10 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Nisan 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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- mm / # . . - - M .? ... -| ??r*???r A ? ?-? ?* r? ?? . ? - " * ' ^w * aa^^^^__ THE EVENING STAR , 4. 1 ayJiSZJSirSEl JSi^"': "* *?t?LUniD 0>in?SCSDH .ICifTIDI jrfjgWt S / "/ J *T.wJo5S' AlSiL'j" McSSU?^ AT THE STAR BUILDiNO, | M A v - A ^ A ? ? (ll?jd,>0?ort* A Bofcw, (dtclm^d.) <W>rr# *???.<, 1 (*?r JW.aKM. M u* ,*?,. 19^^ I w.n.wALLAOH. I mf I I 17 I I I I I Xl I wSSSTSTSJSt^SS.* M W mr ^^^1 M > Inopportune and mlc?l?M to foresail conTb??TAR is terred by ta? carriers to tbelr W 1 I f/ M wr??uv? mfwarw ) T. A. Tolaon. O. A. ?*b?cr>b*r? 1* tb? City ud District at Tn? / M. M M. > Ky/^M Ji. y J^/ A. Itow*. H?nr* Bn?n^ Job. H. K?.-?l?. Jne. c?I??,? o.[1,.,?,...,,,,1? ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ swvw 4 jsff^ajarrss'bastta ?T or wltbont wrapptYa^ Two Cnrr* each. Sntitn. (de?lin?l > Pnicn vok MaiLine:?Three mcmthe, 0*? The nominal on* wer* closed. and *?--?rn. Potior and /Vty Cenf?; H* months, T\rf Dol. - John Britbt and I^win W*her were appointLari fte ?..r i\? ^.[n,, Nrt n.Mf, Ui ed teller* W hile tbe TO?m? wi- :a pr,.fr???, ,'#f .* P*P?" " " Mr jame|l fioie^an *tau-<l ihat Mr. J. M K?*l Tbe WEEKLY ST A*R^-pn bhshed on Friday V^. XXIX. WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 10. 1867. N2. 4.396. i'hurir an An noon - vv WOTJkiLg On* Dollar mud * Half a Tucr. 1 ntirman annoo uc+d itifi wm if. rioi^ct W. STEAMBOAT LINKS. DtTlUAC TRANSPORTATION LINE TOR ml baltimobe Makliif freight coo station at AOFIA ORBBK with bl( IIMOMb. CBF.DLKIi.'KS BOKO AMD POTOM.%1 BA1LR0AD.4XH? The ateamrr B\i'BBSS, Caat A. Sickle. ?ii?J ?tean>nr KESNB6B0,Ci|t. John H. Wll?on, 1??t? Washington from sl*?h street ' Wharf ry WIC1?N ksuay '.<! 8atokoay at 6 an . lor Baltimore. and usual w%f Ur.iilngs on Ti Nnrtc rlv*r K<-tariiisi leave Baltimore every tckbdal ard f BID a Y . ? p m. For fortber Information itpolv to J. b b KY AN A PRO , at i? if No. 34A Pennsylvania ?v?. <TtAJl?B WILSON SMALL n kOH THE EASTERN SHORE. #. f. ~ _ ~ 1 n* wiLs?a BIALL, CAPT T. LBOtAHD, bow In a ' 11 reapacta oii? of t be '"" i"" ^ ^ ^ ?Ml C<-B)fortnbln > :.d te?mara pljn.g ?n Cbeaareakn Pnjr, will rMnmt b*r rcotpnn BA 1 (JhDA Y. March ii 8hel?*T(>a har ?ifr oppoaita Ho. .70 Linht atreet wharf. TUESDAY, + HU&SBAT. and ATC.PA1.bU m.. for KASTO.V t'OlXT, LOUBLEJflLLS.OXfbRD CLQRA'SFOTW^, WALL ACE'S WHARr. CAMBRIDGE. HUGH ijT-TS WARP, CAFiy CREEK. MED PORDS WHARF. **4 LLOYD'S LAbniXQ. Botnrpin* from THBBASTKBN 8H0BB, *b? 1???m Llryd'a Landing at 1 p. m , Cambridge at 4 ?ra , ai.d Baaton Point at 6 I m , f??r; Monday. Wedarndnv nod Friday, touch!n? at nil Interme dtata landing*. an<1 renrhlng Bnltlmorant ft n. m. n th* folliiwlng n rninu* 8b* ba? n larae nnmb-r of fine itata room. r? ?tf HICHMORD. rBlDKBICKBBUM~AHD PO TO MAC KAILBOAD. T3 TBAVELLIRB OOIBO BOOTH 1W1CI DA ILT, (Bmdey p. m. excepted.) The qnlckeet aad moat direct route to Klohaioei, Ta , an?i tb? Booth, tit the Pot?B?? steamers from 7th Street W harf. Washington. to A^ala Creek and^^^^^^^^W fcic*u?on-i Frederlckibnr* and Potomac Railroad. to IHckmond. Va, connecting there with trains on thr llthm od and Petersburg and Richmond and PaLvilU Railroads, for Petersburg. Weldon. WiV a?t*ffon RUeigh. Greensboro*. Salisbury, Charlotte *16 Chester. 9 O Pteaaners Key port and O Tanderbllt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Sunday MH| exceptedf at a m ami * v? p m. and irrin la Richmond at 1. 9 m and 2.45 a a. THUOUOH TO BICUHOHD IS BITBN H0DK8 1 Fl.'tj Ml.ee Shorter and IS Hoar* Uuickar tAu or Other Koute. Be rare and get Through Tickets via A?n1e Creek and Frederlchaburg, to Richmond, at the Ocbhdi ?a Office, corner #( Peuna arene and Mb treet, or ob board of the boats. Baggage checked through. Omnlt useee and Wageaa will be la readlneee to convey paaeeugen au< .baggage between depot* la Richmond. Paaaenger* by thle line paaa by daylight Mount Vernon, and may have as opportunity of riiltlig aeteral battUfleUa near Frederlckahurg by vtcp ping at that point. _ ? Breakfast and board of Btesmen. ?BO MATTIS#LY.Bnpt . WaahlngtoB, D 0 9. B. MATTISO/S. Tlcke\,A^Jnt^J^4n?tOB ap Hy Meseral Paesenger Agent PAWNBROKERS A L S U ' s CENTRAL LOAN OFFICE. It. 4*0 10th street, uiie door below Peon, tff, Tfcti well know OfBce makes /Ov LIBERAL ADVAHCB3 /?1 On Pi?m tdi.tJclJ And Stiver Wateb?? Q Q Clothing, k'urnttare, and Merchandise of every description. Open every dayi except Sunder I from 8 ?. m. to 8 f. m N B.?Business strictly confidential. fe J8-tf 4-7 ~ L1CBNSED BY A U TH Ok IT Y i DB BI &NST1NK S LOAM OmOB,4 / .) 47i 13th street, 3d door south of Penn. are. MOJikY loaned on time to salt customers, on Beai Betate. ?old md Mirer Watches, Dlemonda, Jewelry, Mirer Plate. PI i>s. Kurnittire. Me chanieal Tool*. Ladies' end Oentlemen'e Wearing Apparel of all deicriptloaa. mhi to* B. BUBN8T1NB. l rrtll OLD BSTABLItfHBD KIBM OF 1 8. GOLDSTEIN A CO.. LICENCED I'AW MBBOKEB9, 34 FOCB AND A BALK STREET WB9T, near ('< una) 1> ania avenue, OtTar tba Mgj?-?t cmIi ad\ancaa ob all klnda of Merchant!!**, to an; am unt and for am /OV tlma desired, at reaaounH-rataa. XWA Interest on large aum* greatly raducod 9 W Bus)neat strictly c< afideatial. Oood-tx ught for cash a: d sold at private sale. f? tl-ly "pkrsonaET MB8 CI BTI8 lBVIN07^?'rT^'*, ' Ttn M-iiuwi. a ill give lira readings, Including Paat, Preaent and Fature, at bar office, 4^0, north aide of Pa. a*.. botaaaa 4H Bad Sth wtreeta. Office konra from 9 to * m an/I * tn <j * rm CONFIDENTIAL ?Young men who have Injured themselves Dy certain secret bwblts, which onflt them for businese. or the duties of married Ufa; aleo. middle aged and old tea. who. from the follies of youth, or other Mas*-* feel a debility in advance of their years, befera placli.g themselves under the treatment of nay one, thould first read "The Beoret Friend." Married ladies wHl learn something of Importance by pertsing "Ths Secret Trlend. Bent to nay adtress, In a sealed envelope, on receipt of 26 cants. Address Dr. CHAM. A. 6TUABT A CO.. Boston, Ma*e ^ ?o t-ly r| UK MOST ?