3 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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?3 n PROPOSALS. |YRt>POr-AM ru* INDIAN GOOD*. of THI iMtmoi. I ' ' ' "* Aryan*. March lw. lift. ( !??????! iV^-al-. indorsed " Proposal* for Indian T TV. 2, v- rT"1 "*? ** > - ?? m>d ?? Leon Xt \i\~Vx \"w V lk- 1? ..'clock ai? on Z II I " L * rf"T *pril. 1STS. which place w I ' ', !** I 'fk'MH-i- on and after tbe Sth .lay of * prii, t< ;. f ,r furni-hing, in the quantities therein *> > -n . dy or *il ?.f the articles named m tb? 1 jll,.w? lug im : ??. pi r- I p._int white Mackinac Blanket*, to i. a-ure <i\M ia< b>-s, and w.-i*ii twelve P lilO*. 2 1 point white Mackinac Blankets, to n. ?-nr 2 i,cI..-a, aiM| weigh eight ?>unda ,? p.:r- - j-p<.int white H ? klnac Bankets, to ... **itre MX? n*he*. and weigh six ?,tin I. ????" 2 P?iut white Mackiua' Blmmi-U (t ".m/r' ^aLDch^ -* - ? r*:n>_JS .rMackinac Blanket*, to ; .^r iSn^wl00 ^' *Ud W"1*h f"ur ^ ? air* 4 point ararlet Mackinac Blanket*.to ?'?ffT" 72x? iaehe*, and wvigii twelve r nn?t?. p?ir? (point -carlo! Mackinac Blanket*, to r nn'f 0C*72 lucue-.and w ^:gh eight pounds. ' * p-.'?;S point ?carlet Mtckma. Bl.i.k-t*. to n -a-ure M.ts. inch's, and w.igh six pouuds. K<! pWr^I-iiiiBt *? arlet Ma-k mac Blanket*, to n nor. ?.vH krk?>, an ! weigh flv? and one _ iintrtfT p. nn.l T ?a.rs 4-poict u.dic b?ne Mackinac Blanket*. ? .m-aruro 71 ? inches, ami weigh twelve p 'iidt. 2 pu sj-p- int ic>>ig.. bh?e Mackiaac Blanket*, !? r.' rfiire M ;j inches, and weigh eig'it p nkdi. I'm p- i* ind 2 blue M icklnac B.'an - - ? ??' ai- aetir.- u - ?>? inches, aud w FigU six p-"llld*. , J , .1- 2-point indig,? blue Makinac Blanket*, i .?-asor. 42%.h> in. hes, aa-j weigh five and .joarter pound*. ? ??? 1 . ? 4 p_ .nr nr??n M? kinac Bi tnkets. to . ?.?>?!r> .1' Mi'.i !>M.and a ?iKhtweiTer* .iiu i^ r-* 3-?Iht jrr* ? i. H^ kiQAc Blaiikt-ti, t > wre &jx, ?in< h*M. an t w.-i?h eight p nn.l< ? ' r- -? P^'int creel! MackiuaC Biaitkets, i ? i .iflare ^1,66 tuchtrs, and weigh six * - p. 'M c Maekwic B!<nk?-ts, to ? - we tixit, in ht-a, aiji weuh live ?nd t?ae qnarter p ??!<. /??"?>.Li-f Bl?t>ri tk ?k> M iv.l L -j Blue Cli'ili ?' 5 ? nil 3 ?X Nt l.i-t I.-I-T < i t:? ? T'i". ' ' ' i": Cra> L at Blue Cloth. 2 MT ? ? W .e.|rn aliawl-. |i? . | M.ailru .^Iituh. *?> II ?iy D, uble PhawU. ? ' :?!> uiuti-tinen Thr. a,i. <;?r..hr | ni.?ke, N JU. X and 4w, two-liiifdaduik b?ue, ons "tii lid *nitftbr'?irT| ? e* Spools C ttna, st *cl ?r i ui.*k ?, 2JC > ar>U. 3-<-<>nl ai. i ri r? nl ?" J* <*:?!ico, ?tau'1 iril prlr's . ?. > a'd-, Iij.l 2 ? Bl j- Drill;tig ,*?*?, > *r 5f"<? B' J Ticking. Its. . 6 j s; .i - Br w a Sh-efjng, 4 I ?; ? >-} y ,r'!s lI*r,,U.r'1 D"' k. 8 ouuee.' >.?rd< P.aid I.in?-y. ,1- J'i?nnel,twill*d. ?'<*? B d rianne|, twill -J ?> ???> ?r.|-K-nto. ky J h:,k J!?..-CS \ >rd- Satinet 'iH u'f*?.,"r?1 lining.) 4*. ? nrde Blrach'd Sh??-ttng,(for shr uJ?.i 3-W*' irdi Bine Decim?. 8 \ ?rd- Hicbort Sinrtia*. ?>i ? *i . ? n t'ottoe n.tii.lkr:' hieft 6- - I /11 M -n's WihiI S H.k?. 1 "*-n W? men"s W.m>1 II 4-; 1 . -ii Children'* W.m.i || ?,? ? ??I -? n Woolen Scarfs. V l.c R-1 Flannel Shirt*. J-WUGf tv Dannel Shirts. 7 I k> rjr Shirt-. ] M? < tlico Mnr:e. s ? V ui-n*e <-ol H 1-s. 31.Ms M'i'ol liixals. 1*" Bed rlets. t ." i :il- Yani. iwMi>rted color< i.-'l I ? !- Oilling Twine. 2 aji,i 3c .!j,-ein?l ?ji; ii'tiiie.. N ?. .*>.35 ani P>. !? ? p uiWsC..tt.>n M litre, for 6v:uo*. | 'imta llxltgo. /--II i.eet Ca-t-st.'el AlW. .1 to 4'j o?nnU 4-1 .J. / 1, ??..? < a-: . I UnM r .Av i, han-ll -J, .*? J I vnA\ Baixtlrs.X iarli, N <. 1. in, -1 -ii tinned-iron Preserving K *ttlos, 3', to If ,uarta. * * 4,'ii 1 .'en -h i1-haaril>- fry Paris, Ji *s. I, 2. an I .4 ?fl1IMl lull.lll|t? * - ' -a I'11 E;"1*- Preaee 1. 2 4, ani 5 marts. :oo. ten Tin Platep. * ? :i Tin flnp", pint*. -n Tin Cnpa, .jnarta * ' " Tin Pails, no coTer-, s. Ii. ani 11 ? irt?. . i'JrtT'n Ptil"' wi,h COTer'' 8- ,w- ?win a.: Tin Dipper i.l.nghsnf!^ 1 -n Tin C' tfee P..t?,2^aar*s. ' * /en Tin r.jffee p ,tn, ( ,.u .rta f I ' ? ??: tinned iron Tahl- Sp-. <??* 1- 11 tmne.1 ir..f, T a Sp.s.rs 1 Butch- r Kb;ve*,#-inch. Ill 1 -n H m.titii: Knii e., 6 in, h I--" u Skinning K. n.-.? in. h. z-> n Knire- and Porks,good lUalit - 11 P.^ ket Knivea. 'i- --KTiperS.* Filea.4* Jarh. 4T --n Mill saw FBea. v'2 uU"ur* f1 -???0-*.b??t eaHt-at??l. I-'- . ??!. H,<. H itidies. * 1 *e|. Hatchets. I :d ?-.-e|, Hand-saws. ?"I-I m u Pieh H.Hiks, aaa 1 I -? ?? 1- ? r. F i-h L111V. aa* ri 1 - , -. ' '* '? >< Sewiair Awla. ^"?1 -1. Sewing-awl llaad.' *. Uf |{ '''9 ?brmr?,7Ia?iid i iuctiei. 4*I i / 11 ( **rm* | J> ./ei. Fine t- '*b C'-iuhs 09'I''"ell (lp?T, Tbimhles. ' 1. Zinc Mirn.ri. *lZ "* ?? ae-?>rted si/es. N- edies. GI..*er->', .'-44 It ?\er Trap-. X-whouse v , ? S.. Mi ik Trapa, Newhnaae. ' *. ??(&? amp K-rtlee, in neats of threa ?,4? t-uKTbee B .wl-. aaa.Ttedcol.irs ' ?i> I*-whattaa Pipe*. 6"' ri ' Stet>:?. '^4' k ?*?-, ?i*ea, for ni?n l-'*'- Panls, a-aort*-d eizea. for men **>} esto, aaaorted size?, for men ' ?T74 L? ae jlark Orercoata, Urge ?'ize. ia>Sn.ta(jacket and pants) for boys fi?a to t*D ??:>Mof?ge a ??. I "*'![>r ^L' fiT* *? ten ??ars of age. rt ?"!' ? ^ J?,1 ? "* "izea and Color* 'o ^ 11 ^ 1 n<t<'??"rtwl ??*! colors Impairs Men's Shoes, ?i.od qaality, aaaorted "" v/'IT W " 8h"**' *?"<1 'iuality, assorted as. pair, B..TS ^boea. goo.1 qnalitr. s and i " ?hoea, good quality, assorted 32? pa^rs Child re n * Sh>ea. go. si .jualily, assorted 9 6<s? p.nnde T^baree. Plug. J** P*">nds Sni- king Tobarco. _ 'ir **? * mi?t be delivered in New ?e?t h a,ielphl*' or B"*on by the lat day of June A?^ ,,hr Blankets, which will be re ? r dr'"rr^ *>r th?" j-t day of August next M'r* white Mackinac Blitnksts. to he,t *,,,1 wol*h ?i?h* i '*0 pan-2Vp'iat white Mackinac Blankets, to measure MiM Incbea. ami weigh sis pound*. <? pain 1 point white Mackinac Blanket*, to .r.'arte7,^a&nCh" UlWfi?h>" ?"?? one 1 M^klnac Blankets, f p "is mcbes, and weigh eight 1.2.V ijur-2'J-point scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to m-a-ure 64\? inches, and weigh six poundi ? *i pair* 2 p-?int scarlet Mackinac Blankato to ni-astire 42\46 inches, aud weigh Ave aud ?-quarter t? unds. 2 l&? pair- 3 p. int tndig-. bine Mackinac Blanket* t'. aranrt M*;j incbea, aud weigh eight poiini*. ^ 2-.><. p.kirs2'j-po Lt Indigo MueMackinac Blankets, p T1 l*ure itches, aud weigh six i - pa.r- 2 p'int in-ligo blnh M ickinac Blanket* to meaeure 42x4? inches, and weigh five and' oi"-<iaarter p<>un<ls. 1<? pair- 2S P"int rreen Mackinac Blankets, to II - .-lire J4X>? luche-. and weigh six pouuds 2 P-Jint green Mackiaac Blanket*, to 11;. ,4-cre c:\4o ilicbe*. and weigh live and "tie .jnarter pounds, ^ open.^1 In the presence of the II- ard . I Indian Comnii-u-loners and a committee to r deanti at'^1 t x the Sa nitary of the Interior, as a?ua a-ttir time for receitirgthe -am-shall hate expir.. ;ind the contracts will be awarded as soon thereat r a- atactic able. Parti - I.nl.fiog are re.inired to fnmisb samples of the ,tjK-lea bid l^r. All th-? sainpl s of each tddder ?1. .11 1... .. -ai^na ed by a private mark attacl>e<l to ea h aan.ple. c..rr<?p- udiug with marks on the pro The pr c *- n.nst be ipven without any modification or pr.?p.a<d m.sl.tication whatever. The ri^ht will be reserved to ret(iiire a greater or leas <iuai t.t> (a t excelling 26 p. 1 cent, in either aasel.'f ai.v.f the article, than (hat sp.-cilied in the al?.?e? heilnlea at the prict? pr p s -I. The right will be reserved to reject an* or all pro. P- -ala. irsu. h a course sh-<uid be d-'eiiied for the iu lertata of the G..veriiBient. All artules furni?he.l nnder contract will be re ?