8 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

8 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR. Poblhhet Dally, Sundays excepted, AT THE foTAR BUILDINGS, Ft UU"J itauln Atmkw, cor. 11 Ui 8t, TU IU5EK STAJt SIfSPlPn ?i?m 8. u. wrf/.IU.V'V, ? - - THR EVENING bIaR la *errri bf twrrlera to Cielr fcbcribera atTi?Ctrr* prii w*M,or Fo*tt t-rcm Csstv Pta ?'"srn. C pi-a at tbe cvootet T*g Cht? ??cfc. Bj nU-tbtw oaoctba, |lJ(i ili moatha, tSM; n? year, |l. TBE WIHLT STAR-PnKlsh-d Friday-flffl ayar. ?*"la*ar1abiy lnt4Ttn-?,liitoUcMM,Hi be- ^*prr pent Uu*er than paid for. f &a*e? of atftt rttolrg ?m appiicatf HOTELS. HOWARD 'JUU9E, nmnrM ?*r?ta?d Pmm-i. ?'? . Wi ik-ntton, U C., *. WDOLS, Pr >p>, bar -- j . .4 MK< .f >4ful i.upr iv. ment*. has'ng n*?n th>t--<i^hly Peiievated ?udJ r? ttirti^i'd ihr nghont, w.aking it at pment om o( !?' BB>wt 'jesiral fe Motels In Waehington. ? - D. H -ward, late proprl^or, retain* *n lnt*reat in the where k? ?)T1 w ,Inm>I to hi* old Tr* i.d? and f rtf- patr or.*, p' mniaf them flrst <*u? arcotisniodaiirus at a;. time*. Tt rme, $2 p r day. Tulle B >ard, |]0 per ???nib mil lm I'M ION UoTBi., ?K"?*iTuws, D. 0. V. SKIN'S, Prnpn-tor. This HoM haa b*?n newly r*ti:ted and forolabed It *U the mulfrn improvement*?hot ud ?Ub?tb?, tx!'?. r >,<j g*s. It ia con*euiently lo an?>-d. Ism** sito^.d on the line of the Wmb'.t.gt'B ?oc (1- ?a City Pxseenger railroad, the can ol?Uti, fi iu .he railroad and <tr<uib >at depets, pa*s tJre d*^>r ev?ry two or three mlnu'e*. TUe fu?4^ ftblaf'-nse can roach any of the pnblic c ?? '-"MC* of , he luti 'iuJ capital or any piare 4 ?B?ee?!ie?* Oc , by a pleasant ride of afewmio3te* P?e*..n? buitin sit alcng the Hue of U?e car*1 airt on tbe ?. tvarvee <*i|| ftnd it to their aJean'age tr *'#*i ???>? a .p<e. <i?-.-a-i || T?'iNTJ HOTEL, So T??? G STREET, rT * B Twar-* 7rH 8rn 3t?skt?. T H* lliiaKIAL HOTEL, J A M ES slti ES, frjriMr. Fa. snse PuwTinxu Avknci, H?s ?r?t? UiA m l H.'A sirttis, WuiiMTOS, D. 0. Thaukfr.l to the pnMic for generona patronage la (tt (Mt, lU Pr. prirtvi a*k? Lit vdd friend* ai d p?'r ? t>> tr-? thr accontniodatioua of hi? prcd'-jt ?t >t ??tui>*-nt. wtiH L he pr.miisee ?haU be f^cud ?? l*a<t wu^l to tbe b? -t ia a whiuftua. jiuiS tt ? (R^P , Chron.j Tp U*. KHVAKT Uot->B, 1 Loraifl cm r*mmr 14:* <rrt*t m?4 M. T. irnw illrt llsr li?t of IVctaker. 1S71, Permanent a:.-! Triii.-'. i.: 1 ra will Sud this hvuet- one of t? e n"l ir?in?J Iy aud OK?t conveaieatly located hona>? Id tl.e < tty. The i ma *re Dratty fami?bed, well lighted a:. l teiitilair 1, aid pro>.ded with ail modern homeao (te auilwi oa. The cbar{i<-e are l',w, but the wants and the com f?.r of all g- -t? will !>? c ?r?fr.lly provided f r. Tt?' proprietor, Z. kKUABL>s, uaadeteriuiri*d tr prr id* a u -d cM?rer. ao^ l2--?otf c. C v, IlLAI.D, EBBiTT HOrPl, WAJ>BINt?TOH. D. 0 THE TRADF3. [?Ll MlWXti AS>h liASriTTiJiU. M. Tboae d< eirinr t? have iM? ir Ptnmbinr and Ga? P:t<ii'S d- ? ?? ili a i -.tt auil i'uh?'arti'?l maun- ; , ? 11 ? n r* .???'nal le term-, rli. ui.l l^ave their orders <*l 113 P> mi?> li?ni.i jktiiUr, LapUol 11.11. W > rk warraiiUd. a.27ftu* WM ROTIIWELL. C'Ait OS Ji.MtS P. HK1EN, t Pt,t /"??. PlvnixT a.fl O'-ti Filtrr, U- ha*- ). ir PlMtihf, tiiir Fitciiir, aiM S_ wer-??e Ir JBptl> MtMMItn nna<ii?l>la trrue. N ? Iik^ ? oi-i iua a vim", near 6th ?tr*?-t, n-rtli iwr. 1U??*!? uce, UJV il street, n rtUea-t. btlt CrVSlNT.UAM. HATTER. 1011 ?" >tr< t :, between iOtn and 11th, bw? tN"" p H-iire t. aim anceti.al he hae receiti-'r ? the Spr.i.ic j !? of lirmUay BLO< K, i*iid i-L& prepart ii ti'lui i.?-I) New Uais made to order oi.^^ tfceai ?t r ?K?i. l ?'ld *tj!??; al?', an adeoruii-ut of fe'i I:., ? f r ? i ? ternn. f3-tr A?.MhU9 AMI 1?E? ORATIONS.-AWiil!fC.t f i ?ior-'?, en, and conutry r?^pdeuces; special ??t? i<?..>n *iTi>n to P-e-rating Hal'< fir Biila a i<t Pa?T..e; ?LA?iS, HOB^E aJLd W.AG02I COVKB3 tor sale or re> t, l.y JOLM 0 HOGAN, SXtnnfactnrer, 7 13 Market ?p?ce, 4ee?-tr B--tw?-u 7th and 3th atr>?ta ^W.ll>CIS, FLAKS, Ti:>TS. M G. COPELAXD, 443 L< uuia'.a aretne, l ue dour taat 7th str-- t A H J< 1SGS fv.r 8*orea,< ity and Cooiity Until- ac>m tara-"*' in style <u d tinmh. FLAGS *i.d TENTS for sale and rent. R > MS DEt nUATED. Alt **?-. jrticli* made to erdep _'?S?' CLOTHS. yQ l1 J K. Tl RTU.1, CAhPtyTER, bUILOtP.. a? CONTRACTU B. Oti<r? for H.?ute Carp- Titerinr, J'-Lbiuf, or Co In. t r'a W. rk ?pe*dii) uirudnl to. 6l ? r* ww Office, jaiTi if 13th street, b"lf>? E at. ocrthweM BOOKS, STATIONERY, <fce. I l>T CF NEW BOOKS AT SltlLLISKTO.VS BOOKSTORE: LITTLE K ATE KIRBT A Nirel. B\ tli<- ant'.?.)r . t M ittie A-fray an-l Cair'.e's Cr.nf* s?i n. TH>. tOMING BACK. B: E-iward B.tlwer(L rd TllVl'widow LEROGI E. A Noxel. By Eicllt Gaf oriaw. THE BERBER: o*. THE MOFNTAINEEB OF THE ATLAS. B M ? Mtvo. Kt?T EASILY JRAI.OCS. A N >vel. To THE BITTElt END B Mi-Bra-I^jn. * .i i i ?? ? ?? ?? ? LaKEVILLE. Rv Marv H-ally. REPTILES AND BIRDS. AX? EMVATION IN JAPAN. Vw Edition. Ua 1.F " HOT R*'itE^itEATIONS IN POPULAR v lESt'F,S?. 7 All the ba< k nuinl-era hand. F?'PI LAK >CIEN?'E. M nthly volume* 1 audi ELIMENTARY TREATISE ON NATl'RAL PHHW'Pnf. Pr..f-?..r Ever-tt. | t Y To NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS. C->ntai ii.^ a concise account of ever, apecies of Living at tl K<>?????! Birtl?. HARPER S II \ND BOOK OF TRAVEL IN >.l KOPE. A Urg" stock of Blank B k?. Pa?? B >ok?, and M-m raii.lnni Book-, N -le Pap r. Letter Pap-r, ai t'la> irg <~ard? at th> very lowest pric?-s. ij-ir 'j ilE V<7UKS OF TIIoMAS GITUUIE, d7D. The G.-apel in Kxeklel The taints Inheritance. The Way ..I Life. On the Parable*. Illustrated. Bp'ak'ng to the H"art. Mndies f I'hararter. Plea for Regged School*. Th? tfity; its Sin* a:. I S rrows At WM. BALLANTTNB S, a3 4115 7th street. g? \ IK1 MoT H K R THE DOCTOR OF HER fi OV M FAMILY if she g-ts Dr. MALL'S HI ? I.Til AT HOME at STOCKMAN * SOS S, 9>h Street northwest The COTTAGE BIBLE to be had there alao. Two g-^xl AGENT.'' wanted. nR-tr O TICK. ~ OPBKINO OF A HEW (STATIONERY STOUI Ak D BLANK BOOK M ABC FACTORY. Ftr?i-? lasa g- -.Is at fair price*, for cash. iaTH*GRAPHlNtf. KNGRAVINO. PRINTING AND BINDING DONB TO ORDER. Tht? pobtic are invited to rail and examine oar new ?tocR. BEN. F. FRENCH, C^d*r National MetropoUtaa Bank, aud next door to Jay Cooke A Oo.i, ?eis-tf Washington. B. 0. ?|'M* ftAPIPITY WHICH are n>?pTed and the feet reltered. If ailing, from Run U, B -d Nails, Ac., at DB WHITE'S Estab Uahme*. M Uth street, oppoaite the Treaaory, la ?niie Murarising to person* anacciutomed to hla Bieth 4 of oparating,which la entirely different froa Ike oid-tlme practice of tearing offthe tngrowin^toe aail. or I?ring deea lute the opinion, adiatreasTugly riufnl aMahod, and on* which obliged th* in If.