23 Mart 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Mart 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. SATURDAY. MARCH '23. 1867. N2. 4,381. nit: EVENING STAR k LbLlCUKD DAILY..aL.IDAV EAGLPTkD> AT IiiL SI AH Bt'lLDIN *>, ..U *: zvrv.T Ft--.a a ariBt*< and lltk ttrui. ?T . . WALLACH. ?? - T-\ ^ T$r M'AK is fervid t>y la* 'arriers to tftnir af? r 'ers in lie C'tty Mid Di-irict at T*s v ER tvzbk Cop.eg &t tSi?? counter, With cr vHhout wrappers. Two Cbnt* wrh. Fe ? k ror Maiiiho:?Three months, One Ak*ar a J, Fi/'y Ct ?.*#, six month*, Tfcre? D>1one Tear, F.r? Dol'ars No paper? aj? - lit from ?t ? tff.c* longer than pvd (or. TLt W LEKLY S?TAK-puhh?hed cn Friday dooming?One Dollar and a Haif a Ytar. ? linn i????s????? PAWNBROKERS g/ b!?.viine s loan orriOK. I*. 4,.'. 13thtti?et .mi ?iuor south of Pcnn av? , L ar* Money on time to in!? nsfom-rS, cb (- - V* ?t t -, Dim *j?3i. J w- /Q\ eIry, Lsdiea' ai.d Gent:, men * W??rn?l A A ruf i Q V ol<t a ! 1 and Si?*er bought mr.; Mu' B BURNBTIN1. ty iLSH'S CEXTRAL LO IX OFFICE, St IM' I'.lfcu *, utf .wjt btluw Penn eve. Th.swell Iiiiot nttffc? a?!i(? wtk LIBt.ttAL ADVASC1S ex. I' an. n1?,<-old and >ilver Watches Q Q t'ethrg. *cralture, and Merchandise oftveiy c*?cr. pOcti Op?i? every dar<? xcept Sunday > from 8t.n to tp it. N. P.- Pns'ness *?rict:y corftJentia'. fe2*-tf i a : jfi iilaHIB l sXu a J ? SPtOIAL N O T I C K . CHAKLKSHKK/HERQ. Saci eif >r in l??ic fler/h?-rg <: Bon, v ?Te f;e Ptvqbnkllj Business cr r."een je,r* In this rlty, far twelve /<X -ar? the *nlv r iwnt.rnker m the Dlstrlc,/JL ;afce tt.it r: e no J f.f tfiar. ki ng the ir patron*fc) v ant, t" e pii' lie tor theeon'idi>nr? h- r?-totare shown ten . and |n-( !i are t,? mil ; .*ir attention to the tar t tt a' veati!|ioutin>.et< make rhehiK'ie?ti<l^aacr* is all (tic.ii all artirles of Jewelry, IMarnciid*. Bi>i.d-*. OoTermiicDt Scrip, *i'T* Plate, 4' . for wliicli w* have anperlur f Ui e- ^f d. pesit an-l e??cirlti(, which will alwxy* * 'kewn for the s ttlofacii' a ( tno#e itatronlzini; ci w ? have ?,'ecial t.i iliti^a fa.* the care and trf-frjMi. b cl W faring Apparel of every d?? rr'tti. d w !e..a, tir., on which the hiKbeat a! are ailc. giiarai t> eia.* when required naaiFat moth, ?-,d alway* i^?iii>tiLjury liaviLr lar?e warehi>n"- in onbectmn with onr ?ttice, e ha?>* ?;.?cial fa illti. o for stera^e cf all kind* *f Merchandipt', hatBitire, Ac., ou whRh we Bake the hi>rh<?t advance* frr days. w?'?li? or ir>nth? call e<p?cia! a'tentioo to the fact tfca; wlnir tr t? e l*t ?. ? c-?r!:a! employed In onr bnalae*#. we can nj<tke a I vFcn<~ea ? anch rates of lcter??t a* to defy Cooiprtiti' D We seil no a ' <!# tatll the ? *pir*tiot! of mi n."htlm after tlieir forfe.tnr?, acd tiiea oniy at pnldic auction. hr?t slv ica anipl>- i:oti?? thi n|:i th- varioo* city .oor t al-< t ? ! dep< utor?. Py thi* means d? rofitt* ? Mb c* ar- r;ever lost if their redemption i? deH?calle?rf> ial a-tenticn to oar arrange for forwaidint? k< >d<? to any part of the rorntrv, arranc-ni-r,** which an experience of ti'teei, year* ha* tmaitht to perfection Depositor* are r.at rd f.> tbi? m>'an< to redeem their i Ocd-from uiirotlice no ni titer where they may 1* located Pnll inforr;a:lon alwa. s fri ve:i. Trltate apart*)--1 taforconhdenti#! bn-irees N H ? Me have no connection with aayainailar estahil?^iu? at in thi* city, k for t<- anv Id resident of Wa?hineioii 8-mcml,?r HK B/.PEKO'S Lo;;n C'fhce. -?1 north 0 Mreet. letween 4S and 6th, H afi.lcatea. D C-. fe261m* YjOKIV MUM K Y r MONCY I! ! h. PKIKCE'S NEWL1 ESTABLISHED LOAN ??FKI?;E, 5*77 Pa ave . a* xt to I'oteu .lni ? Confectionery I Honey -'atied on ererv <ie?<-r!ptlon of salable H errhatdi*e fS?.eciall\ Watches, l>ia /< >> ? r<!?. ai,d t!>e Jewelrv. I c?n a^ure/1'I then who ri.aj f?vor u>e with ther ra'rv n-? O M that I e) will satitfrrl ? . i. g done -o N B Pri*ate d?-or ?: J off e. Persoaa not wl?hir# to ent.r the public cfice will rin* the ftce Mi f? 26 im* I^F.E OLD EbTAULI^HED lian OIT 1 S, GOLDSTEIN 4 CO . Lit EtoED I'A^M'HdSKRji 34 HJLK A*ili a UALK >TttEfcir WEST, near rennsy Ivania avenue, Cfer tt* l;nae#t cash ad.ances on all klndsof Meicha'.dlae. to any am'un* and for any /<K tlnie-'*- - d, at reaasMMrrttM JL^\ Inter. *t < n I ?r*e aa?"> greatly reduced Q Bnainess ^tric-!y c? cfldentlal d- h' cght lt/r cash atd sold at private gale. -Iliiii???????i??_ DENTISTRY. J th. LEWIE'S DENTAL A?.- M lATlON No. 2r,u ftNN'A AVE , Ketwten 12tL atd ljta streets. Teeth extract'J without pain hy alanlnsterlag i ? -Vl .""i'de er Laughing <itui. Dr CKWlE i.as re<-*ntly purchaacJ the l< st in Uie C4>ntAtry tor " c-aa.ng tore gae every day. alao, an irii proved Valvmar Inhaler lhe Association ia n a prepare! U- c afee Te?-th cn Gold. Stive- -vni H-.ibt?er a? Ne? xtrfc 1\ rtaielphia and >"ion prices All pe et>ua Wishing dental -A.-rw done cau have K a* D- np as in the above-uans?o ilti-*, All work done in tfce n? aiest and Deet manner, and warranted to ?'re eatixfactica Pertons will do well to call ?d examine onr work. de 24 tf T* * * T n . 1 , M- lochia, a. D.. ~Tse larer ter t- d ! .t. jtee of the MIfllBAL FLAT&TEETK, attends pertonaity at^ jub ula oftcein tL>? city. Many per*, ns can^aKan wear the?e teeth who c?anot wear others. ''1" aac no Krson can wear others who canBOt wear tl)ea? Pet?< as calling at ay office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teet h they may deaire, bet to tfceae who are partlcnlar. and wi*h the ?crest, cleanest, atroagost and most perfect denare ttat art car procnre.tae MINERAL TEETH will he more fully warranted. Booms la tfcla elty-No 3S*> Penn'a avenue, between >th and UHh eta. Also, 907 Arch atr*et, Phiiadalptita or TP ly PEKSONAL. !v1 kb clkli.