28 Nisan 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

28 Nisan 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. Luygt Cimlitioi it the District Blading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITyT wo>pat A^cu y*. nn. To Or* Advbbtisbk*.?In eonseonence of the great pressure upon oar ttlTNtUng col n mni>, we ktTf t* mi of ftwtoBcr* that they will send in their advertisements a* early In the day a* possible that they may be properly classi fied. Onr busine*s men appreciate the advan tage- of an advertising medium like tnat of Tbb Stab, which has nor only an immensely preponderating circulation over any other paper, but which has aim a general circulation amongst all claaw*, and therefore reachea par ch asers of every \ ariety and style of goods and ware*. Senator Morrill, of Maine, has written a letter to the Portland Adrerfiser, giving his views as to the proper treatment of the Indians. He qnotes a recent declaration of Gen. Sherman, tliat "treachery U inherent in the Indian character," and then gives an extract from the report ot the peace commissioner* of I'M*. Gen. Sherman being one, extolling the Indian as "the very embodiment of courage," and saying that "promises have been so often broken by those with whom they nsualiy come in contact; cnpMity has so long plied its work deaf to their cries of naffer ug; and heartless cruelty has so frequently sought them in the garb of charity, that to obtain their confidence oar promises Ci'ist be scrupulously fulfilled and oar pro fessions of friendship divested of all appearance ot seidshness and duplicity.*' The Senator says that the army is notorious for its unworthy prejudice again>t the Indians, and that civilians have l-een cheating, corrupting and plundering them, and the business of the army has been to hunt and kill them indiscriminately In case of resentment or disorder. The peace policy he avers *a? designed to correct a long continued policy of cruelty and wrong, without justifica tion or excuse In a Christian people; and that many millions of dollars have been saved to the national treasury by the peaceful policy of feeding and civilising the Indians instead of fighting and exterminating them. Senator Morrill's views are entitled to con sideration, but do not really affect the case at iivae. The people generally would not, we take It, oppooe a peace policy properly carried out, but they most positively and emphatically ob ject to a dilly-dallying, palavering policy such as resulted so disastrously in the case of the Modoc*. Let the government be firm aud un wavering in its treatment of the savages; let its agent* tell them just what the government will and what it will not do; and In no case let there l>e any receding from positions once taken. Our peace commi*.-iioiien> have frequently for* feited the respect of the Indians with whom they have treated by making unwise conces sions which have only tended to inspire the savages with contempt for the authority of the government. Thit the Indians have been grossly maltreated in many cases cannot be doubted: but we niu>t look at facts as we find them, and when the lives of our western set tlers are imperiled there is but one course to pursue, and that is to visit swift and terrible punishment on the heads of the offending sav ages. ? - 4 ? ???? The Chromiclt complains that Thi Star "imitates the crafty, bloodthirsty, and impla cable Modoc, who never mis?es an opportunity of slaughter and revenge, and never misses a chance for a blow." The ClkronicU would soem to hint that we are vindictive. This is unfair and incorrect. We pride ourselves on oursunny Uniper and neighborly disposition. Oar time and space are too valuable to waste in bicker ing, and it is only ia the way of punishing offen sive and entirely gratuitous attacks that we have paused occas onally to deal our fussy, 111 tempeTed cotemporarv a passing rap over the knuckles. If the Ckromi U dou't like the pun ishnunt it should reform its temper and its maimers, that's all. The Board of Commissioners of the New York schools have, in a spirit of unwise economy, undertaken to reduce the salaries of the pablic school teachers. It is justly urged in behalf of the teachers that a class of people who can properly answer the requirements of the school teacher -houid be of a high order, for they mast not only possess "brains" bat force of character and strength of mind to compel obedience, en force discipline and train the tender minds of those committed to their care. We notice, how ever, that the value of sach qualifications is estimated considerably higher in New York than in Washington; the salaries of teachers being nearly double there what they are here, as the following schedule of the prices paid in New York will show: Principals male depart ments, f:t,?00; vice principal male departments, *2,???-, male assistants (where only one is em ployed), fl.v#; male assistants (male depart ment*), an average of *1,602; female assistants (male departments), aa average of, *350; prin cipals female departments, *2.086; vice princi pals female departments, fl.iao to *1,?K; as sistants. an average of. *767: principals primary departments and schools, #1.200 to *1,400; vice principals primary departments and schools, *900 to #1,200; assistants, an average of, *600, minimum salary in all cases. *.109. The Chromicl', not having any other use for it* dreary columns, repeats many times a day that Tub Stab is stupid. This is the burden of its dolelul song, that Thk Star is stupid. Well, Thb Stab is certainly not a bit like the Cknm ?< fe. < >ne of the two paper* is sufficiently bright and newsy to be wanted by everybody, read by everybody, and adverti.-ed in by everybody. The other seems struck with the lethargy of death in every department,?news, editorial, and business. Now, which of these papers?Thb Stab or the (liMidf,?is the bright, newsy pai er that everybody wants, and which is the stupid, dreary sheet that nobody will touch? ??? ? ? ? Governor Cooke's message, giv en elsewhere, ts a clearly-worded business- like document, and will repay a careful perusal. The full and lucid exhibit of the financial condition of the District will serve to give the public an intelligent idea of the financial situation, au I to set at rest the many ab-urd and malicious misrepresentations put oat in regard to the condition of DUtnct affairs. There is no doubt that the cholera is at Vienna, but thus far it has not taken the epidemic form. Should it do so, our numerous commissioners, scientific, honorary and "or nery," will be heading for home in double quick- There are several of ibem that don't like cholera any way. B5?ATTBNTION, KNIliHTS TiUl'LVU f -serial r> oclav* ,,f OUTHSEM \NK Cl'M NPVkY Nn ?. -.14 ke.4 uu Tl'ESDAY B1 asilfli, A tril S,*1 7 ? s'dock, for the trars action of Uupor'aut ba-iurss. All awn.lwr* <>f sa.d are ordered to l* present. Br Order ?l the I. C. . -t R Ti?MPKINS, Reorder IMS*J.TJu-\ "Bbpcblican* or THI IOI RTH I>I>TKI? T In j* oedan9e * ith a (?? Int i"ii ? f the ttri'iil It-publican O'oniniilt**. a PRIMARY BLBCTIOB f r Three Delegate, ami Two Alternates to that turn it tee will I* held on M IMI9DAT, the Mh instant, between the hours ?f 12 nmn and 7 p. m? at the hoiw* John Cornell, No. 1 lb Congress street, Georgetown. LAWRKST'C LEK, Cl-rk. li \ACRLIsi<>H \ <* Ra tion By order "t the ?rp*ibl'<aa Bieentiv* Commit** Fourth 1mstrict. _ (R>? .?! ?