\CIT1NU ANH i NTEttKdTXNO 1 BOOK Of Til K DAY. O E X. L. V. BAKERS His TO H V Of THE Sh.ru F T SF.K VICE. AGENTS * ANT KL? In every city,town, county and Mate of the Onion canvass tor this work. This history was announc-d ons year ago, bit owing to the attenpt-of the Government to sop pre? n. iu pnuicatian wa? delayed. It will now tie Issued. naaltered auJ unabridged, oni- r the ny^rTlMon of Gy? Bakfs It eontains a full a?'l official expose of the Intricate machination! of the secret enemies of the Union For startling development* and thrilling adven??r.?V u r ?LnCvte 1L? * ???? sxperiences of FOUtHB AMD \ lDO( l). The marvelOQi narratijM bf General Baker are all attested by the highest official authcri'y It will conUiu the e?ly oftcial history of the AssM*in*tioa con piracy A fnil history of this great, startling and terrible crime FROM ITS IWC*rTI0N. IH THI HAUHTi Of VILLA IN if TO tbi BIBIaL ^ala PI AI'P f I V UH/lT Has never yet hwa placed l-efore the public The work al?< ully expose-" the uelarions yit-m by Wt.ch Presldsitim par tons were and are so readllibbttiitd In Washington. T^e morale of the National Capital are thoroughly ventil*t<-d ami there are iome strange leselatic<bcetuiD( he*da of department-, members <>f Congre**, female pardon brokers, ana disUbgatshed military characters Ka t circaitr*, canvas?i ng nam be re. and all other iaforn.ai'oa. ?MreS? L>. C H AKIB. Pest Office fc i Mo. U?0, Philadelphia, Pa ' Tit.a work w: 11 be ready for delivery ob the 1st day of May. N t None bat those thoroughly conversant sitb ti-e bus:ness, and wiib g?od reference as to character and responeU." iit> need apply, mhli-lm pOEl ABL> BTCAM ENQIJI KB, O cmbining the c. ail ma in of efficiency, durability, and economy, with tlie mini mum of weight ?nd | rice. Ttiey are widely Mid favorably koowa, mere than ftOO b?:o? la n-e All warranted ?etl?factorj.or a* sale. Deecriptlre circular# Mat oa apyllcatloa. Addree* . . _ J. O. H9ADLIY * OO.. .* ' Jbawreaca, Kin, |||] BOOTS AND SUUB8. i *w I>? fW The aad?ratfn?tf bega leave to laform bin frien H Sniilr nl?i> |?o?r?lli that be ha* Opened tK9 J[ CHI A P bTOBI, lo. SOU 7th afreet nailer Odd Fellowt' Ball, where be ba> a!bSSf J BOOTH AND SHOW. _ Aem^miber lue aaAoer, ;>u* 7tu street nnd*f 044JeiIowe_iUn The fie* Ohe?? bto're forM'rlj K. t. Pa^e ?itor?. * r"'Ior *ett g?OBOM M. W1L80H. A PIANOS UNI Iwol A K*?ea Piano, for tiaj . On* Andrew Stein. for |M. One nla >*t new 7 octnv* l?rg* ronnd'il In eorxnr Mo*rdm*o A Orny Pinno. fr75. For Mir np?u ?My terms, et the wnreroom* of ? ?W. O TZBROTT * oo So?e Af- ntn ?>f Steinwnr A Son>* Pinnae, nnd Mucii A Hna.lln Onbiant Organ*. f"i," 50 JK/JK^T.5?ArM0 Prcmtnm Mew fork City SOAP, FrenUnm FAMILY BOAP, rremtnm FLANNML BOAT, _ And No I BB 'WN SOAP. For Ml* chen* for r?*n. Ord*r* tkrongk tlM '"t Office will M nromntlv ?tl ended to . OandU M ?a?f?c?orar? *ad *?ri 6 at. nor til, bat. 4th and #th. ja l)-tai 94.1. iatkwil laumdmy. 5Ti ??lvr?olr& and 13th a?a.*?-?I M A,J*orh ky ?o<*lao?Il?l foraad d?I varad at the ahortaat utlM. fr*aeb flatti|<?ai l?l|?i>Uiilatyja IMW JA1* 9CI1J). AMJIT M Htw M4 9mm4 kmmd CLOTHING, Ao. ] MLOBAIO. MSBCUANT TaILOB, corner of 9th and D etreeta, deslrea to return bi? tbanka for the liberal rayonage^Bl be?tuwed apon hlmdnrtnc paet eea-one. and H at the eame tine invitea bit friend* to Tialt hia ?tore and inspect hi- new and choice eele< tion of gooda, which he haw jaat aorchaaed for Spring and Summer Trade. Sir B. HAH . .. coniinoee to gt?e hla onataat attention to tb> ?tjle and general appearance) f all garment* ntvle at the eitat>liehment. The b*?t work and ru< dera e chargra la onr motto. a?8 3in* I," J. iikibkbgeb! 1 - . ? .it tocc-essor 10 H. F. lionos ito 3fERCHAXT TAILOR, W Metropolitan Hotel,.!ate Brown's,) ?P t> tf So 3b\l PfBD avenue, Washing'on. JAMES T WALK IK, M IN S M EKCKK ADD TAILOR. 494 Seventh Street, 484 Nt?r Odd Fellowe' Ball, Reps leare to inform htsfcrm?r patrons and the general public that ha ia alnioat daily re a> reiving Additions to bia now beantifal^flB stock of Uood? a<i*?t?<l to An MEN AND YOUTH'S WEAR, WW which nrnst be iwn to l>e appreciated. ~mmm None hnt the noil skillfnt artist* are employed, and perfect satisfaction guaranteed, both with b/yle.'material, and workmanship. Always on hand a eomplotc assortment of FURNISHING GOODS Give me a call before p.>rctiaaing ap 3 tf il V 1 O 1 X* U . ' 300 all ?otl Caeelniere V?tt? fl 00 500 all wool Caasimere Pant?. 3 00 V 200 Boy*' Jacket*, all weol 3 00 %f 100 Boys' Panta, all weol J "0 fOT 2f0 Boy a1 Buita, all wool ..? 4 00 *7~ S00 Boya'Bnita, all wool 6 So *V uo Boya Buita, all wool 6 00 M Boya' Oaaaimere Buita 7 00 W 100 Boya'Caaaimere Snita, choice.900 ' 100 Boya1 Buita, extra fine 9 00 100 Boy*' finite extra finc 10 00 < I/* ICO Boya' 8 lite, fine Trench (Jaaalmere... 11 50 Beya'Snlta, extra ' " - U 00 ?