}.iire<l to Ih delivered, parked and mai ked for ship ax-ut. wi;Ih ut exrracba.-ge for case* or baling wh-n packages, according t.> directions whicb will I* if 1 v en. at a war.-ho nee to lie designated in the T",,pr,"*'?e citiee where tbe goods are recei v?l, and will be si ? i-ct to insp^. tion by the Board of Io.liaa C on<Bii-*ioi.er* appoint**! by the President, and Barb go.si*or arti< ]?* aa mat in any respect fail to eonf 'Mil to tb<- -ample* will be rejected, and in that ?aee the . ntract. r will be b urwi to furnish others r/ '?".T -^'kuKlot <iuafity within jkvt days; or If that I not done, they will b? purchiwed at his a\pense Bo bi.i* will be reneidered frotn persons who have lail.d ta c 10pi) with the requirement* of ?f .nner # fMrtct. Noiontraef.or part thereof, will be permitted to ?e as>l/ne,i or tilled b? <4ber parties witboat the written roMBBt of the Secretary ot ttie Interior. Payment will be aiade for the go. sis purchased on pres-matl. n of tbe lavoicea thereof at thM ??ace alter they shall have been properly approved. N ? pi. p.a.at will be censider.si tnat does aot -- r- ??-T" WT iwiwwriru (IM? BUI g*r>c.l, .-. oiply with the fallowing form: ? it or weiprspeaa to furaiah the Indian Depart ?sent. ac. ordlng to the terms of the advertisement of Cm .r* ,T^rr <* Affairs, dated March ?, Jw3. tbe i. I low lag art tr lee at the pries* thereto l1?*'.!*'*?HthaHet of articles pr?pnasd to be lfJT* to tKe C ?m STToMhi siS.e^ ror ,be K^orto a.Me petwriBS, whose -aMc^ocvliSst K Xtu?TZ. rn I Jm3g*?r DiMrict AtY ro**7 "+]r hrv^LJotmal'Si-w*1' wmm that the above bidder 1 or bidders. I if a contract shall be awar.ied to him (or thsin I_accoedtag to bis < or 1 heir) few* or r r >??al. will execate a contract accordingly, ?nd give the re.jnia*t* security *??'the faithful per formauce ..f th" ???. ?. prea-nbel ta the adver ma?a?ei.t for Proaneab for Indian Goods, A? -* larch ?. MT3; and in tbe event ?f hist or their ifcil ra hereby agree aad Mad oarsetvss. wee to .to so. we hereby ^ree sad hi ad ourseHs*. Mr heirs, exerntors aad admiatstrators, to forfeit !?y I "tted States, aa damagsa, a sam aot c*?- ?b the ?aio"nt? bid B^ds w ill be r^iatrsd in the amonat of the bid lor the faithful performance of the contract, with ?" ?? I? 1 ?i.w "i m? contract, w:rn two or an.re sureties, whose mldenct mast he cer tided to by ? Caittil States Jade* or District Attor "iirtt eotd a .X> CT.PM. STEAMER LINES. PASSENGERS BY ORvNGB, M.B\AB1>BIA am Manassas bailroad, On and after APRIL 1, 1<3. will l.? e WASHINGTON CITY l.v PO TOMAC riKKY COMPANY' BOAT8.7lh blrn-l Wharf. Boats will leave tbe wharf at 7:lia. m. ami 71# p. tu.; arriir at 1):tf a. ni. au<l 6:45 p m. Buy Ticket# at 60S Pennsylvania avenue, ?r C"ft? r <>f King and Union itntu. AleiMilrii. Through P*?ser*er connecting l>?? w?en Oriup, Ai>'\ai>>'riD uui M?uae??f juJ Baltilb^rt and llij Railroads mad* uilj by this lin?. J M. BK0ADU8, G. T A. W. B. OAS1INS. At<'nt.S03 Pa are. al-lm TV, KW EXPRESS LINK VIA CANAL, 1^ WtTWEES PHILADELPHIA, ALkXANDBIA, Va . WASH 1MGTON AND GEOBGETOWJi, D.C. SA ' L' >?> DATA. From Pier J. N rth Wharrni, Phil adelphia, V KI>.\ ESDA V and SAT URDAY, at 11b. From if* W?w s?r~*t. Georgetown, D. C.. TUES DAY at,d SATURDAY. stlOs.ru. Tkii linf rnmrrta at Phi'adelphis with "CI} de's Iron Line" of it*aii?r* for Providence, B<?ton and Hew England State*. N ? wharfage in Bo?t>>D l?y tht? line G. F. HYDE. Agent for D. of C. M M. P t'iYPK A CO.. Philadelphia. F A REID. Alexandria. Va. W ALDO A. PEARCE, 34 Congress Street. B ># ton. iip2 WASHINGTON, NORFOLK, BOSTON~AND YY P Kit VI DEMOB. The line Iron tH>amrr LADY OF THE (LAKE hat ins rfaniued her regular trip* to N rf.-Tk.will leave her wharf, foot_; of 6th street, every MONDAY and* T1JI RSDAY.at 3 p.m., tv>uching at principal Kiter Landings,coiniect.ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M Line r>r B-xton and Providence. Freight sh>mld t>e addressed "care of Lady of the La*??? vi? Norfolk." Branch ti< ket office at Knox'* ?xprew Office,603 Pennsylvania avenue. T M. CB'H'CH. Agent. 6th-street wharf. DOB8EY CLAGETT. Gtieral Aeent. tt 11 P'ant's Store,c ruer 15th at. and Pa. are. ( 'UMABD LINE. THE BBITISil AND MOBTH AMERICAN BOYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR, FROM NEW YORK. "Cuba Wed?Mar J6 i -Russia Wed.~Apl. 16 Ahyssinia...W e4_Apl. 3rCalabria_ .Wed?A pi 19 Algeria Wed...Apl 9i J i % :? Wed Apl. 23 Si nmeri marked thus * do uot carry steerage pas mm Aud every following WEDNESDAY and SATUR DAY from New York. Bats.* or Pama?i.-Cabin, ?du, #10U, And #13 <?1.2, according to act enunxdatlon. -*04^* Tickets to Parts. #16, gold, additi.'n?l.?Tm? U-turn tickets on favorable |?nui."Hi S..-erage, #3U, currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and Qneenstown, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through Lilt* of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havre, A m werp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean ports. For freight and cabin pas ture, apply at th?> C<>n.pan>'s office. No. 4 B- wling Green; t-r steerage p.*esatfe, at Km. Ill Braadway Trinity Euildinc aovW-ly CHAS. G FRANCKLYN. Agent. A NCHOB LINE STEAMERS BAIL EYEBY SATURDAY. Passengers booked to and from any Railway Bta . i i t Seaport in Great Britain, Ireland, N r*a>, Sweden, lVrinark, Germany.< I tbuce, Holland,Belgium anathe United" l*'at-s. Cabin fare from NFW YORK to LONDON, LIV *. iiPOOL,GLASGOW aud DERBY, ?64 and #7? EXCURSION TICKETS, fliO. Intermediate, #3ft. Steerage, tot), all payable In Currency. P..rtie* sending for their friends 1b the Old Country cau purchase tickets at lowest rates. For further (*nirnlars apply to the Agent, C. CAMMACK, Ja. (ill f street. Washington. HEN PERSON BB0THEB3, ir.tvlt T Bawling Green, Mew York. \ I EBCH ANT'S LINE OF STEAMSHIPS. 4 V1 BKTWEEM WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK.. Hereafter the line Steamships I 0. KNIGflT and JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly ir j- txtaeen NEW YOBK, ALElAN-fema I'l.lA. WASHINGTON and GEORGE-"?" TOWN, as follows:?Leave NEW XoRK from Pier 3? East River, every SATURDAY at 4 p. m., Leave GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. m., and ALEXANDRIA the same iay at IX m. For full Information apply to B. P. DENHAM, Agent, office and wharf foot of Hitfh street, George town, or at the corner of 17th (treat and Hew York avenue. iell-tf J. W. THOMPSOB. Prartdart. LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVBBY d SALE STABLES, 41* 8th street, bet. D and E, and Chain Alley, H. between Uth and I4Ut. Office. Willards. Best carriages furnished. Special car* paid to tbc boarding of horaea. decll-ly Allison mailor, Ji., LIVERY AND HIBINQ STABLBS. STYLIHH CARRIAGES and COACHMEH. dec?-ly I3BA E street northwest. ABLIMGTON STABLES -B. CRCIT, JB. G STREET, Bktwiih ITth and IBtI. Carrlagaa by day or night,and for waddlnga^or^ar / '(bNGRESS STABLES, v Bra STBEBT, Bmrm D in I. Horses and Buggiea for Hire, aad a freak supply of (ocd Horaea for aale every week. jyM-ly BICHABD VAlfT, Proprietor. WASH NAILOB'S STABLBS 13S9 I ST. " CABBIAGES of the latest My las constantly on hul and for kirs by the day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished with the most comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to boarding Horaea, and Horaea always for sale and exchange. deeli-tf ????? PROPOSALS. PROPOSALS FOB COAL. Titisrit Depaktmxst. J Bikeau of E.icravinu and PgrsTiSG.