26 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR Largest CircalatiM ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: ? NOXMT *?y *. >***? Tke OHMfMka ?Ml Obi* VmmmU Very r?c?nt events rapidly maturing, hare lifted the red from the re'at ton* existing be tween the Baltimore and Ohio railroad com pany and the l'h?wpekke and Ohio canal with it* dependent thousand*. For a time the people raw through a glass darkly, but now the sad facta confront them face to face. 11 the road haa lor many month* ya*t been permitted prac ticaHv to dominate and direct the policy ?I the .canal authorities, with purpoee* we submit, too rigidly selfish and grinding, the question sternly arises. Is that domination to be understood as having tne sanction of the rating powers of our mother state? If so. then not only the canal and its dependent thousands: but the whole northwestern region, nay. the whole state, ha* been passed into bondage. If not. or only measureahty so, then it is time that the many or the tew who control the aflairs of Maryland, should so partition right* an<l ad vantage*, privileges, and duties, that all the great interest* of the state and people, there ami here, should enjoy and fulfl their just sLare.?no less ami no more. In the name of the honor and dignity of the venerable state, in the name of republican principle ami lommon Justice, let the mammoth road loose its told and be satisfied with rhe vast incomes continually accruing to it; Naboth's Vineyard it must forego, or sooner or later it* glory and power will trail In the dust. There is ? spirit arising in the popular heart that will not be trilled with or cheaply laid. It confi dence i* calmly reposed in court* and -vested rights" for the defence of monster monopolies, let it not be forgotten that that is not all the law, for the Atiglo-Savon history from its early age* treat" plentifully enough of the legislative means by which forestalled, engrosser*, regra ters. ami the whole tribe of monoiwlists small or great, can be.made to pause in their greedy career. The earth ard Its treasures belong to it* in habitants for then mbsistence ami comfort, and rich companies, combination*, or "rings." will never be allowed |?ermaiient!y to monopolize them. If weath roll* on in overwhelming streams, let it be expended in mansions and gardens, and minister, a* it will, to the luxury and splendor of it* possessors but trom the first necessities of the i>eople. from their bread and their fuel, let the grip of opulent monopolies forever refrain. The whole system by which rich companies like the Baltimore and Ohio railroad and other* the vast sums thev have collected from the people to buy up the store* laid by nature iu the hills and mountains of the land, so as by and by to make the nation purchase the.-e Ood-glven resources at whatever price they please, is a system unholy, incivistic and perilous. Not one dollar's worth or stock in any mineral company of Maryland or elsewhere ou^ht such associa tion* to own. and it cannot be long before legis lation must be directed to that end. Already, at the very outset, the deadly consequences of *uch stockholding manifest themselves, for tens of tbousarsls of honest and worthy people are put in danger of losing their daily bread. One of the first things wanted to render the canal independent of the great and growing influence <>t the road and other inimical interests, 1* that the board of directors should be taken mainly trom that part or the state which is Mrt interested in the canal. As it is now, the policy seems to be to fill the board with persons who iestale at the greatest geographical distance from the canal, and can. therefore, be most easily swayed against it. It is a startling fact, showing, too, the boldness brought to the mat ter. that not one Allegany man, nor one rrom Washington county, b upon the board. Why was this'.' Accidental? Who believes it? And If not accident, what was the scope of the design? I.et the result* in the diminishing trade and decreasing revenue* answer. The casual reader might pot tully understand the bitterneSf ot' the blow lealt by the canal board at the work in their charge. It m*y s? ?m fft an increase Of toll of five cents |>?f ton is not so much to raise an outcry u|>on, yet it has proven enough to paralyze the ability of the canal to compete with the railroad. Freight*, like water, flow along to the lowest levels, and theertectof the raise has been to divert trade from the canal to the road so decidedly that one Of the coal companies, which was last year among the heaviost shippers by the former, has drawn,ofl almost entirely to the latter. The reason ami ?n'y reason is. it L to their interest to forward their coal by rail. But the pretext for the rai*^>f toll* was that of the necessity to put th* canal in better condition, and to pay off interest of certain bonds; the result has been to annihilate the ability to pay anything, and to stagger the vitality of the canal itself. What fatuity was it. in this age of keen competition, when cheap transportation isthe loud demand, to seek to Increase revenue by raising tolls ? Small thanks do the bondholders owe the board for this, canal revenues- may, indeed be in creased by trade, ami the ouly way to that Is by greater cheapness ot transportation. If, therefore, the present canal board would show themselves the true rriemls, and not the surest toes, to the work confided to their trust, they will sink all weak and selfish considera tion* connected with the past, ami by ope brave and righteous act save the canal from ruin, vindicate their own integrity, and carry hope and joy to thousandsot hearths and homes, l.ct them, then, the tollt! The death of dames W. Wattack deprive- the world of anoiiier t*;ented member of the his trionic profession- or his capabilities as an actor there may be said of Mr. Wallack what can be truthfully athrmod of but few in his pro fession?that while he was an accomplished comedian, he stood among the first tragedians on the American s'age. His preference, bow* over, seemed to be !or the line ot old standard comedy, to which Wallack's theater In New York has been mainly devoted since it* estab lishment many year- ago. Whenever he stepped aside, however, to c-say a tragic rofc. his im personations were a-knowledged to be almost beyond criticism. The deceased played a num ber of engagements in Washington, and on sev eral occasions appeared in connection with Mr. V- L. Davenport, and in every instance he was compbmented by the patronage ami commen t ation ot the cultivated eleWnt of the capital, notwithstanding the fact that owing to adverse circumstances his pecuniary success was not always coiuiueiuura: . with the high ch.w*acter of the eateTtainaenL* he invaria'oly presented . Who that saw hi* impersonations of the llinty h carted SKA. or tha miserly F>nm, will erer forget tr n>? or who can efface (rom hu mem ory his finished acting of the character of Jokm ihWajj, In "Still W iters Run Deep?" In one roapect