2 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

2 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR. W FD*E?PAT April a, ntn. LOCAL NEWS. ? Amn?rairsl?, A ??? JVa.>r Ctmifue?A variety entertainment of drama, song, dkncc, &c. Ml t'fUwi' Hall.?Milton'* PtrnliM Lost. fij-tk St '*t U't?ForejN?iigh's great show. ? '?.'?? ckt'ptl?Grand concert for the benefit Itlrace church. ? The "Washington Boat Cl"b lad night decided to disband, and place their property In the h ?r-!? of * onBmitl? to be sold. W. I?. Knight X Co.. printer*, bare removed their offce to Ballai.t jne's new building iJi itk street. A_, . ? ? A valusMe l?ot*? vu ?tolen from Mm. Snsan Reed, of Montgomery county. Maryland, last month. Last n'ght Infective" McDevitt and Miller trrro'M a colored man named John Francis J?ck?on. in the market-house, ou the charge of being the ibief. The specimen of ft ait-be*. f*atented by Mr. E. to. fioorgia, of t'i 'ton, V*., ami which we have receive-1 tiled with choice app'es is to oar minds the inort convenient and satisfactory box of the kind vet invented. The excellent condi tion of the fruit conveyed in it shows iu value conclusively. The Teacher* Institute held a meeting at the Jefierson Sebooi building yesterday afternoon, which wm atttndtd bv a large num'ier of the trustees. Superintendent J. O. Wilson pre sided. and introduced Prof. Hotze, who deliv ered a lecture on physics which was very inter esting to the audience. At the regular semi-monthly meeting of the Collegiate Society of the National Medical Col lege b?t nipht, l>r. K. M. Schaefler presented interesting n icroscopieal ipwlaew illustrating different forma of renal also?e. The <i?estion of tobacco and its eflects upon t ue system was then disewssed at length* 1 he Grand I'nion Ball by the varions state orgs ni ration* at the inaugural ball building last night was a great success. There were over sis thousand persons present. promenade music was furnished by the Maine hand. There w4s a drill of the Corcoran Zouave*. who fully sus tained thrir reputation as ail model organiza tion. The dancing was kept up until morning to the Wiiric of T>oncb'* orchestra. ? I IRE AT THE UTAH OFFICE. If is Hpcfillly Eilingaisbfil, At 2 J> o'clock this afternoon an alarm of lire war- struck from No. 2 engine house for a lire discovered or the roof of the Thi Star build ing, and the lire department wa.- soon on hand. The Karnes w. re speedily extinguished and with a trifling ions. It is aup|>osed that the roof rau^t from a spark from a neighboring smokc t?aj. ?vt was a strong breexe prevailing at tfce t ine, ai d the tire bad got a rather dangerous hold in the roof of the S r ah Buildings, but by the activity of the tire men and the kind aid of energetic cit-/ens, the names were subdued with but little damage. Ttat the engines Were on the ground with ste.m* pp. |>I?)ii>g upon the tire within ten min utes of the time the alarm was given is suf ficient evidence 01 the efiiciency of oar Fire Department. A WisBisoTofuii Arrested is New York?A .yl /'<?(?' H'i>nsrmtatmi.?The fact nas uit nt.uned in Tint STARsouie months since, that a young man. formerly of this city, had beta obiainmg money in New York, under false ?>r? tenet.*, by representing h.nisclt to be K. W, l.ttil. of the firm of It. VV. Heed <\ Co., of this rity. His niu.lt- ui operating was to buy a bill ol goods to be sent to Washington, giving in paj ment a draf t on tLe firm to whom the gtxsis wire to be forwarded. He would subsequently represent that be was g<-ing to Boston, or some otfer place, and needed a little ready monoy, and mould re-juest the New York firm to cash" a sn.all drait 011 the Washington house for or M. It appears from the New York lb raid of yesterday that he has been practicing his old ^;in.e, I nt not quite so successfully as hereto lure. 'I be //- > ?t/il sa." s: ?? Yesterday morning a young m m.well dr''?sed aisi with a business air. went into tLc establishment of Leopold Sebe? si, Ui liuane street, and introduced him self a-Yv'm. P. Butier, of the firm of B.W. Kei.il A. Son. of Wa-hmgton. I>. C. He was shown through the stock, and gave the lirm an order for *I7f ?orth of goods. He then produced a dVatt. and toiling Mr. Scheflar he wished to use requcsUd that gentiiman to advance him tl.at at: mint, on having the draft as collateral. In the course of the conversation he referred to several well-knoisn firms. Mr. Scberlar then informed him that one 01 his yocng men would accompany him to any of the parties he had named, aiid it they vouched for him he wo ild zi*e him the goods and advance the money. Butler left. aecKinp'iiiicd by one of the clerks, wbo had private instructions to have Butler arrested at oncc, should he attempt to leave. The two had walked about two blocks when Mr. Butler made an attempt to part company with the clerk. Officer Ferris was summoned, ami immediately arreted liim. lie was arraigned before JbtUce Dttfliuj mmI behl for examina tion.'' ? Two WiVE9 DlVORI Ell rKOll TIIEIg Hl'A HAJPf!?In the K|iiity Court yesterday, Judge Wylie grant d two decrees of divorce. Via: Fmma F. Upptrmau from Edward T. I'pper m^n. Plaintiff alleged that they were married February e, l.%7, b^ K.-v. L. II. Augier, and that shortly after their marriage he either took to or resumed drinking haiiits. and was usually In such a condition onhis r? turn home at nights tl.at .-he ?as not --ale from bodily harm. She abo charged neglect, cruel treatment and habitual Jr.iukenuess on his part. A decree was granted to plaint'. T. with authority tores am. her maiden name, llarhaagh, the'defendant not appearing In the case at all. Iti brer* Nachir.an n" Dt iuelman, from Ger man Nai-hman. P'aintifl"stated that they were married March J9, Is 1., that she ha- six children by the defendant, who, of late, has treate d her with shatncf.il cruelty; he has abandoned her, and is now a ni-islci'an residing in Baltimore, where he is a salesman during the day and an nrclu*tra member at night; and further, that be is heir-ap| a-ent to considerable property in Europe. She was granted a divorce, with power U? r? sumo her matden name, have the custody of her children, and ?."> per month alimony. Th* Wa?hi3?toj? Mo.m hent A<"ocrATtos held a special meeting ye?terdav afternoon. I>r. J. B. Blake, president, ami J. Carroll Brent, secretary. The death of Wm. B. Todd and .hmif C. Ifennetlv members of the society were announcetl. ami resolutions of respect to their memorv were adopted. The society then proceeded to'flh the vacancies, and Mr. Edward Clsrk, architect and superintendent of the Capitol, ami Mr.-M. W. tialt were elected. The secretary reported the receipt trom the Hon. H. W. Corbett, Senator from Oregon, of a contribution, amounting to transmitted through the President vt the L'u.ted StaU;s, ex 'JlcUi president of the society. Won or thi Woneas' Christian A??(Vt. *Tt?^S.?A meeting of the managers of the Womtn's Christian Au0Ct*#9O was held yes terday afttrmxn. at ttdr room" irt Jl4iC,;*ri K<|uare. The rejiorts of the committees showed the institution to be in a flourishing CVU-iU^n The Foster UvUC UUdCI care ?