* ? PTS^WASRiaOTOS CITY biblr *OCIRTT - LsT The Annual *-etiug will be held at the P^y-Werv, Bo ?*? 7th street, on MONDAY RTKNINO, April *(?, at *:S? o'clock. All city pwet<>r?. contributors aud members of contributing rhurrhes are invited to attend and participate In ta Election of Off -ers for the present year. a?* BLt^ ftAYINOS AND BIILDING br/ ASWM. lATIoS.-The Ursl an anal BMtinl win be held MONDAY BVBNING. April ?th. K3. at 7 o'ek-ch, at t'ni<>n L -agie Hall. 9th street, for the election of oMcers, the C"n?i4- r?ti-n t the annual report, and the transaction of each other tasiness as may properly be bronvht before it. 8. R. BOND, President. _ B. J. SWEET. Secretary. a* ? YOU SO MBa?Ti? HBISTIAN A4SOCIA BBADIBO Wethh, ah>n. ARLOR8 AND Oentle Oreaa and Piano. LITBBaRT SOCtBTT #2nM? enl^Jt 7H ^?cl?Kk. BABBATH ArTBBMOOa SbIt^ICRs in Lincoln Hall at W o'clock;at Theater Oomlqne ?t Tf% o'clock. FIX AMCIAE4JTP COWMCTCIAU I.a*t ?e? Vf" New York b*nk Pt4trment vt favorable. ami showed a giin of near j three quarters of a million in their net reacr e. iriUca. Jay Cooke & Co. toruiah Um tolloir.axU/-dar _ . ^. Bwt t. stirt. Btn/l m: u r B ?>, *?*!, 4 1-% ?"2*'HP- 1P? ! ??'?Ja*Jy.W.19 . |9>* ?"*?*- <<S l?s I 17'. 4-?*s,lMi i?H 20 ! to 40*8 U US ? _ _ *BW IoBE-riR?T lotlD, *JV L**- JM Ara?rk?j U -id _ ir 'I SSi'J"? "?jv-ss?WS furrwncy 4\> 14 HhJ?.Ajiv.m irs riT?. is* ? ?%,jBB.AJly.M_lp?< " w *,T"- 16 BaLTIMOBB, April 23.?Virginia 4's, old, V, Tir Sinia secna* imated, M, We?t Virginia'*, US bid to ?2 BaLTI*o**, April 28 -Cotton dull: low mid diings, lx^. Flour active, and favors seller*? How ard street, superfine, f 4 75k*; do extra. fi> ?) ??.*?; do., family, is.X^WB: City Mills, euperbne, ?t&*. do. extra. $7 2M<P80; d<?.. family, f 9.:i w II Sit; Western, auperfiue, 94 75 M;do., extra, &6A'<07JO; do., family, 50. Wheat artirs and bi ^ner?White, choice ao?I am ber, S>.u&?z?2 10; fair 10 prime white, 01.M<gf2.O5; fi"od to prime r d. tl ferA$2U7; common to air do , |1.7JM|I 90. Cnru active and higher ard firm?while southern, 7U&7S yellow south rn. 4?"><g<7; nun-d w.sUrn, 86. Oats steadv and firm? Southern, M>f<*S4; western niiied, 4SAMd-v whit', KM53. Bye auiet and steady a ad unchanged. Hay unrhang-d .Provisions quiet and weak; pi-ic-* nominal. Mess p<>rk, Al-ljtgO. Shoulders, <)*, cl-ar rib side-. 9*,. Bacon?Shoulders, 8S; rib side*. *i'?; clear rib sides, 10fi:sngar-cured hams, 1.1S!?'l.*> Lard, unchanged. Weet-rn batter un ! ?? ha used?receipts better. Whisky nominal, II. New Yore, April 28.?Stocks dull. Q Id qnle:, , 17'? Money firm. 7 to 1 At per cent. Exrhauge, long. V, ,?bort,9J$. Governments ? ery quiet New Tore. April 28.?Flour steady and an changed. W beat quiet and firm. Corn Arm. Lontwn. April 28 11 30 a. m.?Consols opened at ! JSS for money, and 9S\ for account. Bonds of 18*5. OM, 92; MW7. VSK, 10 40's. ?*,; new fives, 90; Brie, Pari*, April 18.-B'-ntrs dull, 56 francs 27 cent ime*. ? ? a n a THE W1ATBKB, Was DHiiTiMT, OMot Chief Siffnml QgUtr, I Waphtbotow, April 28, l?T3, 10.30 a. m. ( Stnomis fob tii firr rw* wty-four hour*.? The storm centre baa moved Into the lower Ohio valley, and the temperature has generally increased in the southern ana middle states. Southerly and northerly winds, cloudy weather and occasional rain have prevailed in the norths est and thence southward aod southeastward to Arkansas and Tennessee. The pressure has diminished in the gulf and South Atlantic states with generally cloudy weather and occasional rain on the coasts of the Carolinas. Northeasterly to scathea?rt?rly winds, diminishing prepare ?ud increasing oioudinees and fog on all the lakes bat Ontario, and thence to the neper Ohio valley. Westerly to southwesterly winds, cool and partly cloudy weather, now extend over Lake Ontario and the middle states. Slightly increase d pressure, southwesterly and northwesterly winds and generally clear weather in Canada and New England. Probabilities.?The temperatnr* will probably increase to-day In the southern and Atlantic states, with diminishing pressure. For the northwest and tipper lakes and thence southward to Missouri and Tennessee, northwesterly and northeasterly winds, , cl' udy and cool weath?r, fi>p ai>d rain, with slowly increasing pressure. For the gulf and south Atlan tic states, cloudy weather, southeasterly '.o sooth westerly winds snd occasional rain. From the lower lake* to the neper Ohio valley and in the middle states, except New Turk, increasing cloudi ness and temperature, southwesterly to southeaster ly and northeasterly winds, diminishing pressure followed by occasional raiu to night. For New York. N-w England and Canada, partly rloudr and clear weather, increased temperature, with falling barometer to-ni~ht, and southwesterly winds changing to northeasterly. B>-portaaremirsingfr >m the southwest, the extreme northwest, and Oregon P?I O. O. F.?The 34th Anniversary of Odd Fellowship in the United Stat's will be cel ebrated on MONDAY. ?i"?th ins.ant. at Ovid Fel lows' Hall, commercing at 7>? o'clock. PROGRAMME. 1. Tbe audience will be called toorder by T>r. John Edwin Mason, Chairman of ihe Joint Coicmi; tee of L "dges. I. Chorus?"Evening Hymn". I. O.O. F.Choir. i. Invocation by Rev Parker Hall Swevt. 4. Address by Grand Master Thompson. 5 Male Chorus?''Comrades In Arms " 6. Address by Bev. Iir. Shermer, of Baltitaore. 7. Soprano Solo?" Farewell". Miss Julia Powell. 8. Address by P O M John T. Given. 9 t'h' rus?''Queen ofth?* Valley"...1.0 O F.Choir. 10 Address by Grand Representative Jobu F. Ha venner. II. Chorum?"Star of Descending Star," I. 0. 0. F Choir. Pr. C. A. LOGAN, of Kansas, Grand Sire of th? United States, is expected to be present and make an address. JOHN EDWIN MASON, It Chairman Committee. 1 iy-3?BLACK H AWK TRIBE. No IS, I 0. R. M Officers and Memle rs are respectfully re uuested to attend tbe rMnlar meeting on the 30rH Sleep. Plant Moon, G. 8. D. M, as business of importance will be transacted. P. S. Wvt. 0. Snoor and others will deliver addresses upon the occasion Brothers of other Tribes are cordially invited to attend. By order of the Sachem. D. G. ftlCHBLBEBGEB, Chief of Records. Pest offlce address, TS4 ith street n. w. a*> 2t* ? FROM THI JEARL1KBT ABBS TO t day, Scrofula ks MM tbe bans. S^^lla present < and, ss it were, the enrss of mankind. So terrible and loathsome had been at some periods of theworMS 1 history that a person known to he Infected with It weald not be allowed to mix with society. Happily In oar day the disease Is stripped of its terror by the use of Samaritan's Boot a an Hibb J men. and tbs victim of Scrofala, Cleers. Bores, Pimples. Blotches, Tettsrp, Ac., t la a few weeks. f-3? _ TO LADIBS. How Mi It Is to sse a young wife, a ornORlly who requires all her physical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all hsr moral Kities to accept tbe responsibility which falls 1 , to sss bar prostrated, losing every day strength. feelinB badly without heing able to why, bat yet suffering enough to be utterly mil able 1 This state of weakness and debility la 1 fatal to ber than a severs spell of sickness, for in thai case she will receive tbe proper care, ss in the other she will linger months altar months, not thinking worth while to sse a physician abont it. antil nature, exhausted, givee oat, and abe la carried to tbe grave, when a little precaution In proper time wouldhave nothing can eomaere'with lke1.0^ LiVei)^ TER8 of Dr. L. (TbEBTBAM. They are a safe and Infallible rwmedy agalMt malaria, dysaepsta, ooe ^nd^aJTc??