2 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

2 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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? 3.251 WASHINGTON, i). C., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. rakll<h?4 1*117, Su4ajs excepted, AT THE 8TAR BUILDINGS. reuijliuia AfMHM, eer. Utk It, 111 imn? nix nTSfirn rix?m MM*. TH* ITtJT^O STAB to aervH by mrl?n to thatr wbfrltwi ?t TmChti pi* wmi,or PokTT Two ?li bob Ckirpp pwm Cop??a at the coanter tint earb. By mkfMkni ?nnllw. ?] j#: ?Btha, $3.00, m ||. ? ? TBE WEEKLY STAB?Published Trfday? flu ? r*+r. ?/"Invariably ia advance, in botb caaeaTaod lyl*H o* fttratobad <m awHcatfoa. HOTELS. BOUSE, CnmtT 6:\ <tr*wmd fmtma. " ^yMwPtoa, D. C., E. WOOLS, Propr, r?L ' a wi'i of rlegaot ie>provo L j*'J4* tfcnroophiy rrn?vat*d and re rurai?bt<j_ thr-mghgnt, n?kfjtg ft at pfnent ona of toairmfci# Hotels ia Wa-htncfn. , *? I>-HTwsrd.laie proprietoryretina an Interest In tba HoW, *lww b? will ba pftfc?~d to ae? bis old lrier.de and f< 1 iiwr p??r. n?, r^ikili tbfm liiH' claaa arevsni?'<fr<:ioik? at aJ. ttm??. *fJpi 82 i*f day. Table B>ard, $20 p*r ??' . mil I m I jSlOS P^TFli. (fetHtairiow*, D. 0. ~ , H"te| bap bean ?^??y r?fftt*d ami ^a? i ST?'*1 r ?*]. hii proven* iiit-hot a. d a?4 cm. It ia ro* jxenient ly |rw g^gag mnat^ tbo baa of o? wSSfl^ 0*7 Pa?ens*r r? a road, the cars 1um lh" M ?'^ainbr.at dt^t^? JSrn,.T= J?' VJ.3*rTHnt, by I pi.-'WaDt r of > f? m in in .i'Tm r*r a! 'ft.T*" wUl aD"14 ?? ?^,r "*5^ * II YbON 8 HOTEL, ? No. 7U?* O STREET, J*? tf 1 'us upekial hotel. ?KTs. JAMKS >JYRE?, Promam. rBf.li:>-? "Fix^TiVANiA Avi .ri, r* 13.* ?n:< I1.4 jrrctrj, MTissiwoj, d. c. ,t?' Public fw *enerotj? patronage ta 2LSf 1 Pri:?r,rtor ?' d frienda aad iivsrs rra* ?''Htakt aui'?r \f?.V rf*fr ?*-'? if. r. acMw. TT*n?- J T^r7"; P*?n*nent arid ?oI?!i ?T*d!.r" a, ,i this home on* of the JuThe <lty* * IBl*t CiinTeai?sntJy located bonaaa .J: ^ ?f" ftn-niahed, well Itfhted and ' ir,d provi<l?t aith all mudera home ao t 7/ *. c!,.*r81 k.w" ^ th* w?nta nsd the com ..." *" ?f';,'*t* *'H b- r^-?fn'lT provided for. ? 'h't>r"?>rZ. KICHAiiL'S, U^a df?t"rmiced tc P w*k 1 a I' M caterer. no'12-e- rf | ? C. tolLLAttlt, ? KBBITT HOUSS, WASHisaTos, n, o. THE TRADES. C'ALL t'N J AXES if. BttlEX, r * ?? '? mi P.tmb r ntti Hit Fittrr ?? -ITi1' ur P1'nBb',?K- (i?- KitM!i*, and S '.ver-><~ fr. auer>.i.d toot. r?jwoCat>le frn:?. No h-j>i L aver n-?r i:h atr.et.i. rtb side, ankiriice, jit atrtet, B(>rtb<w t. n.]| II CrNNI5GnA>f7~H ATTERi y*.'., 1811 1 S!"?, between lu'n ?H 11?h, *'.r * VPr,"Ut!m?' no,c*,Ti?! h" baai*ctiT?drm tbpBprtnaiMyla of Br-i?:?s> BLOCK, ?-> " JkT^a t4> T?IIP^ **w Hau mad" to f-nier <p2hH^.fcS,i5i0i ?!jo, an SMonm-r.t of Peif B? ' t ?r ?*le, on r? aie'uaMe terns. f5-tr A ? HIS US AN1> DKtOltATIONS.-AWMlMJi 5r ., r *u,cr*> ci}r *?"' country rt^id -aces -p.c:* ?tteati n riven to P. v. ra ias flali^ f r rfati-aiv foS'ii Ivf r^1'noE?* WAGOU CO VERB C HOC AN, Mannfactnri'r, ^ w NI.MiS, FLACS, TCNTB. 51. O. COPELAND, ?43 Ur.!?iana arenne, one door **?t 7th street "* <""? "?'*????? *~.MS DtwSiTTO ? ^sjuss-asas***'"** !? TI-RTON. "? CAJtfMMTER, BU1LUKR, aso OOSTBiOIOB. Order* f- r Ocna* Carpenter::M(, Jafctln*, or Oo 25? r * v r ?H'edili attt-uded to. DLogHi iLd Ofiice, *????-'* 12th ?tree<. bel. w E at. aortfiweat IST;i string. 187:3 TKFMESrorS STOfR, ENDOVS STOCK, THENEM>OI"!? ST?? K. TREMEM>ors STt<< K, TREMENDOUS ^TOCK, AND St'MMER t'LOTHIXG bPRINii A>'U }?l MMER CLOTHIS*,' SPRING AND Hl'MMKK CLOTHIVO* fPRINO AXD DIMMER CLOTI11 NO,* bPKINU AND SIM 'IEK CLOTillNO, *? |NS'. TOTTHS' AND BOYS, wens . J on us' ami bots, 2JT?m X<>VTH#' AND BOY?*' K J NH . TOUTBS' ANI> BOYS, HENS', YOl'TllS' AND B(#VS, At A. STRAW S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'*. At A. STRAUS'S. I ALL A VO S?K' CALi AMD SUM' CALL AMf StK ' 1 all a.vu see.' i ALL A.W SEE! ii HEAT HAKUA1MS ' UkBATHARUAlllS! '? h S.4 T EAKHAIXS ? I' H EA T HA K UA1XS ' UKEA T HAKUAJXS 1*11 PENNSYLVANIA AYENl'P i*ll PENNSYLVANIA AVENl e' i?ll PENNSYLVANIA AVENL*. n.23 J!l ^ J??' frotn "tb Street. Door from lith 8?r,-.-t. Third |Kx>r from Ilth Mtr<-et 'BE BAPIDITl ANDEAS* WITH WHiCH 1 IORNS Sf* T*,OT^ f?? the foei reiiared, If ailln*. from giinloua. Bad MaiUt Ac , at OK. ^HITK^katab ttotHuent, 1Mb atm-t, cpp.-alte the Treaaury, ia S~J? auryrum* to per* ma anaevnat med to bia jaaatM^ of operating,whlcb ia eatirHy different from tbe old - time practice of tearing offtbe lnxrowioc toe mM, or laDcrna dees into the bnai >n, a aiatressTiirly E?*J, ajidoBa wbicb obliged tha attlferer iZiL luH U aoinMimaa oa cratches, for weeka yp mitttba. and ao doubt t-ndd to aborteo life, at MM u> make it far lew pleaaaut and aaefal. bnt W ???** * ?t*P??fc?Mya fr?Q?aMy borae by childrun with, ct Cf^irl^itt, there t. iittle or ao pain, ao loaa ' " aoaa bat suitable (hoe* ba won. the mt, eren In e.trey c^, ^ecU a perf^t ?2ftt5te*^ I"'** """dPo eoortanUy'co? Jf?,I". eo"* **ca?1onally with even the beat ?Ulnij ?!(?? and indoatriotia peraona thmk there ta acoc. ai; of tune, coaifort. ai.d health in an -ooa. Tiut to tne Cb'rop.d'irt; SndHto .^atl-to^n S that th"QaaMs i4 p-rv.tJ., manyVTbe* ?t h. .r.., ?n mlilir .n , ..L^TTW " m.?t t^orad Ic pnbtic-anj pri'Tate UU. ?. " ?ar ar*J r;e*r to rkrt Dr White's KstaMtabment. to J ^ wAobi I>r Whita baa oaaollcitad parmiaaion I* reter ? fS-tr _ _ JO B N 8 A C L Kespeatfnlly ca!la the attention of tfc* pablic to hia hW.w" fm'irUMUl "{ ^AKDEN aad FLOWER ?RRDS. whtfh are thia a?aa?ii of tbe liueat uua'itr PLOWER ?B?, etnbraclnc all tZCZtoL fr'* England and tbe Cuotineut. - TREKSare Tic>r .ns and well frown, cixni'tiu <>f Peara 1 standard ai>d dwarf) Plum Cb?rry, Apricot, Nectarine, Ac "???, fl{?pnL*'i%KiS^Kl>.ft other celebrated rSntLAs. Vi?LoiBs,T*YKiSK5t o'tf/f' Nll MS, and other bed.imc p:ai.u, ?nh eVarytUua *? "? J,jK,w?tw1-Ar iS?58 ?17 tm' Opposite 0. 8. Patent EJKAT1N6 and COOKIKa. It wo?ld be w?H fop 11 n?? owners. Architects and Buikle.-a t? t?ar in mind that tha "S-*I PiRR HE ATI KG RAXCK" ia the only on? in mar ket that will th'.roa^hly beat rooaaa ahova Ins winter u-i smtilate in suaiuer. aad at t^e*r aaa." tiiif d.j tbr 4i lirtary cooking ofi. suallorl iaai y. Sold oUy by tba Agent, a,. -H I-?