11 Nisan 1867 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

11 Nisan 1867 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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/ 0 ??? ggWI? LI H ? ??? ? ??? _ THE E\ ENING STAR * ^ x ^ HP * ' ' 1 lt?*r*tr*p??ier.KtVeVnSJw^M* IS ?CBLI6I1ID DAIRY,(SUNDAY *XC*PX1D? K 4 T/ J p ' ' JK?ie?R. U^J^d Wftt"*** ^ ' " AT THE STAR BU1LD1NO, #/A I ^ . , - X ^ ^ A . Mr J. B Ellia wm railed to tht ch*lr. *"d OouJiweit corner /"nut acenw and lit* ?*??<, B ^1 eal'/dellin#^^1 nothing _., _ -,- .*! T . ? TT I I l^r I I | I M I V I C M*" J<?"?TboBo w?BoniDitol Md ?I?CIH D. WALLAO H. I I I I I H I I B H u vbt.rmin, ml Mr. Edwurd Hammer-lay TtebTAR userTed hy ine c?n?rs to Uielr ^ ill I I I I I I I H I A I After * be obiect tkf meeung bad been Hb?cr.b?r? In U? Cltj and District at Tbh / yA M J^Ly JH Hy/^M My mA; yM/ ? itated. to ??!m delegate* to the nominating Cijt( PXB TiK. CopiM at the ountor.wlta f convention. wbuh nwu to ii(k: to ?e!ect *? ; ??,? each ^ T ^ T Tw 1 J T cwHidat*. for Collector, Keg.*t-r,aa?l vur. without wrappers. Two C??T?wc? ve> or nomination* were railed for. P*ic? ?om Mailimq:?Three months, On* Mr. fcllis laqmrod if the delegates wore to IHUar and iyty Ctntt; el* months, Thrte Dol- . be instructed. imrt, cne yoar, Ace ?><jU*rt. No papers are ? ? .^^ZZmZZZT' Tbet'bair replied that be thought aoi eat frcm the oO?e longer than paid for. . .'"V'w*"?" * Hf ?n<1 * Tt,wELK..v>TAK-puM??M?rnd.T V?i. XXIX. 5WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, APRIL 11. 1867. N2. 4,397. *.. morning?One DoUmr and Half a Tear. * Id?tid HcmmmU}', and Mr. J. B. Lllis STEAMBOAT LINES. PCrTi. MAC IHA>31UKTAI10N LIN fOB BALTIMORE Mak'nc rr*(fht ronn?(ttnn at AUUIA OBIBK with hl? HMOBD. KKKDKKIt'R* MHO AND POTOMAC KAlLUoiD ^Sft Th? itrtni'r IXI'KIHS, U?rt A. Nic*!*. ar.a -teainer K N N K BIO, Cmpt. John B. H'lwo, !?? < V> aahlngton from 8i*?h street wLari ?w, WKDN KB&AY and SATURDAY at fan or Baltimore. and usual ? ?* lan<linga ori I. urc.?e rt??r Returning leare Baltimore e?ery Tri?u\) ind raiDAi.tp n For furtttr information aptly to J. B. BRYAN * BRO , ithlS tf No. .145 Penojrlvani* a*e. wtkakik wilbon small ton THK EASTERN SHORE. BOTH' .?The BWmer WILJ??N SMALL. CAPT 1. T. LEOMABD, aowtn _JI k all reaped* one of the iuaickNl,^^B? moat comfort at I a and elegant^^^^^^^ teamn plying ea Cheeepeeke Bay. will reanme krr ronteoB 9A 1UKDAT, March U. 8b?Uitm ti*r tier oppoalta Nu <70 Liabt (treat wharf. Baltinx re. erery TUESDAY, THORSOAT. and bATl KUA Y. at 9 p m.for EASTOX t'OIXT, I'01'b L f MILLS.OXrORD ('LOU A'S FOIXT, WAL1 A( It N WhUur CA.MBKIUi} E.HUU H LETT S UTHAKK CABIX CHEEK. MED Fi'kD'S WHAhr[%ai LLOYD'S L iNDItTa. Retnraing from THE E AST K EN 8H0RB, *he ! ?? Llojd'i Landing at 1 p. m , Cambridge at 4 a m..ai.d Be-ton Point at 8 a tn , every Monday, wedaeadav aud Friday,touch!n( at all latertne6late landing*, and reaching Baltimore at ft a. m. on the following Mornings. 8he ha* a large naoib?-r of fine *tateroom. fe?) tf RICHMUHP. rBBDBBIOEBBUM AND PO TO MAO BA1LBOAP. <r/j <?o * vrt r aoa n/\>annwa a IDA ? ?uubike wiav ovv i aTWIC1 D/.lLTi(B?odi7 p. m. tietyM.J The antckeat and moat dtract roata to Blchmood, Ya , and the South, rla tho Potoaio J?? ^ toamera from 7th Street Wharf. WMht'i?t< l. to A*nia Crock KtrtiUi' ud Frederickabnrg and Potomac Ra 11 road. to Blcfcmond, Ya, connecting there with tralna oa the Btrbmond and Petarntnrg and Blohmond and DaDTille Ballroada. for Petarabnrg, Waldon, Wilmington Balelgh, Greensboro'. Saliabary. Char* lotUaod Cheater, 8 O Bteun?n K?yiort and O YandarMlt leave 7th Street Wharf dally (Pot-Jay e?.-nlng excepted) at 9 V< a. m and 6 .v) p m and irrlva In Richmond at 11 v- m and : <} a at. THKOCOH TO BICHMOHD IS 8IY1H H0UB8* Fifty HI lea Shorter ai?i JS iioura Quicker tOu any Other Bouta. Be tore and gat Through Ticketa Tta Atnta Cratkud Vredarlckaborg, to Hiohmond, at tha llnnMin 'iOftM nirner of Penna. aveane and rtth UMt, or on board of lha boata. Buii|? checked tkrongh. Oinnitnaaea and Bagiai* Wa*o?? will ba to readineaato convey yaiwii|?n ac4.bt|fU* b?twwa depot* la Richmond PMMDRera by this line H" t>7 daylight Mount Veruon. and ma; ban an opportunity of Tliitinf WTtrtl battle-fielda n?M Fraderlckaburg by atop plr* at that point. . Breakfaat and ?u? on board of Btaaaart. GEO MATTINGLV. 8npt . Washington D O. e a. MATTINOLT, Ticket A?Bt,W?ah1ngton. ^MS-ly^^^^^^JBoneraVPnananga^ KAILIKUADS. 1H6 i pbhnbtly\VIA BOUTB 1867 TO THJC NOBTHWKST. SOUTH, AND SOUTH_ ? SPBINO 8CHSDUL*. On Ud after M*n h 24th. Is 7.train? will run aa followi Leave? Waabjngton?7 ?fla. m I Baltimore U 10 9, m. TBI GK*AT0lA>rBLE TBAOK KOOTI', with ILKGANT BCIUF.kY. Pala<e 8t*t,- room day and night Oar*. with modern ituprorrmenta and aavlng from four to twelve honri in tits* over any other root". Two hundred mi lea aaved to Western ana Central Mew York. Two Dally Traina to the West. _ " " " " North. Through from Baltimore to BOCHK8TBB and PITTBHl'BGH without change. Paanngera by thia ronte from Baltimore have the advantage of making *11 chance*'In CHIOS! DBPOT8. a*d ne PBBB1K3 Ticket* by thia route can be procured at the of ce, corner <th afreet and Pennaylvanta avenue, ander tbe National Uo>> 1. wliere reliable infor matloa will be given at all time*. Paae?ngera procuring ticket* at thia offloe cat aecure aecomaodationa In Bleeping Cara for 11 mlra or Pittsburg W J. A KNOLD, Ticket Agent. NorthftAif rnrnar ith atrnAf unit I'Anna HV . VV AAhlBgtGQ. D. O. ED' 8- YOUNG, Gta Put. Anat, Baltimore, Hd d?lly THROUGH LI!;ii BETWBBN WASHINGTON AND NEW YoKK. _ _ Wasri!?oto!?, Jan. 1,1917. Tr?lw b?t?Mn WMbmiios tad New York ar? ow r*n u follow*. Tlx FOB NBW YORK, without chance of cart. Lm?? daily .ei'ept Sunday) at 7:45 a.m. and ^ r<?B*NBW YOBB.chaMlaxcan at Phi 1*4*1 Leave dally (except SunJay) at 11:13 a. and <90 p. m FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lear* dally (except Scnday) at 7:49 and 11:18 a. m., and * ? and ? V n m UN SUNDAY. Leave far Bow York and Philadelphia at 1:19 t m only. Sleeping car* for Nov Yer k on 4 99 p. m. train dally. Tkroaik tickets to Pblladelfhla, Maw York, or Boston. can be had at the Station Offlee at *11 hour* In the day. aa well aa at the new office in the Banker* and Broker* Tslegraph Line, 34B Penn. avenne, St*e?n 6th and 7th street*. for schedule between Washington, Baltimore Annapolis, an<* tbe Weet. J, L. WILSON, Master of Trans pertatlea. L M COLC General Ticket Agent. 