31 Mart 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

31 Mart 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. Largnt CirrnIatiot.ii the District Eeaditg Hatter on Ersry Pigs WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY Wiorek SI, 1W7S. 3 lor 4 bmiflf and ?hr t onauontiotloa The flrr.Tiic!'- shows an uufairness, which is tiiikcvBlin)! in a rt?|*ct?ble journal. It a? Mtttd that the President had l?wn induenced In commuting the death penalty to which C'"l!rien hoi been sentenced to imprisonment f sr life by the fact that the murderer was. i ruler the statute, only guilty of murder in the second degree. called tor that statute, and *-*Tfd th.ot there wa* none of force in the D-strict which made any degrees in murder. The CMrmicle, without admitting the grotwerror into which it had fallen, goes into the specu lation that possibly there wv no authority for ri>nimu':t.^'the sentence, and hence the act of I' e President may amount to a full pardon. If I were wa? want of power in the President to comaante, |*rhop; ??'Brien mav tremble lest l!.e death penalty yet stand*. But this is not II.e <VJe?tion. 't is, where is the Chroniclr't " statute" which distinguishes murder into the f r>t and -ecoiw. d -gree, and which statute the president's "oath" compelled him to obey? Ji.strit4 ot an.-w_ciiii^thi.'><|ue?tion,the CKroairle hi t u..? to put another, which betrays either ig iicranreor disingenuousnese. Hear it: "Aid by ?yay of supplement, it may be g?d e?o.>^h to explain bow the principles of the ?? B>iu<>n law nojBire tbe:r vitality in tlii* Di-? !? ic* in the at s.-ni* o; statutory or constitutional Irovi-.ons. They may have been recognized i ; 'ler the coloni-i! government of Maryland as ! cart of the Briti?h empire without any direct ?* uctment. But when Maryland l*ca'ine one ?>t the indefendent states It is difficult to un ? island Low th?-x could continue in force with ? t thw sanction ot the Maryland legislature. 1 he star can doubtless make it clear." Possibly it is known to the Ckr:ni.l* that this l'.-trict was ceded by Maryland. But its^msnot t*> be known to it that the bill of rights of Mary l i.d of 177G, and which is yet in force in that state, in arti.-le Y, declare* that "the inhabi tant* ot Maryland are entitled to the common 1 law ot England, and the trial by jury, according to the course of that law. and to the benefit of *:;ch hnglish statutes as existed on the 4th of ! ???ly, 177<"> and which. by experience, hive been found applicable to their local and other cir cnmstances, and have been introduced, used at d | racticed by the courts of law or equity." H his is how the common law, which knows no o'-grees in m inter, got into the District. A,1 this common law. and English statutes, ni d statutes of Maryland, ot a date prior to the ct --Ion ot the District, except a* they have been it-pealed or changed by the acts of Congress or c! the l>istrict legislature, remain iu full force, ai d are daily administered in the courts. Un der this common law O'Brien was indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. We on n.end to the learned editors of the Chr.nicle t!.e careful reading of Chancellor Kilty's re | l it, two vol jmts quarto, "Alexander's British Statute* of force in Maryland," and Crancb's < fcuit Court Report*, six volumes, a few J, "trences to the decisions of the Supreme Court ?t the I'nited States in^bt enlighten them. We have uot denied the exclusive power of Congress to legislate tor the District of Co lt ml<:a. or the power of the Preside ut to par i i? in whole or in part, or to commute. We fridy dtny that Congress has changed the com mon law, about murder, in the District of Co ir- Bil.ia. And we say that it the President exer c.-ed his clemency on the ground that there is a t ?tt:te here which distinguishes between mur ?nr in the fiist and second degree, then he was rjsled. And now we aJd that such false teach ings as the Cnronitle't may induce murderous I < r>oiis to indulge their brutal passions under t! e tope that the Ckmmicfr't law may save their ri cks. Will the <"Arsn?< le confess its error'.' The thesapeskr >?ao<l Ohio Canal. 1 he latest intelligence tiom Cumberland and a'org the line of the canal, with res|>ect to the C'.ose ot the boatmen's strike, is gratifying in 1 lejottion to the ui.propitiousness of the cir cumstance*, that such a movement should have taken place just at the commencement of what , 1> d i#ir to be a most | rosjierous season for the C:?i al business. We still hope for tho very best, 1- jt it yet remains to be seen it the newly bud- j tf:r jf | rosjects of the trade will be able to bear this tresh increase of cost upon top of the SuMitional toll lately decreed by the canal com fui y. Inder nil the circumstances of the case, and the competition which the canal, with all Its natural advantages. Lx< to meet, it does ?1 pear to us that. with respect to the increase troth of tolls and boatmen's charges, it would Lave been the part of a wise discretion to allow n atters to run on in their accustomed channel till s. me period of the coming summer?My Jute or August. By that time enough would Lavr been learned to determine with certainty If the trade would bear an iucrease of tolls and freights, when action could be taken accord- , tngly. As it is. there has been precipitation? too much baste to kill the goose tor the sake of the go'.den egg. But the contemporaneous in crease of tolls by the canal company and ton X>ag< by the boatmen Is not all that has tgeen (Jor.e in this more or less |>erilousdirection. The ?v ners of wharves at Cumberland hare put in their ear. ami sent up their wharfage charges lront the old rate of live to eight cents per ton; So that, altogether, the consignee is confronted V.tli a t.eW ami unexpected cost of thirteen Cents per ton. the effect of which upon the Canal coal trade may prove to l>e what all con cerned will helplessly regret. Some indication ?: the result to be anticipated has been already f rr:i.-hed in the Inct that in consequence of the i ? a\ of two weeks >n the coal trade this season I ?t r than last year's receipts by canal, the ? timore and Ohio railroad are now actively i *ged at Baltimore iu filling orders for home * ? foreign account. As we said before, so we i lepeat, we ho(>e for the best, but would at * t mes prefer the exercise of prudence and c ? t >u. mure e?|>eeial!y where so many public ni ? ri\ ate interests max b? imperilled by rash i?? t 1 ,-?sty eennsels. V.*e have- no dis|4?sition lo needlessly disturb t: e ? .: ng moments of the CliwiM' by any fur C r lefereace to the abject nature of its recan tation of the valorous utterances it a; ?* .e in regard to the commutation lusi?t*, but it wilfully provokes ex H-.