14 Ocak 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Ocak 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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-ULJ. ' . L th: Vol. VII.?No. 3# I. Wbolo !?? PUBLISHED DAILT BT JAMBS UORDOR IBIIIVV, No. ll ANN STREET, TERMS OF ADVERTISING.?The extensiva circef nuoi of the Hkbai.d, both in town end country, maka* it uperior channel (or advertisers. roe Line* oe less: 1 day, SO M | 4 day a. $1 J6 I 7 dayi, $1 87 I lOdaya.ft SI 4 " 8 76 I 6 44 1 60 9 " S 00 u a 117 " 1 00 | 0 " 1 76 I 9 ** 3 12 I la " IN BOB E1I11IT LI.WKI OB LESS t t woolu, ti 60 I S months, SB 00 1 month, S 00 I 8 month*. IS CO |ff- All advertisements to be paid for before their ia Sanaa Advertisements inserted in the Weebi.v Htiil* at $1 per square every insertion. Mmsiss He* iiu?Issued every morning?price ties cents per copy. Country subeenbert furnished at the same rate, tor any specific period, on a rem ttance in aivanoe- No najier sent, unless pnit in advance. Wkeklt Hbpald?issued every Natorday mommy, at aine o'clock?price cin cmti par copy furnished to 0Mj| try subscribers at $3 per annum in advance. CoaaiironocvTs are requested to tddiess their letters to Jamks Ousdiis Bn'fTT, Proprietor and Editor: aad al Titer* on bu&aQHi* man d?i pun puo? THE EASTERN DIVISION OF THK NEWT YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD. 'P H \ 1 S ii il b.-^rru^rw" shell k according to >he ollow in* arraugemeat, xoij.'iugal JKrr Bont. Blauveltville. I'aacac, Sufferne, Ram aim Station. Won' roc Work*, Tunier'*, Scam'Uiville, Monroe Village and CheaFROM NEW YORK. A paeaenger train every moruiug (except Sunday) leaving the foot of Albany itreel, at g| o'clock. A. M. iuthe company'* teauiboat Utica, Cait V. II. Sehultz. A paaxeugrr train every We lnnday and Stlnrday arternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the foot of Albauy atreet, in tho iteamboat Utica. A freight triin every Monday Tue?day, Thursday aud Friday nfterno.u. at 4 o'clock, fro.n the foot of Ch imbcr* itreet, by the steamboat Union FRO" GOSHEN. A praerngrr train every morning, (except Sunday) at 8 o'clk, arriving in New York, by ilie xteauiboat Utica, at the foot of Albany ttraet. A paaaenger train every Wcdae?day and Saturday afternoon, at 8 nVclok. arriving iu New York hp the iteamboat Utica^ A fraieht train every Monday, Toe*U_r|, Thuriday and Fri 4ajr, at 3 o'clock, arriving in New York bt thealeamuoat Union. and barge, at the font of Chamber, J1 ' . < ?? Freight will hi rec- wed at the toot of A.lb.ujy ,tre't on Wednv.day and Satin do-, aud at the foot of Chamber, itreet on Monday, Tueeday, rhnr.day and kriday,until 3 P. M Kor freight or paenauc. inquire at the Compaay I Tranapyrtation office, corner of Liberty and Well etxeeU, aud at the varioua denote on the line of the road. . 11. C. S-'.YMOUR,Supennteiidant dq7 m Eaitcrn Diti ionNrw York aud Krie Railroad. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. JStiB iSiiP 3&-SiA f aim reduced to It cintt. from the foot of Courtlandt etreet. New York. (Everyday?Snndiyi excepted.) Lear# New York. Lear, Newark. At A. M. At 9 P.M. At 8 A.M. At It P.M. U do ? do , dn ?l do 4| do It* do I do 7 do it do ON SUNDAYS, from the feot of Liberty atmet Cure New York. Leave Newark. At S A. M.and ?1 P.M. At 1 P. M- and IS P. M. tre^YORK ELI AllEYHTOW'N. