3 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3

3 Haziran 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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PROPOSALS. ^TuMb HAMlNkl. r:cr or tp* a-wmotov K^rtwcr,! V **bington. M ?> JH, 1-C3 ( 1*enl?d ?k! T?ii "Proposals for Com pleting h?r>ti.- Rrulg.-s on the Washington Autia ?inct."w II be received at this Office until 14 o elk ?n Ibf SOtm t>ay i?f Jl'JF. fur fnrnhhin^ toil m line ropiDii ?n ! ntnicli of stone bridges. Prrp-^.1* will be received only on the printed 1. nr.*. win. h. with pl*n? .*pe<-ificMin*. f.run of -?? ntr*' r. and anv desired information, can be had Oil application, by mail <.r in Mnnn.to o r. BABH)( K t..lon.| U.S.A., je2-*t t hief Engineer, Wn*hington Aiueduct. OF I D E ASSIST \ NT yl'ABTERM ASTIR. r s. a.; Fo*t M '^rok, V* ,.?nnf il. 1S73 I'r^mKin triplicate, with copy of thin ?vl ? ? i ti?'TTi"itt attached, ar? invited at thin Office jjntil 1* o'clock in .on the 3d day of Jvir. ICl, f' ' the deliiery ol Ihe following named mipyliw at It'll during the fiscal year cowMtciif .lair 1. J?73, at ai-.rh time, and in such .juantities, a* may b" Te iUire-1, subject toth*-intia' inspection, viz: 151 cord? merchants* le hard W ? >o-l, (more or I<ms.) 191 <? rd-< merchantable Pine Wood, i at >re or lean. I 17JW pm<h Corn. (m> r? or less > 3!<?.:> p-unAs Oat*, (more or Im? ? 173.7 top- nr.de IIay. haled,(more or leas.) Jl.-.j*. p ?mi l# Straw, bal d. (m>re or less.) The (' r n and Oat? to h? clean-and well sacked. Ihe IUr he till th . of N g>*f .justify free from xrted*, C'lT in season, well cared and mIH. The Straw t he of Rood .juality. cb an, long and well baled Blank f rm- of Proposal* with guarantee printed I h- re r . w hich in all ? a?e? mn-t be properly filled ai.t C' nin*-dto ? will he furnished on application to |M*< * _ Pr r ??'* I* marked, "Proposal* for F .r ?e- .'Pr p.?ah f .r Wo.-*!," a- the cm- may be ai.,1 n-l I?e*sed to the undersigned. , THKO J ECKERSOV. C?pt. and A ^ M . Bvt. Major C. S A. rROPOSALS FOR WROUGHT AND CAST ikon work fortiie new jail, dis ThllT OP COLl MBIA. K?wJ? i,P ?ti rTorCmrmu, I Office of Superintendent. May 8, 13/3.| H'.\ ft I'd HT A > U CAST 1KUX WOKK. Sea: if Proposals will be feceived at the office of the Sn i'r.'.tei l?-ut nntil I <1 m , Jcxk 7, W3, for furnishing. delivering, fitting. and putting in place the U r ?%lit and Cast-iron Work a* exhibited by the Dr ?? rgs, descrified in the Sp* < ificat^ns. and called f r it, the Schedules, Ci>n?is?ing of Wie Ca*t lr n I Intra* of Basement, R ill.-d Beam*. Ac., of .Tluor*. Ir ii Work of R^oft, Gratin<s to Window*, Ac., Veil l> tor*. Iron Staircaw*. Ac. C'opi*-* f the Drawing*.Sp- cin-ation?, and Sched nlt may I- had on application at thi* office. All*' *tl Idinu required hy the contractors to put the work in place will be fr.rnlthed by the Govern ment tr?e of charge, but will be erected by the con tractor*. Pr. p sal* will be made by the piece, lineal f'>ot, ?r weiafc:, for tke variona itemn of work, ax called lor in the Schedule. Th? work will not be mil-divided ?in- i ? rent bidder'*, bnt will be eonaidere<l in th- acxr gate. The wh^ Ie of the Cant iron Column* of P.%? n. t.t Story ami the B-anu, Ac., of First PS "'!. n.i;*t be deliver* d and set in position within thr.-e ii.' nth* from date of acceptance of prop>*al. and tl.e whole w. rk must In- completed within twelve r.' nth* from date of acceptance. Pain. . :? will be made monthly, d-ductine ten per ce'iinni nntil the final completion ~f the cntract All I'itl* must be arcmpauied by a penal bond, in the *nru of tw-nty th iisand dollar* i <3U '?*).l that the bidder a ill accept and perform the contract if ?warded hir. , the sufficiency of theaeenritv to be certifi-d hi the I'nite^ State* Jitda?. the Clerk of the t'ni:e?t State* C' lirt.or rh*' District Attorney of the D>-trict wherein he reeidea The I? i-srtm< nt ri*-ri?. ihe right ti rei?ct any or ?II bids. ?{ It be deemed for th*- mt-r-4?t of the Gov ?rncient lo <t<? *?>. and ant bid ibat is not ma>laon the prn.t-d f mi. to t.? . b <1 in this office,and d -es n< t ront- rm in every esaect to the re>imre inents < f tnis advertisement, will not be considered; lieitb?-r will any prop.I e received from Bartiea who are not thems?-lve* rntw-d in the maimnM.tnre Of Wt' ni'il er ( aet-iron rk.and who have not the nece-~ary facilities for getting out the work. Proposal* will be endorsed "Bid* for Iron Work," ?t.d a<* !i ? ?* d to m7 JTt ADOI.P ClPfS. Superintendent. pROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY7~ w?i Dimmn, i Wasiustoi Citv May 2*. I<73. < Seal^l Pr .'pwiU, a?l-lre-a*^l to the Secretary of War, will be received at tin* Department until 12 oV lo< k ? n >ATl RDAY. the *21?t day ..f June. l?7j. for nm|| ius tt?>- stmti- tery i|e?crib?-d in th>-?che l ul*- bt low for the fiscal >e?r ending Jane 3n, li/t. Tbi Bt itn nery must be of the beat ?{iialitjr. >n. pie- nm-t each bid. The ?i c -.ful biilder will be rr<juired to give b'lul, ?it h approved -nreties. forth* faitbfnl tnl h 'in 'lit ? f his contract, aid tha Department will P*er?e tb- r .;ht to order the articles a< it may d-em proper, ii ?! to increase ordimini?h the ?iuautitles Leh>w alakd. Articles ii ; named in the schednle below are to l-e lurn>-l.-l at the opt in of tin Department, at t lie lowest 11 >?? ket price W M. ? . BELKNAP. Secretary of War. PA PI'R MADE OF LINEN STOCK. 3 i ?!? folio p.iet, weiahing JU lb*., p- r ream. .-ii- ii.'-- inm, ?eitthiaic 3u llw., per ream. I r? .in drstttrk cap. ruled to pattern, weigh i' ? W llm., per ream. *3 re: ti.. le.al ? ap. wruhlsc ll Hi?., p-r ream. Ii re io.? f-.(.lecap, ruled or plain, wvighin* 1< IIV, per ream. re.,1, - .iiiarto p.^t. mled or plain, weighing 16 lb-., per ream. 176 rean ? jwarto poat, mini or plain, weighing 1" lbs., heaOe.1 a- per patt- rn. per ream. Ijl r- Him note psfer, ruled or piaiu, WeighingS lbs., per ream 62 realms note paper, ruled or plain, weighing t> II * . headeil as j*r pattern, per reaui. ft. reins copying paper, Mann* patent, per ream. t rean:- blotting paper, red, per r-nm. 2Vakeels double elephant drawing paper, per ?heet. Or. ama blotting U>ar<l*. weighing 10u lbs , per team. 4."? ream* envelop., paper, bulf or yellow, royal, weighing *i lbs , p> r ream 34 r am- Manilla wrapping pap<>r, auper royal, weighing >i lie*., per re.an. SI reams sh< e p?p.-r. per ream. !C reams brown wiapping paper. 24 by 3t inches, weighing St) lbs., per ream. fti i.-sni- brown wrapping paper, 17 by 40 inches, weigl ing *? lbs . per ream entelopee. N*s 9, lo. 11 and 12, per 1.0ft). l*'.niti envelope*. Noa. 4,5, "5 and 7, per l,tn?i l.?JUen?eb pea. Manilla paper, cloth lined, 13 bv 17 luches.per IjMi l.'XO ?nvei.^pes, Manilla paper, cloth lined, 13 by 1* inches, per l4k*> 4.IW en--lope* Manilla paper, not lined, 12 by 9 inches, per lj?*?. IjUfti envelopes, Manilla paper, not lined. 12 by 7 inches, per 1,im? l^DJVenvelopes. Manilla paper, not lined, lt>\ by 7 lichee, per 1400. WS gr -sa metallic pens, assorted, per gi >a*. 5.i'V nulls. No. ftt, per 377 d' /-n Faber -. American or Eagle black lead P.-ncils, per iloxon. Mtei-n Faber'* red and blae pencil*, per d. /en. 124 4- ren pen holders, aaeorted. per d?7en. , h)do/en pen holders, assorted, rubber. p*r d' /en. 26ih>/ *n ivory folders, lu inch Congraaa. per du-D. 3# 1 /en Rsigers' eraaers, iv .ry or cocon hal>dl>-S. per ill /en. SSd?(e|. R.*lger? A S .lis' or W .stetih 'Iai'* 4 b a.l- penknives, per do7.