14 Mart 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Mart 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- ( I B . . . . ^ ^ ^ ^ .a . . ? ? \ V!i. XXIX. WASHINGTON. I). C.. THIRSDAY. MARCH 14. I8fi7. N?. 4.373. _ tup. evening star fubl1shed daily,(sunday excepted) at the s>ta& buildlncl j^JkwfSl c-nrr Fta? * a:<nut iM lltk street, it \V. I>. w A I.LAO H. T6? STAR to xTTtd by taa curriers to their f*f?crlwt9 in the City and district at tu l b5t? na wni. CoptM at the counter,with it without wrappers. Two Cbxts each. pud rv* mailibs ?Three mouths, Of* It^tr aad Fifty Ctntt; tl* months. Tkrte BoIiart, cue Tear, Fin Pollart. No papers are Htt frt m -.he c Xce loafer than paid for. 1 f WE LILLY l?TAR?published cm FrttUy vcrtiisr-o*' Dfilnr and a Half a Tear. PAWNBROKERS B^vajotln e-loan OPPlOB . 47 j 3: h street. jd dooreoath of p*nu_ava, l. ?n? mtift ey os time t? snl* coatomerijoa w. .d ..sd Mlver wa?ei.oe, /v\ try. Ladles' ai.d tier.tl'men 0 weariaga ^ aut,rb0?'ht b bpbnst1nb. ii alth *8 CESTTUL LO IX OFFICE, Be 4?0 k'tfc ?ii ?t. wu<* "*>or below Peas. ave. ttie well km1*? Office tuafcee zo\ thl,f ad'ahi'u rw\ Ot? Pisai- t>e? 4>oid and *i|v?r Watches {# M I'lrtbiag Furniture, and Merchandise of evejy *\TpViTsvsry <w('u*m Sunday ) from u. t? ' V" CsiintM itiictly cobftiltBtial. fe28-tf^ |Vbtabl.l3tt*? 1 Sit. b pboi a l 5utiui. HARLE* her/8eko. sbffrtsi r 10 liaic b?r>:b?r( a Son, * k( <av?cnDdii'tr<l th? P?wn*rok:a,' Huslnem fir tilers >t-ar* in thie dry. far twelve /Ov < ar- ;)> ooiy Hawnbrokerib the IHstno*,/ X ta r t this mi ivud vt thanking their p?tro't*v If k > tti? puollc fcr tbe couiideuce b? r? u>l?r? aOoeu tt- m, at d b< a !< art to call their at eutiou to the a t that vi i mill ontin' e tc make the hTgnest vi* riti-. id a!l sunn upon all artirle* of .tpwelry, I emend*. w a'cl.ee bond*. Goeer-mn-nt si rip. i lata, a<- for which e? hare anperlor j,*- e? et depvait ?ai eecirliy, which will always mi wi) for the s??tisfacii n ( tuo-e patruul^iua it li?? special tiiclliti's for the cure and i >aii i ti wtarfng Apr ?-l of ?-Tt-ry d?* r r'v< a w color*. tr.,m whi*h the highest * i art ?i>>, guar ant erne *hcn ri-ijnlrei ?? ilsi n.olo, *i J a ways n->t in ury Htvu.g k ?'ina.ili n<f tu io..!u,-?.ti"n with our eihae. wi hiinimtl facilities for *tor.ig"of ?ll kind* h. rcliatid'-s", v*'ni'?r* Ac.. ?o wiii -h wa j r ^ the ^i*l -w a^rafc-e f">r dayi we??lr? or ! i' l. We (ali ewp*cii*l a ?ent'>-iii to fief^ct | ii a* jinn to l-e iarce earl'al ? nrl i)w1 in oar I l uainem cat m?t>- a.1. ,u< e* at ?nrh rares of I it' (< ?'. a* tu fy c aipetiiivn. v* e ??.i a> ?| until th? e*f1r*-ti ' f?f *ii ni -it^i ?'tor t.ieir forfe'tnrn, and tt"'n v ii'y a' i. u lit a ct' ?u flrst-'lv iar axwpl notie*-r. ugh th? vartoTi city Jonr n?l< m ad aep<""!erii. fy this mfans d"Oojit? ?ith a# arr never l< at if ihair redemption i< de? tr ? call eeperial nttei uoa l<> "Oi arrauitaBei t- fcr loreaiUiBrf ?ii to <*u? part of the ciuntry, irrmn-m'-n which an eTpcrlence of mt??ii yeari brwecht to rertectioa Dupositer* are enabled >*% th't W'-ari'i to rc4fm tb?!r got d? frr-w onr otfre re matter whore tbey may i v lccate-1 F'.r iuf 'TmaUon alwa a (fireii. Prl *%'.* aurnaiifa<^onnd^tifial bn?iue?s M B.? W ? hsTf no ?oni?ertlon with any ?i mlsr e?tal>li?pn ^b* In this cltr B -fer toan* .>ld r?-ident of V t?Mn?Mra Bemember HRH/BBKQ'A Lean ftr.ce north C atreet. between tS and 6th, * at i in*ten 1> *. ?e 15 ln>? UOSBY MUHMt ' : HON Y ! I 1 h PBIMCB'S NBWL\ KSTA BLIS1IBD LOAH t' y r i c k , i(7t Pa. aee.. aait ta Paten Ini a Confectionery. Meney loaned oa every description of salable kerchandiae. especially Watchea, dia- /o^ ?oi>ds and fire Jewelry. i e*i a?nrelwl these who may favor me with tber patron-w v ace that they will aot reffrrt having done ao. s b Private door and office. Persons not wiihlnfto ent.r the public office will rin* the office bell. fa a im* | uah orri_?i. . MOBEY leaned on Sold and Silver *atcbee Dlanonds. Jewelry, (Jlothlna, Ac.O V D DOMOV Alt, Pawnbroker. No. J7 a Cat., fe 1 lai' between 10th sad 11th sf. nTHB OLD boTABLIBubu > ibs ?f I B, OOLDSTBIM A CO , l1cbb>eh l awbukoklbj. 34 focb ARC A BALK ^talet wbst, aesr Pennsylvania aveane, Offer the hi*nest cash advances on all ktadsof Merchandise, to sny amonnt and for any /q\ time de?1r?d, at reaaonahlf ratsa. x i lnten-*t on larxe sum? freatly radnead. 9 V Bnsineee strictly confidential. 6frod> b' egbt far cash aad sold at yrtvate aale. 1 fetl-ly i DEXTlSTfiY. Db. LAW 1kb ujcmal Associa riOM, N ?. UbO tb.Sti'A AVh , Between Uth aad lJtb atreeta. Teeth extracted without pulu by almlnsterln* Bitrous fayiie er lsugbia^ Gas. Or Law ib ha* recenUy purchased the b^styfjtj (heiMoal Apparatus ra the couatry for^*Jlr** b aslna sore gaa ererj day: also, an lc.pror?d Valvular Inhaler The Ak'oclation is n ? prepared to ttakt Teeth en ?iold, bl'.ye- a- b ibber a' New lor* Phrtadelpi i* and a m,oii price*. All pers. d? wi-l.i tj,.- i> l r? less set ease Has< h?ap a* in the ah ?ve? >?.?i ctt -s Ail work doue in the ueoieet anl t?