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Kare reduced, from the foot of Liberty treet.dailT. Leave New York. Leave New Bruuiwiek. At t A. M. At T( A. M. 41 P. M. i P. M. f OMKRVILLE stages connect with theac ltnea each way. Sue between New York and Bomrrville, *0 cent*. Do do New Brum wick, T? cento. Rah way, M cento, ftlixnbetntown, _ IS cento. The tare in the TJ A. M. train from New Brunowick, and t| f M. train from New York, lias been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to 60 cento. " and Rahway te tJ\ " The Philadelphia mail Una passea through New Brnnowickfor New York erery evening at o'clock. On Sunday*the T) A.M. tripfrom New Branowick iiemit"paeeengere who procure their tieketaat the ticketoffice.rotea re a ferry ticket gra tie. Ticketaare received by theconduetet only on the day when our elided. nit , RED B1KD LINE TO ALBANY, on the ?id- of the river, hirio* better stagee wPrwHi*** and teami?arbino no higher tare.?Office, Howard'* Hotel. 1TB BroaJwav ? I'aseengera will be fwward?d by Stage to Alba-y by th line from any point on th? I' t sidtof the river where the boats may be compelled by ic* to %gm will be on board each of the mail boats togiveaseie- I taoce an I information Tliis line extendi to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office wider the Museum) and embraces a vary direct aud connothoui route thither. Tt>? aeairea ana horsee of h.i* line will be found really the best od the Altiaoy route, a-<d do deception. The alrieUal attention will he putt to the comfort, convenience a id apex! of all who may give ue the preference. When the river shall he ahul up enti-elr. Red Bird Stages wil run ill liirojgh from New Vnrk etlv fo Albany. M H? BAXTER, j A*rnUI. V BAKER, Proprietor. JMIm* ..-T~ NEW YORK AND ALBANY. Siagr Lice, ou both ai tea North Riser ?Office at the Ill stand. Western otel.i Coiutlandt atreet.? rate $ ?.?The line < n the weit aide of the river ie farmed fr-m New York to 1'ierianiit by steamboat Utica, Iro.L Pierinout to Goaheu by the railroad, and theoce to AI liany by stage. P>? eng-rs by this line o ay leare New York rrery morning (Htmdajs *c pted) at 8 o'clock, and arrive in Albany Bait morning by 8. Tins ie the ehnrteat. .puckeet and eheaiwet route to Albany. The railroad rare are large, comuiodioua and Warmed by atneea. The line on the rait aide will be by steamboat daily as far as the iee will permit. E. BEACH. Paes'tigeri for Newbnrgh aril Palti may areure pa?ag>- at tlua office by ateamhoat old rail oad to Toruer'a, 16 miles thie ide of Newhnrgh where a'ag?i will be in re :diu as to eourey them to lhe above nam ol place*. dig tjt VIA STOXIXUTO.y. DAILY. ewtBA HAKNLEN fc CO'8 American and Foeien Eaprraa, Foreign Letter, and General Horwardtag ' "fo r ? I urU igra of all kiuds. sample goods, 2BHK2IT.,lP*c'r> ao<' hank noiea. will ba ree ived and lorwhaled dy Eipreaa.'n and In mi Itw fvdlowing pi mca:? Rout Boston to l.irrrpool, London^ Man-heeler, Binning .rna an.l l.erde. Eng.. Dublin and Cork. Ireland; Olasg iw and Greenock, FeotlaiuK P >jnl Havre, Fiance; and Irom Boatea to Providence, New York, I hiiad. Iplua, and from Troy and Albany, baring recently made arrangrmcnta with tlie Pco pWa Line to that effect. HAKvNDKN It CO will attend to collecting or paying Draft*. Notea, Billa or Acceptaucea, and the purchasing of [oada of every description, or trauaient business of any kind, whir"- they undertake promptly. Letter Bags will be kept at their Bnaton.New York Phila* Iriphiaand Albany elhrr a, for Cunard'a Royal Mail Line of I learn shirs: also, for tin- strainer Great Western, and the sail gp-a-keU from New York. TaHC NOTIhK-PirkifM sent to either office,for Engend. or a( y other piece, inuatnot in my case contain Irttera . N. B. All gemla mufii In marked UARNDEN St < O . who tstone reapousible for ttie loss or injury of any articles or rri rrty commit ltd to their care: nor la auy riek aasurnrd by, it ran any In- att.rlieit to the !i. k P. and S Railroads,. r trie S.J. tttrun Navtua'ioti I o., nn wlio*e roads, or in vrhoae twiners. thrtr crates are or m tv te tenner-i! iu re?t>r-s r to hem or llieir cortleut. at any tune. Bnntarstor.a:- \lraan. k'lott ner. Aleiander St Co., Livereol and Loudon: Wellea U Co., Bmk't-a, Paris. France; 'homaa B Curtis. Esq.. Boston; Goodhue Jt Co., New York; jjjj k Hart, Philadelphia; and Thomas W Olcott, Es j., Ornreki;?S'o IV.ter atreet. Troy; 18 Richange, AI- I any: M South Tlnrd ? " ' "hilaaslphta; 22 Church strwt, I iverpool, S Court etuet, L' talou; Uaton Uuildiugs, Pro;i | \VM. WYMAN, Agent, No. ? Well St.. New York, jyst HAKNDEN h CO. T. TOW ELL ?c CO \S LINE. Mm t'OK N r. VVHURt ill. lauding hi CALD !