010. 8. B00NTZ, Agent. Washington, oc 90-tf BALT1MOHB AN D OHIO BAILBOAD. Wa??ih?tos, Jaa. t, 1W7. Tr*Jn* between WASHINGTON AND BALTl MOB* and WASHINGTON AND TBB WB? are Bow rna ea follews. vie: FOB BALTIMOBB. Leave laJly except Sun iay. at rrOO, r ?. and II U a. m , and 2 i?, and 4 90. and 8 00 p. m. ran ALL WAY STATIONS. LfBTft llailv a* 7 M a ?9?uua/ i ?. w . m. ? tou 2 ft' ?n i 8 00 p m. JOB VT AY BTATIuHSSOLTH or ANNAPOLIS JliNOTlOH Leave at C IS Bad 7 jo a. M .fccd At ? n rOK ANNAPOLIS. Leav? at n>0 a m . and 4 SO f. m. Ho trains to or from AqdbboIU on Saaday OB BLMOAT. FOb BALTIMORE. L~afe ?t 746 ni.. ami 1 ou and 8 0U p. m. rod WAT STATIONS. Lea" ?t 7 45 * IB . BQ'l t au ?tMl 8 00 D. Bp. rok all parts or tub wkst Leave daily, .scept Sunday, at 7.46 a. Bad 00 v at. Ob Sunday at 9 <"C p m only, connecting at B?lay B'atioa with traiua froia Baltimore to Wueella*. Parkersbar*. Ac THliOl OH TICKBTo to the Weetcan be ha* at the *aablnct n Station Ticket Office at all bonre le tne aay, aa wHl ae at tbe aew office of the Bsakera aad Brokers' Te:"graph Line, 34** Peun AT PflRA 1 1 ** - 'or N*? York. fhiUiltiiitH, tod Boston. im i(?Ttrtli0Di9ttt of **ThroQMQ lib# m J L WILBOM. Yuitr of TrtBi*orUUoa L M. COL1. StMril Ticket agent. ccSitt OIU.S &OONTZ. A cent W Mb In* ton lit MOST BX01T1N9 A*l? I NTBBB3TINQ I . . BOOK OF TUI DAV. G'i-V L. C.J'AKF.H'S HISTORY Of THE &MCHKT SkH VICE. AGIN T8 * A N T K I) lnev?ry city .town, eoenty end Mete of the Union tv cenv?ee for thi* work This history ?e?t ei.noanc-4 one y*?r ego, bet owlM to the attempt* of the OuT?ruinent to iae?r?ee it, lie ?abiic%ti >a we* deleted It wwll now fee iMaed, nnelter<~i sitd un .bridf-<1. nnJsr the a??r\tp|< B of Gi*. Bakki It eontelne o fall mma offcioi eipoet of tb? intricate wectatnotion* of tbe eecret enemie* of tbo Union. For *tartlinf development*end thrilling edvenfnrM this hAfik ArtinnAfl th? fkBtntfi AlMriMMi a# POUCHK amd VIDOrg. Tka marreloa* narritlTM ?f iMtrkl Baker ara all >ttMM br tk? hifhret official aathorl'y II will contain the cil; ?lkci*l history of Ikt AitHdMtioi con piracy A fn.l bl?tory of this groat, atartltug PBO*"! eiNO*?PTIOIT.1 THB HALUra or villaTht to thk burial PLACE or boots. Ru imrrtt been placed Wafora tk* pnblie. Tbe ?ork aieo fally expoae* tko aefartona ayatem by which Praaldantial partona war* and ara ao raadUf oMantil la Waaklagtoa. Tka m ara la of tka Rational Capital ara tfcoroaakiy ventilated. and tkara ara aoM* atraaga *aT*lati?n? concerning haada af department*. ember a of Concraaa, female pardon krokara, sad dtetiagulaked military character!. for eircnlara, canriMing oombera.and all ottaet taformatioa. addraaa "L, O. BAK11< Pagl Office - V 't? Vb^'newT*1 hh?t*rA rihtonce* a?*t c e karaaaar a?d reapao ability, wal apply- ?kl3 la DRY GOOD?, &c. urr AT COST. ,o?t received our new ?a<l well (elected atock of MILLINIRY GOODS, LACKS,(real end imitation.) KMBB01MR1E8. DBI88 TBIMH INGS, BUTTONS, Ac., Ac , Anita viDf:, cnupp- ted!y, to move by the let of Kay, we nball eell oar TIKC KTIN1K rlHM TDlRlltTI iTnilT CALL AMD BECUBK ORB AT BARGAINS, B LBN//BBBQ * CO., 46 Market Spac, under the Arenac House. pih ta-lm' DANCING. pBO?8. J. W A H P. K.BKI8' DAHOIHO ACADEMY. ? Penny Iranla arenae, bet. 6th and 7th tta.. Op perl te Metropolitan Hotel. MA Hew Clum forming every evening. Those de lrlng to enter oar elaese* ehoo4a avail them elvee of this opportunity. Prepare Hon* will b? made la thie quarter for onrannnal May Ball. CVrealare can be had at J. F. Ellla' and W. O Metaerott k Co.'e Moalo Btoree. The Hall can be rented for Soiree*, Me. Days Mnd Hours af 1\tition : Tot Lad lee, Miae?e and Maatere, Tuesday and Ba?nMla. . t c k'?*M 1 %l(*/ M1K7I UV<7UI, IIUUI <1 W W W 8?ntltmn 'i QImwi, TflMdtr and Friday nlnge, from I to 10 o'clock. . For further Information,apply daring the heart f tuition, or addreee a note to the Academy. Qaarter commencing with the flrat leaaon. jaS Millll'l FAB H ION A B LB DAM01NQ AOADBMY, AT am MABWI'B ASSEMBLY BOOMS, flft B, between tth and 10th atreeta, The laat quarter of this aeaaon, prepara- MHfc tory te the May Ball will commence on Saturday, March 3. Clasaex fer the GermaJ are now open. M B ?Private I Mtruotloa given to eult the convenience of the paa.'l. eeJS "pawnbrokers yy a l s h * s CE X TR A L LOAN orFTCF., a. 4*0 10th street, one door below Peon. a?e. Thie well-known Office make* /Ov L1BBBAL ADVANCES jCA On Diamond*, Gold and Silver Watchea.Q 0 Clothing, Furniture, and Merchandise of evexy description. Open every day (except Sunday) from 8 a. m. to 8a. m. M. B.?Busiaeee atrlctly confidential. fe28-tf 4T ~ LICENSED BY AOTHOBITY i ~ " i OB BUBN8T1NE 8 LOAM OFFICE,4 4 O 474 13th street, 3d door aoQth of Peon. *?. MONEY loaned on time to enlt customer*. on Beal Estate. Gold md Silver Watches, Dtamonda, Jewelry, Silver Plate, Pi.iBoa. Furniture. Mechaaieal Toole. Ladiea' and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel of all description*, mb 