28 Mart 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Mart 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. ( B Oft BY ft- HOTKft Mllnr. Largest Circulation in the District Beadirg Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: rRIDAY March 2*, 1*7*. There is no instance on rccord of a well-sus tain! <1 system of judicious advert using failing of success. The ad.ertiser ?h'>uld a paper of rtandlnj; and gent al circulation like Tub Star, and then &o ahrad systematically and persistently to Inform the pubic, through fresh, ciii?p ad vertlsement*. renewed Atilv. ot the extent and quality of hi* wires, and his ability to supply them on favprable t row. The t'?*e of O'Brlfa. The C .rtmirl answers The St as thus: In tb?- O'Brien ca-e it *i< alle?rod that evi dence wan to the President which coi>vmc?d ii ni tlat this cr rninal wax not jui.tr of ninnler in tbe first degree, a* described iii the statute, but in the necoml degree; that ths penalty for ninrder in the second decree was declare I bj law to be imprisonment, and not death; that tli* Pitftleat. being iw ??ti?fiod, wan compelled undrr liiss.;th, as < conscientious officer, to con.mute ?he penalty pvononnecd by the court to imprisonment, in conformity to law." The criminal lawyer* of the District will be glad to hear that there is such a "statute." Hitherto the court* and the bar have labored under the impression that the old common law, at defint d by Coke and Hlackstone, is the only rule ?:' action as tohomic Je. That define s mur der to be the killing of a human being in tho p. ace of the state, with malice aforethought, ejjTfw or implied. The punishment of thi* crime is death. Will the ha'f dozen talented editors ot the C*m-u- V tell us what act of Con gress or of the !>istr!ct of Columbia creates " murder in the second degree?" Or, how the " Pre sident under his oath" conld be bound bv a statute which has no exist.nee ? If the law officers of the government have thus deceived the President, it is a serion? matter. If the ? 'resident l a.- no*, been thus deceived, he should I ray to be spared from the friends who put reasons in his mouth which might have been a ?ood excuse tor Governor l>ix, where there is such a distinction laid; but which would be a plea of ignorance In the District of Columbia, where there is an absence of such a law. There is no law In this I>is?rict which puuishes mtrder with imprisonment for life or any less term. u! 1 the threats of the half dozen railroads centering in New York, to take the postal cars off their respective lin^on the 1st proximo, bj carried out, the mails wiil probably be trans l-or; ?! a*fr .ght. at lea-t temporarily. Should this be done the greatest inconvenience wilj be e*i>erienced in every city ami town north and east ol V&sLingt)u; and by the timj Congress meets in l>eccml>er, next, the people (for every person who semis or receives a letter is directly interested in the matter) will bo in a proper traiue of mind to demand in uuinistakeahle term-ot the law-making power a speedy and effect ml remedy for the evils complained of. V hen it Is remembered that a force of postal clerks is employed in every mail car to awort the letters and place them in the proper pouches tor delivery at different stations alon^ the route, and tbst the Xew York mail is assorted on the cars and the poasfc** ready, on the arrival of tie train. r..r delivery to the dirtereut sections of he city, the value of the postal car service will be appreciated. Should the postal CMS bo taken ot; the distribution of the contents of the mail punches wiil be materially delaved. e* Uty- The ***?'? hat we K?ing to do about it?" ? ? ? It is as we hoped. Brother Ilarlan is not re ~Lcted *mut that occasional Tgc Slnto his paper. He explains that from the size ?f the C? it ,s impossible for hiai K'r'lf eTer*,b'*? foes in.or to edit it as carefully as The Stab is edited. He is obhg, .1 to emplov half, dozen assistant shovel rrL m*ttrT' an^ ^ese men.either trom l.mited ability, heedlessness, 0r lax principles, sometimes dump in sen-ual muck he ab!'?r>- This explanation is very satisfactory, so far as Brother Harlan is con. cermd. but he should really exercise more con notau",K T ?f8hoveV"- Al'd >?* should imjoee upon him the belief thatthe improper item about the lllinoispost *f* an "inT'oceI,t,' one- We cannot soil the columns of a family paper like The bycjnoting it. but we ask Brother H to read the objectionable matter as It apKared in the Cbwfci? yesterday. We know how repul sive the taak will be to him, but it is a duty. He *i;l see that it is anything but innocent. Gen; Sherman is authority rorsajmg that the army is in excellent condition at the present time as regards it- m.raU. The commlssarv and quartermaster's department"" are in good working order, and the soldiers being well ap plied with rations and clothing, there are but Kw desertions A few yfar, sincc (lesertioa, alarmingly frequent. So chronic had pown thi? evil that at one time as many as half comj any would desert while engaged in a Indian-, preferring the risk ot being massacred bv the sav ages rather than remain in the service. This state of arta.rs. it U said, was mainlv owing to the dissatisfaction existing among the men be came Congress had virtually repudiated its agreement with them when they enlisted bv cutting ,.own their pay. All the regiments are h^ a?re?ate ??w?t -?,3ot. by law tUe "umber allowed The exceeding liberality of Congressmen to emselve-s is in singular contrast with their S2rr~ lnerea^ of compensation of e^^rr1?L~were in ^ WW'OD' The ^n^ss,onal and to / 7 , LTrC , TOm **** to ce^l Liarlf Ctrtain bureau offi cer. salaries were increased by the -aiue act tz&zsrr*'but ,,ot to K ^ neS'- Now' the -lotion a It **" C*U re>Mle hvr* a11 J!^^ax,TP1K>rt ,^tir decently on thiir '' 001,1,1 not Congressmen support ?TS- . ' Wb*n ,hey iiT? tere but ti\e art V"'' T? **> ,he Ot it, idei t n.T ,nconbUteBt. *1*1 explodes the creaJ IV J?location of thrtr own in L,0TT ?cce?ity, and in order that they ?< ght fupjort their families decently." ? " curious, in view of the crv of ?iraud'- in the antl-adminlstration newspaper* throughout the country last October wbeu it wa, announced that Gen. Hartranrt h^I been elected governor of Pennsylvania, that the flr^t offleial investigation of that eleetzo.. slwuld reveal trawls to deleat an<I not fleet the repub lican candidates. This turns ont to have h-*en the case in Luzerne county, whtr. the defeated I ,4n fan,:UUte* for "?? legUUture. con ested the seat- of the democrats declared to lavcbcen elected, on account of alleged "re peatirg. ? A telegram from HarrWmrg viys "J* having the matter in charge t^t thc^ n Tue**'*T-and it ^ r^til that the sitting members, d mocr it?, will all be thrown out, ami cona* ,usntlv the republican majority ?? the hocs^ w.it he irereastd by four. Stop your palaver, Gigantic Jou^s of the julU.au, and refund that Ufteeii cent, swm ????? ? - * "Advertising has furaished nie with a com petence."?Am i Lamrtnee. trSkOHIO BKFriLlCAH AMOCIATIOII.