9 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

9 Nisan 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ # . V?. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY. APRIL 9. 1867. N*. 4.395. THE EVENING STAR ip published daiby,(sunday excepted) at the star bu1ld1no, ionur rtnt. a av?tt* ?*d ink *???(, ?t W. I). WALLACH. Tbe STAR la eerved oy tne earner? to thair subscribers in the City &nd District at Ta? Cbhtp ran wine. Ooptee at the couotar.wnB or without wrappers, Two Cbktb each. PaiCB fob Mai una ?Three months, On* D*i*ar and F\ftj Ctnii; all months, Tkret Dollar t; one year, rite IX'dart. No paper ara eat from tbe offiee longer tban paid for. The WEEKLY STAR?published on Friday BOTEiB|- On* Dollar and a Half a Fear. GOVERNMENT SALES. |JClLL>l3??a AT KEAUSE AT ACCPKFOT QlAhTSRW ??T*R,S OfFTC*. 1 W a?m*<.T?>*. V G.. Aptil 4. 18!7 1 By crd?r of tb? v?*(t*rniMt*r General the fol lowing KlILDlMiS it tamp Kreuse, on the Be?tert. branch will be old at Public Auction l U ltl'N BeDAT, April 10, under the rttH^lmoa ?.( Lieut'*n?nt Kc ??iO Hoi.Wr llibD S.Infantry, act ok a??is:ant >iuert? r mast* r 0 8 A.?Mir- to ecmnience ?t II cl.ck a in ?to wit: 1 h ranie Bmld:n?,24 feet by -9 tret. 1 Grain acd Hay House. 2i}% by W-, fret. i Kitrhru and Urn Hooee. 2?H feet by .M feet l Mabie, *> fee". by ?V? ftet. I ? he*.wusbt a a bop l*s feet by 21 feet, i Blacksmith's Shop, isv, feet by 21 feet. i ^ tfon hbe<l. i?S f*et I y 7 IS feet. Buildings will be sold lingly. Terms i'afh. la Qevernment funda. The Uaited States relinquishes tbe care of these taildloge ..pen day of aale. OH TOMFEIH9, Brevet brisadier General. ar * It Depot i^urteraMter. C-OVERNMBNT BBILDIBGB AT OOBTA1 LBSCB>T OA MP AT AUCTIOI. {%n/0*arterm*.>UT i Ogice. Utrot ?f W?. *! #ion. D G.. April 1,]867. ( Tfe Government Buildings composing Oamp Ct'BuleKett. aitoitrd between the Long Bridge nd Alexandria ?ili be aold at put lie auction on M09DAY. llth April, ander tbe lupervlsior. of Lleateastit Edward Hunter, itthU.B Infantry, Act Its Assistant Qnartermaete:. Bale to so? mence at 12 in Tbeae buildibg* consist of Z. barracks, shingle roof :t officers quarters and other buildings, shingle roof. 23tuildings, felt roof; 2 offices. officers'quarters skeds. stable*, workshops, *roreh#n*ee. siuka. and fea<? , c< n prisln* lit* but dm?? in all. buildings wi I be aold ileal), aad sale will be seatlnusd from da* to day till all are disposed of. Tertna cash, i > Government funds. The United (Mates reltri.tni?hee the care of th-ae buildings upon day ef sale O H TOMPKINS, apl-llt B vt. Brig. Gen., Depot Q. M. r^VlaHMKNT BClLDIffO* AT AIIXANU btIA AT AUCTION, < Asa/GtoorUfM*ur'itof W+ikmcfn,! Waikintion. D. C, March JO. 1887. < Bv order of tt.e (^oariermaat> r i>?ii'ril, tbe I oildmt-a known as the Oonatraction Corpa Barracks. at Alexandria Virginia, will be aold at public auction on THl'K?>DAY. April 11. under tar super slsii i of Lieutenant K:?aru Huuter. i .tth Cmt'd States tntactry. Acting A'aiatant I <;aarterBBaeter, United btatea Army Sale to tttcniecce at 1', o'clock nc-oa. Iheaa Harracka comer *- thirt-en buildings, ranciae from $ to 22 feet in vldth by frxui 10 to 12 fret in length Alee, a I'ortable B.iilnlng 10 br 12 ftt t After wl leb tbe folic* intr at Battery Bod? ra: Two Holli Ugi and 51 Ben It* a There will ala>- b* aol<l at the Mm* time tbe fol lowing pipe ? feet 1 ine> Lead Pipe. 94 feet i Inch Iron Pipe ]M feet 1 iac ti Iron Pi re irOfeet 1 Vli.ch Iron Pipe 8 Brass Stop cocks 9 Docking Hanpee. ii.rcmpl* te. 1 8t* am Boll- r 1 inches i y 1 foot 10 laches. T> rata?Cash, In Goverumeut fun is O. H. TOMPK1H8, Eri# Gen. and D pot vaarUrmaater Bb * lot "^BHOB* FOB SAL*_ C4ii/ Cn?ri<rsa<iir'i Ollc^- D<r?tof ffa'tisnfes.j H a.i\%ntion, D. C . Marcn 2). 1887 ( By order of tie ynartermaster General, the Goy riii> nt Armory on G street, between Twenty first and Twenty ascond. will be aold at rul'Hc anctlon in tier the (ueervWtou of t'aptain lames G Pans, a VI M .on WEDNESDAY, Apnl 10, at 12 s ell icon This t .tldin i Is 50 re t by 45 feet, ahingle roof Termiceeb. in GoTemment funds. CHABLKS H TOMPKINH. Bvt. E rig. Oeu.. Deputy Q. M Gen , As tin* Chief Quartermaster, nf. 29 lit Bepotof Waahiugtoa pthiau or obdiamcb, A_? MAW DKP*itmmt, 'Yashixgtoji Oity, Marcb 15,1347. BALE OF OLD ABDUHSEBVIOEABLB AS TI 'LIS wr ORDNANCE There will be aold at pnltlic auctloa, to the tlgl est Mddei a. at noon. THCBSDAT.the Htb cay of April. 887, at the dice of the Inspector of Ordnaace, Nary-jard. Philalelphla, Pennsylsai aia. a lot of old and unserviceable articles ?f I Ordnance, emjri' ing Shot and Shell, about seven bi.ndrtd i7(J0i Carbiaee. < breech-loaders.) about twenty-flse h indred (1.5>30>' Musketa, rifled and amooth bore. 9m Carriages, aad other stores. The articl et will be sold io lots. Terms : On- half cash, in Government finds, to be deposited cn the conclsslon of tbe sale, aud the remalader w thin ten daye afterward, dnrlsg wblcb time tlie articles must l-e removed from tbe yard.otberw se tbey will revert to tbe Govsrnment. H. A. WISE, mh 18 ISt Chief of Bnresm. PRurOtiALsTPKOFOtsAlS tOK CATTLE FOB IHDlAB BEBYICB. 3ei ahimknt of the IvTta or,/ Marcb 27,18^7 \ Pr po-al? sill be received ap to the 15th day of May. |p*7. at the office of 11 B. Denman, Sep-rln ten ent of Indian Affairsfer tbe Northern Super lntemiency, at Omaha City, Nebraska, for the delivery at Omaha City of the followia* Stock Cattle te wit 300 head ot Uilk C'?w? for tbe Wianebagc In diaas oceupyitg a r?