the death of a gTe at actor is a heavier loss than that of a great author. Shakspeare, Byron and Irving are dead. but their precious legacy remains, the elder Booth, Fort est, and Wallack die, laaving nothing but the memory of their achievement to remind the world of tho loss it has sustained in their deaths. Th? trial of seven members of the Massachu setts Medical Society who were charged with violating their right to membership by practis ing homeopathy has ended ta a verdict of guilty, aad the offending parti, s have been served with a eof y ef the decision which say* the accused have been found ' guilrr ot conduct unbecoming aad unworthy of an hoiorabte physician by prac ticing homeopathy, an t we therefore adjudge ami determine that th>y be expelled from their membership of the Massachusetts Medical Society " The board or trial will report their action to the society at its next annual meet ing, aad the offending physicians will un doubtedly be expelled. It is to be prwowmed that tho l.o?tltatioa of the secietr prohibits the practice of homeopathy by *te mambers, or such summary arlten would not have boon The republican state central romaittee ef Yirgtnie have issued an official call for a stats l u ii i sat inn. to be held la Lynchburg the j?h day of Jaly aext, "for tho parpme of orgaaisiag the party for the state cteettoa of Nevasther coming, and at nominating camiMiacee for the offices ef governor, lieutenant governor and About the thinnest argument ws hare yet ?eeii ?pinit the bill pending in the House of Delegates to authorise the Imi of bonds to make np the deficiency in the fonr million I ctawd by the payment of dlsoount and con sions. U that in the Aiwdiy Cknmels, '-There was plenty of responsible B-tire nnn in the District who would hare taken It (the loan) at par. in payment for contract!, and, if obliged to negotiate it. they wonhl have borne the discount, thn* saving the ltetrict the addl* t ional expense that is proposed in the bill re ferred to." If there is one well established fact in connection with this business, it is that such a course would have cost the tax-payers ia in creased prices paid to contractors at least double or treble as mnch as the appropriation now asked lor. Instead of six per cent., the con tractors would hare put ten to twenty per cert, on their cash prices, and it is doubtful it even then they would bare done as well as they have done. l?ecause the bonds would hare fallen into the hands of curbstone brokers and specu lators. who would have been the only ones to reap the profit. This was demonstrated by our experience under the corporation government, when the city bond* were ten to twenty cent* | below par. It members of the legislature are willing to take the responsibility of stopping i much of the work already commenced, thereby losing the bulk of the maturing Congressional appropriation to payforfinith'd v?>rk about the reservations and public buildings, l?esides de priving hundreds of men of employment, let them justify it on ground more tenable than this: Some are doubtless acting on convictions of duty. but there are other.* who, it is thought, would not be very persistent in their opposition to the bill if the Board of Public Works would accede to their demands in behalf of themselves and their friend*. - ? -??? ? The coal rej>ort from Cumberland to May 19th shows a continually increasing gain of the rail road shipments over those of last year, and a.? regular diminution of canal shipments. The railroad excess rises to over I3?> .08? tons; the canal deficit sinks to more than 51 000 tyfis. At this rate, what will be the figures at the Njvl of the season? .A FESTIVAL FOR THE BENEFIT Of THIN IT Y CHURCH SI NDAY SCHOOL will be brlil in lv? basement <>f the chnrch on tlw evening- ot TUESDAY ami WEDNESDAY, 27th and niM 3f ly^A CARD.?I deeireto express my thanks to lh* National Union Insurant-* Company, of tliis rily, for their prompt and e.juitsble adjustment of the damages rause-1 b\ the late fir*- at m> place ot busing. 1334 F street Also, for the immediate payment of their proportion of the loss sustained. It WW. BURCHELL. nT3?ATTENTION. STANTON GUARDS -The regular officers au<l noncommissioned of ficers of tlie Stan on Oaarit-will meet at No 4il0 M as-aclni-ett* ?<?aiie on WEDNESDAY E\E N1NG. M'h instant, at S o'clock sharp, on business of importance. Per order. m'Jt 2t* Col WM BOW EN (K3?AS ADJOURNED MEETING OK THE IM? BOARD OT TRUSTEES OF PUBLIC fct'BOOLS will be held at the Kranklin School Building, ouTUESDAY EVENING, 27th inst., a: 7S o'clock. A. P- PARDON, n.24 It I R. p.t'hron.tt | Secretary. ?NOTICE .?The ni-mliers >>| th-- WASHING 1 ON BAKERS' BENEVOLENT ASSO cRTIoN are hereby notified to meet at their b-adunarters? Mr. Antra* Spr>sh's Utrmaina Ho t.-l?t!?3 C street, ou TUESDAY, Mav J7th,at 2 o'clock p.m. t'HAS. SCHNEIDER, m24-2t* Chief Marshal. j>"3?GE<?KUE W MAl'l'TM AN, Jmfttce of tlx P-o", attenda 10 all kinds of Claims and Le gal business, southwest corner of Uth and G street northwest. mav21 ly irS?B0ARlT0r PUBLI'J WORKS, Wa?hi jsgtos, May 21, 13T.J Notice is hereby given that all written inquiries for information in regard to in-provenience. either Projected or iu progress, should be addressed - -Vice 'resident Boaro of Pnblic Works." Personal application for such information shonld only be made to the Assistant Secretary, Ro ,m 13, Morrison's Building. By order of the-Board. CHAS 8. JOHNSON, nifl 6t Assistant Secretary. YOlNG MENS' CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA TION. f?I! READING ROOM-XWp, Wtekly, Sem If anil Kjlittout papers from all pat ts of the Uniou. CIKCULATINGLIBRARY; ISjWJU vols. Terms A] aer year: |i per .inarter. PARLORS AND CONVERSATION ROOMS for Ladies aad Gsntle men; Cheas,Chequers. Organ and Piano. Daily PRAYER MEETINGS at 12 14.6 and ? p m. LITERARY SOCIETY Saturday evening, at 7* o'clock. SABBATH APTEBNOON SERVICES in Lincoln Hall at IK o'clock; at Theater Gomique at 7X"o'clock. mJT rr3?SCHENCR'S MANDRAKE PILLS.-Theae pills are cmipoeed exclusively of vegetable Ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercury , do not leave any of its in nrious effects. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in all cases of derangement result ing from a disordered state of that organ. Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorder*, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Schenck's Maudrake Pills. Por sale by all Druggists and Dealers. ni2tr TO LADIB8. yr Hcrw sad it Is to see a young wife, a moth, orramlly who reqnirsa all har pbrsical strength to fulfill her household duties, and all her moral ca Bitiee to accept the responsibility which falls naon , to see her prostrated, losing every dap nee strength, feeling badly without being able to sap why. but yet suffering snongh to be utterly i able\ This state of weakness and debiUtr is more fatal to her than a severs spell of sickness, for ia that ewe she will receive the proper care, as In the other she will linear months after aaonths, not thinking worth while to see a physician about It. antil natare, exhausted, givee oat, and ahe U carried to the pave, when a little precaution la proper time would have iK ss: TKRS of Dr. L. sTbaRTRAM. Tbev are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, ooe tiveoess, biHousnsse. headachsa. morning sick log i _ peculiar to women. These Bit hp all dr ten, which are sold by all druggists, are, ia quence of their vlrtns and saoeTagreaable taste, ths medietas par tzttUmc* for ladles j?