24 Mart 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Mart 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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fbe fdctiitig |E V?-L. 41-N2. 6.243. WASHINGTON, D. C.. MO\l>AY, MARCH 24. 1873. TWO CENTS. * T THE EVENING STAR fnWHH Bali)'* S?4iyi ciccplcd, AT TI1E STAR BUILDINGS, rfn?jlvMda Arnint, for. 1Kb St., TBI fito n\i JiisfA?n win. 3, ti. ? THE EVENING STAB \t ^rred by carrion to tfeair mix rlU-r* ?? TiiCish PEE wm,nr Fobtt Form Cist# pi* ?mtb. C ?i?-? at the counter Two Cim? ?kh. By mail?thraa montha, flAu; Hi month*. fiS ?, *>?* F??ar, &S. TBI WEEKLT STAR? 1 noii?b>-d Frld%y-?1 ? ? IF ?r ? '?? *--Mi -rti ~i J Bo )?rrr ???Tit l>>njr? r than pui.l for. mr Rat#a of ?dT?rtigip? fnrntshod on arplKat^ii. LADIES' GOODS. WILLIVVS FIRST SPRiXK OPENING, Mt'XDAY. M?kh !/4th. h>19 3t aV ANTING DEPOT, ?17 Sevcxth 5r*EET, (?+.;i-tr Oppo#r?e P.at-nt OfUoe. t\| M? CORM s. K . 1*1 i?f. ?'?a P>N*igrfrM!ll iMWIW St<t?rt?. I In in rr-- ,-t ?f * fil e of lafURTRI) GOOI1^, tru? M nfi'dvr.cf S*?T"rk. nA . Be. pi i on R/>- law f*rnierl> it Ui ltth tt. Waahnjto*. Cilif HAITKS Nt'l VKUTKS. PARIS C<?NK> < TIONS ET RuBES DE BAL ROBES ET LINGERIE FLOW EUr'. KUTHEBS. LACES, Ac The I.nilvi ,,f Wj-k Ti(rt<.!i and ricintty >ir? re n?ectfn!l> invited to call and ?xaniin? *?"-da before pwrrharir.* elwwh^rr flS-ly a^ellim. vrr s SELLING OFK ! AT COST, T>> DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire ?tock OF THE NEW YORK BtXAR, 441 S-?. i ?h-"tr.-et, near E. ? ??7-?r SO Hl MRI t; E. Lt:.>ZBEK(> k ill., BoUius ?nt entire #?r-rk ? f MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at and below coot. 7 0 7 Market Spar*. ja^Jf fl-n between 7'h apd * h Mreet? D<>rthw-et. |MPORTER OF III MAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT nADUIt KSTREI'S, 6 i k 111* strut, St ton / 'toot frum li '"'lli. ?nwf .twr the *R<1 nuiiiber. Cheap Carl*, bwrt' li'-.i fii^i it#. B ani?, Puff*, Fri/.z?*f?-*, of tn, la>rat a- Call ai-J *?* "Ur new stuck Wfore pur ? d'x 12 ir ?*? ADIES " li FRFNCH STARCH ENAMEl. 1? the left u t'. w. r! ! f- r <i in* np L*n?n <"r Mu#lin It -n-part* a U autifal gl<-?# to :he fabric. For ??ie by ail Or - ? r bi KNU.Oi 5 CO., Mai.nfacmrom, 160 WL nUM -it - ?t, janU It B J'iiwtrf.MwyU' il. BANKER?. JF. BRuUliE\l). ? Bivllt, Mo. B.?^ r<-t.na. j, w i ii.g? >n. D. 0. Bn-1 ?''"it' iiirtttoiaTMlMtfi earttin. I?> tt?* ?!:? ?>?! i Ntwiliria .? ..ii ?. Ia| . - vMrkwill | ? ? M to 1ft p^r ? . hi aB#vnta j?;.t f f t it. i -t r?. Sjf> . reii iM. . pi abl?- .. ?! i. pt. n. 'K ? _ :f. ;,i n ev.rj r? -p- . t FIRST ? I av vECTItl l lV-H. K- ?? t - i- :i. -,- ?, t<> L-?n J !ii.-'?n A C >.. W a-I-i i' l>. i' ; Keliv. K-i , C'a*it fi-'t ?; ? M r. ?> !:? Bi'il., k'i! i_t> ", I? <" ? ll<*n. j M U.-n til. > .ml C'M' ??'!? r, W.i^Ii t' t:. 1 ? ? ?? ' M i, K?? A : Jiit.Ct r.B <' - R"l * ???.iBKt? n. P. C. Mlflf-la 'I'hE SA1!' NAL BANK ???' i isK KBPUBolU ?B i ( ? r ? r- ' 7.1' ; .<1 D*fre? ta,) LN fU M ID \ M T<? '4 P M Ij C'HA? I. '?A|)L E Y, fV>ah'^r. I'f-KAIAN AMI Rli A> MVI1M BANK, N - J1J ,'T? StBKFT, Oyr ?':* i%c. Fof-r>i'-(4 Dtpitrimtni. Bai k hi r.r* 9 a. m. 4 p. in. Saturday'' open c.i Ul S r ?? ? ?< ..r,- - tfOlily. lii?^re->t t .^1 - I ?li p ?it?. C-ll?Ctio&( in-vlr a-.u ?mt 1 ? JOI! ^ Hll .? EIIK'C.Y.V i' - ? F MA'iUNuLY.bfc t. i utii l lsS.t r ?w)*S It I. V. ?VLISH, ?E> A !*R. a, a. IMT, L ?t C'!'? luitriuaj R-?., Biuldi' , V B AH H1U BOl'iiE (>F *m ?I K Br ROOT. I41fc HN.NnifASlA AYENCS, lOiy =.u- \\ ilia! 1- B 'e!,l WasUINoToN.D t t* x p- r iute; -,i a- . .1 fcn?ic( " * 1 " ' "" J p . it Of ? uH rjwhTv. ? J6 ^<-r cer; I*.:-!-nt *i:? e.ti on ?? p ,*J BEk?'(*tb ur Ci.' 1 ft. Cv-iUl."ti' Uij|!r et TVH 'I'HK IHinniAX* SAYIN6B \>U J 1 ill NT < OMPANY. BarAi'g Hone-. N?. l.?07 t' t..;-?lvaijia ?v,t, :?, PP ?..'?* ti.. Traa^urv, PAi^ si\ 1ER ? EST. INTEREST, In ' ? i< * ?? !ht >1 a./ H.i,h /? PAYS Kt'l ti PER ?'ENT "n tvuiurM at a ?? f: r . dale " <i. p -It. J""'1 f irti^'a'-j D y ??: Wntitu! 4 atnl 4 prr ceit. int-re?i. ?.r? !at !e Hilt here. HAS LR,N> 11 OFEICES 1 >.l Iiir' t *:i'? ?tld Cilie* .fib, s~i?Ji ?' S- r,:ii *vrt. Link Ai>a*s, 8 ti. .v.. t u 1 p.m. Op^-t: Wedii>-*Ti?? am) 5.i'u<<Iay nii;>>t# fr.>n? 8 1 t I oVl k, to r>cei.e?)r| . t#->til/. '"ail at the B > .< or ?en<: t r?r .finfrli#ri**er By-la?<. jl- 1^ AY KiUBE It I O., J BANKERS, BUT ANT SEI.I, FOREIGN EXCHANGE 1 ISSIF CIRfTLAR LETTERS ftf I'KKMT f't Tra?el?-r*. nrci.oi? ut ixj pari ?/ lUr tcrii* Oar Dr ?:?, - i. JAY CoOKE. MMTLLOCH A CO,, LciNii<iN, ?rr Ca?he.j >v ar.r ?art of Ksulaxi-, Irel*m> ^rid irttT! ?xn./'?? it/ '((rfi. mi>H MMIIV.TO> < ITY NAVIN44S BANK Cc ntr 7th Mr*e: an t Louit tana nt'etw., PAYS o PER CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT. |pter?^* comarMM fr!.n? (!-?te of dep.m:ta, iK p. ?il? can tr made a: il drawo a; wiil. ?)B' tf J. A. RLFF. Trfainrtr. w ? A K L Y b P K 1 X <; w E A !i JTST RECEIVED, Jl ST KEi ElYEU, J I ST hEi El VE1>. F"R K VR1 Y SI'iilNil. KOU E \ RLY SPRlNii, FOR EARLY SPRING. IIII 1 MM. W EIGHT mi l LING weight 1111.1NG HLIGUr I>?;ESs AND BI'SINESi bl'lT , DRESS AND 1H SINE? Si" I H, DRl->s AND BUSINESS Sl'IT , LIGHT CASSIMERE r\NT"i, LKHT ( VSMMKKE HMv LIGHT CASSIXERE PANT?, AT I'SI \L LOW PRICES AT I'Sl'AL LOW FBD'ES AT LSCAL LOW PRICES A. MKAI A. NTR A I A. NTH A I NN, l?ll PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE. 1911 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNl'R, 1?U PENNSYLVANIA AVENLE. Ttiird Door Ka?t of lltb Street Third Door East of 11th Stmt Third Door lut of 11th Btreot. IMPORTANT TO ARCHITM0T8, BtiLDUI 1 AND CONTRACTORS. Tfce CAPE ANN GRANITE COMPANY, hartag aatal h.fttd an As?ncy in thia city, are art-parad to fnrrleh, at the ?h rtc.l notioo, all Linda >f COT GRAN ITE * ORE which may be re^nired I y arehl* tocu, bmidera or contractor*, at tb< lowest mtM ratea. We Lait cen*tantly on hand a larva aaaort* it of irrauite Cnrbtn*, Beldaa Pavamaot Blocks. ud< ? Silla, Cap#, Door Sill*. Bteaa, Watfr Table. rpUB CHINESE TEA HONU Bm removed to 613 D itrM, Between B*h and Ft i?. n ^th ?ii? TEAS cheapwr ttoac ??* r. N r. :.t to pay Irbli-Jm L. BENJAMIN, PriprHm. C^Ol'RTLAND H SMITH, / WHOLtSALE TOBACCO VtALkR. *9 E:m StRkki. jaSl-Ssr ALEXANDRIA. \A PROCl E 'i A GAMBLE'S ft I. hi.Mi SOAP. * . If. made fr.-m the ?> #t i> ateria!*, but iKld at or ordinary ? ap, *v?r IAai JVlo'J a ?'fV fttft hi^ ( It D? F BLwHl ? vv.| 4ttto lAltbtore, t A|iuU? SrECIALJTOTICES. The prMfni ???frf ha* thor ughly tested the virtues Of Mrs. Jones' C< np!i Mixtnre^thoHsand* of MIN having been v?r4 with ccrttib mecMt. Its trial has been most tbornngh. A mere o.ld or cinch or the m<-?t aggra vated ????? it ha* cored with e<|iiAl snccfu. It is not ? bjectMmable to the ta?te, and can therefor* be rp?illli ii-ed fir children and persons who ob.ect to nan-eutijur mixture*, particnlarly as its doses ar jn.il I and every dose contains the g-rm of an nlti Tpate cnre. Its valne in advance rws or th>* >i rgingno cowemnpuon must not he underestimated Many such it has entirely cartel, even cam* of ac consumption. While it d.ies notcure,it greatly relieves, and a large number' f the?e unf >r iurntr? Don use it for the great r?-lt?-f it afford' th?m FmaC' M, C' ni|h, IuIIufuzii, Bronchitis, Honrs n??. or anv affection ..f the throat or lungs y jn can ji*>- i "ttimv more reliable. ? I'rU-eii?large tiy. . j?l; -mall,ft'cts. Forsnleonlv by AKTIII R NaTTANS. Druggist, tnl2-tr Corner !