9 Mart 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Mart 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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9' f 0 0 (firmitifi $>twc, V2i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH 9. 1867. N*. 4,36<>. TIE EVENING STAR PLLISI1LD DAILY.<8Utf>AY BXCBPTBD) AT TUE STAR > trtcit timer rtn>- a**1*4 *>*4 114 <tr?t w. 1>. WALliACH. Tha^TAR >e served oj carrier# to thalr ??beribers la the C-*ty *Qd District at Tea I'niTiriE win. Copt* at the counter,with or wltont wrappers. T">o cuts each. Far* fob Maili?-Three month*, On* Doll* and /V;? Ctnti alx months, rtrM J>oi*art; one year, am 'eiiart. Ho papera art teat Tcm the off.ee l?K*r tban paid for. Th? W fcKKLY bT^K?pohU?h?d oa Friday toning? Om Dolia ?nd a Half a Ytar ~ ca* kia g es. ^id?l w / jotcl * co., CABBAGB MANUFACTBBBRS, MOB. 477 -MD 479 *0B BTBB5TH STBBBT. We are?? frepar?d to receive or . ?mB. dae.fwrfA BBl *QkH in ell tha new WRjSftf aid (?f^naMe?tjle? to be coa>pi*ted at an e*'* 4*y. We i?t*ob baa 1 a large aa?ortmeat of light family oabbiaobs, JMhB TOP AND NO TOP BUOOIB9, j DBABBOBMB WAGONS. BOUKAWAYB, Ac. lerron* of maintaining the high standard which eif ?ork bit heia for meiiy year*, we confine our tiaineaa exri?aivrly to OA KBIAGBS ef oar own aanfecrnre. and of the nr-t <>ia?? enly, and ad Ti*e oar patrons and the public that we offer bo tcferlnr tale *ork, KKPAIR1BG mad* a .pe^ iellty. V 1ft eolrn ANDBBW J. JOYCB A 0 pawnbrokers BBCBi!?TlNB 8 LOAN 0PP10K " 4 < '> !3th (trtet -d tioor aouth of Penn are.. money on time to ?o|t rua'oin-r., on G* Id ar.d >ilier Wa'che-, Diamonds J<-w- /i>v ?lr>, Ladlta and Gentlemen s Wearing / A Aj>tar*l Q y OKI Gold and Silver bought ?nk5 3n?* B^BDBSSriSB. almi's " CE V TR A L I.OIYO FFICF, Na. 4**0 ll'th street. out* tlu^r beijw 1'eun. eve. Ykie well known Offic-make* L1BF B\L AHVASfJF*\ On PiaBvn.u (.old at.rt ">?i I v*-r iv atcbe* Q y Clothing. k'nrnltnre. aud Merchandise ?i #.,T description. t UPniti *%riT d*y< Sunday ) from 8 a. m . to V ? - Pn-iTieg? .trlctly conflrtentia?. fett tf j,' b T A B L I 8 u B y 1 t? i -J . special notiob. < HABLBS UBB/.8BKO. pneceesor to Isaac Her/.berg A 8on, f*S,.** Udtbe Pawnbrokia* Bn*tnes* for niter a y*ara in tin* cltv, f?r twelve <Ov takl'thi? I vro\*.r' ,h* I>i,,t1c''aX take tbia n eihod of thanking their patroo-0 Q th. nl' t.'l"! "C i?r t,"'eoI,fl<^r* >. rrtotare abowu J * War* to call their attention to tUe imtt l'^ , *e *till? ontinue to n:^ke the blstieat idupon all article, of 5?trilr1 ! s.i^r uf". ic / Bon<,#* erernment 8<-r1p. h l'" *> for ahich w? liar* ODeri& anl aecarltr, which will alwa>a Fe abown for th* oatlafacti a >f tao?e p?troniiln? ^ the care inS ?< rTrti ? I .* ?ir B| App*rel or eTery d*J-n/J , ooler*, Ac., on which th?? higheat a 1 mM+fSmt J tnaraafceing when reaalred t i? th.- *! a *'*aj* H?atn?t Injury e*Tin* i.Vf ,D c?""?*ctinD With onr ?t}i c* we havp * rectal facilitl^a for eterage of all kind* ef M.rcbaDdla*, Faraltar*, Ac . on which wa make the higbeat adTaar*4 for dara. a?;ek' or inoath* We call especial attention to the fact b? neVs mX** c.aplU1 In onr I cniineaa. we can make advance* at auch ratea nf wntVilSLrSWP We ?eil no ? ,?d* feitnri .^P?Kli'?"i0f ,1x mo,ltha their forIS? ? ?i then only at pal>Hc anction. Oratelrna1? ? In0iU# th,ron?h the earloaa city jonr 1 By thi* mean* d- p ^tta w^2L'n?r ' *!" th*lr radamptlon 1* den'ea'ta f< *:tention to onr arranaerm-Vtr* ml [warding g< ^? to any part of the fhirX r'rfn .wh,eh ? experience of ito^ are e^ahl^t V*!5ht f? ^rt*Ctioa. Depo,. co. d.m thu mrakM to redeem their t+lohiJF f'hfw B* ??'?? thiy inay !- ** '' information alwava given Friconfidential hnMoeea H B ? lUhmtlt T,,h ' ?>ilar estabv-kld.ci.'pt0 ?"b' MOW BY ' MONEYTi I " t. PBIKCB'B NBWLY^KJiJTABMSHBD LOAN r ' ave., next to l'oten Jni a Confectionary Heney l< aned on every description of salable ^ eapeciail* Wat<*hea, I?la rOv aa-s?ds and ;-re Jcweln. I eia a?*?re/*l tk?.e who n a> f?T?r ?ith ther i atron-Q Q age that they *ill ?ot regr. t ?i*vii gdoneao \ B Prirate d ??r ? d oft<^. P*r??na nit JeceTSll?**1 rthe P"bl,c offlce W,:I thi ? - _ * 21 1 nn * ^oan or f1d1, *??*Y leaned on Oold and Bllrer/^l D lio<??aaI,Ut J*V,J2'C1a*Wtc.A>.6 O V t)U!?0>AD, Pawnbroker Ho..i78 Bit 1* * im between loth and llth.ta rpHB OLD utaBLIJUID Kilifof I S. GOLDSTEIN ICO. - L^hNsBD I'A*?nkhokkbjI. 34 FOOB AND a BALK NTaBKl' WBST lie., th. i ?**r p",n*>lv'*nia avenue, ' cm#h **''ancea on all klnda of , i ; i?'to *n' ?,unt aid for any tma deaired, at reaaon?kl" ratea Ir;ter>-at I>n large anal* greatly reduced O Bnalneaa atflctly e-.nfldentlal. ^ m ^^ly B?ht f?r r**h **d *?W ** private tale. dentistry. , j)k. 1.1wii b f'thtal ass?clat101l^ Mo. 460 l-LNN'A AVB , Between Uth and Uth itreeta. lUrona ?n'n by adralu*taring tsavxls's"' ? ? is?!5jtt.,ash? i'/y; 12?.* ?*ti*. All work dom X rfa^Si.Up.^nn"'<^^ warranted to .x^o?0r*workrk>M wul do ? " t1 i ? PL All? V! WflBAIi ; LATB TBBTH, attend* paraonaliv at^JSSSa! waVtCi'^ ^ Jr t**th who eannot wear othara,^^^" i^r>< paraoQ ona waar other* who aannet wear tJitrr>.M cm,llnf ** "*7 Offloa ana be aooommoda S?e bn^ to th*^aVka<i pr1c* of T**tfc tk#y m*T de Snreet tUaiSS T.ho >r* Particular, and wi.h th* tnra that ro"***t Md most perfect denSuR'ii'J f?f?SSi?; "iWaKYamB twaSfath 3*^ P*ni,nnT?n?a.b*personal. 1^1 ^5 i;l *T1?,IBVIM?, Clatrxnmut, mmd TVst ? .will glTe lite rending., Including _/?M?ntand iTture at her office. 