} children, ?i?.ni tLe ages or i to 12. The employment com mittee have furnished sewing ami work to more than liO destitute women. The Ket'uge Home has been fll.eu to its utmost capacity during the past month. Anothkc Labor on<?AaiiATto*.?East Vashiiigtst. Sr..;p. N?>. 4. Ecumenic 'Jrderof Cniteai lleehanics. was organized at Esputa's hail, 011 sth street east, navy yard, last night. Tl;e following otf.eers were installed: Worthy Biast. r, Joseph Keynolds; first foreman, Wui. Noack. second foreman, Charles Tupper; secre tary,.I. M Padgett: treasurer. Frod. Boucher. M. W. Grand Architect John F. Lippliatd ap pointed fleonp H. I^?velessde*>utygrand archi tect of the shop. 'l'ue order favors the eigUt hoiir law. ? The daily A izriyr and the weekly Cvlum'ti?, t?? ticrman ne?s. a|s-r->of this city, have been ?onsolidatcd in a m w (icrmandaily newspaper, the H>imi%hm Journal, which is now in posses sion of the subscription lists of both mentioned* papers, and is very favorably received by the h. 1 man population. The new publisher is Mr. \V. Koch, an accompl -hed jwinU-r, form etlv of the CW*m >a. The editor of the new m?tkw-iton Journal is Mr. Carl Koeser. an ex]>e liciicrd journal-st and Washington correspon dent for several new-papers, both in this coun try and in Germany. Wit Mrs. Boyle Wast* a Divorc* Mr. P. E. Cab ill filed a bill tn the Eiottv Court to day for Catherine Boyle for a divorce from the of matrimonv with James Boyle. Pe titioner sets forth that on the 21st of March. _, she was married to defendant in Balti more. by Ker. Father Boyle, and she charges that shortIv after marriage he became addicted to the ase of intoxicating liquor, ami that he has frequently abased and maltreated her, ami that he has committed adultery. 8wALL-rnx Cask* have been reported since veaterday at the following places (one at each) M. between 1st and south Capitol streets south east; 4th. between A and B northeast: between 1 aad K and 6th and 7th streets southwest; 210 10th street southwest; between Delaware ave nue aad 1st and A and B streets northeast; aad two deaths?Mrs. Johnson's child. 26th, between E and F streets northwest, aad one at 1014 4v street southwest. _ 0 Thi sew ran-rtrio-ate* or udeeteicth are now being issued from the aaditor's oAee at Columbia bnlldings, meetlv in amounts of one hundred dollars each. They will be re ceivable for special laaew assessed by the board. Daring the past two days about *L%eoo have b< < a taken m at Odieetor Plater's counter, OS.nCAof which amount wae paid for BceMo*. Paring this month 3 per cent, will be taken otT, and si\t mouth only 2 per cent will be de ducted. ON TRIAL FOR HIS LIFE. a jrr Tract* tbc The case of Thomas Wright, colored, indicted lor the murder of the Polish peddler, Samuel Kogerckt, on the Z'd of l>ecembeT last, wasthi* morning called for trial iAbe Criminal Court, Judge iiacArtliur presiding. Tbe circumstan id of this atrocious murder are yet fresh in the minds of our oilmen*. On the evening of the SHX ot December tbe body of tbe deceased was tound near some carts, in an alley south of L>, between Mb and 10th streets southwest, with THE *A< X AND HUD IOUI11T MASOLKO. Tbe bcdy was identified next morning, and an Inquest held, which was conducted in secret by the coioner. At tae inquest it came out that the deceased was a peddler, and had consider able money and goods with him when last seen. Around bis body were tbe straps which had been used by tbe murderer as band-holds to carry tbe deceased. The friends of tbe victim ?tated that be was once a prominent man in bis own country, Poland, having held tbe responsi ble position of inspector 01 prisons, lie left there tor political reasons, and came to this country. It was also stated that a few days before'his untimely death he received Informa tion that be would be reinstated in his position if be returned home, lie had accumulated -on e money .ere. and was making preparations to bring his lamiljprver this spring. THE ARREST. Our detective officers took tbe case in hand and in a very little time after tbe discovery of the body the'force was at work. The footprints about the place were carefully scrutiuiz-Ml. There were several theories as to how ami by whom tbe crime was committed. Oue of these was that persons who h>af about the wharf were the uiuidirers. It was not long before tbe detectives, who were assisted by Lieut. Gese f? rd. Officers Lewis, Hughes, ami others, made up th< ir minds that the murder was committed in a small house, near the corner of 10th ami ? streets, and after the house had been "piped" for some time. Infective* McDevltt and Coomes entered it on Christmas night and took Wright into custody on sunpleion of b?-iiigthe murderer: and Margaret Wood, George Wood, ami Samuel Pembrey, as witnesses, and they were all coin ted to jail. OVTSfDR THIS VORHntO. This morning a large number ot persons gath ered al>ont tbe court house and applied for ad mission to the Criminal Court room, while along the streets between the jail and the court house crowds were gathered to see the prisoner. The bailiffs were stationed at the court house doors, with orders to admit none but members of the bar, jurors, witnesses, and others who had business in the room. At least V? persons gathered about the Jail. The prisoner was taken from the jail about 2?> minutes after ten o'clock, and walked with an air of bravado to the court room. Lieut. Kelly walked on one side ot him. and Sergeant Johnson on the other, and they were accompanied by Officers Powell. Felt. Stone, and Keartlon. As the prisoner left the building he turned towarils it and shouted to tbe women prisoners at the windows 41 COOD BY* UAL8." On emerging from the gate, noticing the crowd, b< sang out, in a loud voice and with a shockiug oath, Jest look at the niggers." Farther down he overheard a lady remark, " He walk? witli an air of game ness,"and turning to her he made use of some grossly insulting language. On lteing brought iuto the court-room he was shown to the witness room and had an interview with his counsel, General S. S. Heukle and Mr. E. C. Jngenoll: atter which he wad p! iced in the prisoners' dock. Uraainx a Jnr.v. T1 e ccnrt was opened promptly at 11 o'clock, and jurors having been called, his counsel, who left tbe coun-room a few minutes before, were sent lor. and they came in immediately. The prisomr was seated near his counsel, aii l the clerk proceeded to draw the names ot the jurors from the hat, and eacli waa sworn on bis coir /tire. 'i he first drawn was Frank Brooks. In reply to questions he taid that he had not formed or expressed any opinion, or had any scruples, and the defence receiving a negative answer to questions as to bis having read The Star ot vestenlav. ai.d Forney's Sua'lim Cknnitlt ot Sunday last, he was accepted ami sworn. James F. Kelley had formed an opinion; set aside. Saniutl C. Magruder had formed a sllg'it nj iiiion from what be read when the defendant was arrested; tbe opinion he h:.d formed was not sufficient to couvict on, unless there was some more evidence tending that way. Judge MacAitlmr a-kid if he had expressed an opinion, and received a negative answer. Juror did not recollect that the name ot Wright was in the report he read; did not think a new3pai>er re|*?rt was evidence: thought be could render a perfectly impartial verdict. Mr. Henlle said that he was Impressed that Mr. M.was a fair and honorable gentleman, but with the public mind in a state of ferment on tbe subject of nomicides, be would ask that the i-risoiier's rights be protected. The juror would go in the box with a partial opinion, which would have to be removed. They would ? ii< ? to the deci.