- 1bv1no, CUHrroyan', an I T?t 1*1 M'-lxum. will give lite readings, tnclading Paat, Present and Fetnre at her othce, 4^t?, n??rtti aide of Pa av.. betweeu and 6th ntreeta. O.tlce boars from y to 2 a. m. and 8 to V e. aa. .a 2i 2m* C'ONJTIDENTIAL.?Koung men wL- have !u' jored themselves cy certain secret Habits, which unCt them for boaiuesn. pleasare, or the duties ct married lite, alao, middle aged and old men. who. trom the folliee of youth, cr ot.'ier oac-e? t- el a debility in advance of their years, befere p:acir.K tben-.selvra uu'ter th-< gkatmeat of ary one. should hrst read "The heefft rriend."' Marr:ed ladies wHl 'earn something wf importance by p? rising "The Secret Friead.1' b^nt toany %ddreea, In a scaled rnvelope ?n receipt of ?5 ceiita. Ad?reM Dr. CHA8. A STCAttT i CO.. Boston, Boily ft || PEB CENT. SA1 KD by us:o* (J fl J E A U.LL > pure nna-l'iiterattMl Preft luraNew Vo. K City BOAP, Prea.inm KAMlLi SuAP, Premlam FLANNEL ?OAP, And No 1 BBoWN bOAP. r< r sa.e cheap for raati Orders thr iai;h the ' c?: OiLi e will be promptly at'eu'ted to , ? , U.R.J E WELL, af aud Candle M 'nnfa^turer, No ???*? a:,d u at. north, het. 4tn and 4th. ja II om 'I'D I.> IS To (?IVK NOTI-'E. That the sab* ^ r haa oh tallied from trie Orpliana' Court WeehlBtft??? C?nnt) in tr.e i?i>tri? t of fslsa aia.lersers yl adm:nl*tr.?iiun. on the nersoaal faf ^'I'la-n El>ert, I i'e ot Georgetown, ' . decia?^,i. All ics- n > naving claims aga!ii>t said dec-a---d. are hereby warned to ex l.: lii t t ne same, a .th tae v. uctier* the roof. to the sat- ri.er . u ?r ' eh r? t(:e Hi day ot March aext. thev may otherwise t?> law he eiciaded from Bil ?>eriefit ?f the sa:d e*tat? Given nnder my haort fhfs .'th day of March. D-7 ELIZABETH EBKBT. n b? law w" Adsdaiitratril. 1>BLSI8T< GIVE NOTICE Tnat the snhscrta irr naa obtained from the Orphana'Conrt of *aehm?t u C->BBty, in the District o4 Columbia, letter*i ti-r lomisry on tli? p? raonal estate of John McCarvej . lat> of Y< a^hia^ton i ounty, I) C , c?.ea".t Ail pera. na taving cl.? lus agtli.-t tne ea..: . are herehv warne-l t-.exhil.it the an.e witii t> . von.'hera there, to the sahacriber, or. ?r ! ef -? tie Sth day of March next; tl ey a.ay . by law be excluded from all beae&t ef "ant ant ate Given nnder my hand this .'th day ef March, *** . , . MIlIIaIL F. SIOKAN, hftom* Baacntor. 'J'ill^ l> TO GIVE NOTICE. That the BBbecr! i bera hav^htaiuedhom the Oraha... C -nitcl iu D'-trlct of Columbia, J L i,K n T,06 the personal oat it? of J-ii. au&.iu. late oi Washinffton l> r f?eaeed All per,-as havl" ."^'1 J?' ps'mnI, are kierehy w.%ru?si to n( lit t^s'Trto'liVs a "m"m t!?*re"f- >he suhacriO cn cr b!for? tlfe I'^lf Given anderwu tiaad* this IAth dar of Fehr.i?^. i*:. Al *\ li K1CS, / ,'eDru*r>, fe ii-law3w* Jt'UNW Mc K I al v E*ecators. ' I If* Y* TO (51 V I. NOTh K. That the sabscrl I l?r h. s obt-,1. . from the Orphan-.' Court o WauiutM I'bBBI I the District ..f OolaaUa ,-t:?rs tietamir'ar on the t^-raonal e-tate of EM.ah Edi:,or*.'-t- e <-f Wa-hmton city, y c Otx eaee.I Ailpt a * having Claims *n .ln-t the aaid deceased j. . # ,) wiruel to exhibit the -au.e with t'. v. -i i. ra thereof. t.> the snhs. rl sr.i'Dor t' : 'h day of Mvrrh nelt; thef ??} ctherai-. I* - w t,e excluded from all benetit *-f the said e-ta'e v-if en under ny ., i i his jlh day of March. lsiT rnbll In w3tt Ma BY KI 'M ON "TON . lyjACKEBE!. \hU iiUDFlbH. IC ponnd- . j-HOBE CODFISH, sr tarrelsN KKHEL. Jtist r-' el*e.| a: t r sale at oar wharf, at th* f?*t ?,f Seventh * S. P BBOW N A SON. <-oniriiiaaiia Merchants, * !? ?f iv 4?i Ninth at., i-et. Baud V L, ktbi Aki I.-. * 7 ?All persoaa having ? .? i arti.ie- p for repairs, previous to '* 1st i-f Ja . r '-tuested to call and get tl" i et'.-rai- r ? ! t-?s..id at poblie ano?' > at a t: c Is . o* SI -c"* pay th- n tryea tbere b JUUB J. PB4ROPT. Gi n aerf L>< ck^salth. * *> **? No 414 D street. steamboat lines. iotumac utansrobratlun llst jc fob %. v. , . , WA4.TIMOKK - .?kid?-fr.'.,a; l'on?tcl,od aocia cf.Er.k jj'th bichmond fbedkblcks. anu potomac bailboad qtg^> The steamer bxibefs, Capi a. < nimflffc 8\c.^ John h NiIsob, j? ave Washington from Mivth itie.?t i ^ e,v'roxy ednksmay and sato bda v at *? irr, lor B*lfnn r?. ?:id nn ini ?*? Itmiiugfi on tr^av, r , ? jiv?,i'?fcf lo ve Baltimore every tl sspa1 mid fbiday.4 p m For furthtr iuiorm^tl n apply to p bkyam ,t pro , mh l; !| No. PtuiyltuU ?ve. w i lamlb * 1lbon small * POK THE EASTERN SHORE. ca?t lcw ~^b,e*.?t s*mt'r wilson small, ua^t t t. lko*ABl>, now in ?r?ail reiptiUot eot the stauuchest. c^a>/?ae most c< mfortable and elegant flfti st-amers plying on Chesapeake Bay, will re-ume h^r r. ate en sa h'hda l\ m ,rch2i Staefe. ! r ?m,"*ite no .70 Lia'it street wharf sir,"' oVvver> tl'mday, thiksha v* f , AX' *** P in., for EAS'TWN t*(STXT ufi i ' 1 ^ 1 *'bjR D CLQR 49.S I'O FX 1* Yk7 T s tin 7PjUKi r^tMBK'Dl' K- H UGH* F'i*\D S\ " fA " y h*> L Y(rrsLibu/y(*. i. *?,; t'md a a jin* * Ypt mb. Can" rt"; j? 4 p ?.,ard Easton pi at at 8 p tn "everywomuv cifth' * Friday,touching at all lutnrme' on lhr fon d?" bd,i r*rtr};?"* Baltimore at t a w. ?. * mornings fe ?? tf* * !,%r''e ?iumb< r of fin? Htata-roonn. Rich mom iv fub dkbicbsbu musdfo tom ac bailboad to tbavellebs going south t* kb daily, < &>-. ml ay p, m. 