>* F'LBM8HED BOOMS, WITH BOABD. at the southwest corner of 2lst ana lints fe 11 at* L'OB BENT?1 Wo wel! farhi-hid PABL'iUS, on the flrst floor, wlih or without BOABD Apply S9M E St., bet. ,'tb and l"th. fo 11 'PABLE BOABD at No. 4b4 lutb street, a few 1 doors north of tha avenue. Terms f2i per month. da M tf (ihOKUKTUW S7 A L)VER'MTS. C^HEAP COTTONS. / AT MILLER'S, 101 BBIDGK STBBBT. GEOBGKTOWN, D. 0. J a-t rectlved. a iai?e stock of OOTTWN GBOOa, whicb we are selling at lower nrii:?s than tiiey have been sold ainc* the war ? Bl ai bexl Muslin, 12 1. 16. la cents, good yard wlda BUlrting ditto. 20 And 2fl seats. 4 4 Andruacoggiu Bleached Muslin, 3U cents: 4-4 Wamsntta d-., 33 cents. 5 4J4.H4, 9 4, Iw 4, 11 4 bheetlnns. very low; Calicoes at US. 16, 1- cent* 1 Merrimacke, S-pragues, aad other t;est makes, JU cents. Shlitlng Pints, 20 cents; Cn bleached Muslfna, J*H, I5 cents; yard wide ditto, 1^ and 20 centsv^.<Sali and examine our stock, MONBY CAN d* ?AVBI> by a" doiuK ,an lm' BENJAMIN MiLI.EK L'BOMAUB DB BBIK. f murOHATIL. B0 oVu?Y E i E. BAP 8AGO, PABMB8A0. IUAB, IHGLISH DAIBT CHKE9E. HEW YOBK CBBAB4,_ NOBTGNB P1BB APPLB. 1 OUNG aMBBIcA. II. W BUBGHBLL. corner Fourtwentb and F streets j?l4 under Bbbltt Honne t'HOCOLATB DOCBLB, VAHILLB. / DB H. MA1LLA1B0. Par Cacao at Bucre. Bxemat de tent] melanga. Z. M. F. XING A BON, Bint Place. OornerVermont aveaue and lt?a atreet. WBUT INDIA OBAN8B8 AND swbbt Malaga grapes, Fr??h. KING PLACB. NDT*' MAiflJHB. FIG8.00BBANTB, v bPlt ks Ac., Be-, to salt this particular sea ?f- S?! by * KING B BON, * *' Bing Place. ^OLDBB BCUPPBBNONG WINE, 1 Native ) Blch.fruity flavor, with delloata bonnet. Prodnco of the ^bodppbbnong OBBPB, of North Carolina. . ? Z. M. P. BINO <1 SON, King Place. VICTOB BBOBBIL PIANO TUNBB AND BsTA.JU.UHkU IN ISifi. IdBB ?^*r^S NOW BKCKtVtD AT DBMPBEY Si UTOOLE'S. Bngravera and Stationers, Ac., 326 P?. a*., bat. ?th and loth eta. F. C. BliltnKNBAOUts tiano Booma, 4f8 llth street, near Pa. tmit, Sp'xinl Not it! from Wm. Kna>* 4"<V, Baltimore. M r Becker oaa tnned Pianoa tor ne at oar Wareroods, and w* take pleas are tn etatlag that we baUaee hla to be a comaetent tnaer. no 91 -lm Rgobdon a 00.ns 7^ 1 PBEBBBTFfl, JBLL1RS. *1 *> CATSUPS. FBUITS. Ac. tUT The best of their kinds. N W BUBOHBLL. corner 14th acd F streets, ie 14 under Ebbitt Bouse. sr*- # is? -.i& . * (.U 'T . * ,. ? wum. " WtlfU-ilM eermft* *%EftftB, *"*<> KE-atreet. >??nn 1) and 1. - VV *%" BlllfcT MA*EIW.el ?. *. * ELIWE'B 4#| H ilrnt. hetwada Ilia " iT??*w#*w' *0B# 'i*** V\'ANTED?By a yeung ?aa~ej rteadiMkebits. *. *l?tU fwitl^wril* lltBiTiol M jnrler*t wetter. Be.t ol r?r?iMM<(lfM. A4di??I.. B .Star O&oe foift-M*

\V'ANTED- Twe C?l<^i ~\K0\tth - WU'i *? Kara* and ? hauit-ermeld?able 10 glvi tie hest clt) ref renees. at Mra ?tH> 8 1?ABRR*8, JIM ulrwt. O and U. fe n 51" VV ANTE0.?NUBSE S. exp*rl?ie*d,-r?litkl?, iniddie-B?ed vvuiet. Apply at ?