-n. I'd r-o Ro.;ger? scisa- r*, 4l, S ?n-linch, per dniru, Sd"/en shear*.9.10 and II inch, per d- /en. 57 d-./en Maynard .t Noyea ink. <iuarts, p??r <1 zen. 23 .V yen M'.ynard A Noyea" inks. pint*, per d *en. 8'! n .(iiarts Carter * copying ink,per do/?n. ?> <1 -en i.narts A maid '* Cop) in^ink.p^t d ?zn. K': I. /en French -aimme ink. per do/en. lod /en Dovell'* cop>ing ink, inarts. per dozen. S'.h./en inkllaaili, Dmp-r's, Whitne>'s or e-inal. p? r doxen. 41 p- < uda sealing wax. acarlet, per pound. 16 powrds India rnlbei, pr pared in pieces, per p-und * Ziit /-n silk taste or braid, assorted, per dozen. ? 1 en re.1 tape, in pieces, assorted, perdozen. 12y J /^n roli* r.-d tape No* 17,1?,21 and 25, per <1. /-? p end- linen twine, assorted, per pound. 72 p.mtills cable cord per pi nnd 2T. pound" hemp twine, per pound 32<i..zen M >rgan * mucilage, jar*, perdozen. 53 1 '-ii ',uart bottles mncilage, par do/.en. 12'!o*en blank b-s.ks. a??.rted p.-r duzen 33 1 /*ii pack* visiting cards, p?r dozen l- i zen ruler*. *2,1?, Is andJ4 inch, per d >*en irV < gi? s* Indi.. rubber bands, assort -<1, per gr -ss. 13il- ??n iiieniorandnm books, aasorted. ?-r d ze? ' 6 do/en boxes notarial seals, per dozen. 7't d ./.-n boves evelete. per di^/.-n 1 d<v/en eyelet punches, per d ./en. Ril /en .|iiart* Arnold ? writing fluid, per di-7e*. 4 <?? /-n letter dipe. per dozen. t?' p- n?ils saonge, p. r pound. 10 do/^n gold pens and holder*. p? r dozen. 1^1.: yard* trac.ug linen, per rard. *??: /en aponge cups, per dozen. 11 d /en paper weights, perdozen *4 I. t?s McGill s patent paper fasteners, per 134 ml'Bg pen*, each. l-i b..i.ii4 waters, per pound. 5'. <??/? n 1-ounce bottles pounce, per dozen. Ii d. /en M.s.re's blotter*, per dozen. #d. ?en memorandum blocks, assorts.), per ?' " ' ? nir je3.MA17 ^ RAILROAD AMD ftcal but* ??rtfRft U RarxOold Bonds tb* lc *M6 Company farnlabee to Ik* public an In* _ ' 7 which comblBsa tb* ready MgottobUlty, tb* ?*nce. and tha high crsAtt of ? first cUsa mil hoed. With tha solidity ?ad *afi*?y of irwlM i land worth at laast twice tb* aaowni They ars o?era? at pax lD HANDSOME PROFIT to ? ?n? and o?iy ewtg^ on tb* 1^ gr^t which, o. the ^ ?J^} ?vamge 8iM) acres bo Nch aula of track. They are M la denomination, fro. aHt ? ?1JM Coapon, Md |M to " thirty years to ran, bear aa lntaraat of ee> la 0014. and are EXEMPT riOM DMITED STATU TAX I* tb* haMnv. ?ad Bonds raetfvattn to tha tnveatog. at Mf BANKEBa | EW1S JOHSSOS fc CO., BANKERS AMP DEALERS IV FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC EXCHANGE, Hit* BEHOVED to their new Banking Horn* on he corner of lUlh street and P-nn*ylvania on tbe site formerly occupied by them. mnlot OTI? BIOKLOW, Banker, ?43 D STRUT, NEAR SEVENTH, Payi INTEREST OM DEPOSITS, makss COL LECTIONS, and trumcU all butiM connected with Banking. a)l-lf gARKine HOUSE J. H. SQL I BR fc CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVENCB, orrosirx willaxd'* hotsl, WASHINGTON, D. 0. B Mr cent. tntrrrsi paid on dtponU. Col lection* made svery where. Deposit* payable on demand* Pay of offlcerv In the Army canned in advance. apd-tr F. BRODHEAD, ? Broker* Mo. V39 Penna. ate., Boom I, Washington, D. 0. Special attention given to Investment securities. Invitee attention tu securities nowBnered at price* which will pay W to 15 per cent, in amounts and of length of time to suit investors. Safe, reliable, profit able and prompt, making them in every reapect riBST-CLASS SECURITIES. Reft-rs by permission to Lewis Johnson A Oo., Wasbingt -n D. C.: Moeee Kelly, B?j., Cashier Rational Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. C.; Hon. J M Brsdhead, Second Controller, Washing ton H C.. Edward Clark, Esq., Architect D. 8. Cap itol, Washington. D. 0. marl7-3m T'HX HATIONAL bank of thb bbpdblio (Corn< rof 7th and D streets,) OPEN FBOM IB A.M TOl P. M. dec!7-ly CHA8. BRADLEY, Cashier. GEEMAS AMERICA.* SAVIMbB BAKE, No. ?1? Seventh Stxkkt, Orrotui i as Post-(J&t* U*r*nmt*t Bank boors: ? a. m. to 4 p. m. Saturdays open on 41 8 p. m.,to receive depesll* only. Interest paid on deposits. Collections made and Mchangr furnished. _ JOHN HITE, President, A. EBEBLT, V. Prest, ST. F. MATTINGLY.Sec.,0. E. PBENTISS.Oaah'r uqvMt The freedmaspb savings amd TRIST COMPANY. Banking Hoose, No. 14?7 Pennsylvania avenoe, opposite tbe Treasury, PATS SIX PEB CENT. INTERE9T. Jnttrtst 6V(iu tkt firji of Eork Momk. PAYS EODB PEB CENT, on business acc ents from date of deposit. Iumj ChrttArattf of Oeposit bearing 4 and 4 per oent Interest, available an> where. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large towns and cities of tbe g?oth and Southwest. Bunk kotrrt, | a. m. to t r m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from 4)4 to I jVUck, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bank or mid fer a copy of the Charter and By-law* jlS-ly JAT COOKE * CO., BCT AND SELL FOREIGN EXCHANOE an< IS8UB CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT foi Travelers, araxlmbU ta aay port ?/ tkt world. Our Drafts on JAY OOOKE^MrCULLOCH * CO., are CMbed In ray part of EssLaND, Ixxlawb anC 8coTt.A id, frt* of tkartt. may IB WASHiVgTO* CITT SAVINGS BANE Corner Ilk Itnu s*4 Lotrtt xana avtntu, PAYS 6 PEB CENT. 1NTEBEST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. IVposits can be made and drawn at will. w.vlP-tf J. A. BPFF. Treasurer STEAMER LINES. ANCHOR LI -ME STEAMERS, Sail from Pier >>. North River. New York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. Tli? pasr*tii,-r accommodations on Steamers ol this line ara nii?nrpass?-d for elegance and c< inlort. Calvin ?tat<- roon.* are all< on upper deck, thus sernrine *.>od light* ?i d ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Sat. *(?/?>n>*T.?. W?<i. ftrnmtrs Gold. Currency. Cnbins f7S aud $69. ?74 and 364 Cabin return tickets securing best accommodations. ?130 _.....8l30 Steerage, currency, ?30. Certificates for passage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at KATE* AS LOW AS BY A!IY OTHK* FI?*T-CLA?* LINK . For pasaage apple to U EN VK RSONBROTHER8, 7 B. v.lirg Green, N. Y.ctoC. CAMMACK, 14*3 F st. n. w., or WILLIAMSON A CO.. I74A P*nn. avenue n w., Agents, Washington. 11.6 t,th,s.tai IV EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, BRTWKKN PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D C SAILING DATS. From Pier t. North Wharves, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT URDAY, at 1)1 m. From 3t# Water street,Georgetown, D. C., TUBS DAY and SATUBDAY, at 14a. m This line connects at Philadelphia xfth"Clyde^ Iron Line" of steamers for Provideaic, Buton and New England States. No wharfag* in Boston by this line o. F HYDE, Agent for D. of 0. ?X. P CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F. A. REID, Alexandria. Va. WALDO A. PEARCE.A4 Congress Street, Boa ton. ?^"Freight* delivered bv Knox's Express Orders left st General Office, #03 Pennsylvania avenoe. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended to. npj ASH INGTON^ NORFOLK, BOSTON, AND The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAKB having resumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot of 4th street, every MONDAY and THURSDAY,at S p. m., tonching at principal Bivst Landings, connect.ng at Norfolk with Steamship of tbe M. and M. Line for Boston and Providence Freight should be addressed "care of Lady of the Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Kaoxt Express Office, 003 Pennsylvania avenue. T M. CROTCH, Agent.4th-street wharf. DORSET CLAGBTT, General Aceot. mil Plant's Store, coraee lith s? a-v* P? see PI'KAEB IRE. TBE BBITIBH AND NOBTH AMEBICAM BOYAL MAIL 8TBAMSHIP8, BETWEEN HEW TOBK AND LIVEBPOOL, CALLING AT COBK HARBOR FROM NEW YORK. "Java Wed?May ? Parthia.?Bat May SI M5iil>a._ W?