22 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

22 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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\?X 41-iV. 6.2C8. WASHINGTON, D. C.. TUESDAY, APRIL 22. 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING ST A R. P?MI*kc4 Bally, liMip MMptH, AT Wg STAR BUILDINGS, m imnfi mi otspafii cida.it. 0, m. UJW*IJX*Vfr?M?l. TUB |VIMSU UTAH la wrtnl by owr tiers U> U?4r ssbcrtber* at TuClltl r? WBBB.or FOBT*- i Form Cb^t* pbb *"mi. Copiea at the eouate* I Two Ci>tw each. E/ m*il?thraa month*. ?1 JB, Mb BHrnth*, 93.00; on* rtr, 81. THR VUIIiT aTAR-Pi.bt1>h?d Frldar-flSB ? year V Im Vllbl) tD kill uc*, it kotk MM. Mil BD paper *^nt longer thaa paM for. of adrartlair.g fnmlabed rm PIANOS, <fc*. JF. 1.1 CAS, 114* 7tl? n. w., !"*??? awd ? Kr*u aior ij timmo% an<i O'tam*. d?m reitivfit ?t ThuUip?on'? c? rn?r ffffn and N York a**. ; aw?l? ?? ' Contr?-i*, G?"rg? t"m ; ao?l M* ***?\ cor. 7t? ?o*i rj. , ?v. Piam* *ik! i4b<*r t:.-w un*?-oi# Mi 1 All work m\i3* if ; eilHS AND REPAIRING, POLISHING AM' VARNISHING PIANOS AND--j^^ ALL MOK'AL lN-TKI MKSr?. Al ?ui r?ei . ??* *he mo*? faiioful a:nnti by fi L WILD A BBO..IM Uth atraet we*t.n?ar aortbwest corner nf PeciisyleaEls avenoo; over twenty years wrll fcn"?r? sa practical Piano and Muatcai Instrument M<\k>*rr. l)?alera In Pianoa and ?stlral lr>tmih-t>t> r*">rtilT. mW-lr C'CSTAV KITH*. PRACTICAL PIAXO MA ? KMK. T V M li k A.\U K LtAIti kK--^K Ot PIAX?S AXDOHVAHS Or-i.-ra re |BaBM cen?d %t K ARHf J-?elry Store, bia p?.llTlr' ?*r.,Mtd ?( N AiRN S D'u# ?ure, coruT ?th atr*. and nmn?. fll -'W WCHOMACKkR A CO S PIANOS. 9 PHILAPKLPUIA GREAT REDUCTION IN PRICES tt* tuetruE ents, which, on account of their *B aarlority ><?? all other*. htic in af>w ?ac< uie llv ni..et popular hers, aa well at ai;|EaKm| ?Tfr tb>- Mtititr) .o?< b? bad now for the fol-?? ? 1' luwiBk !?.? ar.es SuCAkK PIANOS fr tu f37S to S?B. UPRIGHT PIANOS Tr. n. AWOt *:?. GRAND PIANOS froni #<?to ?Ijj7S Pen*'T.? wbn wi?b to save from J ioO to )300 la fUT chaeiTig the ?.eat in?tnini*-nt out, are invited to cai. and r - f ? >..? ?.. ? p .? ??> f r rent. Pi ?:i? ?xchangMl Tbt-Ih* and B-painnn rropt-rly intpii lat to. CARL RirrflT-R, Agent, dM tr 93i P?-min tvanla aT?>ne? WILLIAM KM AUK A (.O., BaLI.MoB)., Mabttaitd, 6KAMI. Cyl AKK ANI? UPRIGHT PIANOS. TTm-w in?trua.*-ct? have been before tlta pabtic IN forty yi *r?. a: J J cj? n tbelr fxc-ller.ca alone attained a* nnpurchaa?id p.e->iuiornc>-|kaBHI abhti r^KiMC* theto nn-Mjnalled for tbeir'Il %?' tone. : cth, ?<>rkn*ai.?hia ami durability. Tbay ka?e been awarded ?ixty -flVe (nld and ailTer nedai* a* diflerent fair* over u> ber conpetitora. All of thali A RE PIANOS have tbeir new aixl Imprest* 0?er?inin<r Scali ai:<> A^riffe. . William MrCammon's PIA>08 and PIANOS aao ORGA NS fr ta \ar i u? weil kt. an racti>ri>? for ta^ and rent, at RhICii KNBACH'S, 4e? lC-tr Piano W ireri . r>M. Uth *?r?i?. BANKERS. B OTI* BUiF.LOW. ?t h n k o r , 643 H STREET, Nt \R SEVENTH, Para INTEREST ON rEP??<ITS, nmkea COL LRCTlONS, aci trsukti *11 baoineHs conne- ?K> tiith Bukiri. ari If A ft II 1 * 6 || O t * E <r J. H. SQL IER fc CO., 144? PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E, orr>"?.TIi W'UAID?< H"T?L, WASHINGTON. P C. ^ percent pa ?] o-p Ctni<?:tk-n?nade e?er where. V ii?iis |>a) able , q tj-nie.iid. P.?y of offlciT* in the Atr~> cai-ntd in -dv*uce. apS-tr J f. B Ko D|; E VU, ? H r ?> k e r i No. 939 Penra ave , R<" u? A, Waehin^t^n, D. C. Special att-ftlcr rireu to lnv-?tm?Pt ??carit:ea. lr . i*e? atteiiti' n ?o Mcnritln ti-ew fefr-red n pi ic*^ afcK'i %ill pa) lv t'* 15 r rent, in aui<'ntiU and of l^itth of f.nie towiit ir!*e-t r?. Sr^e.r?ll?|i|p,pr^flt at>t* i?-<l pr 'TrTtt mak'Tiz 'fc'm ia every reni^ct FIIiST <"LAts> SECURITIES. R< !? r* b) pemiaei n t> L* *?" J< hrj?on * Co., W aobinatun. I?. I'.; ?"?e" Kelly, k,-|., Ca?hier National Metropolitan Bi*:ik. Wanhincton, I).C.; Hon. J. M. Brmlkeinl, S iMnd C'-ctroller, \V%?lii:M{ t*>u. f?. C. Kit-wardC nrt. Es-i., Architect U.S. Cap itol. W.-wl it>*T. n. I?. C. niar]7-3n> r|*HA NATIONAL BANK Of THE REPUBLIC 1 lCotii* tof 7th and D itreeta.) 01'EN FROM 10 A. it TO S P. M dec 17 \j I HAS. BRADLEY. Cashier. C'ERMAI AYIEKK A5I SAVINGS UA>R. I No > I* Sf JTBXTM 9TBEET, fJrnsu* ik* Post <&e* UtTtLTtmtni. hotsra: fa tn. to 4 p. m. Saturday* open on tii a p. to ,to receive drpMiu only. Int< r?ft pn.d va drpoaua. CuUacUana ou> '?* and BBC har ?e h-4. JOHN H1T2, PreeM^tit, A. EBKRLY, ?. Pe?a"t, W. F MATTlNGLYjk*.,C. E PRENTlsS.C . h'r WOT? 1j I'HE rKKlWUSS SAVINGS AND TKLkT to >1 PAN Y. laBki&i B<??, N*. lidl Pi an*/Ivania Btenne. < pp<?ite the TreaeU??, PATS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST. hktf st B?*ia? iv >irtt oj Knot Mew;*. FATS FOUR PER CENT, on biumeaa arc anta from data of depceu. luati (Vii^m of Otfff i:b?arinr < and4 per o?nt. !uurr--?t. available anywhere. HAS BRANI H OFFICES in all larire towna and cities of the 8?ath and Soothwe?t. KmnM ktrrs, i a. m. to 4 p. m. Oyen Wedn-e.laj and Saturday ni^hta from 4>* to % o'clock, u> receivedep-iMt*only. Call at the B.'.k or ll?r ^ copy uf the Charter aad By-lawe. jl? ly COO R E U tO., JA? ?Ut AMP PELL FORETGN EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Trawelera, ?taiImbU ta aap part ?< tkt wmld. Onr Draft* on JAY COOKE, MoCULLOCH * CO,. London, are Cached In any part >f K>uLaMD, IBILa^d and ?cotLa SB. /Tie tjf rkartt. JMytt WASHINGTON CITY SAVINGS MAM, (?nu? 7tk ttrtti mmd Lonutmmm aewaat, FAYS ? FRR CRNT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT. later eat const eccea from data of depoaata. Dep? tte can be made and drawn at will. ?Tto-tf J. A. RUFF. Treasurer. '|'BI RAPIDITY tND RAS? WITH WHICH ar* retwovad and tha feet relieved, tf alllna. from Bnnioti*, Bad Naila, Ac., at DR WHITE'S Eatab ?aat, ASS Uth atraet, oppoaite the Treasnry, ' ? W?1 ?rrv?a?v ?"v a t <asui J ? I* ?aite snrarulnt to per* as unaccnat'-med to his "*d uf operating, which is entirely dlH^rant from . uId-time or t tmtt practice of teartaa ofl tha infrvwinctoe laacina diet Into the banion, a distreaeiagly PInfo) method, and on* which obliged tha sufferer go ahoalcas, aad sometimes on cratches, for week* or month*, and no doubt taaded to abort en lifa, at taw* to Biaks It far lass aleasaiw and assfal, but Dr. White's operati<'nsare fra.jnently borne by children without cotaalaint; there Is little or no pain, no loss of time, and if none bat inltable shoe* be worn, the treatment, area In extreme cases, affect* a perfect oars: though the feet beicg csedso couatacM* Corns ar* liable to come occasionally with even the best Atting ahoea, aad ladostrlous persons think there is saaaomy of time, comfort, and health tn an occa Moaal visit to the Chiropodist; aad it is a well-known tact thai thonsanda of peraoaa, many of them those ?oat honored in public and private lifa, Mat from far and near to vlalt Dr. White's Rstabfiahmant, to ?any of whom Dr. Whit* has unsolicited psrmiasioa a refer ^ ff-tr rJ1HE NEW NATIONAL MARKET. FRESH, SALT and BMOKED MEAT** ot all kind* and of. the best jnalitr, tarniehe<| in the best atyle^alsOjGAM E.POCLTUV , FRl ITS, aad VEGETABLRS. n their arae nxau be procnred at this Market. marSl ly ROBT HYATT, 414 11th at. ? OLLEGE OF OBSTETRICS AND GYN.ECOLOGY. The Course uf Le<-tu.ee in thi* C >lleg-? ? :I1 begin TH I' R>I>.