10 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Nisan 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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THE EVENING STAR. u w w i v l A L LAWS OF THE I'KITEB STATI8, i JPtblic?No. PI ] A* Act mak.ng appropriations for the ;eg ?lative, executive, and judicial expenses of the government fcr the year ending the thirtieth of Jane, eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, w.d for other purposes. |Cen;m?4d /r?m yesUrday's Evening Star ] POST OtFICE Dti'AKlMUNT. for compensation ol the Fo.v.master General, three Assistant Fc?tm*'t?r? General, chief t iera, superintendent of money order system, I tcpographer. three chiel clerics and the clerk?, i (including lorty-tbree female clerks, a; nine , hundred dollars each,) messenger. assistant ! messengers, watchmen, and laborers of said i aepartn eut, two hundred and seventy-thr?? iboo?and one hundred and sixty dollars. For additional compensaron to subordinate employees. under the provision? of act of J aly twenty-third, eighteen hundred aud slxty-?ix, two thousand one hundred and forty dollars For additional and temporary cleric*, forty thousand dollars. CONTINOFNT EXPENSES OFTHt POST Ol FICK DEPARTMENT. For blame books, binding, and stat.oaerv, fuel for the General Post Office bnildiag. including the Auditor's office, oil, gas, and candies, printing, repair of the General Post Office building, office fnrniture. glazing, painting, whitewashing, and lor keeping the fireplaces and iurna. es in order for engineer for steam-eug.ne, laborers, w?cnmen, repairs ot fhmtare, and for miscellaneous items, fifty, e.x thousand dollars. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. For compensation of Commissioner oi Agriculture, chief clerk, etoinoiogist. chemist, and the clerks and employers in bi? office, thirty, eight. thousand and twenty dollar*. For contingencies, viz For stationery, freight, purchase ol library, laboratory, fuel, light, rent, and miscellaneous items, thirteen thousand dollars. For collecting agricultural statistics for annual and monthly reports, ten thousand liars. For pnrchase and distribution of new and valuable seeds, viz: For purchase of cereal, vegetable, and ttower reeds, and for labor in putting up seeds, seed m* and miscellaneous item?, eighty thousand dollars: 1'rctid'd, That the Commissioner of Agr.culture shall only purchase, and distribute with the fund herein appropriated for that parpose. such seeds as are rare and uncommon to the country, or each us can be made mare profitable by frequent changes from one par: of our own country to another: Provided. That the Commissioner shall, on or before the fifteenth day of December in each year hereafter. make a report, in detail, to Congress, of all moneys expended by him. For the purchase of the Glover Museum, tea thousand dollars. For employees in seed room, five thousand two hundred dollars. For propagation and distribution of plants, cuttings, and shrnos. fourteen thousand dollars Prov.d'd. That the propagation of plants, cuttings, and shrubs shall be confined to such as are adapted to general cultivation and to promote the general interest of horticulture and agriculture throughout the United S ates. For experimental garden in reservation number two, eight thousand eight hundred dollars. MINT AT PHILADELPHIA. 1- cr salaries ol the director, treasurer, assayer, welter and retiner, chief comer and engraver! ass.stan: assayer, and seven clerks, thirty-six thousand five hundred dollars. >or wages of workmen and adjusters, one hundred and twenty.five thousand dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, ten thousand dollars. For specimens of ores and coins to be pre. served in the cabinet of the mint, six bundred dollars For ireight on bullion and coin, five thousand dollars. JtKANCH MINT AT SAN FRANCISCO. CALIFORNIA. For salarifs of superintendent, treasurer, ass&yer. meiu-r and refiner, coiner, aud six Clerfcs, thirty thousand live hundred dollar* For wage* of workmen and adjusters, two hundred and live thousand four hundred and fctty dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, repairs and wastage, in addition to available profits, lifty-ceven thousand and for'y-seven dollars and seventy .three cents. For specimens of ores, three hundred dollars. ASSAY OFFICE, AT NEW YORK For salaries of superintendent, hssayer. and jr.elter and refiner, assistant assayer* officers and clerks, twenty.five thou-aud seven hundred dollars. t or wages of workmen, in addition to nnexpended balances of former appropriations, forty thousand dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, seventy thousand dollars BRANCH MINT AT DENVER. For superintendent, assayer, melter and refiner, coiner, and clerks, thirteen thousand dollars. For wages of workmen, twentv-two thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars. For incidental and contingent expenses, fifteen thousand five hundred dollars. INDEPENDENT TREASURY. I or salaries of the assistant treasurer# of the I nited S'a.es, at New York, Boston. Charleston, and St Louis, viz For the the assistant treasurer at New York, eight thousand dollars those at Boston and St. Louis, each, five thousand dollars: and the one at Charleston two thousand five hundred dollars twenty thousand five bundred dollars. For additional salary of the treasurer of the mint at Philadelphia, one thousand five hundred dollars. For additional salary of the treasurer of the branch mint at New Orleans, five hundred dollars. For additional salary ol the treasurer of the branch mint at lienver, live hundred dollars. F or additional salary of the treasurer of the branch mint at San Francisco. California, fifteen hundred dollars: K.--.r,jnat there shall be no increase of salary in the foregoing paragraphs relating to the independent treasury over that allowed by existing laws. ! or salaries o* the clerks and mess-ngers in the office of assistant treasurer at Boston, twenty-live thousand two hundred dollars. For salaries of clerk, messengers and watchmen in oHice of tbe assistant treasurer at Philadelphia. eighteen thousand three hundred dollars. For salaries of additional clerks in the office Of the assistant treasurer at Philadelphia, six thousand five hundred and eiehty-ttve dollars. * or pain 1*9 of c lei nip??*?n?*x>, Hnd watch* men tn thet ffi.-e of *he assistant treasurer at New Y erfc. one hundred and twenty-six thousand oue bundred and twenty dollars. i or salaries of clerks, messenger, and watchmen in the office of the assistant treasurer at Saint Lcuis. nine thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. tor additional salaries to the messenger, at four hundred dollars per annum, and to the lour watchmen, a: one hnndred dollars per annum etch, in theofft< e ol the assistant trenj. urer at St. Louis, eigut bundred dol'ars. > or salaries of ^ lerXs, porter, and watchmen in the office of the assistant treasurer at Ne w Orleans, nine thousand six hundred dollars. tor < on. |>en>a'ion to stamp cleric in the office of the assistant treasurer at Sin Francisco, two thousand four hundred dollars t or ci mpensation t?f the depositary at Santa re, and the clerk, watchman, aud porter iu his office,lour thousand eight hundred dollars. 