6 3m^ B. BOBNSTINE. THE OLD ESTABLISHED KIEM OF B, GOLDSTEIN A CO.. LICENCED PAWN HBO KEES, 34 FOGE AND A HALF STKSET WIST, near Pennsylvania avenue, Offer the highest cash advances on all kindsof Merchandise, to any amount and for any time desired, at reasonable ratea JLW1 Interest on large sums greatly reduced (? V Business strictly confidential. Good" bought for cash ai.d sold at private Mie. PERSONAL. MBS CCBTI8 IRVING, Clatrroyant and Test Afrdtwm.wlll give lite reading*. Including Past, Present and Fature, at her office, 4'iO, nertb side of Pa. ay., between 4* and 6th street*. Office honra from 9 to 2 a m. and to 9 p. m. ap 4 in" IlniHTl A I ? jured tbemaalvea oj certain aecret habits, which anflt them for baalaasa, aleasnre, or the duties of married life; also, middle a#ed *od old men, who. from the folliea of youth. or other Motes, feel * debility in adranoe of their year*, before placing themselves under the treatment of aay one, should first read "The Secret Friend." Married ladies will learn ??mething of Importance by peruainft'The Secret FrlanJ." bent to any ad> Aran, in aaealed envelope, on receipt of Ifl cents. Addreaa Dr. CHAD. A. 8TUABT * CO., Boston. Ma?. ao ?-ly WOOD ANDCOAL. ^JOAll CO A L ! I Beat WHITE ABU atTs.by the ton. AUalzea, to affit caatomera. Sawed and Split OAK WOOD, $10 per cord. - ? ' 1'IMK " $'J Long Oak. $8 pt cord. A ton of Coal aold by ma *J * "11' ^Jo BD*'lt>(' fa 28 ly Corner 4th aod streets. rOAL! C O 1 111 V/ AT GRKATLY REDUORD PRICKS OroM tons of lb*.. deli Tared Id any p art of tbe city. Chestnut White Aab, ?7. Stove, Kg* and Furnace Whit* Ash, 93.9'. K*<1 Alb. 98 tt Labtgb, #9. Oak and Pine Wood eoaatantl? on band. Ordt-ra received at our Office; or at tbe Wharf, foot of Bavantb atreet 8. P BROWN A SON, _)aM-tf 46# ?th street, between K and r. 1867 GRAND EXCURSION 1867 TO TH* PARIS KXPOSITIO . The new and firat claaa ocean pole* Iron Steam1 HAVANA. 2,000 ton* burthen, STB PllIN WHITMAN, Com mander, will make an EXCURSION from New York to Havre aud back, aalling fruin Pier 4b, North Kiver, on WKDMK8DAT, April 17th. at 12 o clock m , TaklBg |MW'iiK?ra for I'aria, London and Bremen. Beturning .will sail from lUtr# on .'one Sth. ?tv Hijf pa^aetigern h iding Excursion Ticket* about atx week* in Europe. Thla magnificent 8te*mahlp la divided into water tipbt cempartmt-ota, and hat t>eeu newly fnrniahed and elegantly fitted up expreaaly for thla vol age. The HAVANA will only carry firat claaa paa engera. An ?i|?rl*nrM Burgeon on beard. A J%il Ban,t of Mustc wdl be atlack*d to tk jAi*. Price of in currency. to Hini #1M nnd f 175, according to size or atate room To Havre ?n't return, fzi" and #S">, according to Ueot tnt* rooni. For farther particular* and pa?anie apply to the Agenta, MBBRAT. TBRB1S A CO., 64 South street, Hew York. Or to MeO. T. BABB Y, the Merchant' Union Bxpreae Company, 406 Pennsylvania avenue, mh J 9Dt pOttilU STB AH meiiivt, 0obUiIbc tkc mulasa of Bclno7i4inMlltTi a?4 ecoaoiny, with the Minima* of weight ud trice. They ere widely aad f?Tor?blj knows, mere than 600 being la im. All warraatod aatUI *?ctory.or w eale. D*ecri?tlT? olrculaia Mat oa MtUeaUoa. AMnH - . ___ J. 0. SOADLBT * 00* | f* ? town?o?, Mmi. tt| boots amp shom. *mm fw ?it _s_ipii, HH h?P le?w to laf?mMiflSSl : ImI MiortiDiotof Lidi^i' iftdOMtlAiBAD,a Bof's Mimm ** VJ?!1 fjj(|PIi5n^Pi ruKinTWi, i SPECIAL NOTICES. tGt BH KG MAT IBM, NBURt LSI A. and NEK VOL'S HCADaCHKS cu.kI by ? few doMt *t M BTCALFK'B 9KBAT BHBOM I TIC RJCM BDT. B. 0. FORD. ftp 1 >Olw Agti.C. ITS KFF1CT IS MIRACULOCB. IIALL S VKOBTA BLB SICILIAN HAIR K1NIWII. It ia a perfect aol wonderful article. Cnrea baldness. Makes hair grow. Abetter dreetiag than ??;J "oil" or ' pomatum.'' Softene braah, dry, and wiry hair into Beautiful Bilkeu Treasee. But, abxve all, the great winder u the rapidity with which it restore* gk\y uair to its oiisi^al color. The whlteat and worst lookine hair rMnnra tta youthful beauty by iu use. It does not dye tee hair, but atrikea at the root and Alia it with new life and coloring aituter. The flrat application will do good ; yon will M? the natural c<ii,or retaining every day, and BICFOBK *00 K ROW IT. 'he old gray, dlacolortd appearance of th? hair will be aoD?. giving place to luatroua, ahinlng, and beautiful leek*. Ask for bali'a RicUian Hair Kanewer ; no other article ia at all like it in effect. Sea that each bottle baa our private Government Stamp ever the top of the bottle. All others are imitation K P B ALL B 00 Raahna, H H., Proprietors. For aala by all drnggtHta. fe 18 dAweolro.r BBMED1AL IMTITO-TB FOB BPBOIAL OASBS. ?. 14 Bond atreet, Hew Tor*. MTFull information, with the hirhest iwMaiontah: aleo, a Book an Special Diseases, ?n a sealed envelope, a?ntfree. tit snre and send/or them, emd ton trill not regret it; far, aa adyertialng phy Iciana are generally tmpostor*, without references ba ltrtni7?r ahnnM L trnit*J T.nrlnflA A attani for postage and direct to BB. LAWBBNOB. Bo. 14 Boad street. New York no 11 DJkWly HT MABBlAQB AfiDOBLIBAUY, AND THI Happiness of True Hubood. - Ai IiMr for Young Men on the Crime of Solitude, and the Physiological Brrora, Abuseaand Dlaeaaea which cieate impedimenta to Marriage, with aura means of Belief. Bant in aealed letter enTelopea. free of charge. Addreaa Dr. J. HK1LLIN HOUGHTON, Howard Aaaocfation, Philadelphia, Pa. jall-gm BBOBBT MBBABK8. SiH&im.i's Gift ia the moat certain, safe and effectual remedy?Indeed, the only vegetable remedy ever dlea.tared Onrea la two to tonr daya, and recent caaea In twenty four houra. Bo mineral, no balaam, no mercnry. Only tan pilla to he takea. It la the soldier's hope, and a friend ta those who do net want to ba expoaad. Mala package*, #J, female, ?3. 