-tr Ml L B U ft II I MEW DRUG STORM, Mo. ltil PtlWTLTilu Avim, Depot far Soda and Mineral Wstars. hB-lf SasDR. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio OoUage of ' Dental Sargary,411 7th street, between D B,a fsw dooessenth of Odd Fellows'Hall. I Isrsto E. A. Baooa and Mae. W. B. Means DASTURB FOR HORSES -One hundred and 1 fifty acreeef PASTURE, adjoining the Lunatic Asrliim Apply to THOMA9 TAT LOB8HBRVB,Drugstore,Uniontown. Five' dollars per month m2S-3t* Parties holding tax titles to tb? Property of the late John Carothers can hava niK.1t* t>34 Louisiana a?euue. y M RAPIDLY REMOVING DAMAGED GOODS AND FILLING UP DAY BY DAY WITH FRESH STOCK. Orders promptly supplied. rnMJt ; N W BURCHEI.L.1 L'liR A GOOD REFRIGERATOR, WATER r COOLER. OA* STOVE or a set of CROOUET, goto FRANCIS' Housefuruishing Store, 432 7th street. m?? 3t' 'I'HE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX 1 isting between HANSON PERRY and JAMES PARKER, Blacksmiths, is thia dav dissolved by mutual conaent The bnsiii'-ss will hereafter be csrrirdonby Benson Perry, who will collect and settle ail bills. HENSONPEBRY. May Mb, 18T3. mgAt* AjEO. M. VYKTER k (O, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN FINE BUTTER AND EGGS. ("PHILADELPHIA PKINT" BUTTER A SPECIALTY.) CENTER AND NORTHERN MARKETS. G. M OYSTER, G M OYSTER, J*.. J F. OYSTER. m NOTICE?PARTIES HA VINO YARDS TO SOD or Brick Walks to toy, will And it to their ad vantage to call at 611 V strest northwest, as such work will be promptly attended to aad done ia the set style. mHAT ABO NIC REGALIA, M We are prepared to furniah Masonir Ey^y ants for all Camnianderiea at FACTORY PRI' CHAPRAUX. SWORDS AMD BELTS, 4 CUFFS, CAPS, aad every article pertaioiag to the Order. We guarantee all Baits sold to bs regulation JMHt 7 RUOFF, lm W4 Pennay I vania avenue rum '?LITTLE WORLD" WILL REOPRE on the 21st of thia month, at No. 19?4 SEVENTH STREET, SaadT mlS-tr "LIT rti WORLD." fl >Lo?Ml44 ?dR fflic MRRCHANtaka baa _I??k ?f the New York banki?, Ti h?rSJ^?f^ ?" ?*tar<1*y. wm unfavora rJJti j k ?k ? I * market? were not ?f tnr? ?r??-i ^ntement, and the marked fea ture of the day was dullne* The Mock market weeatre??|y dall, and at tiaee waTneaUc^d . The largest dealing. were in Pacific fii.1'. market closed steady, with hut Might variation in price. -? '?f * C^faraiah the r ' MTiJau'li.M , tSiSt ?v 2Z ???.?*? - ^*?1 **1 K* M'? ! m-ja% p?z |4j r ? ??. , *?|K-ri?ar Boaan t-VIiffrzrR KJ.-'-f'"* *-?*, UM. M\ ?-at. MB M f-?J?*Jaa.A.|ly,?._i?^ ?. A Jly.M?M', co?"w" do.^ti^^^ Tlrrfnia'., old, ?; Hh ?Tin2fe ??L? ?????low mid dling* Floor dall. Wheat .lull and heavy ecu M TZh ????>?" *-rn. T9?72, yellow W f? **? Oata .iniet? Rye dnn '?.r^t7 Dr' miIf<1 ? **&0: white,sigsj. "r.-id^^'^'t rriKW R !? Mr V?K -,?n~*h,'Ul',er!'- *? r'b eMea, S?Vo?V JullVoV tt-' -? H<#1?. Lard WhiVki'fl?, " b"i,Pr ??*?dr and unchanged, mai'd. *"d fcCarC'" W" 8,,*%r ?*?**? ?'??/de 18?'*^^?*^' Jl.?Stock* dnll. Gold st- a.lv M*. Money fire,**/. Exchange-long. ".short' 9 t nH"?H t?7 ^niet. * . snort, Bsw Von, May 26 ? Flour unchanged \V li??t ' Yo l?1 T * S',,rn '4"i'', *,,J unchanged. ?i>!n7 ? y ' la- m-?1Oooaoi. oamed %t 93"-, l^da ",M?roi?OI,i*i 3? *(?94 for account. B?nda of Erie, ?8*, lXT' W ,U *, i' new >*m7? .! Ma> 11,11 rn.?Brie. 48S' London, May Jh.6 p. m.-CoMih hiiI American 8?'(iiritie? closftj unrliangi'd, Irif, |81?. mm sue* i W>2 **' *"* P' ,u ~Bo,,<i*' lor tlHr tmk wTTathek. War Department. Ofr, .,r f>?/ s,enm? OjH.tr / s.,?n ' Asaixcros, Mat M, 1*73,10:S) aTai Tl k roa THE PA-iT T\\ K!?T\ Fopg IfoCR* ? (rnai,rffiiwj]f (;v?r Canada and the East ?.l. ?- 1 !? 8,,,e#, with ?outheaeterijr and soutli leatle? P'iT}ly, -?>d cfear owler i and ooutheattt* rlv wind* diminishing ipr'-More.riainir tempi-ratare an l aartlr i !?!"??? and thenc. to Ken ? i Weat Mr^inia. with rain in Indiana r^!r . i??,Tr an<? n?' th?-:i*ter.y win.lf, low tiaram ter. < |ond> weatli.T, and occasional rain in the I'Zt* a,,d ,"'-"ce ?^rth North }: ?*rtl) cloudy weath.-r, "outiieuterlr ami M,'e .W ir'1"' .Vr*r,1* to ?""?Ih-asterly on , . vUiff W iih rain. no\? nfi.raii ?? ?u , S??ath Atlantic and Oulf 8tat?*n and TeuQewe*-. Tb^ njer I* mint at H*mian. Mimonri. PaoBaB'LiTiKs.?For tli< Middle State* and Lak.? OLtarioaontlineaterl> to?oittli.-aaterly wind*.slisiit I ciear aUDTMrtfrT11 *7' andtemtK.rature, _ r. *n<;. ^artly cloud) weather will prevail, with W^Jt Virffinia'*1*" 10 ?f?nthJVi*rn Virginia and | w*nt > irffinia. For Ni?w Kiifrland and namJiA "oathweelerly and aoiitheMterly winds, high pren jire, cool cfear weather uiU pr. vall' For ?ak, I .T I PMlr *nd Mortkaeat, aad thence | tothe lower Miaaonri and the Ohio vail. y?. north easterly to -wnthttanterly wit.ls.dimiuinhiaii or" tljrf' S.c''2.MM ?,u'"ly leather and ..ccaXnal rain. For T> nnessee and the we>t?rii Oulf State* *onthea*terly and northeasterly wind*, respectirelr' . ''?In8 I'arometer, falling temperature parti* I cloudy weather aid occasional raln.^Kor thi last en^ l.jilf and South Atlantic 8tat.-* variable jTutli ? aeterly and northwesterly winda, higher bar,Vn - eter, and g**n.-rally clear weather R^iiortu fr ' ' Q IsHERIFr. ornni jttf...4 K.iTSv,,0"0' ?"* ""<* ?">rt ^ ;>'r price and honorable dealing*. m>! Im* JAPANESE FAKS, Jl'ST IN TIME. S00 BEST JAPANESE FANS, Arrived to-day. N. W BUB( HELL, " * V lit^ F Sreel. E N E (' A ?TONEi TIIE MARYLAND FREESTONE 91 * M. CO IS MOW READY TO RECF.IVM OKDEUS FOR STOAE, EITHER SAWED OK ROUGH ii 1M EX SIOW. Apply at Company'? offiee, CORNER K AND SSih STREETS Reck Creek. m?-tf f. W. HAVPEIf. President. pROPOSALS FOR Fl'SL. Depastmest or the Interior, I ? _ a A>BiXuTu?. Mat ijth. n?3 i K aled Proposals will br received until in o'clock P1-1 'BIDAT, June ilOth. 1 "CI. for furnishing Furl lor this Departaiert and it* several Bureau* viz t ,^hL ?^2''.b?nn?l*d rild fifty 19#" '"D.- (2.2t" pounds i u k^? 2 "jnality of Baltimore Company N? i ^ j j o nthraclte Furnace Coal. Also four nSS^I^ o? ^' P""">* to the 2S ^e?t ijiality of Shamokm Cual, egg and stove size TilT.^f^*e.K0*i Hlnrt, he delivered within sixty (mi Tit'he date of the contra<^t.and stored in the 7 1? ihe Department in a satisfactory manner l*efr>re the parties fnrni-hing it will be paid Alao* tweiity-five (?) cord* well ataeoued baker*? Pine' Oak ^22fmLleadi fifty iJu) co^a?, '"*?< - j. i ' well seasoned and aound. The above t%1ford^d1 ?