^dLQw^.LL'S. WK.H'J' POINT AND COLO K23C*Lsnuxo-T).e steamboat HluHLAM'K.H ?rt.,Robert Wardrop, will leave the foot of Warren slrret ear York, every Mnud <y. Tit i 'day and Saturday afternoon's to'elock. Heturuiui:, tlie High, te.cr will leant Newhingh cry Mouday morning at o'clock, au i 1 U'sday auil Friday temoon at J o'clock. for frricht or pacc*gr..ii>rdjr to the Captain en board. Jf. I. All bag gap. and freght of etrry description, ba. k Is orspecie, ru; on h mrd ihis boat, most be at lite r ak of the rotes thereof, unices a bill of lading erreceiptis signed lor MM , ml* I'ALL AiUlANUr.hlr. vr-l'Ol U.iKLKPMK a.NU N.;W YORK. /mM T)i? f.-r'stiling ateambost OSE OLA, Cap-??jVain Verdme rnt??dale, for the remainder of I. .j|| hi iWar t?'t er wn will leave the at-*mini it |ner, foot ( hemoere erect,etrry lined*)', Thursday am) rMurday eraoona, at 3 o r I.K-lt?laii.iiiig. ir ami dowu. at Catdwr l a, rst Mbt. Cold Sp-mg Cornwall, Eiahkill Landing. N? w iinburg, and Milton Returning, Irevea Poughker pair every giday, Wednesday and Friday morning, at 7 o'clock Af d'.Ve tat of November, tor (>am|a will lr.??e P..oghkf paie at 'clock in I lie morning. For pea, .nr. amdv io lite t wlaiu board,or lo t>. RANDOLPH MARTIN. IS III WW! at OLD LINE OK I.IVKtti oni. p \CKETS.flwv H'gular race I of the isih lauar, ? the iide-did, fiKeUsi iiliitii pai . > t log I OLI: at IS I It, c.iyt. . ??il on >v conr-u-?y, in* i fin iii?iM!ifr regular nay. ??i U?i* line tor ?? vet!) ^Ktm to be lupirior t<? *i?y other. Ti.oaa about to nnbarb, fiuni ie this f?acket tbiy before engaging e'rewlter*. Htmniol itnan*** hp, ly ou bvftni, r?K)i ot be<kmau street, H, ihe .ub^riben. RCH'HIS. BROTHKHB li C0 M Fnllou ?t. neildoor to t?-* Fulton >.r?< i iling for their friend', entl hive tit m Hnitht ont tn litis f iTnrit' .hit', *"T "f u?* eMfe In the Int.. aniliti* fr m Li<ir,> ??l t'?neinaliy ou tlie 7tti and i?iti v.ry in .iitt' Aindya. iho -e_ jlO rASAAUlC I'OK SAVA NN All?Fir.I r.eket^ SCfVTIe .plrndid pvek-t >hii> f KLI k. faj't ihntelcr; <? ?tv>rr. li irni(( eplelidid >',l."ia fo, 77^'nii.l pjln % fteeeafce |*mtiarre. Vnr imm *t,early ^Har.iKtn abo dJ be made on hmril.'ool ?l?uV u Laic, or to * *v. & j. r. T^t-ft orr, < SomI. ?tr el, or II t'?< li -lip. PKM~I - I" r.MIL' .Nn.lltt l.\.NI), S OT I,A>D ANIi W \ I - Per*. u? dr.iroua "I ^BllLMir mone, to theie frreiila la auv Dart of tie II ry nn lx ?u,pli.4 Vwth at ?i<Ht payable at tlw onal au'l tV'v iri-i La.ka of Inlia.l u Brc.rhea. re Jaw* B"lt Han V i .. Loni'oe, m4 Karh ,!!?( niui ,Hmt Bank t.irerpm I, which ar* paiil oo dnaaml iu ail tarn*' tnwna iu the Umt-d Kn.|<b>ra Korirrm-. if, Z W kJ I. TATV. ?11'. f J-nrral Paaau?< <>tote. rtoulhatrral, I r% uia*. airaaC'W'ta tmm be mm4r for v**' i?'r? I < tuifrom the ?ul c wiry iu liralciaaa Auwicia |.Mtr4 ivaun au<4?<l bv man mul ca*teiaa. uw al aaich ?iU 'l ,.,rv<**' '"T ai< J?ya .bra at haw Mm omJac eetaM; ~aenae< a haul rrnrfti* b.r tWir fruali auai nly Uiai f, ia4 attretiau ?U1 ba ftu4 to rra4ar Mm r?M?a(a FSH* Far partiralaM affiy akarr. 