\ V . Ma> 1. it the Columbia llu^pilal. r. r twr of 35th -treet and Penneylv,?uia avcuiie, at ? o clock p. m. Professor f Otiatetrica, F. A. A-liford. M. D. Protesser of Ov oa-col..?y , J. H Thompson. M. D. Profe??..r uf Veueral lli?<-?n ?f Women. J. W. Balkley, M D. ^Profeaaor of Diseases of Childreu, S.-C. Bneey, Professor uf Microscopical Anatomy tnd Path >l Ctnr, E M ??rh?*?. r, M B. ^hp<ti>r of Aawtouiy ted Cnrat-?r. P. J. Murphy, The" o^jeet* of thi* College are to enalde atadent* and aractitioaers ot mediciae to avail tht nteelves of the fac*Httes sffonlnd by thi* H -<p?tal aad Dtapeiv ?ari to utoain a practMal kaowledga of the ariaoce and art of M d? iferv, to rtidy aatl nWmthe pa th" -U gy. -itagnoaia aon treatment of di?eawaa .if w - men and children, and/oaecurea thoroughkaowl edge of M I. roacopical anedixny aad palhobngy. Twi lectarw a week wM bedelitered by each Prw f**"* danag the ax'ath* of May. June and Se^ ten.ber. . YWClinical Lartnreobr Fr-ifcasor Thompson will .7 "** tJw.^a*h??Bi the wicu-r u> the stiident* of ;hi* alao those ,4 frofMun Bast) aad , TTt?: '?**" *a*lra cvaras.toeJihliBf gradaaUM jLad, abep two coaraes are taken?for the Brat, ? seeotxl, ffJO. f.jr farthsr particBl>rs Dean, ?>rk arena*. F. A. ASH FORD, M D Dean sP-e. ?mayl 134* k*w Y a *pil CHIN I TRA HONS ROACHES. RATS or BEDBUGS canmdkafoaad w here Ole atwart h*s EX TERM INATOR is used. For sale by E D. Gil MAN. *47 P.-aaeiliaaia a**., aad HOLMES A 1*1 RO.. cvr. bt and R ata. a.W. paAiraJaay* M. ZSRWhSrsti'v atrwet rx rth west between T> and RI ?ifl be glad to receive Uw liberal pat*""*** MthsBta ?atawJcd to har AMUSEMENT?. \Y *ALL> OPtH t HOlsE. FOUR NIGHTS AND MATINEK. Cop \VEI-NE->1> \ Y, Ar>ril y3. GRAND MATINEK SATURDAY AFTERNOON. IAl WARNER'S MINSTREL*, J. H HAVERLY, Maua*>r, W ill have the honor of app^arin? tieforo th" citizens of Iti ? <itT. lu f?ch K'U rim nn nt ENTIKE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME Ha%ingm.tuy Por cUr ai d Tali-ntnl Artinta, pr< uiineat unmx ?li ?? are CAL WAGNER, B.M HALL, ?AM PR1' E, REN BROWN. JOHNY BOOKER, OH AS. HEY W Of?D. Cnmeriians. CA N F1 KLDai'4 ROOK ER. Song an t Dance Artist*. GKKAT CALIFORNIA UUARTETTE, c^mpo-cii .f WF.I.LTWQ BRo*. and J W. FREKTH. with a FINE ORCHESTRA AND BRASS BAND. R*?er*rd Seats for sale at Bos Office for three .lay In advance. aSl-i?' WASHINGTON THEATER CO*IIQUS. ( Eleventh nrwt, south Pennsylvania aveune.) R> -engag^m* nt of the populnr young American Star GEORGE W. THOMPSON. Who will appear <in Thursday, April S4*h, and each evening thereafter, in th<- great sensa tional of THE WASHINGTON DETECTIVE. Produced with a powerful dramatic cast. Engagement *>f the fawaed v?w*!l*t and comedian, MR. BILI.Y DEVERE. Entl usiaMie success of the brilliant Premiere D m Senese, M ILE COrCHITA RONSATTt. TV daring Orill Gymnasts, THE SENYAIIS! MAI DE, the Drill Q.ieeu! SAMCEt, the Kins of Air! TWO NEW GRAND BALLETS: Firet appeararce ot the bcautifnl Dauikiui<, MISS MAG'.IE W ESN Ell. The charming Uueen of Vcc.il'nts, MISS FANNIE DAVENPORT. Th<* youthful Dutch Comedian and Vocalist, M ^TFR HERBERT CAWTHORNE. The beautiful and da-hire danseusee, h IRAI.FY SISTPRS. AND OCR MAMMOTH NOVELTY TEOl'PE. THE LAST OF THE MODOCS, Ac., tr. ? . __ MYSTERY, Ac., Ac. Manners WEDNESDAY and SATI RDAY. ap?l tf WALL'S NEW OPERA HOISE, JOlIN T. FORD Proprietor and Mana?*r. M'LLE MATlE AIMER. THE QCBKN OF OPER4 BOUFFE. AND THE NEW PARISIAN OPERA TKOCPE, Commencing MONDAY, At-11 39. ONE VNEFK AND SATURDAY M\TISER, >> lib l*-r Matcult'*** Company of l>i?tii);;at*he<l _ t ^ French Artist*. Sale of seats to commence FRIDAY. Apr.1 2S,at E'lin Music Store. a21 It toPJl0'I 0? Exhibition \NkwN ??? J and bale j 434 'th St.> at / 7th St 1*1 ARKRITER'S, ' H " So. ?39 7th street, between D and B streets, eight _ doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. Oboloe Oil Painting's, Engravings, Chrome*, .tc. Also, largest stock Paper H tnginga, Window Pictures, Franr 4, Picture Cords and Taa "MSKJllSi.'S? '* ^ P:?aao rniember Name and Number. Jel-lT* All ktnds of cast-off we akin gap PA l.EL 'an be sold to the very beat advantage oy addressing ?.r calling on JUSTB, ? . ? ..D street, between <th and 7th n. vr. Notee by ir.ail promptly attended to. Cash paid. fl3 i |LD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, OOPPBR, Etc., '/ h0?*!1] fair pricee f?.r a New Torh h..-ie?. Household Fnmiture bongb? and arid. Notre by mail promptly attended to by A0GBNSTB1N, 14OS P-nnaylr%n1a avenue dS-ly* HUMMER RESORTS. RUMMER BOARD. The 0?BI BS HOUSE, Lefaburg, Va.,b now op"n for the accommodation of Summer B irdera No rafli* ?? ill b?* ?t?r?-d in the end- a\ or to mak^ all c.n,i. fcrtabb?. |apVln.*) JOABOSBCBN. Proprietor. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. yyiLLUM DHKSOM, GENERAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE AGENT, No. bOi FIFTEENTH STREET, OPro?'.TK TlIAKBf. Nope bit the saltft iuourauce companies repre sented. ^ Pr"mp< settlement of hiaeefi and fair dealing cuar apfl In. AC8TIN P. BROWN, Corner N. Y. avenue and Mtb street, _ Wa?hia?tvu, D. O., VROiniil Diun in H'MBER.LIME, CEMENT, SAND, *o., *e., Ac 5<y*BERjy LLS cut to order cm short notice. BLLB STONE for Building, Macadamizing and Pav ing purpoeea deUvored in any part of the Dia tnct. REAL ESTATE bought and aold and money In reeted. To this braneb of the hnsineea I will here after give my personal attention, and will be at my office daily from 10 a. ?? until 4 p. m. marl-tf EDUCATIONAL. M 8 SCHOOL FOR YOUNG - ? LADIES AND CHILDREN, 133b I st.,opp.> !i.l rafi. far''- Fourthquarter will begin April loth; fall term September Jth. aplo-lm* KEEPING taught to individuals or toclaeeee.be f*e-n 3 and 9 o'cleck p. m., at Prof. Young's School Building, 14th at., between I ,nd K. g * .. . JAilES CORBIDON, Teacher. Lettering, Card-writing, and Pen Work of every deecnption, eiecated to order.-^MI apt-lm pi>*E CLOTHING FOR srnLXC, AND SUMMER, MADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORK THE LARGEST ASS OH TM EXT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, EOH MEM, hOiS AMU CH1LUKLH. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN * CO., apt 3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. UARKCSS ! harness: We have on hand a large stock of all kind* of Sin fie and Double Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, 8ILVEB MOUNTED HARNESS, of oar own make, which we are determined to aeli at very low pricea. Sole a|enta for H ill's celebrated CONCORD HABNBSS, of which are have a large stock at Concord prices. The Concord Harnees and Collars Jiave a reputation all over the country for durability and strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS in treat variety. CBDAB TBUNKS.for protection against moths. Call and axamine stock. Ll'TZ * BRO., a?-lm ?0T Peaa. ave., aeit to National Hotel. y ilNNA EXPOSITION. CIRflLAE LETTERS Of CREDIT, IMC KB BY JAY COOKS * CO. TheCircaiarLetter lea letter ?f introdnctioa to ?ntify i inkers or character ihromtkmai t<U world, identify, ing the bearer and authorising payments to him aa repaired to the ex last of Ma depeett with us. Full Information will be furwlshed upon applica tion in parson or by latter. JAV COOkE * CO., Btakrri, apAlm WASHINGTON. J W. IBIfiMTBElX, CABBOLL F. WIN SLOW, SHIKTMAKM* Jrsi ^uJ?riz^serA tiee, hie oM LllHI MS IHimmislll t?W leave their order with ma. mM-Un gXAlIVl TIB ?OLD 8PECTACLB, Ont #?, M H- BEMPLBB. Optician, ** m* SFECIAL NOTICES. Fine Oi? Rye Whisky, ITme Old Itye WLi*ky, Fine Old Rye Wbisky. Fino Old Rye Wtmky, Fiue Old Rye Whtrky, Fin* Old Rye Whisky, , Fine OM Rye Whisky, B nr'niifcd Warrant, 1 Warran'-d Part Pur, Pur, And Unadultrrattd, For Utmrnl a*'l Mil final Vu. Thin Is the article we have now sold for upwards of Ave yearn with aniv.-rsal eatii?faction; putnpiu large bottle* at One Dollar ptr bottle. or cau be h ?J in an) quantity. ?^"Notice, that we will return the moner if this Whisky do. * Dot give satisfaction or preve m repr? ?4'itt* tl by un. Also an excellent stock <>f California Wines?P>rt, Rh'-rry, Angelica, Mnscatel, IL>ck and Clar-t; also Kelly's I-lard (I*'**ha and imported Lienor* of all kind*. ARTHUR NATTANS, Drnjr?i*t, alo ir Corner M and D afreets n. w. A Card. A Clergyman, while residing la Sooth America H missionary, discovered a safe and simple remedy for the cure of Nervous Wsake?a. Early Decay, Disease of tbe Urinary and Seminal Orgaas, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and virions habits. Great ntimber* hay* been cnred by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit tbe afflicted and unfortunate, 1 will send the recipe for preparing and ostag this medicine, in a sealed envelope. to any one who needs It, Fru of Chargt. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, marJJ ly Mew fork City. BALLS, &c. M ILITARY reception. A GBAND UNION BALL, in Ait) or ? THE DISTRICT MILITIA, WILL BE GIVES AT THE INAUGURAL BUILDING, OS THURSDAY, AraiL 34. ?:.Y A X AMPLBD IN ITS PR EP IRATIO V. MILITARY, PR'?MKNADE, AND STRING BANDS. Ticket*, admitting Gentleman *nd Ladies, 91; to be had of the members of the militia organization ami at all tiie print ipal batdne** houses. No spsctft tor* *I1"*M in the Ball Rooui. O. I. DU FFY. a22-3t* Chairman Ex.Cjui. LECTURES. tirji HE STAGE, ' BT mon. Daniel Dougherty, lincoln Hall, THURSDAY EVENING, April 34. Reser* ed ????!* at J. 0. Parker'*, 527 7th street. Notice?This will be the eloping lecture of the Star O'urw. and season ticket* must lie presented at Parker'?, .>54T 7th street, and exchanged, if the holders desire reserved seats. als LADIES' GOODS. >nss Mccormick, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' < Ur Stair*,) fa M ill open on THURSDAY, Artn. 4m, a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HATH, to which the ?p>'cial attention of the ladies is calle I. a2-tr (^TAMPING DEPOT, 617 Seventh Street, fet>tl-tr Opposite Patent Offi'-e. WELLING OFF I ? SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. ?ar7 tT NO HUMBUG. |MP0RTER OF HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BARGAINS AT MADAME ESTREN'S, ? ?IB VSth strut, neond door from V mm. nber the name and number. Obeap Oaris. .no*. Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Frluettea, of the t styles. Call and see oar new stock before ptir skasing elsewhere. dwell -tr "LAD158e?nch STARCH ENAMEL h the best article in the world for doing np Linen or Muslin. It imparts a beautiful glues to the fabric For sale by all Grocers. BURN HAM A CO., Manufacturers, ISO West Lombard street, )an!4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. 1873 SPRING 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, ?RBMENDOUS STOCK, REMENDOUS STOCK, fRKMENDOC 8 STOCK, KEMEND0U8 STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SCMMKR CLOTHING' SPRINU AND SUMMER CLOTHING* SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTH IN Ji MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS. At A. STRAUS'S, At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AND SBBt CALL ANV SEE! CALL AND SBB ! CALL AND SBB! CALL AND SBB I GREAT BAKU AIMS ! GREAT BARGAINS ! GREAT BARGAINS ? GREAT BARGAINS! GREAT BARGAINS' Itll PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. nssatwi i?3ss\ ?>? Third Door from 11th Street. Third Door from 11th Street Third Door from utn Street Old, No. 4t* 7th St 'I New, No. ?i? 7tm St. PAPBAHANGIMGS. NOW OPEN AT NAlIlIf IK'I, No. 439 7th street, between D and B streets. Eight doors abovs Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPEBHANGINOS of new and stylish designs of the best fabrics and ? niet), selected with dne regard to harmony of oelor, durability<? richness and econo my. A Urge portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs In Oilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms. Ac.; M and 40-inch plain tints for panneling with gilt rod or finishing plain, with a fall line of medium and low-priced Payers, patent and perfect repreeeo tations ef Wood and Marnle,for panneling balls ami vestibules. BORDERS in GHtT Velvet and Oilt Imitation Freeeo, and Common; Center Pieces. French Ftreboard Prints, Ae.? making the largest and meat complete assortment in the District. WINDOW SHADES. Hew d*si?t>?. different sites an4 colon; alio. Plain Goods in rearl, Chocolate, Lavender. Green and Stows Cetera Tor Baking Into Shades. Shades rnvts PICTURE FRAMES. BotM Oval, Wat sat and Gilt, and all Gilt Franes from 4*4 to TAmM Inches. B >* Oval Fraasea far Wreaths at cost. A beautiful esleetioa of French and Americau Gilt and Velvet Frames for Ivory type en* Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames in (rent variety. Frames made to order. Gold PUted, Tinned Mad Wire Center Picture Cord, very saperior goods. Porcelain and Inn Head Pic ture Maik. Rings, Screw Byea, Ac. FAIHTIHGS. ENGRAVINGS, CHHOMOS, Ac. A limited, bnt nboiee, selection in appropriate frames always in store on snbibitlon ami ante. Chremo*a-:d Ergraving* ordered. aitffd. Term* flpwrttfmlwfDMlif. ? ? ?? ,i ? Old No ?