>l and D streets northwest. A I'arl. A Clergyman, while raiding In Bentta America. *a niuaiouary, discovered a safe and simple rem-*!) for lb* care of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Disease of the Criuary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and virions habits. Great unoibers have been cured by 'his noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to beneti* tbe afflicted and nnfortanate, I will send the recipe for preparing and nsvng this medicine, in a sealatl tuvuluc, to any one who needs it. Frrt Qf (W?. Address, JOSEPH T INHAN. Station D, Bible House, rrsrt31y New York Oity. AMUSEMENTS. ^ AU S>tW O HOISE, JOHN T. FOHD ....... Proprietor and Manager. grand e.hIish opera. vi i*~.Z I Wanagi.f Director-. SIN NIGUTS AND MVTJNEE, l'OMMEN< Iv?i M'-NDAY. MAR< H ad, WITH LHIA Dl LAM XERMOOR. >lise R seliersee, Mr. Bro,.ktioiit<e B- wler, Mr. .1. II Clatterson, Mr. Gustavn* Hall, Mr. J din Clark, >1.-" New , Mr Nichols: full Cliorua and Orchet tr.?. S R-hien-. Mu?i .J riirrrl- r. Tm-ia;, MAF.ITANA; Wminmday, M\RTII\. Thur*d:tv, ROHKM IAN tilKL; Friday. Benefit . t MRS Zl.LDA SEOUIN, II. TROVATORk \ilioi- !? n. 75 cents. R.-s. r? ? <! <eats?B.ilcony. & I: On !i -ira, .?! SO. Seats at Elli?' Music Store, atul Opera Howe, m2t I BI3STEI* FAHEWELLIOM EKT. LINCOLN HAL!., SATURDAY EVENING. MARCH AT 5 o'CLlK k . MR RCBESSTE1N will, on th' occasion, pla. 1" i lecaa. L AVT AND FAREWELL \PPEARANt'B, in a uen and moat attractive prograasnie,of ANToN ?: I BlNSTEIN.,h'-greatest living P-*ni? ; HENKY WIEXlAWSKI.then rM renowned \ i In M: W M LII'Blf ART. 'lie ceM-rat" I L nd >n S >pr?n .; MON< L It;:M IHELINSKI, V ? mp mi-t. B -> ro 1 S.-st?, $ 2 >a'?? - T-? at-c luni-Tce- \V?' ?????.. ? . M.?-- 'i 2-">. ?! M, t/> rott 4 t' l.'- Musi. > St- ?>> '- P in a-i-d al :i<t-iuC ncert :i-2i !? UASHI.1GTU.tl THEATER COMIQI E Ki ? ? t. 'i i e- ?. NOLtli I'm. -vh aula a*. ? >in, ) ( A-lj' ii.ii s lie i ar > t IlarvcyBe?t;tai.;:it. I \ N I NT : ALKI?<-OMUIXATI'?N0FTALT:XT. <??;( i AGGREGATION OK VT.\KS. Ei *:i. tu Hi f tti? ;r. at vei - i" i!- a KAGAN AN I) LDW \l!l?>, I W. F ? ". I i.; - S. E l*ar :?*???????:i n A ' E l.e |....n Perl .net.. Change Arti-t', C-.iiu \ r.?.. t?. roir ? <i|iie Or:i' ?r?. Iii-iinioent ?li*t~. I*m i, D'i'chj V.o k i ">.! X vro l> .tleciiciui:?'.in* ?. -t ?M >l:!f p- II 'lui i>' nth" sta.'e. (,-? ii->.r - "fill. . ii! .net riuinal Mi. FREI> LE\ AXTIXE, ;ii lii> I. ar.i ;!'ul p rauiil ?'*. t' nti:.i! e-e? ? f :he ei. i; in'ior I'OLi.Y 1(\ I.Y- tli'-a ". l.-di!*-1 One * i f M iALEXANDER BL VXDOWSKI'S N- ? raliel T iiff. t?i aozoi'-nt)'i vitht n new t i S: .teen l..o 1- ni"l i.lo ? in tw-? fraud ? riii iai In! I> s. La P'l"inis* , and 111 - scii'-ational ballet i a - tieli. U' ilK nc 1111 KI GAL FY >^TKI;S, l.tu* !iie and Katie. I' k P i' l-?r. t?tt'? Bur !? v)ik, I'm R .onev. J i'n s I* Biliv, f' .1 m B'i< kl? > II ?tii> il.i-tiu- -, \i| Ii ? Gr. I., in. f.-.nil ? H : ri- E i > 11 arris.>u, N Andr ws. iiMl. ur Great X neltv <' i:pan>, S { b B ill" i Tr? ?r" in the best bill f '1 saas< u Mitineis WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY. FRIDAY, Man n 18. Finno ll B uelit *if P\i" RQt'XEY iu2l ti OLBNo.l On Exhibition iNnvNi. 4^6 S nud Sale ' 4 I'.i *ia St.I _ *t Mtii si MVRKR ITER'S. Sio. d39 7th street, betweeu I' wl E rtreetf. ai^tit d-< r- at'o\e 0<id Fellow'a Hall. Choice Oil Paintings, Eugra\ ings, Chromos. *c.. Al?- , largest sti'cW Paptr Uaiunnc, Wiud.-w ?ba.l'?. Puturm, Kran,'-<, Pittnre C'jrds aul 1 a* Hi?. R.' cs. Nail-. Ac., lk tbe District WTERiuo CASH. Fo-a*e renuti Ik r Name and Nnniber. )e| lv* X'OTICE?That E.S JCSTI1. CP# Nr t, ??? 1 v t* n 8*li and 7;h streets aMtkwnt, - ^ -- Unu-nutda SFrc.ND n.\ND CLOTHING ?: Irasthin half the est o| reuij -uadc u"* ones. 511 K mr^ES a specialty feU-ly OLD GOLD, SILVER. BBASS. COPPER. Ere., b liul t at fair piic?*s f>r a N-w Y 'rk hon?e. Id F'imitnre bonght and?"M. Notes b> mail jr oiptJy art' n.i?d to by AUOENSTEIN, 1409 Pe'insylesni* avf^ne dll-ly* ( BALLS, HAM) IMUX BALL OF THE K<l?itl>iiran States l<?oriaiion-, MARCH J-?. I -7 1, AT IX Al'iIl'KATlON HALL. T k f'l tale a' the pri. ? ipal hotels, at ?tie nn-ic ??i.it? - f M.-t/.ei t .iii.l Elli-, and it llie -t s (>f I. B |i !i.iu a f'.t., P.ulp .t S ti.,ni. lis. K> r\a: tl A TwWers, a el M -ri i? >ii?. i!id ol:l. ii eiiil. i- i th Managing Con;:iiittee. i 2-1 ;i A M.CLAPH Tieasnper. a KAMI CHARITY BALE. THE SilCOND ANNUAL BALL f. r |Lt Benefit of THE f HILDBEX8 UO^PITAL w;!l be givtii. Uliu-.T til* J',.-i-iC-e? >t t'i>- Director- if tin* in-titKti. i . In MAbOXlC TEMPLE,??u tlie ?->. ? m j of Tl'ESDAT. the i.vh ol April next. _ T kelt. iidUiUtili* a & nilemau U.d Ul) , ;i HO e?i k. n.!7-tf JUVrnn. Bep. a Sunday p'p?r-rop 1 LECTURES. t (T IK I. A THE POSTPONED Lit TL'liE " ( l?K TIFCANY, will take place ?t providence chapel, ' 2! .frp'ti n on TItE*I>AY EVKMSti, MjiT' I ?t 7 o'cl'k p. oi. msi spring Opening. Ol li CUSTOM DEPAliTMENT. WE INVITE AH INSPECTION OF OUR CHOICE SELECTION op WOOLENS FOR GENTLEMEN'S EARLY SPRING WEAK. ULK FACILITIES FOR (ilVIKU A M?R MCT FIT AXD FIRST CLASS iroKhH.tiV StilF A R k VM SURPASS HO. HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS. tnll tr Cobxeb op Tth ait D Srs. pt WER/L L OPERA GLASSES OOMBIXATION SPECTACLES ' U. H. HEMPLER, OPTtCJAy. 4*S Penna. avenue, corner 4H aire*: It, -nine Brazilian Pebl'ltt Sp^taciue jatilC-ly | 1K E ' ? IM E ! LIME 1 p .? w<e?M.rrnt LIME at *1 per burr-l, liiersd In part* ??! ttiecvt*. ...... . TIloJIA> FAH EY, Uta ?;r -t, r-H |>i * iir.tr La. a?-nil-, nor hw>-*t. ? > I'.dl'HFAP I> I.OA F -'re *. . ? 1.1 mm'-I1.fr raah. i' 'I - lowBI V ' Cttli au<1 exaioiue their nt H'k. U1 EVENING STAR Washington News and Gtossip. Internal R events.?The receipts from thin source to-day were f4H8.62fi.0l. Medical Director JosKra Bkal*. U. S. X., has been appointed inspector general of hospitals and fleets, from the 1st proximo. Assistant Sk< ketarv Sawyer assumed his duties at the Treasury Department to-<lav. ynite a large Dumber of his Congressional and other friends called upon him daring the day to pay their respect*. Indian Matters?General J. P. C. Shanks will leave here in about ten days to locate the Indians at the Round Valley reservation, Cali fornia. He will also investigate the condition of various tribes ot Indians in the Western ter ritories. Commander Nathaniel Ruin, lT.S. X.. died, in Keading, Pa., Saturetay, aged 37. He entered the navy in 1852, served with credii throughout the entire war, participating with Farragut at the capture of Mobile and New Orleans. His funeral takes place to-morrow. ' oxpetitio* for a Military Cadetship. Mr. .1. B. Sener, Congressman from the First district of Virginia, has referred to a board of competent gentlemen the selection of a cadet to the naval school from his district. The exami nation will take place in Fredericksburg on the 15th of May next. The W hitb lfor?n was lively again this morning with visitors who called to see the President. Among those wno had interviews were Vice President Wilson, the Secretary o. vNar, Senator Sherman, Logan, Spencer Crag in, Stewart, Sargent, Carpenter, Alcorn.' and Ames. L'iLL, Commissary of Sub sistence, in addition to the present duties, ha been charged with the disbnrs. mint of tin K*lZ?nt ot tl,e Mont)1"i? Indian war ? laims ?