} March W, WT3. \ Sealed Proposal* will be received at this office un'il 10 o'clock a. m., MONDAY, the 39tkdayof April. l'CS. for fnrnishing five hundred rfiUUI tons of run of mine (George's Creek) Cumberland Coal, to be delivered at such times and places, and in such ?inantitles, as may be required, and subject to the conditions re<iuir>-d by act of Congress approved Jnly 11. IfCfl, viz: "That such coal shall weigh 2,240 pounds to the too, and shall be inspected and weigh ed, and the quantity of each load certified at the time of delivery, by the person appointed and (juali rted under the art for that purpose; and that the prescribed fee of 20 cents for each ton of coal in spected, weighed and delivered, shall be paid by the extractor.'' Proposals will be considered binding for one week fri rn the Mh day of %prii, ls73. the Department re serving the right to reject all or any portion of the this offered. No proposals will be entertained unless accompa nied by satisfactory evidence ot ability tofntillthe contract,nor Mill any paymeut be made without the certificate of the inspector that the coal furnished is ?uch as the contract calls for. Proposah. should be addressed and sent to tha of fice of GEO. A. MrCARTEE, Cliief of Bnresn of Engraving and Punting, Treas ury Department. m29-d3w PROPOSALS FOR GRANITE PAY EMENT. Sealeii Prop.<?aN are inTited and will be opened at the Architect's Office. C. S. Capito), at 13 o'cl'Wk ni. on THURSDAY. the iuth of April, for paving the Curve at lb*- south of the Capitol Groumu, running fr< rn Mar> land to New Jersey avenues. Th>" bid-lers to state the price per superficial yard. No bid will be considers,! unless accompanied with a bond in the sum of #10i.sJO,the sufficiency of which to be approved bv a justice of the peace for the Dis trict of Columbia, < r a Judge of the Called States C? 'in, conditioner that the party bidding will enter into contract in case it is awarded to him, and will complete the work in accordance with the snecifi cations. EDWARD CLABK, u-22 eotd Architect C S. Capitol. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. ^ B. McGUIBE, *REAL ESTATB AOBNT AND BB0KEB. jsr.l 3rn Office; 1306 F STREFT. Austin f. brown. Corner N. Y. avenue and lifh street, Washington, D. O.. WHOLgSALl DlALKX IW LUMBEB, LIMB, CEMENT, SAND, Ac., *e? *c LIMBER BILLS cut to order on short nutioa. BLUB STONE for Building, Macadamising an< Paving porpoaaa daUvorud in any part of tha Bis tiict. tm?grat TAlLOh MstropoUtaa Hotel, (lata Brown's,, jylHy Ho. >68 Panna'aaTa., Waahlngto . IN BANEBUPTCY, Distkict or CoLEXBtA, as: At Washington, the ifch day of March, A. D. 15TJ ' -ndersigned hereby give notice of their appoint asassijra?M of JOAK V. OOBUBN, of Wash n, D C., wbohas been adjudged a Bankrupt his own petition by the Saprems Court of f ??. lflJSa the undersigned hereby give noti-e of their aapoint utent ar? ' " iagton, np* n I said District. THOMAS RUSSELL,! SAMUEL T. LEWIS!c^eeigneee. J. SAYLES BROWN, m 13-th Jt Register in Bankruptcy THIS IS TO CIVS NOTICE, That the subscribers ba> e obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a special term, letters of administration on the personal aetata of WILLIAM B. 'aODD. Ms of Waahington county. D. C., da ceased. All persons naving claims against tha said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit tha earns, with the vouchers thereof, to the subecriber, on or bef. re the nth day ot March next: they may other vine by law be excluded from all beneBt of the said ar ?'g-thJi WM.y^obD. AUCTIONSALEK Ft TURK DATS. |IT LATIMER A CLEAR*, IF Auctioneer* aod Krai K*t*tf> Bmkm, Southwest corner pensylvania tv^nue nod 11th M.. Htw UIh Buildings. T5?8I^55AL*.or VALCABLR IMPROVED '|<>?KBTT Olf SEVENTH STREET EX TENDED. NEARLY OPPOSITE BUT SOUTH OF HOWARD UKIVKRSITT. CONSISTING or A NEAT TWO STORY FRAME PWKLL *#6 67 100W? ST?RT 8TABLK?LOT 35 BT ? Br virtue of a 4?fd of trnat dated KoTmbfr 2Sd, A. P. lO. aud duly recorde-i in Liber No. &31, foil" 11.. wi? of llif Uud rtcurJi r>r Vwh- I ington county, in th-' District of Oolnmbia, aad hr direction of the part; secured thereby, I will toll, at public auction, in front of the premises, on THURSDAY. the lTth day of April, A. D. 1ST3, at i o'clock p. m., all that certain piece, parcel, or lot <>f ground, situate, lying and being in tne connty of Wellington, in said-District, and known as lot number-.! eighty-two, <n2.i in the subdivision of Mount Pleasant estate, as made by Win. P. D<>le and John W Wright, and recorded among the re cord* for aaid cotmt\ in the office of the couutjsar veyor. sa'd 1?t having ? front of ? feet on tlie Wash insion aiid Rockville tnrupike or Seventh street road, and being of a depth of 2M 67-MM feet,contain i:ii <>,416 76 lt?> square feei. more or lea*, together with the- improvement* ik'troD. T> rtrs of sale: One-thi:din rash, of which ? 140 ninst be paid on acceptance ?<f b?d; balance in six, twelve, and eiehteon m<>nth?. with interest at teu per cent. ?er annum. parable semi-annually, aud to In- secured l>y note* of purchaser aud dejd of trust on property sold. Conveyancing and recording at pur chaser V cost If terms ct sale are not c">tnpli'?d with within six days after sale, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. \N M P. HOLTZMAN, Tnntee. a2-d LATIMER A < I.KART, A nets. Bf B. H. WARN KB, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Mo. 7SI9 Svxentb street, Lctweea ii aud U , TRUSTEE'S SALE OP A V ALT ABLE PABM LYING IN PRINCE CiKOP.wK 8 COFNTY, BID., ON THE WASHINGTON AND UPPER MARLBORO TURNPIKE, NEAR FORREST \ ILLS, * 0S. By virtue of adeed of trust dated Apr I3.1S<7. Kjf and duly reaorded in Liber K, S. N >. 4, F ln> one of the land records of Prince George's County, Ml., and also by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Conrt of th- District of Columbia, passed March 14,191, in Equity cause No. , of Levi D. Manns, vs. Win. H. Ward.substituting the nnder signed trustee in place of the said Win. H. Ward, I will sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, in frout of the "City H.ilJ," in the City of Washing ton, D. C.,?n WEDNESDAY. April 9th, Vffi a 4 J-* o'cltkk P. m., all those certain pieces or parcels of gTouad lying is Prince O-orge's Connty, Md., and beine known and de-rribed a* Majruder PUlns Enlarged."The Levels" and "Good Luck," aud also "Offutt's Adventnre," and" Addition toOfTuU's Adventure," and alao part of atractof land called Woodland, the said pi ces or parcels of land con taining in all 124 ai res and 2-10 of an acre, more or les?, being the same lands which are p&rticulaily descrilied in a certain conveyance from Adam D.-ihl and wifeto William Row zer. which was recorded in Liber F,S.No. 2, Folio ai<.ftc.,nn? of the iand record? of Piince Goorg^'sConnty, Md., and also a part of a tract of land adjoining the ubore tract called "The Levels,'? containing on" hundred a~res of land more or less, and being the same wlii-h U ashii.gton 1. Bcall and his wife conveyed to the said William Rowzerbya certain d.-.<d of convey ance, bearing date on the Ittii ol Dec-mber, lswi. together with the improvements th-reon, consist ing of a go. si dwelling house, barn, stable, aud ot li "r out-honaes. Tertns: 94,*X>U cash snd the balance In 1.2. and 3 p'ars ? ith intere^. ^brtdeposit ou accept a ure of bid. It terms of sale ?re uot complirsl witfi within fi?r (6'days after the salethe property to be resold at the risk and cost "f the defaulting purchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. JOSEPH DANIELS. Trustee. tn" B H WARNER. Auctioneer. BY Dl'NCANSON, DOWLING A CO.,Au?ta.. Kuuthi-ast corner 9th and D streets northwest. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON CAPITOL HILL AND NAVY YARD AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, April 5th. ?VWst A o clock, we will s> II in front of the premis ^^es.all <.f I.ot 22. s<4uare 7-1. fronting 57 feet 6 inches upon D street north, between 1st and 2J sts. east. and running l ick the d^nth of the L ?!. This Lot wili be subdivided if required. AL?o, On the same afternoon, at &}t o'clock, we will i sell on the pri-mi-es Lots A, B C and 1>. subdirjsi^n of oligitial Lo's 1 and 2, square 847. These Lots have a front of 12 and J6 1 12. respectively, with a depth of about 1(?) feet, and are situated corner of Virginia avenneand6*h street east. Tfies.- Lots are tine buiMiuit lota, and ar? ?? ired in a rapidly-improving portion of th<- city, aud w.rih) tie at It nt ion of lu> vrs. T'-rnis. One-third cash; balance in one and two y< ars, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyan- iug at pur chasTs coat. A plat of these Lots can bo seen ?t 1 our effice. ?1 4t DrNCANSON. DOWLING A CO., Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLKART, Auctioneers and R.-al K-tate Broker". Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and llth St.. Star Oili< e Building. ASSIGNEES' SALE OF GROCERIES AND FIX TIRES IN STORE CORNER OF lant AND H STREETS NORTHWEST. On MONDAY MORNING. April Tth, ?C3, commencing at 10 o'clock, w- -lull jsell. on premises devrib 1 al> .e, th lol ?lowmg goods: Brandies. Wines, Ales, Ac., Teas. CofTees. Spices, PicklM*, Peppera. Oil*, ltask>'t?. Buckets. Cloth<s<-lin?<, Barrels Mackerel auil Herring, tireat number of empty Barrels and Boxes, Counter and Platform Scales, ^ Counters and Shelving. Together with numerous other artlfles unneces sary to nieution. TnoS. RUSSELL. / . BAD L T. LR WIS.s A>?ignees "'M-d LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancta. Y LATIMER * CLRART, Auctioneers and Real Rstate Brok<*a, Sotithweat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud llth at , Star Office Building. SUPERIOR RRP PARLOR SUIT: FINE ROSS WOOD CASE PIANO FORTE rfT KN ABETfa ZLKiiANT AXMINSTER CARPET. MIRROR BACK ETEOERKS: ELE JjANT t l'RTAINS AND LAMRROKIN8; ELE GANT TURKISH SOFAS AND CHAIRS STRIPED RED ROCKER, (br Kirbv); SUP! RIOR MANTLE CLOCK; FINE MARBLE Top TABLES; DROP LIGHTS: RECEPTION CHAIRS: ENGRAVINGS: ('rf.A N DELIERS > OLDING CHAIR, SUPERIOR BLACK W AL NUT CHAMBER yURNITURE: LOUNGES PAINTED COTTAGE SUITES; FINE HAlK MATTRESSES: SUPERIOR pA.ATHER PIL LO^JS AND BOLSTERS, WINDOW SHADES: ONE SUPRRIOR SEWING MACHINE: FINE BRUSSELS AND THREE-PLY CAliPETS OAK EXTENSION DINING TABLE: DINING """" RK'Jt''SITES, A On MONDAY MORNING, April 7, 1<73. Ml commencing at 10 o'clock, at residence No M|I'M F street, between 13th and llth, we I V I ?s*'' above superior collectiou of ? Furniture. Tennacaah. LATIMER A CLEARY, *1"J Auctioneers. Y B. H WARNKR, ? Real Estate Broker nnd Anationeer, No 73? 7th street, between G and H. OTTALUABLE IVPROVKD L i^J_AT* V.N?D STREET NORTH, BE TWEEN Sth AND 9th STBEETS EASP. . _ ?>* vmoe ?'f a detil of tru^t 8i*pteml?^r ? 19th, A. D. I8d7, and duly recorded in Liber ?. j* 7 ' %?* f folio 496 e| one of the land rer.?rd? for WatMifffon county, I> C., I will *ell at rurUc auction ia fr??nt of th< premie, on |TlTE8? VA Y, the 93d day of April, A. D. WT3, at d o chick l\. m., all tb?me certain p ??( ??? or parola of ground situate and lying in the city of Washington, D C . ami known and desc ribed as lots lettered and marked R aud *8, in the subdivision of the west half of square ntimbered nine hundred and sixteen, wliti th?* improvements thereon. Each lot will be m?M separately. Terms of sale: One-third in raah; balance in 6 and 12 month*, to be secured by note* of parchaaer, with de< d of trust on premises sold, with interest from day of -ale A deposit of $50 will be reauired at time of sale on each lot. If the terms of sale are not com plied with in Hie days the trustee reserves th- right toH .-sell at the risk and Cost of the defaulting pur chaser. All conveyancing at cost of the purchaner ? ? , . , B- TODD, jb.. Trustee, n.dl 2awAils B. H. Mr ARN ER, Auctioneer. B THOS E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, ft!9 7th street. v-s By virtne of a deed of tmst from Charlea Cn V. Gordon and wife to John D. McPheraou, ?sarecorded in LiberfluS, folio 324 of the land re cords for Washington connty, in the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY, the Slat day of A pi II, lfCS, at 4 o'clock y. m.. offer for aale at public auction, in front of the premtaea, -the property de scribed in said deed, to wit: Lot iiumb'-red 17, in square No 1*3 with the improvenenta, being four fi a me houses. T< mis; One-third ca?h,the balance in six and twelve months from day of sale and secured by purchaser's notes and de<d of trust upon the premises. Convey ancing at purchaser's cuet. J. D. McPHERSON, Trustee. BiJO-eoAds THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Auot. JN THE SCPR^KCOURT^r THE DISTRICT HoUtnr ? Special Term, Mmreh !?<*, 1873. In the case of Lemuel J. Draper, administrator ol NANCY W. BALMAIN, deceased, the administra tor aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Supreme Court of tbeDiatrictof Columbia afore said, appointed TUESDAY, April 1ft-A. D. 1S73, lor the final settlement and distribution of th* per sonal estate of said deceased, and of the aaaeta in Mod a* far as the same have been collected and turned into money: when and where all the creditor* and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise b; law be excluded from all benefit in said decsased*? estate: Provided, a copy of this older be published * - Ona once a week for three weeks in The Evening Stag i evioos to the said day. Test: _ n 20-th Jt* A. WEBSTER. Regiater of Wllta. THh IS IB TO GIVK HOT ICE, That the snhassibM obtained tram the Supreme Court of thS District of Ootombta.daeeaaed. AU parsons having claims agalast the said deceaaed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouches* thsraof. to the snbseilbar. on erheterethe 18th day of March next; they may otherwise toy law ha excluded from all betosW of the said estate. Given under my har' thU^yofMar.h.ISrr^ ^ mlMtiJs' AdmlalstrntiU W. A. ceml>er. 16MT patented in England on thejSj day af Vine, 1??, for an teprovet ' * ?"* ti ding Thread on Tpoola: It isoraere?tMtthef la AUCTION SALES. THIS AFTBRRMII. DT MATTINGLT * WHUtll, UMWM, D Ml fth street northwest. TWO teEegant besidencbsg^KtbSbt, be TWEEN 9th BHD lrni 9TBEETS NUBTB WI8T. _ , . - . .. ' TlttM Of I M Of Tlrtw i?. un, at 4 folio*3, I shall; on W EDh' EdlJ At!j aa^ Mm. un, mk 4 o'clock ?. m., *Jf, to the hisWet bidder, the_ followinf,r?nl ?*** ****** la ier,the foUowtec nui estate sttnafa Washington city, District rfOolnmbin, to wit: lettered 0 and D, in Gilberts rwortrf nMiTMoa of Sqoare number three hundred tad seventy-one, an I able aide NBl-UMMll7. Terms of sale: Caab for the inont realised above said incumbrance, to be paid within one *Nk after the sale; and if the ton* are not complied with In that tin*, the Trustee reservee the right to resell the property at the risk andcost of the defaulting purchaser A depoatt of l*? on each bona* whan ?old Oonverantiugat the"purchaser'sco?. ?ota. ^nT'>MC,uf,Bo.MATTINGLY,Tnwt*e. d* d MATTINGLY B WHEELEB, Aucta. BTTHI ABOVE 8ALB IB HEBEBY POST PONED until SATURDAY, January aid, IXs, at 4 o'clock n. m.. on the premises. By order of the Trnstee. j 14.22 Ji MATTINGLY B W HEELER. Aucts. B^"THK ABOYK SALE 19 HEREBY FURJ th r postponed until WEDNESDAY, the *?th of January, KJ, at 4 o'clook p. m., ou the premise*. Bv order of th<* '/nwK**. j!74fc MATTIKGLY 4 WHEKLKR, Auet. %jr THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY FUR THER POSTPONED unul FRIDAY, February 7th, 157S, at 4 o'clock p n.. m to PKmjg? - By iintcr of the Trnstee: GEO. MATTINGLY j? ?-o*d MATTINGLY 4 WHEELEB, Aucts. ?^INCONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT weather th** above sale 1i< lurtlier POSTPONED until THURSDAV. February 13, }V3, ai 4 o'clock, i p. ip.? on th<* prt?nti^s. By urdT of th*1 Trusts. 