* "r I>'Partm?nt building* an deiiirf d. The whole to be insrected. w^iffliM ?n/i mt ??nred In accordance with an act of Congress' ae V nKthl ,87a. Certificate, from^s^t pen must be ?howu totheSuperiotendent certifvinv hatth-co^ deli\ ? red to them " the eZitMn ffi K?2?BiSWr* Lt Department. The bids will lx'op>-ned in the office of the Superintendent in the pr.-aence of *ncb bidders as may choose to attend ? ?atisfactory t oad will be rrqnired of the iuc.-e**fui hl&rJ?Xm, f*'thf"' Performance of the contract ^w^ss1?r.r#ct ,nr or ?? b,d?ta?? n.a>-jeij,J9 C. DELANO. Secretary L^I^BIKG TAtKLI?B ds, Line#, Keela N?t? r everything. The best M^rtm^t -- to*fe!y4&ftfeS.1,8' 1873 GRASD onHMNQ |g73 or SUMMER STYLES or BLACK ALPACA OOAT8, DBAB D'ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS. FRENCH SIRUB COATS, LIGHT COLORED STBIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAl'S, the Clothier, 1011 PENNSTLTANIA AVENUE, mia tr Between 10th and 11th ?tr<>etB. aoOTB, SHOES, pti AND UAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. ?TRAIiraSER BRO.'s, ?0b Sevs.nth aTBiST, iitwRs I A5D k, 0,? a full line of BOOTS. SHOES ? i i ' SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES' f"<r,?nd children'* wear, which thiv will sell retail at wholesale price.. ' 1Ctl th?} turer."7ric\? C-Iored abo"> ? "taufac co%.'^? ?fcaeriMd 81'PPer.for house Slipper*, from SB cent, to |] Ladie.'Gaiters, from f 1 to f3JO Oeat J Boom, from f to ii. Oent1* Shoe., from Si SB to ft. Pleoee coll and examine, and you will uve IS per BTRASBL'ROBR BRO 'S, >06 Seventh atr?t I MENhave so oaaae toetrikewhen L1"11 H5? LIHI! BEST WOOD BDBBT LIMB at B1 aar harr.1 delivered to all parte of thicitj " Hr b*rr^1 THOMAS FAHBT, 10th rtreet, B**f **? avenue, nortbweet. W* HAVE 4CST fttcuvu ?? 00SBB LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE 8ELLIM9 AT M CBBTS PES 8KIBT LOCRW99B. MCFTJT * TAVLOB, ?*J 'BBBSTLTAM1A atbhdb. 3SS3T? WANTS. WANTED?Immediately?A food MILLINER, at 313 IS street nwthwwt ANTED-ASettleO WOM AH,to do housework, at Btt ?th Ireet northwest. It* WANTBD-Vrrml good DRESSMAKERS, at " Mrs. ELLIS . 90ft Mark* Space, Rjow.No. ?. ' It" ANTED?A th-ronrhlr c *np?te?t child's NURSE Apply 1IM M*?cl"W?ii between Uth and 14th streets northwest. niK it WANT ED-A LAUNDRBSS. for a private faari( family, mwt thoroughly ?Dd?muil her bus! neas. Apply at 1334 Mm?chusetts avenue. ni?4-3t \VANTEr>-A MAN in the butchering business 11 with 9ISO to CM cash. A food chance for a jQ"< BM Iiklrwi BUTCH EE. 8t?r OB'? m*i 1 W ANTED?Immediately?Two first-class TIS >? ROOFERS.at 433 -tthstreet east. F. STROM BEBGER. U* VV ANTED? Kuf first class CARPENTERS, uo "" oth?riB*n| appl> Io<iulreNo. 40* H itrwt; shop In the rear. " WANTED? To rent to gentlemen, nicely Furu U i-hed RuOMS. in a d-sirable lor alio* Diinire ?t 30ft D street northwest. m24 3t' WANTED-F >rty good si?e c?>lored MEN, to 11 work on railroad Apply until Thursday evening to GANTZ A APPLEMAN, 309 14th street northwest. m>>-3t* IVANTED-A settled WOMAN, to cook, wash 11 and iron for a small family. Sucha one, bringing g->od recommendation. te No. il.'<3 North Capitol strest, will And a good place^ mX tt \VANTED?At Mr* Watson's, 1316 12th street, U bi'twom M mM N north, two thoroughly com petent DRESSM AK ERS None bat food trimmers and finisher* need apply. m*' -t* V\'ANTED?To purchase, a second-hand TOP II I'll.ETON. Pleasestate lowest cash price and ?bfr? t)br seen. Address "PA.^TON,"' Star Office. m2S3t* WANTED?A good sized, steady BORSE.suita vv l>!e for a lady 'a use, if offered at a fair price, can l>e aold by iti-iuiring iinm-diately at the office of the Washington Market C -mpatiy. It* W ANTEl?? A Ko.id White SERVANT, to c ?>k, 11 wash and iron for two in family. Apply at No. 40.? Pei.ii*) 1\ania avenne, between 4*+ and 6th strata, under National Hotel in J?welry S'ore. m26-3t WANTED?At once?A reliable and competent <;etman or American WOM AN. to cook, wash and iruti for a family of two persous; good wages to a first-class servant. Apply, for two days, between the lion ra of two and three .at the Star Office. mX-31 WANTED?From Juue 1st, l>y a permanent and prompt pavins tenant, three or four Unftirn ished ROOMS, for housekeeping, situated between 9th and 30th streets .northwest and PennsyIvanla avenue ami K street. Address, stating terns and |..callou. R H B., Star Office. It* \i'ANTED?To Exchange?A PIANO f -r a go.d 11 family HORSE. Appl> at ?3-i Pennsylvania avenue, tip>talr>. m24-.'tt \V AN TED-TO HIRE, a white cook, washer and 11 ironer for a small family. Apply to P. A DARNEILLE. Congress street, above Stoddard, Georgetown, D. O. m2t 6t \V ANTED?Twenty relial-le AGENTS whncau vl come well recommended to sell an entirely new and wonderful invention No capital required. Call at 492 Pennsylvania avenue, from li) a. m. to 3 p ni. nri4 3i * EE'AN 1 ED? By Get.tleniau and Wife, neatly 11 fnrni?hed BED ROOM, DINING ROOM, ami KITCHEN. f->r housekeeping. State terms, or well furnished FRONT BOOM, with Board, in stiictly private family, for #30 per m?uth; Refer ences t-xcliatig- ?d. Address M E U , Star I Offi- e. m24-2t* WANTED?A Hiy white GIRL, alstut 15 or 1< lv years old; to mind a l?aby aud be otherwise useful. Apply at 903 H street northwest, ml) St* EVAN TED?A BOY, to tend a Horse, and make 11 tiimsr't gwii.-rally useful. Apply to HI GH EWING. No- "J"J3 A street soutlf-ast, near <'spit -d grounds. tnl3-3t* 117 ANTED?By a young Colored Man of g? id 11 habits, a SITUATION as Coachman or Wait er for a private famil) ; good reference*. Address ??CoachmanStar nffi.-.-. m23 3t * Wanted-To buy, a go.*i young horsi:. 11 also, a CARRIAGE or BUGGY Apply to GEORGE W HAUPTMAN. Justice..! the Peace. < (lice southwest corner of 11th ami G streets nsrth wtst ih23 3t WANTED?F-.ur go--I CARPENTERS imtii".li 11 ately. Appl> at 14ft,corner loth and B sts. c->utbeast. or LEW 18 SE WELL, Georgetown, West st., near the bridge. n.aat- WILLIAMS A SEWELL \VANTED?A PURCHASER for a n-? T p > 11 graphical Atlas of Maryland, District of Co lumbia, and United States- just published. Sub scription price ?12; will be cold for $4, perfectly new. Apply U'JU street northwest, mJB-3t* EE7ANTED?All those who value their sight to It know tbat the best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE'' in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H H. IlEMPLER.the Optician, corner 4', street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. my 19 1>" WANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom 11 nietideti; cau call at 933 New York avenne, to do the cookiug, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from S ?. m. to 3 p. m.. or 4 to 8 o'clock p. ni mlft-tf VV'ANTED?PLUMBERS to know that we are 11 prepared to furnish tb?m with all kinds of BRASS WORE, at 1006 C street northwest. WM. II DOUOLAC & CO. N B.