9 Mart 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Mart 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE EVENING STAR. J Tbf Lirctxl Cirtoliliot in the Biitrict i W. 0. WALLA* H. L4it?raa4 Pr?pri*l?r. ] WASHINGTON 4;i rv j MVtBMf >1 \m 11 I-S7. Kh A1-1 Xti M\TTKB OH EVERY PAQR. ] t>LK OTTSII'K FOR INTRRK-TINtt TKLE- I UKAPIUl AS It OTH IK MATT LB. TO ADYr.RTMEVHL Tbf Kiiiow nc i? tn<* official ?boxlnf of ClrcaUtMic or daily jap?-rs ol tbia city ! cvrof ??mi c tor rn<? ' JoT?rnm?nt advertising I nucpT tn* of Conrrpss triT#cun* ?acB a4.vt*r:icii it u> N? .n uW in it>* t *ro daily aewsI ftp*re of w^shMigtoD QftTing tit* i&rgpa tlrralsti.)B k Ttsi: ? >ti? 7.T13 eopiea ppr day. Chr- t.t'> 'j.flTiH ' ? j fliVfl I ,TT , . .1.SJ? ' Tt?r rui.ri - nt advarriamg by th* city pspfri cr u? ii?'nr?t?r ?iid nr Iteomcfecrjl. tiwt is. | liivn ?> < of Invru.ii Kf**nu? i UIC??, ur* ru^TVK Sialic i'iV/.'.y -.err 9.IW Cir -i - ft.l-2 ....................... 5 ; \? l K-H>N TO THK I' \R!? vv piisttium "lDeoniy American excursion to Hie P.trr* I expo-iu ? s.? f ir auu>un *ed i? that ot Ue ur jt 1 oct an-KOmic Ainenc tn-boilt irju Metm-hip Hav *!<?."' wbich will ?ml tri'B New Yarn , or Kiarce. on WfdnMday, April 17. I The j. ric of pn?!?.t|fp tor the round tiip is flxed J at the low r.ves of to S-Xv, according to j sixeauU location ot Mute-rooms. Tbe Uitviua ; is ;aid to b?- a ?al? and comfortable ship. win ooti.tnodious state-room*. A bind of music fca; bt? u engaged for the trip, aud the agent* jiiv&it* to turuieh tbe table with all the delitucies m the fi-?soi). RELIEF FOK THE SOUTH. Major Cinier.ti Howard bad an inwttew ?ub tbe Judiciary Commute? qf tbe Senate to-day io regard to bis recommenda'ioB* for i rehel f?r the MiflVnn* people of toe South, and j subsequently Mr. Trumbull reportednr*solu- ! tion tr?.m ti nt committee approp* latmg on* million of dollars to t-nable tbe Secretary of War to supply lood to tbe needy in that se -. tion. Tbe resolution passed the Senate readily, hnt will probably i>o? get through tbe Hccse without opposition. HOU?E COMMITrLES A? tbe Sena'e ^urmi disinclined to agree to tbe llou>-e resolution for a speedy adjournment, Speaker Colfax will probably, on Monday. announce sucb committees as are necessary lor the imroedmte work of the Honse ? The Ccromitt#* on Printing, tbnr on Enrolled Bills, A e., 4i*. ARRIVAL OF THE LANCASTER 1 he I*. s f-nttifr Lancaster arrived at the , Korfork Navy Yard yesterday frv>m tbe Paci- j tic. There wax *reat anxie'y felt, it will be reweirbered. in regard to this steamer, no J news having been received from ber until a lew weeks ago. when she reached Nassau Pffscjcal ?A cable teiegrrtm announces the ... ;Tnnu.i?, j?i r>?niaampr<in. tfijlinl, '">f Mr. <'h*rl?-s K Browne, n v.r:'er who, und^r be mcr? familiar n?n? of Arremus Ward, lit* Lad the world laughin* over bit droll ?craii> anc conceits lor tne last ten year*. Mr Briwni *?? about iwcB'T-niDo vear<- of a~e. and was a nati\ eot W aterford, Ale..where hi* parent" yet j re?-ide. He wonted as a journeyman printer tit Ma me. ; ud afterw*rd? wi*nt to Cleveland, i Ohio, wbere bis grotesque hmnor flrst cropped J out to toe eye of tbe public In the local coU j uibes cf the Cleveland Plaimtl-aX*r. After I wards he vat engaged a- a contributor to | IK. >/ / airar.d other cemic papers, and ap? ! reared b-fore the public as a lecturer. Hi* d*- , ligbtfully ib consequential lectures, The j Babes in the Wood" and " T wenty Minutes in Atma,"* were followed by his lecture on the Mormons. in which b" essayed to "combine j instruction with amusement." Through the | neneruus aid of Lcuti<n Punch, to which Mr. Browne was a contributor. he appeared in London ? a lecturer under favorable oircutn- . stance* and made a Hit. But his feeole pbysi- \ cal org iDization broke down under the nervous strain to wbicb it w.is subjected by bin j !abor. and alter some moc.b- of illness, du- , ring which he always indulged the hupefui belief that h?* >boold reco\er so soon as spring came, be died at Southampton, apparently >n his return from the Isle of Jersey, where he bad ljeen staying through the Winter for the benefit of the mild climate. Tho Mayors. Yesterday wan the day on W Lir h h* 1*? ">? ' * " ~ * "1 ? ?? . ? - .vim ui unite ui iur corporate authorities of Alexandria expired, and iu the forenoon Mr Oforjf Tuck-r prwent^d bun-flfto Justice J. T Taylor and wa? sworn in as Major. Mr. Latham took tim? by rhe ft le.oclt by bfinz sworn in on Wedne^diy evenmg last. Alexandria. therefore, ha* two Mayers a' pre.-eat. with a probability, bow- < ever, ol b*>io( nvue at all iu the coarse o: a day or two, if ibe Senaie takes aetiou on 'lie , Home bill for reannexiag tha' ancient ciry to The District of Columbia. /"The Xe r OrJtani Kfj?iUi<an. is tb? nar^e ot tbe new radical daily to be started in Ne x Orlean*- on tbe }Vb l?st. It is design***! to make it a first-class paper, and it is started on a healthy U basis. It i? backed by Dor. j Habn, and has tbe endorsement of Messrs. Wade.i'olfax. Stevens. Banks. Matler. Logan, Sbeliabarf*-r. and flen. Howard. Mr. K. P. i Brock-, well-known as a brilliant and enter* i prisicg journalist, will be at tbe bead ot tbe Washington Bureau. ' Arrival <>r Lkb ? Mr.Cozzens. Special (>fWctr of tbe Treasury Department, arrived in tbecltj cm Thursday night with bis prisoner, A. 11 Lee. who, it will be remembered, absconded tioiu tbe Treasury Department some weeks ago witb over thirty thousand dollars ir j 7 10 butrs. He was before tbe Solicitors of tbe I Treasury yesterday. K.m lov v?> r rou I'RKBi.MKa The employ- r ment agents of tbe Kreedmeu'a Bureau for this [ District *r?> hnult I > Il-- w ' ..j it* |/i u ? iuiuy; u v? uir| and liib&Uoi* lor H*?* freed peopl# in and ! itkia Untnct Sine* thi> 1st inerant fin I prrtvba b?\r br?D provided With rood llt&l. tiona ?n tha* Nunbrrn, Western and isoaihrrn >-*a?ea Tb?-y ar> sent to tbe new bwine* in <.t>arge of an agent from tbe Bureau. Kimvu or 11 ia iK^r a ri ait*.?T be Head. ^ Barer* of the Assistant Commissioner of the Krerdmeu'a liureao for tbe State of<le>rgla ba\e b?-eii transferred from Savannah to Mscoo. (iror^i?