-A n.vvrincuf the OHIO BCPl KLK AN A? H'C I * Tloj* will h?-!d at Marlni** Hall THIS fcV*M*G.at 7 ?o el'? k of v*vers. E C. FhKD. President. KKftTOX fEBRFK. tvtary. It_ M < A LYCkl M -TBE DISCI SSloS Ur-7 SATCftBAY EVENlNiiis oaths suo.sct H't. !r*d. That it is4r?irat?ie that tbsvarioas Chris tian dfmaunsSi?ss be united into on** Alimuif. A. T Mai via. E-e( . HfSlh*, fecil abi<Byvabt Evas*, ah election of otteers will takr plat r at th? close of tb? tuusdac. It" EPICAL ASsfti IVflOX-Th- iemi-aa IW anal in^iioai f tbf MKL>I< VL A.HSOCIA TTOH OF TllE DISTRK T OF COLTMBIA will t<r hrM la th?- Ball ?f the M*sli< al S<<iety, n?. 9li W ?tr?*< n. rta?e?t. at . n- ( li . lock s. m . TCE? BAY. April 1st. JAMES T. YoI.Vg. M. D , nig a Secretary. ft"5?TAlk* *OtUB.-A?S?ai Msstiaaof tffijifg^l^V"*>'ii> ibriLtJso^*AS*5!l*\ Tlo? ?ill t? b?M THIS BVEBI9G. at TS p.m.. at tkrir Oflcs. Ul V strsM, aadee 8*cn?d National Bank .t?e<>?si4sraa Amsndmsnt to the C 'wrtitots.n Bv i.rdt-r of the Pr^aMwt. rillAKriAL htrw* rowixiciiL. TLe New York Duur) nutket TMt?rd*T s'ringent, the ruling rafe on gold loan* l>eir o 1-lu at.d interest when the collateral wn* nl!* ?!ii1 ni'flbn'nnj ?hirfs. ?>n gorfrn meii 1m.h<1h 7 ^old was the highest rate with the large deaiere. ami 1-. 2 with the others. Mer cat-Tile ] ai-er w*? nominal. Currency Is goin^ to the i eiglibnring interior to pranar? for April settlement*. The advance in gold to 116^ Wed n* m!?v wan occasion d by the sudden rawing of tli. Bank of Fn-land <|i-count rata to four |?er r. n?.. a* *g.. nst three and a half per cent., the previous uit mum. CorermeBt KeearitlMi New Yobk?F:*?t B>akt>. U.S.r*. ISsl. -2. , tS'sJaa.Ajly.lM. 17*4 ?-? ?, wa. it 12? S li'j, 1*4. 1? 4 American G-Id lu , 5 3i's, 1j65_ IS r?miicr ?> ll\ 5 20'- Ju. & J'y,1?...J?'? i New Fives 14 , I JU'SjJaa. A J ly. 67 Ai , I The larkfta. BaITTVOSX, March 2s.?Virginia 6?s% c >ud .a.*, oU, .6; d".? e-'n?.d.dated, ?*?; do., new, 6,'. West Virginia'?. M bid to-day. 11*Li .xoti, March i>.?C >tton <iu.?t and steady In* mwtd'fngs. lHHifel3S. Fhur an 1 stud*, pric.-s uuchaugerl. Whrst quiet, bnt tirm; prices un cli*iiH. Corn firm?whit.- southern a-tive.&J$?i5, >> I1. ? S"Uth era steady. So. mixed western,*!. Oats uniet?southern, 40i?4.*, western mixed, do. w h.te, 49. Rye ijuiet and steady, &&32 Hay un ciiarr-d. Prnvisi-ns firmer and higher. M"s* pork is held st Q 16.50. Bulk ni?at* firmer and higher urn! qaiet?shoulders, t'. tit1*; rib *?de? n minal. B icon tinnier and higher?shoulders. 7*-?; rib ?id"s, 9; clear rili ?i'l-s,9'4; sugar -cared hanw. 12(315. Lard iniet, J-50. W-stern butter fairly active; pri. es unchanged. Whisky quiet,91. New Y.iRI. Mar.-h 29.?Stocks quiet and linn. Gold steadr.MH- Money firm, 132 to 116 p?r e*n?. Ex hs; s-?. Ionic. 8>f; short, P',. Governmentsdull aiii! steady. _ .... Nfw Yobk, March ?.?Flour steady. boat Hini. Cora firm. ~~ TUB HKATHKK. War P*rART* k*T, CrB.ce Chief Signal Ojfleer, > WAPHiauToit, D. 0., March i?, 1*13,11 a. m. 1 StSOfMs no THI *A*T TWKITT-Foum HOCB* - Tin- baroBMt*r ha* risen throughout the Atlantic -Tatea since Thnr <ay morning The highest pres sure now preiaiis off the middle Atlantic cum!. with clear weather and light easterly wind*. Clear weather and s mtheadt wtjuia, withsomewiixt higher t?niper*ture, pre\ ail in New England. North ant winds and cloudy weather in the south Atlantic Mates. The low barometer in the extreme north v es? ha- ni >T"d eastward into I >w ,i.andthu pre^snrp I.h-i fallen dftuNI) during f hi- night throughout tli ? \ alley of the Mir.-i^ai|>pi and it* tributarirx. Fre-.fi to bri-k south and <outheart wind*, with hazy an.! i li?n l> w. iirher, are report'-il from Teunej'pp north ward to Lakp Erie and to Wisconsin. Iut-r>'A?iug ii. rthea*t ?ind*. with snow on Lake Superior Eii.-t.rly winds, with cloud and rain, in the gult * ate*. The temperaturc has ris?-u soniewlmt dti riiiK th. night from the gulf states northward to tbr lake*. PHoBABTL'Ttr*.?Th<* storm center in Iowa move 'lurii e the re't .?f Kriday not th a^tward nrer Laki Mi iiigau. lncrraaiiiff koiithcrly win t*. threat, nine wewih-rau.l possibly light rain pxt.'tid by Frida> bidht oyer the l .wer lake:* and tli.- western portion of" the ni'ddl* s at-s, and continue in the south At lantii- and gulf ?tat"S. North and etst winds, w^li rain or sn. w, prevail over Lak* Superior and up p-r M chigan. Winds g neralh iacreaw* to brisk Knd possibly high over Lake Erie and the upper lakes. Northwest ?inds and rising baroui ter and clearing weather extend by Friday evening ea?t v-Hrd to the npp"r Mi-siss'ppi valley. Sk>uth'>rly w iint?, with rain, pr. \ ail in the western gulf tafe-. Falling barometer, rising temp-rature and haxv w *atli?r extend over the middle Atlantic and eastern states,(with iai reasintr sioiih-asv-riy winds. A storm ? enter .Uv.-lop by Saturday off %he middle At lu 'ic cant. Cauti..nary signals will le- displayed at the laki s'ations from and after April first, lie ports are missing from southern Ft .rida. p-S?\T A MKKTINci OF THE BOARD UK Thl'STKES, held March K. Is73, it was Herornf. That by the death of Willi am B. T odh. Trustee ami Treasurer of the Washingt >ti City Pro testant Orphan Asylum, tfie iastituiion has lost ? faithful ai.d ?u< cetwful administrator of its afftir*, the orpliaiia a liberal and fatherly benefactor, an i ns, the surviving Trustees, har? to la'iient the l is <;f one w ho had b ?ruo tho chief burden of our t rust. h.id lighten, d our resp onsibility by hi< exact ami punctual attention to the duiii'S of his office, an ! had etideared himself to ns personally by his geatle manners, friendly counsel^ and tender charity. A it-1 Jut tiier Ttiolretl, That the abova resolution, as the i-xpressiun of our "ptuion of the character and services of the lato William B. T'sl 1, be, with ua> sincere sympathy, com'uun.t ated to nil family and pnbli-hrd in the pa p-r*. It* JOHN C. HARK NESS, S-e. "THERE WILL BE A MEETING OF THE t RE PI BLICANCLI B OE TUE'dlsT DIS lICT held at Hnlse's hall,corner t>*h street %r>.| South CarolinaR\euuesoutheast,"D FRIDAY EVE NING . at 7>* o'cb-cV. f ir the purpose of making ar rat genieuts oi the celebration on the Hrh of April. By order of the PRESIDENT. W M. H BROWS, Bec'y. nig 2t? [V^3*K OF P.?'The memt.ers of the FIRST GRAND DIVISION, comprising th" follow ilia L dg.-?: N- s. 2. 5, o. 7.8,11. 19, A), 21 aud 22. are re.|ii?-sted to meet at 311 7th street northwe-t, on SATURDAY, the '?> h instant, at 7 o'clock p. m., to make the final arrang. ni-nt* f >r the unitonu para>1. and drill for Ri-lmioi.d. B? ord-r Uonitnander lat O.D. THOS HAMILTON, n;27 2t* Chief Ex. 1st G. D. n"S?l NIoN LODGE, No. KNIGHTS OF U^r PYTHIAS.?The regular session of th> L< si ge will be held at 7,lt o'clock p.m., FRIDAY, Slauh 2Sth. It is earnestly requested that ea h and every Brother will be punctual in attendance, a bu?ine?is oMhe utmost importance will be brought up for consideration. W. WALLACE GRANT, niS7 It* Keeper of B. aud S. iy~S?Y0LKG MENS' CHRISTIAN ASS0C1A TION. ? REE BEADING BOOM-Dai/y, W.*k!y. S'cm lar a?