27 Mayıs 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2

27 Mayıs 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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EVENING STAR. Biding Matter on Zwtj Page ii the District .^WASHINGTON CITY: 1TI??AT.?w Mm, ?7, 1971. ?*r??ee ??<] Ikr Vw Marshal McMahon. the nrw President of France. elevated t>y a combination of the L? gitimist.-. Ortoanists, and Bonapartists in the National Assembly. to more of a soldier than a j statesman. His'whole lire from his youth ha* Leen spent In the military service of that coun try. I* which Mrv.oe be ha* frequently distin guished himself, not less by lit* skill th tn by ? his personal heroism. As a soldier he did gal lant service in Algeria, and lu the siege of Ant werp. in the war for the liberation of Belgium. In the Crimean war ?*- distinguished huaself at fbe forming of th* MalakofT.and also in the sanguinary Italian battles of Magenta and Sol- 1 lci.no. the terser of which yielded 1dm the title ?t Date M Mag enta. The personal friend and favorite general ttf Napoleon III., and a suc cessful soldier, brilliant achievements were ex pect" d of hint in the Franco-Prussian war. Hat l?e, like tLe other hreticb lca<leri, went >k>wn lefore the superior forces of the German Em- ' f-ire. a^ hi* defeat at Woerth and sub?e,?ent surrender at Sedan, the Haterloo of his iin >o rial master. Napoleon III., were mainly due to the demoralization whieb ha<l long existed in the rack* of hi.? army, and to a lack oi ability on the part of the commanding general? Pa likao. As we ban stated, Me M ahon has never :lg iired as a politician, bat in all of the Changes which have Ufa len France he baa accepted the dominant *ac and obeyed orders like a soldier. On account of his i>en?oiial friemlsldp for tbe late Fmj>eror be was looked npon with suspicion after the downfall of Napoleon, an,' for bla services in the war against the comma, r at insurgent* of l'ar?s be of cour*- became unpopular with the latter, bat as an offset won the admiration of the conservatives. Tue op l>oeiUon doubtless axed u{>on hiai as th?> suc cessor of M. Thiers t> cause, on account of his conservatism in i-oiitics, he was the only nun on whom the ar.ti-repnblican members of the Rational Assembly could unite. Hta natural timidity as a politician is shown in hia ad lress to the Assemb'y, in which he promises to im I licitly ol>ey their Instructions. The tendency of the new government is, how ever. seen more in the new cabinet appoint ments than in the election of a president. The I>uke de Broglie, who beada the ministry, is known to be a rampant Bonaparti.it, while Pierre Magne and General De CLsaer are also said to lie strong monarchist*. It la difficult t* see the dual phase of tbe tran * tion state through which France is now pass ing. The republican element in Taria is just tow too atrong to justify the dominant party in any epen movement looking to the rerstablisb rwenl of a monarchy, bat that tbe latter form of government is their ultimate object there Is fcood r? uaon to believe. The strong republican tiinvnty, headed by the aged but belligerent a Litis, who has taken his .-.at in tbe a.->embly as their leader, still constitute a strong element in that body, and are eagerly watching every tew move of the niajenty. It the latter are ???e, tbey Will not seek to make any radical change in tbe jolicy of the government at pres ent. An attempt to do ao under existing cir cumstances would undoubtedly add one more to tbe long list of bloody French revoluU >ut. 1 ~~?? ? ? ? ? ? - The new code of law, for this District Ua.s bad ' ci.e leading ui the House of Deb-gates, wliich consumed one day's time. Twj nijre r.aJmgs aiere-jnired. Two working days at least have ' " over by the House since the f;at reading on which no sessions were held The code might therefore have passed its uiird read ' i ig bytbis time without interfering with othei Lusiness. That this has not beev. done looks as " * ?'^'ur't3r ?'lbe niembers favored the pro|*> M C04* to ,he commit leee of the two Houses, and to request the Gov iuor to call an extra session some time in tlie ? i to receive their report and act on it. The committees are to alt in tbe meantim and hear ?uggeations of a commission of lawyers-proba BiM>l tW pracUce is not so ?a'ge aste re-iuire their whole attention. Let ?bat is the history or the work ?n which these committees and th sa a be code was carernll* prepare<l by the com missioners- Messrs. Flaher, Caperton, Phillip?, IngersoU and Museey. It was amended and approved by the Court in General Term?*11 the justices?^who invited ami availed them- j aelves of suggestions from a committee of the itar association, composed of such lawyers as 1 lleasra. V. D. Davnlge, A. G. Riddle, Walter S. Cox. L. G. Hine. W. B. Webb, Enoch Tott .-n, ?nd Nathaniel Wilson. In expressing the opin ion that the thorough work of these judges and lawyers cannot be much improved upon by our legislators?appointed and elected?we disclaim ?ny intention ot detracting from the reputation ?t the latter for legal ability or acateness. If they think they can improve tbe code, they hare l .enty of time it tkn ttttinm to consider and act i BI?n any proposed amendments, if there is the 4-?|*>?iUuu to do so. It no ?ucb disposition is manifested they will give color to tbe suspicion ' wbL-pered about among some of their constituents, that with all the talk of retrench- ' inent am! relorm. some of the members - de l arrr.! 0> the act of Congress from air back jay grab-are laying their plain for a small through the ccnrement eacase of a called ae?