*: lumuntt. aad warranted ta give satisfaction Ptrsons will do well to call asi'l rsimuiie oar work. de 14 tf ^tha Lnventer*aiiv^peteat m1bbba.l pla'l'b tbbth, attends personally at^a^ kla office In thie city. Mauy peraoaa cnua^m wear theee teeth who caanat wear others, and ao parson can wear others who csnsat wear l^rt# Persona calling at my oflca oaa ba aoootsmodeled with any style and price of Teath they may desire, but to theee whe are particular,aad wish tha pa rest, c lea nee t, ptroageet aad most perfect d enure that art can procure, the misbaal tbbth will be mare fully warranted. Booms la thie eity-Bo 3S9 Pa an'a aeeaaa, batwaen MB aad 1MB Ma. Also, BOT Arch street, philadelphia^^ PERSONAL. bs ccbt^ ibv1i9, Clarrvvmnt. mnd Tut jf?dmmb.wul give Ufa readiags. Including Paet, Preeeat and Pature at her office, 4uo, s*rth eide of Pa. as., betwaaa 4* aad ?th stream. .Office hoars from t to 2 a. m. aad 4 ta t a. m. ja 14 tra Ab. maubk'b, bbabboibntipic a9tboboubb Of ambbloa. Prom the poeltion aua aspect of the Stars at tha tiaaeofoae's birth will reveal astuiilabiac secret* that ao liviag mortal ever knew betore. how to be successful in all reasonaMe uncsrtahinf?. H>- telle name and very day yon marry; descrloee the intended cou panion. and t*-lia all events of ii fs good ln<.k and long life to visitors. LaAeetO cents to-91 gt_tismtu la fnll $1. Call at 4 70 13th st . near y. all honri natii y in the ereainf. de 31 in' C" OBPIDBBT1AL -Toang men who bava Injured tbetneeivee ny certain secret hablta. which nnflt thi a. for bueiaesa, pleasure, or the dnOas of tnarrlad life; also, middle aged and old men, who. frem the follli-s ef youth, or other ansee. fe*-1 a CefclUty ia advance of their years, before placing thereto free ondsr the treatment of any oae, aboaM Srst r??d "The Secret Priend." Marr ed ladiee will learn something ef liaportaaoe by perneing "The Secret Friend.- s^uftoany addrees, In a pealed envelope, on receipt of 36 caite. A'id rem Dr. OBAS A 8TUABT A CO bi'too, msh ?o ? ly hot^raiataubantstao. i. 1ksv09d budsk. Csfa'r Pr?ae ??-s?i'* mnd Tr?lrrk BTa sia^ m. D C ifiJU tsltnated in the moat ceatral locatioa the city, b.ldway between the CAPITOL abd pbbsidbntml mansion, ? ly a short distance from all the Depart raeats, Pstsnt and Poet Offices, Smlthsottlan Institute, st. . h b. dldlbv ago., ao 21 -tf Proprietor*. l" mb1cb 8 bbdtaubabt, i j No. 3aa Ptnaa avsaao. near (th street, p bmbich wtahee to inform hie frlea ie and the public generally that be aow k>-epa con |i>a 'antly on aasid otstbbs. fresh svsryfnbm day. prepared la eeary atria. ifmi HisWlNBSaad llyl'obh cannot be suraaeead. Call aad gfvs hlm a total. ?c s tt pbotbotbp b iujva1*lbttbm? pateat of Baa lead, aad sec area by the eeata of the Bcoie do Pharmacte do Parte, ami Us Imperial c*Ue?a of Medicfaa. Vlaaaa. Triiiiaar Ba. 1. u tha eflectuai remedy far telaxatioa. Sporma4hi>rrhooa, aad Bxhanetlon al the ByMam. Tnasaaar bo 1 has eatlreiy eaperseisd the aaaeeoas use ot Copavla, Cuba be, Aa, Trieasmar Bo Is tha lafallthie remedy far all lmpuritlee aad Saoondary 8yn.ptom? thn? obrlating the asa ef mar vary aad all other delaUrtow ldire4l#lll Bach preparattoa la la the form of e moot aaraaat :* lease*e booared from the sffocU of ella.ate aad ehaagee af afnsphsrs. la tl? case*, at tl each, ar loar #3 oaoei la oae for #0, aad la f jt m*es. thas sasl aa #* Dlridod la separata dasaa ss admlaistored by v?lpoan. Bailamaada, boqx. * Wtu4eaale aad ratal 1 by Or babbow, bo 1?? "'ft'behajfalao oti. 0'lobd. Bo. bt? bsenee.earaar 11th m. **"* \ | AChBBBL abp oodpisb. w wo pounds lane shjsbb 1copfibb. j i'iwr.' eivi-^aad* fcrs.^ at^r^arf. at tha he, .< Seveatb ?. i fm0j2 4s 11 tf ha. dsa Nhtth at . Wot. b aad f. &T "" asSjriak /, i J ^ j| H * 1 m f I great sale of ENGRAVINGS, IV aid Or THE DESTITUTE AND ORPHAN SONS of ocr 80LD1EB8 AND SAILOBS, at? a PBESKN TAT10N I . * .7 WILL B* <*:y?N , AT WASHINGTON, D C , ON TllLR^DA?, APlilL 4, 1?67. ' I Th? ln'tltut:oa for whose benefit this eutt-rpisi j is coo-:nrt?d wasf?w.ndeJ for the purpose of <ra- i tait- Ksly fwU' aiifiit the son* cf decuas?J SvlJlers a~U 8- smen of the United States. jr.'* y.cpils will h# received After April 4, no^n *llh rt'inlrftnfTit*. Ti1* fncVawr o( each Encravinr for one <1 >ll#r will be g'y i. a certlfi. ate eptitllng th< hoIJsr to a 1.Are :n tie Award of presents. ? r ? LIST or rBKSENTS. 1 T-oye's s i eat equestrian portrait ef General i?cott in the stairway of tbe OaMui - ?iS,ono 1 fltJtte in (Old ? 13 .QUO 1 Gr?f?b?eU, O. t> 6,000 1 Greenback, 0-S ? 5i?l 5 .?1 <wn 0. 8. Honda 5 OHO w .voe " - UN* 0 " Greenback* _ 5 oqo 100 $M> " " 8.(100 100 ?J5 ' ' I.JM 1,WS10 " lojm 2jQf 0 91 M ** 10 0fl8 16.'04 n - * i?,#oo i Bcildiag Lotsol Eleventh Aveuae, New Totk city, free of encumbrance 3,1 V> 1 8ct Diamond Bari-lncs. 6o0 1 IHaaoai FIb 10* 1 Steinwny Piano....... _ _ 1,090 4 <')ilckerlDf PlAa' s, f4)0eaeb .. ... J.yxl 1 IIwoo * iinili'i Parlor OrgaB*, ?l,So0 <*cb -. ~ ? J.000 18 Sewing Ma^hlaes. $100 each 1.0*} ICO Family Sewlnj Machines, #7'. each 7jwn fO Gent* OoM Watches. 8*W each JO I adies ' giaOeaeh 2.4M S> Genu'* Gold Guard Chains. ||i?e?( k. t.OOS a> Ladies ' " 51? > each . i.ooo V> Silver plated Tea Bets. $75 each ?... 1,870 1 Ge a t?" Saddle Bad Baalpmsuts, fM ....... 10 > 1 Ladits " " ... _ iv> 1 Brewster's Bogi.'y ~ .. ... uOO 8 Sets of Harness. j?Soaach?? MM Subscriptions Weekly Trlbnno. ?2 each 1,0<)0 *? " Ilorel J, ? l,r<? mo ' Harper's MoatUly, 93 " Mt> " Atlantic Monthly, A i ? | >, Kffl M Ikatier?1 Freemason, 9; " S,W i i I 1 Paintivg. D?kid Piayiag the Harp before Sad ? - 1,M^) ' 1 Pointing, Uadtneao'l Ariadne 1, On , 1,Q?j Uandsome EuTrarlngs, $5 each 5,0 ?) 9iv) ooo Engravings to the amennt of 600,000 will b old, and all fond* received are to be deposits 1 with J AT COOK! A CO.. First National B*nk of Washington. D.C., to be held by thrM fer the benefit of tbe Inatitntioa. HOW TO OBTAIN ENGRAVINGS Orders nay be sent tone oncloaia? the^onef, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, In a registered latter or by post office order, at our rtak. Those wlsbln? Engravings sent mnat enclose ten cents iB stamps to cover expenses Larce amenuts should be sent ia drafta or by express. PRICE LIST : Fer 91 00 a handsome Engraving. For J Of) " of larger olasa. For S.to " For 4.CO " " ? For I.M , * " ' For t.