-re r go ?boelsM, and a-metitne* on cratchea, for week* ar Bu rta*. acid ao doubt tended to aborten life, at laaet to make it far lea* pleasant and useful, bat Dr. White'* ? peratt->?a are fretjnently borne by children without f mplala(; there i* dttla or ao paia, ao loaa of tine, and if none tat *uitable aboa* be worn, tbe treats, -nt, er*? la extr-wie caaes, effect* a perfect care ib< ugb tbe fee* being used so constantly Cort* are liable to coaia occasionally with eren tbe beat Stiii.* sbos-s, aod induMrtona pera?n* tbink there b ewn -an of tins, comfort, and b*altb In an ocra t''-al sisit to the Chiropodist; and it i* a well-known st tt.ai th <:saada (4 purrna*. many of them tboe* Cat hoo- r-?i in putdic ami private IKs, e>?nie fro* aud neai to riait Dr Wane's gatabUebment, to a*l of *b? Dr. Wkite baa anaoltcHad pnuii**- >a i/t nlar. fS-tr LUJiCll MILK CISCUIT, TW ti .--e"t. m-st d.-lirate auj Buely flatored -?* the United Statsw. ? GIVE THEM A TRIAL. E.p?wH> adapted tor LUSCH, TAA TABLE. AND *HE UsE OF 1 - V ALU'S. F r sale fc> Ciaren f-uerally. Trade rapplled by 1 TTLER ft BROS., ?111m R-Ie laaenfactarer*. Bakteara, Ml' Birds for sal*-<?ahabies and mocking BIRDS,male and ffale,beat aingera; ataojBf CAGES. So. lit So?tb B street, trvmxm*Wff P-o nay It aria avetae, Caaitol HUJ. frba-e.-Bn" G M G0RT1. RODHEAD * CO. I'iVi F street, br? an l Lforeaab, at the Uwaatmarket prf?e?. r*j| %nd ?miw?? their t"ek. marfl-Jm F?a?kij* tftii ?o. ISffT f?insn? * AMUSEMENTS. IYi> rHO>lP*OSI ^ A? ER M\MMOTH COMPANY, Inrln iIioli !b? famxw Comedians, FABRY BECKETT AND WILLIE EDOCIN, M xl apirtr at the N'W Opera Home, on EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 14, la the Musical Ettravagan/aof BLUE BEARD. Sale of seats te comm nee Satr.->lay,at th-Ope-a Hno*. .11 j^l S C O I, S HALL. OLE BULL'S F.\REWELL SEASON IN AMffklCA. Mr. T R. TrBSSiLL respectfully announces the Fartt eQ Appearance of the gr< at Viol.n Virtuoso, OLE _D XJ L Xj . IN TWO GRAND CONCERTS, WEDNESDAY ANI> THURSDAY EVENINGS, APRIL 16 AND IT, On which occa*ion he will be mest ably a?isted by MI?S GRA/.IELLA RIDGKVVAY, Ike hvi rite y- ung American Pt ima D' uaa S rr.?r. ?; Mt.NOR FCRRAITl. the p? polar Baritone Cosniqoe, and the eminent FI ani?t at id Conductor, Mr. JOSEPH HART DEM K. AdaaifMon. $1. Noextra charge for reserved ?eaN, whn h <an be obtained at M' i/- r.'it ? Mns'c Store. The Concert will commence at 8 o'clock. The tirand Pian" fortes itn.il at the- i. nCT ? ar>? fr m the celebrated manufactory of Win. Knik Jt ?'??., Baltimore. ?f^7t INCOLN HALL. j I MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS, April 14 and IS. THE GREATEST CONCERT COMBINATION ON RECORD! COMPRISING Rubinwtclii! Wlenlawekl! AND Tbeo. Tiiomaw! WITH HIS FN RIVALED ORlHESTRY OF SIXTY PERFORMERS. will rive in Washington ONLY TWO GRAND CONCERT?. MONDAY BYENIHQ, APRIL 14, at 3PM. Tl'ESDAT EVENING. APRIL 15, U 3 P M Onlv Joint Appearances of AM TON RUfclNftTEIM. HENRY WIKNI WVSKI. And THEO. THOMA1, WITH HIS UNRIVALED ORCHESTRA. Reserved neat*, .??2 and 82 50. according to lx? ti^n. Sate of seats commences at Metzerott a 3lu? c r'WEDNESDAY MORNING. APRIL 9, at 9 o'clock. Steir.way Pianos uaed at these Concerts. ?7 ?d VVASHIMJTOI THEATER (OMMiUE. ?? lEliveuth street, south Pennsylvania ate inc.) ANOTHER STI'PKNDOUS SENSATION! THE'OOFTV GOO FT Y COMBINATION which h-i* jn*t concluded a highly successful en gagituent at the H lida) street theatre. B tltii i?j- . GEORGE W THOMPSON, I:i the Greatest of Modern Sensations, "Yaclp:" '?yacupi'' "Yacvp ' AI*o, the new S-n^utj^nal Billet, arr;inire.l t>\ >1 i.? \lev . Biaiidowaki, aft?r tli>* principal scenic 111Ilet in "Leo and Lott-,'" fr.jni N.Mo's Garden, N 1 ? Yoik, elitil led THE CAPTIVE; Or, THE BIRD-CAGE OF EDEN! A biilliant Spectacular Ballet, in thr?e scene*,pro dreed with g 1 geous scenery. magnificent cost? :i>- j, superb pr perties, and .1 N h W BALL El TROUPE, together with ore sreat Oli 1, a mi ammo; h vari -lv troupe of FORT* STAR ARTISTS. The mat Versatile. EAG\N AND EDWARDS. The charoiinz vocalist, CARRIE LAVARNIE The original and ??rit?We LEVANTINE BROTHERS! KIRAI.FY SISTERS' K1RALFY SISTERS! A:d an entire great N-<Tf|ty Troupe. THE GREATEST SHOW EVER IN WA8INGTON M itiio*. * tt EDNESDAY ami SATl'RDAY. a" :i OLUNo.l On Exhibition \ New N) 4*>?> S and Sale I ?:i? Tth Si \ ? ? *T f 71 h St ... 9HARKR ITER'S, So. 439 7th itreet, between D and E streets, eight doors above Od?! Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Paictitgs, Engravings, Chromos, *c. A'.s?, largest stock Paper Hangings, Wind ?? shades, Pictnres, Frames, Picture Cords asd Tus w is .Rings .Nails, Ac., is the District. *>~TEKMS CASH. Please remember Name and Ntimber. )el ly* A_LL KINDS OF CAST-OFF WEABINgTp PAKKL can be sold to the very best advantage by addreeeira or calling on Jl'STH, 619 D street, between Sth and 7th n. w. Noteaby mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. flS Old-gold, si lvrr~ brass, copper, *tc , bought at fair prices for a New Tork house Household Furniture bonght and sold. Not"# by m lil promptly attended to by AL'GENSTEIN, 14<18 Pennsylvania avenne dll-ly* BALLS, &c. I'KA.M) CHARITY BALL. THE SECOND ANNUAL BALL for the Beueflt of TllE CHILDRENS HOSPITAL will be gi* en, ander the au?pices of the Directors of that inftitntion. In MASONIC TEMPLE, ou the ning of Tl'ESDA Y. the 15th of April next. Txkets, admitting a gentleman and lady, $3.00 each. ml7-tf fChmu R?p ft flundav papers copy 1 SUMMER RESORTS. RUMMER BOARD. The OSBUBN HOUSE, Le. sbiwg, Va., I? now open for the accommodation of Summer Boarders. N > psin- will Itespared in the endeavor t" make all com fortable. (apS-lm*] JOAB OSBUBN. Proprietor. Rtad our Spring Inducement9. $lO $10 $10 $10 $10 FOR MEN. SIO-A Fell Suit only $10. ? lO? An all Wool Suit iitily ?10. 5 lO?A thoroughly-shrunk Suit only AlO. $ 10?2U difterent shades of Suits only ?1W. ?lo s 10 ? 10 910 ?io _$io. * 10?A ren'oej 8uit only .?? 10. ? 10 ?A dres?y Suit only *10. 5 10?A dark S'lit only S10. 9 lo? A light Suit "only 5IO. *10 #10 _*10 510 ?10 510 roil BOYS. 5 a ?a jJ5 & a. A i? Bov?'Can?imere Suits only %&. ?4?Boys'all-Wool Suits only $9. (d?Bova' School Suits only {J. 5 3?B ys' genteel Suits only 83. S5?B v?'light Light Suits only .*5. 8 3 ?Boy?'dark Snitsonly #<?. 64-B^s' medium Suits onlv $.V 8 3?Every shade of B >s' Su.u only 3 A. $3 ?3 ?* ?5 ?3 S3._..$3. "BRING TBE BOYS ALONG I' CALL! EXAMINE! TUKCHASE! FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ap4 tr Co?s*? 1 xm a?p P STmnia. EXAMINE THE GOLD SPECTACLE, 0*LT 80, B. B. HEMPLER, Optician, bi? tr 4H aireat. CHINESE TEA HOBtt rcnovtd to 111 D 'J'HE Betwean Stb and 7th, aorth TEAS cheaper Uiaa ever. Ho rent to paj. fet-U te L BENJAMIN. PropriXor , F'OR SALE.