3 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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fbe |amino Sf a r. ? ? ? ? i ? ? ? ? . ? i V?. 41-N2. 6.252. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, APRIL 3. 1873. TWO CENTS. I THE EVENING STAR. Pakn?he4 laUy, 8aa4?jf fMtpUd, AT TUS STAB BUILD 1SGS, fUmmlm At?mc, Mr. lit* st. tr imnc mi nvmrn ciirm. B. ML UWMI.V.V, l>r<K4??l. THB BYE!*INti sTAB it nrreJ by carriers to ? *?1t Hjtrttffl at tisC&irr* rn wiii.nr Four* rZffXnZZ VT"' .S"/*" u lh* ??tet ? 7.5? STARr-Pnfcllehed Frlday-flji LySL.y.ll. f|,>1^ ,n *d*U?Ce, in both OHM. Md mc pep* MM lon?er Utu paid for. ^ *STml*ttis fnraUhed oa application. HOTELS. H"**',? H'?CSE, Cnrnm 1)4 <irw!M>l Pmrni, ?r?., WsottnrfBM, r? E. WOOLS, Pn>r r, undT*?tf ? *riH? of ?l*gaat improve 5*"?x"l *TiTl* "***n tbo*< uglily renevated and re rarntebrd tbr .ofth -nt, *naftmc It at pre*-at on* of I be ro.-w dee treble H >t?t. in Washington. E I) Howard, late proprietor, retain* an Internet ? the Hotel, wb?-re he will be ph-aeed to ni? old frietd* and f< rtner patrooe, pronu.inc tutu tr? claee afcou ni xl*n..n? at al. t irn* T"*i, $1 per cUajr. Table Bard, 920 per ???-th. aililm ? THIt'B UuTtl., U<?'V?kMwi, [). O. ^ tTsULNH, ProDtketor. . TM? H *ej hu been n<-? ly refitted and furnished Itjeytsma ail the modern improvement*? hot ? 4 b?ll*, aod cm. It ia conveniently lo We^hHtu, ,, tested OB the lin* of the Waehinffn ?M b#nr*etown City Paaeenser railroad, the cars *fn>ni the railroad and *t<amboat depots, ??- tb? *y<y ?*n two or three n.lnatee. Th neats of ?h!a b^uee can reach any of the enbl.c amldinn ef the net' nal capital or anj place of ?mneen.ent, Be., br a pbaaaat ride of afewminntea P. r*..r.?i rt, laa basin*m ivi' t.* the Une of thf CT?a?l "" ** will find ft to tnelr ad'* ?r>tu? te **?" 'hie h< nae. l^dMv |JYt>OB 8 HuTEL, No. 7*? O STREET, R*Tw?E> 7Te a?tXi 8th JBI IMPIBJAL HOTEL, J AMIS ST EES, Pr err lit*. Bboxttm Fnsmnm* avivi, httwtm Liik an t 14'* <1ruit, W*JHl."i?o*, D. o. :f*l to tb> pablio for (t'D^rotn p?tr;caae In I* lup rrt)pnrtcT upkn hti nid fr^oda md - . *? 'he arcoBitu'Klati,>ti? rf hi* pr~-r.i t*Mli?taeM, ?luc> he promise* ebaii be foiu^i at ?eaet jsi to the beet la Washington. J*WtX , (Vn.] fSB BBTANT Uol :*fl, * LuwW an ceraer Hra Mrml m*d X. T ?rniu ? Dece?Bb< r, W], P-rrtian-nt miit Traeilent B- arderw will hi thi? hogw um of the ItS/dtT *1<Wt m>mKni?'tlT looatad hooe^e ..T^ r.T?"'' ?e^,7 ^mi-hrd.well :i?tned anri ?5nii**!io? JvwvKled with all v^dem b"Bie ao . T^, ?>ut tbe wai.te and the c<? fc?rt of a'l eu?t. will ?n calamity provi.J^i { ,r The prrprietor, % KR HAAM, baa ^terr.i'ned m> ??We a ?n?d earer?r. rorU ?< rf C. WILLABD, EBSITT HOrSB. WA>HINQTOB. P. Q. TITE TRADKS. c: I 'all <>n James v. huik >. ^ rt-rtr+1 P.uh,K- >n?Uia? Fituw, PliutbiiMt, Uae fating, and ?* <*.*%?.? r ? t>n t^rnw, S >. m av^Il2r' ?w*ih *trvt, r, ,th -lae. 'J'^9 Al ?tr<-et, northeast. n;]4 )] CrSNIIIOIlA.MThATTEB; ? Btttt, brtwwn tvto an tilth, .'??? P^ajinretoanrh i.neetriat h? 'a? r?~c*iv.-1 r-? tfceSp'in# Style of B: V?( FL(t. K. a-1 i-tL ^T^r'. ? T1Lr\"' ?' w a to ord-r t.i?u!.J, 't} ,j*; >c ^-"-tci ot ..r H^ti Ir,f m]?*, on <?i lhW feraj. ft-'T \ * ? DKOHAnO.vi-AWMHUfc , r ?tvr -e, city and country r- ide: ??; ?p r|, yMt.f?_rrn u> IW -rvi ,g H,||, for BkIU^v* OMI * %tt0M covt5s JCH5 C HOQAX. Mmiifactrirer, j , * 713 M*rk-( Spv#, J?t!L Ifwii 7th %r;<! fr?j rr^i ^ rUllt, TEXTS. >? o. COPELAFD, t43 t nlainca a\enn?.?? door raat M> ?rer>t. . ".^Y^jriS7,<v?'' ??? K??iw?;Lsaru'?,rt ?. vriTM, CAJIPK.VTER, BVILU&R, AM cohtbactob, On* r? izd MUc". rithat^.t^Bw nnrthweat I8?;i STRING. I8T3 TBEJijjrors ST0< K, TLl.MESi>OI'S STOCK IlisnfSa stuce; TBEM ESl>0r^ 5TOflC Tfc.E*i;M>oLa *TOC&. 5RR8 255 SF?3K fKHHS?" ;r?i!<o AND siMMtR clotnixo* J??"* TSI HER ( L^THISg) 8W2IQ A>D - LMMEB CL0THI>0| TOf TIlS- ANP BOT3, "*?; ? ??,1*T1IS' ASP BOV^ SI52 Vo| T,1S BOYS, 25?w. TBS' ANP BOTS, Mtsv. youiua asd bo*8^ :: t Kftmi j; ? SJRtf;?: At A. STRAl'S'li, i'Al.L A M) St fc" ? I'ALA AMO Skh ? t Ai.L axv sum I ALL AMt SFK r CALL AM) AAA.' Oh EAT HAHOAIMS t'KEAT bAKl, A1XS HRMAT BAKUAi.\S hhHAT hAlMAiy* 1B11 PEMB?TLVA!lfA AYENl'B. >?11 f?:>.nsylyania AVKNt i! 1*11 PEMBSYLVAB1A AYEBUB. Th'rd D^?r from 11th Street. Third Doorfroni lith Street. ^ Third I>'K>r from lhh Street. '|'HE BAPIPITY ABO BASB WITH WHICH are re?.-ved and the fret relieved, IT alHn*. from Bwoione. Bad Baile,4?.,at PB WHITE'S Batab^ liahnirbt, 4JA Uth ?tr>*?, oppoeit* the Treaaury, it qnite enrprialng to perw>ua uiaccn.t med to bia met hod c j operating, which ia entirely different fr..m lh* old-ttnie practice of tesrina off the marowina toa C?-i.-r taafmf 4e?? into the bnni?a, a dtatreaeiucl* infal methoif.awfoM which obli?ed the anffemr f, ?h xlrea, aad aemetiaiea on era let en, for wet k* ?**"-**w-. -po *<?bt landed to aborten llfe.at mm to make it far laaa pieaaant and tit fa I K?t Vw *?erallona are fregoeotiy borne by'cMMrta ?itbont plaint; there la little or no pJn. ao ! ^ and fc no,, ^at suable \Z ?"r^l.tiLT*h ,h* lbet ?wS^?o2Stot|,yP0wS w*h even t^e lxjr JU*, indmyriona peraona tbiak there la 10 t^.cKro^M*!aad?ya weiTl ?CC*~ J - -VI "< Rt>. Or *UUMa_ _ JOHN SAUL ???9*1 Ifclly ealla the attentloa TthepabUe to hti iVin/iT" "f UARPBS and FLOWER rtwmJH" **T"B ^ ,h# '*?* ?jnnlitr. embrartnj *11 lh*nov*ltiea *> aad the Ountinont. ,!*r7 TBBBS vieueoea and well (rows, - ^*r* !*?*?** ?** dwnrf), Pi am. OJerryVAprleot, Be?t?rwte, Ac c KtV* * rmee. JOBS SATL. 6*1 7th JtJ2Tr** ml7 t.* Opposite 0. S. PaUut Offl^ JUEATIBU ABO COOBfH#. - _I' won>d be well for H' oee oa aill, Arebttecta and BEM27Jn ?''nd that the "EM PIBB 1IATI9Q BA 991" U th? only oae ii mw- ^9 aj< t*at wilt tboroaghly heat room, above It^l winter and ventilat- ia amaiaer. andattwPP **rr t'Sle de the ordinary r<?*lne of n*nU orlaiwe fhn.lly, S"ld only by the Afent, f. , ... I OBBOOBT. ??W-lw ?14 Pf-enay Ivaoia avetiu*. L^IBL r.ATljft.Ll?HEJtA: A l ot ?