5 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

5 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR r a. is; largest Ciralatii ia the Pigtrict Beading Matter on Every Page WASHINGTON CITY: ?OXD1T Way 3, IH7*. Thr *o?lon< *f Kimilra. If wfmi> that we hold, with the Dutch of Su jnatr*. that sort of companionship loved by Hi.aery. The Du'ch. who hold pmmmIod of that J land, bare their in the shape of the remnant of a native tribe called the Atchlneae, occupying tbe northern extremity of Sumatra. This t-ibe, like oar Modoc*, opposed to be nearly extinct and Incapable of making any irreat resistance, but the Dutch expedition sent *?? subjugate them on tbe 26th of March ace ma l?> have caught very much such a Tartar aa t.en. Gilb m did in hi* advance upon the lava ) els of Captain Jack. Abont tbe middle of April the Dutch,after capturing aome small earthworks, attempted to storm the chief cita del of tbe Atchtnesc, and they were repulsed. lifavy/aiXtfie th? lo?*? J'uUh force* WW killed. They have'sVn;8fo^? oMiired to abarolon their enterprise altogether i?r the present. At a council of war held in Iront of Atchin, it **; unanimously agreed that r'ter the ;ow*> tl?ey had sustained their po^i I n a a* untenable. and it was decided to sus I * rd the expedition till the Autumn. In the ci .1, however, the Atcbinese must be cruahed cut. despite the'r temporary success, and the .1 ? fcdoa T.mrt, moralizing u|<on the fact, says It :* impossible to witness, without melancholy, 1' * se last struggles of native race* against the advancing force of European powers. It is the * ? m?' -tory. whatever the particular degree of ?' ^proportion. whether the natives be semi-civ. i. ze?! Malays or wild Modoc ladiana. They in. i? ct tbcu revenge trom time to time, but they are sternly overpowered at the last. <. aribaldi is rej^irted so dangerously ill that Ms d< ath may be looked for at any moment. He was bum at Nice July 5B, imw, and i* therefore in bis *?th year. Hi* life ha* been one of stir ring adventure. Commencing young as a sailor I e soon got involved in political conspiracies In It ?2, having been implicated with Maixini In the movement against Charles Albert, King ??! Sardinia, he was compelled to quit hi* coun 1 ry. Was again ia trouble in 1SW, ami was con t U nincd to death in his absence for a similar at tm.pt. He escaped to France, thence went to Tunis and into the service of tbe Bey, but the lite there was too taiue for him, and in 1*36 he J< -light lor the republic of Kio Grande, then at ?ar with Brazil. He escaped with hia life tbrough some great penis in the service. Next v ? lii.d him mi Home, in the thick of the struggle ?? ich en-ned when the French attacked that *:t*. t?n the entry of the French into Home ? ?rit-ahli escaped to this country, acd for t e time being, became a manufacturer ?! -oap and candles on Staten Island. "J lien he settled on the desolate Island of Capre a* a farmer, but abandoned thisquiet calling t9 take part in the Italian war in 1*W, and after a nes or triumi>hs. got mirtVd with the up *?*art air? of some of the Sardinian lieutenants ?f the King, and as poor in purse as when he h 1 out, ai d without any honors or titles, he v nt on board a vessel, and returned to his home in < aprera. He emerged again in ldtf2 to takt a hand in the continual struggle, and has J a I something to do in every conflict of arms ia i 1 *t ?piarter since; hia last effort having been i: behalf of the French republic in 1S70. In a-:i be was returned a deputy to the National A >sembty for Paris and several of tbe depart ments, but inoneof his capricious moods he re t- ;'Md bis .'eat and took his departure for his r< cky island home at Caprera, where he has 1 tnee remained. I l.e f '/i'ai ratber puts the argument home to tbe New York Tribute, in answer to tue boa t made by the latter paper of the char acter and position of its anonymous scribblers, ' the Ci;-ital suggests that the only unmasked j >; eciiuen the Tribune has given us in that way ' is a Mr. Edmund M. Smith, whom that (taper a knowledge* to be a miserable falsifier and ?cotit.drel. The Capital adds: ?'The New York Tril>une i&. published in the ! city of N--W York. This place ia known as ] rtiai.ly the nos( corrupt city in existence. I If government is acknowledged tbeft, its buai. i.<is gambling, while murder, stalking at road, makes day hideous. The stench from 1 this ccm>|<oo) of human iniquity has gone out r>rer tbe world until tbe heretofore good char, i a< ter of A utericaa is tainted. Now we read the T tittw. It l- one of our heavy duties as an ; ? ditor to do so. And yet we never would gather lr> m its columns that New York was a bad I f.'ace. We have learned di^ertations on ab stract 'jU' -tions and a virtuous regard for the f<xid conduct of everv locality, ours Include.!. <it that in which this independent journal i cater* for subeeribers and advertisement*." A special correspondent of tbe New York Ti^-'/at Vienna writes that aboat all tbe coa I'laint be ha* to make against that city is tbe annoying poll-tax of four kreutzers imposed vpon visitor*, and tbe terribly high winds th?t comr sweeping down tbe Danube from tbe Ty- j Toltan mountains, an 1 which necessitate an immense sprinkling and sweeping brigade to beep down the dust. The re|?rt*of enormou*ly Ir.gh price* at Vienna be doe* not And verified; on the contrary, the prices are about the same as ia tk?- I'nited States, and at the same time one g? t* more for his money there, and for the fame sum finds more pleasure and greater re- I turn*. A New York railroad ia about to try steam to lirat the car* in place of stores. It i* to be 1 red that something may be found a* a sub- j ? tute for tbe latter, which ha* been tbe > .fan* of destroying hundred* of human live* v >ch might otherwise have been saved. Col 1- >ns have frequently occurred a here person* n ht have been rescued from the cars without it rv bad aot the *tove* overturned and aet tb- wreck on fire. It I* bad enough tt^bc Jar n.?d In among tbe seat* and unable to ex 2.. te one'* self, but roasting Qilrtf I* too UD )!?-?". nt a process w undergo if it can be SMIIM. d. ' barle?.J. Baker, a prominent merchant a >i i ?nufacturer of Baltimore, has bought I i n re*t of Mr. Henry Taylor in the Baltt r and the firm now consists of >;.wi Wrn. H Welsh. Char lea J. Baker, and V u. It. Carpenter, nnder the atyle aad title af AW.* Haker & Co. The paper i* to be en |;i aud changed to the quarto form. It* .. ? ?. v. tot mnaencau uy ?u ? ae*. The Gazette has been managed *.<? lolity and good temper, and we are glad Co w tbeee evidence* of it* succe*. ?|? >~orre*T>ondence of Tn Stab from Cor j?h? ? uristi in another column, shows a ?? i lawless and unsatisfactory state ?: stair* oa the* Rio Grande. It ?io? d seem that gang* or Mexicaa baadits, baaing their headquarter* at Gaerrero. era** ?be Kio Grande into Texas, and rob and kill roost at will. Tbe settlers ia that part of Zlna* seem to tbiak M about has that the Gov gmneat did saasetblag for their protection. A constitutional eonventioa aaaembled ia C/kio to-day for tbe second time la the history ?:" thai a BFGl'LAK MOHTHLT >mil0 OF THI WUMCMIi CUSUTUM AMOCIA hrid TI KSDaY, Mai ?th,atl 9 m. ? "* . ?