-TIw clearest or WHITE SAND alc-o. G RAVEL uii.l Fijp ft>r pavinf, t?y JWO \Ab N*< E c< nirf of Ma?a< hasetts avenue and N orth Cs^iiol stre?t. am* Z"1 ENSEAL VMRJff OFFIUE.-All ?M> QlHIM.. r utkatPMt, Ni ? iHb* fihij It* SPECIAL NOTICES. The preaent aevere waua baa thoroughly tested the virtue* of Mn. Jone*' Cough Mixture?Ihoiiandi of bottle* having keen o*ed with certain success. Iti trial has been most thorough. A mere cold or cough or the moat Aggra vated caaea it has cared with eqaal aacceM. It it not objectionable to the taate, and can therefore be readily used for children and persona who object to nauseating mixture#, particularly aa Itadoaea are small a ltd every dose containa the germ of an ulti mate cure. Ita value in advanced case* or thue t ergincon consumption must not be underestimated. Many such it haa entirely cured, even caaea of ac knowledged consumption. While it doea notcure.it greatly relieves, and a large nnmber of these unfor tunates now use it for the great relief it affords them. For a Cold, Cough, Influenza, Bronchitis, Hoarse ns**, or any affliction of the throat or lungs you can us* nothing more reliable. Pricea?large size, .?!; ?mall, 80 eta. For sale only . ABTHUB NaTTANS, Druggi.t, n>12-tr Corner 2d and D streets northwest. . A Card. A Clergyman, while residing In Sooth America, fnrl^!l?K,,,*r7'?,^OTore4 a safe and simple remedy [?. cur? of N?rvoua Weakaess, Karlv TW*v. Disease^ of t he U rlnary and Seminal 6rgans, and the' whole train of disorders brought on bv baneful and hIiI ^?re? nnin*>era have bean cured by Jh .SiA!Uem,!?y- ,'ro??ted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and us wig this medicine, in a sealed envelope to any one who needs It,/Vse <J CWm. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, _ . Station D, Bible Hon*e, P1l,ra New York City. LADIES' GOODS. is)3. c? OPENING OF SPRING AND SUMMER M1LUNEUY. I. L. BLOl'T, 710 SEVENTH STREET, EkTWEE.1 G 1.1D H STR2RH, WILL OPEN imported HATS AND BONNETS, And all the leading PARISIAN NOVELTIES <>f the season, ON *4 M THURSDAY, APRIL 10,1-v! 1. gj | SPRI.N? GOODS, n j s RECEIVED, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GT 11*1 RE LACES, new Pattern*. PA^EMEN f ERIES. Bended and Plain, Bla--k ami lolurHl. FRINGES, Ac , Ac., At LOWES, J1^:* -11 Market Spire. .madamic di BOI*. +FZ No. 15111 PENNSYLVANIA AVE ,|J{3 W;t.l Otex O* WEDNESDAY, APRIL 'Jtji, A line Assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, Ji?..,w.hich t!,e Ladieeare respectfully invited to I ?! I di ?1 M f', ^ ^ attractive r SPRING GOODS, AT 33 A V I S ? , *01 MARKET SPACE, Cob. Stii Sikekt. 1V0VFLTIES IN SWISS AND LACE TIF8 JABOTS, NECK RUFFLINGS, Ac!.at DAVIS'. P'nV?!'?KT> 0HAIJ0EABLE SILK SUN CM I r? j-kEAS and PARASOLS, in newest ?tvl?s, best ntktx and lowest prices, at DAVIS' PLAIN AND ROMAN SASHES AVI) St**H ,,,LA,N ?*<>S GRAIN KIBBoNS ?u all the new .hades, at DAVIS' 1 FLOWERS, HATS and BONNETS in great vsri. * DAVIS'. <iIMPS, TRIMMINGS and BUT * ?K8,at DAVIS'. FjV>R ALL KINDS OF FANCY an! Mil 1 T NERY GOODS and NOT!ONS*go?o MILLI DAVIS'. GR()\ ERA BAKER'S Celrlirated Elastic and Improved Lock stitch SEWING MACHINES ?or salt- on eaey term? at DA l"Ik*" ,31w " 1 Market Space, corner'.h 'st. j JIT4 MISS McCORMlCK, TSSrOOi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Wl ?.-iii <CpSiaibs,1 ?ill open on THURSDAY, Aran. 4th, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATS, t?a2-'trCh th<! ,pPCiml "atent,on ot the ladies is calle 1. ^tamping depot, ~~ s ?IT Skvksth Street, ?b?:t? Opposite Patent Office. JELLING OFF I " AT COST, TO DISSOLVE P^BTHElLmP ' the entire stock o* THE NEW YORK BAZAR, ? 41 Seventh street, near E m*r7-tr NO HUMBUG g LC.IZmRO * CO., Selling out entire stock of MILLINERY AND FANCY GOODS. at and below cost. t wi - . . 707 Market 8pace, '?a**? ****** rtb and ?ta streets northwert. |MPOKTER OF HUMAN HA1B a> a ?B.AEE'BARGAINS AT MADAMB ESTRCN'i, 61B IS:* urtet, >eron<i doer from U u*m. B> cm tuber the name and number. Cheap Ourta bignotis. Braids, P^ff?. Friziettos, of t*e SSSiVSUfiS."4 -????-??? "as U| AD1ES'" , Li ^ FRENCH STABCH ENAMEL U the best article in the world for doing up Linen or I ?'?A ?? BL UNtlAM A CO., Manufactnren, . >S0 W eat Lombard street, I '*nU ly Baltjaiore. Marylar^d. J W. IIHIOMTW ELL, ~ ** ? Sncce^or to CABBOLL t. WINSLOW, SHIRTMAKSK And Dbalks Hi Mim's Fcaxtsaixos, ???*,n5 Mr "inslowV1 p*n*raa and meas-Z^K control of his manufacturing fac11i arv'.^'oVr^ymr r*c?M^tot?1Br ^4 IUUIHI UtliEU! f^4 JiSSU&MTBSS* BCBBBB, VICKBL, SILVEB-MOCMTCD HABBBSS, 2^WS5a*Ue"" *? ">"*??>? ?? Bole agent* for Hill'i celebrated CONCOBD HABBBSS, SXT^klL5?. fc1** ? UrTJltoek ?? Concord prices. VOjfJJtd Harneaa aM Collar* hare a renntation all orw the country for durability and atrei^rh. TRUNKS and satchels la great variety. CBDAB TBUNKS, for protection against moths Call and exatnlae stock. WM 4k BkO? ?* !? ?ST P*n?. are., next to National Hotel. rasftstr aMBjjgfspR,? KEEPING taught to indirtdnals or to classes, be twe^n3and 9o'clock p. as., at Prof. Yocng's School Building, l?k be*Veen I and K. ? JAMES CORB1 DON, Teacher. Lettering, Card writing, and P^n Work of ?vcrjr dawriftjoB, axecutwi to order.apS Ia EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. Internal Revekue.?The receipts from -his source to-day were >2ll.lWAS. Tub President and family will return here this eTcoing, it half-past five o'clock, vi* the Baltimore and Potomac railroad. Secretaries Fish, Richardson and Delano and Attorney General Williams are the io^r member? of the Cabinet now In town. Personal Yesterday, upon the as*embl1n J of the U. S. Court of Claim*. Mr. John Goforin, the new AnWkBt Attorney General. wa? intro duced to the court by Attorney General Wil liams. _______ A OEinri" in New York ha? notfflpt the Po^t Office l>epartment that he ha* applied for a patent for printing two or more advertisements on the new postal cards. Why he should apply for a pateut for a process which ev< rybody ha\ a right to use without let or nindrauce he does not explain. Reverie Marine Servre on the Lakes The Treasui^ department has issued the pre liminary orders to put in commission the re ve nue juarine vessels on the lakes for the Miromer cruise. The Chase will be on Lake Ontario, the Perry on Lake Erie, the Fe.s?enden on the De troit station, and the Johnson on Lake Michi gan. The long pendino case of the United States vs. the Baltimore and Ohio railroad company, for amount of internal revenue tax on the inter est due from it to the city of Baltimore on ac count of th? municipal loan, was decided by the l". S. Supreme Court yesterday. It was held that the tax could not be collected because the interest was the property of the city. The com pany has retained it until now. Senator Sumner rides