- TU? military Headquarters Lave ai?o been removed to Macoa. %f I u Um- NtisUt of Maryland, a few days Mr Young prvaeuted a petition from tbe citi/ena of Poolesville. in Montgomery county, I raying ibat &a ac: may be paftded lucorpotaiirg tbai ilia**, iru\AL KkvistL-Tbe receipt* from thia aourca to-day were *9 -MHi.tfV making the total amount for 'be weekending to-day f 1,191,?*- 3? and a u*al of f J?S since tbe 1st of Jaly laat. r<>Hiroa?D ?Tbe aereuada to (lor. Morton, of Indiana, did fcot ?aice place last evening on acconn< of the nre and the terrible accident Tfili b oc> arrrd It will lake place thia even,ng ml rigbi o'clock. lk>?itfflau>isa or l?oia2f irtiiu.-<*an. >cl M*reditb, <f Indiana, ia apokeaefaa a eaa?li4a?e f.?r tbe office of U^mmli.-.oner of ladmii Affair*. 1 TmiAt or Ja*r Davib.?Taa MleaUeippi ! J.egl-'antr* b?a ? y pro|-r?ated for thai tfeleuc* of J*-1T ff l*'? FsIsk- At. ? Oen <tl?iwn. <"bief ExeeaXive of -he n.-ar. I ro'f-rhood, ia iu town aud atop) iiif *t ill* Eo'hII House. %f Kri nt J. Sbill'.i c*?o. Odeor I'uildin*. we ba?e l',t ca.'jji, It Mnrcb 15,1 f>a and read ble. * KOVEBMME.IT SCIimiTIEI. I ** A8Hl*JTO?, Ha/Ch % I9T7. *v Cooke & (Jo furnish tli? folio wiaf quoin ion? of Uc?erunfct ircuritlM r Buying. Stlltng. \ . fi? '? OpOB, 1??| 1*\ fi S Five Twenties, |0f| U ** k Tweutie*. lf*4 lt<j? 107 S r 8 ru* Twfnliw iNi.'. |l?^ 10? \ lT.!>. Five Twenriee.Jan&J'y,*65.110\ ltXM, U i? Ten Ironies 97^ yn r? K s**er Tfcirn-*, Anm<?t....l(tS\ . C.s s*\en Thirties. Jnup MB if l(tt\ S*VM Ttirnwn, JalT 105* IV6\ ?EW VOkS WIUfT BOA 111> SAL If. Coiipune 1W> 10 ? ** *.* >. IHW...: ioi?, 7?w>?. Aufutt....n?5?; 3 Vi'>, l-M If? r-Ki's June ids , VUa, IHM 1071, Jufv l'>5 I .In &.Tjr.'M.?w?, Oolrt ,.UI\ INSrUTIUX- <>F VCorjjuTr FOR :oid)Kff *ATlflN Gen. Canby, in command Department at Wai-binf tow. has isrupd no order directing ib ll brrfatier in tbis department inspections of l>iv|>#r?y for eowdemnaMon will not he m id# by poet or otber commander.**, (excepting in ihc c??? o! prri?h:ihle articles requiring th* iuioiMluU>> autiou cf un inspector,> uule-s instructions to ibut nr-- gitfu iron iir H? qtiuii't^ The actinic wsUMtii iiicixewr r'u* t i.?l ot sb* Uei -irrir.^nt vvill make quarterly ii tprttioii* of property for condemnation. A. I (.'Uivt-ri tr<pob(it>l? lot property r-quirir.c bi-> :i?'ii >u will forward to bniMttdepartinent fc?* til* quaiteis, prior to tn?- la?t tru days of cub i|u*i w. ibf prcMTihwi iuventoriM, (iu triplu ca<f.)rxbitntiujr tully tbe cirt usus-lauees reu(ltrii-d the inspection necessary. l?Isr??AI. OF PI UL1C LAND. K> turf rec*i\e? by the Commissioner of th? [ <l?-ne!T?| I.unci < (fflce ?.bo\v tba1 acres of thr piibl e land? were disposed of during tbe inouiU ol February las' at lb* following local offices, \i*:?Nebraska City, Nebraska. ?.? ?? hi r?*>: ??t. |V!t-r, IVliniie?-ota, 4 014 acres; lltttu* holm. KithPiu. 4,Mi:' acres: iMttro't, Michigan, acres. 1 b?* larger portion ol tbe land i?kcn tor actual settlement :ind cultivation under th?- koinettead law. ami ihe remainder told tor cash and located w.th agrtcMlturu Krtp and military warrants. The ca-b adit*? i sniountrd to NATIONAL B\XK C'PRKI NCY. There has beea isvnerl troin the Treasury I><*. pattment during tbe week ending to d:ty 941,650 in National U.mn correucy. making tbe to'al amount i>?iied up to date fCHi|,Kjfi,ICttFrvm tbi* i* lobe d?ducted the currvncr returned, inclnmng worn out notes. amounting to >'i !?75.o!hi, leaving in actual circulation at tnis dntef-.'Me.S'*<Mir4. FRACTIONAL rVRRf-MV. During tbe week ending lo-dty the Trea*. nrer of tbe t'nited S:ate3 ba? received irom the printer* 392,5'i> in fractional currency. During tlv entue period tbere has been forwarded tc tbe United Stales depository at Pittsburg <ti>,M0, ami to national banks 9;^ *7 ; tot tl, HJU.GbP.f?. SicrRiTtK* HkLI>.?The becurifies held by tbe Treasurer of tbe I'nited S'a'es in tra?t for National t anks reported to-dar were as follows:?To secure tbe circulation of n<<>??. *<40.534.491'; for depo?it? of public mou'es, total, *379 4W>,WH). fc*"Tbcrv will be aa adjourned meeting of tbe Wt?'hi igton Correspondents' Club at the Tribunf ro> mk this evening at C o'clock. Y^l. o ? r.-tiBAMD LOBQM .-There will 1? b- a Special Mtowoe of tb? Orsn 1 Lidg TBI * 11V K S 1 No. lI f>? o'clock, to male* ?ri m?it for 11, luceral ol t I*. PtTt r i. : h, of Oriental Lh)^*,Kw. 11 it JV OWWT. ?r. 8* Ifs** 1 O o. r.-ORIENTAL LODGE. Bo 1'I t_L_5 A ?)<erlal mcetlrj -' will be a. Id TH Id Sitoru*?) E> .hlNQ. at 7'4 o ' luck, te make >tr iatipeia*r,t? tor tbe Inner*! or t U. Pmik* Em r.u li Farrral en Muo Uy afternoon member* me^nn* ?t _ o'cVck for tl.?t purpo e Members of 1-ter Lu'igis are fraternally invited . It I ?< BWEIUINO. R. 8 f Kl N K LI N LODGE Wo 1 V 0. 0 B.;J^_5 M?*wr? will at'ent a aieaial meeting at Oerniu R?ll.Tlll8 SVkNINO at 7'-o'clock, t>. n.k. - ?- ?- ' - - - _ >aulgii.rsii iur a" TQucrti oi IIro pBTtK wkicb will take place Mot><lay aiieruoou (It] M rr'Bli" j l' 'iK\MIIKRf will Pre act) Id , I < tb? II atrMt Methodist Obnrch on TO MGBBUW at II o'clock ?. m , ID'! 9. > It* nTrr* fB^TUBB ^rba B?t. J. O uvtlVk j U^_5 "III 4?llvar a Lvetnre In rit. Paul'* Bngli?b ; LmkrrkB < bun k, corner of B Bad llth nu MnMuJ BVSMNG, March nth. at 8 o clotk Ba^ect-"*b? llaaliBf vf th* Nation ' Pr o> am? Tor tke bauiflt of tii? Bunda> School. Ticket* j't Ofits, t" b-< hfttl ftt Ww bal!*ut?ne'?,7th ?tr?et, Franch A ilch*rd? ,n i Ute Hudnon Tatlor.Penaaylv?ala arenne. A B?err, rnraar of Bandlltu ir?wi, >al at Ike doe r l it* nr5f?CB5TBAL BUILDING ABaVCIATlONLk5 A cntklr m?eilng of tbia Aaaoeiati?B,for lie reception - f <lne?, wilt he he 1.1 la the Ooaa< il Cl.?mk?r ? n TUBsDAI BV*H IS0.1UH iaitaat, at 7 o'clock WM. W.MOOBB. en t-st Iwrriry r> S PAlfflBBOKBtt a MOTIOB~ MIP8BB 8 GOLD8TBIN A OO., Mo. 34 4S Rtroot u?*?t, soar Pean'a ??? , Bex )eav? to call the atteutloaof ?nrold patrons au 1 the pu'lie In general tkai we have now en largrd our busln* * . and are praM'sd to odor indac?aenti to borrowers that h?r? Offer be?