<l Hrhttotu papers from all pa-ts of the Union. CIRCULATING L1BBARY; 12,001) vols. Terms $3 J*r 2V*T? f1 6*r 'inarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION BOOMS for Ltvlitat and Gentle men; Chess, Cheouers, Organ and Piano. Daily PBAYEB MEETINGS at 12 15,6 and 9 p. m. LITEBABY 8<H'IETY Saturday evening, at 7S o'clock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at Stt o'clock: at Theater Comi-ine at 7>t o'clock. mff irS?NOTICE TO PRODUCE DEALERS Perscns sellin* produce in the Northern Market must jroenre their Licenses at the Register's office, a! the Territorial Building, on 4'* street, between Pennsylvania avenue and C street northwest, on or before the 1st of April. 1OT. Persons selling fish will be subject to the same reg ulatiocs. All licenses must be shown to the Market Master when called for by him. B>" order of the Commissioners. ii SO td 8. MtTAKLAK.Miiie' Master JV^?THE ATMOSPHERE OF SPRING. With errry change of season we have a change in the hygienic character of the air. In the spring it is impr.'gnaud, especially in low lyiug, wet dis trict*, with ruephitic vapors, which generate chills aiij fever, rheumatism, indigestion, billimtaness and diseases of the organs of^espiration. It it therefore particularly nee saury at this time of the year to in vigorate and regulate the system so as to enable it t<> repel th*- morbid influence* to which it is n?ra or less subjected. The stomach hould be toned, the tK>?els freed from obstructions, the blood puriiied, and the nerves l.racid and strengthened Ti ll can l? easily done. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters are everywhere procurable; and in the whole range of rrinetiies aud preventives prescribed by the faculty or recommended through the press, there is not one that ci>nihine? in such an emi nent degree that efficiency aud perfect harml ess liess. It is a positive antidote to malaria. Whoever takes it habitually may breathe the atmosphere of the worst fever aud ague locality without danger. Damp and cbUliug winds make little or no impres sion on the organization reinforced with this power ful vegetable iKTiguraut, and consequently it is a co.d safeguard against astbms, coughs, colds, and other pulmonary complaints. It is not recommend ed asarcwi'rfy for this latter class of maladies, but simply as a means of strengthening the system against the a-rial condition* and changes which to often produce them. As a spring invig.yrant and alterative it will be fou:id extremely beneficial to persons who are peculiarly seusitive to unhealthy ain.ospheric influences. mil eijta W ? TO LADIES. ~~~ How sad it Is to see a yoang vrtfe. a mother ? family who reoaires all her physical strength to fuliill her household duties, and all her moral ca p u ities to accept the responsibility which falls n?on r, to sea her aroatrated, loaing every day her -*r<ncih, feeling badly without being able to say t hy, bat yet saffering enough to be utterly minora at lei This state of weakness and-dabilit/ is more fa *1 to her tbaa a severe spell of stckaeM, for la that case she will receive the proper care, as in the other she will luiger months after months, aot thinking worth while to see a physician about it. until nature, exhausted, gives out, and she Is carried to the grave, when a little precaution la proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, nothinc can comaare with the LONQ-LIFB BIT TERS of Dr. L. G BIRTRAM. They are a sals and infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, cos U v en ess, biliousness, headaches, moraine sickness and all complaints peculiar to woeea. These Bit history that a person knowa to bs lafected with it ll>BOOT^kBD'HE*B JUICES, |IJ ra l S H ? v ? V. n ViSSP" lis ismassd ta Ma. 14H 1 diiw aorthwst,asr? aw 14th street. MILirn H ?? NEW DBUO STORE, Bo. l?y* PS5XSYLTASLA inm, Depot for S^la and Mineral Waters. felt-ly J?DE A. PEATT.Qradaataof OMo^OoMs^s^ .. S.'ESi y 'oS'rSK; ? SS3 Mrs to &. A. Bacon bad Bar. W. V. I'M! Mi w HOTICE TO TAX-PAYEES. ? Assessors of the several LegiMatir'S District* t?avh g completed the iwnwiwat of real property for the 1 Ktl yp*r ending June 30th, UC?, th? Biin of Art Mi 1KB meet attbe office of the Superintendent "f A?ees?ments and Taxes, Ho. 330 4X street .near tbe ci' nor of Loniaiana avenue, on the 3d day or Fk? 'hip ana razee, no. <o? ?? ?reer,nemrice oniaiana avenue, on the 3d daT or Fin est IS o'clock m., to hear any appeals ? mad* from the valuations of said as AU sp peals most he made In writing, and sworn to before an officer competent to administer oath*. The Board will be In session each day {Sunday ex - Cepted) from U o'clock a. m. until J n'cl.tcl ?.m,, and on WEDNESDAYS and 8ATCRDAT8 from* ?'clock nntll ? o'clock p. m. H. A- HALL. F.Mi.FALL, GEO. A ??WW? " " nuu? ?.V VidbI rrcm' A .4 8in" frl-tf Members of the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON. D. C., March 10, 18T3T, Rooms Ho. 330 4*? Strkkt Nobtuwe>t. In compliance with section 34, act approved A? ?nsl 231, ISTl, the Board of Appeals will c mtinne In s?-?sion at their rwnw and at the hours designated, EVERY DAY, except Sundays, for thirty day*fr m this date, after which bo appeal fn>m the cneral a-wssnient for the fiecal year 1873-1474 can l>e re ceived. By order of the Board of Appeals. niarlO-lm E. F. M. FAEHTZ? Secretary. nrS?SCUENCK*8 PULMONICCANDY embrace ttw?' In a great decree all the principles of Bchenck^s Pulmonic Syrur, and while as ploasant to the palate a? the purest of confections, its medicinal properties render it effectual in coughs, colds oronchial and catarrhal affections, Ac. It is the most acceptable remedy for children or infanta, and can be given with Impnnity; while for professional gentlemen, or those w ho suffer from losa of voice, it la indispensable. These candies are pnt np in I cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, and are for sale 1>7 *11 druggists a^d dealers. J. H. 8CHKNCR A SOHT fiba tr H. E. corner #th and Arch rts., Phila. a THE M'KINU TERM of the MISSES OS BORNE'S BOABDINO AND DAY SCHOOL will commence April 9, 1373. Particular attention g.ven to young pupil*. m2S-2w* F'IRE EXTINGUISHERS. F^r sale%v ALEX. R. SITETUERD * CO., _m5S er3? '* 10 Pinnsy lvaria avenue. JOSEPH J. MAY'S PARIS HID GLOVE DEPOT, nW 2t Pi. ?th A??n IUth SrsT" ME. STOOPS, Xiticnnt Floirrr E'nb timer, ? hit- MOVEP from #>*23 7ih -treet to430 ('h *lre?-t northwest between D and K streets, w here sin* will bee-lad t.i receive the liberal patronage hitherto extended to her. mV-lm* ?XAMINE TUB GOLD SPECTACLE, 0m.t 96, H. H. HEMPLKR, Optician, B??9 tr 4)4 street. ni"23 2 ri ? a_z. s ? a ^ STRING OPENING. FOR OEMLKMEN, \<ILTH ASD EOT-i'. LNIQl E, ARTISTIC, SEASONABLE, And at moderate prices, at CARTER'S, n 2s 2t 424 Ninth street. ( 4 re at bargains in pianos fF??n WHICH HAVE BEEN USED. One Ballet A Davis Rosewood, 7 oc ttve, A175. One Hi.llet A Dnxi" R> sewood, 7 octave, ?200. Oi.e R> senkranz Ro?ewood,7 octave. ?75. One Kt 'in Rosewood, #K octave, ?5A. F<>r tale upon eat.v terms at th<> Warerooms of W. G. MET/.EROTT A CO., g??