'ic pitdj The quickest ant most direc. route to iilcbmood * the South tU the Poto.uareamers from 7 th Street Wharf, a Ylashfngton to aia;? Creek anil^^shbbbhw Klchmoud, f'e.lerir ks' arg aod Potomac liallr .a.) ?.kj.' > nonrt, va.connccHn* there wlthtralng on S1WSV sunw.-rs k^jr^ort an<l o VanUerbllt leave ;m Stree. Uharf dally <sat>day ev?-blug <-acepted) at 5^ a m and fi .t> t m. and arrive la Elchmond ?t 1 v p m. and ? !. ,? m. thbocon to BICllMONn is 8sycn HOOtig. Ififty jfilisa BUorter ana ?% Honrs (quicker t???j, acy Other Bonte. Be ftsre and jet Thron^h Ticket# r!a a$n:* (.'reek and Frederick?? nrR, to Blchaiond, at the company ' Office, crrner ot p? nna. avenn? and tftb trect. or ot board of theboaU. bavgage checked throe kb. Omnlbaneea and Baggage wagotta will ba l& rea..lDegsto con???y pass^iiger* *.j<1 ,btugage be twetu depots la lizciimoud Paasecgers i j this line p*m br daylight Monnt verDon, and tr;ar h:\re an opportnnity of ytsiMn* severil battle-fields near Fredericksburg by sto? pins at that point. Breakfast an l nap on board of Steamer*. ? &b.o ma lTlNOLY Hnpt., Wa.-tiliigton, t? c o. k j4attikoly, Ticket agent, w"?hla?ton ? o. Vhamy, *jh> Oenaral Passenger Agent. Ihf)7 ( band kxcubsion I Sfi7 TO T1IK pabis kxp08iti0n. The b6? atid fir?t class ocean going i ron Steamsu'p havana. 2,000 tens bnrthen. 8tkpmkn whitman. Com nander, will make ha exodbsion fr?m New York to Havre and back, sailing Irom Pier 46, North Bi ver, on v kdmesday, April 17 th. at 12 o'clock ca , ? akicg passengers fur i'artp, lon^lon and Hremen. Heturuiiij;, will sail fr?.rn llavr* on -Inne ith, ibh pacsei.gr-r-h lamg Excursion Tickets about si* weeks in Europe. TMs magnificent Steams hip is divided Into water tteht compartments, and has t een newly lurmxhru and elegantly fitted up expressly for this vojage. The havana will only carry first cla? pasit ngerx. An txpetienced Burgeon ou board. ?/".i 'nil Band of Mu.?i will be atlaelke* to tk fk'p. Price of patsae", in currency, to Havre |%?j m i tl7S, acorimg to si.e of state ro-j;i? To Havre .ttil rt-tnra. i.jiaud $1>. ac online to six. of state-room For fnrther particulars and passage arolv to the Aemts. mcbbay. febbis a co., 02 South street, Now York. Or toMcO. y. babby, the Merchants' Onion 5bx.p.iei!*.,vn",'*dr' 4?b peiin?yiTanta aven. , a,l'"g|t">- mh 9-wt 'i bs most exojti no ak b ' ntebksti Nfl i x. r book of the dak. ' ' C'SECH1FT%KUlJP?Y of the at,ad"*atj8ft,a.nntf6 'tn ev*v> town. county ov.\lz to the attempt.- of the dovernment t ?nopress it. Its pubticati n was delayed it will n .w be IsMied. .mattered and unabridged, nu.ler the ol glx Bakv.k It e intains ? rnii and ofbcia expose of th- intricate machmatloos of the ?e ret eiiemi' of the Onion. "a.ious trfr'jidevelopments and tbri, mig ad ver?v( rc?ia?ntv 'iri! tte ?mr*?t,cea ?; che and \lbO<o, The marvelous r,*r. h^v^l't v\v di'ral b*kerareall attested by tLo ? f1^ "o'^x'rl'y. (t will contain th^ otl> official history of the Agassi nation .on and' tern me c'rim# ?f thu "r#at< fbom its inception. in the haunt* o# villainy to thic blklal place of booth. "?Atf^'!iru;;r?r;,?'; ? tha morals of the National Capital are thnr onvbl, ventiLted. and there ari s'm. stra^s revelatieiin concetu-ng heids of department^ members of Con?re?s, female pardon bioker*< at c? distineulNhed military climracters 0*?r". and .nf?0/?e,r.Cn'*r#i??nv*si,ng nnml.ers. and all oth?r in^rn jition bd irf-MH *kl (I HAKYlr p . r,J nog No. u99, Philadelphia, p" k k 1 ?fflce dsyo"May wlu te ,e*jy *or ?? ?' 1st v^^r.none bbt ,li0"e thoroughly conversant *ith tb? busiBfsa, atldulth good lefereuce a* m character and responcibillty, need apply. inhi3 ltn arotion amd commission mebchant Boutbeast cercer of k ai d Eighth streets (Opp.-ite Northern Liberty MaiketJ ' W*-i|iiMGT.(!?. d. o. bboolak sales, monday, wednesday, FitlDAY andsatibday. lib"" made i*'1! to the sa'e of b?al deac-g 6 furniture at private resi ^? fe 1. eolio abyland aubicultlbal college The duties of this Inrt tuaion will , ii On l a * . 2i\h f m^f-h reaumed on >\ bile it is deatgned to make instruction in the h. or y an. practice of Agriculture, the aaculiar featuie of the ColleKe. ?rovi-i.,u lb madafor a foil conrse of colle a'e instruction en brV .nJ tJa La,hi. Greek, Frei.ch, ?iennan, Italian an 1 Spaa 1-b lai vuasas or any of them, a course of . mat.es Mental and Mn,,l ^ uuc, bi"tor? iratlre ":ndy?f ^ ?-?<?uage aud Lit-' Natural Hiatory and Naturtl Phil.sophy in m11 ilary Tactic* wdT^"Jk*\* *""?><>* t j^vtw:i! i' ??. j'r'Paratory School but a se ltv. English aad ?cie..tifi, t uursnmav betaken at tlie studeiit - .>pt:.?u. No one received un lar faurteec \ ears of age " "r For a circular aid further i formation a-ldraas n.b wobthinoton. Be.iiater.ac , <h i Ortice of aoi-rii an Farmer. bth 1 *?4w Baltimore. t k'tub be<'k(b. *iamo tinkb and beol'latob._-^?^ MTiBLUHID i.tlsm. ealet v^:-iy:y9zi^ *W. c. lilt ItfHI, lidir fi. IV0DQI, ^mrab^ki tnnS7?*ah,S . Baltimore. rt^ma (tnd we t?k? t1 puno* for ?* *t our WareiISa&?2Ssai ?,.^n..Ksna. sa sfir^ GREAT SALE OF KNGUAV INGS, :n Air of ihi DESTITUTE AND ORPHAN SONS cf om 60LD1IB3 AND SAIL0B3, A N r A r8I??STATIOS \V:LL eb gives AT WASHINGTON, D 0., ON THURSDAY, APRIL 4, l?t7, Tbe Institution for ?boi? benefit this enterprise i? conduced was fernded for the purpose of gratuitously educating the son* of deceased 8oMlers ard 8> amen of the United State#. yew poiils will be received after April 4, upon complj ire * Ith requirements. The purchaser of earb Engraving for one dollar will be givei. a certificate entitling the bolder to a hare in th< awaid of jresfBt!. LIST OF rRESENT*. 