4*0, nertb *? J*mP? between 4S and 6th atre^a. Office nenra from 9 to t a m. and 6 to 11 a. m. ja 14 Xm* AB" *5a.BI.(,!v, KBAL SUlBNTlflO AS TBOLOGBB OP AMBB1GA, From the poaltion ananenect of the Btar* at tha V.T? w,l? ,'eveal aatoaiahlag ae creta that ao llvlag mortal aver knew before, how to be .accea?tnl In all reasonable undertakings. S.1 T#rT tnarry; descrlf ea firl *4 t. II* all event.-.f k to vi.iior* La<lie? M I?.h .i ?i aentlemen In full fi. Oall a-. 470 4eii im-*r ' ll bou^, dri,il y In tha evealng. C^f^D^TI^ -T?~-n Wbo bav. Inwhlih T** secret haftiu. Married ladtee will learn .nmetWn^ftm^rtSLi ??.P*r?*ia* "Th* ?*?ret Friend.' Sent to any adAdd?Ja"Dr*T*H ia? V'^rrf ^M c*"uaodraaa Dr. CHAB A 8TCABT A OO . Boston, no ? l> hotels, restaurants^io. 1MB WOOD HOC SB, Werner Ptn*m. aranste aad 1\etlftA lFajh?M?.'(Ma, A). C. XfiiSX Situated la the moat ceatral loaattaa the city, midway tetweea tha CAPITOL AMD PBBBU>BMT1AL MAMUOI, Gi>ly a ahogc dUtaaae from all th* Dayagtmanta, latent and Poet Oflcea, flolthaonlaa lartimia, <(r- BBPUDLITIOO, J40 ntf Pranrla4or*. K * BIC H * BMVTA DBAMT, ^ Mo. 3A* Penna avanne, aaar 4th atratt. '|>I.II|MICB wtakaa to Inform hla friead. and tha 1 ?genemlly that ha saw keepa eon-A > - m tantly on hnM 07BTBBB. frmfc GREAT SALE or ENGRAVINGS, I* AID OF TH* DESTITUTE AMD OBPHAN BOBS or or* BOLD1EB8 AND SAIL0B9, and a PBE9ENTAT10N WILL BE l.IVKX AT WASHINGTON, D C., ON THUBSDAY, APRIL 4, 1*?67, The Invtltiit'on for who** benefit this enterprise Iscondncttd ?u founded for the purpose of gratuitously edncatin* tbs sons of deceased Soldiers ft id B>an>en of the Unite 1 States. New pnrils he receivd alter April 4, upon complying with requirements. The purchaser of each Engraving for one dollar will be given a certificate entitling th>' bolder to a bare in the award of presents. LIST or PBE8BBTS. 1 Troye's freat e<;nestrian portrait ef General Scott in the ladies' stairway of the OaplUl 92?,uno 1 ,?lo,ouo in gold is .000 1 Greenback, C. S 6,000 1 Greenback. U. 8 j.uOO 5 ?1 80<) D. 8. Bond# 6 000 10 f 0? 1.1)00 50 ?100 ** Greenbacks .... 6 n*0 100 >40 " " #,(jo'* W ?? " " S.MO 1,(00 #10 10.000 2,0t0$5 " " JO i)00 l?.i00 ?1 - 16.000 3 Building Lotion Eleventh Aveune, New York city, free of encumbrance 8.lis 1 Set Diamond Barrings &Q 1 Diamond Pin. ...... go* 1 Steinway Piano 1,0*0 4 Chickerini Plane s. ftajOeach 2,400 2 Mason A Hamlin's Parlor Organs, $I,000 e?ob_ ?..... 2, Oiio 10 Sewing Machine#, $100 each 1,000 100 Family Sewing Machines, f76 each 7.5?t 10 OeaU? Gold Watches. $fc?) each.............. 4,00.1 2ii I ndies' ? ? 9 ISO each 2,600 70 Gents'- bold Guard Chains. .91"0ea< h. 2.000 *' Ladies " " $l#oaach? 2,0*) ?5 Silver-plated Tea Bets, $75 each 1,875 1 Gents'Saddle and Equipments, fl'O io> 1 Ladies " ? jrr, 1 Itrewster's Bug?y cm 8 Seta of Harness. $30each. .. g?o toe Subscriptings Weekly Tribune. *2 each l,oou 'W) " Herald, $> " 1,000 M0 " Harper's Monthly, 53 ' 1/00 f?> * Atlantic Monthly, |] - 1,400 fiO M National Freemason, 94 " 2,000 1 Painting. David Playing the Harp before Banl l.r-Or, 1 Paintu g, Undlue aud Ariadne l, oo lwoau Handsome Engravings, $5 each 5,0 o flM 000 Engravings to the ameont of 600,000 will b so'd, and all funds received are to be depaiitej witk JAY COOKE A CO., First rational Bank of Washington, D.C., to be held by thsm for the benefit of the Institntion. HOW TO OBTAIB ENGBAVINOS Orders may be sent tons enclosing the money, from one dollar to twenty-llvo dollars, In a registered latter or by poet oflBee order, nt onr rlok. These wishing Engravings sent mast anoloaa ten cents in stamps to cover sxpensas. Largaamonnts should be sent la drafts or by express. PB10I LIST : For 91 00 a hand?ma Engraving. For 3.00 " " of larger ol**s. For 3.00 ** ? For 4 AO " ? For 1.00 ? ? For 6.00 ** For lg.00 a splendid American Chromo. For 8f .08 " Gorman or French Obromo. By buying works of art in large quantities we are enabled to give partiee purchasing from ns tie same kind of engravings that are sold In any store, for tbo same price; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which entitles the holder to an interest In the award of premiums for each dellar invested in the pore base. Address all ordara and commaaicatleaa to KBBHBDT A OO.. 38* Penan avsnaa, Washington, D. O., Lack Box 41. SPBCIAL BOTIOB. To tbo military organisation influencing tbo largsst sale of engravings will be proooatod a boadoomo Beglmontal BUadard. Parties parcbaalng Bngravlngs will please ad r/iM tho age a to to which reglmoat, Ac., they desire to credit tboir par chase. Tbooo deslrlag to fft ao agonto win npply for iafer?nam. mVeolm I ' 4) SPECIAL NOTICES. * BR. M. O BROWN'S BBTAPHYRlOALDIS COVERY cure* Deafness. Oitorh, Oil Blsoaae* of ?he By*, and every disease tleah it belr to. For nit b; til DnnKHta. mh9 2w MB8 M G. BROWN'S CELEBRATED POOR BICBABD'B BYE WATBK. Lift* op every eunken ejo, md strengthens every weak eye, opens blind >es, is the beat ia the world. For aale by oil Druggists. mh 9 iw MBS M O.BROWN'SDNBQrALLBOSOhLP BBNOVaTOR AND HAIR RESTORER No enlabor la this preparation, which is killing the scalp* aed r*iider?ng the people blind. For aale by all Druggist*. mb 9-2w y TUB GREAT CHARM OF MBTOALFE'9 GREAT RHhUMATlO R*M ED Y Ilea In the nail qaantity neoe?aary to effect o eori One dose <"forty drop* M gives tnatant relief. and thrice rereated. seldosh falM to restore tho sufferer to perfect health. _?or> kl Hlw 8 ? FOBD, Agent. ITS EFFECT IB MIBACOLOUS. HALL 8 VtBtTABLB SICILIAN HA I K H1NBWIR. It la a perfect auJ wonderful aiticle. Care* i?aMDMi. Makes hair grow Abetter 4r?mi?