^ljJntt'"aacml'iarftownmsa. ^hmbST ters, which are sold by all draggiaU, are, la oonae que nee of their vtrtae and saost agreeable taste, tb< j?tr MILIttl ? NEW DRUG STORE, Bo. lino PlSHaTLTAHL* AVR2TTB, Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. fett-ly ? ?MO Til. DS. W. H. BARRETT. OKMT1ST. Haa removed te Bo. 1?W ? street northwest, mat er 14th street. >sS-ly DB. A. PRATT, Sradnata of Ohio Ootlegs of Dental Burgsry, 411 7th street, hstwsen D B,a few doors aeath of Odd Feltows'MaO. B 1 to B. A. ira?BCHENCK'B PULMONIC CANDY embrace in afreat degree all the principleaof Schenck'i Pulmonic S> rnt, and while as pleaaaiit to the palate as the purest of confections, its ssedicinal properties render it effectual In coughs, colds, bronchial and catarrhal aflectione, Ac. It ia the moat acceptable remedy for children or infants, and can be given with impunity; while for professional gentlemen, or those who suffer from loss of voice, It is Indispensable. These candles are pat ap In M cent boxes conveni ent for the pocket, and are for sale by all druggists and dealers. J. H. BCHENCK A SON, feMB-tr B. B. corner 4th and Arch sta., Phila. m JOSMPM J. WAY'S PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, V3* Pennsylvania Ave., a28 5t Bet.Ptb and Ioth Sts. C'RITIOlE ON PROF. TYNDALLS LEC / TUBE ON LIGHT F>r sale by J SHIL L1NGTON, Washm^t.a, uud G. T. GETTY, Georgetown. D. C. al8 e I * N "w?mnrr ca h pe ts?ca nrt: r.v-ra i: pe ts. Jl*>T OPENED, THE 0. O. D. CARPET HoU?E, At 604 7th Street, Betwiix 1 and K, Where ran be f.>ui d a large aas-<rtment of i ARPLTS. OILCLOTH AND MATTING. at I. sa price than the same <iualit> can he had at an% onlier place. Pl.wee eall before purchasing el?e wliere. alB 6t* HECBER Jt BRO S SELr B\IS1NG FLOUR pat up is 4 lb. papvrs. A new supply just rv I ceived at H EGAN S a]5 3t Northweet corner 7th aud L streets. HE BROADWAY OOAT and VEST to match is T" all the rage at A STRAUS',tbe Clothier, loll Pennsylvania avenae, near lim street. a26 ONB OF THE GBBAT SECRETS OF SUC CESS in Irfels to be well dr?e?ed; then whv beai t?te when yon ran get a fin- Blsck Cloth Coat for ? 12 at STBAUS', tbe Clothier, 1911 P una. a?e., tear 11th. a25 ^4 harness: harness: We have on hand a large stock of all kluda or Sin gle and Doable Gilt, Covered, BCBBEB, B1CKBL. ABO SILVER MOUNTED HARNESS. of onr own make, which we are determined to sell at very low prices. Soto ace4rta for Rill^* celebrated CONCORD HABBESS, of which we have a lar~ *ock at Concord prices. The Concord Harass" and Col.us have a reputation all over tbe oouatry for dnrabUiry and strsagth. TRUNKS and SATCHELS in (treat variety. CBDAB TRUNKS, for protection against moths. OnU and examine stock. LCTZ A BRO., ^-Im S*T Pena. ave., next to National Hotel. H GENUINE BBNOWNBD BBLG1AN BLACK OAOTH SUIT, equal to aay custom work, for ??. t he style <rf estk double-breasted and aunars frent, at STBAUS', 1011 Penna. ave.. aear liUh^ OS_ 1BATOB ia used. For aals by E T>. cor. tot and lata. n.w. alt An* |}EMRA BLE T RESS GOODS AT LOW P1ICES W* resptctfally invito the atteut i^n of purchasers to the following named Umli, received direct from to porter*, and will be sold at very low price* : BLACK GROS GRAIN and Th FFETA SILKS, from the feat Ly?tt> h-use-, STRIPED SUMMER SILKS. JAPANESE 8ILK8. the celebrate "BUF FALO 'and "BEATER' BLACK ALPACAS and PI RE MOHAIRS. LupinV Silk and Wool BLACK SRKNADIKE8, Plain and Striped, Lupin'* nperb UURN1N0 GOODS, COLORED ALPAOAS, ASHMERES. CRETONNES. JAPANESE POP LlN8a< x. JO, 36 aixi 37 r.uts; LINEN SUITINGS, new etvle*; SPRING SHAWLS. PIQUES. CHINTZES, PERCALE!*, PR1N 18. FLANNKLS. DOMESTIC Ci?TTON GOODS. and a full atock of LINEN GOODS. %J~ On* price only. Mrked In plain figure*. JOSEPH J. MAT, a2S-en9t 939 Pennsylvania avenue. | ITTLE WORLD. Call at the u LITTLB WORLD, ' 1009 7th st ., f ir Bargains in cheap TOYS, FANCY GOODS. NO TIONS. JEWELRY, Ac., Ac . Ac. We are selling out, and intend to remove in a tot few day* torn smaller at ore. Th* auaner yon call, the better for Jon. J. W. NICHOLS. No. 1009 7th street. Between K and L street* n<>rthw-?t, ?28 (near Bog an A Wy lie's. I ANK RCPTCY NOTICE?The creditor* of WM BRADLEY A SONS are hereby notified that tlie sec< nd mfeting of creditor* will be held at the office of J Ssvles Browne, Register In Baakrnptcy, in the City Hall, Washington, I> C.,on TUESDAY, the 6ili day of Hny next, at IS o'clock m. *28 ? Ath JAB. FI LlVbVoN.I A?l?n?e?. BY W.L. WALL A On., Auctioneer*, New Marble Building, No*. 900 and 993 Pennsylvania avenue. SPECIAL AND PERRMPTORT BALE OF CAR RIAGES, BUGGIES. PH.V.TON PONY PH.R TONS. ROCKAWAYS, JENNY LIN 8. FAM ILY CARRIAGES, SElS SINGLE AND DOUBLE HARNESS. EXPRESS WAGONS. Ac., Ac .FOR ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. TO COVEB ADVANCES, CHARGES, Ac. On FRIDAT, M?y 9, commencing *t 19 oVIock.we will sell, at our *paci >ns ?auction rooius, a large *to? k of carriage*, Ac , com pri*ing? Leather top Buggies, different styles? piano-bor, coal-box, monitor,deep-aides, drop-front, Sc. Two Top Photons, leather-top. Two No-top Monitor*, for four persons. hix No-top Pony Phsstnns. Bietts'two Leather-top Rock*way?. One excellent Family Carriage, but liUl? used, built by Watson. Three Bo-top Buggies. One Leather-top Pbe-ton, suitable for a physician. Two Express W agons. Two Jersey Wagon*. Fifty Sets Singh- and Doable Harness. All person* interested will please take notice that the above will be sold without reserve, to which we call the Attention of buyer*. ?M d (R-b.) W. L. WALL A CO., Aqct*. pROPOBALS FOR FUEL. UuD^ Airm U. 8. Marivf Ooip<, I gnxiiiiNKTH's Offici, > W ishimg to*, April tt. 1S71.\ Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until J o'clock P. M. of TUB8DAT, the lo?h day of Juue ne-tt. tor supplying WOOD and COAL to the Unite<l State* Marines at one or m ire of the follow ing^ plac ?* daring the fiscal year ending Jane 90, Tlie Wood to be merchantable Oak, and to be de livered. piled, measured, and inspected at such points wthin the limit* of the Marine Barracks as may be designated by the commanding Marine Offi cer . free of expense to the United States. Tne C >al to be good White Ash Anthracite Egg Coal, fn<e from dust, and to weigh S.M0 pounds to the ton, to lie inspect-d and delivered at such points within tlie limits of the Marine Baraacks as may be <?esignat"d by the commanding Marine Officer, free of ex pen ie to the United Stat.