10 Eylül 1953 Tarihli The Key West Citizen Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Eylül 1953 tarihli The Key West Citizen Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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tgf —Hi Florida bae ten T Don't Like That Feeling Of O J Bemg Confined, ” Says Gunman Pleading Not Guilty To Charges ; '.JF* ■ ''% '* "Nature Boy* ftoper Jury Will Free Him Mr Jim cost Itfetri "Nature Bor** Oarelm, 25-year-old uelf-atyl •4 poet • philosopher - des perado, who hold an Atlan tic Avenue resident at fun point for 49 Klsutes (n a robbery attempt Aufuat 22, pi—did < *bol guilty” y#at #r day te chart• of attempted armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon at a preliminary hearing before Peace Justice Roy Hamlin, aaytßf that he •'hopes the jury will not find me guilty for the base fit of mankind.** "And 1 don't like the gen eral feeling of being con fined in jail,** he added. Kamila baaed Garcia ever to Ortakai Overt far trial altar tba vW hearing, the delsmdant, who prwtoiate Is be aids te “save tee •arid frees Itself/' alternately •wiled affably at te# m*n hr w owed of •••sriting at gunpoint and lagaid tale aa apparent dream* —aa—■ gw——te —Fw—i aeu •> niw fur everyone, beiylo* Pm m tow nesa al tee charges be Meet. Oertia hi teemed ef anteriat We borne ef Mas Cube* US! At teatk Boulevard bearing • 44* ate bar reeelver serif ta the morntag of August n, H* tanrif< I Crimp Ida wtto and meld eatU be was dia armsd and tegtnrad by Peliea ef * fleer Raymsnd ten. Yesterday, a parade el witneaaas testified ef happvatogs an that warring. bet tbe veal show was eeplati Hw intriftri. RtnuMn boar* ever, Saend a—eel cauie to bind bin ever iar trial. He ta te tbs Ceeety Jail endar p m band. Garda said altar tea hearittc ba hoped they wmJd let tia wain a ttttto apaecb at Ite trial. *1 baps te tad Iba world whet adM Ka avrythln*. I *m ***** te reaeet vty orimlnota pet teat mat— I abeetd been." hade* ate red nadKy. ** went te tee eM eMbeae waaderid peepia ben vrrewe they ere obmrt me.** Garcia appaared In Urn court item yesterday dad in Army peratraapar beota end a garish apart shirt. He speried • magntf) cent gaetee and mustache. iocere iy baedenffad, be puffed content i ody on a pips throughout tbe near-| teg,ta whtoMNHmemed to ba only the mem he gave Ceban a friendly smile and! (Continued Oe Page five) j Advisory MIAMI, if-Tll* athrlsary m ImHMM Ml Monad at lit a.m. (KST) by the Miami Waathar Buraaa: Tlw bardtiM rwwd la a sacth aorthwaatwsrd aasrsa durtag the ■mm and at It am. tha caster vat Mar taUtatfa MS aerth. tone* tuda Ti t wit. awtvmg aorth north vaal attest 10 to U stiles per ItcHtr.l TMa la about ll* mite* a Uttia •oath a( fast from Miami. Slrtmf sal wtsda arc aatimaiad about kw ■tits par hour star a small area sarthasst of the center with sola* •standing MS miici ant hi the TW southern tala is stiU open aad Wi art sot vary stnmf The taro sarthasrd tsrs isaaaaa the iaaflar la tha Bahamas hut fur Mr laaraasa la isrea Is axpactad Ml aact lT2ms lft,,W# * t MpplßC should aaarctsa esutiea i.i - ~ i •SAW WIVBf CLUB NO. II A— l Qance \or mar i Kramch't Orrkmtr* Friday. Sept lltb *: P.M. ELKS CLUB ANNEX doos panes oaloi floor SAotr ,4dm.. $ I mp Men meat TBS fOUTHEBFftf OST NIWSPAFKI IN THB ILIA. VOLIUIV Mo. tlf Miami Man Taken In Gun Battle tefev 'j? jiMF*' '• .