>t ih,(, appropriated bv t'le 1 ?st Iongress. If will make payment' n^ter sut-h r\mira i ?"" bt' I,rescribed by the Second Controller oi the lrea>urv. I man< ITATION IS PORTO Rico?Seer. tar> Fish has received the following telegram from Minister Sickles dated Madrid, March >M "Immediate emancipation law lor Porto ICc, passu! to-night unanimously. Great enthu siasm in the Aisrmbly. Sickles.*' 1 be till declares that the republic of will preserve the integrity oi the Spanish do minions, and provides tiiat the emancipated s.a\es in I'nito Kieo shall rniov all political ri^bt- accorded to citizens of Spain. Confirmations r.v the Senate The Sen ate in executive s. .-slon Saturday confirmed the following nominations: James F. Casey, col lector of customs, New Orleans, La.;V>iv.d i#u?l.ev -odectorot customs. southern distj t ?Wi: .v- m ?* I'ockey. collector of c istonis. St. .loll;, s, f la.j .lohn L. Murphy, collector in terna! revenue, second district New .(- .v vice Strattou, unioTed; 11. C Hunt, coll cfor tntmal r? venue, fourth dlatrtct Texas \ ce Wood. r. moved; Augustus G. T-.:n To he 3 ? ond In u'. ii.tut in the army: Win. S. Tough, C. S. marshal t jt Kansas aula uamber ol post masters. 1 The Leading Railroads Gnixo to T ake the 1'ostai Cars Off Their Lines?The Postmaster General has received a liotuieitioi from the presidents of nil the leading railro i Is centering in New York, notify!i. . ii.m that on the first of .Apiil next they will withdraw the postal cai.- lroin tlieii lines unless th- in Teas d compensation ahotild be given. The Portion . ter General, alter examining the law, has con cluded tlist he has no ngut to allow the incre.i-e and ha-so noti>i-d the companies. It now re in.tins to be svn H the railroad companies w.'l can out their threat, which will be so d tri nieiaal to the bu^utes"* interests of tiie country. The Postina-tei General hopes that the com,, > ne w lil contiiiut- io run the isirs, and rely >ijmii Congress for an e<|iiitable adjustment of t!ie compensation. I he English Opera Company, which com mences a brief season at Wall's Opera House to-night, embraces many artists who are well known and appreciated here; among tliem M ss Lose Heisee. Mr. and Mrs. Seguin, AIi,.s Emma llouson, Mr. Brookhouse Howler, Mr. Chatter aon. Mr. 11. til, and others. They open this even ing in Donizetti's lust work, ??Lucia di l.aiu lurmoor." The Baltimore Am-ncan says of the performances the company in this opera The singing ot Mias licrsee "wasquite remarka ble for Its beauty and method, and her illusti t twn of the For row-stricken heroine was a thor oughly pat lie tic performance. Mr. Howler did Well as Kdgardo, Mr. Hall's Harry Ashton was praiseworthy, and Mr. John Clark a- Raymond nade ? gn at deal outof a comparatively mil* jr part." The akbvst i f dts. Jaxi? e. BLocNT.of Kansas, in this city, under a C nited Stat s indictment which charges him with being coii cerneel in a conspiracy to defraud the I nited States by a lalse roil of Cherokees entitled to payment under a treaty with that tribe, was mentioned in Saturday 's Star. It is stated by persons in a gooel position to learu the facts, that Gen. Biouni was merely a bondsman lor Sweat land; also, that au indictment tor con spiracy cannot hold against the alleged ott'eml eis tinder the statute oi limitations, which fix-s the is nod of prosecution within two years from the date of the alleged criminal act." It is also -aid that the roll in question was the same as one on w hich the Treasury Department iu? le pay nient before the matter "w is transferred from the 1 rea.-urv to the Interior Department ? >v actot Congress of July 27, I-*;*; and that its coirectness had never been called in question. I he subsequent death of anv Cherokee whose name was borne on that r.dl would make no diderence, as his legal heirs would be entitled to his share. The Resignation of Senator Caldwell.? The fiiends of .Mr. Caldwell having learned on Saturday that it number of Republican Sena tor- won lil vote for his expulsion, whom it hid been expected would vote in his lavor, adyl - -d him to tender his resignation. This course, after some consultation, was then determined ii|>on. but subsequently reuoiisniered, and tiicy determined to fight it out. This morning, how ever, other Senators w ho had been consulted in his favor were found to be disposed to vote for his expulsion. Some of these advUcd him to resign, stating to him at the same time that they could not vote in hi3 favor. Before the meeting of Hi* Senate it was deckled by his friends that he should resign, which he did im mediately, handing his letter oi resignation to Gov. Osborne, of Kansas, who is now in the city. The resignation wa? accepted by the governor, and thus was ended the Caldwell case. Although there might not have been rhe requisite two-thirds vote to expel Mr. Caldwell, there wa? a majority in favor of the resolution, ami Mr. Caldwell, after the vote, could not have held the seat witli any crcdit to himself or his state. Important to Holders or Treasury Drafts and Disbursing Officers' Check*. The withholding in tbetr ]K>ssesslou for months, and even years, by public creditors, of Treas ury drafts anil U. 8. disbursing officers' checks, under the impression that they m<*v be pre sented at the edtice of the government deposi tary on whom drawn, and pavment thereon obtained at any time, has caused the Treasure much embarrassment and trouble, and is greatly retaining the settlement of disbursing officers' accounts. Accordingly, the Secretary of the Treasury has issued and directed a rigid en forcement of a regulation which requires the Treasurer, all assistant treasurers and deposita ries of the Cnited States to refuse the payment of all official checks of United States disbursing officers who have ceased to be government offi cers. if presented more than four mouths after thrlr issii*. ami all Treasury drafts and dis bursing officers' checks presented more than 'Arec y*?rt after their issue. All cheoks, pay ment on which has thus been refused, will have to be forwarded to the Secretary of the l'reas u v; the former for examination ami verifica tion with the drawers'accounts, and the latter ' for the state nient of new accounts. These rcg ulaliO'is are l ased ujion the 21st section of the act of Augnsr 6. I'M*, which makes it the -Wy of ibe' Secretary of the Treasury to issue and publish regulations to enforce the speedy pre sentation ot ail government drafts and cheek# for pavmer.t at the place where payable, aiwi : default ot stu h pres?-ntaTion, to direct H'lvOtho* mode and place of payment whiel* iio him eleem proper; aod the ju t of May 2, 1^:, whieh requires tno r>*ja?VBM>n* into th Ttt4ry, -to credit of otifstsiiiliii;IhWWisK,df-nIWf si-oirv , draitsaiid disbursing otl'e .i>' checks ontstand ing over three years. Vke rKKfinENT Wttsnw tbif? luornlBH ap pointed Senator* Sherman ami Stevenson mem bers of the board Of visitors to West I'oiut, in accordance with the law rec.uir.ng that two Senators he ou the hoard. Nonm atiowp 11V Tllr. 'resident?The President sent the t'ollowi? ?