1 or salary of the clerh to the acting assistant treasurer at lieuver, one thousand eight haudred dollars. For salaries of clerks in the office of the depositary at Louisville, i,je thousand nine hundred and loriy dollars. lor salaries ol clerks in the office of the depositary at Chicago, two thou-.and six huntired dollar* fr or salaries of clerks and watchmen in the Office ol the depositary at Pittsburg, three I thonsand lour hundred dollars For salaries of clerk* ard m?^=eng*rs in he offiee of the depositary at Baltimore, seven thousand six hundred dollars. For HMm of clerks in the office of the assistant treasurer at San Francisco, lour thousand five hundred dollars. t or salaries of clerks in the office of the depositary at Cincinnati, ten thousand two nundred dollars For salaries of additional clerks, and additional compensation of efficers and clerks, under act of August sixth, eighteen hundred and forty-six. Tor the better organization of he treasury, at existing rates, sixty thousand dollars. For compensation to designated depositaries, under lour h section of the act of August ixth, eighteen bundred aud forty-six, for the collecticn. safe-keeping, transfer and disbursement of the public revenue, tight thousand collars. For compensation to special agents to ex*BBine the bocks, accounts, and money on fcand at the several depositaries, under act of 'he sixth of August, eighteen hnndred and forty six, eight thousand dollars. Fcr salaries of teu supervising and fifty-nine iceal inspectors, appointed under act of the thirtieth August, eighteen hundred and fiftytwo, for the better protection ol the live* of I sseengers by steamboats, with travelling and ether expenses incurred by them, including the expenses of'heir annual meetiag, and for a rr.cre thorough nveetiga'ion of the causes of ?.>aster to vessels props.iea .n whole or la part by eteam. aad for proeeeattons lor violations Of the said act and the acta amendatory ttm'o, one bnfidred and ten thousaad dollars. For contingent expenses under t be act of tb? sixth of August, eighteen bond red and forty, n*. for tbe collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement or tbe public revenue, la addition to tbe premium which may be received on transfer dralta: Provided, That no part of *aid ?um shall be expended for clerical servicer, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. I Fct checks and certificates of depoai*. fbr t office of assistant treasurer at New York, and etber offices, eighteen thonsand dollars. i UOVUiNMLMSlN THETKRKITORIES. terbitory of !?ew mb.vico. For salaries of governcr, :hief justice and **o associate judges, and secretary, twelve .housand dollar*. For conungen: expenses of said Territory, cae thousand five hundred dollars. For interpreter an 1 translator in the execuriv office. five hundred dollars. For compensation and mileage of the member? of the legislative assembly, officers, lerks. and contingent expenses of the assembly, twenty thousand dollars. territory of utae. For cnlarie?- ot governor, chief justice, two associate judges, aud secretary, twelve thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the Territory, one thousand five hundred dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members ol the legislative assembly, officers, clerk", and contingent expenses of the assem bly. twenty thousand dollars. territory of washington. For salaries of governor, chief justice, 'wo associa'e judges, and secretary, twelve thousand five hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said Territory, one thousand five hundred dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expenses i?f the assembly, twenty thousand dollars territory or bbbrapka. For salaries of governor, chief jnstice, two associate judges, and secretary, tea thousand five hundred dollars. For contingent expenses of said Territory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of tbe legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expenses of the assembly, twenty thousand dollars. tebbitort of colorado. For salaries of governor and superintendent of Indian affairs, chief justice and two associate judges, each twenty-five hundred dollars, which is hereby authorized, and secretary, eleven thousand eight hundred dollars For contingent expenses of said Territory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of tne legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expenses of tbe assembly, twenty thousand dollars. TERRITOaY ok DAKOTA. For salaries of governor and superintendent of Indian affairs, chief jnstice, and two associate judges, and secretary, nine thousand seven hundred dollars For contingent expenses of the Territory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of tbe members of tbe legislative assembly, officers, clerks--, and contingent expenses ol tbe assembly, fifteen thousanu dollars. territory of arizona. For salaries of governor, chief justice, and two associate judges, and secretary, twelve thousand dollars. For contingent expenses of the Territory, one thousand dollars. For interpreter and translator in tbe executive office, five hundred dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of tbe legislative assembly, officers, clerks, and contingent expenses of the assembly, twenty thousand dollars. territory of idaho. For salaries of governor and superintendent of Indian affairs, chief justice and two associate judges, and secretary, twelve thousand dollars. Fer contingent expenses ef the Territory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of tbe legislative assembly,officers,clerks, and contingent expenses ol tbe assembly, twenty thonsand dollars. territory of mohtalfa. For compensation of governor and superintendent of Inlian affairs, chief justice and two associate judges, and secretary, twelve thousand dollars For contingent expenses of the Territory, one thousand dollars. For compensation and mileage of the members of the legislative assembly.officers, clerks, and contingent expenses, twenty thousand dollars. JUDICIARY. office of the attorney general. For salaries ot the Attorney General, Assistant Attorney General, law clerk, and chiel clerk, and the clerks and messenger in his office, twenty-seven thousand five Hundred dollars. For additional compensation to one messenger, under provisions of act of July twentythree. eigb teen hundred and six tv-six, one hundred dollars. Contingent expenses of the office of the Attorney Generil. namely: For fuel, labor, furniture, stationery, and miscellaneous