4H E NE N1 I Oil, Texas! Of lamia that off^r Burnt rpnoir K roin all a city'* hapless wool. Thou art the only one that goes. Oh, Texas Thy Ileitis with milk and honey flow, They never feel the rtfeetsol snow, For gentle winds so sweetly blow, Oh, Texas 1 Thou mak'st one's food so quick distil. That all may eat and drink their till, And have no need of Brsndreth's pill. Oh, Texas! If creditor's wont wait a day, But all insist to have their pay, Thou art, 1 swear, my only stay, Oh, Texas ! Should man be harrass'd with a wife That wears away his very life, Thou bid'st him hasten from the strife, Oh, Texas! Thy soldiers, too, are men of nerve. Who never from their duty swerve, But will till death their country serve, Oh, Texas ! 11. Jr. Albiinyr, | Correspondence of the Herald ] Albssv, Tveidav, Jan. 11,1842. There was wore talk than work to-day in both llouaea. The Senate did little, and after a Session ui aooui uu niiur ur less wens into r-xecuuve r?es ion. Whuther the Governor succeeded in having bis nominations confirmed by the Senate, rumer does not say. At all erenla, on yesterday the Senate refused te go into Executive Session by a strict party rote, and this holding1; back looks as if all might not go on quite as smoothly as a marriage bell. The Assembly proceedings were characterized with litt.e of general interest. A long debate was had on the coming up of the bill changing the mode I of appointing bank receivers, which continued until the House adjourned. Maj Davesac did not call up his resolution, in there was no speech from him to-day, and a crowd of visitors were again disaunointed. It is insinuated that the Maior has been coaxed by hie political friends to defer the consideration of the resolutions until certain other matters shall have been adjusted. A great many petitions were presented to day, principally from the western part of the State. You cau form no idea of the intrigues, plots, and counter-plots, that arc going on ia the apparently uubroken ranks of tke Democratic party. The Anti-Regency portion of the party, made a slight demonstration on Monday in their especial organ, the " Atlas,"' in a pungent and well-argued article, headed " Rotation in Office." Of its nature you can judge from its title. As yet no outward attack or defence has been made by the regeney par excel lence. The storm will burst in all its fury, should the Regency be tuccusslul in the election of State officers Then what are now smothered into t tered threatening! and murmuring, will ripen into open denunciation and tierce opposition, which . ...It i. tlx. HltnrttniTtlinn orwl nt..lL.._ .f U1USI I CiUll IU i ?.v VI the now triumphant Democratic party. It may be that with the good fortune that always has hitherto attended the Locofoens, these differences will be smoothed over and overcome, but it must be conceded that the aspect of things is any thing but favorable to such a supposition. Meanwhile the Whigs are chuckling at this state of affairs, and using every endeavor in their power to promote it. We had a very large funeral procession to-day in honor of the late Wm. Herdricksoh, Esq This gen*' man was much beloved, and almost every one in the city knew him, and will regret his departure. He was a benevolent, whole-souled, social man, with a hand as liberal as his heart. He was followed to the grave by the military of the city and several fire-companies, with a large attendance of citiz- ns. The d y was line and the precession was extremely long and appeared to great advantage There was a meeting last night cf otir citizens to take measures for the relief of the sulicriog manufacturers in Glasgow, Paisley, and ther parts of Scotland. At the meeting, sundry documents were read to show the appalling and increasing distre-s u.idcr which the operatives in the manufacturing towns of Scotland are n"W laboring under, for want of employment and the consequent want of food. The meeting was composed principilly of Scotchmen and their descendants, of which there are a large number among our most respectable citizens. It was resolved that, with a view to