1 Troye's great equestrian portrait of General Scott m the ladies' stairway the Oapiti.1 >25,000 ) Sl0,t<Hlii gold 13.0"0 1 OreenbHCk, C. 5.000 1 Greenback. C 8 2 .000 5 It i unt> C . a. Bonds 6 DO JO ? 00 ' S (M flt; ?KO 44 Greenbacks ... s Oo? 100 3&0 44 44 ? 6,00? 100*23 " 44 2.80? 1,1 CO 51" 44 ,4 10.000 SvOfO 35 " 41 10 tM?0 16.'0"?1 " " 16,OH) 2 Building Lctson Eleventh Avenue, New York <ity free of encumbrance S,llr. 1 Bet Diamond Earrings 500 1 Diamond I'm #<y# 1 Steinway Piaho..^ ] ,goo t flickering Pianf *, ."5iooeacb 2,4no 2 Mason & Hamlin's I arlor Organs, ?1,000 each- 2,000 10 dewing Machines, 31'JO ea' b 1,000 100 family Dewing Machltifs, 975 each 7 .Sun 10 Gent*'Gold Watches. 3'2W each 4,00^ 20 ladies' * ? 3l30each 2,?00 If Gent*'" Gold Guard Chiins, 31"0eai h 2.000 20 Ladies ' -flOoeach. 2,000 25 Silver plated Tea Sets. each l,87o 1 G< mts'Saddle and K juipuieuta, 3l"0 - lo> 1 Ladits * " # _ __ ly, 1 Brewster's Bugsjy gyo 8 feet* ol Hamtps, Jfcf-0 each_tOu Subscriptions Weekly Tribune, S.'cacli 1,000 i00 44 44 Herald, $> i.ooo COO 4' Harper's Ninthly, ?3 41 1,500 *>' 41 Atlantic Monthly, !j.i - if,, fOO " Rational Freemasou, $4 M 2,000 1 Painting, David Playing the Harp l*efore 8an) 1,50? 1 Painting, Undine and Ariadne . ),0M 1,000 Handsome Kngravings, $i each $160 000 Engravings to the amenot of 600,000 will b o"d, and all funds received are to be depeiite 1 with JAY COOK* A CO.. First National Bank of Washington, D.O , to be I.eld by them f?r the bemflt of the Institution. HOW TO OBTAIN ENGRAVINGS. Orders may be sent to us enclosing thepion?y, from one dollar to twenty-five dollars, iri a registered letter or by post office order, at our risk. These wishing Engravings sent must enclese ten ceiits in stamps to cover expenses Lar_e ameunts thould be sent in drafts or by express. PRICE LIST : For 31 "0 a handsome Engraving. For 2 00 " " of larger class. For 3.00 " For 4.W " " For 5.00 " " ?? For ti.00 " For 16.00 a splendid American Chroiuo. tor 2-.4W 14 German or French Chromo. S By buying works of art in large quantities we are enabled to give parties pun basing from uq the same kind of engravings that are sold In any store, fir the same price; and, in addition, we will give a certificate which entitles the holder to an interest In the award of premiums for each dollar invested in tbe purchase. Address all orders and communications to KENNEDY A 00 , 3"?H l enca. avenue, Washington, D. O., LCvk Bex 41. SPECIAL NOTICE. To the military organization influencing the largest sale of engravings will be presented a handeome Regimental Standard. Partis* purchasing Engraving* will please ad vise tbe agents to wfclch regiment, Ac., they desire to credit tbelr pnichase. Those de-lriog to act as agents will apply for information. ntb7 so'.as * *t ; . iter ? SPECIAL NOTICES. B.?.TH CBUOXIO and inflammatoby . i . are *-firg d*il} currd by MlbT{ ?l.F?'* r;R*AT BHKt MaTIO HB.HKDY. hold by *1] Draggist*. aai9to2w B. C. FOBD, Agent. _ *'"J* M O BBOWN'flTuETAPHYPlOALDIS t I !i cure* Dea'ness. Catar'h. all DiKMri of the Eye, ?nd every disease flesh i* heir to. Ubaratorv and Depot 4 I 0 a jrh street, i'ni'a'lelpliia. For tale by ail Druggists. mh 9 2w* ***. * ?. BBOWNS CELEBRATED POOH BTCBABD 8 EYR WATBK Lifts up every annken *?e, and afr?ngthen* ev>-ry weak eye, open* blind eye*: is the bent in the world Lthtratnrp and Depot. 4 lo A ch street. Phi adelphia a or sale by all Druggiata. mti 9 iw MBS M O. BKOWN'SL NtQUAuLEDdOALP BKNOYATOR AND HAIR BESTOBER. NO sulphur in this preparation. which ia killing the scalp* and rendering the r*op!? blind Labaratoyv and P. p?>t. 4 lO A rrh ?tr??-l. Pniladetp'na. For sale by all Druggists. mb 9-<w* BEM KDiAL INSTITUTE FOB 8PE0IAL CASB8. No 14 Bond street, New York. ?" Ten information, with tae Ai?A??t rs?ftwiontais, also, a Book on Spmnl Diseases, tn a **tUd envelope, ??ratfree, OV tit \urt and send for tk'tn, ana you ieiU not tkkui U; lor, as advertising phy striatic are Eenerally impostors. without referent's no stranger should be trusted. Enclose a stamp for JK-ctage aid ditect to PB. LA WBENCE No 14 Bond street. New York no 12 DAWly IT8 EFFECT 18 M1BACCLOC3. BALL S VEGETABLE SICILIAN ii A I B BENEWEB. It is a pi-rfeet and wonderful article Cures Nail!: ! ?^ke8 hfiir grow. A better 4 renting than aey oil or pomatum.Softens br**h, dry, and wiry balr Into Beautiful Silken Treses. Bat, "?Tvt *.L'? th(" *treat wonder u the rapiuity with COI'OK rMtor('? URA\ HAIR io :TS OKioi.xaL 1 be whitest and worst looking hair resumes Its ronthfnl beauty by its nse. It does not dye tt e hair, but strikes at the root and fills it with new lite and coloring matter. The first application will do good ; you will aee the natural color returning eve>y day, ani i-. BEFOBE YOU KNOW IT. ii i Krft7> " colored appearance of the hair and beau til ui feck"* PUc* t0 ,U,tr0U#> 8h,n,aseH^rtKeneWer ' n? ?ther See that each bottle has our pri vate Government Btanpttrer the top of the bottle. All others are t nutrition .?, B_P H ALL ft CO.. Nashna, N H . Proprletora. For sale by al! druggists. fe 18-d4weo2m,r ?" MARRIAGE AND CELIBACY, AND THE Happiness of Trne Maahood. ? An Essay for Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Errors, Abuseaaud Dis- asea which create Impedimenta to Marriage, with sure means of Belief. Bent in aealed letter env>lcpee. free of charge. Addresa Dr. .1. TRILLIN HOUOHTOH, Howard Asanclation. Philadelphia. Pa. jall-Sm BECBBT D181ABE8. Samaritan's Gift is the meat certain, aafe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cores In two to tour daya, and recent cases In twenty four houra. No mineral, no bala&m, no mercury. Only tea pilla to be taken, it Is the soldier a hope, and a friend te those who do mal*^3 *I'?a?