items, seven thousand dollars For purchase of law and necessary books tor tbe office of the Attorney General, one thousand dollars. For the purchase ot reports of the Supreme Court of tbe 1'nited States, for the use of tbe Department of State, one thousand dollars. jvpticbs of the scpremk col'rt of the i kitkll states For salaries of tbe Chief Justice and seven associate indices, torty-eigbt thousand five hnndred dollars. For one associate jnstice, six thousand dollars. For tTav?llmg expenses of the judge assigned to tbe ninth circuit for attending session of tue Supreme Court of the United States, one thousand dollars. For salaries of the district judges of tbe United States, one hnadred and twenty-one thousand five buudred dollars. For salaries of the cbiet justice of the supreme court ot the District of Columbia, tbe associate judges, and judge of the orphans' court, nineteen thousand dollars For salary of tbe reporter ol the decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, two thousand five hundred dollars. fir tlf purchase <.f of the Suyr'me C' ui ' f h > . / , 'i> u*r "f tk? ?><> jjor/ih' n( iif Statr, unt thousand dolhirt. For compensation of tbe district attorneys, eighteen thousand five hundred and fifty dol| lars. For tompensation of the district marshals, eleven thousand three hundred dollars. For necessary expenses in carrying i?to effect tbe several acts ol Cougress authorizing loans | and tbe issue of treasury notes, two million dollars. For facilitating communication between the Atlantic and Pacific States by electrical telegraph. forty thousand dollars Iror expeus*-8 in detecting and bringing to trial and punishment persons engaged in coun, terfeiting treasury notes, bond?, and other se| curltie? of tbe United States, as well as tbe corns of the United States, one hundred and fifty thoumtd dollars. ] For supplying deficiency in tbe fnnd tor the relief ot sick ai.clf disabled seamen, two bun| dred stnd tiftv thonsand dollars. For til it.es of commissioners under ?>An act to provide for the revision and consolidation of th?* statute laws of the United States," approved June tweaty-seventb. eighteen hundred and sixty-six, and for clerical services and other incidental expenses, the printiug to be done by the Government Printing Office, | seventeen thousand dollars. For compensation to tbe laborer in charge of [ tbe wafer closets in tbe Capitol, five hundred and tbirty-eigbt dollars. for compensation of four laborers in the Capitol, two thousand four hundred dollars. For compensation to tbe pubiicgardeoer, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. For compensation of a foreman and twenty. ! one laborer* employed in the public grounds, thirteen tboii?and four hundred dollars. For compensation of the keeper ol tbe western gate, C apitol square, eight hundred and , seventy-six dollars. For compensation of two day watchmen employed in tbe Capitol square, one thousand I eight hundred dollars. To euable tbe Commissioner of Public Buildings to pay ' wo policemen at the President's bouse, twenty-*ix hnndred and forty dollars. Fer compensation of the doorkeeper at tbe President's lieuse, one thousand dollars. For compensation of two watchmen at the President's house, eighteen hundred dollars. For compensation of three watchmen on the dome, two thousand seven hundred dollars. For compensation of a person to take care of tbe beating apparatus of the Library of Congress. one thousand dollars. For compensation of assistant doorkeeper at tbe President's house, six hundred dollars For compensation of one night watchman at tbe public stables and carpenters' shops south of tbs Capitol, one thousand dollars. For compensation of Ave watchmen In reservation number two, four thousand five huni dree dollars. For compensation of eight draw-keepers at I tbe Potomac bridge, and for fuel, oil, and lamps, seven thousand five hnndred aad fiftythree dollars and sixty cents. For compensation of two draw-keepers at tbe two draw bridges across tbe eastern branch of the Potomac, and for fuel, oil, aad lamps, one thousand tnree hundred and ninsty-six dollars For compensation ef furnace-keeper ander the old hail of tbe Hoase of Representatives, six hundred dollars. Wot compensation of waietatu in Franklin square, ntae kundrecrdollfcra. For ?mp?mUOtt of fintet^Mpn at the Pmiifii'i fco?M, Mi taiand dollars. For additional compensation of en* hundred dollars each to tlx watchmen, at nine bnndrod dollars; aad of twenty por centum of fit* laborers la tk* Capitol, on* foreman aad twenty-on* laborers on public rronods, one cate-keeper, two day nnd two night watchmen, and two fnrnnc* keepers, tour thousand soren hundred and sixty-two dollars and eighty cents. METROPOLITAN POLICE. For salaries and other necessary expenses of I the metropolitan police fox the District of Columbia, two Hundred and eight thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. And the compensation ol said metropolitan police force, offleers, and clerks, be, and the same is hereby, | increased fifty per centum upon tk* amount hereby appropriated, commencing on the first day ot July, eighteen hundred and siztyI seven, said increase to be born* by the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and the county of Washiagton, in the Districtof Columbia, in the proportion equal to the number of patrolmen allotted severally t* the city of Washington, to the city of Georgetown, and the county of W ashington, beyond the limits or the said city, and the levy court of said couaty he, and they are hereby, authorized and require,4 to levy a special tai not exceeding one quarter of one per centum for the pnrpose aforesaid: Provided, Tha; hereafter no person shall be appointed as policeman or watchman who has not served in the army or navy of the United States, and received an honorable diBcharge. Sic. 2. And be itfurth-r enacted. That the proTiso contained in the third section of chapter two hundred and ten of the act of July second, eighteen hundred and sixty.four,shall be construed to embrace all suits to which the United States shall be a party ia the Court of Claims, either plaintiff or defendant. Sxc. 3. And be it further enacted. That the Secretary ot War is nareby authorized to direct a geological and topographical exploration of the Territory between the Rocky mountains and the Sierra Nevada mountains including the route or routes of the Pacific railroad: Provided, That the same can be done out of existing appropriations. Approred, March 2, 1NI7. -RAILROADS. 1867 pbbnbyltaVia bouts 18(67 finrn TO TBI lOWHWMT.BODTl, AND SOUTH* n. ?4 ??wNO?)H?DUL1. fouSw?