>?"***? *? 0- aft It* -las U I V^l"1 " s?*hs 4 ibsji niAHOAL L-wi * iu Wall street closed af'OC a fbverUL stock market, but with tn easier and more cheerful condition of affairs In the money mar ket The bank statement, published SmrdiT, i* the beet return in many mouths, and shows that the banks now hold a surplus of nearly three million or dollass. The stock feature Saturday was Pacific Mail, which fell six per cent on m mors that a prominent debtor of the company was urable to take up his notes. ? J*y Conke a Co. nSSh thTtolSJwo-aay: StStzrifc ffis tsasj{;5s!j if -lofc 17 ., I M-a>-T J' iv- US nun tJf *w iutASD. ? ?>. M? 17 t-apvjaa. A Jly,m..l7H ?Ai-Man. AJIy. U)?'s , u, American Oold _ M'i Onrr+nrj ? i is Mew Fires U ? I tt'syi"?"1' May 5?Virginia C?,consolidated, 86,Wert Virginia's, U b:d to dai. ' H ?*i-Tilioai, May 5 ?Oottoa dull snl weak?18 Fl"ur qoirt aud stead) ?prices unchanged. Wheat fair to prims, i*TZ M lr ?"? W Uigood to priuie w?'twa *fl2fci i.r"n,0.:' !" ?!/d,' ?^70?1^5, red WMtern. 01 ?M|] *?, \n%h~r w<**t??ni, 91.9^2 dull a lute Southern, ?s yellow smith m, *4; mi rej nominal? *>1 Oats dull?southern, 5o<ai">J p?? .,?Ho unchanged Provisions quiet. M as njeat.-^houlders. 7V<ir',. clear r k si.Ue' clear r.?,r ^ faSL'^ n,*rCnrH 1JVD15 fc*V ?W= A<s <a9l U bnu*r "id weak. if.V,rf ^r,D, H?>~?V8,!kVt,ilL rteilr, S?w iTrn?('Di<.Ter>' '**? ?"?,<>n*' ** Wheat lUivt changed. ' for V!? s:?j. d?* 5-s, yg Erie.ftl. * l9M'? Ws, ce?*m 3 y~*w* opened at 51 francs, BO Jr? M"y? 2 ?? ?> ?B?ndsofWV,Erie. ! Wl, i., "" WUTHli w"^:s:sr'?an.cis.i?l?sr'i Tl^ ? *A,T" TWIIITT-tOOl HOCBS - l"*?? th- middle and H.u'th i as?r?s?w,sis:?ns& ?pana: Und' Tnd PV I-'-rail in New Eng i KSSSWUS zsZEttzumi tss^stu M -^un VaHefJ "' *U'1 ?ouM,""t lo ?he Ohio and l?k*.? eta?' w'Sr'h mid<!,'? *M" l(nrw nonth?r? i higher temperature m the _.J] i Portion. South westerly aod northerly winds and partly cloudy weather to^ight r,,, i t..?nada and New England partly rlondv wcAthur northerly Willi, aud inore^ing KMiiff. r??r th* wotith Atlantic *nlf ????.w .lfi fcennea.ee part I v and it c.^m"|yVK!i;i ?.i ^ Yi r ??nth?a .erly wind, and occasional rail, in the western rulf. Fran the Xm ,X> lakes northw.Kterly wind* and Dirtlr cl?uuv weather, with diminishing pre**are to-nieht For tie northwert asd thence t.. Mi^iri apd i^.. ' wrathii -^*r 1 f?. ????hweeterly winds, rlouly hlK^her temp-ratnres. and occasional rain ZTuZ"r"fo^rU> ?,kw-treme V/v 7J'i? d f/'TI' * -An el-rtion f?r iV^k! KN DlKkCTOBS by the Stockholders "">* Aehton Tnrnpike j < ? M a< Coleartlle on TUESDAY the Orb day ?f May, UTS, at I ..'clock p?, A*' n3 2t CHABLKS G PORTKB, twretsrrj J>^?TO TAX PAT?BS. If > ou want to get news read f he New York DtD-r* i? r?ference to our District atTair? ?h>wii ? ih? oft^n"!^ ''fwp f:rll.Mkd recklne* exlrar^an^ T rk ^,fcLil'L?i'c lc n?Lk'' ^r,tcn'?rlr the N-w * /? *J?o*m* and Sitn of (Mi* i S. 1^3. tk. MDAri referred lo are alrooet daily making exposures of tie W a' hipKton Hin?, and sh uld be read by ?ten tu payer m the Dialrict of Coluuil.ia. m3 it? P^3? THB THIRD ANNUAL MEKTIVii of the aT^>ti*{ti7?k'INi! ? ?^*RATIV* BUILDING MtlN^ii L * T"' .UiT br o'clock p. m , M'lftDA l, May 5, 1S73. at 90? F street, M taoinc Temple. p| which the secretary will submit bis *n I^Trwi?i'ni- J tl"? ?'???Tsfor the ensuing H*c?, aud other general business will le anted up^.n that may be futrdnced by tb-?ock h J^r; jso. joy id4on, Secretary. O*Writin? from ??.?iwet? tetter on tnv face ^ l*f?re and durinx th" late war, an,l even up to about two months a*?. I received the treat ?V,C!W1 ,n ,h* neighborhood of my *?> Pennsylvania, and of the surgeons in the 1 Ui^d faiill1 ^n?r!?f?Ev^n different medicine MV -a52r2^*l5!!?e me- 1 jn'ered Intensely. * * bfCtnif oue iwrfwt pf&b And ti'?? hideoos to behold. Th* *oes^t^??^E?j3 ?" ST?w??*i "ii* *nd 1 COBB"?enc d the ue of it. ami i" # lees than two month') m> flesh is as fair Jrt.?53fr^rr!, M "v1 had never been at aM * ?' R?t*u 'it. kHi J!**rkan*e "" <**-?*' derive from ?.f "'"l* CALYKBT FOBD, HOd P nn eyhania avenue. mg-eodt ir^SCHBMCK 8 MANDRAKE PILLS.-Th?? Htv pills are compoaed excluaively of vejretmltl* ingredients, and although they eutirely supersede efT^r Irrzv1" r1 *??*>'<74iTSSZ They act directly up. n the liver, aud are a valuable remedy In all cases of derangement result in? frupi a disordered state of that organ. Liver C-mijlalat,_BUIows Disorders, Indlgeatioa, Sick Headache, Typhoid Feven. Ac., Ac , all snecumh to <? ?nhlad. Bpurtbu' hS o? tETTrnZHZt" mmf toe world ^ ?D''?12** "J" *1***? M gripped of ftp terror by^ Blotches, Trttars, Ac.^can ti SSwedtoSaJdhSSL In a few weeks. ??uwnuuna uaann nJK^a^^SSf1"./a?J?' 9? battis Bom byJL OJOEDi II#a Fm aad by Dmm Ertii P'fad^sMa Baee . : ?? ****** O- ??-1?2?... pacitiee to accept the responsibility which ?wiu nBOB Zl'JZrZjE. re/^J^MwsrT day her ? . .. Vut.!tUe ot weakness and debility is mors fatal to her than a severe spell of sickne*, for In th3 *h* *U1 receive the proper care, m in the other *he will linger months after months, not thinkina worth her life. To prevent, to strengthen, to cure, and all eeasplalnts gainst smlarla, dyspepsia, coe ?' hsadsches, morning sickness ters, which are sold PTaU "n?gl2hw toloomw-" I"''1?? of their virtue and moSracnisahls tMU/th^ medicine par gaging for ladiee. ^ jM-tr rJ?H' It?**? of ^vr izzsta,0#. rzzL*".^ n I L B u M Pf ? ?*W DRUG BTOBB, Bo. Mil Punnriiu A tit**, Depot for Soda and Mineral Waters. fell-ly f? WBIOBBATOB9 Water Coolers, Cream J4 *'K^r*. Planus Mac hi nee, lias Stovss, Oil Ot?DM S Mjusefuruiahinx Store, "*-* 314 7th stre ,t \ ORK9RTBB RELISH 1 BEST AND CHEAPEST SAUCE. 9 and lu cents per bottle. . ? M. W. BUBCHELL, n-o-e- lw L33U F street, linpmty aud Agent. JAPANESE FANS. 3,??0 JAPANESE PBBFUMED ? r,r.?4rmri ? 133* F street, near Bbbitt House P*VF ISiy55? BNAMBL.-Th .ee who are not satistlsd can hsve their money returned by aodressing J MOW AkD Wll.LlAMS.at this offlee Tnon VMMriik Ike IommI emu do tb# nan %% fit* n?TTH ,TQ TltE M 0DOCS~and deathto high y. *222?8T BAUS', 1*11 /a. |^BAD AND~8ATB~T0UB MONET] aLadlee who base Hair Ssrltche, that have faded isdeln sofenot manner. We have a very large Mortment of |l Carlt; ?err Iobc and httthoma WwItrbey._ver>^ c heap. Now la the thn* to buy at n y^BBN S Hair Factory,?!9 itth st^ O'ws W WIwwl i SSt"tf be had rt AJITbIxS''TrfTpa.avIT^^ J. *?? *Tm Sraxrr. ?r<Ur"i "^*Hna*e. A per O^D's4c^l,U^^am8, 'CBMISHIKO ^TOMB MABftMfAMD MPTLt^p ?o^o a&tfgy* "zgy V%??M^'S7aF g?Z2??>~-' ll?4iSL2.2*5aual aad river. Apply ?f Onngrwi . Ac , apply t ? CkwrjHov#. fit J^IV DBT GOODS. riM fbbnch lawns and percales, s*., 40c. and 00c. LACE-STRIPED JAPANESE CLOTH. at J7*c. BLOC PLAIDS. 10 and Sc. WHIT! PIQUES. Me., worth Mr ?* job. One cm* BLACK ?-.