*. Ba? AEttAN's Boot and Hxeb Jcic**-A positl ve and permanent mre far Hpyhills. Bcrofola, Dicers, gofiV Spot., Tetters, Ac Price 91 25 per bottle. nay I WOOD AND COAL~ o A L I o o A L : I Beat WHIT* ASH at *8, by the ton. All sires, to stM cuatomera. i/.es, Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, 9'0 per cord ' " PINE " gj Long Oak. 9S p.-r cord. A ten of Coal aold by me always weigh a 2.24" Iba , 00 , JOBS B loBD, "? 28 IF Corner 4tb and G streets, ^2 o A Ia I C O A L71 AT OBEATLY BEDI CEO PBICE8. . Oroaa tons of 2MU lbs , delivered In aay part of tb6 city. Chestnut White Ash. 87. Stove, Egg and Furnace White Aah, 98.0". Bed Ash. 59 26. Lehigh. 99. Oak and Pine Wood eonatantly on hand. Ordnra received atonrOflice; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh street 8. P BROWN A SON. jal* tf 463 9tli street, between E and F. PROPOSALS. JJBOl'ObALS FOB MEAT. Depot Commi.<*arv of 9ub*i<tenri. I ? . . _ Washington, D. t'., March 2i. WS7.< Sealed Proposals,of the form tarnished by the will be receiveJ. in dupll' ate, until \\ BDNESPAY, the 27th of Marah, ltrt7, at 12 m . for all the FBE8H and OOBNED BEEF required by th" bnbM8t?nc?* Department, for sile or at the foil#Wing places, : Washington, ?. C.,.Alexandria, va , Fort V> aahingtwn, Md., Fort Fcote, M?l , and Fort W hippie, Va. The Fttfh Lfe.t required for sale* to ofticera aup plied from the W ashington Depot t" be of the hneattnality ef select part*, both from the hln<l quarters and the rtba of the fore inartera, as the officer in cbarg<-otaales may dealra. About onetenth of all tbefreah beef required at Washington is to be of this kind. All the Meat will be subject to rield inspection , to be of excellent marketable quality and In unexc. .Monable condition. The Fre*h H"t reuulred for the troeps to be of egual proportions of fore and hind quarters, necks, shanka, ani kidney tallow not received. lu all caaea, if the Bleat la not aatlafactory, purchases in the open market will be made at the expt-nse of the contractor. The contractor will ba required to deliver the Meat at the Store hoaae, at the plao?a named, where he will distribute it In snob .nautities, and at su h times, aa an otticer of the Subsiatence Department may direct 8< parat* proposals will be received f r -applying either of the above n.iuied places and with either artn le of the meat re?iur*d, except the proposals for freah beef at the Washington Dei ?t, which n.u*t be for fcoth klndaof fre-h beef re <iuired, for sal. s aa well aa iasae*. and no proposal will be entertained which doea not comply with this rule In accepting this bid the lowestaver xeprico for both sales and issues will be con aide red. Biddeismaat be preaent at the opening ef the bida. Pavm. nt to be made at this office monthly, for al I Meat purchased, or when in fands for the pur pose All<i?eations respecting quality and condition will be aettied by the officer ot the Subsiatence Department receiving the Meat. Proposala will be received for one, three, or six months from the 1st day of April, 1867. er -nch peiiod a? the Commissary General of Subsistence may determine. Bids muet be >'ndoraed " Pr< >poaal* for ? , at ,' and addreiaod to the underatgned. G. BELL, mh21-4t Bla.ier and O. 8 . C 8 A. JAMEBC MtGUIBE ft CO., " FUBNITT BE WABI BOOMS. Having relinqnished the Auction and Commls aion businesa, and converted our extensive w a retooma, at the corner of luth and D atreuta, into a hrat olasa HOUSE FURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, we are now prepared to furniab every variety of HOUSE AND OFFICE FUBNITUBB, at the moat moderate ratea. Onr stock compriaes PA BLOB SETS, In Bepaand Hair Oloth, CABVEDand PLAIN OILBD WALNCTCHAMBEB SBTS, COTTAGE BETS, SINGLE BUBBAl'8 AND WASH8TANDS, BLABOBATELT CABVED BEDSTEADS, CHAIBS CV ALL VABIETIE8, EXTENSION TABLES, HAIB MATTBBSSBS and FBATHBB PILLOWS, OFFICE DESKS and WB1T1NG TABLES, CANTON MATTING, Ac.. Ac. We have alao for aalo tke celebrated TUCKEB SPBING BED, which for comfort, durability sad cheapness ia unrivalled. Alao.tba TUCKEB MANUFACTUBINO COMPANY BBON/B CLOCKS. Beautiful la design and finiah. and at very reasonable prlees. JAS. C. McGUlBB 9 00 , n^hll ja ceraer of Htk aad D streets. TELKCRA.ni *e. lh? N?w York State OiitlCmmi tM of the K*pBt/ll<aa Union party met Tbirmliif n'Ct?t and to olved, should *he ?T>nvention biM now kf'prf th' Legislature become a law, to hold * S'a'e Convention oil April 1t\ at Syr-tcnse, to be composed of ttir- e delegates trom ench Assembly district, the object being to cho*e the ia delegates at larg* for the constitutional convention ticket. A resolution endor?ing the negro fuffmje clause in the !