|e ni??-iit?of Stetnway's Pianos, and n>2> 3" Mason .v Hamlin's Cabinet Organs. p L O I r : a ECEIVED DIRECT from tl e Mills in VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Will sell \j families SO cetits per barre l !o?-than u.-ual prices. Pric j cf Sl'GA RS and TEAS all marke 1 down. CATAWBA WINE, jn?t received from Pleasant Valley Wine Company, S'J a g illyn. S. H. BACON, TO? Market Space, mar2S between 7lli and 81 h street#. '| 0 I>tALEKS TOBAClOfcIGAKS AND SM FF. 500 boxes Chewing Tobacco?.ill form", sir^s find kind ?rang;ng from *S cents to gl 35 per lb., (box price.) 140.UUU Cigars, of all gradee, prices frjm $15 to #i?J per M. 72 cases Garrett's Scotch Suuff. 43 jars Rapnee, Maccaboy and Congress SutilT. Large l?>t Smoking Tobacco, in large aud ->mall bales and drums. 115 en ns Common and Parlor Matches. Large |?t Oncers'Wrapping Paper. Twin*, and Maxon'a Blaiking. All of ^ hich are offered for aale at the very lowest wholesale prices. james Wallace, ?03 7th street northwest, Washington, and &3 High street, Georgetown, D. C. N. B.?I wish tocall the attention of grocers to the article of Scotch Snuff, as I sell H, by the case,b< low thei ard price of the manufacturer. m2S St" IDZIE'S WATER FILTERS, FLUTING IRONS, FLI'TING MACHINES. GAS STOVES. OGDEN'S Housekeeping Store, mg-3t* 314 7th street. pLIMCING AND GAS FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Gas Fitting d<>ne in a neat and substantial mann<-r, and on reasonalde term",should leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania axeuue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. nip <m* WM. ROTHWfKLL. j_[EATING AND COOKING. It would be well for House-owners. Architects and Builders to bear in n.ind that the ?? EMPIRE HEATING RANGE" is the only one in mar-, ki-t that will thoroughly heat room* above ing w inter and ventilate iu summer, and at the\, name tint" do th? ordinary cooking of a small or , family. Sold only by the Agent, H. I. GREGORY, mZ7 Iw 634 Pennsylvania avenue. QUR DOTS' DEPARTMENT. BOYS' SPRING SUITS, BOYS' SCHOOL SUITS, BOYS' LIGHT SUITS, BOYS" DRESS 8HITS, BOYS" DARK SUITS. BOYS' MIXED SUITS, BOYS' FINE SUITS, BOYS' PLAIN SUITS BOYS' CHEAP SUITS. BS-OUK SPRING STOCK IS LARGE AND COMPLETE, AND OUR ASSORTMENT FINEK THAN EVER BEFORE. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, mll-tr Co?*?? Tth and D 8t?kkts. FINE TEAS AT VERY LOW rTS prices. (TTB W It ia worse thau useless to send ti UB n. w York for TEAS when voucan boy a thorongnly reliable article at the following remarkably low rates at the Grocery aud Tea store of WM. f. given, 1104 12th street, near Massachusetts avenue. LOOK AT THESE FIGURES: Choicest Moyune Gunpowder...?. -91 20 a pwind. 44 44 Imperial 1.20 44 44 Japan - 9u 44 44 Oolong 75 44 ,44 English Breakfast 1.00 44 44 H \ son 1.20 44 ?^-TEN PER CENT. OFF ON LOTS OF FIVE POUNDS OK MOKE No inferior Teas sold at any price. Also, a flnely-assorted^stock of everythingjin the Grocery line, at very low rates. m27-3t jyjOST WOMDERFCL^IHYEHTIOH OF THE J. Moms' Electro-Galvaidc BPBCTA-lQ^Ol CLE.. Dealer fn Watches. Jewelry, aadWatek Materials, fcoTOiHi Pa. axe.. W. ? k and7tkate. dec7 ly . _ JO n H 8 A U L Retpectfnlly calls the attention of the public to bis extensive assortment of GARDEN and FLOWER SEEDS, which are this season ot*fce Aneet ^nality. FLOWER 8EEB8, embracing all the novelties from England and the Continent. ? The FRUIT TREES are Tlgorovs and well grown, consisting of Pears (standard and dwarf), Plum, Cherry,Apricot, Hectarine, Ac. Delaware, Concord and all the other celebrated GRAPES. STRAWBERRIES, RASPBERRIES, BLACRRRRR1E8, CURRANTS, GOOSEBER RIES, Ac. 8RADR TREES, EVERGREENS, ROSR8, DAHLIAS, PHLOXES, VERBENAS, GERA NIUMS, and other bedding plants, with everything pertalalng to the Nursery Easiness, all at moderate prices. JOHN 8Aui??Vf7tk street," m!7-fw* Opposite C. S. Patent Office. I^IMRl LIME I LIME I Beat wood-burnt LIME at tlper barret,delivered In aH parts of the city. _ __ . THOMAS FA HEY, 10th street, mV4-li* near La. a venae, northweet. rpH* CHISESX TEA H0H0 ?13 Dstrsst, ?k and 7th, north side. than ever. Ho rant to IV. L. BEHJAM1H. Proprietor WANTS. W At 114P rth^r. s I*'AXTK|.._K?S ^kTr^hT^r^nrsitr ? . i T .. '" " rrhate family, rlnt> ?r flrs? m i?II ,rfl* 1 ? ?'?? S!,tr ortC"*. ni-one??r~1 lli?> " *i1'ii. n.?-r* \V ^ t ^L,jRKD i?IKIj. ?!??>??? |j^ war* o.d, to take rbarge of * h*t>, . On" whoh%? . '*"!?' <?* *PP'' ?? No. 40? ?? ?' ?reet rthWW, "PP^?lte ? l||, |,l. ?. ^2S J. * \VA,fTKIbA ,wHITK MAN (ain<1?l t ? takre >i. u. k" * -table; nm* m- lenrtartd all B CkUIT, Jr., 11*1 O ?tre?t, V> ii'liihql. n cily. n-*< W AKJL''?-Immediately ? Fi^at-clal* WASH drv ??*? 1R"?f RS. ?* the New V'Tk M? 134,1 at reel tHirihw est. Beferem:#* re Hwlw,> \\rAN . Bt)?O.ie or t?.. e..*l PAN VASSER8 f.Tr tr> t?. *'J^*lVC t'* eTer> PT**'". big money ? ?? ?to oK,lt nia" CaU b*twe*? 3 and 5 p. m. at 1139 G s.r-et northwest. ni >-< W ?To rent to a a Furuiiihul .w* *;.<>'m' ard. in a triv*.,. family where ?h?,*U,b? H atreet^tWween \\ A** *-*N *h.' uuder-tau.ls ? ? ffaro*riir>ff Hnd t* wiUm* to make hiiniwlf K-n~ Zn"tiS^hw^naMB App'r at 1??7 r \\ A,aJ?:?rTA F.c'*A*t? ?iperi ntend tSr.V'i'. - VV AMKU-UEMLKMKN or LADIES to en . '?<? in Mil agreeable ard profitable business- a goojopportnnity fi r depot .mem clerks and oU?;r? SSP 14 1 lT-T V AppIy at "SHOP S New. p*. pot, 1411 P<?nr?) Ivania avenue. n.2S-3t* \V a whit?? ni?u of Mibcr and iudus ?-V ha,',t"' ? SITUATION in a store or ? business bona.' w her? he ran make himself pemrsllj nge.nl Good references given. Addrees , ^ r. j>tar oflif#. nris-3f * \V;*?i.T?.r.~HOKsiKS TO boabi?. Rt th-? ?pj. ?? tol n ill Liver. ana Hiring S 31 7 Mltrnt nawH'?H*? and I). Particular atteution l ?id to tbe rare of boarding horses, and on the m >st r?ag..n:il.le ternm. ni2S-3f \A7 ANTKI)? A xtiiart. atii?t WulTK IJ<>Y. about 17 years of age, one who h.i? had *ome experienee in the fiirtii*}iiTig goods loiaiii'*"*; n>n?t i....'"fow^nd^d. Apply at CARO'*, Wit nAAhwe-t T,'n"e eiw'**,utf;h !Ui<1 10 h ,fr \VA^TBI*?A y:RVANT t<> wash and iron and I ,,Vw.t ,h5^r". ? L street .^rh, \V HOl'SI f 8 or 3 ro in*; rent not firJ exceed gbO. Address C. A. 21., P.xt ?t ; ' wo-*' \\y AHTEP-An boncst GIIIL or WOStAJt t<> do ?T g.-neral houa.-work in a private faiuilv refer ercea rf'Mnred. Apply at 707 Srh?tnct. iu27 a* VVANTED-A hrst-rlass WHITK~000Vf^Tr,t I ?irriV' g y "^erstand her basine??, at 170S " ni27 \VA.M'KV-CUAMIJKK.MAIlMor tw., ^rso^ must hIs.> art %? uuih fir young child 1 go .ii wT/rlf"r"1 P,8t"n- I"4?ir? at 201 s^f. \ street, CapitoTHill, corner 2d. mJ7-.lt* \VaNTKP-A smart, arfire WHITE WOMAN ? * as meat and vegetal le cr <vk. Apply a? the 1VAKTKD-R00M and BOARD, in Washlngt"^. frhate f iinih nref rn-d. Ad drew, gniug full particulars, '? Dick," S:.?r of ncl: n>2T 2t* 5?m Rvre&'a#:r ? "????