* tu?n aw? "oil" or ' pom*ui:n " Solt'-nsbraah, dry, and wiry balr Into Ucautiful Silken Treves. Sot, al>*\e all, the great w >nder is the rapi'ity with which It reatoiee gray h a t r to its ori^j!nal color. , The whtteat and worst lookin r hair rea'inies lt< yonthUil btau'y by its use. It d< en not dye tt e hair, but ttrikei at the root aud tills it with new life and coloring matter. The tlret a p plication will d<- (rowd ! yon will * >? the natcral coi oe ret ai niu? eve y day, an 1 BkFOBE Y??U KNOW IT. tbe old gray, disco cred appeerasce of tho hair will be juti-, gi< ine place to lustrous, shining and beuutitnl leek I A?k tor nail's xirllian Htlr Ren??*er ; no other artt< le is at all 1 ik? it in effect Set that each bottle h?s our pri vat-- Ooverntne.it Stamp ever the top of tbe bottle. All otH-r.- nir tm>UifOH> % _ , R P H ALL ft CO Nashua, N H , Proprietor*. Por aale by al; draegista. fe 18 d?weo?n?,r REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB SPECIAL CASES. Bo 14 Bond atreet. New York tiffull infertnation, with tne kit/itu ra.'liwt')aials: alio, a Book on SpkcmI Di???* ?, ?" ? stalui envelope, sentfree. ti* sure ami for tktm, an / you vill not Tttr&t it; for, ** mdT?Ttl?lng pny siclatiH Are generally impostors* without rfftrtnrfs no etren*er ahonld be trusted. Enclo*e a stamp for postage and direct to DR. LAWBINJX Nu. 14 Bond atreet. New York ool2DAWly 6T MARRIAGE AM>CELIBACY, AND TH IIappiLeaa of True Uaabiuid.- An I^if for Young Men <>n the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Errors, Abuses and Dlsoaeea which create impediment* to Marriage, with acre means of Relief Sent in sealed letter envelope*. free of eharg*. Addres* Dr J SRILLIN HOOOKTON, Howard Aasoclatioa. Philadelphia, Pa. jall-Sui BECBBT D18BASBB. Samaeitar's Gut ia the moat certain, aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, tho only vegetable remedy ever dlaci vared Cnrea in two to roar daya, and recent caaea In twenty four bottra. No mineral, no balaam, no mercury Only tea pllla to be taken. It la tbe aoMler'a hope, and a friend to thoeo who do aetwanttobo aspoaed. Mala package*, f J; female, (]. Ba maritan's B.K.T A^I) Heab Jcicas-Apoaltir* and pernianeut sure for Bfyhllla. BcrofnK. Ulcer*, Borea, Spota. Tettera, Ao. Price #1 W per bottle. Sold by I O. Ford. See advertiaement my ? dancing. pBors. j. w. a h. p. bSbis7 : DAN0IBG ACADEMY, A Pennaylrania arenae, bet. 6th and 7th at*., Oppoalte Metropolitan Hotel. New Claaao* forming every evening. Tboae deairlag to enter oar alaaaea aboula avail (balneal ?** of thla opportunity. Preparatlona will be made In thla Quarter Tor onrannu-al May Ball. Ctrcnlar* can be had at J. F. Bill*' and W. G. Motaerott A Co.'* Music Store*. The Hall can be rented for Bolreea, Ac. Do?.< and Honri of Tuition : For Ladi**, Mie*?a and Maatera, Tuesday and Saturday a!terno?na, from 3 to & o'clock. Gentlemen'a Claeaea. Tueaday and Friday eveninga. from 9 to 10 o'clock. Por further Information,apply durtag tbe boiira of tuition, or addreaa a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing witb the tint lesson. ja8 MABINl'B PABHIONABLB DANCING ACADEMY, AT MAB1NI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, JH K, between 9th aud lath streets, The last quarter of ibis season, prepara 4Bk tory to the Maj B*ll will commence on Saturday, March 2. Cla?*es fer the Genua i ate now open. N B ?Private i natractlon given to snlt tne convenience of tbe papll. eeti (VI ASQL EKALE AM) FANCY DREBB BALLS 111 and pabtibs. The oaderslgned would moat respectfully inform tbe ladle* aad gentlemen of Waablngtoa city, and tl?r Dlstiict geaerallr, that he la at all tinea prepared to furnish aartle* with Maegaerade and Fancy Costume, either oa loan or mad* to order. He has taken roome at th* well knowa l fancy establishment of Chriatlan Bappert, Ba<i., 7th atreet, between D and B, where he will b? happy to await orders. CHARLES BER9, late CoatumeT at Ford'a and Qrover'a fell-lm* Theater*. Waahlogton, D C. wooiFand coal. ^oali ooalii Beat WHITB A8H at 98,by the ton. Allaicea, i to anit cnatcmera. Sawed aad Split OAK WOOD, ?10 per cord. .. j'iNE ?9 Loag Oak. f8 per cord. A ton of Coal sold by me lba. felflly Oerner 4th acd tt atreet*. p a A b I O O A I* 11 AT GBBATLT BBDDOBD PB1CBS. I Oroeatonaof 2,2*9 lbs.,delivered la any part of the city Chestnut WhlU Aah. #7. Stov*, Iga aad Furnace White Aah, #8.0?. IUU Aah. #8 ?. Oak aniline Wood aoaatantly oa band. Ordera received at onr Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Setenth atreet ? p BB0WNMB0N jitt tf 468 9th atreet, betweea E and F. clothing, ao. EBCH ANT TAILORING. The nndaralgned having entered lntoooaartnerabip. and laid in an exta. aive anJjaarefwlly aelected stock of CLOTHS, CAbSlMBBBB.^IK VISTINGS. and Geatlemana' FCBNISH1NO GOOBB, are prepared to aaKe ap for l? their cn*tom*r* neat Jfu>nt and/ifhionnile aulta of olotblnc, at th*lr n*w e*tabllahment. No, 3;'0 K atreet, two doors weat of tbe National Theater. Persona desiring neat fitting and fashionable Clothing an moderate terma, nboald not fall to give us a call before purchaalng elsewhere. GBO T KBEN, B.W . GILBEBT, Formerly of iO* 9th at . Merchant Tailors. h 5 1m* _ No 380 K at. bat. 12th and 13th. Fi. HifBBBOBB, . ^ ? _ Bncoeeaor to H. F, L*?don A Oo.i^Bm mtt*/s a?dhMMMVTA,lor.