4 Ocak 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Ocak 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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1 I " i i.V ~~ TIJ ! v t Vol. VU^-Ho, MI -Wh?l? . 10G0 i ?==: , .. VftBilolui UlyvkiiBrrt la l*li? -/..uyiny by Jl six h II. Glmtvvortli. I -L * . Mohu PmriCE, * j ?Teral dayy si net.* I p??bli->hed a card in the daily jyi, i.i wuick 1 pr?unii-d t* auhtiiit to the con *M?Mtio i and judgment of the public the facta ??%MKteJ with ilie election frauds iu this riiy, jn % tklfeir< Hd^and lSjy, alid the motives which in* fliMKced uie m making an exposition of the *artic. J*f?deeiung this pledge, I repeat my declaration fWaa male, that! a;n net actuated by any feeling of %Mtilit;, ; and furt her, 1^*1 am lioi iiiiwuiru UJ aa*pern m or person* fln?'course which 1 have A fclt it my duty t<* adopt?but that 1 act in this mat '' tar free un I unbiassed. ami according; to the dic"* tatea of uy judgment, ufter having; maturely weigh' ' ?i than bj cl in my own mind, and calculated all the meet hptk for and against the propriety of I j my aoui ?c. 1 feci sensible that I have committed a great m irnl wroag?I know that 1 have been nietrntneiital in attacking the purity of one of the i ' arest and most inestimable rights of freemen. * ' I have t ucCeeded, ity the anl of others, in consun.- I ' Mating a stupendous and oaring fraud, and 1 h_w affercd, und justly too, for tuy illegal conduct; bat when 1 look around aud tee others who weru me guil y as myself?.nun, who reaped benefit from thair iu q lily, while J, aud I only, was compelled * to sufTci?ue i, who are and have been tl?va'e<^ aoniequ uce if their and nay unl*w'fdl acts, aad who are a >w courted, whit* I ain passed by as unworthy to be lb*ir associate? 1 can bat think tbat J am iu the discharge of not only a ' mat moral obligation, hut also of a duty which I awe to myself and the public, to point out the i area who were the guil'y participators w?tl? tue, * .that they maybe ko >wn to the public, and also to tpcif. it ritiiiw- in winch these frauds were per* f it. i, iweie'i . that herealter no such acts can * j ii i./ted i i.'nswt a certainty o|'d*feat. Hut I sill s.'ihaltc us vou; time with preliminary re* 4?r?> tat pro\ ed to give the statement of the Ui tioxb or 183S. drthe c <?. of September, or tue early tH i?et '" , lt^W, "(i cot\fidtntial committee'' U roi-J fi orn ti.cn of the executive committees Young Men's General Whig Com? <OBee^OT\ho eit* efNt-w York Robert Swart % wotit, fraacis L T.ippett anil Rdwood Fisher were stlesUd by lr> formsr, and James Bon-en, obsrt C. Wet in >ri amJ myself on the part of the I Jytar Mr. |i artwont was selected on the part Metbo C.'nfMta.lial Committee of the Old Men,and ' anfew* i.l ctri! ny Cie Young Men's Committee, to mttfr iuto eff-rt -uch confidential operations as * ' be propo.?<j and agraed upon. Mr. Swart ? >?t *4< mr? !< ,iad several interviews in the ?* Whig Committee rontn in Broad street and elseJ where, *u reference to the Philadelphia operation, - which was no ruoi-uke persons kIiom that citt to \ ote in Til c Citv of New Yore. It was agreedthat we should proceed to Philadelphia, and atmsalt s .me prominent members of the whig party there a* to the feasibility of the eontemplated proa jset. Mr. Saartwout and myself left New York, MCOrdm > to appointment, on the 6th day of Oetoher, 193^, op board the steamboat Independence, [ for Philadelphia, by the way of South Amboy, and from thence by railroad to Philadelphia. I acted as parser, and pa d our passages and other ex peases The hour for leaving New York was ehaagrd on that day to twelve o'clock, for the first ' ' Xelii-p,. fnr lint irainn. This WNS on 8atnrd*> Wc arrived at Philadelphia at about > I duk of e Kmc day, and went to the United Stataa 1 el. The Next day, at about half past twelve ? ock, Mr- Swartwout and myself went to the rer lence of Colonel John Swift, formerly Mayor of the eity of Philadelphia. There an in tarriow tvas had with him, in which, however, I look bo part, but left the matter entirely with Mr. Swartwout They went into the back parlor,leaving ane in the front with the family. Alter we hid beoa at thu'boHie some fifteen or twenty minutes, * 1 wat culled into the room with them. Colonel Swift remarked that he would introduce some parser.t> to rue the neat day, inquiring, at the same has, where we stayed. 1 &<u not certain whether be then mm-J the persons whom he would introdacc to die. I had been icqouinted with him t<-<<m s may boyhood Immediately after this interview, k?r. Swartwout-.. J myself returned to the United States 11 itcl. On'he way, he informed roe that Colonel Swif o nrnuiwr. > hi* s*?u?-a byas ai practicable, atul ta-the had promised to gad persons to roe to carry it info effect; that he Weald aid us ia accomplishing the same. It was > agreed that I should remain in Philadelphia to ka the arrin?;-iuents, &c Mr. Swartwout left that ?v<.nio?, ni fivt o'clock, for New York. The max t in ?ug Culoyp] Swift called on me, at the Vaited S *:c? H 'tin, and I think it was at that Mae tha< be introduced to mo Robert Miller, and Utad i'ut he uOuU send J unes Young to sec me Jatke c urge of the day lie remained but a very mart ti c. Iiial c msiderable convcrsntiou with Jfille r : he ul.o raid he would send Young to uie eitkardn.ing that or the fallowing day. Oureonveraatien v. ..s upo i i he subject of procuring persons frosnl'i. i'idc'phiuto vote the whig ticket in the C?tT ol X : v York Miller said he would ascertain m he c 1 furnish a certain number of persons far the pur,,i' e, and sec mo again us to the enrat peaiafio.. v.ch 1 was to | ay them. During that ? fr (DC I u.uw i ig uar, ana wuicn i a:u nm jiusiut c, f James ^ ung called at the I'nitrd States 11otc 1, sad ir.q .ifO for me at the bar. 11# was at this time cue of the h gh constables of the city of I'hiladelph! i 1 tra< ? nl for. When I came in he approached me and mentioned his name. We ' stepped aside and had aome conversation en the >> '' auhjest of tbe business b fore stated 11c thuurhi tkl matter practicable, and agreed t? see me alter a#Mrtaii;ing the views and expectation* of the partie* i Bl .-t bnt i Ynuug and Miller repea edly at By rooms a.i.l elsewhere. During these interview* 1 made arr.incenient* with them tofurnish men to ?MK fro .i Philadelphia to the city ofNrw York sad voto at the a;jp oachmg fall election. By the tern*of the agreement which 1 entered into with Mid Yo rig and Miller, I was to pay them thirty dollars f r each man they furnished for the aforcMid purpose. Lists of names of men were given Me by Y ung and Millrr, who, they informed u>e, womd go to New Yrork and vote on those terms. Thi? vis to Pintail- Iphia was only to make the prelininary at rangcni nts, 1 did not go prepared with fund* to c aplctcthrm. On ll'h of Oct. 1 returned to the ci y of Nw York, and had an interview 'i noon af <t my .irrival, with James Bo wen and Other*, i:if > uied them of my movements at l'bila delphia, and the arrangements which I could make They expressed theraselve* perfectly satisfied.? After a me ting of th? Whig iCxecntive Committee ( at the Broa 1 ay H use, the subject of obtaining i, fundi to carry the l'n la lelphia operation into el( foot, u a i in'insed hy It iwen, inyself, and other*. We cam to >he enneluuion that it was impossible to diapos o any ot the monies collected fortheG.n rai Co.i iUittee, without adistinctappropriati rnf f**! committee, on .he appl.cuion ..f the Kxeeu , hlruC< :-i nttie; and Mich an appropriation ?