~erv >tion In Neoraaka 300 bead ol MtU Cow? for the Santee 8ioux In diana , o? npylcg a reservation at tbe moutb ot the Bit brara Nebraska 300 head of Bilk Cows tor the Yancton Sioux Indians. cc< npvitig a rtservatioi. in Dakota 100 head of Mil (' ? for the Omaha Indians, occupy In : a reservation In Nebraska WO bend of younc American Bulls, 3ft bead of Beef < at t'e, (steers.) Tbe 0'<wr must be of good quality. American breed. n< t l<as tban three nor n.ore than seven years old Cow* with youn calves, orciei with call, will t? >referred. Brycowswlll not be re ceived Tb? Balls must be not le?s than three jears old. aid the Beef Cattle net lees thau four years old. Buperlntai dent Deamao will have the right to reject any or all tb? bid?; alao. the right to reject ?ay or all the cattle if he deems that the cattle delivered are not of tb- required character Supe riritendent Det.man will be authorlred to receive the ?aid cattle and to give vouchers to the partleedeli-erlng the cattle, to be paid at the office of the OoMimissioner of Indians Affairs la Washington city. The time of the <leli very ofthe cattle vill be <!?termined by Superintendent Denman.who will alao have the power to change the place of delivery, with tbecoi aent of the contractor. Oood and tuftirient bends will t>e required frvr the fattbfnl (n i Ilment of the<*cntract. Bids will ict I * received for a les- number than tbe total nirnber of cows and bulls called far herarate proposals, bewever, will be >ec*ived fjr tbe beef cattle. O. II. BBO W N 1N G. mh SO Secretary. PAWNBROKERS vy ALSH '~S CF.XTKAL LO.I.V OFFICE, He 4*0 10th street, t ne door below Penu. ave. This well known Office makes sOv LIBKBAL ADVAHCBS I X On Diamonds. Gold and Hilrer Watches Q U Clothing, furniture, and Merchandise of every description. Open every day (except Sunday) from 8 a. m to m. N B.?Business strictly confidential. fe23-tf 47 r TiCMS MUrB Y ADTHOB1TY ( ? ' i *JB BUHNSTINKB LOAN OTriOE,4 i .) A1 i 13th llitst, .Id door south of Penn. *ve. MONLY loane.1 on time to salt customers, on Heal B*tate. Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Jrw?lry, Mlver Plate. Pi > ? . Kurnltsre, Mrrbanleal Tools Ladies'and Gentleuieu's Wearing Apparel of all descriptions. mb 6 Sm* B BUBNSTIHI._ '| HI OLD I?TABuVktD K I BM Of 1 . . S, GOLDHTBIH A GO . *'4* BBBOKEBS, d4 FOUL AN U A hALK hTaKKI WBST, near I'enns) Itanla avenue, Offer tbe big jest caak advances on all klndsof Merci an ' i.e. to any amount and for any time de*i i r<t, at rniousklr rates Interest on larce sum* greatly reduced. M fl B tislr. se etrictly c r fl '"ullal. b<nds bought for cash and aold at private sale. leal ly "personalT~ \I liS CCBTIS HVlNG, Clam oymt ?,f Ttti ?" 1 .Utrfivm, will wive life readings. Including Past, Present and Fa tare, at her office, 4 'AO, Berth aide of Pa av., between aad tth streets. Office hours from 0 to 2 a. . and to > >. 1. ap 4 lss* CONriDBNTIAL -Yound Men who have Injured then.selves by certain secret habits, srblch unfit them for basiaeee. pleasure, or tbe duties of married life, alao. middle aged and old en, who. from tbs follies of youth, or other an usee, feel a debility In advance of their years, before placing themeslvee under the treatment of Siy one, should first read "The Bearet rrleud." arned ladiee will learn something ef Importance by parueiag "Tbe Boeret rriend. "TNatJtoany address, lu a sealed oavoloa*, en recdlpt of M cantt. Address Dr. GRAB. A. BTtJABT A OO.. Boston. Man (oily i)4 1 " BATIOBAL LAOEDBT. _ 1 ^41 Peana. av., between utkandUUtK?iI All work duae by haod Goods called for and deH vered at the shortest netlae. Prsnch fluting dons In the neeteetstyle. mh itlw* CLOTHING, *0. M LOB A NO. MERCHANT T*lLOH, corner ef 9th and D streets, desire* to return bis thanks forth* libera) patrouage^MB Leatowed upon bin dnrin* past see one. end HI at tbe umi tims invites hi* friend* to visit Jm^ bis store *uU Inspect hi* new and choice sele? tion of good*. which te ? ? ? just parch%*ed for the Sprinp and Summer T-?de Mr B. HAR I ON . t te associate. continue# to gl to bis constant ?>:*ritlon to tb- style end reneral appearance "I all ftaruieutn made a: i be establishment. The beat *i. a aud modera'e charge* ?* ?ur motto. a?8 3m* P * 7 ii kib kkgebT 7 Successor to II. F Lctro.N 4 Co.,>HUL .MERCHAXT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, late Br'wn's,) at C-tf Bo. S6*J Peno avenue.J*n?hington. J AMIS T. W ALKBli. MEN 8 MERCBK AND TAILOB. 4f*4 BefWth Street, 4S4 Bear Odd Fellow*- Hall, Beg* leave to inform hl*fcrm?r patron* and the general puMic. that he ia almost dally re . relTlag addition* to hi* now teautiful^MB tot k of Good* adapted 'o HA MBN ANDTOUTH'S WEAR, iB which muit be seen to be appreciated. None hnt the most skillful artists are employed, and perfect latia'actton guaranteed, both with eVvLV MATERIAL, AND WORKMANSHIP. Always on hand a complete aeiortment of FURNISHING GOODS 01 va me a call bciore purchasing ap 1 lf n ^ I* O T H I N G . " %J~ SCO all wool Casslmere Vests 93 00 NO all wool Cacti mere Pant* -- S *0 .DO Boy* Jacket*, all wool 3 Oo SGT OO Boy*- Panta, ail weol J "0 no Boy*' Bulta, all wpol....... 4 <W %Jf 300 Boy* Butte, all wool. 5 " t/~ KO Boys' Bulta. all wool 6 00 %jr 60 Boys' Oasaimere Bults 7 00 y 100 Boya'Oaaaimere Bait*, choice 9 00 100 Boy*' Suit*, extra fine 9 00 100 Boy*' Suite extra fine It) 00 100Boye' Suite,fine Freach Uaasimere 11 %J~ 60 Beys'Baits, extra " " _. 1200 */" 60 Boy* Suite, English Caisimere 16 00 %j- 100 Men's Snite, asserted ?10 03 9" 10u Men s Suits, match* d 16 ?> OV i(io Men's Bnlt*, all wool 18 HO W 100 Men's Suite, fine English 20 On I0ii Men'e Suite, ex. fine English 22 00 100 Men * Suit*, fine French 26 00 K7~ )(K Men's Suit*, ex. fine French - 90 Ou W The good* are all new and fresh made up in (he styles for Spring end Summer of is?7. J. H. SMITH A 00., Great Central Clothing House, ap 4 1m 4bO 7th street, epp. Peet Office. DRY GOOD?, &e. ^JBBAT BAROAIBS IN DBT GOODS. W e hare just received a splendid assortment of GOODS, which we will sell ae low ae can be bought in thL market, cobilatiun la Dre** Goods, Wbtte Goods, Caaelmeres. Notione. Matting, Oilcloth, Ac. splendid aeiortment of Paras Ms, very cheap. French Bade Whalebone Corsete. $1 *' pair, 6-4 Bleached Cotton, J8c.; 10 4. ble.ayard; Ginghams. 10c . Calicoes Iron 12 to loc.; Toweling very cheap Ltsht ce'ored Kt<l Gloves. Si 0 pair. Bleached Cotton. 