17 Haziran 1873 Tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1

17 Haziran 1873 tarihli Evening Star Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TIJE EVENING STAR Itlly, Iu4iyi AT TDK 8TAR BUILDINGS, Jmia Atwm, mm. lMii It, hi fTnm Ru uvffim worn TBI WAl li >f eerrters to o'tr r.kmMii at Tm Oxxn rra wm.ot foirf Fcwi CiJTPi rn ?2?ts. OoeNe m OM oogamy Two r?ni? ??*. Bj mB-um itMi ??*; Ma moatbs, li* on* year, |i THB WIEELT STAR-PuWleb*d Frlday-fl Jt ir?r. ariimrttMyiti4v?oM,ialMltM,ul mc ??)m seat longer >*M far. of DRY GOODS. 'I'lliRMO.METER VP! DRY DOWN! * LAST III A SUE THIS SEASON. f-t annual ( lesiug-?it sale o' Spring an I Stirli ng O--oca will coaamc* MONDAY, 16:h mat , ?H ccutin j- untt! 4aly 4:h, Id, when all I?BY GOODS r-fiefy Dree- B> -da.) in the house shall b* *41 with nt rmiw at a wonderful sacrifice Ladies ?lion: i tot, ?"4ta an* rirrum*tan<--e. miss this, the l*et i.pv naiiir, of th~ *eas >n. TkerasM OOOM, LATH JACKETS, t?C| fulSTS PAHMilS, ac 1 >lh?r ( "<h tH on hcul a e th- mot attractive kind e?e r displayed in tnia ? arket. In cm T*nction with onr atoci of Dry Goods, we r!f<r 'oih?- sec nj floor of ?ai building a magnifi cot asscvtnient of choice f A R P E t I X 0, at gr^d'.ly rednced pri-iss. comprising all mik??? of Foi**v i au 1 Anfriran manufacture, OIL-CLOT118. A Imm-?t.?h of M ATTING In all widths; Whiti Matting, low ae 3uc., and Check, ?ery fair, nt2Sc. *)n band a co-Mplets ?tock of WINDOW SHADES aid FIXTURES. %y RrUit uiber the Arta<le. WOLFORD * SIIILBERQ, j?H ?r 4a7^7tb_^tr?et^bPtweeDDan?lIi8:W. ALARMING REDUCTIONS In the price >.f DRESS GOODS ! 1 IE n .et.se stosk reduced to 14* CENTS PKR YARD, A lac. large lot of REMNANTS AT JU9T HALF PRICK. W5.UM1 v?rd? finest PERCALES reduced fo *)c. B..r*?ina in WHITE GOOHS an 1 LINENS. SEW GOttDS EVRKY DAY OALY O.SE PRICE. A*'*'* fvr Mme. IMmtrnt ? P*rr*m*. B ? Ci A 51 * W Y L I E , j?3-tf 101*and 1020 7th <tr?*t northwest. I\ OTIC POSITIVELY SELLING OFF OF AN ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY AND FANCY GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BUSJNEsS We rail the utter.tion of the mnnmnltt to this ?..Ie, e?p~ti*li> re>iuestiii* dealer* to examine oar ?w k. ae i.tir .urn ie to J'?p- of the ?t->ch juickly. Tti r.? k Cooesets ?f aiert artiel-generally kept tlrst cla.?? .try ?>>? d< U< use , and an fi?rj articl- in "ir li u??- it bonxbt by an axperi-ticed and close )>qyer 1. r < a-h, a #reat many J >f> L u can be pick-l up. I noo <l< Lrn Gn*|] A Oauielt' SPOOL COIloS at *5 c Ufa p-r dosen. 3?<? poaadaof BLACK THREAD at 50,SO an) 70 (vt.t- per pound. A larg?- st<<k of HOSIERY ? and all other article* In prop rtion. Oi. I ilia oxer f !o?t aci*-lit of three months affamst apprtj\cd inter-at-b<-ariMic notea will siven. Callaoon au<l save iu< ney at th? RED FRONT, 1 ?*? 7?b street. jely ."to BETIREKD BROS,. Proprietor. ||RY GOODS TO 8UIT TLlt POPULAR IDEA OP CHEAP GOODSt A teantifal line of DRESS GOODS at ?stremely k'W pru-ea. Swim, Victoria aad Bishop Lawns, Batiat and Lin i.i at low flgnrra. Wuite B>-.l Spreads from Cl-Jtto ?0?cbeap. White Pack, suitable for boys' wear, at "Ac per yard. Wbite, brown and figured laineca aj.d Drilta frern 29c. to 41. Lin-n Handker chief* St.dtosee. Sumui-r Flannel* and bleac hed ard nnblr-ached Cottons at reduced prices For ba/gaius tu Dry Goods call at EMORY BAXTER S, j>5 tr I4'JO Pennsylvania av-nue Bargains in dry uooDs.-Andr?seo?wn C.'ttou, 17c.: Wamiiatta, a> New York MTia. II' .. Sheeting Cotton in d 4, ? 4, and 10-4; Table Lia-n, 7Ur fTowels, fl ? Kf doxen; Black Silk C a. v r : Towels, fl V per doxen: Black Silk at ?rth 12.rs. Parasols, Mc. U> $3, Doy Ilea, TSc o; Black Alpacas, Sc. to $1; Vict-iris i.swt), zJr , Lining Ca&ibrics, 10c.; prints. Sc.. Bi' acl.ed Cotton, * All kinds of dress goods at th? Iowm* narfeetprlces, at BRODHEAD A GO'S, a 12 tr l?)J F str??t, between 12th and l>k. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac, ll'OKK, A STORY OF EXPERIENCE. B ?' Louisa M. Alcott, author of *? Little Wohi-b." QCESTIONS OF THE DAY. By Dr. Jsbn Hall. MAY. By Mrs. Oliphani. protection AGAINST FIRE. By Jog. Bird Leisure H-nr Series?Hero Carthew. Under the Greebwood Tre?. At ballantyne-s, Jl tr 4-g? 7th street. AMERICAN ODD FELLOW,"for May, 1 price U cents, received and for sale by STOCKMAN A SON, Agsnts for DMtrlct of 0<y fcn bia, 9th street northwest, corner of I. Also all the new Books, Periodicals, Ac., aad a full as sortment of Stationery, Pictures, Pic to re Frames, Ac. m?tr | 1ST OF NEW BOOKS ST AHILLINGTOM'S BOOKSTORE, Com*n 4s 8tes.it m Pitta Atkxti OM Kensington. By Miss Thackeray. The Old Countess. A *e>riel to "Lord Hope's Cbsics." By Mrs. Ann S Stephens. Aclhjnttiee of Southern Indians. Above TMDD4*?t tod FMcar^l Bf tkr Mtbor of "Str*thA<>r?" moC "Under Two rings." The Other Girls. By Mrs. Whitney, author ?? W- Girls." A Fair Saxon. By Jnstlii McCarthy. Mew Remedies, ft April, MM. Toung Men of Great Britain. A journal of amua log and instructive literature. Boys of England. A young gectlexaan's j >urn*J of sport, fan and literafnrs. A Iiti with Charles Dickens. Keaehn Chillinsly. Bv Bulwer. Farm Ballads. By Will. Carlston. (Illustrated.i A large stock of BLANK BOOKS, PAS _0OKS and MEMORANDUM BOOKS. NOT* PAPER, LETTER PA PEA, and PLAYING 0 *DS.at the >ery l. weet prices. ayftt N Otlll. OPE5TBQ OF A MEW HAflOHy BTORB _ AMD BLANK BOOK MAMUFAcSoRY " wrrat-class so*da at lair prices, for cmu L1THWGRAPHINU, ENGRAVING, PRIHT1B6 AMD BINDING DONB TO okDER Ths public ars lnvttsd to call n a ... BJF* * rBENCH, Cnder National Ms*ropo!it*i Bank, and next door to Jay Cooks A Oo.V wsshla?toa. D. O. 1873 ?*?*'?? 1873 ov SUMMER STILES OP BLACK A'.PACA COATS, DRAB D ITB COATS, DIAGONAL MOB A1B COATS. FRENCH SERUB COATS, LIGHT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAUS, tke Clothier, loll pennsylvania AVENUB, ijStr Between Mth and 11th atreets. JOHN 6, REIS1H6IS. ICB CBXAM PAVILION NOW OPCB. FanUies and parties supplied at rsosoaable terms. >*?2. >i* No. SI3 4H Stiiit Soct<>wsst. Km.WvA THB MABYLAND FREESTONE M S M. CO IS MOW h A'A U Y TO MM* KlfM OKOKRS *Ofc BTO*K, KITH UK SAWED O* kOCUH VlMEAMiO*. A>ply at Company's fflcs, CORA EE K ABD S?tb 8TBEETS, Bock Orook. ?JAtf C. W. HAY DEM, PrrtMwt. (VOTUB.-On aud after wednesday, June IV lltfe.tAe Coach will ma from Nss^mm. Yorh aunt and 7th strest to OleowwdB^XR; Cemetery srsry W EDNEDDAY AFTBB-K=lM_ NOON psASfJ HUGUSLT k BOWBB. Sam.^.ss* m A. ITlACf', 1?U h. ?? ?} r * r s??v-l ' V/1 I? . ?? t , m?mmmmmrn+mmmmmmmmmmm????????? fjje focixittg j&kt ? vs.. 41?IN2. 6,31(5. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JUNE 17, 1873. TWO CENTS. SUMMER RESORTS. ?CTLIS HOTEL, SktpKtrdnoma, Jtfirio* Ccun:*, Wat firiruii, Situated on til** southern bank cf the Potomac, one hour* rhlf fr? m R-rn?y*iille, on th<* Bal -f and T?hio Kailnad. wh?r? a s*af"' m"'? the trains Fine scenery, healthy cl mate, ? d-'.ightl it ?iimm?