#gi?lative bill was introduced by Mr. Charles S. Spene? r, but a majority of the committee were o! theopin on that the commit'ee had no right I to rtecide for the party on that question, and it ; was wi'hdrawn. The Goodyear Hard itubber case, which has j been to-fore the United State* Circuit Court o. Missouri has been decided by Judge Trea> (TTiiniing an injunction against dentists using i aid patert. with the privilege to them todis- | solve the ?ame on giving two thou?an<1 dolInto bonds to keep au aceom.t, and pay ?n< I eums as tnav be awarded on a linal bearing, and costs. The Brazilian mail steamer has arrived at Lisbon from Kio Janeiro. Active operation^ have beeB resumed against the Paraguayan* The allied forces bad eheiled the for'ificatlonof Humaita When last iiearri trom the Span- | i-h sqnadron bad come ui sight of and was j pursuing the combined fleets of Chili and | Peru. The Assembly of Wisconsin, Thursday, i reconsidered the passage of the resolution submitting to the peop'e the question of extending suffrage to women, aud rejected it oy a vote j of <3 to 37. A bill has been introduced in the Senate to appropriate ^.?<>,1**1 for the relie! o! the destitute people of ibeS*uth. The Supreme Court of Tennessee has rendered a decision sustaining the franchise law ol the last sessiou of the Legislature. The decision is contrary to the expectations of tbe Conservatives. Hiram Coone, who was convicted oftb<*m\ir<1er ol Mrs. Larder ih the town of Petersburg, , ; N. Y., in October last, was executed y??ter<iav at the jail in Troy, N.Y. He made a statement denying his guilt. Nearly all the members of Parliament in j Lower Canada will be returned for the House of Commons. A large number are as yet unopposed. It is understood the elections will ( not take place nntil midsummer. \ Paymaster General Marshall, of Missabn- 1 setts, lu his final report, shows that eiuce the beginning of the rebellion Massachusetts paid over thirteen and a quarter millions of dollars in bounties to soldiers and sailois. A meeting has been held of druggist*, m 1 Philadelphia, to petition the Government to ' reduce tbe tax on alcohol and stop the manu- 1 facture of contraband whiskey. Governor Geary, of Pennsylvania, lias ( signed the bill requiring railway compauifcs to carry all passengers without distinction of ctflor. The State Supreme Court of Missouri has rescinded the order requiring lawyers to take tbe test oath prescribed by the Consti'ution. The National Parliament of Italy was .n- , angu rated yesterday by King Victor Kin man nel, who delivered the usual speech trom the ! throne. The approaching city election at Evausville, ( lnd, is producing some excitement. The ( If' motrais are split up, and are fighting each ] other. On Tuesday, the v>d day of April, there is to 1 be a convention of Union men at Little Kock. < Arkansas. The bill to admit negro testimony in courts 1 of Maryland has passed the House and now 1 goes to the Senate. 1 The Tennessee river at Danville Station is ' six Teet oyer the telegraph poles. saii Ca-k ok Child Audcctimo.?<?n Thursday last a yellow girl, calling herself Josephine Ashe, having much the appearance of an Indian, apparently about thirteen years of age, staling that she came from Ohio, pre*eiit*d nerself at tbe wharf of tbe Fiav Line \ steamers and desired to be taken to Noriolk, where, she said, she had a sister living. >b? ! was kindly taken in charge by Charles B iardman, cook of the "Thomas Kelso," who conveyed her to his home. No 3n Kabonrg stre#t. I near Pearl, intending to take her with him in ! the Kelso on her Friday afternoon trip. Larly en Friday morning the girl, taking advautage ol tbe temporary absence of Boardman, in duced bis little girl, |Laura \ irgiuia, a bright child of six years, to accompany her upon . some pretext, telling those who were in the house that she would return soon, as she was only going round the corner. As she did ndl return, search was at onre instituted, whicff , hat only resulted thus tar in the discovery el , the fact that she was seen in company with , the little girl at tbe depot on her way to Delaware, as she stated. It is to be hoped that the press of the North and West wi!l notice this . case, tbat tbe lugitive may be stopped and tbe child restored to her deeply afflicted parents. ! The little girl bad on, when stolen from her borne, a brown merino coat, brown calico dress and a blue and white nubia. She is quite light colored, has loug hair, very pleasant countenance and talks well. Detectives 1 are at work and every effort is being made by 1 many lriends of Boardiuan (so favorably t known on tbe Kelsoj, and it is hoped that the 1 little one may soon be restored to her home ? i SaltiMHtfr Amft'icat I Ki< on struct ion isr Lofisia.ha.?The Lou- I lsiana Senate resolution ad vising all qualiiied t citizens to register and vote under the military c bill has been referred to a joint special com- ' mittee. The Governor vetoed the joint resolu- s nonappropriating *:*t,(i<*i to test the constitu- I tioualicy of the military bill A motion wa* c made to pass the resolution over the veto, ^ which was made tbe special order for yesterday. New Orleans is te be registered at once, preparatory to a municipal election, previous 1 to which it seems yet uncertain that there will * be any change in the city administration. Bu- 5 reau agents tbrongbout tbe State are to send , np loyal names tor registers, and there is to be . a small military force in each parish. The Unionists are organizing. Warmoth's grand J: army numbers in these two districts .'