8a? abitaw'b Boot and Ham* Jtncaa?Apotftiva and permanent cure far Hpyhllie. Bcrofala, Dicers, Sores, Spota. Tettera, Bo. Price fix per battle. Sold by B. O. Ford. Sea adTertlaement mr > AMUSEMENTS. NATIONAL. THEATRIC. I < ua*-/ a M ? llllianil UUHl, Laet appearance t>ut two of lady dos. TH 18 ( Thnr?l*,y > EVENING. April 1], the ?erfnrm?Bce will commence with NINE POINTS OF THE LAW. To cOBcIude with Byron ? celebrated bnrlea.ne, entitled. . . . aladdin; OB. TH1 WONDEBFDL SCAMP Aladdin Lady Don To morrow NUht. I'EN KFIT OF LADY DON. PBBSEl'S and ANDBOMEDA and DON C V SAB DB BAZAN. It ODD FELLOWS' HALL. IMMENSE SUCCESS OF TUE QBEAT ABABIAN KNIGHTS TABLEAUX' NO STANDING BOOM t HALL PACKED Tt> ITS UTMOST CAPACITY AN W HLNDBKBS (IN ABLE TO gain admittance : npiN auain Tii.NinuT.1 GBAND FAMILY M AT 1 NEE SATURDAY AF TKBhOON. ADMISSION ONLY TWISTY FIVE GENTS. Beeerved Seate 50 Oenta Admtpgion to Matinee (all parts of the Hall) Oeats Children do..... 14 G>bU NO HALF PBIC1 AT NIGHT. RECUSE YOUB SKATS AT ELLIS' MCSIO STOBK, ?io. 310 P?nn?flvanfe avenue. ANDEBMON A CO., Proprietor* A. M POBLAND. Manager. ap 11 ?t j^ACBED COfiCBBT. BY I'HILIP PHILLIPS. AIDED BY VALUABLE ASSISTANCE. Mr PHILIP PHILL1PH, the "Siagtac Pi I grim." and author of many beautiful Suniay School tongs will gi v? a Concert for the banetlt of Congregational Singing, at the FCONDBY M l OHl'KOH.Oor. 14th and G at#., T H U BSD AY EVENING. April M. Ticket*. 30 cents; to be bad at tbe Muatc and Book Stores Secure your ticket* early. apll-2w GBANDBHTEBTAINMEHT for the benefit of UNION BETHBL A. M. B. WHCBCH, will be given THCBSPAY EVENING, April II, At tbe A8SBMBLY BOOMS, on 12th (treat, near C afreet. admitting a uent. and Lit; 91 AO; Single Tickets, $1 ap 10 It* WALL'S NEW OI'ERA HOUSE. MONDAY ITIMNfl APBIL *, FIB.-T APPBABANCB or tni IMPBBIAL JAPAHBSB TBOUPB, Juat arrived fiow Oalitorniu The tirM j apaneae Artlatea ever permitted to Japan TUOMA8 MAOD1BK AMD I'BOKBKSOB BISLKY. MANAOBB8. The Imperial Troupe iaromponed of oyer tw?ntjr or (be moat extraordinary perforniera, male and female, AOBOB ATS, TOP S^INNBBS. POBTBY or MOTION, liUTTBBK LYING. Ac. Aid the Dai into Favorite, the greatest performer in the world, BAMAI KABI SADAKITCHI, And bli beautiful and moat wonderful aon, ALL BIUHT Their p-rforriiano-e of over SIXTY BKPBK8KHTATIOM8 at MaULIBB 8 OPBBA HOCSB, San Frunclaeo, and THB ACADBMY OF MU8IO. Philadelphia, were un?nlnieu?lr pronounced THB WONDIB OF THE WOBLD. The atay of the Troupe In tU la city will bo bnt for a abort period?every erenlnc thla week and WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY A KTKR aO0HB. It < tt* MLT/tKOTT HALL. PABBPA. ~ BBIOHOLI. FOB ONE MOHT ONLY. Tbe Manager bege to Inform the ritl/.eaa of Washington that tba hivtily auoreaaful Prima Denna, Madame BU f M BOBYNB PABBPA ROSA. and tba great Tetiwr. Biguor BRIOMOLI, will give One Grand Concert on MONDAY BVENIHO, APBIL 1* , Wbet tba fo'lowinf Artist* will appear. Madame B. PABBPA BOBA. Biguor BBlUNOLl. Bignor PBRBABTI, Bignor rOBTHNA.ud CARL BOS A. Magical Director and Accompany far, Mr. S. BBHBBNS. A datiaalon. #1 .tC; Br?erved 8e? te, 80 centa eitra The ante of aeata will comraeaca on Tbu radar at 9 a. m , at Metzerott'a Music Store. ? a tA BY COQPBB * LATIM1B, Auctioneer*. South west corner of nnn. avenue ud 11th at. AT PBIvTri BALI. A DDMbw of flrat - claae PBIVAT1 BB3IDBBCKB, in central local itiee Also 10 mail Brick and Frame H0CSB8 1 F ABM, between WubiMtiin and Alexandria 1 Iwki Frame HOOBB, with lot ltf) faet igair*. For farther particulars afealr of mh 19 1m O0OPBB A LATl.HBB. AooU, LATBBT Of HAIB . ALLIOT, tMBJfCH HAIR-DRESSER, > ? I ilmt. lltk axi ltth iti. Mr. Alllot, f?oa Paris, Hair-Vrewer, of tki elebrated BteM, with whoa ho arrived la thli ooutfi, fen now bees established for ta* laal et?ht ;?an la WMklirtoa and Hewaort, sa<yiaf the patronage of Ore totf and TELEGRAMS, kc. Tbe New York Slat* Democratic convention having perfected their organization, met again at Albany la#t evening and adopted an audrees to tbe electors ol tbe State complaining of the unjust apportionment of the State with regard to the eiectioa of delegatea to the Censtitntionai Convention, and severely denouncing the K'pnblioan party. Tbe committee on Dominations reported a list of dele, gates to tbe Constitutional Convention, winch, atu-r some debate, wa> adopted without division. Tbe convention tben adjourned The Kepubhcm convention at Syra^o^e. N Y., ye?terd:iy, placed in nomination delegates a: lance to tbe Constitutional Cjnveii tion. A resolution w&a unanimously adopted that tbe delegates to tbe coming Couetilutionai Convention this <lay appointed be instructed to support by every honorable mean* an amendment to the constitution rivibjt to tbe black man tbe same right to the ballot as tbe white roan Tbe I moD Pacific Katiroad Company, of the Kansas branch, applied to the Government yesterday for a commissioner to examine the setenih section of this road extending from the Salin* river, forty-five miles west of Fort Kiley. The track is being laid a: the rate of a mile and a half per day. The cars will reach Salina, fifty miles beyond beyond Fort Kiley, and four hundred and sixty-eight miles west of Si. Louis, on Saturday. The directors of tbe Boston, Hartford and Erie railroad appeared before the Legislative Committee on Railroads and Canals of Massachusetts.Tuesday, te support their petition for aid from tbe State to enable them to complete the road. The amount asked for as a loan la Y3,('Ul>,UUU. Notice of an application for an tnjnnction against the purchaser* of the Iron Mountain railroad have bees served, and the application will be heard before Judge Kombuer, ! the