**00*T, Bir iw W4 PfnofvlTtoii aveiii:#, IKE KXTlN?;lISBBKi. ?? >'? i sale by AL*X ^8A?L,EPI!lED * CO 9l2& ^-31 V10 i ?LlU) l\aiU* AVtrLU^. A^jSEMENTS. Sow Open. THE (UAT FOftEPAUCH SHOW, OS SIXTH STREET LOT, WILL EXHIBIT EVERT AFTERNOON AND E\EMNG THIS WEEK. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 3, 4, a!?d 4. FIVE MAMMOTH TEXTS! POSITIVELY THE LARGEST EXHIBITION ' IN THE WORLD ! More Animal*, mor? Men and Hnnen, a larger 8? read uf Canvas, and the most Gigantic CIRCUS, MENAGERIE. MUSEUM, Ac., EVER ORGANIZED. SEE THE MOOTER UNICORN! and the immense collection of Wild Ariimuls. Sec the World-famed Tripple Somerrsanlters and MIACO AND HAWLEY, And the Groat Riders, LOWONDE, MONROE M LLE VIRGINIA, and ail the Doable Circa Troupe and the two Grand Museums. Proee-isioii MtrI other day. Opens at I and 7. Circus com "" c* one h.>nr lat^r. Four Menagerie and Mu ?eum Tents n pen all the time circus in progressing. ADMISSION?To all fire Tents, 60 cents Chil dren under 10 years, 84 cents. ?7* Visit this gr.at exhibition, remember what >on *ee there.and compare the Forepaush shov with any that follow it, at d you will he convince I - -L it "n<l "how in the world, au I worth the adniisjioii fee a dozen times over. a2-4f ADAM FOREPAUGH, Sole Proprietor. < Adjoining the rear of Harvey'? Restaurant J Engagement of the orilv Original and Veritable .. . . LEVANTINE BROTHERS. The original John C. Levantine and Brother Two otlier laities traveling under their hard earne, 1 nams were foimerlv pupils of th>-above perform is Km gagewent of the Charming Serio-comic Vocalist, < AKKIK LAVARNIE. Great Success ,>f the Versatile Artists, EAGAN AND EDWARDS. Oar timih! great company, two grand ballets, a bu perb olio. AjrreM seu-atlon drama, mrZpKr?4i1T\-?2X?.OF ^ELAND. vI^?^kCLA1, >fTIGE.-On THURSDAY, April 3, th?- Man agt-Mt-ut take pleasure in annnnuc iwg Iter Fo*M**ntati?>n of the *reat eprrtaruUr ball *f, ki*i?p??T,Ab,6,.W?T"'5 CAPTIVE, ?r TH i 1.1 Ki t AGE Ot EliEN, produco.1 after elaborate preparation, and at a cost of .$ 1,500. Gorgeous Scenery. M??ui9cent Pr >?-rtie?, Character anl J"*"H*r- ""?J with anew Ballet Troup Do/ft ?3T" burbank, .IAMBS 8t"r Arti?t- ?Ur Troupe of Forty r MONDAY,.April 7, will appear the "Onfty -atVors of modern sei, k at tons, ia< CP,' jaxt coocladexl a hi?hly soocesH tSniorment the Holiday-street Theater, Mal JOHN O'BRIENS Crcat Traveling World's Fair. MCrJAGEFiE. CIRCUS, CARAVAN, AND MUSEUM, ISDER su MONSTER TENTS, WILL EXniUIT ?>* SIXTH STREET LOT, CLjhficirg MONDAY, APRIL 14th, * for one week only. LOOKOUT FOR THE TWO MILE PROCE4 SION. FIFTY CAGES OF WILD ANIMALS AND CU EIOhlTIES. THE TWO SEP A RATE BANDS OF MUSIC IN GOLDEN CHARIOTS. THE FOUR TON RHINOCEROS. Adrian, only 85 rent-, , no half prico,) to see LLe six uiaiuict txliibitioiib in separate tents. THREE PERFOJIAXCEs DAILY. AT 10 A. M., 8 P. M. AND 7 P. M. .J1!!!??? * '? there will bo only *; f"-"''""at'Cv-e, ill the Afternoon at 8 and Even IXJ4C .U # p. Q). 1 WHITNEY, Gen'l Director. "?31"*t R. G BALL, Ag nt. j?EVENTH ANNUAL TOUR 0? THE LABCEST EXHIBITION 19 THE WORLD! THE Great Forepaugb Show Will Exhibit at WASHINGTON FOUR DA YS ONLY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, aw SATURDAY, Aran. 8, 3, 4 amd 4, ON TnE SIXTH-STREET LOT, Afternoon and Evening. ADAM POREPAUGH'S FIVE ENORMOUS SHOW*, U nder FIVE M AMMOTH TENTS, Consisting of TIJ'O ENORMOUS MENAGERIES, Under Two Vast Tents; TWO COLOSSAL MUSEUMS, Under Two Mammoth Tent*; AND A GIGANTIC DOUBLE CIRCUS, Under a Hnse Double Tent?five tents in all, and holding li.UUU spectators. organized at a cost of vm million dollars, containing 1,400 RARE WILD BEASTS And Beautiful Birds, 10.000 WONDERFUL CURIOSITIES! Requiring a working force of 1,000 MEN AND HORSES! The Circus contains more and BETTER PERFORMERS than any flte circuses in the world. THE GRAND PROCESSION 1 Behold the 40 GORGEOUS GOLDEN CAGES And drovea of Ponies, troops of Camels, elephant* opened Dens, Statuary, and one mik ofbril liantly urnaaii-utnd Cages, Chariot* and Dens , Military Band, Ac., Ac. _ffl.rOrphan Asylums admitted proprietor R. B D1NGESS. General Direct A Unciloa of E. NAtlilTKRiL ** ?o. 4 J# 7th Mrwt, between D ana 1 - - ., . -s^Sk'WiiiT?"1??? ea?w rem?berNam* ?4 Rombar. ji-|ys oi&s'sffi-ia vjf^EL !L^?Lh,,-1'3-??r*lt^?y boq?ht wadsold. Ncsus by^Tli 408 ptARUll jMlt-W SPECIAL N0TICE3. Tkc yrttrit MTHt mua baa themughly tested the virtues of Mr*. Jones' Cough Mixture?thousands of bottle* h?tin| been used with certain succew. Its trial b*a been moft thorough. i mere cold or cnogh or the moat ?((?? ?ated caaea it baa cared with equal aocceaa. It U not objectionable to the taste, and can therefore be readily used for children and persons who object to nauaeating mixture*, particularly aa ita doaea are amall and every doae containa the germ of an ulti mate enre. Ita Talce in advanced caaea or thoe> verging on consumption must not be underestimated. Many such it ha*' t 'irely cured, even caaea of ac kncwledged conam .<tion. While it doea notcure<i. greatly relieves, and a large number of these unfor tunate* now tise it for the great relief it affords them. For a Cold,Cough, Influenza, Bronchitis, Hoarse ness, or any affection of the throat or luuga you can use nothing more reliable. Price*?large siie, 81; small, 10 cts. For sale only by ARTHUR NaTTANS. Dru?i*t, nill-tr Corner 2(1 ami D street* northwest. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNOHEON. DINNER AND SUPPfeR TABLE, L(> fc Perrins' Worcestershire Smuce IS 15IHTEX5ABL*. JOHN DUNCAN S SONS, New tort, OCtlS-Sawly Agents for the United Statea. A Ctrl. A Clergyman,while residing la South America, as missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervous Weakness, Early Decay, Diaeaae of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of diaorders brought on by baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a deaiae to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and using thia medicine, in a sealed ?aveicpe, to any one who needs it, JPrt* of Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, . Station D, Bible House, martS-lT New Fork City. AMUSEMENTS. SELECT READING, O B> PROF. JOHN TWEED \LE and MISS ANNIE D. WADE. At WEST STREET CHAPEL. THURSDAY EVENING, April 3r>.l^TS. Festival alter the readn.g in Iufant Class Room. Admi-sion 28 cents. For the ben- fit of the ntw Presbyterian Church. a2-2l. SUNDAY SCHOOL 81NG V ING SOCIETY of the MT. VERNON PLACE M. E. CHURCH !