10 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4

10 Haziran 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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EVENING STAR. Tl IADAT In?f lO, 197S. LOCAL NEWS. ? ee^eewd LamI*. From Shill.ngton ai?l from J. C. Parker we k4?e A^^UUm't for ?Inu 14. The h- a'.th officer over two hundred official notices in relation to nuances yester da t The Alexandria paper* announce the fining by the mayor Tf?t?fJ?j for disorderly conduct or .lack Rnsti'n, of WaabSn-jton. The excursion ?! the Knights of 8t. Patrick toGhiront on Thursday will be dcrtfghtful if the weather l* pleasant. See adveit:seuient for hours of leaving. Mr. Win P Key tu been appointed ticket agent. in charge of the orange an*l Alexandria railroad office In tfeu city, vice Wb.E. Gii fc.n.?. resgaed. At a meeting of tbe Hibernian Society No. 1 la?t night. resolution* of condolence with the family of their late deceased member, Morgan Xiland, were passed. The funeral of l?r. Robert T. Freoewn took place ye*teTday afternoon at Union Bethel, A. >1 E.Rev. l>aniel Draper, pastor in charge, officiating. About in o'clock last evening fire wt? dis covered in the room* of Michael Cunningham, Wi:, F street. It was extinguished with a few backet* of water. R? v. Mr. Cromwell, recently of Liberia, Afri ca, ha* accepted a call from the St. Mary's (col or rd) church, on 23d street, between G ac<l H rort(iw< est, and will a^unie pastoral charge on Snr.day next. The body of the youth Willie Ahern, residing on Capitol hill, was*recovered s.t Four-mile run on Sun<lay and brought to this city for inter ment. The deceased, who wn accidentally dr< wnc.l while fishing. was a handsome little fellow. about 14 year* of age Inuring the performance at the circus last evening a gang of colored rowdies on tbe out side of the tent threw several stones over the canvas into the ring, one of them *triking a per son connected with the circus in the beail. cut ting him badly. Officer Tnrnberg appeared, when he was received oy a volley or stones. He fired two shots inti the crowd, and after a lively chase, caught ?> 3 of the party. A Flaf Impmencal. THE SKW HoCSR OF TUX K! ITi'R Oir Till ROW. Of the irany new buiMings in the me ghbor hood of Vermont avenue and the M street c?rcle none are more e'abo-ately finished or more con veniently arranged than that of Mr. W B. Shaw, tne wel'-known correspondent. This bouse, nearly completed, is on Vermont avenue, between K and L street*, and commands a tine view. It is built of brick, with Ohio sandstone trimmings, and is three dtori. i high, with man sard root and galvanized iron cornices. The bouse contain* about 18 rooms, and is fitted up with every modern convenience. On the first or basement floor is tbe billiard room, kitchen, lantidry. storeroom and heating department. The second tioor, which is reached by a flight of i?< neca stone step*, contains two very Urge par lors. and in the back building, on the same floor, is a large dining-room which can also be us^d as a ball-room. The wood work in the parlors Is black wa'nut and curly maple, and that in the ball, black walnut and ash. The stai.s are of solid walnnt and very tastefully carved. On the third floor are five'ehamber*. the front one being very hand-ome. It is made with an alcove lor the bedstead, and from the large bay window in front, an excellent view of the City ard the Potomac river is obtained. On the fonrth floor there are six chaml>ers, beiides a large store room or cedar chest tor the ?to-age of woolen clothes during the sum mer months. There are two bath-rooius and there are electric bells through the wfiole bouse. The front vestihrle is fln:?hed in wal nnt, and upon either side are two tine nrrrors, e-vt^ndin-? from flcsr to ceMing. Every room h .s hot ard cold water, and the entire hon- e is heated by i-te.im. There is a spacious yard on tbe south s.de, which is to be terraced and en ck>?ed with an ornamental iron fence. Through out the houfe Isone of the most complete In the city. rnd wa* built for comfort, without any re gard to expense. It wa* commenced last July, and will be re-?>ly for occupancy by the first of next month. S*iaw's nest is the envy of h'slc i fortui'* e churns, and now that It is'abont fin ish I he hiir el' begins to doubt whether it U no? almt t tao gorgeous for him. ? '?Howl'* Ghkat I.03TD0S Circcs and San ger's British mei'agerie of trained animal*" is too long a name lor so good a show, and ought to be abbreviated to something easier to speak and write. The gorgeous globe chariot, with the goddess of freedom, had their place in the street procession this morning, ami attracted Eeat attention. The exhibition* of thia con nation are attracting large audiences, who are are well pleased with the performances, particularly the daring and graceful riding of M'lle Dockrill, the antics of Mons. Kennebel, the s.Ient clown, the dashing equestrianism of Morgan, the (good-enough) hurdle rider, the perilous feats of the Romelli troupe, the dan Crous fooling with tigers and hyena* by'-Mo ll, the invincible," and lavt but not least, the - -?.i M^jaermis doings of the five perform fnnn, .. ""*? sLow if * good one, and ing elephants. ? wvitby of liberal patronage. ? A Divorcx Gkaxtid.? To-dav, In the Kquity Court. Jud<^ Wylie made a decree di vorcing Christopher S. Arnold from tbe bonds of matrimony with Emma Arnold. Tbe p'ain 11ft se t forth that he was married to respond ent on the 2>thof*luly last, and that he was forced into it by her tauter: that on the 2*>th of October a cbilu wasbora of her, and that sub Wouently she acknowl deed that pla'ntiff was aot the father of the child. The test.monv was taken by Mr. H W. Garnett, and the (>etitk>ner ?? *tifled to the at*>ve facts, and several police officer* gave evident e?to fie father or * apondent making threats tow-- ? - ?? mj rr "vi Vyan> "- tuc petitioner. ?v^*red Tor the petitioner. Th* prtt* mawiso in the interest of the Ir>sh natioral cause took place last night at Car r? II hall, under the siij?ertntendenee of Messrs. M E. I'rell.F. McSerhany. Thos. Montgomery, Thomas Carraher. John Moran and Patrick klickey. Mr. .lames Kehoe presidol. The tol lowina were the successful numbers130, first prixe! " Griffin s Works,-' (1? vols..) and ?? The Irish Brigade in France;" 1,444, secaid priM, "Carleton's Works/' (II vols:) l.?W, third prize, ?? Banin's Works," (10 vols.;) M2. fourth prize, "Life and Times of O'Connell' ard ?? History of Irish Name* and Places;" 910, fifth prize. '? McGeohegan and Mitchell's Ireland" jutd " Hayes' Ballads of Ireland." Th* nsTtvii to be held at Sitter Spring, Mr. Blair's country seat, on Thursday, lor the benefit of Grace Episcopal Church, in that Be'ghborhood, Mr. J. B. Averitt rector, orters an opportunity to lovers of the country to spend a pleasant a^ernoon. The beautitul open-air Mrvice of the Episcopal Churh will be held at 3 p m. Bishop* Pinkney and Johns are expected ? - > resent, and the address will be by the to o? r- _ , - Church. Trains on the ESpl.5?S?BV.?'eo! I.Hi. ^""-1. ? the hours named .a the advertisement else where. Bntni*0 Pbkmitk Im>t?D T'Vdat?A three story brick dwelling an4 **.jre, south B, between 1st and 2d streets southt ast, for Wm. Rothwell; a two stirv Vick addition to dwel ling. ICtb, betwee- ? and F streets northwest, lor E. M. icHenry, a two story frame dwel ling, Virginia avenue, between Jth and 4th Wreet* southeast, tor .lames Herbert: a two wtorv lr ime duelling, lfttb, between B and L streets southeast, tor W. W. Metcalf; a three stoiy brick dwelling, 4^. between M and N streets northwest, for Thomas E. SuiithJQn. ? ? Ta* p*o?.raiimk for the open-air concert at the Canitol erounds to-morrow afternoon is as fonows ?1 Grami Ouick March. 2. Jolly lib bers-bnppi. 3. InU- *?1 ,^ew Wien Strauss. 