* we required would excite the uspiemnof the membre* Of the ro.r.ra-ttee generally. l? was therefore pro. posed by Mr. Bowen H it we sh uld trust the pr?posed i pcratinn to Kichard M Blcehford and S,. muon 1> c.ier, Jr. as it was st?t>d tv*t they had the control of a certain fu id, to diatmrm as hey thought proper, and Mr. H oven considered it brat togrtth.- funds fr. in this -ource, rather than risk i)l? ma'ter leulflti r Atlf kv asl/in.r on ourar/.nriul . - --- ? - ?t-j- ? > '' from the co:* uiitre. Mr Bwwen al?o a?"i;tiied as an ad :it i >n il reason for the prnprie yr of the course hi in, that iltc Executtre Committee WoililTrn 10 ask th appropriation, and that it ould n >t b>* donr w thou, mtrustingevrry m--niher 1? of that conn riiltce wi h our plan; besides, if we ???ld g't tliret thousand dollar*, or any part of this Moan',from tliein, (Blatchford and I taper) then !. the Ucneral Committee c< uld s;p opriute their fund* t > other purpo-e* I itrenuouily opposed cctruiti-i; theio c< nfi taatial operations to pcriona Who mere not member* of cither of the commit1 tees, bit: at length yielded to Mr. Bowrn, and creed to meet him, witn Meiiri. Illatchford and I Draper, the n< xt morning, at Mr. Hta chfnrJ'* of. p* flc., and to a ate my vie? *, and the plan of the Con? tampb .ad operation. Thia tea* a few day* after my Tatars ifm Philadelphia. I went to Mr Blalcht. fold's tffice, pirstt.tn to the appointment, and met Jfessr* It?wrn Klatchford aud Drapi r. I'hey appeared to be acuaaiiit- d with the operation generally ; an 1 whe f .It - of tha pr.ictieability of the # cchetn-, ol the anoint 0f T,,tei that would thut be #a?th!.td t?? 't" I'arty, rendering the election, a* I ata'e.l o th, tn, a ui nt. r ?,f certainty, they agreed '< ;ii -h h- uod/- I oould require to cca* ini.nate .? th* err igernea!- W? talked freely upon the subject '1 or Executive C'l'iiaiutea consisted. Hecordirjr to my present recoPecVtn, of Jatae* Hotven, 1 Ch:.-m a", H lien C Wetrnore, June* II FreeP - , haitiarl it Child*, John C Brunt, Chat^ to,.an, n-Mian W.Chiids, Kdgsr f Van Winkle, C? or two other*, and myself Willi* Hall, the ) - i ptasta'attorney reneralot the ,^tat#, was ehairnian cf that- /nrrui Committee, and, sx-otTirio, a mem har of tbr sahordiuite committee*. KJf>r b Van I ^ Wichla waaebairtna'i of the C mcismiisg - I 1 wa*th# chairman of the Finance Corn's; at this time was very mtieh occapied, with ' fa 0,r l'~' ?embitrtof tbat com iltsr, ta soUec'ing S * ? II E NE n: j fuud? lor the approaching election. I n? Kniani Committee coimuted of iMexira VV. D.?o?ivay, , 11 Mmford, and Theodore Draper, Jr. 1 wit ai istcd in making collect on* by (1. 1, Pier?on, Hi bert C. Wetmore, and Henry >V Haven*. On . nbout tlu-20.h day of October, 1K>S, I returned I Philadelphia, to perfe.ct my arrangements for tl: fall election. The evening before 1 left I was ?i gaged with the K\reutive < 'omnutt. e until alter I o'clock. During the eve ing, Mr. Kichnrd > I Hiate.hford raited twice at my iiruse to ?ee nic, bt not finding me at home as late an ll o'clock, he set a letter to nie. Hit* apparent anxiety to sec me, an i 1:??i._ ... ? i?i^ a,, hour, create | ma senuiup mi- ituici hv some suspicion in Ihe minds of my family, and was opened and read by theiu. J he letter urge upon ojo by no means t?> delay leaving ill the mori iwe, a:.d a?surcd ine means should he provided.I Theohjeef of mV visit to Philadelphia was know posim ely to Messrs. llowen, iilatchtord, Drape and <ivaitoout,and I have reason to believe il \\? siisi ec.?'d by some few other prominent memhei of toe party. On my arrival at Philadelphia, 1 ha ri|M at (il interviews with Young, Miller, an , there, and eotisnmniated, as far as I was enable to do, my arrangeiuan s. On the first day of N. remher, at about midnight, I received a letter b th hands of William A Ford, of the city of Ne York, who at that lime ua. employed o? clerk i the w hi? c vmaittee ra<>m in llroad street, which have no doubt u a from .latin s P.nwen I come t t 'i s cuic us ion froin the fact that 1 had agreed wit Mes-trs. IJowen, that the fictitious name of V Scott shi uld be used by hint in our correspond enc< if anv wa- necessary, and the letter b ought me b Mr. Ford was so signed. Mr Ford left New-Yor at five o'clock, and arrived at about midnight had not retired : I was waiting the artival of tit rars from New-York 1 felt some auxiety to receiv the funds, as it was within a few days of the clet lioH The following is a copy of the letter receive hy the hand of William A. Ford?the original < which is notv in my possession:? "Thuh?d?t AfTKnnoo*. " Dear G.?We were a good deal alarmed, this mor ing, to find that sour visit to Philadelphia was auspecti here, and was talked ofinthe street. For your own sal. as well as ours, you must stop short whir* you at The enclosed will enable you to meet your engog meats, as far as you have gone; and you had belter r turn and show yourself here as soon as you possibly r a Yours, ?ruly, etc . etc., W. SCOTT.*' " The bearer knowi nothing." This letter enclosed. I think, $500, to pay wh expenses I had already incurred. My arratig ments had been inadc; and, from the character t the men who had been engaged for the purpose t coming to the city of New-York to vote, I wt satisfied that, if they did not receive the compc nation stipulated, the whole matter would becon public; and that, under sum circumstances, tl safety of the party required that t&c arrangemen I had made should be carried into effect. Wil this view, I determined to return immediately New York, and go stated to Mr. Ford, at the sau time requesting him to takethc Camdeu and Anibr line, in order that we might not be seen together,i I intended to take the other mute. 1 started tl next-inonnng, and arrived in New York about Inl past two o'clock, and went to the committee r. o in Broad street, and from thence to thj office Mr. Blatehfor 1. 1 did not find him in. The ne: morning 1 had an interview with Messrs. liowe Rlatchford and Draper1 1 think 1 saw Mr. Bowi first. He informed me that he was fearful the who matter would be discovered; that Red wood Fisht and some others,had been speaking of it in theatre ?tbat there was also a want of funds; that sulfide could not be procured from the source we had d per d ,'d upon, when we had the interview, which h iv<-hereto ore named, withMcssrs.HIatchford,Di perand I?ow?-n. Atthe interview at Mr.Ulatchforii office, the same reasons were advanced?a fear discovery, anJ a want of funds. After considerah conversation on ike subject, in which I stated t reasons which, in my opinion, required us to go < and complete the operation.it was final] v determin between us to make an effnt to raise the funds n cessary for that purpose, and to meet at Mr. Dr per's hnu*c that evcHing : 1 think ten o'clock w the hour appointed. It was agreed that I shcu call on the persons nominated for the Assembly, I the whig party,and collect all I could from them ai others. Messrs. Klatchford, Draper and Bow to use their efforts fur the same purpose. . my solicitation, lien.} W Harms arcomp*ni* d t during the afternoon and evening, in a hack, make collections. We succeeded in collecting a coroing to my present recollection,between tnr and four hundred dxllars. Mr. Havens remain with me until nearly nine o'clock in the evenin We called on Alderman Zabriskie, Step en Potti Alfred t a hart, and others. 