*uth'1807'tr*,Mrnn M Waahlagton_...7 * I Baltimore M 10 p. m. TH* OB BAT doDBL* TBAOK BOUTI',01' 7"" SOHBBBT. Palace Stateroom 4ny and night Oars, with modern improvements and saving from four to twelve hoars in time over any other route. Two hundred miles saved to Western an* Central New York. Two Dally Trains toU* West. liTT^BDBOH with < ot?chau*e^^"BSTBB and J Passengers by this route from Baltimore have DBPOTB^In D*I0M Tickets bythis route can be proeared at the of_^i'.co-wneL '!1, street and Pennsylvania avenue, Hotel, where reliable information will be given at all times. Passengers procuring tickets at this office oan secure aacomniodatlons la BI**glag Oars for B1 aura *r Pittsburg. ? W. J. ARNOLD, Ticket Agent, Northeast corner 6th street and Peon*. av . _ _ Washington, D. 0. i? ??*n Pass. Agent, Baltimore. Md. del-ly T**2S?,H, LINB BBTWBBN WASHINGTON .... . ? Wasbihotom, Jan. 1,1*7. now?" mad Iork *' ?BW YOB*, without change of oars. t dal'jr (except Sunday) at 7:41 a. m. and phie *OBH,ekaaglBgeara at Phlladel^(exceptSunday) at 11:15a.m.and V? ..FOB PHILADBLPHIA. _ My* j^iy(*xc*ptSunday)at 7:4* and 11.16 a. m., and fJOand 6:.*> * m. - . ON SUNDAY. only W k *nd *Wlad?l?hla at 6:90 ?. Bleeping ears for B*w T*rk on 6 JO p. m. train oally. Through tickets to Philadelphia, B*w Tork, or Boston, can be had at the Station Offlee at all hours in the day. as well as at the new offloe in the Bankers and Brokers Telegraph Line, 340 Pena. avenue, fcotween 6th and 7lh streets. See Baltimore aad Ohio Railroad advertisement for schedule between Washlngtea, Baltimore, Aaaapolls, and the Weet. J, L. WILSON, Master of Transportation. L. M. CQLB- General Ticket Agent. _ OBO. B. BOOBTZ, Agent, Washington. OClB-tf DALTIMOBB ABD OHIO BAILBOAD, WasaiNOTOii, Jan. 0,1807, Bmsmwmmm Train, between WASHINGTON AND BALTIMOBB. and WASHINGTON ABO THB WBST are now run aa follows, viz: ^ . FOB BALTIMOBB. exoept Bnnday, at 7:10, 7:40, and 11:16 a. m , and 2KW, and 4 SO. and 8 00 p. m. ^ BOB ALL WAY STATIONS. ? f^1'' ext*?t Sunday, at 7:00 a. a., and S uu AAd 8 00 p.m. FOB V? Af Stations south of annapolm P^"*! 6:16 and 7.uu a. m., and at S:00and4:M ' ' _ FOB ANNAPOLIS. * ' 00 and 4:m p. m. Bo trains to or from Annapolis on Sunday. ON bLNDAY. FOB BALTIMOBB. Leaf* at 7:61 a. m.. and roo and 8 00 p. m. FOB WAY STATIONS. Leate at 7:46 a. m., and 2:W and 8 00 p. m, POB ALL PABTS OF THB WBST. B UB?*? except Baaday, at 7:46 a.m., and Oa Bnnday at 8:00 p. m. only. connecting at Belay Station with t/aine from Baltimore to Wheeling, Parkenburg, Ac THROUGH TICKBTb to the Weet caa be had at the i*ashington Station Ticket Office at all hoars In the day, ae well as at the new office of the Bankers and Brokers' Telegraph Line, 34 9 Peun avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. For New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, see advertisement of "Throogn Line." J. L. WILSON. Master of Transportation L. M. COLB, General Ticket Agent. oclO tf OBO. S. KOONTZ. Agent Washington DENTISTRY. IkB. LBWIB'd DKNTAL ASSOCIATION, U No. UbO FtNN'A A VIC., Between Uth aad uth streets. fm^nh. without pain by admlnst*rlng LXWit ?r Laughing Uai. " _ mi* i<^!ipurchased the bestMBSl matin. ln th* country for'**?' n* Sar fnffi!r,M?^ry*da,r;.*?50' "n ?n?P'oved V*lto mlifWyi.' The Asaociation is now prepared York Pto^i JLi oW'Z11 T*' B"bber at New and rtoston prices. All perdental \??rB(1one can haveltas< heap tta ne^?^U*1!2S*d A',1 work doa? " 'A manner, and warranted to j p?r?ona will do wall to call ama exammo our work. de 14 tf T B BTTT JLt , M- L00M18, M. D., pf*V?V??iJ.?a,id Patentee of tWe MIBBBAL hi. \7 .??H? attends personally at^mn^ il'v'* Many persons canMES t#eth who cannot wear others,^^^^* tnes* ?*n wear others who cannot wear ** "fr offloe can be *ecommoda * *Dd Price of Teeth they may deanfMt T-ho particular, and wish the ' Btro?*?stand most perfect den???? 2??,procure, the MIBBBAL TBBTH wl?i be more full* warranted. tw^e^tvth?^,,i???ri;No' A3""1 Venn's aveau*, be "wood and coalV ALI OOAL1I ..B.3*???.U8U ,,T'-" '? ??.. ? ?? ?" '??? ?Afrw?.0,>' '1? "r Ml. i IflCi 11 |a it Long Oak. #8 per cord. A ton of CmI -14 M ?. .j.1M, iatt-ly Corner 4th and G streets. ? O A III C OAhll " AT GBBATLT BBDUOBD PBlOBS Gross tons of 2,**) I be., deliverad in any n art of the city. * Chestnut White Ash, |7. Stove, ggg and Furnac* IV lit* Ash, 88.00. Bed Askr|S.*. Oak and Pine Wood sonstantly en hatid. _ Orders received at ov Office; or at the Wharf, foot of Seventh atre*t 8. P BROWN A SON, ja?5 tf 46A >th stret. betwe*n K and F. T PUBLIO SALB THROUGH B. M. HALL'S BBAL BSTATE BXCUANGB, Corner 7th street aad La. avenue. Will be s*ld at auction, on the premises, on th* 17th *f April, no, at fo'elM* p. m. by Tirtaeof a deed of trust exeeut*d br Frederick Yolgt, to John Gee. Stock, (to eeeare Andrew Tk*lr*r.) hoase, situated on th* west part of lot 100,(10)18 square Bo. 41, Washlngtoa city, sabject to a lease for the term of (Wey*are, said trost dulyrooorded la liber B. M H . BoS. felie* 318 aad Mi. chattel r*eordsfor Washington ""-" ""asffiiis-a^. AUCTION 8JLLK8. ill TH08. BOWUIO. Aict; ?PEOTMTA?DA oV M? BO V D?PBO "II?* IBBEUBQBTOWH AND WASHINGTON. Br tk? Oomrt *f the District of Columbia, ?*a**d ? the ilk day of rrbruri A. D , 1M7. la Omm* Bo IN, Docket 7, Tall v? Dow line el. al.theunderalgaed will f U at public ucUoi. te the blgheit bidder. on THUMDAY, the llth day of April A D .l?7 ?t 4 o'clock p. to - at tho premisea, parta of Lot Mo. 9 In Helmeed'a Addition; nnd part of Lot Mo. 181, BeaH'a Addition to Oeergetown. tho aeme fronting om Brldg* atroat, between Montgomery and Oroen streets, and facing tho and of Pennsyl anla avenu* aa extended Into Ooorgatown. The property will be cold In throe psree a, vlr: The three atory Brick Houae, with the lot, which la JO feet fToat by 120 foot deepiand tho I two tory Frame Houtea, waat of tna brick house, aeparataly, with lota r*apectively attached to tha "hod on FBIDAY, tha 1Kb day of April, A. D 1867, attbo nremlsea, at 5o'clock . .we will se'l the subdivision lota known as Lota*B'' na<l in Sweeny's lubdivision of lot 4, fuaquare. Bo **9, In tke city of Washington. Lot B will bo told In tbrao aepnrate parcels, each baring n front of 22 feat 5 Inches on M straot west, between sontb 0 and aonth D streets, and n depth of nbont KV6 fret to an alley tn tho roar; and Lot "0" in throe separata parcels, each having a front of 17 feet 4 Inches on couth C street, betwsen Id and Id treats waat, by n dapth of abont 154 feat I inche*. All tha above property ia desirable. nnd daaervea the attention of peraon* deal ring to invest in auch '' Term/of sale, aa prescribed by th* decree One third cash, the ras doe In t wo cinal payments at tlx nod twelve months, with Interest from the day of aale; or, at tho option of tho purchaser, tbo whole purchaae money may be paid in cash presently after tbo aalo. The titles are perfect. chTblesV.'Matthews. | Trustee*. mb SO lOtAda THOS. DOWL1NO. Auct. y BBY YALUABLB FARM. NEAB THE CITY, AT PUBL10 AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAY, TBB 1ST DAT OF MAT, AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M.t Wa shall sail, on