■■grjm- m JylsdMßSlßfi Kgw YORK,—Pert Authority Patrehnen Edwin Woodson (left) and SgL Key McCabe (right), aided by aa naldnaUflad ambulance attendant, lead John Metcalfe, M. ef Miami, to an ambulance day in • running gun battle with tbe police through tbe lincola Tunnel. Woodaon bed purtuod the pelr through tbe tunnel tea dan which began at tea New Jersey entrance, whan the ikease ri the ear driven by Metcalfs and Steam waa identified aa ana tevoftvsd te aa uaauccaaaful holdup in New Jersey .—Lotted Press Reds Charge Allies Faked list Of Blissing Soldiers Wliat Does The Mayor Do In Hie Gty Of Key West? Unto Am latete ivetUoM of the 1 City (’barter, the mayor U the j commissioner elected from Group Oat Candidates. Ha pmidaa at tba meetings sf Urn commissioners. By virtue of hit office ka la a mm bar af Am Utility Board, represent lag tha city government Ha makaa 1 appointment! to tb* Kay Watt 1 fAuthory \ uc* ji occur. Ha has na authority ovar ' except that ha appoints tba member* of tba authority who make local policy tarlatans accord ing io Fataral Rsgulstiosu Ha la tba official boat far our city aad itgnt proclaim a thm* of * penal dava or aetMioM. Ho lo paid lira doliara far aaeb meeting ba attaada of tba City Cammlaalaoara awl 1 paya a fee of twenty thro dollars to bava his nama an tba ballot tbo aanM aa any otbar caadtdato far City Commissioner. P. A. Mellasters Is applying to tba voters af Kay Waat for tbiaj part tiaw pas to an tmdor tba pra-| asat alty mans gar farm af charter which be favors. His ausllficstkms aro give* on tbo taflowtag fab ap plication form which lo (tailir to many of oar rtUoona. lAppUcatkm Par City Imploymonl 1. Kind of paaithm applied for: MAY OK (City Commlirtaoar Group Om) j 1 Nama and addvuaa af appli cant Phillip A. McMatters, MM Flagler Avenue, Kay Weal. 1. Data aad plaes af birth: Aug list 1, ifto • Wer. Union. lowa 4. Haight without shoes; S IS" Weight: 219 tba. Saa: mala Color: while. 11. Hava pßomrMbmm ampl.tve^! at nrhnt salary? (C.tva last Plaat change in grade) mi uling to travel m with Uus employ ment', T. Give name and location of last High School attended St Pttart burg High School. Fla. ! I. Are you now nr havo you over been a licensed or certified member of oay trade or profasaaoa? Yea Give kind af Urease aad state: F. C. C, lagtatalaphana Ist Class. First license or Certificate (Yean lfto. Latest License or Mrtfltot (yuan Ml. . Give eleaaat living roUtivoo Mother: Mrs H N. Me Masters St. Petersburg. Plortda Bratbar: Lewis L. Me Master*, It Petersburg. Florida MuM On Faga Rm) Barrage Of GUfato I Hurled Aa Kama Armistice Move* Into New Plume By SAM fUMMIRLIN MUN&AN UP tba Communists today accused Am Allies af faking a list of missing U. N. soldiers mistreating war prisoners and kid naping a Pula who flad a true# supervisory team Into American sanctuary. Tba Bads rnbofai Ada barrage aa Ato Korean armistice moved rapidly Into a now phase—the dis posal af Rad and Allied prisoners who refuse to ratara to their homelands The first group af 199 North Ko reans moved Into tba buffer tone under central af ladies troops to-1 dap. A spokesman said Amy threw rocks in rags urban Amy saw two communist observers standing nut tola a barbed wire fence Tba j Communists backed out af range.' Neither was bit. Tba first group af 1J99 asfi Bad Chinese was to ba turned aver to Indian troops Friday. Tba angry Bad charge af kid naping tba Pda came la a meeting sf Am faur-aeMaa truce supervisory Swedish Maj. Gan. Sven Graf strum, commission chairman, said Communist Poland's delegate ac cused tba Americana af kidnaping Jaa Hajdukiewici, a Polish inter prater who duchod from bis teepee jAea team into American bands as Is plans warmed up to taka Mm back to Bed Korea Wedaoeday. Grafstrom Mid Am Polish dala pta threatened It lodge a strong pcotrst. probably Saturday. I Hajdukiewk-t told newsman at Swml, ha waata an mart of earn munism. which ba termed "the subjugation af afi Hfa ~. Cruet.