^l?.June 4 ! Samaria Sat June 7 "Scotia Wed..June II Abyssinia?8at_..June 14 *Algeri?__.Wed Jnne is Batavia Sat Jim.-21 "Bussta. Wsd..Jun> 25 I Calabria. .Sat June U Steamers marksd thus * do not carry staaracs pas singers And svery follewlng WEDNESDAY and BATUB DAY from New York. Bat** or Famasi.?Cabin, #8U. f Ml, and ?1M f>ld, according to accommodation. ickets to Paris, BU, gold, additional.' Return tickets on favorable Steerage, |W, currency. Steerage tickets frees Liverpool and and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Through bills of lading given to Belfast, Glasgow, Havrs, Antwerp and other points on tbe Continent and fot Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin pas sage, apply at tbe Company's oMce, No. 4 Bowling Green; for steerage passage, at Mo. Ill Bread way Trinity Bulklin?. CHAS. G. FBANOKLYN. Agent, New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Steanu-r Office, 1^11 Pa. avenu*, novis ly Washington, D. 0. W ERCHAMT'B LlNB OF STEAMSHIPS ?Irwin WASHINGTON AND MEW TORE. Barsaflsr tbe Bae Steamships B 0. EHIGUT sat JOHN GIBBON will saaks regular weekly trips between NEW TOBE, ALEXAN < DBIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGE-* TOWN, a* follows.?Leave NEW YORE ALEX AMDBIA the saaseday at IB m. For fail information apply to B. F. A. DBMBAM, Agent, ofeoe aM whan toS[ ot Btgh street, George town, or at the sorasr of 17th strast aad Msw Tort VFreights delivered by Knox's Express. Or der* left at General Office, S03 Pennsylvania ave nue. or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. Jell-tf J. W. THOMPSON. ] ^ HILDRBH >8 HOSPITAL ABD D1SPBNBABY v B?4 A Strut. M. IF., 4stt?sa? ilk mmd Mm. Supported by volunUrr contributions. Hospita free to children under 14 years sf age. Dispeaaary open daily (Bandars excepted) frsa 1 to I p. ?. Medicines furnished gratuitously. Consulting phy sicians, Drs. J. O.Hall, Thoaas Miller,0. H^leb srmann, W. P. Johnston, aad Grafton Trier. iiu*4'( ftyiMsai. ihtsajsf. Txmt a.f S*ntU*. A Ashford, Borjrical, Tsss*y, Thors'y, Safy, f. A. Ashford, Surgical,Tnss*y,Thors'y, Sat*y C. Bosey, ' MetflcsJ, Tues'y'Monday, Bat'r _ -. W B Drinkard, Bye A Bar, MonS,Wsd*y,Fr'dy. Dr. W W Johnstoa, Medical, Monj^.Wed'y.Fr'dy. d* Dr. pr-_ Dr.W Vw ^ L. J. Davto, Secretary ^Jaasea 0. Kennedy. Presi dent, F. B. McGuire, Treasurer, to whom sll corn moniewtioaax^y be ssat; Post OMoe Box 4BB. Ha WORMLBYB pectoral syrup, FOB OOCGBB AND OOLDB. JjOLO MT ALL DEWH918T*. ^TLEB^rWBABF, fmt f Uk mmd F mmu. kTO CONTBACTOBS AND MERCHANTS. Cargoes of BTOBI, COAL. _ . ^ _ BAT. LUMBBB, Be., discharged from vessel* aad stored or delivered at A1 Jie shortest notice and loweat i _ UBlZ_ Q. T. AtLEB, VOfTHD SUITS in Bcotch aad diagonal, very ? nobby, at A. BTBAUB', 1011 Pa. avs., near 11th street. aX filATH TO TBB MODQCB aad death to high li^ricsststhsBOtteat A. BTBAUB', IB1I Pa, avs., near Uth st BB OB1NBBB TEA HOBQ I BO BIS Dl r ^UIWJIAEnr *"r* AUCTION SALES. 1IT THUS. B. WAGGAMAN. U Krai b(ii? Anctieneer, 919 7th street. CHASCBRY SALE OF VALUABLB IMPROVED PROPERTY ON Oth STREET WEST, BE TWEEN O AND P STREETS. NORTB. Under and b? virtue of a decree of the 8i MSI preme Court of the District of Columbia, bo)d ?*in* an Eimty Court for said District passed on the )(tn dar of Mar, 1873, in cauae No. i)10, wherein Lewis H Schneider in complainant and William G. Gallant and others are defendants, the undersigned trustee will eel I at public auction in front of the premi?e?. at o'clock on FRIDAY, the 6th day of June. MM, the follow ins described pare-!* of real e-tate situate in Washington, in said District, to I wit: Lot let tared K in Corcoran's recorded subdivision of lots in *<iuare fonr hundred and forty-aix (?6', improved by a lately-built tHree story press brick front Dwelling, for which the terms of sale, as pre scribed by said decree, are: One third of purchase money to be paid in ca?h; the n-eidue in four e.nial instalments at si*, twelve, eighteen and twenty-four nioiithsr.apectively, with interest from day of sale; or all cash at option ot purchaser. And immediately after the above sale the under signed trustee, by virtn<- of the same decree, will sell lot* fifteen 114) and sixteen (18) in Oallant's re corded subdivision of part of square four hundred and seventy-nine (179), unproved bjr a two-story Brick Dwelling This last property is sold subject to an encumbrance thereon, to be assumed by the purchaser, of twenty-five hundred dollars, payable two years after February 29th, 1371, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, and th>- terms of sale for which are- One-half ca?h; residue in six months, with interest from day <<f sale; or all cash at option of the purchaser. In each case the promissory note* of the pur chaserwill be required for the deferred payments, which are to be a lien until paid on the pro pert y ?old. git*) will be required ou each bid when ac cepted. If terms of sale are not complied with in ?ix days the trustee reserves the right to resell at rink and cost of defaulting purchaser. W. K. EDMONDSTON. Trustee. mJJ-eo*d? TH08. E. WAGGAMAN. Auct. THE TRADES. PRACTICAL PLI MBINO, GA^FITTING ksq SEWERAGE promptly attendi-d to, on reason able terms by JAMES F BRIEN, No. 60t? Louis iana avenne, near 8th street, north side. Residence, M street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PIPE always on haud, mil tr Ji'otice of Removal. T1IE LUMBER BUSINESS, HERETOFORE CONDUCTED BY THE UN DERS1U N ED ON SIXTH STREET, NEAR MISSOURI AVENUE, AND B STREET, BE TWEEN SIXTH AND SEVENTH STREETS NORTHWEST, WILL BE LOCATED HERB AFTER AT THE for. of 13th street and Ohio ait. n. w. n.9 III. NATH L B. Ft'GlTT. HERAlG A LAG1RPUSH, Successors to Henry Horai.ce, PRACTICAL COPPERSMITHS, 507 F street, aS4 lm" Between 5th and 6th sts. northwest. Awnings. JOHN C. HOGAN, 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or reut. AWNING MATERIAL of all kinds for sale. Sole Agent for the only genuiue MILDFW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. ap!5 tr pLUMBING AND GAS-F1TTIN0. Thoae desiring to have their Plumbing and Oaa Fitting done in a neat and substantial maimer, and on reasonable terms, should leave their orders a) 113 Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. aig-6m* WM. BOTHWELL. M CUNNINGHAM, HATTEB, ? 1011 F Street, between lOtn and 11th, has the pleasure to announce tnat he has received rm the Spring Style of Broadway BLOCK, and is^R prepared to furnish New Hats made to order en^^ them or r aiodel old styles; also, an aaaortment of Felt Hats for wUe, on reasonable terms. ft-tr FLAPS, TENTS. M O. COPELAND, 043 Louisiana avenue, one door eaat 7th (treat. AWNINGS for Stores, City and County Rusidenost rnktrrk* in style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS for sale and rent. ROOMS DECORATBD. All Canvass article* made to order. DANCING CLOTHS. J E. TDtTON, ?ARP ENTER, BUILDER. ass CONTRACTOR Order* for Hottae Carpentering, Jobbing, or 00 rector's Work speedily attended to. Shops and Office, jang-tf lith tint, below B at. northwsl. LIYERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT 0 SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALB STABLER ? 