^L etroyolltan Botel. lata Brown's, ?F 309 PeanaylTMla araaae J" mv 1-tf _ Waahlngton. D. 0^ yy b clagbt- h. b. bwbbny. BBAL BSTATE BBOKEBS auk AUCTION BIBB. Part lea contemplating building In the *priag or pnrchaaing anlMprovod property for Investment will find ft to their advantage to look over onr list before purchasing, aa we lav* a ided recently to oar former Hat a large amount or that descriptioa of property. We can offer many Induoeaneata as regarde altnation. lew prices and eaay term*, we have aleo fer aale aeveral amall tract* ot land la tbe Immediate vicinity of thla city, very eligibly located for aaburbaa fesidencea, aa well aa highly improved farm* la Maryland, whlob are really bargaina. Property left with aa far aale doe* net subnet the owner to ea#eaa* aale** aald while oa oar boost fe 11 1b OLAQBTT A SWB1NT. V f?AB ??3BEV1ND BBQCLATGB.^^^ BsTABLiauaD i.f 18M. Kflta oiDiia sqwueiiriD a* DMMPSBY a O'TOuLB 8, iacrevef* and StaMoaara, Ac , 2'i# Pa. av., betTftb an I loth at*. F. G. BBiOHBBBAUH'a Piano Bcoom. At? ilth atraat, a ear Fa. aveata. Spuuil Notim from Wm. Knabt # Co., Jalimtri. Mr. Booker kaa tnaad Planoe for aa at onr Warerooma. and are take pleaaara ia atatiag that we baBavo him to bo a oompotent tnner. oa 81 -to |JBITBD bTATBS BOBDB TElABDftV ROTM? Boackt. aold an<l nehanaed oa favorable tar ma. LBWM J OH B BON A GO, Banker*, hi d MSPeoaa. avaaae. TELEGRAMS. kc. Governor Wells, of Lonisiana has, imhI a proclamation setting for:h that whereas Congress has pa-sed an act for the more efficient Itovernmeut ut the rebel Siates, which act is now a law, and whereas it is provided therein lor the calling of a conven'iou to frame a eonstituton, and designating the class of persons vbo shall rote, and for. tber providing tor ttie admission of Representatives in Congress when the provisions of the law shall be ? omplied with, therefore, de. clares said act to be in force in said State. AH ? le< tions held from and after date, either Slate, municipal, or parochial authority, except in strict conformity with section six of paid act ol Congress, will be void and of no effect. All persons elected to offices mast be able 'o qualify under said law before they will be allowed to eater upon the duties ot the same. . A personal altercation between George Moore, of Ohio, and Professor Hodge and his son, or New York, occn-red at Oroflna Gulch, Montana, resulting in the death of the former and teriously wounding bgth Dodge aud his son \ The Senate of New York has advanced to a third reading the bill extending over the Stale the provisions of the Metropolitan Excise I \w, prohibiting the sale of all liquore. wine or beer included, on Suniiay. Governor Jenkins, of Georgia, left Augusta last evening for Washington to advise and consult with the President and Congress witn reference to the rtatus of (Jeorgia under the recent congressional enactments. Tlie lower house of the Legislature of Missouri ha* passed a bill to amend the constitution so as to allow negroes to vote?yeas 76, nays 46. The Montana papers sav actinsr Governor M' aghf r called an extra tessiou of the legislature, to provide for the election ot a Delegat* to Congress. The funeral or Bishop Soule took place in Nashville yesterday. < OKtiRDMIONAL. Senate.?Yesterday afternoonAir. Sumner oalled up the resolution of thanks to Mr. Peabody tor his mauiflcent liberality in giving two millions of dollars for educational purposes in the South, to be distributed among the whole people without any other distinction except in ed and opnortumties lor usefulness; and directing the {'resident to cause a gold medal to be struck aud presented to Mr. Peabody In the name of the American people. The resolution was passed?yeas 35. nays 2; Messrs. Ijrimes and Tipton in the negative. Mr. Wilson called up the resolution to prevent the sale or use of spirituous liquor* in the Capitol. Mr Ituckalew moved to refer the resolution to the Committee on Public Buildings aud Grounds. The motion prevailed The bill to reannex Alexandria to the District of Columbia was referred to the J udiciary

Committee. Adjourned. Hoi'BK ?Yesterday afternoon? 1 he motion made by Mr Moor bead some days since to refer the tariff bill of tue Thirtyninth Congress with the pending amendments to the Committee of Ways and Means, when appointed, came up. Pending a vote upon it the House, at halfpast 2, adjourned till Monday next. Alexandria ahi> Vicihitt?We clip the following from the Gazette of yesterday afternoon : Railroad communication between this city and Washington will be resumed, it Is stated by the lessees of the Wasiuugton, Alexandria, and Georgetown Kailroad, on Mondav nex\ the lith fcistant A heavy freight train passed over the enure road, including the bridge across the Potomac, last night, and the large amount of lreight that has accumulated at both ends of the road, amongst which are a number of carB and locomotives, built at the North, for Southern railroads, now at tne Wa-hington depot of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, will be transported over the road before Monday Ihe bridge has been thoroughly tested by competent engineers, aud pronounced perfectly safe. Susan, the daughter of Lucy, an old and faithful servant of Dr. W. P. Johnston, or Washington city, was drowned yesterday morning, while crossiug Cameron kun in a wagon, on her way to this cltv from the Doc. tor's farm, near Burgundy. "The run o-iug unusually high, the wagon was floated down the stream, upset and in attempting to rea. h the opposite bank Susan lost her lite. The driver aud the horse escaped. Dr Joanatou's manager. Mr. Tyler, was in this city yesterday