24 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

24 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THE EVENING STAR fakHikH ?aiiy, lu^n nM|M, AT TT1B STAB BUILDINGS, rtMljlTMOa 1TMM, Mr. Utk It, ni na irrsfirn m?m, MJfFPJKJjyjV, ? TBI BYBNINO STAB l? ?n?d by carriers to umt fnf-crtt-rr* at T?>Ce^t? m vreu.nr Pokti fovm C?*tb pti ii'iTi. Cipiee at the counter Two ti*T? mch. Bj Mll-tkra Moctha, SI JO, m acatha, ?) 00, om raw, ft. TBB WEEELT STAB-Published FrMay?f 1 JO ? f*? <riiTiri*tilf In Mttun, la b?U mm, m4 W> HHI MM loafer thaa paid for. iofedy?tWne fnrntabed oa application. SPECIAL NOTICES. L?f< hf?: Lr?cNf?! L?ch??! l>?p rtnl a ?h Le*f-h-s will hereafter alwava f ? k?r' f<-r t?i^, *hi V??i? or retail, by ARTHUR NATTANS Dr.i^irt, corner 31 and D ?treets n^rth ? Ht. Al ?<> r*T IV KITED a frest, ar pplj < f aline* Fati.ily a:.'I Pater.t M ??li oi? W?n.ta*rM Caetor la, a ?-J ?t : .?e f- r Ca-t. r Oil. Centanr Limit ?ot, ?imtr.< na Liver ltvi(> rat r. Avers M.ilicir.w. P. henck - Medicima. H chirr s Herf B tters, W heater's H . p* - f h' ?r hat?a ? C?-d L^ver 0?!a of all kin..*. Dr .I t) w Milicinw, H-ifni? Id'- Bnrlit, K? i r.e?)v a Piwmt, Salve ,v.j Liniwtt, f are> Catarrh Rr:?eijy, Pi?t? ? BoMfti M?d < al Discovery. Theee ar<i all ?l.er Remedies < l the day at my I pciar It w ra?-? ' rra-h ABTHt'R NATTANS. Druggist, milt-tr U tixl D itrMti iur; hw<<ai. ON Tilt BREAK FAST. LUNCH EON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lra A P? rriu?* \\ or<e?ter>bira S??re ts iaviargasAPLK. Jf UN DUNCAN'S SONS, Sew tortr, 0 til law ly Ak?1.:? for The 1'nited Statee, Bili llfltr't Hair Dye t. the beat in the worW, the nilj true iliI perfe. t H ?ir I>)re; no ridiculous tint*, n di-arp. ir-'nj-t.r. harmleaa, reliable, inetan taee.ua bla< k or br n; at all druggists'. and 10 B' r.d street. New York. f3-eoly AMUSEMENTS. WALL'S new OPERA HOISE, Ji'HN T FORD.? Proprietor THE ( BY FOB "HELP." JOSEPH Ml BPHY it ? ? help:" LAST TIME LAST TIME ! IVMISti, AT ?. liRKAT BENEFIT BILL O CALLAHAN SH ET< HES, M ?' R K BI.l'NPER- THAN ONE. LA*T MMhT OF ?? THK MURPHY on M> r.daj neit. Mr CH A> tt A LOOT, and flr*t iri'Jurti a it. Thi- ntr if the thrilling drama, THE SWAMP ANGELS. Seats ran new be ?ecured m24 - I Hi O L V HALL. L*' ? ?'??*? ? ?? <>>? AX. HI itXLY THlBSr.A* EVKHtSa, MAY '3S, 1973, Hie Famous II VERS SISTERS, Bad the.r GRAND ( OLORKO OPERATIC CON ? ?KT TROI PB, Mr V\ \LLACE KING, til- Brev??? Inn.g .l- red T- nor. and th. p pular Ll'CA ISRoTH BhS A lBi r-ii h.:ocevta. R?"r^id >ear?, 73 r^ntt S? al-?e< nr-?'. a' Fill' inu.i. >1 .re. it |-HAND MAT' H RACE FOB ^I.OWIiTaT " ' Pid? > B.aixh Ka?- Track. Itlh ? atre.t f .?i.i. e. li ..ft Monday. M<t- "ihu i' 4 !-<k.;?in t -him ' W eLtera b. ni ? I! ' A. - ? J>..r?~-. Oar?> r enter- *. r: ? M n? r*?," JEM *?ea Ailmi??i< n to the Cotira* 5" ? en?? ?'" AMi ??? F< >.\ , Pr.'pT ief? t. WASHINGTON THEATER CO Ml M I E (Bleaeutb Mreet, acnth Poirna) Iraitta avanae BEHOLD Ol R BILL THIS WEEK PBOF. HARRIS PBOF HARRIS THE MAN ?>F MOM'ER Th" Da., er ?< oil ??**? ' The Ci?li Vucallat. JOHN PENDV. Te... Fihi 'piaa Speciali?t. **4;rirWEs\ r fc u,'r 'w *"A I>^*' w AOblE Wl^NEK. T^??* F?vi?nv- t>mii4-ii0<* t'TTO BCBBANK, Ta^ Or** fcK.-SJ" K'TTY KOWELL, Berio Comi V .' FANNIE MAT, The HARRISON SISTERS JOS. WHITTAitR, j CmLLIMUToV x\ . ?he great >'w Ti>rk pr tean act me-. "MISS BATE RAYMOND i; hj' fame.! character of HAMET tn the FRl.MH ?rv. FRtNi-H SPY* Or. THS FALL of ALGIEBS! TTse (atvritr Hew Y oik a. t?'r. MR O B COLLINS. I* hia fam< i? raoditiou of MAHOMED, in tlr? great fltlt'ary Drama, with ail ita mar he., Arab dao<-e?. avord C"? tala, battle ace?e?. ?c. MISS BATMOND ?e withuat a peer in her triple character ib thi* drama Matinees WEDNESDAY nd SATl'BDAT A *= artlin: ann nn e^n-nt neat week. ail?tf J IHiw H Bmla I 43? T? ' il I Tt? ?t ?a. ?? 7th KM, ka-w^V D aod ? ?m ,i.ht rtoora a?o?e Odd Fellow'a Ha*f ' * OMea OII Paintnra, BugraTinga, Ofcromoa, gc. l^rgea* Mock Payer Hangtnfca. Wiudaw Pha J^. Picturea. Tl aan Picture Oorda and Tw ALL KINI* of CAST-OFF WBABIBoTp PARELcu be acid to the rary bMt advantage *p aSdraawnf or calling on JCSTH^ _ k ?rf O?i?M,MwM(Mu4nin.w. Moaaa hy ?11 proMptfy Wwtn to. OMh p?ud. nj BRASS, OOPPBB. Btc , VFbo?ghj at fair prtoaa for a Raw Tarh hoaaa. ?oaarheM Tamitara bought pad aold Jlotaa by Mall ''.T kgaaded to h? ALOBMSTE1M, 14M Irtala wnai gR-ly* EXCURSIONS. Ac. A ^1 E\C1RM?N. The ? f the p- pular Sundar al ?"it'll FaMtl\ Buupiii'iia will lw ti?entry the atramer LADY OF THE1 ABE SI"NDA Y BVEKING. May jftth, learin^ her Wharf, fo? t of ath atreet. at 2 30, g.>iuxdt>?n the river a far a* Indian Heal and return, Moppiux at Cl>tu> nt. Tickets. *? eeata It POBSEY CLAGETT, Agept. | *RAKD ABB UAL PJC NIC WASHINGTON BAKBtTs BENEVOLENT AS SOCIATION of the Diatncr of Colnmbla. t.. be fce|d at BEYEBS PARK. 7th STBEET. Tuesday! mat s7th, ?i.i*.iienciBK at 3?VtaaR. Tie committee of arnnifiiiinti hare left mrtbing ?i.d.?e to make thi< Ii.e ^rao'l Pic Nic of the *ea?-.|i. i "Qimtttee of Arraugetiienta ?Chaa. S- lineider, t hairmaii.C. S?.'hawb,Mr'm. Falk, L. Neurath, Eh. RraaAeim. T.cketa, a? rente, ailmitting ? Gentleman an? ' iii34-3 * A'B AND FAMILY I EST I \ AL S> (HI BBXRF1T OP ST. DOM INK B ? NEW CHURCH. I uder the an.pi ?a of the Bl ILDING ASsMM | AT ION, On M..NDAA JUNE 3A.WTI, AT THE SCH ET/.EN PABK. Auexceileal Baixl ol M<iai< hae Iwu ? n age>l TL n:t! rtee f A i rans-nienta ha? e be-I( pr> m tite-1 With a be?if ml Diamond Bine valued at ai.x. alao alewitu Machine. The Binjtwilt t* if.^u t.. the gentleman. w aad ttv Spring M w law to the lady, wht. diaaoaea cf the largest IHIBl' er of I rk-ta TICBETS, W?TY CENTS. * hildren accompanied i.y their parent* <>r jraar d'aii. w ril mtMitted free ml7-l?w t I^ACUBSIuMS TO GLYMuNT. Orili i .* IHI Pi'MMM F ?liCiitrixt, ) Ssvaxra Stt.rkt Whakf. \ .. , . ?*, Mar 31, l<3 \ lit. and a.ter June 1 the stewi.er M AWASET can 1 fcar'er?3 t r E*cnr?l?jw t. Gl> ? ?. 5' Tue?i%ys Wed i!s> " <ki?il ?hqr?da> ?. The4teamer"B0B^Ha? "* f?f?P'*-?e i rder, hav.ng been thoroughly laulert uu winter %*- h* - a fin.>. commodious "?nhe. ipper deck and a in every respect d t?. the. trnraioa tnainee A Pi.t mme is now beaatilcl. aiel Glim .nt in ?did cetkdit.^11, having beea 14. r .a<hl> repaired Ihe ?r. nod. p?.t in gtanf <>nd?#> M charter, ajy>l> at office >4 Potomac Ferry byaay. f<*4 offth stra" i atreet mil 2w iPETS. CARPETS, CARPETS X K W STURM! D, A LABOR ASSORTMENT OF CABPRTK. OILCLOTH, MAT TIBG, BU??. MATE.Ac. praoaa fart.iahmg piraae call and axMcioe aod CM boy ihe? at Mew Y ?rfc price*, at >A .. , C C^*P*T fOUSK. U la S4M 7t? St., bit. i A E. fmS. m IVB.1TI Rl .nat receir/*d, whuk-sale and rt/^ail. REED A SONS, 1 '31 4 F street oorthwaaL ?XAMJJia TBB SOLD SPECTAOLB. om R R. HEMPLBB. Optlciaa. et S?"ftifli? f ?wnaa'Ktffli'. Aasa* a OP TBB 6BRAT SBCBBT8 OP SCO JgB?EiSa?6Sa wiszss VSs. 41?IN2. 6.296. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, MAY 24. 