>r Open *cc? miiii dation of boarder*. Term# Bxlntf. \ Addre** ID WIN' BOW EN, Proprietor. Jtt 7t ^ HEN AN DO AII AICI SPRINGS, OFS.y FOR BOARDERS. imac. "no m ?U tot the M Alum, Chalybeate ami Sulphur Waters,, mountain air: ?npplv < f ice. A 'dr. ?? A.J. MYKRS, Orkney Spring. Sh-tian doah county, Va. jli) c?2w* R 0< KBKIlM.fc ALL >1 SPRINGS, VA. OPEN JUNE 1st, 1*?T3. This favorite and celebrated W itering place will offer additional attraction* this ?ea*on. It f m mmmm a magulBcnt Ball S"<m, fln' " Brliard R<??m?, B.>wling All?*y for ladles. and for rentlemeu, an J a superb Or"<juat Grouud It will be kept im a style not ?urp issed anywhere in Virginia. The waters of these special Spring* either cure or greatly relieve most case* of Scrofula, incipient Consumption, Chronic Brochltis, Chronic Lu-yo gitls. Cnronie Pnuemonia, ?'hrouic Dyspepsia, Chronic Dtarrho-a, Chronic Dysentery. They are also m great value in thoee affection* which are pe culiar t<> the female constitution, and a* an appeti zer, a tonic and a general restorative they are, per haps. unrivalled amongst mineral waters. The Proprietor haa provided for the lawns and ball-room a first-clan* band of nmsic. and in general all the sources of aiuuMBMot and recreation usually found at our beat snmmer resorts will be at the command of the gueat* at EoCBBHIDGE ALUM. The place i* within froai eleven to thirteen hours of Rich moad. Washington, Baltimore, etc., by rail, ait iu daylight. Paaaeneer* leave the caraof the Chesa peake and Ohio Railroad at Goahen Depot, and new and elegant stage roaches, passing rapidly over a smooth and levelroad of only eight miles, set down the visitors at the Springs to tea. JAMBS A. FRAXIER, Proprietor. Dr. J. 8. DAVIS, of the University, Resident Physician, A. K DOOM, Office Manager: 8. M. MULLEN. Office Manager. ?<r The water for *aie by COLEMAN A ROG EKS, Baltimore. Deerriptive pamphlets sent free on application. je> lm* YATTOJI.?'This popular and very healthy sum mer resort, near Snicker's Gap, surrounded by the Blue Ri<~ two hoars' rid* by rail o Ctt j, is aow open for the reception of gueata, t- . 1873 Improvements since last year: Fine piazza in front, batn-mom. an ice-houee tilled, a piano in the house. The buil lings are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful mountain scenery. Those wishing to enjoy the cool breeze* of this elevated region will address, _ A. O. WBIGOT. Bmnd Hill P. O., Lend win Co., Va. ' References at 1U09 F street N. W mJJ-1 f cker'a Gap, and A . .A lidge mountain, of Wsdhingtoii UsHLX \\ EbT END HOTEL, AT LOXG BRANCH, 51. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE 19th OK JUNE Application* for rooms can he made to D M H1LDKE1H, No. ii Broadway, N*-w Y.rk.or by adure^Mne PKEhBCHY, A 11ILDBETB, Proprietor*, Long Branch GEO. G PRESBURY, D M. H1LDKETH. mailt JtmeU LADIES' GOODa ft BUS MclURMKk, 904 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, a* constantly on hand a fine aaaortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, BTBAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, Ac., all of the a?we*t design*. Ladies CAPS and COIF FUEES just receivtd. n?6 ir R EAD AND HAVE YOUR MONEY. Ladles who have Hair Switches that have faded from us can have them restored to their natural ahadaln aaperier manner. We have a very large assortment of II Curls: very long and handsome b witches, vsry cheap. Now is the time to buy ai MADAME EST BEN'S Hair Factory, SIB l&b st., r.Q straat. al*-tr 9T1CB.?Bargains are now being offered in MILlLNERY N FANCY GOODS, Br B. LBN '/.UK RG A CO., iB-tr TOT Market Space, ^TAMPING DEPOT ?17 Sbvssth Bum, tetn-tr Oppoalts Patent Offlca. JELLING OFF I O BELLING OFF I AT OOST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, nuirt slock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near B. jparT-tr NO HCMBDQ. "Ls^'fBEN' H btabch bbambl Ia the heat article ta the world for doing up Linen or MnaMa. It imparts a beautiful glossta the fabric. For sate by all Grocer*. BCBBHAM A CO., Maaufatano, IM West Lombard *treet, >aal4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. MORE NEW OOODS *1 THEY AR1 ALMOST GIVEN AWAY I LOOE AT THIS LIST : Children's Knn Bonnets and Hat*,90c. '* Marseille* Hats, very pretty, $1. " Lawn and Lace Hats, |1. " Plaid Muslin Aprons, cover entire dress, m. " White Dresses, crossbar red muslin, $1. " Buff Suits, 81. Ladie*' white and colored Border Aprons, jjc. " Ruffle and Plaid Muslin do., 30c " Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, JI. " Full tucked Skirts. $ 1. " Puffed atul embroidered front Chemise*, 91. " Tucked and embroidered Drawer*, ?1. " Tncked and Lace do.,90c. Boy*'Calico Waists, 60c. Ladie*' Scotch dagham black Sun Umbrella*. $1. " Lisle thread2-bnt *u half UanntletGlovee ft*.. " Leather Belt*, ISc. " Morocco and Im. Russian Belt*, BOc. " Ox>dUe<1 and Gilt Belt Chains, S6c. " Wood, Painted and Linen Fane, J6c. ?? Fancy, Wood and Silk do.,soc. " BU? k, whit* and col'd Silk and Vienua do., Children*' fine Linen Handkerchiefs, 3 for tbc. Ladies' hetnatMrhed Linen do., 4 for $1. " fine Gaure V?*t*, #1 Gent*' do. r bhirt*. ?1 M Light British and Lisle Socks. " Strttx-d Socks, 3 pair for 01. " R'act.and Fancy Silk Bows. 29 and 50c. Ladie*'Bias Bilk and Fringed Scarf*, hoc. B * pleat and other style* Bnflling for the ueck,2S and 50c. per >ard. Extra large and fine Damask Towel*, 3 for 41. Splendid Bathing Towels.3 and 4 for #1 ,4c.,Ac..Ac. If you have any consideration for your pocket bvoks, you will not fail to call on s. axx/< METROPOLITAN DOLLAR BTORB, SIB SEVENTH BTEBET, Pennsylvania avian, F P S.-I have now on haudmyaaual fall atock of OBOUCETattSM, t3J0,t4i0, tCaodBd. Come ?si look at them. je4-tr AlBBABKS' LETTER BCALEB, Every ?Izs and stjle, at vsry low rates. my TBB UNIVERSAL FAMILY SCALE. THE POCEET BETTEB SCALES. We bave an hand and always ready to snapljr any ?ad every styl? and kiad <>f LETTEB SCALE at Urn ataanfactarer's lowest rate*. Mealaua fuM line of Commercial and Banker*' Stationery, Blank Books, Cask and D**d Box**. BICHAED B. MOHDB M CO., ai31-4r IBIS Penan.aveoaeyporaar llf XlBE-S WHAigig^fUk an4 t ***** TO CONTB^^HBAND MERCHANTS. O^go- stoI^K%at Lvmmi I llacbarged from fiadi Mi *ored or datlvwrad at ike ahottaat node* ami loweat rntaa. aM-ly ?Q. TxAtI^B. F Lonfion A Oa.J mrjAjLom IB ABO BAVY iMMCMAi ?(L i*ai OT1CBI r.rert, Q(K I, lu rrtlia lite oU firm J+tr i. E. ZQQHQ SPECIAL NOTICES. * Guard a|ilitt Ck?lfrt. It is w* II known that If itraitr ia last an tai ?< uslv tiktt in ? case of Anttk Cholera,or wen Cholera Morbus or kindred compiaiata,th patient ia mrch r?llr?(4,aad it bipMM not uaflHMlll| that such timely do?N ?ro?e of incalculable Ml ?