*S. MAHHRITKH, And ntHBber 4 *th street, njfttp Between p ?ud B slteeu. EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. hTitRnii Kivni'i?Tlx receipts from tlrs source to-day were fl45,3<i5.rt4. The President was serenaded ant! a recep tion was given to Mi** Nqtlie Grant at the resi dence or Indian Commissioner Campbell, in St. Louis last evening. Catt. S. R. Fkanklin has been detached fiom the i aval station at New I.ondon, Conn., and 01 den d to command the Wabash in the European fleet. He will sail lor Kurope on the 31st ot May. No Visitors Admitted?Secretary Rich ardson has issued an order that no visitors l* allowed to go through the engraving and print ing bureau of the Treasury d^partmont, am] hereafter he will give no i?erm:--lon to vUitort to be shown through that bureau. Th* United States Frostier Commis ?n>* has arrived at San Antonio, Texas, alter a fatiguing march from the Upper Uio Grande valley. An extended sitting at San An tonio will close their operations on the bonier, and the commission win leave for Washington early in June. Medical Appointments.?Drs. J. B. G. Barfter, of Wisconsin, N. F. Graham, of Min nesota, William Greusted.of Missouri, and W. L. Worcester, of New Hampshire, have been appointed to positions upon the stall of th* med ical referee of the Pension Bureau, after the usual competitive examination. Representative Wm. J. O'Brien, ol Maryland, announces through tho Baltimore papers that he is authorised to nominate a candidate from the third Congressional district of Maryland for appointment to the naval academy, lie proposes to hold a competitive examination, and whoever shall pass it most successfully will receive the nomination. More Room for Americas Exhibitors The I>epartment of State has received infor mation to the effect th.it six thousand addi tional square feet of space has beeN allotted to the American department of tlio Vienna exp > sit ion, and that articles from the United Si it?s intended for exhibition will l?e received until the loth of June next. The claimants entitled to the JO per cent, increase voted by Congress to civil employes in 18G7, \?ill now receive their money, the court <d claims having entered Judgment in their favor yesterday. Each individual account mn-t be till d in the Treasury either l?y the claim tin in poon or duly authorized attorney, ami will 1?. paid there after examination hy the control! ; . l?n. Mary E. Walker wants a Pension.? The Commissioner of Pensions is now con 1 ering an application for a pension from I?r. M?ir\ E. Walker, and will make his decision in a few days. The 1 >oetor ?1 aims that >lie had a contract as assistant surgeon with the Govern ment during the w;ir. and that she is *uti'ei.ng from physical disabilities contracted ;n the ime of sti vice. Pprsonal.?Senator Morton left St. l..?uis last night foi the Hot Springs of Arkansas. ???? It is staled at Berlin that Herr Von Sturn:u will lie appointed secretary of the German lega tion at Washington. Gen. B. F Butler li is removed from the house at the corner of 1 jib and I streets, which he has occupied lor the l>ast lour years, to a house on I street, between 11th and 15th, ad joining the residence Ot J. W Thompson, cs>). Senator Patterson, ol South Carolina, who has been quite sick for several days past, is still confined to his bed. but is somewhat better to-day. The condition of Representative James Brooks i- ^till very critical,aud U:s phrsinaus are not hopeful. His disease has batflud the skill of the physicians, some holding to the opinion that it is a blood poison resulting troiii malarial influences, while others think it a sul.f acute inflammation of the stomach. He h is m appeti.e whatever, and onlv takes food in ohj du-nce to the orders of his physicians. Ai :ir>i liis disease w as attended bv a severe ditrrhn a] but for the i>ast two montlis there has been no symptoms in that direction until within the pa-t tew dajs it has again made its appearance. Gen. Sherman and the President's Peace Policy. ? Many statements recent!) published are evidently designed to lead to the impression that Gen. Sberte.in is not in accord with the Indian peace policy or the President, 't hese statements are exceedingly annoying to Gen. Sherman, who is in i>efect harmony with the President on the Indian question, and does not like to have it appear that lie is trying to create a feeling again-t the Pcace Commis sion. lie lflieves as the President does, in eating lor the Indians and protecting them .*o long as they Itehave themselves and remain on their reservations, hut wh<?n they become hostile and disposed to give trouble. lioth the President ami hiniaelf are in favor of dealing with them promptly and severely, and tarcing them ujon their reservations. Shad Hatching is Soithebs Waters ? Mr. Seth Green, the noted ti?h culturlst, has left here, with four assistants, lor Augusta Ga., for the purpose of there commencing the work of shad hatching with a view of restock ingthe southern and western waters. After the season closes at Augusta, Mr. Green w come northward and continue his labors suci vely at Xewbern, Weldon, Fredericksburg. Wa-h ington, atxi other localities. A portion of the tish hatch* d out w ill be placed in the river at each station, and others will be tram-mitred '.v rail to adjacent waters, both on the Atlantic coast and the Mississippi valley. Mr. Green noes out umier direction ?t professor Spencer F. Baird, in accordance with the plans of that gentleman, published at length in The Star lew dajs ago. Peksionsto Im>ia?s.?The Pension Ortice is now prepared to receive applications, under the late law, trom such of the Indians as served in the late war in the Union armv. and sustained injuries entitling them to pennon*. Tho*e en titled were formerly members of the Cherokee -ml Choctaw reg nu nls. which were in the ?er vice during the war. Those who sustained in juries in the service were not entitled to receive pensions until the last session of Congress when a law was passed which provides that the mem bcrsof Indian regiments shall receive i>enaiom in the same manner as white soldiers, since the close of the war about four hundred appll cations for pensions rrom Indians of this clas. have been received. All Indians who served in white regiments and are entitled hav.? re ceived pensions regularly sinrellie clos- oi tl?e war. The new law was passed tor the especial benefit of the members of such regiments i were composed mainly of Indians. Referring to the "Rev. J. Hale Barney swindle, our moribund neighbor, the CArsa?.7* sajs: ?'The city postmaster, General Edmunds, has also been quite busy opening letters asking lor information and containing the same circular. There are only twu blunders In the above three lines. The city postmaster's honorarv title haptens to be "Judge," and not "Gene1 ral," ana he has not been "quite