CircnltOcurt of St. Louis on Friday next. The Tennessee Republican convention a*. Memphis :o appoint congressional delegates was about equally composed of blacks and whites. A tegre was vice president. The meeting was barmouions. The largest dry-goods store in Richmond, Va., owned by J. Steenback &. Co., has been seized on an attachment and sold out by Claflln <fc Co., of New York, for 846,1)00. The Spanish Government refu?es to yield to the demand made by England for indemnity and satisfaction in the case of the steamer Tornado The Snltan threatens to declare war against Greece on acconnt of the continnauce of the Insurrectionary troubles on the Turkish frontier. Funeral services took place In Gardiner, Me., yesterday afternoon over the remains of the late Hon. (ieorse Evans Mrs. Major Green, who resides somewhere in the South, was killed at the railroad depot in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday. The Republicans of Chicago have nominated John 11 Hill for Mayor. Another crevasse occurred in the 1'armh ol West Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Tuesday. There was no qaorum of the Legislature of Virginia present in Richmond yesterday. LOCAL NEWS. Mbktisg of the Radical Rhpi-m-Icans of the sbvksth Ward?.vow Inttr'sting (/tits, (ion*?Shrill Elerrn'h Hour DitiipUr rnme into Full Communion with th> Original Jacobr -?It a Man a Hebe! who Voted for the Ordinance of S> ctftion9?Last evening, a meeting of the Radical Republican Association of the Seventh Ward was beld at St. Paul's Chapel, (col d,) on stb street, near Dsouth?Mr. F. A Boswell in tne chair, and Dr. Wm. Boyd secretary. When the meeting was called to erder there were about thirty-five persons present, eight of whom were white. The Chair stat?d that there appeared to be a misapprehension in regard to the meeting, to which the smallness of the members present conld be attributed. H? would say that in future the regular meetings would be beld every Wednesday night in that place, (St. Prol's Chapel.) The names of the following were proposed, and tbey were elected members: Cbas Handley. white; and Riley Mickens. John Basco, Peyton Pierce. Jas. .Robinson, F. Spencer and Wm Jones, colored. Dr. Hoyd (white) offered a resolution declaring that no person shall be elected a nominating delegate who has not resided three months in the ward, and that the delegates? fifteen in number?shall be elected by ballot, in a mass meeting of all the associations of the ward. JMr. Q S. Hepburn (white) moved to lay the resolution on ibe table, as be saw no good in it, and be tbotrgnttbegentleman had an axe to grind. Dr. boyd.?Why does the gentleman oppose everything 1 do, and why does be ase such unmeaning language I 1 never offered a resolution unless the gentleman moved to sell it for wrapping paper, or some sncb unmeaning motion. Mr Iiephurn remarked that three months ago be bad come near being talked to death, and now it seems that writing paper has taken a fall, for the gentlemau at every meeting brings in resolutions as long as yourarm. He was sick and tired of it. Mr. J H.Crane (white) said that there wan no occasion for the resolution, as no one would be Qualified as a delegate unless he was a cit lzen ot the ward. TbeCbair stated be thought no action should be taken until tbe registry is over in ibat ward Mr. S. S. Baker (white) moved to strike out the number, and there being no objection that clause was stricken out. Mr Hepburn said it tbe Seventh Ward registered 'itvoters he thought that twice the number of delegates should be elected as from the Third Ward, which bad registered but half j that number. The resolution was adopted?Mr. Hepburn voting in the negative. Mr. J. H. Crane oflerea a resolution that in the opinion of the association the number of delegates to '.he convention in May should be in proportion to tne voting population of each ward. He argued that this v. as only fair, but he would not press the resolution. M. lAcanh W illiflTYie r?f ViMlnit /.! ?? m 1 . jw^vj/m '* - - 1 v* t it ^ol^un ot tue secession ordinance) thought the Idea was a good one, and while be agreed in Its justice, he thought it woald act as a tire, brand He referred to the fact that there is an impression in some of the wards, nartlculariy the Fourth Ward, that the Seventh Ward Association attempts to prepnre business for the entire city, and he suggested that the sub. ject had better be iaid over. Mr. Crane said the resolution was only one expressing an opinion, and it could do no harm. He did not think that because the Fourth Ward chose to attribute improper motive* to the association that it should quietly tuccumb, and he would urge the association to act without fear or favor. Dr. Boyd favored the resolution, but thought it would do no good, and suggested that it lay over. The resolution was accordingly laid over. ine L.nair tain Derore tne association tne resolutions adopted by the Ontrat Association in reference to a nominating convention. Mr. Hepburn moved to lay tbem on the table: be did not recognize any authority on the part of the central association to call a convention. The Chair explained that the resolutions were simply advisory, and not mandatory. Mr. Hepburn repeated that the central association had no anthority in reference to the proposed convention. Mr. Jos. Williams moved to lay the resolutions on the table until the first Wednesday in May; carried. Kev. W. J. Walker (colored) offered a resolution that no resolutions shall be received until after the registration of the ward. Mr. Crane urged that this resolution was abeurd. Mr. Williams asked if U was meant to cat all resolutions. Rev. Mr. Walker.?Yee, all; for we have enough on hand now to serve