<! WHITE LAWNS, Mlk. p?f yard; (10c. nnder the price.) LACK 8ACQUE9. from ?8 to B30 each. Beautiful Goo is fur Children's Drwin', from 1" to 7 fir. w* tf BOGAN A WYLIE. Mlki MeCOaNlCK, jS* *?'' '>^NSYLTiHIA AVENUE,' Hh constantly on hand a fin- assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS. CHIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS, Ac., Ml ?f th? newest designs. Ladles CAPS and COIF FURES just receivi iT_ m5 tr_ IN THE MATTER OF BERNHARD RAFF, Bnnkrtipt. Dht*ict ok Columbia, ss: N"ti -e i-5 hereby given, that pursuant to ths order of Hon. D. C. Humphrey*, Judge of the District Court for tlo-said District, a sarond B??tln|?f the creditors of the said BERNARD RAFF, Bankrupt, will be held at Waahington. io the said District, on tli* 17tii dan or Hat, ICS, at IU o'elock m., at tta office of J Say lea Browu.on* of the Registers in K?nkt nptcy in said District, for the pnrp >se* named in tbeCth aeetion of the act of Congress, entitled "An act to establish a uniform system of bank tuple? Ac., approved March 2. \ JSt. The remain ing ac< ouutx of said bankrupt will be disposed of at the fame time and place. JA8. O. PAYNE, f I'AJt A. 8. WORTHINGTON,( IF THE Sl'PREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. HolJint a Spertal Trrm, May VI, 1 SCI. In tlie cm** of Wm executor of WK T. p romc,4ec(*a9<Hf, the extent ar aforoeaid ha*, with ?* ^ Supremo Court of th?* District ofColumbia af oresaid, appointed SATURDAY, the J/J JJ M?j*t A. 1>. IcCS, for I bo final luoiit *ud dMribntlen of the personal ett?te of said d? c-a*?*oI, and ct thp a**et? in hand mm fmr ** tht* MBM lia>?* lietn oliwM and tttrafxi into mi?t; wVo ," r- v" v/uw.1^1 nuu istnni iuiu ur?u?-1 , wn^n and wb^re all th?- creditors ami h?*ir*of ?ald deceai?d a?e uviifi.j with th?ir clainin properly jotirm d. or they may otherwise bj law be excluded from all benefit in aafd decea^odN estate: Provided* -- ... * DOlMl C. i~ / KJV trjfl , ? opt of this order be puHi?hed once a week for three weeks in the Star i>reviom to th? ?aid day. Teal: A WEBSTER, tr.5-ni.3t* Register ?>f Wills. NavIFpay orFics, Wa<iim.io\, D. C , May 8, 1373. Sealed Proposals, to be endorsed '? Proposals, a* ill l>e received at this Office until ltl m the i\r ki fth t>AT op Mat, 101, for the below describe I PIG IRON, o be delivered free of expense at the Washington Navy Yard, subject totbe usual inspec tion, to wit; Bittau of Sl"tn> Bm>%ftrint. Hi (fifty ) tot s, 11,24t pounds to the ton,) No. 1 Ash land Pig Ir is. Bidders mn-tt state In thoir bid* the time within which the Inn can be delivered. Responsible se curity will l>e required for ito prompt and faithful delivery wheti awarded. Blank forms for bids to be hadatthi. Office. The right is reserved to reject any bid not considered advantageous to the Govern m?nt. G. E THORNTON, Pay Inspector U. 8. Navy . HIBERNIA FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, of Cleveland, Oltio. Paid up capital ?SWvHUU, h^-regate amount of available a?aeU. B293,9iB.81. n-1-lw I'. A. BROSNAN. Apt.. 936 f> street. POTATOES.?314 bushels choice PEACH BLOW 8 just received. JOHN W. LUMSDON * CO., ?'.V3t 20? 9th street, opposite 0? nter Market. C"HEAP LINEN SHEETINGS in all wiiths. / from anction. ranging from 37*4 cents to $1.23, fruu 2i? and'.,1. yards wide. W. M SHUSTEft A BRO., d.3 3t 919 Pennsylvania avenue. |"TiwT~: limeI limb f BEST WOOD BURNT LIME at 91 per barrel, delivered to t II parts of th<- city. THOMAS FAHEY.lOth street, ni3-6m near La. avwuue, northwest. SOLUTION CITRATE MAGNESIA, *) cents; I!'"-tetter ?> Bitters,fucento. Chamois Skins,^^ "ii rcntr, and Hall's Ilair R> iirw< r 7i> c?nta, a?l heretofore. Camphor Sicelitsper p-oinl. and< all othtr articles at lowest rate for cash. At W. A. GRAY'S, Drug Store, mS It* 317 Mas*, ave., corner ith street. ^ H I E T I. ALI- LI EN SHIRT8 to order, 5SO per dozen, At WJI, I. TEEL'S, m3-3t 934 Pennsylvania avenue. ^PE1.\8 BILKS FROM AUCTION. 1*0 PIECES SPRING SILKS in neat stripes an<l checks, from one dollar per yard up. New style I ACS JACKETS, new LACK POINTS, cheap Black SILAS for Linings: Lupin'" Black GRENA DINES, warran'ed all silk and wool. lUU pii-ces new stylet. PERCALS. just op?ned. One price only. W. M. 8HUSTER A BRO., ?>3-3t 919 Pennsylvania avenue. XWV'hTnX ~ CS> GLASSWARE. mtf CROCKERY, and FINE PLATED WARE. Ilouaekeepers in want of the abcye g.iods are re siiectfully invited to examine oar st-x k and prices. WEBB A BEVR RIDGE, tl iSt' Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th street. 'I'llERE ARE HO MODOCS AT "THE LITTLE WORLD," 10097thstreet, between K and L streets, (near Bogan A Wylie's,) Where they are selling Hosiery, Fancy Goods, N' lion-. Jewelry, Stationery, ('heapToys, Ac., Ac., at retail, at wholesale prices, previous to removing to a smaller store. Too will do wall to call soon before the assortment is broken up. "NICHOLS" runs "The Little World." n>3 ?NGLISH SCARFS. ENGLISH HOSIERY. ENGLISH UNDERWEAR A LARGE ASSORTMENT AT DEVLIN 6c OO.'S, nt lr 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Old, J i New, K<>. 4*6} PAPSRHAKGIXGS. No. 4.19 Tih 8t.\ (Ttb St. NOW OPEN AT MIRKIIIIl'l, No. 439 7th street, between D and E streets. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall, PAPERHANGINGS of new and stylish designs of the test fabrics and finish, selected with due regard to haraiouy of cel .r, durability, richness and econo my. A large portion made specially to order, em bracing beautiful stripe and other designs In Gilt and Plain Colors, appropriate for drawing rooms, Ac.; A) and 40-inch plain tints for panneting with gilt rod or finishing plaiu, with a full line of medium and low-priced Papers, patent and perfect represen tations of Wood and Marble,for pannellng halls and vestibule*. BORDERS in Gtlt, Velvet and Gilt Imitation Freeco, and Common; Center Pieces. French Fireboard Prints, Ac., making the largest and aoat complete assortment ia the District. WINDOW SHADES. New designs, different sites au1 colors; also, Plain Goads in Pearl, Chocolate, Lavender, Green and Stone Colon for Kahing into Shade*. Shades made to order. PICTCRB FRAMES. Solid Oval, Walautaud Gilt, and all GIU Frame* from 3x4 to MxSU inches. Box Oval Frames for Wreaths at cost. A beaotiful selection of French and American Gilt and Velvet Frames for Ivorytypa and Porcelain Pictures. Card Frames In great variety. Frames made to order. PICTURE CORD AMD TASSELS from Card to Portrait Sine, different colors; also. Gold Plated, Tinned and Wire Center Picture Oord, very superior goods; Porcelain and Rraas Head Pic ture NaU?, Rings, Screw Byes, A*. P4I*J'riNGS, ENGRAVINGS. 