*? In aa ultimate cure. I do not wish to be understood as advising not to call in a pbyalclaa at the earliest possible moment, aa such a coarse la imperntlvsly necessary; but ??mrt:mes a physician can notbeh.td at a moment'* notice, and it fa for aoch caaea that we now prepare NA^TAN* CHOLEBA SPECIF IC, a atrong, active, and efficient remedy, calea lated for anch ra?es a* here atated, and which e?ery well c inducted family should bare oa hand or im mediately procure. During 1M, white the ehalera wa* raging qnite severely in Brooklyn, H. T., I was emplayed there, and it waa found that this Specific did great service, being much batter than Sauibbe' Mixture and Son Cbolera Cure, both of which wero tried. It will also give Immediate relief and cure Cholera Morbus, Colic, Cramp*. Dyaentary, DUr rhe.?. aDd all disordera usual at thia teaa>n. Full direct ion* accompany each vial. To be bad only of Arthur rattans. Druggist, j-S tr Corner of 9d and D atraeta northwest. FESTIVALS. ?FESTIVAL IN UNIONTOWN, FOR TIIE r benefit of EMANUEL RPISCOPALCHURCH, Jam-19 and 20 Adun*^i? o lO ceiiU. All th?> dell cacietof the season. The public are cordial W In vited. j17-M F FESTIVAL.?The Ladiea of Sr. ANDREWS - MISSION CHI RCH will hold a Festival on the Evenings of TUESDAY and WRDRRSDAT, tha 17th and 18tb instant, at No. 1419 P street. near Hth. jW-3t IV A IK AND FESTIVAL for bene lit of GOB r SUCH OHAl'EL.cornertH aud L streeta south- | west. MONDAY andiUESDAY EVENINGS. June 16 and 17. E' erybuly come. jel6 It LADIES FESTIVAL?Ninth street Meth..di?t Protestant Church, on TOESDA Y. W EDNBS DAY, THURSDAY EVENINGS, in the Hall over Douglass Moore's papering establishment, 9?h street northweat, near Pennsylvania areuue. Admission free. j-16-2t* HE LADIES' BENEVOLBNT SOCIRTY are now holding a STRAWBKRRY FESTIVAL in thebiisem^nt of the Chnrrh corner 8th and N afreet*. They wish to call attention to the elegant supper which will be served each evening. The delicacies of the aeaeon provided. [ Rep.l je!6 4t* FESTIVAL-The Ladies of the SECOND BAP TIST CHI RCH will give a FLORAL and STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, for the benefit of the Cburrh. in the new Washington Hall, corner 3d street and Pennsylvania avenne southeast, for THREE EVENINGS, commencing Monday, June 16th. je!6-3t* ! "EXCURSIONS, PIC NICS, Ac. K EYPORT EXCURSIONS. On and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, 1873, the elegant and favorite etearner KhY PURT will commence h?r regular TUESDAY aud FRIDAY EVEN ? ING oicursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf fo.t of 7th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summer of 1811 these excur sion* were largely patronized by many of our best citizen*, who found in them a cool and pleasant es cape from the heat and duet of the city. No! effort shall be spared during the coming summer to make them pleasant and agreeable in every respect. De fective# will be stationed at the boat to prevent the a<ln>issii n of any improper characters. No intuxl calitig liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refresh ments on board. Fare, single tickets, SI; lady aud 5entleman. 3150. Apply to WM. H. BYliES, L(tent,t>0? Pennsylvania avenue. ndl-lin AMUSEMENTS. B A S E BALL WASHINGTON vs. RESOLUTE, of Elisabeth,N I. W EDNBSDAY, JUNE lT?nt, 1-973 Admissiou Uo Cent*. It* THE SEVENTH ANNUAL WfTU KT/EN FESTIVAL will be held at tie GEKMANIA SCHl El ZEN PARK, Gale* W?? I*, at the trrmi nus of P stteet and New York avei ue.on July Hth hit' Uith, 1873. Price Shooting :tni Prize Bowling, and other amusements. See future advertisement. je!7-lt THE EXECUTIVE < 0MM1TTEE. ONE OF THE FINEST ORCHESTRIONS in the cou.itry can be heard at Mr.SCBWART /.KNBI:RG'S, 468 Pa. avenue. Thia insiru m<nt v aa imported at a cost of f(,0uu,and rep resent -< an immense orchestra, with drum*, cy mb*is, and rbime? complete Concerts daily and nightly, and 1 ar properties of the finest character. The pnb Ik aie cordially invitvd, tree of charge. jelt liu Old So.) Oa liklkitila iliwN ?*? I aad Bala 1 43V ' HAR.^,TER'.. j.i oa Eiktkitita tj 4?? S aad Bala I 43v r'* MARKRT|TER'Bi ?a. 439 7thatreet, between D and B atr?eta, eight door* above Odd Fellow'a Hall. Choice Oil Palntlnga, Butravings, Chroaaoe, Ac. Also, largest stock Paper Hangiaga. Window ?hadea, Pictures, Frame*. Picture Ooraa aad Tea Pleaae remember Name and Number. )el ly' A by a4dnaaing or calling on JU?TM, 419 D atreet, batwaaa Mi ud 7th a. w. Ho tea by mall proudly attended to. Oaih paid. fU LL BINDS OF CAST-OFF WBAR1BQ AP PAREL can be aold to the vary beat advantage ' >r calling on JUffTi" i D atreet, batwaaa Mi tad 7th OLD COLD, MLVEB, BBASP, OOPPER, In., bought at fair pricea for a New Yark bouae. Bouaebold Furniture bought and*oId. Notea by mall promptly attended to hy AUOBBBTBIB, 1401 raasaylvanla avenue tt-lr' TI'JSKI, BATIHILS TRAVELING BAG*. IN GREAT VARIETY AT VERY LOW PRICES. HARNESS. A lull stock of Hart.ee* of our own make, and everything appertaining to *ne Saddlery, Harness, and Trunk business.Fine Harneaa aud Truuksmade to <>rder. Side agents for Hill's ce'.el.rated CONCORD HAR NESS and COLLARS, which we are selling at Con cord price*. Concord H arnesa room in second story of bnilding. avbe suns of the name and nus'ber. LI TZ * BRn. IV? PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB, jell lm Next to National Hotel. yonc IEET 0 AND FRBUUBNT EXERCtSB in the jp? n air aud sunshine being the beat pre servnti.es of Ix-th physical and meutal health, and, conseg i?lit uselulnea* and LONGEVITY, thouaanl* of persons come from far and near to visit I>R WHITE, the well known Chiropodist, No. d35 Itih street, opposite the United Btates Treas ury, Waebington ,D C., for relief from Corn*, Bun ions, Troublesome Nails, and other diaease* of the feet, and adviae as to suitable fitting sh'iea. His treatment generally gives immediate and painless relief, and even in extreme cases. If none but suita ble shoes are worn,often effects a perfect cure. The feet being used so constantly need occasional atten tion, ami aa there Is danger In tampering with Corna or Bunions by using a knife, razor, or other unsuit able appliances, the majority of the Intelligent por> tion of the community visit the practically experi enced Chiropodist in order to better insure saf-ty, eccm-my of time, comfort, and health. je7 |, Kl IT J AHS FRUIT JARS A larg. n?sorf mcnt of the moat approved &ind*. WEBB A BEVEBIDGK, jH Ji Odd Fellows' Htil,7th atraet. A AM IMC THR * GOLD SPECTACLE, OffLY fS, M. B. BBMPLEB. Optician, mm-o M |1Mk: lime : unci best WOOD BURNT LIMB at ?l per barral, delivered to aU ^ mS Ccn near La. avaune, aorthwaat. caaao4bafomad , 447 Pannaylvania iv?