** , 1W otbar Bod douunciatMus war. broadcast by Pelptog radio, ami a weatherman far affirial more* to coma. Priptag said 4 Jt§ Bad prioouar* mtumed la tba exchange Just end id batru basn taapiUiixed li 11 >— ,sf “physical and mental torture t Am bands sf tba Americans. ** Condemning what It tormad "ghastly example* af AaMricaa brutality .... American tartars chamber methods.*’ Piiptag said **• shocking aumbor*' af tba Ti.- HI repo trie tea ware suffering from vinous diseases. R said atban warn “gassed, bayoneted and ■ stoned** during tbo neckings. DUFFY'S Hop Ham Johnnie j ENTKRTAINMKNT NIGHTLY 219 DUVAL STRUT KIT WIST, PLOtttOA. THURSDAY, SBPTIMPBK te, HO Future Growth Of Keys Depends On Decision Of Voters In Water Bond Election, Ramsey Says “Dolly” Curves; Danger To Fla. Is Lessened CrcwratAhapcd Crater Of Storm Prartrated By Air Force Finite ( MIAMI iffUA tropical hurricane shaped like a huge amphitheater, j with— mils aa hour wteda on the stage, curved te the north northwest today tssssntog tbe dan* gar ta the Bahama* sad Florida, i Hurricane Dotty waa pinpointed •bout tia miles a little south of •ait (ran Miami In tba 11 a m (BST) advisory, moving north naribwaat at about 16 to 12 mites aa hour. j Grady Norton, chief storm fore caster at tee Miami weather bu reau as Id that “If tea hurricane continued on its present course It would aot touch the Florida mein* laud.** Norton emphasised tee “If,** tad pointed out tee storm was atfil te tba formative Wage, sad condi tions might change tea few hours. Be said aa Air Force piano from Berutudg penetrated tela season's fourth tropical storm and reported it ws crescent shaped. Ilka a huge amphitheater, with tea north and east sides containing lit mile par hour wteda and tea south and west still open. Norton mid the fact that the storm had aot formed p complete a rurm int thfca *■ arm ummm Wkm ita - CUTOB RIYMUmj 188 Cfß wll BVlil ll ' j ■on tor tee various pogttiona re ported te tba past 24 hours Tbe |dane aaM that clouds wars lent he ginning te form Ml around tee eye. indicating B waa slowly winding up. Tba 11 a.m. advisory said “the mart northward turn iaaeeoa tea danger ta tee Bahamas but fur ther increase in farce la expected with Mow north northwest move ment during the neat 12 hours/* I Tba storm was moving on a west northwest course yesterday. Tba change to tee northwest and later la north nortbwast course marked the Mart of tee curve away from the Florida peninsula. I The f a.m. advisory reported the hurricane waa centered about 160 nil., nvrtli. rJi VihA. f J.ul Funerals Set For Britishers Killed By Reds By PRCO HAMPSON HONG KONG W This British crown colony prepared today to bory a reserve captain to 4s army defense force and five Royal Navy men killed yester-lay when a Chi nese Communist warship tired as 1 a Hong Kong naval pa trot launch. ; Flva wounded survivors of tba attack M tba estuary af tba Peart River were la tba Royal Navy’s Hang Kong hospital under tight isacrccy guard They bad been picked up by AM destroyer Can cord after reportedly suffering both bullet and shrapnel wounds. Tba ana identified victim af the fray waa S Frank Gower, an ac countant with a Hoag Kang firm Wko held a reserve captaincy m the colony defense fore* Ha bad served as a royal artillery officer, tdartag World War IL J I THE FLUtE BESTAOTMT CORMRR ftIMONi'ON AMO TRUMAN