*?? WANTEP-A reliable WHITE GIRL to~7l? ? rTl, . k.B!"1 as. 1st III the r ?re of childr?n stiffs Cotaiubia street, between O and p ?Tl ? m27-3i* W fV>~iA?f lIi'' Hofpital, rorner 9th white- n .,I , !;Ve,iUe .H NURSE, male, wnwe, n.u.t b} steady, capable and Int. Hi II Ul* ni27-3t* \V f'ir ev"ry de-criptlonOf son J?!i i,ar "? ' Wheeler * Wil s< n Om< e, 4hi Pennsylvania av nii - mW (5r? \ V \ N T KI?-\g Ki White GIRL d. general yf h-u.ework 111 asm .ir fam ly. R eomVnda at ret" norVh" Apply ?nmieuiatt- ly; So. 604M \VAKTEI)?Two exper(?,|,,?| SALKSLAhTTs lVri\A, i ?? ?is?c. one with afannh preferred; g.wx! ???,. given- i f' ??,'lCxVrVu- Aptb J,r" LEWIS BAILEY ?!?!!?? w ^ "r,^*?-i or address through p...t Ullire, W wshingtoii, P. C. m25 lw" WADNV:^V?\?JM/v!?K;,,,i,c:?,hatM^n1e ...... MAI80N, ><f N'*^ Y<>rk, has ope^^d |; .r Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13:h ?trf-st nuitii w". nilt-lm* ^g81a^y,||dL*?*^? ?" "'"g,-., .v: \V 'A.JVliT 'RSB. Apply at S0?~L street? northwest, bvtweua ?th and ?tl, _ ' n?3-lm* W M'lfivn^^uivS know that the VICTOR . MACHINE has ita neertU nrlf-\,t M,i.hpe%r bMw^f1?,^?" i?** !r?5 - n"ga'tl]r T. W. SP1CKB, Agent. W^M.Kj7-Kv,,r?b"tl?r ,u '"Tor "1 tborougbl) . tl'-anod Carpets, aluioat ;ts bright as new to w?rt?.r MrV? L- Mck. atthe Steam <*arpet Beat?iV Works. Maine avenne. bet. and 6th ?uT apt 13 if LOST AND FOUND. I OST?On tie 17th instant, probably fn an K ^ "'^t <ar, a dark green 81LK l"MI{RELL\ A office feWard WiU be 8'ven if "/u. ued to H,A TAAh:?*.l..^. A8T.RAY'.0X THE {|6th instant. Tl.e?..f, H,V?' "t""' UU weight _#V*W Jrtt ? V1 1 toll'e forward, prove prub-fC9^ *r''r :H) charge ami take him away -wTl n.2s-3t? JUHN KKNNELLY.!?<?! Itf H i>. t?. ^0!,t i in Center Market, or be ?4 tMot*D 7th street and OAorfferown, on the 27th instant, a large sired ACCOUNT BOOK w?th name ..fowner on the I,ark The ?tx," rewaid w"TbT. ter Bfarket l? H C?OWN,NoT ?i9l 'At ter Market. n.fc 3t* LpAfMkAr r r"r> r'l-rV!ir C^IbU BiildingTa . , "AtKAuE of DEt,D> and PAPERS il.tr i?? v xt'r0' a asa'sism k sre L.- ? I ?\ 9^ 8TOLKN?Th? folkiwiin; SCklP fuvT DENDSou Policy No. 4 J 1? V,*the pfnu ?,!" tual Lifo Insurance titmipanvrVt Phil-L.l l nhi> ^ i-I No. IJSI for 1-fOS for ?3u,aJ No l^f^o'/f12; ?m'l ^ f,T"r ofWi"E Spn'Ming Are* a'rd '*<' P*"1 '"f return of -anit- to WM H J K M KS m.Mhweft0* ? JaIn<?,, Uockhcad, 415 10th street m2v f Gw* LOST?From the residence of the owner, l?s~n street, between 1st and 2d, northwest ? a !.'!' h V,d,1BlJijl; TEK1'lil' BlTCH^S^^k with tip of tail and feet white. A liberal ^=^3^ rey? anfn III be paid to the finder. m27 6t* f ?ST?On Weilnts.lay evening, March 26th. in P *?I"K from 615 5th street, through D street and f rReco"int A RVe,Th t0?,h,e * Wte^ouee, a -able wawt^t 9r I1 ? Thf fl,Klpr will be suitably re l>> leaving the name at Dr. IRVING'9 1>31, upstairs. Pa ave., or 330 21st st. ru2T 2t* ' L?m,M!J l!rJ* Marrt' on ? "reet, between Li MKh and 2d streets northwest, a RUB^ RING, with t?o pearls A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. ao? 2d street northwest. iu7 H^T.T0!'the ,*h'?H and S3d and 7th awl L streets, a Mir of *Y? GLASSES,^"-* - ? *l'l2 ,trwne* A liberal reward will northwest. rtya BOARDINO. WliOI.tB BUAmilNu HUUsa, 1.1 , aassMweg KHng;vj?"aa IKr fStSj'V" ?Wi'?a B5&& pfeffe'aas '? rst flcKir, opening on pavement, suitable I'm h.r!flIli Gentlemen wishing to room together can have elegantly furnishetf Rooms at low ? m 27-fit* t^OB RENT?Got^i ROOMSaud TABLE BOARD * In that new house. No. 618 H street, near 7th only one i^nare from latent Office recently taken' 3V* Northern lady. Come and try for your **"'*? mil lw? FmIinth 4^ ??ABp BY THE WEEK OB r^U1 d**lrable ROOMS for rvut, hand dn?in> .UIn- ^' TerI ,ow to Permanent tenants r J?f ? apring and summer, with or without P* aicU Room* on set-ond and third floors with NNMm^r?tU^l9.12 * Btre<"!, between E ind F streets, near AM I lard sand Imperial Hotel. ml6-2w* C?p?icDes?,^; ?y?iSANT B0?MS, AND .ven^Tnd^Tr^ "" COrn<r ^ Pen^VylT.^" PERSONA T*. j&'jy --myfafOTavfei,; jlTJm J W. BRlflHfWtLC * Successor to CABBOLL F. WINSLOW, SH1KTMAKBR Axb Dealer ih Mxirt ?tm*MMtxo?, nres*Ti?,5 cM^rJ '?,i!V*'',hand neas-^K leav e their order^uT*mr reWB%n5f1mU^f |4 ?'n nr.p T-LABGK HALL ok Till ?tr?rt, ie I ti-fcd I) ?trM ai'<i avenne ra?? tlioo K WaGOAM \N.3l97that. Ij^uR l.kNT-Mn* ISrw^T r\ BRICK, ni~c-itral part . 1 ;be city; ?50 perm n h, to a-lvan-a JAMESE WAUGH, mis-St 60S I6<h St., B't,m B<v i. ap stair". F'O* RKNT-A large, well f truish.d FRONT BOOM, in * private house. ll.lt E *t. northwest. sui_able for one or twn yon?g gentlemen Apply to 8. B. BACON. 709 Mutx Spue*. m*A R | irOR BENT-HOUSE No 1912 Utli stre*?, If * tween T and U, nortliw.-et; eighteen dollars per month;six rooms, freat audre.tr yards. Ip.jttlreou preniin s. mK V_ I^OB BENT?A three-story BRICK HOUSE. on A Rhod-Island avenue, be; we*n 14 h and lVh sts No. ) 486, gas and water. In,mire of \\ \| J.Wli. L1AMS, K at.,bet. 18ih and No. 1 Nl? FOR iElff-The HOUSE Bo. 122.1 9 h ?' . le Iwen M and N, northwest,?ill be f?r ivnt Apr'l ( let. Ir quire on the premises. or at the corner of Mh ai d G at*, northwest, of F. B LORD. ni?? 3t* ?VOR RENT?A twe-storvBRICK IlOUsET^ 1 tainiiif *i* room ; all modern improi em-nts. r a;r?l, betw^ ii ]?! anil 4!h, southeast. Appl) II# Mb siree' .between A Mid B ?1? anufli?a*t. mS-> 2 * For rent?booms,weii furnuh?d.pafTu f im-ll?,l for h Us* keepiuc: m ?l"rn itnprov ? men'*, and hfaiil) desirable. Terms moderate. 1122 lit It B,r*et. between L and M, imrthwH-i. ? References regit In d. miS lt* ITOI! RENT-Fl RNISHED. Sin, f?. UNFUB r NICHED. * SO. e?ft (??>. *3, ?7; STORKS a-, I HOUSES. *?, ?9i.;~STOKK. >4": OFFICES. ?jo, ?2fi. $14. THUS E. WAC.GAMAN. n .it j l 'J 7th street. IV*OR RANT?Nicel? -furnished PA RL4>RS ai?4 (VkWt'lilift 1!H'R001I!>; al~>, single rooms. Wanted to buy, ???me old DrainPipe; also, Water and Gas Pipe. Apply at the southwest corner of llih and G ?ir?'t> n.irth????. mis St* I,"'OB KENT?Neatl) -furnished PARLOR and BIPKOVM . communicating; batli ro ?tn orf ? uue floor. Also, ? It cattily furnish'sl B ilrrxitmi; will Ik mi'el en very reae?rable term?; half siuare fr >m 1>. tli litu s of cars.andone fr<>di G:tpitol. 223 N -rtfi Capitol street, t>et ween R and C. mH I/OK RENT?On New Y oik ait ?, 142*1. tlair door fr. ni litih street.a PARLOR and CII \M HkR. counecti d, on th* first floor;v?rv auitable t >r a doctor or lawyer, being in I be husluess center, and rail care run on three sides of the t-quao . Alv.a Clianil?er in II ?tory; retit chi ap. tnt? Tt* l/OB BENT?A !lir<c i-i ry EBAME Hor^B on a th" not i h'ide of K atreet, between lstli ami C >n nccriciit ?*nu<' C"ntai?iin? ai \ ente^n ro..m<, ?at<-r und ktan. Tiie property is bnt a abort distance ftvm Fmragnt Square, nnd theatre-1 in front fa ^.trLed. and In id with den pavement. Price. .-71 p.-r F __ _ uvu |-*? viurnt . ri it'l*. i%4| I nionih. m FITCH A FOX, n J8-3t' 1509 PennsylTiuila av-iiu '. OB SALE YA L CARL E B CI I 1)1 Vfi LOTS. Three LOTS on t K? ea?i ?ide of 11?h atrv??t. mmr 14th at. iionlmeat; J2 feet ?! ii.rli-* b* !<?> f^.-t i>m li. Five LOTS on L street, betw.-en 13tli and 14th at? north weal; ?4 f-?t bv llu feet >?aoh, l??lim .wi north atilinf L atreet. 