-n offered ftofoie??ipre-sly to parties wishing large M*uu. Large store r?oa?, with goo-l ?Bfo* for v*laable*. A private office connect*) for all confidential bo* in* ?. Money at vanced i>n Gold and Silver Wat he*. PiamoBds, Silverware, Jewelry, and on all kin Is of Bierckar Use A iso, o? tonds, 8teks 8( rlp?. Government 8ecarl mm. Loan* tt*4e br day or week oa marcbtndlsa subject Id ?al#. M. it ? A ranzeroenta have bean mad* by whiah persons da >osl ting property with ns ' * recei 7e the save a any principal city or the 0 alon. 44 ypi'l-AMP A BAir BTB1BT f. gltf (y-^Toi BPfl H^suArriBL n. tnsauu UUflt'KUTlONKBT. LaDIXB'ICI CBF.aM ft dlnlng tuloos, 246 lean. Kit., bet. 12tb and Utb eta. Weddlni a, Dinner or Sapper Parties supplied at hort not ce ?itb noYeltfee iu Pyramid*. fency Cakee, at J Ooufoctioueriei, Jetll??; Wei ling CikM, be it <;aalitv. Table Orasmmta B?lvi?, Ice Ureas , Water Ice, B>tn?n Punek. B>>oe l Turkey . pi alt ; Beooloped Oysters, Boned Turkey in jelly, Obelotte Au*ee. etc.,eto Attendant* ?Uo will be s*ut to attend tn all de tail* of arrangements. Bou'iaeu, Wreaths, aui cut riowi re to order tell 1m JOftlPH H BHAPFIIL0 fy"y~h4?*;ob to tax payees Of wa8ull? lngton city. Tbe B< ard ef Asseaavre having completed tUe at oual at teutuetit fur J5?S7, a ill eit a* a board of appeal. ?a1 f?r the pnrpiaa ?.f making correction*, from the Uth taetant to April let InriDilve, I Sua* { daye exc >?ted,> at 4t b>?vl t'oMnlulutter'i Bhiiii, ' second r ory City Hall, weet wing, from 'Ja. n to Si. n. aich .lay. By or J :i of the President (lot) feleotApl . nr?=-l ITiBLI ?il D Tsil." McPBKMBON * PBBGUbON. ATI Pus. AVU5CI, COKXU ltT llftUt, Dmlen I ?4,1,u1' HiLLt pcbY 'dbhos . MBDIOIBBS and OHCMICALB, I Pkyoiclaaa Praarrtptloua accurately compounded. The Might Bell promptly am wared. ? n-tf I AM IV BBOB1PT OP BIX MORI OF TH"8B : beautiful tew Mtle Oklckertag Jt 8i>u's_-a?~ pianos. Rapfe john r. BLLis.nun 9 St 306 Pean a^ e., near 10th it Who wants a ??od Y10L1N, OU IT AH, BAB JO, Or aay MUelt'Al* INBTBDMBNT Now U you* cban?.e. King out for a ^HbT.BLLIB. WW ? ruu>}iT?n? ' It bet llh Md Mth itr**!*. j C2K*BQ1 J. .lOHSSON VboTm* >elUu a j btkulifil uDdr*M?U whit# Oottwu, yard for ladwa kk.rta ?t ceat*. Hew style Btla rata, Quaker Skim ? rtfl* Piruolo, OMhatrt Pb ?wl? f,>. $5.M?an<1 #10 Whit* andCfc*cker?<l kitllDf, with m?n> otb?r cheap ?n4<pnlr?ble liouOa. JUHMMM ? BUTTOS 6 ?? ? 014 tUand, $217tb itroat ... olov s Diror. gg ceTJBvoimt 8, ALB\Alil>fcB 8, jouviat. Prlca? Ladle*'.$2; 0?ntUm*a'f. $998. J. J. MAY * go , 30? Ptiii) 1 vuli tadlttt at*. TWf?v?^r?rFiVwu,'"?ir*Ptru BIOS aod rLOOB HACK* f?r aala W*rJ?*V B. M?*BI?OB, I T-f 43S fanaaytTaaia a??an?. All ribsobt MXbIbd to thb old trn of TaT*? a 8BLBY an Mqaaatad toeoa." xsnaux ' " ""Hi JC8T BIUKl^IW-A Urc* lot of 4-4 hlkachkd "OTTOH, ou<lrea*?d wbirn ?c arc ottering to th* pnMIr at the nntrKM^Ti'td law price of tt rent* Alan a lot of 4 4 BLBACHEb OOTTOH at SO rent*, very cheap. J W.IKLHV 4 UO , At the old ataod of Vitti M Selbjr, ah 1 tf 393 r.nn aTitni, aaar 7th ?t. I " I TELEGRAPHIC NKW\S. IMPORTANT ri'.OM Krnul'E. Th?- in l ure in I rrln ?They are Kntrr ached?Artilierjr *? ??! to !?!? Udjir Thrm-Thejr < nptwre tli?- Palire llurrai l>? at Ktllolm-I hf f.n?trru <)? '*linn. l?rrt ti*. M-'fch ? ?Friday Evening. ?A dispMcb from WaierTorn reports the Ft i.i\u- appeared In foree ou l<fTi|> Hi* Mountain. m Tipperaijr county Troop# with artillery have hfeu ppn t to rtlstortat*? them iv?ntt ot the battle la not known. The ir.-urjt-* i truster ;n force. partirulHrlv in li|ipfr.iry ci nn*y. No hands h-Me yet appeared in Wtcfcio/r cvunty, and th* town t f W ickloor i? qniet. A:uunu? from liroicbeda statetaat ib?-rea:is Ik l'ii iiu further disturbance in th.it cur. 1 p to tUi* liour. twt'lvu ul ilin (t>rmMtrf1K'l< hate frren raptund 1 fce Fenians hate c:p'nri-rl and tow ii?H postes> km or tlie Police Li.tr "ark- .it KjSu l;u I Uld?r*lX'Hut<. IjnoioN. Mnr<b a? ? |t i? r'ufxrf iLtit theleadro;; powvr* of I trope htwui.ij- i in or'niiijc rj.ti. the Otiutttia DovtT.iiacni ti iiBuifuiH't) rt-Iwru mfti ot the prov.-uo> njtI.e treaties o! fc>a?> and i?m Hutm; t>f 1 ir> >r t.1 coiicfsiidiif A its Christian e-ubj??ci?. Ix>Nt)o:?. ?Krch ! ?Noon ?t.\,nr"|*, ;r ;,4: t S I-1enta-? TI >.: iMiijoii Cfutr^i, ?-e. 't.* l.rr*tiVcot.J?I*rrh ???N>on f?o'ton is. 'till dntl and be;t\y. wnh a downward tendeinvv. Mtddiiup I pwards. I t ,A , Middling Orient*. i:t\d sale* to-dnv are trilling hr?-!ft?tutftjtiiet < lats. ;t?. -fd for American and Oaaadl tn per tony pound*. Provipione firm. I.ird. "> <. ?ri Tallow. 4:<e. ?! per I.>o lbs K-port* frt>:n Manchester are unfavoiable. and tti?- market tur >afil aud goods it dull and hetw. 1,ivkkrooi, M.tri ti g-Lmnii( ?Cotton still tbows h d<>? u ward tenoi ncT an<l r loae* e;?Mer, I *ai?ft to-day ;.t?o Ixln. Middling lrpltn<l? jJiruusiuiir nrjiiy. jjorll '1:1 tO 0 1 per nunrter lor mixes Wtnlwu. Provisions t:rkdy, pru*j flim. IiOiiU'ti. Mutch Evening ?Console closed <* >, for rncnej ? *>'?. , lllii.ou (Vmral, 7?; r.rie. *>0 " *'kai>kkort, "March s Evening.?United Stale? floods closed at 7?\. Th>- "Marjr.untl ienaitor?lii p?S 9 >?iuination ntdr in < aunt*. [Special Dispatch to tae Si:?r.] AM-AroLia, March 9.?A caucus of the Conservative lucmbfts of the J.'jri?luture wa? held last evening to mafce a nomination lor the' nitert States Sena?or?blp. The caucus remained in se-sion frt'm eight o'clock to mid* i.iybt. and attended by ail the Conserva. live members excepting six. three of whom were tbe candidate*?P. K. Thomas of T-tlbot, A. J..lor.fi of Somerset, and Alexander Kvan-? of Cecil.all ot wbcm have been in Coiifre??.) There were eight ballot*. re?ultin<r a? follow* Thomv*? *ci. ri, 33, 3:?, 51, 31, 0'?, >K Jones?H?, .'6, 31. 33. 31. "4, -Jft, 31; Ktidi?l< 14. >. -. a. I'i. l??. Ob the flrtt ballot there were 5 scattering vn?e<*. l?nrtng tbe cancue, Mr. Robertson of Itilnmore, mr.de a stat. tnmi thut,Mr. Turner bad held out ir.ducemeuie to tmn to chance his vete from Thcnai ?o .lor.ee. to which Tnrr.er replied thai be did not do to. I?at had -aid something whit a was intended a9 a jok<? Robertson exclaimed that it was a lie, wben 'I'uti at IrnA/^lraH hint ?!' ? L ? * ? ?* . ..... .M.vn- - m?>i uwn U. iiu i auomrx^r or mfmbt-rs rueb?d in and ^topp^d further pro. i?edingrs lbomasi- ar i'IU Jine I?