aid in some degree, however small, in alleviating this distress, a subscription should be opent d by the meeting, and every person who might be willing to assist in relieving the distressed, be earnestly requested to contribute to this object. I his is a praiseworthy movement and should be followed up by similar ones throughout the country. Hy the competition that is going on between the s'a-es and steamboats, a person may now travel to New York at the same rate as it would cost him in the summer season The fare on the raiUroad, via., Springfield, Hartford and the Sound, has been reduced to three dollars, steamboat and all. The rail road is doing a first rate business,and there is now as much irieght at Grcenbush an could be carried over the road in a month. Our Legislators are aware that the Herald is the only channel through which they can obtain correct and late information, and yon may ace it en the desks of almost every one of them every morning. While t-liking about Legislation and Legislators, I may say here there is one serious grievance which should be remedied, and that is this: ? There is a very large and well furnished gallery in the Assembly Chamber, appropriated especia ly for the accommodation of lad es, anil into which no male person is suffered to intrude, unices he accompanies one of the dear creatures- There are seat- on the floor of the hou?e, accommodating ?.n-7tnr tiki n,i ra i in a urwl tvl nnOviltlalandii-a the express provision made for them, end the crowded sta'eof the gentleman's gallery, th- offi. cers of the house daily ersist in obliging ihoie who arc lorianate enough to get a neat, to give 'hem up to the ladies. T:ii? is all wrong?there is no better place to sec or hear, than the ladies gallery ?there has never been as yet euongh of them present to fill one half of it, and vet gentlemen are obliged to le ivc their seats and the house, in order to in ke way for the ladies. Tills is stretching a point ef politeness a little too far, and the officers should see to it. Albany has been very gay this winter? parties and balls are coining i (T in every direction The umphitheatre and oiriarnm, both well conducted establishment*, draw nightly large concourses of visit rs, besides which there are th? lectures and debate* at the V >ung > ens' Association, and almost we -kly concerts of sacred music given by the ch?irs of the various churches. The infusion of the. Yankee spirit has had the effect to wake up the old Duteh slnggardness. and o/d Albany is f.st losing hrr Dutch primitiveness of character, and assuming the guise of a hustling, thriving Yankee town, when the New Yorit and Albany Railroad shall hare been completed the metamorphosis will be complete. Cave Ulciscar. High harmed ILuubkhy m Hostor.?The store of Mi. 1 heuias Upnam, in Boston, was entered add robbed last uesiiav. of four hundred dollars in CH-h It appears, that on Tuesday morning a man entered the store while a lad wa? sweeping out, and atkrd him the. price of demijohn* and if he kept liquor. Tliu lad replied that the clerk would he there in a ftw minu et, and requeued the cuttenner to ivait?but hu said his hurry then wat too (rest,and that be would call again. Next morn ing, at half p ut six, the villain again called and after | limit various things, bought a denjijoht. and a gallon of wine, i'he lad went into the cellar to draw the wine, leaving the keys of the store on thcconntcr. During his abscnee, of about ten minuter, ti e thiol took the keys, opeurd the ?a(e and took about four hundred dollars in hank bills and lecomped The lad, nu missing the customer, immediately suspected the truth, and rave the alarm, but, as yet, po tratu of the robber ha* been disco, vereil. The boy described him as tall and stoat, dirk complexion and with whiskers. He wore a light overcoat and knit eap KiVea ar Pi iTsnwaoH. -Sixteen feet water intbo keniiitl nn ^ntilfildv LwaO Ti<\oi.