*ion. (^ueer patriots, these country editors. A lot Ot them assembled in convention in Ohio tbe otner day adopted a resolution calling ror a graduated postage law tor newt-i^aper*, that ia ene rate within the county where a paper U published, another within the Congressional fustrict, and outside of the county; still another lor all [>ortions of the state, outside of tbe dis trict; and a fourth for all parts of tbe country Outside ot the state,?the rate to be increased according to the increased distance in each ^be only logical reason tbat can possibly I* given for this plan is that tbe cost of carrying is greater for a long distance than for a short one. and tbia rule w as applicable to letters as to newspapers. There awe, moreover, just as good Srounda for a graduated rate in one case as the fcther, and the public is just as much interested in one as tbe other. Bat, curiously enough, the convention didn't seem to think of letters. Tbe New York WorM thinks the local option rule is a poor one U it won't work both ways, and n .at it laoa.y fair tbat in places where wine 1 bbers poll tbe larger vote they should be em 1 wered to lorce the teetotal minority to take a s nk. Ou the assumption that far every one I *>n who abuses alcoholic stimulants there s at least two hundred who use them In aidd ? on aid without manifest barm, If not with j - ire beaeflt.it speaks or tbe palpable ia 3' e of punishing a hundred and ninety-nine J 11? for the fault of one. t man who wants to make a great deal of * ? 'or bimeelt, and at the same bat do a *i. . v eel lent turn fbr the people of Washing rtw . sn de It by buddiag and keeping a flrsi iratr rr met hotel on the top of Sugar Loaf SBfeuitifa. Situated as It would be. some thir teen hrjn?t-*d fret above tide water aul within ?wo hours easy rid ? of Washiagton. it wouhl be piled with the best clasa of guests from early in Ahc spring uaiil tare in the fell. Tbe Post ofHce h partmeat will do a good ?hmg far tbe basin,-*, public by having the next ?** ??"*al caisK made a little harder or the jarf.** bet' r. The material used at f ^7; tjo spongy, andab Pjorbs the ink ao c?mpletety that a preas copy ?ai not be taken. As maay of the cards are ased Jor basiness order, of which It tl desirable to preserve esplea, tk- a.1 t antages of the suggested 9<aprovemrnt wti! at once be assn. The Southern >sbyterian Assemblv ad 3K>?r?ed wHboat taking aay actio a towards r*. fen ton with the N ?rtm-ra AsMmbly iMrM taiVSIv -"i vof their m d tbe general sentiment of r'!",riT '* f4TW of maldng p.tb tbe Dutch Lelofmed eburch rwthsr 9 t . The important f-hangaa in the French govern ment are WfM<Ui in Enanclal circle* A* a step toward* the re~etal>li.?hment In France of a monarchy. Before, however, thle if eff*?ted there will probably be a (ood deal of disturb, ai.ce. which may or mar not affect the m>nay market* of Europe and Indirectly our own. The new* hv had llttlg or no effect M the general I..?rvlon market, although It i? evident (hat the !>%rtlaan* of the new MaMatxm government govenn..... ? ave t>een activc in putting n;> the new Freaeb loan, which I* now at a premium of 4 k al ^ par rent. againet 3 ? per rem. Saturday. The Wat) otreet market* continue wrv dall.'b itfee dta ation ww eomewhat changed. gold hettig weak and xtock;* IliA The Mttcv market la easy tor d inai.il loam at 5 an.l C pec cent. fIN lo-m* Amer^i e ui . Currency fY ....... * J4!r?U??i'e I ?ew Fivaa. ! Jly.?7-J?S BAirMoll, M ??? 27.?Y;r?ir.ia old, J7>6; W itlTirgiDiiiY, <uiiMitlattnl, m1,; j > new, ti. Si UhCaioima ^w, old, is; 4u. ap?cial tax. )7'< bid to uay. BALT'.nnai. Mar 27 ? Cotton quiet?low mid dling*. T7*fi?rt8 Flour -iniet, h-avy, and nnrha e?d Wh.at <4?f-l ami nr?c?.at c*?i. Corn s'eedr?wnue aoutberii, 7e*C72; yellow a< at hern, til; mite! w ??* ? r?, 64 Data uni-t?amthern, HMtAJ; w.-at-rj white, 6iiu ^2. Be dull. Kay iu acti\e; P utiayivania aud ?es*eru, pr? vliiw:,* termer and U'lttliial. Mev p Tk, gl?"v ? - 18 Bui* meat* iti improved deman I??1h>nIdT-,7 r'b"td?-x. 9S'*fl'4; clear rib kMi*. tfc}1* Bh':ou ? iiii -t? ali< nl?i-r>.. H; rib aide-. cle.r rib -,d. *. Mi; ? ugar-cur-d heai*. li?an Lard Very .lull, v^u <%. WXti b-i'ter tu fair d maud. t -d tti rbolee,MWI. Wliiaky.66. Sugai iiulnu^Sl b ? w Ioki, Ma.' 27.- 8t<>ck* dull. Gild *? -tady, W Bnn?T ?:e?dy,6'm7 Exchange?1 'U/. S'?; ?k >rt, 9' . a*??naki?t> ilull ?i?d *t*adr. Mew Toil. Hay 27 ? Fl ?nr dull and i1iw| m. W IimM iiict ?B I heavy Corn -;ni'*t and iiDrh>!i2<-d. Lombow. Ma, ST, 11 TO a. n.-Commla *? !W ? for 1-tli. B-ud. ol 1865, old, M*; 18t7, W; If ?>'?, 8JS; new Uvea, ? trie, 48V P"l?. Mm 37 ? R- iitmi opened 54 francs 89. Lo9M>v, May *7. 2p m.-grie, 48't THE WK4THEB. V AK Dtra'TMVST, Itfi't nf Civ/ Jtimi' Ofbter^t W A?llts?rrt!t, MavIT, H73,10.30 a ni. J 8,ai>r-t? roa rat r??T iwawTT-rocR ? or*-'.? To* I *r> meter ??cu?;m? high in Canada, the eastern aixl middle state#., with ?<>ul' erl; and auutlieaiderIy ?i' d?,U>?rr t?euip>'rature and lacreaniugly c oudy a atliT Sonthwc-trrly and ?<>uili*a?terl> ?|:ida. Ii cr< emuy ?re*.iire, partly cloudy aud cli-wiag wwii'-r ? ?t?rate tt-mperatnre tn th? fllf au.T a ntii Atlantie m>i| nera?inaal light rab in tli.- I.?w. r Mwmi^pi valley. L"W aud falltnrba r<?H-ter,?<>utb>*rljr wiuUk.cleariae waatber an! oc ta^ioual j aiu ikj? pr>-? ail on tli?* lak??, and Ila-nce t. the Ohio ?alley . Hurt lieaiter)> to norihwi">t<-rly wind*, riairp l ar .mp;er. f temp'-ra'tire, partl\ eH ney and rlearlnf weather in th? northwest and tlieaf ? to Mia-neri. Peor.ABiLiTir?.?For the Mi lillo Statae and lewer lai .? r.-*ion lulling 1-ar meter, rining tomixtratiire, ? i.tlie,?t?rl> and ~>utliwc?leily wiu-U, portly and in<-r<a-iitglv clouly weaiher aud or^axional tain. Fur Sr? gnslaud and Canada south'-aaierly and nortli^aet'rly ?rlnd?, warmer, partly ?loud\ W'-??her and occasional r*Mi. Forthenpp?rlak ind nertb ?^et, and theiiCf to Htaannri and Kentn' ky,? aith we^terly and rorthweaterly wii?b. cloudy wt-a?li?-r and oc< aeional rair.. cbiarme thia eiuaine with 1 til ]|>K It mperaturr and poaaihl? an ?a-t-aai >ual a-wer" It cal atorm in the urper Mixaiapipai rall y. For T -r,n??*ee, the fu!f and eoaih Atlantic 8t:it?a, r|,-:?r Ine. rl?ar, c??h-r * -ath?r, rl?tn( barometer,? with >-rh and a-'iitbweaterlr wind?. Befvrta ar-miip'Mig fr.riitlie ?onthwe?t, the farther norMiwi-et auJOr l?^S? I. O. O. F ?<.BAN1? LOD'.K ?A .p?rial Hit,vwill b?