-OUTli, corner of Uih and K streets, Apiil 3, ltCJ. Admission. adults. 60 cents: children, 15 c?nts. Tickets can b? obtained at F. A. STIKR'S B->-?k store. No. 1-Vii F street, and at the door of the Church. al-tt DD FELLOWS' HALL. o FOUR y Hi UTS ONLY, Commencing MONDAY. MXRCH II, nnd MATI NEE WEDNESDAY, at * p. ui, ROMOLI BROTHERS'Great Mural Exhibition of the Nineteenth Century, MILTON'S PARADISE LO*T! From the original designs of Gimtave D ire. Tlio only complete representation of the *ut-jectevi> before offered for public exhibition, COMPRISING UPWARD ??F 100 GORGEOUS TABLEAUX! Adu ission, 50 cents; children, 25 cents. D 'ore upvu al < o'clock; periuruiauce commence* at bp in. al-di VVALL'S KE\V OPERA HOUSE. V? JuLiN T. FORD..? Proprietor and Manager. MAX M A RET H E K... D i rector. GRAND ITALIAN OPERA. Positively two nlgbU only and Saturday Matinee. First appenrance ..f Euroii. 's irnatest lyric trage dienne, PAULINE LUCCA. Only anpearance of America'? great'-st prima donna, CLARt LOUISE KELLOGG. Fair and complete orchestra and chorus. The entire company from the Academy of Muxic, New Yorte. THURSDAY, April 3, K-iL'gi? Tr??vatore. FRIDAY, April 4, Lucca?Finst. SATURDAY?Grand M-itine-)?Lucca-Fra Diavolo Regular Price* of Admission?Adnii sion, $2; Re served seats, fill and extra. Matinee Price ? Admission, ?2; Reserved seats, $1 extra; Box"?, ? 16 and $20. Seats can no* be secured for any of the above performances at Ellis' Music Store. al BALLS, <fec. RAM) CHARITY BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Benefit of THE CIIILDRENS HOSPITAL will be given, under tike auspices of the Director* of that institution, in MASONIC TEMPLE, on the evening of TUESDAY, the isth of April next. Tickets, admitting a gentleman and lady, $3 00 each. U'17-tf [Chron. Rep. A Sunday papers copy.] LADIES' G00D& EH OPENING OF FRENCH PATTERN BONNETS AND ROUND IIATS, PARISIAN N0YELTIE8, . RIBBONS AND STRAW GOODS, FRENCH FLOWERS AND LACES, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY,April 3daxd4th. MRS. M. J. HUNT, al-St 6ai D STREET NORTHWEST. nft . A. V. D. MILLS, Ifici 'Jli Pl!IX!TLTAMi AVKNUK, Has jnet received direct from New York beautifnl SPRING GOODS, comprising many novelties in OXIDIZED AND FANCY GOODS; A fnll stock of MILLINERY, HOSIERY. HANDKERCHIFS, CORSETS, BASKETS, Ac. CHILDREN'S FRENCH CA PS a specialty. m31 6t gTAMPING DEPOT, 017 Seventh Street, febB-tr Opposite Patent Office. CELLING OFF 1 O SELLING OFF I AT OOST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. mar7-tr NO HUMBUG. E LEKZBERG k CO., Balling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS, at and below cost. TOT Market 8pace, JatdO-Om between 7th and ith streets northwest. |MPORTEB OF HUMAN HAIR, GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAMS ESTHER'S, ?18 13th street, Mr*sd door from 0 strut. Remember the name and number. Cheap Curl*, ?wttches. Chignons, Braid*, Pull*, Frizaettee, of the latest styles. Call and see our sew stock before pur chasing elsewhere. deciltr UT ADIES' '? Li FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL Is the best article in the world for doing up Linen or Muslip. It Imparts a beautiful glossto the fabric. For sale by all Grocers. BORN HAM * CO., Manufacturers, 100 West Lombard street, laaM-ly Raltlmocs. Mai? land. J?XAM1NE THB GOLD SPECTACLE, Oslt 90, H. B. BXMPLRR, Optician, B??-tr 4H street. QUR CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. A FULL STOCK. A VINE STOCK. A GBOICB STOCK 0 COATINGS, TROUSERINGS AND VBSTING8. A PERFECT FIT. A FASHIONABLE CUT. , Fir it-Clut "A* ZAMVvvtBUYii^.u mzox: FA8HI0NABLE TAILORS, mtr tf Cob5i* Tin axd D tkkct*. EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revenue?The receipts from this source to-day were *429.574.89. Personal.?Mrs. J. P. Newman was at the National Hotel, Jacksonville^ Florida. March 29th. .. Secr*tart Delano has gone to his home at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, on private basinet, awl wilt be absent about a week. Gen. Eaton, Commissioner ?f Education, will attend the Vienna exposition, If his Julie* permit. Thi new Indian Commissioner, Mr. Ed wird P. Smith, will assume h.j duties to morrow. Secretary Robeson has appointed Win. W. Richardson, of New Yotfc, a carpenter in the navy. Vice President Wilson handed otct to Treasurer Spinner for the benefit of the go vern m< lit the additional compeus<ition due him as a Senator. The payments made from the Treasury de pat tment by warrants during the month of March were three millions of dollars and mtire in excess of those for February. Col. Frank Jones, chief of the redemption division of the United States Treasurer's office, was taken suddenly ill yesterday, and was re moved to his residence in Georgetown. Gen. W. H. H. Terrell will continue to discharge the duties of Third Assistant Post master General for a few days. Mr. K. W. Barber, of Michigan, his successor, is in the city, and will probably quality next week. Mr. John S. Delano, chief clerk of the In terior Department, is now in New Orleans, and will ?iot probably return here nutil the latter part of the present month. His health is slowly imi roving. A Kuklux Pardon?The President has di rected a warrant of pardon to be issued to Wal ter P. Anthony, convicted of kuklux outrages in South Carolina about one year ago, and sen tenced to eight years'imprisonment in the Al bany penitentiary. Amiiony was about IS years of age when convicted, and has served out one year of the sentence. There are bct three members ol' the Cab inet now in town, Secretaries Robeson, Rich ardson, and Attorney General Williams. Sec retary Fish has gone to New York, Secretary Delano to his home in Ohio, Secretary Bclknsp on a tour of inspection west, and Postmaster General Cresswell on a pleasure trip sjuth. Report op the Commissioner op Educa tion?Congress at its last session authorized the printing of '20,000 extra copies of the annual report of the commissioner of education for tlie year 1872, making in all 24,500copies. A greater portion of the report is now iu type, and'it will probably be ready within a few wfecks. A Washington Physician on the North ern Boundary Survey.?Assistant Surgeon Elliott Coues, U. S. A., (of this city,) has been relieved from his present duties and ordered to St. Paul. Minn., to report