6 Ocak 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

6 Ocak 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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f - f T IT r Vol. VII.?Ho. 393. ~WhoU Wo. IWV1 Hew Orisons, JCorr npoiiJeuce of the Herald ] New C>Hi.tvi??, Dec. 22, 1841. TSt H'eath*r and rhiuntx* in Stic Orlrant?Tiitnki ? Prttidenl't Mti'igf?Colton?Sugar? ThtaUt? > ?lAtkt*, ^-e. Dt in BBMOETT? As I am under some apprehensions your corresposdent here is neglecting you (not haying seen My of his articles in for some tune) I now take the liberty of dropping you a note to inform you howfwe are all doing in thew"diggins," and ahould this be of any interest to you, I shall promise to cotnmuni*ate<ften First?the weather here ia now truly delightful? f aonie'.liing like your Indian summer, but milder and ore balmy ;and the way the clothing men have long faces now a days, is a sin to Crockett; and should fata -tute of things continue for a little longer, the way torar of the above named individuals will hurst their boilers in the spring, will be wiih a pi rfcct rush Business in general is not so active as was anticipated, notwithstanding it waseo late in omrnencing in die tall; but it is the general iinpreaiion here that a good spring business will be done. Although smie of our banks here have resumed specie payments, and others making preparations, xchar.ge on your place is getting worse. Sight sheeks to day readily bring 7 per ceut, and good, sixty day bills 5 per cent premium. The money ar* ^ tic|e? in the Herald are much looked after, as usual, tad in fact it w th** <>niy commercial paper of any account, as the Wall street prints are all nearly defancc. Tiie President's Menage seems to have given geI aural satisfaction lo-re, eveu among the journals who denounced him in the most vile epithets after his v<? to message ; and 1 think his recommendation i only wants to be carried out to establish n good Wind and uniform currency throughout the Union Since the aiK ,c per the steam ship Aeadia, cot I ton has undergone a slight decline in price, but othsrwi-e has not tended to affect the market to any k extent. The produce market is very dull, being stocked with all sorts ot western stuff, but lor the past week considerable h;:s been going forward to the northern markets, principally to New York and Boat m- Suga:, this season, will beyond doubt be a eh Tt orop, but there appears to be a slight decline w pi ice lor the last few davs. And now tnat 1 have given yon a brief sketch of the markets and trade in 6ene.-al, a few words respecting the enjoyments ere this season, and 1 close. I The theatres all appeur to be well attended this i season, and the stock good. " London Assurance" I ~ii n.? ran* now and i-not no in banaun style. We hsve h.td a few grand ftlts here this reason? the principal one was- at the St Louis, which was a truly s, lend id affair; but as it is some time past now, I huve no doubt you received the particulars. Such aa assemblage of beamy arid fashion are rare to be found together as were present on the occasion, and the wh ile performance of the evening passed oil delightful!),and all presents, emed highly gratitied with tii entertainment of the evening. One word mor.* about the ladies, and 1 have done. .But, dear tBen '.ett, if you could only see the beautiiul Creole lfcdit* lure ia an afternoon, as they promenade ig". street, whieh ie the Broadway of this place, 1 ?. o ( ? . ' -* ever you could be reconciled to ia .than: Ariy rtewpiuiion I might attempt ' " whi.h 'bin place is ? , .-.ire. ist onHp., ih :r t y nn visa, aw i>--- behalf "?, < way, - thv V , .r.. -. ok ou1 I for a wite, _ *f " v .ldustry amiability and fortune,tr:* :? e place I fe >' ! h ive respassed loo ma^ti ou latierce M Jcsnu. G. W Wsntilngton* ICorretpontleuec of the Herald.] K t FaSHIO.VABLK EmpOIUUm, ISO ) PoLIT'g. J4v?p HojLirTr. H-, i "Wnnisotos, Jan. 3,18|2. J t- r-'eviid*'* Movtmtrl.i?The Secretaries?Mania \ get?Flirtatiun*?Soirees?and all tuck. \\j He tt? w that the ice hat been broken by the Presi i laser, end the cold formality of official eir ^t iiice thawed, Vy the genereu* and general ex Mi m of a " Hsp;^ New Year," we are toon t ItLe round of a ittbionablc teaton. 'A moat brilliaut entertainment of the white place te-inornw evening, at the Russia Min,\ r'? ia Georgelorn, nhote cardt have bee out ajtek. The weal! I, popular manuera, goo bee ,w-.? vie.slid atatio.gpf Air. Bodisco, will al dlrftute to character!a 'ibi* as la tovir,of ltUl 1/w It not be exclntive, aid yet all the rank, ti |??l, bruntj aad fashion of lie country will be pr? tent I avilations havo beta issued to all Cot jfe? i mals who "c ir-ied'1 th? Minister, a? was dn tim. and nil who neglected 1 tin proper and meni d resptet, will be ueeessadly invited to stay : home. ?Ve hope to be able to furnish you with a ( torcsi.ng and faithful di line:dion of this magnif Mat .." i r ' Uu. .or" has spokan true in idation to tho eoi tetnpl a. -d union of the President's daughter.Mr Waller, a young and promising lawyer < Biel.n>id, worth .?1(10,000 or more, leads hi Is the altar o? the 15 h of nrxt month Th k atrimonial inclination at the White House has si I ?" our beaux and belles on the qui nine, and we hej f, if l I iug n?w hut ina'ches, engagements, |o| .er > *s, and the like. Washington has more br.ni iy . i wealth at present in her boarding hnusei taau < >in be found in any o her city in the Unwi The dear creaturts unite, sigh, look soft thing and 'he next day '< buliin gives us the history i torn w " ease" or " cases." The new Attorney General has fallen, we undo Stan ', i. ?he general attack, ai loastasktd a liirle; Wku'o w ' n salt iu an abandonment o( his furtr'-i to gi U.e t-??Js It is said some fair being of yot Qolb.sin sooi,sett's possessien of Ihecitadol W won't vouch I tl.o whole truth of this store, bt tks prfp>riiiODi nidi: by thin Carolinian in Mr ' Bell s n*nsi?i?, (l >t was,) lead vciy reasonabl te soc'o ." iafcrenct unpurchased her splendi est*' lishment entire, . , ?dde..l mnch rirhne'san leg:. -;o?? s.nee his . ru|isncy, and wc appn head ' st bat few months 4j foj| by before one " beUs* half ' is tound deain. out ho.pitable fi fori Th.' not eh admired daughter Mri Eaton, b her first'' lord and master, has ?TN #mlltpn S01B Christian of the nineteenth cenlur., >nJ he H ahe, they NT. soon also go mo way m. . .... ^M dar.gh'crs of the late Secretary of llwj, ' ha? mmed