bnsy opening letters asking for information and containing the same circular." Judge Edmunds has opened no letters arriving at the Washington ortice ami addressed "Rev. J Hate Barney/' All such letters have been placed in a separate package and will not be opened until they are produced on the trial of the alleged swindler, fw" at tempt to improve Star items, our Christian friend, and yoa will make fewer nHstakci The Head-Stokr* for Soldiers' Gravis ib the National Cemeteries Before he left this city lor his western trip. Secretary Belknap invited some live or six artists to pre pare designs for head-stones for graves in the national cemeteries, to be famished in aeoerd anee with the clause tn the army appropriation bill of last session approprlsringgl^M0\0Q0 furnish such brad-stones. Upon Ms return here, the Secretary will examine these designs and accept one er more, as he may determine He will then Invite proposals to furnish the head-stones, in accordance with the design, by sixty days' advertisement in tea newspapers in various parts of the country. Last vear when I tke proposals to tarnish head-stones were opened, it was fbnnd that the appropriation w nuthing like suMcient to pay for them, conse quently the whole matter had to be dropped Mane specimens were then submitted, som<> of which were or Iron, some of scene, some of com position &c. Tbelateactof CoMNMrequirw that they shall be ol durable stone, and of su<>h >leslg? and weight a* shall keep them In nlace whan sot. WfiVentj??ignsffi varUms ??? teries may he selected, bat all mast be made or art tLe uAiietiai ccauteries. ... . ? . j { Statistical Missm* J. R. Podge, who ha? been by the President ss one of the honorary commissioners to the Vienna ex posith n will give his time mainlv to th ? ins tigation of Eironrin statistical' v * to the extension or the faciiitiesof hi* division of the Department of Agriculture. Th - fe.*s bility of an international system of crop repor;. will aim be inquired into. Commissioner DocoLAt.!* ha* issued order to all assessors of internal revenue to turn oyer all papers in their respective districts to theii . collectors, except those showing the list of p r sons indebted which will be sent to the depart ment. This order is issued preparatory t?i abolishing the office of assessor which will In* ?tone on the JOth of May, in accordance w;th the late act of Congress. The New Postal C.\rd*.-Requisit on? aggr? gating from 15,nnn,ono to ao.ooo.wt, foe the new |>ostal cards, have already been re ceived at the Post Office IH-pirtment. Phila delphia nlone wants l.tKW.OfSjof the first install ment. As but will he rea<ly on the 1st proximo, it wiil be necessary to cut down n?"*t ol the requisite ns. ami in doing this preference will be given to the larger cities, where it is presumed the demand will be greatest. Those requisitions will not he parsed upon until the 1st of May. and immediately after will be sent to the postal card agency at Springfield, Mass., to be tilled. As it wilt take three orfourd4\> to examine the requisitions, It is not probalt'.e that the new card* will be on hand and for -t'e in the different large cities before the 8th 01 loth of May. Parsok Nashy OrTOO*m?A Country P" mutter Actually Decline* to Acctpt !!'? ante, tl Hain't Got -Vo Tittw."?The Postmaster Gen eral to-day received the following letter from a person who was recently appointed postma?tei (at a salary of twelve dollar* per annum1 or' a backwoods town iu Iowa. We give it (t.ic 'ia el literatim: "to the gincral postmaster at Washington Citty my De-are friend i hope you will not :ii? pint me ixistmaster in this here town i hain't gut no time to tend to it i supxse you got the |> i l>er someow my f rinds sent up l&eckominden 'lie hut 1 hain't got time to do the thing up as it >>rt too be done In fact i dont know hardly what is a go in to be done our shooniaker would be a very good man truly he was Grely square o it wh'cli you know ontits him for the i?osition then there is our storcceeper jim B that wants the position mightty bad but as sliure as you area livin man jim'B kain tread good wri tin and thats the trouble You see them tint wants it dont know enuil'to tend it and tu mb their that does dont want to take it jim B ? wus rased out in the eonntrey and j??*t com ? to town last week and don't know enouA' to Ik postmast* r but do as von think be*t only dm! apnit lac i hain't got time ever your fri?. I, &c. A Plea for ilu> t'lisjsnnrs. PRIES I) HOAQ i>M TH K XirilDKK OF TI1E f! VklVoltS. Friend I'tioch lloag, Indian sii|>eriiiten :nt of the central superintend' ncv, which embraces Kansasanel the Indian UT i' tv, arrived in the city to-day and had a ioi.? , ervcw with the Secretary ?f the Interior. II- - >vs the survey ors recently killed in the IihIi >>i i rritory were undoubtedly mordered by a lew vonng men of ti e Cheyennes who were intoxicated, and who acted without the authority or knowledge ol the cliitfs. He says the Indians r? gird survey ors as their morta'l em uiies and as the precur sors of their annihilation, and that just before the murder of the surveyors a number of United States soldiers tired into a pariv of Cheyennes killing and wounding several of their number. To tins circumstance and the fact tha' the Indians had been made drunk with whisky given them by bad w hites, mav be attributed, lie thinks, the murders referred to under the circumstances, and corsidcrtng that thechiei's and the main body of Cheyennes are peic; ably dis|?ofced, Friend lloag"doubts the p.dlcv of at present demanding the murderers of th surveyors. He thinks it the duty of the piv eminent whenever it intends to send surve> :ng parties into an Indian countrv to appraise the Indians of its purpose in order that they may be disarmed of their apprehensions. / ( aril from Sir. iamss E. IUns>A ' We publish the annexed card with plea-ire hi the drst place, its statements contradict the curre nt l?elief, and relieve Mr. Harvey from the odium of being the author of a very stupid and malicious If not entirely fictitious '-intervi w." ami in the sccond place, they will tend to dis abuse the public mind of tile impression that Mr. Corcoran had much to do with the course pursued by the Patriot during the short time it lived; as it has been generally understood an 1 believed that he did exercise a controlling authority in its management, particularly dur ing its later days: EJt'or of the Star:?The following positive paragraph appeared in Thk Stau ol vesteruav, as the introduction of a rude criticism:. "The Xew York riatnw, In publishing an interview between Mr. James E. Harvey .mil Mr. W. W. Corcoran, criticizing District af fairs," &c. This statement has no foundation In fact. I have had no interview with Mr. Corcor in on any su'oject. Indeed. 