the premlsea. all that FABM known on the map of 18C0 aa tho ABIBOROIBII FABM, Comprising (89)?nhty nine acres of land, situated in Washington comity, abont on* mile from th? Bladenabnrg Toll Gate, and adjoining the landa of Dr. Palmer, General Hlckey, and W.W.Corcoran. This plnce ia improved by n BEW BB10K HOUSE. With Tramo Back-building, Corn boose. Slaughter lionwo, Poaltry heuse, and all noceaaarr outbuildings Btrawberries, Grapes, and other fruits in %l/tildance. This Tarm la wall adapted tp and is now worked an n Market Garden. Hot beda and vegetable* already well started and flourishing Soil is light, warm, and highly snrlchad, and ia claimed to be tha very beat for early aa well aa general garden purposes. The above offera tha bast opportunity for investment now in the marhet. United to Botcher, Dairyman, or Gardener. Will be s< Id altogether, or divided to anlt purChA,piat?of 'thisVlace"with full particulars, enn be ..an by a oq , Hortbaast corner of 7th and F streats, ap 9-td GBBBN A W1LLIAMB. Ancts. QT OBEEH * W1LL1AHB, Auctioneer*. D Bo. Sil?, southeast cornar 7th and D ata. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FRONTING ON MASSACHUSETTS AVEHUE, BETWEEN FIRST ABD SBCOBD BTBBBTS BAST, AT AUCTION On THURSDAY, the llth Inst., at 6 o'cloch p. m.. we shall sell, on tha premlae*. Lot No. I, In Square No. 733. having <4 foot frouton Massachusetts nvenne. rnnning ISO feet through to D atreat, making t>ullding lota fronting on each street without nay wast* ground to the purchasers Tarina: One-third cash, balance In si* and twelve months, for notas bearing interest, atxl secured by a dead of trust on the premise s All convey nncing and revenue atnmps nt tbo coat of tbo purchaser. $50 down on the day oi sal* ap 6 d GBBEN A WILLIAMS. Auct*._ BY GBBBH A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Ho. I2S, cornar of 7th and B atreet*. TWO BTOBY FBAME HOUSE AND LOT, Having a Store room all fitted up with Bhelv ing. Gas. and Bow Windows, at Auction, On FRIDAY, the 12th instant, at 6 o'clock p. m , we shall a?ll, on the premises, fronting on lltli street west, aenr Maryland avenne, on the laland, the Let, having 16 feet front by 99 feet 10* inches deep, with a good side alley, consisting of a goo-l Dwelling house and Store Any one wishing to purchase n small residence and busineee place will do well to attend tha sal*. Title indisputable Terma: One-third caah; balance in 6, IS, and IP months, for note* bearing Interwt, and aecured by a deed *f truat on the premises. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the coat of the purchaser. SCO down on the nayof sale. ?p 8 d PREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancta. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. Ne. Islb, corner 7th and 1) streets A GOOF TWO STOBY~FBAMB HOUSE AND LOT, OH ?TH STREET WEST. BETWEEN H AND I STREETS SOUTH, ON TUB 1BLAHD, AT AU0T10N. On FRIDAY, the 12th inatent, nt 5K o clock p. m., we shall sell, on tha premises. Lot Ho. u. In Square Bo. 498, having 26 feet front ay 123 feet deep, to a fine twenty -feet alley, with the improvements, consisting of a good two story Frame Hoose. in a good location and neighborhood, te which we ask the attention of persona wishing to purchase a private residence in that location. Terms: One half cash; balance in aix and eight months, for notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premiaes. All conveyancing and revenue stamp* at the cost of the purchaser *10 dawn on the lay of aale ap 8 8 lOAll GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. |>Y GREBB A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION. On Monday, the 15th instant, April, I shall sell, at6 o'clock p m , In front of ttie premises, by virtue of n weed of trust, to the subscriber, bearing data the 12th day *f February, ]s?6,aad recorded in Liber B M. H.. No 15. folio* 177, one of the land records tor Washington county, District of Columbia, the following named property. lyitg and being in the citv of Washington. D.C..vix Part of aauara north of aiuare num bered eight hundred nnd lfty-thr*?, (853 I I eginning for the same at the southeast corner at said s<inare, and running thance west, on south >1 atreet eighty (00) teet. thence north sixty-two 162 > feet| sis (I) inchea, thence east eighty (80) feet, thence aonth sixty-two(61) teet aix (?> Inches, to the place of beginning, together with the (at provementx. .... Terms made known at sale. All conveyancing nnd revenue atamps at cost of purchaser. $1 <0 will be re<iuired paid down when tha property Is aold. If the purchaser should fnil to comply with the term* in five days after a*ip the trustee reaerveathe right to reaell th* pr5?*jby ad,uc> ""jqhc m* hY?h'5?5m s ?p S d OBBBN St WILLI A Mb. gWf. HI 0BEBB A WILLIAMS. Aactleneera. D Bo. 5^*, Bontheaat corner 7th and D sts. VALUBLE IMPROVED PEOPERTY. FRONT INti ON D bTBEKT NORTH, BETWEEN ?TH ABD 10TI1 STREETS WEST, AT AUC TION a On MOBDAY, the 15th Instant, at 6 o'clock p m.. we sbnll sell, on tlx- premises, part of Lot No. 2. In Sgnare No. 37s, with the improvemenU. consisting oi a Two story and Baaem<-nt Brick House, ruunuig bark to a fine paved alley, being House No. 3*4, to which weoall the attention of buyers, as the property la In a central lecatlon. Terata : Cue-half ?aah; balance In six and twelve months, for not<-s bearing interest, and aecured by adead of trnst on the piemisea All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the coat *f the pnrchai r $80 down on the day ot sale. up 8 d (.EEEN Jt WILLIAMS, Aucts. B~ Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. Ho. iUH, corner 7th nnd D str. ets. VALUABLKIMPROVED AND UNIMPBOVKD PBOPBRTY, FRONTING ON 14TH STREET WEST, NEAB OHIO AVENUE. AT ACO TION. On TUESDAY, the l<th itistsnt, at I o'clock p. m.. we shall sell, on the premises, part of Lot No 3, in 8'jnare No. 2:>7,awell built two-story and atti<- Vrame House, having a One from, an I ruu nlng back to a good alley, being the realdeuc of thelate Grafton Powell, deceased Also, two handsome Building Lots adjoiuing having about 35 feet front, ruunlug back a good death! Thia property offer* great Inducements to pnr chasers, as it la very central, and th" street ha* j?st been paved with blu- atone; also, n good tewer running through the itr*et. Terms: One third cash: balance In six, twelvennd eighteen months, for notes bearing interact, and secure* by a deed of truat on the pr-mises All conveyancing and revenuetta.np* at the cost of the purchaser, f t) dewn en the day of aele, ap 9 GBBBN A WILLIAMS. Aucte. BY COOPEB A L AT I M?R. Auctioneer., (Late clerks with J as. 0. MsOulre A Co.) Bouthwe?t corner Penn. avenue and 11th street. Star Oflh* Ballsing. TRUSTEES' SALB ~OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PBOPBBTY ON SIXTEENTH Street Waat, between 8 andT atreets North. at Auction. By virtue of n da*<l ef trust, hearing date tha 20th day of June, 1865. and recorded in Liter H.O.T., Ho. 68, folios 42<) to 422. we will sell on the premiaaa.on WEDNESDAY AFTBBHOOH, Mny 1st, 1M7, nt 6 o'clock p.m , all the niec*a or parcels of land known nnd described aa lota numbered 13 nnd 14, and parta of lota numbered 10 and 11, In square Ho. 177, taproved by a comfortable Fram Cottage. containing abont n va reoms. The above described renl eatate Is nleely ancleaed with a board fence seven feet high, and under cultivation. Tarm* of sale : (toe half caah, < fioo at time of sale,) balance In 6 and 12 montha, aecured bv deed of truat npon the premiaee. Conveyancing nnd stem as at coat of purchnser. stamps c r B WOODWARD, OHABLB8 BRADLBY. Trustees Exeelsler Building Aaeoctntlen. OOOPEB ALATIMBB. np 6-eoftls Aactloneers NEW BOOMS ?Annual of Scientific Disoovsry for im. Mnnseo s Oosoplst* Phanogrnnhar, 3Uri?5tSU."