| SAVAGE, Fennsylvania a?e., betweeu loth aud 41th Hard ware. 1NAT0R ia aaad. Foraala by B. D gilmaS, and J. R. Mo. isst Pimiatmifu i??m? M ? Oeaaine Braaillao FaWt Baactarlaa. lanM-tr M t I 1 V B. WILUAM X. McCUIN, Oamaty OoaMtabte. Pajbta Collected. F'.otnpt Returns, tell?ction of claims of all kinda reapectfully solicited. Office with Jus tice Georwe wTBauptman, ?>athwaat corner Ilia and G streetii northwest. O. LUTTBRLL. O. A. DDBBIBOtOl LCTTRf LL * 0CMWI1OTO1I. AacUaaaera aad Caaaaalaaiea Marckaata, SIT La. Ava.,bat. 4th aad Mth straatr%>rthwaa4. BVSpaciai aad Psraoaal atteatioai sale of Baal T M/ PLASTBBXND CEMENT.?Ja.t landing from acbooaer Rod Jacket 804 harrela Newhargh PI.AMTIR aad 4B4 barrela Rosaadale CBMBBT, li "" e b, WM^UINABD, 6H3 Lou^ana Qft, ri'BB BBABBST BOUTB to_ih?_Y?ei.aa Ba^erfj EVENING STAR. Wuhington Sewi *nd Qoitlp. liTnitu Revekue?The receipts from this mvci to-day were >192,911.92. OnuiL Wbippli is confined to his Ml dence to-day by re?on of lewn inUiaposition. On. M. D. Lbgobtt, Commissioner of Pa tents, leaves Washington for Boa ton to-night, will be abaent about a week. Assistabt Subobob Alfbed DeLono, U. 8. A., has been ordered to duty in the Depart ment of the South. Prof. Joseph Henry delivers the opening addreaa at the inauguration of the new school of (science, at Princeton, X. J., en Monday next. A Distinction The Secretary of the Trea sury baa deeded that seal oil ia not embraced under the term of fish oil ao as to be entitled to free entry under the Washington treaty. PThb Delivery System?The Postmaster General has ordered the free delivery system to be established at Columbus, Ohio; Evansville, Indiana; and Covington. Kentucky. Secretary Delano's family, with Miss Julia Cox, daughter of Col. D. C. Cox, pension agent for the District of Columbia, leave for Ohio to-day. Secretary Delano will remain in the city. The Bureau of Education Is in receipt of private advices from Vienna stating that up to May 31st last two hundred and aixty American exhibitors had been entered in the educational group of the ex{>osition. The articles shipped by the bureau by way of Baltimore bad arrived at Bremen, and were being shipped to Vienna. The trial of ex-Senator Pomeroy, in Arkansas, for alleged bribery of State Senator York, of that state, was yesterday, on motion of Pomerov's counsel, postponed until December term in the the district court. Pomeroy claimed to be ready for trial, but his counsel said they had not time for preparation. New Board of Civil Srrvicb Examine!:? for the Treasury Department.?The President has appointed Stephen J. W. Tabor, 4th auditor; Wm. H. Armstrong, Internal Revenue Bureau, and Charles Lyman, of the Secretary's oftice, as the board of examiners of the Treasury department under the civil ser vice rules. Personal Senor Louis Polo de Ilernabe, a son of the Spanish Minister, is among the latest arrivals in New York from Europe. He Is to be one of the secretaries of the Spanish legation in this city. ????Hon. Leonard Myers, of Pa., had an " interview with the Secretary of the Treasury to-day with reference to the printing of certificates of stock in connection with the Centennial Anniversary to be held in Phila delphia in lt?6. The programme for the open air concert by the Marine band, Prof. Fries, leader, at the Capitol grounds to-morrow afternoon, is as fol lows:?!. t.'uick March, Piet ke; 2. Fackeltanz, M?-\erl>eer; 3. Galop?Battle of liikerm&nn? Godfrey: 4. Potpourri from Martha, Flotow; 8. Introduction and Waltzes, Kosensteiner Lan ner; 6. Selections 1'Tom Huguenots, Meyerbeer; 7. Mill Polka. Strauss, 8. Itage in America, seri >-comic fantasia, Kinglebeiu. Cj i>et Midshipman O'Klefe who, with several other "bilged'' midshipmen, attacked Cadet Midshipman Convers lately, has, with four or five more, been dropped from the navy. Mr. O'K. received bis appointment by a com petitive examination in his district. It is under stood that cadets who have obtained their ap pointments by stich examinations do not make, as a general thing, successful students at the academy?Anua/ nlit Cor. halt. Gazette. Appointment of Female Clerks The tt1 wing ladies having passed satisfactory examinations w 11 lie appointed to 8*Mclcik ships In the Treu?nry department: MarUn O. Pyles, Mary J. I>ean, Annie M. Har well, Mrs. E. J. C. Hibbs. Annie E. Ober, Maria Richard son, Annie E. A'heat. Mrs. J. J. Haugthon. C M. Raynsford, Miss Emma Lewis, Marv Rowles, Susan F. Andrews, Lucia S. Wtlls, and Mrs. L. J. Sculer. Nr\v Appointments by *hb President.? The following appointments have been sent to Washington by fie President, for record: Geo. W. Taylor, of Te :as, o be consul at Port Louis, Maaritius; Wm. Pre>cott, of Illinois, register of land office at Sniingtield, 111.; Isaac L. Ma ban, of Indiana, agent for the Chippewa In dians of Lake Superior; A. O. Newpher, post master at Millersville, Pa.; Robert J. Falcon, U. S. marshal, southern district of Mississippi; Felix Brannigan, U. S. attorney, southern dis trict pf Mississippi. Natal Obderr?Commander James A. Greer transferred to New Y irk ii fitting out an expedition to search for the Polai is. Master E. ? A. Field has been ordered to the Frolic. I>etacbed ? Lieutenant Sidney A. Simmons from the Frolic and grai ted three months leave. Naval Constructor W. L. Hanscom from the navy yard, Boston, and ordered to the na-v yard at New York as the relief of Naval con structor B. F. Delano, detached and placed on waiting orders. Naval Constructor Samuel H. Hook from the navy yard, Mare Island. Cali fornia, and ordered to the navy yard at Boston. Naval Constructor Geo. W. Much from the navy yard, Washington, and ordered to the navy yard at Mare Island, California. As s:stant Naval Constructor T. D. Wilac n from the naval academy and ordered to the uavy yard at Washington. Gen. Butler has at last announced himself as candidate for governor of Massachusetts, and bis second tight for the position may now be said to have fairlv begun. At a recent dinner at the Revere House, given by one of his stanchest supporters, and at which were al?o Dr. George B. Loring, Collector Ruseell, and meu from all sections of the state, he said he would be glad to receive al! votes, but si ould not feel unkindly to those friends who might oppose him though his heart would heat a little warmer for those who favored him. He defended his course on the salary grab, and denied being the author of the bill, and stated that he was at first grettly opposed to it. Later, however, he became coivlnced that it was right, ami so he advocated and should defend it. Hesnokeofthe number of times Congress had voted in favor or similar bills in regard to ba'-k pay, and gave one instance In which Senators Sumner and Wilson, and Gov*Wash burn nad taken their back pay. Akovher Appeal ib Behalf of Satawta and Bio Tree.?The Secretary of the Interior is in receipt of a copy of a letter addressed to Janus ?t.Ha worth, Indian agent at Fort Sill, I. T., by