4 HROMOB, Ac. A limited, bat choice, selection in appropriate frames always In store on exhibition and sale. Chromos and Engravings ordered. Orders for Papernaagtax, window Shades or Pio ture Frames punctually filled and satisfaction guar an teed. TtfM catli Please remember i OM Ho fit*. J. MAAIIITIE, and Dumber _ 439 7th street, allhl Between D and E stteeti pilIB IOIT Just received a largo suppi) eC Choice Batter, in* eluding ORANGE COUNTY and CHEMUNG CBlAMK Also, ?! Northern aad Wsetem Markets ?iNt* J. C. FEABSOM A SONS JO Olke(la we hate OVa FRIENDS AND THE PUBLIC. H,va E*stre<rt*northwest, opposite tWPoiit where ws shall ho torn to receive oar CrisMds. We are also prepared to rent a few slajat office) vice), aad ev ?' ? [Dally awd Sowday papers copy ] wcrfc,for #M,the style of eachdoabie-hreaatedaad rqnare (rent, at ITRACS', 1011 Peaaa. avs., near w >v \v WANTS. W alllkl>-jr > ri wr'?lil? white |lrl ? it?M 11 J'0*"8 COOK; beet references given. Addrsas COOK, Star office. if \VAS**I>~A RCUI, white girl, s?nte?l anl .*?. tidy.B 'I *) years of wlin good referenc Apply to la 39 Kth street. mi tt r ANTED?A WiIMaN h-lDi'i th" kitchen. Apply M FRITZ (HHAIBLS'8 Restaurant, corner 7th and E strops. it* W ABTED?By ? ?Mdl' tffd Auisricaa ?<nnu " ? SITUATION as COOK, will a?ist in wash In* and ironing; good reference AidrMi Bo* 5, Star office. jjw WANTED?At 1399 fth *tre?t northw>Mt, be tween N *nd u sir.er?, ? WHITS OIBL ?? do fieneial h"?i?ew>rk;a en 4 Dome ia a small r-i| gi -us annly; refers required. m6?* \LTANTED?Immediately - A SERVANT G1KL " " to do bonsework, rooking auJ w??ning >n a small family. Apply No. *04 H street, bftwwn ?th and 9ih ilr?-t, n?nhwf?l. It" 7ANTED-To buy s HOU9B of 6 or 8 r ?nn "n - . Capitol Hill <>r near Baltimore depot; price not to exce?-d iWt'.cvh rest in monthly payment* Ad'trfwl K.,S ar office. nA It* W ANTKD-A dra diM B1,A< KsMltll at the v v Gas Work*. S6lh and U street-*, none but a -Had), sober and Tood workman ueed apply; tie must come well rec> iniuended mS 2t WANTED - RESPEt T.tBI.E ? H1TE WO MAN tocix'k, vuh andiron. Northeast cor ner Gay aud Oreeu streets, Georgetown; city reference required mi wCt* \\I AS'TED-By a re?n ctaMe middle-*-- d whi e ?Y wnnian ? SITt'AlIuH ai COOK or HOUSE KEEPER, Wiling to tak? rati-of a plucn for the ? <iiiuAr; country preferred Apply 70" lltli -ireet, b-<\\een U and H streets northwest. It* WANTED??r lwo respectable white girls a 11 SITUATION in a small fitmil y in the city, one to cook, wasli and iron;other chaml>erniaid and assist in washing am. ir nii w, lie btst of references. Ap |ly corner Gay and Montgomery streets, Ger rge town. m5 3:' \\TANTED?HOUSE with seven room*, h*ll-w*y, '* water and gas; l ocation west of 7th and north n,.H ?*??<" t?; rent, not exceeding &.<0 pi-r mouth. any person n<>i a /,?>*., aim wanting a tenant who can ahow written ev>a^i,r?> of paying rout prr.mp.lv, will p|MM s-.dress G M i? HiirctniB G"jieral> < ffice. ij.j \f'ANTKD-Bv a young Aiii'-rienn girl,aSITU 11 ATION to travel aa lad* 'scoiupsnnw or maid. Addresi. MARY, No.494 1st st. northwest. m3 3t* %S7 ANTIIi?Two g.?od jfARltERM; iuu?t com* vv with the l>est of references. Apply to J G DlMENT. No. V13 D street pnrthweat. ni3 2;* \\I AMTBD?1To exchange a Piano for a Hu R8E 11 and conveyance. Apply at 93d Pa. are., tip n.3 3t? Y\rANTEI?-BKE8?Twenty nwannii or m<ire in *'''jJl '"?'Kion Iminire in person or by letter of K UliNI, No. 429 7ih atre^-t uorthwntt, W anhlntrtnn D C. mj 3t* WANTBD? By a g>-ntl<-man stopping at Trenumt Bouse, ago.Nl aei lid hand Bl'GGY, a rER KTT.two first-claas WAlTKltS. and some female help. ni3 3t* ANTED?STORE and DWELLIHOTsnltahle for a Fancy Goods Store, in a Hiiitable loca NICHOLS, 1009 7th street, ??a Jt Betw?-en K and L sirxets. northw-st. %V AN TED?A BOY who t borough U understands ?? ranning Gordon pr? ?s> s; also.a BUY who can set tyne, ?i.i a BOY to g.i tue?<age?i Apply nt the Printing Office 998 and 930 Pa ave. 11 iJzf WANTED?A PIBCHAUKE tor a flva-rootn 11 Frame Houae, and a vacant L?t adjoining, in the northweetern aart of the city. F.-r terms apply to CI NNINGHAM, Hatter, lu. 1011 F atr?-et northwest. It* ANTED?By a Ki-nth-man and wife, three or four UN FURNISHED ROOMS, f..r hoiwe Koeping. Ri-nt mn?t b*1 in-iderate and location h-'althy and convenient to Treasury D'-partuii-iit. References exchanged. Address "J. 8. C.,'" St ir < Aire. n>3-3:* WANTED-TO RENT OR PC Rt.'H ASE A HOlSE ? A EBiall family (no chiidreu) de sires to rent at a m-?derare price a HOUSE of sen-n or eight rooms, containing ga?, water, Ac., between E and 0 and Wh and Mth streets northwest ? will ret t b> the year and pay monthly in advance; or w ill pnrchase if ,?1 ra*h and monthly pavments can Ih-agreed up.iu. (iwuers of bouien, not agen *, wjll answer tins. Adlreaa, with full particulars, ' CITIZEN,' Star office. m3-3t' WANTED?Immediately?A HOUSE containing ?ix or ?Ight rooms, hall, water and gac; loca tion l>etween sth and ltth streets and Penn. avenue and O streets. R.-nt not to exceed .**1 per month. AddresaN H.R., Room SS.Winder Building. m2 3t* WANTED-A WOMAN, to Cook, Wash and Iron, at 910 E street north, between *1 aud ?VI B?*ference required. tnyl-tf WANTED?PLUMBERS to know that we are rr-pared to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORK, at 1005 C Hreet northwest. WM. II DOUGLAS A CO. N B.?Brass Casting done dailjN ml la* WANTEV?LADIES to take notice that M tdain* D. E. MAISON, of New York, lm-> opened her Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street north a? Im WANTE1?SECOND HAND FURNITURE in small or Urge quantities, for which I will pay cash A note addressed to II. A. ARNOLP.N-. 1116 8th street northwest (thrunglithe mail), will meet with prompt attention in any part of the Dis trict. a?At? \klAKThlt-A HOUSE containing live or six " rooms, the front room large enough for a small fancjr store; will rent from the landlordonly, but am willing to pay any one occupying a house that suits nie a reasonable sum of money to move out. Any person owning or occupving a h uso in a suitable location, such as I have described, will please ad drats, gl\ ing full particulars, N. W? Star office. a3 w ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons in v v need of first-class SERVANTSof every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Sen ante also can get good homes and t>eet of w-Hses by apply ins at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mre. LOUISE C. BUTLER, dOT 11th street! near E. a!6-lm \V ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOB 11 SEWING MACHINB has iU netdU ulf ut timg: the moat perfect shuttle In use, resting In ? cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 400 Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Deas ar-?t V Pattern Emporium. angy iy T. W. 8PICEB, Agent. LOST AND FOUND. (l^.A REWARD.?Lost, on the 3d Inst , at the ?.?,!!!ttn ?ifht-stene Diamond CLUS TER RING. The above reward will be paid if re tained to FRANK M1DDLETON, 1919 E st. I' LOST?On Saturday afternoon, on the cars coming fromBaltim re,a POCKET BOOK,contamiug three hundred and sixty-live dollars; also, some pa pers. The finder will l?e most liberally rewarded by returning the same to J. H. WELCOME, 996 l?ih street. It* STRAYED OR STOLEN?On Sunday evening, 0 from the corner of IM street and-Penn I I vania avenue, a Black aud Tan GIP. nsw ers to the name of Fannie. The flcd er will be rewarded by leaving thesaae at the Drug Store on said corner. The Gip has on a collar wttb my name. B. P. SOUTH ALL. m6-2t* IOST-On Wednesday, 30"h April, either In J 7th street or avenue car. tor at the junction a GOLD B&ACBLET. A liberal reward will be paid upon 1U rsturn to 909 7th street southwiwt.lt' 1 OST?On Thursday evening, May 1st, in Georgs m,J or Ulr city bridge and Oirele, a Black Morocco DIABY, containing m small sum of money and some papers, of which are of souse to auy one but the owner. The tinder can retain th? money by leaving the Diary and papers at Box T73 Georgetown Post Office. m3-2t" 'I'AKEN FROM CAB No 7.ON THURSDAY A afternoon, between S and 6 o'clock, and between Congress and High streets, a PACK aGE, contain 'W.V ?":??"