out daily, and when within a couple of squares from his residence leaves his carriage aud walks home. Thi? ex ercise, slight as it is, tires him considerably, owing to lib weak state. Since his relapse, about ten days ago, his physician has returned to the sub-cutaneous injection of morphine every other dav, with the hope that this course of tieatnient will prevent the recurrence of the intense pain which he has recently suffered at times in the region of the spinal column. The Postmaster General and Party The Alabama St"l> Journal, of the 5th instant, notes the arrival in Montgomery on the day previous of Postmaster General Cr?swell and Senators Cameron and Howe. Lieut. Governor McKinstry waited iu?oii the party aud escorted 'lern to the capitol, where they were receiv.d by Governor Lewis. Subsequently the S >nat - adopted a resolution tendering the party ihu hospitalities of that body, and Mr. Hamilton, in a few remarks, presented them to the Senate. Mr. Creswell responded in a few appropriate r?marks. In the afternoon they were enter tained by the Governor at the Exchange. Army Officers Ordered Capt. William L. Foulk, 10th cavalry; Capt. Wm. P. Grave-*, _'d artillery; Capt. John L. Yivcn, IJth infantry, and 1st I.ieut. Alexander D. Sehen<*k, 2d artil lery, who have recently been promoted to the rank above indicated," have been ordered t<j join their regiments or proper stations in va rious parts ot the country. Major Thomas M. Anderson, loth infantry, has been ordered to re'ieve Major Edwin F. Townsend.Dth infantry, <>f the charge of the disbursing office at \ iek" burg. Miss. Second Lieut. Augustus G.Tassin, li'th infantry, has been ordered to report to th j chief signal officer of the army for temporary duty. Paying the Cotton Claims The Treasury department has commenced paving the cotton claims tiled under the act of May lSth, 1872. Over 1,200 claims have been presented,covering over f0,000,<Ks>. More than one-half of thsm will be rejected on account of insufficient proof. Fifteen inill'on dollars of the cotton fund now remains in the Treasury. The claims bein,j iiaid are tor cotton seised by the government agents after the 30th of June, 1863. The act of May 1*th, IsT'J, provided that ail these claim should be filed within six mouths, and therefore expired on the listh ut Noveml>cr U>t. yuite a large number of claims have been tiled since the expiration of the law, and they must b > thrown out, as all ert'orts to have Cong;es* ex tend the time failed. A>< ther Baltimore Delegation in Town Collector Booth, Naval Officer King, ltepresen tative-elect Lownds, with ten or twelve Balti more jKJliticians, arrived here early this morn ing (thinking that the President had returned for the purpose of urging the claim* of Chart <? Gilpin for the surveyorship of that i>ort, but a the President had not reached Washington th<-y had to content themselves with au interview .with the Treasuiy officials. The surveyorshiti is now held by Mr. E. Fulton, whose cornmi? sion expires to-morrow and the friewlsof .Mr. Gilpin are sanguine that he will be appointed to succeed Mr. Fulton. Mr. Beese another prominent Baltimore republican was the rno-t formidable opponent of Mr. Gilpin, but the matter was compromised by the tender of tiio deputy collectorship of the port to han. Oftragb on Pbacbablr Indians The Indian office is in receipt of a communication from friend Knocli lloag, of the central suj>er iutendency, dated Lawrence, Kansas, the 1-t instant, stating that it is supposed that a small band of Kiowas and Mexicans, led by W lite Horse, are guilty of the murder of the four men of Darling'*surveying party on Cimarron river. He says he has information that seventeen Chcyt-nnes in returning from New Mexico, were surprised in camp by United States soldiers, tired upon, and two of their number killed, and time so severely wounded as to be unable to return. He further says: "The tribe is very much excited ;n consequence; but our special agent to their camp ha* been instructed to u.-e uis influence to prevent any retaliation, and he rejorts from Camp Supply, on the Uth instant, a more quiet feeling among the Indians, and oi their purpose to move to the agency at an early day. The Cheyenne*, Arrapahoes, and Osages are very much disturbed at the unusial en croachments bv whites on their buti'alo range." The Farmers a>d the Railroads The March report of the statistician of the Depart ment of Agriculture, in a summary of reported causes of discouragement from all quarters, gives the following intimation of the excited state of teelm^ again** the railway monopolist-: " The exciteiueat relative to high and dis criminating rates tor railway trans(>ortation is intense throughout the west, and the subject claims the attention of correspondents of nearly every state. The watering of stock, the ttctf tious" increase of capital by numerous dishonest expedients, and the assumed ncccssity of pay ing dividend.- on this spurious capital, nuet tuI severest denunciations of farmers, who deeiu themselves plundered by an interest that could not exist w ithout the product.-of agricultural industry, and which was itself built up through the aid of the government, and for the develop ment of national resources. The feeling Is gen erally one of indignation at manifest injustice, ai:d calm determination to use legal and legis lative methods to remedy the abuse, with occa sional outbursts of threatened violence as a dernier resort. The demand is universal, both for legislation to secure justice in the case, and national laws to prevent undue and prohibitory discriminations between rates of local aud through freights Double-track freight rail roads to the seaboard, either owned or directly controlled by the government, are demanded by many, to be run in the interest of the p<o ide, and not for excessive profit and extortion. Water-routes for cheap translocation are also desired. " The farmers appear to be thoroughly aroused, and they have the power, rightly used', of enforcing their demands. It is important for ?their own good and the welfare of the countrv that they stand firmly for all that U right, and submit to nothing that is wrong." Bric ham Yocbo has resigned the presidencv of the Dcaeret Bank and Cooperative Mercan tile Institution, and Hooper and Eldrldge, re spectively, have been chosen instead. Various reasons are assigned for the act, which causes a great deal of speculation In Salt Lakeoity. It is generally belivcd that he is preparing to retire from business affairs and trustee in trust for the Church. How To do it.?A Chicago dispatch says: O'Neill, who was acquitted of the charge of killing a man at El Paso, killed another lnan in La Balle county a few dsn ago. He attempt ed to escape, but a crowd or excltwl miuers caught and hanged him without more ado. Thb N. P. B. R?Arrangement* hive been maoe and a force put to work to extend the Northern Pacific railroad northward to a prac tical convection between the road already com plete* aud the waters of Paget Sound. Tb? ClrrU?a? V<?UN?j. ?ai*s in cuwirrurr. ^*d returns At midnight from 159 town, wh.eh show an opposition ga ? over last spring of 7,3*1, of which 1,8 .7 are !? . Smith, temperance candidate lor gjTernor Ingenoll's majority will be about 4,(>00. In t!i second congressional district Kellogg ha* S majority, with foar town* to hear from. The towns last year gave a republican mioritv oi 125. Hawley, in the first district, has "m jority, with Ave towns to hear from, winch gav.