1 left Mr. Have kom where in the upper pari of Hrosdway, ai went to Mr. Bowen's Dome lie then resided Broadway, a few door* above Leonard street, found him at home ; and, after some ronvcrsatii o i the subject, we w ent together to the bouse .Mr. Simeon Draper, Jr., in Warren street, lie Broadway. We were thin informed that Mr. ] was at the houie of Mr William Satnuel Johnso which wis almost directly opposite. We went Mr. Johnson's, and Mr. Bowen inquired for >1 Draper. He was there, and we went into tl house. Mr. Bowen went up stairs into the park and I remained in the front basement, which w that evening uss d as a depository for the cloaks ai hats of tlie company. There was a meeting of tl Kent Club there that evening, as I was informed, saw several gentlemen in the room. I recollect M William II. Harrison. I think 1 engaged in conve '.alien with him ; also >lr. George W. Gibh* at David H. Ogdtn, Esq. .After 1 had u aited abo ten minutes, Messrs. lJnwcn, Blatchford and Drap cam - down, and we all went to the home of tl latter. We went into the hack room of the re building. A conversation immediately commenc in reluiion to my success in making o<djection*,a the u:u"unt I required to he nude up. In a sh< time, Mr Bowen left. At ab >ut half-past elev o'clock, and before our arrangement* wero coi nlcted, Messrs. CJeorge S Doughty and Fledivo I'lshcr called at the liouse. Tney went into t front parlor ; Mr. Draper went in to see them, a Mr. Blatchford also. Mr. Draper returned in a It moments, and we completed our arrangement* to the funds 1 received all that 1 required, ai handed to Mr. Simoon Draper the check" that I h collected, and received from htm his draft,at sygl on Mr. William Gill, of the city of 1'hiladelphi which, with what I had in cash, amounted to fc tween two or three thousand dollars. I went in thu parlor, and saw General Doughty, arid M r. Up wood Dis'ier. and ascertained thai lln> ntn.er their viait was. to rctnrn u check of three thousm dollars, which had been given to Mr. Hen jam liirdxall, to secure the services of Martin K W ter?, of the Sixth Ward, which appropriation n solicited l>y Mr. Hirdsall, of Mr Flatter an I my*e for that purpose,inm? time prcvioui, and appro?of The check was returned in cnnsrqut i.ee i tie remark which Mr. Matche-rd had made in r latien to the misapplication of fund* in the pr sence of Mr. Ilirdtall, to which Mr JimHall In taken exception Mr Blatcbf >rd made a satiaf.i tory e\plana'ion, and the cheek ati retained I I> nighty a id Fi?her,to,be returned to Mr. Hird?a I left the hnu-e of Mr Draper, with Mr. HKtc ford, VI r. Fuller, aad General, D-ughty. with a pe feet u derstundiuir that I was togu to Phtladclph nnd carry o it th? before named plan We all ret *j -<l in the same neighborhood, and rode tip in a hai <,pV|.li' Draper's houtc : it was raining. I It r "''Isdrlphn the next morning, ana arri?i :. '* 1?rut tone o'clock, P. M , and went to tl il,ccJ Sta,e* Hotel I called immedint ly on Col M, I t-l?i him that I wanted to sec Ynm and \,iller that e?,n)ng He said that he wnu notify then aiul that they should be directed to me me at the house of Mr Ueorgc Kiston. After lea inc fhf ho tier t I C lrn#l <s t ... ._ .* 7 V.V.- iwimmwiei -idinccof Mr \> ni (nil, on whom 1 had the dri for tiir momy. and wan informed that he had ri l totlie Fall* of the felehuyikill, ai d would net r turn until evening. At about aix o'clock, 1 a?a called nt Mr GilP* home. At thi* time I saw hi and prenonted the draft. He naid that he had a the amount in the hnuac, and that it \va? impnaaib (it hi ing Sunday) to arraoge it until bank houratl next day. I then requested him to give n;e h check, or cheek*, dated the next day, which he Hi drarvn, I think on the (tank of the I*. State*. >J David D irraure, of the Foiled Statea Hotel, raahi one of the cheek*, and the other, 1 think, wi eu.hed by Mr. (ieo. Riaton, at the unit place the ugh of thin I am not pnaitire. I recollect th I d clined receiving Hiltimore fundi from a gentl man at th - hotel, who, I preaumi, had been a 1 ici cd to e.mh one of the check* fur mo. lietwei light aid n nc o'clock that evening, I wnt to M George fliaton a to meet Young mid Mi lor, ai there had a private interview with Young, end pa him eight hundred and nixty-eight dollar*.for whit I look hi* receipt At the ?amr time and place, had an interview with Millrr, and uaid him fit hnndrrd and aigty dollar*, and to h ni* receipt ft the *ame. Che bu?in**a wn dona in the hack pa lor, th* folding door* being aimed. I h. y egret 'o imiJ oq the men, on the term* before .laird. P?'d them (eparately, an per??n being prolan Tho men were to leava hy the different linaa, i I even, nine and irt o'clock, the uext day, with it W YO EW YORK, TUESDAY MO e ulruciiuns to report to Noah Co.k, at National J. Hall, I' >nal street, and some others. I think, at his ? I lace of bubincis, on the corner of llroaJ and VVai? teratrcet). Noah Cook waa at thit time eneof the >r whig can lidltll lor tin- Assembly, I mm r lie- cu v 01 ;o New York. After my return, 1 wan, during the ie whole three days of the election, alum t constantly occupu d in the private Committee room at N itionII al Hal1. Marshall O. Rob.-rts of the Fifth Ward, 1. Cook of the Sixth Ward, John Faulkner of the Sett venth Ward, Cli'dney of the Eighth Ward,and sonic it others, whose names 1 do nutimw recollect, assistd ed ui in our operations, by taking charge of the 1 men, ami seeing that they were properly disposed it of in their respective wards,and enabled to put in d their rotes llowen, Hlatchtord and Drape, end i- mine other prominent members of the party, w re ? admitted iatn the private Committee moui, where n the mon were drilled preparatory to Ibeir g ingout r, to vote. The mixhu opera tli wa* witnessed l?y (he is gentlemen named, and afforded them much uui'ise s in. ut. In this room, I saw Mr. lllatehfoid hand d Noah Co k some money. <1 To most of ihe men n slip rf paper was given, d with the naiue and residence they were to assume ?- writ en upon it. The residences, in some iny stances, were furnished by leading members of the iv party from th- different wards, and were such as n would not he likely t i excite suspicion. They I were principally, 1 believe, boarding houses, anil ti ?uch house* as were occupied by a number of fall milies. The men were thor. uglily drilled: many of them, it was reprehcnted, were old hands, and c, understood their business. y The method adopted was as follows: the m-n k wer>- placed in a row, and, as before staled, a piece 1 of paper, with assumed uanie and residence, was i* given to thein, the usual questions n-ked by the re inspector , as to qualifications, were put to them repeatedly, until they could answer >atisfactorily, d and without emburrassiucut. Frequently altera. )f tines were made among the men during the election, by changing hats and coats among themselves. I ri rolleet I here were some iiersous from New n- Jersey, who were under the immediate charge ol d Noah Conk. I do not know by whom they were e, employed oron what terms tbey were there; they c- appeared very efficient, and frequently changed e" their dress ?tchich change* Icert pet tonally attnulnl to by I\'otth Cook. I saw him put his owu hat and cout on sonic of them several times These men boa?tcd of