-ion of the court. Judge Mac Arthur said that it could not be e*i erted that a jury should be chosen irom j>er sous who did not read tbe papers, lie regarded !. Jnrar M a fair one. il< was accepted and sworn. Charles C. Graham had formed an opinion fr? ii: the papers, but thought that he coui^Liind tii im; ."rtial vi rdict. He was set aside. Gforge P. BoLrer had read the paper*, but had formed no opinion therefrom; accepted and -worn. John A. Rlicem bail formed a newspaper opinion. and it would require testimony to remove the impression made; not accepted. Edgar li. Hales bad formed an oiinion, but ?iot such a one as wonld bias his judgment. 11. hi* opinion newspapers were generally right; not accepted. Kichard M. Allen had formed an opinion. Witness had the opinion that if tbe defendant was tbe one who committed the crime, he should not be hung, but be pulled to pieces bv mules. Clialb iig< <1 by defense. Lemuel F. Clark had not a conviction; ac cepted and swoin. Charles G. ball had formed an opinion, bat not such an one as would bias him. To de fendant lie said he bad read all the accounts, and h id had some impressions as to the case, but could give a fair verdict; accepted and sworn. John H. McBIair had formed a very decided opinion; rejected. Edgar Banks had formed no opinion, nor had he any scruples as to capital punishment. To defence be said that be bad read tbe accounts in the papers and they made some impression on his mind, but he could give ? just verdict on tbe evidence: accepted and sworn. Henry C. Chandler had no opinion about this case, or scruples about capital punishment. He had not read tbe newspaper accounts; had beard the prisoner talked about, as also the murder, but paid no attention to tbem; chal lenged by defencee. I George E. Jillanl had formed a decided opin ion; rejected. Wm. T. Solomon had formed no opinion, and had no scruples against capital punishment. Could not read. He had been a contractor under the board of public works. 21r. Henkle.?He must be a good man. Swear him. Y.Z was accepted and sworn. Henry B. Otlerback had formed an opinioil, a decided one; rejected. Simeon Meade had not formed an opinion, nor had any scrnples against capital puir.sh ment. Had read the accounts of this homicide, as he does of them all; challenged by defence. Thomas Foote bad no opinion, nor scruples against capital punishment; had read the new? i apers. but could give a fair verdict; chal lenged by defence. TLoe. P. Morgan bad formed a decided opin ion; rejected. Jobn West thought that he had formed an opinion, but c?ul?! give a just verdict. To de fence?Had beard peonle say that Tom Wright would go up. and he (West) would contradict it. Accepted and sworn. Henry Eckhardt bad formed no opinion, nor had any scruples. Had read tbe papers, but could not believe everything in tbem. (Laugh ter. in which Wright Joined.] Challengedby defence. * Griffin Read bad formed an opinion; rejected. John W. Jones do.: do. Alfred J. Moss had formed bo opinion. Had read of the homicide. Challenged by the Uni ted States. Wm. Jones had formed no opinion, nor had he any %-raples. He could not read, but bad an opinion on what be had heard. According to what his mind states, Wright ought to be punished. To Mr. Harrington, witness said he could not go in the box with the impression that he is Innocent. The Juror was told to stand aside. SIGHT JfKOBS OWTAIKTO. This exhausted the regular panel, from which the following jurors ware obtained: Frank brooks, Samuel C. Magruder, George P. Boh rer, Lemuel F. Clark, Charles G. Ball, Edgar Banks, Wm. T. Solomon, and John West. The court directed the marshal to provide for the eosifort of the accepted Jurymen, and the clerk to draw from the jury box the Man of 80 persons, to be sammonedto appear at 10 o'clock to-morrow morning. The court artjoumed, and the prisoner waa again Ironed and token back to Jail, followed bj a crowd ot about 200 persons. TIB FKiaOBBB waa apparently the toast concerned person in the court-room daring the morning, and when not engaged la conferring with his counsel daring the morning lookeJldly around, some is: sss^israh ssssr When Forepaugb*s manegeito waa mmIm ir When Forepaugh*s menagerie waa pawing it attracted bat tow to the windows, and Wright row from his chair and tried to get a view of It. The court and counsel were so busily engaged in selecting a jur/at the time that they took no notice or the interruption. North ViiauoToi Bcildiko Associ a rion?At the eleventh monthly meeting, held last evening, 49 shares were advanced upon at an average of ^ per cent. I IV Beard of Hraltk. Ht A M. rox?CKAE'ES AGAINST AS INSPEC" TOB-THI Kill Or IXMATrKB MEAT?VAC CINATION?OILL VET FISHING, ETC. At a meeting of the board of health last night l>r. Verdi, health officer, reported the number of small pox cases fur the week ending March 2?th at 25, and deaths 12; nuisance*. 171, of i which ntimber 153 have been abated: dead ani mals removed, i">; animal*Impounded, 3 horses, 4 tows, 4 liogs, J coats and u geese; marine pro ducts condemned, MO bushels of oysters, 79 bunches of fish: unwholesome food condemned, 1 calf, 35 pound* of real. 11 pounds mutton, 65 pounds beef, 43 chickens, and 3 prairie heas. He submitted a file of papers comprising CHAKtiU AMD specifications AOAINST IN SPECTOR SPRAGCE, and was about to read them, when objections were raised hj Mr. Laagstonon the ground that the board had ordenxf no investigation. Dr. Vtnli claimed that be had a right to hare his branch of the service purged of such charges; reading postponed. He presented a communication from Mrs. Jane Kelly, A POOR WOXAR WHO BAD LOUT HER HtTSBAND in January last by small pox. complaining that her house had ><en stripped of many arti cles of value to her, such as bed clothing and carpets, for the purpose of disinfecting the same, since which time she has not seen them and can get no satisfaction. After some dis cussion. the matter was referred to the sanitary police committee. Mr. Lang>ton moved that the vote by which an ordinauce was adopted at the last meeting of the board TO PREVENT THE SAI.E OF YOfNG MEAT In our markets be reconsidered; carried. He then moved that It be referred to the committee on ordinances, as it was very irapcrfect. Dr. Verdi objected unless the committee make an immediate report, as in case they did not the city would be without any law on the subject. The matter was referred. Mr. Langston. from the ordinance committee, to whom had been referred the subject of PAYING THE PHYSICIANS TO THE POOR * for strvices in vaccinating, m.vlo a report, in which he recommended that they be paid fifty cents per bead, one-third to be paid by the Itoardof health from out the funds appropriated bv Congress, and the