-*;and both Wood and C< al to lie furnished upon the monthly or quarterly requisition of the commanding >tf1cer, showing the qnantitit* required, In accordance with regulations, via: At PORTSMOUTH,N. H. 120 tons of Coal. 75 cord* of Wood. CHARLESTON N, MASS 14A tons of Cn*l. lOo cord* of Wood BROOKLYN, NT. TO ton* of Coal. 120 :ords of Wood. PHILADELPHIA, PA 125 ton* of C i*l. 9UUcords of Wood. (Including Rendezvous and Assistant Quarter master's Office.) WASHINGTON, D C. ano ton* of Coal. 4ov cord* of Wood. ANNAPOLIS, MD. 75 cord* of Wood. GO8P0RT, VA. 60 ton* of Coal. 1U0 cord* of Wood. PENSACOLA, FLA. loo cord* of Wood. MARE ISLAND, CAL. 130 ton* of Coal. lot) cords of Wood. (With the privilege of increasing the quantity one tbirdj The Wood and Coal famished at Washington city to be measured, weighed, inspected, and certified by the Government Inspector appoir'" * " Department, and the expense attei tion? Ac., paid by the contractor. ?fu, siiwmj uj me contractor. Blank form* of proposals can be obtained upon application at any of the Marine poets. Payments will be madt upon the receipt of acconnt* dul) authenticated by the commanding officers of the puts at w hlch the Wood or Coal ha* been delivered. The right i* reserved to reject all bid* considered unreasonable. A guarantee, to l-? si "ned by two responsible per son*. whese responsibility must be certified to by the United States District Judge, United State* Dis trict Attorney, or United State* Collector, must accompany each proposal, otherwise it will not be considered. To be indorsed " Proposal* for Fuel," and ad dreaatd to the undersigned. WILLIAM B. SLACK. Major and Quartermaster, United State* Marine Corp*. ap23-law4w METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. THE LARGEST VARIBTT OF GOODS EVER OFFERED! EVERT ARTICLE A BARGAIN NEW AND TASTT GOODS! WHAT A DOLLAR WILL BUT! WHAT 50 CENTS WILL BUY! WHAT CENTS WILL BUT! Among the Dollar goods we offer: Children's Linen Suit*, Marseille* Hats, Lace Infant*' Cap*, Para sols, fiuo difierent Chromos, teU of Plated Table Spoon*, Forks, A* ;Castor*. Hair Brushes, Mirrors, Brackets and Racks of all kinds. Fans of all kinds. Ladies' Gauze Vests, Ladles' first quality Under garments; Gent's Gauze Shirts, long and short sleeven; Satchels and Wallets, Kid Glove* and Back Gauntlets,Cane*, Desks, Music Albums, Backgam mon Boards, and the prettiest and largest assort ment of Jewelry ever offered; black nets Bracelets, Cha'elsine* and Necklace* a specialty; Hosiery as usaal.S pairs for f I. In fifty cent (food* we offer. Fine and soft Lace Quilling, sets of t Linen Collars and 1 pair '>ufs, fine Damask Towels, Mourning and Henmtitcbed Ildkfs, Belts, Gloves, Shirt Fronts, Silk Scarfs, Gent's Bows, Basket.-*, Siiawl Straps. Suspenders, Lace Scarfs at-d B ws, Knives and Scissor*, Combs and Brushes,Perfumery, Jewelry. Spittoons, Vases, Flower Pots, Ornaments.6 good Goblet*,Toy* of all kind*, Ac., Ac. In twenty -ttveeent article* we have- Ladies' Linen Cuffs, Ruffimg for the neck, 100 doz Gent's British naif Hose, large Huck Towels, H-matitched and Slain Lii.en Hdkf*,2 good Bord'd Hdkfs, Ladies' l<sie. Ridding and Fine Combs, Lare Scarfs and Bows, 1 doz good Pencils, C Britannia Tea Spoons, Work Basket, I.itnch Baskets, Razors, Knives and Scissors, Fl'-wer-pot Cover*. Brackets, Towel Racks, Book Straps, fine Lisle Thread Gloves for la dies and men. Black Jewelry, Ac., Ac. To get your money'* worth, the place to visit i* m: METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE, SIS SEVENTH STREET, ar'6-tr near Penn*ylvanla avnm*. C. LUTTRALL. C A. DUNNINGTON. LI TTB ELL A Bl JISISOTO!*. Aactloaeers and i'ommi**i?n Merchant*, 01? La. Ave ,bet. 9th and loth street* northwest. ?VSpeciai and Personal attention given to the sale of Real Estate. a3f 3m* OCA BAGS VIRGINIA PEANUTS just re ceived per steamer Lady of the Lake. JOHN W. LI MSOON A CO., aft*' 3t 809 Will sl? opposite Center Market. TORAOE I AN BE OBTAINED in the Building souibea?t c< rner 9th and D street* northwest. Inquire upon the premises. a3S-3t HE ONLY GENUINE Middlesex Flannel Suits, thoroughly sponged and made to order, to be had at A.STRAUS', 1011 Pa.ave.,near 11th. itt Death to the modoc* m.i death to high prices is the motu at A. STRAUS', 1011 Pa. ave., near 11th st. a2S F~~0R 8ALE-Mi l'LURE'S ANTI FRICTION CHAIN and TRAVELER, for tlie u*e ev of Cart Horses. It ptevents the auiruai's*1^2S^ back trorr getting so e. For sale l<v a'.l? V Harness Dealert. Price, complete, fVI. THOMAS NORPLEET, 13!h street and Pennsylvania aveno*. s2S-10l Agent for District of Colombia. Most wcnderful invention or th* AGE ? xMMRi J. Moees' El'-ctr* Gsl. *nir SPECTA CLEb, Patented June 2, 14s. H. HOFFA, S <le Agent, pealer I" Watches, J.iweiry, and Watoh Materials, No. 6*JW Pa. are., bet. <th and 7th st*. d*c7-ly Another suppLfl)F~THosE s l? cam PEACHES, at 25 cents, at H. EG AN *8, ajt-3t C"'rner L and 7th street* aorthweet. KEEP UP APPSARANCES. ?wsially when u costs so little, at A. STRAUS',lOll Pennsyl vania avetiue, near 11th street. all IklAGONAL COATS and VEST to match in t?ti IF different shades and *tyle*(Tery dressy),Ml A. STRAUS'. 1 Oil Pa. ave., near lith st. *23 Preserved *r Enamt-Ud in Was. All klgrfb wi nsn Braiding done. Ornamental Hair Work, m Glaa* aai Pearl, by Mr*. VBIES, latoof 999 M ?treat ,aear I. worth west. Referewr Mr*. Preal dent Grant, Mrs. Atui:ral O^A'^oruagh, W, Wl 0mnt,?Mnl EUey. Gen-rat ToupkiM^eM. WANTS. \V D?"'<<tatelr-Two or three good __ PE> ShMAIMi, at 813 I ttreet northwest.* ?J^-A BOTtontt?nd h rse. Inquire at 10 C street, (facing Indiana avenu?>i, 'andM at* It' WAM betweePKt ? E vv a2?IT,I?r ',<*w caat "ff < LOTHINO, bj R t' ? * LTON A CO., Loan Oflce, 314 # h sire^,near r-n? ?t?. a23 M* W A?TKp-A flrst.iaa* 1UOHEK. A I.a, a ,/* Chambarmaid, at Union Bjtel, George town. aW-Jt* vi ANTBD?? GIKL to do the work uf a sm?Tl i an? a 'l,T* Enquire between 4 and 6 p. re at MQg 8 street. ajgjt* w aftf?TA COLORED BOT, on- that nnd-r 'J.^ ,h? c*r? of horaea. Apply 44? itnh wreet north wot. jl* wv. 'vralt1" -r *??* cabpbk ** T*R8. Inquire IU0V IXli street, drDCr lMJT kJ??>. 1WU" l*b ?****> "r r-' ???B' V IPKITtlHIT W ^troys 67,t C|lasrt^UAKI?IN ER and ?? itln BoV. . ArP'? *' * rULTOK A CO S ? ?*** street, near iVnn*vlv*n:% *T,ntl> WAKIID-AGINTS, ? " Owitnmi or Lvtim. Apply at No. 393 Pennsylvania avenue, 4 to < p- m- a23-3t* vv ANTKP-A c->tnpei-nt COOK, who jit ??>.?! **?h?r and ironer, tor a small familv . Mn.l ?tree' re,,'r'nc,,? 'r<'in '?*t Apply at 141 7 K \L/ AST KD-H018KS TO KRNT'imupfly ous .J, TTI-KR s CO . In?uranee and Bi al Estate Agents, E street, two dor* from 7th- aiiit ? \V *NT ED?TO KI T. ? LOT to build on it with * * ? "r'?M ?f M to 25 feet, between I5lh and 3uth at'ri I and M streets. State location and price. Ad drees' Lot," Star Office. a2S tt? \vANTED?A good MAN with ab>ut / ?3UU to go into the retail f~ed business. A man having acme knowledge of the hiisineag pre ^F.