BiDptilf I ) f * | * a y* s#pt li* u Ait | I A COMPLITI MIMU AND TM> WORLD? mm MOST FAMOUS CHICK BN DlSH— "Chicken In The 1 Age Requirements For School Entrance In County Outlined Polish Revolt Predicted By Young Refugee Say* Cawrai—t Of Fam Will Eventually Cause Poire To Arise By KOOBRT B. TUCKMAK SEOUL rn-A ytuag Po’iah te , tarprstar nho bolted from Com muaist coutrol and was gives U.a sanctuary said today bia paopia some day will rise te revolt •’ *rt the Rods “but bow is am the time.** I Jan Hajdukiewic*. M. told a aaws lariirmn tea Csmmuatot rulers ef hie homeland aauM net be avsiihmua “without autikto bate” even though M par aaM ef thePußh paopia eppaaa tba Rad regime. * Haptofctowici was • dvflUa to trrprvtar fr Patuh . members f miarian supervising tea Korean truce. Yesterday ba asked UJ. Gal. I Harold T. Babb far patttkal agy* tlura aa a plaad te tarry him beak to Norte Eoraa waraaod up at 'Kangmmg Air Rasa pi Radi Karas. fUa iwqooat waa grsatad gad ha '""We had te gat that guy out ef (bare tea baß of a hurry “ aaM lane U*. officer. j Only anjMnr balm tike balding B tafißtafl tf ; ,t [I h B 4 Em ."ktfeaped” by tba UJ. Army. I I Tba Polish delegate to tba Hew' tral Nations taptevtoary Commia akm did not demand Am ratara of Hajtfukiowtet but said a strong protest would ba lodged. { HajdukMwacs, wearing green iU.S. Army dungeraaa, toM his news confers oca ba RMge bis dramatic break because **l knew it waa my last chance. 1 * 1 i Ba said ba believes Ms escape I will encourage others In Poland. "The Polish goraraaMOt la baaed an tear,** be said. “I dids t want .to return to my country which baa beau subjugated by tba Commgatat ; regime. 1 should like to ga to Am l ruled States af America.” Ha described cum monism as “the subjugation af a& tite.” | After tha bows tanfaranra HaJ- Mawin waa acwmpjmiod hr presumably totta S H probably wffl ba flown to Tokyo la a day or two. • *-. . . said (bay bad aa mfarmatioe aa this. ‘ State Department officials la Waabmgton said tha elrcu-vet-•*•** warn unusual bat R Is U K policy to great political say am tu *•.- •ana honestly at adds with comma mam. . I Tba aiylum b glvan m • tarn porary koala, bnt B caa ba ax tended and Hajdukiawies eventu ally could bo given opportunity to apply far U S. ciuianabip. |]. ** s- j _ - ._IJ m km IM/UailflKl OlfiO WwMMi derided to flea before ha arrived in Karoo with tha PaMsb delega tion. I Ha said that whoa ha tooraod j (Continued Ou Faga Five) Parrnts Are Cantionnl On Starting Thrir Children Too Soon Age raquirementa for admission to school war* clarified Tuesday by Mrs. Edith Roberts, Coordinator ef Instruction for the Monroe County School system. Is tea past, there has been some ronfusion as to tec actual age teat children can start school. Mrs. Roberts said test for admis •ton te the flnt grade te Dorkl*.l children neat be til years old he-! tore tee flnt ef January. In ether wards, they must be five years sad atee months old by September, she said. I “At tbe prasasd time, a sur vey Is being mode te dsdermiee ! If tbto ege to tee young. Tbe trend to ta Increase tea agistor i tower If, Since eblldren era mare eUbe te aactol end physical deve , topmast than te readiness tor ace r demto learning If to hetm.ed tbet | ashlavemsnt te tbe tower grade* 1 mIM km gnaru anlltlwkin te te j ivntm Pwt tuv y , I akßd If ba een benefit tody from formal Heberts declared. i She went on to say that at this Urn# ef tee year, when the school doors open, parade ere