-Brass Casting done dailr ml-lm* VVT'ANTED?LADIES to take notice that Madame 11 D E MAISON, of Now fork, has opened her Millinery Parlurs at No. 413 13th street north rest . a? lm WANTED?Immediately?Familiea or personals need of first-class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call aud get supplied at once. Servant* also can get good homes and best of t ages by applvingat the Eureka Employment Office, toltn. LOUISE C. BUTLEB, ftOT 11th atreet, near E. al6 2m vu ANTED? Every one to know that the VICTOR ll SEWING MACHINE baa its umdU ttUnt (t??: the most perfect shuttle in use, resting in a cradle, needle bar and works of steel. Agency. 469 Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of Kme. Decn "aft-'iT" """""t W. gpiosm. ??~t. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?On Saturday last, a GOLD SLEEVE BUTTON, with the initials "J. M." eogra<e.| <>n it. A reward of for its return to store No. 439 fth street northwest. It" ^TBAYED?On Sunday, the 2Hh inst , a small Obla- k and tan TERRIER DOG.answers, to the name of "Coly." Any|one return tng him t<> No. 42"? Massachusetts aveuu* northwest, will receive a liberal rea ard. m?i-?t* 'I'AKEN UP?Saturday, May 24th, on T and 1 Boundary , aOREY HORSE. The owner ry can have him by proving property and pay.jU^W ing expenses. HENRI BUCH, 1919 7th*^ ' street. mS> 3t* OST-On the 21st of May, a POCKET-BOOK,on 17th street, between G and F The finder will bt rewarded ft 10 by leaving it M the Second Audi tor 'a - .(Bee, room 112 ni23?>t* 0ST?A white and liver colored Pointer DOG; about 9 months old A liberal re ward will be giten if returned to J. R.-_ 0ASS1N, Apothecary, corner 7tli and M streets. m*)-4t" PERSONAL. ^0 AND CONSULT MADAM DE GBAFF, the wonderful Seer and Clairvoyant; she is the seventh daughter of the seventh daughter; she can be consulted at 336 Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4tt streets, for a short time only; she give* advice on all business matters; tells how to recover lost or stolen property;tell* of lovers, and even tells the name of the person you are to marry. Fees 01 All letters answered promptly by inclosing #1 and stamp Hours from 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. ml4 lit" BOARDING. COUNTRY BOARD?With fine sba-le and exten sive grounds?st Bladenaburg Station, B and 0 B. R Apply at the store for4'OakLawu," or at 14U I street northwest, Washington. m>> 3t" tJlX OR EIGHT SINGLE GENTLEMEN can k? be accommodated with good BOARD and ROOMS at Arlington, Va. F ive coaches both way each day. Apply to W. 8 JENKS, No. 71? 7th stre-n, be tween G and J3_ n Ji 4i* FEW FAMILIES can be accommodated with Boom* aud Board for the summer in a delight ful and healthy location,34miles from Washington, by rail. En-jutr* of JUAN BOYLE A CO. ml9-eol0t Furnished rooms for permanent or TRANSIENT BOABDEBS; also, TABLE BOARD, 911 E street, between 8th and 9th north west. mll-lm MEDICAL, Ac. i\1 RS. H. J. FRENCH, M* CU*rmf4 JWt*Ut ill OatrveymJ, Mtdtra! mmd Tut Mtdium, can be TU Uth attest northwest. art lm* ill UstfM|MB(, Htdirml sees a short tims only at 1 Hour* trcm 10 a. m. to 7 p "s'a TKmMfflSKwacuM OF THK WORLD. By it all diseasee are cored. So medicines used, and no laying on of bands. Taught by Mrs. 1. R. EL IOT, 473 C street aorthwsat. ap7 tr IT EM ALB DISEASES of all kinds trMUd. De r scribe case ana enclose ftft; ad rice and medl rwtll be sent. Addnas Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, ?4a North 1Kb sUwat, Pbttadelphia. )?nS7-ly* oaa beoowmltad oa_^l_ Must aid small bb sold.-?r SACRIFICES AT CARO'S LOAN OFFICE AND BAZAAR, Mo. *14 Pennsyl la avenue, betwean Mb and \ ~ ?bnU ofthe remainiiy^itockj Uth ?2n" prior ??SUSnrJK' ZSZ; by buying ham. Goods aatd on instalmaaU. _ ? Jo. 914 Pennsylvania avanne, between pth I and mo, it will pay yon. FOR RENT AKD SALE. f^?B ****-FU?NI8H*D EOOM8?Two ad joining frot ???!, at 9IS O ?trse? north wm*~ mM ft* LV OK RENt-kOOMi> . dwuMk fur b 'uirterp.aii * uear Howard riiT*r<iiT ??-*' MRS M. BE ALL OH MNT?Fiwr lOOli, m1?bl? for hi>M* *t 11 tC )ih Mrni Dorthvwt, ??(> 4<h>r Iron 1 M street intttt* frt>E RjtNT-Fl RNIsHED BOOMS. .ingle r ? ***?*?? Of * floor, with table b-*rd, at loo J 10th stieet aorthw?st. n,j6 j?? E^OR EENT-Tw. FURNISHED ROOMS, con. * ?|mlr?tiiV|.??Ct'ii<1 floor, suitable f..r tw.< or three gentlemen. Enquire at No. 1444 8th nnwi northwest. m*** l^OR KENT?Two large FlRNlSdfcb EUU*^. 1 commuaicatiag, front and back. with or with out board, in a private family No.*?lI ink ?n>4. between n and I. mj* 3, ? KUo*..^fi,T_;l!?,, 85 *** ??? streat, bet* ?a r 1 New York avenue. and fnruiture Posaeesion given on Jim* 24 Asety to JOHN ALEXANDER. 1431 Pennsylvania a*e e'*-3t L/OR KENT?On ?rcmid floor, two or three TS I\ FURNISHED ROOMS, with itaa of kiih4, watei in the yard. Terms moderate No 134* Sampson street. M? ??n 15th aad ICth and P and 0 streets northwest 0,1, <&? ^SlV** 'n ?*?**& of plfMHut FL EX IbHED ROoM>,wbo can appreciate the at oitacNof liriii with a nmet private family of culture, without children, will do well to apply at No. l 131 iith street.near M. ml; at ? I^OR RENT-Fl'RNISflED HOI'SE 1340 G ?_ northwest, opposite Cbnr.h of Epiphany. P'r?>?ii wMhu t to the h<<nsecati call between the hour* of ]<i and 2 o'clock. Possession given about J tine Int. mM-dt F<'OUN 1 1 1 a? fine market ftrni, if deefred,.,** nihea .?n 7th ?tr?**t road. n*-ar railroad station. Splendid flit* fur a iiulmrbiii village. A?i drr?t4rarTii?r?"at tbi* office. mll St* F*0R SALE?A LAKGE LOT coutaini hu over 10 tMl square feet, within two ?.|iiare? of Golaai Ida railroad. Will he sold very low if earlv appli cation is made. MAl'RY * BRO.. R ;?l K?tat-and Insurance Brokers. 1447 F street. rn3S lw p"'' 5F5Z~Two baaatifnl large communicating * . I A8LUB8 on ton first floor t<> bf r?*nt? ?i *in / <> or in suit, furnished or unfurnished, with board if "leeired. Al?>,nn(l- ROOMS, d-lightfully l,.cate.i Term* very moderate for the summer. No. 917 lMh street betw een I and K. m2S-3t* fi^OE RENT?Thrm-at..r) and basement UKU'R D\* LLLING HOUSE. No. 1 I t j loth street, tietween L BU<I M Street* liorth?e?t. Water, gas, Latroba stove. Enquire ,.f TIIOS FRAN( 18, at N^ah Walker A Oo.'n. hi 1 p-nn?> I vania avenue. ?i36 t5t ,or 1?hr* vnFdknished * flvilfable for hi? ar -151^ 10th "tr^t, between Penn?> Ivauiift a%eim<? and K **'PJ,ro''m "n second floor. Also, two Fl RNISllED ROOMS, suitable for gentlem-n on reasoflalilf terai*. m% 3t* POR SALE?A SQUARE OK OROl Nu in the E north, rn section of the city, with the sidewalks, cut bin*, and guttering all laid and paid for II -r?e car* paas 't. Will ?ell chean and on long tini? v H.CA?,L A AUDI SON. R. al Estate Aft*Dtn, No. 1401 New York avenue,.corner ?f lith ?? feet n-Tthwi-st. | Rep.AChron ) m?; tf F^t'R RENT?Four uufurni-hed RO(?MS ..iTiTi fl'str, with uae of aiimmer kitchen. 1730 F mil St* L'OR 8ALE?Tiire>- very desirable LOTS .pp U k'r'^a'i.Vi" artl.T,'u",,",h B THOS. E y^AOOAMAN, 41*1 7th street. m2t 3t h^(i5,SS.NT_I0,,r ""fiirnir>h*-d ROOMS, als?, a * dTORB. on E Mreot, t??*tw?*en 11th and litfi *t* northwest. Apply Mo. dOO, corner lltli ant B streets perlhwtr-t. n>2?-3t* KENT?DW ELLINGHOl'SE (brick) N". b03 1 Hraet northa-at. P ?ssession given l?t .?niie next. Apply to MAl'RY A BRO.. No I4?7 T Htreet northwtsit. m2< 3t F'??R KENT-Thre.