1 have not seen him for several months, and I have uo connection, direct or indirect, with the Tribune. The imputations in regard to the Patriot are equally unfounded. Mr. Corcoran wa- an oiiginal subscriber for five shares, whi h he contributed in the public spirit that has m irked his career, and with no expectation of tv netit or reward. He never in any manner, shape or ? orm exercised, or attempted to exercise, the least influence iu the directum of that paper and this remark applies with equal and < xa;? truth to every other shareholder outside the managing board ol three trustees. Until brokeu health compelled my withdrawal as editor, the res|<onsibility for whatever was ^ood or bad in the Patriot devolved ui>oti me. and I do not can te shrink troni it in the face ol misrepresent* tion. The Patriot under my charge alwavs advo cated judicious improvements tor this District What we asked was that the wise rule *f con duct in private affairs should be applied to them by maturing a plan under competent engineer anil practical minds, adapting it to the mean of the community, executing it gradually so as to insure proper saffervision and honest admin istration, without harsh burdens, and attracting the interest and good feeilng of the peoplt whose property had to bear (he cost. Whether these precautions were wise or nu wise, taxpayers can best answer, in presence ?? the results of a system over which they had no control. 'Iaxi* E. H vbviv. A fieiu k biot took place at Frankfort. Oer many, yesterday afternoon, growing out of soin* unexplained difficulty between the people and the beer sellers, during which several be>-r houses and breweries were gntted. Troops hao to be called out to disperse the rioters, and in the melee several persons were wounded, though no deaths were re|>orted. St'DDKM EhD^T a New SPAPEn IjRIL SUIT The suit of George B. Davis against the New York Timet to recover t50,O00 for an allege libel was tried in Xew York yesterday. Pavb vm put on the stand, when the counsel for th defendant objected, on the ground that he wa a convicted felon, and the judge sustained the objection, thus ending the trial. Th* LoriSiAKA Racks?Yesterday (the sixth and last day of the trials of speed in New Orleans) the first race was won by Sallie Wat son, time 1:46; the second?one mile?by War wick, time 144^; and th* third-four mile heats, all ages, for a purse of ?2,000_by Morgan Scout, ttacTiox.-fo, 8:0?X- ' Til Coloked Poor LB or RtCUOID oele bra ted. yesterday, the anniversary of the I3ti> amendment proclamation. The procession wa* the longest erer witnessed there on any tiatlai occasion. the line extending about a aula and ? half. There were no lew than 6^M9pers?M in line. Addresses were made by'the mayor ami others. ______________ tar A heavy snow fell in Chicago yesterday. ?7*Of the seven of the victims ef the railroad disRster at Richmond switch, Conn., (har ha v. not yet been Identified. 'The Tammany society of New York Us* ntghr eieeted sachems fir the ensuing year Tweed's name is net In the Hst. ? There was a tremendous storm at Salt Lake yesterday which destiojsd ooashterahl proj>ert v. * ?9~The stokers of the ClnelanaSi gas i I have struck for an incrsasanf pay at in the hours of labor. ?y The French Atlantic eable is broken. Tb electricians of the company locate the break a* ?JJto mites from Brest. Governor Baxter, of AUansas, has issue. I a proclamation dsolarinc the^ratificatloi^Bf Ui. ITi letter ft*m Bederflle, Republic county. Ken., gives aaneeouatef a terrible prairie Art In that-vicinity which destroyed many houses. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Thli iftnuiil DkaMtchet. ASSOCIATED rRkSS BKrORTs. o THE ????? CiA.l CC or BASE. LATEST riA? THE I IO\r. A FI?illT M MKDAV ! RtAl I.IK or LANr WCEk-N fk.hi ? K<>. >n Both Mldr* War rior* ftlal? Hurrlblr Nrr??? In lb* Uta Br4? KUwh fraM llw IMtr? MiNoMlrnMHlWMdTlliMilitllHl. Sax FRAxriwo, Ai>ril 21?A courier arrived at Yrtka to-night.w uSi the follow .ng u?m from the front. te April lrth: Col. Perry. Livut. Miller, and tlfl men left eanip at ?uuriM' this uoruiii^. oil a vuiil south eastward. Nothing will be done in camp until they reti. m. unle-s the M-sloos utketnattack, which it> not probable, Part ot the command will return to-morrow night, an?l pari will pro ceed tt the Willow Spring lan?l route, and de termine whether the M(k1ik> have fiod that wav. Indians were wen in cIom proxim ty to the camp to-day; they catuc to the lake lor wa'<*r. Three shots were heard in the southeast, evi dently tiled b\ the lud.ana kilUug cattle. Thl afternoon Indian? were seen out herding their horses four mlies southeast of this point, and an equal distance south of their former po?.uon. THK MODOC CHABOB op BASK. It in *aid there are large caret- and strong po sit ions there, and tttcy will m-ikf a ?Unl a; tuat point. The women and children are there, having been rt-jaoved before the rnassa-re There is a quantity of ammunition there ami a supply of water. Portiiieatiou* will be thrown u|> at points commanding the lake ahure to jOiard the waler-liue. Eleven dead bodies and one live Modoc were found in the care of the lara bide to-day, making SIXTKHS WAKKIottS SLAIH. The bodies of the dead were buried. The ntimber of Indiaus wounded l? unknown. Sow liodicS were horribly mangled by shell"1. Si* soldiers aud one civilian were siain. Kleven soldiers were wounded, two sevwrely, and tour were disabled by sprained ankle*. It is report ?d that two more of the wounded in the lava bed? will arrive to-night. Mrs. Mea. ham w?- within three miles of the lava bids on the 17th, when -die was turned back. Mr. Meacham is doing finely. Day after to-nn?rrow he w ill be taken to Ferris' Kanehe by boat to Lost river, aud thence by ambulance to the ranclie. As soon as the cuvalrv return ? THK XOPOCS WILL UK MJtl* ATTA<~SFT?, if thrv remain where ne think Uaey are. Capt. F.acan ts rapidly recovering. Young Hovey will l>e buried at Vreka this evening lie wa >ra 11 -e< I and disemboweled, aud his hea 1 max). ? i w itl. a tiat rock. Harmon, wbe nil within the Indian lines, wa* scalped. Two !>?>?? U?#r. llKATmr aetkrk. Lava Beds, April 2*? Nothing further ha* transpired. W? *rt?s ?it lac the return of the cavalry. The Warm Spring Indians are aeourmg the country east ot the battle ground#, and arc making tow ird the craters, which are at the end oi the high ledge of the Moloc stronghold south. If the Modoc* hare tied to this yi t os we will ?tr.ke the trail, and troop* will follow as soon as we are notified. The cavalry will return u?-n ijlit, and we will then know whither the Moloes have fled to the ?outh. The Wanu Sprin* In dians and cavalry will probably coniuiuni<-ate with each other to-day. Col. Mas)n has moved his camp into Captain Jack's lair. The lava bed presents A lioBBIl LB SPBCTACLE. Bodies have been dmuovered in crevices and from under heaps of rock, and a sickening stench fills the air. There must have l?