-iie by the nature of ita defence Al? * days ago thatptper was clamoring v<? * tt i?ualy for the execution of O'Brien; warned ti e I' ? sident that "he ought not to establish a i> s. ntTous precedent that may hereafter It u > very serious annoyance to him and in *t "? ??th false hopes criminals in the District;** ?i ?i declared that ' the murder stands outiu i'r i? lieved atrocity," and that "it is easier to I .te the crime of the |i?or. ignorant, col a-.j man, H right, horrid as was the deed he 1 ''nitrated, than to find reasons for Executive interference in this case." Ju a single night the changed its *.ews, as the London 7iJ*r; did on the ques tion of free trade, and came out with a fioleiit tiradi' capital puiitwhment,and e*i>re?eed tlie opinion that "sending O'Brien to tl e penitentiary, to be humanely treated and kept at hard labor during bis uatural life, will Lave as happy an etiect in reatraining crime in 'tl :>citv as an infliction of the death penalty.' - it sajs, in answer to Tub Star, that fct-'.den collection came upon It, because of ??the reasons and evidence by wbicb the act of CK mency was sustained, made public by the president." Well, the - reasons and evidence B ade public by the President" are the follow ing from the warrant of commutation: "Whereas a very large number of citlsensof the District of Columbia petition for the com mutation his sentence to imprisonment fcr life; ami > reas it is alleged that the act of (ilHng * ?< intuitu-.I in a sudden passion, and Hot w meditation; and whereas doubts prem t? - ' upon that subject: Now, there |orr,". We si n t 'hat never since the conversion of ftanl i st-iis was the same number of words to er "ial in the way of conviction as these ? ?po?. i -? rhswoorfe.' But the game of following the f ai-U through its a|?ologies is hardly f?i tk the cand le. '?My succeas Uowing to my liberality in ad The wffk in Wail street c!uk>I with an td. v?iue in go d to fI7rtbe *Ue Ih in* chieflT dne to the iiiormo.il, importation* of foreign rncr rlrttMlise. t..e totai lor UM week btui.g b.rn a day, or at tlie rate of uc.uir a day. The ri.uior a!*o prevailed that the April >tatem-nt of lh<> public d.-bt would Khow an iurniaor. Fmtli.riuore, the liaiik of l.ng'.aml has rais?tl tiiw rate of discount to lour p? r vent. ??? . ? fteruritim. v*y Cooke & Co. furoi^h Um ivuowinzto-dST: Currency ?V ..'.". U' New 14 ? 1" 1 5 -3UN Jh&Jy,%d7.17"! 1S:I ?Sfcz?. l t K't ^ f, 'V J*"* a J i y .MB. 17 \ ti-!' iS 1i ' - t!? ? Sfc R American OoM. 8 ? *? -J?n. * Jly 5?1. Jan. * jiy^c _M il??il?"OIv *frch. J'-?Virginia eoMoU ? * 'rfiai.V li bid to-day. inS^Jifi i?irc "??Cotton <juiet but fiim? u | JI?, ?! ?<*J? ?@WS. F'ourduH at..l unchanged. lVohtJ?^'. ^5J? steads and In good demand? IV* Z2lf,*; yrl"J" ?outhpn?,*4??, yellow south L^l.'i.T? mixed WMtero, m2S?H. Oataquiet *'Ml; western mixed, ts-'.ir, do. white, ???-?? B>e steady, 80@90. Hay unchanc^d. Pro > isions strong, buoyant and nus-itl-d. Mess pork firmer and higher *16 9*r 517. Bulk m-at? firro-r snl higher?little <f.ing: sh?n,J-rv rib sid-s n? minal; clear rib sid-s, *%?r9. Bmin flrm-r anj h.Rhei ?shoulders.. rib sides, ji>4; cl-ar rib side.., sugsreured hams, 12**15. Lar.l lirm, SS^'l Western butter active ? choice roll, 33/433; n.Ir peked, ?(?*); sales at 38. Whisky,91. Jirwr Yore, March Tl.?St.v-ks dull. Gddrerr rr-ng, I7?f Money firm, 1-M f. | H p-r cent Exchange. long, ji; short. 9. Governments quiet and stead.. H Kkw Toh, March 31 ? Flour quiet and steady W heat steady. Corn ?tr?lv and quiet ..L?7r?i Murch si, 1138 a. m.-Conso|s op*n,vJ f<l 1 4 i::r ' Bond* of m?s. il l, 94 . i,w 9^ !,? IM? ii?* Drw, 91. Erie, 51. ' ' Losdox. March 31.1:30 p. m ?Brie. sr.. " the weather, ttsss xssrj^sjm^ r. ",,w, ?^r L:?k? Ontario. The ba haTinff f-il'f m t lie-outhem and galfaUtoaafter bavin* fallen aoiuewhat on Sun.lxjr. Thr?at-nini( r>"kr J. fW/? r*"' ???? h<*<*n rep.irted from i?.ikr,ia t ?Oreff..Ti, and mm- exlen.l ot?i L?kc Huron u"^!" H-'W Jersey and Mains. Soitthfily "i" ?r.'Ja "Hi r**1, Atlantic coast and w eater I > lf i? l '"If 5 ,1,oi',i> ?'?<! cle.ir weather fron, f?VW.r?K*nr^rW7.te,r%C\"K;'!? I robab LixiK* ?for the rest of Monday th ? area ^haroa?etw move eastward over New Fork I -i ',' *mY win-Is and rain i., N.-w Bug ? ' " J';; ^.. L?wrence valley. Increasnw I. nr UM k!?( ' ,r'**MP? weatl, r prey ail on the ai * , V Motel:!) e\eniUR, and fr.>i.i -.nrb-Tn ?'?? IW ?'n?liw?r?l ov.T th- midillA Atlantic *? : tw?r ?Pittbfr ?Hh ritioff t^niDei litui*# con tin.ie m .be a..ntle rn States ,,hI Ohio V?|le? fJI. ? iig Urometer ?im| cIoihI> w.- itlu-r ? xtenJ oxer Mn - r?" fl'ir iM r pfriiT dnriug the d:i> foil* .? X ? Co\tl dnrinc the iii^ht antif"iar> signals continue at N.-w York. N. w " rtNnd mT ,Lh'n;,", MXV'H"a,V " ?"d # . i u^l b<? dnpliUHl ?t tli" L ?k ? froui Mini aft-r April !T^ Vh?'vMo^J"LY mketinu or Jrr THft. w??MLN > < HKISTIW AS^iii'Fa m 5 n 'l'V',n ,Tt V, ApVillV. :?t 1 ,? ,an All,Ha,. I'J KASE ATT EN I> Sim I \|;f k VT II A \f i,X: f.;r''aTr AN"' a v*r'*,J oi f"' m :\ ? O" ?!TK ...,.r-alTl iTsUAV rTlr.,l) ,.wIN<; *f 1 ocl.Kk; M 'ud-l-.ohi. . ! f ? ?, Wai.1'1 Bfi . \|,,HT." The atte.i Unce i.jr **Mfr of the K\tculi\? i'oiiiiuitfct*. - * SAM L O. YOUNq. 8*'y. t'iH-V0 iVi'OL^-TK \CH KR> I N>Ti TE V H*KS of the pi b1.1c i l ?'"ni ? T re.|u.?ted to clow their scbo .U on 111 h',n f ,i ir* ' "i!2 " m., and in Prof r i H J^<*r?oii Building 1 ..'clock p. m lure .?.,lpF"TZC' Cleveland, Will deliver a |.v inr^ np<?ii rio^im. (j y AT LEE i hairnuin of Com. on Tfarhor?' InstitiVe - | Kopnt. a Dirop.| r^T!'K E KI EX I?S OK SPIKITI \ I IsM A^ivi B,ak;' "n,ir'' th- TWENTV KIKTII mTi Of MUHKKN Sl'IKITl' \ l |,u P\y Marc! V,AR,*l,s 1AL Von ? yei.'i.^JHii1, t Mr P precisely Order ol r \en is, s?1st, Addri sfle^ I?> Trance Si> ?k-r? *? I F-'ch Ason?:,,,-,^ klieaer ,T. "'?.t"1' ?" """P '"i1 M'"l th- Do. r " ",m "f 25 *"<?*? ??'" irtU the i?? ^ the evenhif. " JfUlN MXVIIEW a ? a irn -? I HA I.COAL AND DIAMOND OR , THE F \TK TH AT WILLS' Tie gre^t serial Rtory commenced iu the April nam l.er " >1 ? . . . ^TfI^: PRK>KNT ACE. ' di ? B,? "UVi'i.prll'V!i^1 '? *?'?nds, or ?d Mi >f if. \v ? ? 1 ortlc^. Will l>- out T'l nUKKUn. Prirf,ir?iiti I, Tl rVnH4V"a '/"il,*' "'-.^'MHan Bank, until J r. , ) ? Al?ri' ,^5*- ?? 1*-Q clock noon ?al~l ?u'5ltA ND DoClA Mh'?, i* ?N E HCNDHKI. ? !,i '.i i.i i .A? "T "?'* *,x .P'T cent, ten ??L ,,f 'he late corporation of Washington Thev reserve to theMelve* the right to reject any oft.