4. Selectiona from Traviata? Verdi. 5. Polka Mawjnrka--Faust. ?. Pot pourn from Puritani?Balfe. Intr. and Walze-Heinecke. A. Finale?Kage in Ir land? Beyer. ^ Th* Stortssi aji's Clcb met last night, Col. Alexander In the chair. After a discussion tn relation to the location of a club house on Ana lostan Island, the committee on game laws in the I district reported that a bill for game laws had been compile' and submittal to the assistant District attorney ;or revision, and that Mr. Har rington intended to hare it brought before the Legislature to-day. Stravbrrrim, reports " Hollywood," are about as plenty this week as they will be. The dry weather has upset his former prediction, and now they are ripening fast. Next week they will be small, at a slight advance. Satur day morning will be the beet time to get berriet to put up. A good rain wooid extend the season r week. TiiWiiiipitoi SanoiRnrnD has elected tbe following ofBcers for the ensuing term: Ix>uie Waldecker. preside**; Fr. Knoop, vice presi dent; Ferd. Rockar, corresponding secretary; H. Schmidtmann, recording secretary; Paul Havenatein, financial secretary; R. Hart, trea surer, Chas. Raeder, librarian; C. Herbert, standard-bearer. ? Mr. Chas. McNamrr, who has been la tbe office of the clerk of the conrt of this DUiriet fur upwards of forty years past, filling a desk on the law aide, ha* tendered his resignation to Mr. Meigs, the clerk, and it has been aoeepted. It la nnderstcod that Mr. MeKtaM* intend* to 'intoi ? Th* Elrctric B*U Li**l Ca?*?To-day, the ease of ruehflRg aft.Clam <* t orn ror Ubel) was usamti I* the Circuit Court, and the pain tiff dosed, when the defense proceeded to or:er hie evUeaee, BriLDtvo Asoociatior.?At the38th ly meeting of th? Franklia Coopsrmfve Bniki iag Association last night *?^oo was advanced at an average premium of 81 per cent. o No **w CASKS OF small rox have been re ported to-dav. One death hae occurred at No. SMI 4* tUttt MiithWtot Pabltr Rrhool WHIT* WPOOli. hnt IHslritt?Female Primary No. 1?, ML* Isabella M. Wilton, teacher, at the corner of J-JS and I itreetn, was examined ye* lev. lay by Tru?te?s Hart and Harris. It hai *7 pupils oil the roll, all of ?bom were present at the exami nation, and* tbey answered all the ?inesttorn promptly. The medal was awarded to Mary C. Hilton, and diplomas to Margaret Hine?, Mar gar* t Cooke, Ida Marv Serrin, 'Kate Pduger, Nellie Barry, Lillie M. Godfrey. Kleanor K. Gregory, Minnie E. Hilton, Mary Wensle, Kate Haidy, Alice Thompson, Ell* Itay burn, Jennie Murray, Mary Libbey, Mamie Bouvet, Marga ret Conner, and Mamie Brecht. Male Primary No. 13, Mis* Sarah J. Oliphant, teacher, in tbe old Union engine boiue, 19th and H streets, was examined by Trustee Stuart. This school ha- fifty pupils, aid passed a very satisfactory examination. The medal was awarded to Clarence B. Kheem, and diplomas to John E. I.owry, .Tames McMabon, George Acton, C. Attmansperger, Charles Kidwell, Solomon Fowler, Charles'Mirer, Philip Speeht, Ki.i^ht Wnodley, James McGlue, Lewis Con rad, and Wtotwortb Brooke. Male secondary No. 5, Miss Mary McGill teacher, in the ola frame building on H street, between 13th and 14th streets, was examined by Trustees Harris and Stuart. This school has 45 pupils and VI were present. At the examina tion nearly all of them will be transferred to a higher school in September. The medal was awarded to James E. Scott, and diplomas to Samuel E. Thompson, John T. Davis, Kobert Knester, Daniel Walsh. George R. Kenneker, Nino Barberi, S. Sewall Cissel. Edward Kaiser, Albert Baier, Frank E. O'Brien, Joseph A. Dempf. and Frank B. Shafer. Female secondary No. 6, Mrs. M. E. Bodier teacher, was examined by Trustee Hart. This school is located at the corner of 14th and G streets. Mrs. Rodier has been teaching for more than twenty years. The medal was awarded to Rosa Wa|pon, and diplomas to \ lr ginia Centner, Kate C- Wilson, Marv F L . Barre, Annie B. Reed, Alma Harrover, "Slay L. Gordon, Sophie Oker, Jane M. Joy, Julia Goetz, Rosa C- Menhorn, J.E. Scherger. K. J*. Killian, Caroline Crarston, Imogen Leprevx, Mixlrlia J. Barrick. Mary Plowman, Eriioi F. Given. M. C. Christman, Mary E. Da rid sen, C. E. Kuthertord. Alice McAuley, H. E.Edwards, E. D. Raub and C. C- Miller. Srcfnd Dit rir.t?Male intermediate, No. 3, Miss. M. E. Howe teacher, was examined at 1:3)) p m. yesterday by Trustee Rantlolph and ex trustee Mcl.ellan. The school contains 40 pa nils, and all were in attendance. Of tbis num ber 31 are ready to l>e transferred to hrgher (trades. The premiums were awarded as fol lows: Medal, Thos. P. Van Arsdale; diplomat, Seward Beall, Atwood P. Latham, ffm. A. Wil. on. Daniel W. Ellis. Fred. E. Ta: ker. Nath'l E. Oliphant, Win. 11. Johnson,John D. Chapin, J. Frederick Kelley, An* mio H. Toar la, J no. C.Stewart. Oscar" Cts?el, Brvan H. Stickney. Fred'k ..chlaich.G. Edward \Veaver .William Hotelcr, Isaac Goodman, Wiilard H. Si vers, J. H. Fowler. Jos. Harper. Louis P. Sefariftgies ser, Joe. W. Needham, Frank L. Parks, Herry A. Park?. F. Frank Pendel, S. Durbiu Walter". Fred. E. Tasker received the spelling meda!, and books were given the following l>y their teacher for excellence in spelling: Tho*. P. N. Arsdale, Antonio H. Touceda, Oscar Cissel, Geo. I?cke, and John C. Stewart, Frank Wal ker received a certificate tor penmanship, and Wm. Flnley. Morris Richards, and Wiu. C. Leigh were honorably n entioned. Female Primary No. ?, Miss ll<>lling-wortIi, teacher, was examined at 3 o'clock ve.?terday, by Trustee Randolph. ' Forty-one names are on the roll; thirty-three pupils will be transferred. The medal was awarded to Cornelia II irtman; diplomas to Mary Wolx, Delia Fitzgerald, Laura Hessler. Catharine Brick. Alice Ford, Cecelia Ward,.Mary Killigan. Ella Mack. Nellie O Con nor, Anna Git ly, Clara Jouvenal, M ?ry Law less, Alice Sawyer. Margaret Kane, Katie No lan, Elizmlieth" McNicuol, Ague < O'Connor, Ella Beach. Female Primary No. 4, Miss Maggie Walsh, teacher, located on H, between M and :d streets northwest, was examined yestenlav at I o'clock p. m., by Trustee Randolph and ex-Trustee Sicilian. The whole number on the roll (?Z>) were present yesterday, and of this number xl are to be transferred to higher grades. The premiums were awarded as fol'ows: Medal, Alice M. Esj>ey; diplomas. May E. Mullan, Mary O'Reszari. Frances Killigan, Minnie M. Chauncey. Marv Pflnger, Josie M ddleton, Kate Cromn, Ella S. Nichols, Lillun M. Mc Elfresh. Elizabeth Hill, Emma F- Kirby, Clara M. Luckett, Margaret Lai'xman, Margare. u'Connell, Emma Kichart'son, Cora I>. Locke Catherine C. Ben/el, Louisa Laaxman, B. L '. tian Otis. Laura V. Harper. Trns ee Woodward examined .Miss Robinson's Secondary No. 2) school, In the building on H ?treat, near "2d, and a tine examination it was. All the pupils were present, and 6<i of the CI pupils will be transferred. The following is the [?remium listMedal. Maggie W. Blondell; di plomas?Ada B. Mackey, Florence B. Newell, ida V. Cbancev, Maggie Tretler, Mary O. Con ier. Kate T. 0'VOBMr, Annie L. Tucker, Rosa K. Gonkeler. Lou??? A. Bradley, Mary Wi'son Matilda B. Walz. Florei"."? is, Irpxell, Emma B. Ma.?on, Minnre A.Noyes, Cor4 S^J?' Louise C. Entboft'er, Ida V. Miller, Isuo^ >rmon, Margaret A. Allen, Mary C. Looney, VI. Rose Callahan, RaeK! Oolifstcin. Ada talker, a competitor tor the medal, ?food even vith her rival until she lost one ilay by >ew?, and the teacher pre*ente<l her with a hand ome gold cross. Kat? bilker was presented nth S beautifully bound book tor rapid im rovJr**nt <!<*???* the past tltfee months. p. u Vn a ui? i ? -- tel olars; 52 were present, and ai^l'm^ raneferred. The premiums were * ' ^ Jllows: Medal, Alice J. P' nt " Losa A. McCioeky, Sa.s'- Diplomas? na Woltemade, A- ?r w??0~ 11*.' .