remaining two-thirds oat of ftands to be hereafter app-opriated by the Legislative Assembly for the purpose; said phy sicians to present their bills certified under oath. Mr. Mar bury thought the tenor of this report was widely at variance with a resolution adopted by them sometime since y?whieh was that the board does not hold itself resjK>nsible for the payment of the physicians, but would recom mend to the Legislative Assembly an appropria tion to pay them. # Mr. Langston claimed that they were both motallv and legally responsible. He referred to the printed ordinances, showing that they had adopted rules and regulations for the government of the physicians in their duty?It w as therefore no question of liability, besides tliey bad no right to dodge the paymcut Of an honest debt. Dr. Verdi contended that no such liability existed, and if such record appeared in their primed ordinances a great mistake had occurred, as n> action had ever been taken. H;re the clerk, Mr. .lones, produced tb>? orig nnl papers drawn by Dr. Verui, correspond ing o the printed ordinance. Dr. Verdi said it was never intended the boaid should be res|?onsihle for these bilN. Mr. Marbury sai<l he was in favor of paying tfces-! men, but they could not do it for want ot fun s? they could pay one-third and appeal to the legislative Assembly foi relief. Tie chair ruled that the printed records was law. and the board was clearly resj<onsible. Ot motion, the further consideration of the snbj-ct was postponed until the next privato men ing of the board. Mi. Langston made a report in favor of pay ing tlieir attorney an annual salary of i?!,-""*!. * On motion, this matter was postponed for consideration before the private conference. VAST GILL-NET F1SHINO PROHIBITED. The following was presented aud referred to the ordinance committee: Your petitioners, eiti/.-n?ot this District, respectfully represent tbrtthey are engaged in the business of shad and herring fishing at the various landing* on the Potomac river, in which they have em ploy! d large material interests in its prosecution; that by the laws of the state of Maryland and Virginia the season for carrvingon this b ionics-' is limited to the months of Anril anl Mayot oath year, at the expiration of which time all persons so engaged aro required to cease fishing; that numbers of "irresponsible parties continue the business of Pshlng for shad an.I herriug,by neana of gill-nete, long after the time prescribed by law, thereby supplying the market of this District with unsound'marine products, and thus engendering disease an l eu daiigt ring the lives of our citizens; that in order to prevent said tish from annihilation in our river, it is desirable to prevent fishing after the season al*>ve stated. Your petitioners therefore pray your honorable body to pass an ordinance to prohibit thA-ale of fresh shad or herring in the public markets of this District after the tiist day of dune of each year, or by instructing or directing the inspector of marine products to condemn such fish a.ter the time before stated, and your petitioners, as in duty l>ound, will lever pray. [SignedConrad Fauuoe, Jacob Faun, e, John Gihson, Wni. Talbot, Wm. Nelt zey, Wm. Kvans, M. Cramp and Henry Neitzey. Adjourned. The Season on tub Virginia Side?A cor respondent writes to Thk Star from Vienna, Va " The peach crop will in all probability ?e a failure in the county, (Fairfax,) the severo weather this winter having killed the bud. Other fruit will prubab'v conic out all right If we escape late frosts. The spring is very back ward. Very little farming has been done as yet. A few of the farmers have sowed sonr; oats, but the weather has been very unfavor thle to their coming up. The prospect, though, now is good for Mime spring weather." not Devd Nor Dying J. C. Krider, the printer, who, according to a statement from *he Johnstown (Pa.) Mountain Vote, published in Monday's Star, was stabbed in Altoona, Pa., on Fridav, the 21st ult., by James Carroll, a former resident of this citv, will, it appears, recover from his Injuries. Friends of Mr. Car .oll in this city having telegraphed to the mayor of Altoona in reference to Krider*s coudition, have received a telegraphic reply aj follows: "He is alive, and getting well." FoREPxroH'* ohkat procession enlivens d the Avenue aud other principal streets this morning, and the gorgeous parade gave promise of a brilliant anil interesting show under the canvas this afternoon and evening. It is need k ? to say much about It, because everybody is going to see how it is themselves. Fotepaugh is too experienced a manager to Impose on the public a j>oor exhibition. THE COVBTN. POLICE CCCKT. Judge Sndl.-To-day, Edward Brown, i barged with passing a ?!u note and a #? n..it, i. >li spurious. Also is: ii-".- I on an .th?-i similar charge-, pleaded that he pa- ?o<i them, but did uot know that tney were counterfeit. He was com mitted for action of the grand jury, in default of s?6.'JU). another orT*Ac,T: on the mall. William Gibson, charged with stealing a valise containing article* of clothing am! other t alcaldes, from Jacob Ilarris, who was liitoxicat-d. Gibson came .Arrow*ilarris on the monument grounds, imi a roloitd woman testitled to s?*?ing him go through ll-irrls' isH-kets and take the k?*y out and transfer it to bis own; Jtln and costs or thirty days in jail. Bodger Carroll,charged with assaulting and resist ing Oflictr Whiting; pistponed. Alfrou Bollng, as sault and battery on Richard Mison; 910. Jaines Taylor, John Smith, Jos-ph Schenck, Albert 11-iwe, Atrliiniuin, Th. mss James, Sainnel Carr, au i Bodger Carroll,forfeited *5 each on tbecbarge of profanity. B. dger Carr dl wss fined #10 and eorts for r< sitting Officer Whiting, James Shea, throw ing stone# in an alley; fined iV. Charlee Clark, the wooden b-gged so Idle j, was before the conn sr.d i, charged witn being drunk and profane ' ? ui<'?t, and fined *8. Alfred Bollng, Br. fan ? n lPh street wharf; *6. William Stanley, charged wlt!i carrying a rasor and pistol at Mt. Pleasant, and drawing them ont for us*- on last MMsy in an sflray; tined 3J0or ?ixtv days in the workhouse. Birney Slater aud Hetty Clark, were lined tj3each foi pro ?unity. Leonard C.'hr, a vagrant, was m-nt to th workhentie. Isaac Bnlflan,drunk and profane in Georeetrwn ,$S. Samuel Harris, same offence; #3. Charles A. McBwen, charged with obstructing C street with building material, was fined .