*> kr ALlx nrrnEED a co., Penn?yl\ tut ATaaae. AMUSEMENTS. Mow Open. THE CREtT FHEP1II6B SHOW, ON SIXTH STREET LOT, WILL EXHIBIT F.VBRY AFTERNOON AND EVENING TBI8WMK, WEDNESDA T, thursday. FRIDAY AND saturday, APRIL a, ?, ?, a*d *. flVK MAJtStOTH TEXTS! FosmvtLT TfKl"-*3,11111?.! Mot* Animal*, nor* M"n and Hon**, a larger epread of Cm***, at?d the moat Oigante CIR< US, MENACERfK. MTSEl'M. 4c., EVER ORGANIZED. VFE THE monster UNICORN! and tb<- inini<>u?e collection of Wild AaimiR See the W? rk; famed Tripple Sonier-a niters and Trappai-te, MIACM AND HAWLEY, r RA NK L<IN^AB,tAr.r^?L0.W.0!J??E' MON*OB L'l i r v ?; ivt i *?V ?J?d the incomparable M HE VIRl.lNIA, and all tlie D uM? Circtu Troop* and the two Orand Museums. Proro?*ititi every ..tb.-r day Open* at I and 7. Circus c >ln niences f'Df hoar later. Fonr Menacerie and Mu seum Tents open all the time circus h progressing ADMISSION?To all fire Tent", .?0 cents Chi! dx>xi und??r l?> ye*rf, U* Cfiitc. S^Vi-it this gr-at exhibition, remember whf?t wfO.~.T, m'T'/I!'1 <oiupare the For. pau,'b *hj?' o.i-*L llw 'V^"1 \"u he convinced .C J??"''"* ?J*' b,Mt -how in the world, awl tn tht* iii|iiiiM!ioi fee a doz^n tim^iovcr. n2-tL ADAM forepauoh, Sole Proprietor. W KI.F.i T RK \DIXO, By PROF. JVUk TWKKDALK and A. W?TJS&NWiAlhSSkoMTOWH ftai'ASTi k.. Admission Scents. For tho benefit of tlx- n-t Pf'-byterian Church. a2 2t (J?ikVK.mT- /IV JH,K ^1^0 ^ V SCHOOL SIS'J V V^ i iVr lull viir-rr? VERNON PLAOK *rVV A? i! 3 Kl^ e n,er uf *h anU K A.lna-,j.<n. adult*, 10 rents: ehildren, 15 cents. t,![s ?*an he obtained it V A. STIER* B.olt <T>Jirrh street, and at the door i f th i ( )?? FELLOWS' HALL. ~ roCK SIGHTS O.XL Y, C anLCi.MOSDaY. MARCH :ti, and M ATI ^ ^ ^ " El)> EsD A Y, itl p. m. RO*OM brothers' Great M .t d Exhibition i ilif >.n?tpei;th( t utiiry, .HILTON'S PARADISE LOST! From the ??rigmal designs ,f (iuMa?e D. re. Th? " - "" S"' te representation of the subject ever le ! re >tfer'd for public exhibition, comprising I'PWARD <>F 100 GORGEOU.* TABI.EAI X ! A 'n ' ?' r, TO rent*; <'hildr? n. 25 c ut?. L>....r- op? a at 7 o tkk, p rfortnauce eomnv iiOtt. . ' p al-3t WALL-SKEW opera HOlSE.~ JOHN T. FORD? Proprietor aud Manager. MAX maretr1k directoi <;RA.\0 ITALIAN OPERA. P' sitivly two hi* his only aud s?lui(i.iv Matinee } ti *t spf .trance ofKnrope 4 greatest h ric trace ' ?Ue^e, PAt LINE LI.Ta. Oi" pffcatr war ??F&\r!^k^M!SZ5Ksi: R- isnlar Prlies of Admission?Admission, *2' R? 7J1 V ?"?' *' ,-xtra. Matinee p"i,'<3 ? mt\, *'j Kw t'tJ "eat,. ?l emtra; lioxe-. ,xL J\ ? Seats . ?u now be weenred for any uf l tH T' Performance at Kill. Music St .rm ?i Wasminvtom theater COMIQI-E , '?l"T#'i*h street, sonth Pennsy Ivania avenue.) ( Auj< loins the rear of Har>e)'? Restaurant. > Eugag> ritM of theonli Original and Veritable th. ^vzsv&sxezsx*, J L ss.^ssa.'TKjfefR&'.ijs tstsss1 *isr Kasement of ??^ert^??? V<? alist. Orsat So-ce?sof tne Ter-atlle Artists, " EAOAH AND EDWARDS. fi^lSSS^SSt ?nT.S"J ? - !l i?>Mi"?,a*?<_i*t take pleasure in aniioiinr ll?|f the prr*^nf atf. d of fKt* firr^Mt Hi?<rtAPnri' 1,. 7,. Jf?" *c- and w ith anew Billet Tr >ua? DorrV*i h\nK riR ?2TO Bi rbankT jImEs StVJ Arti5?' "?r M,mmuth Troupe of Forty ?? MONDAY. April 7, will appearth^"Ooftr Sti??n? ?!v'aI"rB v ,ntbc of modern-en' ?attons, \ At L P, j??* comladsi] a hi?hlv J?leii?a?nnent at Oie Holiday-?trtet Theater. Hal ' in31 JOHN O'BRIEN'S Cf??i Travcllif WtrM*i FrIf. MENAGERIE. CIRCUS. CARAVAN, AND MUSEUM, I SDEr sia monster tests, W ILL exhibit ??* SIXTH STREET LOT, Commencing MONDAY. APRIL 14th, for one week only. lookout for the two mile proces siux. fifty cages of wtld animals and CL KlOrlTialj. THE TWO separate BANDS OF MUSIC IN GOLDEN chariots. l:* THE FOUR TON RHINOCEROS. r'nN' <no hair prt. e,M??ec | tut- >11 aitliud e.\inb;tion? in separate tenia. THREE PERFOMANCEs I>\ILy. AT 10 A. M., it P. M. AND 7 p. M .-.W^Tfr^r * ?iv??, there will b. ,uIv iug Er i n'1"*'1,1 Alternoosi ?t SaudErau WHITNEY, G-n'l Director. mM *t' R U B ALL. A v'. nt. Si pap So 439 7th rt "A***"***'#, " ** 7th betvH<D D and K Mere#** 0i?M .A'W m*OTe Hall 1 ' ' Jn*r*r'n*,? Chromaj, Ae. "jr^mssn t? by AUOREBTEIJL ~ l4oii BALLS. Ac. QRA.\0 CUARITT MALL. THE CMILDEERS HOSPITAL will he *1 that u+l '?mw nvoriTAli .... .^sfcE?:i&s^iaasssrjfi ? . irfnttlin. Vi Vunt lam a n anf l?5f a ? AA llfll ^ r mamm '*'??? ?rf-tf (Chrott. 1?|. M Sna?1iT H?frticoiy.| pa*aaasa rhe procured .1 thi* Market. R"BT. IITATT. ?14 IVh st. ffRolVRKAD A OO, P _ I SOSF1 SPECIAL NOTICES. Tk? frfifii MT?r? iftira kM tk*r*?fkl]i tested t)i? virtues of Mn. Jonss' Cs?|fe Mixtin-tbuiKub of bottles hating been aasd with certain racce** It* trial kM been moat thorough. A am cold or cungfc or the moat Mgr> vated cum It baa cared with eqakl *ucces*. It U not objectionable to the taste, and can therefor* be readily aaed for children ml person* who object to nauseating mixta res, particularly aa Its doess are ?mail aad every doae contain* the germ of an ulti ?la care. Its Tain* if > advanced caa** or tb<>*? Terpinf on cnammptinn I mat not be underestimated. Many such It hasentirelj cured, even canes of ac knowledgsd consumption. While it doea not cure, it greatly relieres, and a large number of these unfor tunates now use It for the great relief it afford" tU* -n. For a Cold, Couch, Inflaonsa, Bronchitis, Uoar?e ness, or any affection of the threat or lauga yoa can nee nothing more reliable. Prices?large sixe. *1; ?ma11, HOct?. F*?r File otily by ABTHUR KaTTANS, Dru?ei*t, ml2-tr Corner 2d tud D streets aurtnweet. Batchelsr's Hair Dye 1* the best In the world the only rme and perfert Hair Dye- no ridiculous tinta, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan taneone black or brow a. at all druggists', and lb Bond street, Haw York. f ft-soly A l?M. A Clergyman, while rtsiding in Booth Aaaerlca *a Bii*ai?>Dary, discovered a sale and ilmple noted) r..