to the commissioners tor the survey of the noithern;boimdary, to a ? company the expedition as medical officer and naturalist. Commander Stephen B. Luce has been or dered to duty as a member of the board of examiners at the naval academy in place of Capt. William N. Jefters, whose orders to that boiiid have L?iui revoked. Capt. Jelters will be :ixHi/ned to the charge of the ordnance bureau, in place ot Rear Admiral Case, who will take command of the European fleet, relieving Rear Admiral Alden. The examining board at An napolis is for the purpose of examining mid shipmen for promotion to the rank of ensign. Official Postage Stamp? Secretary Richardson has issued a circular, addressed to the heads of bureau in the Treasury Depart ment, reminding them of the fact that the tranking privilege is at>olished from July 1st next, and informing them that they will be t limit lied on requisition with the necessary offi cial stamps which must only be used for official business. Hi-ads ot bureaus will l>e required to mske monthlv reports of the manner in which * these stamps have been used. Naval Changes?Lieut. Commander O. C. Wiltze, detached iTbm the Pensacola navy vard and placed on waiting orders. Lieutenant R. M. Berry, detached from the Pensacola and placed on waiting orders. Lieutenant John C. Rich ordered to the receiving ship Potomac at Philadelphia. Master Richard Wainwriglit or dered to the hydrografihic office in this city. .Master N. J. K. Patch, ordered to duty on tlie north Atlantic station. First Assistant Engi neer David Jones, ordered to duty in the bureau of steam engineering at the Navy department. Appointment op Postmasters The Pres ident appointed the following postmasters vm teriiay:?J. G. McPheeters, Bloomington, Ind.; Augustus T. Jones, North Bridgewater, Mass.; .1 as per H. Orcutt, Northtield, Vt.; Eliza Jane Graves, Onarga, III., Wm. McKenua, Shreve port, La.: Daniel F. Brantlinger, Louisiana. Mo.; Louis F. Klosterman, Cape Girardeau. Mo.; James M. Watts. Delphi, Ind.; Robert Shields. Neenali, Wis.: Mrs. Clara L. Nichols, Fort Leavenworth, Ks.; Luther Fillmore, Lara mie City, Wyoming; Lothario B. Cock^rn, Cathage. Ills.; and Beujamin P.Crocker, Cam bridge, N. Y. Economy in the War Department Gen eral orders No. 57, for the War Department, direct that in view of the limited appropriations granted by Congress for the expenses of the War Department for certain purposes, all ex penditure* for building material and the con struction and repair of buildings which require to be paid from the appropriation for barrack? anil quarters for the current fiscal year be sus 1 tended, and that no further expenditures be made for these purposes until the beginning ot . the next fiscal year. It is also ordered that all civilians employed upon the construction and re pair of such buildings be discharged, and en listed men so employed be relieved from such duty, until further orders; and that the pay oi extra duty men employed upon such construc tion and repair of buildings, which may be a charge upon the appropriation for Incidental expenses of tlie quartermaster's department, shall cease from the date of the receipt of this order. All About the New Postal Cards As stated in The Star a few days since, 5,000,<ii0 of the new postal cards authorized by Congress will be delivered to the Postmaster General for issue, by the Morgan envelope company of Springfield. Mass., on the 1st proximo. It has been stated that there will be two kinds of cards?one ruled, and the other without lines? but such is not the case. There will be but one kind of card, and that will be or a cream color, five and one-eighth Inches In length and three inches in width. One side of the card (the one intended for the message) is entirely plain, and the other bears an ornamented scroll-work bor der, one-eighth of an inch in width. In the right-hand upper comer is a picture of the Goddess of Liberty, surrounded with a scroll work border, in which are the words: "U. S. Postage?one cent." In the left upper corner, and extending two-thirds across the card, are the words, in velvet-brown letters: "United States Postal Card;" and below, in smaller let ters: ?Write the address only on this side?the message on the other." Beneath this, and to the left, is the word " To" In scrip, followed by a line extending across the card, for the name of the party addressed. Below this are two other iines?one being for the name of the post office, and the other for the county and state. AlthoughMtis not expected that anyone will put more than the address on one side, there is no prohibition against filling both sides with writing, provided the address remains legible; nor is ft contrary to law to law to place printing on the cards instead of writing. The cards win be distributed to postmasters tiiroughout the country on requisition, the same asothar ?ap plies, and will be sold at the stamp window at one cent each. The question has frequently been ached whether a plain oaid, bearing a one cent stamp, will not be allowed to pass through the mails the same as the government cam; bnt the law prevents the nse or tranemisnlMi ot any hot the official cards. The oost of the postal cards Is ?139Yfee*ts per thousand, that being the bid of the saccoasfal competitor tor their mamCaetnre. r ffiTGov. Per ham, oTHakie, arepuMfcan, has a prom ted a democrat railroad roliiwlwloin i for that state. IMPROVEMENT OF_T? FUBLIC SKOtJ*DS. Work ProffrfMloc Rapidly. The public ground* in Washington in charge oi Gen. Babcock duxing tbe a|i|inMctiingsevou will be improved materially, Congress having appropriated about fno.ono for that parwxc a; the last region. The people of Washingtoi. haTe renewed cause to appreciate the intelligen' energy sLown by Gen. Babcock In the wav o, public improvement. He ha# already employed hi# loree of workmen for the {.remit year, ami all CTer the ctty they are busy in transforming unsightly spaces into neat and attractive park paitcrres, &c. VERIDIAH AVEXrE. This beautiful avenue from the President's House to the Capitol Is rapidly being com pleted, and will soon be a favorite drive. The roadway is 35 feet wide, and the grading and graveling have already been finished. It con nects with Executive avenue immediatelvsoutl ot the President's house, and runs thence soi?tl around the Monument, connecting