(0 " " ' For lg.00 a splendid Aaserican Chrouio. For > .00 " German or Krench Ohromo. \f 1 By bujin? works of art fn large qnAatitiet we are truatied to give parties purchasing from ns the same kir-d of engravings that are told ia any atore, for the eame price; and. in addltloa, we will give a cor tile ate which eati ties the holder to B< interest In the award of prsrniunu for each dollar Invested 'n the purchaaa. Address all otdors and commualcatiana to ' KENNEDY A CO.. P Poaas. avenue, Waahlngtoa, D. O., Lock Box 41. ? ' ' !o ) ?. \ . I ' 8'ECIAt BOT1UB. To the mllitsrp organizatioa lntluoaclag the largest sale of oagravlogs will k? prssialsd a handsome Esgiiteatal Standard. l'artlae parchsotag Bagravlngs will plsw ad viso tko agents o which reglmoat, *e., they do Iro to credit tktlr pat chase. Those dealriai to a?4 as ageats will apply for >aXsmattoa. mk7-ool? 1 . !. . ^ special notices. MBS M.G BUoftN'd M ETAI'H YSlOALPlSCJUVAHY curt* Deafness. (iitr li, all t ' be I)?, and every diir*-e Qeah la heir to For sale kr ail Diaggiata mh a 2w* MI-8 M G. BBOWN'B CBL*BB\TBD POOR BICH ABO'S IVK WaTBK. Lift* ?P eTery aunkea e> e. and aircDfthnn* e*.-ry weak eye, ep-ns blind aye*. ia the brat la the world. For sale b) all Druggiate inh 9 2w* MBS M 0. BKuWN'o l'NBQnA..LEl)30ALP BKSOV \TOB AND HAIR BESTOBKU No anlphuriB t*l? p'eparati^i*, which i? k.l'lug the acaips and rei d^r'tig tba t eople blind For aala by all Druggist*. mh 9-lw ?/ Till GBR AT CilAKM OF METCALFE 3 OK E AT BH KL MAT 10 BuMKUV lie* la the sB.all quantity ntce?s*ry to effect a care. One do?? ""forty drops'') gives inatant relief, and thrire re-eatt-d -tM.ro. fall* to restore the aulfersr to perfect lieatth. _ ? . mh b f<-2w B. ? FORD, Agent. REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOB 8PB01AL OASBS. He 14 Bond afreet. Hew Tork WFnll lutermatiou with tHa At?aeft iut\montal>; al?o, a book on , ?" <* a*aia" tmfiort s^ntfre*. 4f^" St *ur? and t'n<l for (hem, *nd yov teili not rrgiet it; lar.aa ad vei *l?in? puy | aiflatJ* sre generally impo.tJor*. without re fertnrt* I a? stranger should be trotted. Bncloeei a stamp fer ?o-fn?e * d dli ect to PR, LAWBIHOl No | 14 bond atreet. New York nol2DAWly <r MabbUUiAMIOtlilBAOY, AMI) run I Li apptuers of True .Hanbo d - An Ki?i fur I Yovni* Men jU the Crime of solitude, iad the Physiological krrors, Anu?s?aud DUeases which I c? eate1 ni pediment a to M *rna?e, witb?ure means I at K-Mief 8*ut iu sealed letter euv. I >p-s fre- of charge. Address Dr .1 SKiLLIN HOUGHTON, I Howard Ai* elation Philadelphia. Pa. jail-Am BiCCRKT t/lsBAaJkS ear. ar:* a.n ?G.?iib (he mval certain, aafe and sttectual remedy--Indeed, the i>aly vegetable rei.ic I ly evtir discovered Cures la two to tour da) a and I recent cases tn twenty four hours No mi ueral, ao peiaaiu, no men ury Otl? tea pills to be laa-n It la the soldier a hope a id A triead t<? tho?e who>lo let want te b* exposed. Male packages, 02,ieSa * ar tah's Boor A5i> H e*b4 "legs?A poaltlva ana permanent -ore fer Spy tills. Scrofala, Clcera, I Sores, Brcta. Tetters Ac Pr'ee .}1 2S per bottle. I Sold bv R O Ford See advertisement tit (I dancingt pBOFB. J . W. A H TrUBJIir DANCIHG ACADEMY, ? Pennsylvania art use, bet. 4tk and 7th at*.. Opp-aite Metropolitan Hotel. yiflk Hew Claaaea formingevery evening. Tb'4?? desiring to anter oar claaao* ahould aTail themselvea of thla opportunity. Preparation* will ba made In thla quarter for onranuual May Ball I Ciraulara can be had at J. F. Ilia'nod W. Q. Metccro*' A do.'* Mualo Storea. The Hall can be rented lor Bolreaa, Ao. I Day i 0md Honrs of TV in on : I For Ladlea, Miaeea and Maatera. Taeaday and Saturday afternoeaa, from S to 4 o'elocA. I Gentlemen aOlaaaea, Taeaday and Friday eTanlnga. from 8 to IV o clock. ? . I Por farther Information.apply dnrlaa the hoara I af tnltlon, or addreea a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with tba flrat leaaon. ja8 I MA B I H 1 ' 8 FASHION A B LB DANOINQ ACADEMY, AT aA MABINi ? AHSBMBLY BOOMS, M E, between Mh and 18th atreeta, The laat quarter of '.hiaaeaaon. preparA- HBB I (ory to tbe May B*ll wilt commenca on Satur- I day, March 2. CBaaaaa fer tbe Germai are now I open. H B ? Piirate I natrnctlon giren to anit the oonTealetice of tbe papll. tela M B?18? BALL. The nsderalgned would moat respectfully Inform tbe ladlea and geatlemen of Waahlngtoa city, aad the Dlatilct generally, that be teat all | timea prepared to fnrnlah parties with Maa<iaer> I ade and Fancy Cuatauie, either om loan or made to | order. He haa taken rooma at the well known fancy eitablUbmeut of Cbrlatlaa Bappert, Bau., I 8'22 7th atrert, between D and B, where he will ba hafpy to await orders. OHABIiRS BEBO, lateUoetuwer at Ford*!! and Or^rer'a fe 11 lm* Theatera. Waahlngton, D O ndlotfllno7*0. james t. walker. , MERCHANT TITLOB. 4**4 ScTeutk Street, 4^*4 K<arettlully inform* his fiiends and tb? public I eei t-r ally that he lias a tine large and woll-_^? I a< i<cted as^ortmrnt of tLOTnS, CASalMKBES. VESTTNOS A5D 4T GENTS' KCBNISHlNti OOOD3. That he ia determined to run oft at a very email advance on cost. ^ Persona pa'roni/ltif his establishment will be gnarunteeo a GOOl) FIT and good wnrkmtuabip. 