Mger for their rbßdrra te go to school. This interest la a desirable ope. Often these children acorn vary alert and •agar te aaaar school. Frequently they ve physically as well deve loped m the ate year-olds who are going te school. However, a small aamher ef ehMree have net reach , (Continued Os Fag# Five) Crooked Deals Revealed To Committee WASHINGTON, W-'Tba teacher asked tba kid waa tbo world round, and ba Mid no. "She naked waa it flat and be •aid ao. “Ska said If R la net round or fiat, what is li*? “He Mid, 'My (toddy says it b **l Uunk that is what everybody drinks of Am Washington situation.** With this little aside, Stanley Leroy Bishop of i. L, Bishop Associates told a House investigat ing sabcemmittet af the trials and trouble* of a “manufacturer's epresentotivr ' In Am capital A manufacturer's representative generally trios to get government bustiwai for Me client, or help otherwise in relations with tba government. Tba armed service* subcommit lea looking into alleged “influence peddling ’ In military porehaeing got plenty of inside dope on tbo profession In 254 pages of testi mony. released yesterday. • Bishop told the committee ba really didn’t bava aa office and didn't bava say associates hot be chose Amt title for Me operations because ba thought it sounded nice • One view of bow soma people .tan business operate was given by Jon Jonkel. who himself has boon criticised by a icongressional committee for Mi vote in helping Sen Butler (R-Md) I unseat farmer Deumcratk Ban. Millard E Tydmgs Joafcot Mid be knows some 49 er m man in tba business. **l don’t think any ana of them baa ever lost aa opportunity to •dviaa me, tbo world st largo sad anyone standing within earshot that they have a bock of a Ist g information about pmnftia con tracts.” Jonkel testified. [ “That seems to ba units a buai awas m Ada town, tf you don’t have Am tafarmataa, Just raiaa your ayo brows aa though you can get it" * * w % e • em I : LUIIBEH I IS9 gimuwten ft., nose Apeartem FKg PtVf CSNTt Some Fear a Unlimited * Tax Clause In Water Proposal Whpti Monro* County free-bolders go to the pojlg on October 27 to decide whether they want to amutne • $14,000,000 bonded indebtedness for anew water pipe line, they will he determining tbe future growth ef the Keys and Key West as well, according to Ernest Ramsey, General Manager of tbe Florida Keys Aqueduct Commte alon. Proponent* of the new pipeline, to augment the Nary-owned line now in nee. any that progress in the keys will come to a standstill unless more water can be brought to the area. They cite a situation which occurred last year when construction of 2,000 buildings cm the keys was delayed because of an acute water shortage. A too, property owners on Key Largo offered to build their own line, bnt the Aqueduct Commission had no Criminal Court Jury Venire Is Chosen Today • 70 Name* Are Drawn By Judge Caro For Jury Term Of Court A list of TS prospective poors was picked this morning to serve during tee next term ef Criminal Court beginning Btptomber 21, by r Judge Thomas i. Care. ; From the vaatoe, the pnors who will try tee eaaui of Paul Schttuto. iaccaaad abtlAmatoster and Robert Garcia, who feus* trial ou armed robbery charges, nil! hr chosen. No date has beta set for teoua trials m yet. The complete list of poor*: W. E. Roberts, Gilbert A. Me Killip. Edward L Finder. Sr . Wll- Uam T. Dotrjr, Jr., EUo Lopea, Pert Matkovich, William B. Free man. Jr.. Antonio Betancourt, Paul I*. Archer, Eldon Him moo*. En rique Solano. Willis C. Willard, Joseph