having voted in several of the different wards, and in some instances more than once in the same ward. During the Fall election of 1KB, Mr. William A. Lawrence, and Jouathau Nathan, as' " sisted in the upper private committee room at National Hull, in erasing the names from the democratic tickets, and substituting the names of the ** whig candidates, which tickets were used by the n* persons who were drilled as aforesaid. There >e was also a young man by the name of Coggershsll, Je whose father was at that time, or subsequently, V the keeper of the City l'risnn, who was also em! ployed in preparing tickets. There was a difficulty ? with some of the men, in consequence of a part of 'c, their money being retained by the leader or leaderr; and at tho instance, and with the advice of .Messrs Lawrence and Nathan, I paid them, to defrav their expenses to Philadelphia, one hundred and ninety-four dollars, which amount, less some "J. small subscriptions, was returned to me, a few days after the election, by Mr. Richard M. lilatchfnrd. During the three days of the electioa, many of the n' active members of the whip party Mere admitted to the private committee room. I was perfccly satisfied, frcra the successful management of the r* operation, that the will? ticket would be oiected in the city, and I so expressed myself to a number of the leaders of the party, j Result and RcwAKDorTiiEOi'KRATioNs or 1838. 'a After the result of the election in the state was I's known, I was repeatedly solicited by many pronator nent members of the whig party to take office The lie office of Commissary General, Adjutant General, tie Flour Inspector, and others, were named, which 1 in declined The appointment of Tobacco Inspector id had never nceii suggested to inc. I was informed e- that the term of the then incumbent did not expire a- uiril the winter of 1MIO, a year after the election of as Governor Seward. The subject of the resignation Id of Mr J.I) Stevenson was first suggested to me by by Mr. Robert t'. Wttmore. I niet Mr Stevenrid sou and Mr Nathaniel Pierce, by appointment, at en the store of said Wetmore. 1 had previously conAt versed wi'h General Prosper M. Wetmore on the ne practicability of this arrangement. The result cf to this interview induced me to consult some of iny e- party friends as to the propriety of making an ofee fort to secure the office one year in ad vance of its ed expiration. Among those whom I consulted, I reg. collect Messrs. R. M. Rlatchlnrd, James Rowcn, :r, Chandler Starr, and Simeon Draper, Jr. all of ns whom, with the exception of the list namcd,enn*iid dcred it best to make the ?tlort to obtain the apin pointinent, for my own sake as well as for the inI tereste of the party, and promised their co-opcraou tion in rffi ctir.g that object. We had a meeting on of the subject at the store of Mr. Draper, at which ar meeting R. M Hlatehford, Chandler Starr. Simeon D. Draper, Jr., James Bo wen and Robert C. Wettnore n, were preient After this interview, about the 10th to of January, 1S39, 1 visited Albany. It. M. Hlatehr. ford, Moses II Grinnell, James R wen, Simeon he Draper, Jr. and Chandler Starr left, I think, on ir, 'he same m iming for Albany, by the river route, as I went by the way <>f New llaven. After royarri?d val in Albany, I was introduced to Governor Sew he nrd by Mr illatehtora, an<l delivered him a letter 1 of recommendation, of which the follnwing is a [r. copy:? r- New Yobk, January 11th, 13311. id To hii Excellency Willum II Si wmn. ut U.iveinor, ice lee. or 1)?:*r Sib?Thil will ho haudod ) on by my personal ue friend, Mr Jamea 11. Olentworth, of this city, who atthough net personally known to your Excellency, will, ** | dunht not. he recognized as one of the tnm-t ardent and indefritigahhi partizans, to whose untiling exertions, nd perhaps more than to any othei in this city, tha recent nt trinm|ih of otir party and sued ss of sotinj principles cn may be attributed. Ho will explain ts >ou personally di. his wishes, nnd hand you, at the s.ims time, letters re0(j commending him to your sonsiJi rati in. In conclusion, u 1 must be allowed to say that 1 consider it as a mere act , of justice tothis geutleman to state, that there is no per son from this district who e.in present the snme character of claim for office B|ion the party, and I shall feci myas self as personally gratified if tli*v should mc et the favored aide consideration of ) our Kxcclleney. ad With great rega-d, ,r Your Excellency's oh't. serv't. j,' H C. WETMOUE. p.' I had another very strong letter to the Govcrto nor, i ut whether I gave it then or sent it previous j to my visit to Albany, or delivered it at all, I can,,f not now recollect. This letter vis signed by only ?j a few influential party men, and I think no names ln were signed to it except Messrs Clatchford, Grin, . nell, Bowen, Draper, Stsrr and Wetuiore. 1 reeola? lret distinctly of Mr. Wet more'a handing me the jf_ letter, after he had piocured Mr Grinnell's signat.,i ture. The rea'On why the letter may not have , f been used is the act that the gentlemen who signed r it tvere there to urge my claims in iierson, except Mr Wttmore. That they were all in tha city of ,d Albany, and put up together at the Eagle Tavern, c. will a,>prar by the register. Their names are eui,y tcred tia the 10th day of January, 1JS39. During an ll interview which I had with Governor Seward, 1st* h r marked that 1 was not an applicant for the r. ofli a of Tobacco Inspector, and suggested my makiii eg the applica'ion in writing, which I immediately ,j. complied with. Mr 8'evcnson drew his rcsignation and placed it in the hands of Mr. R. M Hlatc h.f, ford, with a perfect understanding that 1 was to be nominated in his place. It will be remembered be that the Governor was much embarrassed at this n. time in the confirmation of his nominations by the , e Seuute, a majonty of that body being opposed to I? hi n in politics. The subject <>f Mr. Htevenson's resignation nnd my appointment was ki pt perfectly T_ (juiet, and it was supposed by u* that the Gover e. nor only waited the action of the Senate upon some tf: of the nominations then before them, and that when at they ware disposed of, my nomination would be e. sent in. There were rumors afloat that Thnrlow ,n Weed was opposed to my having the appointment, in aid that he n;id an agreement with Mr Charles ot Oakley, by the terms of which he, Mr. Weed, was le to receive live thousand dollars if he proeurid the I lie office for him at the expiration of .Mr. Stevenson's lis t?rm. Whether theie whi any foundation for these d. rumors I had no means of ascertaining positively, )t. but in consequence of them Mr. Stevenson became Pd dissatisfied; and his suspicions v ere increased by the fact that aay aominution was delayed, and he ? stated to some of the delegation, and to myself, at that he believed there was a design on ths part of e. tn eeu ana me uorareor to uae antairnea* in relat> tion to the appointment I'rermut to thia time, m Mea?ra Ulatehford, (Jrinnell, Knwen, Draper and r. Starr hail returned to the aity of New York, antl ,d Mr. Steernaon'e regignatien wa< placed by Mr. id Hlatchlord in 'he hanila o' No >h Cook, without hia ;h knowledge or couaent Mr Steeinaon waa alarm| ed and diaaaf iafied with Mr Ulatehford for cot ru?tr? ing it with Cook, aa were alto ?ome of our delega. ,r tion, who thought Mr. Cook waa i xercitiug more r. influence with Govi-mnr Seward in reiatinn to tiic ,1 oily appointment* than hit mrrite entitled him to. | Mi. tttercnaon and my nil atajrrd at Congreaa it Ifall, and wa were in daily confidential iatcreeurac at with the m em hart of the dclvgation and other pren minent peraoaa cf our party who were at that RK E RNING, JANUARY 4, 184 house. (), the number was a gentleman cotinecicO n with the prtsg of thi* city, of high character ami t attainment*, and who 1 bare rea-on to know was a cognizant of tlie arrangement between Mr. Steven- ' son and myself. Thin gentleman baa since become ' ? !