with the ave ntie through the Agricultural grounds, Smith ^"^"'^""^ySquare, and along the old can* to 3d street west. The Botanical Garden no; beir.g under the charge of Gen. Babcock. the avenue could not be continued through it, but there i? no doubt Congress will grant Uie nece* ^ar> permission to do 60 as soon as the work now in progress is finished. At fith street west, where crows the railroad track, an orns mental elevated iron bridge is to be erected b\ tne railroad company, beueatb which the trains win pass, all danger thus being avoided. The avenue at this point will be changed a little iroin its present course, aud a new roadwav constructed JO or 40 feet north ot the oreseMi one, which will be abolished. THE MOIiautT StjVARB. The embankment on the south side of Meri dian avenue, in the Monument square, is to be cut down and the earth deposited in tliedepre* sion on the east front of the monument. It L estimated that it will cost about ?.*voo to put these grounds in complete order, but the appro priation this year is otdy ?5,c?)0, hence the\ cannot be put in good condition for a vear or two. The cost of draining the ground# will b? comparatively light, as there is a good natural drainage; but gas and water should be intro duced, and walks and drives constructed, whicl, improve menu will require at least the amount above mentioned. General Babcock in ruakin* the improvements first introduces the drainage shrubbery** ****' auU tbtfn and AS ARTIFICIAL LAKB in the Monument grounds will tie another at traction. It will be located on the east side ol Meridian avenue, and a short distance north oi the monument. There is a natural depression in the ground here, and two or three co si sj rings or water therein. With a little excavn uou a beautiiul lake of four or five acres can In formed. The White Lot. south of the Executive min sion, has alieady l.e?-n improved, but it will be some time before it can be finished, as 90:11, 2#,too cubic yards of earth w.llbe required to complete the grading. THK PKOPAOATISU GARDE* w ill soon be removed from the locality now oc cupied bv it, at 3d street and Missouri avenue to the Monumental grounds. Congress appro priatcd y;i,uOO for this purpose, aud the new ~ite selected lor it is south of Meridian avenue, Dear tl.e riv?r in a triangular t<i*acc ot Six or eight acres being well suited for ft. o.iiu a large number of trees and shrubs have already been Yemoved to the new wte, snd workmen are now engaged in laying the nece jary drain pipes preparatory to removing the hot houses wInch will be done in a few week. rhesite now occupied by the garden will In throw n inta the park. The garden belonging to tl.e Agricultural Department, on MisTouf aveuue, between and i.th streets, i# also to be removed to the ground# of that Depart ment, and that site will also l>e turned over to General Babcock to be added to the park. ' AKMORY KvtUAUK. ILe appropriation lor this square waa #3,000, and thts sum win be expended in completing tlic gradhig, setting out trees, making walk?. Ac. An eftort will be made to put the post and chain fence around it, as well as all other re. ervaticns from the Capitol to the Executi\c Mansion, as soon as |*>*,ible, but it will 1,rob ably require another appropriation to comjdeU this improvement. The sou are ha# alreadTbeet. thoroughly drained, and Potomac water'intro duced, so that any part of the grouud cau b watered with a fifty-loot hose. 131 THE SMITHSONIAN GRnCXD* at leapt 10,noo feet of drainage pii>e will be re quired, aud especial attention will be given to I the improvement of the southern part of the ^natton, heretofore ent.relv neglected. Sorn wh*reS mTU be taken ''rom the northern par., where they are now very thick, and re moved to the so"them. New walks will 1? opened, but as the appropriation for these grounds is only sio.noo, it is not probable that much can be done towards enclosing them the% uTbe^t a283o3IPkUng the imi>rovemeut THK CIRCUS LOT, on Cth street, and the adjoining small reserva Uons, have received some attention already, and an additional appropriation of $5,000 w4 made at the last session, i'here is some gradi"i: to be done in these squares, which will be com menced soon, and they will be brought up to the required grade. JCDICIART SQUARE. The amouut appropriated for the fiscal yeai ending June 30,1874, for this square was *10.00" and with #1_',500, appropriated for the present fiscal year, will be put in good order. One of th^ first works w ill be to enclose it with a post aud chain fence, and as soon as the buildings there on shall be removed, the square will be graded, walk* laid out, gan, water and drainage pro duccd, trees planted, &c. The walks will all be 01 concrete> and tlie carriage-wavs ttmv 1 V1 T1i.e ^"ding* on the square, now oeeu J^dbythe Women s Christian Association, are to be sold, and the proceeds given to that asso ciation, but the District government is to m ike provision for the association, which cannot be done until the meeting of the legi#lature. A soon as new.quarters are provided for the asso ciation the buildings will be remove<l. and the improvement* on the square commenced. FARBiGIT SQUARE is nearly finished. As soou as tlie weather per mits. the concrete footwalks will belaid. The i,ag lootwalks on die outside of the square are now beinglaid under direction of the board of public works. General Babcock has alreadv p.anted the trees and shrubs in this square, and i? *eekg 11 be an actn^tive Ct Sw.COO was appropriated for its completion. THB r STRUT CIRCLE will be finished by the lstof July. The grading and drainage liavo been finished, and gas and water introduced. The post and chain fence will be erected soon, and the circle filled with shrubbery, similar to that in the 14th street cir ? ?", There will be eight lamp-po^ts arouud it and lour in the center. u THE RESERVATION lormerly occupied by the Kortliern Market is being improved by both the federal govern ment aud board of public work*. The poet and chain fence around the square is now *<>iriv completed. A tew more u?e# will bTJE25 in it by Gen. Babcock, and his work wul then be finished out of the appropriation of 93.Sim for that purpose. The board of public work* has a number of men at work on the fountain in the center now, and as soon as the leather permits, the concrete walks will be como^tefi which will finish up the work. i d' IH PRAXKLI5 SQUARE, a red granite lip-shaped coping, made at Aber deen, Scotland, will be placed around the foun tain, forming a bowl of about 30 feet diameter M? ?queetrian statue oi 5/a~ sf bfwrfr-*' ?awxrwos sqtTARs, on New York avenue, between 18th and ?th ^eets, is rapidly being Improved. ThU squai. fhmto about 410 feet on Mew York avenue a:? /?