A. Boss, Jr. William B. CuUtngtae, Robert J. Murphy, William H. Roberts, James E. Goodaon, M. J. Castro, E. W. Manuel, Howard C. J. Eis ner, Robert J. Lea. Harlan F. Wreck. Jeff H Knight, Denial L Barker, Anthony B. McMahon. Ralph D. Noble. Orris M. Kemp. Morris Ftktetein, Jot W. Thomp son, Edward Graham, Alfred E. Knowles. Roger L. Watson. Charts* R. Curry, Bert A. Roberts, Arthur B. Lu)aa. David McCurdy, Jaaaee D. Scbwvitser, Everett Enow las, Albert Gandollo, Aaron Dias, E. T. Roberta. Allen L. Mean, La erases Pa (Contteuad On Pag* Five) felh Of tteaU WASHINGTON Stanley L, HigAop. at his hum Aua morning, told of picking up a tip about Navy plans to buy rocket launchers from a con versation be overheard in a ani xa fSanV m• 1 ff- Btwlswm gPmw jr Irapl, CxHUMNi t-' -un • Lfl.n t/p •aid ha psmad tha tip along to Wares L. Ster v -'naon. peuMto •w* f n- '-’ -e-. who allegedly awtarted a Want Canal MMam tr eft .-rod to help him gat a lion's ahara af the Navy contract lop a lour peraeat fee. United Frans Tblapiata One QA^lrlOAdri^nli wttfr to five them. Mnmnuar f hcise ivfiruiftlllW fhe um. nyWfTri , 'r pruval of Am band Mane arc pro testing that a clause la Am law authorising Am sale af the bauds, would give tba County Commission the right to asm “unlimited” ad valorem taxes an County property to pay the interest and principal an tha beads in tbo event that water ri venue did not Innrsam enough to put tha operation an a paying baa la. Monroe County puputj owner* will make their decision when they ga to the polls. i This la tba eßueHsoi Buidlnp Mima Nke 111499.999. Tbo Anno. I duct Commission now baa |7M, ! 999 In bonds sMilswdlnn the* must rathe af tba aaonay Ibey reaaiva from I Am sale af Am bawds, wAt pre | far fbs^iy * The bands would ha retired oust a 49-yaar period, out of tocreaaad revenue (ran watte rcanectio.ia. la January, 1992, there was > about 9,999 eowMctions an the Kays and la Kay Waat According to a sur vey conducted by the Bader Kagl* staring Company, Miami, Am total should rise to T. 900 in 199* aad to 10,909 CteHMCtkmj In WO. However, to tba event that this increase did net scaur, for soy rea son, the Uw would make A ponriMe to assets taxes against Momma County homeowners to make ap the deficit i But Bsmsey Mid Wednesday that ba doubts tf that would aver ba accessary. I "I believe that when sea gat wa ter flowing, wa will aot bava to resort to ad valorem taxation. Wa have never bad enough watte to •apply our Beads -nd tba tocreaaad revenue should pay far aaeortisa tinm of (to bond issue,’’ ba datfar* ad. Ha atoo aald that ba could fore see ao increase la write ratal. Tba Navy la believed to ba |aaf m anxious to ana the new Una to operation. Under tha praaaut set up, they writ water to Am Apse duct Com mission to distribute to tha civtttaa populace to tba bays. With increased facilities, Am grata on their supply would bo dlmtolsh od. bond Issue arguo Amt to Am future, if the Navy should cut bock their operations hart, thaw would ac bully baa surptua of water and E-m taxpayers ba aaddtog Only property owners wfflbaall ,Ua to rata to tba Ostabte atoo- Am. A KA af freeholders to pro- Mrily being peaparod. U tha base Imm k approved, (ba {new tins 1$ oxpoctrd to ba to kton to abent It maatba. DEAN TO VJS. BERKELEY. CALIF, (ft Mrs. MUdred Dean has celled off Asm to fly to Tokyo to grate her ro patnatad bans buabano Maj. Gan. William F. Dean trlrpbanad tar ha would Jba boms within tup or Appmrtmt TiMf NO HANDS GENE SHERHY O'DAY

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