the wit. of half rur communif/ aaa.ru ,r.t and singular gender. What may1 r*? . ' PrarMsaM bs ?t kn 'ws. for tlio~a- are c *' <Dg time* One of the moat finished ; H Byiui t .f Tf>-?r New York widows, "full ii also here?nut for matrimony, the ss H A^wfcp^Mr frois wcr ; 9PffiaTHlk*"|aingii since at the West Knd I K, a lant, n"lw hearted and esteemed yoi Mst'i.nrr well acquainted here, and somew celebrated for his touching appeals to wittii kind' sympathy s. is likely ( > carry i il the pr against tome twenty veteran competitors. I . talk of this matter in the r'ite circles confn MA sfrou Vy onr ojnnisin ot its truth?of ourselves MM aan * ancenothing, not knowing, hut ImTing ? n lee These southerners are playing the d? aad ?' en Tied by eTrry aspirant in the capital Wisi. t'n \v would all get married, and then a fel aatgh' h ire a ahance t ply an nai for him*' Vatil they are rid of, we must stand aside. Tl'.C lorely daughter of l'ostmastercx-f irn Orao er is on the ground, with all her nrtill and already has eommenccd asevereand dan re MUmonade. The dead and wioiaded were n-. ported al the last a<irices Miss D , of L sian*. is the " observed of all observers'?ani ad, bcasliful, kind, and affeetionste. Lord pre aa i . this trying emergency ' A bevy of widi asaidr :?s, &e ?-? hoi ting forth nightly at ! Peyton's and Miss Polk's. The still eelebr Mrs I'iorida W is at the latter, drawing meii.e crowds. You may look out for at Icaat bun ir'd marriages this winter in Washington ther* hears business fora place wi'.h twenty t aand inhabitants. Yon wid hear from me again in a day or -With a full renew of the fashionable misses o asp-'iniu, scandal, roisip. chit chat, tible Itc A Tniist E NE NI Philadelphia. l"*;orr?*potjJ?-tice of Ilie HernlJ.J i'llll ADEI.JMUA, JB1I. INZ. The Indictment*?State I)thlt?Governor Porter' Mtssage?Jit in Advance?Mr. Huchitiuin $rc. M? Bmsett? The recent excitement in relation to the Unitei States Bank?its late ollicers, and the conduct, ma nagement, and intrigue of the wire-workers behim the scene, who, the better to enable them to plan tier, and appropriate the remaining funds of the de funct institution, and who kept up the cry of "sto| thief,'* that in the melee between some of theshorl sighted stockholders and a few of the late oflicer they had selected for scape-goats, others, thei friends and relatives' reputation might be screened and their retreat with the spoils thus covered and se cured, has given place, as in the ordinary course c human events, he had reason to suppose it would to a thousand more productive and equally inllama tory sufj-cts or wonders, among which, and perhr.p the most prominent, is the State debt. In relation to the debt and the resumption by th< banks, with s >me minor nutters, a meeting wa hehl in the State House, corner of Sixth and dies nut streets, on Thursday night last. There the spec lator might have seen the able, high-minded am honorable statesman, contending for the integrity o the State?that her plighted faith should he heli sacred and inviolate; and that, too, in a way lies calculated to convince the thoughtless, inrxperiencei and rash, of the folly, if not dishonesty, of a Stati playing the part of a fraudulent insolvent, ar.i pledging the honor and fidelity of the people to thei representatives, to sustain tlieni in that only nones course, which thuy can possibly adopt?nye ; ani there might hare been seen, contending thus, th*s who, in every hour of our States' trial and trouble come with gigantic intellect, coupled with long am hard earned experience, to the rescue, and have, ii many an emergency, uuited in rescuing the Demo cratic party and the State from threatened ruin while, on the other hand, it wa9 lamentable to ob serve some well meaning young men, in the general but who are without much experience?at.d, indeed who could by no possibility have much knowledge of the great and momentous concerns ot the Statetalking loudly, reading, and contending for reaolu lions, which, from my knowledge of the young men who tire really clever fellows in the main, upon i little reflection they must hereafter blush to read I will give you one of the resolutions?it is us fol lows:? And we do further Declare and Resolve, That it is the duty of the Legists tare, at the ?artist possible period of its s< ssiun, to inak provision for the payment, out of the money in thetrei sury, of all persons to whom the Commonwealth is ir debtcd for manual labor, and then immediately to pas over to Commisaionera, Trustees, or Assignees, all th property ol' the Commonwealth, reaerviug such only a is absolutely essuntial to the transaction of the legitimat business of government, aud to provide ier the equal dii tributionof the proceeds of such property among the s called stata creditors, in proportion to their reapectir claims ; and to provide further, that all claims again! the State, existing prior to such transfer, shall be claim only upon the fund in the hands of said Trusted, Con missioners or Assiguees. ! Fur'her comment is unnecessary ; but we ndi without intending oflenee to those young gentleniei [ that it would be "better far, and safer, for the yout of the country to take counsel from the aged an ! experienced statesmen of the land, than themselvi to turn counsellors. They have time enough to b ' great, provided they have the material, and the may be assured the people will in time find it out, they do not,by early improvident actions like the6i darii up the road that leads to honest prefermen For what stranger could rem! such resolutions, an believe the men concerned honest 1 Those wb own real estate among us are willing to be taxed, i r-ecue the honor of our once proud an<1 happy con monwealth. The sentiments of our people'will be given by il Governor in his message to our Legislature, whir assembles on Tuesday next, at Harrtshurg, the se of government. Hieopinions were known and pu li: hed to the world long before the late eleetio * when lie received more than one hundred and thirt five thousand of hid fellow citizens' votes, and tl . almost unequalled majority in our State, of twent three thousand and upwards. From hisknswn pri n ciplee, as well as froin what we have heard froi "riends recently returned from Marrisburg, we hu> r reason to believe that his recommendation in rel lion to banks in the commonwealth, will strike 11 the root of the corrupt syst-m ; and that a thorout " revision and change of the plan upon which our pu d lie improvements are conducted, and the introdu II tion of tin most economical rt form in all thin irill he by him most earne-tly pressed ; and in tl " place of appropriations of the public funds for at i* purpose that can be avoided, supgestinris as to tl establishment of a dry dock in Philadelphia, an tioaal foundry in the State, Arc. Arc., that we mi thus retrench expenses and increase our revenue. c The State has reason to b? proud of David R. P< t- t? r, as its Governor. Few men could have pilot* the old ship Pennsylvania thus far in safety throuj the breakers. . A word or two about Mr. Buchanan ; and ns n i" letter is longer thun 1 first intended, for the present mut content myself with a tew rematks, that sh j. be worthy the consideration o( vour correspoudei A Peue.sylvanian, or Penn, and I promise him n ? to travel so wide of the tnurk as he did, but will gi of him plain food for his digestion. 