^"ruuonc"chaUfrd- AJJrc48 f"r,i*0 LADY with a little daughter ?i.k?ja!" /'take e?re of a furnished or unfur nished honae for the summer, or would pay a small rent for the Sam?; references, Ac. Address 'Lvlj Honsekeep, r," through Post Office. lt? vv ANTED-A WHITE GIBL aboil thirteen v,.. j"1"10?!0' ? niMitle-aged colored woman Mnst have co j,| reference*. Call after four o'clock i f?h ' street nor.hw??t, between fi!h at>d aM 3t wa.?ter)-ia bul.' fr"in 1,10 *** ?f >? <? ?? l?>, to a'sist in n K<'4tanranr. Must r,,me well feconitu. i.ded. Also one apprentice Boy to learn APP'y ?* street. Alasl::. ais 2l* \YANTEI?-TO PI'BCII ASK, a neat H0USE~f _* * ahum seven re nts, well lorat.-<i, cnTeni.-nt to Treasury I>e? artm. nt Price from three to four thousand dollars^ Address, at at iiic terms and loca tlun. Box 439, Uashmrton City F. O. a!-* tt waAST.SLrA..WHITE" MAX, who un derstandat he care of a horse and wag m, ai. l who i? willing to make himself generally nsefnl None bat a h41 J**jd'1?tri.>u* man ne.-d apply. a? H? A^TH0N> BCTCHLY, Undertaker, >28 3t ?ia Pennsylvania avenue. wa.m?,>-t0 rknt-a house containing sLctai.v-fi^re? roonis, or woald rent from a re l?rj?r nnfnrnishi-d rooms for rv ^t^pi*' '"ca,ml,,?t,?,"rethan three s-mare. fn-m the Treasury Department. Kefereuc-a e* &nrA"'^ No !*7.4 We?l str>-et ,<;eorg*. offlrp C.,or address A, J. J? Georgetown P *t umce* ?K3tv vvatrjef ^wo (MR|L^IR S B,HUur,?n'. 7th aasist ln?itc\*p. ^ l? MurHe' VVAKTEl^A. g.?Kl CAUKIage trimmeb %7 ? W'y. lately. K(?BT IT Git \ HAM ?orthwX'S't0ry tt,kd rac,,,r5-. 410 114 sth street n"w^t- a26 3t * \v*H?h 1?1)"kA ^'Tt'ATlON b> a Virginia ladv lid ? ah str |H'riJ'r WuU,d 'ravel with an inva N? ^ ?Jv?- Addieaa Misa 8 L L., ftl> '?! Virginia avenue. a26-3t? \va?w!t,A CHILD'S NL'R-E, (colors), wiihrnVi^Ifi'-dtodo plain sewmg. No applicati ons witnont reference will be considered. addiv be tween II and I o'clock, at 3it0 Indiana ave. at> 3. *?! jndnstrlous young man. Knr d!r WOi{K, ,N A STORE? or to,1?%. * w.r:^" csrdening No object I >n to coantry Uigheat references given. Addr-e? T., Star Of nc^_ a26 3t* ^ votaii-v>-.'Wl!A??. * ?odarn bnilt ? Uultk > f nine or tea rooms. Street iin *1 and 14 hand o w 22" p"ur:' located, at.d balance ca-h. Offlie " pric0' ajjrt-b? 8. A t P ."t -? aji 2i* %yakt*c~8ix BOVS, at C. O. Ef'KLOFf'jtk n rt? 'v1 r"w'iuS Saloon, No. 15I1S K street northwest. Apply immediattly. a25 St' xv ^i?ik.D~A ,tou'? BOV (white) to at 8TOHI Miih^cCO? j ,,ore Apply at et^llift Hi?K Tec'lonery 8tore,adjoining F >r. e t Hall, High street, Georgetown. aZS 6t ANTED?A gixsl COOK; must c->me well re commended. Aoply at CHABLES M\DCS' Kmauraut, corner 3d street and Pcnn-) Iran'la are ? * ^25 \vantkd-a i'BIKTINc; PUESS.No.j Wa,). S??t? l8? t'"' -,n g,',Ki order, ready for use ?ffice #t c*8h Pr,ce? Address "A. B. C Star a25-3t_ mi tmi-j W ^:;,5.u<ra.PABT???' whu < ?n furnish fr * .flfiJV' 'u five thousand dollars, In a sala and very ?rofltableton*ineaa Address' C. B.A.," btar of bad' BMt!!f i.?B>* *"d where an interview can be naa. Best of reference given and re(iuir?-d a2S 3t* \X 1m!^7a 8it^ai?t>N ?? the drug business. ?v lb the city or elsewhere: hare had ail rears' wpsisjosis' t-'r/c 1,-ri i masi- u,<>??fife,i^r VVANTED-A HOUSC containing live or six ,** p"*>ni?, the front room large enough for a small "ore; wiU rent from the landlord only , but am willing to pay any one occupying a house that suits n!.*? gum of tnoneyto move out. Any peraon o?mng or occupying a h use in a suitable dr??, fult pa?frvla1r'N.bW.,18{i. tl^trs T^frisi*?' BiT<rt WD I5El?,'m,'nt Office, ln? L0UI8I c. BUTLEB, 407 11th atreet! De*r *J alS-lm w^v/to'iihsatt know that the VICTO* tint: the mj^t perfect shnuie In u^tteiim in^'a cradle; needle bar and worka of steel. Agency. 499 T. W. SPICEB, Agent. LOST AND FOUND] $10 ??WABD -Loet.dark TOPAZ KINO, on ^ ..Friday evening, April 23th. Th.-above re Jrtr'} J"" bp Paid If left at M1LLEB A JONES' Bil liard Boom, E btreet,between 13th and Hib a??-Jt* l?Mirv*hrflv?i?s of ,heBd inst-. ? OOLD snitahle^fw.^ t S111I ? ' T^UwR'tlar shape. A ?ree? n w ?1.Ten ,f returned to il9 Id ?treet n. w. atter 4 o'clock p. m. .,y f 08T?In the Center Market, this (Saturday) i^it1?!1!1 * ?0LD SLEEVE STI D.n'Irke 1 5 ii enamel. The find"r will be suitably rewarded by returning it to 4?tiO r atieet. ^6 3t" 1?8TBAY.?A black Newfoundland DOO cam. to JCd the pretniaea of the a.lvertis..r, which jt^lv the owner can have by proving "^v7r7r meewrtve^-- a^ ^ l&,th? tV*0? a^v?"' gold ^a?'^ tn^xri'l? ?mreet.LiberalfcrJ IlOAiO) OF Pl'BLlC WORKS, Dutkict ow Columbia, a r.?m ?rirt?rte?ij8?l'v^slfv?n;la for the detection and conviction ol any person or persona who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing the Man l.le and Sewer-trap (Joven! ?iw?!ru'' * kw" ?"'?????? ?<1 .c-^tjam> gg. Lhut-?d i5e lrt of **rch'? Street, between luth and Id atreeta northweat, a BUB^ BINO '^.^^rla. A Hberal reward will b? paid ii ^tnrnedto^Ko^AOV U street northwest. m7 boarding. t^.vhoav'01? burnished BOOMS *JJ1"1 BOAKD, and at Summer prices, on 4th street, and one of the moat healthy ana pb-aaaut sit uationa In the city. Inquire at Star olBre. aSM it* hb!,L/llli''mt81gl1111 rooms, with *-a boakd, at 1111 M street northweat A desir able and pleaaant summer locality. a26-2t* 0EL1UHTFLL BOOMS fug BtkT. with BOABD, at lllii Eaat Capitol atreet. A very jcht ,UB,luer location. F atreet cars pass the aUfC*ate^f Apply at the "VILILa," one mile and ?I?.I? no7?MV_?8^ southeast, Capitol h .fi? aacoasmodate. ia thv floe Wkk fcr#si.,4l5-5r: "tvis1 sdgm>??taa,^rf"fc', as? educational. pOTATOKSl POTATOES I ?a-a BorthwMt eorM, L Md 7IU Hrnt*. TOR RENT AND SALE. t ' RnnSU^.I * ^?''?'???'hed ei?mmiif?'lnj( * KOQMa.at Mo. 934 K?? Tork ave ?? F'Vi1 ?JtOoJMS. v?r? ch- id f .r th* m 1134 * h ? brtirt-n L\U ? s? tt* FSoSi,wn par 3 "1 .?S 1? ho? if 9il Hew York ??fnu' Iora tion 4?lightM, aa4 t<*na? re**< uaM*. a28 1** K?Jf??KT-Thr*eH*or. BRICK HOUSE. l?lll ?"?? 3a,v' j^FSfeVS? SJW "id&T&vi ^ ^ avpmie after 1 o'clock p. m. a2S-tt* Ft?li.|RIN1-riRt'(,J,S_i'n *' and ?*> 1 ?r7. * ,wilh ur ??????? B<j*rd. at 795 tkh street north . a?S ?t? POR RINT-T*o plf?wnt r'ifurni?tH ROOMS i-/TLmw*n&; APP>> ?? bO? ltfth rtrwt north wWT , l*r* . f AM (1, j|% K1!? KKMT-Purni.*hed Rooms f>r bou?-k'vp Apph v*1?'* F*OK RENT?At 9W4 **? ?-hssitts sisi^ii?T , L'TStSF1100 ?!W82?SnS^5%? L'rlt ' a,b'ruo,u on 8",:ie fl,,^r Tfrrn* m t w ' a?-3t? BEST?On I*t of Mst. two or three Trr* ?ir?f Ko",?o???!,k: B '*r;' ln ???? I.OI1... if sired. ?o. 906 Itih street, opposite Franklin r * " a2S * * IVOR RKVT-Nicely fornlsbed F UoN'T ROOMS ? single or en snite.at 41 A F street, ou<- block ? Sri 1 *nd I>ost Office*, with or without ,2s .** P^UITRKSt^HoUSe N.I034 U.n*?r~77b^. n.-.Kfc' "V0"."" 110,1 h*' ; ?*?* in r?r! cars aT*- Vi!ly * 723 '"?? <*?** n rhwH,., iww n(l?, iml New Titrk avenue. *2* St* Fnrnish<-d PALLOR \,?Y BKD ROoM nn the firm floor, at No. IIVo SL.Ti ,. iJ? Y",iu* **' *? obtained br ou- or t?o 8* ?l-aien at a low price. ^ <?? |/''R BENT?Three ieal> furnished ROOMS. * two communicating on the s-o-.nd floor- one fioiit room ou the third floor, sou'h front; re,,t Verr reasonable. Apply at 709 0 at. D. w. a3? .tt* (< 1RAME HOUSE. 