1 a- be ia determined to employ none but the beet workmen P IS ? JOHN A. McLEAH takes this method to inform bia frianda thai he will be found at kis post I at the al'OTe placa.whera be will ba pleaaed t? I caitr ta t heir tastes, gi vine th< m garments to anit I the moat faatidlooa. and aeeing that thalr gar- I menta are made up in tke moat workmanlike man* I mr. mftil^im 1 jyj bbohaht tailobino. j Tha undaralgnad having entered Intocoaartner- I ahlp, and laid la an exte. alve ant oarefnlly _ mm aelieted stock af CLOTHS, OASeiMBBBB.^fl VEBTJN08, and Geatlemena' FDBN1SH Tim ING GOODS, ara prepared to aaPa op forjf tbeir caatomara neat ittinK and fasKionnble^^^ | nuita of alotbing, at their *aw aatabllahment. Wo. I 3 j0 E street, twa door- wast af tbe Hatioaal The- ] ater. Persona deal Mag neat fitting and feahlon- | able ClotLing.oa moderate tarma. should aat fall I to give ua a call before yurchaalng elsewhere. GEO T. KBEH. f .W . GILBBBT, Feraerly of 809 vth at . Merchant Tailors. Ho. 320 e at. bat, utk and nth. Metropolitan Hotai lo*o Brown* , IF 8 SB MmylTWla iwaas. " ' mr l-tf Waahingtoo. P. 0. , yy h claqbt- a. b. swbbhy, BBAL ESTATE BB0KER8 A!SB AU0T1OHB1RB. I Parties contemplating balldlng in tha apriag or purcbaaing unimsroTaa property for Inveetment will fibd It te their adTantage to look ovar our liat before pnrcbaalnf. aa we haye added recently to oar fotmar llat a large amount of that 6eecrip- I tien of property. We can offer many Inducement* I aa regard* aitnation. low prloaa and eaay terma. We hata aleo for aala aeveral anrall tracts af land I In tba Imnifdlata Ticimty of thla oity, yary allgtbly located for aabnrban r?aidencea,- aa wall aa Eigbly improved farma In Marylaad, whloh ara I rtally bargains. . . . _ 4 _ I Property left with ua far aaledoaaliet anbjact I the owBar tc expense ualeaa sold while on oar I 'TeVl lm ^OLAGBTT A SWEENY. AF. D. CLEABf, I rCTION AMD COMMISSION MBBCHAHT Southeast earner of K and Eighth a tree u, (Oppaslte Northern Liberty Market,; ! WASHrtlSTOlt, D. 0. I regolar"s4Les, i MONDAY. WEDNBSDAY. FBIDAY, AhD BATLBDAY. Cor,signments solicited. Liberal advance made on c< nsignmeata. Particular attention paid to tha aa'e of Heal Bstate.and Honaehold Furniture at prlTate realdeacra. fa Zi aalaa cn "PEB OEHT. 8AVBD by oaing O. B. JBWOU ELL S pure unadulterated _ Premium Haw |Q|k Olty SOAP, Premium FAMILTBOAP, AndHo ']BBO W N^SOAPT' For aala cheap lor e*ah. Ordera through tha Post Offica will & promptly attaadad to 6. B. JEWKLtb, Boapaad Gandla Manafacturar, Ho. MO and 8u2 Gat. north, bet. 4th And 4th, jall-tfta UOPA APPABATTT^ yoB-SALE Ohe ofBl?*low'a Polar ks* Oambinatioa 8GDA aad SYBI'P I'OOLBB, Pooelaln ??rsip Caaa. Glaaa lined Kauceta and Syrup Indicator* Also, two si*te?u gallon cvPter Fountains, all laexcellant order Addraaa 5Boda Fountain."City Post UB?s. mh 12 41* i^BOlOB huts. BA8IM8, F(G?. OOBBABTS, Te i?_ K||| Place. ??* "<YA*a. *LAC*A^*5J _ black, lamoh a co., DHWtUan and Attarasya at Law la tha Baaram* woS,'^3|^^tmli^ith ' TELEGRAMS. fce. funeral Scbotield yesterday issued an ofTicial order aborning command of the First District (State of Virginia.) He diree's a'l t (Beers under the existing provisional government to continue to pertorm the duties of their r>s| active ofli.es. according to law, uuieas oih? rwise dir-cted. in individual cases, until tbeir successors are elected under the act ot Congress. He says it is desirable that military power be exercised ?nly so far as necessary to a rotnplisb the objects for which it wax conferred, and he appeal* to the people, e pecially 10 the ctvil officers, to render 'he necessity for its exercise as slight as possible by strict obedience to law and the strict enforcement of It iu all cases. We have returns from 126 towns in New Hnropj-Uire which give Harriman, tor (loverncr,vji?n vo*es, and Sinclair and scattering 23.4H2 votes. Kia iu the 1st congressional district, is probably elected by 1.2U* majority, and Stevens, in *be 2d district! and Kenton in the 3d district. b> about 1,MN> maiority each. The Council vt til Viand four Keoublicans aud one Democrat. In the Senate "eight Republican* and four !) mocrn's are probably elected. In tb?- House there is a RepubUcau majority oftii. Tbe Senate ol the Fenian Brotherhood ha? bee4. called to meet next Tuesday, to take action on the present condition of the Irish nat oral movemenv It is authoritatively stared that fcoth tti* Senator* and the organization tl ev represent vill fnlflll the promises made b> President Roberts to extend all the aid in their power to the Irish Republicans in the fleU'. At the municipal election held a' Bargor, Maine, Monday, Altert Q. Wakefield ?as eiweted Mayor by a vote of l,ltu 14*18 tor S. 11. little ?od ID lor J.8 RicKer. Messrs. liaie and Wakeiield are boih Republicans. la* Ci:y Council i? nearly all Republicans. Tue L?? irtocra?s made no light a# l*?-mocra:s. 1 he report ot tlie inspector of the Chandiere riv-r grid miies InCanstdastates tht* alluvial mining Las been actively prosecuted at Gilbert rivfr, and since December 13 seven thjiisaiid nine bnudn d dollars have been taken out of twelve shafts. Seven men are employed upon each -bait. In joint convention yeswrdav, the Legislatnre ol Marylaud declared Philip Francis Ibomas elected United Slates Senator for six years lo till the existing vacancy. The Gov ernor was directed to i&sueihe necessary mmmis-ion to tbe Senator elect. 