>o?? ?b ? ? "llfM, coiitr Mb street uJ M?Ht liv^'lt nvenue , te 1* If WAWTKP CENTLRMRIT dealons ?r ? (kfinjln i iuIb; Imtlirn to call it EH PLO* H EBT AiilMi) Mo 2ft* Pa. ave inn chance eOered to msk* in ^ney, fe II if A RESPECTABLE YOl'NG St A V WISH ICS *n unfurnished ROOM ?n<l BoaBD la e pr| Ttttiknilli, liltad. Addr*?e, etetiag term* ml locality. W. B., Star Office. fe 1? St' ANTED?We want three good ^OH^BB fr >m 7 to lU rooms each, in KftO'l Irwatf ne,t? IS|ply our cnatcmera. T D 8 t O 'K b KlDUB A Co . Ural Estate Brokers, northeast corner <?b and F Uletts f0 if W ANTKU?H? en oM r?al lent, a UOLBl. p tr" tlally or completely fnmiah-i to a centra 1 ratH'U A permanent tenant raa beoh?an*s if lb* rent 1* mo erate Addiess W , ?1?J fin street, brlwctn L and M. It* W ANTED?March la7,r7oOM nd BOiRD >,v ** h i.entl< m tu and wife. Location i>i?fa r *<l between .'tb and 2uih Itrtrti writ and F and M north Teims must be n ud?r?l?, Referencegiven and iMijair?>l. Address S .Bterotfice. fis-it* T? rARMIRB-HM VTE7>-WDhin the Die I triit. a small KARM.cf frnn> *u lo .vi tcr?< with auit-Me building* i hereon e ther to rent or t uy 8*id llirn mual te in a h a'th< il'ca'l D, and h?ve w Ht? r c? Bveateut. Apply to W 4 SL.OANB '* person or by letter, >-t*?lng terms. A .. No 32 1 nth miet, Tetween M and N fe 19 e< if * WrANTKL?A NUB'S, middle acaJ wane w inati. aiia wbn I1&4 had some ? * [ ' i^ncc iD'lulie at k<ora>-y Ho?el fe l*-2i* l^'ANTBl'?At tb? Urt-unaa H .o-e No. <4 I atre*t l>atwe?-n 12**1 and lftn three uTHTKU Slil'CKlKS *nl itu? WAIHK W iiitf ni"t; pr? trrifd. Noue nae<l apply bat ( od handa Nij tt? j tl'ANTKH l,)iiilnoi?) MK DKiNKktt* 7? call at ?h?? > mp?ou House, ei?rner uf lOfb street ?n 1 Pi iiB a ay-me per ?ay. hb t g-t a inrsa Klaus ot Phlladi Ipli1? le f-r fiTe r< nt? te IH i' VV ANTED?Bf a faitiily ut lUra- param.4. tour ** liofHrnitliel BUijM S, for hoaaek eepl m or tau'.l uitel bouae Vron pt pa\ni"uta guar aimed Addrena " 8AV1LLB," Oit) P"t<Mi-e, atatitig terma and locatioB. fe 18 3t* \17ANTKD-By two r?*pvctnt>ie yi>ua< sirl<, ?? elTC ATli'Nb otie to <iochamlierwurk, aii 1 the other to c<?>k> waah aiid iron in t? private fain '1> Call at No. 30* jd atreet, betweeu G -t an I Mats ichukettx a^eone. W ANTKD ?TTbrnTc^r 9-J mill f(.r . nxj ar ?? us jfivo.l aerurlly- r? al estate. A-1dre?i 4 auil H Mar Hftire f?> t?* V\ ANTED Six l?w priwd ?ork iii>it>iv> " Appl v at tli?> mmer >f 4S and M at. Is'and. er iir?>p a in.te ji> box 11, Star Oihce, station wtierr ?n h )ior*< it can be seen. hit-IP A. J. ABCHEFi. AUENT-i WANTBU'MB ' THR HI^T ?KT /\ (-? THK UAK UETWKEN TUK HT\IK^, TBAtlNUllS UKtUlN. CAl'HKS AMI) UK. HI l,TK." liy Hon Ale* H Stephen*, d f r TII K LIPK LUTTKR^. ANI> SP11 ilRt of HON. ALKXANUEB H . ^TlPH ENd. by Henry Cleveland Sand tor CJrcnlura and re<-our terma A 'dr.??.? N A'l 1"?N A U Pi B1.18H I NO < O. te U Ibi* AO? Minora re?-t, Pin|?de!phia, P?. W ANTRI' AJMKT UK A ?OMK ;u" uisliel r? or anfnrnta) ed "Blta^le f ^r hoa^ekoeplug, in a re?p?ct?l 1? neighle.rhi.o 1 Tlie b?at of refer eiu'M irivi n and re tired Adireas 1 P.. lin 4 7 '.i Po*t Office. Waah1ngt"B. fe IVrtt* Uf ANTED ? All jeiaona aSutit tiroaklu^ up housekeeping will pi iiae call at our ofiioe, as we ui-h to l>u> their furniture, liartug con atatit calla for the same A lao, H u?ei for i eut D. L WELL.8 A CO., fe 4 lm earner 10th aul F -treet-. U>' ANTED We % ant several tirat cla^s K A K y S iii the conntrj for our Hu-toraera. Ai-k?, HOltES and LUt? in the city, botii laree aui "mull Apply immediately tg D i> *&uL* & CO . corner juth and K ?t? j* %i im V V" A NT ED?New and Cant off (JtO I HI N u. ol 1 ?* <IOL.l) anii 8ILN CU.or a?