evening. to procure dragging hooks to search lor the body, which, up to this time has not been recovered The annexation ol Alexandria ts the District of Columbia, so suddenly sprung npon the citizens of this unfortunate cltv yesterday ta the Honse of llepresentatives, occasiaii9 considerable excitement, aud maay, among whom was the Mayor, left here this morning for Washington to remonstrate with Senators against the passage of the bill. Five companies of the 4nth regiment United States colored infantry, which have been stationed at Camp Distribution, near this city for a long time, were shi-ped, via the Orange and Alexandria railroad, to-day, for Charleston, Sonth Carolina. Thb Mary LA*n Legislature?The Senate yesterday toon np the convention bill. An amendment was offered which, in effect, won Id allow colored suffrage, but it was defeated by a vote of lfr to 6. The bill was then read a second time, and made the special ordor for today. A bill was passed In relation to the publie school system of the state, which temporarily diverts a certain sum from the general fund to be expended in the erection of schoolbouses in districts where they are required. The bill to encourage immigration was also passed. The House passed the resolution authorizing the Governor to lease for a term of years two stories of the Gilmor House, in Monument Square, Baltimere, for State purposes, at a rent ot S?,rtWi per year. The bill to incorporate the Chesapeake and TJrie Railroad Company was rejected?yeas V., nays 44. This vote is supposed to indlca'e tbepurpoeof the Legislature to stand b^ the Maryland system of raiN roads. The btll to reorganize the police force o! Baltimore was then taken up. The Senate amendment fiat one commissioner should be taken from ei.ch legislative district of the city was non-coo furred in by a vote of 50 to to. The Senate soon after receded from its amendment The bill was then passed and is now a law The bill to incorporate the Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Railroad Company was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. ST A communication to the Richmond Examiner, dat? d Williamsburg, Va., says: The Freedmsu's Bureau protege near Williamsburg at* in arms. It seems that a highly respected iltlzea of that neighborhood rented hit plantation to certain of the bureau officers, who sub-It i it to the negroes, or who perhaps rented it U- the first iastauce lor the negroes, a large nun ber of whom took possession. A few days a?ro the proprietor went to the bureau to colle< t his rents. Ho was referred to the negroes and they declined paying him anything, Maiming that they had a right to the land, '.'he aid of the bureau officer was invoked, who, accompanied by a small guard, proceeded tj the plantation. On arriving there they w? re met by a large nnmber ot 'be negroes, do'.y armed, who refused to disband, and repeated their refusal to pay any rent At list accounts a messenger had been sent to Old Point with a request for a military force l^rge enough to put down the trouble." Reading Law in Kentucky ?A student of tbo Louisville law school got angered at a classmate for saying ho was behind in his studies. To prove he was up in the law, tho nest time they not the offended young gentleman placed a four-barrel revolver against the breast of his fellow student and snapped two caps. Inckily without exploding tho powder. In the crowd of students standing near was General ?11 Marray, who at this juncture shoved Peyton back from Barlow,at the same lime stumbling in between them. Barlow again levelled his pistol and fired, the ball passing through Peyton's hair jast above the temple. As be attempted to dlscharge tbe re. malnlng shot a young student, named Julian knocked the muzzle down and tha ball took effeet m General Murray's thigh near tho | knee. WOd hearing of the death of Wis wife, recently, Albion M. Heath, uf Bridgeport, Vl sank down and expired id a fbw momenta. WA Wheeling D- D. advertise* a French medicine, one bottle of which will enable a person to talk fruel la about throe weeks. VTbe carpenters of Montreal have atr nek for an hdoaaoe ot twenty-five percent oa their wa?M(. A - ' ' . . < tT .fc - v ' 4 > t y # v, THE FEXIAftS. I m par taut freui Irelaad-The Eirlttarai > 1f? Yerk. London, March 8? Noon.?Several Irish and English newspaper* have received and published a proclamation purporting to come from the Irish Republic. It declares lUt afi?r ig>-? of outrage and vain appeal* to reason and jqi. tice. they have at laat resolved to appeal to nrnf* to rrecn* Ireland from aertdom, and establish a national onion, public safety and pcl'tical freedom, and bring abmt the cons*, qnent reparation of the Church and Stat*. Arepublican* tbejr appeal to republican* throughout tbe world for sympathy and support Dublin, March P.?A heavy storm prevailed in this vicinity night before las:. Large qnan- j titie* of snow tell, and it it said tbar tbe insurgenta who took refuge in tbe mountains are suffering severely from cold find exposure I'onohtie. the leader of the few Feu'ans in tbe flgbt at Tollaght, has since died, and three of bia companions are al?e dead A police constable bas been killed by the FenUn* at Cork The rails on the road running into Waferford have been lorn ?p. Large quantities ol ammo nliion and material for producing Greek Ore have been discovered and seized by tbe soldiers in various parts of the countrv March t?Noon .?Troops are being rapidly dispatched to lieland iroui ail available points. Lowiiok, March 6 ? Evening?Di?patche* from Dublin. Cork.und other paats of Ireland, received during the morning and afternoon, give the following intelligence : A b idt or Fenians, fifteen hundred strong, are reported to be threatening the town of Tipperary. The troops bad a battle with a bind of iusiirg>irs near Ki.tlnare. in tbe county of Lira-rick. and defeated them, killing one man. wounding several, and talcing thirty prisoners. Amon?: the latter was the Kenian chief. Gen. L*uie \ force of rebels, three hundred s'ron.