-* ? I .1 l._ a ' but as sounding brass and tinkling cymbal." P My nomination was made to the Senate on the n lil.h of February, 1KI!>, and I believe unanimously ? confirmed. On the day of my appointment, (i<>v- 11 ernor Seward desired, th ough Mr. Lyman, (the p agent or engineer of the Erie Kuilroa 1 Company,) a that the delegation would address a letter to him ' rcroinmending me to this appointment. The re- p t|uest was immediately complied with, every whig tl member from the first Sen ate District, and every '' member of th? Assembly from the c;tv of New I. York, signing the same. 1 then returned home and ?] entered upon the duties of my office. I hud many cl applications for the auborJinatc situations under p my control, which, fra.tn tlic nature of my arrange- C ments, I caiuld not grant. Much dissatisfaction K was expressed hy my party friends, in consequence '' of my retaining those advcine to us iu politic*,and H rumors were rife tint I had comprom'sed myself tl and the interests of the parly. 1 c mid make no h explanations, and was c inpclled to li.tiu to their e< reproaches. The Hprin:1. election was near at hand, ! and this probably kept some of them in check. 1 r still continued a member of tbe Young Men's Hen " enl Committee, although, after liquidating the I .a- di bilities which we hud incurred, and which wmeof considerable amount, 1 resigned as Chairman of the "I Finance Committee. M The whig papers of the city of New York ap- I" proved of my appointment, with the exception of II the American, u, the following extracts, which, ,B! having at l.and,l inseit, v ill show: 1 "it will t>c seen by an advci tisrment in another column d< that Mr James U.OIuil worth has been appointed Tobac- d< co Inspector for this city. The appointment is highly th judicious, and cannot fail to give general satisfaction to the mcirantile community. He has secured tbe scrvi ju ces of Mr. Nathaniel Tieice as his deputy?formerly United Suites Consul at Bremen, and for many years cxtvnsis ely engaged in the tobacco trade " " Among the appointments recently made at Albany, ri is that of Mr. J. B. (Hen t worth. Tobacco Inspector of this J J city?an otlice, the duties of which, we doubt not, lie lii will discharge with fidelity and perfect s'atisiac.tiou to y Illl* [HIIIIIC . II ? III lie irni II III n uuiciliarniim, uim (1| he km employed a gentleman of high character and lung 7 experience in the business to as?i>t him, which will se euro a fulhiul anil juilicioui discharge ol the duties re- ? 'piiie I." '1 bus ended the campaign of l&W, and an eb, o . far as related to myself, nt that tune, were its suits. r Operations or 1831). 1 The success of our fraudulent operations in livid hud beeu of such a character, anil produced such ^ results, as to warrant, at least, the attempt to bring e the same inllutnce to bear upon the spring election M of 1839. In the early part of March of this year, '' the matter was again suggested to me. It was at this time the decided and e.xprcsscdopinion of some ' of the leaders of the whig party iH this city, that we must ba defeated at the approaching charter 0 election. Much anxiety was felt and expressed,.h ' the subject; the importance of our success eunrasscd; and, finally, it resulted in u direct proposition ,! to me to carry out the Philadelphia operation again. This I peremptorily declined, alleging, among other reasons, that 1 was filling an important oflice; that I? I had previously been suspected and charged with J, unfair management by some of the papers of the ' other party, and that, undersuch circumstances, I ' would be closely watched. These reasons, independent of any moral obligation, which alone should ? have been sufficient to have chucked any further '' solicitation of me to aid again in the perpetration of frauds upon the elective franchise, were disregarded. Ws bad succeeded before, and ex- * posurc had not followed. We were elated 5 with the success produced by that operation, ^ and anticipated the like success and gratification, if we again resorted to the same means to obtain it c. It was contended that I was under obligations to . the party; that no one was acquainted with the men in Philadelphia whom it would be necessary I toempiov; and also, that it would be unsafe to en- " trust the matter to any other person. I was also urged to embark in the operation as a matter ol in- * tercst to myself. It was stated to be my du y to . take a more active and decisive part in favor of the 11 party. It was also alleged that the committee 1 and Others were dissatisfied with me, from the fact tha' I had not beeu as active a' I was previous ~ to my appointment to office. 'Jhe moral tar- i pituHeof the trannnrtian loai never mtniiunn!. We acted a, on this principle, " ait is iair in polities.** I however coiuented to give the pr iposition my consideration. A short time after, my attention * wa* called to the subjeot, and, according to my w present recollection,on the same day, I taiv Mr. a J amen llowcn, and converred with him in relation * to it. The result of my interview with him awoke 11 a^ain a'l my party feeli ig and party pride, aud 1 deided to embark once more in a transaction * which I shall never cease to regret. I ugreed to go [' to Philadelphia and make the arrangements for the men, but with the express stipulation that I would 1 have nothing to do with theru in New V?rk; tbat " committees or persons must be selected to take r charge of and superintend their operations. I had frequent conversations on the subject of u selecting proper persons to manage the men. f* after they should arrive in the citr- It was concluded ihat it would be th? most effective to divide, the men into small parties, and I named r several as proper persons to take charge of them. 0 Among tho<o I mentioned,! recollect the names of a P. McArdle, J. F. Raymond, /enos V\ heeler; but '' at the same time I stated that Noa i Cook was the * only person competent to be entrusUd with the en- c tire management of the men, for the reason that he had experience in the business,having participated ? largely in the affair of 1S38 1 was also to be freed j from all responsibility in procuring persons to superintend the operations of the men in the city of ; New York. i About the 20th of March, l&W, I went to Pbila- n delpbia to make the arrangements for the men, t similar to those mndc by me in the fall of the year c 183* I called on t'olsnel Swift, (the mayor ot the " city of Philadelphia) at hi* ofkae, and was introduced by him to Recorder Rush. It was election day. Colonel S. informed me that he and the police -j had been on duty most or all of the prtc> ding day; s that he had a large force in the room adjoining his ti office, to be usen in case of necessity <> my ar d rival I immediately commenced making arrange- f' meats. 