1 be Iowa newspapers are canvassing the names of prominent citizens of the State as eai d dates lor the Governorship. The m*mes of Adjutant General N. B. Baker and or Col. Merrill area) present the only ones before the voters of Iowa. The municipal election was held at Camden, N. J., Tuesdhy, and Cox, the Republican candidate, was elected Mayor by about 301) maI jorny The whole Republican ticket was elected m two wards, and partly id the other one. A delegation of the mercantile community left Philadelphia yesterday afternoon for Washington, to urge the reappointment of Colenel Wm B. Thomas as collector of um* port of Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Conference ef the Methodist Episcopal Church assembled at HarriBburg, Philadelphia, yesterday. The Conference will remain in session from ten days to two weeks. Yesterday was the coldest of the season in St. Paul, Minnesota, ibe inermometer standing 25 degrees below zero, and 12 degrees below sero at MMwaukls. A telegram from Carson says the Governor ot Nevada will call an extra session of the new legislature, to meet on the 15th instant, lor the purpose of pasting a re venne law. A large meeting of the citizens of Pottsville, Pa . in favor of the impeachment of Andrew Jobnsoa ,waa held this week. Both Houses ef the Maryland Legislature have agreed to adiourn tor the present session tint <1 i?on Friday, tb? 9Cd instant. ? 0*?RESsl0NAL. i* ate ?Yesterday, afur our report closed, the Senate went into executive session, and soon afterwards adjourned Hot sx?The Senate jfiint resolution for the relies of the destitute in the Southern States was debated up to the hour of adjournment yesterday. The Leoiklatihe up Mabviasb.-Yesterday tbe legislature met in joint convention, ai d it nppeitrirg from tbe journals ot tbe two branches thai tbe Hon Philip Francis Thomas ban received the vote ol a majority of all the members elected in each body, the Speaker declared Mr Tbomas electeu United States Senator to fill tbe existing vacancy from Maryland. Tbe Governor was directed to issue the necessary commission to tbe Senator elect. The Senate passed the registration bill, tbe bill appropriating 825.00U to the Maryland State Agricultural Society, and the bill to pay arrearages is tbe police of Baltimere appointed in HW. In tbe House, a motion was made to reconsider the vote by which the bill was passed to incorporate tbe Frederick and Pennsylvania Line Railroad Company. The motion, however. tailed, by a vote Of *5 yeas, nays 44. The Senate bill to authorize a levy of IS cents in tbe *loo tor tbe support of public schools waa passed. A favorable report was made on the House bill to make an appropriation in aid ot the starving people of the South, and also to atborizs tbe Mayor and City Council of Baltimore tc appropriate not over *200.000 tor tbe same purpose, and to raise the same loan, itc. Mbxico.?A letter frem Vera Cruz, dated March lit, says: General Baxainearrived today in this city. Tbe Liberals under Saloedo, Gomez, and Redriguex have taken Orisaba and Cordova. The Imperialists retreated to tbe city, but it is tbought they all will desert before they reach Yera Cruz, as they are very much afraid ot vellow fever. General Alaforre is about Puebla. General Benavides is tbree leagues from this city with a large torce. He expects t? occupy Vera Crux when abandoned by the Frencb. .The communication with tbe Interior is entirely cut ofT. We have no news west from Orizaba Tbe French are between this city and Passodel Macho. Tbey all aspect to leave early this month. Their iron-clad fleet is still here. A Sign of tub Times.?Au intelligent colored man was approached to knew bow be telt in regard to tbe approaching Municipal election, and as to whether be could be calcu* lated upon to support a Radical tick-t. The Freedman. keen in tbe ^business, obnervod: Well, if you give us [tbe colored voters] half, and half of the Council ticket, we will consider be matter; otherwise, I am disposed to go with those who have proved our best friends in times past.?Fredericksburg (la.) A'tiot. Sehtenc* of Illicit Dintillers ?On Saturday in tbe United States court at Philadelphia. Cornelius Strain, for being engaged In illicit distilling, was sentenced to six months, and John McBride for the same offence, to eight months. Dennis JCall, for illicit distllN tng, to pay a fine of *300 or be imprisoned three months. Wm. Taylor, tor same offence to pay a tine ef *24o or be imprisoned six weeks, and James Call, also tor distilling illicitly, to pay a fine of SI50. YiBr.ntiA Legislature?The House of Delegates on Tuesday passed the folio wing: Bill relating to tbe Alexandria Canal and Railroad. Ayes, 57; noes, 5. BUI for the reliet ot tbe Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Loudoun county. Joint resolution ot thanks to Mr. Geo. Peabody. 6T Michigan is to bold a Constitutional Convention wbicb will havepower to prepare an amended State Constitution. In Mew York a Constitutional Convention Is also to be held; and tbe subject of holding a convention to revise tbe Constitution of Pennsylvania is being agitsted at Harrtsbnrg. mr A man in St. Louis solved his religious doubts by blowing bis brains out. ffT Artificial wood is made with gelatine and aw-dust. M*An armless man in Richmond eloped with a married woman VA bill is before tbe Legislature of Louis-* tana, to license gambling bouses at *lo,ooj per annum. 7"It is so dull at Denver that they can't even gat up a funeral. TGymnaaiOMs for ladies are the rage in England. ?7Tbe army esttmttM in England amount. to ? 14,752,la money and 139,14* iq men. A c 1 ' nT1 Montreal is the dancer's paradise^?It has spent 15MW far halls thle season. ^ FROM El ROPE. Loudon, March 13? Evening ? Despat -a?s r?v?i?