**raocraf, and reit*ntd the fetrmtrbtuut Democratic vet*. v-oiIh the otiM-r two wrrri? old !> ? TV liipv and tU** (JoBtfrvatlvtr s-j-lir ou th^ri QJ - ! > EI?H 8TBit TLY HKIMC ill' 040 >B\V YORK UL'l'TKB, >?*> J u*t rcrelveo ?n ! Tor sal* by J U IS K Y A Ii A FBO.. HA Ptfio?rl*aDl% ?*?-wn?. 1 a'l iltthSlK Opposite Metropolitan Hot*! t ' I' H E "ARTNEB4HTP het?eO? tbe nt.der| 1 signed . In tb* manufacture of Vinsg ir, i< tu ? , <!ej dtseolred by mnttial ronsent I V J FKICK EB > H.EBN1. Washington. Maicb 7.1.S67 rob ? .* g ? BE AT B A BOA I Ms* IN MlMoAL INsTBU ll MBMT8. OBEAT BABOAIB8 IH MUSICAL IB8TBC KBNTB. for A few days oi.ly JOHN r. ELLIS, 306 Penn ??e., '.>-X between 9th and luth "t~. \ ALl'ABLE aOEM I S8 may be obtained by ? tillable mud iBflU' ntUl parties, l> aetist la raising working capital for one of the tno*t pr*r>i 1?1ok ml*or Mining enterprise yet orgaril7ei.. Tlie ompaap poeefsee* "T?n aatnral advantage, the richest mines ?n tbe country, tome of which are now in * paying condition It is legitimate in mr> particular. nod worthy thsattention of<apita'Uts nod nil wbhlng snro nnd very profitable trTnatmenta. Address "MIMING,'" care BJitor Mining bews. .V.J9 Conmerct street. Philadelphia, Pa m ? St i\|OBBIS' riBLD VLOWIB. ANn KiTCBEN i'l SABPEN 8KKIS, TBBBtf, VIHE8 At. OENUKE, NATIVE AMD IMPOBTBD, AND TBI E TO BAMB Pr-ds. Trent, Phrnbn. Vines nnd Implements; Omden. Kield^and Flnwer Seeds, and Ornss*s m b?nithy Fruit Trees, wbtcb hate been selectedMQ with ^rent c?re, all varieties from the M?rils-*? Marat rles. al?e n large n?sortmeot of Oratni iM Trtes nnd Shrubbery. In varieties. beaatiim French Hybrid Olndtolai. of m*tt brilliant colors nnd vnri?2ntnd? for flower gardens tbey arelovelyl Japni. Lilies.choice Boeeg Dahlias, Honey?nek|??, fctrawberry nnd ntbor Finns nnd Pinot?; complete u?(>rtments of Kitchen Oarden Seeds, (rnnii and sennii.o: Lawn Or*** 8ee?l. limited supply uf Early Goedrirb and Harrison Potatoes, for seed only. Tbeee potatoes are prouoancod superior to all n(hi.ra Intl.M --.I ?-- ' ' ? ........ >u? . Kyiivuiiiirti ana RorMrnttural Implement* ai.d Machinery. Pl ,w*, Harrow*, B*-ep'-rs, Straw en<1 Fed U r Cittern, Kane. Ac. Ac ; Imported breed of <attlo, 8h??p. "Swine, and Poultry: 5p*lB?s celebrated Ptiiia d?l|kl? Butter Ohnrn; Patent 0?v Milker aid Calf F?*dpr, Dwarf Fruit free* eadGr?pe Vine*, feral choice kluda trom the Morrie Nar(?ri?>*. Early order* solicited and promptly filled, from one <>f tb?- larre*t and carefully select .-d stock* ia tlie Vol ted State* Reads can be seat bf mall, upon receipt of pile* *n<1 Stem* A P MORRIS. J*.. 11* A73 L street near 7th C^BAHB BALLY OP MKN AND BOTH, I at thi OBCAT ClMTBALCLOTniHOiiHOUSX, No. V>0 th strest, opposite Post Office. BrpINBSS BCITi oTTu descriptions. PKKSh SUITS at reduced prices. BOYS' SI ITS of all descriptions. BOYS' SUITS at all prices. Nt-w st> Its ut BOYS' CLOTHING. UftNTS' CLOTHING at ladaoed price*. New la your tiwe to lay Id SPBING OLOTB1NG. as we offer special in-lucementa for the next thirty days, at tMITBIi 460 Tth Strkii, opposite Poet Ofllca. mh? 1 (^ABDBK SBBDS. VMVM naaus. PBAS, BBAWB, CABBA6B TUBBIP, | BBBT. LBTYUOM. Ae Ac. 1 ni jnet in recai?t of mjImported GABDCN BEBD8 from Vemorin Audriaax A Co-, Part*. Franc*, and Hunt A Bon, London, 'England, and hiff iBwIt irru(?m?nu with tte larg?>?t tad moot reliable m?ii *ro*iri In tkr I'giH BUM ' tor vy American Heed*. m4 Imt? now tn et.*e i lam* tardf, wbtch m wtmatod fr??b tod taw J. P BABTHOLOW. [?19-toSw #}"> 7th nratt, btlo* Nns, iremi JUST AKBIVBD AMD BOB BALB-93 BHD WUKK HOB?B? U4 Marks, from fix l #tin??UhCi?. Inquire etCongr?** atraet 1 -Tf> Svnblee near canal, Georgetown, D. 0. "* iu p B B K IMBI. ' .1 ut recal red ? fine aaeortment of PBNKBIYBS which are for eale *t low prli ea. n>8 PLANCK TAYLOB. A ~ cHl Sib W ANTB D. ' $75. ?100, ABB tlflO PIB MONTH 1 la no* being made b> onr A pant* cnr for the new work of kiitorlctl nlo? and romantic Interact, entitled 'WBABINO OP TBB OBAT Uoaaprlalag Ptr!o>ia* Portraits. Sftirket. Adrtmturff.nmd but J-ntftfthf Into naT,withTHritii?t \?rrii. fir** of the Dnrtng D'nhtn* Totl'tmt Matrtte*. Witt in* Sarr<jiret, Pali ml Svltr mo nf the BOYS i/V GRAY. By JOBN 18TAH 000KB, Formerly of Oenerit 8tn%rt*a Staff nnthor of "Snrry of agla'a Baal," "Life of Stonnwalt Jack* ***' **|i ANDSOMBfcY ILLUBTBATBD. WTo energetic Ban and woaitn a rata chance la offered to n*kt moanr. Add'ee* SOOTHBKB PUBLISHING COMPANY. Bo 13 Bolliday atreet, Baltimore, Md. roet Office Bo* l,4#4j roh I eolm nxiiwnu, I earner Itth and F aire eta, tub ft aader BfeUtt Hewea. A B. BWWBI. t.'t.lMlTHBBS ' ? ?:?? , .whs* BUBBAO BBFTOBBS. PBtBDMBB. ABO ABABDONKD LANDS Office No. 47S Seventh street, oppoaite the Poat Office. la S-ljr I CUXOKKSSIUNAL. j SATfki ay, M irctt ? S**ati? d? motion ?t l*lr. the < r? -ol?iiion to reciprocity dutie# i?fi wi en the I 'nited S ate* ad l & m<l wic'i i-i land* was i)l>rii trom (tie table ami referred to l.'oiiimittee on ('ummiTi-i' Mr. ?i?-nd? r??ai. from IJ-mmitten on Indira Aff*T?, reported lavurahlv up>n lliiu-f bill nmkitiff *| p'oyriaiiou ot u> p.*v -tbe m.ptnM>f of cumBiKi?nfr? *?nt by the freetiieut J to i tie Indian country . Parsed Mr Van Wmkln pitM-iiim petition of pit* i iz^f-eot AVxaiiOiia. Ya.&*kiaf iti?* >facle >o dt l?> licl'Oii ii|h>ii <hn Houte hill rrhii?e to >b* rrirutmioQ ol Alexandria county, Va. The pet^tous (iff) iLai there W4t any inifuuoii in \ i?*?it: I be lav> of ta* country. aud a?k to t>b??<rd. , Mr. Wil?on cikl he hnd been mailed aj?<u, hr a i i muu?'e* liotn Alexandria. who disoiAi.ned (iiit d'tulifiliri'U to tin* U?i. and hi id tatt tljt-y tiiirt not a* yet received oillcial Infornat* ' tioti of t*i** p?.?stt*e of the bill tor military *.?v. unmftit r'or thi* reason b? (Mr. Wil-mi l ad t ot called np thi* r>-solu'ion upon tlic >ubjrc' i Veifd bv li iu a it*w dajrs ? I The |*tiuoti was iaui npou tin* uthle. Mr Trumbull. lim? .1 mim*.r ? Ouianitt*?-. r?-ported a Join re*>>inttvsii author rr'nr fie ro?!<ry el War to i**?e ??j?i?li? s'Hi* n?w| mi III. lient 's> present sinrvVtoi. Aud w.uit tu -.4 1 l<omt L* ot the S(?iiiti? rji *?'