%61,or #1 for each day said obstruction was allowed to remain; an appeal was taken. Also, charged with neglect to barricade an open area on the same street where de fendant was engaged in srectlng a building; gs. Garrett Barrett.disorderly assembly and loud and bonterous talking in front of Marble Saloon; Rh). Leonard Kane, an ex-magistrate, was committed to ibe workhouse in default of bonds on the charge of being an habitual drunkard and vagrant. m? 11 1 - Death of a Dauortek of Prbsident Thiers i* San Francisco.?The Omaha (S< b.) Itce, or March U. savs: Count Maurice and Messrs. A. Alliers and Jules Odiont, all officers of the French navy, went east yesterday by the Chicago and Northwestern train, having in charge the remains of the Count's wife, who was r daughter of Mr. Thiers, President oPthe French repnbUe. The destination of th? party was Brest, France. Count Maurice was mar. ried only three months since, and had left Brest by the Panama route for Honolulu, where be had expected to meet his comman-1, but was disappointed in finding that the fleet had sailed for San Francisoo. The Count followed, and upon the day after his arrival the Vlsoountess A FIERCE tornado passed over portions ot Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia yesterday, The town of Franklin, Tennessee, was pretty thoroughly dismantled, and Augusta, Georgia, also reeeirad a rough visitation. Fortunately the casualties were few. Iowa has reduced the weight or Its bushels of eorRffcom seventy to sixty-eight pounds. Perhaps because Iowa to adverse to hiding her candle under a bushel, and wishes the bushel light enough to obviate the necessity for such a proceeding. If general ambrose ?. Borrsidb contin ues tho custom of wearing two or three differ ent bouquets per day In bis button-hole, a "cor ner" in Bowers must inevitably ensue before long. Kxotic brokers will thank as lor thi^time ly warning New Tork In. Coioumnax starr wrath sr. of Con necticut, voted against the extra compensa tion, and refused to aceept it, directing that it be returned to the United States Trjasnry. GEORGETOWN. Tm georgetown school Bvildixo?A joint meeting of the board of trustee* of the public schools of Georgetown and the George town member* or the Legislative Assembly was held last night fur the purpose of adopting means to promote the passage or an act bv the legislature making an appropriation for the erection of the proposed new school building | here. Mr. J. o. Wilson, the superintendent, ha<l prepared a bill, which it was agreed shoahl be Mat to the legislature for adoption It pro Tides that a committee, consisting of the board of trustees of Georgetown and the Governor, who shall be chairman exoMcio. be appointed, who shall adopt plans, purchase a site and make contracts for the erection of the building. They shall also approve all bills contracted in carry ing out the provisions of the act. It also pro vides that the Governor be authorized to an ticipate the school fund of Georgetown, and borrow such amount as may be necessary to construct the building and purchase the site, provided that the amount shall not exceed I'.?,000, and the building be completed within nine months after the passage of the act. It further provides that the governor be auth orised to give and execute a Ben. mortgage, or deed of trust, in the name of the District of Columbia, with the trustees of the Linthicum Institute of Georgetown, or such persons as they may designate to ac< for them, on all or any part of the public school property, real or per .-onal, in Georgetown, belonging to the District ot Columbia, tor such time and on such terms as shall be agreed upon, in order to secure to said tiusteesot Linthicum Institute the mm of 940,000, more or less, which sum they propose to loan to said board of school trustees tor the erection of said public school building. The last section provides that there shall be levied annually a tax of 23 cents on each 9100 of the valuation of Georgetown, to be collected and set apart exclusively for the purpose of pay:ug the cost of the site and public school building provided for in this act. Discovery okSkeletoss?Yesterday morn ing while Sbme workmen were enuaged in exca vating for the construction of twohouaeson Gay street, near Congress, which was formerly used as a hiiryitig-grbund, they exhumed fourteen skeletons', which were promptly removed and reinterred Xatvnat Kepwbltcan, tkit nvjrniny. Yesterday was the first of April. The SELEe T readings by Prof. John Twee dale and Miss Annie D. Ware, at West street chapel to-morrow evening, will afford our citi zens a rare literary treat. See adv't. Sixth Biildiko Assotiatioh The annual meeting of the Sixth Building Association of this city was held last night and the old officers were reelected. The annual report showsthe receipts for the six years of Its existence to be *202,049.42, including monthly dues, fines, ad vances and insurance. The amount paid out during the same period, including advances paid, expenses; withdrawals and insurance, arc ??.i0,408.4t;. leaving cash in hand *1,032.15. Com i kg i.evkl?The stone floor ot Mr. Thos. Knowles. which, with many others, was left rather elevated by the grading of High street. wa? successfully lowered to day on a level with the new grade. grain Trade?1The arrivals to-dav were schooner Margaret Ella, from Alexandria, with 1,400 bushels red wheat, and canal boat Med ley, with 2,00?* bushels corn, and no bushels of wheat to Hart Iv & Bro. Sales on'Change to day were 1,300 bushel* good r??d whe;?t at 150 bushels prime do. at *2, and 2,000 bushels corn, 05c. to 06c. for white. Rives News?The steamer New York ar rived to-day from Philadelphia, with an as sorted cargo", and cleared tor the same j>ort with o25 barrels flour for New York, via canal. Coal Trade.?Nineteen boats left Cumber land on Monday lor this port by the Chesa peake and ohio'canal, and two for Alexan Irla. The agents here are expecting their arrival on Friday or Saturday. ALEXANDRIA. SrrEitPTii 101*.?A gentleman of this city has received a letter irom a friend in Baltimore, who has the reputation of being a sensible and well-informed man. Asking him to procure, if possible, two inches of the rope with which Manley was hung, and send it to his address, in order that his daughter?a young lady subject to epileptic attacks, maybe cured by wearing it u, oil her person. The gentleman was not sin prised at the reception of the letter, for, said he, "though I have no opinion of the efficacy of the proposed reiu'dv when I told my mother ot it, she informed iae that I had l?een cured of a hooping eougli by a drink of holy water." The Fishery?About 4,000 herring and 10^ shad and a small quantity of rock and perch were received at Mslitown this morning, and sold rapidly to the hucksters at ?18af22 per I/KM) for the herring, *20 per 100 for the shad, awl from 3<i to 40 cents per bunch for the porch and rock. The weather to-day has been favor able for seine hauling and largely increased re ceipts are expected to-morrow. Death of the Clekk or CrLPErER Or* tv Mr. Fayette Mauzee, clerk of the county court of Culpeper county, died at Culpeper 0. H. yesterday. Mr. M. was highly esteemed wherever known. He was a member of the last state convention.?Alt*. Gazette laxt 'veniaj. Bow Amom< a Colored Congregation? A serious row occurred in the African Metho dist Episcopal Church, Catherine street, Newark, on Sunday night. Rev. John Taylor, the pastor, at the close of his sermon stated tha* he had api>oiuted Mrs. Francis to lead tbo fe male prayer meetings for the next quarter. A man named Newman jumped to his feet aud called out that no such apj>oiiitment would be l? rmitted. as that was the business of the trus tees. Another member named Carney then threw ofl" his eoafand leaped over the chancel railing and mounted the pulpit stairs to attack Mr. Taylor, wh?u several of the congregation seized him and he was taken out of the build ing. Quiet was Anally restored by the interfer ence of some w hite persons present. The Latest Escape ruox Sino Sum.? Charle* Burke and John Miller, convicts in Sing Sing, were assigned cells on the top tier of the prison, under a ventilator. They had been working in the stone quarry. Secreting some tools they cut through eighteen inches of mason work to the ventilator, and on Sunday night last began to make their escape. Hearing a noise, a keeper hastened to the cells and found Miller just crawling through the ventilator. He wa.