*-d trom Dublju tbi* evening state that I reined is quiet. No Dfw Fenian demonstration* hnv? been report There baa been a great (all|of saow in Ireland. A number of remans have been arrested it Limerick The ,?U 'h#'r Waj" 10 th* P<"k? bnrra Iri, were ckefffd by the people, pttcardi emanating from fmiMariH 0/ me 1 k SL.a - tb* of Olonmeii a^JV ''r*t?ffo^<, *nd Tipperary conatios, for. Bidding the people from paying their rent*. March 13. ? Hart .Muncbaaseo, premier of Hanover, in tbe Government wf the la e K nr. baa challenged Count Von Bismarck f..r words uttered in a debate in the German Parliament. \ imsa. March 13 ?Tbe Lmperor Francis Joseph has given orders for the streng'benmc of the Austrian posts on tbe Servian frontier. Baltimore Annual ( tsferesce mf tbe Episcopal Methodist Church. . **v**th DAY?siDKaaoaT. A* Wil&on, of the Hoird of Kinancc, sob* muted the annual report. The total amount >u their hands, known as the tJonfereuce. ^c. tion and Bishop fund*. Is <*i. Xne Board bas paid to the Presiding Hi?hop of tbe ia?t 7r?D?a^Ky' a*-*'- leaving a balance Ol *1,4 lb ib. There wa* applied U> ?ui?eran . n uated preachers aud the w.dows and01 i?h.m? of decked preachers *1,**, and to necessiV, ot preanhers *0!ii.3>i. Tl;e ltoard estimate me amount neoes>arv for the support of superannuated preachers aud widows *r>d opnann for the ensuing year at 7V,.>5<>, appropriated a.- follows. Baltimore f',0UK' ??'<' Winche* er, S >5t Kockiuitb:.m, *-^d. Nou'b Branch, *IUtt Le* i-burjr, ?.uo; and Ko&nokp, .Inm?* ilwan a?1?nut-d on trial. 1 he relation of S. Kapler wa, changed froni supernumerary ui efl'siUve, and tb;i?. ot K. ir rampton 10 mi pern umerary. V m. (}. Ixive, of the Committee on Stat**. J tics, submitted a report, which ?>bows tuat there are .0 local preaibera wiihiu the bound* i of this Conference: 16417 while member* aud 1 .)!.? colored ones; 7tt> infant kapriMu* were i niaile during the year and 12; i adult; -.'19 S*t>. ' bash schools, with 2,u-4 teacher* and 13.|M i scholar*. IhUis au increase during the vnr of the white membership of <,0!i4. . T^"\unanimously determined to hold lib next session in Baltimore, and tbe preachers in charge in Um city were selected to make all Beceseary arrangements. Tbe relation of J. L Gibbous was changed from superaun uateri to supernumerary I ne following mmiatera were adm.tted from other conferences by transfer ?J L.. Clark I B. >iU|Mtrlck, J. D. Jilackwell. Henrv fc Johnson, J. >>. Porter. Aaron Booae, J. R. Finley, and L H. Creaabaw, of tbe Virginia Confereuce; W. E Murray and W. A. Harris, of th>5 Holstou Conference: E. T. R. Trim.e hugene R. Smith, James Foiliusbee, and S B* Madison, of the Texas Conference, L. E Huston, of the Kentncky Conference: aud George O.i mitb, ol the Georgia Coufereuce These ministers were welcomed by a rising vote Rev. J. S. Gasdner, Presiding Elder of kna and^r^'r'n^1 WM TmU*vt4 D?? own request, and granted a supernumerary relation. iu consequence of failing health. The Bishop announced tbe visitor* to lit#, rory institution*. ,ue On motion of J. S. Martin, tbe first Friday in May and the first Friday in Novemberwere wt apart for tasting and pVayer. The Bishop then announced tbe appoint. Tuf^r^T"'""""" Baltimore District.?S. Regester. Pre*idm? tlder. Hocbville, J R. Armstrong, one to he supplied: Montgomery, Robert hmith, R w Wilson, Rock Creek, W. K. Boyle. B. F Hall" Washinfton District-Jonn s. Martin, P. E. V> a.-buigton, W. V Tndor; Alexandria W K J H cit" m'sViooarv Loudoun, J. Landstreet, L. H. Crenshaw I-eesburg.S R0f4.rs; Fairfax, A. B Uoliy. j* n Ti.?er' ,nP*rnumerary: Mt. Vernon. C G. Linthicum St Mary's, Thomas W Brown: H'SnaSC* p-" Sm"bi Naryliri Aan.1 Cnffmcc .( the Mrlh edist Pretestaut I hurch. _. .t,K,RKT ?*v-wiii?mnAv. Tbe thirty-ninth session of the Altrviann Annual (inference of the Mecbodist ProtZ, L Church assembled Wedne.sday nioru,^ ui tHecborcb corner of Qrten ann ? streets, Baltimore. The opening religiou< -er vice, were conducted bv'the Pres.dem ofTh^ Conference. Rev John /. Mnrray. f? |> ?f The roll was called by one of the -eoretarie^ I when it was ascertained that a maior.iv of tb* clerual delegates were pre^eIa, t^sides a lar^ number of lay delegates. a large Tbe body being regularly organised for tn* transaction of business, the President read hi? annnal report, getting forth the "ucceLTic a-tending the church during the paA year' The President refers with regret te the Ja?k of unmarried preachers, he having been n, 10 ">eet the demand for them /nS^ea^ th^ unless "laborers are sent into tbe vme^rd a portion of tbe circuits requ.rmg the ol two or more ministers will have to aLU^? the church are to urgent 1" mnw OI < The reading or tbe reporu of tbe auDena tendenta was called for, and tbe aflci&i c hi" ' cter of the following' mmmrn Sempie Rowe, I?r. 1>. F. twell lohn ? ' Nicboto, D. a Sbermer, D Kvi^ K^ ' " r,TcSSi w" w wte: ; Rev. J. J. Murray, D. D.. was re ? J^eaident, and returned thanks ,? a bnTt ' wizjssavsziiz ffl.s'sxr : hv"^'0' ' RiThfrdLl^?^' ? " Richardson andTTf 1 ? ? I ?- Commift^e on Appeals?Clercv 1 A. S. Evereole, Joba Elderdice la\men u ' ' Turpi., James Bond. Steward X *1^ i.,z i AMl.taot w w. Kr.J 'H i liyaore. t. , The examination of official character wa * resumed, and tbe folio wing parsed D Rn?r* 3 ers, E. J. Drmkhouee, J. EhiVrd^e I M n ' derdioe, J T. Easeliu, o S to w'r bv I v ? Maloy. W. McK. Poisal, John Kob^m j H Conference then adjourned until 9 a. m tod?y.?Balttmur, Americam 10 i The Floob*-lmmtntt destruction I'to,.. erty.