-Ii 1KW, th*r? were reeivrd at Saint I, ui?, M? , 37f?,OOU pig* of trad, 2fi JfTS.OOO Ibi ; in ltMO, 3621?*? pign, or 14 *-*,000 lb* | wtucb in rotimatcd at 34 cent* par potirid, giving for tiio whoir, a value or ovor two million* no von kondred Unwv-Aad dollar* far lean than iKrwayawra. W IO YORK, FRIDAY MOI I City InUlllgentc. I AnnniT nir a ml'mmmnrn A I,prion (or I merly of a very respectable standing in society, and who heretofore was never even suspected of a crime, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon by officer Stokely, charged with being the person who com: milled the recent forgery of the chepk on the Mechaoies' Hanking Association for $1300. It will he lememberrd that this check was presented on Friday, Dec 31st, by a smart, intelligent boy, named Charles M'Gaskill, and the face of it purported it to have been drawn by C. W Thwing, broker, of Wall-street. The money was paid, and the boy slated at th<' time the forgery was discovered, that the check had been given liini by a man opposite Pine's Coffee House, to whom he gave the money, and received 50 cents for his trouble. The 30 cents he borrowed from some person tn Pine's bar, which was not repaid- The boy identified the person ar rested an the individual who gave htm the check, and to whom lis presented the money. The prisoner denied all knowledge of .the transaction ; hut the positive manner in which the boy testified the quickness with which he identified him in the stret1 at the time of the arrest, presented such strong appearances of guilt, that he was held to bail in the sum of $5000, which was entered by Theodore Sedgwick, Esq., An understanding had been entered into in the Police Office to keep this examination a secret, but the searching inquiry of our police reporter was such us to ascertain nil the particulars. Where public justice is to he beuefiited we feel ready at all times to waive the publication of any police matter; and in this case, at the rtqutst of some of the prisoner's friends, we so far abide by this course as to abstain from publishing his name, until a final commitment is made out. Democratic Movements.?The election in the j Sixth Ward yesterday for threy delegates to repre sent the democracy 01 mat warn in tnc tienerai Committee at Tammany Ilall, resulted in the selection of Michael Wulsh, John Emm< n*, and Conatantine Donohite, by about one hundred majority. The Young Men's General Committee met nt Tarnmaey Hall last evening. The di legates from the Twelfth Ward were sent back and an election ordered for new ones on the evening of Wednesday i next, at Vandewater's Fiv.e Mile House. The dele gation from the Sixteenth Ward, elected at the meeting presided over by Mr Campbell, were received, and the committee adjourned to inset again I on Wednesday, 2tiih inst., when otiicers will be elecred. I Case or IIewrv F. Mitchell?At the hour of 2 vesterday afternoon, the above named person was brought tn'o the Court ol Sessions, for the purpose i of b-*ing present during the argument of counsel re- i lative to an arrest of judgment in the rec?nt verdict I rendered against him lie evinced the effects of his i cl?se confinement by a decided alteration in his i physical appearance, but listened attentively, as the < argument proceeded. Messrs Graham and Smith i appeared as counsel on his behalf, and the principal I point of their argument for an arrest of judgment was confined to the alleged illegality of the Alder- I men to sit ae associate judges on the bench of the I court in which Mitchell was tried and convicted. The District Attorney replied at length, and diesect- i ed the decision of the Supreme Couit in the case i produced