- tk. '? ? ? ? - - ? ? ww.wj as oaav cuiu BimpiV RNH # for the cure of Nervoai Weak acne, Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary aid Seminal Organ*, and the whole train of disorder* brought on k> baneful and vicious habit*. Great number* hava been cared by this ni'bls remedy. Prompted by a desire to beneAt at afflicted and naforttu ate, I will * nd the recipe r preparing and nsing this medicine. In a sealed envelope, to any one who n?cd* ft. ft-** of Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. IN MAN, Station D, Bibis House, ?artS-ly New fork Oity. LADIES' GOODa I CALL YOUR AT ?& teniioti to a very se'.ect opening of Im SllLLINEItY, PATTERN BONNETS. AND HAYS THURSDAY, Arait 3d. Being assisted thin *ea?on by two French Millin er*. late with Mine. Fi+'cirn, I can oaaMentty promise to I'leaee the ino?t f*->tidiou? t*?>'". Hr?. A. ?; GASTON, *; at* ISS* F street. MISS Mrt'ORMtt'K" 905 PENNSYLVANIA ATWUE,' (Up !<tair?,) 4* WHl open on THURSDAY, Ami it 4tw, a Urge and attractive a?iortmeut nf Imported BONNETS AND ROUND IIATS, to which the special attention of tb? ladie* is called. ?2-tr THURI '?RIM) O P E * II O. URHDAY, FRIDnY AND ?ATU BDA V, 3o, 4rit em 3-rn April,of NEW SPRING ST^ LK HATS AND BOSNET*, PA RASOLS \ND WALKING 81 ITS, at S. IIELLEIt B, 1 !?? Market Spa. ?. A LARGE ASSORTMENT of COMETH, JUST RECEIVED. TBI BEST PARIS KID GLOVES, jl. EVERY 811 A1?E AND STYLE OP HI MAS OAlt: GOODS, at !*. HELLER'S, aC .It TU Market Space. It OPENI KG OF FRENCH PATTERN BONNETS AlfU ROUND IIAT*, PARISIAN NOVELTIES, RIBBONS AMD ilTRAW GOODS, i rench ylowers and laces, THURSDAY AND PEJDAY,Apbil 3d*xd4tii. MRS. M. J. HI NT, *l-3t 621 D ETRBET NORTHMKST. aA. A. V. 1?. MILLS, sSe? flA Pisvtuaju Avgxrx, Has just received direct from N?w York beautiful fcPRINJ GOODS, comprising msay novelt e* in OXIDIZED AND FANCY GOODS: A full stock of MILLINERY, HOSIERY. HANDKERCHIFS, Corsets, baskets, a.-. CHILDREN'S FRENCH C tPS a specialty, m.n-it JgTAMPLNG DEPOT, *17 SKVSNTH STREtT, fsbg.tr Opposite Patent Olllce. WELLING OFF 1 ? SELLING OFP ! AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 8' ventt street, near E. msrT-tr NO HUMBUG. ft g LKNZBKRG ?; COh ?siting oat entire stock jf MILLINERY AM D FANCY GOODS, al and bslow cost. TUT Market Space, )an>0-4m between Ttb nnd Mb street* northwe*t. |MPORTER OF HUMUvM HAIR. GRAND By.BOAINS AT MADAMS IITRBN'S, ?IB XUk itrsd, lecoui door from U mttt. Remember the name ted number. Cheap Curls, Switches, Chignons, Brsl ts. Puff*, Frtasettes, of tbe latest styles. Call and sst oar new stock before pur cbasing elsswbtrs. decfl-tr ^L^^RENCB STARCH ENAMEL Is the best article in the vorld for doing up Linen >r Moj.1in. It Imparts a btatuifol gloss to tbe (abrio. For sals by all Grocer*. BURN HAM A CO., Manufacturer*, l?ii *r ? - JanM-ly ?a??uatavmi VI V* '?" West L^mtbard street, Baltimore, Maryland. SUMMER RESORTS. RUMMER a O A K D . Tli-'OSBl'BN HOUSE. Lee*bum. Va.,isnowopj'D for the scvummodatiun if Snmiiier Boarder*. No r>ain? Will be spared in tb? eud> avorb make all c? ni rortable. (ap3-lm*| JOAB OSBUBN, Proprietor. |^XAMINE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, mtS-tr 0!tLf ?6, H. B. H1CMPLEB, Optician, C* stre.-l. QUB CUSTOM DEPARTMENT. A FULL STOCK. A FINB STOCK. A CHOICE STOCK 0 COATINGS, TROUSERINGS AND TESTINGS. A PEEFECT F IT. A FASHIONABLE OUT. Firm-Omu FataissUv Qwmmttti. " "S'clTEKBK. " R""CT' FASHIONABLE TAILOES, ??*^-tf CstnN T? aire D nun. TSSSiPE Win J si ? i s l i April t, IB idrest aortbwsst. Partiei young pupAs, EVENING STAR Washington Newt md Qoitip. Ister> al Rivrasi?Tb? receipts from this source to-day were t540.JT2.4?>. SECRETARY r?KIANO is C^CCted to rCtOTD from Ohio on Saturday. Ex-Sejator rATTMWs is going to EjTOpe this summer with his family. PrksidextGrakt visited Postmaster .Jata*s, Collector Arthur, and Naval Officer Lariin in New York yesterday. Personal.?Major H. C. King, (son of Hon. Horatio King,) of the Ckri'tian Ot**, U in town. The Cnion, edited by Henry Ward Beeeher, ha* now adrculaMon ol 135,0i)0. Betresentative Jahb* Broorp was taken to the Norfblk (teamer to-day, intending to make a short trip to that seaport, in the hope that the warm southern air will have a tendency to improve hi* health. First Assistant Postmaster General Mar?hall has rented "Colcross,"'the hand some residence ol Mrs. Thompson P. Mason, in the suburbs of Alexandria, Va.,aud will occupy it on the 1st proximo. Assistant Secretary Sawyer and Super intendent MeCartee, of the printing bureau, left here at noon to-day for the government paper mill.* near Philadelphia, to look al ter the government interests there. The atpoihtsikkt of Oapt. E. K. Piatt, the new assistant adjutant general with the rank 01 major, nnder the act of March 3d, makes eleven officers of that rank discharging the duties of assistant adjutant general. Mr. BwiELow, chief of the loan division of the Trcasnry department, who goes to Enroi?e in a few days in connection with the landed loan, will take but three clerks with him, sm?I they will be select* d from among the un*t ex perienced ones in the departinent. TiiR souther* claims roxjinsio* he?nl yesterday the witness*? in support of the cluin* of I dward C. Turner, of Fauquier county, Ya., amounting to .t'.'i; Tbornis B. Stewart, ot Fauquier comity, Va.. amounting to and the estate of Dnvid Barber, of Fairfax county, Va., ameiunting to *!>,-iuO. M irs Clara Louise Kklloou, whose bril liant vooall7aticn and parity of style is too wH' known to lovers of music in Washington t/? n?'t??t any press endorsement, is to appear at Wall's Optra House this evening in th? role in whb'h *he won her greatest triumphs?that 01 ? Leonora," "n "II Trovafcore." Tiiuse who heas her will not regret the change oio|?er.i. PAVI>'? TDK ?><>ITH?K?? ?'laiwartb? Wat 1 ants are now being i-tsncd from tii Treasury departinent for the pnx wen; o: av.'ar N made l>v tin souUu.ru claim* coBuU?i?a,aiiti about au0 claimants have been prvid in the last three day*. One warrant to-<lay contained the names of 111 clain auts, wuo received in the aggregate Kft.tr.p nv ImjTA?.