-r m bit h t hey uiav not deem advantageous II D. COOK K. W. W. OORCOKAN, MOSES KKLLF H. M SWKENKF. LEWIS J. DAFIS. '* ' ' <'Knniissioiers. H^?'lHE LAWS OF HEALTH. Tt is iw I %.for State Legislatures to pass laws for tl.e preservation of the purdic health, if the great law of aelf-preservation, which depends for its en fotcemei.t upon the will of the indi* idual, is ?nffere?l to remain a dead letter. There is scarcely an adult m?nil.er of the community, of either sex, in this country, who has not seen the testimony In favor of Hostetter's Stomach Bitters,furnishM over their own signatures, by persons of acknowledged emin ence in science, literature, art, comm-rce. and erery d. paitment of business and professional life. These witnesses hate declared in th- most e*p|u it terms that the preparation is a safeguard against epi.lam !? ?. s sovereign remedy for dyspepsia, a valuable ant: bilious medicine, a promoter of appetite, a g*tiial and harmless stimulant, a good ac climating medicine, a strengthener (.f the iierv-s, a g. n-ral invigorant, a protection Sg;i in?t th. deleter ions effects <4 malaria and impure water, and that it imparts a degree of vig.?r an I ?Unity to the vital forces which is not commu nicated by any other of the tonics and st'-machics in use. Under those circumstances the self preserva tive law of nature should teach every rational per son v ho, ehlier by reason of inherent debility or in consequence of -spwure to iiiiu holesom- intluenc^s, is m peril of losing the gr -atest of all temporal bl- ssings, health, the imp-irtaace of using th- Bit ters as a d-f-iisive medicine. Dysp -ptics* who neglect to give it a trial are utnph their o?n enemies. It u vuarantee.1 to cure indigestion in *11 it- forms, and the bilious ami n-rv us will n.?i nothing in the whole rang- of official ;U,d pr .prie tar> mediciaes abich allotd th-m the same iu31 eo3' A w. |T=3*?? r -covenant Lodge, No i;f. Members are rr-iii ste-l to I,- punctual in 3^rir,!U7^"nft "P Monday even/no, March Oi, at 7* o clock, to rereive the Visiting pi,a l?n^ M?nbers of sister L slges are fraterually inviWl. Ima It | F. E. ESSEX, R. S. |T3?MED1CAL ASSo< lATlON?The semi au U-T^ MEDICAL ASSOCIA i kmV.h ii ?J^EI?LUr, COLUMBIA will beh. ldinti.1 H <11 of the Medical Society, No 91.i F street n orthn t ?t, at on- <1) .. clock p. m . TDKS D*T. April 1st. JAMES T. VOl'lTO. M. D., n 2^3t Secretsrv. jnStYOl'KU MENS CUB1ST1AN ASSOCIA TlON. ? BEE BEADING B00M-/'m/g, Wee kit, Sent ..fl,, papers from all pa.ts of the Union. <II Rt l LATINO LIBRARY; UMO vols. T-rm. 5Tr 'l"*rter. PARLORS AND <-0? VEB8ATION BOOMS for Ladies and Ountle i.-n t.heM, Chequers. Organ and Piano. i ^,TV??4iIA?*,:TI^^tt8?, W.W,?and 9 p. m. ,};'J?BARY SOCIETY Saturday evening, at 7% in 7J^ i8iB,?AT? AFTEBNflOBT SERVICES at klZ'cu'Jk M H ?'c,ock; ? Theater Comlque ^^*NOTlCB TO PBODUCE DEALERS Persons selling produce in the Northern Market niuat procure their Licenses at tlia Becister's office, at Uie Territorial Building, oa ?S street, between P.-nnsy Irania arenne and C street northwest, on or b?-f. re the 1st of April. liTJ. F> rsons selling ftah will be subject to the same rec ulationa. A!l lK--nses must be shown to the Market Master when railed for by him B? order of the Commissioners. ma>td 8. McFARLAN. Market Master. [T~??BE<U8TB*'S OVVICB, " "ey ... District op Colthsia. K . . Wasmisctoji, D C.. March S), U73. 1 wV Cifi t'*".1" *i.\**,h*t on TUESDAY, April of Tol^I il ^ ? ft0 'heuses given by the district 'rodm" ftmleTi> *ddl*" ^ personse?*a?-d in said business, trades or aro f*?ion*Mst promptly reus* said licenses in accord **'* y ^ pro* isions of the amended act regulating licenses, approy.ed June tu, ISl, vU; "That every person engaged in any trade, oecupation or prof.-s ?J'SrT' ',*x ?" imposed by the laws of the District of Colombia shall, at the time for ar<? nring the same, Make application to the Beg is ter. and shall state under oath or affirmation such fa?t? as may beapplicabl- te licenses - o The E-giter shsll then Issue to ths applicant a certificate stating the particular kind of license for which application has been made. Mid the amoant of m-'i.ey required by law to he pall theref >r. Said cert iUrate shall be delivered to the C dlector, who shall, upon the receipt of the .am of money stated th-rein, give a certificate of deposit, stating the am. unt of money paid ami th-kind of license re quired, and H shall be the duty of the Begister to issue said license." "That every person liable for a license Itt, who ma> fail to pat th- same before engaging in the busieess for which a license tax ma) be required, shsll.ln Addition to the license tax imposed, pay a ?y penalty of n?t leas than five, nor m >re than Ifty,dollars, for each offence." JOHN F. TOOK. e 3-e< lot Begister District of Columbia. VOTIOB TO TU FitlM. 1M A?on of the KTrrtl UflilUfrt Districts rr?a>a>a? tho Miwwit of r??l property for th* focal yCr ending J a now fa, 1V4, tVeWard at ppealo wiu wScettbe office of the Superintends Ajiyuli wtn Meat * fkx> office of the Superintend ant of kmtmm?to aad Taxes, Ho. 330 4H atreet .near the ?.r*r of Lovlalana avenue, on the 3d DAT or teb KrABT.Mn, at m o'clock m., to hMr ur Mwtli that My be nada from the valuationa of mU aa> i All i?i?h mat be made in writing, and awom to b>>foreofficer eonetent to administer oatha. The Board will be (a oeaaion each day | Sand ay n n'.^'clo' ffilK EM) AYS**5 SATURDAYlf ?om'<i o'clock nnrtlfoclgck ,... wm wall 010. A. BOHR ICR, BILET A. 8HINN, m. J- MIDDLbTON, fel-tf Member* of the Board of Appeals. WASHINGTON, D. {?., Ma*ch 10,19T3, Booms Ho. 330 4>. Stbekt Nokthvv&sT. In compliance with aecdon 34, act approved An gust 23d, 1871, the Board of Appeals win continue in session at their roonie and at the hours designated, EVERY DAT, e*cept Sundays, for thirty days fran this date, after whicb no appeal from the general aaoo?nt for the fiscal year 1473-1474 can be re ceived. By order of the Board of Appeala. marlo lni E. 9. M. FAEHTZ. Secretary. "SOMETHING NEW."-Call and see the "VIS O TA GAS BURNER;" seven jets of gas; aaiue lampe, but no chimneys; splendid Hget; at Bl/HRY 8 Stove Store, n>.11 3t* ?1? 7th street northwe-t. J AMEfc 0.CLEP11ANF. E. Z BRAILEY CLEPHARK l BRAILEY, SHORTHAND W HITKR8 A I.AW REPORTERS. I'fflrf?No. 110 C atreet, between 1st and 21, facing Indiana avenue. nih'11-ly BHOlSEhEEPERS Fitting out or replenishing with % jpt CHINA, GLASSWARE. CROCKERY, and PLATED WffiRr. ( ;<r. fn (1 all they require at our Store, orthd h"St locality and at Lowest Cash Price* WEBB A BEX ERinr.E. n.!l-flt* No. 441 {Odd Fell..a> Hnll)7tli st. jEKl LH LYONS BLACK SILKS. We have jnst added to our stool, a full a-sortment of the best wakes of LYONS BLACK SILKS, and we unhesitating' jr recommend them to our custom er* Belle-best and cheapest bilks in this city. Prices $ 1.75. Si. ?2.25. ?2 S?) and 02.75 per yard. STRIPED SIMMER SILKS, at 61 and .*1 ? per yard. Elegant all Wool FRENCH CASHMERES, at 75 cents per yard NEW SPRING DRESS GOODS, in *re*t variety, at 2ftc., 3Uc.,35c . 