17-toAd MATIIN'GLY A WHEELER, Au-U. fcTIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEMENT w. atl ?-r the above sale is hereby further POST PONED until MONDAY, February 17,1573, at 4 o'cl.ck p. m., on the premises. By order of th>' Trustee. jU MATTINGLY A WHEELEB, Aucta. MJT THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY further p< s.-poncd until MONDAY. February -4 , 1573, at 4 o'clcck p in. B> order of the Trustee. W.HJ4 kATTlNGLYA WHEELER. Aucts. Wf THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBY furth-r p. stpoucd until THURSDAY, Mar. h 6, 1373, at 4 o'clock p.m By order of the Trustee. 124 eo MATTlNGbY A WHEELER, Aucta. w __ THE ABOVE SALE 18 HEREBY further postponed until SATURDAY, Match li, 1573, at 4 oYlook p.m. Bv i.rd^r of Trustee. m7-eo MATTINGLY * WHEELEB. Aucts. ?TTnE ABOVE SALE K> HEREBY FURTHER POSTPONED uutil THURSDAY, March BOtb, 1573, at 4 o'clock p. m By order of Trustee. u.li-eoAds MATTINGLY A WHEELER, Aucts. WIN CONSEQUENCE OF THE INCLEM ENT weatlier th-- above sale is hereb\ furthT post P ned uutil TUESDAY, March 26t!i, 1573, at 4 o'c'ork . u.2u eod MATTINGLY A WHEELEB, Aucts i/"THE ABOVE SALE IS HEREBf further postponed until THURSDAY, the 3d of April, 1573. ^ii.^r rd' MATTINGLY A WHEELER, An ts. B. H. WARNER, Rf-al Estate Br->k?r and Auctioneer, No. 729 7th sire t, between G and 11. TRUSTEE S SALE OF TIIREE TWO STORY ERA ME DWELLINGS. AND A FRAME SLAUGHTER HOUSE ON G STREET, UK TWEEN THIRD AND FOURTH STREETS NORTHEAST. AT AUCTION. By virtue o! a d>'t*U of tru-tt to me, dated Octo l er *>. 1^71, arid duly recorded lu liber ojit.f.ilio ti?4:>7. one of th? land record* of Waxiiinffton county. D. C.? and by direction of the party thereby secured, I w ill sell, at public auction, in front of ihe pi.-ii.iw. to the liiitheHt bidder, on THURSDAY. April 3. 1*73. at 4'i o'clock p. m,. all of Lota num heied 8. 9. 10.12.13. 14, and IS, in Kjuare numbered 77?,in the city of Washinirton . D. C.. together with tli improvement* therein. This property ii? sold subject to a prior d?--d of trust dated Oclob-r 9.1571. and r.-corded t?ct' l)?-r 10. 1571. to ?e. nre pay able in on- year, with ten p -r cen*. iutare^;, payable getui annually. The terms of sale f >r the amount reali/.-d abive snid incumbrance ar>- a? follows:?91.3); and the ex p> iif>e* of (iale in rawh; balauce in one year with iu ti re*t If terms of ?ab- are not complied with with in tn e days afu-r sale, tlie trustee reserves the ruht to resell llie prop'-rty at the rink and c.^t of th' de faulting purchaser. ?100 deposit on acceptance of 11 C-juveyanciu* at pnrrha*er"?coKt. J. C. EASTWOOD. Tru?*?e. n.JO B. H. WARNER. Aucts. TO-MORROW. I' ? MARSHAL'S SALE OF A LADIES t>oLD 1 . WAT< H AND CHAIN, BRACELETS. RING. AND TWO DIAMONDS. In virtue ?.f a writ of fieri facias on judgment of cordemt ?n, issued f: ai t'.e Clerk's office of th? Snpienn . urt of the District of Columbia, and to mi directed, I will sell, at public sale, for ca*k, in fr->nt of the court-house door of ?aid District,on FRIDAY, the 4th day of April. 1573, at l'j o'clock in., the following goods and chattels, to wit,ri7, : Two Ladies Gold Bracelets. One Ladiee Gold Watch and Chain, Three Children's Bracelets, Ou* Ladies Ring, :md Two Polished Diamonds, large size,? ?ei/"d and levied upon as the goods and chattels of IK S. Wliitney,and will be sold to satisfy execution No. 10.516, in faror of Tiffaney A Co intt-dte ALBX. SHARP. C. 8 Marshal. D C GREEN A W ILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th aud D streets. B B1 TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING Lot IN THE NORTHERN PABT OF THE tlTY. J By virtue of a deed of trust, dated July 16th, A D. 187o. and duly recorded io Liber, No. 622. folio 134, Ac., of the Land Records for Washing ton connty. D. C., and by direction of the party se cured thereby, I will *11, at public Miction, iu frout of the premises,on SATURDAY, the lSltli day of April, A . D. 15T3, at A o'clock p. m., all of lot num bered eighty-eight (58), in Chapman's subdivision of original loU iu square numbered three hundred and sixty-four (364) in the city of Washiogton. This is a very desirably property in a rapidly-improving section of the city. Terms of sale: One-half in cash, of which ?50 must be paid at sale; the deferred payments to t>e made in six and twelve mouths after day of sale, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, and se cured by deed of trust to the satisfaction ot the trustee. If the terms of sale are not complied with within six days after day of sale, the trustee reserves the right to resell tlie property at the risk and cost of first pure ha*-r. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. WM. H. WARD, Trustee. al-3awAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner Uth and D streets. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE IN SQUARE 973, FRONT 1NG ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BE TW EEN 6th AND 7th STREETS CAST. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated on the ljth day of March, A. D 1872, and duly recorded in 1-Liber No. 678. folio 33. et seq. of the land rec ords of Washington county, District of Columbia, and by direction of the part? secured thereby, we will sell at public auction, iu front of the premises, on MONDAY, the 14tli day of April, A. D 1571, at A o'clock p.m.. Lot numbered four, (4,) in square numbered eight hundred :>nd se\ enty three,(573,) In the city of Washington, District of Columbia, with ail of the improvements thereon, consisting of three netv Brick House*. We will sell one bouse, with the privilege of tbe rest. Tuns of sale: One-half in ca?h. of which $50 must be paid at sale on each house, the deferred payments to be made with interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, in six aud twelve mouths after day of sale, and secured by deed of trust to tbe satisfaction of the Trustees, or the purchaser cau par the whole nmoiint of purchase money in cash, at his option. Ti'ims to l>? fully complied with within six davs aft< r sale, otherwise the Trustees reserve the right to i -sell the property, after one week's notice.at the i It-1. aud cost or first purchaser. Al! couv-> aucing at purchaser's cost. BAM LDN?HFiLTok. (Trustee. ni27-eo*ds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. GBEEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner lOtli aud D sta. TRUSTEES' SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY IN SQUARE 730, FRONTING ON SECOND STREET EAST.BETW EEN PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND SOUTH A STREET. By virtue of n deed of trust, dated on the 19th MRday of June. A. D. 1572, and duly recorded in ? Liber No. 689, folio 49. etseu.. of the land re cords of Washiugtoa connty. District of Columbia, aud by direction of the party secured th?rebyx we ^ auction, in tront of tne premises, I e 14th day of April, A. D. 1873. at 4 o'clock p.m., the south twenty feet front on 8?( ood street east, by the depth of th* lot, of tot num bered fonr (4), iu square uumbered seven hundred and thirty (730), in the city of Washington District of Columbia. Terms of tale: One half in cash, of which $100 mu>t be paid at sale; the deferred payments to be made, with interest at the rate of ten percent, per annum, in 6?nd 12 months after day of sale, and se enr'-d by deed of trust to tbe satisfaction of the trns tees,or the purchaser can pay tlie wholeamouut of ?ur rchase money in cash at his option. Terns to be fully c implied with within six days after sale, otherwise the trustees reserve the right to resell the property, after one week's notice, at the risk and cost of first purchaser. All conveyanciM at purchaser's cost. LLjJxjrlfl&ON. | Trustees. v.V -oA<ta GBEEN A WILLIAMS, A acts. B1 sud bv direction c will sell, at public i on MONDAY, th Y GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. lOOl,northwestcornar MthandBi B BEAUTIFUL I HE CAP I' OBTH B 8 BTBEXT EAST AND A* On TUESDAY, the Sthdnj of Aari o'clock p. m., we shall mU on tne " " * "" KXtlvi tnch, itha fins first-class improve! -*^Lot No. 4, in Btiuare Mo. tm, being snbdivi into three bnildins lots, two having 21 feet 1 tnch, the other Bfeet front, by 110feet deep, with a I next, at e premises, subdivided ? 