-gosta Behrend, Mary Whu Lee Willey, Amelia Jakob, G. Kerby,Rebecca, Behrend, otelin SM er. Ardel.a B. Huseman, Alice Button, Laura ieisecker, Lillie C. Sohl, Mary R. Helmuth, K art ha O. Burcb, Emma O. Myers, Rosa Cole nan, Maggie E. Cohen, Amelia Rohr, Anna O. ftTood, Clara H. Green, Charlotte Eastwood, tnnie R. Burnside, Clara E. Myers. Tk\nl Out rut?Secondary No. 1, (female,) IVallach building, Miss S. M. Lui>by, teaciier, ras examined yesterday by Trustee Dulin. There are 1'orty-iive pupils in this school, and of his number thirty-four are to be promoted. Trustee Dulin awarded prizes as follows:? H<H2al, Cora L. Brurt; diplomas?for attend ince, Mary V. Gill, Clara Vennangton; for cholarship, Mary F. Bar tier, Addi. ?. t'lvlds, leannette Felger, Kate Salter, Mary ft -an, Fessie K. Cole: Tor deportment, Laura C. Hodg on, Elizabeth S. Grimes, Ellen Brown, Roae l>. Robey; for penmanship, Clara K. Schneider; or music, Jessie A. Dulin. A medal for spell njt was awarded to Mary V. Gill. Secondary No. 1, (male,) In same building, Miss Maggie Saxton, teacher, was examined by Trustee Wm. B. Moore, and fully sustained its ligh reputation. There are in this school fifty :hree pupils, all of whom were present except >ne. The medal was awarded to Harry P. Si nionds, and diplomas lor dei>ortmeiit to Alvin M. Long. Wm. Ahern, James Roney. Frank l.ibley, Michacl Hern; for scholarship, Halleck ^cNalley, Charles Jones, John White, Airred Raief, uCWis Thompson, John Iseinan; fgi eocal music. James Willis; fox Jose nil Martin. . mentioned, Louie Vierbachen. Isaac Beers. Thirty-two Of Miss Saxton's pupils are to be transferred. Primary No. 7, (male,) Miss Martha Armis tead teacher, located in the McCormick build ing, was examined by Trustee E. F. French, who awarded the medal to Geo. W. Grinder. Diplomas for attendance were given to Sum mer Nottingham. George Dunn, Appleton P. Clark, Chas. McNeir, Wm. Repetti, Ross Cor nell; for scholarship and deportment. K. Edwin Cook, Geo. G. Eaton; for scholarship, Joseph Miller, Elmer Johnson, Frank J. Betts; tor deportment, Elmon Bradley, James Magiunis, Frederick H- Litchfield; for penmanship, Dan'l P. O'Hare: for vocal music, John E. Grinder. Twenty pupils out of fifty-five on the roll are to be transferred to a school of a higher grade. Primary No 8, (female,) Miss Marian Pyles teacher, in same building, was examined by Trustee Abraham Scott, who awarded the medal to Addie Perkliu. Diplomas for attend ance, deportment and scholarship, Margaret McCoy; for penmanship and scholarship, Grace Greene; for deportment and scholarship, Lily Webb, Annie Keithley; for deportment, Addie Warner, Annie Howard, Virginia Seward; for scholarship, Virginia Lowe. All of the pupils (twenty-five) are to be promoted COLORED SCHOOL*. Primary No. 2, Sumner building, Miss Ida G. Curry, teacher, was examined yesterday by Miss E. V. Brown, the principal of the building, assisted by Trustee Walker Lewis and ex-Trus tee William Sypbax. The most meritorious scholars are Evelina Smith, Adele Mason, Sarah Gowens. Luclnda Hawkins, William Syphax Walter Brown, Archie Jones, Amos Perry Arehi* Waters, and Mary Carpenter. Presi dent Johnson, of the board of trustees, delivered an address, congratulating the teacher ard pupils on the highly satisfactory condition of U?e school. Primary No. 8, Chamberlain building, George town, Mms A. L. Tlrtlrm, teacher, was ex amined by Miss 8. L. Damn, the principal of the building, ssststod by Trustees Alfred Pope and John H. Ferguson. This school has 76 scholars?27 girls awl 4? boys. Tbe pupils most deserving of mention are Maria Morgan, Mary " ly Sanders, Mary 1 domw. Alice Fountain, Fa?y H. Dorse v. Martha Grady, HaneUSmith, Edward Williams, Andiww DnvU,Chai lee Gallery, John Butler, Jerry Hicks, Brtee Handy, Umphred Green, William Bandy, Martha Waymans, William Jenkins,Sarab Riddle, Georgia becket, Sarah Briscoe, Cledy Mad ant, Herbert Let, Wiltte Fletcher. iry No. 4, Miss M. E.G. Brooks teacher, __ building, was examined by M*m E. V. fiTsSoLrs deeervUig Tf^pamcnlar an for general exoellenco daring the past i year are Kdmanrt Soott, William John son, Fanny Gibbe, Carrie Syphax, Grace, Rob inson, Jane Nelson, and Bosanna Cook. pupils on the roll of this seboof, all present with one exeeptioa. The meritorious pupils are: Edith Washington, Josephine 8be!ton, Ida (SOU; nostiers, |*v; privates, jsuu. was rsad a third time and reiectwL Teas? lepb-rd. 8moot, Taliafero, Vermillion and Nays? Messrs. Brows, Carroll, Clagntt, i,Herbert, Hnnt, Long, McKnight.Trim J hn^on Ann* Tlionv, George Williams, Sher- ' mm Johnson, John Brown, Margaret Lae, and Man- Wright. Primary No. S, John F. Cook building, Mips B. A I.ee, teacher, was examined by the prin cipal, Mrs. M. A. 8. Cary, assisted by Trustee A. Lewi*. The roll of honor wan "an follows: For good conduct, Maria Poole, Lucinda Kob Inson, Elisabeth Lee, Elixabeth Smith, Cora Smith, Emily Pierce, Urace Johnnon, Cornells Matthews, Arthur Brown, KU Brooks. and tieorge Lee; for improvement In science, Cor nelia Matthews, Grace Jofcaaon, Emily Pierce, Klixabeth Lee, Elizabeth Smith.Arthur Brown, Wm. Uoberson. Taton Washington, Wm. Shor ter. Joseph Purse, James Allen, Samuel Budd, Ell Brooks, Josephine Walker, Nellie Dockett, and Km ma Craig. Primary No. 5, Delaware avenue building, Mi?s H. M. Johnson, teacher, was examined by the principal, Miae E. G. Handall, assisted by Trustee PerTy Byder. The pupils deserving especial mention were Abraham Thomas, John Mark, Albert Summers, Pleasant Sidney, John Smith, Charles Cropp, Liz lie Green, Maria Brown, Lucy Smith, Hester Boldln, Joseph Carter. Maria Gordon, Anna Datcher, Sarah Tyler, Francis 8helby, Emma Douglass, Girk wood Mndd, Helen weaver, Maggie Mason, John Johnson, Bobert Wilson, and William Tolson. ? Third Leglalailve Aisembly. CorsriL.?The Council opened yesterday after noon with p~ayer by Bev. J. Q Mason. TUR COLOKED SCHOOL fVHB. The President laid before the Council a contnuni ca.ion from the Governor inclosing an opiuton from the a;t*raey for the District in relation to the ac count between the truces of the colored schools and the coir nissloners of the sinking fund ; re ferred to the F.nance Committee. Council b 11 "o. 34, reviving and contiuuiu? in force au act entitivd " An act to fund the unsettled lialillitiesof Wa-hin jton, and providing for the is suing of bonds and lev) lug and collecting taxes to pay the same," approved June J, Is.I, was re id a second time, and upon its reference Mr. Brooks said he was anxious to bars this bill ac.ed on as ?i?>n -is possible, ai I. was to secure to the colored sc'iools the proportion o.' money due then under the law of Congress; that upon iuveigation h" found that there had been paid by thesinkin^ f ind <- >m"iis*ion for the support of the public schools ft MH.lUi of wh cli amount there was dne the col ored school* 414 594 61; dnefr< m the government of the Dist-ici of Columbia to April loth, 9 luJU7 0-1; making a total of #24.89' ?>? dne to colored schools; that, by construction o." a want of law in some casej and too much law in others, the colored schools, for want of money to support them, were about to lie abolished. The fiist great trouble was the failure of the old municipal authorities < h? believed a refusal) to carry sut the law of Cong eaa estab lishing these schools, which refusal led to the necej sit> for creating an Independent b??ly. known as the board of trustee* of colored schools. Other troubles bate folio wed fr<ni time to time, and unless the coin nut .i? bring in a bill requiring the commissioners of the sinking fund to pa> the amonuts due b> law, these scbiH'lii must be closed for the next year or two; referred to the committee on finance. Mr. Thompson inireduced a bill to aatborixe ari l regulate proceedings snppleui< utury to executions upon judgments received in the Supreme Court of lbe District of Columbia; laid over. THE WATER-MAIN DE'ICIBSC*. Mr Th 'tnpson introduced a bill to provide for a deficiency of appropriation for laying the 56 inch and other water mains,'which authori/.es the Gov ernor to i.?L*e a further issue of water bonds, to an amount not exceeding $ J5 00", und-r the same Con di .ions and restrictions us are provided for in an act entitled " An act to prot ide for an additional supply ? jT I'ot'mac water, by means of the Washington aiiu*'du< t. toth cities of Washington an<l George town, and authorizing a loan for said pnrp ? e." Sec. 2 That in order to pay the said deficiency as rep< ri?d by ?