*?The Interior depart ment is in rcceipt ot a copy of a letter received l?y Mr. Wm. Welch, of Philadelphia, from In dian Agent Bingham, of the Cheyenne river agency, ?tiring that a young man named Frank Grimier was killed by an Indian named "The One With Horns," on the 20th of March last, near Ai-h Grove. The horse of the luurdcrrd man was recovered, bnt the murderer escai>ed. The President ami Soldiers' Widows? President Grant recently appointed Mrs. L. A. Carv uostiuaster *t Ashtabula, Ohio, and after ward wrote to General Garlieid stating What he had done, and saving: "It is of a class of ap pointments I am glad to make, where it can w? di lie?that is, In giving a soldier's widow an op portunity of supporting herself and orphan children. I hope it will be satisfactory to you and Lu the citizens of Ashtabula.'' u&e Hixduld Naval Cadet-shii*^ to re Filled.?Official notifications have been seat to aU uiemlters and delegates of the next Hons, of Uepresentatlves from <tlstriots which are not represented at the naval academy, re questing each to nominate a candidate to ap pear fov examination in July. There are now about loo vacant cadet-ships at the academy, caused by those leaving who graduated last year, dismissals, resignations. ?&c. The law provide* that Humiliations of candidate for ad mission must be made between the 5th of March and 1st of duly, by the representative or dele gate, from the actual residents of his district; each being allow ed one cadet-ship. One from the District 01 Columbia, is to be selected by the President, and teu at large are also to be ap pointed by the President. Beyenit Ma inn K Cbasuu The following officers of the revenue marine service have been ordered, in addition te those mentioned In T>u Star of yesterday:?First Lieut. Thos. Miwi, detached from the McCulloeh, at Portland. Ite. and placed on waiting orders. First Lieut. George Williams, detached from the Grant, at New York, and ordered to the Delaware. Third Lieut. Frauk H. Newcomb, ordered to the Pe trel, at Pensacola. Third Lieut. Charles II. tireenway, to the Hamilton, at Boston. Third Lieut. W. A. Failing, to the Belief, at Galves ton. Third Lieut. George Delap, to the Mo-. wood, at Eaatport, Me.; Xlucd Lieut. Ueorg ? 7L McConnell, to the Nansemond, at Sgvanuaii. Third Lieut. Joha Wyckotf, to the Dobbin, at Caftttno. Third Lieut. F. A. O'Connor, to tlx Stevens, at Newberne. Third Lieut. John II. Little, to the Granr. at Npw York. Thk Tew Millions Lekal Tender Kk skrvk i> New York?Secretary Richardson has not yet given any ordsr to Assistant Trea surer Hillhoitse in New York in relation to tho 810,000,000 legal tender reserve iu the suf> Treasury there. This #10.000,00" was put there some two years ago for the purpose of being used In tbe case of an emergency, ami is sub ject tothe telegraphic order of'the Secretary ef the Treasury. 'I'his #lo,000.0no can be pro cipitateti on the market any minute. If the monev was in Washington twelve hours at least would be lost, and in that time much dam <^> could be done by financial cliques. It can n?>vr be used in ten minutes 011 an order from the Secretary should he deem it expedient to order the purchase of anyqiantityofb nd?. Another #? !,<<*?.000 of the reserve is iu the sub-Tre tsury at San Francisco. Mb. Edward P. Smith, the new Commis sioner of Indian A ft airs, assumed his duties to day. Mr. Smith, who was formerly a clergy man, was nominated to the President for agent of the Chippewa Indians, in Minnesota, two years ago by the American Missionary Society of New York. of which society he was then sec retary. The President nominated and the Sen ate continued him, and he has since been in charge of the agency referred to. He is a gen tleman of pleasant address, of medium sine, dark complexion, and is apparently about fiitv years of age. While in Minnesota he. had charge of about 6,000 Indians, many ef whom are quite advanced In civilization, having farms, schools, Ac. He la a firm believer In the present policy of the government in regard to the ludians, and thinks that a great nation like ours can afford to be forbearing aad patient with them. PrLtMAK Palace Cars is Knolaxd.?The result of the agreements which have been en tered into by the Midland company of England with Mr. Pullman is, that on the opening of their extension line Id Liverpool, a night train of carriages made Is this conatry, and identi cal In almoett eveey respect with the Pel I man palace car, will be ran on that Bae of railway. Tn Express Ersaxn siace the death of her husband has only once taken a walk and twice gone oat In a carriage. Exeopt la theee sad frequent visits to tbenttleehapel where the imperial remains repose, she does not leave the hoaee. ? r ? ' The "Yavdbrbilt UaivEaaiTT," accord ing to the Nashville Union, is to be the name of the Methodist university soon to bo organised In Tennessee upon the fund of ffiOO,000 donated by Commodore Yanderbiit. KTA Pittsburg dry goods dealer has the por traits of fourteen female thieves whom he has caught pilfering from bis store. i^The play-bills In some of the Parisian theatev have printed on them a map of the principal sueets in the vicinity, for the con venient e of strangers. ?yOf the Massachusetts Congressmen, But ler, Banks. Ames, Hoar, Eaty and Hooper have taken Ikcir back pay, and Bnffinton, Ike was. Croekes, and Twitch.'11 remaia to be heard thin. tl <d?j if. V thie great disaster. WRECK OF THi: ATUXfU. Terr I hie fteoaewTw the DtHn BnnalK N< Ike Wrcfk The terrible disaster to the ?team?hip AtUn ic, Oil the coast ot Nova Scotia, :s the absorb ing topic throughout the country. Tbe ?hip carried a population equal to that of a eountr\ town; a Thousand men, women and children slept peacefully in confidence that they were sale, and would soou reach their ileatt nation when in pitch darkness, a driving sain and a lunous gale, the vessel pli.n?*d oa the rocks and the cruel wire* co er-d the rorp-?