40c., 50c. and riOc. p* r vard. JOSEPH J. MAY S, 039 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCE. ii31_2t B?t ween 9th and 10th street-. p1 R O M AUCTION. RE\V SPRING SILKS. W.-call the particular attention of our customer* t<. IOO PIECES of NEAT STRIPED and CHECK SI LKS, which we purchased at auction ill N*w York nn cb below the regular price. FRENCH POPLINs' Moll MRS, CRET0N3, St ALLEY, and the cheapest lot of GOOD BLACK SILKS t" be found in t hi - market. ONE PRK E ONLY W. M. SHl'STKR A BP.O , i ill 2t HI9 PeniMjrlTsnia avenue. Sffi Uli PtsxnLVAtiA Ave*; *. Hue ju-t received direct from New Y ok beautiful | SPRING GOODS, Coiiipiising niany novelties in ORIGINAL AND FANCY GOODS; A full stock of MILLINERY, IOMBBT. HANDKERCIIIFS. CORSETS, BASKETS, Ac. CB ILDREN *S FRENCH CA PS a specialty. m.'U-6t \KW GOODS. xew styles. JUST RECEIVED. 01 R SPUING S'flH K OF DRY GOODS AND CAUl'ETIXGS. of th< latest productions >n this and other aide of the Atlantic, which will be open tor inspection Tl ESI'AY, APRIL 1, 1?T3. The rr.?ds we offer, comprises a full assortment of . now and beautiful DKESS GOODS, nuchas plain figured and stripe .1 apanwse Silk*, ranging from <> c . to ?1. Colored Silk-, the best fabric- in Mark Grou Grain, colored and black Alpacas, Mohairs, Per cales, and a full line of choice and fancy prints and other nice guod?, too numefon- to mention. We shall aiso exhibit a full and entirely new st"<-k . c.f I CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, and MATTINGS. l"i glUb Tapc-stry, Bru?el> in handsome patterns, tin- \ery choicest Iugiains, Oil I'lothsof no?est de signs, Straw Matting, verv fair, at 25 cents. Onr variety in either brain lies, Dry Oomta and Carpets, ii> siip?-rior to auv south of New York, and pi < pose at all times to sell cheaper than nny house in the city. We invite the public in general to inspect our got^a and prices before pui< having elsew here. WOOLFORD k SHILBBRO, 4111 7th STREET, B-twoen Dand E, southwest. ii 31 3m OyTHE ARCADE. SCPBEME COl'RT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Fobbist vs. For a est et al.?No. 3,ul?. Emity Docket 13. This cause has lieen referred to me as -pedal au ditor to take proof and state an account of andcon c< rning the matters and thinga in the plaintiff's bill mentioned and contained. Creditors and all parties inteieated are hereby notified to appear before me, and Ik-heard in the premises,oh WEDNESDAY, April 2,1S73. at uiy office, in Young's Law Building, mil* WALTER 8. COX, Special Auditor. BAGS VIRGINIA PEANUTS. Just received and for sale by JNO. W. LUM8DON A CO., n 29 3t 1I08 9th atreet, opp wit*. Center Market. Tons hay, 6.000 BUSHELS OATS, Arriving. For sale at low prices. D< livertd at Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. JNO. W. LUMSDON A CO., li 29-3t itO** 9th street, opposite Center Market. A N_B 0 R LATHS. ATTENTION, LUMBERMEN AND PLASTER ERS. I am now unloading another cargo of LATHS, which I will sell low for cash or good paper. WM. GCIN AND. foot 3il street southeast, ii 21' 4C and also 6'J3 Louisiana avenue. LOWE S FANCY STORE. SPRING STYLeITiN MILLINERY ?Sc8 GOODS, LACKS. EMBROIDERIES. LA DIES DREsSTRIMMINGS, FANCY GOODS,*c , At LOWES, W11 Market Space. ni29 3t between sib and 9th streets. 'PIIE SPICING TERM of the MISSES OS 1 BORNE S BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL will wnimence April 9. 1<J73. 913 M. corner loth street northwe.-t. Particular attention given to young pupils. niM-lw* ME. STOOPS, Nalionnl Fiotctr Kmbalmf, . has MOVED from B23 7th street to 430 ?th ftreet northwest between D and E streets, where she w ill be glad to receive the liberal patronage hitherto extended to her. nils lm' {^REAT BARGAINS 1.1 PIASOS WHICH HAVE BEEN USED. Oue Ilallet A Davis Rosewood, 7 oc tave, 9175. One Ilallet A Davis Rosewood,7 octave, 430O. One Roaenkranc Rosewood, 7 octave, j?76. One Btein R. we wood, 6S octaxe, *50. For sale upon easy terms at the Warerooms of W. G. METZEROTT A CO., Sole agents of Stein way's Pianos. an<l m28 3t Mason A Hamlin's Cabinet Organs. DLI MB1NG AND GAS FITTING. 140 100 Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Gas Fitting done In a neat ami substautial manner, and on reasonable terms, -hould leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. m?7 4m* WM ROTHWELL. QUR BOYS' DEPARTMENT. BOYS' iPRING SUITS, BOYS' SCHOOL 8UITS, BOYS' LIGHT SUITS. BUYS DRESS SUITS, BOYS DARK SPITS. BOYS' MIXED SUITS, BOYS' FINE SUITS. BOYS' PLAIN SUIT8 BOYS' CHEAP SUITS. mroor sprjnu STOCK is lahgb and iomhete, and ouk assortment riner THAN EYER BEFORE. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, mll-tr Ooim in a|D D Irmirra. [\|0tT WOtlDERFUL^lBTEBTlOBjJ^F THJI j. Moaao' Electro-Galvanic BriOTA-fO^Ot h OMTIh ota. JHI CHINESE TEA R0V0 to 013 Datroot, i aad 7th, north aid I orer. Bo rant to m L. BENJAMIN. WANTS. U ikTUKA ftill-hlooded SCOTCH TERRIER M 1*UP- AddrseaT. 8.. Star oMc? m31 at U7AKTID-A GIltL to io til* work of a email '* f?milT;K" 6H M?r>Uml w?a>. mM-tt* \V ANTED?A aae-h. rse tread PoWPK. Mut ? " IX' (w4 AlUmi J . A. P., milhwriit corser ot 14th And H streets notthwest. It VV^NTKD-A SERVANT to 4v < ?? rhatjkfr?nrk. M iM be otll re Apply it No. 1339 1?th rtrwt. near P. \x be K?*jd AiMnw J ? A. P., southwest corn?r iM' Vin| kqA reciwnmeixW. nisi at* * ANTED?A KIRSK and CHAMBERMAID Must come recommended. Apply northwest coni(r<(liulfl?tre*t?. mil Si* W AKTED-A WHITE GIRL, with good refer "? etice, to do the work of ?family of two person*. A ppl > at iljj 1.1th stn et northw est. It* \V*AKTKP- By a re-pert vble WHITE WOMAN "" ? SITUATION a* tir?t-clans cook in a restau rant. Apply at Ho. 910 3d ?trwt,l)?tw(wn I and K street*. m31 S* WANTED-ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS~far one year on chattel mortgage. Address. with real name and rate of interest, D. B. W., 330 street northwest ni31-3l* iVANTED-Fixe(?) g. od CIGAR MAKERS and tv one (1) A PI'BENTlCE BOY. Apply liiiin<^ri i - ately at .lOSEPH A BROS., 30b 4S street v.iuli ui3i a * \V ANTED? A resp-ctsble WHITE GIRL to do vv chamber work and tske care of ch-ldren. Ap ply, with recommendations, at No. 7 33 Ith street northwest. m31-2t* II'ASTKII-I nirdinicl)?A competent COL '* ORED W OMAN as hooae servant and n?r?e. Referee es required. Apply 996 17tU street. corner of K nijl .jt * \\r ANTED?A young French girl would like to vv find a family to g toE'irooe with as LADY'S MAID or LADY'S COMPANION. I? rerv highly recommended. H. L.. Evening Star offic-. ni31 S:* W' ANTKD-B; a responsible party, living in the v t t omitr> . a HORSE to keep during tho coming sTinimer. Will pa> for tlie keeping for the u*? of him tor pleaiuie. Inquire at Rvoin 4"S Post Off -e Department. m31 Si* UfANTED- At I .rib K sti?t. a fir-t cIvTh MEAT, \ KGETABLK and PASTRY COOK. Good wages and steady employment. None but those competent need apply . The b--t of r? f-r"n. e H'li.jred. itt.il-2:* 'ANTED?A \\ KT ?I RSE. at iluiJlii street between K and K. ? ni23-.it \\ \\* ANTED?A first-rate experienced COOK, well tv KCDBafixM, tit I itl b F-tnet. ni-?