/ 50 Boya Baila. Kugliih Caaaimere 15 00 %J~ 100 Men'a Buita, naaerted 00 100 Men a Bnita, matched 15 00 KJ0 M*n'a Buita, all v?4F 18 00 ily 14M1 Mati'i Snita. fin* n?li?h ?n iwi 7~ 10" Men's Baits, ex. fine English 22 (K) %T 100 IUu'i Suits, fine French 26 00 W io Men's Baits, ex. flru-Frencb 30 0m %f The roods ere *11 new and fresh made op in the stiles for Spring and Bummer of 1-47. J. H. SMITH A CO., Great Central Clothing Hoose, *9 41m 440 7th street, app. Past Office. PRY GOODS, &c. ^iLLiau orr at cost. Having jost received cur new ami well selected stock of millinibt goods, LAOS,(real and imitation.) XMBB0IDXRIK8, DBSBS TBIMMINOS, BUTTONS, Ac., Ac., And having, naf-ipe-tedly. to move by the 1st of ! May , we shall sell our bhtibb stock, meat thisdatb, atcost CALL AND 8KCCBK G HE AT BABGAIRS, B LBN/BIHQ * CO., 46 MarketBpace, under the AVenue House. mh 28-1 m' ~ DANCING. pBOFB. i. w. AH. P. h.B*lb' DAAC1IO ACADBMT, ^ Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 6th and 7th iu . A Opposite Metropolitan Hetel. Bew Claaaea forming ever? evening. Thoee de Irlnf to enter oar claaaea ahortd avail themaelvm of thla opportunity. Preparations will be Bade In thla quarter for oaraatinal May Ball. Ctrenlari can be had at J. F. Bllia' and W. O Metaerott A Co.'a Music Store*. The Hall can be rented for Bolreee, Bo. _ Dnyy and Homti of Tuition : For Lad lee, Misses aud Maetera, Tuesday and Saturday afternoooa, from S to i o'clock. Geiitleninn a Claosea, Tueeday and Friday evenlnga. from 8 to 10 o'clock. For further information, apply durlaf the hoara f tuition, or addreea a note to the Academy. Qaarter oommenoimf with the firat leaeen. ;a 8 MABINI'B f ash ion a b lb dancing AOAbKMY, AT & MABINI 8 ASSEMBLY BOOMS, M K, between ttb end 10th atreete, The la?t quarter of tlu? ***?on, prepare- VA tory te (be May Hill, will coiiiKeoce ou Satur<1a>, March 2. Cla?*c? fer the Qermau are now I open. N B ? Frigate instruction given to aalt tne con1 ventenee of the papll *f IS 1867 GBAND IXOU Be)ION 1H67 TO TBI PABIS KXPOSITION. The new ?Dd tirat-claaa ocean going Iron BUkmlt"I> H A V A H A . 2 00) tone l>nrth?n, BTBPHKN WHITMAN Oon muuder, will make an EXOCR9ION frum Xtw Tork to Bayre and back, aailiug trom Pier 4b, North Biter, on WKDMK8DAT. April 17th.at 12 o'clock m , Taking yaaaengera for r*rie, London anl Bremen. Be turning, will aal] fror H avr? on ' one 6tb. ;! v idk pi?eeiiger? holding Bxcurniou Ticket# about alxweekafn Europe. Thla magnificent Ste.tmahlp la divided into water tiL-lit r.mcirtia?<i bm !,??n n??l? fnrt>i?ht- l and elegantly fitted up expretaly for this voyage. The HAVANA will only carry first clans passengers. An experienced Bnrgeen on baard. V A full Band af Music will be attached to lA skip. Price of paieage, in currency, to Havre $154 and 9176. aco rding to atze of state room To Havre aod retarn, S-A and 930", according to | sixe of state room For further particulars and paasage apply to I Um Agtau, BBKAT. FIB&IS A 00., 62 South street, New York. Or to MoO. T. B A&KT, the MerchtnU' Union Exprraa Uompur, 406 P?uu?yl*auia av?n*e, Washington. mh 9 sot WH I 8 K m t 6-MV MUST AO HIS' Forced to crow upon tho amootaat face ia from aertnl discovery la mo<lern aci-noe. acting a pea the Beard and Hair in an almoat m'raculaos man " "Jb*ein need by the slite of Paris and London with the moat flattering aacoaaa. Nam< a 2!t.7i.>"ct'yfl "111 be reglatertd, aad if satire J* 5ot _!** ? la every instance, tbe tartliii DescriattTo clrcmlara %nrl I/*.7' H*w Tork. Bole siesta far th? Untt*d ?P ?-<Jcw?0l7 C?iti? i3w\^2&01L ?T*b#taff> m~r0M w ? lu>J nUOKUIUI. pilIIIT .asKtrtsarysss-**"""" ? TrBA*OE T4TLOB. SPECIAL NOTICES. ' (7* MANY 8C rFIB rattier thin take in.Mtci edlcinte. All *h?? ?ori<-r from Doughs. Gold*. Irritation of . h* I rorchi*! tube* or teadaae/ to Consumption ?111 till* In PR W ISTAI 3 BAL SAM or WILD Oil IBRT a r mo.1T a? agre<-aMa to the palate a* effectual in r> aa<*ving dla?-aee. Th? B?leam i? a pleapAnt remedy , it l? * *afe remedy: it la a po ?? ri.il r fine ly , it 1* a speedy remedy; it is a remedy th*t cure* ae 10 V KEK TU BVKBYBi'DT. A Large ft pp Circular, giving information of ttie greatest imjortaice to the youag of both aezes It teacbe* how the homely n-.ajr bereme beanti fol. the derpiaed reapected, and the fureaken loved. Noyoang lady or gentlemtn should fail to aend thetr Ac*drtaa, and receite a copy poet paid, by retort mail. A4dmi P. O. Drawer. St, ?p3 DAWeoly Troy, M Y. KNOW THT DK8TIBT. MADAM! K r. THORNTON. the great *n? l.sb Aitrclo(l?t. Clairvoyant and PsyahometiiclM ?b? hu Mtoaiiked the sciaatitic o laaaee of the Old World, ba? low loctIM heraetfat lladtoo. H T. Madam* Thornton pootiiga racb woa<l?r < ful powera o'second sight as to enable her to Impart kttowkedge of the greatest importance to tba single or married of either sex. while In a stato of trance, eta delineates the very feature* of the paraoa yon ere to marry, and by the aid of an Instruinent?^ intense power, known ae the Psychomotrope. Foai antees to produce a Ufe-lih. picture of thefntnre hnsband or wife of the applicant, together with date of mrrrlaee, position in lif?, leading traits of character. Ac. This lanohumt hk. a* thousands of testimonials can aasert She will send when desired a certified certificate, or wiitten guarantee, that the picture ia what it purports to be. By enclosing a (mall lock of hair, and stating plsca of birth, age. disposition and omplexion, and enclosing fifty cent* and stamped envelope addressed to yourself, you will receive the picture and deslrad iaformation bv return mail. AII communications sacred'* confidential Ail dree* In cor.fideu.e. MADAMS E F TIIUBNTOM P O. Bos il?3, Hndion, N. Y 9 3 DAWnly 6TB0TII CHRONIC AND INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATISM *re being daily cured by MKTCALEB'S CHEAT RHEUMATIC B1MKDY Bold by *11 DroggUu. ap 2-eoJw B.JQ. FORD. Agent. REMEDIAL INSTITUTE FOR SPECIAL OASES. R?. 14 Bond itrast, Hew York. f Fnll information, with the highest ttstxmenxals: also, a Book on Special Disease*, ti? a sealed envelope, aent free. Be sure and send/or them, and you trt 11 not regret it,- for, aa advertising >hytlclana are generally impostors, without reference* ne atranger ahonld be trnated. Kncloae a atama for poatage aad direct to DR. LAWRENCE. No 14 Bond atreet. New York nolSDAWlr ?