>iuinatioiis to the Senate to-day:?K. S. Nm . L- receiver of pub lic moneys at Indepen-Vi' .. Kan-*-; A. 11. Hartiei. associate justice s;i" inn. court of Da kota Territory. The PorrLATioH or PobtoKico?The fact that slavery has just been abolished in Porto Kioo makes the following of Interest:?In duly last the number of slaves in Porto Kico w:n: ? Males under twelve years, 3,489; from 12 too". 12.655; females under twelve, 3,448; from 12 to <"??? vcars. 11,450; making the total number ::i,iU >. The white j*>pulationin lfWO-70 was 34;, 137, and the tree colored population. 270,*22. The Leoal-Tewper reserve ww again drawn on to-day to the extent of #528,000. The circulation at the close ot business at the Treas ury to-day was as follows: Ciiifod States de mand notes, legal-tenders, ;sj7; fractional currency. f4#.ZW,174.22; total, ?4t>:t.!?!>o,fc5x.72. There was redeemed *614,000, which.it will be observed. Is lu> excess of the amount drawn from tlie leg*l-fw>der rewrv,?. The amount of surplus revenue was g!07,77'i 000. Measr Bt'siNlM.?The commissioner of in ternal revenue has instructed Collccter Bailey, at Albany, to procee?l with the )lsore of the rolling stock of tlie New York Central railroad company, and to sell the same at auction until the amount ilue the government?'*452,000 ~ha.-, been realized. The seventeen locomotives aoM by the government on Saturday only brought ,0W) a piece, and were purchase d by the coin p.my. The depot will next he seized, and, if necessary, the track will also be distraiiild. Bv reference to the report in the settle ment jus:, made, by th? T..-u?n?y ^j,irtnient, Ot the ""CCuViis of S. P. Brown, late navy aaent, it appears that he disbursed. dur'ng his official term, a rani exceeding *30 .WW, 000. He is highly complimented in this report for his mer cantile experience,skill and economy in ma king purchases, whereby he effected large savings to the government,and itlsdeclaredthatthrougli out his whole official career he was an honest, capable and faithful public officer. The balance claimed of ?.t,0?>7.7:i. although admitted by the di part men t to be c^uitablv due Iiim, has be.'ti paid into the Treasury by Mr. Brown, the a - counting officeis being hi doubt ?> to their a;i thority to make the allowance. This puts an end to a thousand slanders and misrepresenta tions that have been circulated m regard to this whole matter. TnE Frankt.in (Pa.) Bank Traokov? Jindly Cluirred X Ut* ami /???u It E <'mine-l n( thr Trtitury Treasurer Spitin r received two large l*xes to-day front Frank.in. Pennsvlvatda. which contain the charred rem nants of glW.COO in f. S. not's an I band-, national bank notes, Pacific railroad bonds, A which Thomas F. Anderson, the cashier of Lanibertson'a bunk, at Franklin, attempted ? ? d? sticy by burring, about a week -in e; aft r w hich he blew hi- brains out w:th a pistol. Kx ltej resentative Gilfiilan writes a letter to Gen. Spinner in relation (o fiis mou y, in which he frays that no dt I'alcatiou has yet been dis covered in investigating Anderson's account:-. The notes are sent lor the purpose of identifica tion and redemiition, but judging by one pack age which G? ii. Spinner open- d, and of which there are 1 ut It w n-inute pieces intact, but a very small portion of the total amount will be identified. Gen. Spinner gave directions that none of the packagt s should be examined until the weather became clear, as it is > sseiitial that the examiner" should have the best <ju.ility of daylight lor their delicate work. Gen. Stinxer on Daniel Webster, Oake? Amis. anl> Andy Johnson.?'-Timon" (Mr. J.G. Holland, of the Associated Press.) of tlie Kichnond i Ya.) has been interview ing Fiiited States Treasurer Spinner, wl; >-*e blunt off-baud utterauces alw a.s make r vy reading. "Timon" writs- '-Daniel Webst r was rot first-clans. He svd between Oak--? Amos and I laniel Webster lit thought the form r the honester man. "We are apt," he continued, ??to think that pcop'e in the past were a gr it deal better than they are r.ow; but iny opini on i-that tlie world is a great deal better than it used to be. The gn at body ol the people are virtuous by spasrus. The Thirty-fourth an 1 Thiity-seventh Congresses increased their sala ries, and there was no great outcry. Tiie Thirtv-iourtli Increased from eight dollars a day. which was about fifteen hundred dollars a year.uidouble that sum. andthe Thirty-seventh (Congress added two thousand dollars to this, and then* was no great cry altoui it." Presi dent Johnson, for whose j>ol it leal course his official subordinate?ihe same Treasurer Spinner?had a most violent dislike and can tempt, wa? alluded to, and thus s|>oke the General: "Now >lolinson was an hoou-st man. He hated hvpocrisy, and that w is one of several goo<! traits be had. Why, when they settled up , his salary. at the close of his presidential term he thought he was getting too much by two < r three hundred dollars, and he came 'o uir with his draft, saving it was too much and he di<l not want to take it. 1 went to the Ami - tor and Controller aliout it. while he waited in my room. It was just about four years ago this very time. His accounts were examined ail found all right. It was the mode of settlement that had deceived liim. The President's salary is paid <|Uartetlv. and .lohnson, coming into ofi ee ala>ut the middle of the .prirter. hail been dcieivcd by the manner of settlement." The Inuias </iertion Col. C. K. Bo idi not.of the Cherokee nation, who has re .-d some \ears in Washington, aud is recogn ..ed as one ot tlie most eloquent and intelli^eut rep resentatives the red men have ever had here, hits pr^pi'ircd a lecture oti the Indian >iuestion, and which he has been invited to deliver in leading cities north aud west. Col. Boudinot gave a private reading ot his lecture Saturday night before Gen.Sherman, Albert Pike,.Iudge Holt, and other competent critics, and it wan contadtd to be an exceedingly able aud trraulut' exposition of the past history, pres. nt condi tion. wishes and needs of the American In dians. The theory advanced by Col. Boudinot is that the civilized Indians of the coe-?try have arrived at a degree of enlightenment making them competent to become eitizeni of the I'uited States. The treaties of ts*!1. contemplated the organization iu this way of what are called the five civilized tribes, the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chlckasaws, Creeks, and Seminoles. These are called the civilized tribes because for the last generation they have not deluded nj?oii the chase for aubsistence, but have cultivated the ground. Tlie govem luent ot the I'uited States has already extcnd.