> other article <f value, at the ?ld .tablished >leichant Pa?u hi oker a Store ot B Ft LT<>N A CO , -'nu 9th at,, 3 doora Berth of Pentia a venae b< le Agent for BlNOEB'fc BE WINQ MACHINE de 22-ly U: ANTHinTw L 11)0(8 liameuiat. lv to em" br 'ider Yokea, Hands. Wrapper Tokea, Flan nel Skirts, Slippers, and Initials To go/d hsuiis who I rlin; ?ample of work, g?od wag?s and c>n stanr employment given. Call at the new Sta up lug Bonm. 4 9th atreet, opp .alte Patent Offloe ?Ta M PINO reJnced to FIVE cents per w.dth da li tf W ANTED?10 OOO l7ADl?s"? krT.i that at the New Btariiplng Boi.ma, 4.'1? 9th -treat,opposite Patent Olh .e. th?) can hBd the i>?at selected aaa> rtiuent of Patterns e?er offered here for Ch aks. Capes, Aprons. Joseyi. Waisu, Toke? Bands. ? tappers. Slippers. Pinatishions and In! tials Also, Uesi?na for Pillow <)a?es Ottomans Chair Covers, Pianos, and. In short, eTery*Varlety of Patterns im they are daily laaued. We have a F"? BtU Ma'blue and a PrBctiaal Stamper, and have ledured the price to FIVE CENTS PEB WIDTH. We make and stamp nv pattern broagbt as Braid-, bilk and Working tfotton very low, de l?-tf WANT ED?SECOND HAND FTHNI TO B E A lao M1BBORS, CABPET8, BEDS, BSDPIN O and HoLBEFCKNIsH IN U GOODS of every description. E. BL'OHLT 464 7thatreet J' l'l tf |.etwf?en (J an1 H.eaat side rKKSONAL. TW? YOCEO OBHT87~hlckl> mp^ubis, A wishes to lorm the acquaintance ol a nnm *r of young ladies Object, amusement and a dfaire to extsnd asgnaintanee Adoreas II A BUY mAN ' or WIl?LABD, Washington Pont Office. n? I r^^JF0H?K WW BON or AI.EXANM DEB DEN BBS aged about tbirteen years, whe l?lt W ashiagton with his father In 1841, and wh l*i snpposed to bave gone to Virginia, will communicate ?ith Prof 80 A LA leBler of the C Ma'lie Hand, Waahington, D. 0 , be will hear of sometlitnir to bis advantage. ( Fauquier papers please copy.] fe If Sawgt* 1HEBEBT GIVE NOTICE THAT ALL BAGOAlil which is left with nie must be taken aw ay Inalde of tan days and cbarg?s paidtelae I will hell them. fe It) .li STEPHEN Y08T^ IF TH B LAD* WHO PICK ED up the 8 AHLE COLLAR at the Capitol Sunday night, Feb 17th, In ?he diplomatic gallery, will return It to 444 11th street, between G an-4 II, ahe will t e auitahly rewarded. fe 18 2t* \1 BS JPL1A SCHNELL, whoae name appears 1*1 Inthe8tarof the 14th Ins;, as having been fined t>> J usilee W alter for aelli ng li juor without license, was . hB. d .>'i' Ifor aelliug lemon ?ider, for w hlch ah? has a license. JOHN BICIIET, fe 1H 2t -2 7*? ith street. IADIES WHO WISH TV LIABI THE MEW a and beaatlfut art ?f EMBaLMiNu FLOW EB8, in their natural form, se that they keep their perfume, can do ao bv eallmc on Mra L B DIETRICH. No. s'J*i G street, between 12th and 13th HA1B WOBK in all Ita branches, WAX rLOW BBS and rB* IT alee taught. fe 13-31 \ 1 A L>AM E AHOLIAB, an Mrdium I ivl and ClaiT' oynn/. No 323 6th st , Corner of K at., can read the Pa?t, Present, and Future; ia able ti advise in all bnaiaeaa maHera. lost or atolen property, recovery of the same, love, marriage, Ac , from S a m. to 9 p. m. le 13-ot* SOFT FELT HATB, an4 all klBda of Hats, cleaned. Colored and Trimme<t aew,at?l. CCNNINGHAM'B Cheap Hat Store. No 34b , Bevei th street,J>etweenJ^aad E._ fe IS e >lm* i |NL* FOB LADIES TO BEAD^-Elegantly " " Embroidered NIGHT OOWM and CHEMISE YOKES, more elaborate than