|.?|.lAn WEDNESDAY EVE Kl>'U,Mih inat ., stt 8 o'clock, to rounder the appli caii ii of the L'diee*' to reiume fr >n? the 8e>?nlh htreei H.,11 v hilat the niiproT. in<ni? ai"t>,*ing m:i Ir. r.i72t P H.BWgCT,Or.8ec. rv^a A BK.1LAB MKETIbQ OF MMii Ut-/ bOLOilohS LolMiE Nj .1.8 ?M K a. wHTl.. h? ldat M taonic T.-mple, on WCDSEM) V V tVj'.MXO, S**:h ii.atant. at 7>* o'clock. A fiill attepd.iiioe is re'i'K-sted. Br orler of the M K. M. A. JOHN II PIi'KEI.b. niJ7-2i* B^creiary. f?S*K. OK P.-MMINT VEl'.NoS I.ODGF., iT" l+r-y i ?At the a^aai .nof WgT>NE>l>AV ETV1 MSC.?U o'clxk. at K . of p Hall, corner of 9th ai d D eta ,?4tii II or.) harin^eaof gr -al imp >rtaiice d< mand- th attention of every member. Th-- pro l"??l i i*H to P,tU ig-irian L xJg , of Baltiui >re, ?* ill al* ? lir c>'iirid< r. d. By order of the L<m1b~ it j?. us n Daughtox k. ?f b. a s. IT^YOtbU MEN'S CUKDiTlAB ASSUOIA TloN. C a r9-a aa i 0 >Xr*af t < I It* I'LATIKU LI It KAU V redpan-l. Overly uew ? ok? .mat abided. HEADING BOOM , fre? to all. DA1L\ PEA 4 EE M EETINGS?12 '.I. 8.a:.d'J p.m. SABBATH DERVll'U: BibV L'-aaon at 4 to, in LlSi'OLS HALL, !?d ??> Cou.r.i?~i,.ner ?f 'udian Aita>ra, THEATEK SKK VICE, corner of lIt it and 0 sta., at 6 p. m in?7-ir P^?PABTIE> DE^IBINO TO JOIN A GOOD BEAL ESTATE AMD Bl 1LDIN0 AS<0 Ci ATlUM are re-iueated to call at tbr OtHce "f the 8 cretary of ilie "National Capital B'-al Eit?t? At ?a&atiou" aud akaoiine the conatitutiou aud th ?er i d annual rep-irt. Thia aaaociation i? r.*o? ni/ed aa one of the m jat profltal>l? In 'he Dim rict, an I haa beeu in operation for two yeara By an am-ndment to tbe conatitutioa Fifteen Iluui -d Mian-a, denominated tbe >vto?d Serlea, are an'.lior i/. j to b> l^aued, to data April lat, H7<. withunt rc ju;i m* any Back Payment*, except fur April and May. Each share ia one hundr^l dollara,and the monthly dn?a two dollar* per mouth, gach ahare eiititleathe h id'r to borrow from th* A?ai<ciati9B tiv - hundred dollar* net PHIL B. WELCH, u -7 lwt 901 F etraet. Maa>>nic Temple. I Repiil.iican, 10 tjaaeajj r3?THE BANKS AND BANKING HOUmES U-^y of the anderaivned win be cloa^t ou FBI Hay, May JWh?Deeoratinn Day. Partita haaina paper maturing on that day are r??neated to KrriJ" tor it the day arevioue. JAT COOKjri CO.,by W M TEN NET, A't'y. H. D COOKE, J*.. A . C.ta. Fire* H.ti -ual B uik* GEO. H B WHITE. A?t Cta Nat Met. B >:iVc. G. W. STI' KNEY. Actuary Freed Bar ITnttC). MIDDLETON A CO. J A. MCFF, Treae. Waahiogton City Sar Ba k. LEWIS JOHNSON * CO CHAB. VBADLXY.Caa. Nat. Bank Republic. B1>W. TEMPLE. Vice Preet Bink >f Waahiuft >n. FANT, WASHINGTON * < O. WM. 8TICKNBY. Preat Nat. Baring Bank. J H WJPIEB * CO. W LAIB1*. Jb , Caa. F A M Bank, Gaorgetown. J C. M. KELDEN, Pr.a t U Nat Bank m27 ? n^S>A FESTIVAL FOB TBE BENEFIT OF TB1N1TT CHCBCH 8I BDAY SCHOOL wiiT he belli in tke b ?*- in-tit of :h? church on the e\? iitiig? of Tl'KSDAY and WEDNESDAY. 27ih aud ?h. n.26 If jr3?ATTBNTlON. STANTON OCABDS -The I?^r ivartilar officer* and noo couiailaalon.^1 of llcereef the Ptanton Gaard- will meet at No 440 Maa*achn*?tt* avanue <>n WEDNESDAY EVE MSG. 2? h iaatant. at 8 o'cl ?ck abarp, on bUsluoae of importance. Per order. ii ? *? Col WM BOW EN t^aXN ADJOl'BNFD MKETINO OF THE BOARD OF TBl'STEBS OF FrBI.IC H HOOL8 will be held at the Franklin bob>ol Buildinir, on Tl'BsDAY EVENING. 27th in*t? at ii. o'clock. A. P. FABDON, p;24 Tt tEep.fl.ron.tt) Secretary. P"-S?GEOBGE W HACPTMAN, Jnnttr* a/ iht U^X F-a'f, attends to all kinda >f Claimi and L icmI bnninem, soatitweet corner of 11th and G streets aort h u e*t may21-ly I^SaBOAKD OF Pl'BLlU WOKKS, W A ? m I !*is Tt > >. M ay 21, 1STt K 4ire Is hereby ffiven that all written intjuiriea for iLformatioB id regard to improvement*, either frojected or iii aroer?aa,ali->ald tie addreased "Vice 'resident Board of Pnblic Works." Personal application for anch information aimnl l or.ly be made t<> tha Atai?tant Secretary , Bjjbi 13, Mortiaon*a Bnildinr. By order of (he B. ard. CHAS 8. JOHNSON, m21 <t Aaamant Becretary. irS?8<^ HEbCK S M \ N DRAKE PILLS.-Th?ee pi I la are cnnp-fcid exelaairaly of ae?"table ingredient*, and althoueb they entirely aoperxed* the aw id mercary. d<? not leare any of it* tn urioua effeeta. They act directly a?<>a the Brer, and ara a valuable ren>*d> lr all caaea uf derangeiaout r?eult iiui from a diaiudered state uf that organ. Liver C- c plaint, Bi'.i >u? Disorders, IiidigeVtion, Sick Headache, Typhoid FeTer?, Ac., kr .all auccuiah t-> the free nee ?>f Srhenek's Mandrake rilU. For ?ale by all Dmeetata and Deab?ra. m2-tr How sad ImItot?a"o?n| wife a mother orfiiwiHy who rwinlre* all her phretcnl sti ?gth to fulfill h- r hou?eV Id duties, and all bar moral ca - ifnn ui ucaDsaa. tor in tut eaae she wfll receive tbe proper cure, m in the other she will hnger months aher month*, not thinking worth wbfle to see a pi. rale las about K, until n at are, ihatted, glvm owt, and *6e la carried to ths crare, ? hen a little precaution In propar time would have spared ber life. To prevent, to strengthen, to rare, *tisr?Tr trngShi infallible ramady agatet malaria, dyseep^a, ooa tiveneea, bfMooenem, beedachm, monuag sicknam and all complaint* aecolJar to women, fhaee Bit tees, which are aoM tr all druggtata, are, la oofia eaanae of thetr vines and moat agreeable taate, the ?edtetoe yw txmUmn for ladlee. flBtr IIIICKN ? NEW D&CO ST0E1, ?e. km fmanvau ivtm, a? n. ? tflaavmwatma. lalS-ly mUtrssst I^IS^OLCTION OF CO-FARTXIRBHIF. 1 CO I.this da. DIfcM>L XEa* byai ifaal r^naant. Th? bn<ia-aa W<?Bt5lgToa.D.O.,?ay Mtjt. U7J aiT ?? |^g hUTWB TO tRRl.ADUS. Call, before purchaafrg, on J 51. J. HL \I. iTV?,rfi?v?;/w,?i.y,rfn?'?'.Mciv. aU*ck are being aoM at wnbeard^f knr pricea. x?. MivsXMiT. . rr r. NOTHING RESERVED. r?pwdfiM. ftrfspUry PmI!>. D 8 9 a, SI Scl Jo'ScIB 5^1*? ?0(;* ENTIRE 8TQCK N'>W GOING ON NJW GOINU ON WE ABA OVERSTOCKED AND MUSf REDUCE, iVD WILL MILL At 910 a 913 Soit.f a #-'* Stilt,at t*0? T"o many annus mo many goods MUST BB BOLD MUST BE SOU). AR9 SELLING HAP ID L k . ARE BULLING RAPIDLY. T|vT?