>? neral Babeock, United States ?ngi ne*rin charge,there be, and is hereby, appr?prta at? d Ht of the proceeds of said water board th>- sum of g.I6.00U,orsomurli thereof as may be necessary, p i) able as per rep >rt of General Babcock as follows: To Messrs. En. in art. Dunbar ,t Co., tl3^u.l7; Mesars. Kmmart A Smith, .eilAM'J3; B. G. Camp pell, JglJW.W, Messrs. Je^~ie W . Starr A 8 <ns, ,J9, 004.46: Messrs. Robert Strong x Co., 94 162.07: Pro r,tf.-i. That th'-said amounts shall be received in full of all slalm- on account oL the said work: A* I rror'dtd furiker. That when Boliert Strong A C >. ?liali have given a receipt in full, th* penalty imounting to HZ2.7 02 for nonfuifiluient of their con 'rs? t shall l?e, and is hereby, remitted. The bill was laid over temporarily. Ml?< ILL1XIOV4. Mr Br"wne, fr>m the committee on judiciary, rc poit?dba<'k H' nse concurrent resolution tixtns.' th ? ime of adjournment on Thursday, June 2>5; which S'M agreetl io. Mr. Thompson presentt-d the petition of Mr. W !I. Bnrr, with a plan for renaming tlie streen; re erred to the lommittee on public works aud pr- p ?rtv. ftir.Gulick inlr'<duce?l a bill to eonalize tara'.on ? ?r pa* ing Pei ns\ Ivama avenue with the other por ions of the city; ? nich was read a first time. Mr. Kiley piesented the petition of Mr. W. B. Fowler, >1, Georgetown, asking reimbursement for lamnge-sustained b) reason of recent improvement*, ?eferre<l Mr. Bnker introduced a bill making approprla ions to supply the defi<-lency in the funds of the onnt\ school b->a'd, and providing for theextia ruishing of the debt f >r constructing and furai-hing chool buildings in the count \, lunounting to a total f 919,704. Mr. Bnker fntrodnced a hill making aparopria ions for the public schools in the 1 ouniy of Wash ugton for the fiscal year ending June ttib, 1<J74; laid v er. The bill name* tue following sums : For the services of fifteen principal teachers, at 191JU e:ich, %LSJ0U; for the services of thirteea eechers, at ?9} each, 97.MJU; for secretary and reaioirt r to the board of trustees, ASUU; for twenty lglit janitors, at each, #440; for fuel and stove LXtures, 9'.'Hi, for repairs for building, and fenesi, "?? for bisiks, stationery and mi*c?dlaiioous *up 11.^' * - "-suiuwe for school buildings, $XJ ll^S, JW? iOI . ? Mr'.Salf^lled np Council bill to lnt-?*|: *te<i penmrs and to regulate the sale of spiri.u n<! lienors, and its consideration was irther iv stpoLed antll Woaa^ay n-xt. Mr. Thompson, from the committe? i'" finance, ?ported back Council bill No. 17, authorizing mmissioner* of the sinking fnnd to Issue certifl . " the sm<iunt of 91M.UUU for laying water alnsf'wlta ^ and it was mad* the special rd?-r for to-day. 1101 BK OF D?L*0At?8.-The Speaker laid blors the House the report of the commissioners of THB <1SKISG FIKD; hlch vss read, ordered to be printed and referred , the commutes on ways and means. The report lows that payments have been made as follows:? n account of claims approved by the auditing com lissicn. ?707,773 t3,(including 9?,157.43 interest;) idgnients, Ac., 996,l?a.;r; ten per cent, certificate ,r i^ihj Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Iudiana venues, f?W,406 71; do. caual improvement, ULAW 28' B- ard of Public Works,on account of Id contracts, 9317^11 21; wiUer stock redeemed, 13S?62.04. total. 9MW.n??L They have also lid for purchase of 9?S,7S0 ten-year bonds, :&mJ17.01, and for 9?,500 Washington and Alexan ria railroad bonds, 9?il47.l'-^li*/ state that a ?mparatively small numl>er of claims against the Id corporation of Washington remain to be settled, ot exceeding probably 950,0U(', bat it is impossible t present to give more than au approximate esti tate of the amount. TUX rUXDID DKBT Wi'^nt 4^,u^>.r^.-?'W VadliiDgU>D fuii.ling ? cent. bonds,< act June ?, lSXjT. ....^..l.OIO.jjW 00 hicag ? relief 7 per cent, currency bonds 1004WO 00 larket-houae 7 per cent.currency bonds aou.iuo 00 ?.>t<,iuac water 7 9?r cent. currency bonds 4S0.VJ0 00 lorpo.atlon of Waohington 5 per cent. stock fri yS'lf 00 >0. do. C (iii cent. stock....-...? 6S5A17 00 ki. do. ( per cent, stock, canal 4<j<00 00 >o. do. 6 per cent, stock, water.. ?. 1VJ?78 00 Hi. do 6 percent. 10-year bonds 445^00 00 >0 do 7 3 10 per cent. 3-year bonds 602M0 00 to do. 7 3 10 per cent. 6-year bonds 192,150 00 tacbiiigtoii apd Alexandria railroad fcnaranieM Ij ths city of Wash- ^ ^ ^ ?^^atiiii'of^X3M17 00 ,o.?do. 8 per cent, stecli 2Q,<loO 00 Making #n aenrecate of 9rK9,' l'J 00 )f this amount the commission holds of 10-) ear lH>nds. .....9?,M1 f Washington snd Alexandria railroad houds *<5o? "?> n Leaving- 9,233 577 S3 Tb. v aLo hold Chesapeake and Ohio canal bonds o the amount of 976,000, which would now com rand more than that sum. and hope to -<?? ixe a -onfiderable amount due fl^ai the eeueiai n jvorn uent i'nd ether lonrces. . , Th, Speaker laid before the II >nse a memorial -rom Bnimert, Dunbar A Co. in relation to wat-r main-. and Qenersl Uabcock's report thereon; re ferred. 11tn1| 1i!temcwi!(t bill." Council bill relating to offlces, known as the re tienebment bill, was taken np as unfinished busi ness and it was amended by consolidating the ofilets SSktetor and treasurer .fixing the salary at irivSghlmtwoclsrksat it^ou-ch, flxf.mtKesal JrVof the assistant district attorney at fl,0W per annum, the salary of superintendent of garbage men St tUWO. and the salaries of the firemen as follows: Foremen, 9'sngineers, 91,1"", flrSmen^ 9Wi tilb-rman, 9*0; tostlers, 9?V; privates, |W. ?niVbill was read a third nme and rejected.Teas-^ Messrs 8bep? Wall?6. Chsje,Co*,B . blMraCarroll moTed that the rote by which the bill was rwectwl be reconsWsred, which was agreed to, thi third reading waa also reconsidercd-so the bill retains lu place on the calendar. passag? OP THB 9300,800 l!tt. While the above bill was andsr consideration H i*id over temporarily % on ssotion of Mr. Suioot, Bonm binkuown-t^s ?*>**> ^U^-tjjke Brovni.Cwroll.Ohase,OoijRrer?Herbert, Huis Brown.Carroll,Ohase,Oos.Dyer, Herbert, Huso, Hunt, kurrav, Shepherd.Jmoot. TaUlfcro, 'Trit ble, Crell, Teimllllon and Wall?M. Naya-Messi Barry .Brewer, Ola?ett, Long, and the Speaker-5 limiT OR TRE nil AUIM TILISBAPI. Mr Shepherd, from ths commima on fire depart ment, submitted a report oat he fire alarm telegraph system now In nse, signed by all of the eommltt?<e, with s bill for the construction of a new telegraph, which authorises a contract for a new telegraph, including one hundred automatic alans hose 1. and appropriates 9"?/Mf?r the pnraoas.to be raised by a special tax apoa the property 1b WMhiugtoa and Georgetown of Bve cents on each hundred dollars for a term of two years, it being specified in the contract for 1 he construction of thaUl-grsph that ths money ?hall he Mid v> thaa collect?-d. ThVreport says; ? That they have given the sub ject full conalderatlon,and tave thoroughly Investi gated the system of flre-aJarns telegraphy now la u^ein this District, ard find It in a most deplorable ordition?so much so that 1? the jmlraeat of yoar smmtttee prompt relief mast be alforded, or the committee prompt relief mast i>e afforaea, or the property oflhTeitimis " ?"dsn?erod i*^ ?ity oVwaLblaJrton ab.