- of iu, r. than hail of all those who had stood upou her decks when she steamed oat of the Mer^v. In formation in regard to the caiam.ty is i'ra? mertary, but it seem* to be assured that man more succeeded m rea *hi-ig the ?bore than wa at first supposed,and that not more thau six huu ^ bate been lost. But this total i* ap palling, and grief has been carried into ruanv a household. THE STATEMENT <>F CiTT. WILLIAMS " that on the 24tli, .V?h. and .vth ult.. he expe rienced heavy galea from the ?outhwe?t and *est, which brought the ship down to 11# nuie * day. On the 31*t the engineers report nheetid only 121 ton* ef coal on board. He was then &io miles east of Sandr Hook, with high wwWv swell and falling barometer. The ship wn steaming only eight knots per hour, and he con sidered the risk too great to push on, as a gale might shut her out from any {tort of rappty and he determined to bear up lor Halifax. At 1 o clock in the afternoon S;>mbro Island wa> 1.0 miles distant, ?t midnight he judged the ship to have made li.' nillo, which would pla *. her is miles south ol Saiubro. He then left the deck and went into the ehai t room, and left or ders to keep a lookout and call him at 3 o'clock in the morning. Hi* first inumatiou of the dis a>ter was the shin #a iking on Meagher's Wand. Jn ten minntes the Alp keeled heavily to port, and rendered useless the boat" on that side, the others bein^ swept away. He got the passenger h'thc digging, advising them to go forward, wnere the ship was not so miichexi>ose.i to water. ?y that time Brady, the third officer, bad e? tablished Communication with the rock bv a line, and lour other lines were soon got to the rock, by which about #10 people Arv?e was th? n j asv-d from the rock to the lau't. about IPO \aids distant, bv which about .Viyit' to the land, but many were drowned in the a: tempt. During the day the survivors, to t!ie number of were Oraited off to vario ts houses scattered about, Edmund ltyan, resides magisuatc, rendering valuable assistance. The chit f officer havinggot up in the niz/.eti rigginu the sea cnt oil his r treat. Manv of theTw-T sengers, saloon and steenpe died in the rijctrini: troiu the cold. Among t'.ie number w.vs tiic purser of the ship, liclore tlie Lonu wxiit nut the captain | la-t d two ie the life-boar. hut tiiiiliag the boat uselesfi, enrTied them tot':, main rigging, whtre he I ft them, and went ait to encourage others to go forward on toe side ot the ship. At this juncture tlie boilers exp:o<!i d. itnd the 1>oat rolled over leeward, at tliu time biii ^ on her beam end-. Fiud'iu - himself useless there, (he captain wenttetaV* the ladies tor ward, b.it found them gone, n.?r did he see them alter ward. Many patenter at this time could not bo stimulated to anvet '?,if lay in therigrinz rtiid ditd frt'm flight and exposure. In an interview with a rOfK>rter P ud. Wil liams said. -To think that while hundreds ot men were saved, that every woman should hive perished, it ts horrible. If I could have be. i? aide to save even a woman I ootiid bear thedis aster; but to lose all?it is terrible:'* ? ? ..A ?,ORKIBI.K StOHT. f>. W. i .rill, chief officer of the AtlnnHc in reply to a reporter's .)ue*rtou, said: When day light came I count-d thirty-two iktsous inUi - niizzciimast rigging with ine, including .oiue women. When theae nw that there were lin - between the ship and shore, manv of them at tempted to go forward, and in doing no were washed overboard and drowned. Many reaehe-l the shoie by the aid ol tlie line-, and th - tlsher maics boats rescued many more. At last all T" ^fi'<?r rescued excepti?*g m\ - ?elt, the woman, and a boy. The sea h ut b? lome so rortgh that the boats could not ven tore near us. Soon the l?oy wan uuiiro oft. but he swam gallantlv and r???. I.e.! one of the boats in safety. ? got a tlrni ho'l of the woman and secured her Vn the g. At two o clock in the afternoon, after we ha i been in the rigging ten hour*, lie v. Ancient a Church of England cler*\ uiau, wuose noi?Jj conduct I can never forget wh>ie I live, -ot a crew ot lour nen to row him o?t to tiie wreck He got into the main rigging, and pmrnred a line; then advanced as far as ho could tue, and threw It to inc. I' caught it, ma le it last aroend my body, and then jumped clear. A <ca swept me off the wreck, hnt !?r. A neient held iav? to the lin? and got me saieiy iMt^the boat. The woman, alter bearing up nittire marnable strength oilier her great ti i'lis h .1 Jtled two hour, SetoreMr. Ancient arriv A..' Her half-nude body wasaUII fast in ?he Hgcing. her eye.protruding aad mouth foaming, pr^nt. ing a terrible. ghaaUvfliectoelp.renired aiore K.^kr.k7a 1. .nte>t w,rtl thc numerous jta els which sparklol over her han?1?. He had to leave her bodj there, and it U probabls there The sec nc at the wreck was an awful on?. such as I never hetbto witnessed and hope never to witness again. "T O? TITE WRECK is one that a mariner would be disi>osed to gi v e a wide berth to It tosslhle, the shore beine a snccession of large Us of iorV. w^h ^n/r o,w shoa.s rnnning out for some distance, while t_.e bay-to stodded with innumerable islands, large and small, all aolid rock, with soai^lv a 2fI^rT7?.V,YP- .Tb/. '?omitlon government Steamer Lady Head, cunard steamer Delta, and *eei?-tiig Goliath, left Halifax for the scene ol the wreck and arrived at this desolate The Delta and Ladv Head being unable to venture near sb??re c*tu?* to anchor, anil the Ooluitli, with liio-boai^ went in to embark THK SHI PWRECREn PEOPLE. No time was lost. The Uoliah and l?a? soon r? tinned, nlled with men, who proceeded to get kIi T *? and such a motley party ! ralstat) a ragged regiment were well attired and resj>ectable looking compared to these Eiie U?h. Irish, Scotch, Welah, ikrmin. Dutch! Norwegian, Swedes, Swia. Indoe.1, represeu riiJ!S[0s.eTery Sou."u>' in Kuroi? aini of the Lm ^ ?f America were huddled to f? i ^r' ? laughing, crying, praying, and thanks-giving, producing a confusion of tongues h^ir hSf.ir 1 ^'"^ter. Scarcely one ot 'on ea co"V',ct* respeetahh- loolrlrig suit ^n i vi- xv^L wta,t,hV merchant of London tu l an ^ork?the high-toned professional geu tlen.an. and the lowest of foreign emigrants pfven'to n ? "'"Chof which had been 5 Jn, ?