aa> ever offered here, of tha neveat and moat beautiful dealgaa. received dally, frem our corpa of IM auperior 1 bands, and for sale at BEDDCED PRICES Being the largest manufaetnrer here of tbta kind ot lad tea'wear, wa can plaaae ??. both In quality and price, and are detertained, at whatever est, to predace the beat work, laaae the mest elegant patterns, and feTAMP CBEAPEB. than any c >ncern In this or aay other alty. Oor reputatian as tha oalf Practical Btamper here maured ladies that no injariaue compaaltlona are used, and ahlelda them from trusting tbelr * ork la tbe handa of thoae who buy a few bktcaa and proclaim tbrma*i*ea atamaara. stamping, & aenta per width, and five ion a Collar aad Cuffs in. . . _ \FM- PEIVCE, 4S? 0th street, "e 5 ? eppo-ite Patent Offlce^_ PL. SHCECEIM9, MD..HYOIEIIIO AND j HOM<E?>PATHIC PH TSIOIAN i Orjrtcx-a?9 Pa. Ava., bet 12th and 13th ja 90 in* T^ARE NOTICE-1 hereby give notice that I have not Instructed any one In my business of Prsserviug F1 jweia, and bo ons doing buslnessin Washington la autb^rlzed to ase my uam? ja U-lm* MBS. FRIES, 11th street IMPORTANT FOE LADIEsf-At 0HABLE8 l BAOMJH Hoy Skirt Manafactorr jno can hny j French Woven Cornets, whaleboaes, #13?, reeila i fltt No. 4V Louisiana avenue, between sth and | 7th streets Ja II im* i tlBlDAL AMD FUN EBAL \V BE A TBS, BO < D yUETS.CBOBSEB. ANCH9BS ST^BS. Ae . \ preserved in natural form, laaported FUVWER^, , HA1B FLOW EBB. and BRAIDING. Alao.lm Ported MOSS. HaIR DBESSES for Balls, by rs. FB1EB. Hae removed to Mo. 42V llth at , between G and H. ocJttn* 1 JOHN D. OLABK, ATTORNEY AND OOHN- \ BELLOB AT LAW ABB EOTAEY PUBLIC, 1 No152ft itth street west; de ll ly FRESH BABUARY DATES."Malaga d^apea, I Strawberri and Ohorolats Caramels. Raspberry Cream, Ck"coUts, As Ac.,just receive I at WALLACE'S, Aft High st , Georgetown, feu St* gT.EL.JO ijiUiA l<?Ml* in sui?s to anit pu'- I GOftDeet D3&r^?' AMERICAN LEWIS IOHNBON A CO , Baakere, fa 7 tf iU Peuna avenoe. METBOPOLIT VN 1 BOWLING ALLEY. I D strrst, beta-en llth and ISth. near Star Office b ?lc W BAUERS, ja 9 la* i.nrr?F A ,?JUU.1IW a rl >%?? ; , ' " ? a j . ? j ' rj' * * ? - ? . FOB 3ALB AJfP RENT. , P?f AOSil MMaMv At* at U* * ??rt B ^ ln?or. M UMflWMf rfM&MlQibMi. 7. IV jf PCJ*#.*BN*-A three ttorf BBICK'hhC9* ' ..m ,L" *2*1 ?*!? ?. n?*i> a tw-n-atorr Kkil SftJP-B U"' " ????**' a?tti.]o..-Vr R VKl &? At"?*rhriK k ?* r 1 * t'al V * **?*? ? ?? Eoed Ifttora.ran. u i?3r f w*^,kl?,#? 1 ?** r?ot<>?o. PlrJ? iHii1?**? ^ aiidJatA nee. the * *'i?n K'fiiUt Maerti B?a' * v. MILT DAI*. W llS ^9. iwomM tity llall wnfnrn k^? k. *** *rJP thai*. oi be fi ",Jl*Crifr#. . ?J?*1 d*^ red iWi re .? Wlii tbe in ef Mart* UHili?*l|l? ??2 Q at-r?et. bttwoM 9V aa] "]! .. . to > ?* FUKMUkTbrM m?l| OABPBS EtBMS JSfif ?5M?t. W? ot ? aere. J?.Pr?T^ iwe.iery htlefc h"t ae.Ba eao*?aarr ant bu?Mtn f '?" trawberrlee Nltlw A?? ?f L*V.hf?? ? ??rdene.??l *1. thtrt. t> atkir ocroe, dteirabh |or(t?of?f Bntekeror Milk r.rin T. D. STf*'K BB1IMJB A Co . j}*l l>t?u kr?k?ri, _ M E corner 7th and V tto l/OB REHT-8TOBE Ho. 4U?? PeaToyivaniB Mar?h ui*'a 1'"'."l/0' ,U* ?'*-u March lit. Appi) at lh?*t? r? ff ^ |* F *?,raJSM j^-?L7K* h"?* "* t 1 he toC I! H^keS ?r "? ' * !??? Hall *r iy vo v. p d A h m K. Star offire. f*l*tf ^?i?5 ,(>?ate<l 'or boat Iff. IW, Ul.la,I* *A J B W L'i'S. o? ?h- Ore ? ** ?'ffc ' O?or?