-lieports from below Cincinnati repre- J wot a great destruction of property by t**e ' flood in many piacee between New Albany < and Eransville. Tbe river is thirty miles 1 wide, and thousands of cattle, sheep, and h* have been drownea. and hundreds of thousands of bushels ol grain have been lost Ttie country is covered with stacks of wheat, hav and oats. All the Meamboat landings are uu'. der water, and boat* cannot make landing^. Shawnee town is completeiy inundated, aud m the lower part of Cincinnati and Covington hundreds of bouseeare under water A hri?1 -. cm the Mobile and Obio nil road, near f'niou a^Vn'rth?nW^f?*^ a way, and a locomotive on a^ or thern-bound tram was precipitated in to < tbe river. Tbe tiack at Columbus u ifb^ merged, and tbe cut at that town tilled to a J depth of lour feet by a land alide. a large i force ot men are at wark repairing the dam" * age. ?ewi from all directions represent tbe * flood a. unprecedented. Tbe roads south from IxmisTille, Kentucky, are badly broken up by 1 aw*T *f bridges and culvert/ and by lana*alidea. Tbe febio river is sun 4 rising, and the rain storm oontinnea. Manv } to Neb'tikt CmU<V* ** lb? ** flood The Cincinnati Comtaercial s Kuox viliedia. patch says ula esumated that tbe late flood f damaged Kast Tasmeseee to the amount tM,QOMDO. Oyer two hundred persons were wat-bad outof their ho usee fa Enox Title The damage done to farmiag iatereau is wwr? 1 hea^y. Masr of the farmers loet houses barns, graia, and stock. mouses ??????'. ^Oo? ?? KM , *^"Tbe SaK Lake Vidette notices that opm sional ordets are still issued by the Motors < for obnoxioas Qanutea to leavaT TV are arat obop or dulMa. Aboat one-half the wbole camber waiii tbemaelves deaaatty < *?okai ware ' h| 7 ,ftB Mo< ?a is to MiiMUa ' to?Tle Halt Lake Talagiapb of Febtaarr ft ' ia tail ot abaee of "*f'Tf" Brim uaa lAttar 1 areaotia feyarof p^^a-M j ' 5 OFFICIAL. Bjf f*e rrti\d'*: #/ tkt (fitted States if A merit* A HBI1 I II? Wbnwi a (OBTF1UM HUIWI (ha I'alM ?**** Austria, Beigiiun. Spain,I"ranee.Urea: Brimm, Italy, tbe KruitriaiM)!, Portugal and * 1 Swede* on rbe on* part, and the Sulmu of Morocco on the other pari, rono-rniu lb* ad- ~ vn mstration and nphoidlngof the Light-boase at Cape Spar'el, vat concluded and signed kv their iip?cUT( plMtipuifauai ir? en bf iic t day ot May, one thousand eight hundred hud sixty-five, which coovmhob. betng in th* t rencb and Arabic languages, is word tor word aa follows Co>vbkth>w between tne l>nf?i Stat**. Austria, Belgium. Spain. France. Great Britain. I a<y. the Netherlands, Portugal aad Sweden. on 'he on* part, and ibe Saltan of Morocco. on the otber part, e?ntermor tb?? art mintstration and upholding of tbe lighubouse at C Ape ? Spartel. lu the name of tbe Only 'Jod ! There w no strength cor power but ol God. Hu excellency the President of tbe Uaitad States of America, and his Majesty the Emperor of Austria Kmc of Hungary Mid Bohemia. bis Majesty tbe King ot tbe li*lgians, ber Majesty ibe ^n?rn ot Spain, his Majesty tbe Emperor ot the French, b?*r Majesty tLecjueen o! tbe rintra Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, bis Majesty the king of Italy, baa Majesty the King ot tbe N*ib**rlands, bts Ma|* esiy tbe King ol Portugal aud tbe A garret, his Majesty tbe King ol Sweden and Norway, and his Majesty tbe Sultan of Morocco and of Fez. moved by a like d?*ir? ts assure tbe safety of ua\igatiou alone the coast of Morocco, and desirous to provide, of common accord, tbs meat ore- moit proper to attain this end, have resolved t? conclude a special convention. and have for ibia purposeappoiuted their plenipotentiaries, to wit His excellency tbe President of the republic of ibe I'muni Stale- Jesse Harlaud M. Mata. esquire, his consul general near the Sultan of Morocco. His Majesty ibe Emperor of Austria Kin* of Hungary aud Bohemia Sir Jobs Hay l>rnmmond Hay, commander of tbe very honorable Order oi tbe Ba'.b, bin general afeat ad interim near his Majesty the Sultan ot Morocco; II is Majesty tbe Kmc ot tbe Belgians: Krtiett l atum, knight of bis order of Leopold. commander ot number ot the Order of Isabella the Catholic, of *?pain, commander of the Order of Nicbnn Etukbar, ot Tunis, bis consul general tor tbe we?t roast of Africa: Her Majesty the ^ueenof Spam: firm Federico Merij y Colom Grand Cruse of tb* order of l*atM*Ua 'he Catbolic, knight of tbe Order ot St. John of Jerusalem, decorated wiib 'he Imperial Ottoman Ordt-r tf M?*1jid<e .if the 3d Class, littler ef the Order ot tne l.vi.in of Honor, h. r minister residt-ut near hi-. ?d*j-*ty tbe Sultan of MlToC His Msjesrty the Fmperor of 'be French Anpuste Iajui* Victor. Piron Aymed'Aquim. "fficr c f the 1 .enion ol Holier, c imtnmder ot the Older ol Ftauct^ ae Fir.-i oi Ui? Two Sicilies. commander of Or>ler.- of S*-. M iurice ttnd Lazarus of Italy, commander of ?be Order of Christ of Portugal, comm.tnder or the Or. der of tbe L.ion* ot Kruntwick. knight ot tbs Order of Constantm* ot tne Two Sicilies, knight ef tbe Order of Gu*lp>isof Hanover his plenipotentiary near his M.ije>:y the Sultan of Morocco: Her Ms testy tbe l{n?enof tbe I nited Kingdom ot Great Briiaiu and Ireland. Sir Jcfbn Hay Druromond llaj. commander of ibe very honorable Order of the Bath, her minister resident near bis Maiesty the Saltan or Moiocco His Majesty the King of Italy Alexander Verdinois. knigbt of tbe Order of St Maurice and Eszarut. agent and oonsal general ot Italy, near bia Majesty the Saltan of Morocco His Majesty the King ot tbe Netherlands Sir Joan Hay Drummond Hay, commander of the very honorable Order of the Bath, acting consul general cf the Netherlaads, in Morocco: His Majesty the King of Portugal and the Atgnrves: Jose Dnniel Coiaoo. commander