1878. TWO CENTS. EVENING STAR. DOUBLE SHEET. Waihingtop Newiand Gossip, Internal Rivm ?. -The receipts from this ource to-day were ?2M, 1.T3.3P. Personal. ? Treasurer Spinner'* oldest ??lighter is dying of cancer at Buffalo. Tub Prexipent will attend the ball at West Point about the 12th of dune. The Congressional Exctrsiokists have rone down to the Pawwof the Miwlssippi fr m <e* Orleans on the Belle Lee. They will re urn to-day, and leave at 4 p. m by a special :ram on the Jackson road for St. Louis. The -Midshipmen at the Naval Academy are >ow engaged in their annual examination." pre paratory to the summer practice cruise. Y ester lay they had the competitive drill of the bat dion, company B carrying oft the honors. Special Cabinet Meeting There wis a pecial meeting of the Cabinet this morning at tall past 10 o'clock, for the purpose of a co li mitation with the civil service board. All the nembers of the Cabinet, except Secretary tobeson, who i* out of town, were present to rether with all the member;, of the civil service ?>oerd. cbs< mne Postal Cards.?A number of |h>s al cards bearing obscene matter having been ei.t to the Post office department from differ nt joints, the Postmaster General desires it to f generally known that, under the laws of the nited states, the writers of such matter on i are to a fine of not less nor more than #.5.ooo for each and very offence. Attack oh Fobt Libels rv he ar department v" ' THBSiocx? nation that the ??- - Ht?rtla)r received infor 'akota , ??8t ot Fort Abraham Lincoln, w? .rritory, was attacked by about 100 -x Indians about 2o'clock p. in Mav7. Af " sa|rmishing for two hours the Sioux' retreat i . trooI"*'?*t three horses killed, wound d and captured, but no men. The Sioux lost wo horses and one man. There are no cavalry it fort Abraham Lincoln at present, but some ire en route. Naval Orders. ? Lieutenant Commander >\ m. K. Uridgman has been detached from the onstellation, and placed on waiting orders, -it utenant George A. Baldv has been detached r. in the Michigan. and ordered to the Saranac. ensign S. P. Coniley has been detached from he receiving ship Potomac, and ordered to the 'uniata. Chaplain John B. Van Me-er has ?een detached from the naval academy, and ?rdered to hold himself in readiness for sea ser nce. A C?.I RT martial Ordered. -By direction ?I the President, a general court-martial has ?een appointed, to meet at Kirtjrgold barracks, Te>as. on the 5th of June, for the trial of First 1 ?ieut. Charles L. liavis, 10th infantry; First -lent Henry ?. I.eggett, 24th Infantry, and juch other officer* as m*v l?e brought before it. I lie following named officers will constitute the ?ourt -Col. Edward Hatch,Mh cavalry; Col. ... .er '?oubleday. 24th infantry; Major J F Wade, !nh cavalry; Capt. H. C. Cor bin, JUh ntartry. I.apt. John C. Gilffiore. 24th infantry; i apt. Oscar Hagen, t'tb cavali v; Capt. .1 I ?*H??revine,,,tl1 cavalry; Capt. John W. Clous. J4th iiitantrv. judge advocate. The WnrrE House is in a bui condition, and it is almost impossible to better it wittiout large expenditures of time ami money. Gene ral Babcock does all Ir. his power to make it habitable, but barely succeeds. It is hoi>ed that Congress will at the next session in ike jome provision for a new residence for the President. and unt#. that time the present one must be repaired, 'l heceiling of the east room is loose, and to-day the furniture was all re moved preparatory to putting up a new celling, which will have some supi>ort in the center to relieve the great weight it is to bear. The wooden girder? forming the ceiling of the east ! ?oomand the support of the rooms above are entirely inadequate, out it would cost a Iarre -urn ot mo*>ev to pat new ones in. Presbyterian General Ambbiilv-Fi P*portt?In the Presbyterian tier. ?ra Assembly, in Baltimore, yesterday, after our report closed, the report of the trustees ot the (teneral Assembly for the past year was sub m tteil showing the receipts to have beer. *7 ? - ?KM; expenditures. balance, The re|>ort of the special committee ef the penu&nent committee onsustentation wm> taken up and discussed until the close of the morning session, when the assembly "named. The session last evening was devoted to the the committee on the reliei iund for disabled ministers and widows and orphans of deceased ministers. The report indicates that the past year has been one of successful pro cress. In this behalf the total tnejm*- trom April 1,1*72, to April 1, 1>CS, has been S?m1?{|7 er|>enditures. *Si..^r_?, balance, O S. Whole number on the roll who received r.id tor the same period. "9, via: Widows. 3M; ?ainiatorsof the go??|?el, l-tSj and orphans of 20 families. The report was adopted. Kbler John Taylor Johnson, chairman of the committee to prepare a budget, reported ftfOU, |J"?' as the amount to be raised tha present year, a> d recommended the apportionment as fol lows: To foreign missions, *<*1.000. to home missions. 9352..4M: publication, *7S.oo?; surten tation. 9&jm; education, fbir.OSO; freedmeu, church erection, ?12<i,(i00; ministerial relier. ?20>*I. After debate, the rei>ort wa< uuanimously adopted. Important Actio* or the New Vors Lr<?i*LATrkk.?A bill rw introduced iii ttie New York state senate yesterday bv Mr. Gra ham. to provide for building a tunnel und? North Biver, from New York to New Jersey, and tor the construction of a railroad through ri tor the accommodationot railroads terminating in Jersey City. The localoption bill, as amended to meet the views of the governor, was ordered to a third readiug in the assembly. An effort was made to insert a civil danage clause, a? in the Ohio law, but failed. The governor of -N,"w York has signed the Westchester annexa tion bill. How a Bachelor Bovmht a Wife.?Mts Galhner, a widow . ot I>etroit, told an auction eer. one day last week, that she had no flour or wood ami must go to the poor-house. He told her she must get a husband, and proposed to ??ell her to the highest bidder. She consented, ami he immediately drew a crowd by his crvuig out. and the sale commenced with a bid of cents. An old bachelor named Joslvn speedily raised it to?J5. and then to W. at w"hich figure a he was struck oft to him. It was stipulated that there should be a week's courtship, which ?/as faith full > carried out. and at the expiration o; the time he married her. A YorBu Englishman's Uitb.i>rrL Fate <>n Wednesday Edwin Turner, n?m ot a wealthy merchant in Cardiff, Wales, who came over in the .teamer Pembroke, which arrived on Wednesday, on a pleasure trip, was robbed o' a valuable diamond and forty pounds of sterling in gold. As the stone was tiled out-of a ring, it is supposed that be was chloroforaiod. Yester day Tat ner was found dead tn his bed at Tay lor's hotel. His face was swollen ami purple, and hiahands were clenched in the bedclothes Tfce coroner is to Investigate?.V. r. Sun, 23J. Govebbob Kbllo ;o Maximo Soumbbd or Hia Eur love*.?Governor Kellogg, ef Louisi ana, has i?aved the following order: " It is hereby directed that ail employes in the several ofl\c*?of the Mate of l>enisiana, in the elty of New Orleans.liable to military doty, forthwith enroll themselves in some military orgaaixation in the feat divisv-n, or iBMnodlately fbrm mili tary companies u be aasifaed to that divMoa " Saor 1>jux> Wcilb Rboutibo Abi In Cairo, 111., last erening Oieorge Weldon at tempted to arrest AlexamUr Thompson, a negro, who resisted and strwtk the offioer i? the throat with a knife, and ueo ran away. The officer pursued and shot the negro twice, killing him. Weldon walked s abort distance ana aat dowaand died. Chabge o? Cater or P<??.icb ib Kiw York. The new board of police commissioners of New J ork met yesterday afternoon. Superintendent helso was removed by a rote