#lown. fe |h ?f T0h,HM,T~*'ty* ? OwlouuTt on ?i.. ? V",,'e*p,on B,Te" *" *> -'?t * ply Rt <,?|onli?tioB r?o?-. flr?| floor, to it ?* KOB..8fV*~A two ,o?*y PBAMl H ^K ' Ir_ it tL "* *"?' fl'" r.ll.r *r |" ?i.r,,m " ? ? . *grrr.? I/1 HMPHKl) run HINT-Pviilok .nitw, BCD ROOMS * r",l^K ' (or r?-i.t wtth ?r wiib tt u i> 1 T ... m toK<tti,?r or rparstrlr. Apply at ii.'U H m-..t ono ? jn*r(> fr h, the cart. f? |, tn. .r|* ' LN.B KKNT A rK\Mi H-Oiv:. .B rth.ir.M . , ** L ar.4 M . r^.-t, r,h > *' has J'*bt roo?i?, id e order r > Klveaontb.. lal of Slarcli.Vj apilyia?t.. fo is' tt* A. HUBUAND. \e1 n aa.'.o, L ?trw?t l^'OB BINT?Two??M B KI K HO *K* two * I par- I ? u< iu',i Mo 17 " * WILLBrTrr.tr.\\"Vrl, _ . * t ^ N 11 * | ' B BUK I <?U N B?A I. It> I \ TK \ M< HutM * " AOISI V.HH, BBIIX.B 8TBBBT Hoa?<>. f r rent at J2 t , ? 1 < p..r , . ^ "'rabir Uoum? aud Lola for ?al?. f 14 lm _ OKMK * OOPKH KVB?^AL* |t,",i r> HBM'K BOI'OB.aiti. loor laree ro?m? and c-o:r^ b til *. ? ?> t ?f tfiOMt d mr'o.M r ear tL^ nr>rtho?.V i tb? ritt P.l,? ?>..?? "/'"fMt t. jU.. a M M'"Clt> Prl<?.3J,uO Applv .t .14 7 i\ -tr.? 1 T^u tr I^O KBNT-t>u?> O' mora nBtariii?b?i BouMs, T'fdnui* k i?ri ,lu?"Xk, <-'.n?ern*nt t ' ue o.Li.TI'h Low ?-t0 i *l l," t> +'* n,liek "'b'tw-*e" ,h* ,, "ir- f i H?h7VUVKNT ANI> rOKVlTOBB W? | Bf.rthe PcpartneVt. 'rn'^tt'i'r^f'r'm*'k bI I rVi '* wp-r,?'o"th Ap; j to I? L * VFKI.L ^ , < O . uorihw?..t r. rnri ioj|, ?rv! f f,. I t . ! |i" O B i A L B ..fiVr.I!I!0f*"01 LAN1? with a R?odOrfh.rJ lil'i f,,r a or lull" ">Ve? O^or^towi,. |,J?B flM.er ro!.1? n ata canaI r' H'1 *" oa'ial t,> Mtfirr rnaa WM on 1 1 . u " 1" 13 W hATo 3t* O'LLIAM. L't B SM.K OK To LKI ~ ~? I'01 8F8 in the IMnlarielphitt B ?. 1 ]tM .4 <>>? Ih'-e he tj-** ,rn w?n Htu.ted !or a ?rr? *T>re baTiiig hot aud cold ?*t?>r.caa and Lath, h.l: L?>ar a ride of the a. ei.ue car* from the Trf aa uty, and four iiu?rea to ??ik They ?m t,^ tented by th? month or y?-ar, or will ?0|j f0?r (,f them low for ca?h. BOOM t re,.t at :?i K -t Itiquiie ol the a>;etit. .i 11 .*> K atre t fr 1 * of L'O B P A LI The 8TOt'K i fiOO D WILL, Llt\>E LtrJssr's'j'tTi -Kts o> "* -? ??b".\*d Urorery 8 i.fr Bo ??- . ih Btr.^t, Nbt? Y*rJ u w lUaaon tor s?lllag t.vl r '* ' of ??r*h.r information inquire 00 the pre hi 1 se.^ to it *w L, OB 8ALB? A nr.t cI%m uew Frami HoUflK, " J uri^* " *t?ic, ou "ireen ?t . t.et St >1 | nri.1*'.', 'Mo11 llt oontaibing w rooim , dcIn. in* bath rem and paDtry, witn > at. r and lTkTlPI KV*yft<|Uw,??r ",d#- Af'P1Jr 10 HAKKK fi . . n ' 1 Water et , bet ConsrM. an l High it. . Vt"?rgetowi!. 7e 12 7t* K CPANRfSLD* W?8 r.vu. "*T-r?r.;.he 1 rAKLUE? an 1 2H an] 3<l t*0 ,r ua0g. . r '/A y Cil1 ^ ?^{alued *pp0eitf Ar; f>at iin Bow"et;,,i'lttr ,3th L'OB bALK ?nly 5? c?ah rTT-rirrd s,,f 5./* B?I?K1Ib dt-f-reot i>.rt< of the city This i. a rar. cb.nc* f r p^r.onVof r^'i^Vt^Ti.h? ****????< K'f-ffffli&iljs. si? tft.'TZ" jf:;;; as?.'K?Ksft.?viai ? Mm.*8. Nf, 369. In ^ife at No '2(ld lit^i t. betw^a BanliOa. .VU4SffiV-J0 JJa u F^OB BENT?The KA BM. forth? %?t tkraa .? the reaidonceof Major f heaphlln* Oalnea c< c of V? Bcr?a. lying near fort M vhan 1 t e from flenBin* a BrHge. Improvements dwell ua bonae ?f U room., .ton. .table, arrant'a h ?ua "a barn, Ac AddTeaa ' K # . ' 43) I ..trVet Wa.a' Ui*ton, D. O.,or Mil In p.raou, between S an.; 7p F^aUnf ?Ioia? '*r,R* oneTmalTaoiUMjcnl in S * BOOMB. anfnrniabed . wx?od floor Sc. 134 Penn. ay., bel^ l^h ?d auth at. n? ^ tf OABB WHANOB?For ImmwIUti .