Thomas C. Battey, a teacher in the camp o'. the K to was, who urges the release of 8 at a nt* Ad Big Tree. He relates numerous Inxtances where the Kiowas hare not only re fused to join the Cheyennes in raids on the w bites, but have actually prevented predatory excursions. In conclusion be says: "They often toil me that if the government does not return Satanta and Big Tree at or about the time Sclfied by Beede in his council two months ce they can put no further oonfldence in the white man's word, and that they are waiting to s?e the fulfillment of that agreement before settling down; that if they are delivered up they wlL settle down,,raise corn, send their children to school and do just as their great father at Washington wants tbem to do. provided they can have a school home away from the military post. Col. Starlet's Expedition to the Yel lowstone?General Terry is now mustering an expedition at Fort Bice, on the Missouri river, wUxh is to move under Colonel Stanley, through tbe practically unkawn territory be tween Edmonton, Dakota, ^nd Montana. Through this country, a distance of 700 miles, tbe North era Pacific railway la tends this sum mer to posh its surveying and construction parties, and there It is anticipated resistance will be ottered by the SioiK. Til expedition w(U consist of five companies ef cavalry, uader General Custer, a company ef infantry acting as ertilleay and manning two Bddman g?ns, the usual scouts, <&e., and a body of surveyors, bb der General Roeser?in all about 3,009 na compose tbe expedition. Lieutenant Frederick D. Grant is to the surveying corps. It is expected that the expedition will reach Mon about the 18th of October. No serf us op position is looked for by the officers at head Cters. The discovery by Geqerai Forsyth the Yellowstone Is navigable to the con fluence of Powder river has notarially aided tbe expedition, as that point will be made the base or operations and depot ef supplies, thus obviating the necessity of transporting all thfc stores by wagon train across the country. The VMM t Captain Hall. OBJECT OF UR visit TO 1?A*HIHOTOW?IB TlUfTllfl FACTS ABOUT TUB DBCB4SBD ABD BIB HOPES AMD FLABS. Mrs. Hall, the widow of Capt. Hall, the Arctic voyager, whs is at present In this city as the guest of her cousin, the Rev. Mr. If trick. Of the Treasury department, did not come to Washington to represent her needy condition to the public as has been stated, bnt solely to see the Esquimaux, Joe and Hannah, to learn from their lips of the sad particulars of her husband's death. She knows these Esquimaux very well, as they spent seven weeks at her house some time before the Polaris left on her last voyage. Unfortunately when she arrived In Washington Joe and Hannah had been sent to the coast of Maine by the Secretary of thr Navy, and she bad no opportunity to co?B*r*e with thexa. She has received no intimation from the Secretary ol the Navy that she will be paid BBS HUBBABD'S SALARY until Congress meets, but it is understood thv this will oe done, as under the liberal con ?traction of the facts the government can act on the presumption that Capt. Hall is still alive, since no really official intelligence has been received of his death, nor cansnch intelli gence be received except through Capt. Bud iiington, now supposed to be In command of the Polaris. Mrs. Hall continues to be greatly depressed on account of her husband's death. bin! the circumstance that so many mysterious hint* have been thrown out in tni* direction, adds poignancy to her grief. She feels that there is Ml'CH BORE TO BR TOLD in connection with bis death, and until future developments lift the vail of mystery with which us fate is enshrouded, will be afflicted with painful doubts and suspicions. $he grieves most that he died far beyond the reach of her loving attentions, and regrets, under the cir cumstances, that she did not accompany him on the voyage. On his previous expedition* Mrs. Hall always confidently looked for hi* safe return, but when he left on his last voyage, with a woman's intuition, she was possessed with THE FRESEKTIMEHT THAT HE WOULD SEVER COME BACK. Capt. Hall himself was sanzuloe not only of accomplishing glorious results in behalt of science and reaching the north pole, but seemed confident of a safe return. He wax especially pleased with the selection of Capt. Buddington as his s&iling master, and so expressed himself to many friends before his departure. Capt. B. was bis old sailing master in ItftO, twelve years before, and he seemed to have great COKFlDBBtB I* HIP ABILITY AND EXTFRTEN' E .\s a seaman, especially in the northern latitude*. He had MSS. sufficient to make several large volumes, and he told his friends that when be returned he intended to settle down and devote several years to the care'ul preparation for publication of the data he had obtained in hi* various polar expeditions. It mav be mentioned as a matter of rumor that while t'ant. Hall wan pleased with the selection of Buddington, he disliked Tyson, the mate; but it <!oes not appear, it such was the case, that he ever formally pro tested against his occupying an official position on the Polaris. OftU'lal Report on ibo NcKeniie Raid. VIEWS OF OEK8. SHERIDAN AMD AVOU.lt. Colonel Mackenzie has made an ofttci.%'re l-ort to the War department of the raid m?Ue by his command into Mexicoon the lSOi of May last. General Sheridan indorses the report, anl in substance says that he takes pleasure in heartily approving the conduct of Colonel M*c Kenzie as a gallant act. He does not approve of the obi international idea that the boundary between tLe two nations is sacred when the rights of either are likely to be iuvaded, and there should be no law when we are defending our frontier against murderers, robber* and thieves. General Sheridan concludes bv sav ing " The government ought to stand by Col. Mackenzie." . Gei eral Augur, commanding the depart ment of Texas, has also issued a general or der, in which is recited tie details of the at tack ami the troops who pirliclpated in it. and i a which he tenders Colonel MacKenxie Bud his *ommr.nd bis thanks for the successful manner in which they accomplished the difficult work. He concludes by saying : "It's believed that a few repetitious of this effective and summary punishment would give quiet to that yortion of the Rio Grande frontier so long outraged by these Indians." Intelligence from San Antonio, Texas, an nounces the arrival thereof the Indian com missioners, with Senor Montero, Mexican com missioner, and the head chiefs of the Kickapoo and Pottawattamie Indians. These Indians promise to return to their reservations if their women and children, captured by Colore! MacKenrie, are returned to them. The Mencau authorities promise to cooperate with our mili tary in enforcing the agreement. The Mexican