of four to one, and Mataen, who wae superintendent of peOce sixteen years ago, appointed to saeceed bimHenry Smith was aaaaiBMUsly elected 1 rOEMeat of the board. Notfolkf Dtnrjllt, and SUanuw. Til r# fort*wti' ted Two Cupula Buridingrtonn. K'Utitr Ster Please allow me to correct a state rm nt which has been copied into TmbStar relative to ITagt Buiidington, the present com mander of the Polaris. Hint Capt. Buddington, wuo so nobly and splendidly rescued the Eng lish ship Resolute some years fine*. They are tuit one and the same man. Capt. Buddington, of the Kesolute. is un<-le to the Capt. Budding ton. of the Polaris. Both good. true, and relia ble seamen. And here I may. perhaps properly, reiterate in behalf of the friends of Capt. .fas. Buddington, of the ltesolute, a protest, m ide through a western paper at that tsme, against the unkind, ungenerous, and unjust treatment, N>th by this government and also the English, of that noble and gallant officer. All he ever received for that heroic achievement was some petty pav, not half sufficient to compensate him lor his time in any ordinary service. Almost entirely were his services ignored in the subse quent honors and acknowledgments in return* ing that ship to the English government. C. D?blf Elapes win, Another t Wife. [From the San Francisco Post, May 13.1 . ."l!? Uotde. the driver or Goldsmith Maid > nd J*1 ?' !?f tnrfnlen' h*? turned his nmbition to something other than horseflesh, as h scandalous transaction which has recently iKen bron|fat to light, in which he was impli cated, shows Shortly after Budd's advent in this state with the famous mare, he made tne acquantance of Mrs. Clan Snyder, the wife or a eS 9treet ?*rpenter and Ik. ' He J*?*1"? infatuated with her, and Jhf wOU,r^ff*5 bU *ttention. Some time after this she left her husband and went ODenlr to When'n w,b,e' ukin? her Uttle child with Lr. A? ? ,went 6ast 8l|e accompanied him evervthin*Iin>h{? hfF h,wbl"K' almost ? g hl,? l****1" to prevent it. a week ",nce Mr*- Snyder returned from the east, and took iodgings at Bush and h^fV'-n eet" She "a"' tbat and Budd ....m. ... reason that she $qou expected <'n Saturday evening ISudd arrived from the rast, and immediately went to Mrs. Snyder's rooms. Snyder stationed himself outside the o^or, Having bv some means got wind of the affair, and forcibly resisted I Mile's efforts to go V ?.the noms, but he was overpowered, and I 'oble, with two friends, entered. They packed up Mf Snyder's package, and the whole party Irtifor Tubbs hotel, Oakland, and on the fol Ifwii'g morning started tor the East. Snyder followed them to the hot?J, but in the morning thev niHKHgeil to elude him and got on the enxt t:y> bound train. Mre. Snyder i* the daughter 0 highly resectable parents resitting in this c ty. Mr. Snyder states that he had been di vorced from her long before she mad*- Budd 1 oble s acquaintance, and that he retains pos session of their child. ^ Teruilnntlon or n Heddiu^ Tonr. 4 Jo'^s, a commercial traveler, of the him ol James Jones & Sons, dealers in em broideries and trimming*, m Church street, .> ew \ ork. w ho was discovered to be deranged h*tl''*iAt.,l,er,can ?'?use aweekagolas;Sabt>afh, has continued alternately to be in isjssession of a'Vl out ?f il ftr t,ie week, being watched by the employes of the house. On fBI7?,a.y 5"1* Saturday he attempted to commit suicide by throwinghiniself in the way of the freight trains and engines in the Boston and Albany yard, but, being watched by Station Master In -raham and his employ s, was pre vented, though nearly succeeding once bv jumpmgon the track ahead of an express train Kach timej hief of Police Haves was sent lor. who took him from the company** ground*. He was at length placed in charge "of Mr. Jackson as keeper, and finally, growing violent, on Sun day evening was sent up to the jail in a hack, but the institution was too crowded to accom modate lnoi, and he was removed to the lockun. where he *|>ent two nights and one dav. His g >od> were hardly unpacked when he wa> over C mc by his insanity, much to the grief of his wire, to whom he had been married but two weeks, and who accompanied him. After trv 111(111 vtia to oumuiiiueiit W'th Ink IrUindl h* parents l*ing in Europe, and his brother t-aveling in another state?his wife was adv:?ed t > return to New York, which she did, and dones, being decided insane bv Judge Kohin * >n, was conveyed by Officers Kellogg and New s'"1 N?1rthw?Pton on Tuesday Pittrji-M The Political Crtato In Franee I*RKSI[>B>T THIKKS Hd'TKI) |>nw? IN THE ^KKWCII ASS KM li|.y. i . th.? Assembly, the debate on the Interpellation, introduced bv the conservatives, began yesterday, the floor and galleries being crowded. President Thiers and several mem bers ol the cabinet were present. I?ske L>e Broghe opened the debate with a speech in support of the interpellation. Dafanre. minis ter ot jc**,ice, declared on the part of the gov '"?f* ^at ,lt wai* now necessary to abandon the prersional rnjxnu and acknowledge the re public. President Thiers then mounted the tribune to S|*ak. Instantly a storm of objec tions and protestation* came from the right and right "enter, which was met with counter cries trom the other side. A scene ot excitement and infusion followed, which battles desdrip. tion. The president in vain endeavored to maAe himselt heard. His voice was drawued V? the ^ouee would not boar him, M. Thiers descended from the tribu ue anr consulted with the minister of justice. I>u tirure took his place in the tTibune, and, secur Ui# e2??' said that be had been instructed to notify the assembly, in accordance with the law adopted la*t session, that the president ?le uresl to address the house in person, and re f uested an adjournment nntil this morning when he should proceed to deliver kis sinjech. 1 he chamber accordingly adjourned. 1 IM KS CHAMOB AXl> pKol'LK OilANl* E La?t week B?v. George B. Beecher was installed pastor ot the First Presbyterian church of Cin cinnati. his uncle, Kev. Henry Ward Beecher. preaching the installation sermon. In ij?i Kev. Josnua L. Wilson, J?. D., pastor of the same First Presbyterian church, opposed the reception into the presbytery of Cincinnati, of Key. Lyman Beecher, elected in that vear to the presidency of I .awe University, at Walnut Hills, near Cincinnati. I>r. Wilson was unsuc cessful in his attempt, auti appealed from the presbytery to the synod, and trom the synod to the general assembly, but failed to secure a conviction of I>r. Beecher on the charge oi berese.v. This controversy was the com mencement or the series of events which led to the separation of the Presbvtermn church into the old school aud the new school branches Again when George Beecher, the father ot b. Beecher, was examined before the Cintinnati presbytery, his admission was op posed by I>r. Wifson, who expremed the belief that the candidate vw?