2 year* old, 0 1 ro< ms, hall, g:ts. water and s*wer?, S;, *t-ji 2?,*^ Wr'' "-r r???^?ia avenue, rea-en f-remt?J*?Yier *T= >"i i kD"wn b> ?PPly?i'? <><> the rrenilw* after 4 o'clock p. m. alS-tt* ^R RKNf?A <ient|eii..in and Wife.ortwo f; f , a PARI.OR and I'H \MKKR for .?*?, at 61013th ?tre?f. AN", a Sl ITK on tir,t nt'h .tV' .. RlJOMS"t? "?c<>nd floor, at 13th xtreet northweKt. a? Ji* L^OR BKNT-De-ir?hle Rou>h, furni.hM~f~r No 1913 New fork avenne ?ZhJZ?UPTi;*t* and ??; tZrmi ' refert'"c"? required. Inquire after 3 O llOCK, I I^OR KENT OR 8ALE?On eur term* a two tf-IUrT.tifRAMB HOl'SE^ 7 room*, UrV- hall. ' i Ej *nd m*t?rcloaet. Il?'tit 4i">. Ad S and B 4 p- ,U ' ** Mth street Dortliweat, 1 o?t "riu " ??t) St" P?|1iKrKE~M,M*,,,>~T.wo uew HRICK DU EL *> ou0"ln?et, between i5,|i and lGth Rt? northwest, contain rooms: hath, w:iter and rtirorghont; terms easy-montklj pnyments. Apply worthwe*?. D '? l?*''ween Lt 17^.^ FCOR RENT?Kr.iiit and back PARI.OR, front and bark BASKM KNT. citable for hoj^k^p! ?*** ".Dfl ?? .? f?n*ilr wlthont children, ? ^ ,*?0&.V%'2t' r"T ,l"' ?*?'? Also, one No f ii?"'Zi BED-BOOM. Reference r^.juire.|. itr^. 3,h "'"** n??rtkwert,otte (loot from m street ai-i 3i* KH5. R.S.NTrJ',,ru"h"1 HOUisE. two-storr ;% ,,pr'l,ri< k front ?-r<H.ini. in northw.<st p-?rt of the city, from June 1st to October, a d li*htful hm.e f?r Summer; will be renf-d reaA.al'lf to a n?i ? w# rw"?2H''nded. In iuire ,f OEoK-IE A 5^.^' *? M- 0. A., corner of 'ith and D -__T s28 St I/t'R SALE, Tit APE OR BKNT?Taat . '? ?J RESIDENCE, kuowu a-. "ItiKle ^"""sted on the new pike road to Fill-. Ch"rch.one half n*ilefr?"a the A.jueduct B i.1s?. Uei tgetown, D.C. Th?r>- is a fine new double hou^e, two-story and French roof, with thirl,-. n good r(?ms, cellar, bath r.M?m and water closet, with -eu er, bay w indow. rat.^.-, hot and cold water, I arte ttftlT.'rs^i'Jo'h" bon*. * ??o.l bam witii four "* ' ? c*rriage honse, crainery.and hennery. There are h%e acres of ground well feuc<>d. with fruit tre. f Jr*CV?'. C': ,w''KO;Ki *ell- of wat'ir and a spriun I offer tin, property for sale, or trade for city^V,o-r tv, inipro\ ed or unimproved, or for l?a>e for a term of years. Parties ni< auing buaioeM will be nh wu TeinVlef* y , ,Ulng at F -trwt, Matonic a'^-^ [B-p.Ml PHIL. H. WIU'H. F^thPT'Feu', BOOIIS, (nufnrnisbed,) at A?X^7LWrtco,n<<Tl3th,l,",T ?trw,,s northwest Appl> on ?he pruntwes. a2S 3t* KNT?Three or f.nr BUOMs. furni??i d ?of?,&erP,,,?'MT11 utuuwt a^?< FTKlE4^?-^"*u,,ful bkuk dwelling". t?.k . Corcoran street, betweeu ltth and Mansard roo/, porch, tirric?|2 front. Rent t *5 per month; key at 143i. a2S-3t* K%8iLIrH,\***** HOI SE. N.. 1909 * 9th street oorthwc-t, between T and P- eiBiit rooms; well finished. Inquire at 112^ 8th'street n_' r.pwe-t. b? ,y F?MfM?B5,lT"-Tw.? Ur^ C'rBKISBBD *yOM8.connecting, without Board, on third IMR lVl P:,Va!' f""'U' "f ?h^; ?l? per month; *_?- i ?treet northwest. aX it* K'if th V Fk r,"18h^ I "furniohed ROOMS, w>i.S.w "y1*' iftdcold water; location i Ijghtful for 8tumner.fi ne nha^A, <tc.: Ko 911 )6*h ?tn-et, N-t ween I and K nwhw.^t a? 4t ? K<i?i.R,NT~8ma" 8TORI BOOM, 51134 Peon I *to?^? 5,iSlL?T-ln,ri.Bl,Ub'*f"r.a T*'lor <"? rancy &rSM^k5:>n,h; k<'y neXt a"?ri ne"^V."W t?*?TpTh? NATIONAL ladndrv, * .leniL")lrania avenne, be*ween 12th and lMh ts. WM. H MINNIX, *Z6 :w f.OJ, corner l&th and F streets. K'?T.70.T "U'1: ,,f *(>OM8. J fur Bnnie t n ,h*J *?owl floor. Alao, Single a>??e?nrh ?7T?-^V?',r?t*? f P?|J ? the southwest comer nth arid <> wtreeta northweat. n26-3t* F,?R.?1E.NT-l?oe ,w" B|ory BRICK HOISE, containing ?ii rooms and summer kitchen and ras 7:?:xz!'l"twKa p vnd at iuj yth street, pear D north. a?-2f IfOR SALE?Excellent chance for a per so a with Musll capital?HOUSE No 310 13iV st I.uth wwrt one of the beat locations in South Washington acll on terms to auit, and at mr hV It Two pari.ors, tuufumisiied t imtable for either offices or residence. B >ard ?l??"um*.ta the ho,,,e- be rented low nrrtKrTJt teu'nt- Apply at N >. 6Jt K.?treet F?a2BKICK HOUSE, No. fVnn. fh? 1 northwest,one minute's walk P "i L*!? Pennsylvania avenue and F street cars. "iWiffKt'northwMtAPPly 10 Dr MA?R^fR' J5LKI,T~:T?0 UNFURNISHED ROOMS, r "Pomwiumcjatin*, and private entrance, snitable k*eping; mater in the h?u^^m,nire m m'^TwMrt. "h **?*' M It OR RENT?A HOUSE, containing six rooms ?r.~n,r.' *Wd C-n,er M?rk " !' N"-? street, between 7th and 8th Shop ^ OATTOeraU* Iu<iuire > th,^^er F?RR?oMNaid"KtfcuvA*B*R, dininTT comp.ete*.r^{j^*fs'h^er^eVTr?%r0''vye: g^n'L^M^o??hl^?.'r*fc'e- 11,51 F<iK?5.,CiKFrf,e*,*,lt Unfurnished ROOMS, in * a new brick hottse; gas, bath, and water rlnwt ^reJTcorneVof ??' r*r" P""- 303 ?"??? Capitol gr^ nnds ' ",'nar**3 *>f the Capitol ? Q5 Si* FwtAi5TT,hr" rtor> BRICK HOUSE, press tnh. i? ^2SL' rooms, closets, bathroom, s-t PriceViiw. oil?Un* "W fr"m ^reet cars. ? nee one-third down, balance to aaft An wav F0,?.?fi!;E3ib2J,S ' Sn^TXVLT bathroom1" w?i!|MSr h"m<'v1T?6 ? "'reel northwest; iUl the BOOMS to let ill the Fant Property, SOT D street, near City Hall ats *t* F?J! Ho 471 H ?troet, b. tw^S er,. 6,h'}8 IVon?*tcentral locatiu?; ?l| ui.sl ern improvements Ac. Apply on premis ??. a2S 3t* l^OB RENT?BOOMS, south and north front " ?" 'scy rVuSEZAsir 1lhtic s0^81' flT? r^"n" F^no^1 wTfr0"01^*'" Iorn?hed ROOMS, Snuth ?MLliWSJrlBSSr* Q-^H H? ^ t^e^^^venMayrwi. App'y tU 308 BSJlWSKTrit66 coVv^ie^ PORbALE-Twoitorj PRICK HOUSE Ifi'ti in The r0"B1* h%"' ?lth.water Office Terms easy. In^nire at Star ?_?' aXS-eolw FlaS BIATrTt"' llM" ^mtineaa 8TAND7coraer i fl'b and L streets north*est For a isr^L ?Ii.k borhood trade twsnrpas^ A rmn oiiStfuiSt&T a bnrfge. man to -^5-T. P5SEOTM IrTf. . - JOHN q. APAMS i n?5J? T-Iu t'niontown, D.C., a ItAME HOUSE oontainin* eight tUms. oJIe fi11ed ?^ l(IlL??rt P"rpo<?e?, plenty of shade ard water In the yard. Apphr to D. E. HAINES, Union to wS,D FUiSbBN *Ui ?^BM a? M THl)8 1. WAGOAMArf, ai9 7th st. FOB REjIT?FURNISHED HOUSB-Hi>n?i wm'L y?Hd)?n'' **4 *** ?ortk^. wlllks rented on ?asiaskn terns Tmmi 1.7T' SSSSiff FsAs**"01 ""'??!?? I.H'l SAI.K-'AJTt to la. mHwhm, >^tnin :i^ArsfinySSi'^B ?IHt OB LEAH-HuOli Mo fflTg^T ? -?;-h, between 8th aad fth street*. w?th i?r>vJ!. well fun,Uhad, and snitable for a lx?*rtjnl?ir^?i! Jew b^nler. In the bow. *P*T ? IE j??: FOR RENT AND SALE. L-OB HALE-An aifrtrtive BRSIDENtE. x <11. 1 Mmm, ly lad! tig hloou Pari .r, ?nh two ?trim of Urn), aba*tear* of vmh, ataMng Afitwomil-Borth rftbe city, quarter of.nule" from th?-terrainn. of Ltrvfoln ttmuo. For I ri? Ac., apply at 1419 Q atr*e?. ili ' f^OB BENT-A B ABE CHtNCE Fi.R U'TSK BEEP INO? t'ivetboroatfkl) furiiulinl joaaiatlag of parlor. .IiLing room, kt;<h-un Him ??*? V*? <"han l?-r* aec od flo.?r; li .u?- nea and nawly fnrniahed. aontb front, with at I m.--t- rn r >n TnirtrMjtwM moderate-delightful loctli n?.h*if alv^i ~ _ I lal it _T. -4 -a* ... ?rBjr.rw, larva numerate: tehghttul fcl??r?t.f?r?'tr?f*_||j| g<tr*?(. air ?t* JTOB Bk NT?t hie BB1CE HOI Sh t-nr room*. * I" ?