boundary commissioners now in Washington think that if the captives should be restored to the Kickapoos they would be no more inclined to return to the C'nited States than they are now, and hence they doubt the propriety of complying with their w ishes. The Secret iry of the Interior will refer the request of the Kicka poo commissioners to the Secretary of War. Brlsbaae's Pnennantle Tube. REPORT OF THE COMMITTER TO IBVBBTIOATK THE CAUSE OF THE FAILURI OF THE CON TRACTOR TO complbtFit. The committee, consisting of Prof. Josejdi. Henry, Gen. O. E. Babcock, and Mr. A. M Clapp, designated by the Secretary of the In terior to investigate the circumstances con nected with the partial construction of the pneumatic tube between the Congressional printing office and the Capitol, have submitted their report. They say that they found the tube 32 inches in diameter, 8 inches greater than the specification required, but that tne archi tect of the Capitol extension acquiesced in tin. modification. He recited the difficulties undei which the contractor has labored in the con struction of the tube; that it had to pass und.-r the B street conduit and the track of the Balti more and Ohio railroad; that this necessitated deep cutting, and a consequent great weight of earth on the wooden tube, whicli crushed in in places, and that in making tliesi deep cuttings several springs were met with which could not be drained un der the existing grades in that locality. The commltteee find that |with the exceptio'u of the increased diameter of the tube, the work has thns far been done in accordance with the contract and specifications, and that in all probability, the whole work would have been completed had not the difficulties referred to occurred. In closing their report the commis (doners sucgest that it is desirable that the work should be finished, provided it can be complet* d before the next meeting of Congress, and witb<>nt further appropriation by the govern ment. Mr. Brisbane has not applied to Secre tary Delano for permission to lay a tube. The Secretary would have no authority to grant such permission, however, as he was directed bv Congress to investigate the cause of th* failure of the contractor. The latter has already received tl2,000 from the government ont or the 915,000 appropriated by Congress. The remaining ?3,000 will not be paid him until he has fulfilled the terms of hia contract. The Polaris In realisation Report. Secretary Robeson h*.? been hard at work all day preparing his report of the examination of the Polaris castaways. The report will not be ready for the press until to-morrow. The last of the verbatim testimony waa sent to the gov ernment printing office to-day. The Secretary's report will not Be long, and will assume the shape of a summary or results rather than a narrative of the expedition. It will be accom Kiied by the last dispatch written by Captain U to the Navy Department. Accompanying Sergt. Meyer's statement will be hla diary or journal, kept while the party was on the ice. It will contain a record of each day after they parted from the Polaris until they reached Washington. Tbb Cbiob pAcinc Railboad managers are Biafclng strenuous efforts to procure the re vocation of the order of the Interior department, withholding one-half of the lands voted by Con gress uBtil certain obligations assumed by the company are fulfilled. The order of the In terior departaaont, withholding one-half of the land, secures the government to the amount of about *40,000.0M. Under the original grant the company is entitled to every alternate sec tion within Its limits, bnt under the operation ?f the order it can only claim MUe toevny fourth section. It will be seen, tkiistoaathat the government ts secure if the credit mobJUw suits are net suecemfuL < ? ? ? * Paumbb Lucca's Divobcb.?The divorce sate In which Maria me Pas line Lucca, the prima donna, h plaintiff, and her husband, Count Yob Rahden, defendant, has beenhe cided In bar fever by Judge Fanchor, suRdent evidence having been sea aw a frem Berlin. Madame Lucca&naw Uviag InKingBten.R.I and haa declared her intention otbecomin*2 ritisen and permanent resident of th* country JT. J'.'ilfer, r * a h for Um Frtarta kythf Tl Th? Secretary of the Kitj hi* not psrrhiMit tk?Ti|rt?,whai been printed, bat ku merely leased the ship for a tern of month*, to perform a specific doty. Wben the department fully determined to search fot tXe Polaris, It became evident that we had no veasel In oar navy salt ed for a trip to the Arctic region*. The Secre tary concluded first to purchase a suitable ves sel , when he was met with the objection that there was no appro priotiou available for such a purpose. Negotiations were subsequently en tered into with the owners of the Kuglish' seal ship Ttgress, to lease her to the United State* for a specified sum. not yet made public. The U rms were accepted. and she is now m n? *'< to New York, where she Is expected to arrive next Tuesday. Upon the arrival ot the reasel at that port she' will be thoroughly inspected by competent naval constructors, already ordered to report tor that service, and any additional strengthening precautions deemed nsctsory will be made. To-day Commander Jamc* A Greer, who has been for some time professor of seamanship at tne naval academy, leaves under orders for New York, to fit out the expedition. I.ient. Commander White has been detailed as executive officer, Assistant Kngineer Melville as chief engineer, and I.ieut. George F. Wilkin* to duty with the expedition. It is the intention of the Navy department to use the utmost ce lerity in the'preparations for the search, and it is expected the Tigress will be ready to sail on the 4th of July, at the latest. Tb? KxkM Border THB1R I*VE*T1?ATIO* OF ?rXD?*S iXD ROB HXRIBS ALORO THE LI MB. Col. T. R. Robb, Major Savage aud General Osborne, of the United States commission to investigate affairs on the Mexicau border, have arrived in Washington, and will at once pre pare their report, to be forwarded to the Preel dent by July 1st. The report may or may not be made J?e basis of future legislation concern ing the c aims presented, according as Congress shall de ermine. The commission have been continuously engaged in this investigation *inoe January 10. They have heard the evidence in -100 cases, and liare received, In addition, 1,300 tx ixirte affidav ts. The depredations have been very great. The commissioners repreeent the amount of damages, direct aud conse quential, to those who heve suffered by these raids, at between titty and sixty millions. So much stock has been stolen an?l driven across the border, that the belt of terri tory within miles of the Kio Grande has be come comparatively barren of cattle. The per sons engaged in these depredations are, on the lower Kio Grande, Mexicans, and on the upper Kio, Kickapoo and Lipau Indians, who, in reality, are the regularly commissioued agents of Mexicau traders. Border people have fre quently discovered Mexicans In the disguise ot Kickapoos. The KickajKios arc the mo*t crafty and darir.g of their race. They are mounted on the best of horses, and arme<l with tlie latest model ol Spencer ritie*. The loss of huiuan lite ha.