-t e-> :u -uflri 1.1; fr. m I?. 1 * of i r op? {I'll J IVjAuIi tut * i< Hi eu 11 |>oii u c< ramu1.1 ? 1:1.in >ul?;nitiedy-**'er. dav l>> (if 1 rml liv*ard Tue <t ili>?iat %pi>r > print* d is *1.0 ' 11 Til* 1* lower ih m it?h r*?J llowatd'e f-nmi i": hu? Mr. Trn-nrtail expl inert that thin waa all that ?:(< sup >.>?* 1 Wi Hid be tie *?*arv. as tb* tamin-r yum vri? now nppro ir hinj.'. ?h.u such aid wo?ld 1 el 1 e ?o miM Li required.^ Mr TrumkMll *anl he Hoped ttiie aid vroald be given,?* it mleht rent! tu con vine* th-* ?*'ti'h thai tt>e .lorerument w.-ts dippo?ed dr-<l t'f in ficeu .ly with ail, aud to relieve the wants 01 nil. Mr i<t? wart tboncb* 'be resolution sbonll p?t?-?, and believed rhu i? was necessary, even though the tamiliep of late rebels should be benefited, Tbe Government could not permit starvation as a punishment tor nav crime Mr. Spragua w*s m tutor of ibe appropriation, hut (bought the appropriation ahoulil he * 4ii?tl t<< the nmount suggested by f}cn lion * fircl. tind b?? would move fo make ttie am Mint Sl.f-Ni.tKiO. There wa* no officer of the Gov. enmient be would sooner 'rust with tbi- expenditure than iieneial Howard, and he be. { lie*ed it should be left to hi# judgment. Mr. iNxdittle Hdvncated tbe re*o|ntlon as amended by Mr Sjprague, and slid be knew there was great need o! 'be appropriation Alter lurther deba'e. Mr. Spragtie's amend* irent waif disagreed to. The discussion was then re?nraed. and to.?W a wide range, involving a comparison of tin* | exi enditnreof tbe Kreedmen'a Hureau as com pared with that of tbe Indian Bureau: and deba'e bad not terminated when oar report closed. 2 Or CHIOKBBINO ? 80N8' FPI.L UBtHD PI A WO*. Owe beautifully carred, will be sold ata?acrifieobafora nioviag. J'>HM r. ELLIS "Of. Peaoiylvsal* j > It nw lihatraat. LALIEBTAKB P\BTI0ULABB0TM:B.-AU I iii trcnl<i? abowM coaaat' Dra L?rOBI8T 1 HBOTRIBfl.Vo 1 ? U aoutti B ttraet. hatweaa wth M l^h, Ii|ir4 Pr. Velaau'e Per1o?fc il Dro?e, or fc a1?ma B< via'i Female Alt* rati?a Pllla Tha only ortiir ?t>(l reti.edf for til Duraonb traction* Moa'hlr PlfBcuttiea, ar Irregularities ; of the Monthly Parlode. I>. B l>rup? or Fllle "h. mid never h? i takea by Ftmtlea during Pregnancy ? that 1 v oniil be ?ure ?o arodnte M!??-urri*ge Warrant . ad at r*?Tc?ertcd or ttia moner refunded. m? M* i CYBOOK BHT MD / CHINA. QLAS??AB*. Wjm CUTLKBT. and I I'll AT CD WAfC A full ?tr.rk now on hasd ?f the ' ?i>t cJa?- la ard <Vtache>t plecee Purchaser* are iaTlteU to examine ujr jrooda aiid prl< ei. i WIltB Jk REYKBITOQE, tal. 9 St* 04W Fellows' Hall, 7?la street A8BlBGTOtr, WAtW TTi*?T. J PU80LI TIOM on'oPABTKEB'sHIP. j Th? flrtn beretof?re kuowa m RKINoLOS 1 HARPER br1rklajer=.h<a thieday b*< a dlj??lv#l . by autaal connect Tk* will, hereafter, be coodocte I by KELSON O REYNOLD? I street, near 4th ar. NELSON O REYNOT T)S, THOMAS M. HAttPER N B ?All claim* azalret tb? above firm, aul alj ' out* acdiLg accooDta w 111 be s?ttle<l by KELSON O REYNOLDS. 1867 GRAND KZCCKBIOK inn? | TO TH? PAEIS EXPOSITION 1 bf ie a and tirat-clBM o. eaa going Iron Steam *b<P HAVANA, 00" tous bnrthen, 8TE I'H EN WHITMAN. Oow mander, will make aa EXOCftflON from New York t? Havre and back, lulling from Pier 4o, North RWer, ob WBDBKSPAT, April 17th. at IS o clock m , TaklBf ptiw . ,*ere f.?r I'aria, London and Br<-r?fu. B?ttirai?i?, mil) nil from Ba*r* on .'nee Stb g\r ?Bg pa?aeB*er? holding BsearMon Ticket* about IT vmIIId Enrol*. TLiti Biunlfiont Ste.mabltt la .litiled inte water tizht c*maarttm<nta, ana ha* t?eu n??i? furnished and elegantly fitted up *xpriwaly tor tbie,o>ftg* The HAVANA will only carry trat claaa paa pet far*. Ab experienced Bnrre?n on board UJ" .4 .lull IiaHi of Muif trill at'ac .? f 'o :>> . Trice of pa*?iaxe. In currency. to Havre and re tarn. #vfio an4 ?S > according to ana of ?tate room. To Havra only f'SO aB"1 5175 For turtber parucnlara and pusaie arplyto tbo Agent a. . Mt'BUAV. TKBB1S J?CO., bU Buutb street, Maw Turk. Or to tha Agent of Merchants Uuion Kxpr-a? Company , ^ aahington. a?h p put (JHOCOLIT^DOTBLI.^ILU., Par Oacno et Sucre. Exempt da tantj melange. Z. M. F.KINU * BON, King Place. Corner Vermont arsaac and UH a treat. C* BOlCBNUTd, HAlSINf K IU8.C0BBANTS. 8PICB8. Ac , Ac .to ult thia parttonlar eea aoa For a ale by k. M. t. IIM A BON, dt 31-tf Kin* Place ^TABLING BILLS for aaie in aniaa to anlt pur I? rba?era. Highest market price paid for AVIBICAN OOliO. . LB WIS JOHNSON A OO , Bankers, la 7-tf IH'i Penan, aaanae. fMOABS AND TOBACCO ?B BOOK It B. BDV> M0N8TON will be happy toserrs bla frlenda and the public with Glgars and Tobacco, nt No. 456 Louisiana arena*, aear Banker washingtea. _ fe? lm JOBT B1CB1VBD FBOM THB I1V TOBK AUCTIONS Another 4aa and cheat lot oT DBl GOODS. Bilk i'latd and Figured Mohair DEE** QOOI>8 forjt oentea jord, worth cent*, < beip I ma of Blook and Colored A LP AOkA Striped and Cbttll MUSLIB verr cbe??. Ilemt lint- of TOWBLS. Good st>leeof G1PGUAM JOceut* a yard. Good luellty toMcachcd (N>T fOI, is. yard wldo.?.r> cente Whit* OUT TOM, worth so cents, 1 oa (tiling for V> cents. BMOBY BAXTER, lift Pe*n?ylvonU tteDae, m 3 3t* bet, ivth and 70'h <u J^OT A KIT TH1MO! TBS TBMPEBANCE GBOCBBY A 8. TAYLOB A CO.. Corner of Eth nod 1 ette.U, hea been oatabliahed f' r Bore then oo? year CHOICE GBOCEB1ES CHBAP. 7 it* UlYEN-TBlBTY TBBA8UBY MOT ib, C? of ear e?r1ee eichaoged f r NEW rlTB-TWKHTl HON OS, AT TBB hATlOMAL ?&HK OF tiOBkBBCB Of GBOBtiBTOWB D O. Internal BrwM? Htem>e for lie tee. Chocks. Draft* Boi.de, Deeda, Mortgagee. ond other Uiral decaraente for anle at Goeeremxntretee n?h 7 lin J Q BAMMBB, Uaahlor. r VXUB1BS FOB THB HOLIBAI8. MAILLABD'B 0ABDIE8 AMU CHOCOLATES. OABAMBL* OBBAM OUOCOL4TB. POCBLB VABILLA OHUOOL&TB, BOSS ABD TABILLA SuAbt AbBONDS, MIXED hCttAB PLUM*. end ABSOBTBD CaBDIB*. Jtu* rood nod at E1BG PLAtf B. E B. P. BIBO * SOB. W"T ??w.waia.i8?-aw* Freeh, at E1BG PLAOB. IV1 lacp meat (Domestic.) i? 1 J on nod*, of eeloct arteriole. At ElVG PLAOB. r^OLDBB BOCPPBBtlONG WlMBtVI OUB PINBsT KifrTB WtBB Gold coler. foil, ret delicate flovor andlfreprance, and leee then one half thAoftiijaf imported Wine ___JKBaJttiACHr* \~*HITB OPOBTO POBT, v ("Tear* of the Dnoro,") Direct Importation. . Z. M. P. EIV'O A SOB, de?t King Place. M i _ MioHDVAU>Rm>ctLiViii Ah?k!I ai i?v? It* 1 t (iiwr lrijt uu o< mi4 b(M rhiir?d*v ^\>*n>nc *' ' ?