- unfurnishcl ROOMS aT.d Summer Kitchen, for housekeeping; water in tliu >aid; n< ar the street car*. Appl> N". 4313 L str*et northwest tu24 Si* ' gantlj fiirnish.-.l I'AKLORS^iil ? EUKOOMS, single or en suite; ro-mis large and airr; half ?.(uare from both lines of cars *33 K"rtli ' apit' I street, between B ami 0. m24 St' P>R RENT?Three communicating ROOMS on the 2d floor, furnished suitable for h >u>ekeep mg. A.?o, one Room on 1st floor, suitable for p?r lor, office, or gentleman's room. Po.wemion given ?lutie 1. Apply 743 9th street northwest. m2?-St* L'OR RENT?For housekeeping, Ave ROOMS, in 1 eluding bath room, water and gaa; second Il x>r of lionae No 67 H stre?t,near Government Print ing Office, 8!*.'per month. Apply at No. 49, same ""'Cfc. m24-3t * It'O^E 8A LE C11E A I'?To be removed, a KK\MK 1 HOI SK on the alley betweeii 8. T. 13th and l*th streets, mar Btate D.-partmet,\ 2txSi f. et. suitable 1 cr*'.Hhed" ??" ?h-?tUiu^. J. G.ADAMS, 11Q4 sth street northwest. mil St* IVOR RENT?Near the Capitol, a large ifo^JSlT. E partially furnished or unfurnished, with gard-n. frnit, Ac.; very low to a reliaMe t-uaat, g;? ?od water. No. 447 Delaware avenue, between n rtli e? ?n?1 C str^6td. oi}4-* FSi^Pfw? KI'RNl>Hl?D * HOI SE, No. 6 Columbia stre<>t, bet wa-n O and P, has seven rooms, batli room, bay window in par lor, gas. water, and large yard with flowers; is iU ????&? "H.'1 ??*?">' tiirnisbe.l. Apply to E. B. BARM M, (Davlin A Co.'s,! 1113 Pennsylvania irenue. niStSt POR KENT-WILDSPR1NG COTTAGE, at Mt~. E Pleasant, near 14th street cars; omnibus to de partments and market; seven room-, im loding hall al*o cellar, cistern, pump in kitchen; spring ne?r: garden and lawn lone thirdjcre); ^25 a m .nth, by L'.*?VIJ^,,"Lr,' ?r BREED, Ml. Plea-ant, or F street northwest. m2t 6t* IPOK SALE?One of those beautiful two-story press brick front and maus^rd r.?of OOOSES situated on 14th street, between 8 and T street* northwest, known aa"Willard s Block;" water,gas. bath, Latrobe stove, Ac. '???? JAMES E. W A10H, Real Estate Broker. M Corner 15th and F street-. F^rhiIJVn7;^J5MUffl ' ?'r* ?orr PRESSED * BK1LK H(JI SE, containing ten rooms, besides store and cellars, bath audpantr> rooms, with gas. hot aun cold water, and all modern improTem^nti. and within two *1 nares of 7th street cars and mar HOLLIDGE BROS., Mh and O. or laoi 6th street. m>24 lin J^OR RENT?A FARM of about forty-five acres, E on Auacoatia heights about one mile and a half Irom the Navy Kard cara, with a grow ing croa of K. grain, vegetables, fruits, Ac. Will rent the '?with the privilege of the garden and fruits tor tour months from the 1st of June, or will lease IK riUre^.for ? ,on??r ,ime- to c. p. SMITH, 7 03 lath street, office Mixed Coramis !l2!L m2? 2t |4 ?.B BSKT-A nicely furuished FRONT BOOM. "? ^46 4th street. Call between 4 and 6 a mast' L^OR BENT?STABLE, three stall- Apply cor * tier of SlaMuchu^ettd avenue and 3d ntrm-t northwest. m2S3t* F^OR RENT? FHRN 18HED ROOMS f r house keeping, 1014 dth street, between K and L Streets mtt tr? F^pOR~SElfT^-Pleasant ROOMS ^i?r snmmer, fura . or unfurnisbed, Parlors and Bed Rooms, 1381 New York avenue. inC ti* l^OR REHT-FCRNlSHfcD. AS.'.. I NFI KN T. ISHED. #76, AW. 848. ?25? ?15; STORES n Al-OAMAMi *111 7tlisereet. m2j jj F'?A handstjmelj furuished Sl ITE OF , PAMLUK8 on ?ecoLd floor, T?rv cht-ap. at 7ki0 13th street, Lei ween G and U? Alno, other rooma ui?-Stw F?,? R|*N7rPAKT, ?.r A H0US1 in a deaira A b!e location, including parlor, dining ro<.m, two thamliera. bathroom and water clos<-t Ac partlx furnished; will 1^. rented to a gentleman auii T. .t tor the summer months at a low rent. En mire at me star Uulce. inS-Jt* I pWliNT^ n 'bout leaving their re-idenee >n rll ^'AMBEM'*fnr?TLiru0,'t1 vrl" rn>* tn.jderu conveniences.' Table"board can bl*obtain^d ju the Immediate neighborhood. Geiitlemen deair ID* ?Ufh ? Chance wiTl call at No. 641 LouisU^, avenue, between 9 a. m and 3 p.m. tna<t* "*7 desirable Unfurnished PARLORS; on first floor; 343 Misaouri avenue opposite tne Botanical Garden. In22%?? ' fi*0K SALE OR RENT-HOUSE, 714 21st street; price A6 000; rent 8M per month; poase? sion given June 1st; has modern conveniences and furnace; key may be had at No. T17. For further particulars appl) to GEO. 8. PARKER. 613 14th *rr, H- m22 2w F?i v-,?A^L1C~A *??? story pressed brick OWELk I? ?? 2, ceI!ar* ?*? "ld water-closets, f^ri. if'*"<1iCKI"!!L,0^; "'t?*te in a desirable neigh 7?? *-<ih-'*ltt'y localtty, near Corcoran market 'th street cars. Price, 85-400. Terms- Aaot cash; balance in 6years with8 per cent. InttreH. .?*^T-A J-storv pressed brick DWELL ING, 12 rooms,cellar ana ail modern improvements, contiguous to the above; 890 per month? poss-ssion 14 ^ stnpStn. r^fTm'S till 4 o clock, or 1J40 6tb street northwest, after ^3U p. m mZl eoft FOKRENT-Pleaaant FURNISHED ROOMS.on second and third floors; alao. Table Board can Ptjjf**61* 1 l>?ween ?th and7th streeu n>ithwent. mJO-eofc* IPO* BALE OR RENT-Nlne-ro..m BRICK. Ilew two-story FRAMES and BRICKS LOT on H 5rMo'rnDeV LOT8 aU over the chj G l MILBURN, >13TUstreet. idO** p^RENf^F^^rsr53ufuis^^ii*i *? 8 street northwest, two-story, pressed brick tTJi '#* r00?* 1 eellar,bath room, tront porch, and yard of roaea.; few doors from Btate De partmeat Apply to present ocrupant. ^wTinT F0L?AyF-Tl!0 FEAMES. very Mat and . P"'1' ? ?tT^*ted on Lawrence street, between 13th aad 19th and K and 8 streets, one square from street LET" A lSmt" |Dn^rri??dw Apply to WIL LtK1yWZZZZ "ZSF** FH? ijyT-ro,y,i?.Hip HOU81-HOU8E 10 F0B ?ALB?A FARM or M ACRES la Mont Fcomarp county, Maryland, ?mllas from Wash sao&? & SSI\Si?2?&S2??*S?iiZliSi& ^v?st^Si'Lys,n',S'SssR.'rjr class tenant on racaooabU terms for a Fer _ further parttealan apply at * FOB RENT AND SALE. LMR RKNT-DWELLIRG BOUSE. witk pv-es r l<rick front ud marble trimming*. H<> l*OT Rk.<de Island itMut. Uth and Mlh struts, the rwidoDM of tbe Pint A?i<tn( Postmaster 9 ?? 1 fi r the peat Ikm ami half r?tn. Jtmnirr 14 a* 14th Xrfft Tb* kko<? b-'U*e kw recently b?eu satut'd atside aad (reiMd walsat inside, aod p?t ? Hrfm iiiir ut)? frOR SALt-AT A RARGAIB T _ FRAME BOISE 19 Ro No. 934 Uth stre.t north***, g-tr Aipicultnral Lot MxMe feet; side and ba. k all?r Price. ?34tw?one fourth cask; balance 4, IS an.! UlK'tithi. MATTINGLT A WHEELER. DiW lw )?! tih ?trM, nrir R utrwt. l?OB lALB-Vm MriiM* Rl'ILDlRG bOTjfer r Mir.i>BVWt ?Wn>f IV h ??r - -el. nr^tr Si .?t Square. Jft by lt?i feet Applx 1*4* I itrwi, bf tween LMk and 16th street* northwest. ml9 1<s* I/oR REST?At ?l?~IMh street, <Sr<*t>tawT> r Fl RNISHKP ROOM?, slnglx ,r <*n ?nit?. at ? iin.nn r prn e* For people remaining in town dnrinc tb?- summer tin* is ? splendid I ttli?<i. twin* copxenient to hotels and car*. Well sh?-l ->1 and air*. mil Im L*OR SALE OR EXt'HANGE?An ?uim?ru??l. I unencumbered FARM, of about Ml acre*.situ ated 011 tb* lluawv Gar Railroad,convenient to three ratlwax station*. Pi ice. ??