16 8th street, bet. D and K,nod Chain Alley, H between 13th and 14th. Office, Willards. Beat carriages fumlabed. Special car* paid to tb boarding of horaea. decll-ly Allison bailor, j*.. LIVEBT AND HI RING BTABLBB. STYLISH CARRIAGES and UOACHMEB decJOly 1340 ? street north A BLINGTOB STABLES ?R. CBDIT, JB. G STREET, Betwee* ITtm and IBtx. ^ Carriafea by day or night .and for weddln|? or pr i"1 ON ORE 88 STABLES, L Btm STREET, Bmniii D and B. Horaea and Buggies for Hire, and a fresh supply of good Ho rasa for sale every week. jyfl-ly RICHARD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. BAILOR'S STABLES 1SB0 ? ST. CARRIAGES of the latest sty lea oonatantty on hand and for hire by the day or Month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furniahed wtO the most comfortable and elegant CarrlMee. Particular attention to boarding Horaea, aatf Horaea always for sale and exchange. decu-tf INSURANCE COMPANIES. 1'HE EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. The business of this Company has for years been the largest ot any similar institution in the world. F. BEYER, Gf.sebaL Age XT, nisyg-ly A03 ami >Q.? 7th street. B. JONES fc CO, ? No All Ttk Hrrtt, opp P. O. Drpartmrnt, Represent the following s.roug Fire Insurance C< n.panie*: THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OF N Y., Cash Capital, A1,OUO.000 THE MERCBAHTS, OF NEWARK. N. J , n.Ctr Cash Assets, 8^76,740.17. (2MEAT WESTERN FIRE INSURANCE I COMPANY. CASH ASSETS ...0306,447 00 OFFICE, 603 FIFTBENTH STBEET, OPPOSITE TREasIXT DIPIITIIEXT. ml3-Sm R. W. BATES. Agent. ^pHE CORCORAN^IRE INSURANCE OF TIIE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Orgmmtxtd Ami 111, 1873. ca pi ta 1 ... El oo, ooo. OFFICE Mo. 1409 PENNSYLVANIA AVENDB. I Over MilbiriCsDire Store.) JOBN T. LF.NMAN, President. A. B. HERB, Vice President. J T. DYER, Secretary. Directors: ?Wm. Orme, H Clay Stewart, Chaa. A. Jamea, Jas. L. Barbour. Edward Droop, J?hn T. Lenman, Michael Green, John Bailey, A. B. Berr. npt-ly or THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. ORGANIZED A UV UST 00, 1070. OAOB CAPITAL 0100,00* Office in Shepherd's Building, Ho. OOSK Paaawt taia avenne. MOSES KELLY, President. WM. B. TODD, Viae PraaU 0AM U EL CROOO, r t&ir "? Wa.O. Mstaacat A. PtWyUOIUt | TN1TED STATES PATBBT OFF1CB, U ViiliMTo^D. O..E? 7.M1 On the petition ot WILLIAM B1LLIS0HURST, of Roc heater. Hew York, praying for the extension of a patent granted to hba on the 9th day of Au gust. IM, for an Improvement In Fishing IseU: It la ordarad that & testimony in the case fcaclossd It ? ordered Uut the teatimony in the case be closed on the 8th dayaf July next; that the time for Sling arguments and the liwlwrt report ha limited to Sari's. & ?}V5gS?* w tsixT -reraasg Utt." AUCTION SALES. to-morrow lit DUNCANSON, FOWLING * < 0., Aucts , Southeast corner Kb tad D streets northwest. |a NED IN HOUSE No *48 NKw YORK f*Vv 1 * northwest. AT AnrriON WEDNESDAY MORNINt^Jnls ?,h. rnrna. "Bc'n* ?* 10 "'clock, we wUI sell,at 94 ? ?VlNewYi "th and Kh!i streets m->?1 -jiwav"""" WJn w alimt Purli ri M , , , _ ,, Rcsewood ami Wa ?,,,?!?! ,0p Damask and Lacr l>. ' Mantel an<1 Pier Min St as Horn Hat Tree. Oil Painting*, Iniririk ".n,Chro!l?.n? Sidel oard, Extension T?%. * O'ntng Chairs. R>fngerat<r, B'*>krase. Walnut Chamber Sets. Cottsge Sets. Feathers. Hair and Shuck Matin ?s?s. Tsbles, Bureaus, Washstands. Wardrobes, Work Stand-. Blanket*, Comfort*. Spreads, 8h.-?fs Velvet, Tapestry, Three-ply and other Carp?.'*. Oilcloths, Ruga. Mats. Parlor Ornaments, Vases, Ac. Cnt Glass, China and Crockery. Kitchen Ulensils, Tubs, Ae., A?. Brine the effects of a lady d--c!ining housekeeping preparatory of leaving for Europe. This -ale is worthy the attention of parties <1"-iring to obtain first-class Furniture in good condition. Terms cash. DUNCANSON DOW LI NO A CO , m2S | R' P I Auctioneers. BY WM. L. WALL A C#? Auctioneers, New Marble Building, No. 900 and 90il Pennsylvania avenue. THE ENTIKE ST0(k7fI XTURES. Ac., OF A GROCERY >T0KE, No. 3 jI PENNSYLVANIA AVfcNl'E. NKAR 4S STREET. AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY MORNING. June 4, jl-<7.'{, at 10 o'clock, we will sell tb-- Stock, .Fixtures. Ac ., of Messrs Bray A Brother, who are declitiini; business, consisting of? Teas, Imperial ar<1 Oolong, Salmon, iu cases; No. 1 Mackerel, Mustard, Spices of all * in?ls, Labrador Herring*, Soaps, Dried Appb s, Barley,C.ml Oil, Sardine*, Lard, barrel* Vinegar, Brix.m- and Buckets. Sugar, Coffee, Canned Fruit, sacks Salt, Pepper, Rice, Shell Goods, Tobacco and Cigars, With other goods in the Grocery line. A'so, Fixtures, Scales an-I Counters. J?2-2t WM. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. BY GRKEN A JV II.L IA M S, Auctioneers. No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D sts. SALE IN RANKRUI'TCYOFTRACT OF LAND IX Rl( HARDSON COUNTY. NEBRASKA 43a, W ill be sold, at auction, on WEDNESDAY, *y*the 4th day of ,1 ntie, 1873,at 1)1 o'clock meridian. * ?! the office of the Register in Bankruptcy, in the City Hall, in the city of Washington, District of Columbia, the following described tract, piece or parcel of land, lying and neing in the county of Rich ard-on, State of Nebraska, to w it: The south one lialf(S) of section No. thirty-two,(12,1 in t>WDship No. two,(3,1 and range eighteen (18.least of the sixth principal meridian, containing three hundred and tw enty acres of land, more or less. Terms: Cash, All conveyancing at cost of the purchaser. W. C. BESTOR. Assignee of Z. M P King A Son in Bmkruptcy. m 13-2* w.'tw Ads GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. Y LATIMER A CLEARY, " Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, 8outhwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street, Star Office Building. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. fl\__ By virtue of an order of the Supreme TU*ffOoiirt of the District of Columbia, holding a 'T'* ? special term, passed in the matter of the es tate of John B. Turton, deceaseu, I will sell at pub lie auction. WEDNESDAY, the 4th day of June, A. D., 1ST3. at the hour of 10 a. m , on the premises of the Coal Yard of late John B. Turton,corner of Jefferscn street and the Canal,in theCity of George town, D C., Horses, Carts. Harness, Weighing Scales, Wheel-Barrows, lot of old iron an.I iron pipes. Hud i>Ar g*hsis and personal property belongir.K to tllrsaid estate. Terms cash. LOL IS H Sf'HNEIDES. Administrator. n?d LATIMER A CLEARY. A wets. Y LATIMER A CLEAR*, " R?-al Estate Brokers and Auctioneers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st . Star Office Building, ADMINISTRATORS SALIC OF SMALL FRIME Bl 1LDING ON LEASED IOR0UND; HOUSK HOLD FURNITURE. CONSISTING OF BED l.^.A I?; "U K ? A C. TABLES, FEATHERBED AND PILLOWS, CHAIRS. TIN SAFE, LOT CLOTHING, COOK STOVE, Ac a Ou WEDNESDAY MORNING, June 4th, st 10 o'clock. I w ill sell the above, at No. 714 2.'4d street, between G and II streets northwest, being the personal effects belonging to I lie estate of Eva Melir. deceased FREDERICK NEUJAHB. Administrator. ni31 3t LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY DUNCANSON, DOW LING a CO., AnctsTT Corner 9th and D streets northwest VALUABLE BUILDINoT LOT ON 3d STREET, BETW EEN MASSACHUSETTS AV ENUE AND C STREETS NORTHEAST, AT AUCTION. ?B> On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June4th, W9 ?t 6 o clock, we will sell, upon the premises, ^^-ihe south so feet front if Lot 10, Square796. and bounded as fellows: Beginuing at the southeast angle of said lot 10, and runuing west 1443% feet, thence noitb feet,thence northeastwards to inter sect Massachusetts avenue at right angles 12 41 loo feet, thence due east 138 78 100 feet to 3d street east, thence south along said s'reet 50 feet, to place of l>eginniig, and contains 7,183 43 100 sipiare feet. The above lot is one of the finest on Capitol Hill, and convenient to the street cars. This lot will be sulslivided it desired, and is suitable for building purposes. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6and 12 months, notes bearing interest and secured by deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing, Ac., at cost of purchaser. A deposit of *100 required as soon a* the property is knocked off. Plat to be seeu at our office. n.27 DUNCANSON, DOWL1NG A CO.. Aucts. Y B H. W ARNER. ~ ...... R'al Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7JI9 7tb street, bat ween G anl H sts. On WEDNESDAY. June 4tli, 1873, at i 30 p. m , I will offer for sale, at public auction, in ^*front of the premises, the most northern *2 feet 10*? inches, from front to rear, of Lot 7, in Square 144. Also, on tlis same day. at tt p. m.,the most east earn lb feet 5 luches, from front to rear, of Lot 19, in Siuare 117. improved by a two-story and basement Brick Dwelling. ? Al*o. On THURSDAY, June Z, 1873, at J5 p. m.. Lot 3. in Square 10^4. Teima: One-ihird cMh; \h+ reetdne in 6, IS and la months front day of Aale, with inters at fight (8) per cent. Title to bf? retained until all of the pnn hate mouef and interest is paid. Terms of Hale to he complied with within fire days alter sale, otherwise I reserve th?? right to resell, at the risk and cost of th^ defaulting purchaser. All convey ancing at purchaser's coat. A deposit of S&jouac ceptance of each bid. M. C. LEWELEN CLEMENTS, Guardian and Ajient. JAS. 8 EDWARDS, Attorney. M"' in23 eoAds B. H, WARNER, Auct. OY GREEN k WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, ? ' No. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D sta. VALUABLE PROPERTY, AT THE CORNER AVENUE, ATiMKJTKMfT AN? On WEDNESDAY, June 4th. 1873, at 6 o'clock p m., on the premises, we shall sell, two g.Hsl > rime Houses aud Lots, being part of Lot No. 8, in Square No. K3. Terms; One-half cash; balance In 6,12 and 18 months, for notes bearing imerest, and secured by a deed ol irust on the premises Stamp*, Ac., at cost of purchaser, jsodown on each house at time of wle. , GREEN A WILLIAMS. ln29 d Auctioneers. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, 19 Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11thstreet. .Star Office Buildings. T?ioT.K/JtS'^L* "F A VALUABLE BUILD NORTHWEST 8 8TB"T'?T. SBv virtue of a deed of trust, dated the 3d day of October, A. D. 1868, and recorded in Liber T and R, No. S, folio 322. of the Land Records of Washington county, the subscribers will sell to the highest bidder, ou the premises, on TUESDAY, the *fth day of May. A. D. 1873, at ? o'chick p. m , Lot numbered 4.(four,) in square numbered 238, (two hundred and thirty eight,) in the city of Washing ton, District of Columbia, to pay $2,343, with inter est from October 3,1868. and expenses. The terms of sale are: One-fourth cash,(of which SlOOmnst be paid at tbe time of the sale,) and the residue in equal sums in 6,12, 18 and 24 months, for which the purchaser must give notes, bearing inter est at seven per cent, per annum, payable semi-an nually. and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing at tbe cost of the purchaser, ir the terms are not complied with within five days from the day of sale, the Trustee* reserve the right to tesell the property, or any part thereof, to the highest bidder on the premises, for cash, on ten days'public notice in the "Evening Star,w Wash ington city, at the risk^and cost of the pare baser in dsfault. ANTH. HYDE, t _ JAMBS W. CORCORAN,J Trustee#. a21-2awtds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. _*?JHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY^the i!4th day of June, 187S, saoie hour and place By older of the Trust ess n>28 ZawAds LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. 1 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest comer 10th and D ate. ir B TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED KEAL ESTATE IN SQUARE Bo.tT4.NEAR ST. ALOYSIU8 CHURCH By Tirtae of a deed of trust, dated November ^Rl3tb, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. "4?,wli? 20, Ac , of the land records for Wash ington county, D. C., and bydir<ction of the party secured thereby, I will sell st public auction in front of the premises, on THURSDAY, tbe Sth day of June. A. D. 1873. at 6 o'clock p. all of Lots Nos. 142,143, 144.146 and )4>, in Gilbertrecorded subdi vision of sunare unaltered sis hundred aad seventy five. <<70,) In the city of Washington, with all the improvement*thereon, consisting of nearly Intshed Dwelling Houses. Terms of sale: One-third in cash, of which #60 most fee paid on each Lot at sale, tbe remaining on deferred payments, to be mads in equal payments in six,twelve, eighteen and twenty-four months after ?ale, with interest at ten per cent, per annum, aad seen rod by deed of trust te the satisfaction at the Trustee. Terms to be folly complied with within six days after day of sale, ctharwise tbe Trustee re serves .the right to remsM the property, after am week's notice, at the risk and cost of Arm purchaser. All conveyancing at pare baser *s cost. ^ WM. M. WARD, Trustee. mg-eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, A acta. 'I NCANSON, DOW LING A CO , Southeast corner 9th and D streets i Auct'm, northwest AUCTION SALES. TMi? ArriRHOtf!!. D* LATIMEB * CL.EABY, m .. AonlHMrtll urf ImI Hrssk.r. ??athwart corner irrm ^ g ?tar Office BaUdieei. cIMfr*RT sale or ? c.iKr. i > Bl SIN ESS TROPKBTT* ?JA A v e n ue, sou th 81W, b if * c en 7* Yf*T VALUABLE PIN.SSTLVA ?w?V,a5IiWi:,n ^ B, ifw5?Ef*V* tfoBTB*EST T^SStf^ C. nrt or K? fM,? * n >?? i' Maaadoo th? 7th day ct ai VrV^rt*. ^ 5 ? 2Icba.nr'.ry-f?w <1 will .oil M ?'?ffco. 3.1m. (.lDJtT Doc 19, I ^ p?hUf on TUESDAY. th "id IftS&Sj/cfea'^rsssisisd re and warehowi S?i.l lol f'r lh/.?n S? tL,r *~"bai ?? f 'M .w. Beginning ** ,he northeaat corner of said i.v ?n1 thfriif^ vnI along the tiof of P? n't4i Itahib J*) ??d t?Wtr seven (137 Ifeet Dtp iwentvfi?;. fifwSL'f? ?'on* the line .if nM alley I f "frj? ?*?*. ** prescribed by till- decree- One ? P. ca*h: and the balance in *ix, twelve *-i,t wifl IwT^SJI? 'or which approved notes or bond tater!?* t^aTl ?N"?I nwtalmew.. with ?^n'"?n?inan? A .in^ ! f ??* bundr.-d dollar* will be re.,n,r^l * JiVf, in a 'V of aaie be not cmpli sl . JfT1 from day 0f *ale, the pr >|t?rt\ will be Mo d at them., ,od ri?k of thi purch^r r ,n teyancing at purchaser's rmt * D mlO 9taw*d? LATlM BB.* rL K A rV" aI 't, 11* L^T.,2?*R * CLEABY, B**1 Estate Broker. and Auctioneer*. Booth west corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. CATALOGUE .SALE LAHUE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION HISTC^ICAL. pKOLOOICAL. KTHNOL< >GI CAL, tLTl RaL?i IKNTIKIC AND r?,? . " ISCELLAN EOl 8 BOOKS, Embracing complete ?i-t? of /aEf;nTK'i A"n?*U "'Congress, and Congressional ZW*//pebatt>?, American Archives. State P.p. r? r R^J'^- '-affa American Indiana. Bnlw.r t.'iiv Work* of D?-kens, Bnlwer, Leieh Hunt. Hood. Waverly Novels, p?;,V-5iiiVi *'d ** "nr 8h,?i Booms, corner of V V R VI \7' V.7?T.!"*' "? TUESDAY lNr* 1 ? and FOLLOWING EVEN IK t?B. commencing at 7 o'clock ?^Parties unable to attend the Sale can hare thejlr orders executed bv the Ancti'>n..>*r. I'he -ale will |><- . ..iitiimed on MONDAY KYK\ I vb ck"" 511 r"""win* EVEMMGS 'at 7', T?rns?, ca.?h. n'*? LATIMEB * CLEABY. \ncts tSnndai Herald .V t'apital 1 B IM*,AHKD,JtM'?FJS5L0liribW.Vi!'"1 a?^?.0" Tl KS.PA.Y. *0"HI?0,Sn.J S,con,. iids At 1J o clock, and c<?ntinuiutf at 7 Hi VMS -clock EYEBY EVENING until the .to. k is cl.?r-e^ ont, ?e will ge|| within our aale.room a latseMock ,.f Dry, Millinery and Fancy ?;.