(ta Pr??-h* t?ri*n C*?ur - pr ? i 1-*nt of tb? O' . Hon A (I ?ri< m*rodi>(r(l,liid Rfi>r re'iirr.iu* 111- tti tnk? 'or lienor < ont< rr+d tipou b<m t??- hi* election. ?>&red tbat ib* lojal p?-o|.l?- of to* conntrr weie two year* ftlir-ad ut t'lmfr-n TH'r* Sr fired to be fiamt htnc .itiiiut 'tt? &?in l-liVe-* of W*-binr?on which ma I-- ihe -i -m *i d Cot<fre*pm? n w*rr *flr*ct?-d by u wi*n t' e? ??r?iv<l here; the x*ry *r ? ind i ?-U h vt become b*rrf?*iie<< *nd won '?* b?v? *o n? t?ri?k?n up bT Ml ell *-fciH:i? liMi? He Iu?u-imA? ! ct the vetoe* of th* Pr*?wni. *?id ??'d ?%Kor?ieth f??l|o?rlot iminedimt >lv i[ rr the Thtr y Nm'h. reminded hirn of 'hit l.>?r Parliament duriue tu- o*r??r of ?'t?%rl-? 1 who riidH thur Ub<<t> c.y hnn ?uif trt* h>-1 t < ( Ofetdn I 'o the bin. w Mr K w n 1-r. i r j Andivw Jnhntiiii could m* .tnv I ir.-f In tuv bi-toric&l pmri|l|f| It iJotnrr?*.?? will olv * tv? Ii?nm m oar r.ftt.ds in* itirv mi i) * * Will m?kf it n <1 cent and re?f>?* iiIk i?Ii : nn\ho?", in ibf co?ir?*> ?<f "nuif u?!|v we will place tin* t I'y ot W-i-itir:* >n iu?urt rendition that li trill nr In- :i r^|iro.ich to the w l>ole land iv it i? to-day. Mr ? ....l.i .? - * - . . ? n.m.?a |< omiril ) nil r?*<l t ixi* returniar (baukt of the c "/-n? <?f itWaN '<? the MalMr*' > > i Htltan* 1 i ion I,t'njiii>. lor their r*- catfff >r'? and - t . c I tb?>r tn the voinmon cati?* <it <?. ! periling iU? >lave-o\\nrr?' bounty u?r. I'ott| p ? M'. lia'ln (M'lurrc1 oitVr?- 1 a jr ? In'i >n T-t M mr th ' tharKS rr t??e <-? ?-.?> | Wirt ; "|ti I t i Mn-or R'< hards, ?'nief ot Poii *e. for b ; ei*or?- in pr*-?T\in* the p>a e diu>u{ t?i# I r<- ut election ib ON>r(i>to*n, .ind the a"?l<% a . < " <1, ai'rt inpariial *ra!in?r in *5 t b ti# | d> .jirped li's duties. The reaoluijn Wis 1 art' pte<? I{ev Mr <?r*en s'.Vert ttat j> wi* |inipn?>d ! *o puhli.-h ? daily ami weeklv new?pnt?er in h s city tor the colored pe*'!1'"*- the capital lo \ b raised h> subscriptions of *| i -a^h. Airily *>ity?b*rr? bxri been taken, and it w is ti>?*iit i tl * "paper could be published. The oltl e wen Id be entirety for the t?euetit of c-?lor*t ! persons, where they could learu the priutiug i busitiess, Ac. Alter an nddret-s by Col Hrarulivll, a u jmb-T sifned the mil. snrt the fis?nctsTon ndptirn-d tV'BSALt OH CAP- A bMh ml* OOBT.vftt* two jauac K f Its Apply *t No 'ilj north H | attest, hataaen *?ta and batata. ?tit ni .Uf Off* MCI LtTTLB UPRIGHT PIANO.\o?t takan in ischwi* for ?( oar di>?_?^ 1 t bl? KBKING8 Will tc sold low toiBBB at iu) term*. *"1T1 I JOHN r. ELLltf. It 3C6 P?tn ar* , near loth ?t. A~ Gkiri'LTlBtLUHiaISTttV-Llehigs K rictiltnral i;n?nUtr) ; Liable'* P -'m-'i let of | A * I'roltu ral ?'nemi <try, Jobn*t?>n s Lecto e* on Alt11< n'lural Ohemlstrr : tJh?ptal'? a rrlrnlturnl I Clau.iarrj, Browna'a Aa?en< ?u Hatk Uotk. ml mnny otbaraou the aaaie aubjart I nin 9 ITKANOR TAYLOR. C^LKhh '6 OBBICB. Bor?B OK BBPKSsKN/ t*tivem. v a , W akhi.ni.to*, l> CI . March 8, bfl. Propraala wll tm ra^etred at thl* othoa un.il 12 [ o'clock tu. ot March 1- lU. for k- ?| in< the tl>| Uotant ot th? ll(l?ro' Kerrn ut?ti*-s In pur n?na of the pi?*ial n? of a resolution of nd H<<u?a. oi Ftbtnaiy 27. Ia47. a ?.ary of wbtcn U beteto anntiad. B. D M< PBLBSOS. Clark. 0BI>EBBD, That tbe triple** T k^epinc tha B'tWutaai ot Iba Bauae ahali ba d?unaia<-d aa loilrv ? : Pio^o'als thfr?f >r shall l>? recelted i>j tha Clark of be Bonw ni>tvno<? of Toaadap. March U, I* 7. ahd birimali; lliti?*('*r; ; ud auatl ba<>pea-4 by bini tn ibe jrr ai c? > t t?o witnow- , and ta -r l.i Hi aw at <te<l to tbam -t ?uitai.l? paraon. hatiag, k'.n r.-f. ri no k ??... - ? ? ? ? * ... - . >ai' uui? lillrq 1" he pit*! tor* ?** lb*ttyKltr of'hebidlerf rib* iuiui*. Accuiutai. y icg tli* proi.???i? mac M i the mil o> u>r ?r iLur?|errOi I ?hi are witting t<>' ec B)' ttretl in t>.e sum .f on* ibwceaud ill I art ? <r the filthfnl (erfuruitiic' <1 the dutle* of *ai<J keeper, kB<l p *tea>fen nt tba premie** ?n*ll tc giTi-ii '.j the Clerk to aaid bidder a pun M-r \ MUilM ? bou-t li 4>t ><dv l.'icueol tl-I litre, with tnfflclfnt ture'let f?r th- er par 4i? clt'ge of iii? ?:ail*e. ani for ihee?reful n-e of ttie pnp.rt* o> tke Uuv-riaul eutroete-t W? bi n. bucti |-o?*' > eton iktll In- ?i all tint** i.ndrr tha . c< fctrol or the Don't A ad tlit anioawt . f luwiiey tin bid and accepted ehatl be p ?M to the t?<?l I Clerk, one bait on iti*fi?tt Monday of WM?i>i>?r ! ?* alter the date* ?f tba Loud, tad the r t'-ln* i *1 * in ><ntt * then after; hd !, a? r-~ < 1 \ eil. ebtllba 1 by -afd OI>-ik r at i to tne Ti eaunr^r ?.f the N?i i<m I al t?o diera ai d 8a'l?ra? Orphan* Hums f?r ibe I ei e?r t of aaid inefctntion. _ matt liKfcKBVfOtfABLK QV ABT EBMASTEB I 1 81UKIA AT AlUTIOH. I Cki'J (/mtTttr-rrmttet't OtUl /*??'< ' W*i*k*nt1o% .i IVa.sktm om - l> Marcn y t?T { Will be Bold at public auction, bj order o' tbe Oxaneraaeter Gtuertl. at Llnrolu D?p t. ?n Tl tStA* Merck 19 tinier the aupervM ,B OI Lieutenant 1 dward Boi'tar l.ib I' 8 lufautiy, nc'ii'K A-?i?taut yiiHrtiim >I'er 13 & Aran, eai* iuci ntiice at lua a., a quantity of aaaertlca | t ie quartern eiur atoree. r?n?iit db in part or? ' Ti Eoar-Uorae Aray Oaal ortce Atute*, Mitam. VI (Hlmler do, I li) T*(. Horte do. II C #k u, I i'i Two U<r$ Aabn V n?d(!o i I lancea, < Cook tuti**. I 1 Four Horsed*, 1 Q<>ee < ai ri?ge, 1 One burse do. 1 lluet K ei, 12 Carta. 2 W5STeellargeH .ee, ll? inti Leal Bole Bar l4i f??t mall 4 ?. fc?a- ?sl haddle Hlanketi, , *ets Wheel tunic do. |i>i Wa<oa 0>>Vrre. ;u sets Lead Ambulance ti yard* C >e->a Malt in?, Hart.eta ;9' It* A-eorieil kupc. I Z6 te>? \\ heel Ainlulanc i, * u lb*. Old Tire Iroa. H irnaei, 2 wv lt-e Iron shoet, 1* Caiildrune, l* Ambalance Wheel* Tmeiher with Rridlea Qua Bucket*. Halter Cbalar, Cativa* llor?e Ci'Tert, anvils, MO.elUn MJ!e* Carpottert' T->olt. tack aa Haiuaert, *aw?, Bracea and Bit-. Blacktn-ith Tonlt. Ac. Sole w|i| la continued eoeh da) until tne whole aaount * t?|d Terat cash, is Oovet naent fi.ndt. Pnrr haa??? - a* * - - "V "* -?? iu I cm > * iarir purchaae~ withm tan it??