>Bt t?nTears?ago'n sT? thoiaand dollars Of coarse, helag for the use of Washington eity alone, fewer alarm boxes and leas atgaal wire wss aec?*sarv than is repaired at this tiSe^ lot only has Washington city grown aea?ly one third in point of hawes srec;?jlTImt theciiy of Qsorgstswa has baea eonsolllated with it. and with the coaaty Is now entitled to flre-alarm facilities. The aystem now u?ed wsa then the has* that could be obtained, bat the onward awrch of progress baa developed great improvement in fire alarm telegraphy,as well as proved the inadequacy of our sj?*e? to the wcrll of rtviaf a prompt. accu rate. ami reliable alarm. A ride I to this w find up- Q etrirt inquiry that no iniprorement* whatever hare been m?d?> her* fine* th? rys'etn ?v first put in nee. The ?*iu? wirea, the nue boxes, the -ame iMtrnwuti p.aced in p>?iti >n ten jmh ago still : ?*nain. In such a state m to preclude repairs? in fact,are literally worn ..at,and *r? c^'Os^in^ntly unfit for their ptrpoee. This, In the face of the patent fact that wii h tbe immense nnniber of fraase dwelling* which have been and are now twin# erected m the District, the necessity of aasl<* safe guards agent it flrv were n->rer more desirable than now. In recent Congressional investigationson the mtyect of p?tal telegraphy, the evidence of eer er*l expert electricians was to tbe effect that a lin* of tebgraph deteriorated at leant 10 per cent, in each year. If their th-ory In correct, then our pres ent system baa performed its duty, and should b? re pinc-d. Certain it is that then- ban been loss m >ney etpended yearly for its care and improvement than in any other ctty in which a ?y?t?oi is in use. This fact can be unbttaatiated by a reference to the ap propriations in the pant tea years, which sh^w that the only noney expended for the lire alarm tele graph system has been for tb?- salaries of op?r <t>r? slid the necessary amount to provide for furnisaiiig the batteries for the wires. The Importance of having a thorough *> stem, which will perform its duty a* an invaluat>!? ad junct to the nre department, is apparent to all and needs no argument. Upon its efficiency in a great degree depends tbe safety cf the lives and property of our citizens. It is, therefore, in the judgment of yonr eommiitoe, a duty which the Legislative* As sembly owes, not only to itself, as tbo gaardiau if the interests of all tbe people, but to th- c immunity atlarre,tbat immediate steps be taken to remedy the v\il. At the re.jnoit of yonr committee, in the prosccn tloaofthe duty assigned it by tbe resolution re ferred to. the representatives of the firm of (iiuiic well A Co., the ouly firm ebgaued in the business of Ors-alarm telegrspby ia the country, and wh'f" 8j?tt-ni is now in use in all the principal cities jf the bnion, cauie to this city about two week* aff >, and in the pre-ence of the members of both branches of tli# Legislature, ga\ e a practical exhibition < f the improved apparatus which they have fu-uished to New York. Boston, Cliicaco, Detroit, and otb r cities. The anperiority ot their work, and'he up adequacy of ours, was amply demonstrated a I the facts of onr needs placed before us by a practical working of the different system**. Tour committee would call the attention >f th" Legislative Assembly to the annual reports f th' board of fire commissioners ami the reports of the chief engineer and the sup -rintenddnt of the hre alaini telegraph. All of those officials ?po.<k i i p-->i tive and unequivocal words of the wants of tl. ? l?is trict as regards the tire alarm telegraph. Their recommendations, as well as the re-oilt of onr own investig itions, prompt your coiniii>tto to urge upon this Jloase, as well as the Council, the speedy ?w -^nge of a bill providing for a new fire I alarm e>?. m for the District of Columbia. One hundred alarm boxes of the improved pattern should be placed through' ut the District in orderth.it everv portion of its territory shall be fully pr ?vide.l w itti the means of affording a prompt alarm of lire." M1M EI.LAKEOVS Bl-IJCKSS. Mr. Smoot presented a memorial a-ktng that the name of Pierce ?treet be changed to Arling*on; re ferred to the committee on public work-. Mr M (Knight presented the petition of p K.Di venport for relief; referred to the comnntt.-e on Claims. On motion of Mr. Vermillion, the bill creating the office of steam-toiler in oec or for the Di-tr ct of Columbia, was then take .. up, considered, and laid over. Mr. Walt offered ? resolution granting th-'1 use of the hall o." the House, on the evening of *h.> lDtli inst .,t<> Mrs. Sara J 8peneer for an address la favor of the passage of a bill for the establisliment of an industrial home in the District of Oolumhi i The Speaker ruled that tbo motion would require a suspension of the rules. Mr. Smoot moved to suspend the rules and passthe resolution. Mr. Shepherd raised the point of ord< r that the rules if the Hons** of Representative*, which g >vern here in the absence of other rules, prohibited the t pesW- r frem entertaining a motion to suspend the rules for the purpose of granting the us-? of the Hojse for purposes other than the use of the H"nse. The point of order wa- su?tained. Mr. Taliatero said the committee on charitie) and corrections would meet in the hall on Wt-dnesdav, ?ad Mrs. Spencer would appear h?fore th -in. II invited all to be present to near her. The Speaker laid before the House a message fr >m the Governor, stating that he had signed 11, - hill ex tendiri the time for the paym.-nt of special assess menis. On motion of Mr. Shepherd, the House th n -*ent into committee of the whole on the billforthe pay ment t f -alaries to the m-'tnbar*. offlcers and em ployes of the Legislative Assembly .and it ?a< con sidered, reported to the House ana passed, and.it 9 3l> p. m. the House adjourned. * An Act op Politk>esh. ? The tickets to Tom Wright's execution, in Washington, on the ?'>th instant, were printed in a form com niencing, 4,You are res(>ecttully invited to attend," Ac. A gentleman provided with one of them ww making his w:iy to the jail, when a ?e<tate friend asked him if tie did not think It inhuman to go to such exhibitions. "What!" he replied, "when you are invited to a gentleman's funeral, is it inhuman to go? On the contrary I think it would be impolite n- ' to go!"? Wrjiut-i Stntinel, last twiting. ? Tewacitt of Ltr*?As our reporter was taking supper (which be paid for) in the Marble Ilestaurant la.-t night, he heard the following account of some black bass swimming in the tish pond. They were caught near Harper's ferry, by hook and lice, strung on a cord through the gills and hungup in a freight car, and after their arri val in this city were placed in the tank, and are now as smart and lively as ever. This Is vouched for by the proprietor. A tine two pounder was stolen last evening. Real Estat* Sai.ks?Latimer * Cleary, ' auctioneers, yesterday sold a two storv frame bouse on the southwest cornerof Massa husetts avenue and 17th btrect to 31. Gannon, tor ! 52,700. Th* Epis;'?rAi. Clergyman ih St. Ma*v's < Catholic Seminar^.? The Rev. Kdwanl , ?outhgate, formerly deacod *t St, Luke's Epis ?n?.ai . "' "rch, in this city, but who, on XUurs- i lay Ust*entcrtJ st- Catholic Seminary, , Pennsylvania arenuw," , ' expressed in- , :ention of fltting himself, - ??