>o,|. re moved for convenience of ?ale. We name in nart B ack and Colored Silk*, Merino, P " Black and Colored Alpacaa, Poalina. Black and Colored Wa?er proof Flannel*. Grenadine*, Lawna, Snitiup-, Ca>aimerea, Cloth*. Canaineta, Priuts, <tintrhani?. Muslin**. Lioen^. IVkay, ^"hit?* ito kIa of every dencriptiou. Netting, H"iw n , Glove*, rrinffei, Rit'b"D*, Velvets, Trirnniin^*, Ac , Stc. ^tock iff seasonable. And c ?uiprf?*^ som-* of the finest dry Roods erer offered. Buyers will b inrni^nsn with ^eat?. The attention of d- alers i^ called to this sale, as the goods are in ffo.?d lota j-1 I>1 yCANSON, DOWI ING A C(?\ Aucts. B? B GKEEN A W ILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, Northwest corner loth and D atreet* PUBLIC SALEOF VALUABLE BE \L ESTATE til PrJiA'Tu" ?f "^^of Ihe Circuit C-art for ?jjq I riuce Geoix- ? county, Hittinc t? a c-mrt -f **e^uitv, panxed in the caae of William O Jone* and Ann June*, his wife,et al , vh. IUmI Benson et ?l., the subscriber, a* trustee, will sell at pnblic auction, on the premises, on SATUBDAY, the 7th ?5n'l Jun'i187^ ml 1 "'clock p. m.,< it fair; if not, ?ni the next 'airday.lthe real ??tateofthe late Wm Sibley, consisting of several parcel* or parts of tracts of land, called "Deacon s Hall," ?i ramp J"' ' J L",,< ?nd part of "Elizabeth s Delight," c >n lainitis 16s 2 10 acres, more or leas, situated in Prince George s county .between the Baltimore and Wash rfngton and the Metropolitan railr-ads? two mile* distant fr. m each?adjoining the farm* of Ex-Secre I*!1' V 1"1lai" G Metierott and G.-ueral Michk-r, and the Adelphia Mill*, owne.1 by (ieorge ?ri ?'*?"'?n^ nnlea front Washington citv. This land la beautifully located, in good cin ^ III',1*'.,,ln,1*?,tlr supplied with wood and water there being two spring* of ptire water near the failing water-power"" ??P'-??>J never The improveicent* consist of a good twe storr d*j-iin,g house and suitable out-house* One-third of the purchane money Mb ou the day of sale, or ratifloation thereof by the court; and the residue in euual tnMal metns, m *ix and twelve months from the day of sale, and the payment thereof to be secured bv the bond* pu,r,ct'^f*"r.or purchaser*, with sureties to b< approved by the trustee, with interest on the whole gj?h**?poppy fr"W the day of sale. A denostt of ?SW willberMuired on the day of sale. On pav DieLt of the whole purchase money the truate- will coaw?>anci 1 purchaser, at his cost for the If deemed desirable, the trustee will divide the above-mentioned real estate, to suit purchasers BICHABD B B CBEW,Trult^ Dl26<i gbeen a Williams! K; ??"N * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. No. 1001, Northwest coruerlOth and D street* T ?w\^* VALUABLE UNIM lOO **nn5 LYING ABOUT 0|r BOUNDARY FKK.T^Tli RI.TB FRONTING 3i3 6? 1UO W , EXTENDED STBEETS.N ga'B> >lrlu': <>' * *<?."' the Supreme Conrt of ^pthe District of Columbia, in the case of Hoover ^^?enardian, ts. Hoover aud others. No 2 7ai P*TT-1 ??>**?h day of OctoiJT, W2, I will sell, at public auction, tothe high-st bid der, in front of the premises, at tt o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day <>f June 1OT !;"<* ?<? ? 47;48?'149' ?' 6-- ? -ubd,vl.|,W Fi-? n!t!?"iUnA I reconled January 19th, 18M. in the land records of the District of r.dnmhia #^rn'* *AI?: T*2 Kt of th- purchase money !b^"iPJ? ^ l,nie th" balance in thr?e e^ual installment*, one in ten days, one in six month*7aud one u one year from the confirmation '?f said sale The laat two instalment* to bear Interest at the rate of ten per cent, per annum, and their payment to be secnred by adeed of trust on the property, (nver ancing at the cost of the purchaser. In d-fault of ,h# flEs,of d ,hr?? instalnT ots the Trwtee reserves the right to resell the pr .pert* ?bove mentioned, at thecort aad risk of the defaaltirg purchaser. _ LYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee 11,17 QBEEN A WILLIAMS. Anct* RY WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, I < u lu?i D street northwest, coruey of 10th st. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A^ALUABLE MARKET B>" virtue of a de.s| of trust from Emanuel La ^Sce>.aiid wife, date*l 29thday of januar\ lias ^^aiuiduly recorded in lil.er H. B , N > 1 folio ;s one of the land reconls of Prime Geor/e's county 1 State of Mary land, and at the re<|uest of the parties secured therein*, I will offer at public sale on the premise*, on MONDAY, 23d day of June, 'lS73, at the hoar of 4 o clock p m . all that tract or n?rLi Stit'e of U"*J1Dd P"nce Uoorgt-'scowMy! State of Maryland, aud being part of "(liillum Cas I , anner, and described a* follow*: Beginning at a pin oak tree, on the south side of the Bladensbur* and Washington road, and running thence south 22 degrees east M'r perches, then south 66 degrees west ? KfiSi"" S? t',e line, and with said line InTi.JiW w?*?y perches tothe Bladen* 77 . .Vft,?.n.ro"d '.t"' n w'"' *:?<1 road north 77 degr<-?* east 1113-10 perche* to the beginning,con taiuing 40 acres more or less, being .he same prem i*es conveyed by Thomas Anderson and wife to the ! f iifJi1' ei?". j recorded in liber F S , Ho. 3, folio 431. This land adjoins John F Clark and Hoover s, and being near the Washington market render* it desirable property. On the nromises a feet ?uuari,lwJt^Il!*,|l,,r 4?' *hith ?<-!*,lar; * b?r" '>*J Teet go i, a re, with *heds, corn house, meat house an<l other building*. The property w j|| be sold alto getber or in lots of 10 to 2u acres. Terms of sale: One-third cash; the residue iu 1 2 and 3 years.the purchaser giving his notes b -ariug interest from the day of sale; a de>-d Kiveu and a de d of trust taken to s.-cure the deferred paviueuts All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser seA/k'msSiht.rrst BT B. H. WARNEB, ?i *"*a? Broker and Auctioneer, No. Ttt9 7th street, between G and B. TBl'STEE'S BALE OF VALfraRT ? tm *?SiVSbpb?tektbt iu'C"**'"or ^?!4? .ct. s, i?r ?*duly recorded in Liber C73, folio S?, and M the re<iu?*t of the person secured thereby, I will sell at ??bHc auction, to the highest bidder, in front of th premise*, on VRlDAT, the 13th day of Juue, 1S73. *f_? o cleck P- m., lots numbered nineteen < 19) and sixty fonr (64) in subdivision of s,juars nnrabemd one Wired and oighty-two | IM.) as the salHrLJ? Washington *? c p,aU aDd P,au ot the city of on Mth street, and ha* a depth ofabo at * feet, to an alley, and binds on M street, and is improved with a large 2S-*torv frame More and dwelling, and two smaller frame the'ciTy mDd U locat*d ln ? r????lly improving part of The property will be sold subject to a prior iacai brance of A4JMH, which matures January 10,1874 Tenrns; Oue-half cash, and the resUiue tn six months, with iateiwt from day of sale ANotobede poaitsd when tae property Uatrack off. All convey ancing at coat of purcbaaer. 7 gl THOMA?|9. WAOGAMAB, ,MTtk from Charlea j|v-%V4>- and wife to John" B."M~PheriIon. . 1WE1U Ml District of Oonvey* fcfe.v^Bggiiga AUCTION SALES. R By james oru.n a?cu >n-er. No 1914 P<-swiiltu:i?Trii* TENTH REGULAR WEEKLY BALK OF FLOWERING FL A NTS. ROSIS. GEBANl ums. *c , On THURSDAT. Jan- at ? .?* p m . n ?nation r .-m lOl* Penns\ l> a-ia ?? *nae jSM (E. p) JAMES GUILD. Aact. T v l wall a co. Auttiooear*. 1 V-- M ?rl?le Biilding, **?0 ud VO-i PtiiBirltuii IT*., fi* ?? PO^TITE AKP PERFMFTORT SALE 0? FINE BUILDING LOTS S?> wtll sell, on FBI l>A V AFTERNOON. Jun. ?th. KJ, at ?