?*? csbiuet size, with the name of J (j ddin, Photographer, only on it; of uo use t<4anr one l.ut the owner Pl-*se return to the car office and a reward will be paid. m2-3t UOABD Of PUBLIC WORRB, mJ District of CoLtmBtA, Wa?Hi?l0T0!t, April S, 187S. A reward ef FIFTY (9W) DOLLARS will W paid for the detection and conviction of any person or persons who have stolen, or who may hereafter be found stealing, the Man-hole aud Sewer trap Covers in the cities of Washington aud Georgetown. By order of the Board. EDWARD JOHNSOW. s3 tf [Bepub.Chron.J Chief Clerk. I OST?On the 1st of March, on B street, between J 10th aud Id streets northwest, a RUBY BING, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. >09M street northwest. m7 PERSONAL. [V OTICE is hereby given that Capt. Barrow Freer 1^ has no longer connection with me in business, and 1 am no longer rosponsible for any of his acts or any bnstnese matter; that he Is not the owner of the property which he has recently had or has in his possession with Wood and saw-mill business, which he has been conducting hi King George county, Virginia; and that any of said property after this date by him sold will be of no value, as h?- can con vey notitle. [if] WML P. WISE. \OTIGI.-I hereby forewarn all persons from Is harboring or trusting my wife. Alice Lewis, on my account, as I will pav no debts oontracted by her, she havlug left my bed ami board without jnst cause. GEORGE LEWIS, u>3 St* Unk>utowa,D. C IDIAGONAL COATS and YKST to match in ten ?-F different shadea and styles (vary dressy), at A. 8TBAU8M011 Pa.avs./nanr lltL st a? ^ K W ? T V R E . CARPETS-CARPETB-CARPJiTS. JUST OPENED, THB 0. 0. D. CABPET HOUSE, At HI Tti Btikit, Brwiii i'avd K, Where caa be fow d a Urge assortment of CABPETS, OILCLOTH AND MATTIHO, at less price than the same uuality can be had at nay other plaoe. Please enll before purchasing elae whers. aft At* M 0. LCTTBBLL. O. A. DDNB1BGT0 ? ' LVTTftBLL ft DCMWmeTOM. AnrtUaeers ud Csntnslsslsn Mrrcksatt, ? IT La. Ave., bst. fth and Wth strsets northwest. HTBFocUl and Personal attention givsn to ths snU of Baal Estate. riUs* 1\IOTICB.?A1I psrsons that havs Ml VMBBBL 11 LAS or PABASOLS with tkm subscriber to ^ rsnalr ars requested to call tor ths same an h?fl| IntenAs to dose bnsiuuss ahd retire la the aonrss f . of tbscnrrsut month. DANlBL P1BBCB. ?> Mav lst,Mr?. ml-3t? I FOB BENT AND SALE. For Brst r irt neatly-fn'mohcd ROO"?6; 1W14 O street, Wtweea lfth ftud LSth m"Jt? northwest. m?-S. FOR MST-A* olllfM ?>r residence, ??r1 of * HOUSE, unlurnisbed Appl> it N". 613 Lou isiana |T?iior. It" (jHHTRFNT-YSrostory FRAME HOUSE No. 680 0 street sonthw<-?t. containing frrn rooms. R Lt $ts p* r niui.th in advance. Appl) next door, aftet 5 o'cl? ck p. m. ma ** L^OR RENT?611 13th street, ?eotletn?ti may ob I tain very large an 1 hand* melt furnished ROOMS, ?bh hot and colli water, at very low price*. mi St* f^OR BALE OR RENT A pioce of FRuPERTV over the Eastern Branch, containing eight acre-. suitable for a batcher. Appl . to J.T.BOI SEAU,9th and ? streets southeast. nU3t" I^OR- RENT-A" two-story FR AME HOrSE ,c?n r taining flve r<Kim?,nn Hew Jersey avenue, be tween Q and R (treeta. R*nt |U par month. Ap pl> at 4SU M 'treat north*eat. mi-2t* L'OK RENT?Three ROOMS. unfurnished. ?uit I able for housekeeping. ga? and water in the houae; newly painted. Apply at 3V+ Sth street northweat. mS Jt" |>llR KENT? Handsomely furnished PARI.OK I and BEDROOM on the flm floor, at No. 11 OS New York avenne. May be obtained by on* or two gentlemen at a low price. mi Si' l/OR KENT?Four-rooai Hi>l'SE,iiewt> done up, I suitable for housekeeping for a Tamil) with no children. Inquire in the atore corner of Uili aad N strecta. mi ft* K^OB RKNT-f'URNlSHED BOOMS on the drat r floor, -mi able for housekeeping- gas, water and bath. Apply at 1019 Mb at reel, between K and L slrvets. lt* 5oB RCN1 ? Tii <1e?irabie piniM.f r honsekaep _ -inf, four UNFURNISHED ROOMS. second floor; $20 per mouth, 111? Massachusetts avenne northwest. milt* 1/OK RENt-Three large ROoMS ou th. firat * floor; al so, two on th" third floor, stationary withstands, gas and bath, and other conveniences, at 7 03 8th street. above Patent Office. m4-2t* 1/OR RENT?Elegant Urge SALOON PARLORS a on first flAor, suitable for parlor and bedroom, with Board; al*?>. large sin.'le ROOMS. T?bl? Hoarder* wanted. Apply at 917 16th st. m5-3t" f^OR KENT? Second and thlnl PtOOW, ikn* room* each. kitchen, pantry. washing and iron ing rooms,first floor; very convenient tor BMW keeping. clnb or office: 1411 F street, near Tr*as nrjr. Inquire second floor. F. ni5-4t* F'OR RENT?Part .fa HOL'SK-two t.. ti?e an furnished rooms?suitalile for housekeeping; convenient to Departments Call l>?fore 9 or after 4 o'clock at 1441 L gtreet, between Vermont av enue and 15th street m.V2t* t^OR SALE?The lw-st LOT on Capitol Hill,e >r ner of Delaware avenne and north B street; 76 feet 8 incbea on north B street by 141 feet 6 in* he* on Delaware avenne; close to afreet cara and extendi .n of Capitol grounds; splendid site for hotel For terms, Ar , inquire of WM. TYLER, Real E?tat< Broker. ?1? 16th afreet mft-eosr V F OR SALE?On eaay terms, a desirable BUILDING LOT, fronting on7tl> street, near new Northern Market. DYER A DAVIDSON, No. 149V Pennsylvania avenae northwest, n S (t* over Mi Ilium's Drag Store. L'OK SALE?IV ACRES OF LAND adjoining r '? Mount Olivet," improved by fram* hoii*>- of hix room*, stable for al* h >rses. fruits of various kinds, vir ; Apples, pears, peaches,cherries grapes, Ac. Tin* land Iron.a 120 feet on Blad?n*bnrit turn pike; but five minutes' walk to Colnmbia street cats Price S3JW THOS. W. FOWLER. F Street. It* l^OR BALE?A small BR1CR HOUSE. Contains I four rooms-good kitchen and flnecellar: ga, ami w ater: lot lu feet by MS, runs back tothir > f . : T alb y;hoiwe standi,22 feet from building line, and is sitnat?d in one of the beat and most rapid!) improving portions ?f the city. Price ?3.7iw; oae-f >urth cash, balance on easy terms. Apply on premises to ( BAB B. PARRER, 1394 12th street. between N ami O. mft-St* IpORRlNT-FiirnislH-d CO IN TRY HOlSEf.r the summer. Wiil rent main building ready furnished, containing parlnr, dining-rooin. thre chambers, kitchen, ic. Plenty of shade, ice aud fruit, stabling, garden atxi pasture if desire.). b- m tiful and healthy location, 1'4 