*?? ?f. there, for admission into the Li?.',olic^,'1urch, (till remains at the institution in his Character )f guest, and will take no definite step itutil the return or Archbishop Bayley, who is now absent from tbe city, on his visitations, and who is not I expected to t>e back yet for three weeks. It is stated by a member of the seminary that t>esidesMr. Curtis, former rector of Mount Cal- . vary Church, and Mr. Southgate, there are two J jther clergymen of the Episcopal Church in the , city anxious to embrace the Catholic religion ' snd to ?nter the seminary, but that one of them * Is married, which state of affairs of course pre sents an insuperable obstable. The Rev. Alfred t E. Curtis is now pursuing his studies at the * seminary with a view to becomidg a cam lid ate 1 tor holy orders in the Catholic Church, but he 1 Lias not yet entered as a regular seminarian, and , is only pursuing a partial course of reading and | reflection.?Bait. Sun. , KETtrRHiHo Mormohs?Among the passen gers by the steamer Wisconsin, wnich arrived st New York on Sunday, were the Mormon m s- 1 jionariej who l^ft Vtah Iwt Vctober, and join- < i'ng a tourist company in London, traveled I through England, Holland, Belgium, Frantic, j Italy, Corfu, Egypt, Palestine and Svria; called at Constantinople, and journeyed tliiough Ba varia, Austria and Germany?about twenty 1 thousand miles in s?ren months. Among the < number of the returned "miarton" two of 1 the "twelve apostles," George A. Smith and ] Lorenzo Snow. George A. is Brighign Young's > tirst counselor and the gentleman whom the 1 prophet recently raised to the dignity of trus- ] tee-in-trust of the Mormon church. Several young females are in the party, including Miss Naby Young, daughter of Bringham.and Miss Eliza Snow, daughter of the apostle, and dis tinguished in Mormodom as the <-poetess of Zion." They have during their mission secur ed about 1,000 emigrants, from England, Den mark, Sweden, ana other parts of hurope, who will soon arrive. A French Comment on Thikr'h Adminis tration.?The Bien Public, of Paris savs: Our children will read this in history: M. Thieis was elected President of the Republic on the 17th of February, 1671. After sav ing France from anarchy he delivered her from the foreign er. Paying five milliards he restored the finances, and gained for his countrv the respect and esteem of the great i>owers. tie was over thrown on May 21, 1873, for having declared conformably to the suffrages freely expressed of the country that the Republic should be legally organized, and for having demonstrated that the instability of the government was the only cause of commercial depression. He was dis missed, amid the applause of the enemies of the Republic, by a coalition of 362 deputies, notori ously and openly Orleanist, Legitimist, and Bonapartist^ Virginia Notch Mr. It. B. Williams, whe lives on James river, near tbe line of Botetourt and Rockbridge counties, has opened a line mine of hematite' iron ore on his place, about fifty yards from the canal. An old man named Wm. Ellis, a farmer of Norfolk county, was thrown from a cart la Norfolk, en Saturday, and had his skull crushed from which he died in a short time. Col. John K. Copeland, conservative, has been elected mayor of Suftblk. Va. The conser vatives also elected their entire council ticket, except one member. The Virginia sugar refinery at RockettV Richmond, nas been sold at auction for *60,001. It is stated that tbe Ladles Lee Monument Association have in band about f 13,000 in money. Stormy Session ot thi Spanish Cortks^ The Spanish Cortes had a very exciting session Sunday night. Owing to the confusion which prevailed In the chamber, the closing of the doers a portion,of the ttsae, by which reportess were excluded, and the late hoar of adjourn ment, the morning papers were unable to obtain correct or complete returns of the proceedings, and many false rumors in consequence obtained currency. The statement, among others, that tbe ministry proposed by PI Y Margall was ap Eraved, is incorrect. The house finally rejected is ministry, and called on Pigueras to resume tbe control ef the government with his old cab inet. Six Soldism Drowned bt a Flood.?A scouting p*rty sent eat from Fort McPhersoa, Nebraska, two weeks ago were eaught Sunday night In a severe rain storm in their camp, on Blackwood's creek. The eamp was flooded. Six privates or company F,3d cavalry, and twenty four bones were drowned. The reet of the com mand saved their lives by climbing trees, where they were compelled to remain eighteen hours. There has been a severe storm wen and north west. lor the past three days. POLICE COURT. JmUit Sm'U.-C^or** Stfw?-t plmM full; to ?llnvwii his loU of frttfl and saad to b?- <lr"pp?l mm! om tb? iir^ while driving ? cart, ud ??* lird >A Charl.** Ktr<wt w?* tin^d ftiofor profanlT. J jhn H-'ll'i'in and .l.wph uill.rharufd with f?l>ni'>u*ty ?msnltiuf and robbing Prasci* Eos* of ft 12, wh. tft?tii)?dtU*t kr net til -?-? T'lunc Din, and tb- > a?k*<t kim te take a v . Ik ? i.h 11 fin, bsdidso.sarl a'l ?vut ab->ett"wa, ami afl. r takiMff M>T?ral drni? . th?y ?Mt lnt? k marhl' yart). when th?y pi?hM him over aad r<kM kim of hi* [??k*t book. containing tk* m^ue* and two rslurti tl< k*teto Norfolk, \ ? . wh?-i* he lb-?, Holli>rac li*id for the (rrao l jury an ) Gill dia rhur^'d. Haooau. chArgfl wnk t? Kin* luioor without Ucssm*. contiun ?<!. Blftabotk H?w kin?, pr< tan* aad indecent UnruM*: ?10 Jane Letter, ram* offence; |S. Charles May, ?aui?* of fei.ee; GEORGETOWN. Mobs Rilick.?In addition to what wm pub lished in tbis column of Tbi Stak jmt?r<iaT Afternoon, a bottle, wbieb wm not opened until lMt night.wM aim taken from the comer-*tour of the old Presbyterian cbnrcb, and wm opened lMt night in the presence of tbe trustees of the church, and found to contain a manuscript giving a history of the church for 40 years, from 1781 to 1 s'J I; also, a list of the names of the hea-ls of families who worshiped in and contributed to the support of the church, numbering 91, in cluding a Targe proportion of the old residents of Georgetown; also, a statement showing the population of Georgetown and Washington in 1800, 1810 and 1R!0, m follows: Georgetown In 1800 contained 2.W3 inhabitants and Washing ton 3,'.'10; in 1810 Georgetown contained 1,948 and Washington 8.J08; in l><2n Georgetown con tained T.5U* and WMhington 13.4.4. It also stated that tbe entire population of the District ot Columbia in 18J0 was only A live cent note of the Farmers' and Mechanics' B.uik. dated July 4th, 1*04, and a medallion head ot George Washington, with some copper and silver coins, were taken out. They were coined m 1818 and 1830. The Georgetown oASLUiHT company have e'c< ted the following board of directors: Mossr-. Wliliam Bucknell, ot Philadelphia, and A. If. Piekrell, K. P. I>odge, W. F. Seymour, Richard Pettit, George Waters, and G. W. CropUy, of Georgetown. The board reflected the old oW | cers, a* follows: President, A. H. Dodge, who is also treasurer; secretary, George W. Cropley, superil, indent, J. D. Cathell. The Canal Trade?The Cumberland 7"'?mi says: On Saturday last the shipments ot .joal by canal were larger than those of any day this season, forty-three boats having left this port. S/liokReal Rstati Mr. Thomas Dow line has H?l<l his property on Bridge street, re cently purchased from C. S. English, to F. L. M< ore, Km)., fur #y,o00. Uivek N**'h?The steamer E. C. Knight arrived yesterday afternoon, from New York, with a t'uli cargo'of general merchandise, and the steamers G. K. Stout cleared for Philadel phia, and the Columbia for Baltimore, w ith miscellana ?us cargoes. The schooner 8. H. Trowers, from Port Dei?