1 sa-.v Miller, Siiindcrs, Swint, rhorntou, 1 andotiers. Mr. Rein Badger called on uie in company with Mr J 1) Wolfe, of tbe Northern Liberties, and introduced him tome. 1 also taw seme , of our political friends from Sauthuark. I was ? invited to attend a caucus to be held at Mr Had- t> ger's home I went, and met some ten or fifteen r geatlemen. The object, as I understood, was to r submit the whole subject to them, and to mike such arrangements to carry the same into sffcet as might be determined upon. Mr. I adger. after in trodncing me, icmarked that I was auiong the y " bone and sinew" of the Third District, and that I p mil-ht sneak ant withiat i>serve : that thrv ?. were a I good and true men. This way the tub- ii tance, and, according to my rredlectisn, the exact c language u?ed by hua on th at ?ec iiion. 1 stated to them, brief!v, the object of my visit to Philadelphia, nnd asked their co-operation. Thia they agreed to, and left it, with .Mr. Badger, to arrange c directly with me for the force I would require from f the Northern Liberties. A day or two a'ter my ar- t r t?I, I received the following note from Jamea Young:? t Mr. Giixtwortii- v Sir? I have gone to Maliimnre, and will be at home f on Saturday next. Every thing is right If you h have any thine to nay to me you cau laave it in a 1 lettei ?t the Mayor's office, or in the care of Mr. c Gihbo, who will take good rare of it. v Yours in haste, c J ami:* Yocno. f Philadelphia, 23d March, 1889 n Mr (Ilestwrrth, U S Hotel a A fine n? >*i Dtsin* with mv nrraniramnnls ? far n a* I conaidered adviaable, I returned to New York i> on the30th of March. A few days after my re- f turn I received the following letter from Mr. Bel* Badger:? r f'HiLAnri.puiA, Apr I d 1,1H U a Dear Sir?It will be impnaaible lor mc to aend ( you a bill of lading at tliie time for your yarn. I I find more difficulty in getting your order ready rv than I anticipated. I think, however, the o-der t> can he completed in time to anatver your purpose, 1 but I cannot aend the hill yet. Tbo term- of pay- e ment you propose will likewiae be an nbj'.ottnn tl My partner* are not willing to aervo yu on any tr better terraa than what they charred you h-fore, and the name oredlt. I think, on the whole, if you tl were here in per>nn, yon could do better, and ua tl the order ia of ?omo importanne, I would r com- ai mend you to do ao without delay. If ytn ahould e erne on this week, pleaaa a?c>-rtain, preyinna to al k a?ing, to whom the gv?o?l? are to he conriL'ned in * Tourahaence, a? I tuay with t<i ahip aome of them g< before yonr return ni |IY ifh much reepeet, y?ur obedient eervant, tl Giuhoi W. Kiuer, di 298 North Second ?t. el Thia letter wa* add re? ed to Mr G A Wilkina, at No 17 Broad atreet, New York, and I preteme at U [ERA 12. uy u-g' Slimi, un 1 M>< a pal luff, a tfiat l.n. , in he bnuseof Messrs. \\ ilkin?, Uolltns & Co. The stunting of I lie name of Ge rje W. Khaun, and lii? mode of correspondence, was suggested by Mr lidgtr, and acquiesced in by me. A few day* ftcr the receipt of thin letter, J went to Philadel- i hia again- Immediately after my arrival, I saw v lr. Badger, and other*, who were inrere.ted in c iding in carrying out my plan*. I hail repeated b iterviews with Itini, and other*, at this time and o rrviuusly, at my room* at the I'nited States Hotel, m ud at other pi ices. At one ol these interview*, ci Win suggested bv Mr liadger that I should em- n loy gome of >lr. Robert I.oojiey'* men, in place of ri tote f;irni?h *(l hi James Young, a id other*, from * ic citv proper He informed me of loon: of Mr. c lOoney'* political operation*, and said l.e consid- ti red the men he could furnish would be in re elh- t< lent. Mr. Lorncy, 1 think, was represented as a m lumber, w ho was employed to do the work forthe *i orporation of the city of Philadelphia, and had a h rest many men nt hi* disposal. 1 was introduced ? iMr. liadger to Mr. Loruey, at the residence of cl ic latter, und 1 immediately communicati d to him to object of ray visit. He said considerable abeut w is confidential party services, some of which were <> rtainly very singular; and during the con versa- di on he occasionally app-aled to Mr. Badger for a di mfirm.it ion of his statements. I made up my mind <1 employ him. 1 paid Mr. Lnonsy seven hundred et altars on account, ut Evans's Hotel, in George c) rect. I met him at this place in pursuance of an rr lpointment made bit ween him and Mr. HuJgcr. M I r. Badger and myself arrived first, went into a M rivatc roi>iu, and were soon joined by Mr. I.ooney. .Si e furnished uic with a list ef thirty-five or forty s? lines, from which some four or five were erased so hesc men, I think, were furnished nt twenty-five cc liars each ; alllhe rest were furnished at thirty pa illars each. Mr. llad^er was present when I made gc in payment to Mr Looney. ht On theKth day of April, INK), 1 received the fol- re wing letter:? ?li New York, April 7lh, 1839 T Dear G.?I shall not be able to couie, or send the in -qtiisite, this P. M. or to-morrow morning, but m nu may depend upon seeing me at 12 M. Monday ce ght, with all you have asked. Go on, and make te ;inr arrangements, on that basis?not rnlculutiiig th n any earlier period for your return than Tuesday, in and 8 A. M., with all we shall look for pi Yours, iVc. W. (J. Scott. te ames 11. Gi.k.ntwortii, Ksu., Marshall House. te This letter, which is now in mv po.-session, is in da te hand writing; of Henry \V. Havens. Mr. Ha- lii ens was one of the Secretaries ot the Whig Young m len's General Committee at that time. th Previous to mv leaving for Philadelphia, 1 was w iven to understand tliut money sufiicieut to th anccl all my engagements there would be for- bi rarded to inc. 1 would not hayi gone, without the equisite amount of funds, but for the receipt of Ir. Badger's letter of 2nd of April, INK), signed w JeorgeW. Khawn From the tenor of that letter v; feared there ini^ht b? some difficulty, and 1 went n with means ot nay own, to use if it were necestry, to keep the parties quiet, part of which 1 was | ompelled to use before Mr llavt us' arrival. On t[, ae Monday night referred to in th'- Utter from Mr. tn r I W I ' U?nll .1 .I.SHI II weut, in company with Charles S wint, to the rail* t|, mid depot, to uwait the arrival of the car* from gll ietv York. Wo went there in a hack I left tn wint in the hack, and waited on the pavement on* |lt I the passengers came out. I met Mr Henry W th laveus. We went to the hack together, aud, at tuv Ul uggestion, we were driven to Sauderaon'n Hotel, n( 1 Fourth, near Arch street. The reason why this cs onse was selected, was because it was more re- ^ ired and out of the way, and I was fearful if he j, rent tothe United States Hotel, or was seen with |l( le, it might excite suspicion On our urrivul at g;, anderson's, we went into the bar-room, and Mr t|, lavens handed me a paukage of money, which I (j, unfed, and f 'Und short fifty dollars I mentioned 0f lis, anil Mr. Havens replied that he had retained for his expenses. This package contained twen- Jj( r-nine hundred and fifty dollars. A fictitious | ime was entered on the register at .Sanderson's j [old I may have suggested this to Mr Havens, c| ud in ay have written it; but if so, it was dose in is presence, and with hit entire concurrence My ()| lipressinn is, that the pan was handed him ly the C( Icrk, aud that he entert d on the register t'h.iles faun-, New York. It was now past twelve o'clock -no persons were in the bar ri om except Havens, , wint, the clerk and tuystlf. I paid Swii.t five ftl undrej dollars, and tooh his receipt. The ulijoct I Swml'sgoing with me ihut eve ing was, to get y tnds to pay some men, who, he represinted were y, t rendezvous waiting for it I only remained ( rilli II it ens, at Sanderson's, ten or fifteen minutes, nd did not see him again in Philad-iphia that pring. I think lie iofiruiud me, when I left htm, 1' liat he would retmnto New Yoi k the next morning. A iter till receipt of lie funds by Mr. Havens, Hot rianneinints were consummated, and the men '' aid?some the whole amount, and others a part? y Looney, Swiut and Saunders, and they were di- C( cctcd to report themselves tc .Nosh Go >k, a' Miontc Hall: some of them may have received di- 01 rctioiis to Mr Cook, at his place of btiiineis, on ,c In. rnrnrr nf Wilier :itul lirnad streets. 