-MARRIAO* ARDCELIBACY;AND THE Happlseaa ef True Manhood. ? An Eaaar for Yoang Men on the Crime of Solttnd* *n<t tv.. Physiological Irrors, Abases and Dlfuns which create Impedimenta to Marriage, with ?ure mean* of Relief. Sent in sealed letter envelopes, free of cbarg*. Address Dr. J. SK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Association. Philadelphia, Pa. jail-to BJEOKBT XHBBABBB. Bamapitan's OiFTia the meet certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever discovered. Cures In two to roar days, and recent c?ee? In twenty fonr hoars. No mineral, no balaam. no mercury. Only tea pi 11a to be taken. It la the soldier's hope, and a friend te those who do net want to be exposed. Male packacea, #1;female, 93. Bah akitarN Boot and Hub Jvicm?k posltl v? and permanent ears fer Hpyhllls. Bcrofala, Dicers, Bores, Spots. Tetters, Ac. PHce ?126 per bettle. Bold by 8. C. Ford. See advertisement air I AMUSEMENTS^ NATIONAL THEATRE. Pennsylvania avenne, near Wlllards' Hotel, Last appearance but three of LADY DOM. ? to will appe ar In tw<> favorite characters and sing sever*) I ?-autifnl sunes THIS (Wednesday) BVKMINO, April 10, the performance will commence with KIN* POIHT8 OF Till LAW. Mrs. Smiley, a Widow ...... Lady Don Tn mfcrlnHa with Hbi-a.. '? 1 .... vj.vu o wivua mQu I/UI ics'iur, entitled, ALADDIN. OB. TUB WONDERFUL SCAMP Aladdin Lady Don ^ OBAND ENTERTAINMENT for the benefit of UNION BBTHBL A. M. B. ?HUBCH. will lie given THCBBDAT EYENINO, April 11, At tbe AH8EMBLY BOOMS, on 12tb atreat, sear C elret-t. Tirketa. admitting Gent, end Lady 81 ftO, Single Ticket*. $1 ap 10-lt* vi al 1/s~Sew opera house. MONDAY EVENING APBIL -, 1-67, FIBisT APPEABANCE IMPERIAL JAPANESE TROUPB, J ait erri >ed from Oaiitorniit. ThH rirst .1 epaneae Artietca ever peruitted to l<-are Japan. i THOMAS MAGUIBE AND PBOFESBOB BIBLE Y, MANAGERS. Tbe Imperial Treat? ia cimpoxid of over twenty of the moat extraardiaary performera, male and fen>ale. A /1D/\D A TO TOP 8PINNKBS, POBTBY OF MOTION, PUTTBBFLYING. Ac. Atd the Daimlo Favorite, the gr?ateit p?rtormer ia the world. 1 HAMAI KAHI 8ADAKITCHI, Aid htr t eantiful and iuo?t won4?rful bou, ALL BIGHT Their performance# of over SIXTY BBPBBJ*KMTATION8?t Maul ibb t) opbka HOI sb. Ban Fnnclteo. aud TUB ACADEMY Of MUBIO, PhlladelpUU, were tiUMBtni*a?ly prr-nonnred THE WONOKB Or THK WOBLD. The atay of the Troupe In this city will b? but for a abort period?every evening thl* week au i ON WIDNE.sDlT AND SITUBDAY AFTKK 30?H8. ap-v8f METZEROTT HALL. PAB1PA. ~ BB1QM0LI. FOB ONE NIGHT ONLY. The Manager ? ??? to Inform the citizens of Wtobingion that the highly ?iicceB?ful 1'riina Donna. Madame BLPHliOSYNB fAHEPA ROtiA, and the great Tenor Bignor HBIGNOL1, Will Bive One Graad Concert nn " MONDAY ViNfliO.'APBIL 15, Vk Lea the to'lowm* Artist* will appear: Madame e. PABCPA BQBA, Btguor BB1GNOLI. Big nor FKUBANTI. Siguor ruRTBNA.ftnd CAUL KOv A Musical Director laid Accompany!". Mr. s. Bill KENS. Admission ?1 '0; Reserved 8??is, 6ii cents extra The tale of teats will commence un Thursday ?t 9 a m , at Metzarott's Matic Htore ap 0 td BA LLS, PARTIES, Ac. ii ally bound Tile green flag! TH1BD GBAND~~ANN 0 AL BALL or tkk g* O'MAHONBV t'IBOLE, f. B., jft GIV1S AT odd F1LLOW8 BALL. 7TH Btkekt.ha ; TUCKS DAY, APB1L Sift ProctMli to It forwarded to the men now lighting for tba liberty'of Ireland. Farther nutfce [ ?< Itr.'lifU at a future time. Br order of P UK kit, Chairman of th? Comntttw. " it* ^ y~ t k 0 l 0 oy. thb world astonished AT THI WONUKKFUL RKVKLATiONg madjt by thb okkat abt bolou 1st, MADAME If. A. PEKIiKrO. sua reveals secret* no mortal ever knew. She restore* to bappineaa those who, from doleful e\ont?, cataatropbe*, crossos in love, lota of remtlona and frienda, Iom of money, Ac , hare become deapendent. 8he brlnga together those lent sepa rated, gi vca information concraing abaent frienda or lovers, reatorea lost or atolea property, teila yon tbe bmlneaa you are beat ijnaliflea ta purane and in what yon will be moat sncceasfnl, citnaea speedy marriages nod toils yon the very day yon will warry. gives yon tbe name, iikeneee and characteristics of the person. (Ska reads your very thoughts, and by nor almost supernatural powers nr. veils tee dark and biddon mysteries of thefutare. From the stars we eee In the firmnnent?the malefic aUra that overcome or predominate ha the conflgnratlon?from the aapecta and p< sitiona of the planets and tbe fixed stars In the heavens at the time of birth, ahe dedncee the futnra dcatiny of man. Fail not to conanlt tiie greatest Astrolof lat on eartk. It oonta yon hnt n w?n?, ua you mny n?Ter nrnin Have no r?Tor*bl? ?n opportunity. Consultation f#e, with likanM* f* *fj d?*ir?d Infermatt on, $1 Parties II ting ^.SftMesmtise-dcaa; BssSF *** ' * Snnr TKLEflRAMI. *c. A? the chart*r election held in New Brunswick, N. J., >t?:erdiy. Mile# Ko??, the I>eaoocri'lc at .didate f?r Mavor. was elected dt ( ?*> majori:> . four Demicratic aldermen werea;*o elected on* ol ?ix, wbi -h makes a I>?mocr%tic majority in the City Council. Ttiere were al?o elected three Democratic freeholders, whi-h fives the Democrats a majority in the Hoard of Kreeholders for Middlesex county.

Special Orders No. ?< with relerence to the election ol public officers in the State of Louisiana, not having been r?"-eiYed in *he ?m - ""J heavy. Onf hundred and tnirty persons have been thrown out of work on account of it. The trial of Lieutenant Colonel (George Brown, who was pursued through Europe and Anally arrested on the charge of embezzling Government fund", (British) was concluded at Montreal, C. W.,on Monday. Verdict sot guilty. A considerable party left Providence, R. 1? Tuesday morning by the ten o'aloek train for New London, to participate iu a prize fight on Fishsr's Island, between George Rooke, of that city, and Charles Collins, of New York, for ?5<iO a side. Provenchei, on trial at Montreal, C W , ha- been found guilty ot poisoning Jontress. and sentenced to be hanged. The trial of Provencher's partner in guilt, Sophie Borsclerc, was commenced Monday. It is reported that measures are preparing quietly for the arrest and bringing to justice of at least half a dozen of the most notorious lobby operators in behall of New York iobs. at