>s t, with 125,000 feet lumber, and the schooner Susan from banger, Maine, with 600.000 laths, and 17,000 palings have arrived, consigned to the Wheatlev Bros. Grain Tradr?The canal boat Bradfleld Hattly has arrived with 3,foo bushels wheat for Hartly & Ilro., and the boat B. Talbott, with 650 bushels corn tor Marti v and Bro., ami 1,750 bushels corn ami 400 l.u-liels wheat for H. M. Talbott. None of which wm sold at the close of our report. Ill? Mr. George Waters, a prominent com mission merchant of this city, is Oar.geroiKly ill, at his residence in Market street. ALEXANDRIA. Coroner's Im^i'kst at tub Jail An in quest was held at the jail this morning by Cor oner Beach, upon the bo<lvof an insane colored man, who was found dead there this morning. He wa* discovered wandering about in the marsh near the canal locks, in a nudestate, on Friday morning last and committed to jail. His name is supposed to have been Robert Morton. The jury, ot which Wm. F. Henderson was fore man. rt tiered a verdict of death from exhaus tion, consequent upon insanity. Street Railroad?The tearing up of King street preparatory to the laying ot the trick lor the street railtoad has progress from the Vir ginia House as far down towards the wharf m Alfred street, and the cross-ties and strnucrs are laid to Patrick street, five blocks behind. About seventy-five hands are employed, and (he work will be prosecuted vigorously to comple tion. The Conpfdprate Flao Bearer The published statement that Lieut. Anderson, of this city, intends to make a tour of the north ern states, carrying with him an unfurled con federate flag, is news to every one in this city, and if there is anv truth in it, nobody here will regret the anticipated fate of the unfortunate young man, who, m Mr. Wm. Norris would say, ??don't thing right with hia bead." Outrage?A man named Wm. Philip was committed to jail this morning upon the charge of outraging the person of a little girl, 9 years old, near the house of her father. Kdward Deu termau. in Arlington township, in this county, on the 17th nit. The Chain Gano.?Beverly R. Foley, has been appointed captain of tbe oi^yn gang by Superintendent of Police CllC'or^ in place of l'hos Davis, removed. Letters fro* Costa Rica to the loth ult. have been received. All the young men from this section of the country engageu in the sur reying expedition are well. The house of Mr. Andrew JanK^n on Fairfax street, between Cameron and /Jue.-n, iu been Co'd t9 Mr. T. E. Corbett, for Gatette, last evening. CITY ITEMS. New rttli* op Cassimere Scits for nm ner wear. Handsome goods and light in weight. Gao. C. Hrnninq, 410 7th street. ?. Alaska Diamonds, Colorado Sapphires and Jut Opal Jewelry in Gold, fine Jets and Freucb 3ilt Jewelry received at Priggs' Jewelry Store, So. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, between lu and ;th etreete. Keep Cool?This you can readily do tor the lum of one dollar by going to the clothing store K. A. Straus, 101 i Pennsylvania avenue, im an immense assortment of Chinese linen , in all sites, from 32 to 42 Inches, in buff', ;ray, pearl, stone, tea, brown, white, blue, and jlack and white-striped linen. These coats are i specialty, well made, ami are sold for only one lollar?the cheapest coat in Washington. Excursions, Church Fairs, and Picnics, can >e provided at short notice with Soda Water, Singer Ale, Tonic Boer, <&c., in founts and Kittles, which are loaned free of charge by Palmer & Green, Georgetown. 7,6 PiarrtA* Syrup?This valuable medicine tias been silently making its way into public favor by the numerous remarkable core* it hM performed. Its singular cfficacy is owing to the protoxide of iron which iu this preparation re mains unchanged, and is the only form in which this vital element of healthy blood can be sup plied. e SrmuRi prom <?.>kns, Bunions, Bad Kails, etc., find immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 035 10th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. tr Pond's Extract is for sale at wholesale by ChM. Stott & Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Children ort for Pitcher's Castorla. It regulates the stomach, cures wind oolic and causes natural sleep. It to a substitute for CMtor oil. 4,25aeo3: Traco-Russian Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, 903 E street. 0,2O,& Tn National bavinos bakk, wm of Mew York avenue and 10th street, pays 6 per eu per anntun on deposits for each calender month. Banking hoars, ft to 4. Saturdays, ft to 4 and ft toft. S7t3,14tlft Wnxoox * Gias's Biwno Maominr. The ealebratod Basaar Patterns. Agency at Ghas. Baum's hoopsklrt and oorsst factory, Ttk street. Intelligencer Building. ift^ft Tn oonnmiTT at large appreciate the nsa fulness of ginger's Sewing Machine. 1,0 iiQAK HALL" CLOTHING HOUSE, Boys', Ocr Salesrooms Tovtha' Crowded Daily with Soroimo AND ThROSGs OP EaOER BuTRRa, WRo Childress'are Matidlv Fittius Oct in olr CLOTHIKO. f 11 SclTt, PROVES HOMETRIRG. pesMetfRlly. J. U-dMiTajk Co., jV?-itv "Oik Hsll. J.A?iV GEORKETOir* ADVERTISE*EMS. 'j'HR FALL RU?H Id COMING. The fmrat Ion*, vin* dap? <? tk? hes* time for my ?of k f'.lidMtiid (onto, brint layrarrui arid Wul? 0-?>is at omt; thu?. by ? nding the no ?Tind*kl*<Mif in *b? rkxtatiua *4 order* during ?nch a r .*n of t>?mr? as wr pec' to t?* -e thi? Ml. four will nicely cleaned or rn 4y*4, ? ?id carefulli k?p: forsii montn*, il drs.red. CI argee mod>-r?:e. T itn* invar lat.v C. V- lf> W. H. WHEATLRt, PREMIUMSTSAM UYX1M* 4 Vf? SCO CK IM0 ESTABLISH MUST. ??? Street. Georgetown. D.O. UHo"Kn fromy*, a m nntil?u;nt. j-W 'r |JT THOS. DOWLIXG Auctioneer, Georgetown Tpkf.PK?rv Ai'f l?/VALlAtl.1 IMIKOVKP ,a?i,s!s?4 w??* -? E?r . r"cor1"1 ln Llbor ?*i. f.Klo M.o?e . f an<l hlT ^^.rr0*' ," * HblUft- n ( MM), |. 4 , wUi ^Jli ?. ^I'l" wf eecnre* I hereby. we JikTlV * ?"Wicauciion "?? the pr?mi?i on H Kl> l^th. m,*i fi o'clock p III , all G^rseu^Tr/'n "f preiuleee la Wecrjeaewn .IV t^ ,hwi c ti ? puMic plat or Ola a r>? >mi -' ? addM, aa igj l?eing part* of loin Dinsl off^ on* hm.-lnM tnd t?*\?._ Jl? '"..,drrd a,ul V^^"? ?aiJs^sr,'ai fh5nJ^Iin!?5 ,h*>Pr"' "??' ttvatr-wiM ,j:i fW * n$5?2!fPQ&k ??' Mid am? iTw'i1" stable, on the north .IJ- f 41 ?*iejr In the r^ar cf pai4 nrptui^, . t" i"n"h iUof :^d ,aul.'r f *ki *?*>* rSS? TJi b?i-in? adoed !??.' *t,C'\T*>y 001 ^ ?'*?""? intere^ and a ae?<i >d trust i.n the property. *M down th. property -truck i.n. It the irmm ,4 ".1" mTl Bo? c< tuplod with within day*. th? ?*'*? r,**rv*tf.e rlgl.tto resellthe property at purchaser. . ouveya,,.m-r R. P. DODGE, i? ?,,, P i DARNHILLK Tn.-t ?.. THOMAS I QW L,lW Anct. TiloMAS DOM LINQ, Auct"r; Georgetown, 'iS!iT'AS> 84LK OP VA LI* 4 It I K iu At AtVIOK?PEKTT? IN UEORGETOWJI, afc^ I will. fft-r f>r ?a|*. on TTF^PAV ihoin.k E ?? ot Jnnr. 1,73. ? ? . Vl\ * . .?T. ATirjf . rjrn,'*<>*' w pnblic Mrtloti part of Lot N ?. In old Georgetown, brrinninr f..r th? ?an>H ft > P"int on the ?m.t IIm ,/Hia"^ ?*rJ?t .h^ST VkI iJ. "IJ' l?'-^<>fjhe.portion Imtcforr CitHT*yn) t J *? by Iwd datad 8eptPBkberl7lh.1v^ cuiath* "imil"'^'''^1 ""??"? thence aontfa ?i,k ??.d ?<>re ?.r l?^e, to the center of the i l lh" ?areh. n?e coarrvedto w m. B ?d<* by de?-d dated Mav arti 1h'.o .?V.! V IT. mediately adi. infne to ?t,il n rih !if it Jul" ,l"' nl'"t,ll?' <* partia.nT.n' Ihe . n T.J?,,rlh f"^t. more or |.^. , tuf Jh* p. rti..n con?ey?4 m to kaid Kphix . and thence emit ?ith ?aid w.?ntli tin. ? ?Hrte "'; br a tui.d ?, C rran? Dwellin(?: C ? ? . Ota-foarth ca?h (he reaidne in f i2,13 and 34 nion hp, with intertt?t' at eurlit si ?wr cent , the title to be retain?l uid7l '.Il iVyL .t/Td pnrrhat-en?'ne> and intererf. jf plifsi with within fi%t<da> A. I n*??*rve tki? ri^ht to I V,?}1! f ,b" r!"k W.d coS of dHWuuIZc parcteaeV^ JA9. P KpWA*D(g Anorf^.IX*?'lar*i-B u?..*d THOMAS a.w ?xtkaokdinakyo< BAKOAISS ii<- DEI Plain utd Strips Orenadir,.^. J?par.w.e Silks, at flOc , w?rth 78c. Beautiful Gooda for Saitinim, at 2S, V and 5 ir Suit in**. all ?had-?: verr ch.an Stripedland plaid White French Orsaudiet Black Alpacas and Mohair*, a ?pe< tally A lar*e slock of Good* for ken '* at d Bor '* w ar L^'i7 ?ud Gi'tit*'Gauze l'nd-r \l*XM Call and buy real bargain* of nC tr - - 1 Br"*f atrpef. G?or*etown 1U(.'S. DOM L1XG, Auctioneer; Georgetown vALl'ABL* PROPtRTV Oil HIGH STKJtBT _*x. TI CANAL AT ALH TIO* iir^J01"*' lOth. at A!, o'clock n Bn 'fr ! the premi?*, part of L>| VJ' I.T r" Cou^r*^c.i,nJF *? ,ht <?'