90 and 25 cts . best, yard wide I1BNNAQE ? Ll'TTBELL, ap t e?3t* corner *0th st. And Pa % re. ^ B L LIN O OFFTT COB T . Having jnet received our new and well selected atock of MILLINERY GOODS, LACBB,(real and imitation.) EMBROIL B BIBS, DRESS TRIMMINGS, BUTTONS. Ac , Ac , And having, unexpectedly , to move by the 1st of May , we sball sell our ENTIRE STOCK. FROM THIS DATE, AT COST CALL AND SECURE GREAT BARGAINS, E LENXBEHQ A CO., 48 Market Spac*-. under the Av?-ua<- House. mh 28-1 m' DANCING. |>MOFB. J. W. * H. t. MRElT' dancing ACADEMY, Pennsylvania avenne, bet. 6th and 7th ate.. JK Oppoeite Metropolitan Hetel. Bew Clasees forming every evening. Tboee desiring to enter onr claasea should avail theinselvee of thi* opportunity. Preparations will be saade in this quarter for onrannnal May Ball. Circulars can be had at J. F. Ellis' and W. G Metserott A Co.'s Music Btoree The Hall can be rented for Solreoe, Ao. i)??j *nd Ho*r$ of For Ladlee, Misses aud Masters, Tuesday and Saturday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o'rfocK. Gentlemen's Classes. Tueeday and Friday evenings. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further Information,apply during the boars f tuition, or addrees a note to tbe Academy. Quarter commencing with the first lesson, ja8 MA R 1 N 1 ' 8 FASHION ABLB DANCING ACADEMY, AT M MARIN1 S ASSEMBLY ROOMS, J? E, between trth and ltftb streets, The last uunrter of this season, preparn vflBi tor j to tb? May Ball will con mence on 8aturua>, March 2. Classes fer tbe German are now open. N B ?Private i nstruolloa given to snit the convenience of the papil. ee26 ? n PER CENT. SAVED by using O. B JEWI1U ELL'S pure unadulterated Prec-lute New Kork City SOAP, Premium FAMILY SOAP, Premium FLANNEL SOAP. And No 1 BROWN SOAP. For aale cheap for cash Orders through tbe ' Post Office will be pronptly attended to C.B.JEWELL, Soar and Gandle Manufacturer, No. *^00 and At>^ G st. north, bet. 4th aud 6th. ja II-6m 'THE MOST BXOITINO ANB INTERESTING 1 BOOK OF THE DAY. g?.v L. C. LAKEX'S H1STOKY Of THE SECRET SER VICE. AGENTS WANTED In every city .town, county and state of the Union te canvass tor this work. This history was announced one year ago, hot owing to the attempts of the Government to supCrees it. It* publication was delayed. It will now e ieeued, unaltered and unabridged, nnder the en??r>tsloa of Ok* Bakkr It contains a full an<i official expose of th* iutricate machinations of the aecret enemi> e of the Union. For startling developments and thrilling adventures mis book eclipses the famous experiences of FOl'CHE AND \ IDOCy. The marvelous narrativee ef Beneral Baker are all attest**! by the highest official anthorl*y. It will contain the oxly official history of the Assassination con sptracy. A fuil history of this great, startling aod terrible crime FROM ITS INCEPTION, IN THB HAUNTS OF VILLAIN* TO THE BLElAL PLACE OF BOOTH. Baa never vet been placed before the pnblie. The work aleo fully expo?ei> the nefarious syst-m by Which Presidential par Ions were and are eo readlis obtained In Wash ngtoa. The morale of the National Capital are thoroagbiy ventilate-! *ud there are eome etrange tevelatiens concerning beads sf departments, members of Congress, female pardon brokers, mud distinguished military character*. For circulars, canvassing inmwr?,sn4 all other Information, ad lress "L.O BAKER. Post Office Box No. ?UO, Philadelphia. Pa " T bis work will he ready for delivery oa the 1st day of May. N B.-Hone bat those thoroughly conversant with the busineee, and with good reference as to character and reeponelblllty, need apply. mhl3 lm pORlABLB STEAM ENGINES, Combining the maximum of efficiency, durability, and economy, with tbe minimum of weight and trice. They are widely and favorably known, more than 600 being In nse. All warranted *atl*factory, or no eale. Deecriptive circular* aeat on agpttoatioa. Sddreao ? _ J. O. HOADLBY A OO.. 8s A-snlm Lawrence. Ma?. F I A B O S. UBB Bacon A Bavea Piano, for BlM. One Andrew Stein, for |(o. B|H One atmoet new 7-oetaee large rwU'lHH corner Boardman M Gray Piaao. fT75. Organ*," P'j AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL Tilt ATRfc. Pennsylvania avenue, near WllltnU' Hotel. Triumphant incc?M and Reron-i Evening of the L.StA .KaiNT FOB SIX SIGHTS ONLY. with the Ohtr:.line a ad Vi vjcU tie LADY DOM, KtiOWlllljrrir THISiTUkSDAY) IVINING, At.rilfi.18o7, for 1 h? Last Tim? . in th- Glorious Hiat irical Burlesque of KENILWOBTH; YE QUEIM, YE KARL,RAND YE MA YDBNNB. Pieviona to the Burl- nu?-, the flr?t time her#-, a farce written txprfealy for Lady Don. entitle*! It BOTH KB BOB AND MB FANNY HEAKTLIGIUT.....^ _ LADY DON WALL'S NEW OPERA HOl'SE. MONDAY EVENING APRIL ? , 1-67, FIBST APPEABANCE IMPERIAL JAPANESE TBOUPB, J ust arrl\ed fiotn CalitornU Tbe firs t Japanese Artiatce ever remitted to I> ave lapao THOMAS MAGUIBE AND PBOFESSOB B1SLBY MAN AQEhS. Tbe Imperial Troup* la composed of over twenty of ibe moat extraordinary performers, male and female, ACBOB ATS, TOP 8PINNBB9. POBTBY or MOTION, I'-UTTBBt LYING. Ac. Ardthe Daimio Favorite, the greatest performer in the world, HAMAI KABI BADAKITCHI, Aad hli beautiful and nrnet wonderful aon, ALL BIGHT Their performance of over SIXTf REPRESENTATIONS at MAGUIBE S OPERA HOI BE. San Franclaeo, and THE ACADEMY OF Ml 810 Philadelphia, were unaniiueu?ly pronounced THE WONJDBB OF THE WOKLD The atay of tbe Troupe in thi* city will be bat for a abort period-every evening thin week an 1 ON WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER N0WN8. ap>- ?St* MET/EROTT HALL. PABBPA. ~ BB1GB0LI. FOB ONE NIGHT ONLY. The Manager lege to inform the clti/eaa of Washington that tbe highly successful Prima Donna. Madame BUHHBOSYNB CAKRPa ROBA, and the great Tenor. Signor BRIO NOLI will give One Grand Ooncert on MONDAY BVBN1NQ, APBIL Id, When tb following Artists will appear Madame E. PABEPA BOBa. Signor BB1GN0LI. Bignor FEBBANTI, Signer FOB-TPN A , and GABL ROSA Muaical Director and Accompanvisr, Mr S. BEI1 BBN8. Admission fl.JC; Reserved Se^ta, 60 cents extra Tin* sale of seat-i will commence on Thuradav at 9 a. in., at Met/.erott'a Music Btore ap ? td ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOB A SHORT TIME ONLY, COMMENTING TUESDAY EVENING, APBIL 9, OPEN EVEBY NIGHT AFTEB UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, AND ON WEDNESDAY AND SATUBDAY AFTEB NOONS AT 3 O'CLOCK. THE GBEAT EUROPEAN SENSATION. THE ABAlilAN KNIGHTS ENTERTAINMENT ; OR, L01TEBINGB OX ENCHANTED OBOUND. As s?t forth in that Wonderful Production entitled the -'Arabian Nl?hts,'" and embodying, with vivid and striking grandeur, those great craationaof the imagination which hav>* CHARMED THE WOKLD FOB -JOO YEABS, COMPRISING FIFTY SPLENDID TABLEAUX, Which fer Lofty Grandeur and Etherial Beaut. SHrpah8 all that has yet be. n preduced by mau ?r ?L.tne??