1 inch, and side and back altar; making it rhieh weaakthe wS5!n? iobnild ilrst-clnm residences attention of buysrs I Terms; Owe-third cash, balance 1 and I years for notes bearing 7 per cent interest, ami secured by a deed of trast on tbe ] of tbe purck sale. # premises. Conveyancing at oost DY OBBXM * WILLIAMS, An D Narthweat corner Mt hit* ax auveIvN. >AT, the Tthdar af April,UTS, at on tha ptmumi. ^*|Ur?0WIIsfcLLv. * i AUCTION HALES. IIT B H. WARNER, *<> R<^1 *<**' Br>kfrM4 Aioti^, N?. TW 7th ftm-t, o *n j g ttrr^u. 8AI r OK I Of ON rHtfORK mtbbvt W?^> ?*s\n?ff\ SttLw/"'1'" J~?*^h half of L*t 31. in H'WW.lUtJl *1? WW southwest * - X"'111* On~-lhint caah; balance in 6 *T>4 It atontha #f0 dowa oa acceptance of bid. Onrnuciu tt purchaser * cost. ^ ** BH. WARNER. Anoti.ww-r BT W. la. V&Ll I CO. .Auctioneer*, ? hew Marble Building, No#. 900 u4 90!l P'mitrliiuiit itMM. SATrROAT MORNIRO, -,r<l *'_?*?'"die* >'<* oYJ jck. at >ar anction room?. ?!>* Mowing A lot of R?? Neckties, ? d ^~a Sn?per as ?irsrFs' t urtainLace, lot German TdvfIiik L*4i*a ana <&St?* Kir>rr.,>?^.trrrrh-f"'* ^ ir^ni Km let of Merchant Ttii.>r? , Clou - ** * *? wall a co . ah<u 1L;{E??3E^W?W??-?C-^ E?,r, . * mv* 00 *?* will ?o|l Ml I front "B S'a%r* *?? ?>. fronting UH 4 inches nMhe ea?t side of N:nth :lr t'"d.rn,nil1"?h-k 'i* f?"?,nnd imp-oved ki n ?"fnrooBta ,)a,",Bcn, frame House, con!*ininr <" nn* T"*r, an.| e< nt. d hv (led of trnat on the properf aold StiS) ? ? be paid down on the day of sale. All cmim ftUi'tng at cost of purchaser. Sale positive -i'i GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ann RT B II. WABKRRl " 7?<l Se.R**' ft** *?1 Auctioneer. ? * ? ?*t eiith street, betwom G and II. PI'RLIC H<|,E OF Y\M"\RIF BP11 mvn aVkxV k ^trTw'VL'v 1 PKWH8YI.VAM K KAST SiMAtpTfi STREETS ?Ion?*tuKvZuJlK""V". 1 wi'' "** f,r ??'<? y"1 * ?.I>N ESP at, April 14 l-ffj, at Ik n.. part., of stib division L >t? CI. 15 and :>? iii square 3Tt fronting sbont 5? fe^t on Pennsyh a' TntS''VM?^ *n<i 7,b a'-re-o- ?a-?. hr a "rth"L"w:"h' *"J wo tTr'.w.,'^1 Xti" ra."h: ,>%Uri, f 6- '2 *f"> H month* 4 Ih I*;r c-'i? ? uitrr<-t, w nr<*d by a dn?d of tnut Jr? iTVIll0/ f ?"? <?..wn <in da? ..f fn^'Ado] B. H. WARNFR. Anct j?V B. H WARNER. *? * Br >ker and Ancti .ne T, No. 789 <Ui str.-et, betwe-u G auj H. PI BMC 8AI.K or S'K^T FR*V* Hnn<?r #?v TIIR SOUTH K1DK OF o nt RKTWKEN 1 ??tii AND 1?th bTRRETS, ?Tj: V J?TV,1! vfT'.rr!irikitbidder, o* ^HrRIDAl AFTERNOON. April 11. H7.|. at is od.^k. th- ta,t is f-et 3 inrl.ea of Lot ??, j, rr ^ I ? T * U*' f"<,, de 'P ,f> sn all"T, flu. r t'1^1 y two-*t..ry Fram.. Honae of ?jT roowU. n , $iOO caah, aid the balance in "f, *:a' ??#-rcent. interest, down on day of ?ale. Abstract of title at my offit*. Tl.s I.H-atlon i? rapidly impr >vin?, and here i? a obauc* for a bargntn. ? a t;-uAd? R If WARNER. T-J't 7th st. li^ GREEN A M IL L. IA MS, A uri jtiiiM-r* " Northmen corner of l?Kh and D street*. TP?"<TEE'S 8AIE OF A NFW rOTTter f?U El I.INC ON P STREET BETWEEN Arn ANP I?th STREETS, NORTHWEST " mk i. J'?tn* "r, * ?f dated on the zvi ^day of Now. niber. A. 1?. Iff*, and dnl> ro. ?ded foho l?, Ac.,of th<- land r?c f .V ??ishinct' n connty, D C . an.l by direction l nST'T* 'hereby, I will ..|| ?t public ?t 'h ,V r * ?'. "/ t!if ?,r",ni" -- "? MONDA Y, th* 7 th day of Apt II, A. n 1871. at 4',.VI.<k n tn I it nsrtl'f's? *'*?> ??'Kb'. (68,| in I.ar.e's .nMiri,,,:,, ,.f 1 ' I rHro r.itml. r.-.J one hi;ndre<l an.I nim-tv f"iir.i 104. > front in a >i fwt < itirheaon north P street Wjtfi a depth of l(ki fef*t, to a ten f.mt nll-i ' T,One third raih. Of Whi. h ?MU mnst be pi, I I. ?t. at time of sale; balance in sis and tw-Ive de. d f'tr,!' i1 !n,.7'rt st ?.'>vw r-?r c ut . s ?, ur.-d by tz?:} A" r,,nr'yam ,n* ^ It the above terns ?r not rompli?| with within ; *i':rtmi^vmh r^u * t>?i <?f tlie dclaultini? nnrc)ia?H*r bAMTEL T. DRI RV, TmiUe. Iiij?ne.|i;ite!y after the ilx.ve ?ale, we will a?!l Lota t I" -*t'i* ??mare, naid lots frontinitai le-r each on >} -tr-et. v itb a d-ptn of |,,> f?.., K * T-rni- Oue-fourth rash; balance in six.tw.lve and eiiihtoeti months, ?ith int> re?t :.t aeTen per 'el t;. s.. nr.d the pr.mis.^, $5(>down on each c'r .t >:4 Conveyancing at parchasor's ";! ,1 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anrts. |i^ v''Vnni* WILLIAMS, Aixtionet-r*. ?? lUOl. Uorthwe-t cornet lu.h aud D sta. ' FRoNTiN^ir/ SnVtVr RsoRrnSCni Vest,\t AViTc"loND T1;STH STREETS, V*1'' ??... V 5'?? <?f Lot nnmWrwl two i2>. in ttiunrA iLv ml'Vi ll.rr h,,"drH ???! seventy tKrie^, haym* two three ?..ry pr.-ss brick front Ifouae* containing 10 rooms earh. with a fin-cellar, bath /" V wa', r? Kaa cooking rang". Latr .!>. atoves bark I'iVK?-W?#.with side a,,.| w11l itn ?Ih t '"i" F^hnig tnediinn-si7.t> lioase? will do well to attend the sale. T"ttii?- One-third cash; balance In 6,1J. 1? and J? sA-fiwa srssfj: & ^sw ? 'B^P ) GRKEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. RT WILLIAMS. Aactioneera, " lWl|ioftliwe?t corner loth aud D ?ts. EXFrrTOB S SALE OF WORK REVPTVE^ M vftn'vVWiK- Ll^^MBERKMORTISING Pi ornir ?'.?PLaNE8, AV, AT Al t'TION. .i-he Supreme Court of the District or olnmbia holding a anerial term on Tueadav the i?t day of April A. D. 1S7.I. I shall aell a^ublir anc pATTRDAT. the ftth day of April, A. D. 187.*, coTnmencing at 4 otIocIc n m tli?* n?>ra inilj effects of the I,t? John W Fitahngh. *2s225^2t the rsrpenter shop on O stre.-t, between 6th and 7th "BS.W'M; T foJlowi^ n?med'^iXd,th chit'e; Work Benchea. one , 1) Mortising Ma Stove;'' T^u,,*',8? on? <?> Grind Stone, ooe(li r 'I'' t'L1"'? of Lumber, lot Mahogany Doors Iron Vice, Glue Pot* ' T 21 ?J^'"h. Tool Bo* and contents: Lot of Hoop Iron and Rods, Door #ratn~ T-'ro* casl,*?1'' 'l0t ?f Harf,w?r<>. *<??? Ac. a" I "ESg^lt^iiior. GREEN A \> ILLIaWs. Aucts. Or LATIMER A CLEART. w>d Broker., bouttiweat corner Pennsylvania arenue and 11th at 8Ur Office BuUdin*. T P ROPER TV Lov'F- S? iL rA?ll*r IMPROVED Biiin ?1; ???? TnK 8E\ ENTH-STRCET ZIN 1'AKI OPPOSITE THE SCH-IET "??* " d''^l ?f traat, bearing date the Tr?* th<<l*^ ?f May. A. D. Itl72, and recorded in nf tu ni ? ? iSvf i o Land R^cordu ./ Jjf District of Columbia, and at the reuiiest of h? lt!^,'ILlec"i.h/^, b2' wa ?*" <n front or ?-.P?IS"^,, onwFRID>*-the "V of April Ly?1 '1.? "clock p.m.. Lots nnmberod XT, Is. SO and Mt PWi ."1 Jh BrownV subdivision .?r Mt. I .t Asant,together with tbe improvements there C Z'L '?k0f * nearly new, romfortable Frame pwHItnc, with neccs^ary eut-bnildings, all in go.?| rondtliou; well of excellent water on the premf.lv V\11 he d^V ' 8,,Ver 8pri,ufh H'"*' Railroad T???mm of sale: Amonnt of indebted neat tecnre.1 i J. u,t (b<*inK ?<*?. with interest at IUp-r cent , per annnm from th? 25?h of Mav 1372 1 Y? ?}*?