Albany. J. P. Davis, proprietor of the American House, at Fox Lake, Missouri, committed suicide Monday morning by taking morphine, leaving a wife and large family. No catue u< assigned for the commission of the act. TJie Union State Central Committee met at Harrishnrg, Pa, yesterday afternoon, and fixed Wednesday, June 26, as tbeday for holding a State convention, and Williamsport as the place. lu the charter election at Lockport, N. Y, yesterday, the Democrats elected their Mayor. James Jackson, Jr.. and the whole city ticket by two hundred and seveuty majority. The election in Jersey City, yesterday, resulted in a Republican 'riumpb, the tirst in seven years: gain over five hundreu The mass meeting of the freedmen which was called for to-day at Augnsta, <?a , has been postponed till Saturday. The discounton American invoices in Canada this week is twenty-five per cent. The ice in the St. Lawrence remains firm. TflS V T WI'TIO. W - " ^ mm mm SIVA in iU A & 1 LAM) JL< i - I > A V. 111 pursuance of the provisions of the act passed by the General Assembly of Maryland, at Its recent session, authorizing the voters to catt their ballots lor or against a State Constitutional Convention, an election is jeing beld today. According to tbe notice of Slieritf Thorn pson, calling an election in Baltimore. all persona voting rhall express on their ballots, in writing or printing, tbe words "ForaConvention,'7 or -Against a Con vention," and at the same time and place the voters stall elect sevm delegates trom each of the legislative districts oi Baltimore citj to said convention, according to tbe provisions of the act of tbe General Assembly Tbe following are tbe candidates for the convention, put in nomination by th" Democratic Corservative party ol Baltimore, ihe Republicans declining to make any nominations: First Legislati\e District?John H. Barnes. Isaac S George, Joshua Yausant, Edw'd K. Flaherty, .lames A. Henderson. Lindsev H Reynolds,Ezra Whi'man. Second L?e?i?l&tiv? District?tteo. ai. 1*111, Ueorge Wm. Brown, Bernard Carter. Albert Kitcbie. Henry F. Qarey, (ieorge W Doobtn, J. Hall Pleasants. Tbird Legislative District?.lames K Brewer, Jobn Ferry, J.Montgomery Peters, Josepb F. Merrinian, Jobn Frank, Isaac ftl. uer.son, Walter S. Wilkinson. Ttaf Sheriff alt-ogives notice tbat tbe citizens of Baltimore shall, at tbe same time, vote on tbe c;ue?tioii or running tbe cars on Sunday by expressing, in willing r*r nrintinc tH? -4- '' ** ? v-c nuius -tot nunaing tbe (Jars on Snuday," or Against Runniug tue Cars on Sunday." as the case may be, in accordance with an act entitled -'An aet to previde for tbe running of the Baltimore city passenger care on Sunday," Sic The sun says:?The board ol police gives notice that all bar-rooms and drinking establishments are to be closed during the day, under the provisions of the law, and there is every prospect ot an orderly and quiet election. ____ /we! Laoek ? St. Louis brews annually 317,592 bbls. of beer, using at least SCO.imj uueueie 01 oarier, or. in otner word?, paying I to the farmers of this Western valley S1,"00.I M*t. Besides, this, the brewers purchase from the bop-growers of Oueida, aad other oouuties ib New York, in rjund numbers, i;u),ihk? lt>s ol bops, valued at KH50.000, and added to all Is a labor account for men employed in tbe breweries of at least ?*5ii,0<h>, rind tbai is Incidentally disbursed to iniuer^ tor coal, and,to cooper for caaks another quarter ot a million of doilars. . Hew. asp Chickkn Cholkka A gemlem&u just returned from Caswell countj-, ft*. C'., says that the farmers of that vicinity are losing largely of their hogs and fowls from a disease supposed to be cholera. The hogs were first attacked and died in large numbers, and then the fowls, among which it is very fatal. Many families have lost nearly their en'ire stock and have ceased killing them lor table use. One lady lost thirty-two turkeys and forty hens.? XorfoTl- Do y Bo?>k. y In Boston, New York and Philadelphia thirty-three ladies have received medical degrees within a few weeks past; and since this educational movement began (in Boston) over two hundred women have graduated in the*e three cities?the number th? being larger than in any past year. _ Komk ? According to the Pontifical Annnary there are 19 patriarchates in the Church of Home, 5 of which are Greek; 153 archbishoprice, 21 of which are Greek; and 697 bishoprics; total, 851 sees. y Bishop Wbitungham, of Maryland, has issued a circular letter to the Protestant Episcopal clergymen In Baltimore, asking them to urge upon their respective congregations "the duty of voting against the running of cara on Sundays in the public streets." ^^Massachusetts in the most (tensely populated of any btate of the Union, averaging 157 persona to a square mile. Rhode Island comes next, averaging 133 to a tqaare mil*. mm jjicuuji wouenouse, oi Illinois, who on just returned from Europe, v&ya at leas* fifty thousand Swede* will emi|r?t? to the United State uuring tke present year. VSuch lively music was rendered by an organist at a high cburcb," in New. York, tbe other evening. that an old man actually cot on tbe aisle and commenced to danoe a breakdown.?Home Journal. WA man. In Chicago, wan arrested, a few day* einee. for whipping bis daughter.,little girl, ten years old, to death. The child had refused to take seme medicine, and was whipped for that reason. VSutcide by Parle sreoa Ada Almost reached tbe dignity of ah epidemic. The Afth eage within t^o wsjlid-^ when a woman at. tempted to efca?e ?***mt*va coil by swailewiBf a quantity of the ataff. f parish ot i.ivinirton in tine 'o prevent tbe electn n previously ordered there, the saw Da? be*u held contrary to the direction* con'atned in that order: the election Is therefore declared null aud void. News has been received that the Liberate bavecompletely surrounded Maximtlhan, and there is uo possibility ot bis escape It is stated that Juarez'and other liberal leaders have asked our Government to help Maimillian to escape, and insure a sate passage to Europe. They are anxious to fet rid of him. I The French snuadrom of irnn.