-en many killed aud wouuded we know uot of, but we have evidence of THK DVATH OK SEVEXTEEX *(?DO< 3. Their wounded must be at a gr? ater rate than ours, as the ground is literally covered w ith fragments of broken shells all over the place. Three shells fell in the main ravine, in the cen ter of their camp, scattering most of them. Thtreacre about 2JD men, women and chil dren. 60 of whom could tight. Vesterday sol diers captured au old squaw who was unable to escai<e. She < ontirms THE DEATH OF SrHOBCHt*. the second chief, who wa? shot by Commissioner Meachaui. It the Indians do not make a -ucn l thi.- countrv will be n a horrid state this sum mer. The "rancheroes will sell their cattle and be comi>elled to abandon their ranches. 1- ifty desperate savages roaming these rocky fast nesses will work Incalculable destruction to proiierty, cause a featful loss of lite, and lay waste tne countrv. while the soldiers will be compai ativelv powerless. because tliev cannot hunt them, and when they find them they .-an not venture out without bearring great risk, not knowing what branch or sage-brush con ceal- the toe. The troops will not be idle. The Modocs will have no chance to recruit their scattered forces. ?* exterwixatiox is the word. Mr. llovey arrived here last night. He will raise the remains of his son and lake them to Vreka for interment. The feeliug in this section is aroused to terrible excitciu-nt. Business Is suspended in a great measure. We are hourly expecting to hear of the nuasai re ot defenseless citizens living in the rallies, li the Indians will make a staud in one place, we will soon have the last one, but if they scatter into small bands, it will be neat to impossible to get at them. Aasther Fight! Later, 10a. m.? Firing has commenced at t'.i? head ot laing Cave, where the troops were at tacked by Indians coming down to the water. An escort, coming to meet a pack-train, has also been attacked, and the men have beeu or dered to fall in. I.ight battery B. of the fitb artillery, is on its way from Presidta to assi-t the cavalry, and battery G. of the Ith artillery, is also on lis way from Black Point. About a mile from the camp firing is heavy and stead v The escort Is dnving the Modocs. No further Kticulars can be obtained before the courier ves. ^ ,g f ffcf. prosit ! Ybeka, April 21.?JamesGleuu arrived at s o'clock p. m. from the front. He briug- dis patches from General Gillem. He left head quarters at 10:30 o'clock yesterdav and reports having lx-en shot at twice wbeu tour miles tin side of the camp by Indians, but wasnntou -bed. Mr. W. A. Hovey is on his way in with Ui?* re mains or his son. The company of volunteers who started out from Yreka day before yester dav will return to-night. The settlers on B-?gus aud Willow- creeks are murh excited, and are all preparit g to move into the town. It is re ported that three Indians were seen in the neighborhood of Bogus creek a few days MnreS and others were seen down near Picark*, Kla math rivw. Indians, supposed to be Modoc-*, were at Crystal creek. In Scott's valley. The Klamath river Indians were painted ami having war dances. They numbered fifteen or twenty warriors, and are well armed. Whether there be any danger or not, the i>eople are arming, one faniW bad left the neighborhood where the Klamath river Indiaaa were congregated. Colonel Mendenhall's command has beea or dered to move by the way of Shasta valley, instead of by the Pitt river route. THB SEW Tirxi UIB TO T8E WBST. New Yobb, April 22?Tbo extension of the New J? rsey Southern railroad com pain is ez ,ic* ?< racy Muiawn raiiroaa oompan v pectod to be competed about the Ut at duly, and will p. actically make a new trunk line to the west, extending from St. Louis to New York , by means of connection with the Balti more and Ohio railroad, near Baltimore. The capital stock or the reed to bonded debt, WjmMOn. ? scholastic roc a. A steamer has been chartered to carry to Europe a hundred and sixty persons engaged in scholastic puraarta. The pwty will sail~m New York June fist and return September 3d. The wtymitr <Wn be specially Inspjcted. rua. Building No. 57 Chambers street, owned by the Irtohnrtgrants Saving Bank, was dam eged by Ire to-day. Less, f iO^W. mrnieesniBVT sob uri. John ritsgibbens, who yesterday pked guilty of manslaughter in the first degree for Billing O'Hara, wee to-day sentenced to in prtoonmeat fer life. THE tBDIAV BOABD. Only Missrs. Stewart and Campbell, of ? ?J are ia town. Homo there will ma fzizs? Wall MrM T*4?|. Knr Tow, A|>rtl K -W?il ar.et ? noa \ tng the mib which (to!tow ? Mora A ititTr* IKC fcatur of tbc uwproved I?IU| m llf ? qair* for mercantile |i?|*r ht >k?*? re porting a Uree w firm h??ir>([ re fer day k'M ell*.** at iffy r+++ '?tli> I f arrewe> t* coming Wk from tt>e int?mw * large amount- and tega 'fintwn m?w l'>ri? an in portent part of tlx r. -f it**. TIm Va> tercet OH Af r?Mlf 4fM tlllV|[1k to (V? ? t w'hcut r< bate on Thursday or FrtdmT. U-? fffff of which on Mnk rfvrif. will Ik- ftrHi - at?.e. <?o call loan* weared by fUvk cil'.i e *i, rate? up ?? the time <>f wiling hiff ri?ff4 trr?m I p?f cwt (t<M *" t . r i dav. with a*"t of t ' e tMMB a' I M awl ..i , e-t l k?r* afr rm ae !???*< ? Uia' m.>ney ? I * .?.G be tuiaoe *tiiitgent Uiuu ite kaM return ot tbe w?rket to *teadtne?v b?it theve ramneff. IB view ol the lartr <??"? nnc\ rwcljiU, Vf dlKtr41i?l '? ba'ik cih k% flo'.d at IT .. to R\, ami >a?itoa?l>Mf b? if\ai: v,. iHi|*M Im ? rate* have rtjigi 4 tlom flat" U> ?? per cent, fbr mih)m Foreign e*rhanf l? ap awotfi r eighth for otMltnc. I''?<l ?* drawcra now ?ln ; Wf\ tor mxti-dav Mile. and I" \ for all r alfht or <t> tnand A (uul iiuuv bilb 41* **% ?? t b 1*1 alt | menl* u> furii,*, hut thr ilrwtiMl ' -r ?hort ttjht la now active to cover matin ( ?tarling loan* liotmimi nl ImMi aeo ttn" C? ? Ith a good di'WtiKl from foreign l*nkfr? > trust the *yndicate |? Iti? \wlnl tW In >. kTMka runt ?am'.BB r>> i>nm within a rr<r ?Tir? or TMKiit Rnvn. St I.<?fla, Aprn a.- TIm f?i'**?i.i a' jm? ? *u?* following *pe<4a1 diapatch Nbr., ?t.?Th* flr?t train ??*? a wcrk on the Birllnfti'ii and Mtaaoin vvir railroad caste ta tht* namir.ntf. lUpmt? .h ik? late*torm 4ii w it to have l?-en thr ?? ??<??? ever kuown here. Men were frown t?? .??-wr(? withia two roil* of their hou?*a, while tr >ig to get to their wtrek t IB Near .????, a (man narnil Kwlir att? tup ted to rearb ? uei^'l l?>r h arteli a half a mile aaaa pmiied by hi* wi/e and child. and the '*? ia* 'er were fronen to death. A Mr Had iij>. perished while trying to r ?-h hia hoiiae. The wife and child of Mr R w>. wear He.l flood, w?re fm/eii in ^niti* to a ?> -a^ti f?.?r a after the houMt bad beeti r? i iered X iablta Me Their bojie* were found on F'?