*<t eye. will now be exhibited in this city for tbe first time, aa exhibited m tbe city of London, at St Jam.a Hall, for 3* consecntlnlg^ta. to the larg. st assemblages ever iitlierwl witbln tUt feu wucl resort of the Kiif lish Metropolis, and an \hibitec in the nriuclpal Continental cities, where. daring a two years tour of unexaiupled succeas, it was vieite J by nearly all th? CROWNED HEADS OF EUROPE, With their Royal Families, who, together with the entire Press, Cler?y, and Nobility, have united with tbe people every where In pronoun cingit THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOBK OF MODERN TIMES. ADMISSION ONLY TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Reserved Seats 00 Cents Admission to Matinee (all parts of the Bf!"- -- -- Cents Children do U Cents Doors op*n in the evening at 7 4 o'clock; exhibition commence at o'clock Doors op. n to matinee at 2 o'clock; commance at 9 o'clock. Tbe sale of reserved seats will commence at John F Ellin'Music Store. No. {< <? Pennsylvania avenue, TUESDAY MORNING, and everyday thereatter whi'.* the exhibition remain-. The magnificent organ n*ed at the exhibition is Irom the manufactory ot 8 D. and H W, Smith. BoMou, Mass . kindly loaned by Mr El l-, who Is the sole agent for this city for tbe sale of those superior instruments Secure your seats during the day and a\old the crowd al-out the ticket oftfr e at night A. M DORLAND. _ Manager pro tem. ANDERSON A CO., Proprietors I'B A RLES dl.D>, A?? nt ap S 4t 1867 GRAND EXCURSION 1H07 TO THK PARIS EXPOSITION. Tbe new and first class ocean going Iron Steam ,b,P HAVANA. 2,00" ton a hurt hen. STEPHEN WHITMAN. Com mander, will make an EXCURSION from New York to Havre and back, sailing from Pier 46, North Biver, on WEDNESDAY, April 17th. at 12 o'clock m. Taking paaaengers for Parla, London and Bremen. Returning, will aall front Havre on .lane 5tb. kIting passengers holding Excursion Tickets about aixweekain Europe. Thla magnificent Steamship la divided into water tight cempartments, and has r>eeu newly furnished and elegantly fitted up expressly for this voyage. The HAVANA will only carry first class pMaengera. Aa experienced Bargeen on board. A full Band ?f Music ttill be attacktd to th skip. Price of paiaage, Is cnrrency, to Havr* $150 and $175, acc>rdtng to size of state room To Havra and retora, $2&i and fjuu. according to sice of state-room. For further particulars and paasage apply to tba Agent*. MVBRAY, FBBB18 A 00., 68 South atreet, New York. Or to McO. Y. BABBY, the Merchants Union Exprea* Company, 406 Pennsylvania avenae, Washington. mh 9 sot ft| BOOTS AND BHOB6 fB NEW j_T0Bl. HH beg* lea veto I nferm Ma fruSfc Saw nBSl". I2??r?ilT that he has opened th* JjR^ BTOBB, lo. lOt 7th *tr**t,nnd*r Odd Fellows' lin, wher* ha ha* on hand a generai aaaortmewj of Ladle*' and GentleoeD-a.Boy a In** aad Oht'dran *a _ ^ . . BOOTS AND SHOES. JW? atreet, nndsr * ? ttEOBOS 9, WILflQN. ' TF.LEflRAMS. ftc. Governors Worth, of North Cirolina. and I fir, ot S'juth Carolina, have been in consul, tition with General Sickles, a: Charleston, S. I C., for a few days past. concern <ng ;b>* nature < I general orders to be isso-d for the govern- I men? of tbe Second Military Jlistriet. Their I C?? ,J?ac'' been harmonious, and Gjverh 0rth" on hl9 r'turn 'o Kaleigb, will ?i?L...v1*" to reorganize under the provisions ot the reconstruction acts. The news frorn the levees of Louisiana are I 'til unfavorable. The crevasses near Raton I Rouge are beyond control, aud ill attempt* to close them have been a^an The richest SMgar region of tbe .State is rained tor the I w,?,0J1?, Tlu' Martigo crevasse inundated the iliac* Ki\? r country, the most productive cot- I ton region of the South. ! The town of HeSoto. opposite Vicksberf. I Mississippi, was inundated a few days since, I and from eighty to one hundred negroes were I drowned. The people of Vlcksburg nsed sircnurus efforts to rescue the poor creatur-?? I bat could only save those who had secured places of temporary safety. The town was exclusively occupied by negroes. The Indians ol the Hoopoo reservation, I I uitornia. have declared war and killed Sub- I a* "^^ert Stockton and two employees, I and burned all Government property The I whites of Klamath river are fortifying and pre paring for defense General Schofield has Issued an order that I allI vacancies occurring in offloe in the First Military District belore the convention is held I shall be filled by persons who never took the oath to support the Constitution of the United States. I Renewed efforts are in progress to stimulate I immigration and represent the advantages of I South Carolina. Circulars have been ad- I dressed to the planters of the State urgme them to co-operate in the movement. I Judge Rland Ballard, of the United States District Court, has deposed A. H. Hubbard, Cnited States Commissioner at Lexing'on I Xy , for usurping authority not delegated u> Dim. General Sweeny has disbanded the negro militia companies ol Augusta, Ga. a mass I meeting ol Freed men is called for Wednesday Some o: the frownnent citizens of the State are iuvited to address ttit? meeting. The three men, Case. Anlagns. and Goetz who murdered Mr. Hughes, in Cincinnati! instant'*" MBtenced to *>ehungon the joth <"*rried the city election in Harford, Coanecticnt. yesterday by 600 masta"?' a KaiD e'nce Monday, the 1st in- I The He ena//fa/a notices the fact of a re- I fnauk^.b,y 'ar^e meteor in that vicinity which I burners'1*1 t0Wn e<iual 10 a t&ousaad gas I t?ThZ V,ea?