%>.?? r acre Apply to JUAN BOYLE A CO., R-al E?rat- and H ?r No. bOA Uth Mrrfti ?it<- C. 8 Trtaanry. mlt tw F*OR RENT? Half ~in*re from Uth *tr->et car*, a four-room new BRICK HOI SR. ?IS per ni'-nth. possession gtim the 1st if June Inquire t>W4 Louisiana ax enut. between 9 and 3. m>l? ku LOR BALK?LOT. < heap' on Mth utrwt. M*?m r P-rina> Ixania airnnf and G street. 2S\lUt' ;eet One alse on 21st street, between G and H . FOR SALR?Two m-a 6 r -on. BRIt K HOlSES on O street, brtv^n 15th and 16th ^nliwett; bath, gas and water, on the ri.lge, nicely located. FOR SALE?HOl'SE Corner of *?li and I st? tM ithwrat; lot 41.4 II feet xn >*h.b) Ht? 10 12 t*?t 011 1 et ; suitable for Ave nice houses, much of the material is now on the ironud. FOR SALE?Three-story au<l baseaent rr1*"^ brick HOl'SE. ten rooms, a I mod??m impr ><e nieiits,on 11 street, between 4th and 4th northwest FARM FOR SALE OR RKNT-IS miles fr m Beltsville, a short distance from Muirkirk station, on B A O R R House an I S or 6 a- res may be rented separately, im India* orchard. ? M H. MIN N IX, bO:? 13th ?t ree4, ml4-?a* Opposite the Trea??rjr. |/OB~RENT-HOtSE So *J?^luth street, t>T r tween 11 street and P-nn?) Ixania aveuue north west,containing sex en r? m*. hath ro..m and cellar. Ga? ai>d water Apply to JAMES W BAKKKk. 1106 11 stree4 northwest. mil I* Lh?K SALE OR RENT?Very d?iraMe ta ?-t ry ? FRAME HOl>E. on lars*- l<4 of (round in l iiiowtowa, coutaiuinft riicht nxans.aith ?*or riH.ni, m f. .?l place for bu-iness Appl) to R T. MARTIN. Ci.i..i.towii,I> C. n.? l>f "OR RENT?Valuable BUSIMESS STAND. thW Vi,r>, r<H>ni *'x4ti feet, northeast r..rner Louisi ana ax enne and 7th street, also, OFFI < 'ES on sec ond floor. Apply on premises, or at 4A3 C street ?rthweat^ before 11 a. m. m31ra .'OK RENT?May 1st, with board, two contacting front ROOMS, ?ith hot and c<dd water. B >aM and Rot>n>s for two. ?64. Modern couvenieBcea in bouse, IVtfT 9th atreet. aJB |^OR RENT?FCRNISHEP ROOMS: a bark I Parlor furnished as a B-dr.>oni. and two pleas ant r<H?tns. back and front, on second atory. in an eligibly-located Dwelling on I street, near 9th, will be rented on reas. nal.le terms to r-ntW-inen only. Adtlr.-ss "A. J.," National K- publican "See. Il?tf ( Rep. | ? ? FOR SALE. t'OK SALE -The fa-t sailing PLEASCKE kACHT-' EAST WIND " For particu -j* lars mi pl\ at P 'totnai Ferry Whsrf. sb?-re/^ she can be a?-en . m>i 2t * 'H SALE?A st> lish. bl --led MARK. fa-t. six 1 \ears eld. ? .111 utt'il souud. a tine bugg) *pv _ or sa<i<lle hor-ve Apply at Drugstore core-r ViT^k of 17th street and Pa. avenue. ma- ** ' > j^OR SALE-WROUGHT IROM FENCE. W fae?, r with gate and II atone po?ts. A la.?.s f 1 ^ 1 ?, 1 s Bath-tub, Vard Cloi^t. W indow aasl.r ? f ? ? ? f ami Shutter*, Doors ami Stair Step* Appl> at 1MU I street northwest. mil tt' t'OR SVLE-A handsome GRAY MARE7~?i? years old: kind, tent I e ami at) llsli. and ?v__ nearly new CARRIAGE and HARNESS 1 ,|* Sold |..| ? ant of u-e. A ppl ? No. 1144 B strts-t ."ZX l-etween 2<1 and 3d streets northwest m24-3t* LOR SALE-A drove of Ohio HORSES, one r pair of iron graj MARKS, gotta trot cv t<-rs. Work and Driting ll ?rsea,Ac. Apply juTRl on 6th street, between I and R southwest 1 bB 3t* HI GH HDIOLET SIX NKW TOP SPRING WAGONS. 1 ONE SEAT TROTTING Bl'GGY, m-? . a For sale at 47 Piosp> ct str-^ t,G?~Tge town JAS K PRollEY. mSh' LOR SALE CHEAP?A l'J HORSE POWER I UPRIGHT BOILER and ENGINE in good older. ROBERT PORTNER. ma> 6t* Alexandria Brewery J t^ODA W ATER APPAKATL'S FOR SALE A great variety of White and Tennessm Marble bODA W ATER APPARATl'S. at manufa*turers' pii es and tem.s, socond-haad one* taken in e( ihange. Silver plated Apparatus and Steel Foun taius to loan, fr<-? of charge, by B' 14 ltn* PALMICR a t? REEM. Georgetown. LOR SALE-SMALL FARM-A place f.?ur mi lea * northeast front this city, containing ?2 acres, about one-fourth in heavy timber. The unprove tm nta consist of a double Frame Honae, in good order, Willi all the necessary outbuildings, tnclitdiug au ice house, full of ice. pieuty of good pare watei and *?xeral hundred frtiit trees of the beat varieties. W ill be ?old on eaay terms, and city property taken iu part exchange. Price and terms made known ou application to Kit HARI> B. MOHCN A CO , n.12 W. 10ia Pennsylvania avenue P'OR SALE-AO WOO first class ROSES, Climb tug Plants, Ornamental Shrubs, and Treea,^^ Parlor Plants, Aa. A.JORDAN, Connecticut fll avenue. aM-lm* ^ ^T PRIVATE SALE. Ti e beaatifi l Country Reaidence railed "DUN BARTOK HALL," situated on tbe road froai ^^k Pierce's M U to Tennallytewn, about X* rl miles from Washington, D. C. '9ft Tbe place contains about twenty-three acres of land. IB proved by a mansion bouse containing eigh teen rooms, and two small oottages, one containing six, the other three rooms, ire honae, barn, Ac. Then are seven acres of grapes in bearing, pears, peachts and other fruits. The view from tbe house is one of the finest In the Dieiiict. Any one desiring a line country resideu<.e would do well to call and examine this property. If tbe place is not sold by tbe 1st of J une the Man sion H< use will be for rent durtng tbe sesson. For terns apply to PIERCE SHOEMAKER. a>> Im near Pierce's Mill. |^RICK OLAE EOR SALR Apply In DODGE A DARNEILLR, jg tf I4RT P street. PROFESSIONAL. DR NKW TON HAS RKMOVED to 413 L STK11 T. near corner of 4th St. north west. ui>4 61' J AMES O.CLEPHANE. E. E. RRAILET CLEPHAKB % BRAILCV, SHORTHAND W RITERS* LAW REPORTERS Office?No. 119 C street, between 1st and M, facing Indiana avenue. nkll-ly ROBH W. BANNA, J ATTORNET AT LAW. ?o. 8 Tc nng's Law Bnitdingt det-tf Washington. D. 0. PIANOS, Ac. A LARGE LOT OF NEARLY NEW AND ?* SECOND-HAND PIANOS, 1^ for sale or rent on East Terms, to make! from different facloliet, now on hand and for sale room at REH'HENBACH'S PIANO WARER00MS, 4W3 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'s and Wn. Mc Camiuou's PIANOS. Second-hand PIANOS takeu in part payment for pew Pianos. mp tr I^CBTAV KL'HN, PRACTICAL PIANO U MAKER, formerly foreman for ?. C.a Lighte A Co., tuner for Steinway A Rons J and late tuner for Vetserott A Co. Tunerl and repairer of PLAN OA awl ORGANS. Mo. Km York avenue. Orders left at Karri Jewelry re, 441 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn% Drug Store, corner Pennsylvania arenas and 9th street, Rosenthal's, ?#I 7th street, corner of H, will meet with prompt attention, and sat is fact ton guaran teed. nlt-ky ^FIM, 1.* 11IU BUSI, near norcawc corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Musical Instruments generally. r^.nvi7ai^r^P0UAia* gCHOMACNER A OO^ ?BEAT REDDCTION H PRIOBR. iHtMtksmoR popnlar Rsra, aa w?U as nU|||BB| JOB4 BUSINESS CHANCE LM>I BALI?TIB STOCK. GOOD WILL ttV r M XTt R1 > of . r.u - en 1 N >ti?a ?MM ? (??4 lucttWt far hdMi will l? eol 1 cheap Isaaite at B1 l?*C?lrw( I'ithrtil.Maiwu ?? 4th, Oapfcoi M.ll Call after ? o'.ljrk m n mp> f %|f>NET TO LOAK OR BEAL BATATA r. 4*1 *<ib ? atd >0 Hw I ' Mitt. JAMBS ? Vtl CH KHjMt<l'B'?k?r. _tp>* C? ? l*?i and P ?*?. r - a. I aprw L'OB tliW-n. ?f STSSt Bt> >M 1 aide * o-iie?