*d the revenue laws over them,compelling them to pa\ taxes, and the l*idt? d States courts have jurisdiction over tlu-ui, though not allowing them juries of their own. Thus they have all the resjsinsibilitics of citizens of the I'uited States and none of the privileges. The plan advocated by Col. Boudinot Is that understood to be the President's policy as Indicated by his two last messages. The plan is to the effect that Congess shall organize a territorial govern ment over the Indian territorv. ami provide lor a survey and allotment of the land in seve eraltv, the Indians to be protected in their individual and personal rights, and the indiscriminate immigration kept out until they are prepared to receive it. To the same end of the protection ot the In dians, the lands In severalty shall be unalien able for a term of years, to keep them out of the hands of sharj>ers. Col. Roudinot op joses. however, th$ plan of the board of 1 ndiati commissioners, which proposes to concentrate all tlie wild Indians in the territory of the civilised Indians. There are some 50,000only of the latter, to about 120,000 of the former, and the effect of bringing them together would l?e apt to be disastrous to the civilized minoritv, while the wild Indians would necessarily be dis contented if tahen from their present reserva tion homes. Cr*rta.TiTRVotiro 'x Galvem-on?Un der our present charter,one voter can give three votes for one alderman instead or one vote to each of three aldermen,or it he thinks two o This three votes will be sufficient to secure the elec tion of his first choice, he can then give his third vote to his second choice, in the hope also of electing him. But if he thfnk* his oartv strong enough to elect all the aldermen lie niay give one vote to each of the three can didates. The first is called plumping, the second dumping, and ve suqpose the last or voting for *11, nnv becallfd trumping^?(Jmlvrnom ( T- rat) i ^>arr* 15. Sf k IDE or a Politk fA!? ??Jmm* Booker, a pre mine nt republican politician of Philadel phia. aud ex-member of the citv eouuftil* from the *??* ward, committed suieide w<t,r lay nu-rnlng byhgrtging htmeclf ih tbnbawuietit oi Ms place of biurfnes*. Financial diflUultow are ?aW to have prompted the act, * SMAT.L rox is ravaging San Pctro co iuty, ttsb. owing ?* th* ueirb ct of the peride to use j.i. | er 11??cautions, 'i he d: ;ase is on the in cr^ ate in Salt Lake City. I'mpoM d lni|>ri)\rni<-ntx In nwl Alton I the Capitol Hulldinic. Congress hiring made several appropriations at the last session tor much-needed improve ments in and about the Capitol building, Mr. Clark, the architect, is already at work u|>on Lip plans preparatory to active oj>er*rirms when spring fkitl) opens. Tbe defects in the heating and ventillating apparatus are being remedied from time to tune, and with the contemplated changes, on the Senate side especially, that mi port?uii paitoi' the service ut the building will mneh improved by the next set*>ion. Tii House did not make the necessary apprOprla tions f >r several charge* ?n the ventiliation on that side, but no donbt will do w next winter When the great advantage* of the alteration* hi the Senate wing ar?- shown, the nrst of which i? the rruiFit ATtojr or thf atnosrmtB in the building. The fresh air inlets are now located in the space between the two 5uildin^> on the south side of the corridor joining the center building with the wing* and surround* ?. on ail sides bv the marble walls and stone pave mi nts. in tlic summertime the air betore en tering the duct becomes heated by the wall* ai d ut all sea jus of the ytar is liable to b? made impure when the wind blows in certain directions, forming (ddin ;,!>?>.it Iht dmt, wl.ich take the smoke and gas emanating from the tluts aroun<l the bat* ui lUj uuiuc aau orit. ; sneh impurities hack to iho opening in ttt space above described, where they are taken in again and |>oi>ou the atmosphere throughout the building. To remedy tins Mr. (Xark pp. l-oses to make aeold air duct muleigroind from the building to the loot of the lower terrace in tin' west park, and to diaw all the fresh air frcni that point, instead of by the side of the buici ing as now. An uuderg round duct not on v cools the air in summer, hut warm* it in win ter, and the heating apparatus does not l.a.. a? much to do of course when the air -ipon reaching it is warme- than th?i Ou t?io ontsale 1 he Senate made s~ dr.r?opriation for tin* ini ni.CV. ^nt. work upon it on that side ol tli otiiidii.g will l?e commenced soon. Another plan of Mr. Clark is to tunnel ** far as the esstpark, and draw the supply ot fresh air from there, covering the opening of the tan rcl with a fountain, the sprayfromwhichw.il remove all impurities from the air as well > cool it in summer. This will not be carried on? now , however, as the tunnel to the wist puk above described, answers the purpose. THE NEW COAL V A I" LTH on both the Mouse and senate shies, anthorii i at the la^t session, wiil be another great iui brovametit. The work n|?on the one on th llou-e side hasl>een comin need already. Tin*, v ault.? aic to be constructed by digging out ! si?a< e between the center building and wing* on the east front. and constructing a cellar up >'i each side, each with a t apacitv for l.'sm tour ol real, which is about the quantity used on ca.'h side during a season. The vaults w ill be titl-i up with compartments, each one holding a stated <| lantiiv, ho there will be n ? chanc . i the contractors to give short we'ghL Hereto fore on the Set.ate side, the coal ha* been J. Pv ered at the northeast corner of the baildin *. where it was dumped in the cellar, and h i.l to he wheeled from tin re to ilic lieati .g depart ment, located in the southwest corner. T i ? tran>i<oitatioii of it fromo... .irn ? to another laitd some dust, and the 1 : '??:< v of tae at mu.?phi-r:e I ?!!?< being i pa rd byflwhklb ai.d stairways. by ria-*un ol e ... i -^t ov tin Senate chamber, th:> coal Un-' war cam I up stairs, and >?.iue ot the > ornic? s in the !??*. ? corridors are a- Mack a* ink with it. V.'L- . the new coal vaults are fini>h- .| t!:e fuel vv 1 but a few feet from the lwiiiers, and but litii ? elu.-dwi'.l he rai.-ed by handling it. THE ADDITION To fill. OBOCSP3 will give employment to many workmen ('. ? spring and summer. Woik u|>on the cojti ^ walls enclosing the extension of the west pa , has alr? ady commenced, and in a few mouth , the north< rn a;i?l southern addition* to the we ern park will Im enclosed bv this copitig. I* the int? ntion ot .Mr. Clark this mms.hi to gra : > and sod thi ad<lition above referred to, ail ? move the old railing and coping together v*:*h the eol ule stones and brick ps\eruents n nv MirrouiMiing the enclosed portion of t: ground. The appropriation last session wa* ?? i unpn.ving the western park only. It ha> not y. t been determined whether the oki r.i ii ig will he replaced on the coping now buii;*; erected, or whether any railing will be u* <l but it is probable that the i tiling will be dis carded entirely. The coping winch will be o cut granite two feet wide and Jii inches h.^'i, w'll kicp all dust and trash from blowing on the grass trom tbe streets, in ]Sew Vork and o:her large cities iron railings are being 0 ? card, d ntirely. and public squares look ranc'i 1>. tt r without them. If our Board ot Ilea ii will only keep up their vigilance in preventing C'-ws hogs, goats.and geese, from running the streets, there w ill be no necessity whatever lor iron railings about any ot our public square*. ADDITION Tti TlIK EAST PARR. No appropriation for improving the Ka-O rn Paik was made last seasiou beyond tlie nec-n sary amount to complete the purchase of prop> eity on the south i>ide, and nothing will t?e ,h>ii? then this season after removing the houses and grading the space now occupied by them. v> change in the grade already established ? ,11 be made, but only the ca v it??-*. tilled up and uio.ri.'.s removed. The oeenpants of the houses on the northern addition have tn-en notified to vacate the in b\ the 1st of April, and the material in the buildings will be sold at public miction ,,u the l?