-3t* W ANTED- A * KT X I i;sT:. at .iliTFii Mr~eT, vv between K and F. Iut? .It" W ANTED?A SERV ANT who can cook, wa-h tv and it on. settled woni.>n preferred; must have go.?l riC'ininu'tidations. 1006 M street north west. tnSJ.lt* \\r A NTED-A first rl#?- WAITER for a resTau vv rant. Good references required. Good wages ate! permanent situation, \pply ('HAS. RLOT/., G street, near 17th n >rthwest. m2'?-3t* W* ANTED?At a moderate rent, h HOUSE i on tv taining about lo or 11 rooms, bet* een 10th and 15th streets and Pennsy lvania avenue and G street. Ii diire at W. F. GEBHART S, corner 13li and E streets. m29-3t * Y** A NTK It-Three completely FURNISHED tv ROOMSfor housekeeping, w ith g*.? and water fir-t floor preferred. Po?e?.jon tak -n 13th proximo. Rent not to f\ee<-d #20 per uioiith. Address II. O. FORREST, City Post Office. m2Y 2t' \Y'ANTEI?-\ COLORED GIKL, about IS rears ?? old,to take charge of a l>ahy. One who has had some experience can apply at No. 40S 'J:hstreet northweat, < ifoiht Obroncl* ofllct. nris-st' \%'ANTK1) A W11ITK MAN (stifle) to take charge of a liver* stable; nm?? understand all nhont horses. B. CUUIT, Jr., 17^4 ?i street, Wa-hington city. n.2-1 ii' WANTED ? ImmedlHtely ? First-class WASII T? ERS and IRONERs, st the New York Laun dr\ . ?*Sil 13th street tiorthnest. References re qairod. mii .'J " \\*ANTED?A YOUNG JM\N who under-taii.lt tt gardening and is willing to make himself g?-n erallj usi fiil; German pmferretl. Appl> at 1*207 K street northwest. mM 3t %Vr ANTED?A W0M AN to -npet intend storeroom TV and k itclien; a U'mmI cook, and know how to send upi tilers properly; must not be atraid of w irk. Al-o, a competent MAN to superintend 'lining rooms. Apply to E. L., Post Office. m2H-3t* \1/ANTKD?GENTLKMEN or I.\DIKS?o v v cage ill an agreeabb- and protitahle business; a Coisl opportunity for department clerks snii others partiallv eniploye I. Apply at lllSHOP'tf Newa !>? pot, 14 11 Pennsylvania avenue. in28-3l" J ANTED?By a white man of ?ols'r au>l indus trious habits, a SITUATION in a store or -onie tnsiness h^us.- where lie can make himself g> perall> useful. Good references given. Addres* C. P. J., Star office. m2S-at" VV'^NTED-IIORSES to IMARI). at Ihet ipi v v tid Hill Liverx and Hiring Stable, 31 7 31 street southeast, between C and D. Particular attention paid to the care of boarding horses, and ou the most reasonable terms. nrj.i-.lt IV ANTED?A SERVANT to Mash and iron and " do general housework, at S07 L strei-t uorth, between 8th and 9*h. m27 W ANTED?A first-claes WHITE COOK; must vv thoroughly understand her business; at 1709 I street^ * mil tVANTED-ORDERS for every description of v v tine stitching received at the Wheeler A Wil -oii Office, 461 Pennsylvania avenne. mJSti" VL'ANTED?A MAN acquainted with general tt farm work and used to taking rare of stock; one w ith a family preferred - good wages given: ref ep-nces required. Apply Mrs. LEWIS BAlLEV, Bailey's Cr >?s Roads, Va., or address through Post Office, Washington, D. C. nits lw* %Yr ANTED? LA DIES to take notice that Madame vv D. E. M A1SON, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th stre?t north west. ni2ilm* WANTED-A WET NUR8K. Apply at tSOVl. street northwest, between 8th and 9th street*. nJ lm* ANTED? fcvery one to know that the VICTOR >' SEWING MACHINE hat its nttdU *tU stt utir. the most perfect ahnttle in use, resting in a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem oreat's Pattern Emporium. aagSMy T. W. 8PICER, Agent. \y ANTED?Everybody in favor of thoroughly v v cleaned Carpets, almost as bright as new, to send orders to L. RICE, at the Steam Carpet Beating Works, Maine avenne, bet. 4)6 and 6th sts. aprU-ly w LOST AND FOUND. IOST?Ou Monday morning, froui 4>4 to 13th i streets, on F street, a small GOLD BROOt'H, with a coral setting, in a ribbon. The Under will please return to 11197 New York avenue. m31-3t* '|'HE BROKEN BRACELET lost Saturday eve A IInig at Kubenstein's concert was found, and can be bad by calling at tll'J Delaware avenue northeast. in3l-2l* STOLEN?From the door of Norfleet's Harness Establishment, corner 13th street anfl Pennsyl vania avenue, a gold-mounted BBIDLE, with letter B?n blind. Any one returning the above will be liberally rewarded. It* LOST?On the evening of Friday, the 28tli iastant, while going from 9th and I streets to Uth and I, and from thereto llth and G streets, a gold enam elled BREASTPIN, with pearls in the center The tinder w ill receive a liberal reward by returning the same to 933 H street. m31 2t* | || BEWAKD? Lost, ou Sunday, March 231, yl v i>n Massachusetts avenue or 14th street to the Boundary , or I street, between 13th and 15th,a brown MINK FUR COLLARET. The flmler will receive the above reward by leaving it at 416 I street, between 4th and 5th, northwest. m31-3t* HPAKEN UP ASTRAT, ON THE 96th Instant, 1 a large 11OQ, w hite, about lav weight. jfMKW The owner w ill come forw ard, prove prob nkJ^ erty, pa> charges and take hint away. m>-3t* JOHN KENNELLY, No. 19 H st. n. e. ?? C RE W A I'D.?Lost, in Center Market, or be twecn7th street and Georgetow n, on the 27th instant, a large sir.ed ACCOUNT BOOK with uaiue uf owner on the back The alsi\e reward will be gMcn if returned to J. H. CROWN, No. 481 Cen tcr Market. m28 3t* LOST?From the naidence of the owner, 103 D street, lietween 1st and ii. mtrthr?nT m 1 a light brindle BULL TERRIER BITCH w i;h tip of tail and feet white. A liberal T ^ reward will be paid to the tinder. m27 6t* IOST?On the 1st ot March, on E street .between J 10th aud 2d streets northwest, a RUBY RING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. ?09 3d street northwest. m7 I OST?On the 19th, between 4H and S9d and 7th and 1 i t. ?tnwl?. s Mlrnf ITE.fll.AIMga -</y> gold frame. A liberal reward will l>e*_J^ paid if returned to 479 C street northwest. da BOARDING. ' ^HOLE'S BOABD1NG HOUSE, 131 north A ?7 street, a few doors east of Capitol. Nicely-fur nished ROOMS, with BOARD, #? per month. BOOMS lor housekeeping. ni28-3t* I'BEMONT HOUSE, corner 2d street and Iudi 1 ana avenne, having been enlarged aud newly furnished throughout, is now one of the most de suable Hotels in the city for SUMMER BOARD 1NG. Parties wishing to secure pleasant rooms, ~ ' Board, should apply before the > have also a suit, and single Room, on first floor, opening on pavement, suitable for gentlemen. Gentlemen wishing to room together