by opposing counsel, and further contend- i ed that a motion to arrest judgment, on the ground i of the illegality of the Court to try, or that the" Court i was unconstitutional, was nn unheurd of position for i counsel to assume. He further^ contended, that the t application of counsel to obtain nn arrest of judg- i ment while they had already prepared a bill of < exceptions, was also a sliange and illegal move- | ment i The Court reserved their decision until a future | day. i Hah awat with a Caut ?A black fellow named J Aaron Freeman, stole a hand cart yesterday from j Nicholas Troy, 2b Anthony street, and sold it to Pat- ' rick Rsfferty tor $M He w.f arrested by the vigi- ' Ijnl officer, Wm Stephens, and committed. 1 A " Fexcs" Keeper Akresteii?A man named ij?.u u.r.m.1 n/i ivw , Re (yea, charged by_ Win 0. Mead, No 2 Catharine street, with receiving eight whips, valued at $jt*, from a boy named K< uben Decker, knowing thein to be stolen 1> cker is now in prison on the above charge, nnd states that he sold the whips to Mead for #1, being one-eighth their actual value. Committed. Floor Tiiiev.?During several days past a num ber of barrels o! Il ?ur have been stolen from the tow boat Western, lying at the foot of Cnurtlandt stieet, aud search being mide tor the thief, and the manner in which such theft was accomplished, a barrel o! tlm identical (I >ur waa found on Wednesday, in a row boa', lying nt tlie^ foot of Jetlerron street. The boat was in possession nl a man named Dennis Friel, who was arrested and commi'ted to prison The fl >ur was tlm pn perty of Mr. John A. Vandewater. No. 119 Orchard street Pmim.xo SriRiocs Ma.'Ev.??A man named Michael O'DnscoH, entered he groc-ry store <>t Henry Flaack, No I |s Washington aireet, on Wednesday evening, nnd calling for a gla?3 of beer, offered in payment a $*2 note of the broken Glohe Bank, which being relu-r d, he gave a shilling piece. Be coming afterwards very noisy und abn ve he was arrrbicu uy a nan.umau auu vviiihiuku vu auuic charge. t A "PEarscriOKisT" if Thocbi.k?Mr. Michael c Conway was arraigned before the.Police yesterday, t charged with entering the tree Church, corner t i t Delaney and Christie streets, on the 12 h inst., and r there disturbing the proceedings of tii e^.'iregatioo, c in company w.tli others. Us ri se and auurissed the minister and p> np'e assembled rrlative to the doc- t trines of Iii9 peculiar s?ct, called ''jvrfertUmitU," ri and said that it was Jestts Christ hi nil,If liiat was opposing th'ir proceedings, and not him?thai if , they opjiostd him in the < xpres. ion ot his sentiments, they opposed Jesus Christ, and whatev r they done J1 to htin tliey done to the Saviour ,f all men. He was aided in ttie interruption of ilie c. reirmnies ot " the church by several of his deiiomum'ion. The " lVrfecliouist" was held to b ill to keep the peace ^ for six months, in the sum of $300. 1 General Session*. a Before the Recorder, Judges Lynch and Noah, " and Aldermen Jnncs and Timpion. a J af i' as y 13 ?Jonas B Phillip;, Emj. appeared c as ac ing District Attorney. b Cait of H'lmUr ?In the case of Henry Wheeler, ' who tvas charged with :.n acanlt battery, h with intent to commit mat,?l uightcr on the pcrni.ii h of John Kerwin.at the Montgomery House, on the * 21st of Nnrtmh r last, iu which the jury could not t ag ee on Wednesday, the U"urt received ? pirn oi n guilty of amult and battery, and ordered ihr case oi Brady to be postponed until the next term of the Court. Stealing (hie Thotnuind Tht f J la nth id and Tirtvly A'ine iJullart ?A tnau, named Thoma, Brown, was tried for an alleged larceny, in finding and appropriating to his own mo tne above amount, being the property of John I. Moore The prose.