/klp which left Wilmington, N. I,., March lath, is supposed to be lost I nothing having been heard of her. I Two unsuccessful attempts were made Sunday night to burn the Commercial Hotel in Memphis. ti|TtSeV"o?iararlUmentU proro*a*d Qn- J local news. Corporation Affairs. ^ Board ok Aldhrmkn. Monday, April -*rh, 1~6*.?The Board met pursuant to law. FresJ = Messrs. Barr. Given, McCathran, Owen ?Bd,5,?^vQ,,f,!Ck^CroW' Ta.t, L?wl.<, Ma. gruder, T. L. Lloyd, president, and S. V I >oyes, secretary. The Chair laid before the Board a commumnro?!!rt ?? th?;MaT?r stating that he has a;., proved An act to defray the contingent e*. I pense* of the Fire Alarm Telegraph* lor t?e present fiscal year; an act amendatory of an act relating to tlsh wharves or docks "and ?n I Morgan1** ?f Tboma* Uoyle of E. c Also, a communication from the Mayor in answer to the resolution ol April 1st, 1/ rela tion to public exhibitions. TtieMayor s ivb he knows nothing "of any proprietors beinjsaxed by private parties.no private party has anv such right The vacant ground at* the intersection ol 6th s?reet and the Canal is, howev frftnu"1;""1 bV the Corl>oration as other Canal stablet'if0' parties who have the right to Mr. Barr presented the petition or snudrv citizens of the Second Ward, protesting against the paving of 12th street west, from Fenn?v vania avenue to J- street north; referred to committee on improvements. Also, presented the petition ef Moses Samstag, in reference * his proposition to remove nigut soil- referred to committee on police Also, introduced a resolution instructing the committee on finance I n 9T?.Pltftl ot intraducing a bill to fix the salary of the Collector of Taxes, and the clerks in his office; passed. Also, intro. I * r"?,Htl0n requesting the Corporation ' Attorney to report whether it is or is not the , duty of this Corporation to cause the water coarse in square 37<j to be arched, or whe her It is the duty of the property-holders in said square: passed. Bam The Chair laid before the Board a communication from the German Evangelical congregation, asking the use of the Aldermen's Chamber lor their meetings; referred to the committee on finance. "?un. Mr. Given presented the petition of John H Stone and others, lor construction of a sewer in square 1t>5. and introduced a bill to make the impiovement asked for; referred to committee on drainage. Also, introduced a bill 10 extend the sewer in loth street west, from New \ ork avenue to the canal: referred to the com. mittee on drainage. Mr. Tait presented the petition of Daniel I Burns, asking the remission of a fine: referred to committee on claims. Mr. GuMcic presented the petition ol Marv l?. Beaie. asking permission to erect a fen.e four feet from the building line, in front ot her lots M and 2) in squaie 761; referred to committee on improvements. Mr. Cross presented the petition of Joseph Walsh, asking permission to erect a frame building on fc Street south, between 6-h and greets east; referred to committee on poMr Noyes presented the petition of John \a?Riswick and others, against locating a brick yard in the vicinity of sqnare Jim re ferred to tbe Tth ward deletion. Also, the memorial ot Charles B. Church, offeriu* to re pair the I.ong Bridge for *8,300. if the Cornoration will make the appropriation of that amount: referred to the 7th ward deletion Also, the petition of William Buckley, askinr payment of his bill for grading and graveling rt1-rr!d 10 committed oh claims. Also, offered a bill for purchase lor the use of the public schools, of the lot and school building, located on Huh street west, between G and H streets north, ? ?e ow.n a8 St Matthews Ins-itute lor the sum of payable out of the on schools!*' fUnd-; referred l'? t??e committee M?fh'ae?Wtr^!r Pre6*nt'd the petition of !trwt nir h building a sewer on L f .'-b'lw<'#n 2,1 tL and XM str^t6 west: ^Thl^h committee on improvements. mm.? aJr "PI'O'nted Mr. Lewis on thecomdra,"*K?'' aud Mr McCa-hran on tbe committee on health, in place of Elijah Ed, monston, deceased. The gas bill was, on motion of Mr Maeruder, made the special order lor next Monday evening at half past eight o'clock. Jptrodnced a joint resolution requirmg the Mayor to repossess the wharf propertj at the intersection of 6th street and me canid. and terminate the lease of said ?ny such e*lsU; passed Also, from the committee on finance, reported adverse to the petition of James Bowen, and the consideration** d,aehar^d lrom iU Mr Lewis, from the committee on improve. ments. reported bills to grade D street south, between 6th and Tth streets east, and llth strJ!et ea*1' between South Carolina avenue and Pennsylvania avenue; both of which were passed. Also, bill to grade 1st street east, SJ ^ streets south: passed. Mr. Mtigruder introduced a bill making an additional appropriation of ?50 to enable tbe Mayor to purchase a horse for the Water DeP*r,n"nt; passed. Mr. Lewis, from the committee en improve. ments, introduced a bill to relay the gutter on the south side ol U street north, from llth to ltiih streets weet; passed. Also, a bill to grade and gravel Q street south, between 3d aad 6th streets west. Mr Noyes moved to atrike ont the words "Provided there are fnnds to the credit of the w"d not otherwiee appropriated " The amendment was adopted?yeas 7. u..a and the hill then paae?d. Ur??. Mr. Lewis, from the committee on imorove. meats, also reported a bill to graaS aad gravel I street i er;h. from 1st street to'.h street east; the hill pwwd. after striking out a similar proviso to the one acted on in tbe preceding bill. Alio, reported a bill appropri&!tug $?,uOC> to construct a public fountain at intersection of Louisiana avenue and C street nortb: laid on the table?aye* 6. dom j Also. & bill to grade and pave tbe alley in square 53f; referred to tbe Seventh Ward "delegation. Also, bill to (trade K street soutb. from 9th to S>th street east; passed. Also, bill te (trade and gravel l*2th street west, from N street north to Boundary street pa?sed Also, bill to grade and gravel Uth street w?