(i| TIN DOLL1BS LARi 415 Snitat 3?^99 ^ ? 9??^7 8t|| ? fi?. JVO R h SERVA TIONS. NO RESERVATIONS. ai i. wu.t. be sm.ii. ALL WILL BB BOLD. ALL MUST JiK S1L D. ALL MUST BE SOLD IN l?OTS' SUITS V E OrriR THE SAME INDUCEMENTS. ?A for an f ?* Suit. S7f<r*$10. ? 10 for a SI A. CALL AT ONCE. I5RI5G THE BOY". HI V BARGAINS. I BROTHERS, FASHIONABLE TAILOBS, ml7-tr Count Ttw Aim P Stkeet< . f 'HLAP kTRl/EO SILU F*?jTaII. V TIO.K. VV>' Mli apodal Attention to large lot of BUM M E B MI.RStVmn tli*?alcof WEDNESDAY LAST at MEW YORK. El?t?ut quality and atjrtea, at f 1.00 and ?1 S6 p>r yard. irFri? the *aat<> Mia STRIPED JAPANESE 61 IK S, at 4.' cant*.M.fu<and 74cents. ?VLYONS BLACK BILKS, at 91.00, Si 25, SI JO. up to #3 Soi??r yard. I ?y-LC riNS\ BLACK GRENADINE In PLAIN and SATIN 8TK1PE8,? cent* to ftl is. 1 a*~LlNEN8UITIN'?8,LIN LAWNS,BATISTE I CI.OTH, an1 or or 400 pair* of now and very choice , -?Tyleaof THIN DRESS GOODS, very deairabk-tor the approachingaenann. 0**All kind* af FINE WHITE (100DS and ! TAI.L STOCK or PKRCALBS. Printa anl h~at makeaof DOMESTIC COTTON GOODS at tlva very i.'tt-r market rate#, ?y One price ouly, marked in plain figures. JOSEPH J. SIAV. nC-cr 3t 939 Pennavlrania a verm ?. JAPANESE FANS, JUST IN TIME, 400 BEST JAPANESE FANS, Ar:i\il to-day. K. W BUBCHKLL, n. i:t:m f Sr^-t. W E N C( A STOKE. THE MARYLAND FREESTONE M. A M. CO IS AOW READY TO RECEIVE ORDERS hOli STOAE, EITHER SAWED OR liOVUH DIMENSION. t Apply at Company 'a ofiUe, CORNER K AND ii?ru STREETS, R*ck Creek. n.Ktf t. W. HAVDEif, Preald.nt. F'IHBIN(i TACKLE?R'd*. Line*, Reel*, lit*, everything. Tli ?>??->' a??ort?n>-nt tbecltyat FRANCIS' Hootefurniohing^^^S? St' re, 4;i5 7tli ?tr? t. m24-3t" ?^| ANOXIC REGALIA. We are prepare to furnish Mn^nii' E iniptnenta for all Coiiiinai.derieit at FACTORY PRICKS. CHAPEATX. SWORDS AND BELTS, CUFFS, CAPS, ;?nd every article pertainint to ttw Order. We guarantee all Suit* *old to be regulation. WILLETT * Bl'OFF, maySO Itn 905 Pi-unnylvatiia avetiue. THE "LITTLE WORLD" WILL REOPEN on the tlat of thia month, at No. 1M( SEVENTH STREET between 8 and T atrweta. HOSIERY, FANCY GOODS N OTIO N S. J E WE L BY, ST AT IO N E R Y, crir?NY?c^Ni>*CM AT THE nilKr "LITTLE WORLD." fil FIXE SOOTS, SHOES. ftl ** AND " GAITERS, AT LOW PRICES. STRASBURGER BRO.'S, W9t> SiViNTH JTKIET, BKTWKIX I *SD K, Hare now oa hand a fnU llw of BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS, SLIPPERS, aud LOW TIE SHOES, for ladien, gent'a, and children'a wear, which tUvy will *ell retail at wboleaal* price* Children1* and Mlaaoa Colored Sboaa, at mannfac tar? ra* frtcw. Ladiea' low-prlca Gaiteri and Slippers for house comfort, a ipecialty. Ladiea' Slipper*, from 98 centa to |). Ladieu* Qaltera, from 91 to S3JU. Gent'a Boota, from 81 SO to St. Gent'a Sboaa. from SI M to 9?. Pleaae call and exarniae, and roo will aare a per cent. BTRASBCKuER BRO.'*, m!3-lm 906 Seventh atra*-t J IME : LIME! LIME! > BFBNT LI1 part* of the eit*. THOMAS FAHEY, 10th atreet, near La. avenue, northwest BF8T WOOD BrBNT LIME at 91 per barrel, delireml to all part" of the eity n>.V6m near La. avenue, northwei?t. ^yt HAVE HIT RECEIVED ?0 DOZEB ? ? LADIES' SKIRTS, WHICH Hi ARB SELLING AT 89 CENTS PER SKIR1 LOtkSOOD, HIFTT ft TAYLOR, 8J? PENNSYLVANIA AVENGE. ?8-tt Metropolitan Hotel Blocfc. PASTURE FOB HORSES ?One hundred and flfty a> reaaf PASTURE, ad joint tig the gv Lnnatic Aaylnm. Apply to THOMAS TAY-T>30fc LOR SHBHVE,Dru(atore,Uaioatown. Iir>r?n. dollara per month. m>Ht* PASTIES HOLDIhO TAX TITLES tu the ? Property of the lata John Carothara can have thetr titK-a perfected by applying to JAMES VichV CALL AN. biM N* 634 Lonialana aveqae. EAP1DLY EEKOVIMO DAMAGED GOODS AND FILLING CP DAT ST DAT WITH FRESH STOCK. Order* promptly aappliwd. ? MAt N W. BUECHEEL.y OPB MOTH PAWBBS, FRECKLES 1 A.M> TAX. USE PEBRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTIOJ, IT IS RELIABLE AND HARMLESS. PIMPLES ON THE FACE, BLACKHEADS AND F LESHWOEMS, USE FERRY'S IMPROVED OOMEDONE AMD PIMPLE REMEDY, THE GEEAT 8EIN MEDICINE. fe SSiiSt! 1 tol L'OB A GOOD RKFRIGEBATOB. WATER I4 CvOLBR. GAS STOVE tranttf C ROO CRT, g- to VEAEtilS Ho?aef?miabmj Store, 435 7th atraet. ?hy ?'LOTHING FOE THE MERCHANTjtha Do*. WANTS. IVOIKLM Mf e?re of tw> rMl ?? dren.at HP Q atr*e< ltoHB<r~< m" }.? WVjl ?I> ^ ? B n?B E I^ A N aud >ua GIRL ogkti I1J p?tr?? ??? VVANTKb-l >-ur first-claas bat>TERS ou Bit* batwllj*. V "if", JR. ? ADAMS, 1107 H -tr-et. '*? *? 11 h *nS X:' h atrwts - o j* Jt?' *r-??S&.yArrk' w M< fj?? \\ *i>--Two oj |l?r. Mvo C?&i%KrBB> H ItXZXOSZ* W Til B* bS IVi 4 y *??-. ftin ? w I BLupn . Star Office. |i VHE.V~AnB>k,*r ?'OOK. at rh iv am-":n vwii, si in ihTrn. Tr ? H"u*,,v K n"n?si appi, with >nt thoroughly nnderatanding th^ir t>n?in??? nil* St f x-t OAKS BAKER. oue who _ * ?l??er*t*nd>hi?bn?in..*.. Apply at O BI"P rIRT,forpw Hh HfWI H "twt'. bi27 j|? \V Afctflk-ls Br??-cl??a WOBAK OOOB fo? a thleemeeS",ral Baferences required. A|?ltM VV Vi'V jT'> HELPER f?r bi4(l,<liil|i i>u f"nr? ?"UI A?pl> 4Sfo N ?* Jersey avetiue n.rtliw-sf. jt? \\ AN rin?y it Nl'tSK. Apply m 9dt) L ?V "'JJ}"' " "nli" ?**!. botweeu 9<h and s?.|, -tn*-tH. ?V,!Ti ''IBl. from tbe country n it ovet M. for *.?!?? *rai faoniework. nitr C:% W AmJ*w7i\wu* m'nVK - V1' A.MI,*R ? * ?l?. Hf?<l WAI IVK Must t?ni? J?< nfWBfririt Apply at bitII I at re* u?nh mr >:' VV A^Trn-A amart hon-at HERY ANTto (V,A, u ,Ji . ' ! 'r*" ?nd "?* (*nrnl h*na? ' ' ?? *w?tl faitnlv. R. ff rt rx-.'s r. (juir..< Ap ply lUinit-Uitt-li at lit7 #'it street. ui2," t * ?hit- (jui;. stir J A J.1''1* *? <'liam?>t-rm*i<i or tit go trai .-I.uir ?* Nur^.tiu. l?u?u all est, between ISlh and 1#" n-rr jt* U'ANTED-A iwv.,11 .flli ft ri'Hy. ( I MPsrox .? davidsob. y?7_ Louisiana avenue. ?? "l under Wall's Opgi a H 'iu? ?. VV A * t > r- A ? , r. i it l to ro-'k, wash, tn?1 ? 'rJ* i. W * 'w ?"li?n.hp'-worlk in ? priv.tr fM.il, In^ulrr 2a3 V ttrv+l. V,?Jtr> flr. vucere<*air?Nl. i?i2T 2 * WVTIP?PEIllJOKa UAVIKu A HKiVr T. M*"'hliie, can tir><1 I. .at aariit.ff- t. r'??V'1 "Almoin,*. 