^t on 19th abeet. It is to be enciosed wlt1 "d chain fence rtadar to tha t2w,. Scott square. It baa been thoroeZaiw^r.i ?*ter introduced, and wilTff figKl' with eight lamp*, a large number of trep .al'T?d7boen purchase. will ?Se ? Ule moDth' whI' LISCOLJi SOFARC, east of the Capitol, will be nearly finished tli season. The appropriation for it by the la. Congrrss was #<5,000, and with *3,000 left ow from last year it will be greatly improved. Th drainage will be the first thing attended to, an a keeper's UMge. similar to the one in Lafav*tr square, will be erected. The grading has bee< cc?p!t t?l, but of the tree* will (t? m BOTttl to make the of tki> p?rk curt. -- pond with that ot the other sq.tares. T*rs park *lso will he with a new fence thl^ * :n nif r. Tin? Messrs Schneider hat* received orders tor a large number of Iron posts to be famished is.mediately. TUB HHKRTATieX at the intersection of le>th street M*-*>?<-hn?ett and Rhode Island avenues, where the Scott statue is to be erectcd, will ?oou be finished. *7.COO having been appropriated for this pnr pose. Th-* pedestal for the statue is now U-iug prepared at Cape Ann, Mass. THE EWKRVATTfl* on Pennsylvania avenue and 19th street, re cently occupied by the army dispensary, wi! also be improved. The frame budding there? Las l>ten disposed of,and will be removed, alter which the space will be inclosed and a sma.. fountains put In the center. In the circle on Pennsylvana avenue, n^ar Georgetown, in which the'Washington statue is located, the walks will be renewed ami coucret substituted for the gravel ones now iu tub. In Lafayette square alone there were some M<N>feet ot drain pipe laid last year, and it will be seen by this fact that the matter ot drainage alone is a very important and expensive one. AS AWITL DISASTER. Lom of the Kleawshiu Atloitiic W illi ?<M) flniiln. 1 he steamship Atlantic, of the White Star line, which piles between New Yewk aud l.iver pt<ol. struck a rock as she was making her wax ivto Halifax hfcrbor yesterday morning, an. went down, carrying with her to the bottom of the ocean uiore tuaii seven hundred souls. She left Liverpool oil the J9th of March, and the weather being tempestnous, she used up her supply of coal. The captain determined to put iu to Halifax and get enough of coal to take the vessel to New York. The pilot seems to have been u?ar(|uaitu?d with the tortuous channel, and in the gray twilight, while passenger* an I crew were asleVp, the vessel struck Meagher's Bock. beat against it for a minute or two then turned over on its side, and went down with all its precious freight of h 11 uian sou is, save thos who clung to the rigging, and the courageous tew who kept themxMves atlo.it on pieces of the wreck. Ahout two hundred and titty esca|?e<l to that portion ol ?he rock which projocteil from the water, but the rising tide soon rendered their |>osition as |<erilous as be lore, llapiuly tlie fishermen who lire on the shore near by saw them and came to their rescue with their boat-. ? Only the strong men andex|>ert -wimmer? wen saved. Every woinau and child on board went down w ith the ship. All the books were lo?t, ami the names of many ol the steerag" passen gers who i?er: shed wil' never be known until ??the sea gives up Ler dead.'' The Atlantic was a splendid iron veasel. about *30 feet in length, and carried live matte. She had been in com mission about two years, and was one of tin most I'Opular ot the European steamers. story or a %ritvtv??u. Third Officer Brady states that h? got hi !>oat out, and put i?'o wom< n iu it. A n iruber of men attempted to get in it, and a!?out a dozen su. eceded. Just at that moment the steamer tell over on her beam ends and <ank. Only one boat had been got out, and that wa< carried down by the steamer, and all on it lo?t Bradvf scrambled Into the mir.zeti ri *ging. wb>ch w*? al>ove the water, and seeing that h> could do nothing there, he then went forward arid unwove the halliards, being assisted by Ouarte rm-isters Si?eaWman and* ?wen. Brady then took the halliard-, and all three swain tli the rock. The line was banded a-bore, and a number of passengers landed by it. M >st 01 the women and children, as well is hundred-01 men, were drowned in their berths. TUe ves sel btnu k about o'clock iu the morning. The weather at that time wat elaik but *14$ thick, and the sea was rough. The Railroad Wnr In Pennsylvania unit Ohio. The New York Herald has a di-patch from Pittsburg giv.ug additional panicuiars con cerning the railroad war supposed to l?e in pro gress between the Pennsylvania Central an 1 the Pitt.-burg, Washington aud Baltimore com* panies, Thomas A. Scott. es>j., being command er-in-chief on the one side, and John W. Oar rett, esq., on the other. The Mount Plea-ant Branch, ''the bone of contention," is chiefly valuable to Mr. Garrett's company on account of the facilities which it a fiords t ?r the trans {?ortation of coke to the main branch from the coal hills of Westmoreland count v. Mr. Scott'>? company, having built the South" Pennsylvania road from Greenshurg u> Conneilsville, "desired to make the Mount Pleasant Branch tributar\ to their road. and with the con-ent of the o? ti ers of the road inaugurated the proeecding which culminated iu the tearing up of the trae'K and the effecting of a junction, against the wi.-lies 01 the lessees, and, as is alleged, in dero Cstion of their rights. It is said that the "war" as al.