-trom K street nortb to Boundary street: pa*?ed. Also, bill to grade 15th street west, Irom M to U. street nortb. passf d. Also, bill to grade and gra>el 4th street east, from H to I street nor-.h; parsed. Also, bill to grade and pave the carriageways in fth, ljth, 12th and 11th streets west, from F street norm to Pennsylvania avenne: consideration postponed for one week jeas 6, nays 4. sMr. T. E Lloyd (Alderman Magrnder in the chair) made a statement in reference to tbe charges lor advertisement, Ac., made against parties who were delinquent in paying water taxes, saying that parties who failed to pay because tbey bad not personal nonce of tbe tax. now bad to pay, in many oases, more than double tbe original amout. He offered a resolution referring the matter to a special committee of three members, to devise some plan to relieve the parties affected from future expenses of tbe same character. Mr. Dross said that it would be impossible for the Collector to cive each tax-payer perioral notice, as the water tax was received from the Registrar close np to the dav of advertising the tax sale. Abundant notice was. however, given to delinquent water tax pavers by -.he previous notices advertised by the Registrar. Mr. Lloyd said that tbe Registrar's notices gave only tbe square and lot, and id his own case he did not know the number of his own square, and consequently did not notice tbe announcement by the Registrar of bis lot, and now found it advertised. Mr. Cross explained bow utterly impossible it was in view of tbe large n umber of transfers of property to give personal notice to each delinquent water tax payer; and in regard to the cost of advertising, this could not be avoided if the description of the property was to be made sufficiently accurate to avoid a defective sale. The cost of the advertisement weuld vary with the extent ot the description, and when it was a part of a lot the description was necessarily longer than when it was a whole let. After some debate, the resolution was adopted: and a bill effered by Mr. Magruder on tbe sunject, requiring the Registrar to make up the water list in season for it to apnear on the Collector's books, was referred to the committee. The Chair(Mr.Magruder) appointed Messrs T. A~*. Lloyd, (jrulick and Barr as the comtaittee. Mr. Lewis, from the committee en improve, ments, reported unfavorably on a number of bills for street improvements, and they were severally considered and rejeoted. Mr. Barr, from the committee on police, reported unfavorably on the petition ol Mieh'l Kennedy, and the committee was discharged from its further consideration. Mr. Tait, from the committee on health, reported favorably on the nomination of Dr Charles Allen as physician to tbe poor of tne Seventh Ward, and the nomination was confirmed. Mr. Croee presented statement of Justice Cull in reference to tine imposed on Nathan Blum, and reported frem tbe committee on claims a bill to remit said line: which bill was passed. Mr. Noyes, trom tbe committee on schools, reported unfavorably on Ceuncil bill directing a classification ef certain taxes fThe bill directed the Collector and Register to cause separate accounts to be kept of all monies paid into the city treasury by the colored people of this city frem each and every source of taxation, and report the amount 6o collected to the two boards of the City Council. As the tax-payers are not designated on the books by celor. the bill was deemed impracticable as well as Injudicious.] The bill was rejected on tbe third reading. Mr. Owen, trom the committee on wharves reported favorably on Council bill for protection ot the harbor ot Washington, appropriating !s5oo for removal of sunken and abandoned vessels: passed. Mr. Noyes introduced a bill granting permission to Thomas E. Llovd to erect an iron railing five feet from the building line, in front ot lot a. in square 351: passed. Mr. Cross introduced a bill to set the curbstone; and pave the footwavs on the north sideot K street norih, from 12th to 13th streets west; referred to cemmittee on improvements Mr. Owen presented the petition of certain property owners,-praying that the curbstones may be set and tne tootways paved on 16th street west, from north K street to Boundary street, referred to the committee ou improvements. Mr. Cross introduced a bill appropriating ?5M? to enclose the public space at the intersection of K street south and Virginia avenue passed. Several bills from the Board ot Common Council were referred. Council amendment to tbe bill of this Board lor publishing the taws of Congress concerning this District and the opinious of the Corporation Attorney, was adopted. Council bill granting permission to J. M Walton to build and attach a fraiae bath house to bis frame dwelling, was passed. Adjourned. Coxxov Cockcil ? President Moore in tbe Cbair, and all the members present except Messrs. Marche, Sirams, Talbert and Wright A message was received from the Mayor asking an appropriation of for furnishing new station houses, and to keep m repair tbe old ones, and for tbe contingent expenses of the Metropolitan Police, for the year ending June 3Cib, referred to the committee of v ays and means. Alse, one enclosing the accounts of tbe apothecaries of the -.id, 3d, 4th and ?ith Wards relerred Also, a letter trom K MacMurray. Secretary Columbia Typographical Society, tendering their thanks tor the courtesy of the Board in giving them permission to hang the portrait ot Mr. Michael Caton in the Council chamber. The following were introduced :?By Mr. Carroll?Petition in relation to the construction ot a sewer on L street north, between >"?h and sfcid streets: referred By Mr. Peugb ? Resolution