> "not a christian." t orty years bave ela|<sed since these discussion-., both l?r. I.vman Beecher and I?r. Joshua I.. Wilson are dead, the Prenbyteriau church i reunited, ami the grandson ot' the "heretic and a son ol the man who was "not achristian " new occupies the pulpit ot the tornmst cham pion ot' Calvanistlc theology? p/j,/r. Lotgrr. Thb rrsERAL Gkm. Canby took place trom the First Baptist church, in Indianapolis ye?terday aiteri?oon. The services were con ducted by Kev. l?r. Day, ol the Bapt??t church, ?ssisted by Kev. I?r?. Bayliss. or the Methodist; Kimber.ot the Presbyteruui, and Bradley, ol the Episcopal churches. Alter the ceremonies at the church the remains were taken to Crew's Hill cemetery, accompanied by a ver; lar? procession, the pall-bearers were M^jor Gen eral McDowell, Major General Cook, Lieut Gov. 8exton, Jndge Gresham, Gen. McGlnnias, Gen. Chapman, Judge Buskirk.Gen. Lew Wal ??n' Simonson, Austin Jadge How land Among the ^ mea pjrsent were Gens. Sherman, Sheridan, Eklp, Pelouse. CallenAer, Carring ton.Baird and others. ImmediaUIy following WM the horeeased byGea. Canby In the Indian campaign. UrnDsrn o? Isadaha, Cats* o? thb Wat hitas._A special dispatch from Fort Sill, Indian territory, states that great excitement prevails among the Waehita Indians on account ot the murder of their principal chief, Iaadawa, hy the Osages, reeew^. fhi chTifTSToit hunting alone, and the next moroinr his head lew body was found, with a buiiet hole In hU back,and one hundred yards distant his Mtlr-s-l bead was found. It is believed the Wwhluj and their allies will take the war path against the Osages, in spite of all the efftosb to Nstraln them. The deceased chief was a great friend or the whites. Seventeen years ago one of his warriors killed a sentry at Pert Arbivekle. and Uy hTO*lH assassin's 'head A Cobtbst Ovbb a Wiuu?The late Mr. Hampton Kiliet of New Orleans was a very Jolly person through life, and, dying, he want ed his little Joke. He was worth flNMMP, but as he had separated from his wife and was with out heirs, he fait at liberty to do what he pleas ed with the property. So he made three wills, one in favor of HU bosom friend of the asala sex, and the others la favor of two widows ot his acqaaistance. The conseqasneo is that there are new four contestants In the Aeid, one being the slighted wifr. It is to he regretted that the trntaaenUrr jokm to debaired from sn>'yinf tie rew. * THE SOD9C Knrrfndfr of the Hat Creek SS la Xanber-Bofu Chtrli Masty Jim. Car ley and Hooker Jin, How the Affair was Witaave4 -t'apt. Jaeh. with Twealjr Warriors, Still on the War Path. The following dispatch was received at the Wat department late yesterday afternoon: San Franiisco, May 23, l?73. 7V> Otn. Sherman, Warhxnytvn Sir: Col- Davis reports that about half the Modocs, being whipped and hard prewed bv Hasbrouck, hare surrendered unconditionally. Davl* says he will push the pursuit of Jack and his party, and ho|>es to end the war suoh. J. M. Schofield, Major General. I*RELIMINARV N EUOTIATIOMS. A dispatch received at Vreka from Fair child's- rancbe. dated May 'JO, 4 p. m , says that while General I>avis, Inspector Genera! Hardte, Colonel Green, Colonel Sumuer, Colonel Gil lem, Colonel Hojt, and Lieutenants Rockwell and Adams, with their escort, were en route to Van Bremer's having left the lava l>eds at 10 o'clock In the morning, a courier intercepted them and delivered a di-pafteh to General Davw, whereupon the WarnTSpring Indians and scouts In advance were recalled, and the programme instantly changed, and General I>avis determined upon Fairchild's ranche. instead of Van Bremer's, tor his future head <1 uarters. THK COTTOHWOOn INDIANS WANT TO 9CB REKDER. The sudder and unexpected advent of Has brouck's cavalry and Warm Spring Indians disturbed the Modocs peaceful meditation* and caused them to run or tight during the stain pede. Mrs. Hendricks, alias "Limpley," threw her six months old infant to the ground in boi?e of escaping, but was killed bv a Warm Spring warrior. The babe was brought to camp ana turned over to a squaw. Artena also learn d from the Modoc women that the Cottonwood Indians would yield to the soldiers it' an oppor ifltmrwere ottered to them. About this time the Warm Srrn.ai?1.'*^ who outside ttie interriewlna dej-arCi^nt, OdnWnc^t sIngfng &ni v. ..onai melodies and drawing their krives across their moccasins, which caused uneasiness among the squaws and termi nated the consultation. MKSSBK"KR.? sent out to them. Captain Hasbrouck said lie was willing to have the Modocs surrender, and would afford them everv facility for so doing. Artena febokers and Dixie, who have hitherto been of great ser vice to the government, caught the idea imme diately. and wanted to be ap|K>inted emissaries. They were provided with horses and provisions for two days and sent after the Modocs They stat ted on their mission early in the morning*, and returned at dusk Wednesday evening from the direction of Dorris Kancho*. They were taken into General Davis' tent into the presence Of General Hanlie. Colonel Gillem, and Cap tain Hasbrouck. "their hearts bleed for the whites." Artena said the Indians were htteen miles from Fairchild's and numbered fifteen warriors and fifty squaws and children. The Groat Snirit had causea their hearts to bleed for the white people, and they all wanted to return to the told and live in peace with the whites, but in the present condition of affairs due regard for their lives prevented them from appearing within rcach of the anuy. GEN. DAVIS DON'T SEE IT. Artena said they wanted a peace talk, and said; Let the "Great White Father"?meaning Genual Davis?come out and see them alone and talk over matters, and through that medium the parties might come to an amicable under standing, but no Modoc would surrender with out a "peace talk." General Davis told the Indians he should not come out for a peace talk; that he did not believe in peace talks away from lit- men; that the ludians must come to him. If they wanted to talk he would allow them to surrender, and they had until Friday morning to make their appearance at his head quarters. After that he should SH<H>T EVERY MODOC found with a gun. At one p in. ou Thursday One-Eyed Dixie returned to General Davis' headquai tcrt ait a slashing tiace. his horse being M?ri*?,iy wuvn He it*fcue au ?!?????- ?- ?uTi at once let leose his tongue, no re|H>rted that the Indians were close at hand and ready to en ter camp ir.ider an escert. All they asked was that Faircbilds should come out and meet them. No soldiers need come. The presence of Fair chllds would be considered a sufficient guaran tee of good faith. "Where is Arter.a'." a?ked General Davis. "Tied up," sasi Dixie. "I have had a long ride and no water," continued Dixie. Later Artena also reined ter foaming Cay use before General Davis, ar.fl said the In dians were hovering aliout the bills yearning to sKiTender to tfce Tybee. FaircbMs, Blair, ami Two or three employes of the former, with whom *he Indians were acquainted, mounted swift steeds at the request of Get eral Davis and started with Dixie. At 5 p. m news of the in tended surrender spread through the camp like wildfire. HOW THE NEWS ?>F TRR SURRENDER WAS U cnvtD. The soldiers, Warm Spring Indians ard scouts were alike elated by the prospects of a peaceful victory. Dixie's oiuaw told General Davis that before she started the Modocs feared that the soldiers would kill them the instant they entered camp, it required the greatest diplomacy to convincelier that thesoldiert-dare not disobey the general's command. Donald McKay, the leader of the Warm Spri'ig In dions, also had to pledge hi- word that the scouts would not interfere. Dixie would leave, but Dixie had very little choice. She was told tnat the Government did not intend to trifle any longer. She might go to the Modoer or not, according to her wi?hes, but she must leave the camp. 