.00c and " tbe intention Is to make a thorough canvass of 6 the State. Tbe nuliiflers. also, are soundiug ' tbe key-note of a general movement. Duncan c F. Kenner's Senate resolution exhorts all to register and vote. The two black clouds are rising over the campaign, and the more confi. ; dent are tbe nuliiflers Wells impeachment f is dropped now as unnecessary. , A Gap Firk-Lic.htkb?Au invention ha* . been patented in Lnglaud, tinder the name of a tbe gas fire-igniter, intended a. a substitute lor i wood and paper In iigbtuing Ores. A row of three gas burners is fitted on below and be- . bind tbe grate bottom, with a tap at one side. e so tbat when a fire is wanted the gas is lit, and the flame passing amongst the coal sets fire 10 them without tbe aid of wood or paper. In t summer, water can be boiled by the gas alone, * as in an ordinaly gas fire j John Nkalon Tk%ii*fRanch ?The veteran * John Neal writes to the Portland Presa at j some length, in opposition to the prohibitory j system of legislation on tbe sale of liquor. He 1 says its effects in Maine have been demorauzing, while tbe sale is carried on witbaa much activity as in former days, only by clandestine methods. i Emancipation in Kt eeia ?The emancipa- , turn of the Russian serfs is still incomplete. . According to an ofbcial return just published. ' there were at the beginning of tbe present year , 3,f 65,4I<> peasants still under obligation, while . tbe numner of those who had been freed from v their obligations up to tbat date la 5,?I0,6U7. Nboro Sckfrao* in Micriga* ?The I?e- t treit Post denies tbe statement tbat J&ichigan , has refused to engraft negro suffrage upon its . constitution. Tbe Constitutional Convention ? will assemble in a few weeks, when a clause t adopting negro eutlrage will doubtless be sub 1 mitted to the people. VA Norfelg colored divine has been com. c batting Prof Agassu's theories of develope. ment. K?*Tbe dog tax of Mississippi prednced twenty-five thousand dollars for tbe State treasury last year 7~ A Swedish naturalist has discovered that in sects are fabricators of iron. They spin, like bilk-worms, a kind of forrnginoua rocoons. which constitute the mineral known " as lake ore. * W The late rains, aad freshets retard preparations for planting corn, and, also, f' militate" against the Fialienes. G^ Tcbn Peterson, a negro, died in Hooste. c N Y , Die other night from drinking a pm; ol whiskey. g ? OM.R I.NSIO KAL. S**ATe^?Yes erday atieruoon? T tit Cirri 01 ih? Hnn*eannonnced th? a ion vl tl??i bodv ua ib? j?mt rwaluiieu api*ro??. iat Be or.e million dollars fort.i* n>lirl of ne drsti u ? people of ib* Sou:h an<l SoulU Air. 11 uiLl.ull moved iha tii* Sei,<t e i >aour to b? amendment of tr>?- H?u*?. Mr. Al?ru?u demanded lit* yr*. and ??vi, and it# House ammo rat-at was oo< carted n, yeas 29, i.a> s ?. Ihe Mil mow goe? k* Pre?*denT Mr. Williams mo??l thai the Senate res am* the i:onrIderauou of ibe bill u> fu>p?a i be bill oi last session for fbe of the h?-trs ol Juan K BouIi*uy. which ww arreed to. Air Johnson resumed the flou. ou :u.? -ubjec'. and at the conclusion oi bis rrmartt otK-rtdau amendment to the resolution or ta* iloase u> suspend the bill ieteri.-d to uatil -ne cloff ul tiie nrit wwion of i7ou|(re*<>. Tbe itnnrfir.snt <tu dmfiwd to. 1 be resolution wu then passed. Air. liuinbull railed up tbe bill u> amend tLe bankrapt bill by repealing tbe provision tor tt.e appointment of regisvrs of bankruptcy by the t'nief Justice, ard arf?-r debate it vi< relet ied tc ibe ('cumrv# on tbe .tndirtary Air. I) ion introduced a ri??yiut on insirac?u.jt "he ?'uitiniM:or.?i ot I Juration Uieiam""" atd rejort upon 'be condition of th?* ecbools of tbe 1? ?tri. t. Xc Keferre* to tbe Conmi'We on the I?i- rirt of Colombia T. f S? pa-- agreed to ibe amendment of the Hon** m tbe resolution directing >ks secreUiry of War to furuisb arms to the Stae of Tennetsre. aim, u> tbe amendment to the join'. reaolnfii n exec p .r.g wrapping paper from tn??rnal 'in The S uate then, at < !\ adjourned l!nrs? ? \ i?<?erday afternoon ? f-enste smendment to th<- Hons* bill tcexftrpt sr.i|<ptrr p*p*r irad?- of wood ar ?-orn "alk.- troin internal tax wa? tak-n up T ie nmendneut i* adding a >sv section impo?tn| a tax of ten per cent on the notes o# any tow n. city, or muLuipal corp< r^Uva that are pa d out by sny rational bank ) Mr. .1 a^d moved toex-mp? wrapping paper Biii'e oi man ilia. Mr. Blame accepted ttiat smrndaent, aad subsequent}- it wss modified so a? o eaMBp' Jrt TTi internal tax w rapping | a(>er of all descriptions. Then Air. Jndd's amendment was ac.??d 'o and the Senate amendment, a* amended, was concurred m by a vote of < - to 5b. SeDate bill to provide. in parr, for c*""d "C tbe i nhlif erounds of Wa.-b ur'on K?- rr. d to Cummmee ou Appropriations, when ai>pointed. Seratf toint resolution directinc '.be Sw'-.retarjr of Wartofuiuish arms and ?<tuipui-u s to the State of Tean?*-*e* sufficient tor twen'e five hundred militia, to he accounted for br 'be Suite of Teunessee to the Lulled Sia>(iovemmeat. Mr. Paine explained briefly the merits of the Hunt rssolution. ard mo%ed 10 amend by atrik. iuc out tw?uty-tive hundred and insert nr tea Iboutaad. 