can liara elegantly furnished Rooms at low rates. w27-6t* I,*OR RENT?Gims! ROOMSand TABLE BOARD in that uew house .No. 618 H street, near 7th. only one square from Patent Office, recently taken by a Northern lady. Come and try for yonr eelves. mlliw* |'OOD BOARD, PLEASANT ROOMS, AMD vI .prices moderate, at VIM ooraar of Pennsylvania avenne and list street. marl-lf PERSONAL. Ayouno ladt, a resident in wash ington from childhood, offers her services for an offlce or store, In keeping ordinary accounts, writing letters or copying, or other business of a similar nature. Refers to Hon. John HHa, Presi dent German American Savings Bank; Hr.and Mrs. H. C. Spencer, Business College, and others. Ad dross A. M. C., Baelness College. n?4t fkBSTACLES TO MARRIAGE.?Mom R**f \J /sr letrnf Mm from the effects of Errors and Abuses io early life. Manhood restored. Impedi ments to Marriage removed. Mew method of treat ment. Mew and remarkable remedies. BjoEs and Circular* sent free, in sealed envelopes. Address Hovard Attociatum, No. 9 loath 9th street, Phila delphia, Pa.,?an institution having a nigh refuta tion for honorable conduct aad prole.sioual ?kill. marl?-eolm MRS H. J. FRENCH, Us GMnMI JUtoMi flaivwny?1 mmd Tut Mtdiwm, can be ess* aft T9? llth street northwest:also,givss deUniatlone at character by photograph Wd writing oTjlajk^ L**11 LIME! LIME I , wood-bwrrt LIMB at ?1 per barrel,delivered In all parts of the city. . ... . THOMAS FAHKT, 10thstreet, n l4 loi near La. avenue, Q?Athwe?t, FOB HKKT AND SALE. ft/OB BERT?Newly-furnished ROOMS on se?-.?nd Wl fl*>r i? bcaae with *11 th? ra -1-rn imnmre nient*. at Itl Ctff.a.e ; rent moderate. m.11 h 1/OR RKNT-*wo nnfwcishSTBOOM87eu?t?fr?e r ft r offi es, M 610 Fb stre-t, opposite Pa'**t Office. mSI-y ."'OK RENT?Karur H??- unfurnished BOOMS, Mo.??04 1 street north* egt. suitable f?r hinw kteping Referencenthinpi!; rent advance. II* FOR KEKT-Fiuc, lirft J*ToRE -n n.rih (Mr of Pennsylvania avenue. in.uireou premi?es S >. 93$, n-a? 3d street west mJl St* j 1/OR RKNT?Furulsti..l PA BLOCS and BKI? * KOOM8, fr??i #? te ind nrh. U 31* j Pennsylvania ave.,bet 3d and t'? sts. mSl-St* F^OB RKNT?1On MwrJI and H street*. wnlc west. STOBKROOM and CELLAR A?p!t on the premises. mUl jt* I^OR SAIK?Si?, ciiitii, tune sod ten-room HOCSKS at a bargain ? all at th> e f L. I SCHAPMAN. 11th st..bet. N amlO.n.w n.31 3t ruR KKMT-T?n PARLORS, front aiii uk. r furnlsliet?, on 2d floor.at low N" III Penti are ,opp -site Btanical Garden. u.tl a" ? /"OR BENT-Furnished PARL??BS. with I. .atT. I at N >. 19 Grant Plac., between * h and It);li j streets. tr..il It' F'OR RKNT?A two-story Hol'SE. c. uipl -tely furui-ln-d. situated at 406 1st street south. .1st. corner 1st and D itwt?. Applr ue\t d ><>r f r key. mJl 3t*_ 1/OR REST?April l*t, th"-ee ROOMS, tinfur 1 iikIihI, being tli- 2.1 floor of three-story Bri^k I on 8'b street northwest, between M ml K. suitable for housekeeping, rent l >w. mSI-St* 1/OR RKNT? *2fr?A neat. turn n, i.r-'?-"d bri?'k 1HVELLING, w ?tcr und g??, N *th st northwest. WM F HOLTZMAN, 131-81 Attorney at Law, 401 7sh st., c.ir. D. n.w. 14*OB RKNT?Two HOI'SKS, four room* ea<*|i, > ards tront ki?i reat, on I st reet. n<-ar ltd. on "liiart- a. nth of Pen. s<lv*uia a*-title ? rent. *12 p. r m< ?tlh in ad\anre. Aaalv to N T. IMl.A Y. Fnt ni i tiiti- and Slow Store, 9314 1 street. liuil :tf I/O I! RKNT?PI asant unfurrii-ti'-l eoinmnnirat I ine front ROOM?, w itli *a?. bath an I witer clo -et on floor; ne? brick house; F-street cars p?i--. 303 |>?t Capitol ^:r> inn rid,two ? |iiare? oa t of Capitol ground*. in.il 2i' F'OR RENT A ?iiil >f ROOM"*, ui I) |i;rnl?h?l. will In- for rent tlio rir^t of April, :?t I i itrift northarrt. nC'- l' * I/OR I:ENT-Oil r -<1 ? . I-W II Hit* ai.il 12'li atrr<-ta, ft d^airable RtlOM auitabb'foi m ifj?'-. K. I \ o, .>( ir ? -??. n..M I * I/OR BKNT?Pl-aaant Kr m> ROOM.^n I ?tr<vt. n*'?r 7lh: a pl?a?ant, atiadv pl.?ce. Injnir hi ??11 7th afreet, from 3 te 4. and i t"p ni FH?B~RKNT?A d?*?ir?lil? 1KRI( K DWKLI.IV. HOCSK. So. T at r ei*t. Inquire of C. N TBOM. No. II** I.Vh ?tr???t. ml? It* h'tiR RKNT?Bomr b*attHf"l ROOMS, nortb and aoiilli front, at 310 and SI* C street aorlliw????, ;ni! ?-b d or iitifuriii?hed. m2? 2?" L^OB RF.NT?K nir ix-at 1 > furni<li*tl ROOMS. 1 1914 G?tre??t, betwt-?ii 12 b and 15tli aia. li -rili ?ed. " niS9-3t* L'OR RKNT?Three kcoihI -itory BOOMS: Ma 1 and water. AI<o, Saloon Parl-T,( niifiiriii-lo^t.) for liouKeke?piiig or otherwiae, N i. ?0j 8th atr --t northwest. ni?> .tt* I/OR RKNT?Partiea tleairiikg I ?rge ROOMS. 1 haiiiN'-mely furniaheil, at m idet.,-e ra;e?, will rail at hOa and 610 13th street northweat, i:? ?.-?r th Kbbitt H"Hm- ?iid WillHi l a. liij!'21* L'OB BKNT?A newiw. ?tor> FRAME UoL'SK. E roiitaining tlve room-, on N ?? J r?e>- avenue, b' tween y and K ?lrecta. Apply at t-ti M ?treet northwest. nit' It* t/OR RKNT?Pleasant, romni sli uis ROOMS for 1 Siinimer, fnrniahed or unfttruiahed. with a pri \ ate family; use of bath-room, Ac. Apply at '?3A Rliodt- Island avenue. ni^i .'It* I^OR SALE?HOI SK> i'l S*?.i?J0, l.".'KW, lo^WI, I2.'?V. .'.-'Mi, 2 l.O'i. THUS K V. M3GAM VN. ti20 .'ft N-v a I 7 ih street. I^OR RENT-rVerr low, tlie ut.inJ and tliirl I FLOOR, IMS Pennsylvania avenue;* auraK loi lr;lit uianufaciuriug buain??at or Dr<-*s Mak inif. tn??->t 1/ O R RE NT-H O I" sirs" 7 I '? 12 li sir t.TZ I tari-en Q and II nortbw?at, r intainitig 6 i -in-, w lib ?ra- and v aler. Bri' k Siabl- in rear. A pply ? It It H IiARKER, 1111? II slre.-t >ri. r 12 li northwi-at. int* 2w ?/OB RENT?HOUSES. 1 >cai foU?? - I No. Wl A L street uorthw-st; lo r-? ui?. N.i. 4**t p.-niisyH ani i a> ? mie n -rth??i ?t lira No. 1916 Maryland avenue aouthweat,9 roouts. Ten oti T street, between ltlli and IMli; li rooma. Apply to JOS K k El. LEV. B. <1 Estate Ailellt n.2f-3t No. 909 sth street northweat. I/OR RUT-FvaMmlIWnoiind nli|b PAR LORS. at 7 lb l ith glrt-et, la)tweeti G an-1 II.with or withoui BOARI?. nrw J'* I/OR RENT?A tne-rooiu HOl'SE. No. 499 N'e* York HVi-Lue;\ery desii.ililo locality. Aj.pl\ ?n the preiuima. M -V* I/OR RENT-LARGE UaLL on 7tb sireet, be tweeti 1) street and Louisiana avenue lug.-) 3t T1I0S. E WAGGAMAN. ^19 7tli st. I/OR RKNT?Fine three story BRICK, in central part id the city; ?9U |ier month, in advaiice. JAMES E. WAl'GHi n i- It U03 15th at., Room No. A. up ataira. F^OB HKNT-A large, well-fiiruialied FRONT ROOM, in a pri* ate house; 994k E at. northweat, suitable for one or two you^g gentlemen. Applvto S. H BACON, 709 Market Space. in*-H>t i 1/OB RKNT-HOUSK No. 1919 12th str.-.