'Ihe Great Tybee wanted no squaws about him. She saw the point .and nc lunger hesitated. ARRIVAL Of THE INDIANS IN COM P. At 5 p. si. the procession was seen ? - .ning over the hills, f ever did a procession move more slooly; tl>e few (tomes ridden bv the Mo docs were gaunt -and weak, and seemed scarcely able to bear the women and children, who were literally |>iled u'tou them. Among the bucks were Bogus Charley, Steamboat Fraak, Curley headed I Kx tor an*! others of lesser note. They were dressed in motley garbs, uearly all ot them wearing a |>ortloii of the regular uniform of the Cnited States army, and every buck carried a Springtiekl ritie. The women wore clothes that had evidently been used by the fair in the con fines ot civilization. All of them entered caiup at a funeral pace All noise was hushed. The Modocs said uoUiing, and no one approached them until ?EM. DAVIS CAME FORWARD, and met the precession fifty paces from the house, and was formally introduced to Bogus Charley. Charley Is a slender, athletic, rntel ' gent warrior ot about twenty years of age. _ e thoroughly understands and speaks Eng lish. He smiled sweetly on the general and shook his band, and thea all the leading war riors caste forward and greeted him cordially. Then everv buck laid his gun beside him, arid awaited orders. " Give up your pistols and all your other arms." Each buck said he bail no other arats. "Then," said the general, "I shall give you a camp where you can remain to-night, and if you try to run or escape you will bit shot dead." The order was explained, and all obedience promised. The procession then moved across Cottonwood creek to the camp trees at this tioint. THE TAIL-END Or THE CROWD then came in. Theie were half-naked chil dren, aged squaws, who could scarcely hobble, and behind were lame, halt and bony, and the scum of the tribe. There were sixty-three per sons, rmb, women and children?twelve Ducks and twenty squaws and their children. Among the warriors are Bogus Charley, Shack Nasty Jim, Curley-head Doctor, and Frank, and others, the beet of Captain Jack's warriors. Boston Charley is believed to have been killed. Fairchild's says there are twenty bucks missing from the Cottonwood branch of the tribe. Bo gus ^Charley says Boston Charley has been The artillery hare been divided into squad rons. and the Warn Spring ludians into small parties for the purpoee of following Cantata Jack's faction of the Modoc tribe, a ad the re spective commands will start oat in a day or Kt 2 o'clock p. m. yesterday, Hooker Jim, the t river murderer, came in and surrendered. There is a report that Shack Nasty Frank, Sback Nasty Jake, Shack Nasty BUI, Steam, boat Frank, Ellen's maa, Hoskor Jim's father, Boston Nick, and several .others have been killed end many wounded. CaHey-headed Jackcarried a piece of Lead In his body several days, and when last seen was apparently book ed for the happy hunting-grounds. 1 HI DISAFFECTION AMONG THE MODOCS. The account of the cause of disaffection among the Modocs after the last battle is inter esting. Jack consulted a stolen chronometer ,and after sundry gestures and exclamations, prom ised bis followers that they would shed rifie bul lets as a duck does water, and escape unharmed. The confidence this statement inspired was ra pidly dispelled by Capt. Hasbrouck 'sencoun . ter. w ben several Modoes were killed and others 1 | wounded. The Cottoawood branch of the tribe from Fairchild's decided that they would fight This resoiHttea led to Jack's claadee (iRM. DAVIS' CORDCCT COMMRMDRD. The resalta thus far obtained are in a great measure attributable to the conduct of Gem-tal Davis. He found the officer* and men dis heartened by their reverse*. and that demorali zation had already commenced. He wa* verj bluff with the Indian*. It is nuppomd that there are twenty warrior* left with Captain Jack. who*e whereabout* are unknown, bat it is surmised that he is in tlie Pitt rirer mountain". Gen. Gillem has been superseded. "TRrTB Strawoer thaw Fiction," Aoain A case which came before the magistrate* ot Southampton, England, the other day, illustra ted anew the truth of the old saw abore quoted. Some week* ago. William Robinson. a London grocer. my*teriously disappeared from the s gbt of wife an<i customer*. Soon after, a bod* wa* found in the Thame*, which appeared to be tie mortal remain* ot' the mi wing Robinson. A coroner'* inquest wa* held, at wuich several witnesses who had been intimately acquainted with the departed grocer positively identified the body which had been taken from the river a* bis; among other* hi* shop assistant, who had been in Robinson's employ for over 30 year?-, swore that be had no doubt it wa* liis missing master over whom the coroner wa? holding the inquest. Mrs. Robinson duly attired herself in widows weeds, and lamented her husband's un timely end. Rut one day, about a fortnight ago, "she wa* startled to receive intelligence that Mr. Robinson, so far from reposing in the grave where mourning relative* had desposited Iti* *upi>oeed remain*, wa* still in the flesh?in short, that he was lving in the lock-up at Southampton, charge*! with an attempt to commit sniekle. A visit to the lock-up proved that this wa* indeed the fact. Robin^n, in stead of throwing him*elf irto the Thame*, had merely gone off on a "bender," which termina ted in'a )>ad attack of delerium tremens and an attack on his own life?which, hower, proved unsuccessful. The magistrates. ui>on learning the fact* in the case, discharged Mr. Itebinson. ai.d, accompained by hi* wife in the solemn garb of hi* widow, he returned to hi* shop, al ter a* novel an experience as life is likely ever to brin him. Gjwiywtw Km Hjivo,?The labor saving genius of louhg AmeTTeal* something amazing- Utlt is an illustration from the ?-V.Ckgd * 6*t: An Kvanston parent, on Sunday last, sent Young Hopeful out to draw the babv for an airing Young Hopeful thought he would save labor l>v saddling that duty oft s|>on his noble mastiff. He thereupon improvised a harness out of the clothes line, ami hitched the noble mastifl to the cariiage. Just then the noble mastiffs female pla\mate frolicked along the road, and quit* oblivious of the new duty he wa? to perform the noble mastiff sprang to liis more agreeable companionship. Ami ifcen those two animals started off for a run. and the baby accompanied them. A howl from the staitled Hopefu brought the parents to the scene, and then en dued a chase tor those <logs and that baby whi. L beggarsdeseription. I'p this street, down that, through this blind alley, across that broad ave nue. tne dog* gathered' fright as the pursuers gathered numbers and the baby gatbereii lung*: unt l a friendly stump relieved' the carriage of ltsload.and the precious infant, in its lovely white embroidered clothe*, was picked up <;uj of the mud, a great deal more frightened, t*a)> pily. than hurt. Rut that boy! W?i|t ^ Sun day school teacher found t! rv>y H m,Klel of deportment on that day, rie considered it uu gcritiemftnly to sit. A New Imka in Bcii.uimu \Y-j see it stated in tlie scientific journals that wire netting'or plastering is being rapidly introduced to take the place ot laths. It takes less labor to place on the wall; is more continuous, and will uot burn. Coarse netting, with