at for two years. Mr. Williams said the difficulty with the mover was that he was a preacher, aad had not mixed la politics: for if ha had he woald not have offered the resolution. Mr. Walker said that ha waa sure, at any rata, of having always praachad at a Republican church. . The resolution waa lost , Mr. Joseph wnilsma rose to a personal explaaatioa, aad after referring to the charges mada against him at the last meeting, of having caused the arreet of a Union Man, stats* that Rev. B. N. Browa, who was given u aathority, oaa way ta repeat of voUag-fer the ordiad?ce f tceeslea, and that waa la sachcWtiTaftd i MhM, and any man wbo voted for it was a reb^l. Mr. Williams ?Tbe gentleman says wba it o: ?o. Mr. Crane remarked '.bat a man might at weil tee a boric *.b.ef and say be wai a good cburcb member. Mr Williams referred toacbnrch m?3i^r. a radical abolitionist, like lb# gentleman, ( Mr. C) *bo. wtm be cot bard up for money, would cell a slave. Mr Crane ?Do you mean to say that 1 ever boDgbt or sold buman being* ! The Cbair railed tbe gentleman to order, saving -.bat be would allow no tnrtber person alines He*. W. J. Walker said be hoped tbe expla> nation wonld be deemed satisfactory, and :bat tbe B|.>ai between tbe gentlemen would kindle mr uicb uj tur lutvmuuiii waica wonia ta?t?* tbfis on their way rejoicing. The motion ot Rev. Mr. Walker waa carried The Chair expressed the bope tliai it waa ail over now, and dq more wonld be beard of It. Dr. Boyd called tbe attention ot tbe meeting to a letter be bad received, as follow* ?" Mr. Boyd?Leave :be city, or we will make yon a white man." Kev. Mr. Walker asked if tbe Republican* intended to repulse individuals wbo bare been seceisionlsts, or will tbey take in tbe prodigals. Tbe Cbair understood thai all wonld be taken in Kev Walker said be wonld repu lie no applicant for arim;rsion. and would not tsk what a man was five or six years ago. but wbat are yon now? He moved tbat tbe conference committee of 14 be discharged. Dr Boyd nrged tbat tbe motion be voted down, and before be would agree to it be wonld remain ail night. He Mid tha: other ciuns naa appointed or were about to appoint similar committws. Tbe motion was withdrawn. Mr. Netter (colored) remarked that if the colored peeple bad tbe right ot suffrage they were entitled to sit on tbe juries, and thought that at least one half of such jury on tne eaves of colored men should b? men of tbe same j ace. Tbe Chair said be was of the opinion that the word wbite was used in the original jury law, but that a later law does not use tbe term. Mr. Williams asked it the constitutional amendment and civil rights bill remedy the evil. Tbe Ohair thought it did. Mr Williams said be would advise tbem, wben they were refused on the jury, to apply to tbe courts, and their demand woald be sustained. Dr. Boyd expresied the same opinion: and tbe meeting adjourned. Focbtit Ward Kbptblicah Clcb? Last night the 4th Ware Republican Club met in the Baptist Cburcb, corner of 4tb and L sts . pursuant to adjournment last Monday night. Tbe President. Mr. Sayles J. Bo wen. called tbe meeting to order, and a communication from (hp <>nlnI Rpmhltin lunKunnn !?? " > ting tbe resolution* relative to ward Dominations, and inviting tbe election of 15 delegates to a Convention for tbe nomination of city offl cere, was read an 1 laid ou tbe table till tbe n*-xt regular meeti ag Tbe President called for tbe reports of d.strict committees upon registration, wbicb was reaponded to by Mr. J. H Gwgewer, wh:te, lrom tbe 1st: Mr. Danagau. white. from tbe -.'d: Mr. Spriggs, colored, from tbe d. Mr. Sti\nltland. colored, from tbe 4tb, and Mr. Jeffries, colored, from tbe .jtii districts, and from tbe reports it appeared ttiat tbe members have b?en working actively i? bringing up tbe voters of tbe ward to the registry. Much credit was given to Mr. West, colored, and others co-operating with him, in bringing out tbe sick and disabled. Mr. West mentioned tbe fact that some be bad beard from are afraia to register. having been threatened with dismissal by employers If they did. Mr. Donegaii moved that two white and two colored members be appointed a committee, and with hacks to scour tbe ward and bring nn the voters. which w?? admit**! unrf G F. Needham and J B Gangewer. white, and John Barker and Lafayette Jeffrie?, colored, were appointed. On motion of Mr Jeffries, Messrs. Donogan and Kbinebardt were appointed to visit tbe Goverum-Bt Frintmg Office andeudea>or to get out tbe voters there Mr. Kbinebardt raid he bad visited tbe interior Department, and found a number or person? wbo were disposed to register, but were atraid of losing tbeir residence rights iu tbeir States. Upon a call of the Fresident for all who were present and residents of tbe Fourth Ward who bad not registered to stand up, five only arose to their leet. Tbe last part of tbe meeting was occupied on tbe subject ?f some of the officers Inveigling some of tbe voters to register surreptitiously by tbe "backdoor," and also tbe favoritism shown some whit* friends in th? " front door." Mr. Mitchell said that be had beard a white man say in the crowd. "Ob! d?n. 1 am not going up among these niggers to register." He went to tbe side door, and be ^ Mitchell) raw tbe same man, witb some ol bis fneads. going in " sideways." Mncb indignation was manifested at tbis by the meeting, and tbe president (Kir. Bowen said Mr. Frayser and tbe officer ebould uot come into tbe ball to-morrow, (to-day.) From tbe remarks of Mr. King and otbert, it appeared sabeeqnently tbat tbe gentleman in question wbo got in -'sideways" was Mr. Rbinebardt, ana tbe subiect was dropped. About 10 p'clock tbe meeting adjourned. S*cokd Ward Iibmuc-racy?A