1 cannot here i >r frain from wishing Mr. B. a more judicious pan i gvrist But pray sir, or sirs, if you prefer it, if X " B is so great a democrat and patriot; has been 8t well tried, allow me to ask, who was the rank fed ir ral leader in our Legislature a few years agol .\1 0 Buchanan. Who'represented that hot bed of ft] i- rali-m. Lancaster county, and was the Fedei ?, leader in Congres up to lh24 ? Mr. Buchana j. And when was he loiind nbandnning his Fedei i, friends, and attaching himself to General Jackson if in the first canvass ! No, never, until he found ft public opinion, like a mighty torrent, wasaweepii r- ?very thing before it in favor of General JHckw y, did he cecedc from his Federal favorite. And no l? t income home to State affairs, the guhernatori ir elections for some few years back. In the canvs c between Snyder and Rosh, where was he ? Adv it rating the cause of the Federalist Rosa. In that i. I leister and Fin!?-y ? Willi I l? i?-ter the Fedcrali y With Sh'ihz and Gregg 1 In his old quarters, to I id sun , with Gregg the Federalist, ever, even up to th id late period, was he a rank, uncompromising Fe s- eralist Ami in the struggle which the Democrat i? p <rty encouutnred" in our State hut six years ag a- when that unfortunate and ever to be regretted dif culty ancc about Muhlenburg and Wolf, which I iy i*< th.it poor old inefficient whig and Federals ie Joseph Ritner, who w.is surrounded by as gre d a pack of knaves and vilian* as ever tutneu the pt ic a- uce of ?o Executive officer,of which we have sine y is we had at the time, th?* most irrefragable prot ie and to whom and whose abandoned and ruckle s p ir It t* alone,the Stat.- n?w owes its present degredati 1 ai d financial difficulties I say, where was Mr. '. then? Manfully _and bnldly contending for the go iV> j< the cause ? N* )?he esteemed both Mr Muhle ,ny :r?ana woir, a neutrai policy was tor his ov 0 f 'hat "} the State was loai ^i^ht of all , j <;| New, rnead PeoMftvMM. fcr lb? pkm hat aomr ijve of you, and apprehend that these who in'a vou in arleast h.tve a tendency to cauti \:e, la.tli, everf in us** of language,as wr|] as go The 7.-a? 1 thinfc? owes the truth to his fellow ci George M. L)aflt?y "?fe|y.MJt that the Honorat wc ail his life d. votrTk,e Minuter to Russia, who h ieen ty, and who is even talenia to the democratic pi itiI, at the meming on 'Dot? the foremost, as he w I State in every sirui/glHay night l ist, to aid t law auch men aa David R. Pof unite his efforts, wi !f._ hia Attorney General, in *nwnd Ovid F. J'>hn?< and her credit, will lose uoi.hr State, her hon ral with Mr. Buchanan. You have'by a coinpans ery, from u?, and we close by saying thrted these fat roua let Ret warm in his democratic a^. B had b trn a-ks from the democratic party the rl before ,oui- We wonder if his wann friends had noHrncy mat- suit Lord Chesterfield, aud learn a little niutr re iteet polite uo*. a ?ws, Hajhlt Mr*. atad li ailsovd Inos?Six ship loads of iron rai im- mat p?rt ot the Baltimore and Ohio Railroac .two tending from Harper's Terry to Cumberland, -ra- reached this port from 'tT- at Britain, forming t hou- greg^te oi 2H53 tons. Tnin is about one-third i entire ipiantny contracted for. The rails are two. Iiesv* and substantial, and will f?rm a road < f the very beat kind- Th" rotd willbe completed tain, a- lianeock du-ring the apprss'hing spr;;ig s< and n il1 be ope? to Cimuedand in the fall.ry. Am tkua. W YO :w YORK, THURSDAY M City Intelligence. Biiticu or Thust oh Embkzzlcmkit.?A man named John H. Bailey, waa entrusted on the ? 22d ot December last, with the num of $100, to de, liver to Messrs. V. Everett Sc. Co. of this city. The money belonged to Charles T. Shipmnn, of N<*wuk.N. J., who bad delivered it to Mr. Ira Quo j field, ol Orange, N.J. He having confidence in Dailey, who was coming to tilt* city, give it to him j to deliveru3directed. A few d iys since it was ascertnined that Bally had not paid over the money, and presuming it had been appropriated to his own p use, hi'was arrested yesterday, by officers .Sweet and Walker, and committed in default of bail, s Case or Jane Aw* Tool-?Willaui Roberts, one r of the boys chirked with committing a rape on Jane > Ann Tool, in July l ist, was arraigned for trial yesterday, at Jersey city. The result will be given lo>f morrow. ' JnisT Dallot.?The Common Council met last evening injoiut ballot, but the democratic caucus ** not having decided who should be Collector of ilieSi x: li ward, in place of John Layden, who has I tiled to produce security, there was no quorum, and the President adjourned the meeting until the first Wednesday of next month- John McGruth, corner j of Anthony and Centre streets stands the highest in j. caucus lor the office of Collector. Akrest or ltiscapes Pmsoheiis.?Trhough the end ergetic movements of James H. Kuckel, Esq the t Deputy Keeper of lliaekwell's I-land, three prisonJ ers who ImJ escaped fro.n confinement w. re arrested during the past few davs. Thomas Meary, *" commonly called/'pegged leg Tom," on account of I his having one wooden stump, who escaped on r Monday night last in company with two other pn;t sonr rs, by st' aling the terry boat, was arrested on ' Tuesday night in n cellar in Front street. James ^ l.oclitnun and William Nelsen were caught on e Tuesday night, one at the Points, and the oilier 111 Anthony street. Lochman escaped on the 3d of JuIv last, by stealing the milk man's boat that supplies the island, and Netson succeeded in getting away on II Friday night, by raising lus cell door froin the hinges nnd bv the means of ropes, succeeded in climbing into the upper part of the building, and then, low' ering hinuelf down, made off. After reaching the shore he threw a small carpenter's bench into tlie . river ihnt lie had brought with him. and floating ' upon it, he escaped to.this city. A Lover Robbed ?A man named John McCari thy, while in the act of paying: his vows of love and ,, adoration to one Mary Aun Ward, known as the i Queen of Walnut street, commonly termed " the Hook," had his pockets relieved of $16,50. Ofli[. cer King took the Queen in custody, ana had her committed to answer. Tvi.er & Co 'a Butter Fouhd.?A colored man, ' named James Jones, was brought to the Lower e Police yesterday, on suspicion of having stolen a ? firkin of batter marked "Tyler tc Co.," in red 'j chalk. If the owner does not call for it, the butter e will melt, and the rogue will escape punishment. 