one inch mesh, and made of strong wire, is found to answer best. For ornamental cornice work it is especi ally valuable, for it can be bent into any desired form. Secured to an iron studding in a brick building our greatest danger on account of tire would Ik- removed, A still further application of this plan is to make round bags of wire, re sembling barreK, and to coat them inside and out with cement. When it hardens they re semble stoue barrels. Filled with sand and sunk rows and masses, they make excellent building nalerial for breakwaters. Another extension of the idea has beau tried with ?uc Ma a. mm m i.i ?? mmm aw? mmm m lag irtin* I rained buildings covering them with wire net tir.g and spreading concrete on both sides. It is claimed that a house?wallls, floor*, roofs, doors, i*artitions anil all?has been built that is strong," firm and absolutely incombustible Var-ons applications of the use of wire netting and blaster or cement readily snggest them selves. and the matter is worthy of the atten tion of mechanics and builders. The Indians in Nevada N<?TirYiN? the Scttleks t<> Lbave.?A settler who arrived at Elks. Nev., Thursday, from Spruce mountain, northern Nevada, reports that Indian atlair* there are approaching a crisis. Twelve Snake Indians from Fort Hall, Idaho reservation, arrived at Spruce mountain a few days since, and held a council with the Sheshones. Soon after the latter appeared painted and dressed in war fashion, and commenced stealing lead trom the furnaces, aod buying ammunition. They have held war-danoe* since, and notified the citizens to leave, or they will have their scalps. The Shoshone* are familiar with the Modoc movements. Great alarm prevails in camp, and many of the settlers are leaving. REVAEKallLE SAfiAOITY or aw Klephast. In the Jardin des Plantes, at Paris, an elephant bad been turned out of his house to allow of a chase of the rats that devoured his food. The rats ran about in all directions, and while the elephant was stooping to pick up a morsel of bread which one of the crowd had thrown to him, a rat, fancying he saw a means of escape, took refuge in the interior of his trunk. The elephant made frantic efforts to relieve himself of his unwelcome visitor, but in vain. Sudden ly he paused and seemed to reflect, then he went to his basin, filled his trunk with water, ami amid the great excitement of the lookers on. ejected the water and the unfortunate rat with one sublime effort. Decoration Day in New York?Governor Dix, of New York, has Issued the following proclamation: wTbe :?th day of May, known as Decoration day, having been declared a legal holiday by a recent act of the legislature, and having, in remembrance of the gallant dead, who gave their lives for the p-eservation of the Union, been set apart by t e General of the United States Armv for the decoration of their graves. I respectfully rece amend that it be solemnized with fitting observation by the people of the state." Evading thjs Sunday L? w?? A novel mode ot working the "Sunday selaug" business was adopted at Port-Glasgow 1* a blind man who managed to get a liquor lie nse from the cus toms authorities for a large sail t>oat he |>ossess ed and embarked with his customers for a short sail on the river, during which a good deal of whisky was sold and consumed. Several trips of this kind were made on Sunday, the trade at last being interrupted by the local custom officer. Owe Bhilmku vor a Wife.?Twenty-two years ago one Fletcher filched from Cox, a' Lon don bargeman, his wife. 1 ox comes into court at this late day, demandii.^ damages of the said Fletcher, who, tendering <>ue shilling in money current ot the realm, claim* that is full satis faction for the wrong he acknowledges of har boring said wife. A jury of his peers coincided in Fletcher's estimate; so it goes tpon the record that twelve pence is the legal value of that wife. Shootiwo ArFA-iR About a Wirs.?Consid erable excitement p rev a. led in Buffalo Thurs day vening relative to a shooting affair between Colonel R. E. Johnson, United States army, commanding at Fort Porter, and I>r. Perkins, regarding an alleged tnt naacy between the for mer and the tatter's wife. Shots were ex changed, Colonel Jehn- jn receiving two flesh wonnds. The popular sentiment is against Johnson. Professional Criminal Act?Some diffi culty has been experienced in New York in carrying into practical effect the new law em powering the poUoe to arrest professional thieves and other easy' -ioms characters. A couple of notorious chat meters, of whose crimi nal antecedents there ee?M be no question, had to be discharged on Thnredav simply " the detectivesdeeUaed to oome up and ted what they knew about them. Mb. Risbt Wasow, a British barrister, wants to have Mean. Gladstone and Lowe in dieted for gross breach of duty in delegating their powers as to the issue of paper money to the directors of the Bank or England and neglecting to regulate the currency of that in A Mock Dcbl.?The report of a duel at Petersburg, Ya., Thursday, originated In a mock affair, put up on a young rellow who wsnt out in good faith and shot a blank cart ridge at his man, whom he still supposes to be mortally wounded. Nobody really aurt,. Democracy is at a pretty lew ebb in Rhode Island. Its only organ la the state, the Provi IBIMIU. 1W Will Y VrfAD 1U |4IQ MHVt Ui? denee Herald, died on Wednesday last, and ii the publisher amort valedictory address the publisher aewts that the party is "too impoverished or toe in different to sastaia a Journal. OT Kansas propesss to raiss her oU from b g sr ?ji of fliwwil and *? TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB ? Thla After????*? Dlipatckea, m ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. e AXOTHr.R IKDIAX WAI THREAT EX CO. A I'nalr la Nria4ii. Tfce Ha* **?-?? ha?f Hon it tit |> All Ihf P*tn?kr. ViWiHiA Citt. Nev . May 24 Partle swhe arrived at Klko to-dav from Spruce MuuiiUui report that on the night of thf 21?t instant *.?m< Indiana were iliscovered stealing lead from the "melting works, ami were traced to their camp, where a council ?t* in pn?gre**, which ?rl dvutly meant mischief. The *|>eaker* were 1 violeiitl) brandishing their weapous and fully participating 11) the council. There were some fitly (iosot warrior* from I tah territory, and a number of Shaw new, all armed. The citizen becoming alarmed at the apprarance of strange Gosots and Snake* from Idaho, organised a guard tor the protection ol their horse*, and it *at then discovered that all the powder in the town had been put chased by the In dian* several day?