*,?, h*?e ^ood people of Prwneet. ? without coata, minv without hats, and others without boots, and ail had to mourn the absence of some comfort In the clothing line. 0 ,eife *er* 8eT?rB,aflecUngM5?neson the Delta as the passengers were collecting on her from Fr^TiII ^ LlMi bten 8topping. Friends who had been separated from eacfi olher after the Atlantic struck, and never ex pected to meet again In this world, were brought face to face in the Delu's cabin, where the\ grasped hands and wept for Joy. . . THB F-Litn^ ^L0 - " huiY in lf7,'at Belfast, England, bhe was an irou screw steamer ot ?1;, '' ,t?nii feet over all In length 1 he ship, with her cargo, was valued at *856,000. Qnci Work?Within a few minutes after the signing of the genera] railroad hill bv the Governor of New /erser, the l^nil KaiTw.v company waa organised, and their articles o"t organization and surveys filed fn the office of the Secretary ?t State. The following are the officers: President, Samuel K. Wilson; secre tary, Hubert K. Cenen; treasurer, W W. ^ engineer, A. J. Gillette. ' the president of the French As sembly, having ventured to call the Mara uis of Grammont to enter, ?t neelladlij the ?mnhcrs of the rlght, who threatened to leave the cham ber. la eenaequenoe of thU rrnnaillas he iw s^^^.'iasES^-.'ssr.sgg^ but it la thought that he will aot Mala a?om the poaitk>B. A Cable Cowbutatio*?Commiteea or the New York, Newfoundland, and Lendoa Ta?! graph companies have agreed upon an im mediate amalgamation of tLne* , subiect tr ratification by the boards of directors of eael r?FjL?.m?etiat' toW Wdto^on on waa: Howard (rep.), 9^79*, Chace (<Jem.), S.MB The small towns are to be heard from. How ard's majority will he about 5,800. RaLB Of A RaILBOAU BT vn OoTBRBKBBT The government la determined to collect Uh taxes on railroads. The Rnervmeand Cher lee ton railroad ?TTeanesaee,oaeef the dellnqueaf reade. was said a* public auction yesterday to the state of Tennessee, the only bidder, fei ?1M mm u J 4 TELEGRAMS TO THK STAR* This AncrBMBl Dftapatcl ASSOCIATED VKhsti REPORTS. ? 4HII L i?L]VI>. The Wreck ?l tk? Atlantic, ?irrtv ka| IcUib ?f the Great lba<l?r New York, April 3?Harrowing <l?ti l? of 'J>? awful ?cenee attending the less ?f ;h<* steamship At .antic, continue to be received. All the who were a-ieep ?h< n the ship "truck were drowned In their berths, the heavy sea which constantly. poured over tkr ve?sel and tilled ber, preventing them fr??m reaching the deck. Soma women who ?boweU ituuUlilr piesence of mind *ud appreciation of tbe awful situation, only reached the deck to be washed Into the sea and <lro?n<>tl. Soon alter si* men on ?lw>re wrote on a Mack board, ?*Cheer up, boit? *re coming to yonr si*tance;" the announcement was resiion led u> by hearty cheers from the ship. After A H A LK mn uonwri L ?I ?PC>I>I ?nen werv -celt on the inland, carrying a boat over the rocks ami noon it w?r iaunche-1. ami I took oft three boat k>...is tYom ontlaving roe*. ^ bile rescuing th?-*c men. Captain William* awl the itiwemoK called loorflj to the crew 01 the boat to coine to the ship and btke theiu ort brst, a*they were in the most imminent dan ger; tbe captain saying, "1 will give fire han 't red dollars tor every boat load resetted."* The boat afterward* made for the vessel and look ott two boat load*. In half an hour later, another boat ctine and rescued many of those Cltntin* to tlie ringing. Third OBtoer Brady, who na?l .??h^Ii .T in reaeliing tbe shore over a line carried from the veasel by himself, or. gi'uuted a crew and materially aided 11. the work of rescue. Malraieal or the Chief K.u?liiser. New \obk. April ;t.?-John Knxlex, chief en gineer of the Atlantic, bays, ??The ve-?el struck on the rock at a quarter i-ast j a. m ou the 1st irn^t., and commc- ncod to keel over to tbe 1?M t ?.<le, the sea I . t aking over the ship mi l the vessel fillingrapidlv. .All the female |>v sengers ?lio*rrc asleep at tlie time th^ sh'p struck were prevented from coming on leek bv washing Wver the ship and li'ling her. Seme of the pas?cngcrs got in tbe life boats, the dav'Malls being cut awav to allow tiie boats to Coat clear ol the davit*' in rcw)iective!e getting clear oi rlie vesnel bv this means; b:it the sea broke on botrd and wash d the great -r |or*iou of tbe i<Uxin(ctioff who went in the and the t>o.i? were store, and t ho?* who ventured iu them perished. The third oiii. t r, Mr.I?rady,at d the nuarterm Aster ?waa admre with h -mail lino, which ennhled a great nam l-er of the pawners and crew Jo ? t on -'lore. < I gi?t on the rock so u altirwwu, anJ also llobert llei rin^. mk'OikI engineer; .folin Hodg M.n, thud: William Patter-.u, t<> irtl . Samuel Davis, sixth, an.i Kobert M ?Parllu, seventh ('>' tie* r; :ti:d we and o* iters of the crew in i jia^scnger* assisted other (tcrsons to pnv.e.| ' ikcm *.?r xessvi to the tick. A gicat mmy of ' the pQOplc were t>K'?*>M? WHIli: COHIMI T-R 'M THi; VI ?Sfc|. by the rupe fcj the lOt k. The '*old vis mi tn ti liso that some ol tin iu. lieing beiiuiulmii. woro itliablu to hoi<! oti Uitbe rape, an-i tiie\ let go. aud w were unai.ie to reti>lcr tb'-ui ativ a !?irftwiice. Tho lock tl.at we wcreon wa- cov?'r??.1 with sesi-wee?l, which made it very dang run> to .-tand ni?on. and the e?lge? w?-re rounded. A ! on !he rot 1. being soaktng wet and oold, were War lie 1 oli'the wrrek :tud <I.OWn< d, aiwl i n;iiu !?er who Wi ti try-ng to get from the rock t?? the inland bv li?* line were also wa-h'-d fivtu it an-l <lr?wn< <1. Wectil'l perceive fnortE r\t Ltxo PROM THE ?Hie*a SIHK and ri^- ng. Three boats, which were cart ie I acroa* tlie isbud, rendered a?M?t*nce Lu con veying the pa -s'ngers ami crew from the v^-s?el an?1 ro?'k t?? S'*veral p'-r?o:i'?, who In' came completely exhausted, taxi ?iownon the rock and >Iied. Some of tbe pa?- ugei > becium maniacs, foam-d at the in- nth. and totter*.. al<ont like chBdreiu. We were Yiry kj<id!