<th of that month. J'hirtv dars will be given from that date to remove the "build.n_"<. The balance of the property on the south v. I be |>urcliase<l immediately, and the occupant.* of the house* there will be iM>tifi**d to vacate by t e Ut of May. Those houses will be sokl and demolished t>v the middle of June, an.l the i.ow squares will then be ready to inclose. Thk Brn's Hkah Bask FatLruE Isaac II. r>:i lev lieen apiKtinled receiver of lue Bull'.- Ilead Bank, in New Vork. Henry <H> .vs aid Thomas Murphy justitird as sureties n S100.0?0 each. The creditors have taken >t iw to have the bank thrown into bankruptcy, ?<?>.( the T'nited States marshal hass"i7e<i tbe in-ti tutioii pending the issue of application. JJANI-H KRIGRATIOS T<l VlRHIRt A 'The Norfolk Virginian says: ?'<?n or about the ii -t Of June. l;iO able-bodied unmarried un it, nd 40 families from Deumark will arrive at this jKirt t\>r the puqtose ot settling in thi* *t ,te. HSinefe anu eii'ij'Olln^fit. WC l?*rii, have aire rly been piovided for tlam." C??m. Vakderbilt lias given *.Ju0.Oflo lor t ie I urpose of erecting a large seminary for fem les on the grounds of the Moiavian church.at N w I>orp. Staten Island, to lie built on the plan of the seminary at Bethlehem, also endowed !>v tbe Commodore. I'rnLic Schools Closed for Wart .>f Fr\D8?The board of school commisaiou* i >f Portsmouth, Va.. have declare<l the close ol ae public schools on and alter April 1st, the ? u* cotincii having failed to piovide funds for tiu ir support. ?John Ltuis Baker, a welbk ..Atvo a.- j* died Satunlay, in Philadelphia *a? nj was a brother of Mrs. F. S4 OhanVrau. and n. ir ri'i? ^ Alfwna F'^jfr, daughter of Mr-. ?. , li*yer. ?'<; president of the Actors' order ot r ncndshtp. r'hisco.?The new directory of San Ft m Msco shows the |a>puUtion o: that city t be 1*8.323, being an increase during the vei?r of about 10,Quo. The directory *hows alw? that there are li,0Q0Chinese and l,.V5f?negroes iti ; he city. FfGRT with trr Apaches..?Advices >m Arizona state that a company of the Jd in >n trv, under command of Lieut. Uice. had h ;ht with the Apnchea, killing siv, and capti ng four stiuaws. To BE Habued Judge Hairy in pie, ?at " rar ristown, N. J., refused the application r new trial in tne case of Liugi I.ugislni ,t Italian who murdered his wife at I>over n sentenced him to be hanged May 1st. BrRKED at tbi Starb.?News has be,- re ceived in San Francisco to the effect 0 a band of Apaches had captured George i lor near Wlckenburg,burned him at the stake nd hen retreated to the mountains. R. D. Booart. accused of the embeizle-i. ut of 930,000 while payaiaster's clerk in the i i . comes before the U. S. circuit court in \a FrancL?co to-day. If not released he wi;l be tried by court-martial at Mare's Island. L* i vers al military service wiU short I v come the law of Russia. It i* proposed tluit. tie period of service will be fifteen vears, ? * of which wid be passed In acHve service, and n <ie In the reserve. Twelve THorsAND dollars worth of mil. linery goods were seised by tbe custom- ofli ra , T York on board the ateamer Cuba, on suf]>1cion that an attempt was making tofm i>. gle thim into the country. Bi-rned to Death?Amos Halleck and two chlWren, living on a prairie sear Pom?roy Station, Iowa, were burned to death on Sa- ir day evening by the hay roof of their home Uik uig tire and faUmg in o? them while asleep. Tni ^utTAjwIt is said, intends to"abolish the office or gtanfl^ftferTiCM toHnauguraSe system of ministerial responsibility. EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE Xli'Kniv, March 24. SV*ATOR CAinWKtl KE*i<;*ft. The Vice President laid before the Senate a letter from Alexander Caldwell bating that he had resigned In* scat a? a 61 uator trom Kan^. and iImi a copy 01 Mr. Caldwell's letter ol resignation to the Oovernor ot Kumw, ihn> m thi? citv. and a letter from Governor ?>;U>rn itini'Wluljtuj Use recclot ot the ^rac Mr. Won?n then stated that a? chairman, of tlie committee on privilege* and election, he cot ?id< r?-d his duty in connection * .lh ihe capi at an end. Mr. F< nf.>n he hail f>rr?t<jms| to Mibin'* se.me remarks on the mbjfrt thi? mornlaf, but it no* ;t would ii?>t be pru|ter to do s<?. Mr Wi ight theu rnovi d to tak- up the '( A?K CP MR. I f.AVTOSI, or iKk AS^AK. Mr. Tburman IioimhI this (aw would be allowed to go over nil the liext N-iwt?a, and sa,?i it was maniff-tly iin; visible i >r Senator* to vote understanding ly ii|>on It a tins tune. n> they had no epjiortuuity to examine the testt mony. Mr. Wright insisted that it w*/> a matter ot jui>iice to the Neiiator affected, to the Sen ?t ?w to the coiintrv , that this ? soould t?e 'If |*'?fd 01 now. Moot of the fact* in the ca-* h.id been before tbe Senate for !'? month*. and she Ural r<-|>ort an* made more than a uionth ago. Mr. C layton a -o diuiatidrd. a* <in* to Liui and due to his state, that the Senate should ae on his ease Kow. lie considered that he h el the right to ask this of the Senate. Mr. Thurnt n s kid. uoth-iiK hut the desire to do exact justice had led him to make the sug gestion for delay, hut if Senator* could sty L<u! I""""1 the tcstimmv and were prepared to vote on it, he should tu ike no objection. Mr. Wright said ?<- had given the !JC. before ;i,e Caldwell case was taken up, and several times since, that he pro|.o??e?t to ask that the Clayton ease be proceeded with. He thought it w;is the duty of t'.ie Senate to cleat the <riminal docket at this called - >sMon: and he i?ro|>o*cd to goouwith tlie civil docket at the beginning ol the n< \t ws-ion. Air. Norwood, a member ot the committer ot ' investigation. regrvtU'd that Mr. Wright had | msde the motion to take sip the ease at this time. He aaktd any Senator here whether h - had read the testimony reported by this com ndt'ee. lie said to the Senator'from Iowa t (Wright) and the S( nator trom Arkansas (Clay ton) that U" this case was pressed to a hear ing now. tlae country would ?ay that the deci ? on, whether pro or con. had been inade w ith out due deliberation, aiid that it would be, iti fact, a snap lodgment. In ai!>wei to a qnestionof Mr. Wright, he -a ! that he Wits con versa: t with all tin* fact* him self, but that he was laboring under n very severe cold now . and would not l>e a'ole to par tlcipate ill the discuss.oii to-day, at lca>f. Jur. Alcorn thought it vva? the duty of the Senate to-H-i u.m. ot this ease, a.- on ? not* pr.-?? ing up< n them. Would any Sen .'or com ? h r* uext session any better prepaisd to Act iu Ui s c#pe than h?- tsa~ now. Mr. Morrill (Me.) did not S<*e lipw thf S Mmte could avoid acting on tin* case ?t this time, it wa.? plainly ilre to the Senator trom Arkan Mr. itavard said the session would have to !><> i rohingt'd vcrv coiis.derably ii the Senate in t? t de?i to atiord th?' oppottunity to enable S.-n iitors to iic u.ro the necessary iuIoi uiatioii; .? si a? for himself, ii suilicu tit tieie w as not givc-i for th .?, he sli<-u d be impelled h; i ? dutv to tefrain from expres-'' g ny | ? ! rtnent in tii-> matt.-r. Mr. Kerry ((,'osn.) 'ai<* lie b i l ?"e.t.| th-* * - p>< tiv in this ea-e. and w?- s:?tis-i?^l from t . ? kiiowh^lged derived by that p< ru~al that even hatubd justice would be r acl.?d by takii^ t up now, rather than by waa?n^ uaul i \t st s-jon Mr. Wright said there would l>e no d.spo ? on the pait of the majority o? tlie commit ? c * > pt< ss it to an eaily deci>i ?n. The motion to take up was then agreed to, as follows: Atm-M<*??rs A'ci n A Hi- >n. *iik?