-. wru tlso txaten bv the soldiers at Clonratl. Sovera! of the former were killed, eighteen prisoners vere taken, and a qii.mti'v of arm* captured The Fenians strip private honse* of all gum and other weapons. Armed bands of men are moving through the counties of Clare, Tippe. rary. and Limerick, and have frequent conflicts with tbe police and the constabulary A person named I?r. Clearv Is reported killed at Kilmallaik. Incendiary fires are frequent In the city and county of Limerick The Irish correspondent of the London Times sajs Ireland is loll of Irish-Americans, and urge* that severe pubisbment In their ca-es is imperatively necessary : bu?, he adds, it Is very diffl cnlt to apprehend them, for the people, though they gi ve tbem no aid, refuse to betray them to the authorities. He states that Col. Dunn led tbe Irish in their attack at the station at Kilroallack. He concludes by saying that the present rising is considered a failure at Dublin. New York, March 8.?The excitement in Fenian circle* here to-day is very great It is said that Colonel Gleeson hart received a despatch stating tbat the Fenian* had attacked the barracks at Tallagh, near Dublin, and succeeded in disarming one hundred and fifty men. It is also rumored that 5,?H' Irishmen have risen near Dublin. The excitemeut has materially aided recruiting here. At meetings of the Executive Directory and centres of the Fenians held this evening at the headquarters in Chatham street, the following resolutions were unanimonsly adopted : Rrstilred, Tbat a vote of thanks be rendered to the Representative who introduced, and to those who voted with him, for the resolution of sympathy for the people of Ireland in their pending struggle for constitutional liberty, and tbat we call upon the President and all Representatives in Congress to grant belligerent rights to the Irish people in revolution. The Virginia 4Jonvrktioh ?The bill which bas been passed by the Senate of Virginia, hy a vote of 24 to 2, calling a State convention to form a constitution, under the act of Congress "to provide a more efficient government for tbe rebel States," provides aa follow That the Governor shall, on or before the loth day of April next, ajfpomt tnree commissioners in each county or ward of corporations. who shall, on the first Thursday of M*y next, open polls at all the places for voting iu this common wealth, lor the purpose of eie ting delegates to meet in convention in the city of Richmond on the third Monday m May next, tolorm a constitution of government f.n conformity with said act of Congress. Tiie number of delegates to saut convention sh?ll be the same a* the number of members allowrd by law for the House of Delegates, and atrill be apportioned nmong tne counties, ci'ie*. and towns of the Commonwealth as said members of tbe Honse of Delegates are apportioned All persons shall be entitled to vote in said election who are qualified to vote by the act of Congre-s aforesaid. Tbe said election shall. In all respects, be conducted in the mode row prescrbed by law. The convention shall be the judge of its own privileges and elections, and the .members thereof shall have, possess, and enjoy all the privileges which members elected to. and moreover shall be allowed the same pay for traveling to, attending on, and retain ng from the said convention as is now allowed to members of th? General Assembly fer like services. The convention is empowered to appoint such officers and make them such reasonable allowances for their services as it shall deem proper. Immediately upon the passage of this act. the Governor shall issue a proclamation giving notice thereof, of the time of holding the election and of the meeting of tbe convention herein provided for. No person shall act as an officer of election under this act unless be is qualified to vote tor delegates to said convention under said act of Congreaa. The constitution formed by the convention shall he submitted for ratification and approval, as proTided by the act ef Congress aforesaid. Seco>d Marriage? or Wiijow* im MarvI.akd?"The Court of Appeals of this j>iate have recently decided the case of Joseph T Gougb and wife ye. Ida Manning, mpon an appeal taken from the Circuit coart tor this county. The decision of the Court of Appeals affirms that made by his Honor, J ndge Brent, and finally disposes of the donht heretofore existing in this State, as to the right of a husband to make the continued viduity of his widow a condition open which she shall hold property devised to ter by will. In other words, a condition in tha will changing the ownership of tbe property devised, in cai>e the wife shall contract a second marriage, is uot regarded as such a condition in restraint of marriage as to come within tbe purview of the common law."