*l?rfa fr?m Havana is expected at New London, Conn., as the water is not deepenongi for the flaephip at New York The fleet consist* of the irou-ciartp Magneta, flagship, Macnanime, :u.d Klandre. The officer in command is Admiral de Roucierede Noury. The journeymen house carpenters of Philadelphia ceased work Monday, being on a strike for $3 per aay. Heretofore they have received 50. The plasterers and stone cutters struck some time ago for higher wages, but after holding out six weeks recommenced worn ai the old wages. The factory of the BowmanviUe Furniture Manufacturing Company, at Bowmanvili*. C. W., with its entire contents, was destroyed bv flr? on Samrda* ?i?ht Th? i??? <- ' LOCAL NEWS. # Tub r>HTKlI.RBPDIUC*a ASSOCIATION Lwl evening & meeting ol tbi? asso ation ww beidat Woodward k Hull, (Pennavl vani* *cftiue, near 1Kb an<t was atu-nJ-u by , from eighty toon* hundred t r* >nn, m a s.|>rinkling of tbe colored rac This w.1* the first met-ima beld in thm h*?i h? :h.. - j nation, and it war evident thai It could not i have been selected by any plethoric Republican, judgingfrom the language of nine when they reached the top ol the step*, puftlnc aiul [ blowing. The president. Mr. John R. fllW. torn the chair, and holding up an itntn?*a-.? I carpenter's mallet, (seven aud a halt pounds weight.) remarked na he had had some difficulty in keeping order at the previous meetings, he bad brought the mallet to be used as a gavel,and be wished It understood that when a decision is made by the Chair and the gavel trough! down, that much decision should stand as the sense of the meeting until reversed by a vote of the association. The association will now come to order, bringing down the mallet with great vim amid the laughter of the members. The secretary. Mr. A. (1. Hall, read the minutes of the last meeting The following-named persons were reported on favorably by the executive committee and elected members John K. Cook. J. H Washington,.!. D. Farren, M. A. Pitney, Hhwkins Taylor, M Whittev, R. J. Beali. W .! WTalWer R Selkirk, W. H Wheeler, W.Syphax. W. H. Wormley, and Charles Kmc While the above names were being banded in, Mr. A. Watson asked if nominations would be in order for collector, register, Ac. The Chair?No. sir; it you have any person to nominate as a member, tbe Chair will bear ibe name. Mr. Watson remarked that some of tbe members were becomiug very much exercised in regard to ibe offices, and be proposed to re* lleve tbeir anxiety immediately. Capt. Wilson Millar offered a resolution that beieatter a member making a motion should have but ten minutes to speak on ibe subject, and otbers five minutes each, which was adopted. Tbe Chair announced that the proposed amendment to tbe constitution providing that tbe execntive committee shall consist of five delegates from each ward, and Georgetown, and five from tbe Central Association, a* being in order. Mr. C. S. Bates asked if Georgetown was included, and stated tbat some of the Georgetown Republicans wisbed to lorm an associafinn th?r? Major W. S. Mors* offered a substitute, that each ward association or club shall elect or appoint a committee of five, which shall conjointly comprise a city executive commitiee. and who shall have power to call nominating conventions, A.c , to mclnde Oforgetown. Dr Boyd asxed if five from the Central Association were excluded. Major Morse?Yes. sir. Dr. Boyd.?Then I'm opposed to it. After some debateMr. L. E. Dudley said be believed the association had no power over the ward clubs and be moved to lay the subject on the table; lost. Mr. John F. Cook moved to postpone the bobject until the second Tuesday in M?y Mr. J H Holmes offered a resolution for eaeh club to elect nine representatives. Several parties attempting to get the floor, and a number of objections being made, the resolution was withdrawn, the Chair, after giving some heavy thumps with his gavel, succeeding in restoring order. Mr. H A Hall believed that all the association coalil consistently do was the recommending of the appointment of committees. Ac.: that this was a voluntary association. It should not pretend to act for the ward clubs, every one ot which largely outnumbered thi* Mr N. H Miller offered as a substitute for >lr. CoGlc s motion ??n?? nf dering the thanks of the association to Mr J. Say lee Brown for bi6 efforts in forming the ward associations; providing that ward clubs shall elect delegates to meet on the itfth inst . who shah consider the expediency ot calling a convention, 4cc.: bnt before he read the resoiutions be proceeded to speak on the sobject. >lr. I' . H Kinehardt remarked that it appeared as if the members were afraid of each other, atid be proceeded to urge that better feeling sbonld prevail?in the coarse of bis remarics stating that he was not a member. Major Hall and others objected to his proceedmg lnrtber. Mr. Kinehardt took his seat, bat a resolution being adopted allowing birr to proceed, he continued, saying that he hoped they would settle down, and leave .be nominations to the people of the wards, where the largest expression of opinion could be obtained. Dr. Boyd urged a postponement of the subject. and the previous question having been called, the motion of Mr. Cook, postponing the subject until the second Tuesday in May, w:ts adopted. Major Morse offered a resolution, declaring that no authority is res-ed in the central association to call a nominating convention, and that such power belong* to the ward associa uuue ciciusiYeiy tie sata ue wished to prevent centralization and man.potations by the wire pullers. 