> captured. Burke, who had gained the roof, slid down a lightning rod and escaped. A Child MrnDEr.ER Coke esses in Court? A most singular scene occurred in the police court at Charlestown, Massachusetts, vesterday when Daniel S. Marsh was arraigned for killing his infant child by drowning, in September, 1?71. Previous to Che reading of the indictment the prisoner ro?e in the dock and made a prayer. In answer to the indictment, he said " these hands did it." He then proceeded to narrate a sad story of his domestic troubles, which cnlminated in his taking the life of the child. He was committed for sentence. Surveyors Murdered by Indians?The surveyors murdered on Cinnamon river on the l?th of March by Indians were Daniel Short. K. U. Deniing, of Arkansas City; J. H. Davis, of Chillicothe, Mo., and an Englishman named Robert Pool. The Indians were Whirlwind's band of marauding Cheyennes. An expedition has been organizcei at Arkansas City to go to the relief ot the surveying parties on the Cin namon river. Much excitement prevails on the frontier. A counterfeiter ARRESTED Otto H.iaTS was arrested in New York yesterday on the charge or counterfeiting ten-cent notes. He claims to have discovered a new method of en graving by photography on copper plates, and that the plates found in his possession were the result of bis experiments, and that he was not a counterfeiter. He gave bail in 91,000 to an swer. tSTA number of women assisted at a lynching recently at Fort Erie, Canada. ?^Several lots were sold in I-ondon recently, at ti>" rate of $50 per square foot. ^"Buffalo has resolved to stop pool-selling on its race-course. I7A New Haven policeman recently had his pocket picked of his billy. *7" The Spanish vice consul of Paris has been arresUd and sent in custody to Spain. VAt the municipal election in Btilwaukee yesterday the entire democratic ticket was elected. William T. Lai'dstreet, commission mer chant, Ba'timore, who shot himself Monday, died yesterday. ?T'The Philadelphia Press announces that Senator Scott has not received his extra back pay. KTThe canvass back ducks are pairing off and leaving the waters of the Chesapeake for more northern latitude*. ?7~The supreme court of Illinois has decided that a man can no longer he held responsible for a slander uttered by his wife. ^ ICIOLI, {THE ONLY NICHOLS.) WHO 18 HBt H* refers to the Inhabitants of South Washingtr'. After he has dens bnstasss on Tth street for one year, he will refer to the inhabitant* of the District ot Columbia. JOHHW CSLKY HICHOLS. dealer In Hoaieer, Faacr Goods, Jewelry, Stationer*, Mo tion*, Ac., Ac., he., at INI 7th street, between K sad L streets northwest. It will pay customer* from any part of Washington obuj H<?iery, r?ory Good*, Notion*,he., Ac., Ac., at HICHOLS new store, on 7)k street, between K and t. street* (near B'gan A WyHoV) mil Ta ,??. _ SOLDKB, *c. At the "Stove Ware room*" of _ H. I. OlMOKT, Bff lw Wl Fennaylvaala avenue. Bio'm"D * Ka , ????a CITY ITEMS. Fob a riMT ctAM Dkm or Btomm Hat. at liberal price, for yourself or children, (o to Carter & Ob., 4*4 ?th street. Tu English Alb and OataaM** Pablln Stent; drawn fnm the wood, at Miller A Jones*, tun be relied on a* genuine. Sample room* 1325 E street, NattemUT heater baiiding. A ,Tr*T bbtbiybI* st Itoman Jfc Cox's. V?T 7th street, a large line of spring goods, ready-made ted to make to order, which they are offering cheaper than the cheapest. Obpkb DirAtium on second floor. Choice fabrics for gentlemen* wear. Expedition and first class work. Inspection invited. Gbo. C. Hkbbibo. No. +10 7th street northwest. Wi BBCOivniD purchasers of tea, coffee, -ngar. flour, and fine groceries in general, to go to the American Tea Store, corner 7th and I streets. Yon can pnrchaae there at New York prices. Coffee la roasted fresh every day. Goods delivered in all parts of the city. Notice?Deposits made with the German American Sn rings Bank on or before AprH 1st draw interest from that date. Six per cent, jiald on ordinary deposits and 3 per cent, on the average dally balances of bu?fne?? accounts. Send for a copy of the regulations. 3,31,1: Paris Baxoi. cheapest and best in use; Ham ilton A Pearson, Y. 11. C. A. Building, :>:h and 1) streets. 3,28,ev2; Ys PlMPI.KP, BLOT? HKtt. amd Clcbratkd victims of scrofulous diseases, wbo drag vour unclean persons into the company or better men. take Ayr'* .Sarta/tarilla, himI puree out the foul corruption from your blood. Restore vour health, and you will not only enjoy life Mt#r, but make your company more tolerable to those who must keep it. eo3&W ? For Cocohs axi? Throat Disokders, use "Brown's Bronchial Troches," haying pmr'd their efficiency by a test of many years. eo3 An. of tb* t.atkst STVi.E? of Chandelier* at Hamilton & Pearson's, Y. M. U. A. Butld * ing. 3,28,eo2; For Colds, Corons, Broxchiti* and all affection* of the Lungs, take Agtr's Cherry Pec toral. m.w,f&w I?B. WidTAR'aW'iLn Cherry Balsam This Balsamic compound has become a home fixture. I>et all who suffer, and have in vain attempted to cure their Coughs, Colds, Bronchial or Pul monary Complaints, make use of this unequalled remedy. It can be relied upon, the mass of h'Sllmtiny that has been published since its intro duction,Ming ample proof of ite efficacy. C Bots'awd YorTHa'^iA<w>*AL SriT?. Boys' and Youths' Yacht Cloth Suits. Boys' and Youths' Cassimere Suits. Boys' and Youths' Cloth Suits. Eiskma* Jt Bro., 3,29,5 5A3 7th street, (May Building.) CoNsr*ER<? sliouiu use irom one-fourth to one-half le*s of I>oolev's than of other Yeast or Baking Powders. It Is put up full weight. 6 Toxd's Extract is Tor sale at whol<**ale by Cbas. Stott A Co., 4*0 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggist* everywhere. t,w,f,U' Tirr cowvnrtTT at Urge appreciate the use fulness-ol Singer's Sowing Machine. 1,5 Tat Natiohal Stvmos Bark, corner of New York avenue and litfc street, pays 6 per ct. Btr annum on deposits for each calender month, ankiug hours, ttoi Saturdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,14ti6 ?? . . + y 8orvr> mT being to health and comfort thousands of persons come from far and near to visit Dr. White, the well-known Chiro]>odibt, No. 3o5 15lh street, opposite the Treasury, for relief from corns, bad uaiia., Jfcc., and advice as to suitable sbo&a. Willco* A Oibb'h srwiso Macrtkb. The celebrated Baraar Patterns. Agency at Cha?. Baum's hoop-dcirt and cornet factory, Ylh street. Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Thbrmobbtkrs and B.txomtters are repaired and made to order by Heuipler, near 1% street EW SI'BISG DRY GOODS. Georgetown Advertisements. I^OR SALE?A nearly atw BBK'K HOUSE, No. 6V W?l ?t., G*org-t'>wn; has m-tcb targe r-xiiu*, double porch, gas ?.d?at?