< from day of n'l ^ CCA litis II TOM PK I Mil, Deputy Q M Cen . B? Brig. Oea . Awtiuj; Chief QBartermaeter. * ? t Depot "l WuUiti^on UOMI DISTILLERY. The rnbllr is her?by"n7t1fled that I ?nrtdr I ? tc sBppiy the ire.It-*nl e <uoJ er ttele rrlth pure ropper still.d BYE WUlskET Tne home u-ede Whf?ker i? warranted ell rye. au4 wul I e told wholesale only. ?h ilm' < HA8. A. KEAISE. Pr pri ?-t< -r f 'OAfc, J BOM, AEDOlL. or tbe Practical Baer> lean Miner; femes a guide to oirtn1o>-? and Bilneral reeourcee. with nuaierou* tuapa end llluatretlone. Price ?7 .aw. J?W FBANOE TAYLOE. ABDEB BEAD*. FECIT TREES, Ac. JOOH SAUL Hep now In Ston hie extensile et-vck of GARDEN SEEDS. which er* thie *aa*cn ?i ?ine*t -inality. From hi? practical knowledge of the trad*, eud the 8*eda baring been (rows epecieHv f<r lite tale*, they ere warranted trceh, pare. (Ntllt. FLOWER SEEPS. em' raclnr b'I the noreltiee from kogiead end the cootinent, with r.aay article* aaTed irom hie rich eotl-atic* >f Florist Fl?>w?re. FBCIT TEEES of flneet quality. con*i*tin* of Pear*, AppUa. Paacbe*, Aprlcote, Nectarine* Cberrfee &c i.BAPE vihes? Delaware, Concord. D aua. R' cer* Hybrid*, lose, Adiroudac, Ac Strawbam**. Blackberries, Ooo*eberrle?. Carrant*. KTerfrreena, ghBde Treee, Boeee, Oreea Houat- Plaai* Ac. BtftuueU, Wreath*. Cot Flowere, Ac, * ' -JOBS ?ADb. Saod Store, Removed to 446 7th street, fe 18 eolna opposite U.S. Patent Offioa. VEW YORK BPCK WHEAT, ii honey sletp. _ POTOMAC HERBlEO. wlU Roe*,I wklbh be?t family floce, MARYLAND CI BED HAMS. All of tint quality aud at lpw_prico*. W w. BfTBCH EbL, Corner 14th Bad F *Ue*ti, fe 14 UnAar Ebbitt Bonaa. ( RboedwTTOOTS?? ? ""Kails. CATS DPS. ttiT The beat of their kinds. 8 T m w btbchbll, earner 14th and V streets. nttier Ikiltt House._ niPABTHIHT Of THE I1TBBIOK. U VMTEU STA TES PA TE.VT <}FF1CE ^ ^ WasHisoToH, Pebtuary i|. la*.*. Ontheaetlttonot *I??\ANDBI J WalKII, of New lorn. N T., praying for the extension a patent created MUmiM^Ui dt? of -Hay,l?>i, for an improvement in Spirit L?bm for ht?i rwri from the explratioa af said patent, which Uk?M place ob tb? 2.th dar of May. IA?: It U ordered that the eel* petition om hoard ti the Patent Office on Hnn4ay the <tb lay of i Mar next, at IS o clock M : and all persona are otifled to appear end ?how oaaee. If aar they have. why said petition on?ht n>t to be granted Persons "ppo'tng tbe exteneiou ere i?tafrod U. file in the Petrut Office their objection*. epecieil* wt forth in writiuf. at lea?t t?mt; o*ys before tha day oi bearing; all taettaoay tied by eithai party fobensed at the eafd bearing aa*t be takes and trancmltted In accordance with the ralee o* the office whleh wil> be farnl?hed on application Depositions and other papers relied upon a* tad clmotiy must be Bled ia the office twenty dare ha fore the day of bearing; the arriaenti, If sq? within tea dare al'er Alloc the tMtianr Ordered. alee, that this notice be published in tbe Republican aad the Ba'ienel Intelitfeacer Wasting ton, D C. aud la the Time*, He? York, M V . once a week for three s?ro*s?ive weeks; tha first of eatd Mblteattaos to he at leant sixty dare previous to tha dar of heo?inc. ' ' T. O. TH BAB KB, CtaniedMM' of Patent* P. 8. Bd iters of the above payers will plaaa< copy, and sead their hills to tha Patent Office witb a paper eeatalatnc this notice. f> ^7-lawtw I^KAUHL BY S x 1B_BFIAH08. , J hare one of thaae so?erb Plnaos/^^^^ which I will eell at a sacrifice, being cois^liad to move la a few days- _ mb6 2t JWO. P. KLLlH. f f *00 VilriKtMM'' ~ * 1 IN OABIMBT PCBBITOBB Call at the Bxtenaive WareroeMS * U. r.ZIHMBRV&SI * "O.. i Ho ftSOBevewth street dim between La av. and I) street. 4^OBDAMQBBBN OORH VI (Sweet > B. W. BCBOHBLL. Corner 14th a?d f "trwl*. fel 4 tf under Bbbitt Hons* Affara it A??r(*Uva ^ "Ot'L l'i?TiiiifTtl,N ?-Tb*- i^uiffrlf di? ot Ifc* of merit t# apiU at B*r> umi| pine jri-aier ti?> ?lt?nnwii. ?Ui ati:a ^4 Uffl^ivwa ot vprciator* 1 It? ciercitr* werr (Mticflf VDiiftt fODH"iif of ilt(it|. yeft'i ?nt. and d?ak>g, _aad httMr locvn* o4 e?erti?? *M U" P*ru,mnoi>t o? th? )itno br tbe * b'1 t< e?r|ir oiik pt.?> J Tk? nbot*, wp tr* (i.j m tfmi, ar* id a flonrirbiDK roaattoa. IVai H??ma?Ta -l a,, onr^t* o ron'?au?*? to ibvtii|iinr-nt? ot c?*l bi|>a?* a>? Iroia K? y iiuck* ?.?n i,<? too * K<<( ( AM> JaalM ItRKtT Tn. nirk >t rloffd U' any wiia a Wriv inquiry (( r iv?l , ^rkm flour Q\H?d to b.| ^upi-rt at. nU f,i h* ai|^u??4r. i'oi fcvra *u tta?u htre, *l3.t5a*H Soto* caoi -e wad**-, fii W iient. ?ood to iimn* red. ( #ure. * .% * . I'i rii in tair fl???kd, i <?,*?. c-ir? p-r tiu?l>M. \n nb Uric i*lr> of tut'ip*iHl r?*><'i|?,? i a Airi*? d?Tb>* J. . Iir.ilI, ?ri ? tnrrr? I* II or snd n Qa^n ttT of neat. Ki-ti stabph ? Tin* tnornin*.heS?featta<t? In ihe bu'iber*' market were ki,te?I to ?ii!to tb' ?t i null ra tijr 1 liutaUa^ sncu?n?er Ttiey ?rir ?k> n at pri e? mu|ii? uvmii I ? ^ ?4?*p> r at i nm iTmnc^Owx iuvKf5T>. f-U*\V P K t ^ ?>l>* I At lllbbCHS, V? I Brf'?:<- ?tr?et O* .r*-l ?a. I> ?1 1% <?.*-, tfr ? > l>> . *?T' t I.?e >1. . !>yt ? ? ? ' (1? >1 11 Ik I rUlurl ih i'1 >1? Irt %' f I Ir j hm b?l H u?l i 11, If'n It. I . ) ai I ?!. <3 .? J.n?a tMr-am Hu ?. ? ?. ?il- . t.a>? a.. < . it. 11, a 4ii> *>* X?a, * ?aiu'U, N?? t ? I .Mllll,<i lit >? i U.tallJ, It tit I* a I ?|.?0? l? ?u ill , ?<e??r? i?..i I nru' i4 I'll <iw*ll. 0*>l au4 tawli f o4i|Mk BK1|iAMIN g ILLCB I u/a h wiRafLftT'S pufmm m h:b\m >1 DTKiaU A V Ik ? I.S\NSIhO ?rtRLII*H MINT. (iftiit, Re 41 Jeltriua it Oeorj> to? t f1 '' , in >rn prrni nm :??a tr : M l(<r > '? IbKtltnt* . retmlt i> 4 in ' |? ! !.? ? Ii l?r <hr Un r>( ?i>4 ?.<?l complete ?*?ui. IKIiii *ai <>f th* Wina In tl?l? w. tl?a ?f x>uutri !?>? ( i g >iu Sc?.Brng ?f *11 kin \% d.ue il tb*b-?t JliUiliM 'iiol> tkaakfnl for pa?t favora the ?r ?t>il? 11? It e e> i.'Uaa-t < u*l<m o? tlie i uBmt i *--<i tud rtisrt*') b) axpret' w.ti u>? giro*! pr<>mpii>e??? and <ieapat< Ii P,i?i lUti e ?< 4 raa. Luck Hot No *0 Ofti,-* il"?Mdmli ?T igDitt ocf^t Salnrla*, ?hrn It l|rl<?#ll?tis P Wl f* If -II J KA.MiiOAT LINKS. >1 t.AMBE HlUiik BitU roh THIjEASTRkN 8HO> k FOTICB.