* a republican majority last year of I. Stark weather is reelected r>y about 1,200 majority. In the foarth district Barnaul has l,i? ma jority, with two towns to hear from, which la year gave a democratic majoritv of -17. T!,r state senate probably stands 11 republicans to l ? democrats. Last year it was U republicans t ? democrats. The house will be verv clo*e th probabilities are that it ^democratic by a sn. 1 majority. XFVICIFAL KL&TIOXS. In Ohio the democrats elected C. W. C. Johr son mayor of Cincinnati. Charles Oti?, citizen candidate, was elected mayor of Coli"nhu ?James O. Bull, democrat, was elected mavor oi Cleveland. J At Annapolis, Md., the entire republican ticket?mayor, recorder and tour aldermen? were elected by majorities ranging from 100 ??. a-aO. Henry Bepler, republican, was elects) mayor of Frostburg. Md., bv 7 majority. A re publican city council was also elected. At Baton Kouge, La., the McKnery ticket was elected withont opposition. Tlw Ureal Oiwwtsr, DEVlXOrilESiTS I>t RIM) THE IlTllflTlaiTIDX VE8TKKPAV. The investigation into the Atlantic disaster is still in progress at Halifax. Third ??fticer Brady te?tified yesterday, alter our tclr. ranlilc report closed, that to his know led,-* i otning was said or done to impede any of the r asa n gers in coming on deck. The captain did all that man possibly could do to save life. Wit ness went down to the wivck in a tug boat Sun day night, saw IheSambrolight but when about a quarter of a mile from the wreck: Hermm point jMt ataot the light in; all iu.nl rn appli ance* tor lowering boats were on boai.t the At lantic, the captain was one of the most efficient officers witness ever sailed with. At the clou* ot his examination, Mr. Brady stated that tin stones ot robbing the di ad were entirely true. rOiirtn Ofticer Brown corroborated "the evi dence of Mr. Brady, and stated the leads were not hove on account of the clearnessol' the night men C<l*'ta,D all<1 oflicer? were all temperate Joseph Carroll, a seaman, testified that he saw the breakers, and gave warning eigJit or nine minutes. before the ship struck? Had the 1 engines been reversed then. the ship could no have been prevented from striking. Patrick Mels, another seaman, gave similar testimony. CiKTTINO Ol'T THE HEAL) UuUI L8. IJ.vers at work yesterday report the passen gers and cargo so mixed that the bodies eai:n..i ? begotxt. Two girls w.;re for.id lying in their bed in the lower after steerage. Holes will be blown it the ship to facilitate the recovery o: the bed a s and cargo. Eleven bodies were g . . i 'of wl,icI>,ive were grappled. L .. to lugLt Ziu Lave been recovered. K??l Koni;?n< e ol the Ureal Wreck. HOW WILLIAM OLA> KKM? WOW AMI LOST ill HUIDK. The New York Sun of yesterdav, describin the scenes at Castle Card en alter the arrival o. the survivois or the Atlantic ?. ?eier, say Sealed betore a bright stove. wl.Wi burned i>. the .middle <>f the r ?m, was a dark, sligit*iv buiL young man, with his toot and arm swathed in bandages. He was one of the few who e caped from the after steerage. And his -tory i one of the saddest yet told. About tliree vur ago W m. Glanfield was employed as a tua-ou 1-, J?. vonshire, ami he w as engaged to be married but lie was not prosperous, and the wedding was deferred from time to time. At length t.ui.tu I.! determined to ca-t his fortune in the Aew \\ or'd. ard, renewing t heir vows, - ,?E Yol'*? COCPLE SEPARATED, in Chicago (ilanticld tound abundance ot employment, and rapidly saved money. Short l> alter the lire, he lound liims. li able to re turn to England and claim his bride. For th n. long years the young Devonshire girl had never wavered in her devotion to her absent lover a. d on his return she joyfully beeame his wif.-. and a fortnight alter war. I the newly wedd. 1 pair set sail in the ill-fated Atlantic lor Am ?. - ca, taking numerous articles with wlucli :-> keep house: three bo\es containing nlaid [ ware, linen, and other tilings for the equinro-n ot the.rbome in Chicago. When the vo e struck t*r rock Glanfield had been lying awak I lor halt an hour; his young wife, who w* sleeping by His side, awoke, and lie told her they had come to anchor in H air a* harbor. ,\ lew moment- afterward some one shouted fli t; tlii ship was on the rocks. ami Mrs. Clan*? M ask< <1 her husband to go on deck, and see what w &.<? the matter. A YOCSO WIFE LOST. He accordingly a.-cended the companion lad der and gained tliedeck, little thiukiug he had looked his last upon his wife. On his attempt ing to re. nter the cabin he found the water jwiiinig in last as to render his return impos sible. >o hope remained for the doomed i?;. sengers below. and,almost distracted, Glanfield ascended the hurricane deck, and to save him sell trom being washed overboard he seized dav it; a moment afterward a tremendous, wave dashed tli- boat against the davit and eru-iie Jus aim terribly. The boat was torn from it lashings ami carried awar, with four of th crew who were in it. Notwithstanding h: injuries, Glanfield contrived to climb iuto tit mizxen rigging, and there he remained four hours. He then got into the main rigging, an.; held on three hours longer, during whicli Cm two men beside him died of cold, and several becoming exhausted dropi>ed into the sea. A Btrolar Shot Deai>?An exciting aflair took place in Newtown. Loug Island, early s-tt day morning, which rurtled the usual .iiiiet ol llVLV A burKlar *?' fhot and Jtilbtl bv an old resident, and up to the present time the not teen establUhed. ref h. , ' Uit,3 ? ClOC? U ,l:iau' K Fnrman, a i?i. . ei merc,lan,o? Newtown, while standing in his bedroom, saw a man ^tealtlifullviwalkii.if alH<ut in hit yard. 1 he man also saw Mr. Fur man, and dodged behind a feed-house. Th" merchant procured his pistol, and after par tmlly dressing hiu.si?If, went down sUirs and in to the street, where he met the man. whom he o.dered to stand. The stranger placed his h i.el in his poeket and drew a pUtol. At the sam ? ins.ant Mr. Furman tire?l toward him. and the man