meeting at the Second Ward Democrats was held last evening at Magee's Hall, on L street, for the purpose of electing delegates to tbe con Teation to-night. Tbe meeting was called to or. der by Mr. Jos Williamson, when Mr. Alexa n rlAr Wn fhorfnrH nr? c *a ?K? -v >. - and Mr. Allison Nailor, jr., chow* sacretarv There were present abcut twenty-Are voters ol the ward. The following named gentlem n were nominated a? delegates : ?J. J. Joyce, Ja* Barker. Alex. Kntberford, Joe. Williamson, John Bre. nan. Wm. F lynn, Allison Nailor, jr., and Wm. Qreason. Messrs. Williamson and Oreason declined. Mr. Flynn al?o afked to be excused, but the meeting declined to do so. The vote beiug taken, Messrs. Joyce, Barker. Kutherford, Flynn and Nailor wer? ?l?cted as delegates. The bat was passed around, and 911 collect, ed to pay expenses, after which the meetiug adjourned. THIRP WAKi' DbmOcBAcy? They i-et in the Ward?Mr. Allen !??</ tin otkrr Urmv o fx take thr room "fi et "rtm'i"?Tk* unttm fad > mounter* d by the Ftmant?The Seren tin their burinttt and retire, in fwA v.der.?Las>t evening seven ltemocrai? of tb?* Tbird Ward, met atUerman Hall, on lltb street, (Vd Ward,) tor the purpose of selecting delegates to atieud the Conrention to-night. There were present W M. Wallington, F A. Aiken, Jobn Ritchie, W. M. Harvey, Albert F*. Fox and two other gentlemen. After waiting until quarter past 9 o'clock for a crowd it was decided to bold tbe meeting anyhow and elect delegates. About this time a number of members of tbe Fenian brotherhood appeared and stated tbey had rented tbe hall forthe evening they, however, consented that tbe seven Democrat* should have tbe room a short time in order to elect their delegates. One gentleman inquired who bad made arrange* menu for tbe ball, when Mr. Aiken replied ?We took It ui ct amir*." Tbe Fenians were invited in to help to make up tbe meeting but they respectfully de> ciinad. The meeting ww called to ardar by W. M Wallington, who preatded, and Mr. Albert F. Fox acted as Secretary. Mr John Bitchia nominated the following named gentleman as dalegataa, and they ware elacted .?K. F. Q.aaeu, w. M Wallington, W. M. Harvey, F. A. Aiken and Theodora Sbeckels. The seven Democrats than adjoarned. An invitation by the Fenians to fork over S3 for room rant waa gracefnllv declined by tbe Savan aa they vacated the premises. Tn Foc*t? Wito DgKOCKATIC ahdCoit. bbbvat1vb Hiktihg.?Lut nifbt. a IBMCIac of Democrat* and OoaiimtlTM of Um Foartu Ward vaa bald at the Citj Hall. The meeting waa organised bj Um alaction or Mr. Owen Thorn aa preaideot aad T. G Clayton eecretary. The object at the maatiac being to alact de legatee to a aonreattoa to nominate caadi. datea for tbaoitv oAoaa,?k??oaHoc prooeeded to Tota, aad ua IMtowtag delegate* were g?mw Wabd dueckact.?The Democrata arOaoaaredtteeoof the 7 th ward metal PotomM HaU laatetemng, bat gatheredrather Mr Kllm declined Mr J Wlw, iir f*. Alln. Mr Johtt Thomas. and Mr. H A. (Mark wera alio ao.utaated Mr. Clark declined because the coareatioa was called t?o early, and be 'bonfht to* tha; the delegate# should b?- lastructad. Me asked Mr. Fills wbat were b:s t.?*i of the Cut Hall rir Mr Llln replied that no convection could indace him to vote a?atnst Mr Itoucla* Mr.Oluli remarked tha: be would add Mr. 1'orsj tb s nam*. Mr Elli* said. "All rigtit." Mr. Clark agreed to serve. At this time the Chair announced tba* a cuiin-iion wusia oe uicd np. ana WTfril licptd. The following were chosen dejrgatee. and th?* meeting adjourned ? Ur Fenwick. Xr F. H?ramerely. I>r. Chas. Allen. Mr. K A Clark and Mr J. Win The \Torkiag people Tbe debt-hour bill is already a law m Illi. note, and a similar kill baa passed both branches of tbe Wisconsin Legislator*, aad only lacks the flovernor's signature to be.-ome a law also Tbe Wisconsin Mil Is very simple in 1U provisions, and declaree tbat eight hours ball be tbe limit for a day's work where no contract is made, and that women and children shall not be compellert to work over eight hours a day. In New York tbe carpenters, who are striking for higher wage*, ware in session on last Friday night, and reported tbat 100 out of '**> employers have kept their men employed at the advanced rate: that ?.so carpenters are now working at the advanced rate, and 5tm are atill out of employment, tbcugb they expect tbe oiber employer* will yield this week, in Brooklyn, tbe smfce of the carpenters for Increased wages has been completely successful. The laborers employed by tbe Morris and Kssex Railroad Company, at tbelr coal wbarves in Hobokea, struck for an advance ot two cents an bour wt|M on Friday. The company retused the Intraaee, and thus tbe matter stands In Jamaica, I~ I., tbe masons have struck for *4.50 a day At Pittsburg, in January last, all tbe poddlers and employers ot tbe several iron works struck to prevent a decreas* of wages, and over ?,?00 workmen left tbe foundries Tbe mill-owners said they were unable to pay tbe previoaslj given wages, and tbe men retnse>d to work for I any less. Since January tbe latter have been unemployed, and very little bas bean done at the foundries. Great distress bas been caused by this strike, wbicb seems bo nearer adjust, ment now tban when it began. Tbe strike among tbe workingmen at th? mines in Morris county, New Jersey, continues. In tbe neigbborhood of Dover, la thac county, there are *<dillereni minaa, employing r>w?r > '.(Hi hmili It* .... v/i inrrc ?>n i,uv miner* have already participated in tbe strike, and tbey keep nearly 100 teamsters and other laborers from working, as there ia no or* for tbem to transport: eo that acme 2.001 workmen are iuv idle. Briefly staled, the cause of the strike ia. tbat whilst in 1*65 th.