173s nni*!! to?n ** tiie *"?!h 6>*orge \WnL^"TA H!S.H A?moj??*ah or an lf 2 i ^'*th iHnrriiM* in till ion, dfflirei rnnr? work, ch m? i>? uiatica, Frtiicb acd Natural 8ci?oc?, acli .^l or ni i 1 Me family. A,Mn-?? "Twtc.r." ?t?r omJT n.* *? \\ ATIOH ni huaacliM^* by . * ? reaponrtM. pernon. or wnnld take . atr .f a ti l'""'"n*rl <J"nnt th? abaruce of the io * i?J ?f <"il> r< ferHtK-<-? gi* en. A Urt-** fjrn" H'l? -treet au<l avenue. ^ I,. \V A STi:.DrA^,8TAI<T nwoKkstpgR .' , , ^ antt-d, a Youuk Man with a knouled*)- ,>f W ANTED?fceapoiJ.ji.iH ter.anln tor k.?..r a1 iumtVi' r T? Tw'.,d,'"c?,. in Orant durinft the Minim r. The hoii.e having all :u ?{, r i riVjvr ii|pnc<-?,cai; be renti>?l, wtth privj|^?,. of diuiuir rw.?i. Ac., t. desired. Fir?r cl??, boanl can b?- ..b T&.VZS&tW " **? ?" _? S.M B r. MitRSILV W^JSPi'M-'.yu~A *??,i MILMMKR, W VrRSE-' ABf.V? r| i'.JK'ilf C ClllldN b^w^n^'an/fVtL^1^,6, \\ ANTED?A LAl'KPIl^.fiir a priralc faniTr IIW AHn'.'i vV!,,t' Vit],'w >"ahly "?*?tandhei b.i?i i>-<*. Appl> at 1384 Maaaaclinarttaavenue, "ty-lt \\ ANTtlJ?A MaN 111 the biitch-nna bu?in-aa ' *. f"0 to A*J? caah. A ??.*! ri\n"~ !" <? dn.an Ad.lr^w KUTIHER. 8:ar om - m?; ?? \V'TElt?T>>rent t<> *>-ittl-ni<-ii. nioel> Kuri .? ln ?* ^"ir?ble location Viani?. a Detrert iionhwi-st. DiafiSt* w ,va,-;W ftisic w^7?rDr? "i""*' ?*'<?*?*,*??" c??"k.*i-h lr,'lj f ,r ? "?"?W family. Such a one. brtnjtt ^ rec..nimet,.|atl<>n. te No. N .rth Capitol atrwt, will Hml a go.<t plaeo. niSu-3t* WANTKD-Al Mrs U al?..u'?, 12ltt 17;h ?lr-~t, prtent DKE??W A*KV'*2 ^ in , 2 . , MAK r-u>. N?>u<* but good trfrrttn^rt finiHh<?rw need apply. nil*) 2t* ^7r T~J? P'lrcllW, R ?*Culld-baiM| T^P , rll,T.TON. Pl[??phiaiHi r?Hli ?n t aiiJ ?hre tube at-en. Addrsi "PA it TON/' V^ar "frrr- nvX t * IV AN TED?A r./d ahiir fetkVANT, to e^lT. ,,,. ^?"h lr90 f'?r tw-1 in family, a pply at N ?. 30& P#*i.n?) h anm ivno^, b^tv^b 4^. ar,.! ?{}. Mn-ete, under NatlOLal Hotel In J.'wHry a ? m26 It U ANTED At once?A r?lia??l^ and conipeten* <.?rti. tn or American WOM AN, to r >ok% t4L ir n for a family of two persons; uoxt wa<eH to V ? c ?"r*aa'i Apply, for two days, bci*is>n ihe hour* of two atid three,at the 8tar Office. m? Ji \VA^TfJ'-T-'Excbai.?^-A PI ANO for a K >*d . T JiPB!s?- Apply at ?3i PeousyUaafa avenue, up>taire. m24 IV ANTED?TO H IRE, a white cook, vra<h?r an l ItAKNCif t*rr' *"'?*" f*miIr- Apply t., 9 A I!-?!!, ,* n?DgrM* Btr9t-,> *bjvt- Stxldaid. Ueorr t .wti, D. Q. mJ4 #t ' \VAKTED-Twenty reliable AtiKNTS wh ) . SL ?? c -me w?-U recomuif-nd.-d to a^ll an eatir ^lv , !n i?'I ??'1rfnl !nT*":t ,n Na capital re.jirired. ' all at 4*^ Peunayhanla aveane,fr .oi 10 ?. ia tv ' ? "? mil" W? ?! I*.?T.*LeILl">d^ tnoa that tkey ?au let FRE?n BCTTERat from JO t?3gccu*a p^Fll.? arriving evt-rj wteW, at 11*7 7th street nertli W AKTED-A.I those ?h> value their siaht to TAnH?MtL.f th# H**1 "ON* DOLLAR SrEC Jvtfiht bi n?nwMf-J^^SL ,Hlted <? th8 4l '.?i a??i i i 1 Optician, corner ?>? street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Theimometars of all kinds. wvM Iv? IV" ANTED?A OIRL that can eom? well roC 'tn ** mtod; can call at ?33 New York a"eco^to ! ,h* cooking. waablnR and lroaing of a?nallf?u *? APH> ft on. S a. a. to 3 p. ?., or ft u> S o'olTk ? nilft-tf W ANTED? PLUMBERS to know that we are RRaJJi1!?mU>. with kinl" Of 5 finrr i i .'i C?tr ?' northweat. WM il'.i. ^ ^ B.-Bris# C**t1ng d ?oe ml lm% W ttK S^rf I ,h J.,, ?- ?. MAIboN, of New Tork, ha* open?4 h r Millinery P.irlors at iio. 413 Ulh a'.roet no:th aAil.n VI ANTED?Ilnni>-diat?ly? Raraliiea or prrnotifly ? * * ed of flrst-class SERVANTS of evet^ de?rip tlop, Biale and female, to call and ft supplied at once. Servants H*o can *et #,>od homea and bsat Jf waaea by applvincat the EureVa Bmj?!.,yni-nt <NH-e jo J1?- LOUISE C. BL TLER, 407 Uih atr-etj "w ?? al5 2m Sa.,^bEt3.t53%'^T' lpZ%l Pcnnaylranla avenne. Also, Branch of Kim. VJeST OPHftt ? PftHAItl ? NtaAvinan ore* "a Pattern ?u??-ly T. W. BPICER. A,ant LOST AND FOUND. ? OST-On M .nday, a COLLAR BUTTON,'with ?-J gtay oiitx stone, aiiil marked on tnt- r -v -rs dIuo K The Under will be lil>urally rewarded ou leaving it at the Bveulng Starolllce m2t 3t C| ^ BE>* ARD?Lost, on th#* 13th Inst., a hver vy colored SETTER Oil',a mouths oi.l -^. ? white Mot on breaat: Iron collar, - " Try hraaa lijck, with the owner and 4nf'< nam?3^_B ?vi}- Z.VSS^!!; ^"?rd ??? ^ P^id fot her return to No. wi4 bth street nortlrwest. tul7-2i* LS',(uTIntTtRLiIr,,in*.nf !h* *"?' ? TELtoW *-f ? Ui/lk*T BOOK, c?>utainii)c ??ue #10. tvo A2'? and on. ?l. elth.-r on P street, between Ikh and ll h strerta,' r on 7th, b<-twe?u F street and Peanut Iva i"nf.*2te."U^ i re^,r^ wi" l*> Kiveu if r. intned to"J.,' Treasury Dep't, Room ?tt. niJ7 tt* I!JT0 JHI OF kHE * u'r De<kf 41,(1 Dumb, cv Kendall Gre-n, U aahm?ioii, on Saturday,*|22* ?i ?y 24,1373, a dark l,a> HORSE, with iVQ\ white face, and oDe white hind foot. Thoowti??can recover the horse by proving property and p??ing ' nf ,jt? I 08T?All person* arn caution d against n. s tla j "Df * BEAL ESTATE Koft for ); drawnT.j Janies T. Benedict to tb? ..ri?r of Jauies T. Pike, dated April H'h, 1873, payable on? \ t-ar ft ooi date, said not r iuvini bmn I oat, and payment r,<rrt?aAJi,si^-rvr.wlu i? to JAMES T. FIKB.IIO Bat, southeast. nitT-lt fcJTRATEIi?Ou huwtay, ttie ma last., a small Attack and tan TEBRIEh bOO,ts?w?nV \ to the uatueof "C-lf."Anyjooe returu-As&J tug him ?o ho. 43C? Msaaachoaettsavenu north wet, will receive a liberal reward. 'J 'pifiJ'.irtii'u'uJr PERSONAL. QO AND COXSCLt MAP AM DS Q&AFV, the wonderful Beer kod Clairvoyant; the U the ?eTtnth daughter of the seventh daughter: ah* can be coMiHteTat 396 Pennsylvania af.nae. betwUS W and atraets, tor a short time only; she elves <????^saaaKifJrLr^'" BOARDING. littiiAB! bo6w r?k i*H?. * * board, in a small fam'lr. IIAB Md Wife; f M per Mo?k^. Apply B; kENT, WITIT GOOD f*??tle corm-r of 1 " MU Lm i FOR RBNT AND SALE E?OE lDT-SMtth tfrt Jt n >rthvMt. t Ur|< r ?