*? ABS/9S; S & gig"THEY OBOISB'S POPULAB MBW bbahdof 1 10 Cent Ct*n??Th*Bo*e?tilled with POBB Mnsuesisu m INt" and ?th atreet. GOVERNMENT SALES. nUILSlIM A* O^jJP UU1U AT AUOBy order of tki Q?>rt*fiit<r Bonera! ttt for icfe. i^ssaKsra f?T-/Sr& Mt'D| assistant aunrtenaartef V.B. A.-eale to (tantict ?t 11 clcoB a "i ~' i i riBi Balldtag.8* foot by ?feet. 1 grill u4 Biimim. MM byMH M. l Kitchen ud Im HiiMi IiH (??t k| iW'Mt. 1 gukli, M fHt k? tt)i fc*'j . . 1 Wheelwright's Ihop. US feet By U feet. I Wagon IW. ?H ? } by JIX feet. Buildings wltl be sold singly T?r?a'OHh' i* 6***nwit futl The United ItitM rtliHiliMi the ear* of thrse buildings upon day of sale. R T0MPB1BS, Brevet Brigadier General* ip 4 (t Depot QaerteMea?ter._ g-'OVBBHMBHT BBILDIHG8 ATJOJTAl* LB8CBNT CAMP AT AOCTlOlf. C*ujQM*rter<ma<Ur<* Qft*. Depp s/ Wvktnfton.l Wa9hintt*n. D 0., April 1. 18?. I Tb? Government Buildings composing Catnp Convalescent. situated between the bong Bridge and Alexandria, *111 be sold at public auction on MOBDAT. 18th April, under the supervision of Lieutenant Bdward Bonter, 12th C Infantry, Acting Aealetaat Quartermaster. Bale lo ?osa race at IS on . . Tbeae buildings camlet of 32 barracks, ihlarle "afofficera' quarters and otbar buildings, shingle rCa't niIdlri*e. felt roof; 2 oflcea. officer!' auartere sheds,stables, workshops,storehouses,sinks, i and frnce, comprising 104 buildings In all. Balldlage will be lolJ singly. end sale will ba ccutlnuedfron dav to day till all ere disposed of. Terms raah in Government funda. The Uaited Btatee relinquishes the care of these buildings upon day of snlo. T0MpKIN9 sp2- lit Bvt. Brig. Gen., Depot Q. M. ?VKBHM ENT BUILDINGS AT ALEXAN II DKIA AT ACOTION. Chiif QvfUirmmittr's Qfke$,IHp?tof WushtrngUn, f v ^ Wmtktntum. D. CMarch 38. 1887 < By order of the yuartermaster Koneral, the buildings known aa the Conatrnctloa Oorpa Barracks, at Alexaadria. Virginia, will be aold at public aaction, on THUBaDA Y. April Jl. under the supervision of Lieutenant B lward Hunter, 11th united States infantry. A?ting Assistant Quartermaster, 1'sited btatee Army. Sale to commence at 13 o'clock noon. Tbeee Barraeka coaapria-- thirteen buildings, raagiag from 9 to 22 teet ia width by fr? m 10 to 12 fret in length Alao, a Portable Building 10 by 12 feet Alter which thefollowing at Battery Bod*;era: Two Buildings end SI Benches. I There will alae be aold at the name time the following pipe 60 feet l-lnch Lead Plpa. 34 feet 2 inch Iron Pipe. 1 160feet 1-inrh Iron Pine 160feet l.Vlnch Iron Pipe. 8 Braaa Stop cocks .1 Cooking Kanges. incomplete. 1 Steam Boil* r 6 mchea by 1 foot 10 inches. I.im-tnli.l.H.'VoirHNS. Brig Gen. aad Depot Quartermaster. mh 3t> 10t OUBKAU OF OBDHAHCB, O HAVT Dupaetmitt. Washington OiTt, March 15,1857. BALK OP OLD AHD CH8BBVIOKABLK ABTIOLB8 ?P OBDNANOB. There will ba aold at public auctloa, to the hlgbeat blddara. at noon, THUB8DAT. the Uth day of April, 1867, at tha ffica of tha laapector of Ordnaaca, Mary yard, Pbila<lelphia, Pennaylva^ aia, a lot of old and unaerYlceabla articles ?f Ordnance, embra< imr Shot and Shall, about saven hundred (700) Carbiaes. i breach-loader*. > about twentyfl^e hundred 12..VJ0M Musketa. rifled and amooth bore. Sua Carriasea, and other atoras. The artlclea will ba aold ia lota^ Tarma : One half caah. in Government fanda, to be depoeited on the conclusion of the aala and the remalader within ten daya afterward, duriag which time the articles muett? remored from tha yard, otherwlae they will revert to the OoTeraijient. H. A. WIBS, mh 16 23t Chief of Bureau. BANKERS. SEVEN TB1BTT TEE&8DBT lOTUi of aa? aerleaLexehangad for N|W nTi-TWEHTi BONDS, AT TH1 NATIONAL BAHK OF COMMBBOl Of GBOBGBTOWH. IVG. Internal Bevenue Stampa for Hotea. Chacka, Drafts Bonds, Deeds, Mortgagee, and other legal documents for aale ?t Government ratea mh 7 lm J Q HAMMBB. Qaahier. J AT COOkl * CO., BAHKIHi PKftumk strtti, apyajtt# lHaWi Btiyand aa! Icurraat market ratea, and kaa? oaataatly on hand, a fail supply of ail GOTBBHMBHT BOHDB. BBTIH-THIBTIHB, AHD OOMPOOH? IHTBBBBT HOTHB. Orders tor STOCKS. BOHDS, Be., axecaUd. and Celiactiona mada on all aaeeealble polnta. aa 1-tf Fir it NtUoiil Bank of Wuliingtoi. B D. COOKB. (o? Jay Cooke BOo.,1 Praaldea*. HPBT1NQTOH. Cashier. ?OV BBH MBHTIDHPOBITOBW in riHABCIAL AGBNT OF THB CHITBD 8TATBB, l*u irr???, orroiUt tk* Trtmj+ry Dtpmrimmt. Gcvernmant Saauritiaa with Traasurar Unltad fltitcii aroivl MILLION DOLLARS .A Webuy andaallallclaaaes of BOTERNMEyl tECVRlTIESmt currant market rataa. FURX1SH B1CHANGE m?d wiake (MkeitMSj ?? ALL TBE PRINCIPAL CITIES Ot THE VI* 1 TED STATES. We parchaaa Government Vouchers oa the MOST PA VORABLE TERMS, and give careful and prompt attention to ACCOUNTS of BUSINESS MEN and FIRMS. and to any other baalnase antrustad to us. BULL INTOBMATIOB in regard lo OOTBBIMBMT LOANS at all times cheerfully furnished WM B. HDNTINGTOM, Oaahler. Washington, March 20.1MI mH-tf a VKPAbTMENT OP THB 1BTKBIOB, LI UNITED STATES PATENT Of1 PICE, WaxBfJffTos. March 'AJ, 1867 On the petition of GBUU<.B SHARP, of Philadelphia. Penua., pra>ing for the extension of a patent granted to him the sth day of Janaarr, l?i, for an improveoient la Design fer Spo n H sad lea. for seven years from tha expiration of said patent, which takes place on tha 6tn day of July. 186' : It Is ordered, that the said petition be heard at the Patent Office oa MOHBAY, the l"th day t June next, at 12 o'clock M.; and all persons are actitied to appear and show cause if any they have, why said petition ought not to be irraated Persons opposing the exteusion are r?'inired to file in the Patent Office their objections, specially set forth In writing, at least tweutjr davs before the day of hearine; all testimony hied by either party ta be used at the said hearing m ist b" taken and tranfcHMtted in accordance ?ith the rules ot the office, which will be furnished on application. Depoeitious and ether papers relied upon as testimony must be tIM in the office twenty days before the day of hearing, the arguments, if nuy, within ten daya after filing the testimenr. Ordered, alee, that thts notice be published in the Republican, and tt e Intelligencer. Waehingtoa. D. G., and ia the Iaquirer, Philadelphia. Penn., oaae a week for three successive weeks; the first of said tublicaUoos to be at least sixty days previous bo the day ot bearing.