- . I? <rj. B man. It- ntwfll. Buckingham. O'lmi tl r. c'i?>' > ini?iu, li'Jini, i **ri> ??f (' ?mi., Kift? <f M ii 1- I. lil.K1.1? > ?? I ? ' rt. G ?ldtl. waitr. H ?<-!,, , . 11 ?> I: .1 ? I. n. XI t'.i ' . X| t 1: r Mains, Morri'l?if Vert;, i'. M rton. OfNkt, P? t-is..!:. P; <tt. R.i:.i-*'y, IS 4 ti-. S irg n M. lln ili, hpcaoe. , Ml **rt, U ?> , \V .. I ?:?, I \V .h: ?v. Jk'ol ? M- ? r-. B lya-ii. t'a?1?>. I> ?? is. I" u Gordon, II:.ji.ill* n ? 1 T 1!>, M-.i'r .ci . Mill.. i.N rv. ?] > ulxliu: y, i- <u. S t4B.?mt Ti.uruiau?It. Mr. Mort ti. bv unanimon* consent, subm t ted rtsolutuins.w toicli were laid over, trmli ' ; the cofgra?ulations of the Senate to th ? j - eminent ol Spain for it.- abolition of slavery in Porto I;ico. Mr. Wnght then sai?l he would ia>t a^W t' t th? di.-ctission in the Clayton case |.t<>coed ' to-morrow. At tl-.e siig^rj-tkii of Mr Stewart the ri ;?o- t on the case wa?- then reait from the dc-k. Whi n the reading of the returt was con ded, at half-past "J o'clock, the Si na'.e vv . into exeeutn <? se.-sioa. I>tri> in tiik Pri pit?It i? not rommmi i ?r a clergy man to die in his pulpit, but this lia;. ;k ri d a Suialay ot two since to the licv. T. I?. Hudson, pastor of the M. I" church in t'lvd-. He had read al>out fifteen minntes in a lirni and distinct voice, when buddeaalv be stop|<-'i. n ?(Ui ste<l that tlie window s be let down to ? mil the fresh air. pressed his hand- to his toi e head, and leaned forward on the desk. Tli n. as if tallying all hi*strength tor the ettort. he began and ulti red the word*. ??These dn .ire paasiuftaway," and as the last svllaMe left Ms lips he tell ba4 k on the sot'a and expired. Mr. Hudson Lad been for a period of thirtv-thr e years in the active work of the minlstrv. and was wiilelv known throughout central and west ern New York. How TRK liEI'1'M.ICAKS WKttt ??l?Irtl'rK'i" in Nkw Hani'shikk?Complete returns tioiu New Hampshire, with the exception ol one small town that last year gave twentv dem o cratic majority, give Straw, for <iover:n?r 344)10; Weston. .1I.HXI, Blackmar; 1,?":>; Mas . tfi'K: Straw 's majority over all.'ii.*. fherepuh:: cabs also have twoi of the threft members ot Congress, four of the live Counselors, nine ot the twelve state Senators, and at least tiMv-t vo majority in the House. Thi* i# pretty good t< r a "defeated" party. The vote for <?overuoi s 7,217 less than last year. Dip F'/STtn Take Poisi.js??Some of .e New York evening p?|iers insist that the st -- v of Foster's attempted suicide is corieet. T ie theoiv is well stipported by etreunutantial ev i dence, as well as statements of the doctor ol the Tombs and minor officials. The impres-i>-n is that Foster took opium about 3 o'clock on -e morning of the execution. Some assert t ii mav have l?eeu taken to influence his uerv ? i systein, but it is evident the do<>e was sufficient to priMluce death had :he execution been -ta ? t au l.mr later. The Forrest Hh*k for Actor*.?'"'ic Philadelphia members of the Penusylva-i.a legislature met on Saturday afternoon in t ie mavo.'s office in Philadelphia, an<l dtocu?~ d the draft of the charter for the Kdwin Forrest home at Spring Itrook. presented bv Hotu. J!li K. Price and l?auiel Dougherty. Sixty acre- *>r Spring Brook has been set apart for the h. uie for sg d and indigent actors provided for in the will of Mr. Forrest. The home will be ir rourdrd by a magnificent park, to which tae public will have free admittance. Ex-Kiko Avxnrr* tives as one?f h:srea*>ns for abdicating the throne of Spailftbat the in surance companies asked enormous preui utus on his life aiKl that of his Queen. Tbis is probably the first time in history that the q*o? uon of insurance has had an in-portant mtlu -nee on the destiny of a nation. To a timid motitrch a high premium must cause about the same un easiness a* the sanguins ghosts which distui l>ed the sleep of miiidle age tyrants. It is a del ,.-%te but businesslike intimatiou that th^ people don't need his services. Allst.ed Miscordcct or a? I*sritA>cR Presiurxt.?Krastus l.yman, ex-presideui of the Knickerbocker Life Iiaurance company, has been sued by the company to recover ammt ?30,0(4 alleged to have been lost by th? com pany on account of unauthorized contr :~ts made by him with irresfionsfble person.-. Hr. Lyman waa taken Into custodv under an onl. r of arrest Issued by the court of common idea* aixi gve *15,OW bail?.V. I*. Journal / Cssisi rt, "r-CTT*?Bya vote of HO to ?the Massachusetts house hare passed to a second reading the bin providing that all bu.ld lng?, places, or tem ments resorted to Pit m btutmn, lewdness, or illegal gaming, sin'1 be deemed common naiattces, and punishing ?>)o ever keeps or maintain* sach houses bv iai r? 5 e of correcttou or c mnnon ft" ^ exrcdiwgone year. Tho blU repeals the law pntiUliin^thinod'eRce by tiue. Exritkw IK Alabama?Not more than Mty 1-em.iw attended the hanging ot Tom I>vk rtt, which took place at Linden.Ala.. wwsentlv. Tom made an ehsjueiit -poech. and died ?a*dv. The Marengo Journal says: ''He apoatrophlcod the snn and the trees, bhlding them farewcl' ami, taming to the shsrin, ? *trn naakj'' ing drawn orer his h ad, said, 'Mr. SI*rf, do your duty.''? ((inverse, or \ -nuont has apim-ut tl Friday, April II, Fast i>ay. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB, Tfeto Affwu?n* Mapakhf*. AJSOUCIA1KV I'M*** i?EruRTf*. Sfw 1 orfc ll-^% T<> rtVTKillf UEIKw ALIO \ - *l? W ?Mr IX I.KKI \ * <???. ? ^tw \<?KK, March ii??'||f interment Ol Foataa in ton awi'Urv Satiu<la\ aa? m .l.rot t rout .* oc tit# art incorpotafttt? tl. ? ertnctei \. winch ?:ii v'.ati f tliat m i#., | b< I ktwnl l?W ???. .ball |lav bKiriNiiM fur any crime. ami ha- alrea.U canMed I'fi.Mil. raMt comment ln,in| t|?. |.,'t hobb r*. The |.t** dent .?t tu? * ,m.v >, tow propat*e? to rail tli. auei.tio* ot (j10 director* to the matui to IHI Mka< uv ?>r nat l^fori' [fiotllil toWld li?<k tA yitwnmiii !>n?ke h< r rtnhloi an?i became ull iu?n?frili|f ?lifn warlt It mooc. an. The vessel wa* toaard alxmi In tlit* k???? *e? t..r ?kre? .la\-wlitn a ?ti*iin i hove m sight tiwV the |t[UM?l> Ui li>? . tut- rionwui uitKcit I *p ?r ?TK:?cr The proposed m?\ i-m- iii in favor ot a **tieral strike irmut the wort n^nien tor the maHit nance ui ilic ci^lit houi law a giiMi iii,; ?U? ugth. At a meeting ol (i? man s!hm m ?k mMn -?o? ?.Tf made fhvorin* ? stn.np orcantr*tioti ** n. parrtetpatr in 7. c.-mute strike. 1W International Assort at >i ?"e?epn atianiM - who rtt-ua- u>. omi.l; ?,U. the , ?Ut houi 7- ? The nxmbrrsnt thst 1^-?\ thnX TW all? - tions at*! trvhs would ?trike tht* ve** enforce that law. ?<?! ..|tn K ill K' ai> , AI t a. This nKMni.j it ?4-iii?,?u t,.,i tli%! , ? alls *>ii tLf t U'VflHii 1, ? oi'iuit*u? i*h| in i ? Vwtial railroad wr-r in circulation m ? ,,, "rwt. Tlte total mtiibrr nr > i,-h rail* t,. , liirpit M|'ialii'?i, mi U'?>4ia?n'iHi. i> * hundred--OUT lilllldMil <111 each Ml tlx' I M in* firr lleitrv ( I- as A Co . W . i A !ll*oti A Co.. ami H irrn A < <> The U tiori. >1 tit'in ilow ?H.t M1' m t>> lw km>? u street, atal in in ail pltdtaln lily Ntg ? Till tTV is Ull.I. TttKV t?>*t A S. \\ imnta. tr? H.nrr-??t" l<i?-liiii.>t. | is to la* a <lt tatilter hi the an i ?:<i .