requesting tne committee on improvements to inquire into the expediency ot paving the alley in square *2s>6; adopte-1 By Mr Nalley-Protest of citizens of square 515, against the erection of a bake house in that square: referred. By Mr. Moore?Petition of Mrs. Elizabeth Ellta. complaining that by reason of the laying of tbe large water main which cut a private sewer in two, the cellars ol her premises, on Massachusetts avenue near 7th street, are made useless: referred By Mr. Mead?Bill appropriating <l.O'iO to grade and gravel 6th street west, from Pa avenue to B street south; referred. Bill to gravel O street north, irom -,'d te 3ds reet w?st referred By Mr Baker?Petition of Adam Ritter for remission ot a tine: referred. The following were reported from committees?By Mr Peugb, (ways and meaus)?Bill for the relief of E V. B. Boswell, J N Callan and J. E. Bates, apothecaries of the ?tb, 2d and 6th wards; passed. Also, Aldermen's bill providing tor the publication of the laws of Congress relating to the District with the laws of the corporation, with an amendment requiring all opinions of the Cerporatieu Attorney to be published: amendment agreed to, and bill passed. Also, Aldermen's bill in relation to theatrical and other exhibitions, with amendments; ordered to be printed and made tbe order for Monday next. By Mr. Stewart (improvements)?Bill to grade and pave alleys in square #6H: passed. Also, to grade and gravel Uth street west, from Maryland avenue to the Potomac river; passed Also for grading and paving alleys la square .534: passed Also, bill to lay flatways on the east, north and south aides of the corner of Masaachoaetu avenue and 13th streets, passed. Also, hill for paving the east side of Second street west, he. tween H and K streets north: passed Also o]!Ltf-!5i.?4Knd *ravel L **? ? north, between 24th and 25th streets west; passed. Also, bill for loot pavement on the south side of M street south, between 3d and 4 u streets west; passed. Also, bill for the relief or Theo. Shechells, as. signee of Wm Hutton; passed. Also, hill to ley flag ootways across Uth street, en south side of K street; passed. Also, bill tor flag foot, ways across C street soutb, on the east side of 14th street weet; passed. By Mr. Joyce, (police)?Bill authorizing J. M. Del ton to erect a bath-house; passed. Also, hill authorising O. F. Gulick to place an iron railing In front of his property Ave feet beyond the halldlag line. Mr. Peugh moved to give the same privilege to Senator Sprague la regard to the square hounded by 5th, 6th, L and M streets: which, after come debate, was not agreed to?Mr. Peugb in the affirmative, lad 13 la the negative. The bill wm passed. Mr Baker (Improvements) that :ie rciBmittM b? ditrkir^d frem ?f?# farth* r *Kler*tioB of the pe-iiion of K F \u 1 it Ik referred t? tfc? committee on po.i e, bo orttered The bill makiag an additional afp-cpri*tion to purctase a bona* from tiit ?i>r 1?. partmeat was received from ib* Aiderm<*u aod pawd The Aldermen* bill for th? payment of tbe additional patrolmen of the M-tropolitan Poli*e ft* referred to th* way* ?ri com irittee. with m?troction? to > onna?r and r?p iri upon torn* plan lot ra.smgtbe necessary I .ad# Tbe hill granting certain privilege. ? K-oj. F Butler. wan called op aod laid on the tab'.e Iotkth Wiin Kirrnu ii Clci-Lim night, the regular meeting of the R"pablicaa Club of tbe Foartb Ward *a< h?*ld ia tt.e colored Baptist (K** Mr. Bonldia's) cBnr. b. corner of L. and 4tb urceti. The atteadan oe was very large, and the white membenuf the clob and ol cher clubs were numeroa* 1 be c'nb vii called to order bjr OeB ?#erbardt, (White) 1st vice pre*id"n\ and the ibn:. Irg v?i opened with prayer by Rev. J. A Jones, colored L'pon a call for reports from the canvaas.ng committees? Mr Oangevrer, (whi?) of tbe 1st District, reported that the coawittw had attended to its duty Tbey found in that district l9o Democrats and OtO Republican voter*, but me probability is that ^not more than 10? 1 democrats will he registered, while the Republi an* will c< me up In tnll strength Mr. P H. Doraghar.oi the 2d District, reported that the committee end called upon ail the Reputlican voters of tha1 district, and ( and tbem id food spirit*. determined to reg is'er and vote Tbey bad paid no attentioo to tbeir opponents, and den'tcare if none ol tbem register. Gen Oerbardt, of tbe 3d District, made a report substantially the aame as Mr. Dona(ban. Mr. Shank land, (colored) of.be ? b District regretted tbat be received bis orders only the Cay before, and had not time to do a great deal in that district. Mr. Dixon, (colored) ot tbe same District, reported that they bad taken a survey of :b* district, and believed tbat the Republicans woald overrna tbe Democrat* tea or twelve votes. Filth District?Mr. Crcssmao , white) reported tbat tbe colored voters there were all right. He bad met a Democrat wbi told b.m be was going to vote, and take his negroes with bim. He told the Democrat tbat be bad better not calniate upon tbem. as tbey mighfool him. Mostof tbe whites in tb%t district vote secesb, but a tew more than was e x pec led go with tbe Republicans On motion of Mr Kiag. (white,) tbe District committees were cob tinned, and requested to make definite report* at the close of tbe regis, tration. Mr King said he felt unea?y at to the f onrtb W ard, as it is ot great importance to sncceed there. Two Aldermen are to be elected in June. If we succeed in all tbe wards, we will have eight Aldermen and tbe Democrat* six If we do not succeed, tbe figures will be reversed, and onr bands tied Mr. Briseoe (colored) suggested tbat the club will do well to employ vehicles to oarry the sick mbd disabled voters to tbe regi*:ry The Chiirmao suggested tbat it properly belonged to the executive committee to secure attention to tbat matter. Mr. Crjssman. (white,; of tbe executive committer, said that tbe committee bad been considering tbat matter: bnt failing to agre* unanimously upon a proper plan, tbey