- previously, leaving the *ettler* almost defenceless. A meanenger ??? di*patched to Camp Halleck for arms and am munition, but the commander at that post re fused to*upplv them. Persons living in that section who bad boen rammoii?l to serve a* juror* i>etitioned thecourt to l?e relieved from attendance in court, a* their preaence we* needed for she protection of their families Should the liidiau* nake an attack, the live* of many *ettler* will be sacrificed, a* govern ment assistance cannot reach them in time to t>revent loss of life. It i* stated that there are iut seven soldier* at Camp Halleck available tor it* defence, the regular garrison being in the 'Modoc country. Spruce Mountain in in Klko county, sixty-five mile* southeast of the town of Elko. I*r*fe To-<lay. LO>D"N CELEKKATINM THE gl'UU'l BIRTH KAY. I.oxdox. May 24?To-day Wing the titty fourth anniversary of the birthday ot yueen Victoria, is observed as a half ho'lnlay. The morning was ushered in by the firing of-alutes and ringing of bells, and reviews ot troops in cidental to the occasion w ill take place during the day. This evening Loudon will be illumi i.attd. TRIERS ?;KT* A RKARlXu. \ krsaii i eh. May 24.?The debate u|>on tin* lllter|*ellatlon ol tl*? ti?iv*rnmetif was rt--.ii?m-d ill the assembly this morning. M. Thiers, in accordance with the notice given yesterday b> Minister bufaure, addres^d the *s?enjt)ly. urging the definitive establishment of the re public. His utterances were received with loud cheers by the left, while the right re mained silent.' UpWtfM ConvliWVU tfl J.li'V<V speech, the assembly tool a recess till i p. tu. THIt ITBAK IlLIX'IIOM). May 24 The council of ministers yesterday, in post|??niug the election in Cuba for deputies to the constituent cortes. fixed on uo day when the voti-ig shall take place. the rms< e or walks. Losdo*, May 24 The Prince of Wale* is visiting hi* sister, the Princess Alice, at l>ariu stadt. INCIDENTS .IK THE CABLTMT WVR Bae< ei <?!?A, Mat J).?Two corpses have been found near Mouresa, iu this province, with a placard on each of them (tearing the words, ?? Killed while attempting to assassinate l?on A'.ionso," The levy upon youth ordered by tien. Valerde on Thursday is'well received. Many manufacturer* will continue the salaries of their operatives while they do service in the republican ranks, Juntas have been formed to pron-ote the enforcement of the lew. THE Kl'NERAL OP COCHT MA<l/t)M. Home, May 24.?Klaborate preparation* are being made for the funeral of Count M anzoui. and the ceremonies are expected to be of a most imposing character. A CARLIST COHTKADICTlOa. PERi']<<VAN.Mav>?The Car lists deny the mm t that ? aauu|ijg^| Willi BUT rendered at Sanabuja were buUBerfff Viwr state that they now hold all prisoner* captured in that town, and are readv to exchange them for Car lists in the hands of the Spanish author ities. Kew Y< SPECIE SHIPMENTS. Mew York, May 24.?Specie shipments to day. THE EKES* APOJtS have decided to receive the remains of the late Minister Orr upon their arrival here. THE liKrlKTIKS' BOCIKTV has notified all its members working nine or ten hours per day to ceaee working over eight hours on and alter Monday. ? THE BASK STATEMENT is as follows: I?ans, increase,*1,771,900: specie, decrease, f*K>,300; legal tenders, decrease, f34!V{"0; deposits, increase, ei.w2s.ain. circula tion. increase. $4,000. There is a lose in reserve Of ? Heavy Mespeasiam la Tray. Troy.N. Y., May 24?The following-named firms, members of the combination to control the central northern lumber market, have sus pended. Their liabilities are some 9&,<NiO,noo :? White <it Co., Albany: S. W. Barnard A Co.. New York; O. Kichards & Son*. Sandy Hill, U. W. Adams A- Co., New York; 1KnI<? A Co., New York; Page A Co., <i*wego; C.B Nichols A Co., Albany; the Williamsburg Mill and lum ber company; Chamt>er* A Co., Cleveland; Watson A Twitcbell. Chicago, Barton A Spen cer, Kliiabetb. and K. A. Lorillard, Chicago, all extensive dealers in lumber. The Bald tat* >e?le*. no tcockle with that cuciTir AXTiei tated. New York, May 24 A Washington s|?eciat states that the Mexican Minister say* nearlv all the cattle rt. aling on the JVxas liorder has been done by Kickapoo Indians, and negotiations have been pending by both governments to in duce that ti .be to go on a reservation. He an ticipates no trouble between the two countries from the recent raid of ?jn|. Mai ken/ie. having no doubt of an amicable settlement of the at lair. BsiftTOL, Pa., May M?Janes M. Baileau of,*'iu,*lnf *111., Bucks county, eommltted 2^ .k-5JfcWD,2LHe ?ai a lumber xserchant, and failed recenri* and became deranged. recently e H^rana. 'Ti.^^JL hl" extr* HT incorrect He can* d it to be aent back to the Ti immediately after he ~ Balti Hon, May * by the Leipzig, which day tar Bre ?n, Walter, the Vienna e n n, f 8. A be 11, aea., his te? en a fat to . ie hie the jury at the The Atlaatir Disaster. 4> DEAD I.ODlES IhiiiVkKkli KRoX THE WXEtK. New York, May ?_'4.?A letter troni Halifax savs that 42s bodies have lM-en rccovcred trom the wrecked Atlantic, leaving Us passengers unaccounted tor. Nearly a (Iui.:k 1mslie* of the lost cabin p* saenger* are still aiiuiiif. and al though all tie stateroom* have not breu exam ined by rhed vers, it is not thought an v of tue bodies will I ? found in them when entered, as the paaaengi re are believed to have escaped to the deck wt n informed of the impending dan ger after the vesael struck. The Wfcipplaff Past la Delaware. New Cas i lb, May 24?The execution ot the sentence of Marv Meter, as far the whipping i* concerned, baa oeen postponed. She was ar raigned for killing her son, seven months old. .lohn Millet and Daniel Clark, both white, re ceived twei ry lashes each, for larceny. Kl ode 1 ?lwad Strike Providemi, May 24.?In Wooneocket the ten hour o mmittee has issued a circular ad viaing the i ictory operatives to return to work, for the present. The strike may be regarded a wia i larell naeate New Orleaxs, May M?The New Orleana Krjmbiiean of this morning announces, editori ally, Judge DnrelPs determination to resign, and re con'mends that he be given a foreign mission. Tout, May M.?Dr. felly Tgiaguted as a Yieana BiXTiaou, May *1 ? The PrubjUrim tral AMBlviiHih day) ot*ned with |ttm by Rev. W. A. FI?Bi?|,'of PftiMvifMH l>r. R K Booth, of New York , was upoinM chairman of the committee on roasolidation of board* M the church. In place of Her I?r. A<1 ami.of New York, excused from serving Rev. I?r. Bell, of New York, called up hi* reaolatioa fropO?ing a *y*tem Of mobility of BinwUf t *as lmnaedlattlv tabled Re*. Ih. Backus Iron, the ?|?ecial com ml tor on the subject at THiumciTtoir or a ran rutooii al return<1 that, in the opinion ot the oouitM, a free |*|er would notl* widely read, tad la anv caw it* establishment would be attaaded With imi' h ei|?ense, and probablv an etptadi ture of moncT much la excess of what Um church would cheerfully give. The committee recommended that tie toani ot publication U request! d to taka into crusader at ton tl?e oMkx ? dation of the Monthly Record Bad the rereigr Mi*>ionar\ into one paptr. A running debate en?u? d on the report. participated iaAf a aum ber of delegate* favoring at.U m>i4h|| a free paper, during which t le ifVli adopted a mottoa limiting the speaker* to Ire minute ? id Finally rbf "nhjrrt tm of I*v the aipointm- nt of a "fecial 'am it tee ean ?WiitoflUu.W F.mttt*. P? , W. How. I Tavlor. Brook jn; 7. L Uithrow, i*fcia<tei|.h and Hder? Cfaatiacy X Okls and Robert Ca - ter. ait N Y., to consider an.I leport on the su<> ,l*ct to the neit lax-Bli:). The ur<u or the ho a up <?? rn ?art. n KUlTKO VI ?U wa* r The rrtwrt sb? w? i rtciyks during 'he t>a*t year of t1 !??.. 7 4 WK. i lurches aentrtti.r ig. HO. Churches not contributing, ?oount expended tkliiii churches, ut 1 aided, lirfi. Since the n?artra it uw d and New School Asua.Kie*. or daring 'he ?t three year*, the boaH ha* ooiapiet- <i w lurche* free of debt, Ne-unnj church pn? 4t)r worth n.flno.aw The l?o*rd roooaiiu^ih! at in future all coatril u'Jon* to thi* fund te ?e to the treasurer of tbc oard . ami ?