^T.T^Be of H'Kfi 1 If*1''!.'"!.*11 corner store GHo k B'BB in the city. Stock and Flztnrea new ?? lie M",r*lT letter lo A B 0.. City P !t ? no Jfi tf Fti?-??.?KT7Tw.0 *Drn?hM "BOOM8. at No t ??>7 I3th atraat botwoon B and t ata d^ 14 tf ^JOMETHIKO HEW~ J O BHOOrBAOX HOMB MkHLTAUTCBE practical CARPET W\:A \'ek, ! 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Ho. 4J^?a, for 16. acraa. iaraad nnder the act of Jehraary u. 184', in tb. nam. of SimuelHo^aou a "j"' ?L?"J"* Hecember i. 184^ A pril2^T^7 1 Ho. A7.SM. for HO acraa. iaanadnaler the art of B?pl.iub<?r, lhflO. iu the name of Lanvduo O John ao^^ and waa granted Mar.h 6, iSw. April M, s No 27,891? for AO acraa. iaauad nndar th? ^ M*rciLi iM imth* "? ^ Lamrdon O J ha U iters.fer1'"'" ?~?w.rt,ras' a No 9t13.V for 1? acre.. iMned nnder the act of n March 3. UIA^, to tha nam. of Pall. P?A _T, of ? r?f ('KmIAP Daata _ _ _ "/ * ?aW , 1 IdOW n May ?TScr. M ?ranl'd Jn'? H. 1M0. | =.J,r;'-LBv,h',:,tT~"d' ? ""?*>i Ho. B7 Mi, for Uin orra.. leaned wnd?-r the act nf * 1,*hvJs1i7. ' tb. name of Martin B .a? and ?aa granted May 12th. 1D?9 HaV II. iVT ' No. 62^16^ for IaerN, ticued Qaier fth? ??t o March Sd. l*?. In tha name or Alvla Bill, and ? a. fronted April is l?7. May ll. nwr J ^H.cuoitt; H~B~8WB?HT, t BBAL ESTATE BBOKEBS b ARB adoiioriisb: i Partla. contemplating building la tb? aprlne or ? ^rchMlB. anlmaroyed property tor inyMtafent 1 T L P'1 ^ their felvantAfe Vo look ot?f o ir li.t before onrchOMfng. a. we taw addM r^ntlr " ? ?*r# *lJ " a* <>f that dea rip lien of propwrty. W. ran offer many ln lnc^m?aii 1 ia ragarda Hto.tlon. low price. anV ai5y tori. ' ?'"th! ""J? Vr?l amall tram of find n tha iainiediat. ncintty of thi. city ?-r? ali C Siter --h" i'^aar^s"^ ; tor Ml.dooo n?t lubjact B Beownot to .xpeaae opi^. hM whtl. on?o? h tTi1 l" OLAOBTT A 8WBtlTT. * I f VOD WAHT BABQAlBg*^' ? .. ..w - IH nTBIBBT rDBNITtBB Call at tha Exton?tve Varerooaa af """ / hT>. ZIllilEBMAN & CO . " i. wi **_ . . *# ?*30Bwfaath atraat, Ja tl dlm botWfen La a*, an t ^ atraot. WfKOOBb; h> Obariaa (varra. j Jortrh tot B.c .rd and nl. f'onrt, b? Mnfel^ach Uralthwalta'a Botroapect for Janaary aard.tilBg for Profit, a OnMa to the Market and a< family (Jarden 8wtahorn'? Lau? Venar a Two C4 Marriage-, a noael b? MiN Mnlo h TheA t??a b :?reaaf rf*0rlB<n; llluatratad. Th. Btateasaatre Scar Book for 1417, London, to 1 EBAHCIv TATLOB. 'f/'I / I * f * f * / f | i , i* ; . ??>?I ACTCTIOX HALKS. _ //VsUsr Itiii im/n . rwl>j MM mo OF A FTP tO-MVW ~~ M' W. j1- WALi A OO , tfcuan^ifc *>WU< **rm*r ** ????<? aa S W ot rRj^'lr** '*> Un?flm. ?i miDlT ir TIMK'OM St 4 O'CKkti ftit of |,o f w 1 M?ate?w ff^h..nW ?. *fa* iliay r.~ IIB( kMl 4* f?*l, fcelag (k?r??r ^trt ?f |,|'3, s.c?r tamiu et.etheta-and and ?i?ktt t-Ia P. SCA'** *- SsttjSr. Til* Akove property ! situated #,*?? n end C at reels an! 3d and l?. It lrU Wet let ? MlM kuoWU OB ?1?? <4 ale. * ** W.VWAtLToa., 4m? *^TH? ABOTI BALI M Pn<?TPONtT> D? ?*u? ui tbe VMUitr ko Tt B'l'AV, I** ,?"? rn>K b ?r anil pl?r*. 11 ^ " ALL A 00 , ItPia. IFY OBltl WlLLIAVn, Aartloeeer* n?>. 