5e\eral points of order being raised, and Major Morse being personally appealed to. withdrew bis resolution. remargin* he did not wish to have it said tbat be introduced a tirebrand. Mr. N. H. Miller obtained the floor, and was proceeding to spealc ot the objects of the asaocialion, when Mr. Bates raited a point of order. Mr. Miller continued, standing, when Mr. Bates insisted tbat he take bis seal. Mr. Holmes moved that be be requested to sit down. The Chair.?Mr. Miller will no donbt do so. as he is a law-abiding citizen Mr. Bates.?Not known as snch bere. A motion was made to adjourn and lost, and Mr. Miller settled down to a seat. Mr. Li. E. Dudley offered a resolution tendering the thanks of the club to Mr. J. S. Brown, ot the executive committee; which was adopted. Mr. J?bn U. Cleary offered a resolution looKing to the appointment of 15 delegates to a convention: which was rule<l out of order. Dr. Boyd offered a series ol resolution-. wnicti were laid on the table. Mr John 1. Cook offered a resolution arlvising the election of fifteen delegates to meet in convention on the secoud Tuesday in May. whtch was adopted. Adjouraed. Mkktisg ok th? Sixth Wibd Dkmocea*. vPursuant to a published notice, a meeting of citizens of the Sixth Ward meeting wa* held at the Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, last night. At abont o'clock, some sixty or seventy persons being in the hall, Mr. F. J. McNefhany called the mseung 'o order. Mr. Ueorge A. Hohrer was called to the chair. He said he bad hoped that for the present all party predilections would be forgotten, and the meeting would be representative of the conservative citizens ot the ward but he was sorry to see so lew of the faces present that he expected to meet. Mr. James M Dal ton was nominated for secretary. He declined, not being favorable to the parpoee for which it was called, and apposed to the recognition ot the National Democratic Association in affairs relative to onr local ollices He regarded the nominating convention under such auspices as entirely inopportune. He nominated Mr. George A. Millar Mr. McKerbany seconded tbe nomination, bat did not agree with Mr. Daltoa Tbe meeting is called at tbe request of tbe National Democratic Association, bat it was not an appeal to I>emocrata only, but to all who are willing to co-operato to auatain tbe coaeerra* Uve party. Tbe question was pat upon the aomlnation ol Mr. Miller, and be waa elected but declined serving, announcing at tbe same time that bia whole soul waa wlui tbe Conservative party, to elect white men to oMce and bo other. About a dozen nominations wero made, and tbe nomineea declined in aucceeskm. A Voice.?'Why! we oau't get a Hoc rotary ." Mr. McNerbaay waa aominated aad conaent i ed to aerTO. Mr. McNerbaay offered the following reao- i lationa wblcb were tdnntwi Rrnilrrd, That In the o'pinion of tnt? bnUii it is the first duty of tvery citizen to reaieter, and bU second doty to vote Kttoltd, That la thaa voting the ballot of , every Conservative citizen should be eaat for nch caadtdatee, wtthont retard to their former political affiliation*, ae support the patriotic policy of the present Administration. Rftolerd, rhat the dein|?m elected by this 1 meeting to tho propoeed city oonveauon bena- ' trammelled by any laatrnoUoa ear* to vote tor < nemtneea li accordance wtth the spirttst the foraoiaa raeolnwon ' JtezoUe4. That la tfce approadhia?maairtpal t election we la < He tie earaeot oo-opaaatloo of t every cUieea who is ia fever oftbe OonsUtu- i uoa aad the rootaraUon 0/ the Union. 1 Mi ler, Hrary Venn*. T. A Tolson and H-ury Bricht we.e slecte?i. Mr. McNer>any d'livfifd ft brief addr?-?, rrntrat ulatlnc the meeting upon th*ir lo tion nf r?m eir.en to r?pwnt them in M#vfnticn nrged the voter* to reenter and to??, aud deprecated ibe failure to refiiMT as an unjustifiable sell dicfrancbi?euteni. TUe meeting tben adjourned IMPORTANT FROM El ROPE The ?*H?e of the Finamial Panic?Unr K mn*rs?1> man Trial* ( ommeaced. 4c. bOBDOll, AprII Bwuai - It is nsw known that Napojeon. deeming the po>?*r<ioii of Luxemburg indispensable to '!? military eri hi?j 01 mr i r?r< u ir ri. r. no: long a<v> commenced nrfotlHion* with the Kint of Hollaud tor tbr puri-hnf?> of the < J rand Uu.bv, and its incorporation with 'he Krm -b crap re; but as the fortress ot I.uxrmtiurf, wbicb is ons of the strongest I urope, i? held by a Prussian g>rr.ton. aud 'he |>ruf? *n Oovernment. ba k. d by tbe whole of Germany, firmly object* to the Tan?fer of the I'm by to France, tbe King of Holland bad -withdrawn from nay further negotiation* on the subject, Tbe French F.mperor insist* that bis preposition stall be carried out and 'ha treaty completed. The national pride of Franco has been deeply wounded and a wild antlPrussian feeling has seized tbe country. In tbe meantime, while the dispute is pending, botb Prussia and France are making military preparations. This threatening state of affairs is th? cause of tbe financial panic which now mm in l,endon, Paris, and a.il|the principal commercial cities of Fnrope. hi i'.lin. April f? ?The rm of -.be Fenian prisoners on tbe charge of high treason commenced here yesterday. Tbe prisoner Massey has turned Queen's evidence. <'o*PTA!rri*ori.K. April 9 ?Kd Blaoone. formerly tbe Turkish Consul General a- Naples. bas been appointed Envoy of tbe Sublime Forte to tbe United States of America. (By Steamer ) It is stated that tbe resolution of K ranee, Austria and Russia to recommend collectively to tbe Forte tbe cession of Caadia to Greece has net been carried out 01. accouu' of the refusal of England tojoin is the rei reseatatioo of those Powers. The Amba^saaors of the above powers have only been instructed to re. commend separately to tbe forte tbe cession of Crete, witbont exercising any pressure upon Turkey. A rumor that Franee bad m:tde overtures to Austria to protest collectively against tbe treaties of Prussia with Baden, Wurtemberg, and Havana, and that Austria has refused, is without any foundation. Tbe London Standard says ?It is currently reported at St. Petersburg that an offensive and defensive alliance bas be.