8 Petit Thieves ?A man named John Whalan, e was arrested yesterday at the Catharitie Market, by Abraham Simoiison, for stenling a small quantity of ? beef from a butcher?Committed Michael King, ,t for stealing three pairs of cotton gloves from Jacob it Hutsohler, No 92 Catharine street, was locked up i- A Mai* Miasism ?A ntan named George McFall, who hasbeeen recently engaged as a coachman for I Mrs. Wright, Leroy Place, has been missing since Sundav morning last. Any information relative to h him left wiih his distressed family, at No. 133 Stand ton street, will be thankfully received. !S Collar Bovk Broke*.?A man named Jacob r Kiever, a German, was arrested yesterday for com/. mittins a violent aasault and battery on another t ler" man named John B. Geiler, on Saturday night last, breaking his collar hone and committing a number of other injuries on his person, lie was committed 1(1 at the Upper Police. The assault took place at 1(17 10 Pitt street, where Kiever resides ,, Joint Smith* aoaii*.?Two of this name were r.rrested on Tuesday night, for disturbing the public ie peace. The family has become so numerous that ,j, we frequently see them registered on the watch re 1, turns?John Smith, No. 1?John Smith, No. 1 ? I,. John Smith, No. 3. n. A* OwtER is wanted fur a small gold detached y- lever watch, supposed to have been stolen It is in i the hands of officer Halhwaite, of the Lower Police y office. n" Tiik Stabbiwo Ct*f ? August Cnnten, who wtab1,1 bed t^iplirin Sing on Monday night last in the left ,e breast, in Broome street, was examined yesterday A" b fore Justice Taylor, of the Upper Police, and , fully committed for trial He admitted that lie ; dr? w a knife at the time, but Mated that it was in pelf defence, lie having been struck first by some c" one in company with Sing The physician uttend^ ing Sing, informed us that with go?sd care he might ,e recover from the wound, although it wa.- of a dangerocs nature. ^ Thomas Toertw, who bo brutally murdered his lv wife Elizabeth, in Orange street, on New Year's _ day, was brought from prison yesterday for exami,r. nation, before Justice Parker. Hepresenleda mlp(j len dogged aspeet, and, by the advice of his counsel. relined to answer any questions put to him, and was committed for trial An attempt will be nude, lv we understand, to show that h'1 whs laboring unt | der lunacy st the time he committed the di ed all Cast, or Patrick Wood?This man, who has, in it. all probability, cattstd the hourly expected death of lot John MeM-tin, by striking him with a shovel on ve th? head, on the night of lb-2Ph ult., was u!so re- partially examined yesterday before Justice Taylor, ie- of the Upper Police office Two miserable lo< king fr. wretches, named Patrick McHowan and Michael so McLoughlin, who lodge in the same house No. 21^ le- Orange street, were also brought up on a carina Ir. witnesses They testified to the commission ot the |e- deed hy Wood, as before published, and were com al mit'ej as vagrants. Win. Neal?a, who occupies n the store on the premiss where the circumstance al took place, s'ated that he requested two watchmen ? to take McMorin to the watchhouse in the Tombs, at ou the night he w is injuted, itt order to allow hun ig to make his complaint. He was so taken, but no n, action was made on the part ot the captain of the w watch or his a.-* slants to secur-' W,,od, and liad it al notb n lor the energy of Mr M llik-n, the Deputy ,te Coroner, he would, in all probability, have escaped. o Dr. James Hyttlopl who has attended McMorin of in the temporary absence of Dr. VAclte, who has st. been confined to his bou " from sickness, testified be that tic recovery of McMorin i? scarcely posibD, at convulsions having taken place, they being pr> mod nitory symptoms of death in his peculiar cajic Wood was rem inded for further examination. He o, is about fifty years of age, and heart a most repulli si ve and malignant expreisuon of luce. |ct ~~ ?. ,1 Court Oyer nnrt Terminer* at Before Judge Kent, an I Aid Purdy and Lee. r* The trial" of Sally Ann Robk, for fatrieide, and ft of Sophia Piithast, for araon in the firtt degree, had d, been tet dawn for to-day, but ?ni motion of eounlo" tel. they were postponed, ibe latter to Tuesday nn next, and the fo mer to Thursday The case of Junes ( tfrJon Ucnnett, fer libel, nan "d postponed to Atth intt. n- ______ vn u. 8. Circuit Court. Before Judges Thompson and Hetts. . Dtertios*. Jaw. 5.? I'atrtrk Maranlfw v?. Fdirard ( iwh? ? 0IJ Judgmant for plaintiff. ? R'J?rt Buchanan vs'. F.van (irijfilh, CharUt Raift j1' and other* ?Judgment for plaintiffs. ll'tUiam // Allrn vs. J<ma Oodfrry Jr., Hcirkiah /Mi-is rt al*?Judgment for plaintiffs, with leave to ' the defendant to withdraw his demurrer and plead. JitmtnK I) Ii+Mrm va Anlh /_ Pi trtrh ?Mtitinn .*jr made fey defendant for a new trial denied. 1 " Steamboat /'inn? ad*, fstrn;: Rate*, appellant.? ,n? De<reeof the Diet net Court affirmed, with coat*. If,r Auf(u?tui Zenega ada. '/Tie United Slatti.?Cc.m"" plainant* bill of complaint ditmified. :tH IV. Micbael and Jan. Fojrrafl re. Tht Sthnonrr ?' Catherine.? Decree again at the aehonner be amendea *0 a* to allow payment ?f amoaat due patition' era. "l". Fdmnrnl flunk* r* flrnj J hnnpp.?Motion by acl defendant for a new trial denied. 1 y Y [a\fe /nnurancr JJ- Tiwl Co. *?. H f'oiojtfrlktraUr and J IV Jjord-? Motion of defendant la fot?,r | new trial denied. ' ?*" *??< Hmit ad*. Alex. Rankin ami other*.?Judgnare ' for defendant. in ag- ann ^i/ .V. Farrell and other* t?. ffeo Randal of the event, pfew trial granted. Coat* to abide the aery /Tie I B ?' 'J?* SrrOr ?- j, Error ad? Joel Stone, pluintijf i* a# Ur 77mm. of the District Court affirmed pajrr, ads TV f ?? 1rc -Bed:, good* to be 5i? of Pi.triet Coart affirmed Jt??*- to elaimaata on p?ym- nt ol R K I ORNING, JANUARY (5 1 Sthili ('an />u:er, l'Liinl\ffinE. tor v?. 'JVir I S dtfendant in Error?Judgment of the District Court reversed, and a citare dr n >vo awarded The ll'il, Henry Hoot! ad? (iulf on /lowland ami (rilbti t Hoicland, appellant*.?Judgment of District Court alhriucd. Jo.net Perciral, appellant, v* the Hail: While Oak. ?Judgment of District Court atliruied; cost* of appeal to be paid by the apprllarit. Jhe United State* ?? Edxrartl Clarke?l'risouer to pay a fine of > on the charge of mutiny, and stauj committed until paid. Second count overruled.