returned the fire. They exchanged I or hve suots and then the man called out: - H ^IO him!" Mr. Furman, after firi:u? tour fines, went back to his house to get a iri:i and call his boys. After doing so ho returned the man terribly wounded, with . bullet in his abdomen. Do. tors were iimu di ately st-nt lor, and the man w:is remove*] to tu ? court-house, where he died at ll a. m., without having given the slightest clue as to his nain> or re-:dence?.v. y. Trih.r,,,--),. Feskstlvawia Coal Tkadk Vessels tr* inn ore abundant supply, though still scarce, ?.n gradually lower, though ?till high. W hile the market is <iuoted stea.iv there isa Tair amount of business In coal, aiid lnlormation from Be>ston. Providence and ot tier coal*centers at the eastward, as wall as from Uie south, of unusually short stocks of coal. hoi?st.h* t^fiof Of orders in the ''ol'e that co?1 may be lower about the first oi May, as has heretofore sometimes been the case but is not likely to be now, from the fact that it Isnretty well ascertained that the market will require all the coal that there is carrying ea pacity to put into it?fi.,ig. Lr Uxr. 7 * * -J^Liyr-'0-'1 Kt.OT m CiacmiiATi?In Cin. iu nan la?t eveuing, while attempting to quell s disturbance in the ?th ward, at the close of th ? M?^,hot Luke Leonard in th Hghtbreast. Leonard, it is thought, L? mortal 1\ wounded. The crowd subsequently beat Gie:' r*be, and the surgeon rear be will die. Officer Murray, while atteu r ? "loon. ?? kicked down a,' beaten by the crowd. The not alarm w sounded, which brought sixtv policemcn, an prevented additional Bloodshed. ?"*<-?? an ??"penyer, central City, and Oeorgetrn??i Col., aix inches of snow fell on Saturday aftei noon, and was still falling. tyThe dramatic oriUc of the New York T bune thinks that Buffalo Bill and Texas,fa ? PWtoefai omnibus might ?tt. a lofty eminence. * _ f^Dr-S. C. Snyder, of Memphis, burn a. i "TBPW* bill was ?< - leak^^ observes that there are "rinali . *jTThe ^'?owtng notice was rocent.lv p? rich Kentucky firTu ,i r . ^ ? or woman's cows or oxen* glr> 01 tall ?Ui becuto;. . Manchester Mirror tolls of a aoh . SKwiS/agf^ i.; havn-t been for ten years. It states Uie f2^ TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB. Thli After noon Dispatched. ? AdsCClATKD PRk&S REPORTS. ? HORROR* OP THE ?RE<K. (i kaMI) Klghtn l adrr the ?ea. WHAT A CO?.B?sro*l>BNT mw who **it DoWN TO Till LiKI ATLANTIC IK DIVER* < > STI'III. New V"1.k. April S?A newspaper corres pondent w ho wtnt down to the wreck ot the Atlantic jc?l<n!?y iu a diver 'sco-tume, it* vwthe ball lies* well <lv?n t>n the port |id?f an<l i? broken in ?ti ral pieces tVom contact with thr reef. Fish were ?wimming around eagi rl devouring p articles of food floating about. He found the rorwaid hatch open and saw that the cargo there hat! broken hulk anu lav iu con Aim d with tke bodies of men and worn n an mi <1 among the cast > and crates. brntm-d and torn. Fishes were swimming in aud out FEASTlftG t POM THI PtAD KOIHK*. I.:ub> are strewn around, h iring been broken fit-m the bodies by the continualaction of the waters, which, when agitated, dlire them ?gainut uglr pieces of broken hull that ti-iv project, l lic Wii muniili nl theu went taikr companion way of the steerage taklw ait-1 ton ml a fund red or more bodies lying in au iiu men-e heap, LOOKfTSO A* IF A11T1, with eyf a staring wildly and fac? - grinning ami moving forward and backward with the under current. Some were dre?aed. but many were half node. Children were clinging kifftkw. ami stout men were clasping their wive*, xx-rn ing to have met dea'h witYi calm resignation. The scene was horrible beyond description The (ttmpoadnt then went to the companion way ot the steerage, where the meu passenger were by themselves Bodicsof strong men.old and yoiing. were hustled together on the stair war," with distended nostril*. gaping mouth*, and staring. gla?sy eye*, giving some coucep tion of THI TERROR W HICH SKI ,'KT> Til KM a> they vainly struggled to gain the deck Front another part of the vessel a view ??? obtain.il of the sleeping apartmenta, while piled up in heaps 011 the port >.ide were immlfr* of bodie ot men. with bed-clothing strewn among tliem From abrasion with broken stanchions an. I jagged, splintered wood-work the Hi-?h was torn trom the faces of many. Others are brnisnd ard battered about their heads, which are re-i and bloodr. contracting horribly with the pale and l.vid features of the other*. Kew York Satf*. f;ol?S?? Tit ESCAPE THR R?rK. KewY<irr, A|<ril ? Niton, the convicted m udi rer, uas had a relapse, and is not now cxpectid to live. THI MISTED nci I'? HEAD RASR. In comeqnence of new developments making wry day in the aft ?irs of the Hull's H-a i bank, the examination of Wm. If. Merritt, tlie .i-sistaiit ca->!i:er. .w.l!i ng the fund* of the bank. has been po?t pooed. TRVlJCii To RECLAIM THK HWA'I. The controller has hei n in-tiuctid hy the 'xiard of al-lermen to sue for the recovery ot lialf a million ot dollar* court house fund-, 'raced to the private bank account, as alleged, of one of the commissioners. A ItRKt'Rn cavr. Arrived. stean?s!ii|?* Albem trie, from Bermu da. and Pembroke, from Can till. The t>aik Ki-hop Brum, at this j*irt. re|>ort>: February fell in with the bark Maasanito, from l>of?a> Is'and. for West Hartel p?v?l, full of w?"er. anil took oft all on board,aitd!:?uded them at lihlmu Maicli Oth. THF. I1UHT HOT R STRIKES. The conductor* of the various horse car line met la^t night uiid resolved to strike f.?r eigh: hours and three dollars per day on the 10th u M 11 Mayor Havemevsr has pr??rniv?t a c<mtaitt<*i of the Wbor orgauiz Ations to look into the eight hour question. Adam Kessel and .folin Rropli'k, two nt>n-ca stnker*. were a sailed iu lior-e cars last evening and brutally beaten. SEN OR I. AM P.r A\A. OF THE Ctr.AM CON<li:Ee?. dispatched here for aid, stated in an address last evening that the South American republic were now united in the determination to assUt Cuba, and the latter'* independence was a, surcd, even without the a.a of the l~uitt*i State*. THE HEX OX A aTRIKF at the New York cas company's work- are now collecting in a body to m treh to the Manhattan gas company and ask the meu to join in thr strike. The strikers are indignant against th Manhattan company, whom they clitrge with supplying the customers of the New York com pan v 1:ist night by connecting with the nips* of the latter by means of a mam hi (Jran.l str Large lodies of .1st lice have been detailed tu prevent violence being used by the men on tin strike. Several ot the new men at the New York gat company's works have been assaulted THK STKAMtR EI.M CITV, of the New Haven and Hartford line, struck a rock at tiaif-past one this morning, during a fog. at the Stepping Stones, near Tbr.i^g' Neck. The water covcr-d her d?