?St. Mary'sUnxtUe. Convederated Cahada -The bill for the Confederation of Canada was (debated in tbe House of Lords, at London, on February IF. and Earl Caernarvon, ia moving the second reading, made one of the most important speeches which bas been delivered in Parliament for many years. In his capacity of Colonial Secretary be went minntelv int^ the details of the measare, and combated the objections raised against it. Speaking of (tbe future of tbe Kingdom of Canada, Lord Caernarvon said the territory wonld become -greater than England and second only to Russia." * ForTH Am eric a.?The political condition of Sonth American countries Is summed up as lollows: Columbia Is virtually In a state of internal rebellion, and at tbe same time meditates war against two or three of her neighbors. Venezuela is engaged in endless (complications at home, and mast defend ner borders againat Moeqnera. Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chili are engaged in a suicidal war against the old country. The Argeatine Confederation, Uruguay andJBrazil, are striving to crush the life oat of little Paraguay, and the first oi the trio is shaken to ita centre oy the Meadoxa revolution. lRTERRSTiNO to AxiBMa.?Mr. Beckett, the present proprietor of Point Breeze, Borden town, N. J., tbe residence of Joseph BonaSarte whan in this country, having paid the ix on his property nnder protest, carried the I case before tbe Supreme Court of New Jersey which haa decided that the property of an alien ia not exempt from taxation. It is probable tbat an appeal will be at oace made to tbe Uatted States Snpreme Court. This is a tost caae, and other aliens will await with interest the final daclalon. Immigration?During January there ar. rived at New York from foreign ports, 7ff74 Immigrants; tfanac.Febrnary.5686, ana during the first waek of March. 1?1Q; a total a amber ! of arrival* atnee the beginning or the ysar of 14,97*. aa compared with 18,470 daring the eame period of 1HH. The atormy weather of tbe laat fhw day a haa kept back- several emiKnt ships, or otherwise the total wonld have a aa great aa darlag the corresponding period of vm. 07*The ehaalata of the New York Aaeembly perpetrated the following pua la a orayer: ay aaea ef prtaoipl* he oar principal aea" V ?v| t Baltimore m e. co*rr.Rtu e. THIRD DAT ?ratDAT. 1 Le sigbty. third >N*ioi rwunfd it* session ?!< . b. ;*-t?rd?7 at L?i?w street Courcb. Bishop Jun prmdici, with tbrsfut' religions exercises, conducted by Rev. M. iloiwu. Tbe accounts of the Book litp Ailment il St. Louis were referred to the Appropriate ueaaiticr The exhibit of the Methodist Book Otn^rn in New York was read, showing tbe :otal assets to November *? to be #?ez.tSW Ai, tunlitft. f 1 :*,?" 4 *?. net capital stock. i&a j5? U. profit# for the year, *3.517! 19, o which S:T,4U IS were paid oat for the Hi?hop*. aalar>ea, traveling expenses and General Conferra?e approprieties* balance. ?2,S2T>T. Tne ?*ti mates for the expenses ot the neat General Conference are The appor. tioument for Baltimore Conference is **? I?r Waldm. Corresponding S-cretary of toe I reedmenV Aid Society of the M E ceur.'h. addressed the body ae to the requ ire menu and prospect* of that Society lu organisation should K? extrnded throughout the enure country w hererer a treedman la lound An inteteatini; letter from the Soutn Carolina v\?n. ference WAS read by htm. urging the organization of tbe Sociery in the Southern districts. It appeared tbat in Southern Virginia. North and Soutb Carolina and Georgia, no churches exin tot tie acvommutiation ot colored people In those ~egion* H\e tbensaud peron* have been established, where very recently the preachers were denied all access and privllege. Teenty.fire Conferences have sau>tioned ail measures looking to ibis end Tbe colored people manifest a deep Intereat for the welfare of -what they call the Old Joha Wesley church " Resolution* wer*- *nbmlrted expressive of the loss tbe Caurcb sutlers m the death of Ri*h<?p Some, of tne Episcopal Metb.dist Cburcb S'ou'b. and of tbe sympathy of ibis Conference with bis firmly in their bereavement Bishop Soule waf a native of Maine, and early attached himself t.? tbe Church, in which his abilities toon procared bitn a bigb standing The resolution* were adopted The committee on Sunday schools presented their report. During tbe past year an increase ot 4M schools baa been secured, 1%' ?l ofTtcera and U achei s, CO, ltt* scholars, 44.*~t> con versions, an increase ot 4* percent The Sunday School Advocate has reached a maximum circulation ot 3-iti.6tn, an Increase of ttltw copies: of the Sunday School .lonrnal. l.i.SOd, an increase of 4,.0(10. In New York, normal classes and colleges have been instituted for the education ot Snnrfar school teachers I?r. Awards, trora the committee to whom bad been referred tbe mtijfct of inaunug the lives ol preachers, sulmuted a plan for tbe same, which waa read and explained by Mr. Gantt. a lay delegate, after wbich it was laid upou tbe table, aud a hundred copies ordered to he printed for the uae of tbe members The appointments for Sunday were read, and a number of amendment# mad*, after which tbedoxology was sung and tbe Con. ference aiijonrtiffl verb the l<enedictiok, pronot.nced by I?r Hnmil'on. To as?emb|e again this morning at s o'clock ?BUt. American Baltimore Annual < en ir retire of the Epi?tojiai Methedist 4 hurih. TuikD DAY?latDAT, Conference reopened at ? a in , and was opened with tbe customary devououal exercises. The following persons acre elected to Eiders' orders:?Allen A. P. Meal, Audison Welter, Joseph Crukenberger. Charles D Dameron. W McDonald, Wesley Hammond. Kevs. N. B Madison, and E. J R