The I'ntted Slate? v? Jackson?Prisoner disobarged uprn bin own recognizance to appear next term, aud aumver to the charge of larcen) General e>it wmIoiim. Before the Recorder, .Judge* Lynch and Noah, and Aldermen lime* and Tiuipson Jen. 5?Wm. Shamr, Hsu- appeared us acting District Attorney. Trial for A.vault and B illery ?A man named Richard Leaycralt was tried for an alleged assault and battery on a Polatider na.iied Scbene*key, or a* t he Police Clerk has/'anglicised" i , William Stafford On evidence it up|Hurcd that the l'ulander w a* a littlaif roggv, that ...caycraft and In* brother Daniel, who war tvi'h him, wn< aim partiy corued?that they hud a dispute at a porte r hoiuc, during which the Polandcr was struck and stabbed by somebody; that the defendant endeavored to prevent difficulty, and that the PoLnder commenced the assault. The jury, therefore, returned a verdi: i of not guilty. Assault and Bat:try.?A man nam ad James Wi!sou pi uded gmltv to au isdictincut for an assault and buttery on .Mrs. Catbariu McCnpping. Sentenced.?A black man named Noali Selhy, aho was conviotcd at the November term of the Court of a petit larceny, for robbing the ollicc of Messrs. Rawdon, Wright 4t Co of in tuoney, was sen traced to be confi cd in tire Penitentiary lor six months Selby bad etcuped.bnt w as arrested a few days since on a bench warrant. Forfeit id llerognizanca ?The following persons J not appearing,!heir recognizance* wereforfeited:? Eti?? J Silvester, for disposing of three fraudulent lottery tickets, purporting to he those of a " Grand Lottery of Real Estate," to be drawn ut Jacksonville, Florida. These tickets were sold to Kobcit .Montgomery of this city for .*j'60 in November la*t. The bail was fixed ut $500. Silling l.ottiry Poliriis ? Benjamin C. Woods, who was indicted for nelliug Lottery Policies termed ''Gigs" in November lu*t, not appearing to answer the indictment,bis recognizance for $5<N) was forfeited. A ult and Batteries.?Daniel Leaycraft for an assau. and batteuy on a Polauder named Scheneskey or Stafford. William Wilson, for assaulting James Grace on the 1st of November. Peter teuton, for violently ass lulling John L. Mott. Napoleon Brunei, Clement Boermnnger, and Henry Hutrand, for assaulting Leonard Ellsworth, of the Marshall llousn. Petit fMtreny?William Reed for stealing a sow from Thomas Golan. Cast of the JLirkmrn.? In the case of the six hackmen arrested on the 1st. of September last, for committing a riot at the foot of lieckman street, on the wharf near the steamboat New Haven, the recognisances wereforfeited?each being $400. The Court hero adjourned to 11 o'clock this morning. Court of Common Plea*. Before Judge Ulshoeffer. Janrin. Coolrdgt?In this case, being an action for slander, reported yesterday,the jury gave a verdict in favoi of plaintiff lor $46 damages and sis cents costs. Court Caleailns-?Ttila Day. CmcriT CotrnrNoi. 43}, 66,61, 13,91, 10, 3. 63, 64,66, 66, 67, 67}, 68,90, 70, 71,73, 74.76, 76. Cooht ok Cosmos Pleas?Nos.'14, '18,313, 16, 34, 36 39,40.41.43,44,10,31. From Saute Ke. captriie ?r tub Teiab Kxpeditio* oonfibmED?IHDIONITT TO THE AMKHICAX CONitTL ASD THE RESIDENT AMERICANS IN SANTA FB ! The mail from the west arrived yesterday evening, avt brings painful intelligence from >aula 1'e, and news confirmatory oftbe capture of the Texan expedition. The recital of the treatment shown the American citizens, will rouse the blood of every one, and call* for revenge. Independence, 1)<c 16,1841 Messhs Kditokb?We have uews aeain fr. m the West, but of a melancholy na'ure Signor Al varez.niir American Consul in New Mexico, with five or six other gentlemen, arrived here the day before yesterday, after a tedious tiip of 50 days from Santa Fc. They were much annoyed with cold weather and snow, throughout nearly the whole route. The company consisted of 12 or 15 when they left .Mexico; five of these separated from the party about 300 miles from here, and took a more southern route to avoid the cold Ofthe rest, one, a German from this neighbourhood, was frozen to death; three others are at Cotton Wood Fork, one so much frozen tha: he cannot trn vol, one sick, and the third compelled te remain and keep the two from starvation. Tlic> had some mules left in their possession by Mr Alvarez and his friends, liable at anr moment, though, to Lie deprived of all by the Ind ant around. Assistance i* in ( it frnrti horn immnrlititnlv* irhntluip it is timely or not, wc cannot toll. The storm tliey encountered was very violent, and the snow fell to the depth of twro or three feet?it was much drifted in places, ?o that it was almost impossible to travel. The fivu who loft the main party, haviing to pass over a prairie country altogether (where no fuel can be procured) it is supposed they perished. This, however, bears no comparison to what follows The Texans, on the I6(h Ocy'., arrived in Smta FV, in much worse circumstances than could ever barn been imagined?they are all captured, hound, and sent as prisoners to the city of Mexico. The causes and attendant circumstances, ms given by oar informants, are these The deputation, on their arrival near Santa Fe, were divided into three par irs ? ene under the command of Howland; another under Cook, the Comrai-?ary Central from Texas; and the other under Mcl.eodor Load, the Commander in-Chief (a very inefficient man, and, withal, a lop). Whin near the place of destination, Ilowlanrl, with two more, were sent in advance as spies, to ascertain the disposition of the Mexicans towards them Not andcrstanding the nature of their embassy sufficiently, and