* been very great, but it was found mijioesible to estimate the number ol murders. Several children and some women, who had escaped from the ludians, appeared before the commission, and recited the history i t the fearful cruelties to which they had been subjected. It is the custom ol ihe different tnbei jo sell the white captive* to each other, in order that they mav not be found in their possession. The Comanche*, in the Indian territory, are implicated in this purchase ar J saleof captives. The commissioners will represent the depreda tions as ot so serious a character that, unless some remedy is found, the border country will be prajtically depopulated, aud stock-raising be ab'.ndoued. Our commission met the Mexi can border commission at several points. The natives rt present that the claims presented to the Utter commission were exceedingly large. All border people approve the Mackenzie raid. I>em-erate Fioht Betwbes Chigaoo Po lk kmbk a Ga*o or Bi rular*.?A des perate tight occurred In Chicago yesterday morning between three police officers ami some burglars, which resulted in the shooting aud probable killing or Jack Aiken, one of the most daring and notorious thieves in the country, and tne capture Of Dave Keggio. alias Rogers, or one-armed Have, a scarcely less noted vil lain. The burglars were spotted Sunday night by Sheriff McDonald, of Sioux City, on a train from Milwaukee, in which city on Saturday night they robbed a dry good* store of several thousand dollars worth of goods. The officer* met with a tierce resistance on attempting to arrest them. Allen drew a pistol and tired in effectually at officer Simmons, who returned the fire, one of his ahots sulking Allen in the aide, penetrating lib intestines and inflicting what is believed to be a mortal wound. Reggio also fought desperately, but was finally cap tared and ts now in jail" About S2.606 worth ot the good* stolen in Milwaukee were recovered. The third burglar made his escape. Thi Cholera i* the Western Cities? A dispatch from Memphis says: The weather yesterday was very unfavorable for the improve ment of the health of the city, as daring the night the mercury tell twelve degrees, and tw day was rainy and hot. There were nineteen Interments yesterday, of which fifteen died of the cholera and cholera Infantum. The city council have passed an ordinance establishing a board of health. Thlrtv-two interments from cholera have tx ? n reported since Saturday In Nashville. A large per rentage of those attacked have recovered. Nearly all have been colored. The past lorty-eight hours hare developed the presence In Cincinnati of ca*es of sickuess re sembling cholera. Three cases proved fatal, and three others, each of which had all the symptoms of cholera, did not prove fatal. These case* were retorted at a meeting in the Acade my of Medicine last night. Abhut or Thrbb Mb* for Throwikm a Railroad Thai* prom the Trace?'Three men were arrested in Plalnfleld, Conn., Sun day night, and are in the city prison in Nor wich, charged with placing obstructions upon the track of the Norwich and Wore eater rail road on Sunday morning, by which a train was thrown Irom the track and the engineer and tlrenian were badly bi uised aud scalded. At a meeting of citiiens a reward of *1.000 wa? pledged on behalf of the town, to be paid ou the conviction of the rascals wl?o were guilty ol this diabolical crime. This terrihle attempt upon human life, it Is supposed, was for the purpose of robbery. It is thought that all the injured will recover. In addition to the ?1,000 reward offered by the committee of cltixens. the superintendent ot ths Norwich and Wor cester division of the New York and New hng land railroad ottered a reward of lor the convIction of the wretches. The Pewnsvlvasia Coal Tuaoe asd Ahother Railroad to the Coal Kroiors? The coal trade continues fairly active and pri ces steady. The operator* acknowledge a rood supply of orders. The New York and Erie railway company are movi igon the coal region* of this state, and we obset re, have already sent a corps of engineers to survey a route for a railroad fromCarbondale to the l^ohlgh valley, where the company, It is reported, have eecur ed SI,600.060 worth Of coal lands. At Archi bald there will be a twuuel one-half mile in length. The contract for the work, It la said, will be leased in a fortnight, and it it la expect ed that the road will be In running order with in two years. By this arrangement It will procure its supply of ooal trom its ewn mines.? I'kUa. Ledger. Sbxsatioral Story of a Horrible Death W? have the story told in a dispatch from Chicago of Mrs. York, a woman residing m the state of Kansas, who on her ThV n'MH| ewo m The hort?ae se?ry_ winds up wllh die rather ?effbTiwilSrl?'ufe"!" UUt <UapUck throw, donbt on the whole wU*t m Airbst or a Coins tbrpbitbr?Special Treasury Agent BaUey arrested at Sprlagteld. 111., Sunday night, one of the aaoat treuJbleaoae 'of the forging and counterfeiting fratermlty, one Me*lll, a&as Meeru. alias Morris with pro hably other aliases. On hie peaeou were touad blank drafts on the First National bank af hi*??|t| n| frmfri Memphis i . Fia PbOTAOATIOW j| deputy United SI " TnctMAxoi hyNew York ithtevM^pn 8unday n^kfthe P^yJ^aS^rted^0" m. rxwDOm aae beea lamed to Klias Buraette, a ??itk Carolina kuhlux who was aeateaeod to Alhaay ia TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB t% iHptlcfci, ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. ira coLonaia at rttii Paha* a, June 7?The repahlir of the Inited State* Of Odomba to tn U( rail cvivmuI ot I ware, with the ticrpitM of ?*<?* official per* rutiou and Mtf?|? nuaaiU?4 bv (W author it>ee of the Mat* of Hayara. Jm to official favoritism allowing Its agent* to rule rough ?bod over the people a vot.c?fo waKt*n rr. The volcano of Parnoe. la Oaaea. to amumiag ? Mat* of Activity that ha* to?M? aiarmiug bscorciuatiob in ravaaa. The clh of Panama we?.? to hare NfaiiM it* tranquillity. The rwtwrt Presideat of tha - ate to traternirt'Bf with the loader* of tha revolution that boated him. and drowning enmity In cbam l ag tm> ThoM who ware lrin( - a few d at each other a few Ja\> ago are drinking to each other V health wl ether sack I dilation *0 founded will laet long to very doubtful. THE SlSriOtOt * ?Tr AMWH ..?? *>IEB? * > Nothing nwrr ha* been hear J irua the fien. Sherman. which aailed from Asutnwall lately for aonte ot the Atlantic port*of Central Amer ica, under suspicious circumstance*. THE rLAOSBir r?