cboee to await tbe suggestions ol members of 'be club. Mr. Need bam <wbite) asked of Mr S. J. Bcwen, (white,) one ot the registrars. if sick and disabled voters could be registered without being present ? Mr Boxen replied tbat the registrars bad adopted a rule tbat in case of sickness or other disability as absence from the city, the voter'* registration can be secured by tbe'p refutation of the narie and facts by a respoasible persoa Mr Rbcinbart < white i moved the appropriation ot a spm sntbcient to secure a conveyance for sick voters to the registry. Mr. Crtitsman thought tbe explanation of Mr. Bower sufficient to bring out tbe greater number of sick or disabled voters, and hoped tbe motioa would not prevail. Major Morse (white) thought a few dollars appropriated as suggetted would be better, as it would :?rry out tbeir wishes aad leave no room for loubt or cavil as to tbe legal rtgbt of the regis rare to register voters ia the way suggester Mr. Z. O. Robbins (white) said that tbe sick might be ramed to the executive committee, and tbey present tbem for registration, tbey being kne wn to tbe registers Col. Hilton (white) moved as a snbs'itat* that two aacks be employed, and a committee of one in fach district be appointed to a::eau to tbls matter. Mr. Boweu explained that the challenge would bs ve tbe same effect if the person were present. Col Hmton withdrew his motion, and submitted another, appointing tbe chairman of each district committee a committee to attend to this subiect. with authority to employ codveyaoces if necessary, and "have their headquarters it tbe registry; agreed to. A colle ttion was taken up to defray tbe expeuset cf the committee. Oea. Oerbardt, vice president, having presided during this portion ol tbe meeting, introduced tbe president elect, Say*es J. Bowen, Esq . ani with a lew appropriate remarks wubdrev lrem the chair. Mr Bowen assumed tbe cbalr, and read hi* inaugural address to the club?a written document. reviewing the change o( affairs In th?* District cf Columbia since 1?62. He advised tbe coloted citizens tbat as tbe wiongs they bad felt, hough not redressed, cannot be repeai?d to try to forget tbe past Alluding to their ngat to elect their own rulers in this city, Mr Bowen said tbat tbe colored meB having sente enough to fight on the right side, vould surely have sense enough not to be caaght v Ming on tbe wrong side. He was sure tbat if true to themselves nothing can prevent the success of the Republican party in Jane next. In tne course of bis address. Mr. Bowen made the extraordinary statement that the ie* entresol tbe Corporation are one million of dollars ' At the suggestion of Col. Hintoa. tb* President announced the committee on Sick Voters:? M*ssrs. Oangewer. ?T*rbardt, Donagban, ana Iioimes. (white.) Mr Shankland. (colored, i Mr Croasman, (white,) offered a re?olotiou restricting speeches upoa busiaess to filteeu re.mutes, and one speech, except by consent. The time was reduced to ten minutes, and tbe resolution passed. Also, tbat ib the opinion of thiaclnb when the cancis to nominate onr Collector. Ac., is called the delegates should be fit een trom each waid. Tbis was discussed oy Messrs. Rbinebardt. Major Morse. Col. Hinton. (white,) and by Messrs. Hatton aud Rev. J. A. James, (colored.) and was adopted. Mr. Cross-mau introduced the Seventh ward resolution, (already published in the * a-, in relation to tbe case of W M. Davis an i the Alexandria S eambeat Company, which wa* respectfully received and laid on tbe table. Mr. ISeedbam iffered the lollowing Tbat tbe office seek tbe man. and not tbe man tbe office; and tbat tb >?e who seek office by asking oar suffrage sball not receive our support. This wos diecassed by Mr Duvall, (white.) Rev. Messrs Borlaud ard Jones, (colored.) and was adopted after striking out all after -Mot the man. tbe office. ' On motion of Mr. King (Wbite) the names or Messrs. Vest and son (colored > were added to the committee on aick voters. By reqnest Dr Boyd read the aerie* of re*oiutious adopted at tbe last meeting of tb# rtb Ward club and published in the Stmr Tb?-y were referred to Messrs Morse, Croscman aud King for revision. Mr Hatton (colored) roue to personal explanation. and road from tbe .\fflr tb* report of Mr. Florence's remarks at a ltemo r?' meeting in wbieb bts aame waa mentioned Mr Hatton said be did Bot know Mr. Fliirnii l i. would n*t know him If be saw bim, and so far from borrowing money from bim, he would beg his bread from door to door before he won id kuackle to any coppernead. He would probvtly know Mr. Florence after J une aext. or Mr. Florence would know bim. El'ROPEAK NEWS. Los hon, Aprils?Evening.?Tbe uneer'aiaty in regard to tbe future action of Napoleon and tbe tear tbat be will adopt a warlike policy create wide-spread distrust among ba<ine-s men. and great depression in coaseqaoac* exists in commercial aad financial circlet, both in tbia city aad ib Paris. la tbe Hoase of CommoBs this even nc Mr. Ix)we said alarming news bad been rece ve<i in Berlin from Paris and tbat tbe Kiag of Prussia bad s?nt for Bismarck at two o'clock Sanday morning Flobxbcb. April 6 ?Baron Rataii tbe President of tbe Council of Minister*. wiB immediately form a new Cabinet for tbe 1 alian Oovernment. J toiin'ii Aprilfl.?The organization of ib* bow Dalian Ministry has been completed by Baroa Rauaxi. Tb* Oablaet baa bees composed ib a spirit of compromise by pro sua* at members of both political parties of th* country. Paai?. April 6?Notwithstanding it was annoanced that the negotiaUoas looking to the acqnlsitioo of Lnxembnrg had been sasp?nded , ' h haown that the Emperor baaitate* to roI'ase Hollaad from her engagement. i^Bishop Nee ley. r^eatlv elected B shop of Ma i ae, rtfvM to sign th* prote*: ot tb* Bishop* againat ritaal am. TNsw Orleaas has ft>nr millions of 4oliara in circalation of city moaoy. MTA Methodist charch ia Macomb, In recently gamed ltt nembert througb a r*vital

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