> re eei* >*1 and Uealed b> the people o'u shore. At II o'clock, the sjune morning, the ship w?? breakiiik up, an.I the ear^o washing a?hoie Corpses were al*> wa>he?l within rcach. W ? <ta-.fcd a? P o'clock yesterday p. m for H%li.i v] ami untfi n Utwn at 11 o'clock p. m.. where w. ? ere we 11 tieatol. i-'ifth eugineei I'hotua" Urant I'rgttebart. belonging to I Mini trio. Scotland, i anunig the drowiieft. I * T A MOST nEARTREXDIjrc. CRAB Av T EU occurred 1 It little fellow,the only jLild saved from the w;eck. rushed u|m>u deck with the slreainof p sseng* rs when tlie ir?t alarm w given. ii!s parents mid othi-r members-jl Li lamUy were stoli below. TUev perished when tbe ?lii|> fiiied and fell over ou h<*r Mde. Ilnstleil aletig witb that struggling mas- of e*cite-1 hn mamty. the piteou* uTt aui-> of the "oor lit*le fellow went ?? the stotite<t heart. He reapct nj>on the brxk of oue of the men, in hope of I icing saved by U'm, but the ium shook olf the waning boy. His cries at la*t attractod the captain, w'o, perceiving tlie tenacious maimer in wlin-li he was atrugg'ing tor life, called out to the uii ;i wl.o were surrounding rh?* lines that led to tbe rock to endeavor, if pu?*.ble, to sare the boy. Ti e poor little lellow wa< mmciaielv pasreo over the heads of the struggling mass of beings and placed in tbe b^at. The kindly m?tt who were struggling to save life almost went tor sympathy *? they put the la,I on shore. -*|, iu W:j, though ->adlv aflected bv bis iiarents' lo*s. Mi. Fo*ley, wbo remained on the rock for several Ihi?m agisting the pa?<engers to land from the shii-, says it was extremely harrowing to boho'.d tli-? sutlerings of tbe unfortunate crvaiui te, e>. n st ter they were rescued. ?AXY or THEM nk. A ME 1X?AKK, frotbeti at the mouth, an I toppled ott the rock into the xv atei an J were drowned. Others were so chilled and exhausted with cold that they laid dowu ai.c died. Sum- died After they bad been taken tc the mainland. |[AB the paaMtngert s|<ak iu the highest term* THt <?ALI AKT CilttDt'CTOf TBE T1IIB9 ??rFICEl< Mr. Dra<iy, ai;d tirst engineer, in particular, who returned on the wreck for hours assisting passeugcis to .each the rock. Two isUy cabin i MMMti came on deck in the excitt incnt, and stood near the wheelhouse. They hesitated a moment, as if panic stricken, and returned into *he companiouway an if look ing lor something. Presently they came out and endeavored to reach tbe'forward part oi tl e ship from where passengers were being sent ashore on linw. At that moment a huge wave swept over the ship's quarter. Tbe mea cling ing to the rigging beard TWO UART-R?>*DtXG SHRIEKS, and when they looked agaiu the women bad dis appeared. Tb *e are only a few of the terrible incldents of that tearf ul wreck. Young men. as well as old, became paralysed; and as thev clnng to the rif giDL or to tbe sides of the re^ei they seeoied bereft of all reaaou, and when Sokcn to by others to make an eSort to save cmselves, they would roll their eves ami stare tUedly at the m?aker, and ask iu whining tone ?'What boat?* Many again who were roused out of their berths had SCaRl-R TIMS TO TI T THEIR . LOTHBS OR and rush on deck ere they perished, onecabin passenger, a young man, came up with onlv a Test on. He clnng to the ship's side for a time and Anally rolled ofl into the sea and was lost' One man hadjust secured a flour ba.T?l on deck when he was waaked everbownl, but not hafhre he had dbtaiaed a bold, grasping the oot the barrel from Its build would be precipitated by the sea some distance and than fall back. Oa* an than ' soa sent the barrel ami _r~m at ixfestligh. He had lost his m dowa, railing in the trough of the sea, though on top or the wave which rode a ttttfe farther on, tiie barrel nil bnoyantly, the 1 did not coxae to light. they were one an '? go and -aw that i: un tiTr.1 little, u nk, th? ?'*ainA *w?#i' k%. aa-l * < It <mm ?? ?*K t nx^* death l?4 as ?? <t?- r- w* tad i at I tikt. nr. chuut. J i? ??. Mr Mv<? ?nd. a? ?ii ?? M??. I na'lt i-ikkhI teil tin* ?? f*< ?? ?(?? 0?d??? acre K!vf?, a- is a common tl c ?? ?ean*t ipa ikn Tnawa-vna* ?m?rti? na rtn*?-), M?w *rtiM t?f {wtmttt--d to Mrrrv 'o !i Thinking our lives ?< i? in itum n i danger, wt forced -ht ViirW n* and a?-e??i. to II.* deck. A ? m? m ?? ?m( on (l*.<k ? m?tn d to the st.lc ol the v.-w?l >n.i **<? t\ r?k* ?l ^ ?U:H three Kiwi tvi w.: distal* 1 thuugkt ml flr?t It ?a? ?? io?4t?rf w had str-ick. l>nt qnvkly afterwards we m?> . that tlie ?fcS|> had .-omntenctd to heave at plnngr A:ter threi* or toar ?fce art tied, and the water seemed to he rnsh'ng t? I surmised that owt sal^tv depended ono, helng on the ?*de of the venae) nearer 'an t r*?h?d to that "Me and caught hoW ot the r ,? girg. uhen rhe uhliirKnaKt^d to turn n ? (rudnalU on her si.bt. I got on the ?l \> ot *' -h?r and caaght hold of a r?>pe. I th?ti bear t a aiti a watt. which *u fearthl t? IMrti to Tt pro,^.. from the steerage pasaettgers. wN wei. I*h> . and ?? rr then M?nth Tiif. |t did rn?t la?? a*M> than two a>Mte?. ?hrii ?ll ???Mill w dea'i The latal !.?*?. Nan T?*t, A|ril I A largv orowd all *l< atornlng has surrounded th i?wlVt.n ,+. .1 anil ilt tbe oRicc ot itt Wliitr St ai hh r^?i| reading the UH of l.?t tui ?a\,..i ?(kr w a>c. rta'tM?1 t nonMnmots Mrr|.n penavns ha- Seen Kiolnit in a?M out nt fin anikMiolt -e? k hi Information regard *? 1'iH nti aho acre o i n>? <1 or are iear?a ? bare been on Imard ibr Ill-fated Atlantic. Tit PIVIATIO* T.? H*l rn \ ?M "f. >m tint a. IT"1 af< nt thin flvaaua iwelti'4 tkf t- ? ngtltapaub irvOi tfc? I.m-r|?*?l aget - ot .? line: , "l.ivwoot, AjirM 3 To J It </*!.*? *? lanticV deviation ro Halifax iMOotafffi h*n? '' ??. I he ^uwiUlt ot coal on U iM ? ?? ???." ?? ? t|Uiit4 aii au'rap ?otiMnaf mmi during ? g Utu vojajtiuf ;il toiw. Itvtv, InrTra A ?'?< * The ajrenta her?- ?t?t? that tlw * do not V <r what U> maki oi it. hut think the AUant> - ? yeiiciiord Mioitf bt:.?d-r*>aa|M>llia^ ?? ?an nttrly dotiltk da utaal quantity ,.i v I U> kff|> n|> the cartotiary ?|*<ii 1RI Rl ?? t *l> ton* The IMlii* Ing dtnfMiU*lt ?a? ett ed rrotn Halifax lliit nwtiittig. au.t a ? )' #1 ?l ??? iMiated u|> ontMde in large 1? tl< P- ? T?<> bm< dred t>aaeengor? are e*t?-?*t?^1 to * ?-e HtlUWt Cr "team?-r t'haee to- Sea York a Portlainl. ill be ait|>|.'ie>t atth ain|>l<- nni attd tu-keta. UeiuaitMler to I'olUtn |?ei Falin< It U> high*. May l>? ea|>e<'ted on Saturday." Xra ?'