*r. T"nus very reaaou able. Iniuire at iti High st. n.y^t J O. NICHOLS. N Benntiful Dreus Goods, in Ra<re anil mignonette sh?des:a large awonmeut of m<<diiim and l">w-priced Press Good*: HUHIU yard* new Spring P-rcales, Cali coes, anil Shirting*; tx <t niak> s of Shirting* and Sheetings, very rh-ap; SO pier?? B.'ark Alparas nn<1 Mohairs, from 25 cen's to ft I 25. Ca?.-<tn?re* and Uniting*, fer m?-n an<l boys. We have a large stock, and offer mat bargain*. BENJAMIN MILLER, niiJ Srn 101 Bridge street, Georgetown. The rush is oyer, the accumulated work all ready for delivery; regreting the una voidable delay in the delivery of work during the past fall, owing to the impossibility of securing ?killed workmen in snfflcit-nt numbers. Truly thankfnl for past faTors, having at present a full corps of first-class artisans, with every facility to meet promptly all demands, I respectfully Solicit a continuance of the same. W, H. WHEATLEY'S PREMIUM STEAM DYEINQ AX D SCOUR IX U ESTABLISHMENT, J an IT 49 Jefferson street, Georgetown, D. 0 QUE READY-MADE DEPARTMENT. MEN'S LIGHT SPRING SUITS, MEN 8 DARK SPRING SUITS, MEN'S MEDIUM SPRING SUITS, MEN S CBE\ 10T SUITS, . MEN'S 11 AGONAL 8UIT8, MEN'S PLAIN SUITS, DIAGONAL COATS AND VESTS, PIQUE COATS AND VESTS, PLAIN COATS AND VESTS, LIGHT PANTS, DARK PANTS, MEDIUM PANTS. ?/* WE INVITE AN IXSPECTION UFOUh UNUSUALLY LARGE STOCK Of SPRING GOODS, BELIE VIXV IT TO BE THE LARGEST AN!) BEST SELECTED IX THIS MARKET. HABLB BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILORS, mff-tr Coim of Ttb asp D Sts. pLUMBING AND GAS-FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing and Gas Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and ?>n reasonable teims, should leave their orders ai 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mS7-6m" Wl. BOTH WELL. -pEBTi LUNCH MILK BISCUIT, The choicest, miwt delicate and finely flavored Cracker iu the United States. GIVE THEM A TRIAL. E?pecially adapted for LUNCH, TEA TABLE, AND THE USE OF 1 - VAL1DS. For sale by Grocers generally. Trade supplied by TYLER k BROS., nill lm Sole manufacturers, Baltimore, Ml] pOB BALLS AND PARTIES. KID GLOVES, ? 1 TO fl.M PEE FAIB. WALL, ROBINSON A 00.7 deeU-tf BUI Pennsylvania avenue. m OITlUlfc. AKMT TllLU MMiOfolitiB Hot^l* (lifet Bfovp^ki jyU-ly mo. tin Piu>'iiTt,tWirtb|lo . lair from falling oat. scalp !? order, and JW. BRIGHT WELL, ? Successor to CABBOLL F. WIHSLOW, SHIRTMAKER AND DKALKB IB lull PVBBUHIBM, 4?j? 9th Street. ML *pu osism TU HOXQ ?unMUniXM, GROCERS. l l o l b. : EECEJTEU DIEECT (rcBi the Mill* in YALLET OF YIBGINIA. Will nU to ftaailiee 1? cent* per barrel less than Pricesof SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, jn*t received from Pleasant Yalley WineCowpaay. 99 a gallon. 8. H. BACON,70* Market Spec*, mart? Mww Tib and ?h *rw?<?. ^TLAXTIC MILLS. CRUSHED WHEAT Can be bvn^ht at J. B. KBGOOD8, Together with CHOICE GBOCEBIES. wigAt Corner ?th tuJ G northw?--t. ^ToMWRlfcMS, Wkilrult u4 Retail flrMtrt, ISIS SI TXA81 TEAS 1 TEAS! Tea, good, 80c; choice, Kc; thj laest, ? Gunpowder To*. Tic: a good article for f 1 Choice Gnnpowdrr Tea. 91.18, ??ry b?at, *180. Imperial Tea, 8fc . 7|c, f 1. v?ry tn?(, %1M. Good Blark 4ee, threepound* f..r fl. Wa hai? al*'? ??'"?<" of the flat ?t offered la the city. in extra E " * ~ ? - - i Eufliah Breakfast Tea. _ FLOCK. Be. Welch*. Ray's, Teener's and other brand* of Fl?ur, all at lowest puseible pounds Lard fwr f 1. en St tub, per gallon. Tic; our beat 91. pound* H?w Pate*, #1 Ine pound* New Ptosm*. 91. uta, half bushel for 91. _ BRANDT, Ol Jf, Ac. Pure French Brandy, per bottle California ?? " Pure Holland Gin 91 * l.?o 1 I .no fc< 1* Angelica and Mu*cat*l Wine, per bottle. " , live year* old. " n atawba Wine, 93 per gall.*. C. I. OHABK * BOFI, fett-tr ISIS 7th street H. W ., h?twaea ? and B P B ICS LIST OF OROOBRIB8 AT RLPHONZO YOCHG9 * CO'B. SUGARS. (BEST NEWIOBK BRANDS.) MA"(cieri6*d). 8 ibe. for t'miM (loan .7* Iha. for Granulated 7* Ibe. for Lifrht Brown (nearly white) AH II* for Good Brown. j lb* for 1 00 1 in 1 ?? 1 (4 1 M FLOUR. ?xrra?cnoice. per aack, 91 M **tra?very high grade p. r aack, I.jo Extra?a fr.*1 family ? pr 1 js Family-choice per sack, t M Family?the very boat. per aack, I 71 Family?Welch * beat?at lowest rat*a. SUNDRIES. Prunfe?choice. j lb* for 91 Eiyl?it? Ctarrants... f lk?. for BeJ-ine-choice ? Iba. for . ? J inalow a Green Coro 4 cans for 1 01 Tomatoes?J Itw. 4 cans f^r 1 10 Tomatoee-4Iba. Jt cms for 1 M P?*cbee?1 g cans foe 1 u) 1 Iba 4 cats for 1 M 1 m 1 ua Call at cr.ee, a* we cannot ffnarantee the eSoe? no paralleled low price* tor auy definite Ungtb of titaa uruo.izo youngs * c?? V ROVERS,, E. YOUNGS, I WM. H. t?EAR8,{ MASONIC TEMPLB, Ninth a*d F ?*e. J8-*r PROFESSIONAL. [AMES O. CLEPHANE. E. Z. BRAILEV CLEPHlSE * BRAILEV. SHORTHAND WRITERS A LAW REPORTER?. C?tti<e?Mo. 110 C street, between 1st an<l 3-1, facing Indiana avenue. wih.ti-ly JJR. MARY O. SPACEMAN, ml9 ?w? 1634 SIXTEENTH STREET. ItR. i. 8. DELAYAN. E-P Ho*<*opatmic Physician, 1320 P street. Oflice Hours:?9 to 10, morning; 3 to 4, afteru.?>n; 7tul, evening. nilllru JOBB del tf F. HANNA, _ ATTORNBT-AT LAW, Ho. 0 Tonne's Lav Building, Wafthinetoti, D. O. |)RKS9 SH1BTS. Six PALMER'S PATENT DOUBLE TOKE &ULBTS, ready-nade, for 916.20. Six PALMERS PATBNT DOTBLB TORE SHIRTS, tuade to order, at 918, 921. or 9tt. LOCK WOOD, HI'FT If * TAYLOR, ENUB. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. IBB dozen LADIES OOTTOB 8EIBTS at m cents each. ISO dor en LADIES COTTON CHBMI8E8 at cents each. SO dozen LADIES COTTON DRAWERS at 78 cents each. lOOdosen LADIE8 BIGHT DRESSES at 91. I oSC U, AT LOCRWOOD, HI FT Y k TAYLOR'S, 1 l>-tr 6X3 PENNSTLVANIA AYENCE. 17 O R FAMILY C8B. THB LEICESTERSIIIRB TABLE SAUCE, THB VEBT BEST SACCB AND RELISH MADE IN ANT PABT OF THB WOBLD. FOB OSB. PINTSL. HALF PINTS,.. .so Otm. Vun. FOB SALE Ml ALL ?ROGERS. JO DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS AND SNUFF. MO boxes Chewing Tobacco?all forms, nisei nn1 to 91A8 par lb., (box from 91S to pries.) Cigara, of aU 71 cases Garrett's Scotch Snuff. 1 Blacking at the vary lowest 118 grow Common and Parlor Matches. ste'Bi^s"Aur^K.'xuT^ir?si *h3!?8,l/?Ji.L?c..| street aerthwest, Wasfeiu High street, Geuiisstiiwa. I ;aU the attention of yr"C^r* BBS 7th ??8 89 _ N.B.?I wiahtocal article of Scotch the card price of the Vd^'c. to the ufactmrer. rpRB BBW BaTIOKaL MAKE.AT FBB8H, SALT aad SMOKED ME . (UPBIBG TKltM vJBNIV BOARDING coainienee Aprtt ?. ICt. _ str*.-t aorthwesl. Partk?.aiar atteatioa young pupils. 3P? writ cow ?? 1. OOBTB. < B4i M, oeraer 10th lar aiuauon riven to BOOKS, STATIONERY. A*. F'TVBT MOTHF.B Till lH?TO? OF HER a OWN FAMILY if rte ?? t* D- M ALL B HEALTH AT H<>iK ?? STOCKMAN * ?0?*, HI |ik Mr?w* a<irth? ? ?t lb* COTTAGE BmuEl*UhUU???l?'. T??r?l a6WT> ? anted. 0 *?? I^WOEb FOB THE LkNTBN KASOI. H Ir* to a 11 1! Inrt Br liA'1! n. B-aat*k>,?G.ld.nTr"a?tiry. . ^ A R.*an for Lent: .# Ckrieiiaa Compel.tnw*Mp f?