> o'clock. oa th* premise . I L >?. A and B. a^uare 117. frontin< V fe?t 4 ! In- )?? s ot, 19th srr H. aad rum.inn ba?k th'- dep^h of the i.?t, 1*1 feet III inches, to a %? f???t Th *b?e propert) If rttatlfd on IHk Drift, b?t*>>n I. Mid M street*. T>'riw Oc third cash. ia ai* ?M ! M'^tlw, for *<4t*MN(Ml?rilT *m | i<-cured by de<?d of tru*t on the premises, and h-ar I lug interest C^ATMtnetiii ? ftrrtiMn t (Ml A i lei* an of 5lit) will I* required a* *>on a* ?old k*le (twit:' without r.-aer?e jj.1 W . L WALL A CO . Aorta I TTHO?. ILWAGGAMAB, B Real Ealat* Auctioneer, 41# 7th street 4 HAKi EBY PALE OF IMPBOA1D BEAl ES TaTF ?>? *th STKEBT NOBTHWEST. I*K TWEk.1 G AKtl a. ? Bv virtue of a decree of the Supreme 0 >nrt thf Dwrift Columbia, paMni (V'tok*i 1t h l"CI. in rhai?< ery cauae h >. l,7t. Huaws et al a. Hun.e* ft ai and a aubae?in?Mit decr*?- paa?-?d tii a id an-.- Mat 26, 1K73, I *hall off.-r tor aale, at rib c ancti ??. tn front of the pr-nuae*, on ? KI?N r.> *AY. t he 11th dav of June. 1S7S. the south II f?et ront In the dep? li of the lot ?>f I >t J*, and ?he n Tth f.-et front hT th - depth of the lot of lot a,mare impr ifit by a n?-al l??-4ort Frsm- U '??' J. r;u?; ?:??> < a?h, of which $3# must be paid at he time ?ale. lalsnce in IS month* from day ,?f ab'.aitbS per iet.t interest. and se, ured bi the iote<.f the piircba*--r and ? n-'n?.| lien upon the ><?fi<'ttv If term* are not c >isplint with within ne we-U frori dav of -ale, trustee r??er?e? right t < <*<-11 at i ink Slid ' out of d fauliinn pit it has. i, K F M??KSBLL Trowtee j5-l* TIIOH. K ? Afi?tVINLAM_ By b u. \v akkeb. _ K al E?tate Br, krr and Ancftoneer, Ko 72? 7th atreot, betweeu U *ud U. ?BTSTEE'S sale of PROPERTY on - I sTBK ET CONTINl'EP. U ST ABOVE M PAY >TKKET NORTH W E>T. AT Al t'TION #B? rirtne of a deed ottruatt" I?ani?l L E ?t'?n, dated Jul* It, Kl, and dnlyrec-irled m Lil?-r ?? ,totio IW. and al-ofcr ad roe iftheS'iM tu> onrl of ?h>-I?i?trict of t'olnmbia p?"M in E-iuity tuir Vk .t.tut. IWket 1J. ?n'"?titutuii{ the under lenod Tru-tn in plar? of Dunel L. Baton, le ?a?ed. I will <e||, at pnldie ani ttoa. In front of the >ren.i-e-.on Mt?NDA Y . Jnne lti. 1873, al t> o > 1 x-k ni , lot tl, in .!????? B Hav'a aul>divialott <f Mt ?|e??ai t, r?-C"rded in Lil?er J A S. No S39, f 'lu? tl. of the land record* of U aslnni^on couutr. > C Terni? toln- made kri tn on tli<- day of tale. ?Mn n? n on arreptaiK-,' "f hid. II term? of ??l^ ar- n >t ? niplie<1 with within five d?y? nft<-i the Trna ee reserve* the rifrht to reaell the pi.jpcrl* at th* ?t?k and o-Hit of the d>fanltinc piirclia-H*-r. Convey ?nciiig at pur< ha?er'? c, ~t GlOBiiE W. STIt kSEI , Tmal e. j, 3 f,.id> B H WARNER, Anrt. By dleCanson, pow lino a oo., a wet*. Corner tth aud D atn-eu northweal. MMENSE SALE OF PRY Ot?OP?, MILLIES BY ANP FANCY GtMiIiS At ACt'TION t?n TI'ESPA Y MoRMNO .1 nn- ?d -m IU\ f) \iie:i(iiiK?' lO , Vlock, and rontmniag at7'? HriillUodock EYENINtJ, we will *e||, within our Ur li -aI-nr," in. a Urge ?tock of pry. Milliner? and Fancy li -'idn, r?nioyed for convenience if gale We name iu part : B!ark and Colored Silka, M"tin<* Black and Colored Alpaca*, P 'pliii*. Black aid Colored Water-proof FlanneK. Oteiiadmea, Law in>, Suitin^a. CaaaiuierM, Clwlh*. Caaiuet*. Print*. Oincham*. Minima, L'nen*. Pekav. White U-x>dit of everv .|.-? r.pn ?n. N--ttiiiK, H ?*iery. Glove*. Fnuife* Bil>bon?, Velvet*. Tritnniin??. Ac . Ac. Thia *to< k i? *ean"inaMe. and < omprl-ea ?->ni- of the nest Dry Goo<l? ever offered. Buyer* will be fur i?h--d with ceat*. The attention of deaiera it calle.1 t>thi? pale, a* the rood* are in good lota. ,,2 Dl'kOANSON. DOWL1NG A < ?> ? An t. If v GREEN ? WILLIAMS. Auctl' tieera, 3 No. 1001, nurtliweat c?jrner U*h and D ?ta. IAIU CLOTH PAWLOR SI ITE. WALNUT HiAME.WAl.NlTM T. t ENTER TABI.K TWO ,'J) BLACK WALNUT t'llAMRKR SUIT 1.8, PAINTED BEDSTEADS WASH STANDS. MAHOGANY LK?K TABLE, M\ ID Hi ANY SI DIC BO A BP. OAK DININu B'HIM i HAIRS HI SK AND COTTON T??P MAT TKE*SK8 FEATHEB PILLOWS AND BOL STERS; Hall oil txt?TH; stair oil CLOTH. STAIR BODS; CHINA. GLASS AND CROCKERY WARE; ? OOKISG . STOA ES. KITCHEN I TEN SI LS, Ac On THURSDAY MORNING, th *tli mat., iA. r .mmeti' line at lO 'clix k we *uall *?!l,*t Hflfethe r-*id<-ii' ?? of a ladf declining !i- i*ek- p I ? line. N ? l*>3 H atreet, between 4*h and :>i:. treeta nortliw' *t. the above deacrib.-d Coll ? ti m -f I u.. bold Farnit' re. Terniacaah j2 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancto l*Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. AttCti .neera, [J Northwest corner linh and D streeti. TALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY FBONT INU ON A STBEET NoBTH. BETWEEN l?t AND 4i.STBEETSEA8T,0NES0CARE EAST OF THE CAPITAL. AT AUCTION m. tin MONDAY the ?th inatant at ? o'clock P ? m . we shall mM? on the premi^ea. Lot N ' ??inare No. 718, havingtwo go,?i f.uir -t >r>? Briek lonat-?. with basement; all partition wall* hmlt of >rick; each lionae containing iifht rooms, with (as nil water Terina mad*' kuown ^>n th^ dty off mm* jtd C.BEEN A WILLIAMS, Anct? BY LATIMER A CLE ART, ^ Auctioneer* aud Real Estate Broker*, ioutheast corner Pennsylvania aventie and 11th St., Star Office Building. "HF. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RESIDENCE CALLED DUNBABTOK HALL. 81TI ATED t?N THE BOAD FROM PIECCE'8 MILL TO TEN N ALLYTUW N. ABOUT TWO AND A HALF MILES FROM WASHINGTON. D C . AT AUCTHiM. ton TH0B8DA Y, the 1 ith lay of June, 1373 on the premiaes.at 4 o'clock, we ahall sell the al?<-ve auburban property The place contain* bout twentj-lliree acres of land, improved b> a nansioii house,l ontaiuingeighteen room*; also, two ..mfortal.le te:.< ment honses, with all the necaasar> utbiiildings Ther>- are seven acres of grapes ia tearing, pears, peaches and other frnits The view from the houte is one of th>- finest in the hstrict. Any one desiriug a fine country reaidence ioiild do well to attend this nale. Term* One-third ca?h. the balance in one, two nd threp veao.with notes bearing intern*, and ecured by a deed of trui?t on the prem!**-* Conv. y ncibg at tiie cost of the purchaser. 8down at line i f naif. j.-t-d LATIMER A CLEABT. Auctioneers. [|| GBEEN a WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, 13 No. IO01 uorthwest corner luth and D *ts. IIANCEBY SALE OfIrEAL ESTATE IN THE COUNTY Of WASHINGTON. IN THE DI8 TBICT OF t'OLl'MBIA (OF W. D. C MCB DOCK,) ABOVE GEORGETOWN. SALE TO TAKE PLACE AT AUCTION ROOMS OF GREEN A WILLIAMS. NORTHWEST < OR NEB OF 10th AND D STREETS, IN WASH INGTON CITT ^ n B> virtue of a decree paased by the Siy>rMme ?pCoiirt of the District of Columbia, in Eiuit> ibttilM- No. I,7'4. Georiie W Lmville et al vs. I'illiani D C. Murdock et al.. we a ill *ell, at public uction,at the auction room* of Grern A William*, nrthweet comer of Wth and D *treets, in the city of Vashington, D C.,on TLESDkT. th. t?thd?v M one, A D. 1*73. at the hour "f ? o'clock p. m . L"ts I. tl, IS, '14,25, ai, 3D,31. and At. of our subdivision of part of a tract >4 land lying and lieing in the county f Waahington, in the Diatrict of Columbia,called 'riendship. St. Philip ai*d Jacob, and reewrve) on acob. Each of the above lot* contains from five to t wsnty "The land i* situated on two road* leading into th* tidge road, and by th>-se r<>a<la to Georgetown ?nd k s-hiugton. and is only tw,. aud a half nnles from ieorgetown. The new road at>out to be made bv the loara of Public Work* will bring thia pc^rty inch nearer to Georgetown The land is of g.