?rh"? l?eai' Xaw Voaa Arrll l.-Mr fr, ,? n T>. M . ? - *al. n oai>ia pawmtt-r in the A mtv * tlw Ivlkiaitii ikiK|?t<'li t? Ilit A*?> lat'U Pi. ? Uaukax. A?til .$?J'av u? Iriiabm ngiT* ot hV iBi'T Atlaatli- that I m.II i. main aitti the arr<fk nntil I hive wntied .. I loat cabin |u*mm iijj?-ra. I b.ive ho?o? go ng to Ibr ?rerk tkt> nioruing to nt lve the hottn-a. liodit'hoi Mr?. FudieraiiU M ?? il< rriit tti: U4-. The bodies of Mr. an.t Mra. Me^tlt?. \| -- Sitrwer and ?lolm II. Prior, of Neat V?nk I Uav* gii at h- |*Mn ai eniing. Ml haul* aa Haaril. 1.<?*!>?*. Apiil .??l'ke Ht>-aiiv> ii|> Atlaut wan iiifiircd In Ixtndoii cont|>ati, a for Vt.<n> There nere 71^' >le<-?age [ia?M.-ngei.? on t i? ii t'ated ttawl. The |?.*x?eiigf?ri' and rrea of tl,. Atlanta?. a* t>la autled troni l.trer|MM<l. w< e cliMei|ie<i a? lol>o?~. Kn^'li-lt !:?*- hh h. ? I nrtwea, 2" male ajtd .'1 !? uta'.i ? n .1 ? t ??. 7 Men and 4 vtMfeet.; Iti-h, U meti. l- mom a and 3 chlhlrea; n'h?r natt?>nalltie?. 1 Vt *.t.i : malek. :.'?.>ni< a. IV male children and I t- n>* e '?hililrt'ti. A targe numlier ot' einirfiitnt* <ia Uaikiil at V**Mtl#? u. making tbe t>>lal una Iwr oi mjiiN upon 'tit Fteaaier wfcea **e ?atl? ?! trow that |*rt. Too l.rtto' I'TTAWt. Apr ? S ? In I'mtia!??<???? Ia?t ? _?> ? tdM'UWviitiM place, with n.l'tt< aret? ? ?? Ati*t t;c di-AKt< r. m h> ti it was ataU4 tkat tha gorrrntneid had orde:i<4 a ^carrhitig Irive-'ijra tlon. An .ippropt^a^lon aa? made d-irn-g , n? iaet tewii.it ot rar?>t:iatent tor the ort'-t >n ot a light Iionm' at tbe |io.nt aUrre the aec lent occurred, and it ?a> deeply regretted it a i t.ot roatlt lu tnue to prereat the ir-*.?? r. M %l.l. Mici.l.l TO ?4?. >iO Kelaxational IbeMrlNgt-aej. Krw Yobk. April li ?Tawn are no hp* t?-. tur<-? to itih k -,?< ? ulalioti any more tliaa *??'?? - ilav ot Moiul.i'.. Sl' lar m* any direct tavv m<-i<t taken tnto i-owklrrttion an i until a m?jre m ? tied eon.littoi! ot nlf:iir> eoai'H. tin* depart m-nt of trade iv likely to r? pi-aetit n.i Ueci<i< d t?w, and nil! be pubjoc to ? bint- on tnoiM-y au<l ?ip front WMfbitigtnii. 1'he money ni.uk-: dion? no pre^-tit -igti? of ?-nae and retten tl. liates on call tliu? lat are , to per <vti' . ? itli 7 per cetit. iiiU*re?t a i l?J. m>-roaati: pa|? r l>eing entirely m glatfir I. ?i<?ld of?etve?l at 117 g . aud bitt riuct been < arrieU :,p U> 117 \ . though tbe :ooiunai> nuiie?htt ute! that no change * rif made In the fiai.k of Fngland rute. The -teanter Man-a t >-<ia> aitb Kt'n .niKi m ailver coin. Foretga ttcLnniee are in a <l? tuorai.red con iitntn. Utding ilttafir nduceilthe rate- tl?>? ui irn ing to tor ?i\ty ilava, and |t> t.? ?igbt. but n'tllr >ell <i>iMiidnrahlv lover even than tlii-. Tln-re i- ? better movement ri'port.-.| in houtbirn Mate l?md-. ?.tb aaien ot about 49,nm TemttfM-e* at to ni and mi t bu>*t. threeilavv. olii noa Iwitig ntk bid. anil'near <i hid. t i|d \ irginia- an- 43 hid and 14 hid and deterred: M\ eale* a no old; itvamib lieiug ?'Jla5i. Sak> in t arolinaa?Tbcra ia nu'ktaf ?lotng. near .Ittly South Carolina* lieXg 17 , to jn. ami A pell Mi*?onri plain h<>nd ?*?M at M'.aWH . iww helng uiote-1 at *' , a*'1?,. and St. dureph olli-red at *t. ? - Ken lurk Yaten. ?Tt>*r? *t*'T AKKA'tv. New Y??rk. April S.?ln an ivtrrr eveiitig siokea ?a trhetarfal, and ? apr ?..| gr? at 'iiiilideiic in the tilUniate re-':.t ol tUe efleat> ht ing made lor hint. rx-i?ovr?:*?>n ?orr*>n return* to Nea York in Sepaeniher. tAMkt I* KINO. the iiupriMtued luiiider. t at Ute ToaW.it tua< b v. ? rae, and I- i(fatal ?1> .ng. thkrk a rnr rtott;rir7t mra w ? t? to-day, amounting to at trora t^i ta 117.o)-'. A million and a halt aa?ao!d. It ?<-nt at 11.-1T7 f to II...a.. Wleawer Hnali. Mi vi'Uit. April 3?1 b<?-1 earner Tmk Var hle. taitb 4<ai ion- of l'r?igbt, -aj-'ick a m>ag nhile a.?ciniiii; tbe Ark?ii>a? river .can*. >ig If r to -ink to ?i?m loilet .!?*< k in a minokaa. Mm *?? on tied by the South ??il Work* Company, an I %-alued at gl't/aai. She at* imoired in *?. I, ti* lor fti.Mm. and ber cargo la iuaured m Meai|>liia for iaiti.uoo. ANOTHER St. Lot ta, April &?The atcamer r?am?e1. oi t ic Keokuk Northern Packet line, am-?ui in the rapnia nlmit Keokuk yeaterd?y. T?e loaa ia notalated. but ix^raably uot laigt-. Biaaaatllle Waita laknoa abat all thla Iraaa. * Bb<iu ?ktii.u. Tax an. April 2 ?Tha l'nr-1 State* aioop-of-nar Wyoming ta era.-itig wtl lii i firar.de. thl? being the llrat war Ttael whi ?i ban viMted this |>ott for aoine year*. Taken In connection arlth the expected vlalt of tlie s.?. retary ot War and prominent armv ofllneo It i? *up|>o*ctl to indicate a lively intereai on tbe part oi the government in frontier aT'aira. ? Awalaatiaa la Lanlalaaa Baton Kut'ea. April 2? An att?m|.t r"t made to aaaateinata I'eymond Kicanl. the col ored luaton alteri(I elect of Weat Baton Ko-ige, at ten o'clock nigbt before laxt. at, .-li in tbe nturder of hi* wife, who reeeiv>-l the tire of the aaatrinr. Five bun lre<l ^lo .ar* re ward ia offered hv the citizens for the arrevt of the murderer. BI?a KLL, TMK PAX tC "rTNfTAilirKoKi.EB, a n nn*TKI?. I" lxiitpdi, April ;i?tieorga Bidwell, one ?.i the men alleged to have lieen implicated in the fraud- on the Bank of l.'nglau 1, has been ar rested la Kdinhurgb. ? ? A Flrtjr Tfc?aantl MUr Fire. naLVsaTuK, April i'.?A tire to-night vu tha Strand, between Center ami 2J<1 atreet*. <lo atroved the stores of Oaltot A I*arl*, ami Woi. Wiitdemeyer. and the lina of H. M. Nick-, F. <lull/a.es. Alexander 11. Laid, a>4 Jamea Terlev. Loaa *30,000; fully inaured. 8t. Lot-ia, April the houae of tha family 5?fro*'?iS^A ichaaag af hi 11 tarda ???a v^tara WUaaa ami Frank uentaoa for the champlonahlp af Maaaacl a Mta, a aaMea eae. and a MM af a a woa by tSo latlar. ?ww,l^?i<l. 1 a *TnJoaa, *Aprt^-ZAaala^P'Vidgelr, tad weratary aflba grand lodge. L O. <). ? . tha Caito4 Btataa, la dai^aroaaly U1 at Lia M ta thia dtv. D1 Charles Pfei .e* U.l?haagj ? J A CHaa girl ?f ? two children.

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