# B^ttred H flr*. Iii C briai. or u? B*ne?ei * I'ni.L wKb !ui L^rs. Br A.J. Pnr*tnt of Roliifi |v (V^albnm Tk on Per*, a*1 R. lifi >a B' ?owif-vtr*. * m ballaVttbb, writ 4*9 7tb *tr*?t. tlfw KtfOki: HBW Boorb 7 at BHILLI*GT?*S IIUWEIT9EE. Comer IX tux acd Pernio Iruii wnm An Ok* Qaaatlna. Br J?*i D? Rt::* Robert Fakvnrr. B> (r n? Mam u?U. Cheap Wmkern. Paa*Hh hi TMter*. Br Ai^TfcaiiM BivV.l W ud Imm. ?? ITmjm. T^M > is*>Bli?a l?tip?T. Lad) NmIihI*. By lk? Mtl?f ? ?t I< m(M L ill. tx-r>act Girl of the P> riod R Uat Mr. Bud In. H<*ie*dew learu* <1 of Hcaaekeerinf. A Two-Mf Life. From tbe U-<riaaa of V>n Hellera. TUe Tihiu Ladlea' Journal. Moulkif Pauratua 4 ranioa. The P palar Science Rut hly, Bo. M. All tbe back nnmbersoa hainl Barrier* Buried A***. Bj l>i. E.lwtM P. R>e. B??clwiao4. B> B< ber.a Rul*r BprRwar. Tribuae. H?raM and W..rld A laaanereT.* R A lari(<' *t?ck of BLAN K RM'K>. pass HOOK*, and MEMoRANDIR BOO tit, K<>TE PAPEB, LETTEB PAPEB.aud PLAY IBG CABDS ? tba very l"W?at pntw. M4 tf HHARffi B. MUHIX * lo7, BOOKSELLERS AND STATtOX AAS, IBIS rENXSTLYANIA AYENCB, ?are jut receive* the BRITI5H ALMANAC AND COMPANION, vrrs BOTAL kalenpar. far 191 R HITAKEBT ALM ANACK, far 18T1 fcEITISH ARMY LIST, for ITS. BKITISH NAVY LIST, fot ICS. teb4 *r ^OTIOB. OPENING OV A BKW MTaTIOBBBT BTORffi AND BLANK BooK M.tNl'P At^-oitY Ftr?t riae* *""<? at tair price*. for caah. LITHOGRAPHING. KNGR/.VlNG. PRINTING AND BINDING D0BI1 TO ORDER. The nubile are lu<IM to rail and mnlw mr new Roc*. BEN r PREN? H, Voder Natl'iaal M<r >p?tltaa Bank, aHi a?-st d.-or to Jav Oo*e A Oo.V a?U tf Wa41ti?t<m. D tf. RAILROADS. BALllMOKE AM) 0H10| RAILROAD V WilHlSI.T?!l, J?l SB. 1HT3. Tram* between WASH INUTOB AND BALTl ?ORE aud WASHINGTON AND TAB WBBZ ara 10a run aa full"* *,v is: FOR BALTIMORE. L -are dailr. except s* elai , a: id. ?#. 8-SB, B:fa "?4 RB a. in.: I.1M, 4.14. ? U>. >1.6A1. o.ou aud *.*. l' ' ON SUNDAY FOR BALTIMORR. Leave ml ?.? aud B:tfc a. ui , and 1*U, 3 14, 3 30, B.O ds^v p. R>. FOR ALL R AT STATIONS Leave daily, except Suuda) , at 4.46.6 43 and ? IS a. at.; ? Maud ?-*> p. m.; and i hSnudar at ? ?t atiJ e f Oa m.,aud l w. S li>.t Ju, aud ct.110 p. m. The 1.U0 3:U and ?:M p. m tra-'.a atop a? the f ?| oaiDK ataficua onl?, *U: Btedt 1 ? t.urj. H lt?.tlla Laurel, Ar>?apolt? Jnnction. Hano- it and K lay. Alao, tbeSrlS p. n . vrlll al p al Jaocp'i Out, and lit# n ?? p. m. at PctinVCrotaiii^. FOR ANNAPOLIS. L if at t a a. Hi. arid 4.hi p. ui, tut Botraloa to or f <-*a Anuapi'lie on Snudar for Norfolk. Lf?? at 1-W |> m., eiroft S-jnday. loB ALL PACTS OF THE VEST. Leave daily, eio pl halorday aud Siinda. , at t 4? a.n> and 3:14 and f-iie p. m. On Sainrday al (.44 aud a^d d:UL p. iu., and o? bauday at 1 11 a?d - <v p. ui. TRAINS AERIVE AS FOLLOVS: Frn? Sr? Y >rk, Hnila l-lpliia Bud Baltimore, at G A1 a.m., andIM and n:K p. m. F' >111 Ptiilad- lplua an<1 Baltiiu ire at IWl IN. Eri m Baltimoir at ? 90. ? Ai, 8 4u and li b) a. m , a'ld iM. Lb), 4:1'. ? v., < St, * 46. aud 1UAS 9 ?. ? Ki>M THE Wf.sT. Arrive at 1:8S. 6 3b aud 148 p. m Trroeth titk"t? to the ? . ?* em be bad at tb? * a-Mua1?n Biatioti Ticket tytl e at mil b?ura -4 lb* lai ; alao, at tbeC<.|i.pau> '? Ibce, Pf-nnavKanta itfLBf. Paaa< n?< r* pun haaitiff tioAet* at the Ave one nffire can tlwre ?rruicrtohave Cketr tiaggaim rall.-d for aixlcbe^-ked at 'h. .r reatdenct-.taken to Clia iaoot. and put into the baccate car. For New T<?>rk, Ph.iad^lptiia aud B'?atc* aee ad rsrttwonent of ?-Tliroacb Line." TII08 R. fHAUP.Aw't Maeter Tranap'ftatlm. L. M. COLE. General Ticket Afnt GEO. S. KOONTE G-b*I A'<t, Vanhln?to?. )ag IKolGU LINE BETWBBB 1 WA.-lJlN<jTt'N.riII L Al> k L PII1A, AMiSFU YORK.' Wkhi <bto*. November >. UTS Train*between R AaRINGTOH aud NEW lORJk are rnn aa f<dkma: FOR NEW YORK. ntlM rtMn4^ r?ri. L?ave daily (except bauday) at a.uu a. ni., 1.H0 and S:3t f. m. FOR PHILADELPHIA. L art daily (except Suuda) ) at8 b. ai., 1.U0 bad S B) ON SCNDAT. Leavf for New Turk at &.4U p. m , and Philadelplila a' ; Ski p. m. slo, p.ig car* tot New Turk on 8:is p. a. train Mil. Tl?r >o*b tltkrt* to Philadelphia. Bew Y<-rk and B NrtoB uUi be bad at tbe btatiou Office at all bo are of 'be dar. lor Baltimore and Ohio railroad advertieeai*ut eee - hm'irie !?(??(? U aabiucu>u, BaltiUore, Annapv iia and tbe Weat. T1IOB. B SHARP, Aa*1 Mait?r Tranaportatloi. L. M. COLE. Gent-rai Ticket Arrut. GEO. 8 KOONTZ. A>.-'nt. WaMnngt^. >eH ALMASDRIA '?'HI 1 R ABB ALEXANDRIA A FRKDERICKSBIRQ B. B. tbnwr tf B mmd Sixth Strut*. Lo ?l trains for Alexandria leave aa follow*:? *8.18, 3:5S, U:U a. 143. *S:?, ?:(B, 1138 P. ib. Local traiae from Alexandria arnre aa fell w*:? ti.tt,'8?. lu Sa.m., 1:18, *3:18.?:?,7J8 p. 1^^^ ?Tralu* Barked ttiua Oouaoct aitii Uaiua uti Waeb i iftou and Ohio B. B. QCABTICO Accomn.odetloB leavea < 7-JU a. n . dally, except Sunday. GREAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, vial leave* Washington 1U:43 p ui. daily, except I Tl.roust tkkets to all p> luU b-.oth and SoaCbweat fjr eale at Ottc??, corner Utb atreet aud Pi-nBaylva nla aven?e, aud corner fch atreet and Penuaylvaala * her*- paaaeucer* aan leave order* for baccas* to be cbeckai at bU bo tela and reeideaoea through to daaU Ml ion. K. 8. TOrNO.QenT Paeeenrer Agent. )rB> tf UALTlMoRE AND POTOMAC t> RAILROAD, t>*ro< car. UM mmd B tfa.r, H. W TRAINS leave fob BALTIMORE. 4:88a. in., Niagara Exp daily. ? I 8:S8 a.m., Baltimore Hail, dally. 1)M a. m., Weatern Exp daily. ex' pt Sunday. . ? ? 6 J8 p. to.. Baltimore Ac- 1:8 p.m., Pacific ? m coiun.odation.daU) , ex-i daily, except Sunday. TEA INS ABBITB AT R AbHINOTON. 4:83 a. ?>., R'uatem Exp., daily, except Bauday. 8:3b a.m.. Mail,dally,ex cept Sunday. 11 Bi. m., R astern Exp., daily. cept Sunday. 8 S3 p. ni.,Cincinnati E\ Jree*4aiiy, accept buu ay. 7 83 a. m? Waatern E*r daily. S.ito pj dally. htJt p.m.. Boat hern B< l^n<?, dally, except Bau Traiua IibMbi Waehu.ct >n at B:3B a m.. aad !:*? F.bi.. connect at B. a o- with train* for Marlboro', ?avins Bowie la:3S a. u. . and 8:11 p. m., arriving at Marlboro' 11 S3 a. m. ana 8:18 p. m. Train* arriviu* at W a?h:n*tcn ll.-OB a. m and IX p. m., connect at B"wi>- witb train* leaviac Marlbo ro' 8:13 a. m. and 8:S3 p. m. Paaeenfer* leavins th -ir orders at Ticket Office*, ornerot 13th atreet and P?nuflrlvnr.ie avenae and nortbweat corner of btxth atreM and Peuasylvauia areune, caa bave th* ir b?!(ar> called f rr and check ed at boteR and reaidi na to all p?inm N >rtb and W<?t. Thronsb ticket* to Cincinnati, Golnmbn* ]ridianayolla, lioniavilie, St. L**qi*. New Orlaan*, Chicago,Omaha, Sau Franciaco,and all potambortb, 11 irtbweat. wast, and * >ulhwe*t. ? E L DrBARBT.OaalBml. B. B. TOCNO, ffi?*i1 Pa?'r Ayent. jrMt 1872 PEHNSTLV AN?A BOCTB 1872 ro THE MOBTHR E^T^tH>L'TH, AMD BOOTB 1 aa follow*: _ 4A3 a. m. I Baltimore IB A. 1 . ...BXS3 a.m. M IBS p. 1 8AS p. m. ? IB p. ?? ?XAB p. m. I ?? MAS ?. 1 THB GREAT BOLBLB TBACB BOUTB, BTttb el eg at Bom *y, Palace State-room Bar a lifbt cars, with moBerti improvement*. Two handred mi to* aaved I* Waatera aad < Bew Tctlt. Tba IUJB a. m. dally, excr 7A8?.m. daily,aadsma.m. Eitx Ooxwwcrioi 1 BALT1MU ANDEEW J.JOTCE R JDW n WOBMiJIV PECTORAL STBUP, D** OOCGBP AMB OOLPB. solv K* all uttouumn.

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