^ 0 TBBAKKB Commissioner of Patents P. 8.?Bditors of the above papers will please copy and send their bills to the Patent Office, with a paper containing thie natioe^ mh 29-wSw DKPABTMKNT or THK IWTKBIOR, UNITED STATES PA TE VT OFFICE WasuiKaTon, Marcti Is. I?i7. On the petition of ttHBKBL'RNB C BLOD GkTT. of Btldgeboro, New .leraef. praying for the extension ol a patent granted ta mm tne .td day of January, 1854, anta eated July s. l?3. for aa lmprevement in Hemming and Cordiug 0ru breila Cavers, for seven years from the expiration of said patent, which takes place oa tha id dav of July,ttti7: It is ordered that the eald petition be heard at tha Patent Office on Moaday, the 10th day of Jane next, at 12 o cloek M.; and all nersoas are notified to appear and show eause, ff any they have, why said petition ought not to be granted. Persons apposing the extension are required ta file In the Palrnt Office their objections, specially aet forth in writing, at least ttcen:? lws before the day of hearing; all testimony Bled bv aithar party to be used at the aaid heart n* must be takea and transmitted in accordance with the rules of the office which will be furnished on application. Depositions and other papers relied upon aa testimony mast be filed in the'office '* '?'v dare before the day of hearing; the arguments, If any, within itn days after ling the testimenr. Ordered, ulae, that this notice be published la the Repablicaa and the IatelUgencer, Washing ton, D C., aad lathe Times, Hew York, B JT. once a week for three sacoeesj ve waeka, the first of said publications ta ba at least sixty daya pre vloua to the day of hearin|. Q Commissioner of Patents. P 8 Bditors of tha above papers will pleaee copV, andsend their MIU to tha Paiaat Office with yfjjZeoataialag thte nottee. mh 28-lnwfw ri>BX8 IB TO GITB BOTICB. That the sa heart1 ber has obtained from the Orphaas' Oourt of Washington County, tn the District of Oolambia. WmWagton^MyJD**0 , g^a-aiyj^raSTastts z ama, with the vonchers thereof, to the auhaoriber, oa or before the mh day of Pebruary aaxt; they may otbsrwtse by law he exatndad tnm aU kw8 /^ABD -MIBB M. B. WlLBdB haps leave to L iaform Bar old cuatomare aad the fubHo generally (Bat aha hao re-oaenad her Braaa MaBtaf Batablishment at 490 12th etraet, hetweea B aal Fstreets. mh N-M* I PBUfOSAUB. ' pmoroeiu tot babobibi Turn**** Dip* rim en!. ( fi#(( ?/ Svptrrisrnt IrckOeet, April I. KB f 8??tod Proposals will be roeataod at thle offino ntU u o clock M.. April IS. UtJ. for faraiehi c th? follovlBi im?4 tkoiiny, n>iitrW :?rtoo TrrMnrj IiUintci vl? : i.MfMt B. auiur", 2 4 inch thick. l.tno ?? * * IJM " 44 4 4 ** MH ?-4 * 1.MB " ' i-4 " \ i,en " M ? Mt ||4 " All tb? above MtkofiBT mn*t be of th* best ottlltr tn4 tboroatthlv ?mmm4 ud a Wssbirgten orOeorgstown withla $ days after 'ha IUC? ss'ul bidder fkall b??? b*?B notified of tho acceptance of hie proposal. Ud besubinctto tbo inspection of the Inspector of Materiab The Department meorvos the right to re.ect anr or Ml of the bid*, if eawtMrH for the interest of tbr Gi. vSrnme*t to do Ml. Bid* to state pries per M feat. l?rtBrd a.rMtrr, and to be esc oird ! a sealed envelop? and eni dora?4 ' V 9 M Supervising ArcU'w. PB0P08AL8 FOE CATTLE FOE IHDlAtt BBBYH'B. ntrtRinr^T or m* IntH oi,( March 17. l?7 S Pr< P""al? will berecelred opto lk? 1Kb di\ t i Msy. ito7. at tbe ofica of H B Uiobid, Bap- rin , Undent of Indian Affairs fer tbe Northern BaperInteB'ency, at Omal.* City, Nebraska, for tho delivery at Omaha City if tie following bun t Cattle. to alt : 3?0 bead of Milk Caw# for the Wianebage Indians. occupying a re-ervul-o la Nebraeka I 300 baad of Milk Cows for the Banto* Bloat Ia dians, occupying a reservation at the Month of ti.e hu brart Kabraske 300 bead of Milk Cowafor the Yancton Bionx Indians. ?cmpring a reservation id Dakota 100 head of Milk Cows for the Wmaba Iidiaiii occupying a raservattoa la Bebraaka. HO head of yoang Aa?ri?an Bulla. 3ft baad of Brrfi'atl'rJitMrt.) The Cows Boat ba of food quality. Am*rl an hreod.not 1?m than throa nor more than eev*n yexrs old. Cowa with youni: calves. orcowa witk calf, will ba preferred. Pry co?s will not be received The Balls milt ba not leea thaa thr. * year* old, audi the Heef Cattle aot leas than fonr years old. Superintendent Dean,an will havdthe right to rejoct any or all the bids; also, tbe right to reie c any or all the cattle If he deems that tbe cottla delivered are not of th<- required character. Superintendent Denman will be authorlred to receive tbe said cattle aad to give voachera to tba parties deli Taring tbe cattle, to be paid at tbo office of tha Cemmiesioner of Indiana Affairs in Washington city. Tbe time of the dell vary of the cattle will be !ateraised by Superintendent Denman.who will also have the power to change the place of delivery. with tbe conaeat of the contractor. Good and sufficient btnds will bo required f r the falthtnl fulfillment of tha contract. Bids will not l*e received for a lea* Bomber than tha total ncruber of c?we and bulls called for. Sei>arata proposals, hawerer, will be recoive* foc tbe beef cattle. O. H. BBOWNINQ, mh 80 Boeretary. PBOPOHALS FOE MAIL STEAMSHIP HE* VICE BETWBBB THE (MITEL STATES AMD TH B HAWAIIAB 1 SLAB 1*8 Po?TOrncf DtPiiTMin, / f WAtgisnTos, March 19, Itbf.f In accordance with the prori?ioas of th?- act of (-ongreee. approved March 1, lt*T, which :s in t .o words and hgnras follawing. vi* : A> A< t to aotboiito the aatablishaieat o: o eso MJl steuMklBaerTioahOCwaea tha Ualta? Btato* and the Baaalian I?Uads B'it rnmrltd bytht Stnait ami Houff a/ Krp*tMSl4(trr< of /*? Unit,J Stmt'.* Amtrtrn in Conrresf asftmbUel, That tbe Poetmaater Oeaeral be, and be is hereby, aathoiiced to invite prop?eals i w public advertisement fer the period of sixty dais, ?? r?ore Bewiparers pablished la tbeoitiea of WasbingtoB. Mew York. Beaton, and Saa Francisco. respectively, for m^ll *t-anMhi p service between the port af f*an Francisco. In the Dtit. J Btatae. ann the port of Honolnln. in the Hawaiian Islands, by meaae of a monthly line of trot < la?a Amerioaa bob going steaaahi ps. to be of aat le>a than one thousand tons, government meaonrement.each, and of safficiaat number to p -rforrn twelve round trlpa a?r annum between said parte: aad to contract with tbe lowest reeponklble bid er for said service, for a term of not more than tan 7* '*.,to ba?ia from tbe day tbe iret steamship of tne -aid line shall depart from tbe port af Ban Franclece with tbe mails for tbe Hawaiiaa island Pror ,*?!, That no bid shall b? considered which shall amoait to mors than seventy Ova thousand dollars for the twelve round trip- per ann im.B*r ualrsa the aame ba from a citizen or cltiaans of tho United States, and accompanied by an offer of L-ood and sufficl-at Suratiaa. raiao citireoa of tha I nlted Stateaj for ths faithful perfermaaoa of suchcantract And p-o*>idtd ftrrtktr. That before the aoc'-ntance of that aid steamships b\ ths Postma-ter General for the aaid aervioa. they shall bo subject to inspect lot, and survey bp an experienced naval coastructar, to ba detailod for that purpo-o by the Secret-ry er tbe Mavy, whoaa ropoit shail he madr to tb- Postmaster Oenerai. Snc. 2. And K* it further >noritd. That aay contract vhlch tba Postmaster General may exeeutn ut.