of hts Order ot Christ, kntgbt oi tbe esrder of tbe Kose of Brazil, hit con*ui general near his Majesty the Sultan of Morocco: His Majesty ibe King of Sweden and of Norway Selim d Ebrenbott. knigbt of the Order ot Yasa, bis consul general near bis Majesty the Sultan ot Morocco And his Majesty the Sultan of Morocco and of Fez, the literary Sid Mobammed Bargasb, hi- minister for foreign affairs W ho, after ba\ tug exchanged their fall powers, found m good and dus form, agreed upon tbe following articles Abticlk 1. His Majestr Scberefrenae. having, in an interest of humanity, srdered the construction, at the expense of the Government of Morocco, of a light.bouse at Cape Spartei, consents to devolve, tbroagbout tbe duration of the present convention, ib? superior directions and administration of this establishment on the representatives of tbs con trachug Powers. It is well understood that this delegation does not import any encroachments on tbe ngbis. proprietary and of sovereignty, of tbe Saltan, whose flag alone shall be hoisted on tbe tower ot the Pharos. A rtu lb t. The government of Morocx> not at tbis time having any marine, either ot war oi commerce, tbe expenses necessary for upholding and managing the light-house shall he borne by the contracting powers by means of an auukal contribution ih? quota of wbuh flail be alike for ail of tbem. It, hereafter, tbe Sultan should ba\e a naval or commercial marine, he binds hun.-eii to take stare m the expense in like pr^jportion with tbe othei subscribing powers. The expenses of repairs. and in need of reconstruction, shall also be at bis cost. Ar.Titt.K4. The *..ultiui will foraisb tor security of the light-House a guard, composed of :t kaia and four soldiers. He engages, be sides, to provide for. by all the means in his power, in case ot war. whether internal or external, be preservation of this establishment. as well as tor the safety of the keepers and persons employed On theother part, tbe contracting powers bind themselves, each so far as concerned, to respect the neutrality of tbe light - hense. and to continue tbe payment of tbs contribution intended to uphold it. eren in p!W (which God lor bid) hostilities should break out, eitber between them or between one o! tbem and tbe empire of Morocco. AETiCLK 4. The representatives of the eontrading powers charged, in virtue of article 1st of the present convenuon, with the superior direction and management of the light-house. abail establisb the necessary regulations tor the service and superintendence ef this aatab snt. aud no modification shall be afterwards applied to these articles, except by common agreement between tbe contracting powers. Abtk lb j. The present convention sha'l continue m force t?*n year, lu case, within mx months of tit exp -aiioa of this term, none jf tbe high .ontractlng parties sbonld. by official declaration, have made known its purpose to bring to a cloee, far as may concern it, tbe effects o? this convention, it shall conlnne in force for one rear more, and so from year to year, nnrii due notice Article <>. Tbe execution of the reciprocal ingagemente contained in the present convention is snbordinated. so far as needful, to the accomplishment of tbe forma and regulations established bv the constitutional laws of tboee jf tbe bigb sontracting powers who are held to ask for their application thereto, which they Oind themselves to do with the least possible ielay Aitkli t. Tbe present convention shall be ratified, aud the ratification be exebaaged at 1'angier, as soon as can be done. In faith whereof, the respective plenipotennaries have signed and affixed thereto the seals >f tbeir arms. Bone in duplicate original, in French and in Arab-.c- at Tangier, protected of God. tbe fifth lay of the moon of Moharrem, year of the He5ira I23S, which corresponds \rftb the list of he month of May. of the year one thousand right hundred and sixty.five. JESSE H. M'MATH fL.8 1 J H DRT'MMOND HAY. |tB 1 EBNEST DAI.LIN. LB FKANClSUO MEKKY V OOLOM L* AIMED Altl'lN. ALEXANDRE VEKDINOIS. u* J H. DHL MM(iffl) HAY l a JOSE DAN 1 EI- OOL.AOO. L 8 ' S EHKENHOFF And whereas tbe said convention has been Inly ratified by the respective Governments: Now therefore be it known that I, Ahdbbw u'hkso.v, President of the I niied States of imerica. have caused the said convention to le m.iae public, to the end that the same aad very claase and article thereof may be oberved and fulfilled with good fhi'h by the 'nited States and the ciQaens thereof. In witness whereof 1 bare hereunto set ray iaud. and have caused the Seal of the Untied States to be affixed Done at the city ot Washington, this twelfth day of March, in the year of oar Lord, one thouaand eight hundred and sixtrL. a.) seven, and of the 1 ndependence of the United Stales of America the ainecyfirst. ANDREW JOHNSONtfy the President: W m. H. Stw a at*. Secretary of State. e??' ? VThe key to torinac Is no longer whiskey? a Boston. ITTbe Missouri Haase of Kspresentatlres kw parsed an Etght-hour L<abor bill. ^"Cincinnati has fortv-oae apphoations for Mvorce. "Too much married. ' Vlt m said that Jenny Liad will soon visit Ibis country again. ^Ont of 1,339 persons who voted at the last riocttoa In Laacaster. England, it turn been estimated that W were bribed. CTT|? Chicago Tribune calls Ralph Waldo Emereon tbe HtfimlBgalalMtf thoaght-artist ' g^*At a printers* festival lately, the followlag toast was offered -Wamaa' iinmi ealy la the press la the diseeminataoa wt Mm." 9 l - * - e " , f: ki . \

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