12n feet east of It'll ?t. Terms. On-. fourth c:is!i, balance in 1, 2, and 3 yeara. 8. P. BROWN, n 2-'lw c rn^-r IS b atre-'t and Nrw York av,>. FVIR RENT?a rtliie Of font ROOMS and BATH ROOM , on second floor of house No. 75 II strict noitlmeat; powwuion given Ut of April, n.27 .'Jt* l/OR RENT?Partie?<l"aii ing large,c BOOMS. A li^mU'tuelv fui ni?licd. at moderate pri<' -. wi'l call at 600 an! 610 lAtli stroo< t.orthwent. tnJT 2* I^'OR RKNT?Tbree suit's of ROOMS, tIt ??? rooms each;furtii>he<l or unfurni-lie I; at 31 '? 4l, street. luqnire at the offlce of 0. I) ljARUET 1', J17 4>4 street. m2T - ;t I/OIJ RENT?O'sir.sbli- ROOMS fur summer: 1 s< nth frnnt:iu auitea or ainjrle; furri:sh>sl or on tmtiished; at Ho. oJj I stictt, between 6;li and fth. neff 3.* L'oR BENT?A seven r iom I'.RI' K HOUSE, in t K'H.d r- pair. A p -rm.tner.t tenant ta de?ir. 1. 311 I'elnw a re av< ntie, between C and O north, tv\ e?iuare? north of Oapitol. ui2."-3t* LH?R RKNT?ROOMS,famislivd tor boua--k','-p l il'B, bkth-ro<>iii, cl ?et?. tc. Apply at 1t 1 Colnnrtiia street, between !Kh and loth ami P and y sti(- ts. m27-4i* I/OR RENT?Thr RoOM^, two c >m!iinnicat< ig; < ither ft:riii?li>-(l or uofnrni hetl; tocether --r -? p iirat. ; not for hi us ke' pitig. B 'aid if d ?;r -.1. 4 17 llth street, between E and 1' uii?>lvania iv? nu?. n,27 3. ' l/OR RENT?Two lurg?> uiifnrni^h' d fr-it a ROOMS, with water and wa!>r cl#wt on tie* sante place; suitable I t housekeeping; ai No. 113 I'<nns)ivatiia avenue, l^sseeti l?t and 2>\ str>*;-. M ashington. P. C. m27-3." ll/OR SALE ? A small EVRM. 45 ncr.-?, on the I Washitigt- u ai.il Ai?u?dit<t road, fonr miles fr..ni Georg' tow ii; small honae; apple and p<-acli orchard; gts d pluce for a nursery or market garden; will aold for ^lAX) cash. Apply at No. 911 )< u Btiei-t northwest. m27-3t* F^OR BENT-A ft in . IlorSE for r. it. furni-hed compile, with Mabl* and cairiag' ? house, atid located in the most central and f ?-h >u able p. rtion of the city. Inquire fur^h- r at the law office of L. M. SAL NDERSi 43d 7lh street norih wwt. m27 3f 1/OR RKNT?lu a strictly pmate family, from laotoflxe unfnrniahed R0(?MS, with Kitcli'-n j and Bath ro',ni; lo'Htion moat central in Pi-c;ty; i unuuestionable reference* required. No fannl) ! with amall children need apply. Addr<*sa. Star Office, D. E . ntg-3f 1^'OR SALE < 11KAP?Teruis, ^luucash,and i>? nionthl> until paid?several new 2 story BRICK HOUSES, situated on New- Hampshire avenue, l> ? twienT and U streets north; lia\ e six ro> ms, hail, front ai.d back yards; houses completely finished. J W. STARR, t.27 2w N' rtheast corner N. Y. ave. and IStli st. | |Chronicle, Bepuldican, tf.J 1,'liR RENT?Two uninrniabod PARLORS, suit able for hwum kis ping; terina rtaeonable. Apply at t*10 9th street northwest. n.J> 3i* IVOR RKNT?Three neatly-furnished ROOMS, at 1 No. 73T tithstreet northw?-st;oulhe first and sec ond floors;will be rented low for thesummer. m*?-3t* f^OR REN T-Four ROOMS, for a small family A without children. Apply at CARD'S Ba/.ar, No. ?14 Pennsylvania avenue,between9th and loth wtreeta. m?> 3t IVOR SALE?A handsome I room HOUSE, with a. gocst yard; in an excellent location. Inquire at No. 416 loth st.. between D and E sts. northwest, between 4 and# o'clock In the eveni'ig. tn2S dt* IVOR RENl-One large lurui-lusl FRONT ROOM. 1 with Board, inn private faniilr. TwoTABLE BOARIiERS can alao Fh- accoimin dated,at SI 1 11 !i street, between H and I. m#6-3t* IVOR SALE-Y.-r> valuable PROPERTY onMhst .; tine house, large grounds, Ac.: or will s> 11 sepa rately. THU8.B.WAOOAXAB, n:26 3t No. 319 7th street. IP OR RENT?Two con. n.iuiioating ROOMS, ou j,t tl.Kjr, new lv furm-le ?! single or donbl?; ? >th or without BOARD. No. 7^4 6th street, b- tw-n G and H, northwest. m2-J 6t* IVOR SALE-A small, pleasaut 1IOI SE. 913 East I Capitol street, uear lerminus of street cara; strtvt paved with wood; gas and water on premises- pretty trard<>n. with choice fruit trees aud vines, inquire on the premises. ma>-3:* jVORltEN'^-On the 1st of April.a 7-rooin BRICK a HOUSE, with hall, side ana oa k aH-jv?;chande liers and gas fixtures in every room; on O street, b tween 12th andlSthsts. northwest. A!s>, two un furnished Booms. Arply at tho store, corm-r 12*.b and O sts. tiiSS 3t* F^OB HALE?TWO PIECES OF LAN l?. n-ar a7 lington: alniut one quarter of a mile ftotn th Agneduct bridge. One contains 9 and the other 3 acres: improved by two small frame houses. Apply to JACOB BIRCH, No. 2d 31 street, G'-orge town. gig lai* |/t?R RENT?Two suites of pleasant, Fl'RN ? IbHEli ROOMS, on first and second floors, with Board, at 224 New Jersey avenue south eaat. m25-5t*_ |VOR HALB-A small HOl'SB-Tld North Caro J. lina avenue, near Eastern Market". A ueat cot tage for a small family. Choice flowers, evergreens and grapea on the place. Two squares fr?tu both southeastern lines of citFe&rs. iu2&-St* IrOR SALB "0B_RENT^-BRIl K DWELLING; back building, four-stories; containing 11 rooms, water and gas; on east side North Capitol street. No. 221, between B and C streets. Apply on the premises. m25-6t* F^OR RENT?A suite of nicely-fnrnished ROOMS, cheap,on second floor; also, one sini|i- R <otn, at 720 13th street, between G ana H, nortbwi-st; bath room on same floor. m!4-6t* IVOR BENT?A two-storv UOLSE, completely A furnished, situated at 406 1st street southeast, corner 1st and Dsts. Apply at J. 8. 11ENAULT A SON'S, corner8th and D streets northwest. m24 lit' OB BENT?8TORE and DWELLING.No. 727 7th street, bet we,-n G and H sts. Inquire of Mr?. ADAMSON, No. 1911 14th st., between S and T st reets port h west. th24 St * FfOB RENT?Oti the 1st of April, HOUSE No. 1419 G street, third door from lflth street, con taining eleven rooms, with all nt'-dem Improve ments. Not rente,! for a boarding huuse. 1'i inire at 1426 New York avenue. m22-6t IVOR SALE?A three-story PRLSS BRICK, cor - * ner North Capitol and I streets northwest A desirable two-story BRICK COTTAGE 'on I, between New Jersey avenue and North Capitol street. Two beautifully located HOUSES, corner Massa chusetts avenue and 13lh street. That desirable PROPERTY, formerly occnpied by Mr. Mullet, corner Gay and Greeu streets, Georgetown. 8e\nal HOUSES in the new row (being finished) on AI street, near Pennsylvania avenue. Five aew BRICKS. Q street,between 90th and H?t streets B. K. WILSON, ni22-gt ft 11 7th street. opp,w?ite Post Olflc". L'OR SALE?till Capitol HtH, a genteel 3-st >ry r and basement BB1CK HOUSE,containing nine rooms,besides bath ana ?ore rooms It has gas, cold and hot water, and water-closet*; heated by La trobe aud Empire heating range. It is nearly new, in thorongb order, In a very healthy and agreeable neighborhood, and will be sold very low on easy terns. Apply to the owner on the premises, 207 A street southeast. m21-2w* IVOR BENT?FUBNISHBD BOOMS: a back 17 Parlor furnished as a Bedroom, and two pleas ant rooms, back and front, on second story, is an eligibly-l?ca*ed Dwelling on I street, near Mb; will be rented on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Address "A. J.," National Be publican efflce. FOB BALE?A two-story BB1CK BOUSE, Mo. IN I street northwest, containing fonr rooms; also passage, kitchen, cellar, bathroom with water closet, hoi and cold water In cbamhsrs, beatsr ia Crlor, and cooking raage la kitchen. The lot is ? ?t front by NO feet deep, to a V foot paved allev, with a bricK stable and carriage house. J. W. THOMPSON, corner of 17tb street and ifew York avenue. feb20-tf |V0B BEBT-A FOUR BOOM BBICK HOUSE, r one half square front the 14th street cars; rent, ? IS per mo?tk; Imjnire 624 La. ave., from I n. m. to 3 p.m. mH-lm fi""0R SALE?At anargaiu?A oomiortabfo aeveae pull HOUSE, pceanedbrick front, with moder* conveniences, large lot, Ac. Apply on the premises, 120V 10th Mroet,above M. Wlm FOR RENT AXI) 3A f.K. ' 1ft)r??