<)ar the authority of this act stall go Into effect on or bafcre tbe tirat day of Jsnuary eighteen bandred and *ixty eUht. aad shall. In addition to tbo i nsual stipulations of ocaan mall -toaaishlp contracts, prov Ide that the Ooaernmoat of tha 0ntt?-<l States snail be entitled to bare transported, freo of expense, on each and every steamer, a mail agent to take charge of and arrant a the mall matter, to whom suitable accommodations for that pnrpoee thai! he assigDed tbat .ln case of failure, from aay cause, to perform aay af tba monthly voyages stipulated for in tbla contract, a pre rata i deduction may be made trom tbe compansatioa eta account of such omitted v< >nge or von agee. th-.t suitable fines and penaltiea may t>e imp >aed for deieys and irregularitlaa in the pertormaace ,f the service: an 1 that the Postmaster General shall have the power at ant time to d- termine the contract in case of its beinc underlet or assi-nad ta any other party Approved March S, 1<47? , PBOPOSALS Will to received at the Pviet Offico Department in 1 ntu 3 0cl0 * P.m. of M EDME>DAT. tbe K?tb day of Jnly,j-?7. forcouvej iLg tbe mails of tbe Dotted Statee. by meat.s f a Dionthly line of first class American sea gems steam-hips, to be of not lees than one thousaul tons. Government n.eaaur< ai-nt. each, and of sutficient number to perform twelve round trips par auanai, between tbe nort of San Francisoo. la tho United Statee. and tne port of Honoiul i.ln tba Hawaiian Islands, for a contract term of not mora than ten yeare. to berin fr--m the day h-first -teamshipof the said linethall leave tbe port ot San 1 rancisco with the mails for the HawaiUn Islands Bach bid should name the time proposed to l*o oecnpiod In perferm ng the paasa?e ea. h way betaeen Ban ? rasci.co aad Hanolula, and a schedule of sailia- d.i>s, statlag tbe propo?sl days aal hours of departure from aad arrival at e tch part. should also accompany each bid. such schedule? however, to be subject to the approval of the Poetmaster Oeaeral. and to alteration by hla order. trom time to time, aa the interests of ths postal service may r> jmre Tbe steamship* offered for the servira must bo American .-teauahipe of tbe tlrat claes la all respe? ts. and before acceptaace will sab,act to inspection and survty b> an experienced naval constructor, to be detailed for that p irpuee by tbo Secretary of the Navy. Propoea s mu-t conform in all particnlars to tba proviai 'Bs and requirements of the afnreoaid a t. approved March 2. 1^7. and must to properly guaranteed, with sstlsfactory testimonials, that the bidder or bidders and tbeir gusrantorg ara ii.ea of property and abua lantly able to mak- good ibtir teuder and guarantee. The bidder ? Ban o and residence, aad tbe name of a*<h m ember ,.t tbe firm when a company o >r?. ehonld t>a distinctl) -ta'ed la the nroposa.s. if aa incorporated company, a ropy of tbe charter of incorporatisu must al-o We aanexed to the bid. Propo-a!e ?l ould be eent, sealed under cover to the aodreae of'The Postmneter General Washington, D C superscribed "FobBicji Dk??. * with the words "Mail Proposal* Foreign Mail-'' writ'en on tbe face ef tbe address: and ther -null bedearatched in time to be received at this Bepartn est on or I ef rethe lotto day of July 186'. a bli h will ( e the last day for receiving proposal* i.nder this advertisement ALEX W. B AMDALL. mhS0-?'9t Postma*tor General. L KITED .-TATKS NAVAL BTATIOB. " Lkaock lsT.BWD. March 1W?. By erder of the Navy Department, from the Bureau of C ustruction and Rerairs. reeled proposal* fer the removing er wre kin.' and roc erfr.g the ptonerty in tha I . 8. b. "B^w Ironsides.' will be received at this office until l p m. of tbe itttk Of April, 1967, when they will ba opened Tin proposition for wreckiug mu*t state the proportion of the proceeds of the ealee whick is t > bo p'id to tbe salvors, also the time within wblc i tbe wotk Is to be completed. with tbe understanding that in Ilea at bonds and atber security t *r the fui? unent af tbe agreement, the property recovarea Into be placed in tbe hands of the Gov* era merit, to be sold from time to time. Be at) la deemed advaatageons, the proceods remainiag in thehaadsof the Oovernmast until tbe whele ot tbe wrack I* removed, and tha work <~enpi?ted to it- satistaction. In aaae of failing to ?roeo< ato tba work with satiafactary diliganca, or ta complete It In due time tbe department raaervas tbo rlcbt to anaut the agreem- nt, and tha property I recc vared will to forfeited to tha Government Forth# |urcb?M. !iw, th# pror "*ition a mnst state the tlmelwithm whl. h tha wr.. k will J beenurtl) reaoTed Tb? money to b# dah mt I ?*?" < to h?ve her removed ia time, f IS m! ^i! v forfeitad to tha Goverament; * the right will be reaerved to reject all of the ot ,er,_*2a n?, Sfrssment for wrecking will bo awarded nntll tne apparatus of the pldder baa bora axamiaed and reported aa anfllcl>'Bt for th purpoae I information can be obtained at thta office of the amount of weight of Iroa-platlag, ma. hinorv. boilers, aad other articles In thlsahip. Baspactfnlly. Ac., O 8. GLIESOM, mbamwm OommaBdaat Naval Btatioa. ^TBIMWAT'8 PI A BOB _Ws have JwH received a now aeeortmont of 11 PlABOFOkTBS from the factory. <~oa sis ting of Grand, B?aaro, and UpHgbt||flllfe Cabinet Pianos. HI 111 For the lnat tea years 8 tela wag's Piaaos have, on all occasion*, recoived the first prapsiom over nil now York, Boston, Philadelphia, aad Baltimore makers, wbeaever aud wherever they have Borne ia compotitioB. At the World's Fair In Loadon, Btciaway A Boas received tha Indorsement |of saparlor!ty of their Ptanos over all makoraaf tha world. W G MBT/.EEOTT A OO , Is ? tf Bo. BIB Peaa avoaue. Bolo Agoata. rbAlBTT DIBBBB: Booeipts Oolloctod hy Lady EF Harriett St. Olalr. The Ohrietiaa Mymaal; eodlted by Bav. Fraak Bewail. PI ok wick Papers; Diamond Bdltioa. aadlthnd oa tho Actloa ot edlclae; Kaw BdiUoa__ Murray's Bmotieaal Disorders of theBsrvee. Tho Htory or a Btomach. Braithwalte's Renew for Fsbrmary. De Bow's Be view for f ebrsigf, M M ^ fa I FB AMdIE TATLOB. ^ OLOMD'TOl BOOB B. froy_ ban do a; Broach mSSVtkmt' TATLOB. a. J

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