-o broken out at Newark. Ohio. The Pan Handle road (Mr. Scott's) and the Baltimore and Ohio use the same track between Newark and Columbus (S* miles), and it is said that Mr. Garrett has ordered the switch uniting the tracks to be removed and the junction to be discontinued. We have not been advised as to whether the order hae been carried iutoetiect or not. The Baltimore Sun speaks of these report- a< sensational, and defends the Baltimore aud Ohio railroad company, saying "it it; very safe to pre sume that any action by the oompany to main tain what it may think to he it* rights will be both peaceful and legal. As there has been no mee tmg of the board of directors here s;nce the Mount Pleasant seizure, the absurdity 01 tin transfer of the- scene of war to Ohio, oin it* or der, is apparent." The tiaodrirh Harder in Brooklyn. YET ANOTHER WOMAN IN TI1K CASK. The inquest over the body of Charles Good rich, whose mysterious murder in Brooklyn is still l'ri sh in the public miml, was continued yesterday. Mrs. Myers was examined, ami her testimony threw seihie light on the dark trans action. Gewdricb; the Spaniard. Rosooe; and a man named Beach, sometimes met at her house (purpose of their visits not stated i. and upon one occasion she heard Goodrich speak ot Koscoe "as a dangerous man/' She a'.no heard Koscoe make threats against Goodrich. They seemed to have quarreled about the witness (Mrs. Myers), both being in love with her. She thinks that Kosce>e is a counterfeiter. She saw ltoscoe in the Bowery on the Saturday night after the murder. He made no mention ot Goodrich, but said he was going to Philadel phia. She further said that wascoe some;-, me - went to Baltimore and New Orleans. W. W. Gootirich. a brother of the murdered man, gave some testimony, irt which api<eare< a letter to himself,signed "Amy G.." and date-d February is, stating that the writer bad been living with his brother in 1 >egraw street fight months, under the form of marriage, which proved .1 mock one, and had a child; that an other woman haul been taken by her supi>o*ed husbanet, and that she had been treated cruelly and turned out of the house. She asked for as sistance, having neither money nor friends. The witness said his brother told him her name wss Amy Sloau or Stone, and that the letter written was to black-mail, and that she had not had a child. This is the woman whose name had got into the witness*' luind as Kate Stod daid. The I.ate Mrs. James Gorixin Bexnett.? Mrs. James Gordon BenuetU, who died in K?en igsteia, Germany, recently, was formerly Hen rietta Agnes Crean, who"kept a small hosiery and fancy goods store in William street, N. Y., when lower Broadway was still a place of resi dence. She was a bright, vivacious woman, ot large frame and great vitality. At the time 9t her marriage, which occurn d at St. Peter's church, in Barclay street, on the 6th of Juue, 1*40. Mr. Bennett made the oocasioti conspicu ous in the columns of his newspaper, and after ward faithfully recorded the birth of his chil dren in the same manner. Four children were born to them, two of whom, a son and a daugh ter, survive. Mrs. Bennett at one time wrote a number of letters from Europe for the Herald, and they were distinguished by much vivacity T?* Catholic Total Abstinence Uinos. The semi-annual meeting of the board of rev eminent of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America, embracing officers of the national union and presents of the various state unions in the eountrv, was held in Phila delphia yesterddy. Rev. James McDevttt, of Washington, D. C., iu the chair. The semi annual report shows then are in the ualoa 14.' societies, aggregating about members, and that there are ate Catholic total abstinet" societies not yet affiliated with the untoo. committee was appointed chairman) to devise inn internsttonal union beti Pm*TiTA*u Coal Ta.. - gradually en the Increase, sad pric The advaooe realised at the last ms of Seranton Improved look of the trade at _ the extraardiaary turn in prices, and tho wares Of labor iu Sngland have iffi-etod tooraMr stocks ot a! Dost all the great anthracite ear 1 it rs? I'hilw'rli hi? Ledger. TXUB0EAK8 TO TH1 8TAB.' Ibis lft?n?1 Pteftcliti. TED IrkhSS REroZTX, TBE LITEST AVFTL IlirVUrt. I.??*or TIII Rm?K^IPATLANTIC >?? U>i ti Aw Utf?4i?iMl<Ni Ni? V.'BK. April s^'i here is no eopv or the ii>t ct i *wlitn?ol llu *'c?ii>?Iiii, Atltiilw li ti t* clrr. The ?ffnl of the Miwkfrr xn ), | d: ptti'W lr?* Halitav. rewind Im night, <4ki? tl.at none ol *i>?' AUmiUt'i nrp U,| fl. vklrh he cmkMw UfrWewy that the I- aro? t'? bull w ?* net hr*>kon. People who ha.I f lei V* oi. boari! the Ui fat <1 rhw>r cravilt^ 'hf oiffn ot the Wkicr Star line thi* mnrn!u| boi iff te Irani tfcf nam<*of the Nrriron, bat ft* no liat Lad Wen recovered uo iniotination couhl be given tbem. 1 be terrible ilmtMlr ta th< on.) topic this mornii g. atsl a fall inveeu k'atioti it il< tntiidfd bv iff pitMIc ?n<l pfO| la that the reapottsibitttv for the <1 mater be h?ol on the iwjiet part .e*. THI nil TA *I>T MTl'K*^ ^Halifax, Kuva k?.??tia. ait 2. ?The Kramer lVlia, whlrh wan despatch* d to tie ?e. neot the disaster to thr A-Untie. baa net jret returned to Halifax. and tkeee ta no later luUTUiAtioti mm th< wr. ck than la contained in the deapatche* turniahed Unt iiurht. The I>elta i> expected heie tbt* afternoon. Tn? nxws m mci tKit. I oxpo*. April J? The announcement of the wrick of tkr steanuhip Atlantic ant the ai? paK tijj loa* ot life caused therebv. create* pro foBTtf sensation in tlii* city ami at Llv- ri>ool. The iIInMiy ta thr universal topic of conversa tion. Thr office- or thr agent* to bothcitie* have been thronged ml; tkr momiiif witk peo ple. friends ot paaeergrraen thr 111-itM at earn sfcip. all ai:xk>ti*ly inquiring for the name* ot thr aurvivor*. The insinuation sought liaa t?.?t yet bren received fttn the I'mled State.. at: i meanwhile a fee I in,; ot moat |>ainra! anxiety pre* ail*. Belief hrtlif KenltM^mMI >r??far Then- I rlead*. Nw Yore AjiHl I?On receiving thr con firmation of thr "o*s of the Atlantic ix*t even ing an agent wa* dispatched to Halifax, with injunction* to rettere the *tifl'erlnjr* of the saved and telegraph their name* immediately to the principal ciltM, to relic\e the uuxiety of II.ok> having retatlfe* or frb ttd* on ta>ard the ill-fated vewel. Tb'1 liat ii expected tkia p. m , ami a**oon a* reorived at thr cna|iaar'i office *iU be given to tb-5 areas for publtoaiuon. In the meantime tliiM lis* tug friend* on board muM bo|-e for tLe be.it. Thi? ui<?rn ng two more agerta w ent on to Halifax to jwovidr aiiMir the survivors ot the awtnl diaarter and forward them to tkeir destinations. TbeCuuard ateam sliip C ity ot Montreal, winch -Albd on the saute dav, tL? -oth of Mariii, bring* a full duplicate liai ot the paa-engera. cabin and ateorafe, oa tbe Atlantic. Sbe ia r* j?