<A)'i>LA sailed hence on the id lastant for Callae. Tha raited State* ateamer* t > mail a and Beatc.a are 4al)t expected at this port mv rtniDiiT or Bolivia. Adolfo Boll 1 van ha* b?en electod constitu tional president of Bolivia, to ail the vacaucy caused by the death ot President Morale*. SB VIRAL MWK( OP BA ITHijVAkl frighten*.I the people of Valparaiso and the fouthcrr. part ot Chili. The ttr*t began at U Ji p. m of tne xth of May ltd, at \ alpnratoo, an.! !m*ted 4:' second*. A food deal of damage wan done to public and private building* from the motion* being vertical Several pereoa*. who were thrown or Jumped from ?cafloM- where they were working, were killed, and mauj wounded. Tin izabowit* m ta tnuLAKtK Lokdob. June IT?The Csnrewttch aa<l wlfo arc vi?iuug the Prince aad Priaoeae of Wale* at Sandrtufham. the mruot a~ii.i tam nrnin. nrrrM Lorn Do*. June 1: A special di*|>atrh frotft Berlin to the London Mtmr *ay* the health at the Emperor William I* improving, and It n? expected that in a few day* he will have re gained hi* usual health. sew 1 aaii Low no*, Jane 1??The serond cable froru the coa*t ot Cornwall to Spain ha* t>eea epeaed tor businc*s. Thto Increase m the factlitie* t?>r the tran*mi**ionol dis|?atche* between England and Spain ha* led to a reduction ot the tariff. cVkbi.lv fa sraia. Mai-bio. June IT.?Mr Jame* J. O'Kelly ha* arrived at the tortiheU town of Saatona, prov ince ol Saiitsmler. where he wa* deli verel over to the S|?ant*h aethorltlee bv the captain of the *team*hip which hrou ght him fr<?m Cuba. ? 'Iveliv '* effect* were sealed by the 1'atted State? Conaul at Santandar. TBB CORTE* ha* tinder consideration the proportion of Se nor ??'< on. granting the irovernmeat etrtraor<l< narj laciliue*. under which it ?ill l.e empow ered to lev> a contribution ol lOo.OU'i.iSlO pMMM U|?on the country. a Ken lurk Refe*. TERRIHLB Roll. EE BXrLOSfOM. New York, Jnae 1;?A b.> glue factory, Kahway. Now Jersey, exploded \c*ferday, demolishing the factory, * iuu'-' brick holding., fatally Injuring R. So tie Id and Frank Wei**, and' seriously injuring t* j others. TUB Wlt.L OF JAMBS BBOOBX ha* been admitted to probate. TBB WEATHER To-t?AT i* clear and fine, and much cooler than yester day. rivR case- or ?t asTBoKE occurred yesterday, one proving fatal A OTATB OOITMTIM or rBOBIBITIOBISTS is called to m<*et at Albany on the .'4th 111st. THB PAtLV MfBPBR. About one o'clock this morning John M M 1 nu* quarreled aith Michael Kirwiu, who keep* a liquor More at SM east :IA1 *treet, tor refusing htm a drink.and *tabl>ed him twice through the groin. He also stabbed through the hand Patrick Souiers, a bo wa* endeavoring t.. pro tect Kirwin. McManu* wa* arre*ted ami kir win taken to Bcllevue bo-pital in a dying con <Mes. lire I? Weaf . New York, June 17?A dtspafcu irom B i? ton, sent from that city early this mivmng. tare a tire is raging in the town of Westboro', 15" mile* from Worcester, which threaten* to destroy the whole town. The entire Ore depart ment ot Worcester ha* l<een eammooed. W?'Rcbstbb, Mass., June IT?At ball past 12 o'clock last ntgbt, a tre broke out at Weet boro', in Kagle niock, first ai>pearing tn the upper stories occupied a* tenement- The flame* aoon communicated to the adjoining building*; the whole of Kagke block wa* de *troyed. together with two low wooden bui .1 ing? on South street, and a block of three-wtory building*, oorncr of Main and South streets. All the building* were of wood. The aRflorer* are: I>r. Henry winter, of Jackson. Mis* . L. E. CJreen, O. W. Judd, S. M. Grigg* A ?)o.. Stone & Co., H B. l'ltch. first national bank and di*trict court. The k>?ae* are not elated. Wall Street Ta4ay. New Turk, June IT?The Wall *treet market* continue extremely dall. All aales ol gold have been at U!iifa'ta\, the opening (?rices having been ll&\, and the present quo tation being US va<t. On gold loan* the rates h ave hoen 1, 2 and .i lor car-rying and flat. For eign cichange to hrm at liw , at?!' ? for prime sixty days sterling, and 1Hi',all<>a lor demand, a very gaud demand. however, being had at 110. Money continue* very abundant at > to S on call, 4 being the ruling rate. Prime mercantile paper to ouoted at t .^aT, and good at 7. Gov ernment bond* are lo'wer, with gold, fn south ern state bonds the only tran*action at the board wa* the sake at imjsw ol (>aorgia T'? at . Talk about repudiating in several of ttie southern state* to hurting *ccnrities of all of them about which there I* any doubt of interest payment. The stock market, In the absence of any speculative moveaieiiu, one way or the oilier, has ruled lower than yesterday. I Lai Ian (hlldres Bsagkt and Mold. New Yobb, June IT?A morning paper aays that at the present time there are between T,iHS> and s.irnu children kidnapped from Italy and held In slavery in the large cities of the United States, this city Iteing the great central entrepot. Children are brought here and sold dally at private auction at prices varving from RHMI U> S44IO for boys and *Wo to a.VM) f or girl*. Where girls are exceptionally nrettv the prices run higher. Two little girl* who together play Jieir violin* In Wall *treet,are said to have been bought by their present owner for fl.tino. Since thetiretof April last 31T of these children have arrived at thl* port. a HacHeasle * Katd A MRICAII VIEW or IT. New York, June IT.?A letter from Br*>*k ett*ville. Texas, state* that after MacKencie'* raid a meeting ot Mexicans was Le d. which, at first, was inclined to insist upon reparation from the I ntud States, but wtoer counsels pro vailed, and It simplv requested the governors of Coahntla and Leon in urge their national gov ernment to adjust the frontier difficulties with the I'mted State* in an amicable manner. a rue Theradlk* He., Tnm?'d>. Belsast, Mb., June 17?In the 1'horndike tragedy the coroner's jury adjourned until Sat urday next to obtain the testimony of the Knt* ot the murdered man, who have not re ed home. The prisoner was brought to thto citv last evening and committed to jail. He continues stolid and refuses to converse. His testimonv at the Inquest was given with appa rent indulerence, and satisfied every one of hi* guilt. e New York, j'ne^^A Washington special ?ay*: Ex-President Johnson proposes to ran for governor af Tennessee thto fall, and ha* hope* of his election?a promotion to the United States Senate to follow. Sab FraBCTsco, June 17?It to stated that there are twenty-seven steamer* in China waters watting to bring Chinese to Hie number of 29,010 to California. #AB '?A?CI?00, Jai"S~ic *? 0*7; 4 KoaBta^N. H., Jaae 11.?Henry J tweet. t%4 T*** Elu ^oods, i dead. Miss lay lag the'new Atlantic eabte ?*m Vakatta Bay, Ireland, to Sydney Cape Bxebia.

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