-ck?. but s!i_ will likely be floated off by high tide this after noon and brought back to this city. The acci dent was caused by the neglect 'of the light house keener at Throgg's Neck to ring the fog bell. No lives were lo--. IiEATIT Of AX At.DERMA*. A'dcrta&n Peter Gilsev died this nuraing. ? A Steamer Kiiak. X ARROW RfVATK OF THE FASSEXOERS AXti CREW. New York, April K?The details of the sink ing of tlie steamer Nupha, iu the Hudson river, show that thirty pansengers and the crew ha<i an extnmely narr tw e-cape from drowning when the steamer was cut through by the ice and began to fill. The captain aroused all the past* ngt rs. gave th-im life preservers, an l th--y ru>hed on deck. A boat was lowered with women and children, but by some accident wa> capped before reaching the water, throwing the women into the river, but they were fortu ratelv rescued by the crew in another boat. Finafty all were pat into boat* and made to wards the shore, but met a huge field of ice, on which thry walked until within ten feet of tliv shore, when the ice parud. A stamtn had brought a plank, which was placed across th - chasm, over which all were safely taken. They lost all their clothing, several ladies being in tin ir night clothes. They reached Kh Mhocfe. were ram! for, and I'erwarded yesterday to their destination*. o The Xodoeti won't Leate (lie L'it* Beds. New York, April h.?A dispatch from the lava bed camp savs Friday7* interview witl^the Mc'ocs la.-ti tl seVeml hours. Twelve of the lending men of the tr:be, incl jdmg.lohn Schro uichen. accompanied Captain Jack. The two latur. while declaring they would not leave the lava bed*, ottered to concede tueir claim t > Lost river. It they changed their minds they would inform Judg* Kosciihorough next day. The peace comnuss.oners have telegraphed to Washington for instructions. It I* claimed that the Modoc* cannot be allowed to remain in the lava bed*, b tea use, 1st: They cannot live ther. without *U.aling. 2d: It will cost the govern ment two per ceht. more to feed them tlian on any other reservat on. .mI There would In constant quarrels with the Oregon settlers 4th: Such a triumph of the .Moiloes would en conrage the Snake* and Piute*, already disaf fected, to begin hostilities. REICH AM 8CK?TS DAXGBK 11 <iK*T!f.R SCHOOLS, AND THR DlfilSiCLISATlOK OF TlAk SAtRTS TO FAT IF. Salt Lake Citv, April 7?The Mormon conference has been tally organized. The at tendanoe ia large and increaning. Brigham Young to-d?T delivered a long discourse, thf main jioint being against "the Gentile ami sectarian schools," wliit h are now being intro duced here from ?Babylon."' He urged parents to educate their own children, and "not aliosr outsider* to interfere in the Kingdom of God.*' lie denounced the growing disinclination to pay the tithing. The sal ration of the peoph tie said is imperilled by the non-performanoe ot their duty. The A|>ostle Wood run also urged the Importance of the tithe paring by the saiuts and deplored the waning ot the receipts of th' cbnrch treasury. ? THREE Ak ERICAS BEAKER ARRSSTEO AID .. AM AMEBIC AS coaac L SRC BIRD. .V0**' Aprfl &?Throe sailors deserted from tae American hark L'lion Santiago, Cuba, were picked -V?y a r * hroagUI bade to | and delivered to the SpaniA for trial on ?uf?ic?B that they were ing to join the iTtsarrecboiiist*. Consul Youag> demanded the right to be present at their An amination by court martial, claiming ther were The the right of Consul Ton upon the Coaeol protested agai ceedings. The Captain General gram, saying the Comal ?lag the Consul had no right to V* Torbert, Oomml Qeaoral at Har^nl nctrd M ? , 1, ami the trial of the i p i.??aiv< a vi urib, vAnmi urnmi his Instructed Consul Young not to withal,' Cr.. Apr* S-W.miham ?e4 , ? ?W?. tUawruM.) int. Xm LmiL? ISi ? ? ??!??> ?'? **wm ?ouMf?Haven. 4i#4i, l?*?r?>ll. 4,11ft. N M2. Infers...I, i.vri *o uU?S*, haram?iOr l? Of .t.tlfi ID the ?UU. The it r*poMlraa* *? ?? 4er*> ml*. Full rfturm ba\^ not hrf? rt fi\-M m O* vote for the taiwcr House. bat thr tad;v?tior o are that the dean*rats L?s? *b ut to a* > or. * in that IkaIv. * a TIM l lrrlliwt |a OKI*. CiK< f*? Al I. ?>Nlt>. April a?NiMtari. wardg ?kick rtkit n? ire complete-. |tT?.iohmuiit Uk? dwuattir candidate- ftw mttar. U,;jrs ti,| Pavls. the republican Cftnd-date, II.m. Iu. roa>( b-te rrtwrtp indicate II at Ur deui<*-t?'? Uff ?ltrfcd a ot the |K>hoe cvbb ? riMNk Tot.BPO.Aprl * Thr election In tV? t.'"f *?? ???lW WMtllMfJ. At VB'ctack tLt? ft Mi. ?t?lj lit ?wib hkJ hr<i heard from. The* indicate thr rex Irction of .loiaes. drmo. rt|, Ivr mayor. The council a ill be r.puldn-*tu, ant nx*' of the republican c*ty ticket If pro bat g Cibcibbati.O.. April ft.?The re-oltoT t?ta flmioii in Colamhua, (tiito. mhm. tj be a dem ocratic sacctss. butli on thr MUBii i|>ai im| coo stitut tonal com ventlon tickets. In M * . 'I the democrats ww aW ?u< o. ?M at In the ma'n. la l?avton the whole .1, niH-ratic ticket ?M eUct?d. lu CI llliutkf the <l t?>. mti. rWt>v| their Mayor, thr remainder ot Um> ttckat ia doubtful. la Liamtrr tkf cUlMi't ti ket, a? opposed 10 the Irinnrrttit' ttrkfl. war In Cleveland thr independents rlm.vi ihr.c Mayor. mkI the r**|-;tl?li?-ftm> thr r. ma. ?> der ot the lickc . In Cr.atl.ne thr d< afe>.-ratB were victorious. in Cwclcvlllt tLv repul* c* 1 acre mch mi| ul. ??' ? ? ? Wail Mrm la-ilny. Xrw Yobs, A|<rll n.-Tkr w?ii -tree* aut kite t avr l.eeii iree of excitement. liulil o|h.*m< 'I at t*V, dfi limd to I*., and ha* aiuee a I \anc, .1 to l*\. On g.4d l??an* rate* ha-<* bora I to i p*r crat. prr annuia far eur r> *??? Forxiuu aachangr ha* In-en dv.l t I heavy, with a Minimal 1 at* for priaar. Mar* lirg rrduced KC \ and lo? ^ reapecti vrlya and ailh huaineaa at a ronccfwion <d s a , Tti? "tria^rnry of tho local rnmn'i market nMitlnnt>| ??'vrrt', Ik rroariK on drmami batiu| (wxl col lateral* to oft.r |>ayiii(3-l?i to y of oar j*r orut. prr day. Thrro I* no market for met rant ia I'aprr. ami I>ank? rr|>ort tl.at ?>?rrrine? f* d'? count arr Iftrvr. (i<iv?rnn*iit honil* ftrr and atrady, at a aii^ht drclinr from <*wtrrdays l^tgt- amount* M' bond* havr Invn plrkrd up latrlv by for> ig 11 hanker* for iftiiiiBMiiit tt.a iiioim v prranarr larlnf forced aoma (am mo t kvldrrh hrre to acll. ? Bratal Wilr Manlrr. KaaTo*. Pa., April a.?Mm. I'rouar wa?br 1 - taMv murderrd by hrr husband In Knuittoau. in tnr Miburba 01 Ka?toii Crouar aa* arreted and r.nniiitti d to jail, f'rouac had U.?rii lr.uk ? ng hard, and com nig home l?eat bl* wife nn? mrrcit ullr. Croaar'a father, who Interfere?. nan lnaiM>if arwrrly cot and bratea. Mra. C.'? rt?*iiinl niM tiMl.le until hrr death. I tela* arc river i? IT trrt high, and al?t >n\. r. L*'tiigh It feet, ft .1 tailing. f'rai Karopr Ta^laj. cm-kab ?tk*mkk AUHhiiI. l.??Bt?