>lTTnrtiiiM rKOlT ROOM. Cs?l an-1 an. . mr ?t* wl?<4ui nt?h?d K'>OHIia?a*? honaa. with Bard l *11 at ?>?? I mV f i?h<?i Rooms ib- nr-t r eepiog ^as.wa'ei tnlktlk e*,bet t t?t L. t ROOMS fir ?imni ?e.fura t?h*l <r afnnM, Parlor* *n 1 B -1 R vn?, 91 Hf? T?rk awr-nn-. nifl" W" f^ok iltW-ihoB new ai\ r > >iu HOUSE. *i& gae aud water, ?Lgtbl> I; ?vp,r*? ,L'-h. JA9. E WAUGH. a.17 4t Estate B-oker, ror 15th and t ate LMR REST-On' lure- front furui?hM ROOM. a second flout, atute#?7? for '*0 g-nt l-m-11, ala ? other R-1--tr? Appf I<1 No 3*bMi*?ourl ?voiri-,Jt b lh ficru utMl u.27 i: * l/OR RIHT-At atre-t. ab -nt n a.juare r froBi Poet Office, a large f">nt ROOM. Ihf?? aiadbta. m? tutu-, new furniture, nee of tali; ?0 cet,Ue?n. n mf <? * 1 FHMKfcfitt ! ii.g.in the desirable iteally iurniakeii ROOM. rhrew ran.Uh-d. adapted to h .q~ek- p >le locality Mo. 10(13 lith street e ntllw#*. R va wsjer, *a? an) a *iBe parV m:~ f t |?lft B*rtt V ^|^*.*?ory fcsfoK" DWE17 r LING, with buck building, Mo. f 30. I [ on lith street, l>etwet-n C and H. I?t'tire on the I prewime'.. I*':: V * ' I/OH bKkT-1 h" be-t UoiM and fl:.i?h?d HOUSE 1 ikCuio*lon,?ti VI *ihmr >u atreet, l>?t?r. *h Vi?h 1*'avi-t.ue anl Fillaure street. Appl* n-xt I d< or i'i?t mJT n* L'Vk MhUT?A li'wr r mra HOI'Sg, 111 p-rt-.-t r ordi r, suitable f r liMis-keeDitig to a family w ith no children In inire at tli ?''>re. c ?rn*r ll'li aim V hirwt< nurthniMt. nC Jt' L'OR FKMT-*n - Isht room BRICK HOUSE; r g;in and ?afr; in perf~ct ?H t; dry rtllaK. Io .j"'irr at the Sli>rr,?'oru**t 11th aaJ S ?ire-ui n >r It * e?t. ni? a"_ I/Oli BV.NT?Fatui?l*?l HOUSE. jjii i"*fn?n islied.ftTS. *.*0, 8**. it?, f 15. 4j, OFl'I' KS. A.'l). #15. %h?, KTOBr*. #7f?. %?A H J7 * TOPS K WAGGAM AN. *1*7 b at bM?R SALE?Fixe LOTS tin ( vpilol U til, r >r:i -r ttl. ?:iJ E Mrwt? ti vrtli'ant. h?v inii *u awraj fifni?a<?> of (*i feel. with a 4-pMi of loS f?. t W1LL1 \M TV1.EK. It 27 St R V. K<t?t>'B; -ker, 7 1** 1'^ti <tr.- ?>. i^0R S\LE-A two tiorj HKICK llOL'st -it r?'in<. n?a?rt? h^w; a f~?\ lor tti -n; ."i" - 4o*ra Irom th* Nvrtki-rii mark"!. Imuic N > 1141 S: ti ?t.t !>? tae.-u 0 at?l P lituuit-o on tie pr?.-uu??a Until Satitnl.iy er^nlny u??Tt PHi,? ?t.*tn r.i27 t * I^O* R4LE OR EXt'BAKO*-"* ACRE^, thrT^ ntt- ti. ? im . .?? arr* FARM . ?.*M Ml 1 OH ACRKS. hiiIm. all impr a> ai Railr. a.1. TUOS. A M IT'' H ELL, n 27 ;$t * b :i t T ?t ro?t. i/oiTrai Iok rknt?iiorsE_n?ati7li~i I Im>iw?*ii K aud K, uio? ro,.m?; o?t r, Jar, tatli-rooiu,aiid cluaet. W .11 l/e for r ut br*: ot mi? Inijnirc at i,,r APAM&OM'S. 3Qo 3 h ?tr?t. FOR RESy^H<?USE on 9*h atr??*t, b>tw'vn O Mid Pnorthw??t, mitaiini.il t?i ro., w tier Rod**-. ArplT to JOHN R UKFRK. ???:? * -t i)orib??t, or at GREI'R X HUT' IIIN'S' W 1 .1 and Cool tard.ror ?tti and K ?t? n. * ?u27 2'* g^OR RFNt-At Monnt Po???ant, for f o'lr or n> a * moot ha, to a * >od tenant, a Purnu'iad COT TAGE ot hix r o.m. with water, b itli, p*r lea. Ap p!y at the set ouJ hou?e on How ard aveuu-safu-r J p, ni. mg-.lt F"0R RI.NT-A Fari.l?lt *1 HOI'SE pf 11' oi- IStli ?treft, thre?* d .or< from WelckerV T 1 a pri? ate l?uiiljrtli?-h 'U*e will be rented ut'ii S p J< mber 15, pr x'tii ", at tile price I &1V p ir 111 advauce. Ga.?, wat'-r, utid bath FITCH i FOX. li.27-.tt ljMQ Pciiu?> Ivauia <winij. X7r RKM-A two-a? .ry BRICK Uot>K. with Fretn.li r<>of,containius six rwtn-. 01. tb liortli side of g -treet, batwe*"!! lltli and 15:U: g%4 ut, I *i? fe 1; cellar nndei the wli.le h>mw. iMi-n?liit p /?? ttiMot will In siren. Price 9 * p?r tn ?nth. FITCH < rox. u.ST.tt l.iU't P.-uu?yIxwiiia a?e?m?. L'ua HtX f?T-irr ROOMS 'ii let >tij l)i r, ? n ? irtv or en anfte; h-tn4?om? PARLOR and < II AM BKR. en suite, and pi-Mant Oti - R e>?, in ?iaci uk ai d d liiJitt'tily nituated J >ul li- H N(i.T*i3 l:$!li 'treei. t. tw?-cii <J and H. with nnd <r< UDdi and slirnbberf. SI wt delightfully tor -umaiei. Will be rent -d at nuderaie figure, with or witiioui B ard. 111-T i * I/OR RENT?F?-r the Mijimer 111 ?nth', or n it.I Jant:ar> 1't.Kl.a <t-iral>l? RE^IUICN' K it Heri<<i'>n atwiioa oti W^aluuir'on a uuio railro.-il, ?bout ii luiiea from tb-city. It coutaius lu roonii. ilii'iieliiig.'i baaruielit ruolik* Thin i? a g ?.?l l -Ca ttou f t any otie ba? tne bu?n. *? in tUe< ity, a* ili?re nr> daily niorning aud -vennig trann. Te'ma oi <d erat*. Apply to KKRBY. I?ENTT 4 CO , Aui ti 'ti-er* and O ?n..i^si -u Mtrcliot,, KiJ7-?*3t 313 and 31.? ?:li ?tr-et, n-.tr P . ar, t/OK RENT?A f ur-atory preM-b irk PWiL 1.1NU, finely lot at?d ou aouth V, bete -n 1-t ai d >i aireeia. Capital Hill, be-ins the corner Ii oiie 1 ai 2d atreet. Uort h a.de, c. utaiii; uk t w-lv# r? mi, Mitli water, fa*. 1. at robes, range, dumb wait.*, ba-,li ro. ni and lau'.nlry; with anjpl? c >al and w > el tirrk-, and capafi ou 5 ard in the rear; a r-?r* clianre f. r a-ctiritis a very nice nuin n->r b 'Oi-, a:ii lb ;Ui very i> at con liiion. Price .jiy ptr iu nib. 10ESTER Jt RYON, R->al E-tate Agent* an4 B' kera. n.?2T tf ' 110 l?t a'reet *'*nttlea?<?,Cap't il H II. I-/!)*-RI-.NT-FCKNI-HKl> ROOMV-li~Tid jolnu g fjoct R iouin, a: 913 U ?;r? -t north w at. nAi ?:* ?/OR KFNT?ROOMa.-iit?Oie fur n u-e-aa p.u^, I 7th street, nrar li .wai l University, u MRS M BE \LL I/OR RENT?F ?ur RtiOMS. at: t*b|e f.,r h >na? r k--f>ping. at 114b 5th -ttr -et northtroat, one d e>r from M atreet. uiln St" L'OR BENT?Kl'RNIeH EI> ROOMS, ?tu*le .r r In au-.te, on Id ti M>r, w ith talx? b .?rd, at 1013 Mb al'eet north*, at. n>2i It* l/OR RENT-Two ECRNIbHEII ROOMn. c .m r mtiunaiiuc, aacoud tloor, anital>l? for tw > or three gentlemen. Enquire at No. I'iil 8th atr >?i northwMt. ii 36 t' * 1/OR RENT-Two l^ge FIRN18HED ROOM4. r con-ioutiicatiiig,frout aud bark, with or w.tli oct b a d. In a private fanalj . Hj.9li 11th atreai, between H and 1. mSS 3t* 1/OR RENT-BOl'SE 7 IT l?tn aii?a?t, betw an A G atreet and Naw Eork arenu -. and furniture f--r sale. Poaaeasion given on June id. Apply to JOHN ALEXANDER, l'J31 Pennaylrauia ???? llB* BllUt li'OR RENT?Ou seen.?! 11o.