miles from Lauham's Station, on Baltimore ana Potomac railroad. F >r temis apply on tlie pr>nif?n-s. to Mrs K WELLS, or addresb Dr. CHARLES A. WJCLLS, Blaileua bnrg.Md. ni8 6t* L^uR RENT?A suite of PARLORS. hatMlaomely r furnished, on second flo<ir, verv cheap, at 790 13th street, between O and H, northwest. m3-3t? l/OR RBBT?An OFFI< E on 14th str?H*tiorth 1 west. Inquire ?t SMALL'S Greenhouse, cor ner I4t h and O streets. m3 3t* i l^tlR RENT?For six months,low, to res|w>;tabl* r parties. Fl RNISHED HOUSE, tilled with boatilers. Location best in city. Address B , Star office, with name and residence. tn3 3t* P'OR RENT?A family going to tn- country ? ? uld rent a ROOM or SI ITE OF RriOMS from June until November. Apply southwest corner Vermont atenue and L street. Reference required n>3 3t* I^*0R RENT?HOUSE of nineteen rooms, par tially furmsbi'd or unfurnished, with large dining-room if desired. Address HOUSE, City P .st Office. ni3-2t* t"0R RENT-HOUSE No 1931 F street, con taming ten rooms and bath, with ail nnslern improvements Apply at 1V93 Pennsylvania av epne. n>3 St* riiH SALE?Three-story FRAME, L street, be r tween 9th and 10th streets, nine ro<iM4.on yoar cwf tern.s. Great bargain. Will pay for itae'f. B. H WARNER.79ft Tih street. asS-ft t'tiR SALR?Splendid LOTS, Vermont avenue, between K and L streets; also, Vermont avenue, betwe< n N and O streets. Lot 22x60; cheap. mV3t . H WARNER, 799 7th street. FOR RKKT-A large FRAMB 8TABLB in the rear of premises No. 119 H street northeast. .Will be rented ou reasonable terms to a responsible person. Apply as above, or at Mo. 93 2d street east. m3-ft* F^OR RENT?Valuable BUS1N E88 STAND, third story, room 20x60 feet, northeast comer Louisi ana avenne and 7th street; also, OFFICES on sec ond floor. Apply on premises, or at 4&3 C street northwest, before 11 a. m. m3-lm F FOR SALK?HOUSE No.S94 New York avenue, between 6th aud7th rtreeta northwest, lot being 20feet 2 incbea front, running back to a public al ley. Apply to JOHN G. BRIGHT, of Bright ft Humphrey, No. 997 New York avenne north west._____ tn3?t" I>OR RENT-HOUSE 1114 Uth st ; ten r^oms, bath room. Ac.; L at rube. Apply to M.TRIM BLE, 614 13th at. nJ 6t* F>R RENT-An OFFICE also FURNISHED ROOMS, with or without BOARD, at summer rates, at 1014 E street northwest. m2 St* I/OR RENT-HOUSE and STORE, No 1749 Pa. r avenue; will be altered and put in good repair to a good tenant. Apply to 443 Mass. avenue. m2-3t* F~ OR RENT?A COTTAGB, corner 10th and K atreeta northwest, containiag 9 rooms; gaa and water. Apply on the premiaea, or address "Got tage." Star office. ni2-St* FOR SaLE?Two flne LOTS on 13th street, be tween 8 and T street*, with east front. B. K WILSON, m2 6t SI 1 7th street, opposite F.ist Office. OR SALF ?Several Hue RESIDENCES, with pr mods, (from 6 to 80 acres, I on the ridge of hills north of and overlooking the city, betweeu 7th aud ?1 streets. E.K.WILSON, u 2-6t 811 7th street, opposite Post Office. j^OR RENT-A HOUSE and STORE, containing r 16 r<>OBi snd 4 attics; gas and water; suitable for hotel, boarding house,or reatanrant; will be rented aepsrately. if desired; situated southeast corner of 8tli aud D streets northwest. tn2-3t* F-1 OR SALE-That elegant RESIDENCE at~tl7e southeast corner of Maasachuaetts avenae and Rt'i atreet. This property is unsarpaased in loca tion, aud is supplied witn every modern onveni ence. E K.WILSON, m2-6t ftll 7th street, opposite Pot Office. I~>OKRENT-Front and back PARLOR,front and back BASEMENT, anitable for housekeeping; garden; gas and water. Terms moderate to a prompt paying tenant without children; good references ana rent monthly in advance required. 1146 8th. street m rthwest, owe door from M st. m2-3t* L'OB RENT?A handsome country HOUSE in r c> mplete order, containing thirteen rooms, with garden aud privilege of ice house, carriage house and stable- on the W ashington railroad, near Btlu ville For particulars apply on the premises, or to Mr. ?. THOS. PARKER, No 608 Pennsylvania avenue. [ml 2w*] W. A LIMTHICUM OR RENT-A Tory desirable RES1DENCB in the West End. Apply to JT7AM BOYLB A CO., 6B6 lkh street. aSU-lw FOB SALB?Lots No.l, IS. 14, U, and U. in sqnare 916; also, lot* 8, 4, #, 9.9,10,11, and It. winare 966, near Baat Capitol street, a few minutes' walk of F-Street cars. Apply ooruwr M*M Capita and kith str.-ets. [a5>2w'l M. BALDWIN FOR SALE.-Buy a Houae and aave rent. COT TAGE, soven rooms, ga? and water, front and backyards; P street, betwsen lata and 16th, north west. For sale cheap. aSo fit MATTINtSLY A WHEELER. 4tt3 9th st. L'OR SALE OR BJINT?Wrtwrot those beautiful r new HOUSBSonM OrMtsSW Poaasylvaaia avenue, With aver) modern convenience. B. X. WILSON, a29-6t |R*p] ftllTthstreat.opp. P.O. FOR SALB, TRADB OB RENT?That flne COUMTBT RESIDENCE, known aa "Ingle side," situated oa th* new pike toad to Faila' Church, one-half mile from the Anariact Bridge, tte< rgetown, D.C. There Is a Sue new double houM, two-story and Preach rouf, with thin< good rows,cellar,bath-room aad water cloaet, with aewer.bay window, raage, hot and cold water, large trees sorreuadlBC the ho^sa, a good oarn with fonr stalls, carriage hoaae, graiawy.andhennery. There are five acres of groanJ well fe?o?d, with frait trees, grapes, Ac.: two gaad wells olwater aad a apriag. I oflWr this property for aala, or trade for otty prt tv, improved or unimfroved, or lor laaae for a I of years. Parties meaaiac haataem will r ' the proparty by calling at V4i f street Tt3^aSr [Bep.ftI Pitt. H. WBLCH. with store room aad two nall?m. Iaqaira Ml LIDGE BR08-, feed d^.lerTftVand 0. toTlm i7>OR 8ALE-LOT8 In the northwestern f ofth?cjty;wnm them several vary ?i building loU oa I and K atreetaand. Verm' aae FOB RENT AN.t> SALE. k?B BENT?A mite of three <V T|?D? P cmmnuicalinjt, t ar Wwnl lif*7 if strel _ ?g?r .r H~ I^olTBENT-Thre* story IKllk "notT-V?i? 7 S*8 >1 street n. rih~f.<**> J an.. ? 4 . , f ?t'^H i tr*, Irofe llM PrMijI'Ml* HWW J*"_ vGRUDER. Emit ??permaiitb Apply to Dr . K. v?*^?.,,' 310 E street northwest. _ ? VOK ht*T-Ma> 1-t. w ith t> ard-ter-fv W front BOOM8, With hot Ml 1 r-Vi wat** ?' ' and Boom* for two. *46 MaWn eonvrwi* uc b.^we. ?087 *h "tree*. - fS?B BftUPWAfcL FABM-A K? foyf 1 ?r?rthf?-? fy-wt this rtty. cnttmiiif B *?. ? abovf cw fourth in b?avy timber. The liwpro K?Mi WmM of ? fnuiw ?n-i. *VS^ , or4fr,?1th all the n^ceawj outbuilding*. iarhiAin, an ice l.?u*e. full ?turn. PWaty ?* roed pare ????** and irvrral liundr- 4 frwtl Irwea cf tS# Nil 1 ftricow. Will be nsld on eary l-n*., a?4 city property tabe? in part p\*h*Df ?rtc<* ?M t< riw* *nw? ~*L'Trn application to BIf HARP B. MOHUBA CO., ?M-Wt 101A >wiii?yl'?i)t?H''n?? I/OB BETT-Furutsbed or Unfurnished BOOS*, south fn'^l: suitable for buaaekeepiag- APP^X VIU ffnn?rh?#l??i(W. ?*? im F~ ViB liiLI -TIi*' ralnctikfi ?tn? for Ml' hi* HOObE 1 N*?. 14?< a*d LOT <?n tbe first square east of tb?- Capitol. The ** ?s situated on the snath side of Ewt CspAol street and on bl street. ai^ is 47 f.-et and 11 inches wide ?"J Ujjfrgf d?