<?B, AitII Ik?Tb? A arbor hue ftc^m-V ? India, fr?iia <a!a*gow tor ?# York, i? aAorc 1 the t'lyde, oil the mouth ot the rtver l?rv? 11. Tita rt:: v< b or w*t k? wa* to-d -T in-1 tiled ui oid Coiuiutudrr m tin orutr cl Kli:ghU Tciu|dar. a I rrahetn lu \ ark RiaU. Nkw \nii(, April a.?A d< ?patch Ima t' 4 interior of the utatr rr|iort the river ven h ;<i. ai d much land *ul'iu> i1 li?*re 1* * _i. ?t t'oo?l at Not wick and Sherhurne, a- . i I thr train* arr etopprd on the I'tic a. Ob-t 1 and SuM|tiehaiina \ alley railroad. Mrtti?r.i Ann ABMii i? St. ??>., Mir?1 tic Nt* \ 01 k IKtiiiI ha* a report liiat a Bie*tatrodon* mardrr, with arawa, vi? com mitted at Fairthld. in the tower ?rition of s<. Mary'acoaatv, Mit ,???? I tiurwtay niirbt laat.ttia io ii.Mant. Thr victim wa? .lame* 3. hoi e|,i. % northern man by btrtli? it ia tlmught a kali , e ot N* a Haven, t onarctb ut, at I ??t. he h?* 4 ?? w? resident 01 that rltv. Tin re i* a i^x' oft ? a* Fairfield, and Scltotield va* |">?ttn;??'er. 11<a ?a* h.mi engaged in inercaiit .lr puromt*. ?>?i he m^ht in i||ii'HtKiti Vli^U' ld i* re|nir'r<l ..r having be? ii aroun d hv knock* at hi. ?tora dm.r, thr *tore having l? on c'o?i-d 1 w the irg?ir. He i* Im lieved to have o|<rnrd the 4aor to mlt iiu the partit a aet ktng entrance, when he wa? iin m< diatr!y ftraailed ainf iuur?trre?l. I l,r?' t>ar ttcular* arr mostly cotij. t tural, but it ia 0 t that h?- ?a* murderot the atore rohbrd and tt:i !?? u*r tired. M'hen satartancr. attracte*! by tha tire, arrived, the ??>nea of ti?? unfortunate ki?n ncre all that tin i^m > had *pare?|. \ ,?t at dog arr alao known to tiave |*riithed i-i tha ttariK a mith tlirir m*xt?*r. crHcam of their re mains raiating. Thr money drawer of the ?t?i o na? found empty a..me fen yard* from tha brrmd building Scholield alept in the -tor* alone. Su*p>cktn ha.? flved u|njii a ne^r t m .<1 named Hiacor, employed a* a rftUfwa-'. ban ta who ia known to have had a inarrel with S,'!, v field on the evening of the mar-ler. an t to hav? made threats against hia life. He kaa no' yet brrn aireatnl, and ia )><>Jirved by many to bj innocent of the crime. A WlioI-BSALE Ml'IfUBKBB Isv LoffatABA At Baton H< uge, La., ou 8uud*y uight about ten o'clock, a man calling himaetf Jam * lleliu drew a kmfr and cut a boy uboar mtm< is un kiiown, aiai in hi* atl?-uipt to eacape atta<ak> I and cut lbre? uneilei.o.tig parties who ha?> im ned to be in hia way. An ofherr in attemid ?ng to make thr arrest wa* thr n? *t to recei a the knife, and die?l five mtnutea afterward. Mr. H U?niaoii. an oUI and rr*|M ? ted riticeiia * no a a* one of Ibe uiUortunatea. has - n a die*, and it ia thought t?o othera w.il uie. Henry Morar. ft druerrc-r 1 H?ine No. _, it ia brlirved will die The tiromi/t awrai >rngt nee aginat Helm. Intense excite ment pr, \?ila. and it is thought he will nei-ar l?e allowed by the moh to have a trial. Sorua ?f thr |?lice hare already aaaertod their iuteu tlon it called on to defend thr jail. Helta gf hia name a* .Jamr* Bennett Helm, af Mnvt ewuty, \ iiginift. aud ? couaia 01 tikft iioUk o h Jftck litlm, of Traft*. I>KADLV Combat Kara kkm B..v-I^>vvh? ? Fot several woeks paM John Ooughertv and I fttrick Hayes, aged reapectively liftct'u and thirtet 11 year*, have entertained toward ra. b other feelings of hatred, one accusing the oth r of carrying away the ftftectiona of? little *ctiojl girl, ot twelve years. The loverv finally a-ree* to iight eat h other for the girl, and the t?att!a camt otl, aith witneaaea. Alter a few roun l? IXingherty found that Pat Hava, althouvlt younger aid lighter, was too aiuch for b in, and he tmchrroualv drew his poeketkmfe ami aUbbtd hi? rival in the right arm. aevenng an ftrtery. Ikugherty was coaumittod by .luatica Klliotf yeat? rday to await the result of Hiyea* injur.< a. The scene of the lorem' tragedy ;? in the 14th Bard, Williamsburg.* A". I'. T- ..ro a, i(4* The Goodbh h Mtmtikv The det' -t!rr? are atill *t arching for kale Stoddard, the wr.t.-r ot the leUer signed -Amy U.,"<the initial ' Wing int. nded for "tioodrich,") but no tar no elue to her whereabout* liwban obtain-d. A I tlie in.-titution* ftor women, in both New Toik aW ISrvwklyn, have l?een thoroughly near -h- d, and deacr ptions of the I ugit,ve aeut to ea.<cra cltlea, but without ftny aatiafactory result. Should the investigations of the neat tew day ? develp no new evidence of Importance, Ooron r Wbitchill will call the jury together near tiia end of tlie week, probably'on Friday evening, *0 hear the te*Ojuony of two New York * .r grona. a# experts, on the |>.f.?ibllitv of ?u c> I ?. Thr jury will then determine vu a 'rerdict.-.V. 1*. Ti mrr, T'4. The Nkw ''Irupiumiblb OiBnicT.**-. The Cbi< ago 1 ime* at)lea the preaeut ag..?i oa among the farmers In the West In rcg.ird ? the railroad mono|a?lies an "irrepreaaihTe con flict." It has already been ehararteiicrd a* a ?ftr against the "slavery of m ?uopiitoa. ' II >* political history repeau itaeir Will the new "Irrrpresslble conrfict"?the war now a igiug against the new form of s'arrry?br as ano? -C tul aa the former conflict undtr aimdar wa' '1 a orda??A'. I'. H' .The MotKTY Awaki? i, the PHrr.r*, Ooivub * Co. C'AHB??m Matnrdftv ft check w ? rvcerved at the custom bous. t,oia the Treasury department tor ?. l,?ai. U iag tke amount du< the Ir.former la the Phelj*. I?odge A Co. at. t as hi? share of tlie peaaltie* recovered fTota th? f.r?verla'a! "^JrU1 J?1 951 "*< ftndfha Tha moietiw coming to tUa collector, nftval oAocr.aiid the lata surveyor, Mr. Cornell, are experts from Waahlngt >i. th ? receive fth^uffJI^rNk Q.i.Swm, iM. a I A\r ?""?CI CftBBUT bb EwroBf BD oordcr Hackett o,*'l4? Vork court of ?|Uat STaS^M w?to hia ,r?^ .amle^aka aa intmeuse jop?nothing 1?*? that mmt of the usury law. Tha sta. v, ^ state limits the legal rat* af interest J* ?" cent., while tka bbt of BMmew la beiag pa. ^ ia Now Vork at tha rata ot oao per coat, pa* dfty. ___________ The "MTBTBBiaoa wsArr?A*ABca" of a bUl that had booa f aaaal by bota boaaea m Ua State lerMataia la reported from Hmrriabarg, That is bad eaofigk. but not qatte aa bad aa tha m?ai? ? 1 " y Tbb lArmr Braraaoa li taaaL 11 Nrw Yobb.?Tha moral term of Ue oourt or 000a moa pleaa, (a Naw York yoaaaaday. da at dad that under tka Uh af that atato tka ioCtarw 1 uaineas ia anlawfal: that ?? ? ?" ~ 1?, - mm wa of that atate tka latkar v t osiaeaa la Balawfal; that aay contract wtd.-S baa the ettoet af alrttlii tt ia watd, awd tbat the leaao of a plaea 01 oT basiaoaa for tka par paaa af aelUag toatoey tioketa >a laviU. Tn Pors*a itLBaaa.?A lljiHi Re me says that althaa?h da Papa la 1 iaraam kta late niaaaa, ka la m ran leaving

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