-Tba Bt- airr WIL**N SMALL. CaPT B T. LEi?*AbU, i< > il ? il r*?pe<t?oi.aot mo tBaa fc~?t n.o?t c>*B>fort*b ?i><i e trainer* pl>iiK 0,i CIim<|4 ?k? . trill h- r r-oteoa t>A 1 HkDiY, M?.ch *! ftbelrav tirr ||?r opp<*it? H'? .70 LijrM atre*t tiirf. Baltw-o ??et> TI/E-DaV. THfa-u*T, ?ol S.*Tl HI* A ? lit p m., for F. A ^T" Y roiS T, DOt'bLh Mll.l S.OXrtiKlt fLQKAS f'Of\ r. WAl lACJt S WHAHt ( AMBKlIt i F. Hi t, H | IJ.7TS WHAh K CAMS CKSKk. MK ' I Fr>lD8 WHAKF. * & L I.UYV'ti L 4X01 \'<i Ketorolac fr.xn TBK BaWTLBM hllokl, I l*a?a? LaadlBg tllm . Oambrtaca at 4 Vm.. ?n4 iMton f let *l ?pin ,???rj Oogi),,. B:?S Friday t?>tchm* ?t *11 latero,* diate laiwtlnae Bad rea. hiiig Baltimore at t? b oc th* fo|i<jw1a? m<Bti h?? i large uuml raf tin# itili roon ' R,""oV%VlAD^t,,^M "u r; TO TBATELLEB* ttoiVtt SOUTH TWICE L>AILT, (Sximay p. m excepted.] The 4ul<i?t BBd moat direct rooka to klckaiot, 1 Va . sad tb- heath *la ?t>e Potoiua- _M ' itMDrn from Sixth Strict Wharf I Waatlngtoa to A*a1a ?.re*k klcliBviid, rrtdNickf^m ?od P"to?iec l?l|r ad. Bow entirely completed froai V.?i >a Or*, k to Kirk moud ,Vb. conoK-tli.* tr.ere with traloa the lit fc. ritoud Bsd PrtaratBrc bb>1 UcCaiobd arid U%o*iii? &ai'roa4i for PrtB-iLar?. Wel<tob. Wtiailaytou laltlfh, Grten?bor 8t!lil>irr. '^ rlott# to4 C'W-iUr. 8. 0 lteBV?ri Carport itl 0 TaadarMlt Imtb tb ; 4tr**t Wharf dally (8ai-d%y ?**-atn? -*<-epte-: at !.??. b> bl<* r. tb p ni (?t irrln tb Blrhax o? at | I V- p. m ?ad ^ SO a . THKOC6B TO ElObMOHI) IB BEVB* UOCKt : Fifty Ml lap Shorter ana is UoarB v|t -? * iumm bbv Oilier bo ate Da vare aatl^ gat T^hr^nirb Tlrkwaa j^a 1 i Office, eorur *1 PeoBa ?*? ? a ad (ik meat. or oa board of the boata lUuift ob*rkad thrvnitk Ouiuii dwi and Bt|m< f*(?M ?MII t? ia readlneei to Convey p ?.??*uf e r? and t*|tv? batarae u depot* lii Richmond I pMMBim i'j tbM line H" t>r Boost j Vernoa Mid nut h*nu opportunity of mda| Mternl battiv (IrUi near Bralerickaborg bysto* I pln? at that . ? Breakfast tod hi oa board of StaamefB i OBO MATTIKQLT Sapt . Wuhlwl*. B 0 | O. rHATTIKOLT, Ttcke^iynt^ J?*N?*toa nil? fcmilPiiww Ag?s? DOTOMAC TBANSPOBTATIOB LIB! BOTICB TO IBIPPIM. Ths Btsamer EXPREss^a*. B A. BY lb BR. laavas Washington at < a m. andAI- jmm _ j ssaadrla at 7 B IB BVEBT SAT ' CBPAT fot ?lymoat. Bodd sPerrv,**^?^fc Smith * Polot, Chatter ton Landing. Basienio* I Stores, Msthiaa Point, Chapel Point Pk>?deoB I Wharf. Lancaster* Wharf. StOBe1* Wharf <'or! lioB?n Bay. Boxwell* Wharf. HarMl's wbarf, Plney Polat, Point Loakom, bm arrt va* at BalB* mora B? B?n<Uy IV 7-tf Bo 34* Ptru. aval* yyA^HisoToa CITY BAVIBHS BASK, Ccrasrof 7th street and Laai?i <hb btmk PATS IBTBBBST OB DBPOSITS. 1 HIGHEST MABkBT BATES PAID KOBCObl? ABPjllT ER mh 6 ? | ARYLAhD AGB1CULTl'BAl* COLLEGE | Th?* do' mi'I this 'citt.ilon ?;111? resoiiec! n SOBliAt . 2Mb -I ?%rch >* htle it ts dastguad to Biake in?troctioa .n f < theory aB'l practice of Arri ultcr- the pa >ar fratttre '* tua l'ol1*ga irirl-ljui* mada fur ?' l conr?e ?f coiteriate 1i*?tractioo eu.t>ri ini tua Latin Greek . Prenrb. German, Itali m an . ft. ?? i?h lanroane* ot aof o' the ax, a course of malic* Strata) and Moral t?< lea e. Hi -t rr, nnd the o'ady of tha English Laai ia<? au4 L era til' e Natural Hi???ry and N?tnr*l Phil ?o?t a hr? r*+', wil! t)*\e?peci*l aiteat -a. Military Tactics wilt b? t?vgbt Thf>r?- will tr bo rrrptr?i?rT Bcbo t but ? ?? l?-cl< 'l EnpiUh *nd Hciei.lfri <" ur?? than t.af%k?u t tha .tixl.nt ? optica Vent racaivad oa:?r fnriM* ?*?r#(rf ** For ? Oirrn?ar and further I formation ?44r*?a M. B WUKTHlHuToi. B*Jt*'?r Ac, Oder at ia?rir?u r?rn*r ti 1 xhw Bsliimcr|UU TBEBS: TBBE?j: fine Torioty of 6BADB TBBES for aolo br | THOi P. MOB<**M. mh 2 St k*?4 Juth atrwat T? BBLB- Tw?> BOBSES , om kif r\ 1*4 on* Br??ti Alto, 1*? 1 huM 1 X1> SPB1>G W40OMB. Apply to BICBBBD^2f^ BIKIT. *3 W?Ur it.. (i*or{et^n (aMf EMBBUIOBKT or ALtTXFs 1>? WOKKID ob r?MM?i4*Uraw Iteri kind ol Vncr Work taucfet ?t v?rv low prtcoa, b? Bao?a E T?'HBa(JB, at y Bappa 0, b*t*MD 8tc atl ?th ?tr??a. ItM la MCSiC ( " PIECES ros OBE OULLAB IBIC < ! *1 lit ud MUSIC at half prlc* "MK I'roiii' ? P.ni.co.1 ?,o..w.otJohn r ill|i bI e H ?? P? ?*' . ?->f Hit 845 ??.***.? Cmal! ?-?r ?nr*d B.ma, Brtafcfati BaroB. Jolea. _ _ SboaU'er*. and mm* u*at bare, J?,?.i?4?4l?M;l.j[Vu ||1(l )4i P*nt*|l>Mia ??ru|(. th 4-niwHtif Ofiotlu H?ir*?vllUt Qwl D~~lrA?TMsaTor%Bl~ilhrtftiofc. ~ VW1TEP STATES PATEST OMCI. Wash i kg to*. falruary tl i* Ob th* petition of Ll'UT K POPS. ad?lu?tra trlitf tbeMtot?? 4ugu*tu* S of tt< m*tTill* MtMchiiwtti, irtriu for tne *ttinoB of I UMit irut?d to tb?- hi4 k P.>m tk* lin day of Jane. H?, for an linyr ?* merit fa Electro Magnetic for aerr-ii >*ar* (re* Ut ex pi ration of Mia pateut. wbieb t?ftw rlM?M th* fl.t <1at of Jnne. 1MT It to ordered that th* ?hid kUUmi b? b*ari *, th* Pataat (< ? o* Monday, th* hi 4?> "J J a a* Beit, at U o'clock I.. and all Mr* "* "* notified to appear and abvar oaa?a.lf?u> tu*f *?? whj ?ald peti'lou artt a -t to b* |r?tW h-raoui ttHOiiiil th* txt~hM*n ar?- r*?*"** J" EU In the PataatOfflr* thatr o*je<*?*? *?" ' '!? art forth In anting. at l?Mt tveuti <? ? the day of h*artn?: all teatlaiony dl^d party to h* na*d at th* aath baa rial a?<? b* . ud transmitted in accordant-* with th?- tu"" tb* ??ca which alii befkr?t*ha<1 oa a??l)??:i" lMpaaWoai and otnar Hf^i miaa ?r* aa.li) 11M he hied ia tha i>lhce twentj d?r? before the da* of beana#. th* areaeent*. " wtihia t*a<tay? after Sua* th* t**u?j-u? (>t<1*r*d aiao. tUa* tbt* aotlee t? aebll*h*4 1* r * fterabMcan and the Rational Iot*IIU?**c*r tMtM.l) C , aud la Joaraal o?t >u arx-e a weak Cor M?r?? H00*mi ?e we?*? f r?t of ?aid mMtoattou* to ba at i*a? *"" * * lw.ot,.toth.*M*fh**rt?in P Editor* Of th* *bv*e a**ar? wrJ 'V, -?#>. hi?d M*d thair bl l.to tStpaUutOffla afarr oonUlntad titl* Mt?. 1* JM*? k[>kk('HMl mid adpimi^ <'? ' ^ TEK l>AVll? Oob.ra la a Eanwr Tny ? Fafard Taylor. Tb* Ctareria* a ' r' loi?e Tfce Village on th* Cltff. ? f *' * ' * , ray Iwo Marrtac** t> th* aatht r of J !?* H*.' l'av Pickwick I'areia. DUn .nd ? _ f* 15 r*Al?MK li'lm imdia orange* a?p " 8WI1T MlLtOI OttPJ# Fresh K.?W

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