* -taint . rner ? I. ?.i.1 L B rth ? ? eat. now leady .1 t. tPAMS. _ml4 M lll'i !t!h at reel maeat. L'"B *M tiul liiarMtf r a HrK-clft CURrtCTlOSBBT and 1<S CKIVl # VLwK iIoim a c<k>4 i>??n?k; ? cxad i-?ee?ment %>r a B-r?o?i .4 limi'ad . ap-tal la*aiee aftrr > f ? w IB* .Oii'ftn.>?i aM4t* r|H) LOAl-|l#,#W "ii pr<>|i*-if ta 1 v?]?<?. I per rent l?egt?latum I? -mil. BtSS-tt THI" * W?OOtM?K \|ONEY TO LOAN ONREkL BBTATB 'I HtlKT I RKU Br?: I?tr* >li4 Iuaiir*lwe |r<>t?r?, BiS-tf 1441 ?' ?r~M rBbfe SALl-WtVk I 1' EN9E. ? , i a ??< ? o-r> and P e?!??< B W>4? doing ? m ? "1 beetaaaa; il||tod |i?aiN<ll P ?< Mr*ii~?Ur> m.ioir* ? * ?>. C k. at !??-?? I BABBol'BA HAMILTON* $57000 VAVZ TO LOAM OS REAL ESTATE Tl ? Bnart ?i!l lw yri?iMt> ad<au< -ai.-f-.t r AISTBOPA IU'l'LKY. uiJ.1 lit 71 h ?*!*-?-t and Loaiaiana a<-ou* MMOSKT~ToM*T Mil LI ' N H \?H I LOAM H < u rnl wlitr, in -um ? !? -ii t GEO TKVEM?BI.L A CO . tml7 Ini* Real E-t?t?- Btok.-ra. e|A 7th at. hVt'k ? \ I ?. The ?<?oD V* II 1. MXTt'BB* I ? Ukix KKY STORE doing * Ml Mm A'ldtee* U. A. P., Stat (Art Term* nv4* t* e. kiM-Ib* HHtAL ESTATE 1.oaK*-MoNET Ut Ui Is H aum* and for length .?! tun nlSlcn BH WARMER **?? 7th ?r?*. ' K IAlJ-V?? flrnt <lw. BR HOl'AMB. r t< -iuare* froai Capt! >1 Park, ami tlx* ???f ilMHirr to tkr Bra Aaatrtu MarkM.RB and ?'lo?* t " the Peuna) It an:a i' cum atroet CJ^L ? art, Ml iMMi: the*.- hniiw* at* aell built, t?a rootn* each. (w, hot and cold valor, and ????. T?-nii? i??j . Iuiuire en lb* praMtiMS, 31? ?' 4Mi aintlirwt. ?Xf lia* |< OB SALE-Tbe ftTOl'B. U<>ol?? |LL and r > I \ Tt KKS <>ftb?- Mi lit nary bb4 Patn) lltora, K ?U7 M?i W?-t >bbc?*. b^i 7th bmI BIB ?t? >i<>rtB wt*. |>ca trj B LEN7.BKKG A OO %' AH ABLE r A MM r<?M ITALIC "k EE ? ? II tM.t r?iK PB'ifBKTV IS TIU:? I'ITT ? A <? /. h AT HAMiAl* ?MT MM > ?r> euyerw UihI, r*p* rially (nr t-bar< ?, laiw b*? T -t>aco* Barn. li?.lliii?, T-uaot H >uv and imtbiiiMliK ?inrvard ??( M* < ' 1 grata * tnaa, ta hearing mmd trfllSw-d. I? Brra* valnabtc tunl?r. balau. ? araMa and ?> ll lrDead, n<-ar tninc k - Mali-?!?,<??? B. B M r Ii B in ttp-'tf.'I? ai.ia ? -i.iit> . Va Pn. ??, oalv ?tjuaa M a PHli L1P!?, apl7 Sn I Ot W'Mt Mrwt, V<H>r|i4i?rii D O. R^B ABE < 11 AM E K' pur. I,a- ' 1 ' HK aod I I?WKI.LIX(J rh?Mi n?ar ?? Market, U ?UaH, Bo. 17 1 at. Prif. B*<ML tanaaaaay. HAMILTON A PEA Kmi|. m?' tf V M C A Balldiac. Mb and H ata j| O L' a E BO E ? ALE. Tba I area FOI'E 8TOEV HOI'SB. with tbraa atary rxtrnan-n, ? IA B atrxal. naarlT nrw, t?-ntt ?aaBK[MWhlpaB and arator. wilB lar*? > ard Bad ?table ib rear. Tbe ?hul? ?r p- n> baa beeu mwutlr But iu cumrM? reaatr. aBd U Terjr c?o? -tu?nt fi* a laric. K<-nteel fannn . or f->r a tx>%rdtuf h. u?- Will (?ea?ldl<>? Inquire at Preedmaii'i Bauk. 'pi^-aita Treaaary. PwiMtlraiu aaaBaa. la II wB DRY GOODS. ^HOTkk* HKuTliKK l.ava baulitul Bla. k ami M Into Blript-d SI LK !? al |miuly -Eve ^nta B > ard tnti M I V IMS > BLACK >1 LK ASU *V?m?lT. KSNIT 4 1M.\|>. at all pile* at V M Ml I >TK B A BE'aiM* J L'fcT K?J E1Y ED? Tbe C'e|<-braf>-4 "BI BFALO''ASD"OTTEIl BLACK ALPkCAS an ! the "BEAVER PI BL MtUlklRs, A ('?HPLEVC BT??t I, at LK8STUAB REGI LAR PHU'Kit B?M. AS A- WVLIE, IOI* and llt'iD 7tli ?trM a<>rth?ra>d Auenry lot Mine Poiuraat 'a rattetna int? la ("^?BBAT BABttAIKf M i% l)RLi? (<OOI>V -?? PIE< K* op ELE?;aST BrBIMU ASD M MMEB 1>KK>> t?l?ul'v. -aci m? af (a? Inrtt amrtton HU>> al <lrn )vi tri H </a<id*\ la / J'Mnnfay ?y Vr?M?p? tb-abT. (.Mida .B MONDAY, May >>lb. and will I" pi ? pat d tw vA-rtbeia al a discount <il urmrly 5n cmi ttoiu tnrmar pitcae I/" One price otil >, marked in pluii ftgurea. JOBEPM J. MAT, Bi24 M 93V Peutta) laauia Btenua. ^ATIS* BTBII'LI* LI PIN* BLAOB GRAN A DIN EX at ? M sHI tTKB* BkO'? mi2t M LIMES ?l lfis?;s. 111 ?r- at ??riet>. at .sHCit TEB < BBO t> lul.-M w ? 111TB OOOlib AT HALB PRICE 1.400 TARD> WHITE PIgOB. ar Maraaillaa at 25 and A> Matt; ( >nu-r price JT-, and hrwta. ? ?reat Bargain* DBBtta GOODS CAHSIMBBBS and I'ABANOLb B) Orealty Redu ed Pricaa JOHKMOM A COLLEV, ?at M* Til Markat Kpa-a I^XTBA B1SE LACE BCAglEti. Juatreceired fntB lMp>rteri ancti ja Be imui -naa 4wk of KBAL LLAMA LACE BACQl E?. in all atflaa, abicb mill ta Bold extraordinarily cheap. Tbie la wit boat 1 .n'.t the llnest lot of LAOS KAOQl B8 et?* broucbl to tbe t itr Call and aaa them at COMNOLLTB. M* nth ?tr<m, uiki M* Opponit' Patent IB. a. THE MODOC WAK Ii a* not ia tbe M mt erf-red with BOLFORD fc BHILBEKS'B Procunag their iuul attraction* ta DBT GOODS for apting and ?ntuiaar a ear. L ail lea abould bear in mind thai I hit la tKe baat ano < h*ap?-at aatabllaKim nt ivuutb ol Maw Tork ta find auch go<id? aa Plain and Btripad Japanaae Silka. Foulard*, Black and Colored SiMa^Miark and CM ora4 Btripad Oraaadiuea, CliinMPpopliua id all abadea. aiufie and double widtb H'-ruanniaa. A fall Iib? Mouniinx ttixd) THE GBEAT SPKCIALTV, LLAMA LACt JACkkTS AM* POINTS All tbe noveltiaa iu SI N 8HADB8 and PABASOLS. D'?un?tita Ia large variety, and utauy jtUn aru cl?a, too nuateroaa to mention Paiaona that talue tbeir dollar* and r?nt? aboalt not (ail to call at tliia houae l>efor? purt baaing oiaa wbeTB. M?n??ibar iPTHS ARCADE. ml; tr 44t 7rh *raat, batiraeB D and E, 8. W. R1LUCTION IN PRICES at tub aboade. Oaiuc to the backwardnt-a*of thaaaaaon.aad baa lD( a lar^eratocL id CABPET8 on baud than uatial for the tine of ytaf.Wf aliall.tr ?i MONDAY. Mar 10tb, make a(eaaral ieduction in price on all CAB PETS iu the bouae Our Mylaa ill Eu^iali Tapaatrr?, Encliab Inrraiaa, Americau Ingralita and Imitation BruaaeU cauaot be ez< <-lied any wliere. A large atock White and Cbeck Hattinc* in i at low tifuiea. W ind. w Sbadea and Puturea i atora ? Mow ia a talr opportunity for booaek.eeper* to yiv cure a nice Carpal for a little money . BOLrOBO ft BHILBKRG, m)7 tr 4BT 7th atraet. between D and B.E. W. Bargains in dbt goods.-ABdroac<?cia Cotton. 17c , Wanaautta, SM ., New Tort Mil*, aic. Bheetinf Cotton ia 8 4. f-4, and 1B-4; Table Linen,Ttir .Towela, Ml ? aer 4o?ea, Mlatck SUA at ?IB, wort* al 74. Paraaoto, Mr. to #?, Durlkaa, 7ir. per do*en. Black Alpaca*. Sc. to |l, Vtctona Edosea, Black Alpaca*. Sc. to ||, Vtctona *B, Be.; Lining Cambric*, Mc.; prtnta, fc.; aeba4 Coll on ,8c. All hinfc of 4raa* goo4a at 1Mb lowaat anarBat price*, at BBODHEAD A (MB. aU tr IBB* f at real, between 1Mb aa4 |gW. |^BT GOODS AT PANIC PRICKS. Great bargain* Ib DBT GOODS frot Tork aa4 Philadelphia auctioaa Draaa I at?, 10 and US cent* par yard, a haaaufal It Dreaa Gooda at iaaa than tnaportera aricaa. B? Swia* at Mc. a yard, worth afc., Blay Lluea at at low price; Striped Toeemlte at Mlc lot Laoa Curtaiaa at $XM a place, ful Pj^bboIb at rtgki prioa*, a . Shawl* at half prtoa. EMOET B? aS ly 1?SS PennaylvaaiB i ^ BW DESIGMS FOB LADIBS' AMD CH1L DBENS' DBBSBBS AT MBS G. H. HACKEES' STAMPING DEPOT, ?11 tr SIT 7tbatraat. M. 0. LIT 1 BELL C. A. DCNKIBUTO ? LDTTBBU ft SriRII AarSMMn mm4 faaaiaal SIT U. Are., hat. Mh aad Mth i jy|OST WOBMKKBCL^NTEBTlOSOfTMi J. Moaaa' Elytra GbUmk SPBCTA

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