4*t> o?>r u#r . Ik a?d l? street* ' *iJn mWI kuktii utr?iu i-irn ?P?t??*" 8T **ar. At ruiiti" *'B Tt ICBDAT the tf?fc Htefant, at 9 o'cl<>. k a 41 Hl,oti th* | f^f t|?N. L^i V) ^ II I'd t % 1 P | li 4k} Killl ?PA || ? 2 k fame Ha'uZ, "* ' B-ra.eaU , ,f sta ?;^tu r :r"")'^??? ? ? >'^o? ...mJIaVth\JiLr-tr pur. baaer. ||0 4, .. .k^r.14 a*,#r U * ? ?*? UkKII a U ILLIAMR A nets HTP L **fcLl4 <*? A N. H mroer mtb and F street* s?? r"," fEwiiSVsN .1 *? '- "V * 11,1 ? ? : V." o%rpMa ?? ?' ku^I; T.vr."-'* ,orLc"n^'ai^/r," 6t' B j' Ur' ' 'Le d w'? < Can hi .? V\ ainnt ''ottet?- ??. ? W * r ' ? i* teals ,r"ll,."?" ?. Featber B-rta. pillows. an.' r. .latere H.tr . ? (oUtutotUmu.^ VeTt'r.1. " " J * 1 '* < "? Ci*oki?K. f^rlor. mad ( kainlwr Sto?. ? ? ,?rr l>l(o <ku ( <(r ' >^r? hao4a..?ii?- WlalowShaJoa. Tj Ut H?t, hibt at. |}|a?* >*? ?. T-ta-i.rr ?lli, % I it<f I. t o: ht% bra r~, I>? Fu ailuie ?iai !.?n, In m-- t, it <> m nth* f? "? l> L ? k I Ll? A < ? . a<i to M B LE?Ut CU . Aw.u ami 1 HE W HOI. g ST?' K (?T Fl KNITI'RB A\> Hoi ft KMBHISU a v'r V,t KhAVBH. AT His t?T?>KK N 4-7 .T ' E stBUI A1 A. n./S Oi. W Kt>Ni:DAl tut Fnl>. Mlt at lft oVI 1 < t !-Ill ? ot Mm?1? t. D burcai.i, WmIXui)., *?ardrut?>a M At * - M i. ' r f k*" ry . ai.fl iitH?a Wu- Wa u>. H Tib ?r ? wvt^-L. Talk toiKf Ba?keU, Hr. ?.?,?? *, Lau.n,.,i.u bi.ad-.,?.lh a ,.ti, n , , r. i t t*rn ()i<?ara?M A- 1 ! ' * U?IM A < . ?,* ||i iitiVKu aKu?,ta m ... ... uoi'Ki'oLn n gsiri r.K fk^trku Hti > U(N?r> AVUUIMJ AI AI*o 11 ?\ ^ <'#*?ltM!.|MT MuHMNii. F-l raaryj# .t a,"1'"/'V .W re-id gc, Mr At* K ! N . 7 r. ? , ? - ... tl..# II ?.. t, J t .u B U l 7 r-f Urt.e f-,p I Tabl' V.rt.i t. a 1 i*? '**, a Knrum, baira M'r or v? ? roi,; ,>'l*'?-a.>. h a.h.,r^t? ?.|i M* ? l*?llo?a. far lor and . e-.kw.V A|-o I > an II) ibl' M? hlne AI?o tnall Icit ot * 1 ai.d I) ,?| ! ? ; ^BI'WBl L \ HATH. Aa-ta B,TB* ^uct 'ieor^c .wo. ^ ^' J-J S ( * LI nr MI41.L bTKAM If k ??.?t'?' ^Vi ' " 'Oal, arpAkATi * T^.N ,1 ATBUO* 0," FB.,P^V m?KNING. Fat roar* 2'd at 1. V ' III a II at An tou M r' si V;V I;il1?aatr*rt ?(.* *jlr tW b#? Qe Ta " a^i Btaaa . < aad |? L t til Im ittif. lut toots < henical Ap^aiatcs Lot Mlijt-rala A ^ 1 1 t?- add?d ? L' l.Vt?;.tL,J 101 *f Id forfoVaV^ Thomas no*Lma. ______ A o?-ti?eear . B? COOJ'FE A LAT1MBB. Aacti?.a. n, . lato clerka aitb o. Mc'.ui r*.'., d uihaeal c^ia. r ? : r? .1, , amut aau iii -t etar Offica B.Udiug ** i?a.? . T^O PTCttl' FhAMK HOLflE tiki rirru SIKS1 " ??? " _?* *?:~ lBB?joaraHo ?Si?, .r.-utin- l'Net on wrat aide ?>Titb ?tr??t *m(, about to fe?t irom tha comer >j. N street aorth, with a utfth ?f jj Jsaa4..". ,u" ">* ?? " ? ??? : iisr.-s'ar'vs sss?is j .IVr5' a? rr^i of tke aqrrha>*r ?'?<?< OOUFBB A JLATI M BB. "neta |FY OWUPEB A LATIMKB Auctloneen. O 1 Lato clerk' wilb Jaa 0 *cOnire*Co Southwest corner ot Peeriay Irani a art and ilth trctrl. Star UfhCf Bunding JK27$E.l WW ^vmPBOvin PBOPBBiy ok TUB INLAND AT acotiom J f*?,d ?f 'IS? }+ ,b* !a? ef i! f,h * anirwrtnlliiLl^tj.A S Ho ' r'w lahi^'ti ClJ* 'k' racer 1a r ? ?abt d? ton coaaiy. |>. C , I ariii aell at act La ioiVa?" ih* C o '. .JVi, - Slr? ? Mfcrcte '? Lot ocn* e ?d u p5iii ' Lo* 1*0 <7, aetea, ta ta m H 1 Bill pa *uk ot part of artgitia! Lot Sft 2'two SI Tr'.T?'rHl Q'* Ao?