>?? < *hk h will be made known on iay <>f na1e)t will 1h? required in c ash: the l?alnnc*? in 6 and 12 mouths, to be secured by a deed ,,f tru,? up- 11 the property. |2w down at timaof<al? II lb* ternis of sale are not complied with within seren lays, t he pro pert y will be re/dd at the riak.ndSSJ of t! e deraultnig piirrhaaer. Conveyancing at anr chas rscow. WATKINS ADDISONT# ? P ? GEORGE EARLE. '(Trustees. fS-JAdt. LATIMER A CLEART. Ancta |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, I *??" Brokers, c?rner Pennsylvania ave. and 11th afreet, War Olhae Building. BALE OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY IV SUl'ARE 6*?T. tfft. n*to l^eJ104 of Congreas providing for EaI'Vrr of tht C>pit?' approved 4 . .7. l!ff2> w* ?hall aell. on THLRSDkT April 10, W73, commencing at 11 o clocka.m the Vu,m,n*P? *?nbraced in Square No. 6d7 ? N^h JTrtAJ? Vntf???r Pt'*Vre * *nu? ?"<! 3*?&?S&b lM,iMing trlCk'thr^ "tori'-' "1Ul 6w?0ri k ?Jr**t'. ttiree atorfea, attic 5 wTbHold^ogrt^ 'u,re"*^ back build JfLZrZ# N""b A rtreet, wiU be HMeTiSw^"4'^1* WiU ^ ^ ? ?ronp; ra?e1V s7?a* 36 and ?? 8 street, will be sold sepa Iron Railing fronta to be sold ?r pantaii .Ter*# of sale. Teu percent, of the par hw money ?ill be reanired M the time of sale; the remainder te i dayf after such sale. Bnlldlngs robe removed within thirty day* By order of C. Secretary of Interior. *' LATIMBR A OLRART. AMHa. I1Y B. H. WARMER, .o.fcSSKsJi& WSSfS^ KVWMB I7S feet from the tSSSS^SSS^?f ^uTk" jj?M* -oath.; sold, with intareat from the dav of sale *#aode' Ksrpr^^hfnbiive? ras ?JI?- W rtlCKMRT, Snrv(ring Trustee fSI eoAds B. H.'WARHEmrSSTt; ?.B. WABNER, AactiuBMr. EVENING STAR Air fiwil Wobth Htrnis TKc twro lent kltl uncle of the stag* h** actualr turned "P *" r'r'mm. in Taanton. Mm> a houfc thcrr wt? to be aoM at public vendue, and among the bidden ?n an nnkiswn man ?lio*,mu| dct^niiinH to harp tlx- house at any price, and got it. H?* then called a votn.. man mmie. ami told him that hewwald rrrb ni Property, it was thought to be a ioke. hat. *1 * W'fe summoned. it turn I ? vstcriona <44 gentleman *u ?? ?? ?? * trader had ho ijht ihffn of a n ?tdent m? T" dent bad one m >re to aril, when the Mimri.j <nmm nation en,?ed TrZX . ?i, ??Z^5 two dollar* for that ,?h?yp " K"*Hieit> ??%??? worth Bre dollar*." T "It ain't worth two dollar#." K??It's worth ttre dollar*." t _ 1l 'f*?(drawing a large narvj? -What** that there aheep worth*" T "I'nAar the ?ir cnm-tanee# I think If* worth ngh unto *U dol lar*. They traded forthwith PaorLa'a State Convbxtion m Pzy*. *vlvam*?The Philadelphia Pre** has in tormat'on fro? If arrtsbutg to the etteet that a combination 1* to be tormed neat fall br ramilat r. i-uhlv an* d. tn.^raU and lib eral*, and all other trieo.i* of pnrttr at election*. to aeeurc an tonest elect*-niti PCI. It U mrestad that at h m. rrop*'* 8Ute Convention -h 4 "be called. solelv on the issue of state and municipal regeneration, to nom.uaie cadidate* *?.d orKani*e the at*t<- for the elevtion ol a r^form legislature. CuTl.RSIIt?>T SrilVEVOI:* JkU-SiCitED RT - witi* f Kearenwerth Commercial ha? i U, goiice ot the murder in cold l>tood bv CheroKt-e Indian* of Mr. Ifc-min* and three other government aurvi-yor*. 120 mil. - south .V Arkanaaa City, on ti e 2Mb uIt. Two other* ot the same i-arty with a provisi >n trm? klWMtomi ! ,?r,| lr, for , tears are cnt rtain. d for their safety. VT'' SrXATOR VuRK'* It ROT IIKK M"R y! TlT'of ,kod^ or.,k* ?"-otln-r of Senator *1' "f Kan-*#. has been found in the woods Mr vrT.0' ?_T?e ?l?ion. in that state i 1r*l o. k I. jm! l?*r)i *hot, and hi* TkmIj ii. tl.?- thicket. This make* seren pernons *ap. |Ovd to have l>een mnrdercd between iVw minion and Imlependcnce within the pa,.? 7U months. r KyDyed hail isout of style. */-F!oaOng capital?Venice. A corn extractor?A crow. ?y-A stock-in-trade? lloaierv. ?VThe Xewburyport ghost *till atalti-. *y"The cheese is mitier than thf pen WArtesian walk are a failure in Iudiana. ?^"Katj in Omaha leaat ofl ot iKtlicemenV noses. ? ^Stylish wedding card* are long and nar row. ?.?CJJjr of Kentucky ha? pa-sed the bill abolishing the public wliipping-po<>r ?yC'him*.- incendiarism is the latent devel opment of Ah-Sin in California. ?y-Bet? on ih? tlrat boat aie in order iu Own* on the up|?er Mississippi. connndrurn?What will he do with it? (lU-tter give it up.] % *yA nnmber ot sca'p- hare been f>nnl among a lot of old raps rereired from the we-t at the i aper mill in Petersburg. Ta. ?^"They kill dogs in Philadelphia with ear Ik>.ic acid gas. the Press thinka knocking tLem on the head the m ?re humane of the ta<T ?^"Mrs. O'Ltary that owned the cow that un s< t the lamp that tired the barn that burued Chicago, ha* recently ?|.? iHd a millinery store. ?y.loscph Brown, democrat, was vester.lav ele.-ted m:ivor of St. I^.nis over t^eorge Bait. republican, by a majority estimated atl.-Vht. By At a meeting of the Harlem railroad direc tors yesterday the 1. ase of the road to the New \< rk Central was ratified. ?7-Mr.K. W. Thomson, C. E., the distin gt: sh.nl inventor of the n>n.l steamer at.d mtai v sttsm engine, died at Edinburgh March ?. %f A man named Thomas Wil*on, teaMlnc in Mi.waukee. while eatiug dinner, on Friday swallowed a piece of meat, which lodged in hi, throat, choking him to death In hve minute*. '??'I to abolish capital punishment was defeated in the lower braucli of the Ohio legiola ture yesterday by a most decided rote. Ohio i> not yet ready to dispense with the gallows. **? *^ing ?achine and a suit ofcl<>the? are ottered as prise* to the lady and gentlemin who shall dance longest at a coming ball in Mankato. Minn. _ mi "'be French Fusioni.st newsiiaper, I/A? se mblee Nationale. I* to l^ suppress in con se^uenee of a violent attack on Prince Bis marck The article stated that the Oerman chance,lor Is insane. MARRIED. 1 RRKIlORN ? Ht-jiTKR. April tl.br R-t. a. J. I! out in (ton, p. D ,?t hi*. rMjtUno, ?t rhe Co* h'.'i"mE FKAKK W. KKKkBdKN. ot .gr"*???J TO< KIR-MUSI. On the SSth ..f Marrh in GEOW?? W- rmi:r*'Mr MAkV !f Mi Xr^?? '.of ^?"h'n^on. to Miw ? aki ' Ml SE. of w e*tniorelaad eouotjr, Va. * DIED. i.LMh?? . Arrtl m.clarem e h cctteb lain of B niton, Mass.. mt^l 43 j-e*i>. rtrreUe?^th^.hU ^ re^nr"' ENUELH ARDT. After a lone *nd aainfal illn?*. 2 V ATHkUME BXOELH ABOT. ot Christ. Encelhardi. aced 73 years. HBd relative* are invited to attend Oie fu aeta I tomorrow, (Friday, 1 April ?th.at s o'clock. nonhWMt r<*Wence, 9JJ Hew T .rk aienu lips. Th~ ka " " "1 ",fL rnn,ral aerricM on Friday. at 3 o'. lock p in . at her late residence. Bolatire* and friend* of the f?m ily *re reipectfully invited, f R?pA? hron| ? UNDERTAKERS. piCHAEB r. HAtTlii ~ " tSufcutm t* ttARVMr t MARR.) Ko. ?3? V Stkbkt, between Ninth and METALLIC BURIAL CASES AND CASKUWl af terry dricrxptum, m.rriy SHROUItS, HABITS, #?. f?ItHAJU> W. BARKER, CABINET MAKER AND UNDERTAKER, ?1? ELEVENTH STREET, near F. FURNITURE Of ALL KINVS MADE ANA REPAIRED auJ-tr IXXIAM HAfL'KHTT, Ho.TJtTtiBteekt,BitwuxO us H Btei apg-Iy Ooflni and Gaaketa of all ktndi G KT <>* WOK-FATJMO BOARDERS, ?ucti Srt"of" F%? ? DARRY'S P?*8, W'th ? CWU ?,D. SMITH B WINSATTy LUMBER. LUMBER. HARDWOODS A SPECIALTT BILLS CUT TO ORBKB. JanS^m- Oo?m Tw 4W im,iwf W. M C??TCABO^ ZA ft, Wo. 914 PiBUTlTIAlt *T*M " MM DIITM SWre 'tSwlf M^S 2~?SIcaBO*,fti PaaMyl ?aria aww. jaW-tr pOB BALLS AND PABT1BS. IIB SLSTIS, tt TO I1.M PER paIB. WALL, BOBIHSOB B 00T Ml 'mn< mi th? [Gnuil WATTRB?K<v (?.| A* Act ?? carry tato rtfrrt tW p-ori'iawa mf , Ike t'aitod ?M t.reat hritMir aigtiad in tke city af W **k<?g to.ithe eighth ?ay ?f MaT.?rhtec h.mlr^ u*l relating to Ur nahmm A' if ewacfrW k t*r ?ii ii M f|,LJ y N ?T'|< ?l<mkM iJZ ??** S*" * da^ao. m 7"aa "*?*? Thfl "kenerer u.r |>Md M a, the I nild Suit/* nhali raoritr itltfj i. "I'M* that Uf Imperial I'trtiukmt or ?, Hu'ain. the Parliament of Canada. ani1 (ft ? .ireat - 0??a4?, ami tk* lit Mature cf I'rlatf Edward '? |aiw4 (MMfit law-on their part to give full h|i tl.e pro* .*?'i? of the treitv ?*tw**a tke V S'alrcanil limt Britain -?