?? ' f Pnr, La-r J,> THfi.M.Va pQM LlaiG. Anct! STEAMER LINES. A HtMOH LISI iriAMBtk, e^^'^rsat^tsdW thT^f icci'DuntiditioDi on 8temmerw of thfj Iido are un^nrpa^?t?<l f?.,r el?*i;Mi.r? ud ci Bifnrt. Ctbiu *tate ro- >hm irr all^^?ft " ,.':pr''r . k, tLut securing ?.>od lis>it2rilfiUk ?nd vertilatioo. BATES OF Pitsint m GLAbGOW, LIVIBPOOL OB LOBDONDE^BT Mtsas*' Cabin# ?75?Jd*? 28"^L,I Cabin return ticket* aeenrin* * ?"* ?** ?e?t acccmmodationa ?<?n ???. r,.,,, , Ste?ra??.etirrenry, fjo. " station in Great Ireland'o ^""^?rtoTr*l'w?T *AT?a AS Low A* BT AWT OTHIE ri^CLA-*?!<? ? at. n. w? or WllLlAlksOM ICO Itli p*,,, avenue n.w.. ifnia iftiki-i * w Penn. _ "'LI*? Dat" ' u}L? IroS L&* ^.u2JeSf fi?p!S?45hU "Pft,tSt& ^ jbA*s*mxGZ - , ?""'"''eht*delivered by Khox'aExprew Orders |!L ??*.'Offlce, 60s Pennsylvania avenae or at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended W?M?T0W0Er0L., ,0ST0?.-^, The Ene Iron httMt LADT OP TBI LAMB her nplir trtpa to il ? km. '^'sros? g:inifgr if* ,~Li k '<* Boitoi aad ProTldenea Freight should be addrf nil "ewe of Lady of th* Lake. TiaHorfolk"~B^h UckeJ Express Office, COS Pennsylvania ?*??* Office, 00? Pennarlmnla aveiie *? SSSfli^f vA^rsuafi-^sr**whmrf ? DOBSBT OLAOBtT, General Agent. mli Plant's Btore, oorwr Mtk st. n2>a are (JU? A*B LINK. Withthe Tiew of dirainUhiM the chance* of colli ?ion, tie strainer* of this Line will, henceforth, take a specified course for all seasons of the year. On the Outward Paaaage t rom QueetiMown V, N?w York or Boston, crowing Meridian of M at ?S Lat., or aothing to the north of 41. #*iT the Homeward Paaaage,crowing the Meridian of 80 at 41 Lat., or nothing to the north of ?]. ^I'NAED LINK. BBITISH AID MOBTM AMBB10AB BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, SBTJTEEB MEW TOBK AMD LITBRPOOL, CALLING AT COBS HABBOB. VBOM HEW TOBK 'Scotia Wed. June II "Algeria-..Wed. June lo ?W?4_.JuneK .Wed_Jnly J .Wed...Jul> 9 Abyssinia..Sat Jnne 14 Batavia tWt J uue si OaUbrto. .Sat I one ? Parthia.?Sat?July S Samaria Sat July 12 _ WBDBESDAT DAT from Hew York. Batxs op Pamasi.-Uabii goM, acoording to aoos Tickets to Paris, ?1S, coM, Bstnrn tickets on favor* ^<S?EiJST5 ViJfUm Green;f^r steerage passage, at Ho. Ill Fork. Office, 1411 Pa. srenue, Washington, D. O. IVI BBCHART'S L1RB OF oTBAMRHIPB. warmhotoFahd hrw tore. jyj O. LUTTRRHi. __0. A. DDRH1RGTOI * LOTTBILL * BCRRIHI Aattfomn u< ?IT La. AMhM. MmI: nss pry ooona L*EEN<U IHJ.srfc.lt UK AND! I B? CENTS PER Tfc&l). kLan. Ltipm ? I"* B'?ck Silk ?? ;* ?.| ? RIti M?I?N in plain *li * ?atiii raiciuc fr>>? ? ant a ? 'thiS! ri KB MILK BL.\< R .*BB\ k DIB KB at ?1 IIM t?t|lfci.?H bM. ? lb* i ?? ul*r price. OBB PB1CE OBLT. n. M. IHCITKR ft BKOV. ft ?t SIB PIBKMLVtXU fclBiri ^ |\BT GOODS TO BCIT TEX roPCLAK IDEA Of CHBAP GOOD* A beautiful Una ?f DKksS WOODS at extrem.!? k>? price* _ _ .. . Saia*. Victoria and Bi*hnp U*m. Batiet aift L'n?'M tl low * hit' H ft ? ? 1 StO #??rb?-ap. Whltr Duck.aaitaVle f *!???**' wear, at *? 9*r rani * hit* br '? u an 1 tUn *t Lm>?m and Drill* fram * u? ? I Lw-r H.n tk-r rhtrfc 7ic.4???en llMNT rUun-U tii4 I4??trb?f itkl as III' *rho4 O-HtoM tl r*4o<^>4 prur* fv| bargain. i.Dr, ?~*~Ujf<)ET utTtltt. j.6 tr 1WHO P?-nn-yt? ?tu? *?.*a ^ 'UOUk DRESS GOODS. LLEUANT BTYLKB GOOD iJl'ALITI KS. \ KKY LOW rRl 'Kf, Bargain* tn VICTOBI A LAWNHwl itl?f ?hH I >Hk Iinl Summer tabrira !<?.* M <>ui Uv Kr"* |ou4a. Silk Ju*iM?r Iv fS ani fcr I?r yard. Black Bilk*, all arade* K-? ( ?. I.ttrii, >( dallt . l.lania Lao Jacart?, from ft to |W *acu? Dr? a?\ Ih. ?M-ySaiVk wvt.tr U?l *? a?,.i Itl'iO 7tb "treat. N W. Jc<?r| for JMm. Htnmr?i?'i Pafi?-a?. jf i-tf. |)OPl LAN HOI tK tub akcade: COMPETITION U t t I * U AChNOW LE1K?ED THE PK??T AN|l I'BIAl^ AST BtuKK IB THE DlSTKlCf. Oar itu-k of IKY GOODB In e*tt| r*?peot Complete. M? GOOD* EYKKV DAY At thta eatablii-hau-nt ladtee can find tbe laf.af at) l?r? lit a? ?! lag apparel ?mlable lur aprn g ?:ift ?mi.tii- r rraaon. DBEBS GOODS of all daaaea. ItvMktTK'f ? Itrfp tai Mr. OIB GKEAT SPECIALTI I.LAMA LAC E J Ai'k STB and P<?INT? All the noveiuea m M N fell ADKB ?????! I'U \SOL9. Elegant aa*?rtni< ut t>t KIHBoN.V Feraoht that value their dollar* and cent* *h ?>*'1 n?>t tail to call at thu b?iw belore purchasing viae* 'ftrn'mber VTI1E ABCADE. 4SIT 7th street, U tw^-u D ana B, * nthw.-?t. d 'ARPETS! CARPETS Vx CABPETS! Oa trig to the backwatdne** of tbe n, au? tia? ir.g a laig-r ??<?< k ft < 'art* t* <m baiiiihan u-'ial tor thr tim?- trf /tar. wa |r in MON0A Y . Jnu? BU, make a Ct-iM-ral i-etlucuon in ^>ric? .m all CAM PATBintbr bfuaa. Our ?>???.? In Ei.?nf!i Ttp>-<trr?. Encliati I ?tcraina, Aiim iicau iiifraiua autl liuitatK>li Vruat-U .ai>nut bf ?*??? IM any ? lim A lar&r atock luta and Cb?cE Mattinca in *1 >r? at low tiguraa. U md' ? Bbad?? ic all Cfdora. and Fixture* to ?Tt. N? ? i* a fair t-pr> rttnni? f. r l><?u?> kc. ^ i. pr\y ctu? a ulc? Carpel lur a littlv oiuuff. NtfLFOHD ft IHILBCRO, irSl tr 4ilT 7th atrt-r<. twtwa^n 1> and k. a. W. ttOODB AT PANIO PB1CBB. Oraat barcaina In l)KV GOODS fro? tba Bm? Tuik and Philadelphia audi na l*r~ar Qr-naillnaa at 6. Iti and US cent a per ) ant, a bean if al line ot Dreaa O?oda at l?aa than imp >rtar? prit .<a. BtrlpaB Sa ian at 2bc. a yard, v > rtli 3U , Bia; Lin* n al a?ar? lu? ?ric?>. Strips T'?a^niit?- at Air., warth AK.; jofc lot Lata Curtain* at A J 4*i a piece; ? line n| i.eautl tul Paraa< la at ri?ht prioaa- a taw L'a na Laa? t>l.a?Uat hall price. EMOBY BAXTEB, aB lr 1 VUO penna) Irania av-nna. 1 THE TRADED PBACTICAL PLl MBiaO, OAS F1TT1M0 t>3 BE? EBAOE rfniptl* att.-ud J tu, x> r^a?>u U>le term*, b> JAM KB F BKIEN. N ? A?? U>nu lana atinor, near ftb atr?et, north aide A?nd-u. a? IHI U atreat ?ortbaaat. bptmtkf, TIB LlNttli PIPE a-way on hand. ?JI tr A JOHM C HOOAN. TI3 Market Spara, Hanafaitorar of A\t NlSOB, for ttiuroa, Ciijr aa# Oouatry Heaidnwraa TENTS and FLAGS for aale or rant. AW NINO HATBKIAL all kind* tor aala. 6< !e Agent far the ? .yW rentu^a MILDEW* PKOOF AWKINq MATBB1 AL. apW tr pLLMBLBO AMD OAB FITTIBtt. Ttioar deal ring to have their Plnmbla? ai.d Ot* rittinf done in a Deal and aubataatial miiwt, anB in reaat'nable tenua. aboold leave their ordara ?A LIS Penua) Ivania avanue, Oapttwl Hill. Work warratiteU. _ WM. BOTH WELL. \1 0V**1*?HAM. HATTBB, "I * 1*11 F Street, b?tw<nin Hltn and UtA. taa the pleaanre to announce tnat be hM rt t? ? ^WRIRW, rUei^TBRTS. M A iVkuMl * waa O COi'ELAND. raooe. oia ??or "aS.^?nX!" S and TENTS f..r aala Md AWBUfOBftr %-kmo* ' FLAOB BOOMB DBOO BATED All Caaeaaa article* m DAMCIBO OLOTHB !.?? Bboja and Ofloa. jta-tf lithtraat.ba?owB< >oft>w ?|, VCBTOR, MARfEATtR, BV1LVBft. an OOBTBAOTOB B00K8, STATIONERY, M urpHB AMBK1CAN ODD FELLOW."for Mar, 1 price B cent*, received and for aala bf STOCKMAM A BON, Afanta for Dutrtct at Oo lonibla, M# 1Mb atreet D< .rt h weat. corner of I Ala* all tba new Book*. Periapical*, Ac . and a full ac ?ortment of Btatlunery, Picture*. Pictara Wt Ac. rHB BOIAL DIADEM; ft ft B W MCBIO BOOB. Play and Profit In Mr Garden; by Rr? ?he Yuoof Mechanic, a Practical Treatlaa be Other Girl*; by Mrs. Whitney. Memoir of a Brother; bjr Ttftiua* UuKbea. Literatnre and Dorma. br Matbew AruuM. Cru^uat at all rrict*. Asencr for BTA1BBD GLASS. ?M BALLABTTBB, mAtr 4?S 7th atraat, near B. _ List OF NEW BOOBS AT SHILLInGTO.H'B BMBSfSBB, OoAitia ?h Stakbt axb Pbsna Anns Old Becatnffton. Br Mia* Tharkerar. The Old Coantea*. A aaqttel to Lord HoftY Ob'doa." By Mr*. Ann B. Steabena. Atttt^nittM of Sootbern Indian* Above T?i*i < and Tide. Paecaiw. Br tbe author of " Stt athmora" Ml iii-nder Two sIbm " WhUu*r- ",hor ? A Fair Saxon. Br J n*tln McCarthy. tng and lnatractl?e literatare. Boy* ot Bncland. A you of *n>Hrt, fan and literal ara. at* 'IffMO^A^DV**??(>K8k8rf0^S PJUmKI LETTBB PAPBB, and PLAT I BO O ? rfDB.atU* fU ?BWBMIIBIUH

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