>r, two or three L'S- . A FL'RNlt?HED ROOMS, with u?i of kitch<r?, water in the yard. Tertaa 111 -derate. Ho. 1*45 8anipeon atrmt, between Ltih aau lota aiii P and Q llieeta north wet ml. H' F'OR KENT?Partiea in search of pit aaant ECRN li>HEl> ROOMS, who cau appreciate the *d \antagea of living with a limet private fanrly of ciiltnrf, wtth -nt children, will do well t> apply at No. 1131 11th atreet. near M. m^ili' F^OR~RENT-FrRNIsHED HOISE 13J0 G atreet northwest, oppoaite Chur< h of Ep ptiany. Peraoua wialiii g to ?ee the houae can call b -tt-ea the bMir* of 10 at.d 2 o'clock. P saesaion given ?le?iit Jnn? lat. F'OR SALE OE RENT?A v?ry beautiful CofK TRY REtilDENcE, wtth Hue market larrn. if de?ire?l, 3>? mile* on 7tb street road, near railft>a4 atatiuii. Hple&did alte for a auburbau tillage. Ad dteaa"Farmer." at ta<a offlee. t"16 >;* ."OR bALE?A LARGE LOT c^utaiomi over ? t 10 000 -lcare feet, within two squarea of C d'ini bia railroad. Will be aold *?ry low if earl? appli cation la mad". MAURY A BRO., Real E?tat* aud Innirvnce Br-.k?ra. 14M7 F ?tr*et. nik l* *0R BENT?Two beautiful large c m:U'i:iicating PARLORS on the flr?t floor to b>? rented sir.g e orinrnit, furntaliedor nnf?rni?h-l. with b >ard* if desired Alao, aiugle EOOMS. delightfully bs .it-1 Teratavery moderate for the autuai-r. No. <tl? l?i:h atreet between I and K. mJ?-3-" 1/OR RENT?Thret-afory and b?t?ni^at BRIt.'K r DWELLING HOUSE, N"> 1135 lKh atreet, between L anJ II atreets uyrthweet. U uer, s i>, w au-r cltiaai, and Latri-b* atove. Eu-intre ifTHOS FRANCIS, at Kiah*?lk?: A Oo.'a, ?11 P-nasjl van I a a* en we. tnS>-o OR RENT-Two or thrw UNFURNISHED _ R0PM6, aultable for b' uaekeepiug . a' 149 loth n*reet, l>etween Pennsylvania arentie and E atre t, water eloaet and bath room on a^cond flot.r. A'-", two FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable forgsitleai on reai nable term*. ni? >1* F'OR bALE?A SQUARE OF GROUND in the northern secthm of the city, with the af lewalka, enrbmg, and guttering all laid an 1 raid f >r II .r- ? car* ansa It. Will sell cheap and ?n long tin. Apply to HUYCE A ADDISON. R- ?t Eft*: Agepta.Ko. 14U1 New York avenue, curn-r . f HtU aueet north west. ( Rip.AChron 1 m-Stl 1/t'R KANT?four unlurni-ned KoOMS on M 17 floor, with nee ot auminer kitchen. 17 30 F atreet. rait -3t' I/OR SaLR?Three very d-siiratle LOTS "pp . e _L Aru.orv ?tnare, on aoctb B street. THoS E. XV AGGAMAN, >11* 7th atreet. luJt 3; Ft'R BENT?F-mr n:ifnrnl?hed ROOMS; a!?*. STORE, on E street, >>etwe?u 11th and 12th at*, northwest. Apply Mo. 400, corner 11th a?l E stieeta U' rtiea l. ? 134 1/0R BEMT? DWELLING-HOUSE 1 brick N > <>?3 1 atreet ?ortbwset. P ??t-i'iii s:?-l 1?* Jr.ne next Apply to MAURI A BRO.. If? 14*J7 F street northweet. m2> 3t 1/IJR RENT?Three onfurui-l.od ROOMS a.l Summer EBchen. lor h< ueekeeping; wat-r in the yard; near the atreet car*. Apply Ho. 2313 L ?treat northwest. nJ4-IT f"CR RENT-Elegantly fur:.lsh-l PARLORS .nd BEDROOMS, aiugle or ea suite; ro >ma Urge and airy; baifstiunre from both line* of car*. 443 North Capit'.l street, botween B ami 0. ni3i >t' l/CB BEHI?Thre? coQimtinlcatiug EoOVI on 1 to* S-l floor, fnralshed nitablefor hoaselMep ivg Alao, one Boo?| on M floor.enltable f?r par Lr, oflica, or featltanaa'a room. Poeaeeaion < >'?n June 1. Apply 7MS ?thstreet worthweat. mii-St* 1/t'R RENT-F >r housekeeping. See ROOMS, (n r rinding bath-r>.otn. Water and gas; eecoag floor of howealfo ST 8 sliest, near Gov ervnieat Print - lac Ofiice; ptt month. Apply alio. *9, une block. mill;* L'OR SALE GHlAP?To ?? remvad,a FRAME F BOUSE on I he alley b-tweei S. T. 13th and l?th etreeia, mar state Department, U'JD feet, autmbTT f r fencaa, sLeds or sheathina. f. 0 ADAMS, 11CR 9th treat northwest. mK 3t* f '0E KENT-Mear the Capitol, a large H00i>K, partially furnM.ed or unfurnished,with garg-u, frctf, Ac ; rerr low to a rallabls tenant; gaa and water Ho. <M7 Delaware avenue, betweoti north BaodCatreau mMR* . RENT ?U?til uctober 1st, a Fl'ENISHED )USE, Xo. 6 Oolumbia street, betwaea 0 and hath room, bay window in par yard with fluwara; is ip " ed. Apply to X. B. lilt Penneylvama E/OR REN T-HHLD8 PRIM? COPT AGE, . JT Pleaaant. near ltth street cars; omaibos to ds I ?silmi nm snt markrr" men rouma, in< lading hail; 1 0 F'?* .?* twa?ir0t t l-rtck frrnt ??><! nan^rd r *?f HDrnti nirr^imd oii 14 h UrM, bfi.^n 0 a?J " ?t - -^,tnw *."?&<. ?io?V7 t ",r^* I atr UNm.At. water, h-aa. . ' ? -T7*" HL'*' ??? pi?"n iw? ?n i mir* Hi'l-U>UI UO? , Mli and 0 ?r WIMrtry myU lB ?Paff?Zmk ''*"** ???*<> Ti:rin.l?-dSriTB OT i T**_ KS wi ifr >U lu?r, tfn cIk?>, m 7 40 nil I, t??Mi Q and II. Al-o, Mlier ?StWft' Ca?h 4t?. F iit-Hhi ii^^y-Hocst. i i > i\?. . Ifw*' I* #); r#n| ft flu |M?r month n^.4 ?ion |1^fii7i]nfT?t, hiv nid ru ?n4 f?iri??ci?, k*? ?.?, kb?lnK .111. rTumTr mrr r *" *?? ? PARKKR <1 3 ly h ?? "'*?* >? ?J* **ST?Fnralaiied vW ?uKri>hr-t. N.. I ?Ti iT.._. . i?.' Mnr(. pr?w.4l Lrifk , -rJ ?/'??! iar. b?? >i r ami, *r.??t pnh. ?i.d d,k"'* f,ul" D-VrW. r ' W* |?r>M ut <*rrnp*itt. ^ FSS K^S^T^A' ^r^hiTRrirniK,;"I.OTS " ' , ,? V , M \r7"\' ?'rtl *?" ? H.miMi.r*. ?v7f i V *?* e l+**n4 ? *? rnic? M \ ( KY s V*m4? *?at? and liuMtran. .- B **?*. 14 4} i =-r- . Uitt I, < K b\l E-T?v IW? rHAMKJ,,,n neat *?.) I #I 'J1 . n L?Wr?or- bi4n> n l? K K Hd 0 ?r~U. Irti l?V * IiVrVv" : A?fii t?. W 11 -ir-it i, \ ' ??cfci?;., c irnMiil, |?'Vh ''f ALL1NO UOLh*,?ltn V^ hi . i .I**n-1 Winalaiu#*. S, | .>0 7 .. -' '?Ultd V'.""!' ***? *??<"?? li'li *ihl Vlk ?,r?-la- i ?.! 'zpn&'K? k?e jass, vi* tts&asfc ^1 L^UR tiLI-Tm d?ir.tW? IH ILl>!bi. Ld S.n*r-. * hy |??. f^t Ap*if 1*44 M im0?u l?k ud !?*> <ff>m mythmrtt. l^'K RENT?Af !?!?* I?th nr**M /iUn?? n:^. ? ?nn wirRpr?Till;l>?*WO,,!,i *in*,T "* *n at ??..? '"r rem?iii'M In towa r.?1^1 litl."1'"* '? l ?c?St.?n. ItiM r?ii\?ttirut to L.4eU aud car*. Well ?h?.l 1 a? 1 - Bil? bn t'oB SALE OK E\r||AN0E-A? n:,{. .Dr^J rtl,",;DT,,in',wrH FA,iM' 'i *4' **> ?? ?ii? t ka- * r. ?. i item*cry. _ml? t* |4*C'R BIKT-H..!f ?innr^ }r..m Uth ?tr c:?riT. r ? ??? BRICK NOIisi; #15 rr r.,L'!'