-n concluded between Prussia and Russia, and i bat Rou mama is a party to tbe .inrangeinen*.. Tbe l>ondou Tim**' Berlin correspondent says:?In Berlin and all Germany Count Bismarrk haw ?ha ? ?? . vwv*vu ?uv ui|uc?iewp un iuo ina der of renown. in consequence of divulging tbe secret treaties. Indeed, the merest glance at tbe Situation in wbK b he managed tosecare these important arrangements is enough to bring cut his diplomatic energy and skill in strong relief. Notwithstanding his decided victory in tbe field. Napoleon's threat to cross the Rhine obliged him to spare Austria from destruction and confine bis unifring tendencies to the country north of tbe Main Tbe Stuttgart Gnzett* repudiates tbe possibility ot neutrality on tbe part of Wurtemberg in tbe event of European war complications. and says:?It would be chimerical to expect to participate in tbe benefits of national existence without also sharing tbe dangers by which it may be threatened. A despatch from Corn, Ireland, says ?Several additional arrests for high treason have been made m the couaty and city tb? last two days. MvvcHAUei* ?L.tTa*ATr*E ?Some of the war volume* which are appearing from time to time, remind one of tbe yarns whteh army correspondents of a Philadelphia paper were wont to ?pin. Tbe South is especially prolific ,u Lmr inuu(i>u,'n irerarsr* wmeti mutt artord much amusement to botb Southern ti 1 Northern readers who participated in the conflict. The last volume of the kind ? a history of "Moeby and His Men," who are represented as having performed the Most fabulous achievements all throarh Northern Virginia, and furnished Lee the key to nearly all bt* victories In one place we are told that Mo?by and three of his partisans pat to flight and cbased tor a long distance one ban. ared and eighty of the Sixth R?w York Cavalry, while' instances are innumerable where tney single-banded slew all the way from four to ten Vankees apiece Such volumes must naturally disgust the late Soathere leaders, and we are not surprised that Mosbysbould repudiate this "history" as coataiaing about as much tratb as the "Arabian Knights " X. F. Still Ahother Victim t?> Chloroform.? A young lady died in Baltimore last w?w>ir from tbe etlects of taking cbloreferm. wbico was administered to her by a denue\ with the consent ol a physician. T his is the 'bird death from tbe same cause tbat we bave bad to chronicle within a few wseks. The preemption is tbat chloroform is a very dangerous agent. even in tbe moat careful band* and tbat do physician can say wttb certainty, when be administers this drug, tbat hie parent will ever be restored to consciousness. This is a fearful price to pay for imaunry from pain during a brief surgical operation, as tbe danger of death seems almost sufficient to justify tbe prohibition altogether of tbe use of chloroform. Vmt Seksatio?ax..-Wc bud the following in tbe New York 7V? Mr. Tilman Gregory, a very wealthy planter residing near Augusta. Arkansas, fell into an alrarration over a game of cards with a Dr. Dameron, in tbe course of wbicb the letter drew a pistol and sbot the former in tbe hip. Mr. Gregorybeing in liouor, taunted bim for uot shooting better tban'that, Mr. Dameron, who was also intoxicated, fired agaiu. sbootinr this tim? ft. the breast. Mr. Gregory placed Bis band upon bis pistol, and taking deliberate aim at the Doctor, shot bim through tbe bear-. Gregory s shot took effect almost tn-taattneously in Dameron's beart, and b?tb fell dead together. t&~ Two very pretty girls, aged 16 and If, respectively, vere arrested in New Ortaaus witb two stalwart negro men, witb whom thev bud eloped from np.country Tbe girls were dressed in male attire, and wben taken to tbe police station, frankly gave tba hiUory Ot tbeir loves, and said tbev intended to marry tbeir sable lovers. The girls are of reepecta-ble parentage at Ea*t Baton Kong*-. Tbe negroes are black as charcoal, and bad worked in the employ of the joang ladies' fathers. SrtTIVClD pw Oovtupt or 00l'tt.-km< dall and Ralnforth. the two alleged life insurance swindlers, were tried at Chicago last week for contempt of court, tbey having refused to rive e\ idence. Kendall ?? ?? ced to four months imprisonment, aad Kaitforth until tbe 2-Jd of u?**t February, that be.ng tbe anniversary of tbe da* on wbicb be was tnppoMd to bare died. Kendall while before tbe court made a full confession of the attempt to swindle. I^M&ny families in Richmond are leaving for Ohio. ^"Tbere are about lo,6t*> colored people in Cincinnati. W What has become of Stephens, the great Fenian leader! 7~Job* S-C. Abbott ears gas '?not * I'*teel light in Paris. Wax is need by tbe ton. ?The income returns, so far as sent in, 4o hot average but about half of ihoee of last year. 7~Hon. John C. Breckinridge advises his friends to ntbH ths bent of tk* MiliL*rw K.n It Is itld the next fwhiun in Part* will be wigs of gold which women ana men Will wear. 7"An exchaage say* that "bridal eaTelopes." ?o extenaively advertised for sale m?*aa imply nlght-gowae. 9Th. federal soldier named David Truster ind a horse whick be was driving were both drowned ia (M river aear Fredericksburg oa Monday. mrIn Louisiana minority forms no iBipedi. BHt to a legal marnsge. tbe laws ot that Stat* reqolring that tbe bride be not lees than twelve and tbe bridegroom not lees tban loar. teen. VThe colored Baptist ooegrecaoon at the [Vaiaral Bridge, Vs., axe aboat te erect a :harcb. They have beea liberally aided hy be white people el the neighborhood. gVCaptain J oh a Powell, of Brooklyn, Is ww engage* n baildiaga small ship. to ho weety.three Mat loag. and to he propelled by neaas of foar sails arranged like the aaita ot i windmill la this bark he proposes to creea he oc?u next Jane.

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