<*??. nihI the sii|M<r\iM? ? air pi. ; > bring suit a^autat bill lui that sum. * at a i ai ?i i>?ar. Mr. Norton, s. trrtm o! tho rrj.nl l T3l ?< n nuttrf wf King* count* ai. , , U W i?. itis|4>< t??i at tarjt?- in ihr in fi'U? ??> I'axtiufut. *f i?- tl.towii fruaw a . in IttookUn NcrMi * and W*? fatally wo>tn<l?'<l M?HJn T MR WKK I ?U>hB l>a\u- ot linmllvli, In'at his i ribiv w 'li an ?r Satat?la> m^Lt l? V'Uint cualotl htttm* u|> waiting tor L ? ? ? Iran. Iv-ttay Till AP<>t.|TIUk U< IIMkkT II IHI. ? ORVKS. V \ Vnrrh rite Mil |.*ss H'xiulili nn Satnr>lav aholi^hinK ala> < ? l>l?ml ?>i IVrto Uiro i>mvi<l?-? tti *t shall Ivllvw mini) ?!ial? -1y U|H>n tin* |> t.'-ii ot 'fitf ? n. iii. i| ai Will, howrvrr. !..? to m-r*-- I years with th? ir pn*n' ntastvrs or <*< * ?l? titson the ialand. an?i will nijwv tti?? i I ri|(lita?t S|'am?k< itiretisafter thnwyw haxe J *se i^Lcuiiiity to I*** | Owners Is to be elcirfsl e\eltlM?el\ account ol the l*ort?i Km? l>i.?i/ri K<? >, the a<lo|>tioti ol th? I'orto Ki.-o alxtiitio the tiissolniion ??| the eoi teswa* iiiiamm \ote<!. atnl the limw l>r?ke tt|i imi.l-r ^n-.i rilfiKt'l in the buiMiiii: an<i on the str*">ei? there w a* no diwnler. ainl the riitr La- i maim <1 rtinplitHr ti un ittll. cmtlt *iara i% MAMln. Mamiii . M it < h ?4. ? I iie J af^r ^a\ miuilxr of lori-.^tit i > have arrived liore w the \ifw of a/il.i' nc the ovArthrnw of ? nMiirtelftalitvot Madrid ^n?l .^t tHllibinu a cm n:tine in il> place. I'.C H'tilroit?l Til kel i?rills' I HHII'll ?iMk At the pi. it.'if ot' th s .t nvention on S:?t ir dajr ?tt? rtioon. ti.e furuni eoiumitU^' ?i ? u I'Ud a re put t . * II H li ?>> a lu|>liii, that in ordir:.ry Ij^'ilt el:. V - :.l '.i i, - intore- . 1 ?-V? tiT<f ti? e<;'.-1.It ? A, at I th **e oi.rectttig be ri l'e\ e?1 Iroot any ie?(. ? ..itlHn . Alan. th:tl w iMi tlins? r>'M<is htvnx Ix'tli a u s"t at I l.aeci ?? |.racf>.> ihe two r4i .il In' iv^ui '.ltd a* one tl*. ? I nrtiuent. Mr. l- tnt| moved tl'it il?s tn'l V ?~al' -|l an-f Caeh ti i nil"-! sf ite liow l e reiM?ri ti t s.tl-? i eonj <ii ?; t arr .-.l. A !???? :<n??y ot the tl ' - 11. * statnl tl jt they rrf?irt*-d m|. > In oiviM*rii n >. iitnn1*t> the atatton kn tntl from and iItk ig!i rait*. tUlurt, thovph m?t reia>rt:nj ??y il \ plan, wen- dedtletlly in favor ol* it. Till -I s-ION TO-II IV was with rhMvt door*, ??al il-e ??><? i cwnakk;ration wa? raii s an<l cmwiIkion. fraty. but >?H H icWeil. Til t s\ ?LUC, Pa .. Ala rota i he Jt.ry .? ?? ease ot i"h< luas F. A'.i ri?on. the ;< ttilvu) i r wl.o shot hiaaatir ?1<ad on M?r.-h ||tu, hn\o rtt timed a vetitiet i?f vimhi'i. T'i* i vestigation wa< most s<ar.-h iiif ami eaUauativ ?, ami theetUh ucc proi-,1 eoo,i?al? iv tliai Mr. A i ?it r.~on w a- <it ranjj. ?l ah. n lie <? >uixnitte-l t i,> fearf'il deed. Tbe bit k areoawt* are ^rn.-tiy aeenrnte. a? <1 tut pose'lil* motive rnttisl tm i |,o sat! oceiiriencc. "flic rt saltot the ii><;n>?t iron* Ooitcluaively that the ti ist tejiow <t m tw .i ? ct .vtl w.i- not violet. <1 ntiiil r^'ason w u> thronol, it a! Ul.au l fhut h^nii<lrM iui c r Ul4>|ositSon of hi* fln|.iovw'? f>in.|?. ? .% HnraiitK H r<-< k >'i.w Vt>i:K, Mart h _*t The st ins', n ? y u! Houston. whi< h an ved to-'lay irom liilv ? ton rci*orts that on March 17th,"in lat.t i-; _ , 1'- N.. h>npit lole T. 23 U'.. Maw a l>nrniii|( wr< rt>, s,i| |.om,i to lie a ship of l.taiu ton*. Coui<l n it :i. ctlta:i. tilt name. Owns I |? lo Mr iIIiik Ml I ..Vi?t( Bi?sr??>', Mairlt ?IriMitiick W. t'o?(Hr, UistiibalitiK i'lt-1 k ol iht liwttiu i*??t oil..* . ! ?s been anestcd on a charge of tilliiiiaiMltltvtmy it'g money f?ftcr?. lie %ekn?wTe<l|(e- I it m* tahi ti *:t1 .S*?, Tt omrli it i*. I?eli?-\c?l his ?'eaiin*s will amount to mm l< more. SrioiiltTn If*rs" l*r?'?iiNllttMW. N i w V>>bk. Maii'h ?A Baltimore t?i?v*t. h rejairts that imtWm' i? mUHwh, extending hack scTCiittH-n year-, have been <li?e?iver? I ;n the county cmii t at TwtMuntMn, nca. tli.M ?- ?y. The aiiiouut i? unknown. ? ? hraaaH. ST. LlH I*, Match ;4?Ktauk SwvMt and l.eo Chaiiol. tuo young (icrnavs, wliiit'liirk hunting on Tetria lake yesterday aticdrow -?! I>y the upscttir.g ol their hoat. l ire i*al.>Mit. Bt ?to*. March .'I.?Owen Mul' -n'- b#rn m I.Mm wa? dr??roye.' bv lire yeaterdar, w ith t?*n he^<l of cattle ami a large .|"itantify of hay, etc. Itealli ol n ? .it-ail. bairraar. Mitwai Ktr. Mareh J' - Ub-ut lioxcruor \|. II. Fettitt died at Ketwisha yeeterdar. Wiii'thk Bill's Hi.au Ba?k Ki?rE>'n.D. 1'uhlic cotilitU me in the efMcacjr ot tv <' ng chtckt ui?n bai V m nagtwiit will i? '? ffreat'y Ftreii|rtheiie<l bv the mystery sur:" - i l |>|(C the Mis|?eneioii ot' the Bull's Ilea I l'.4T,k. >lutiiate?t I looks, a ''round rohtu" ot >1 ;re ?? r? ami eni|4oyt s loii iwg .< i>reM4eat'i re-i^ni* .ti, clerks inanlging a tastt. t >r i'a?t li<?i?e". >???t *'?le to puichaiM- tine Uou-.^?all these Men * w<> .'d l?rttt r ln-ttt the coiii|a>-itK>u ot a no It-lam i: t, plat than the eom! net ol the aitaits ot i - tti aiitf rcs|*ectable iustitution tike the ?.ti?~ in tton. As vet, "no one ui |<arltt .ilar*' ha* en unpilcaUd Ui *kc ivUkUf which hive Ivl to a susj etisinn. Altofether, the money of !?]*>-.: or- and the sttx k cai'ital ot people who cm ill atlotxl to lone it.appear n> have lmen man:i i lattii in the highly-rep* table Hull's I! ol B.. k in a manner hi little o;?en (oriftnatnt ??r pro;it)?t twrectntii. as to recall the free ami ea*f ?\ - m of cdlalnaav mgs bank- not uuknuw b to fain A. 1 71.? PlttMUBITli.N \>'T I'.irt LAR t? PtW T.'. A > i a.?We are Mill without auLhi utic ad vi 'a" to the result ol' the election in PtittiM ' vau'a on the remit ot "licen-t." or uo license. W ot the larger cities ami the mor<- i>o|>'iIoiimi .omties a|>|-tar to have voUtl in lavor of lie,.n?4. tho sale ol litiuor. Pitt.-bnrg u. reiarr*^ ^ x ,,g ami AUegheny City J.otat .aajoritv tor II cenae. Lancaster citjr given x ^i. Legation count v .,???, Moutgoun rv ?,uutT about ZJ**? ma.iorit\ ? all lor heet"^* 1ha *-*t,tcriM* re turns in? **? * ' countits ltom Bucks, Columbia a if ? ?' het it+ indicate > .Muar^rt4?iu Ul ^ Z m The ,|Ut stver *.iu'w^TotAT on bv the |?e ?!?!< 01 r uiladei' jla fct the nent ' >c*?l?er electioii. ?7"New Hampshire |o^?ple are t\i>? to4t? (Ml on Thursday, April l?. ?STThe cotton-mill* in Fall Uivtr Mtf1 v e'c All stopped on St. Punch's l>a>. TIkt bare had ninety dayj of Cidt-n .?u. fcleigbing In Newton. Ma.-s. V He previa Alive Beck, of Seutneky, leaves with his family ia M*> ?or ? ?atw in Lurt>,H-. m ? ? ' ?7 The man most 1J BAke his mark in the world?One niao cm^ write Ma own name. VI?ultith can emlnre a great <1eel, b*t when a man asks 4- |iOr cent, tor mwney they caii it uaury. VTht weather i? to warm In San jUitoni<t. Texa?,tlut thej &ic suHeriag lot Ue want of ice. ?9*The yottnc lt.i.es of Ithaca Iwwtt ?. - gnpriatclr naaucu Un.a society "Ths. CI k.1114 VThe New VjtV jnlgett pro|toae ? p"t Gvorgc Fram.is Tr.cn where he will rjo tiij meat food." ?^Colotiel l^fV-rt J. Hrecklnri 1 _ ssboot 11 leaTe I>anwlhe, Kentucky, tu* ijiw^iVi* V01 k to pn.ctioe law. I V Henrv War<i Bewhar ma le ?-1" ' ilc.ing his' recrnt lecture teur ?it?t?a ? ?' ? wiihtha foer man against tb? cap' VA man one votociportr has tyrf** >?? the atneteof SC PMl.tM# lu pafier. M'1 h.m a relic of barhai iaee. , 'he pfoMMHWV MOW' Mrw HdB-Mhlra this yenr ia u Urger than U ?a* at lit pr..?.*ae election.

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