-ae miners earned about ?2.50 a day, they have more recently be?n reduced to *1 <15 "a day, and they have struck for an increase. Ia addition to stopping work, the strikers have determined that tha large stocks of Ircn ore tbat Lave accumulated since the navigation of tbe Morris canal was closed last tall thall not be removed, now that navigation has reopened; and great trouble is feared, as tbe proprietors ret use to agree t* the demands of tbe men. and tbe wanta of tbe latter may make them desperate. Tbe Men claim that tbe wages tbey were receiving were not sufficient to procure the ne?esaariea of life for their families Other movements among workingmen are announced. The toAl-sharpeners of New York f track \esterday tor $3..v a day, ?or piece-work at stated price*." Tha United ??errickraen ol New York on Saturday Imi determined to demand S3 a day after Monday next Tbe New York carpeaters are still on strike, and whilst tbe employersare gradually yielding. new journey men are joining tbe sinkers and refusing to work for present wafts. Many employers still bold oat. hswever. There are about 6.0W carpenters ia New York, nearly l,uuu of wbom may be set down as employers: and of tbe othets It is estimated that I >*<i0 ktre already procured tbe advanced rata of wages: from Tuo to ?t0 are now out of work. | fctriking: and :rom ?,30o to 3,5?* are working at ' tbe old .-ate. not being connected with the trade | society that has struck for higher wages. From 54>to llRi of the latter, bowerer. daily I join the society and engage with tbe strikers, and tbe number ot journeymen who succeed I in securing tbe advanced wages, owing to the yielding of one employer after another, dailv grows larger, li is announced from Hartford tbat about l.un workmen have struck in 'he quarries at Portland, Connecticut, because* some of their fellow workmen were discharged on account ol the rotas tbey cast at tfee recent Connecticut election. The journeymen carpenters of Philadelphia are on a striae Soma of the employers have agreed to tbe demand for S3 per day.?Pkilad'lpkia Ledger. TBI MKTHODIST8 AMD THB NBOKO ? At Saturday's session of tbe Methodist Episcopal Conference, In New York, a resolution endorsing the Congressional policy In national matters was passed and a resolution was also passed tbat tbe colored race, which bas evinced a uch meekness under protracted oppression and proscription, and sach heroism 111 me D&tue-neid, i* estuled ic all the immtnlties of manhood and that tbe pulpit and prsss, and every other agency for the moulding'of public opinion, should be earnestly employed to mitigate a removal of tbe unchristian and inhuman prejudice against tb&t race.| K aii< ok Koiec ? Red toxee have become so mmerous on James river, in tbe neighborhood of Braiidoo. that a short time siaoe it was feared they would entirely exterminate tbs bares and partridges, to say nothing of their incursions into the farmers' yards. A number ot gentlemen, consequently, determined to slaughter the depredators, without caring for the mode of warfare, and tbe conssqusnc* ba? been tbat. within comparatively a short period. three of the party nave soot fiftythree.?Whig. STTbe strike of the miners id N>w Jer^y at ill continues and is increasing. Two thousard are idle or * ugaged wan Uie strikers, and all tbe mines ic Morris county baresu*p?Mia?d work. Tbe strikers obtain credit at the stores as they have heretofore done, bnt It m only because the dealers are a!raid to relnse Lhera No disturbance has occurred as yet, but trouble is seriously apprehended. %r O. W. Iionner. a J nstice of tbe Peace of Baldwin county. In Alabama, has been arrested nnder the Civil Rights bill and hold to ball in tl.UP). Tbe offence charged is caasisg a negro to be whipped for stealing. The Set ma. Metstrigir says the negro preferred the whip, ping to being sent to prison, and was taken at his word. ST A child in Indiana four years of ago whs tortured to death by being bea'oa with straps and beards, bting up by the waist, plunged into cold water and exposed to tbe cold until froaen. A reward is offered for the arrest of tbe monster who did this diabolical work. W In Pennsylvania they have a new license law?bo telling, giving away, or m.any way (applying liquor, to person* under twenty-one year* of age. nor todraakard*. nor to any one on Sunday. It ia acceptable to the people aud appear* to be well gaarded against. y North Carolina baa followed the example of some other Soutnera State* in pa**tng a law pnni?hlng hone stealing with death. Minor* can marry la Louisiana. The legal age for the bridegroom U fourteen, (or the bride twelve. A dentlat'* wife at Paleabnrg, Michigan, daring her hnaband'e abaenee, recently k cblorotorm to relieve the tooiAaehe, and ex. pired. +T A New York company ia preparing to bring from Rockbridge county, Va., barrel per month of white sand, to be need ia making fine glaaa. mr since the passage of lb* Female Suffrage reeolnuoaa by U?e W laeonata. Aeaemblv. turn K? of b?Imora.lt bu gone dowi and pu'i toff bM considerably advanced la that State. Horace Greeley uti tbat tbs darkest day < &ny nan's earthly career is that nberrta he first fancies thai there In some easier way of gaining a dollar thaa by sqaarely anting tt. %T A corpse rseentiy feesd la the cellar of the Court House at Rochester, New Yora. ia sappoeed to toe that of Loots Fox. the billiard player, who has Ms wlsetag for seats time MT Three years ace the Dake of Wellington had an inosahe of f*aa,?g? a yea#. By Mc^ieae dmipntlon sad prod?aey oTeeery donaaiea. tole htad be has redaoed M ? atooat IMN) and Is now the poorest maa wf his rank ra Earope.

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