| wd M tkf V??timftoii fn tV n(k')i davM M?*. lnudrcJand wT.-ntT-i'n-* a> rotiUlai^ in artl fW eighteenth to ImImIii . Ml ?rtiflt tb'rticth of ? vd treaty. ho i* kcwkT mm tborired to bwwe kin proclamatiaa 4wl*na| that be ha* *uch nidraff, and MKtfiiw fiom tbf date of tnri |in<'itBattoa. tM a? Um ? a* tLe nkl article* rl({ht*?Mitli ?r lanty fifth, Inrlmiie, and articli thirtieth of aaM U- aty *hall nam Iti f.>rev. a'-corting to Ik* trim* and rontlittunr ir' tnirlf tturlr-tkMaf sa'l treat v. flak-oil aiwl fab of a!! h'ada. :ei*ecp? li?k of the Inlind lake* ?u.t ,?f ttH> rl?*r* falling iMo Ihni ai j e?c*pt Hah w *err<d ui oil.* W-.r.? the p'odace of tk* hat ertaw of the |?ominh>t'of t'aiada or of Pnn ?* Kf waid'a I*Iain1. aVall be a IniiUcd mto the lmi>4 State* fiw of dlltT. Sac. 2. That *kri?r?t the raloay of N.-w tc-itidlai d *h*tl g've Ita cm ?>n1 tot lit* applioa Ui'ii vl flit* >ti|<uial M ami pravtatna* oi th* M.il arti< to eighteenth to twenty kftk <M mi4 tri-ilT, Inclnalve, to that ro<?if and the l*C* I at nro ihfriHif. and tk? ftepcrial Partiawat ?kail MM the tirf raaart law* for that pat p*ae, the awirr fiiUDK-ratfi'. article*. Mn( the pra dur? ot tli> li?h('rli> ol the ivIudi of Sew Mnai lan>l. i4tll br atluitfot mto tht I'mtol St xtea fitf of ilnt y, fmm ami illi'i the d*tr of a proc lamation bv the Piinlilent of the! nite<| Klalna. declaring that he baa -it j*fbrt?rv evMeac** thai tin aai<t colony ol Newfoundland ha?cni?cii'-*d. in a it?e and proper luanm r, to have the pra vi?ioii?ot the *aia articl la eighteenth to t a <-wty fifth, incturlee. of the naid t* aty extended to It. and to allow the l'nlt*d Stat** the fall h^ae tlta of all the a'ipniatli ii? therein riNiU?i4, at-d ahall be ao admitted J rev ot duty. an long aa the ?.ant article* nH.tee.ith to twenty-filth. i? clnaive. ami artsrlea thirtieth, of aaid tr?'atT, ahall reriain in force, ??-corning to tliet 'riM and rondittom' oi art! Me thirtv thinl ?( aaitf treaty. ? ?K 3. Tliat Troin th< date of the rreaideitf% pro. la mat lot i ?uthoitael by th*- Mrat auction iH tliia act. and Ml lotif aathe article* eighi-~ntfc to twi-iily-ltth. mrMit, and article thiniiHh, ot *ahl treaty, ahall remain In Inrre. arrardiaf to tlie li-rma and condition-ol article* IhiHf ? II nd i?t a*:d treaty, al (oixla. ?ar?*?.or ta?r chanAlar anvli.f at the i<ort* of New V?*k. Hoaton. atid Poitlami. and any oth>.r porta ?? the I hitcil SlaUa aliit'k Lave Im**, or may lion, time to time be, especially dcaiftmteil k* fh< I'i. *i<1 '-tit of th? I inti-d State* arel (.?-tiaei tor lift Hritannlc Majeatr'a |?>w<aiii? in North America, mat be entciv^ at th>- proper man hoiiae and conveyed In traua t. mthout the |>af nirnt ot ilMtieo toroc^'h the Urritory of tha I'nitrd K La tea, uudcr aiich rulea. r>-giilaUiMM. and ?vndltiona for the protection ol the rcvenae a? the Secretarv of the Tr<*aeur%- iua> frota tiae In tiuie preaci iW; and under like rulea, refula lion.-, and condition*, good* narea. Of la-'rckaS di-e may W crmvevcd in tram-it. without th* pavnn nl of dutiea, Irom *in-h |H?-*-a*i.iiw. thron^li ti e ti-rritorv of the I iute<l Siatca lot exi>ort I rein the aaid'imrt* ot the ( mted 8tai?a Ski . 4. Tl.at fi< ni the date ol the Preaideut^a pn clamation, antUoriced by the brat cection ml thi* act. and *o long a* article- eighteenth to twenty tin.li. inclusive, and article thirtn'th. of aai?i treaty. *hall remain in force, a.-conliu< u thi liTRih am! conditiotia i)f artich' thirty third of aaid treaty, all mil'tacte ot Her Rritanaic M jtklt nny carry 111 Itnti.-li vc?el* without |iayiueiit ol duty, gia>d*. ware-, or tnerehandiae from one fairt "oi place within the territory of the I'nited btate*, u|am the Saint 1-awrciice. the great lake*, and the rivei* connect njj the * ini' . to another |x>rt or place wiltiin the terri tory ol the I mted Stat***,a- aforesaid I'm-14-4. That a |a?rtloii ol *uch tran-|iortation i? mada throu^li the l>ominion of t anada by land car riage and in Wnd, nnder auch rule* and regula tioti* a* loav be a^reod upon l?. tw-en thi- fur eitfm* nt ot Her Itritannic Mnjinty and the fovernini nt of the United Stale* Aii yn,nU4 urfkrr, TLat the Pri*i?|fiit of tha I'nitod State* may, by proclamation. *'i-f>vnd Ik* liicht ot carrying provii'ed lor by tlii* aection. la ckM the 1 v. miii ion of Canada' alum Id at any time deprive the riticen* of the I'uited statoa ot the urn- of the canal* in the aaid linainira on term* of etjuality w ith the inhabitant* ot tk* Dominion, a* iirovnled in article twvnty-aeveatk ot raid treaty: A?I i?n.e?<<??/ furtl ? r, l^iat ta ca*e any ft|iort or otlirr duty coutiuue* to k? levied alter the alxteenth da\ of .lane, nfht?M hundred and aeventv two, ou lumlirr or timber of any kind rut ou tlbat |>ortiou of the Ameri can territory, in the State of Maine, watered by the river Saint John and it* tributaries, adl floated down that river to the aea. whan Ikr *aiue i* *hij>i>ed to the United State* from tk* province of >iew Brunawick, that then, and la that cane, the Pre*ideat of the 1'Dited Stale* may, bv proclamation, *u*pei?d all righto at carrying pro\ ided for by thi* aectioa for aunk tieriod a* auch export or other duty may k? levied. Set. 5. 1 hat thi* art fihaU not take eff ect uatti the tirvt day of <lulv, eigliteeu huadred aad seventy-three, and *hall not apply to aay ark cle ol merchandise therein mentioned wkiok Khali be held In bond on that day by the cat torn* officer* of the l uiUtl State*. Apt>roved, March I. IT3. BANKHR8. O Tib BltiELOW, ??S P HTREBT. MR \B HBTRMTH. Pav* INTKBE-T OM PKPOSITH, maki 1,^:< 'TI0K^, and tranraria all buria*^ or ?rttb Banktt c apt jjamT i no m oT k e 1. H. kltllBR * ( !??? rKN NSYLVAHlA AVKNtR, urrmtn wtutinV nirai, WAHHIMOTOX, D C. 9 per rent mmtui p?id oti drpwttr?. CVdlection* mail* everywhere. D< p<*lt* paiaM* on deDiand. far rf ?lh *rt a the Arar ra*ned in advaae*. apt rr r. MkMCAk, a Broker. Ko. V39 Peuna ave., Room t, Waahiagtoa. ? ?. Bftflil attention given to Hivaatment aecarlkaa lui it** attention ?<? a*canti*a ww cll*r*d at priera which will aa> M to U pel rent, hi am<>unt* and at length of timetoaait inveatorr. Saf*.r*lial<l- ,p al>l> and j>i"mpt, n.aku>K tketu in avtuy ra riR?T-< LAHb RBCl RITIEk Iteferr by permiiaiioii to L*wia J hnn^n * Oa , Wa*Lin^t'^n. D. t; M.?** Krl.lv, R-!., O MaUotial M*trojp4itan Bank. VI a*hin?t"n, P # ? H"B J M. Brndli*ad, H*< >nd C"ntr?ll*r, WaahiM ton. P C.; Bdward Clark, Eaq., Architect U.S Oaa Itol, Waahingt'ii. D C. mar!7-am 'I'BB BATIOBAL BABK OR THE BBPCBLVl 1 (CoriM rof Ttk and D atrwaca.) (Cori* rof Ith and U ?:r<wi?.i OPRK FROM 19 A. M To I P _. d*rl7 1? CHAR BKAbLRT. t aahirr PKRNA1I AMERICAN lAVIRtM BAJ?U U Ko. ilk Uiv?fi Baak koara: 9 a. m. to 4 a. m. haturda; dl b ?. m.,to raoeive d*p"*tu onli. Intereal paid on depuaita. C<4iact1o nehange larataked. _ _ JOHN H1TZ, PraaMant. A BBVBI.T, T Praat, ? . r MATT^BOLT Arc.,U. B PRRBTtttS.Umk'r aovAly T" "ffraviir'AV"? "? Banking Hoaaa, Ba. 1MT P*ua*lvaala avaaaa, oppoaita the Trwaaair. PATS BIXPKR i KM IKtERBST, lnlrt.lt B*M 1UJ Ikr PVrl af T ' " M PATB roUB FEB CENT, oa tM frooi date of dep>*dt. IllMI Grti/rrhf tf i%*W bewrin* I aad 4 PBI ??! iatareat, availabia anvwk*re. BAB BRANCH OFFICER ia all larva towaa aad OjadiktiaakadMlkM _ Bmmk kaarr.t a. m. la 4p. m. Opaa Wadneada) and Saturday ni?hu from Bit to B a'dock, toraoaived*poMU<>air. Call at th* Baak or ?aad fer a copy of tk* Chartar aad Bf-lawa. jtf It JAW CVOBB k CO. IMrl VlBCT?LABrL RTTRRfc 'oPC RKUrrXj m ??Mn?lk Oar Draft* oa JAT ? ??? J"~* *" of Ebola an, Iitun SC0TL*1?? Dy AMIW44TSM CITjB UTIBflB BAJWL. PATE ? FEB CBBT. LBTBBBBT OH MNM. IW8PRAWCB OOMPAWIKft. |BWU TOVB UTB s.

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