1 he vote was taken on the amendment bv yeas aud nays, and resulted?yea?, iti; nays >o the nmendraent ?a? agreed to, and the toint resolution was passed. The speaker appointed Me* ra. I.iftia. Ela, itnd Ctske members of the joint Conam.'lee on Priating. Mr. S'evens moved to stipend the rules so as to resume the consideration of the imp?acb. ment resolution ot Henry A. .smvihe, coll?cu<r Df tbe port wf New York The rnies w> re sasanded ?Teas <s5: nays tj. Mr Wood n.o\ed that the House aa -ourn Insagreed to. Mr. Cbanler moved The postpnnetn?ut of tbe subject until the second W ednesday ta I>*camber next. Disagreed to?only l.i votes in te affirmative. Air. Stevens ; Pa i then moved the previous question, which was seconded The amendment ottered by Mr. Stevec?, [Pa.las a substitute tor the resolution reported by Air. Hulburd. was agreed to. wrh ihe addition that tbe . ommittee shall ha\e power to sit during tbe recess Adjourned. Thk Marmami Lei ist atvke ?The liousa bill permitting street cars to run on sOUG|ay in Baltimore wa>- last evening amended aud passed by the Senate, with the condition mat the law shall be ratified by the people of tba nty at the next election ensuiug. wbicfc w<U b? nn the second Wednesday ot April, the time lor cboo-ing de|?ga es ta the State constitutional convention, and also providing that no street cars shall be permuted to run ou Simlay nntil such ratification br the j eople. The House subsequently concurred in this anendment. and the bill is now a law The Senate imeudmewt to the general appropriation b.il Appropriating *123,(*t> to defray the expenses of *he State Constitutional Convention wa?, sfter some debate, conc urred in by the Hou-* The Baltimore city electiou bill was then taken up Amotion to strike out all relating to a special election n. Baltimore city tor mayor and city council, and insert a clau-e providing for giving two weeks, instead of three weeks notiee a? heretofore of any ep". tion, was carried?yeas II. navs 10. This deteats the holding of a special eloction m Baltimore for Mayor and City Council. The Holm kill to modify the Sunday law, so a* to allo>k the sale of mineral-water, ice-cream. Jtc.. was passed?yeas 13, nays 14?and sent, to the Senite lor its consideration OgK LFt om THE lH'TY OK VlEI.IMANVA despatch tram KichmoncL dated yesterday " ays it will be an'.horitMiveiy anuonnced tolay that <?en. I<ee is stronkiT in favor of the people voting for a convention, and tha* everv man not actually disfranchised should no* anlv take the necessary steps to prepare tumlelf to vote, but to prepare all his fneud% white and colored, to vote right. He thinks he co-operation ot all tbe people, officials and itizens, should be prompt, and that the chief hject sbonld be to get as quickly and onie-lv is possible back into the Union, with such ights as are ien us He thinks the oath pro?osed Is such as everv good citizen not disranchised ought now to take as a simple natter of truth and dnty as a citizen of the tountry. Mexico ?Tbe New Orleans ButUtin ha* a pecial despatch from Vera Crua, dated the 9th instant., which says Bazaine, the last ?f he I- reuch commanders, left on the p? |> The Liberals are investing thecity, having po?*es?. on of rbe railroad and wa^er-works. An atack is daily expected. The Imperials are beieved to have chartered a vessel which will >e rsady to take them ont oftbecountrv at anv noment. No person is allowed to leave ?de ity t>y the gates. It is ditLcnit to obtain reiia>le news from the Interior It is 'he impres:ou that \ era Crnz will in afshort time be m possession of the Liberals. Tampico la still iccnpied by the lmi>erialists. Everytning is iniet there I\*r?AKCl CoMt'AKIKs a\D TKI JEWS.?la uawquence ot a circular issued hv he agent >f certain insurance companies in New Yora, leclitiing to take risks on property belonging o Jews, a meeting of prominent and influenial citizens of the Hebrew faith wa* held in *ew ork, and a letter addressed to tho?e ompanies asking them if they sanctioned the let of their agent, and report the r**ult at a nbsequent meeuug. It u probable ina- the iroscripuve circular will be withdrawn. 1ertainiv sbonld be. N9~Tbe "Coufsderate ' tetilement at Oorlo\a, in Mexico, is among the tniags of the >ast. Tbe departure of General Price has >een chiouicled. Judge Perkins has rone lo ^aris. <Jovernor Harris has left for Havana. leneral Shelby still remains at Cordova, and irobably will for several months. Governor r. C. Reynolds, of Missouri, will stav m the ity c( Mexico. General T. C Hiudmad will eave tor tbe United Sta-es, and it is his uitenmn to practice law in Memphis or up-rctianlize in New York. Important De< ihion.-a case was recently ried in W orcester. Mass., and a verdict of 'llt? given for the plaintiff, who sued the City Marshal for damages for detaining htm as a iarty accused of crime without a warran- ,exept in cases where new facts exonerate tbe >arty from suspicion) a complaint mu?t be nade before a magis'rate a? soon as possible, or be offi :er responsible for the arrest is liable to e assessed in damages for an unlawful act. y The Lyncbbarg Hepublican says- Durrg a recent visit to Bedford coun'jr, we met ind conversed with snndry large landhoid-r< nd cultivators, and learn from these that the >ollcy of div iding tbe large tracts, heretofore worked by slaves, into sma'l farms, and lea?ng tbe same to responsible and indus'tioo* enan's. is now generally conceded, and will >e generally practiced." On Bit.?It is reported that General Scboield'e headquarters are soon t? be removed i* 'ortress Monroe. For some time past pronations have been going on wi'h tbe view of iffording the necessary accommodations j0r liraself, staff and other officer* and meti ? r.wes. *jr Watervllle. Maine, has elected a colored ons table. 7" Americans pay ^tI?00U,M; a y?ar for catches Tbe last comment on the season is by a oldisr. w ho says this is uoi a lor ward Mar . speeches are grown in Philadelphia sueessfully. la 15 and !b inch pots. ^"Tbe Fredeiicksbarg, Va , News is jeb Mlt over the prospects of tbe fish, tebaeCo, nd wheat crops VAn exchange tells of a young tody who tinted on hearing of the - bare idea " WWc have three hundred female pbysi. ians in this country kerr country. Texas, is everrun w. h rase hoppers w I

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