? rvn. tbe or jm* i .?r<. L<'Uti>iati? hftwn ? ad a. n,ji7 i,? ITOR SALE?L0T(rhf?p> n? )?? i, ' ? I mi'? I* aiiia tv<tiu<> ? ,.| G J3Ui?i ft-^i 0BMl-o9JW?rM,M.?0?rt ? , (OR 9ALK?T?<> n?? d r...?, BRK K H'lt'SIC* oi! O b tw?ni I5*|i ?nj itj.i, ii.,ni,? ?t. f*' *i..1 ?*???'. oi> t|,(. rittgr, nirrl) luctlnj. | 1 Ji* SALE?HOLSE on c .rn?r of Jiifli ?ni I ?t? | M ?1 6 tt f'?"t on ?nn. ?.J liw 10 U t ? t ' 'J,1' ? * ? f>r five nic?> Ik u?o?, uiucb ot th ti'?t< iia: i? ii,,w on tbe jrronud. I m'"1 H-*~i I Z.J** IV li IT1. r*"D,,? ?" Wipruvr nirtit-.oti H ntr?e?, b. ?n, ?urtii?>e?( FARM FOR SALE OR RENT?l4, milxa fr ,iu _5ii2S Oi'i>.>iu-tb- T.. .-..rv. h'?*???? mmmrr siat,. i?. L..I . i i'iT/"* "T ,1". ?? lollr Inland. OKKMrti- t ir?? |<U?d I.u(b?-h.xi> "?. *??!! funnel 1.r a tir?i . l.-i t?uiil>, ?ltli ???try c itmtlMi?? f,,r huti?.-k>-< ping ?" h,;ur ??>?? ha If a ri-Uf fr.?Ui K *w V?rk. an.l a fa' iii.tmtx v ilk from liie markH, ?rlio >!? chnrrhp,Mm. ??-t .(he- c' +r at ban<l. fiu r ,*,1-' a?JT ?at<-r.t>.bln?, buttinc; "tatil- a. c >ni>u.?l ,ti .u? T?T h !?*???; H>-h'M|w filled 2-?"M1 Iru i ?|i a l auU Howet btd.. F. r I. n>? a^(\',., * ?.,?..~.k4- KM liLE?-???*?, 1. ? ** H mlmmm l it), it c. I ^1,^.}-'' ''BKKT? \>n d"?ir? tu <; -> i h on l?r?? l<t of g- t ,4 ii, lni<>nt"*n. ccn.ta:titng r-om*. ?hh a <|t>. nartiI'p r> r.' r 1h,"""*w'- Apri) t - k f. JIA RTIN, l iii 'ft ?iitl) C, n:f l5t* LMiR REKT-Vaij.aM.. Bl 91N ES> 8T AND. tlilhl .. . ? 5! ^ f**,< ?""?"?at. iniT L >oi?i a* n ^Uea OFrirtS on ~-r ? .n.K>r Apply on pruiaw, or at 4+j C atr?et n? rtLi+fnt, ht-f- Tf II m. m. m.H lm SS?lSStiK;&- ?Syi F-OB BENT?FTBNiJ'nED ROOMH. ?' bark Parlor furnSlnnl a? a B~Jr->->iB. a;;d twj -l??catM Dv^llincou I iitr^-t, u*-mr ^*h w*;,i '?e. on r^aaonahlr tema to j-n't-w-u I?ul? FOR SAI.K, b .JU,",pf*1 *W<-K.AH A t . ii-ai ijr ,* f 11 t" * cJi^ap, ?? tb-- ??urrb*> in rirtbri UM fwr It. To a> Pl'M PH RE Y'S L \ - ry gtatip, C <t. tiorthw p#t. near ?th. ujr j(* ^OBbALK-F ur feo 1 IiR M'GHT HOiJSEi". r tu tiii?? c^ii<^|tii ti. S-.I<11 r a aiit t u A Pi! r at ?J? at!i ?tri?t iiorth?-eat,l->tat^u 1 n.a K ?i?-u, ?rbet> the H race can b : nigfc* Fc?ba? ht-1 WATJ^xx \X'n,yi'Lt pCliiTiE. . ' A " r EAST ? IND F t fanirn lara applv at P toai? Fertf W harfT?rh--rr ah?- can bo a- fu. 2t* L^OB SALE?A ?t>.iah,bi . -lad HARE. fa?t, ?ik ^ .*y* * arraut**d aooad. afiiia biig#y Aj+ly ? Drugstore e^rSr iTn of btb Mrvrttuil Pa. kTeno*. nW Jt* 7 ^ PUE SALE?A bajitlaonae URAf llARE, aix ye?r? old; kind. ??ntle aud Kjliah.aiu* ? S'ffl' ?'* ^AWIlOB and HARNESS 8..W wrwytaftua. Am>> Ko. 304 Batn^-t l a roti U ami id atri-Tn aT^rthV^t F?: Rile at iT Pr i?P"<-t nr. ? t, BdHH town. J4S. k PBUBEY. kOSlV ^Ol>A WATER AFFARATlb FOR 8ALK. A Croat r*rf?ty of Whit? and T-nneux^ Marble ROI-A m ATI* APPARATUS, at ??rifa?ur r, pru-a aLd tt-mn; sxond-batid oiixa t ?k?-n in t-x < li*i Kf elver pl?t. .l Appatatu aud gieol rKiik ta>ii? to loaa, fr?-e of i hare -, by ? u-im* palmer * greek, g- rrt?*i. BRICB CLAT FOE bALE. Ai?ii U IK)DG* A DABREILL* J1, tf nm Fmwt. PROFESSIONAL. hR ht\bioN " a.a . ...... Bt? imnvtll t< 4 13 L ii/.til,t.car cvtur of i.tiit. n<>'th * 'rt- tlllt it* J A1IU 0. CLKPflAKK. A. 2. BBAILET t Bo. lit O street, between i?t aud ad. fa.--ug Ii.diaca aveiice. ?]Il11.1x fltav r. HAKKA. * V . . attobket at law. no. V La* Bntidihf, del-tf VaablLfioa. 0. C. PIANOS, Ae. ALAtGK LOT OF KEARLT KEW AND fkCObl> UAKl) PiAKOb, fr< ui d Serent fact-rica, uoa on Laid for m> or rent or. E*?T TElnsto ta:ik?.flT?W room at LEICHENbACli t> PIANO W AREB005IS, 4!t5? IPh ttreet. at..*e P<r.?i?yl?.>.ila fttence, A^tncr for Wm. K^ale A mad Wm. Mc Can tauu'a PlAK</t?. F.cot.d hanJ PlAKoS t*k -l 1l pv-t pwut for new p,?ii.ja. u+tt KI HN. PRACTICAL tlASQ JB A K ba, foriueray f >rptb*u for F. C Liflitr M Co., tuuer for M-:uaay A botM.EB^fe and late toner r<.r Hefrerott * Co. Tuner >11 111 and repairer of PI ABO* anl ORGANS, Ho. $3* Bew T'-rk avenue. Oid-r. -ft at Karr'a Jewelry Pt. ra, bw* Peuiujrlran'.a avenue; Batrn'a 0-u* Store, comer Pennaflvanla ae?n?t? and atb nr^vt R?entbar?, ?01 7th street.corner of H, will dieW yrvDipt atiMUoh, Mid satisfaction fuaj-aa ^lAEOS.t^suaaaaad in iw KT tone and exceM-ne" of fli.Mi; |..ar mica aud easy tern*. G. L. B ILL A b avMtne* of UaaalllllTI , in PImm and luanrai lumruuenia generailr Tualnm and Bepafrin*. Poluhic* and TarDisBinc receive faltbtBl attention. apl7-tr A|'W?, 429 lltb street, bear sorU __ . e? rner FevnifrNania a-rmne. dealer* in Ptaoss and Muaical iLatrumenta generally 8a"luan * ^"^^fcaratrau oixat sssrenov n fbicxb KHotKj over ail otbere, ha*s la adnr rasrs^a^ :%a tWttSMrSBMiL, tbe f BUSiyRSfl CHAYCE* OTB BOB BALE " ? *B. fc-????.?. an* |o J* t <?|, Ml .Irf M .= ??-*? i 'V^; ^,' f . I:''.' ?? I? ??** u Mo'sna f^SSS?" ?'? ??? Nb. .4 V&TKr&rsKr. I " '- r I. > W K T i S*BB~sh4 8?* ?^irs? 5MaJ.':rabs2t. trtr nsstf *?1 *? *u A.j 000 ?!??? T(. ,, u. 011 Klt%l B>T%TB "*>.*1*.*? 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"Bl IT AW AMD-UTTKK 0LA< K ALP \ ?Ml Uie "tt WRB ri'EIC ?ttllAlfts," a rvartiu iimi, M LISte TUA* REvil'L \ K fui< A? ????a? * u % lie, ?- Air><Mf f-.r kar i>Mii?rMi'i PaCrrwa iuii tr '| I1L MOIMIC WAS ?'< lli>- l?-?Bt lirtitf-'H ? |th MtlLroP.O * kMILHLRu'i Pioiui ing iMr n>ti?l tttrtnI?bi tll DKI UUOUfi l'i r t(riug mi.! n!u I.Bdir* fk -uU t *r iu nuud U*t UN U tU t-? ?lad < b> m ?,WJ, j, % * I.i.d m. I. xl. M fiwii ?.h1 M>.?4 k . . I "nUnl*. It lark mutC. | r-1 hrSLVvt^l..' ??>??< MHl?l <ir?-t', ? l.u.#T P ?fa?4j.?lny m< d. ul4? ?i4tb 11 :u*uui ?. a t Ji In.r M utiiiii|U...-U Tll* UkKAT (rUOlALTT, llama lack jack ai> j vu p u\ts Alitlw uotHiim iu81N6UAI?IlII?,I P\k**i,i 4 <?!?*, too Iiubii MnrlutiK-nu.41 u rn?m th?t *?!?? ik^i J ,l,r? ?t,<) ,?_.A ? h-1* 10 * ** t,i4" r" P?- riaZ B?.Nt b^the akuapk. n.l. tr AU1 7tli ?tr~et, bstmwu h ^ ^ ^ KK1 )ITTION IN rKltt> AT THE ABUAU4 0? 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