*??* P*r m. n'h. on. haif ^atrr from it h !VTS*L\ . M4 Louieiana b? t?een ? MhH oclock. *2? lui |< i''L?*''?7?''ALL F \ RM-A pla ? f.'?r mile* A I??'? 5S". this rftf, containing e aer?-, 22" ?5*-f"?rth In heavy timber. The ImK-." "7"' '? ? 4?uble Frame H-uae. in g ? >d ord^r.wnb ?? tbr ne.eaaarr outbaiMiaps, including . P^ntv ? ?<*? pnro * aw, ?Pin ilrr*!j 'rnit treee if tfip heat ?ariet :a. J? ill be a. .Id on wm; term?, and city i>r ^rti tak ? In part etchatife Price ati1 t<rnw mad- kti-wn .>n ? pplireti, uto Kit IIA I. P B MOUCN?CO . IQIft P? nnw> tvani a a^'tiae. L^OE kli.NT-Ti-n ftDf < ?nirrnrMr|tr r R?K)N1, * *titt.?Me f, r <nl) No. **?7 K ??iw-t. * ? K? ui m<<d?rnt*>. mXi $t K'L?tPE*T~A HOl'SE. thr- at .rv iiit.V'v r"'rl,',l1'1' ,|'ri1 iaipro??-m-tit?. filmin* ?? north* "at, Mar coraer llth. It il u"' w an-fa* b ??7? handaonte Ov."r -i ni?r*t -iWv * /' umu a\? r < AJY,''??n?" yard, in i.Klrt>'5.. I rat! n fi,f? AUrk fn V fX ?"?*????. bdaeen | ?i 'I j " t i.wk in tf>?. fv^itpf *?n!v. ?>t * I'"?,Vrf |N.V.f ,Il''?wrrn' "'"'i* pr- - < H KlUK ^i.i. . L,>0,witb ?" m ^"r? ti.rro*,ni ??.. Kllii r RBoi*.*?!1I'wuire II<?L LI!)- ? BHOS , s?h nitd O. aSS !?? l?^OB RKNT?Fiiriii?h<-1 or l*nfurnl?h?.l ?<11 i Penii?> Ivam* ?\nine. apM-ltn Khmi^V? F * .",r ' V*? r* 1<KICK Pr rn *""r ?"? U" f- > Mt, *> . i*** ',w?|0i' fivfii inun -Mai lr. |n. ?iftiraop the pri-ntto^. IVO!t loth at . .ib-.v* M. all FiA ,W "^KTCMBBf ?'t? . ? M?l. A r AKN i<r S?t aroa. II mil ?? from Wa-h '"?i"ti ."P- n ahtrli laa I arc Dw-llia* Huaar.aait- J able f< r a atimm^r r.?id>'nce. TJm- .i-uati u i* D[ ,. i i ^11 ?1*,"1 ? Put" ?" f ili. fn. uiturv ui.?r ? iV 1 T-rmo mode rata t . a a i frMd',h*' l"""? ??*) I* r>,ut -.l vss&Mi." b. I/OR- 8ALB?On Capitol Hill, a cantaal S-atorr rLlU l ^Tk ,B.KI' .K HOLsk, c. ut aiuinn ni r IT . J ?T t>ath ?' d "'"re rovni It ha? ??? col.1 and hot ??t-r, and water-cl.wi-; h?at^?1 In trohe and Eoiptro beating range. It ia nearly dm in thorough onlor, in n v?*rv h?n)th) an-1 n ^*1 id tie'Khborh.MMl ai*d a ill l>e a id *er> |,? on ?Mr M^-.oVhp;uthe owuer -^ 1^ ?COl'NTBT PEATS.-i7 AciirH ,\f LAM* at Highliiiid S.ati >r? R andO R |{" MiTfc M UK"" Barn. I'.ultry Uuuae and ,!"!'"tr water and e -?l feuciiw. a clwta ?5? <2*LLA,V,1^ n'"e r" 'm n >11,e * -h rloarta, Barn. Serrauta' II ikc, pl-ntr of aairr large (jitaiil it> choice fruit tree> Tertui. ea-? ' i Appl) to LEMUEL CI AKK ?pl? ei^a feo? mh atr^corner |>t hVL'| P eaMt TTf thef I4tL*I!<1.LU^ on ,tM> ."T ? tba Capitol. The kit la aituated on the s. nth fwuL IHi, h|lil(',{lr''!i!?<,?'11 ^ "treet. and ia 17 .?7 4l i *?<!' ?"<1 115 feet deep, m Sd ?t U73w CHABLKSP BIMELL. I1 ?AnuK.^I?7.ffirui?hi*l front BOOMS * Appl) it IQ2MbitrH>t. + aH Jw* K(?i*VL* kxchakgk ruu cit^pr?Tp ft '!? BBNT?Moat deairahl-tipKK'E BOdM-m uom!aA?.r,hWrt,Cor,"-r ku,W>ug ir.ha.i l O ata. **? _J?*a7th rret n?ha it. KSn i18^tE~ON K!NO TIME-A neat, waif k Brdl.t'..;? ?EIC^ H"l'SE. a iih li.ti?. ft r B hi.uiH) fronta ?outheai.t' ha* r.^ b^iiAllat'h'L^' ??njrance; contaioa'nltje WtltS ir^i haaeui'iit r?>on? if de-ir.^1.' L t imi. y premtsea of the o?n r ..f the Ksajrsjfcrit?" rftM.'i?. a n wrsi ffasr^s.""1"? j-k? fi?i*"T? I'WELLINU HOl'SK v iih ar.Z. h^nC| i ?' slj,i tuarble trinimiuga', No li07 ?*i. 1^1 ??" avenue, between 16th mil Idthatr.-ei. the WKjepceofth- First Aa-i.taut P lttk rtreet*^ P&<:t thn* L",f > e*r? Inquire 14?* SpwSSv;ij i! ??W4 k*iHOI?es fr"ni 61'JOto $sIto cash on e?, h >SKtS8Sr?J?,'SfS Vim 22"? ?JSJuSSS M io Mr, tol ..Wrt'.,r,",^KrsE3 ??"?km rt, ^ Each ol the above Honaea hara hall, cellar hath (urtpg to tk??iaclTea a CMafortable H'Hhv on .-aay {oT^"h?i!icUef:t? ^ W m> uffiCe J b8 'I Wo- 90* gth "treet nrrihw^.Y^t K. f ?ABNTAkS?1 L0TSNEAB MT PLEAS *, .APiT?From half as acre U> eight arr-a will he foldI ?? reaaonahle rate* and MM rlrm,' icJ-H li J1?* ?pl?nd for dwelling-hoo%e fruit bdiI -V?* ??**l Pie?aat otunibua, and twenty calltT^ n?eI!anT^!?e/r?m Bon"'J*r>- Healthy lo t?my, pleasant rural surniond nn. Bn.t ?T^iLn. FS!LMLBTl?ro p,^'*?OF LAND,n?ar Ar A?f quarter of a mile from the Aquedpct brides. On? contains 9 and the other * s^ar&jrervrss: "? niarjt I in 3?!5SiS^iS3r;i??5rii?si 'its be rented on reaaonablf term?tTg'eStl^mfn o^V A?jZ?t *?* '" **^?CEBu?rSBT r PERSONAL. L AN ME. The ?nd approachea 11^ l-Mu -a, H to oonwthitig worae than d?ath Be " * ? Vu W,U ?""? ??? entirely frea until I am ^-ta^nr,j5.rii?,s,rAr? ?.?? ?r. ROBERT. P'pRnVLVi1^ 1? rvHiaWTHl .he ,?h tfii aK/.r?issiJa." j"?? ,.w ^ ? AUSTIN P. BROWN, ^rner New \ork avenue and l?ih at. iH^* FOR SALE. A chl-ia1!? * n'?k* ?Tor tale o'clock. lWhatreet. Apply after three IP^CTIINKm MSf APKJlirpe/""d SBWINO Mi FPL TON 4rS vi*? W/.2,A ri I (STAINS, at B. '<ittck*^a*?BAlf MARE; S rears old. M ?rgau PHt Vnli r1?'^ found. Alao, PON X r-v LAT1MEB A CLEA-?^rf% ^twrt^ttaraarftsar-'"^? ?&?^^25^?&J5?5?^'.rb r*eiue UUU' AC" A. JORDAN, donn.it,??( ? .: aitilai AT PRIVATE sale. nT&Z&WA Country Beaidence called -'Dl'K . !T 5l? f? Tfiiillytoii. abuut ?it? * aehington. D. C. u. i iJ? aboat twenty-three acreaot ! ?! i?pro j ' * pianaion h'>uae containing eiirh r;B ccHl^ea on- conum 'i Th2rl A-_ r ,hr** r?o?n?. ice h.niae, barn, a, Tnare are aeveu arret c?f gmpv? in bcuriu? bm tr? PC ?ch.? and other fruiU. e>ar?, I)^"J1? of th* 'n the vimntM. Aay one deairiog a ttne coiiato residence if!lfUi* i'?'Iw*1 "wmImIbM property. . ?|l place is not aold by the 1st of June the Man l"l;"H.UUM wUI .b? t'" daring lUilZIT I'lEBCE MlOBHAKBB, B*ar Pierce'a Mill. ssn *"&*! ?? CA?f ^'fiSrifaSPaJ0? W1LL BrT 'AMI ap tz?t I Mat URIO^OLAT roft BALB. ^ OODRR B OARMBILLB, iP-tf U?1 Fmc ?TOP. DEAR BEAD KB, before i, j. toolM~ K5 How Bali) Ua.ec.ni- to griqf |.v w ' n.ebtk at A. tfTRAUr, tha Satli^ lSfi f itte .near luh. ,viotnier, 1?11 their gein.ri.li> at Pt?u. ate IVO HL'MBIO -L BICE will Mr . .T" : frlte for a?y kind ol Ladioa' iheaV fr-cood-band Clothing. Bi.,ia*a!l!-. 7th Mr?t, between F ai^j A aocth*^P?*, Ac. BlIJ^ pro?|Kl| attew>??. Mute hp a*U F W IV1 M BUSINESS CHANera. L*l'B t Al B-8t :<k, Fi?t"?ee an.I ?.K?1 ? III *f A r I'kl 4. MOkF. ?>??? 4^?| a N?i t.ea* Apply to TIIOS k wAM) A? A X. -?ar jt 4iw Tih *TiW~7T7^T*~^7i^~i+~~~F77rnrT7T7iT"5"",TT~W7n ?f ? I KI li *T?'K? a >1 r >-a? ne f .r. aril ng. til UN ? Tll.M I <H)g In?rirMH-> an.i l??*i E<at* \f ?? **i*st* r ''w?' 1 l.'oB HAkt'i nrtr'r DBI G STUBR. w.4 I? ? rated, 4mn( a lint rait- |>?aiiiH*. M and Fhimw ikv m.4 la. < iinpM* ?4~r Prwr^V ?' -2Si'. "in- hut! m?Y Salaie. loi?it ffl' Rent #tt A* K< Bv'tifk. A p * ' - ng phyx. It'" "*> the pren i- ? ?!?>? rwioii will ? n remit e*^ l:a?a 4*? U* . % ill lv<"llh j< th > rmnmm ,?f ? llltll MATTr*?tY a UHKKI KK ?* * i?..filwM. A PARTY ha?it < i.aare boar* In ?h<- afera.?an, who ?"d- t>--kh?Ma? Ikuroukli .will fcrepaeel-f k..*?. forjmf N?liK*t. for a am* I C> mpen*atioa Aitdrm r i. t , Etar hAv.ui*' L OB *,u# <*lk? Ml r n\Tiui<f tb- *iU'?*r ??-i k?u. ? m ^ .tr< 7?hev1<h... n >nh we??. | r?a-n I E. LBBflCKQ I c** |JO R SALR-tbe rT?>OK mm* V \ XT IR V * ?\ F t, B< 1 KKY *ToRE. 1-"n? h * ???! Humom Tl? S? >re >iul H ?* l?f r?-tet; I *4 I ?> li rr?