-?re? an- aUfetr c e .Tdlof \ !.r I*" ^,ro'*r,' ? ?'tD^W4 ? the ea-t ri^VuK:^' ^ Vi^laiaavaa-a.aaJ Teriua One bait ca?h, ta aB e It: alx a d BHMitba altb ipterett trr m day f eale arrj 1 ? J?ed ?.f truat on the property A eepo,lt ot ^ 4 naie A,! "m tk* icrcti^aer at tin- r 5? parch^*'' *taB?pa atc^k r ,? WM B PBIRKABD. Tras.ee fe !9 ?odAI? COOPBB ? LA r| MCR An- ta |JV OOOPSB A LATIMBB, Aa OfTOI>I and LOT . N faat ^TBLB^, UUxii 10th and j,tD ,u nB>in? <1" rM>. *f tb<> Supreme C- urt ?f i?i? liinliL t of i< untbla. it.a.!-aLd pa..rvt . th^ -H. a, t rn.ri.at,-. A D 1? 7.1a , ?2* talhn^'8 \#. bciicitAl. tii? Ufi'i?[?;cB? will *- i *t ruklii au not, to the Blfi.J "wr k J. 'Tb f March. A D 1*7. ? ?o CkcA f .1. the pr. nna?-?. part* of Lota N a 3 and in wn we ?o H7? dea rlhel a. folio a a -B^.n,,!^ K ?*raat * feet -an frc.m Itttf, atr et a*d rno ' k J' e.';C* r"1 27 '-* > tb'"^ Uurtb fe "t ; w**1 22tee|. aud tbeace B .ntL . ret r> inrbaa to tbe ba^inmnc, wltbth. tm at I r?L.e Dwelling H op* tberaoB 'l Terajt faale Oa>- ball cash the r^ld. e ib tl* ontka frob the dap of -ale. ?itm?fr~t. a* be option of the parchaaar the wUol?m*r bnia-h. If tbatarua are lo: cetaplied ?:th in 5ve da<t tri.ajtLe : > of aaU the prep, rtr .m ye resold at the rl.k aad coat of ta.Tr.V.,, J >urrkaaer. upon fc.e dajs B. tl a Con.-jaa ? " d statrps at tke ezrenseof the pare1 aaer Jell eoSw OOOPBB i LAT?M?bT a'bIu' k1 ?K*KN A * 1LLIAM8, Au tioa--era. no. #SIB, earner uf Tth and b streets. i'ALCABL* 1MPBOVBO PBOPBBTT FKiimt JNOO* woTH r-TttkBT BOBI H i A ? I' bT. WB8T, AT PlBLlO AC CTION Oa IBATl'BDAT. the lid Instaal. at 5 o'clock p o? ^ 'r?Bt of tLe presniaaa part jf ?ot No 1 In a.uare ho, Tt.witb tbe imarove "VK KTSUu iVU'K uceiwent to purchasers 1 * Terma^Oae half caah balance In six and twelve t QoU? baariM lMerest, aad "uredbr deed of trnst on tbs prenUes. All Cc nrejatK tn* ndrerenca stamps at U s cast of the lYrdl |M)d ?n en each h nae whet; aold " J8 d OABKB A WILLIAMS. A^^to [JT O hi Bit A WliaaABU, AltBlklWl. 'g^A.TO?fcSLA??"T?* HOP, AND r ? LPI.1,? LOT fp atla* oa ?l-tsrr naa'ta " *>fl IbuVaV*iE? traef. at AoeU n . SJk J VJ aJ .. ,n?tmnt- ? 'hall aell, at 4 i m J? " ?? u'* PT??lee?, aa-t CSfeet >f Lot * nsiinars No a<. with tbe laiproeaneBU. rt'a * VTt ,torT r,*?' " and Ou,.B f. wb.0> ThU " ??? aa Ha<s areua.k<t?eea sik aa I 7tb streets nortb. aad nua ack 1? feat fo a 14 foot eared alley ' M Terms Oa. IJf caah. balance in 6 aad 11 aoktha for botaa baarinc Interest from da> of ale. A deed fttren and a ured of trast takaa. All enwanc*- at tns seat of pu'sbaser Title ta ilsotahle. |M will he raamred whan the property kaacked 08. OBIIM A WlLLlAIBi, ** k I lat] Aactioaear-. pOBlABLB BTSAB BNGINM, lomhlblnc ?he maxlmam af afllcleaey. dsrabllHy, mi ecoaoray, with the ml Aim am of wal*ht aad tiaa. They are widely and fararahlg kaawa. iora than balag taaae. All warraatad aattsactory, or aa eale. Descriptive clreolars seat oa pVlloa**oa. Address *MAjOLBT A 00^ f* 6 ?? Aawrenoe. Mass ^ A L OIL.' +*-, J ' . . . a A'- ' ? a , JBALTl*luM WIfl|l*D PJUdiCMsmOJI; + kk.kB Al?< . jaar;v < )a 1 ** LCBBICATlHtf OIL?.-"-*^ '?< t the lowest prices te the trsde Aa Baltl.aora iitaiD* s me of lh*< beet Ohemiets in the tailed laf.e thei e caa be no dnabt ofltaa perl..ritv Jv>8 BvDOblFIB Broker. ?l La er .aue. upetalra. P 8 ??Bcr boars tro?at till IB am fe 11 Ct