-ta? t<-t* miff from tlf hooae. K <milie* w. re ?*ntn l-Biled to rake refuse in cellar* or keep r|..-ic i?e?!p for three da>a. H>*uaea were bi xra duan BtMl tilled w it b i-now. The ?teatructinn <u cat i in and horaca w?a |jr? at Some farm r? l???t ml tberhad. V?n?' |?nrtv Wt a whole h rd ot T* head. The gnllimna thf railwan ?rr? ti i?<?l with an<>w a* luud w toe. and aavw i>lu?> worn UM-lraa. lbr truteuNlal. r Bt L A I'KI-I'M IA . A|.ii A me. I . '..i . elax'tioii of ? ccntenuial (Mtard ot' ti-it-i -t ??? ii> l-i t?> .lay at uoon. Ev liov. rn .!?? <r cnlleil the meeting to oriter. K?-0?v, fil ler a a* eleetrd prrwulent ot the aacei ? m i -i - Hvtnd a hrief aildre? Tbaaeti'i i><fi ? authoriznitf the election na? read ?> . begun, flic |?oll? will cl??ae utty. a i loalng geiitl.-BH i ? MM any other* are heing vote?1 for F??r d - t.?e? oi' tht i eiiti ntiia1 tioant tlnatn-e, from 1*1 i iilna?.lohn W'eMi. Wbi. KfUai, Hm M frltuii, <lwi'i'h I'alUTMin. 4. Kdgar I Daniel M. rei> Wbi. \ llcKm, -i t i . i v. M l it' ? Tl - < Brtaam M. Riddle. N. I'rnker ?fcBttrtdf. -Ii" Henry C. l/ea, awl I. I?hi,i I St<?el? ?< M. 1'altoli, Alalium-i, Keiij. K. Allen. . ? ? a, ?lohli ''iiiiimlii*. Ma? . ,\ S ll-atl. N a . r -? v Win H. Ap|>h t i Ni w York * 1 > I lack,??hio; < liar lea W. ? Vooper. I'MHBJT i JukaN. iiurkaB, lUaod* lalaad; Johns bo \ irg.uia, anil C. Wa?hi->u w. Wiacou- > w I'mtai l air??|?e fiMlay. ai in < *i?. I mil Apiil..'.- It a|>tvUi>li tb?' <? ? liietiun in the Allan,'u* caiilc tariff* win* ' wan aniM iinced ame time afstmli gw into ? led on the I ?t <>t Mm, a >11 not tak?- |>ia-ae l> , that an advance iu liie iau? will be made in stead. MlIB BV tub >-rA*i?B rv.rainio .'a u Matvrip. April B?ln eoaaenaewf* of it ? death ot the wife 04 Pre?ideBt Kigwora*. which BMHrtlart aigkt. III* I ? '???llencar ha? tMBM raaiH ccasd U> ea? n-iee ttie lui.. ti.?u? ui i. < office. SciKir Mar^all, n n.?tcr id" the ntai ?i. will act aa j-re?rtd<-nt until s nor I- ?- <_i ?? reaumet- hia dntie*. ?xmi:twi or roi k arab caisra ib al OlltlA Pari?, A]>ril J J?A <i"|>at.h fj-om A i? -ay* t' mi insurrectionary Aialnan ? li.c.? Tiavo boea ?bnM at CMBtaat. w Mure Keamtal Abanl tin- Autfiir^a 4 ?Maatiits*t*ta?-r*> to % l?*waaa. New Yokk, April 2?.? A 1 al ii mii "A i !> ington nav? one of the , .miii - i lia> lnH'ii ?u*pendod for iiu|iru|ier I'ractice aii.i i- im w on bio way to \ leiina, and MUM M ?u?|iecUd, and bl- caae i- l><'nK . m ?. Report* are in circulation tha' Ml< coBiplimeritarr fnaMMarn -ecurcd thdr a' |?iiiitment? ' in , r t?. ri |?N?I c. rvaui Bianutactiiring intiri-?l?, and thai a ??* c Machine coin|?aiiy and a gun ooaifinny ea<-U lis goveniBtent C"UiBii-ni"iHr? iu it? employ. Tlae Preaideat laa M. St. Lot ia, April ?i-?it i? eiau-?l thai Preai ?lent (iraut and paity mil leave lieit li <l?v morniDg for Id alio Spriu*:-, Cobtrada* In a i>i n i ifff?iiiM to a toad, ir tke kwat af Hewv T. Bluw ji>ti t l iv tl., i - lent naid Whde St Ixiui? is one ol few piice?> in which I havA lived long enough to fiirtn i loae attAcl wn"?. t iaaot |MHalla that I willeeer naaketii -i ty m> boiue.'' ? bfB. Rnflerat amtiiUte lor ?io* ? rmir. Kkw fetc< \prii t WariMngton - i ??\> l?' n ainiii K. Hutler .i.n. w I l?; k candidate for tiovcrnor oi MaiiaobuaeU", and i? confident of hi? election. EVt'iR **T?. Twelve thonaand eatigrant* arrived at 1Mb jiort y enter day. ? <?> ? ? Pkbbftlvama OjH 1 kahb. Iiie trad* coulmuea dull, as well irout want ot onlcra ae from nre? ol water in the mine*. Pri?- * ara uncbangeil, hut it la ninleratood tli?? ? ?? j kuowu an the -jiool 'will advance tbem with ti.o iiicotaibv of May- J he i ??in iniltet a(.|?n!'-d '?? average Maich price* ot coal u|?oii ? lucii t ? ha-? wage* for April, n><* on tlie 15th inat .t at Pott*Tille. ami lived the average at 9~ ? The rate of wage* lor the current month. t here lore, will be on Uae ItNbaaia. Paul. It will bo *eeli. haf declineil hi new tbe reauaiption a?t abi^i menta from Port Kirliioond. ai*l rathei uaore than wu e\;iectr-<l ?. l.rtyr. Tut G?i >i>bi. h Mi autit MvarmA via TheNtn York cwtl^MteM of the PI .^<b I phia Inijiiircr -i.- On Saturday Mr.Goodrich? ar., father of Cb.ir'e* (iimlricli. who a n mv>teri?m*ly munlered m-vera! week# ngn. *?lh I on Coroner Whitehall, and a?ked to ?ee tim pi.-tol lourid bcM.lr tlie boil> the morning of tho mnrdcr. On examining it he declared that it war not the weapon hi* *on wa> in the hal.it ?d carrx ing. a* hi* jiiptol bad a white handle, ivory or i^arr while the one found ia *f wood Tb i? atcxt clue ?to be lnve*tigate<t by tbe |x?' t. A Railroad Srtti for Over o?i M ;.U"t imi.LABa.?Tbe atate of Imiiana i* pmaccuttng the Terre Haute and linl an tfioli- ? the Owen couuty circuit court, for a larg- aciu of money. e*timated a* being orer ?1 .'*? m*?". which it claim* i*due it. Ttif railroad oomnany ot course vehementlv reMvt* the claim, and the lawyer* on both atde* are v igontaaiy argtaing the pros and con* a* u> whether the a- :.?rii? o general *hall be directed by the go\i t nur anil lieutenant povernur to di^iunw tbe ?uit ? W. fa H orld. tht. Rtworkd Co*te?t ma thi. CoBTn?n. or Pacific Mail?A rumor prevailed am mm fia ?tock operator* at tbe K ft h-avenue hotel, la-t evening, that one ot tbe Tranaatlantic ? abip comjiauie* had entered the market t? buy Pacific Mall ateamnhip *tock, and la that war obtain control of the company and run it lit connection with it* own line. It la aaid that th? preaeat Btanagement bare been aware of ttiB ?cbeme tor wmt day*, aaad will make a ?? ^tr ate eflort to prevent iu auceew. S. I . IWr, ?l?f. _________________ PttUBTTMl AM tiBIUAL Aa*EBBI t Th? meeting ot tbe Pre*-bvterian general aaeaUy In Baltimore, May 10th, prvimiaaa to be aa ac caalon of great latere*. Tbe aaaembly ia oom poaed af aome ?M> mlwMera and ruling elder* (? the church, <ioiia| from all part* of tbe ooaa try. Gbobor Rbowb baviag received no anxwer i?bi:,p.':,afSS2?LS55.kt; sjst:: John Uiglia, Voary GoaUar or anv ether '.aer 15*" for a race far tijm ^ tab* ^ 111 July, Brows t) ai! >? hia Tat votfium ob the Baak oi England bar* turned oat to be a bad apoea'attoa aa tbe part of the cii?tm)a. Tbe two Bld? Oownell. tbe prtwolpala. bare 1 ycitffdftf tbcAr mm ttzizxs:**-v"' Tbe Uhwaai ?aetrapalltaa iaii?a fra with Wlacbeater riflaa, arrived at AmiU ?uu day night, art tnatalled KeOagg*> recorder an t ssyria.'^i'ssiier.'4*'- '?"? Stolkk Railboad Bow Da. _ Charle* G Hamptoo,? broker^ waa arreated la Xew Var< - ra? a- T " rhlle Pennavii tallraad mad, fit aade. , which b?4 bee* Mo lea from a PitUburg metcbaa*. Tub ramii Tacttow frno m?a?<t urbtt* loatmach Mreeg* rltkda tba paat ?u> ** two. He aeeaft-w or bo fWwda. ha* ?taa?dtai* ukvm ota fori rate Ma Most or tb* Yoek trttg have

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