^p- o? air Sw* CHARLES P R(SSEl L. M>B SALE OK 3XCHANMB FOB CITY >ROP ERTY, a two-story &>?,***?? ment, and also a corner LOT and a F A R M .?f40 n rn near thecity. Apply to J. P COX, corner Wi and Fayette streets, ^ O. al> lui | L'OKTINT-M ?l desirable OFFICE RooMmu r the northweat corner building of'th and G st*. B<-rthue*t. B. OA* H, ali lm* !?** 7tb street northwest. F"?0B SALE?ON LONO* TIMB~-A neat. well N<h three-atory BK1CK HOC^E. with two 1 story Ba?k BuUdii^c; liou.* frouw aontheaet. ha? llttlr front > an), atia ?ide entrance: oon-aia- nine rooms, beside* bath-rtK-n:* aaJ clo?ets. O-liar nn<i r entire b--use. with lire plactw, caa arrf water, can , b^ ronrrrM inlo baaeiu-nt room* if L t 1 i-"vlUU lliuUire on tbe pr?*nn??n < f tli?*wn**r of the nioperty after & p.m., 944 BLuUe Iklantl avenue, , beta eec >th and luth ?ta _ *11 Ira FMJR 8ALK?8yl'AKK No. ??.!??. berwe.?n A and B and Hh and itb streets i?.>r.hea?t ? e?tber the wlM>leor hi lot* Apply to I0ITN IU'WARI). bi:U ber. Bo. 6*8 Center marlf . corner <4 B *nd . ?rh ktreei* nortln *?t, t r CHBltfTIAB M BE?'K- | KKT. 483 ti street northweat. tf la* , FV'h SA LK?A 11 ntut>er of two-atory BRICK. HOlfBS.on T ?treet, between lflti and ISih streets northwest, containing six roeiua each, will be sold ?n terms as follows: Fire HOUSBS from ^liOtn f.K? rash on each, and l?alatice fn monthly pavmcnts to suit p?r~li?eer. . Five B0C8B8 at from fSOOto Al^t<0 c*?b. *iel : b?iaiioe in mutWy, qnarterly, or nall-jearij- pay - nients, to suit pnrehaser. Three UOr?KS will be exchanged In part for Tarant ground. AI-mn several HOUSBS In the same block trill be ?old cheap far caeh. Kh.Ii at the above Houses hare hall, cellar, b*>h rooui. water-closet, sewer, gas, Ac., and are w HI suited for a private family. Th ? d<*?irou? of se curing to tbemaelves a comfortable H >uae on easy terms, should not fWil to call at my office pretloua to purchasing e!at*wbere. f * JOS. F. KBLLKf. Beal Estate Agent si Ho. 9Q8 8th street northwwst, l>et. I ai"l K. h"llK~ RKKT?BUKNIbHKl> ROOMf*: a t-ach Parlor furnlshe.1 aa a Bedroom, and two pl-?s ant riHims, back and front, on second story, in an aligibly-located Dwelliugon I street, near 9th; will be rented on reasonable terms to gent I-men only. Address "A. J.," National Republicana&ca. ml?-tf I Rep | FOB SALE. Jl >T AUKI\ El> ANH FOR SaLE-A l.?t of tiu. ar? yoong and stylish I'rumg Mares, arid^ s< \ ei kl good larf e w ? rkers; to be wen at the I1UW A RD t*tables. O st.. I>etv\.eeu tuth and 7tb ?ts. a5 it* FV'R ^ALE?One line young Ml'LK. 2 g.-.-d Work 1I0BSE8, 1 double WAGON. i.'S'1'lk new : 4 KO'?l CARTH. Also, wagon aini> cart 11AKNE&S. Any or aU of the ate.ve n.n be bought at a bargain. Apply at lil ISMi atreet. L-dand. or to C.J. BREWED a i??j htor?r.7th st m.1 4:* P'aRLOR. CHAMBER, A Nil klTCUEN Fl'B NITUKE, almost uew, for sale bv a family breaking up boueekeeptng. Call *t 1730 F street northwest. Time given on security. m-T St* OB-8ALB-A PH.F.TOB, built by ?f c ung HOlUiEttand M ARES, .t.u i.miin.i *ts ar? several Hue young Mare>-, iu-< eral tiu- V?-vi toBin and stvlinb l>rn inc H?ri?. ainl*^^ ?? ? K"Ccrs A Co., Philadelphia,and vary little usc-d ...ire at CH AS. EAT ? " between JUth and 21*t. Inquire at CH AS. EABLE 3 Liverybtabla.il at. ? ? iif.it* IT'OR SALE-Ju-t arrived, 10 head of very fine A Iiriving and liraft HOB8E8: some fast r\ trotter*, selected expresslr for tbi* mark-t, 1 ai 1IUOUELT A BoWEN S Stable, Nes^ZX York avenue, between61 h and 7th streets. nj-2w * F^OR BALE?A PIANO of g.M^l tone f.ir^^I $60, at 107 Pennsylvania >renneJHHH| nvur l?t street east,Capitol Hill. ?)? 3t"III It' f^OB8ALE?At a bargain, a WHEBLEB WIL bOM PKWINO MAt'llINE. In good order. Apply at CAKO"S Loan Office. in: :n F'OK SALE?A very valuable solid silver TEA fcET,complete, ha? never been u?ed. Will be solai at abargain. Apply to M. W. GALT A BRo , 1307 Penn?yl\ania aveuue. m2-St% tpOB SALE?THE STEAM SAW MILL in the rear of 1 he Baltimore and Ohio raili >ad dep 't, which has been us -d for sawing blocks for wooden pavements. It l? so constructed aa to be easily re moved. and will be sold w ith or without the ground. Th>-engine and boiler is %-borsa power, fr-m the establishment of Gray A Noyes and is in c mpl-te order L. CLEPHANE, President Metropolitan Pa> ing company, corner New York avenue aud 14-b Street. Mill* I?OK BALE?A rair of BLACK HOBSES. well mat< h< d, 16.*? tiauils high, 4 and 7 old this spring, wound, gentle, good workers "u38 double or sui?le:w ill uot frighten at Uomu-f*r ? tive. Price intalerate. J. 0. MATLOCK, 631 G street northwest. a3U eojt* F" pOR SALE-A COAL CABT. one J b<>rse WAG ON, nearly new, and a 1 or t horae-power SAW MILL. The above will be aold cheap; the h >rse Cwer will be sold separate from the mill, if desired, ?inire at Wood and Goal Yard,corner 1st and D, northwest. (a?-4r| JNO. B. TATLOB. Li^OB SALE-BAY MABE; ? rears okl: Morgftn A suck; warranted sound. Also, PON V PHOTON. Apply toLATIMEB A CLBA BY, Auctioneers, Pennsylvania avenue, cor ner of lltb street. Star Oflb-e building. m& tf F'6b SALE?30,000 flrnt-clasa BOSE8, Climb ing Plants, Ornamental Shrub*, and Tree*. Patlor Plants, Ac. A. JORDAN, Connecticut av enue^ aM-lm* ^T PRIVATE sale. The beautiful Country BeaMance railed "DUN BARION HaLL,"situated . atbe road from Pietce'a Mill to Teuaallytown, about ViR milea from Washington, D. 0. The place contains about twnlj-thrr acres of land, improved by a mansion house contaiuing eigb teen rooms, and two small cottages, one containing six, the other three rooms, ioe bouse, barn, Ac. There are abven acre* of grape* ia bearing, peart, peach*s and other fruit*. The view from the boase ia one of the finest in the Distiict. Any one deairing a tine country residence would do well to call and examine this pro pert; If the place is not sold by the 1st uf June the ] sion Houae will be for rent during the seaaon. For terms apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER, a9t> lm near Pierce's Mill. f~^OK SALE?A haudsomely matched pair of BAT MARES; kind,gentle and styliah. Alao.i a nearly new FAMILY CARBIAGE and1 HARNESS. Sold for want of uee. Can bed seen at KEATING A CO.*8 Stable*, *09, *11, *13 and *18 11th atrwet northweat, one square south of Pennsylvania avenue. all lm ,OB SALE CHEAP?A lour horse double-tre? street PLOW tiUEAB;soma long handled roun6 Binted hHOYELS, and &/WU square feet of good 1 cb PLANK, at *7*3 K street, at canal. a? tf |> RICK CLAY FOB SALE. D Apply t* DODGE * DAENEILLB, J17-tf 14*T F treat. MEDICAL, Ac. PROF. BiriGHAM, M D . MrdtciU KUrtnetan of New Y >rk, treat* all Bervotis, Chronic DU> eases. Blood iiul Cancer Poi?ou?. Room* at the Howard Hoiw, cirner Pennsvl ?anii avenia and 6th street, <>a Mondays, WrA lies-lays aud Fndsys; and at the Man?ion Houie, Alexandria Tuesdays, Thtirtd^s and Saturday*. n-2-lw* DR. MUTT'S FBEKGH POWDERS certain r.ua for aU flarasTi of tb* organ* and all urinary complaints and bipod and skta diseases caused by indist retion in youth. Price, #3 per box. For *al? by WM. B. BNTWISLEj, Diwggiat, corner UA at. and Peanaylvania ave., Washington. P.O. alA-lm* (tkZTATUYOLENCB. 