1 'he lead rs of the party Were in sonic, and I think in m"?t '! uses, furnished nitli a letter to Mr. Cook, eonsilling the names of the men under their charge. c 'he uien were to leave Philadelphia by diffe,cnt " iMltes, and at diltVrcn' hours, in the seven and nine c' 'clock morning lines, by railroad and steamboat, ei nd by the evening railroad line Of till* I have no ersonal knowledge; -uch was the uaderstandiiig, nd it was a necessary precaution, so as net to exile suspicion tl I return* I to New York ou the , at atiout three w 'clock. I did not go. I think, to the t 'omrntlti o Room at tl lasoiuc Holt until the next morning. I saw Noah Look here; he had the g?n> rat su|ierintrudeiice of the sffair; J lso, Mr. J Coggeshall, his son. H. W. Haven*, J II. Tan tllen, sn<l J L. BruD', slid olh. r-, some of whom 1 do not h ow u collect. There ? ?s also a yourg nun by tho n mine of Campbell, whom I was surprised to see admitted d< 0 the private committee room. I saw in the private w ommilti e room, and also in the large room adjoining, n nuny perrons.some of whom I recognised as bel onging j J the Philadelphia psrty. I also saw some ot the same i.en that bad beeu employed si tho previousf ill lection, ml who were represented as coming from S -w Jersey, "her appeared to understand their ba-ili iss. I sa .v ionh i jolt l.i in hi? hat mid coat to th"?e m* n, und change heir hats and coats, so its to disguise uml prevent their ntectioii I received, wtiile atthe Committee room, the illowing letters tium Mr. ilela llaJgcr, tigntd Otorge V lthavvu:? run.trcLsms, April 0, lh$9 Dasa Air?Permit me. to Introduce to your notice mv articular friend, William V. PiiAold. who isabiutto bit your city on business. Mr I'ittfield is a young man f high respectability, in whom every confidence can e placed Any Civility you nuy have in your power to endet him, whils in your city, u ill lie most chcrrfuily eciprocated by Your ottedienl scrvan', liEORGK W. KM l\VN. J D. OLreTwoRTit, E?a- N' W Y *rk Piiii*.ni i.rHiA, April 9, IMP. Dcau Sia?I take pleasure in introducing to your fsorshle notice, John Mii<ch n',(l<-nrg> Fish, r, and John ? [urst, who are about to vnit y our cpy on business. Any " 1 vilifies \ on have in your po v er to render I eniwhil b i New York, will add to the many obligations already " onferr-elon Yourohrdiant servan', tl GEORGE W. IIHAWN n J. B. OniRviiatH, Ks*.,New Yoik fi 1 find among my papers a receipt from John Mus- O hant, dated April 1 Ith, 1H3?, for forty dollars, in B nil, und I think that I paid each of the others thir- 'h y dollars. bi During the afternoon of the third day of iheelec- tl ma, I saw, in the private committee room, a man n vho was repre ented t'?beCnul*nn, a i.oliccntfieor, ti rum the ci y of Albany 1 >?w Nnati t'Kik pay si lim money, but what amount I do not know, b I irrf Httl l"mf very angij vv..?v.??..w? m between Cosk, Couls.n, end a third person, I vhose mrne I did not ascertain; the amount of the U onversatinn, I think, wan dissatisfiet on on the A art of the men in reference to some parti <n of the hi mney promised (hem being retain, d Co ilion, ra f cr receiving the money, was direct? 1 to net the ac sen to the boat to return to Albany Tnr boat m amed seas not one of thr regular bout, of the hi >rth h> tirerLin?i 1 think it ?n the Victory. G The men from Philadelphia, I untiei atnod, were cr arioutly disposed of; mine were provided f..r at ha ta home kept by a person named Mott, in Spnnr te "rest, and other* at t afayrtte Hall, an I else where m think, from Cool. m's remarks, that his p.artv li ere i|itartered at the last inaction., d pU< Of in > ?e uia'tera i have no personal knowled r ai d as h i have (aefore stated,did 1101 nuke myself .?r paint- no d with, ns I did not wish he idroi fis.l with II sciraCts in tha e ty or New York P-in ot the th le.t furnished by Mr. Leonr?y were, ? I under- r [i od, enlrnitrrl to the oharge of vir Me A i dl<, im| -h nt Ihey hrs'-me disaati-fiad wh n they f"ui d lhat lie ley were to l? entertained st the Al-ns Hon ?, er id had cleared out ; most w! thrm, t h. Iieve, l ow- si rer, reported themselves at On Committee room w rterwards 'I h ? ay ss e nia layed to deceive the no igi'anee'.f ha d< m >er?tic insper'ors oinl ehaO'n mi rrs, w h? to take the dennera ic tickets, ora ? tin ,ir ima? car-fullv with a fine pen, so as n t to show sei iroiijh, and substitute the names of he whig can- to idates This, of rntira , deceived the democratic mi la'i?ngers ; ihay svould n"t challenge what they an ppoaed to he their own tickets. The whig chat- 'n nger was informed ky a slip, some tituc before, f fai LD. Price Two Crati i.e luiuc* i.e must chall < Mm it.i .i uiUdriir ? ri?i* wits ?l>o miilt i . il j the pemon offering hi* o(r, mil was arranged in > me instance*, after the rrival ofthe wen in the wan'g whrre it nn promeed l< vote ttinu; but tno?t generally the arrangetents were perfected before the men left the priate committer rocin at M.i?o?ic Hall. 'I'bedemeratir i?ij>relori and rhnilrn i r were completely linded. '1 he whig challenge!were alto n f rnaeei r the caaructt r of the person olFerirg to vote, by a gn ; a pin on theed. ? of the coilui or cnfTol ilio r?ut ; BOinetimea by apparently an uc cnii n!a' chalk iaik on tlic coat or edge of the ha*, the medtf of l-c guidon were varioui, and fri quently ch.wig d, > at not excite r<imrk <>r ami; ieion. The whig lialleo-t r - knew their inei, aUo, by the rt ply jivi u > the fir.-t qucation put to thu voter by the Irxpec r, us, for nibUnci - What'e y > ur name, sirl Wnr, iy name i* go and no. Another mode tin in pruating the tick*;', which was done with the left nut, v. mi inumb unci ftr?f linger. 1 first, and other irinit- modes, vet re rci orteJ i", to enable the w h g hallengers t?