-t, lie i K tween T and I', northweat; eighteen dollars per ; iiiont|.;an roi ma, frviit and rear yurdi. In-iuire on I piimisea. tu2s-3t"" F*OB BKNT-A three ator> BRICK HOI'SiToa Rhode Island avenue, between 14th and Uili sta., No. 1 496, raa and water. Iunnire of \V M J.WIL LIAMS. K at.,bet. Htb and 1Mb.No. 1909. iirivS" I/OR RKNT?The HOl'SK No. 1993 ?th?t.. be tween M and N, northweat, will be for rent April . 1st. It tiuire ou the prtmiaea. or at the corner of5th ai d G ata. northwest, of F. B. LORD nits 3i* I"/OR RKNT?FL'RNISIIKl), 4100, ?6?, I'NFCR N1SIIED, S?U. ?4A ??. ?7. STORES and HOI SE8. %<*, $Ju; STORK. *40; OTFH'ES. ?5U, 625. ftU. TUOS K. WAGGAMAN. ni2S-? A19 7th atrect. 1/oR RKNT?Nicely furnished PARLORS and r connecting BEliROOMS; also, single rooms. Wanted to buy, aome old Drain Pipe; alao, Water and Gaa Pipe. Apply at the aouthweat corner uf lit li and G atreeta northwest. ml-. St* I/OR RKNT?Neatly-furnisUt-d PARLOR aud I BEDROOM,communicating; bath room ou aame fliHir. Alao, tlegautly-furuiabed B-slrooma; will be rented od very reasonable terms; half a<iuare from both line* uf cart, and one frum Gapitol. 993 North CapitoTatreet, between B and C. mS 6t* F^OR RENT?On New York avenue, 1 496. third door fri>m 151 h rtreet, a PARLOR and CH AM BER, connected. on the first floor, ju-rv suitable for a doctor or lawyer, being in the hu?Tne?s renter, aud rail cara run on three aide* of the s-tnare. Also, a Clianil^T in 3d atory; rent cheap. mfe Tt* 1/OR RKNT?A three story FRAME HOl'SB. on * the north side of K atreet, between Mth and Con necticut a*enue. containing aetenteen r.Hini*. water and gaa. The property it but a abort distance from Fairngut Square, and th'-afreet in front ia parked, and laid with wo<alvn pat fluent. Price, ^7t per month FITCH* FOX, n 23 It l'<09 Pennsylvania avetiu-*. P~~?OR SALE? lit LVABLE B UlL DIXG L O TS. Three LOTS on the east side of 14tli street, near 14tli st. northweat; 22 feet 8 inches by 100 feet each. Fne LOTS on L street, between 13tli and 14th sts, northwest; 24 feet by 11U feet each, being on north aide of L street. ISufeet euat of 14th st. Terms: One fourth cash, balance in 1,2, aud 3 years. 8. P. BROWN, ti 28 lw errnT 15tli street and New York ave. I/OR RENT?Three suite* of ROOMS, th'ee JT rooms each; furnished or unfurnished; at 319 4H street. Inquire at the office of 0- D BARRETT, 317 4>? street. inZ7-tit F,OR RENT? ROOMS, furnished for home-keep ing; bath-roum, closets, Ac. Apply at 1341 Columbia street, between 9th aud luth and P aud Q atieeta. Ui27-4t* F'OR SALE CHEAP?Terms. #10U cash, ai. l %3i monthly until paid?several new 2-story BRII.K HOl'SES, situated ou New Hampahire avenue, li tween T and U streets north; have six rooms, hall, front and back yard*; luiues completely finished. / W. STARB. ti27-2w Northeast corner N. Y. ave. and Uth st. {Chronicle, Republican, tf.) 1/OR SaLR?A handsome 5-room HOCSK. with good > an*; in an excellent location. ln<|U'.re at No. 4 16 luth St., betweeu D and K sts. northweat, b*-tween 4 and ? o'clock In the evening. m'Ai-Ht" F'OH RENT?Two communicating ROOMS, "li 21 floor, new ly furnished; aingle or double; w it h or witliont BOARD. No. 794 6th street, betw - n G and U, northwest. ni?i-<t* 1/OR KALE?TWO PIECES OF LAND, near Ar lington; about one quarter of a mile frow the Aqueduct bridge. One contains ? and the otber 3 acres; improved by two small frame houses. Apply to JACOB BIKCHy No. 9b 3d street, George town; mara?-lm* I*OR SALE-A small UOl'Sl-713 North Caro lina avenue, near Eastern Market. A neat cot tage for a small family. Choice flowers, evergrei n* and grapes on the Mace. Two squares fr.'uib ith southea?tern lim-s of city cara. iu25-0t* FOR SALS 0B RBNT-BBICK DWELLING; bark building, four-stories; containing 11 rooms, water and gas; on east side North Capitol street, No. 931, between B and C street#. Apply o? the premises. "??* _ 1/OR SALE?At a bargain?A comfortable seven r r-H-Bi HOL'SB, pressed brick front, with modern conveniences, large lot, *c. Apply on tbs premises, 1909 10th street, above M. nals-ltr |/OB 8ALK?On Capitol Hill, a genteel 3-story r and basement BB1CK HOUSE, containing nine rooms. besides bath and store rooms It has gas, cold and bet water, and water-cfoeets; heated by fca trobe and Empire beating range. It is tvearl) new . in thorough order, In a very healthy ami agreeable neighborhood, and will be soM very low on easy terms. Apply to the owner on the premises, 907 A tn21-?w* ri? .MWT-rOBNIgHlP ROOMS: a back Parlor rarnished as a Bedroom, and two pleas ftn? ?w brick front * HOI SB, with stone trimatlnis, containing 10 **4 * " "ater.co. kuig KS'JWiLf.'fe-.?ii. l/OR SALE?K two-story BRICK HOUSE, No. 1/ lOt I atrect northwest, containing fJUr rootoa; also passage, kitchen, cellar, bathroom with water 3nlet, hoi and cold water ia chambers, beater in parlor,and co<iking range la kitchen. Ths lot is K feet front by Me feet dee^, te a ? foot pa^od.aiisr, with a brick stable and carriage house. J.W. THOMPSON,corner of 17tb strpst and New York atrenne. feb?-tf r?? BKNT?Deairable OFFICE BOOMS, alao r Disk Boom In building ho. Sib 9th street. Ap plf to A. O.HALSYiBoard of Trade Hoouu. oJ lm FOB RENT AND SALE. Wt?Sir a5S 04 ??P" Kania r, ? SKWtfcfe2a5L:^S?" *?" *vtj ?f ?S5W^;t?i^T??o<^r,f^ (b, rurp>^. tun hl^B I^*'1 ?"w I I tst< ritr A#JlM?^ ,*Uj trtl* ??<l?r?iiaW. ? L-r. CLARE. mil lw N? ia*j t rtl" *,,'? 1,1'""* ? ?...rn ?... ?*m Panna>l?at.i??.?; w F?57.-Jr;; ?? it, im^S,i ?umw. r^ENT?BOOMp, ?> trk^ri .t i oTh m ?" niw.f Tn-f 11th stnx* n l P>B REKT?A idllfe KmiM Blj(VHm ?> h,lf 'VW^tt.m ?h- Uih.rr,.., * 9 la per n,< nth, in^r.r. t.J4 L? ava., fi.w ? ? " '??!"" n,i.\. FOR SALE. L~OK SALE?A fine lot ot UoRsL.v jum t ,., * lr< m /.an<-?wll?-. Obi... ai I'BK l'? stables. " *>th aud V stre?-t? northwest I" *""? of *?*> ?pri? ?OEK ?l <"! i k? ' m' % r> 1 i Lo*Kw":?;"vwrL-'"1-Hl 4i| El v *.* ?4LI-T*?'tl)li?h and fast Pt>\ i E>, if- *jr *. 1 ? haV."0'^ V""1 ???' ?> ? ??"- rv I'll Vt?.\ , m'" f"sh AU l* P<'NE\ -jX^ ,-i nil' ts ? . and w it iOmL^ a.v w'i uki'V^i^ ap?'> t. c mi d-r ?*???. I ??? ???y T r !'?'" Bl>IN?>* w A.iTTx. ... r. s ? <:r m * headchrep f?r*wi,* ' ? -" M Ml Rpnv. AT l'K!\ AT E ^ \ I K? V tt. t .-f liiiii ivd !'? M K I; N IT I i; K 1 ' -T7T Blue Italia I..,,,^*.?* Ant ?n ir'.r..nM?tlTie. I I S^T?.2 Arn,. * L:. W ? ?"I 4 \l iadow Chain. 2 Vl-ny am .. it h... pti._n ? bam. 1 KIk'|i> mid tiili K u ,'i I . .in. St. .4 to mai. h; ala->, ox,.- | fell(M . . ?^ft\?,'lltwl'!,,K alfuW 76 yai !? ' ,Av;, / ? IN 'LT.V.^ To con'Jractuks-si. .?h.. r ,. ? J U n ' t"r't Til'U of eV.TV d -n . pf . ! ? ,, "^.n ^ hnkilkk. IOIU ?: ' >c^ 't f r *? M- Mttwaop. B>mw >u. mil liu* !"W45VV?MniV^?V?Avu J.h" a..,C.HOil. r tor ?t I .. prirr* ,ud ou r?MO?abl? l?m.. ih- r.Ur ?n ? * V rk at Krinr. t. >rir-^B ?'h anJ Sili Mi? t? r?. itliv nt.beiuK N., 411 ??.r . _ . \\rTvt pr^'-'1,1 k ^?.V'b ^;Il l.,''^ Ct*Ui"tu? 3 Ulli t .OLJ, <a, 1 H^SE No dM N.wv'.'r'w arrnn,, HiiuMli*trw*ti norrtiuxflf- tu . r * 1- 1 N i.4^2 New \ ,.rk ixt-nno r. rthv <t *? ?? r-^ v'V/iVT'ror''"T1 k'' ??"'