from their contradictory statements concerning the place from whence they hailed, they were stripped and ordered not to leave the hounds. In the mean time they mud>< their escape, bnt after travelling Ave days, and only progressing fifty miles, ih?y were taken by some shepherds, brought in and snot. Seven more from the company were again sent in?among them was Kendall, the editor of the Picayuae; a son of Leslie <'ombs, of Ky; and a Mr Lewis ?they had in theirpnssession the Constitution and Laws ofTexas, the American passports, A.c ,o( Kendall and others On their way in, they were taken prisoners by a Captain of the mil tia, and marched out before the presented nuns of the company to be shot; hythe entreaties of the prisoner* and other*, the Captain, howevrr, disobeyed orders, and took them to the Governor. Shortly after, seventy more, and then the whole nnmber of the Texan* were surrounded and taken, Cook being the only one desiron* of making the least resistance. Their fate i* wretched in the extreme. That day they war* stripped of nearly all their clothing, deprived of their shoes, hand cuffed, and started on foot 2,000 miles to the city of Mexico, with order* from the Gorernor, that each man, i * he gave out, must be speared or hxyonetted, and left on tho road side. They had g me 30 miles fromSsnta Fe ftrhrn these men left), and three of the number were already slain in ohc diennetothe order, Lewis, it is thought, by hi* knowledge of the Spanish language, worming him self in and becoming.* favorite with tho Governor proreil tiaitoroas, and informed him of the distracted and destitute situation of the company? hence the disregard paid to the Constitution and Laws of Texas, and especially the passports rf Kendall and the other Americans (of which they made a bonfire in the public square). The resident Americans attempted to get Kendall and bis companions releaaed, and sent thrm some clothing, hut did not succeed; and in all probability, the clothing never reached them It seems to have bean reqowed by tho Texan Government, that tha company should not fight if thay nnuld possibly avoid it, but merely publish the Constitu'ion and Laws, make some arrnngi rrent* about trade, and return home Had there not been unv prevarication in the statement* of HowlnnJ, ana if the real had made any show rf re?i*'nnee, they wr nld havn f taken entire possession ofthe country immediately, i The Governor was snrpr.scd at their situation, supposing th-m to b? courageous, united, rind plcntii fully supplied w ith proviso ns. All is hnh hng in Santa Fe. The Americana are ordered not to leave \ lh? town?the good* of tome of them a'e confiscated, and their lives endangered evsry hour f C'ha's Beet, with others, was in eu?' but re leased} Gidd'tUgi'/poda taken from hiva; tome of r re a a. jlj a *4. ... 848, Rowland's taken also Siguor Alv er Z >va< shamefully t rated, ordeted to reir.a n in tin; linn s f the town, and assassination attempted by ihu rabble; but he Unobeyed, and ata-t <i for thin place iniine. diatrly. 1 have been thus particular, knowing that if you had not heard previously, you w uld be very anxious io leirn all the etrcuiusancea You may rely upon the veracity of the se men, and the correctness rf the aiatemauts in the main; eoiae slight vaiaticn may occur in the detail- After a respite of a few day a, the gent'etnen will be in your ci y on their way eastward, when you can learn all more connect' dlv. minutely, and it.nch more ! .in 1 ronvrv n th.a sheet. It i? rumored that twelve or fifteen Delaware and I'o'.tawa'oiah- Indians lately attack d a party nf Sioux, in one of their hunting excu:*ious, and wero all killed except one, who reuined to tell t e mournful tale. The Umuxs numbered from 1100 to I'*. Ntt.tr. Inret.t.iGENCK?Gknehai. Order-?Whcnrver nn officer vhctlI be urreelcd on a torcign station, it shall he the ditty of lite Cominander-iu Chi< I ol the tetion to order h Court for li s trial, n* soon a< possible after he shall be notified of th? arrest; and this lie shall not refuse nor delay, except lor imperative reasons, connected with the public service. It such imperative reasons shall exist, so that a Court Martini cannot he detatltd, and actually set tor the trial of the accused, his arrest may continue for thirty day-after the Cnmweeder in Choi it the station shall be notified thereof, and no linger; and the at cosed shall then be returned to duty, unit ss for sufficient reasons, the Commander-in-Chief shell otherwise direct; hut he shall he again arrested and shall be tried as soon as the condition of the service will admit of it. No officer arrested on a foreign station, shall he confined to Ins room, nor restrained frcin the proper use of uny part ol the ship, in which, before his arrest, he had a right to be, except the quarter deck; unless such restraint be tieo -ss.ry for the safety of the ship orttie preservation nf good order and discijvline; and even in that case It- shall be 110 tart her restrained than shall be tienecessary. Iowa.?The message of Governor Chambers to the Legislative Assembly of Iowa was delivered on the Nth ult. The admission of the Territory into the Union, as a State, is referred to as presenting a question of paramount importance, unit one that calls tor a speedy determination. The subject having been referred to the people some time ago, the result showed an untvilliugnesson the part o! a considerable majority to take upon themselves, at that HUM', me mines UI1U iw- <11 amair diluent. The recent legislation of Congress, however, in relation to the future di.