*ihkH31*~A. *"* pr ???? l-rick frv.t rTT^T. T^?!^ "**'? ?-Jd aat.r. <vw>kf?c SttffiSBEsrrhr! gi.S.-Si.Sr'an^ ?;NnT~^ l< <* A?. ,1, M ..I SCN '>r**r. with all ? it?'!*<! in Jj MJ t. ?hiuu S!?"??- l",2??~* ' r" r; all ? 'd'Tn innr & ?? &f fW ^ la A rrl .v . m ml" l? (,A..^AJL*-T,,"r f'Ur prm**.. ?, lT~frTt p.-?i (Ill lata Am Av e^S* frier ab'ut flA10 <-mrh. The ??*? (in?lnn i,i nt.? offer-. J thu -ttr Free ?t ail u*^, mi^j sCt ItHU-cutaU AfW W L. P. CLARK, nil 1m Va igai F *?***?MTlUg ^IjT* ill- 1m Wo. 1 i> ama ?\#?mj? \ i r HOCfFX on Dortk rtlei p"^ , J., betweea t?iA and t"4h ?! ! k .L r'"i threo atnrlea and airic. *r?' '* ??ch, aa<1 also %ju%1,% lot ?djofi.lne \T.ii hl*"^i rh.-ap. either a*|varHtr|t orU*~tli, r V* ?f eetttlim np an e-tale ^ r* f >r ll" ?>?rP * Ateriuw urirr ?l. .nt *? Am l/OR KENT?D<?ir?i>le OrriCB ROOMS, al-o r l*"*E lL*>m in kaikltn* No. Sl? rh eir.?t At P?T to A.f HAI,tT. B *anl of Trad- R ..*?? m7 Irn IVOR Rl N Y?Two tlx it*' nicw KOnM-t ,?er m 1 * bum a mtw drug store; No. Mi l pen:..? lv u.i* )L"r"'"- BvL'lm l/OR KENT?ROOMS. with l?.ard, at 101 h M i>i ? a.-t.r.fi-tt? av.-tnif. enter lltb stre-t. mil l<u* FOR SALE. ' &VouAwft" V'R5AU' -a ?f? ?pr?: t ?t ?r Li4i0 p * r _ ' .' ^I* Wli northw <t. C^fJr mCAI^> I'AKTS-t ? r, ? .. an ? |i Wat?r ir'1"* " '" * w*11?? ' ?*?? ,. S' * ,"1,?l, 1 ?"??p ;oi. bbIi. N MTKrur ^ A.r^'VSVliAXJKL' II 4NN \v"Jc rcXU*V fcinl I slr?-. t> l..., H.w. vt N" c; re*Jr J^ '? ATKr.^MN if KKUl kV l^iW 1N^ "? ' ? < rWlfUDK "t 1 N. t? ?> 4 r. ? ? v f'halr. *. < H.r T*M. Ml-in Nt,. wk t r ? . . .V, . . Piano M.-ol to m*t<-li; w|, . ?ti,. L-r?, , ?. 4r)|t ' U*rPM. ??ttiniD( ?hNt ft rarin. rei,c'? * .k *^'V^ ,iaxe l**'u thu four i ii W^.^,5^~Ci!sr!sr; IV "TIC* TO C'U.N 1 HACT'l Ufc.?-n7 pTT. i k^ftjl i T?tlt < 1 ov<-ry 4??r 11D* ii>n t .r '?l? ?r Uodtrti prlr,, t,y l M SWJf MII>eSi loin F" ? U >! ????,. u * ,,,iI ,,,!P S k(| |W}i| ^ UkTU OK K b K L KSTVTE Vi ViVtv' '.n '?''? ^kkknt sVt tiunsT.k Ty kIV TO ri^r i u'.(dK ABLK tk i * roCLKAHlPAM ESTATE ! eat, fl,.r | >r ' a i >m | St?"00 *<*<*?*>** I***, the loUom in," prop Mh ?r.SS ^rthiTUTj* ;n"Ti I ? ?i^?^t pr,w ^ brii k fr V??" . ,U . ''" ! Jrf?rt..8.: conuiulux 8 rooiiVbl'^r^;^ - - "'v ? c4 ft^tooaj. aau ?nmnn-r ??t, l^ 4* ^ trVi\4eit?4T4,;Vt^?ae ,tarj No. 4JIS New York av ^n? n^rf'w.^ ? ??!?-?> ?t i W1-. It? M ilm-t (i^twffii ttii i'iiA-h I M.r^ at, ry atrti nt; Pr i brick cn-i'tl..' ^lui'tttf; all DiodiTD coiiv#*i.it'Uc a. ' On?l|noBtiiM?nr LofV.'u'ith 1 . ., m N 'tttuu iihIihim. Il.r-. tin ? I'uiluiiiK L??TS, o? Kew I' .rk iv... .?? c<^i?r ..f VI Mr. -t north a filt. I",e' I T? ?, bA'\ LuTl*' "" *" Vvrk areaae i t . Stb atr'-eta noritiw?~<t ' r or liirtlier [,Hrtik.ulAr?, iH'i-Ji t ? K B. ?riITK. C \Kl S|, " ** A-i'aii... i m j VmV- - l> Ki( K < LA 1 t ui? sALi Appit u> 7 .f ?ODtiE A OARXIILL*. 4 T I44T F . ? MEDICAL, Ac. tf' i?1 " ? ?*?f>-nc i'-.TTT ... , ''' 1 fr',u H'?to?i, has r in >%. .1 t i 41 j 6-1, r L i . fe s,,c * 'U h.-al tin- sick, an ! ziv mttmir r,r .kv..|",.,r,. rt daily,froai i a. w j j Kuiwi.i.i. w ii h..lit th- ki,if?>. v' s 1 ' b:'1t:orof liu Anuri a* h es-ro , fj iIea,'a' Jo?'"*'- ?"?' rr*t*>ot ,a njl .^.l' *lU aia*U?- aW ..J,111 J)"!*' Kheamatifflu, Cnncer*, B!mid Pois vna ? ataMh. I>>?jh pm?, tl.f E>t aid K ir. Li; i< an.j SS'fflA*"'"'"' V. w v^. \V ^AiiKESS, Irrt?ul%rity, ar.il Nervooa I>< b;iT ? . n,. ?/ ,trp?"-<l- K^h-f immediata A T?n?n?aHi K^1"* iut.-r.-snd. aJdr^- Mr. A. C. B08HEB, M athmgton. 1?. O. M-t trn' j|f ADAMm W1L80H, i KactrZcrfv h'fwirt't t B T 8 I O I AM AMD M1HW1FK, tan tx> consnltod on all DISEASES INCIDENTAL Tt# LAD1K8 B.-siu?'Kr an J Conauluuiaa K...nu>, ?11 9th ?trv?l brtwayHaodl, K,r,Board,iDteWatt^KS rfaaonabla pricaa Tapeworm rmovnl wttl |^B. LI OB, COMSULTIMO PH YSIC1AX, The old<*t estal.Kihed Spoctalist In the cltr. Mo. 611 14th street, above H. Honrs: U to 4 and 7 to f, daily. 'facialtr?Femala Complaint* &lk1 OnUae<.?i " j)-r tr FI1 KMALE DISEASES tnated, aad contWicmen ewes taken. I>t.ftcribe ease* ana eLclow id if?* l!1*1 wdiciae * ill '.e sent. A'Mr.-? Mrs * Dr THOMPSON, No. Mb North 13th street, Ptrt*J0J p'"*- jao?7 lf? \|0NEY BETUBMED IP 1 w a * , O ShMUAU hLIXIR _ P A I LI TO Cl'KI CHILLS. !**'** BBACE A CIS8?L,coruer BnU?? atW Pl^ i?^%^^rt,'0*K,r?rto?I''??'4 of GEOkoK U . . T A SON, corner Nrw Tork arenne and itti sjTo?-t. wh<re tfatttnonlals cap beaeon. mvl?-1 r* PIANOa <fcc. Jr. Lie AS, 114S 7th street ii. w., Tvner awi . ftt.-u aim uf Planus an / Ortan >. "r ?.I Uers n*?2*ed at Tbi'Oipaon's c.-rner ISth at Pi. rJ7^ and N. Tork ave. ; ta tty's. Bridge, u-aiHllll M K2U^2rf^rl2!'Bi !ind *""?? . cor. 7th and Pa. 1 ii i . d,UsUameut. pa< ked and moved. All aork gnarante. d. mliJC lf 1 SJnd ?V A nf P^^ISHIKO a. 1%L...XI?HINc PIANOS AND__^^. ALL MLblCAL INSTRUMENTS. A1 hr'n T^n rPt J*d7J attenti .uM^M^ ILD * B*0..4*? Uth street west, near tBw^r^^ i" Peunajrltanla avenae. over latiiT) yean w^ll known aa practical Piauo 4na Musical Instrument Makers. iWarsU Puil^a Musical Iptrrmetits ireDwally. C*D?I-vV fKACTU'AL PIANO MA op k;**m cenud at KARB'B Jewelry Store, buy p? WCIiOHACKKli A CO.-b PUNOS, PHILADELPHIA GREAT BKDCCTION IN PB1CBS. ""fc*eh.on account of thatr m eerlortty over all others, have in a f.-w ??_ become the moat popular here, as well as allfcaH orar the country,can be had now for the foMlf k>wiii? low aricos* SOI ARE PIANOS from ?]7| to ?<7a CPB1UHT PIANOS fr .ni *?Ju to *700 GRAND PLANUS from a A. A to fti,o7A Persons who wish to save from $lJu to ?3UB in aor chastug the bast instrument ont, are invited UmmSi and compare for themselves. Pianos for rent Pv-SJi. -h^ed. " Penna> Ivania avecoa. \\? 1LLIAM RN ABB A CO., obakd, SUl'Si'/i^tl^SSi m?o. ,?Thaa?lastraaica4a havabeen before t ha pabliotat and upon their excellence -' tr wn i! IB nnpurchaaed pre-eniin.-ni ?2?,e5?21i?5; j??^"55i for th. irlrfTW wmi?n\fcSl* a"4 ^ OMA PR*09 PIANOS aai v*rio?a waU-known factories for sals ?fftiSSii* w, ? REICH kN BACH'S, oacio-tr Plaao Wawtmoma. 4?? nth strat. | *pvLcra LUNCH MILE BISCUIT, I The choicest, moat delicate aad fluely flavored 1 Cracker in the Lotted States. C1TK TMEM A TRIAL. Especially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TAIl^l, Alp THE USE 09 I ? . Trade tapplied by TTLE* * BEOS., Md. ^ ICHOLI, (THM 0HL1 M1CH0L&.) WHO IS HE r Bcasgaa odavcr M "XVJLi.1"** r.?r.r,., ? tzt&zz. ivuvs. *'????. ? ? ~lit i 11 ? i i i ? * i^'i i uit ka? ? ,.