???> -- 1 th...?r,;::4> '? v1 ah; ? ro<.ai?, all modt ru o.ntnuieacca. Kk' ?'m-flne BalMtnc LOT^'^S'nh itr.-,-t I .t? , v ' u^VMrNtiB rtkwcat * | 1 l.rw 1W Bitildiiitc LOTS. <>* K, ? v .rk .. .. . cori.-r of 4th ?" R * 1 jr^?*? nue. T*o Aim'Buildup 1.UTS,s. ? Votk n , 4th am. St h .tricts ?!? *' tiw t.. * | r > r furtlitr |>art:culan>. app1) to E C WHITE. El CiEXE CAKI SI. n,li. 2m . M AT TIS?JLF. . . A ? iitn?-..? ,.f J <% t; | r UU'K (.LAV ftoksale. ~ Apply to ?r ,r DurGE * PABSEILLE, lJI' tf 1?7 rgtr^t, B MEDICAL, &o. lAI^ A E CITTEB. M. !?., Ma*n-n feuiaj;?aiii!v^"'- - ">? I Etilr qf ,,, A>utnru? t ? u ** Mtdumi ??,/ i'r)t.,. .,J E a-ilVifg'ju^UoM.'4' WiU dlH*u^ Jl?** Hithout I aial>K?|, tiniHf i<m. C'aiirer**, Bla-'! P ?i*.?n? "r1?t.^ecUou*' ""d i"-? ~e .,M':Lu'.,^r'Ku-4,3uth pe?. r.^te'f^-t02p ?''^ ? ?,>;?,. >v '?sra: ?'? A ("'foshek U Mra. _ _ K"SBEIt, U a?liiii<toD, |t. c. f-'-t fag* l\|AJ)AMI WILSON, 'rHi.iAttrt\s"srr?wit.. . D [ a I A? sg'l NCID E*K T^iLTO' L A DIKD Beatdeac# and CohmHsuou Eo^um, r 11 *l (treat tc T5^21L^k* Bird ? M"iu ?..ad uszsiiffi; tr^tad Id W?ahtn?ton HU#nto |^E. LXOM, coy S CL TlXV Pit YS1C1A >, Th? oldest eAabksbel Specials; in tbe city. Ho. Sll litb rtrfrt, above a. H un: 11 to ? Mtd 7 tu I, dailf. I.""?Fviule Complaint* au<2 CQUitaoii jy*-w t ' ajl(1 COu8neBK.nl * cttaea tak?*o. Dt^cnbe caae ana encloae ai mA ^ #< ut Addre* M* ' Dr TUOMfbUV^a. MC Nortk ljtbatrat<t, PbHadai ?Ei?: iMgiy JVIOKET BETUBHCD IF A 1 ..... SEN HAD ELIXIR _ FAILS TO CVII CHILLI To 1*. h?dof BBAC* A CISSEL, corner Bridie ftwl P L AN w***' 'f GEO BOB H rtr JtXtJftL&XS&Z DRY GOODS. I^XTBABBINABY BABGAIKS IK PBY GOODS AT C O K N o L L ? ' S. OOfe Nintb Street, oppoaitt^ Patent Office. Largest au<l cheapen Mock of EMBROII>ERY in (lie Clt>. Extra tine larur. TOWELS. At iw-r do/vi. 'nl"a> %hpK^h\lMJ^ACJtV.r'cirt.lS: l iliiw^.I1. SILK r^dn< -d t Wc. Ria l h*AlSi ^L'?? Fin. MAKSEILI ES PA ir AtmLarwatock t rAKAoULB 111 Hil The l^w Ktrlt-fl Lartft' ni.^ L ..f a ?l. I'BBSS GOODS, all .-.>1 .rs an^ inalitt B<nt M'cenl black ALl'ACA in tbectty. m& 4t * Lovely polka ih?t goods, rr .m u>,ceuu Up, toFOlLABDSII.KSat ftl.au. at . BBODUEAD * CO*3. _ mar21 Sni^ HOi r at^t. J^'tW fcPRl.Nt. DRY GOODS. DBESS GOODS in tbe new Mignonet ? ?ii"f5irur*fTpf,."1^i*,??l-BLACK SILKS and BLACK ALPACA>?at I?^m tban r.-gular pruroa ra";T,kW Pm< DUV ?^Ds fur boiei. or pi irate ONE PBICB ! JUST dealing TO ALL ELKGAVT BLACK SILK, from |i tl up. aed a ?Vi i - all kinds of SPRING aud si MMER uuOlS juat received at _ ? BBODUEAD A COB. wmrtl 3tn l E atreet. LHOl R~i ~ RECEIVED D1KEIT fri m tbe Mill* in valley of VLBGIKIA. Will sell to faniilit* M rents par barrel lr^< tua-4 u.ual pricea. Prices of SUGARS and TEAS *11 mxrk?>d down. CATAWBA WINE, tn* Ple"*aBt V*Uc? W^c S. H. bacon, 70S Market Spate, ",|>ry t'Otween 7th and (Mb atre?-ta. Y? in tobacco, c to abs ASi SNIFF. kitvrtt^r.Tn-o Tobacco?all forrrj, sizes aud from 4# cents to ?1 SSper lb , ,W fw?p?r li841** ?* ^ frtA**i Klce* trom 4* *? 2 CMM CUrrstt^ Scotch Sauff. J2? r?,C?'^FecLa^OT *** Cumtiss SnnB ^lot Maokin^ Tobacco, in larg' and mssgjgaats iSSfessi, MS 7th j^EATUlO AHD CoOKlkfi VoV lw -%A ? I. OBEOOBY. *w M? Paan*)Uauia ?v?nu?. BUSINESS CHANCES. jtlOKKV TO LOA^ -**? ?v ?? LuM ? 1" irai eatair, n MIi'lu ?? I I -?l ? ? >(4 a., I'-rCti ot ti? ? J A M I ? F ? UliH, liu K > * i???????*. y?a IN K MI E i'ki A\? HANUR tot . I ?:..!?*? r ?l ??????. i?? ?? t?nl) Hiftir'ii li 1. 0 t "f Lr l-? MraUM. W AiiBKR Ol der, lit* In ? OI ? r 1 n? l**r ? atenua | oabb~on kml iSfni. A|pl Mi mf ric l-? ti a-V f* l?-aaa t"r ?? rh<llilHri-<Mill |..-rri>? ? 1?. 111 4Min.? w !? , i ? ??- h <ll 1I1 ??.?? -fa 4 r, .1 -???#? ?? ?h' P < iip? LM..4. I> H l? T*? fciiatre t ("?KRTlBICATKs OF lltUMTKMX* *? part |>ai . l-alai.-?- < u Its*. ? li I** Hi' ? I in tl?? b^urt ?U<* < il , :i: 4 w ?t de?'raf'>- l? f?M f? -r HID K'M'NV*. n * ?i t?V|'. I ? . 1 at - .? %^A?I IN*^il?.NT? f*r)iw aialiitip ? 1 p-tirrUaa- Mill wnr -d I t .1 -erf ot trust c ti htat rtav. in! ~.i u 11. tlitacttt , t *11 Mnd tlaln t>) acpli I ;?* * ra ua!l> , ??> tr?i? to t L *4 HNIOT. i luu l-iau I. <? H"?M t. t* M M-im ? \t?Tl< t in l;4RTII' milling AT ST iM TI ?M rtrti'?il >lrii 1 t ili?p.- .if |?? pMlj at f -III Mlf pl> ? *ie-a lb 111* l iwt*. 1'%.) ???? 1 1 t ? 11 < ' ?rt ii lhf?aitte n-tli r H-i.i u. It 11 M \?;M*R. I. ?. Km?I II 'kar, n.JS M No. l*? 7tnatr.~l 1/or kVlk -T i k <;4i i|? win til rn r Ton* i??.t t??*ii r - ?< 1 H f. wl liwil. 41, A, pi) ?t R 'I. 170- * ,1 atmal rorthweat. ?"?* ** It (| H PALI 11, Ml \|i If M, F HnSIcv ii rtfi'il a* ? -e~- l?t 11 1 '? ? fft tiuia?* ?^rttritt. .iff Ii in K! t? ii P"' ?? ' ktrnmamtu :l> al.J -i ~^ ^ t, S |m ate.. It *"?? ? ? Mi xii ir\t". iti ^!?> ai:k 111c osiLt ** curt ii ?in *|||.I. ? M' iJI ' ?|f\ [iiix?? \*t\ n\ liWrti ??*? -. ll; *? i. p i 1 ut. on b ?nl? vtl.tis. ?ii?1 <1 " t?'? .1 * BEODRk*P-t I.I'.M* <'.??|?II,? ??? Hut*. |??i\i?V I N l'"? N liv M l"N t !i-? I 9 > .> . ^ 4-*' % ' ? -? 1 p;?\ lilt * I | ? ? t ??. 1 *" . ir.t.i \>C <? I t ???!? 1 t ?' ?** ii.ii piit?i|al ' 4lntr4?Hli"ii! ti?i?<- r ? ??l 'kl i fr Klii l?HK M?. ?.5T In >^l* P .ii'iliaaU r?i.??. I >1 PuKT \ \ T T?? I' \ K1 I > l>l!l\ til r Of' I pi(( AKKO ?>"? \\ *>llll ? ill 11. all Til. ii ?? I P p-i? ill llir two a mail ?. ?.l :nui4 Mi - < ? |n' ?' I'ai I . 11 i? Ih iuc Iak<*1 pi?- ?' Ii el li>* I ii*- *i' f I1P1 ' t ? I*' Tli" fi-ll?>?iti< <"??it'J H >!l rrop?r?l#.. all ? <? I - runluvillt I"* P' C a alni ? If I i ?! tl - I- ??, ? 1IIF TW11 >T'RV A VP BASrMTNT RltK'K KKMMiKi t. S -. 214 l?t -? - mc - tti. ?-1 -? J-iiibh ri?-nti.?fn?N r - w. i-?fi?rT *i-?l kil-'lii-ii Hi i,1JU ttK'lll. -aI .ill |i'irl t t lailli fit iklwtM^I. ailtini anl ?.n --11 Br?i il?i>? i ii*?il- 1- ?' I h?M ?*?' l?a't ri?t?i aiA v?l?t (I >1 ? 11 art" -ml fl ??>??. l.-?t MS*T5. Th? ?i-l- I ?? 1- till- I ? itli i-li In- IrilH ' 1 ?? tiid kimp** ^ A ? ?*?-* li ?*??. Prir?',^i ? Tin: TWO (>1<?KV AM* ATTI< IIKK'K hl.^l |)tMt K *!?. !-? a-T.-rt - I- ? i-l I ? - tuiiilmc.c- iilan-.l'C ? t ? ??. ?1. . <Ni C lUr ???. fi ii.arr. himI fu-l I tn ai.<1 al-l* 1 f-at r. -t. ?I in 111 if ri??i ?it It Mtitrt. *??'l ki'rl?i-n itii il ?-*. wfiiM (init.f-?r i'WiI ?itli 11 a-t.. ? -1 1 ?iti r---Hi. at tn . hai'il-' ai.-l a at -r- r-i- -r. all 1, .1-ltl imp- t tXT\t i rn." *-*>?? Tilt: NIC AT TWO -T< ? ?i\ ? It A MKfi'l I MJK. N... AIM K i-t I apiii'l.'i ta - pai' r. 1 .1 iBC r.-tUMlkiTlKi mj --m 1 1. tS hwii'-'ra ami l-atli r-?*i ? ith ?at?* - ?' " '' I - 1 ?I| Intl. ??i<l |?l ????lit??l-l I it ail I f- latl Hi i< ar. ?ith ?'.-iia? rt at r> . 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