| ih HIiwki. *f? * ? BALE cPPOBtrfklTT A.Kfftioi r?r fitrui >rr r-i? m. 1 r cun ln< t<> nn-et wit i ? Mr* i |i> wli m V- m. d ap 4 a fwn-lio FAKK far cwb.citr r M <?iu?, .r I n-e.-aa wt?h ?i? k la tra4?. It* f|t'<r*l>Uc< :4lll"li>. ?4 uml. r urn alt ? <u? antl b-al:li* ruar -vti. *??1 a?l(M wko -I. b ti <!*< (* ,-f caaie and troni, rnit %nr tln:*w lt? cl ? ? prot'ai I) to Iimi aarUK, mlrciili, H-aahot ?, i hnrrkw. ?-k<"l> ^ ?i t>lll f, aUr ihi- pr .p i ? t) moat d* stratle In m(?w it is 444 |<*? >4 which ia g v>g ?wi ?*r?loi?i.|? llailur Tb*'? to also a?lj -mingthe ab->re. m 4k*r r?rf fiae Tr?<1 of 3S?i ariea. nearW a'l l?i rnl'li ums B th tb<-ae Farina ar>- ??a'I> all |4r?t l> -it <a. ??i ?M pri'T* a n-muncratitr liMaimw Tli> proprict -r i? |>r< rMrnl l? with la rnrrhaara f>?r thM? F irm* nih-r ?tnclr ? t (Mhrr aud li?* t? COT^ I-Iit thal.al h ?h? a-l?an I ? rm ?ho? pw . and the tenaa .>? wh <~h th- * ? ? off. r^l.th^v ?ill c .nnuand a r*af> ??!*. ( ?nnau tii< ?Uum lu br adJf I aa< ?1, ALBX MILNB, ?I! *' 4 I T 7lh ti -rtli?^?t. MOKk V T?' LOAN <?K BBA- B8TATK IM auBia to auit. tor tr->a> ?m- five fiao Kul'KM A MII'DLBTOM, ?pl? 1TTI t?li IMh ?4r-?t AI I API K r\KM K H hALB Ol J( I HAKUB FOB PROPBKTT IN THIUCITT A UHh.AT HAhUAlX -f?o ?u ?-ri.?r lan-l, ??a^o riallt fur tohacc-; Ikro- nr? T'Inkco Barn, 1>? II i>*. T'l.ant H'???>-aud oat bin Id tofx; a ia?-> ard of im C tM ..r<J rrape vttM>a, In Ixarliif and tr> >li<M%J Ma at tvw Tal ual'lH tiTitlx-r, balaiu? Mal'lr and ?-II f? n?ar railroad a'ati- n. tw. b ura tr >? tiu liif. Prk?,?til) (6.HU. B A. PHII-LIP;* a|il7->a Ht ? ?t air?ttO^'T(t"i"i?fi. I> 0 MOlikV TO LOAN UN KKAL KSTATB M M BV * HK't , Real Batal' and luauranr-- Hr<>li--ra, ? l>K lm IIKI r atr~4. | JO A KD OF PlBLlt Hul?k8 M B1P.~ H> ha*r for ?a!? in AIM cartiValM tb? abora Krif. abirh ia it?-i\at>la at par Id pa)aa-nl u( -peclal laxta. A an all diacouut ail--? --d to parcBa w r? I.BW lb J(?UN??N 4 Co , api lM |Cbru*.R?-p | Bauk?ra | SALE OB IXtUAKbt lor ><li(ibl? citr ?A property Q&JHH rral eatata One to tweut, acrea Garden Laud, M fn-t of (r.^itd Ut "l^ r^?- >* AONkk. UiMar. "I?'"I 1014 P- iiiia) I > aula areutia. RMwrSSivn1 w' ?urvbe?- ?*^d 8TOBB and !?? KLLINii ch- ap, i?ear new market MA atraet. No. ITlli. PnTT. .ft**, ,enn. ei, v ? h.am1ltok a peabsor * SMf Y M. C. A. Buildiuc, t?b and V at* DRY G(KJI>S. JIRItLk htlll i LU. Oainc t" tliaatnav ri> > in tb? m.>ner m?tketfw* l.ave pi.rrlia^ I a aplendid at.- k of UBV liililp4 >< r> (.Leap, abd ofler great I.argaiua to pntx ba? i? P. lkaDut F ' lard Silk. ?1 w?rtb if 1 7?. Mrip?-d Suiim.er Kilka. % I. a -rt h $ I ? Biack Alpaca#, *k., a.>nh ?"*?, ai.d ..ilier grad a up to ?1 per yard e-iuall> ? lieap Itlat-K L>o|m Mlka c.f beat Biake*. from ? 1 R< np L"?t-I) Piamaiei >trlpd(iri-iialihr(,lr.* t*.'. up. Wai>b P< piitie at l&c.. worth ttl. Plain 8uiliuir? from U. up. T< urlat atd I lob Uaniled P?raa..|? from w.to $9. Klenant Paria Bida. ?wr.,( part) c -l -ra J 1 ? Spleudll L- 4-4 Bleai bed C"tt?n. ltSr-- Ao ir>ar. f gin. 17 c , W amanitta, ?ic.; N<-a fork Milla,tlr. I apai.eae Silka, Pi jU?-. i?*-a. Tarlataita. Maan aooka, Victoria Lawn*, Bati-te, Linena, Oraa Clothn, Mohaira. Ac ,Ac.,frian 1st -8' per rent. I?aa that, former ?ric?a. ??? ?a the time to pnrrhaa* BBOlMlK Al> A OO . ?SR 7t* 1 204 T ?? . bafUM-u IJtli a?i<l IV(: -?ta 'I'O BE, OB NOT TO BB, IS HOT THE QUESTION TO FIND, OB NOT TO riSP. BARGAINS, BABUAIN8. THAT IS THE Ql ESTlUS. Be therefore cuuvinc<4, aud try for cli. >p till t.ice f." -da At WOLFORD ft SHILBERG ?, M'boarethi* aeaaon offering man) attra tioui ia 1>BEm!> ?iOOL8. LLAMA LACE POINT*. LLAMA LAt'E JACBET8. ALL THE MUVKLTIR* IN PABASOL8 AMD NEH COLORS IN Hi S I'MKRKLLAd, LATE STYLE KRINUKD V KI LS, PARASOL oHYEBS, LADIES B"US AND TIES, And many otlaer article* Coo i.nmer ua to mention. Person* from the umt distant part of the city will bud it to tbair ad?antace. kef. >ra> purr baaing where, to call At tUiafam a? eo-abliahnwnt. Remen.t^r BU^TBE ARCADE, lOt 4XT 7tli Mreet, l?efw?-ei) D and E. 8 EN ATTRACTION!* ? a\ LOW P H ICE S t* CARPETS' CARPETS V CARPETS!" Ncweat de?lgt)? ENOI.ISII RRrsSELS. ENGL1?U 1NUBAIN8, THBkE PLY 8. V^UITB and CHECK MATTINGS, OIL CLOTHS. RL'Osand MATS, WINDOW 8HADES. In allclora. aiMi WINDOW EIXTCRR8. at WOLFORO * SHILIERet, 4BT 8EYENTB STREET, Between D and R.aotrthwaat aM tr ? B^-THE ARCADR |^RY GOODS AT PANIC PRICES. "* Great bar^aiiK ia DRY GOODS froaa the H?? York and Pbiladelpliia auction* Dreaa Grenadiuea at 6. IU and US c*nu per rard, A bean:ifnl line of Dreaa Good* at leaa than Importara" pri. *a; Striped Swtoa atCr .a yard,worth Sftr Rla> Llnea at arerr low price, Btriaed loaemite at >K.t worth 40c.; j-o l/a ? ^ ' ?? ' ? . J price. Striped loaemite at he , worth 4nr , j-.q lot Lace Curtafna at RSAtfa r>>- ? a liae if beauti ful Paraaola at right price*' a few Lla-na Lat Shawl* at half price. BklORY BAXTER, aB-ly H? PennayUania avenae. EW ABD BEACTlfTL DRESS GOODS J 1ST OPENED RY BOO AN Ik WYLIE. 1018 AND !?!!? SEVENTH STBEET N W POLKA DOTS, in Percales,at JOc-nt*. in Alpacaa, at a cenH, and In Japaneae Paplin*. at S cenu. Japanese hiLKs,4band<?*c'<nu. PLAIN SI ITIBG8, at 18, to and U ceuU. BALBRNO CLOTHS. 4a and (0 cent*. PLAID POPLINS, to and a crate. SPECIAL BABGAINsriK BLACK SILKS, MO HAIRS. AND ALPACAS. We hare 444!JMi worth of cooda a?>w on haad and are constant!) rec-li ing freab aappliea. aXi tr Lovely polba dot ooodb. rn.m iz* omu op, to FOL'LAkD SILK8 at 41 46. at B Bo DUE AD 4 GO'S, maril Jm 144ft t street. 1 ELEGANT BLACK MLK.froa fltoup.anda a full lineatf all kinds of bPBIN'G aud SL'MMEB GOODS joat received at BKODHEAD 4 GO'S, martl 4ai 14V4 1 street. I MEDICAL. Ac. N DR. MOTT S FRENCH PoH DEBSoertaiu enrw for all dioeawe ol the orgaaa and all unuary c<??plaluta and bl.Kal and akin diseaaea cauaad by indiat retion in voutb. l'rice, %i per bo*. For aala I) VIM B. BNTW ISLE, Draiggiet, < ..rner ltih at. and Penaa) liauia are., Waahinxton. D.O. aU Im* **WTATl'VoLkNCE,"OB TH* WILL CLBi7~ THE GBBATEST DI8COVBBY OF 1 HE WOBLD. B) it all diaeaaea are cared. No ut^dicinea naed. aad no la)inat'Uof Lands. Taught by Mra. J. B kL iOT, (Ti C atreet northweat. ap7-tr L| A OLE8 auleribg ftom a.-aknaw ur Beraoua Debility , can ba>>- aklltfal treatmeat la ataliuA caae, and addrtwaing Ml- A. C. BOeHKB Wash ington, D. C. mb lm' I^B.LEOB, cojcsi'LTiMi rnrswiAjt, The oldest aatattoabod 8pe< iail*t ic tke city Bo. Oil 14th atreet, aboaa B. Hoara. 11 to 4 and I to 4, daUp. JVtX-tr L'BMALB DISEA8B8 ..I all kiinl* irasM Da r acribe case ana teaebwa- Jl, ad.ace and ar4i> cine will be aeat. Addraaa Mrs Dr. TMOMPMO*. No 448 Bortb 14* 8r*t, Phr>a4elpkta. a? ZT kg* I\1 ADAMB WILSOB, F B 1 S I V I jkY^E^t) JM^ W I V B, CAB be ooneultad on all CASES INCIDENTAL TO LAPI M ?^i ir M0?BY To I11H FAILS TO C*l" Vit' ~ CH ILLS. To be 1*4 of BRACR4 CUSBL.ootmm;BrMf?M| ?toAatawM?li 4Ii i 111 i a? beaaaa TlA-ly*^ AC^BELY WONDERS BBTBB CEABB -AU k? wool Men's Sait* ia three 4i4erent akad*af? the trttiagsumaf ?8,al A. kTBAl S , 1411 Fa. ave.,M?liih Wwt. *?

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