|. ,w . jkV'? r. ,. :v.::v;r? ?. - ?' = *kA\ Ktfi'iif ? rt.'-r r-i* ** "* ,a;"r ' *1 r??l ?li ? s ?frtfpv r- - I >ta r, ih? v..ri r ?i ' " * " 1 <?> * n .< >nAi.a! '*?* l^.rablr | #7^Vi. jjt,' u, fc|.< A TO L?M*. v. *?r?n K(K??M. mvtMMkiitWr ""~'n*" '? i flit iti |?j yvr? ti?r% . ? r t.? ?' 1 '? K. L. m H M IliT, r v "imbstt l?aw p (? NMlut uTT7i^^Llv. AT\; t<i?:p. r?r* 1, an (I . %. , t, r ' J*>,k ? ?? I' W u;m:k. II s !,? " i! B?a?e Br B?. !<?? 7?h at. F4 rr[rU^_ - * ? ???>*?: i::< FWnnv V . ??? ? ', _ ? s", ',mT. K in i- k- , tirit? . !?.?>? f, , P ??;?' I) i nl a A ftm-mui,- ?ri>. ?? *ith ail b M?..44 ,"r ? ?* ? ? ** .?t jr,;s*v? ?. h ' |R|\K*iLI ? ^ ** "T OK ?*?????> ? Ti I, a^J * fU!l*U rf , t, .. .r, ,,IKl H N 4 *e*il ?a<??t fur a S "?l ii-i? l i ?-<?>. ?, |, i,..,,^ ii . i ?.'i f-MMiim* ? * r.?ii< Aen'? in A \ w, f ' U ,<'"r"vr ** <?? ?'Vl H air*- ? ? .1 h. - _ > i. t ' M'rMi7rU I1M>1" ARI T,,? *???.* ** , ? . . * *''? *> ? "'"all tltllrul'K' u ?* r?*?- n> .,u uu 1 * * uiaHUtj. AM'?y t ? -H= M ?,. .,S ,.SU...N -.a ^riV:^Ui'" iiUw ^ui,iV?"Y .'ri t,* ? :: la ?,..?Jhkoihikai.. I <? IUL i A1 ? v. s f . , ? i*ul 4 ., Vkrv.r. n A - " b"* Akg,?tH KlS L U r '?r' !'???T* In - n,., <r. on M <H N'"J aMLuc, b-tu. , n l?t ?uU :? t -,r. ? a I w frk^- *n4 .r< ? ??pll. ., " ^ k "4r ? freefr? hi -r ?|j r ia??tlr auid f.oiJ (i?r. C li nt <^i. i- m..| a ^ ku munx ft i. \tt\ ' < in r is ft ?n n; ?-r- ?< y iCVlBLS I." V Un<lk> ] ?K dALS. f ?r ?*!? th< RliiFTT f r n l?tM.VT'f /m M p|N,i''A1 ?* 4' * ?; r v ;,i i> u*?rv. uwiTA >,: ? ??'&"???? iX*&5tSSr; '?? i. sii*" ' >"? in r " I .? u-r?..fpr rlr ?"<nt.|Tk' ,"t ! ''"k ??" t 41. wii cl'.K,, , 1| | 'rr J. n''!" * i?. tin, ,T 11 11 \i/ it K-? pne s uud n< f?t(iraUr U?nm*w J?S!15K.%!J5 ?, i l . i* ?'j141?* ''^ i u, Mi.trr ?i d klU'll** in I.UM-iii.-iit, purl -r . muli ?,,, ,"?r? rt, r* ami hail . l,?..W^r a ." I.atl r...i,i ar4 v?|.i c ??! ,.n ?.<. nd f . r l ? i,sixJS-Jh- *iAe 1 ' U ? '1 ^ ^ jru^?r; i * ' .?*""?!? x "l" A ' ?V || 'lur ?? C- .. Iifi K T ,AN1' AT" ,,RK K Hh<( 1 rt u<, ?;.j id.-i r, ni and *t *?? r n< ? : ,i r' 1 "V5 5"lu /l,!h ! ?i i, i .kdfl.M r.f-nr - auk d a..4 l.aik-* r. ' iii. allii fl >r, ?-???? haiuU-r aai a ? f r.. mi ail ?"-it'JP i'.'J ! ' I- ?' fvl P ? . ? N inn AT TWO >T..Ky KKAMK?'..iYm;K, N . *03 k.M'i i a |nt,.i-tr., c i.iai..-:i i, int r.H?i aiid linh. n. u fir>( fl . r . il. ^S . i', Hb l ha'li r. nil w ith aat.-rc! ?.-< ? '.u . ? .. . n !? I*r!"*r >af4 ??. r? nt au.l flrir , ar.( . 1,'^ K l i i """"? rr. L ??. >.? 12 |.^ 4 lii< hisa bj l.? |. .-i v r.-,-t < ai^ p i?? t!??? dw*, a- I t'.!' " rav?? nt. <>??. r IWr..tur^ A KOI K sYoKY BRICK RFSIMNi Ip -u iV? *,^1' ? ^ illW. I. i? u B a .'I I' Mr a nl\ h.,.1 r.r? near tb? Capiu.1, emu Hur r. ' nt<- m ?? ..r dibn? r.- ih? . n Br?t fl ? r, two Orn k t-n.-in- iit? . n rl , r- ar.f utin* ..L a?u f -t all y, n..? r. nt. l f,a , ? 11 uf ^ L -t !????! l?) M. Pile-, l|r a' thub-stort but. K BKSI 1>EN<'K ntl.a ?'i!.li (>! D< lawarr a*.^-iim*. I-t?.-.ii K ?,. | 4j B'-rtn, rt.iitainiiiK tl.irt.i-n r.. m. ai? - r.> h- in-frntetat: a aid. allf-y. Lot Soil. i. tii -r.- !??-* iiie tf ???*?* and fruit tron th- aide l<*. A m ??< dvt-.ial.lf pr>'|>. rl). Pike, ? , ?. * riT.'H A FOX. B al Estate Br *?r?.UO<l p n,,.,, , . ? Frifdaiaii'? Btuk B iiI-Iiik, Jt f??p|>-^it. Tr.-a - 11v. I ()()() AKiL?i oww Tu lvaiTon cirf > ? " " " " ?fi ?<Tt) tot ome "T nior* n-trn Kim r, .. _ . . B- K- ^ nw W ?II <lh atn^. . pp. H<(?t R \.r,1] A*}"11.. pnrchaw a good 8TOBB ar>4 ,r V .*?-? ch'-ftp, t?? ar n. w m^rkft. 7th * 1' LI ING ch'-^p, n<ar new ui*rk??t 7th ^?? A11?. Pricf, li?0, term* ????*. *? w BAMIlTOK A I'FAHviM, V?tt Y. M. < A. BniMin*. till a<..1 Ii at*. J ... ^VU. 1 kAtH IAUI6V. fc "^3 *?VLE HO, Ko Jii ^, T AMD fiOTH hKOKPHB. ?o. bt?4 lUli ?tMt, Oppvjaiw C. 8. TroaMUT. BALE?A handa n?. HOT'?t on 1 i1 Jt? A urwjarirf. d oW- UOI SK,. .ru^r uU Hoi? F Hi Bm? uu-hh a?..iiH, ? ? i j SI ?tr?'t <????, f.ir ?al?..rr nf. fiauirlinj or nnf-iruirli-i! A COTTAGE in Willarri L,",'n*f'l"2 62*iU- ts-??ral auiail U ?M, fr ?? to small .-aab payiu. ut*. T?r.<- LOTS nortli aute aud on* on south ?id>?-4 Bliodr I?l?- .1 riiir7r?S pf^r ^ mnd QttUuprovBd. on i L railr??d? niinui,* fr ?m the citv, f*?r nmf*- mt r^5 ,VcrHiMVnxcL",,,,r "jr pr ilV;^;^ - h D *?**"?? r-rtioo- ..f tb<> citr for r?l '?* ??.?y t. rma, or will r* h .iiffa for prudmiivf la^roiH pr< p?rty. m>. ^OB SALK BEAB WASUISTurok, TWO bCPEBIOB FRI IT PABM?, Thf> CniAr Orore VinejranLt; escUlem fruit tr<^? a:.d \ iut-fi in b?ariiif fiu? timlxr Uud* ai.J graiiit? quarries. ALSO, Bl'lLDIXG LOTS IV TliK CITT. It. S.iuar<- No. 17. Lo? K,.. ? t- .ii?rr Booth K?. 17. Luis 1 au.l 2. c-?-?art Bo. 2?, L .? So. U. " 44 3U " 1. " !! ?* " ? 7 and 11. ??? " It', U audi). " 7J u -v .. " " ?? " Itta^dS. I " " wa " 17. HEA^n,^^^aC,,^l^5, ??? I tt?.r fm p' ra n to W*. KKAIiJaO, Otdar Ur >v? NiuijarJ, u<-ai tif,ir(?. ) t"wu. I), b. ml?-lia L\.AJ'A.-Oar oBi, <- ?a ill b- ..a.^n >.\ ANY E\ KSIMi |f*<. pt >ui 1* I until (W i tni-r aoticr. tr. a ( n n, -dato b i?iu?-a> n.?*ti aud otli er? making in^uiru* about L<- I?r..tct Park ?IT?- , *? t- BABBBK a'co., ! JL'' *11 7th ?t , oppmtt* P'WtOffica. F?lkocal^LAPtw/"va*dkbbblti * ?.XrBlLS?; or,at the opciouot tlw pur i hamt, UuKjin, atid l?raUKbt librae*, aotd aTaa '* uy-,-l^ffy Jy.***'??'?"*"? Appir to ' ttiCUiia B&pf (?a o?c. ,urv Balu moi? I'1 r*1!. mlS-fw* A t H ?.-Uavi'if m t wnb th? awl *? *? ?**M?'Ut of lir?- at nor atorto, S16 and S'STth | Mrert, w? are coiupell?d for tlieaant >>f fili a l attPtidai.rf to offiT onr STOCK r IT Tl 1<E8 and LEASE cf Stoi* 1320 7*t. *trr.-t Dorth ?eat, U-tweeu KiuidO.r r?l- cLoap f* ci-h. r || O l 8 C FOB BALK. Tb? larpt FOl'K SToBT HOIT8B, wttB tbrw j rtory f?i.nM..|i,?U B ???*??, u.-arlir urw, iwaMr r.*aiia; turtiac*. gm and aatrr, vttk larwt raN wi | stable in nar. The ? bole pr p^rty baa fcwli rsmally Bib conipiete n (air. and to ??ry cneeaie* for a iv, fsntnl faaailf, orl-ra boar.linjr h >iaM. Will | l?aaUlua. Iiwaire at Crwalaiaii'a Bank . opp ?ita Trt-a?uri, Pei.naf l? ania a wan lie. f.-11 C"OU t> A LB?The STOCB.OIK)D WILLaud tlT r TI KIS of tB* Milliuerj and rani? fcora* Bo 791 Maiket hpace. bat. 7tb a-xl flth atreeta, north *-*< L)?dl| K. LEKEBKBO AOOT COAL AND WOOD. LY k k K 8 v A L L B * ? Mt VH1TK A8H COAL BBDrOEAJ BATES, WboU*aie and B~<ai| uollimi iioi. W aP-at Mb and O atraef* t. >rthwaal. BaBLVH 1 COAL ASD WOOD TABD, cotXKk 8TB axr I mini ?ovtb?'?st, OrpctUt SmnImmm Par A. ?F"Oii hw.d. a rery .aperlor quality of Whlta A ah COAL?esc, atrye aud furaace aitea Alao, Ljkeii'a Vallej aud other B-d Aah COAL. OMk and Pine>Wl'.?taM and *plit and intbeatick. Aiao, Cumberland COAL. W" Ordera tbivu<h Mil prompt /? at tec W to. kilt-H.|? wa hat* are era! hnndrad i iaf ?m AEU ABP HKXBI OAl ll&MOUX COAL. FrBBAf*B, EGO AND STOVE BIKES, at the foot of BztkBnrt watt, which wa am mii ?a the trade at whola?Ii '

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