->4 quality, and part of H wood ?ud. all well watered. The land auitabla for ag icultural purposos, and i* in a very healthy loca Tlierr is erected on said lot 16 a large new F1 nr Illl, in g>*>d running order aad condition, with ater course The uitll wi.l be open and -abject to napection to all person* One lot will be sold with privilege of two or more its on line of kit sold. Ttrtn* <>f sale One-sixth cash, aud the Italaace in hlrty e<inal monthly payment*, with i ater eat at the ate of t< n per centum per aununi from day of nale ntil paid, with security to the aatisfaction of tie eceivers. and a lien retained on the property sold; r the pnr, haee monev can be paid iu cash or up.? tiorter time than as aforesaid, at same rata of inter at Adepoait of fauwill b- repaired of the p?ir haaer at tiaie of aale. All conveyancing aad stamaa t coat of purchaser. Plata of the property will be ahlbited at the time of a?|e. WM T. MATTINGLT, J , PHILIP A. DARNEILLEw Reeeiser*. WM J MILLER, S .2 did* GREEN A WILLIAMS. A net* IAT WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, 3 Mew Marble Bailding, loa. 000 and BOB Pa. avenue, corner of MB street. RUSTEE 8 SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPRBTY IN SOUARE Mo. 61*, NEAR St ALOTSICS CHURi H. IBv virtue ot a deed of trust, dated October ?1. A. D. 1H71, and duly recorded in Liber Mo. Mi. folio 362, Ac , aad by the written direction of the arty secured thereby, 1 will ">11,^ i fnont of the premises, on MOID Al, the AAjh d f Jtine, A ? K1.M ? o'clock a. m.. all of L< t,? am ..J vu uAiik? " dap . a mr. ?nai V V owl p. m., all OT Lot* Ios Mand KM, iu Gilbert's recorded subdivision of uaare numbered six handrad aad seventy -irs (?7J>, i the city of WaakiantoB, with all the improvo ter t? thereon, betas two aearly-hnkshad Dwelling I nuses, front lag on north I stroeC Terms of saW: Owe-half la csah, of which |W ?ust he paid oa each lot aft aale, the dafcinsd pay - ?euts to be made ta six aad twaive moath* after dav f sale, with iatereat at tea par cent, par anaam aad scured by deed of trut to the satiaBsctloa <4 the 'rastec. Terawtabe complied with withia rta day* ftei day of aale, otherwise the Treat a* reaarves th* igkt vc resell the property, after owe week's aotice, t the risk and co?t of ^faulting pare baser. All sa\ e> aaciag at pure bur's coat. BT2fT" ? EVENING stab. mlKornitT A d?rit? l. (m n, rlrr* Vic ^ ?'<1 for ml,JS y_ fnt?T* ?? buk ?Her N l?iti| it to aeoonpaav fh?m t? th? ?"#' liirtKM tbf to?i, wl.. l"* *?*" M-reral of their ' b" .mooted ?*, ire*'dent of (kf hank ?u L - _ **? Uildin* when the men T*" "" Wbbera flr -d npoa ht_ - wounded bl? aligbtlr. Only ?TaSTSi TLkSf f*om the aafe. the roVher* evidently tbey got all there waa a* the tbteeJl - 31 'V/ "r ~~r.l.hota at uJcXZr* r*rt> Of armed men mniolittrlv ?t*rtrd ia p^. Sm<>t a*r? Kili ii?._a Ivlrcrtn m tbe Ktcb fr?" Harnaonburg. dated **? on M.T-1L- Sif" ,onk ?,U?* ?MlfUt* i ifrtt,,,, M tlw Vallet railroad J Tbi IIax \\ m>< Tnix iiht lis Corin u... * Cow ?Say* the t*ttca H. raid Tb. ?L!f thought awyWdy conld nnlk a cow don't thtn< *> ntiy more He bought a cow roatw*.* !?? laat evening he took a new tin pail aid ? iWiu, U?? and ofartf<t for the -t.blo He r?votU out of till (.table through a window In tuat threw B.-Dut^ At the *.,,,e time the t.a rlil w^J ji* ard wandering among the -??>..r? and the h?r^l*? Ji*?tl? *dl"c ouT 01 ,h' ,,ao' The Ifirl rnidfA rerofnioix-Hiirc in tVwww ?n,i ?tinted that thecow ?standingon ??bor? Hotonpf.k ai.d wiggling her bind le*? for more worlda to con.|Wfr. ^ * *-"??-a*i? t'o*r?*?ra Trim in i 2" ??*?"* beci SSdtJ degree* a bote irro The atreeta * err d imt v tba f.mW * ,n f"n Uooni- ?od tbe trrff tl .raw '"It three incite* high About H oVIo. k ?> in a Tn^rJ'U1"' V,,U?* *h,> had .ta^TaT toot in the morn tug trviu a Mace wh.-r*ti?? *"?'? l*r three feet dee,. ?? a leTeland ^ lomi* were cmrtd with to. ***?? ? '1'n.atTT VJdwatSX man teMatioiif of the frigid and ttcri'l nmn. cl.^e to^ethei TL. man .T^, /,^!! C?daU -/.?w a,?r , ,?K,.Tn rX Ajrnmi Mi Ri.m Triai in Kalti ?nat " c?dored. ia now t?ing trle?t in tba criminal oo-rt of Haiti more on tV charge i? murder, on tbe Ktb la^t March he kilfXl m woman with whom bf w?. livir.? althou?hwr* lawfolly man led to ber ).v atriluntf be,fx J M* tin..* on tbe head with a hat. fiet ,-ar. to be a oiar^. |.rutal m.n .^t itcnc* againat htm ia di-mslingli ?tron? Hi* conn we I are making an effort to .how wUJ5 RWALtrox ItAOtNO ON I^.n.. laiANt>_Tho W.How Tr'^ srV ,n ,h*' ?ia "?"?'? ?i?uaIS r?.t - . UtM>" ,hp '""d I "land rail road . are to l>e remor?<l to fbe |.(>t-b<niw aotlMrtttM* *'rSo1** l'r or,1',r?? tba hi! i?L ^ - l?rem iit warm weatb^r m fixing* l.ji.i efteot utH?n fbt* colored who are afflicted with the diaeaaa, and !? m.lira of them arc dying _.V. |-. ,Vf<r -imoera , lat??t ritiiilmt:. in nor at l on in F nm ? and w at the funeral or a voung todv Jb?? ,h^ .V,r*r.."r:'tUM ,t the - liirh U t wa ligbt> at tbe head and two at the loot " .FT1** M,con T"-lejrrai*f,Te? th.a>awning poHt cwti verKanon " - Wefi. Jlm tbe WOi id o*m .????. : "y*"'" To Which .Itni W ell. George, i^rhafx it doe* i.ut Ml |J d-d if jou aint too lacv to collect it!" ?yj.'I'l'y>ir"X?"t v'Mt to lii.liananolia, Sbor id an. it flaking of the late raid into 'co> "a"1: "Tb* Kio tirande U> aueb a "ypr. Tou know, that M Kenrie |.r.?ba blr ooul.1 n t tefi which cide of it he wa? on." Henry I?ar. the Kn?tol reciuae. wbitM ?.??fiZr? rec?'nU>' announced, m*de a will ?>me tight year* ago. giving all lua i.erm>ual Mtate to tbe l nitf.1 State*. W hVXSuSSS to the I nited State*, aabjoct to a lifeeettte to bl>rt?ter. The will ha* l.een ymifl to pro bate. and the estate amount* to aome f jo.am, Nelly de M tlamarre de Treb\ haa inat taken the veil. Tui? young ladr wa* at hor father a residence during the war. when it waa inc j.ut hia arm round her waiot ?he aeited a knife and plunged it into hi* breaat. A ret?rt wa**entto PrU Frederic SSrti. J&? matter ?? n?t'Ce "Lwh1,1 ^ ?t tbo m a r 11 c: it. HIST ?tLVTrVlw^Lr,5&*? jT; ?l l llLA " PKATT.wf W ? )Oi ?nth, Maw. * DIE*. f'a?Faw*?La0Tin^l.#4'? m.Mn a mm i rlifh "f Lawr4c. CaMao, J" rm 5r*rf r* ~ rrr f^r - 1?**h Mlfcaot. Ha> aba rw in |?ara tr B??4aigbt nn>..ii ia i>eaniiue Up?in her *il.-ut grave, ?^r*" ?lthoo? dr*ar tii? The one we rowld not *ave. The r j od, of gri^f are h.ar'r? nt^fr "^**owa oa Dlf l.r-'W, ' cbide me not for ***|iir(. I btvf n - in >th**r now. ? A^rEVop^a^.^SiJVs: 1 *n th^-?H ?ear of bia ag.- ? ? *a.,io Flienda of the famiir ar? Invirad to att??a k>. co^v ' "*<"** < ??? At bi* r?atd. nrr, JJ ..Hgj ,?h*t,-*i s.'a'.i-.j-Kyf " a??M8r* Balativea and friend, of tbe famir are r^n^rf.t. ?h It 4 >7 *V*nd on WedwwdayTjnae ? ?'frn" k" ,at" raalden.T " ini^fi i , Jod*M at * Sua a n>? ABI) J and THOM AS ? . twm aTn. ^ V f* n'SSft ??s"'?v?jy ??5 ?- ?? >?? c *<*>?> ? m.d f neiifli of tbtTimily pvoaptfuiiv inritHl to att.-nd hi. funeral tt'Z ||?^b?S ^d[^da>, at ? . i.m k f m ,PJ** UKDERTAITiCRfl I^ICHARO r. HABVIT, " tOmttutm u HAH Wgf # MAMKj Bo. ?S? W Stebbi, lmiiW lliatb aad l_ HhTALLIC BORIAL CASKS AHU r*KV t/ Mrt iwmn naw. ^ SHhOVQS. HABIT9. #a UIt'RAAB W. ?>?!?' " CABINKT MAKER AND ONBKRTAKMM. ?I* ILITUtAITUR, mw7 >VKNITVRK Ofjt\UK1NVR Mav^ ETROPOLITAN DOLLAR 8TORS. A WLL STOCK OF 7HA FOLLOWimu AiHikdfi. r CHkAt aooits has j rst BEEN RKCKITKD. ONKXAMtNA^Zl TUK Y WILL SPEAK rOK TttKMSKL 'If. ?entS rtna Ltaew h^w ^ ? _ ?e?,^ iza&z ttTfZToZZlSZZr ?* #1 ]?S*!18&~ Hewe, for ?1. ChiKrew-a Bin pad Ml tpaita for ||. tv.liMb'alawt loaaiw back,a.aetoli, M< Tine Oral Fraaaaa.! Btx Fine Flated Kat ALL TMKSK AND A THOUSAND OTHK AETULKS AWAIT YOUR iNSTMCTiOtl.

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