-posal of the public lauds, gives to the question a new aspect, and it is recommended that it be agam submitted to the people, so that their representatives at the next legislative session may be enabled to act upon this important matter in conformity to the public wishes. The obstructions in the way of a safe navigation of the Mississippi, particularly between the Dcs Moines and the Rock Island Rapids, arc such as to interfere very injuriously with tiie trade of the Ter ritory. So serious are these impediments that the expenses of navigation for that portion of thu ri ver are from one to three hundred per cent above the amount usually paid between New Orleans and St Louis The annual loss of property is also very great. The aid of Congress it is believed may be asked with propiiety for the removal of these obstruction*. There is an unsettled question of boundary between the Territory offowa and the Slate of Missouri. Our readers may recollect that, some two years ago, a difficulty arose from this source which threatened, for a while, to produce serious consequences, on account of the belligerent propensities of the disputing parties. It now appsars that a rational mode of settling the question has been suggested by Coventor Reynolds of Missouri, who proposes that an agreed case, as t? facts, be made up and submitted to the Supreme Court of the U. States. Governor Chambers,iu his reply to this proposition, suggests a doubt whether the Territorial Government of Iowa is competent to stand as a party in such a case, since the Territory is subject to the legislation of Congress The amicable s, irit manifested on both sides indicates, however, that a sa tisfactory adjustment ol the difficulty may be liad in due time. Wisconsin?The message of Gov. Doty was delivered on the 81I1 inst at Madison, and embraces the usual topics. His Excellency recommends that the farther prosecution of the Mil watikiu and Rock River canal cease at once, tbe pr*j et being quite impracticable and an onerous burthen to the people. It is estimated that Wisconsin has this year, pro. duced overtweutv millions of pounds of lead and that the receipts from the sale of lands?within the Territory during the same period?were equal to $331,286. This is the average for tbe past three years. There being no hanks within the Territory, the Governor congratulates his constituents that the only persons complaining and likely to sutler Prom the'financial int. rruptions, aro the brokers, against whom hi* Excellency aims his shaft instead of the defunct institutions. The soil, climate and geographical characteristics of Wisconsin, the Governor thinks are peculiarly adapted to (he culture of sheep, and for encouraging the grow th of wool. For this purpose he recommend* that a law be passed to exempt all sheep and their fleeces from taxation for a term of years; and such other provisions a* are renuired, that wool may soon become one of the staple productions of the Territory. This is particularly a feature worthy of Wisconsin. It is admitted that sheep fed upon high praries, iucrease in size and improve in health, and that their fleeces are more weighty than those of theep which are confined to the pastures of the eastern and middle States. Tbe extensive and rich praries of the Wisconsin river and of its branches, and upon which there is now no prospectof settlements, may, if the proper encouragement is given, bo made capable of supply ing All 01 me nianuiaeiones 01 wooncii giwus m the United States with wool. As nearly all the products of the weft have to seek)"! eastern market, it should be the policy to rai?e co^tlj commodities, as the expense of trans portation is equal in every respect. A pound of flour, wheat or pork, which is ?uly worth two or three cents, eo-ts as much to get it to market as so much silk or wool, worth fifty cents the pound,and generally is as easily converted into cash. LvreirrROM Havava ?We have received ndvices to ilie Iftoi ult. We notice in the papers an order for tile ?.i|e uf the chttrrhee, public ??piafe?, Ac to rni-e rnon<-y for the Sp-niish overnment to pay ; her sir bt to < ir? ut Ilritain. The market ia quite dull for American produce. I There i- some activity just now in Ireighis, but a* the holidays are approaching, it w ill prooahly c? me. There are thirty-one chips and barques, sixty-one briii", and a large number of smaller craft, in port There have been 12*111 b ,en an -ir exported from this port eince the iir?t of January, up lo date. Dunnethe same time, bbl !>72 arrobt eull -e, and 43,2lti hhds aitdassea have hera s xpoi: .|, I'roin Mutttii/.a". I learn287,715 bov^Miger. Is? ?.3l7i arrobes roller, and 55 58l'j hlisl ninlau.es, have been exported Irom first January ol iff prerent year, to the 15 ii inst. Aiihf.st or a Fioitivi from Justifx.?High Constable Hoffoer and officer VVerthyme, on Saturday, arrested in this citv, sn eldsirlv Frenchman lamed Fi'derick \V. 11 Drox, who is charged With having, some months ago, robbed a jew< try establishment in New York city, in company w.th another tti an, of t hi risen silver Swiss watches ?d two musical b< xes, ihe whole of I lie value of ?225 or upward*. I)m/ was hr nght before K?corder V?ux, who sent him to the Miiyamen-itig tombs in del-mlt of $3000 bml, to await the requisition of the-authorities < f New York Thepiunner is a watch maker by trade ? I'hii idrlphut Tinm Sitiidis is Casaoa?The quantity of snow in the vicinity of tguebec is n-w between eighteen inches and two f?et on a I Tel. where it has not drifted On the 21th the thermometer was down te 5 degrees below rero. On the 25 h the i?e mi the St Lawrence stopped ut Curouge, bnt it has si e? moved up with the tula The temperature is become m- derate to day?th^ thermometer 20 degrees. The winter roads ure now good, and may be k pt sator Kome time, with a little att ntion and at a tin ill to-tj the Isst-all of saow hating bin moist, to that the whole body of it will not he moved hy th.- pr- valent winds.?iiittlU, 5t7/'i ultFkf.5i.h liktvt ?A drvj'oods firm, fhrmerlyof the < ity of New York, who have i?ei n driving an exie isive borrow ing 'r ide d ring the fa||( decamped last n gh's leaving their late premises on Maine street, as empty as Hania Claus* pnn?i? r* on the morning after the ruining in of the New Year ? Work for the herifl'.?fluffalu Com lift 30 I l>otr, hit laeent ???? i ft- to th* Lngiaiatnrc of Wuewuin, re^oinm-:* J? >b taking of tK? pri-paja (or) titip* for an .d'Jiinion iota tk? 1'iioa ?? a 8u.te. p- 1 Prlr? 'T??4? f:?nt| I lUtiiiiui uotl i lu uti lt -i v Uli i liut. I J lir mu-u ill clitic- 111 Huston award the palm of ' exto llence to Miss Sloman, over ltakemann, in her 1 prMorniaiiceg on the piano forte. We rather think V Mi.vi Sjotnan'a execution is more brilliant than Mr I R but at the wm tine we (nan -av alw ia a ^ J r b>mm ixa to KakniNa Blake in iu Huston, ph^igg his favorite but rather I antiquated piece, " The 1, ibi Mux " Marble was playing his round o( Vank.ee characterse.t Mobile. HerrChue was alto there. Browne had appeared as ' >'ir H ircoart Courtiy," in London A-surunce, at Cincinnati. If he plays it &s well as he did Dazzle here, we will an?w>-r for his success. Rice was jumping "Jim.Crow" in Charleston The Ravels wa re in New Orleans. Niw Sown ?" The Way of the World," feting by Mrs. Hardwick, the poetry and music by llaync* Ravi'y, published by At will, Hroadwav. The above is one of the happiest effusions of the lamented Biyley's lyre It ia in six-eight time, in the key of t and should be lound on t very piano forte. fd 1'ibk at ITica.?By P< iiKroy's We-tern Kxpi-*?x. ' " 1 we have Utica papers of the latest dates A lire hrolti out at two o'clock yeso rday morning, in the grocery and provision store of Mr Hose, Miller'* block, corner ol Genesee and Wjiitesboro' streets, Utica. The lire extended on cither side oi Mr Rose, consuming the store of J. li. Warner, drug gis', and II. S. Smith's Recess, und doing considerable damage to the adjoining stores. Loss not Known. 