>o, not more than aim* t<e allowed in aid ot .jy one church. After deHatc the report an t recommendation wa* ado ned. I'rii (he KoalkaeM. ?t*. St. L?<ri?. Mat 24?r.eti^ral Wa. T. Sher man l*expetUdtare to-day. thi rt xr&AL or rar?? M?ii?r, the Indian ml*?ionarv. took place in tkneMy tin* morning. and wa*alt* ndc'f by an in.a?ee?r concourse ol people. a NreriAL i>i*fatc h ra<>x littlb b?* a. abb. >*ysthe Southern Pres'.ytenan genera. iu Idy ha* ailjourned. an<l nearlv all the m- inlK-rn hare gone home No definite- action w? takrti in relation to an organic union, but tb?- general sentiment wa* in favor ot uniting with the Hutch Reformed church rather than aith any other l*>dv of Presbvterians. the co*<iiv?ieiai a\?tiiku hbtk will arrive at 8t lx>m? Monday eirmim Ca Uaieraar Waraaaalk. al I naMa aa War* Ike Kea ?rleaaa Ttfar Libel. Nbw York, May i4?A apectal dlspat.-h trow. New Orleans, dated the ? id says Ki ??-**eem?* Wat mouth has Insgan a *uit for libei agaiast the editor and proprietor ot the Se* Drlwn Tim-1, and b\e> iUaia|n at b^vmbm 1 ur arti cle complained of wa* printed on the 1 ?tt> ia?i., and accused Wariu< > il ot having a crc?|itor to the Mi?ia*ippi and Mr\i< ?i, <. >if *hip canal company to the aaiout of ?? ??i, through hlaoft i ial arttaa a* (utrratt. ?? - ? ??? ? Mr. Laai|>ley llalla Nla II Ife'a |?r> derer. a ?Taa?>a iKTiaviia ?nrai tb? ba< k? w ki:k Hill -WHAT a?>?B ????? th> at I v?? It alll lie remcmltcri'd thai Mlakaa. i coimI*mind maHWal Hn l.ain| ? ata in hi* recent co*ife**ion that be iia<i flitte huadred dallara ol the awaet tah? a iheni^ht ol the i ami thai t*?e aUi taken at the *ame time a a? nen-t Onload IK lie auU ^KUviaoli ' coaaidcred thai ?? ilai gerou* | ? ?n?ll?- a* thai tiaMr al?> that Hollohanin hia wufw- jia *f ?.iiu> tion ha> e*preiw??l a wi-h tha' it ??? ia h lo*et to r?-ti?ri. 'I m< ne\ ?'olanio the *M luan." I'rouipteil by a d? *ire ' i??l tlir ?taivfit) ol theee profeaaiaii* ot 'tollahan, at-d a the hope that he migh be alili to ol>tani troai h1 ?> such information a* wmiH trad u> the diaaa?arj of the hidden bomjt rt?lni froaa hia. Mr. l.ample\ dataraalaod to a?ek an latere lew with the prisoner The sheriff pron.pt * .-ompliod with the desire ol the unfortunate man. and it was soon arranged tliat heahoiild vi?it th< con demned cell on \erterdny. ihi imiavii* tietwecn the wretche?l? rimmal and tlia *tri* ke" victim of this horrible -rimt took place yawter dav alternoon in the proaenoe of a deputy sheriff and au officer of the jail. The interview was a rtrange one?one which, tor persons ot certain temperaments and aeiieil'illtiea, would no doubt have proeed h eery ekciting one. Bat in this Instance there wa* no eaciteaaent on either side. On Mr. I.aaapley entering the oaD and confronting Holiohan, the latter ahowod rerv litUe, If any, embarra*aa?ent, bat took the band of the old man. which vat titiaM ward bin To a looker-oti wuo anew noUung ML W fii ^ the coadeaauetl might a ?ympathiaiag friend. Mr. Laaapley ed te ask in a plain, blunt way a number at ?|tie*tK>n* relative ta the tranaa<-tiou* of tha night on wbich hi* wife ww murdered and hia house robbed, which Hollohan eery freely aa *wered. but what he aaid in reference to tha manner In which the dark deed wa* accaa plixhed differed in no tatportant particular froaa the atateaients heretofore published. He.how ever, dwelt particulars on what be claims to have been the fact "that .loah Nichoiaon." aa be familiarly caUla hi* companion In critne, ??wa* the originator ot the Joh," ami. further, "that .lo*h insisted that the old ?oaaa ma* l>e croked." and that her death wa* eanential ta their safetv. While Hollohan related the par ticulars of* the horrible murder of hi* eictia, Mr. I.any>ley ?a* much diatreaacd and wept freely. The" account which he gave of tha blow* Ktruck be Nichoiaon aeeiued to add greatly to the distre** of Mr. l^mpley. W HAT W AS tX>M WITH Till Hollohan exprewed hi* graUftcatioB at aeetag Mr. Lampley in order as be Ntated, that ha might giee him ail the information be paaaeaaed as to where be had secreted the fk?0 in graea back* which be refer* to In hi* conteaaion here tofore published, and alao that he might toll him what be had done with the idleer coin which w as a part at' the plunder obtained at tto? time ot the robbery, and which a* he ha* heretofore stated. l>oth be and N icholaon wa* afratd to aaa le*t it should betray them. Hollohan then went on to describe the locality where he aay* be secreted the 4.100 in greenback*, in doing this Hollohan drew a Vough diagram ol the locality with a pencil on a piece ot paper, and tare It to Mr. I.ampley, giving him certain direction* bow to proceed in hi* aearch, which the latter very properly keep* to himself. Should this communication of Hollohan prove to ha a truthful one. the money may t?o**iblv he recov ered . unless the parties whom he say* ia hi* ooa teasion got it wben. according to" that state ment. they were sent to find it tor him. Bat ta return to'Mr. I.ampley. but to fee a lawyer with, but who reported that they coald not Bind Referring then '-to the silver," which he sava "wa* never divided between himself and Mica olson." be undertook to explain to Mr Lampley what had been done with it ami where It might lie found. This |ortion of the plunder, f IV) In American ailver coin, made up of half and ?luarter-dollar piece*, was,he aay*. thrown ia to done*' Fall*. Measures bare been l*ken to feet the accuracy of Hollohan'* revelations rela tive to the hidden money?Halt. Am^rt a*, Htk Mrs. Hallkb N<>. J ?Caaaiat Hatler and Marv. bis wife, were married about six months ago in Memphis, and went over to Arkanaaa to work on a plantation, lie at *tin a month, she at t'Jfi. A few day* ago. Nod. Hughea, an old ac quaintance, went over to see them and coaxed Mr*. Haller to leave aith him for Memphis, t'assiu* Haller went after tbem with ire IB his heart, but none of the misanthropy at Kotao bae's Stranger under somewhat similar ctrcaaa -tances He had Hughes and Mr* Haller ar rested, lined ?'?. and placed under bonds?brok en mamage bond*, probablv, tor a* soon as the 'r .al wa* over Hughes offered Haller (AM to relinquiah all claim to Mr?. Haller. He ] ed at the money and then at the woman chose the former for hia portion. sJloo ia r and nothing to do wa* better than er I **a month, and plantation work. Mra Haller wa* a willing party to the contract, aad nobly pr-served the dlacrodlt of the namr A Good E*oroa Wirasaa A sait for damage* for breaking the lag of a child, seven years old, was oa trial the other day la the aa perior court, Boston. Prelimiaarv ta the terti aaaal asked him: ay of the child, hia "What will be tha eoaseqaaaoe tf IMfely?" The child aaswerod "1 shall ha punUTO with everlasting ?rs/^-JVery waU^' tt^artd^ Thi^ri: tfnuitSdTlaprw oeed, aad narrated the circam*UiT^t ^ telligently aad aaivaly. VKev Father Deamet, for over a Jesuit miasianary amoag tha 1 St. Lob Is ye ate may moratlag. ?7*A dispatch from Madrid atatea that council of mlniatet* to ]>ostpone the measure* for ^*dlag '"The New York Oraphle aay* that ta Mr recti lect "Article* of ?r Articles or agreement have bee a slgn<d far a prise fight betweaa Tom A Ilea aad Miha hotels la Philadelphia have te mi tha lioeaas s aea At mmt, m tha Paim OU City, a laeal paper , which it sap W la

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