'OB THE WILL CLBS. O THE GBJ^EST^DISCOVEBT By it aU dlsnaan aaa cured. No aswiiclna* 1 no laglnc ou of Lands. Taught by Mrs. J . IOT, 478 C street northw***. ap7 tr l^ \>ebHHy , oaai have skiltful treatment by itsttug caa* and addiaaatng Mm. A. C. BOSHBE. WaaC inborn, DO. ?H?? ya.LEOB, CO&SULT1XU PHYS1CUH, Tb* oMaat *tabb*hei1 Specialist lb I Ho. 811 Mb atreet, abov* H. Bom: U to 4 and f to 8, daily, iy ?7-tr Ci rculani'aea? free, in^ sea)ad*euvelopea. fincfd Auacvaitsa, No. * aoutl delphia, Pa.,?aa lastbtioa bav honorable of all binds S Kab?a*8Sb, , wharatal i?S ,rnear\SD^Jl "* A' itll Fa. BUSINESS CHANCES. M (?FIT T<? Li'*? OK mi ?Ct KITr. ia M?<M ante. M M KuUBU. *13 rth atroat ? Vlll OMI AM PIMiiK W HO WILL P*?? 1 cnre for Br kOLIIkKHIPnf Clnea Oa*. 'r Mt < t tb? D?*wlwiti.Oi? Hundred D Lara, ?!<*? i Addreaa^-E S .Btm' .4R<e mi. S ^ 'PO LOAM-SEVKEAL THOIhANII D-H.LAR-. m fiopiali br %ttli ?Utnri of < A kno? Ti la? yrr, n-rinmri. I per . ?M t? loan. THoS. t VAUGAIil. ?l* r.h nm. MODERATE MHCtM M ILL PI *< M A>E . K>? k ?im1 I H'UI^ ,4 ? ?in*:l retail?. R< K E E V ! AMD FBOMMOS STORE. ew llth and M ' ft reef? nortl weal. 0 >M ,-elUr with ? or>- rent eery I low Excellent neighbor!* ?od. ban-f.ci r > r-?? hi* | L>r a*lliag mil I Crv> fWlft *H?L ft ki HtMi Tllk ?T?MB v'mF in Tt?* . O"1"! ml iw -1 <m~ I . ? i he old?at GK<>( KKY AMD FEED STORK* .a tk A rare chawe (>*??' on? having a lu?H> i ? ittal to tmrr a well *?taMi?li??l >? i?i nw iin. _7\ wietor wi'bdrawing <>? arc >?int -f impairs , C^ h Atiilr-o^ with ref>-renc.-?. II L >< k R t ?, ; W?a 'llngton, D. v. IwJ J?* 1 Al I W ASHINGTON V v Kl> Kt I (PCt C'Hiipaii) ft?* k fur aaJ*. t hIP lOyJil'', I A?;< x 1 oiiutiit KMmf ni.' 1 I h An **.??. ?*>.?. ??.?*?. r ^Z.ll Alt'* loan on real eatate. AWo, ae%er ?^iT t ra B H ?A?NEk. ni; m ?<?* rih ?tm K-T?-rt?KTK and rUTURtlwl j r HiiOIIIT *ToRr. doing a iKid b"?i Thf k'>r? m <1 Bdu? fur ram; 144 t ? h a ra j wnftwuw. ^ ?B?* I BAOE SaTE At a Bargain?STOCK MX I r t5'BB?. ti EASE, and OOOl' *'||.L f:b b ?? ofatul imhf W'e "tBnd foi a faccy buatn.-aa E. K . W lLW.il 1 ? 'kH.,<>W I* ?* 'dSt..| K. f 1 a? ? I? LBTACBAN X FOB RKNT?F.r.t ;.aa 11# Hrrar9r?o?M . ckeap; f'wniure l r .... h wanted Imjnim * *??* premise*. till r -?e*r TraaanrT Department. Alan ac* Of FlCE, fr.iat rt??i,lhr r??l aft) *;? l,TiE^AkliPf? ?!??? UUI? K Ui?l SK*>, ? far., a -r.aw dirt Jtti cloa* ? M _ ? a ?; well loratoH; tt**< Uo.i*r* ar* writ-Lull*. r>K?? ?>,ieh. f??. Iw" aitl co|J malei- an<i ww?r. T> iit?. r?.<> . fcnuirw *ti il" |*,-aua?a, il ? C <<??t ?uu'h?a>t af lai" ? . ok 8* LK? Th?- VTiK'k. GOOD WILL aut r rflXT' BlCC fti* Maliu-rj aixl fau., J?l .r, , N". 7V1 Hark*! Kfucv. b*l 7lh a?i<1 ? h i rtk v??t. ( *2J-i11 B LBBZBKRG * CO flkCoaBY T<? LoaM UN REAL fcsTATB, IB i?I rnnwti auit f-?r fr^-m <>u? ?.??!??? ??-am ?<?CB>K A MII'DLKTOS, apH'm *H IMh airxtl. \r ALl AKLIi PkBM ?'OB RALE OR H < HAN?E FOB PBO.JEKTY IN TIIISCITT A (. hi'AT R AKIt AlS' ~ JT wr'i i?rj auM-i^r land, aapiciall^ f?r ?? Larco, laigr n?? T *>arca Bam, Pwr-llhifi T^ttaaf l( ua<- and - titbutHB \in*>ard if >1 C?l?r ?l grm ?t ?!???, In b?Miii| mod trrlliM^ MB a<m Ttliwtiir tiu.l?r, baiati< e araMa and a. II fanrrd; u<*ar Sllim-aV Sialion, n B. P A P K B , a &p?fe>ltaaia o.iaty. Va Pn<*, otilr B. A. PHILLIPtt, apl7-am H6 W*?l ifrM, 8f?rfi<o?u. D. 0. MOMEY TO LOAM REAL EHTATE MNCKY A Blt<) , I>al Batatf aad luinruK Mr .k-ra, ? fKIa B4RT P -ir?? _ iw . ajlitri'i iV1 i' 1 af-.t"l 1' ?rk- i l Ik' ??nmte <fiatai>o* t?> a<*a Kaatarii M?rk??* ani ck??? ??> tlM* P*im?> Uauia a\ <-bim atr^K 1 oan, tk R ARE CH AM'E to purckaM a MTORE aad 1)U Kl LlfsU ch ap, w ww mark-t, TIB aUat, No. 1711. Pncr. ftf AID; tun w HAMILTON A PBABniM, mWtf ?. M C. A. Bfeildinc. ttb and I> aca || O C b B FOB (Alii. Tka I arc* F'>TB-?T<>BT Hors*. with rj rxicurim VIA B atr<^t. uaarlj u*m, tw-utf furnace. ;-a? and aalrr, witk large > ard aad ?table in r?wr. The wbole property baa Werri r- - ntlr put in complete r -aaii. and la eei ; c>>wrenieul for ? 1 *r#e. (fuM fau:ilv, or for a baardinc k w WIU l?? Id low. li:^i:?lV al PreedBiau'i B* k.< rp -aita *!V -a-ur), Pei.n?\ Ivania araaue fe 13 >.4f BOARDING. I^OR RF NT. WITH HOARD, two onawui.t. a-mc r KooM>. muili w. north aud ???atli, p-r iuUKSi for ceii'l- ni"i? and wfie B*f>-r?1< ? given j.l.i i< .4iiii ?i. Inquire No 941 Utk Mree!, ? >ruer 1 -ttretH. ml * ? ^MiODBOAUD. PLEASANT B00MS, AND prioaa n.xi rate, at <1*1 corner kA PaunarWi a< eow and Hat acre**. aarl-lf DRY GOODS. '|^0 BE, OB NOT TO BE. 18 SOT TH S QUESTION. TO FIND, OB Mo I TO FIND. BARGAINS, BARGAINS THAT K THE (JVkSTlOfi. Be therefore convinced, and try f jr cbrap aad nice g.. >d* at WOLFVEO * IBILBERW t, Wboarethia aeaaon uflertuc mau> attractuna ia 1-BSSS GOODS, LLAMA LACK POIMT8. LLAMA LAt E JACKETS. ALL THE MOVELTIBH 19 PARAMtlLH AMD NEW COLOBS IM *l'N CMBBBLLAR. LATE STYLE FB1NGKD VEILS. FABAbOL COVERS. LADIES BOWS AMD TIES, And many other article* too ntsBeruna to in?utto?. p.-raona frnai the moat diataot part of the city vttl tii.d it to tfcair advantage, l-^ore purchasing 1 where, to ~all at tbta fam na eatabliabmant. B'tueioher k/THE ABt'ADE. a a* 4tl 7th ?treet, between D and K. 8 EW ATTRACTION*! LOH' P KICKS is CAB7ET8! CABPETS '! CARPETS"! IN Neweat deato* ENGLISH BBCSSELS. ENGLISH INGRAINS. TttdtKE PLYS, WHITE aaA CHECK MATTINGS, OIL CLOTHS, BLUR and MATE. WINDOW SHADES. In all clara, and WINDOW FIXTC RES, at W9LFOEB * MULBBBe% ??T SEVENTH STBBBT, Batwaaa D aad B.aovtk* aMtr VISE ABCADB. |^BT GOODS AT PABIO PRICES. Great bargain* In DBT GOODS from the Mow York and Pklladalphia auction* Dreaa Orenadioea ate, ID and 1SK cento per yard, a Waunfal line of Dreaa Gooda mi leM than taMortara' frtoaa; Stnpad Swiaa at Mc. a yard, w ortk Sfc., Blaj Lines at a varr low prisa: Striped Tuaaoiite at Btc., wartk Rtc.; h* lot Lace Cart tin* at ?3 JO a plane; a line of bea? ful Paraaola at right pricea* a few Llama Lac* Shawl.at half price. BkoBY B AXTER. mXb-lf IVM Penaaylraaia avanaa. L~ OVELY POLKA DOT GOODS, from IX* caata up. toFOULABDRILKS-^L-.-^^ W.artl 3m U*1 F atrnat. E lMU line^?f%* k^nda*of*S?BI N G . co%_ irarS-Sm ISO* F aire^. PROFESSIONAL RkR IIARTLBAN l/AS HKMOVEU to ??* M IP etreet, corner ol D atret-t north we*. o|?p???t? \i>diati? avenae. ml It JAMES 0.CLKPHA3E B. E. BBAILEY 9Ho.TJSfcP!fiR!a ."AVifAkra ?. Olhce?Mo. 11* C Mreet, between lat and Ma facing Indiana aveone mhkl-ly jfoEE W. ****** ATTomr kT Mo. ? XonngV Law BniMiac, del-tf WaahTngton. D O. LIVERY STABLES. JR. OLCOTT A BOM, . BOARD LUG, LIVERY UtAkatn batwe boarding off J. BO A ED ISO, LIVERY d BALE STABLER, 4164th atraat, bet. D and B, and Chain Altay, E. batweaa Mtk and Mth _OAoe, Willnrda. *r* LITEBY AND HIRING STABLES. STTUSH GAEBLAGES and OGACBMBM Nft b 1SSS E atiwat nortkwm A BL1NGTOM STABLES.?E. OBCIT. JE. A G STBBBT, EmriM lira uu IStr Bbtwxm D aire g.^^H^r^l?0^' * ' ' H r*'mQd ' jT#?r * the*c?tyT* Mo*?y'

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