1 >aton Kocni Ik'nur I?own ?Al t'ie last advice* two or three squares were consumed, unci a? the wind was strong,it whs not known where the dame* wouM stop, or be arrested. The tire broke out near the Arcenhi, and tears nre eiiti rtane <1 itmt the Branch Hank may tmve been burnt, but no partiesItirshuve yet been obtained Naval Jfchccoits ? It is staled in the Ledger that at ihe r> cent ses-ion ot the Hoard of Examiner*, held in Philadelphia, h great number of applied- i :i< us were received, but very It w favorably considered. Some of those who presented themselves for examination were tound to be utterly deficient ia i the common rudiments of un English education, I and of course were rejected State 15ri-oRTKH.?At a meeting of the Lieut. Governor, the Chancellor, and the Chief Justice, held on the 31st ultimo, Nicholas Hill, Jr. Esq., of (his city, was appointed State reporter- Hisdutlea # are to report the decisions of the t upreme Court, and also the decisions ot the Court for the Correation of Errors. Great Loin ?f>ne of the locomotives on tha Wincliester Kailrosd in Virginia, conveyed front that placv to Harper's Ferry lust week, in a angle . train, 1175 barrels of flour. Fiicioein New Orleans ?Armund Dubertra?d, n youni! man much respected, shot himself on the 2:ft, with a fowling piece. No cause is assigned for the rush act. Travelling in Illinois.?We learn trom ith? " IVorta Hegister," that the mail stage from Peoria to Chicago was swamped in a late trip. Tbe stage body, with the mail and pawengers, floated oil', and retnutned in'the water eight hours, while the horse* drew out the wheels in safety. New Buildings in Philadelphia ?There wera^^ 13-13 new buildings erected in thisci'y last year;\ 1(M m the Northern Liberties, :tf>2 in Spring Garden, > 205 in Southwark, 110 in Kensington, 110 in Moyamt using and 152 in ihe city proper. a - I' -'in ^ u? IUVIUII >' inr. IIIH..I - llirir IB HI I If* 4 'lUf cuseion of the credibility mid authority of the Scripturee, in liosttm, on the Ufhli of next March. Every one is invited to attend. TraiiocendentulieU take Pilit luirtn?t/ ?Alva H. Kinney, for stealing ?1B worth of drv goods, from the store of lhilsoi and Key*, No. 57 Cedar street, u the 25th of <.)r*ihvr Ian, and at different times previoui. 1 1'ii t: at Lvo.xs ?The dwelling hou?e of L. Mft- ' M ry, Ir. two miles north of Lyons, woe destroyed by Jk fire on the 24ili. (into Riven.?At Wheeling on the Slot tilt the river wan ma fine condition, having U feet of water, and hut little ire running. i. - - - 13 I t iKKK E Of TUB WASHINGTON MAItlNE :N8UVRAM E COMPANY of tii- ri'y cf New Yo>k, Jsaaary 1, I8IS ?The tJraril nf LirecloK li.rr (Ins ray deel ir-?l a din- / u< in) nl sii |o r rent for the last an irenths, piyable lull. ait. '1 li? trsiiaf. r hooka will rlo?e until tli.-.t Hate inw* W. H niJID. Sec'f. IrlKkMltnt BALL.?I'M Bait iii mil ef the.New York ' M I Klre l)f(>a Imrut Kunti. will lake p'sre at the Paik Thratry vei inft, Jan 'IVke'a *5 .6 Uwtw 1) K>'P\1 K \ N !' Fult i. A III IllS AN'II Broadway, r I>I><I*11- Niblu'a It, (ZJfl ran! m above tUv Ire Cream Saloon. l.Hliea will find, at ealabliahwtnl. a private enin g renin, mid a bul or far* plied withevery thing tliat tbrmarkt cau afford?the aenbrra hopr by tl.eir punrtnality, giving all a iaiafactioo tbr | rra n lliat will give them their pntrouaye. I'riv at* roam for ilinnrr pirtira ran b* bad \ All orJeia rrcrirad to a ml nut?dinner pirtira. Walla, aoireel, tie. ornamental pyramid : all I, iiida p.trroia of aug lr chare,* liberty. fam y cakea, Charlotte ruafr, jcllira ire crea*i, kaecutte, glace, bninbra a grruatl;,*, the only in,uulurtar, ra, lu. Un hand truff'a. pat? dr foiee graa, and the periyatwy, pw tita pole, champaign one. I* amiliva will fine, a! any timr. a ?arirty of dialir i ready la aeud out. Their pricra will be mod- rate. MAUNAN It Jt/l.ifJf, j4 I in* French Co k< aril tj, MUSIC. ME9SKS.G. WEISS Ik I RAHM. m-inhcra I.I the mau MiuicaI Society, beg to inform tb? iblr smirt v of Nrw York ;*r.d it? viciitif) that formed a full ami eU?c44?p baud of instrumcnta) twenty in number, if retjiurrd Thrv h*\r all tfw> fAtnew WaIx , Galops, and ( otifUons of tiie cHebrated^^^^^^^^^^^H era.StriuM, Latuier Lvibittky, MuiMrd other profnpoci. and holti tlcrphf to parties, soirees, M They witn two rinlin arid imuO forte, uhJ Number t required. Faroe* will to by the music store No. 41'it Bruad* their BQuf - * ulwcnbe* will on \ 14th da\ of KebfUVV nri'.ut l'i< Ylotk. f? ou. rable Farm, containing s??ent) -four ?tm, more and .lviri?r?, f> in road between th" mnded b> Henry It or orfe Vandf i n I hy^H For particular? see Long IsUt-d I)-wot One amount can remain on owiiii and in "-tuage it low i Enquire JNO. n. j4 Itaw toFl4* F* cut or *M M li S 1 C. I l#trtK*S. a<' HN KIDt t Y K R II I.' M . di at of mt well known 'irrtnan Bind, Ion: leave I. ;ii.or'^^^^| tl.e faahtfliajde ' V l' ,r? toeir fku atxl rffe, tiv> II ul. couaiat' o| tv.r niattmineia lei [-rvarir . ra, ui uow ready to utleno private ;wi it. eoirrey he rh'yhave all tl,< la'rat and ru. -i I ,r Waltree, I i?'11 OaWaa ot ? a <aii I <ti.iu?a awl l.abttzny. and will attend ejiber m'b t<vt inet)v inrial', vn: Violin uul Pianoforte, or auy number ibat n .\y riwiuir. d A II la! or. w ill fce rinn 'l, all i,Je hi by >; Mr al itr Kit A a' TZK KK'lt b ur St.* 15. ? Iw ,y < .ud ?' mo I 4d aaaorlmenl of t ra. Skiua, Ca|e ana Htiei. ?er a, Uie na^) of New Vmk "is WHlTWtLL'rf (frollt.i , -lai.t the first Hhyetenua m itw U. S. i # b tb- t. ry brst l^Mtton iu eiieteuer for Chopi-wl H \ (. r ui;?, Numbnoi, W?kii"u > No It 14 tim?-? 'he f i. n ft(!i?r ore Nsk for Whitwet|\ miieM yen wiiili tt ?tli i remark flT?" rriee Subl M WtM>|e4 I* '-il bv \ ? 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