-cte*l in to-dar. TMK mricEMor th? cowtakt Rrr u-cirT. From tbe meagre mielligenoe aa yet ri'ifni>h1 of tbe di>a?-tcr atul tbe catiaca tbat led to it, tin) officer* ot the company here decliue to give any opinion on the niatti-r. Wlifti <|iieaUonrd on tbe aubject tbey di*mi*a it w^ith the remark that tbe cataatropbe mnat have been CAoaed by mta taking light*.and attAch no blaiue to lite cai? talnor officer* for miMiianagrm'-nt. t'aptafn \Vi1Ham* ha* been in the tran?- Atlantic trado tor about a dorcn vcar*. Iteing c?nu?<et?Hl with tl.e WililMm* tnd t^tiion line before tbe VVbu-s Star line way orpanired. The Atlantic tad ateeraare paaaencer* and thirty *aloon. Tli*-re bad l*-eu two birth* da ring tbe ?o>age. The crow numbered 142. an-l there were fourteen *towaw*v* di*. over- 1. Three hnt:dr?-d in all were aaved out of tho total number ot 1 .(O. *AD>EM IK *KW TORK. Xkw Vobk, Anrii 1 p. tu.?The otiiee of tbe agt ncy of the White Si.tr line i* at! I tLmngod. many woiM^n making anxioa* en uiiineaon Hccount oi relative* beliere4 to be on the Io*t *team*hfp Atlantic. There ?* a gen -i tl frellpcofaadneas throu^hont the city at th a fearful dL*<a*ter. n<> n<vr?iK>T* *avkt?. Halifax. April s.?'l'b?re in uotbing in i!i? -l.ajx ot doeunient^ *a\ed from the *t< .imakip Atlantic. A li-it of th ? pa*?-< ngrr* w II be ob tained. if po??ible. iijiou the return of ttio .-ti.?lucr*11om tbe wreck. ? Xe? lurk \(He?. eiKcfi.AB akii fatal ac? i;?ext. New Vork. April 2.?Several coal liarge* and a tow-boat 1 me tiiiuiinagAabb- y?-?ter day oil Statcn 1-lan I. and ?me of the i?ra*r nink with a man and wunint! on l*>ar<l. All other* went a*i.ore, aome colliding with veaaela at anchor at ?^ttarautiue. The tow-boat Otis went at-bore. rBE?:t>*VT CRAKT rkittd the new |>o*tmaster, .l.im*, at tbe po*' office, and alfo Collector Arthur and Naval Clticer Laiiiu at tbe cumoiu-bouxe to-day. THK&E WKRK NO e>PKKCH of bond* to day, and none are to be bought. 1> THE ERIE IKVEWT!RATIOS TO-UAV Henry Slieraood. *u^re-*or of Tweed a* a di rector of tbe trie company, t. ?titk-d to <>j>erwt ing at Albanv u^Ainat repealing the da?ibca tion act with the legislative ce-muiitteea And m< n ber*. F.mptove?l cotma<-| anJ paid three of tin m an aggregate or and another wa# inverted in cirenlating prtition*. paying hotel bill*. Ac. Among tbe latter item* wa* a bill of kJ50 tor aa?ieuug aa Oorre-pondoui of A Buftalo paper. 1'rlKlitfwt Bullrr ...... Wn mix-ion. N.C., April I.?Tke boiler* at tbe rt< ?m oaw-mill ot Colville A Co. exploded at IT minute* to P o'clock thi* morning. Two men and one wornkii were killed and one man and on* weman were aevcrcly wounded. All the killed ami wounded are tieeroca. One of tbe boiler* wa* carried over one hundred yard4 to Front street, killing a we tnan iu it* coarae. Another wa* burled nearly half way acroaa <"a|?e Fear river. The catiar'of tbe exph>sion ia iMit definitely known, tbouuh It i* generallv aup ]>omd to hare been causetl by low water in tha boilers. lacdeaald. the Bank ol lAglaad F?r ier, VI anted Im Laniaiillr. New Vi'ii, A{?il 1?A re<jui*itiou ba* boon made on tiovei nor 'IMx bv tbe Gov<*rnor of Kentucky, tor tieorge Macfonald. ot tbe Uank of Fnglantl forgery notoriety, ami the police ot' L?oui?\ ille have re<ineeted tbe polioe of thi? city to hold klacdonald subject to tbe reouiaitioa, should be not be extraalicted. Maoloiiaid ia known in Loui*til>e by the naaeot Sweet. The Demarratie I k tary la M. Laai*. St. I.i'ti*. April 1.?Thirty ot thirty-tbreo precinct* of this city gire Krown, lor may<?rt and tlie whole democrati- ticket abont 3,aOJ majoritv. St. torn, April 2 K?tnm* from all th? preciuct* in the citv give the whole d inorratic ticket a majoritv of over i ??*?. ot httoen Aider men elected only aix ar? republicans. Keli?H?ner *1 reeked. Te>RT Mi>?rok, Va., April I, via XonntLC, V\,Aptil 2 The schooner Wynotia, of l>-??toii, from Portland. Me., w ? |?<tat.M--. < >r l'.?n - m<>re, went aground on Wolf Trap Shoal*, in Chesai>eake Bay, on March 2?:th. and baa bilgt'd and sunk*. The resnel lie* iu four lathoriM ot natcr, and it I* feared will prove a total low. * free Jerwey. THE CCVEBSOR HIOXH THI UEXERAL RA1L R<>An HILL. Tremtojc, April 2.?The tiovernor ha* ?ignr I the general railroa<t bill. Flag* are di-playid to commemorate the release of tbe alAte from railroad monoiiol> F.\eoi|4Jn( Railraad Prspfrty Irotn Taxation. Tiijtos, April I ?A bill has passed both house* exempting the main stem and principal (?a<*eng<.r and freight ra.lw ay station* from tax ation. All other railroad property, including the rolling stock, is subject to municipal and state tax. Marilerrr of Vsadrieb. Philadelphia. Aj i I he mau sufiissad to be Koscoe is ati)l detained in custo>ly. IK?ubt *t.il>xi*t*a* to the man s identitj; but be will not be liberated until tkc question is nettled be vond doubt, as it la lielieved be left New York to eaca|>e some criminal charge. A URIAT TRAGKDIA1I COMING. K?CK, April 2?Salvlna, the great tra .?? s/l Italy, has finally determined to vi*it America p."?*'finally, leaving here m Augnet next. r. Match Chcbk, April 1?Tbe Lehigh II very high. The water la even with the tow path, and It Kill rising. Tcartei or Arhv'orru-aaa?Tbe follow ing changes In the staUsns and dutie* of officers of the pay department bare been made: Major J. P. Canby relieved from duty la tke depart ment of the south and ordered to the depart ment oT Columbia. Major Brants Mayer lettered frem duty in the department oT Colum bia and ordered to duty In the department oC California. The following change* kave beea made Hi the ataCma and duties ol engineer e>am: tat Mentenant J. H. Weeden relieved from date rith the board of engineers for fOrtdkcatoons on so PacUta eoeat. and ordered to ftaa Meph. CaL Captain A. K. Daaareliordered to rsttoeo Lieut. CeL Reynold* of the charge of ad the works and svseje In his hands under Ike War department and his light-bonne duties radar the Treasury depertaMwt. Lieutenant ~ ' Kcvnotda la ordered to report to the of War for llght-boasr dtAy. Tn or aerel between 1 and William B. I>uneaa, t oT the new Lyceum, ha withdrawing from the * anr" the prepoaiu of Augnattn f>aly to pcoda< ??Menu Chrlsto" at the Grand Opera, V Not by note-paper now Is gray, gukl lines. ?

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