Tripple were received by transfer from other Confer. eaces. J. T. Maxwell and M. G. Baiibns were admitted into full connection, aud passed for ordination. Revs. B. liongb and N. R. Pooie were continued Isaac W Canter aud John A. Kerr were elected to lieaoons orders. The order ot the day, the resolutions endorsing the action of tbe General Conference in changing the name of tbe Church to the Episcopal Methodist.' were taken up aud adopted wirbcut debate, tbe vote being?yeas Ktt, nays 0. It was understood 'bat absent members would be allowed to record their votes upon their appearance in Conference. The second order, being tbe resolution endorsing tbe action of tbe General Conference, admitting lay representation In tbe Conferences, and this resolution was adopted by a vote ot?veas lut, nays 0 Revs. l?r. Bullock, of tbe Presbyterian Church. and Henry Slicer, of toe East Baltimore Conference, were mtroduced to tbe Conference 1 he Bishop announced as tbe committee upon ;be funeral services of the late Bishop Souie Revs. S. Begetter, S. Kepier and Norval Wilson. Tbe following local preachers were elected to Iieacons' orders James Hobbs, W. M T. Harper. Samnel Brown. Alex. M. Cooper, W. Richardson and W. Hodgson. The follow tug were elected to Elders'orders. Sylvanns Townsend, George L Lightner and J W. Bennett, Thomas W. Brown was admitted to full connection with tbe Cburcb. Conference then adjourned ? Anurtcan. M a?hin;t?u Annual feafereace E. C hurck. (? olored ) Kit I DA v ?The Conference reassembled in Sharp-st Cburcb. Bishop Simpson in the chair. Religious services were conducted by Rev. B*-n). Browu. Kev. W' C. Hovt then addressed tbe Conference in hebait of the sabbath schojta The examination of character was 'ben entered upon, aud the followiug ministers having passed, were admitted iuu> fuilconuecUon, \ iz it. Lewis, A. K.ened v, J. Bowman I Gross, P. H Mathews. R. I,aue, C. G Key's James (ickny and W. W Foreman. C G. Key^ was elected to deacon's orders, at.d S Tascoe continued on trial. The Conference adjourued with doxolocr and benediction br Re\. J. H Gere, of the Baltimore Conference.?Sun The Makriaui ok Blsod Hk: ativb#> in a recent report to tbe Kentucky Legislature tbe Commissioners ol the Kentucky institution for tbe education and tra uing of feebleminded children, make a vigorous protest against the intermarriage of persons nearly related. It is stated mat tbe charitable institutions of the State are filled with tbe offsprings of those marriages, and tbat every interest of humanity and religion demand the legal prevention of marriages between blood relations. ANkw Priz*.?It cannot fail to astonish English or American women tbat any arrumeat sbeuid be needed to convince mothers of the propriety of nursing their own children. Yet the difficulties in the way of overcomiag the social prejudices on this subject are so great tbat in Paris the society for tbe protection of children has offered a prise for tbe best essay entitled. KJn Maternal Nursing, considered in its influence upon the well being of the mother, *be child, and society." BTOn Wednesday evening a yon ng man in New Britain, while playfully trying to steal tae nectar off the lips of a fair young damsel w as bit lu the eye by a knitting needle which she bad in her hand, aud which broke short off in the socket above tbe eye ball A physician was called and after a very delicate operation succeeded in extracting the piece, but for some time to come tbe vouth can only risk one eye on it."?Hartford Potu JmnPOviR A WATKRfALU?In the New Orleans Museum, recently, the young lady who goes into tbe lion's den put too mnc'b pomatum oa her hair. Wbea she stooped to let tbe Mexican lion jamp over aer, as usual, that sagacious beast stopped to tbe great alarm of the spectators, and bit off b?f waterfall. Mile. Louise struck the beast with her w hip and recovered the lost treasure. Pop Bsek Iktoxicativo.?Putnam, Ct. is agitated by the question, is pop beer mtoxieating " A sample of tbe article sent to Boston for analysis yielded 2 45 per cent, alcohol, notwithstanding which tbe eirtaeamxncials declared tt an intoxicating beverage within the intent and meaning of tbe statute. CrtiOflTT is Wati has ? An Englishman bas fateuted a watch without bands that show* ou its face no figores but those which tell the hour aud miuuie looked for. Tbe figures are displayed astbey are wanted, and no others appear on tbe watah face. Napolkok ?A Paris correspondent of a Belgian journal mentions tbat tbe Emperor tainted the otber day, on his return from a shot ting excursion, and tbat ne is subject to fainting flu after great exertion, but tbat bis general health Is very satisfactory. Locisiaka.?The larger plaatations la Louisiana are planted in sugar, aad tbe smaller ones in cotton. More noe will be rawed this year than formerly. TBe freed at en commaad higher wages?|ii a mouth and rations. VGeaeral Schenck prefers to remain la Congress rather than run for governor of Ohio VAn Italian ffalt peddler la Laouisvillo was robbed of i.uuu in -yellow birds." V A writer la tbe Ooemos says nnnis' tails are aa optical allusion. VTbere are M old maids in Stratford Conn., snd a much greater number of youag ones. L?mi" bmgle by dayi Li t. Moot women live to go tbe funeral of their own beauty. y*Tbe Immeace shell combe, each aa worn taB * Me are to supirm? tbe waterA wife la Chicago dlroroed by tread married tfee onij wiinen la ou#. i i. ? ..* II

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