> uci kiii wingly Mr. James M S an Aim uud Mr. John C. Lr.nt re iri the private committer room together, at iu tiin-* during the election?I think the second ly. J\lr. Nan Allsn said he would try his vote nvn stairs. The Sixth Ward poll vn hrl I in o :e the basement io>m> of the Masonic llall. I h aa1 linn my coat, at his request ; in d after the e hig inlleHger was prepared, he went down; an t on hia turn, in some ten minutes, stud that lie had voted, r. Van Alen was a member of tae Whig Young en's General Committee, and u tesident of the . rentrcnth Ward at that tune. It must not be ippnsed that this is an isolated case ;tor the sake of nil J principles,! xishlh it I were enabled to reirritbe fact that it was. Itut in those times of high irty excitements, many, vrrj many, perhaps of as io?i character and standing as ivit Vufen, actuated what they suppn-cd to he honorable and chiralus impnl-e, resorted to expedients nt once di?cretahle to themselves, and at variance with morale, he whole matter, in my opinion, was very badly anaged ; there was a want ol system and an augaent. The men frequently boasted ol their suciss. I heard one person suy that he voted srvenen times, and others that they had voted mure . n once at the same ward. I have a memoranda, ade hy one < f the Philadelphia party, of hit exoils. lleMiid that he voted in (he Kigbth, Four* euth, Fourth. Seventh, Ninth, Fifteenth, Sixenth, Kleventh and Tenth Wards, on the two iirat tys ; and on the third dav, the last day of the elee911, in the Fifth, Third, Second and first Wards; aking in all thirteen voles. Mr. Noah Cook left e committee room at shout half oast fonr o'clock, ith the intention, a- lie represented, of leaving at afternoon, at five o'clock, for Albany,to resume t seat in the Legislature of the State of New York. lixA.sn Riisi'lt a?rn Rkwakd. In the hugmning of the month c f January, 18|d, 1 ent to Albany to make my am ual return Pieout to this, stories hud hern circulated hy nun of v iiviit ufPtv. ??Ihi ivi rp nmvnafsfi t<? mv polainm? c office I then held ; t lint I was a loco foco?that had openly admitted that I won a democrat?and, icreforc, they came to the enncliieion that I ought ' be removed from office ; and, in fact, thiy went i far as to name other* to fill my place. It ji true iai ( hid resisted the interference and refused to ibmit to the dictation of men who had no busineaa > meddle with my affairs, and had incurred tbeir rthcr diaplrasure by lefiisinu to remove Mr. Nalaniel Tierce, a gentleman of hr;h character and jdispnfed competency, against whom there wan > other charge than the fact that lie win the politi* il opponent of the whig pirty. I had alio refused comply with their demand to remove Mr. A. S. irvia, my book keeper, and others in the inspee* >n warehouse,who were cumpet m and tri at tror* y, unless some other cau?e why I ahoulj remove em was assigned than the sin,pie fact that they d not aerec with trie politically In consequent e thus refusing to be contiolled by others, I w; a -escribed by a faction, and bunteo d 'ivn,but I was fteimincd not to be sacrificed without resistance, did not mean to submit family to their opprca* on,and 1 came to the conclusion that if I was sarificed, it should not be done wiili impunity 1 id the power in my own ham's, and it depended i them whe'her or not I should u-c it They had mimcncod the war?I stood then on the defensive, it still was determined to attsck, unless t heircouuct was fair and gi nerms tow aiits me. Ilefure 1 arted for Albany, I call d on Mr. K. Mlilatchird James Ilowen and Simeon Draper, Jr. Tho vo former promised to write to tin-Governor.? !r Draper furnished me with a letter, of which iu following is a copy- I did not deliver the let* t ; and it u still in my possession : Nsw Vohk,January 11th, 1SK). overnor Sr.wAan : Dear Sir?Mr. Glcntworth goes to Albany to mrrow, with his annual return as Inspector of Tcacco In cousequencu i f an impression which ia sroad, tending to ellrct bis oilier, he has request* J me to writv you on the subject. Not being in ay way conversant with tlie article, or the duties f the ?dice. 1 can say no more in referei.ee to the ialt?r th in that he informs me he ha'obtained the gnaturcs of all the dealer* certifyingte his havlg performed the duties to 'heir entire satufacon. So far as regards his political claims, 1 can eitainly, up to the period of b s appointment, leafy to hi* unrtmiUinp iabors'in behalf of tho good iiise, having, in niy opinion, been as acti'. c and isrgetic a* any otner individual in this city. Verytrnly, your obd t serv't, S. Draper, Jn. 1 was also furnished with a Ict'er on the part of tie merchant i ami dealers in the tobacco trade, sf rhieh the following is a copy. [ did not deliver ins letter, it is now in my possession. r?t w it on k , Jan. torn, i>m?. . B. Oi.r.tTWonTH, En]., Inspector: WV, tli? utnl? runnel, importer* ami dealers in leaf to- ' r.cn. di em it hut common justice to is; thai the husiras of th? Tobacco lo-pi etion in thu city lint bc< n co1 ueted with -i' Ui y. impartiality and dispatch, and that re repose full onfidericc in n contlnnaoer nfjts correct est, and of the facilities which we now enjoy ander our administration ol tin- ollira. MR* O. K. MIL I. Kit It CO , WILI.IAM AUNEWk HON, j MASON & THOMPSON, J It H MESSENGER. RICHARD V. W TUOllNK It CO , WILLIAM GERARD, JOHN WILSON It CO , llOORVAN. JOHNSTON* ( O. J. BO WEN SMI I H, JOHN MULLEN l* CO.. t HAKLLS ESENWKINI(.CO.f CORNELIUS DUBOIS,Jr ICO. Ill H A f11( IK VI N. HOWL AND it ASPINWALL, GOODHUE St CO. HECKSCHER' COST AR Sc MATF1CLD, MASTERS. MARKOE k CO, / TKAVERS A LEUNDU, JOHN L AIDLAVV St CO. On the eremite of my arrival at Albany, I called n Mr. Willis Hall, the Attorney General, of the tateol New York, ut hm lodgings, bnt did not jce. i n until the following m .rum*, at *di ml IR 'clock, at hie office. I stated to him the dinasp.iua t nnsequs iicrt which would enaue If my re iovaItr*s attempted II advised me not to act i?h or hastily. lie informed ma that Marshall . Roberta, Henry W Harm*, and J hn (' randt, had recently heen at Albany, and while i re espresied ho-tilit' to me; and that lioli. r<? id undervalued the ncrviri I had rendered to in party, and ridicule ' the idea that the cmpl< y it of Hi" mm fro n Pin ilrlphis . >? i.ficre a* it had been repre??nte?t; and that Rob< rt? atcd to hiru. that moat of tiie men, placid under la charge t? rote i? the Ki th Ward, d< retted !na; and th.it th<? fart, and other matter*, had as understood him to aav, been communicated to orernor Ssward. N .ortly pfter my ntuin/rom ibany, I mrt Mr Hrandt in Chatham street, and li a cooreraation woh him in relation to the liters i.f irlurli Mr llall h.ul Informed in lie Im:tfed, f- nerallr, the tru'h of Mi* n'afemrnt a* J* by Mr flail t > me. Af.er m W rvplanations > me, Mr Hnult ?ai<! that lie would write to overoor Seward nrio . diatily, an I endeavor to uinteracf ar.y unfavorable irnprr ?fon whteh he idcrea^J .'/taint me A U-w daw after thi) inrview, I ?K?in ?aw \fr Ifra ult, anil be informed e he ha I written to th? (Inventor on the r>uhj*ct, l'?n ?aw Mr Itohi rtt., rind ncem d hirn of iitNmye g to injure n?", by undervaluing the vervicea I id rendered t? thepvty. lie did n t deny it, i- tho .tatum-it f ih- eonveraa'ion with Mr. i 1 b- fore referred to ,\f er my interview with e AM on?T General, I tailed on Q vernor Sew I, at hi* chamber*, at the cupitil; he appointed >t afternoon. at fo.ir o'clock, to ace r.ic at hia iti r. I went at'he appointed time, and con?id? able r t. > r?a'i n enm it We had rur inferi nr in th" Urge h?!l; h win >e ited on ' in- "f tin t< r<. At Inn thrnlh-r I told htm of the ru. it* that w< re ifl 'at aa ti hi) inten inn to r-iuove ?, and inquired whet Vr thrre were an) charge* vferred egain?t m?; if ao, for what, nod Hy 1 to! He raid that there waa much nppoaitioa me; that he had received great many noonyin' fetteia; thit at tlm time of my appoiatmet, if I >r * me time afterwards, there wat hut one ling. and that feeling waa uninimon# in mv ror; and a >w every one vra* urging my r.moval, \

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