- c eutioo proved that on the 6th of February, 1841, while >1 r Moore was ustrcp i.i the house o Mr. \ John Sturgion, No. 40 North Moore street, where p, ho boarded, in company with prisoner, this money p. was taken from a belt ttiat was fastened around his body. Ii was also proved that the prisons r stated that be found tin money, and that the night follow- j ing it was stolen from bis poi ket Brown made a . charge against Sturgeon for st-aling the money at p, the time, bnt before the trial Isft this eity for Fhiladelphia. Thesmt against Sturgeon failed for want of evidence, and finally Brown was arrested in p, Philadelphia, in September last, through the instigation of Sturgeon While there he e.onfetsed to Moore that he tonnd the money, hut had used $40, when the balance was taken from his pueket ? ? u?-1. II.!. mil w HI.....A. DOOK AUCI ?uu?u ? a* -.v^ , *w?... R,p*r,. and himself had icveral renv?r?atnn?nn the tub e jeet n' obtaining the lost in.V'ry, During the** eon* ? verntiona, St' rjoen never denied taking th* m<>- ti ney, 'tut |>arl ed wi h biiti n? to 'ho r reption n| a r package to be ?cnt to Moore at hi* lodging*?that It he made two appointment* to meet him on the *nh- b jcet, but failed to perform either. On the part of ? th delenee it war admitted that Hrown found the tl money. h Th* Recorder eh irged the j try, that if they h were of tailed, a* had tw?n pror< d, that the pri?on- a er I-ol a knowletlx* of the trne owner of the money alter he had found it, be ira* certainly retpon- n ible for the amonnt of the money u?ed after the knowledge of mieh fact, and th?t it faring al*o been proved that ho need @40 of the money, th* jirj d could bring ia a verdict of net it I <rren? only. ti The pri* war ?i< uttlv def, adrd by VtTin Staler, * if-<j , aad the right* of Me. Ptnrgenu war* c4o**ly a V. nfhed by two kovniel ravaged ><y him. tl The /wry retarood a rerdict of i.ot guilty. h RK I ) \TITVTn T \ 1VTTT k DV 1 A IS UlliiVJ) Jilll Uiliv I i**, av Cou t of C>ir unit Terminer, Before Judge Kent, and AlJerKen Purdy end Lee. Trial of Saily Ann Robb, Ghaicid with Wilful Mi'kdfr, for DestroyIDA HEM INFANT ClIILD, IN OcTOBKK LAIT. Jan. 13?The prisoner, a bright eyed young women,

wen placed upon ike|iitand, but looking less ruddy and lull than when previously in Court.? Sne wore a neat draw bonnet, buck mantilla, and was rather genteely dressed. 8. Jay Hasrett, E<q appeared as her Counoel. The District Attorney made a few rriuarks, in whieb he stated the particulars relating to the eharge, and proceeded in the evidence. Julia Ann Bkiuos, (a very young woman,) worn?Besides a lid Norfolk street. Is married. Knows the prisoner at the liar. She had been in my employment, as servant, Tor six or eight months. ?Discovered she was pregnant between two and three months heiore this happened. Never said any thiug to hctfl about it till afterwards.? Heard she wat in the privy. 1 found she was in there, and asked her to open the door. She refused to do so at first. It was on Monday morning, betweeu 9 and 10 o'clock, in October 1 threatened her, and she opened the door. She stood in (he privy, looking very miserah e. There was a great tlnal ol blood ?n the 11 >sr, bat none on the seal.? .Accused lur of having been delivered, but she denied il. I told her the must tell me, or 1 would turn her out ol'the h<>u?e. In the evening she began to cry and owned it ; tayiug *he had been delivered on the scat I had urging her about it all day. Ste first said she had gone fonr mouth* ; then eix months, and afterwards seven months.? She did not tell the sex of the child. The privy had been cleaned before I he Coroner cauie. Discovered nothing but blood on the floor. Do not know how long ?lo- had been in the privy. She did u >t account how the cord had been separated.? She washed on the previous Saturday, in the yard, when it was rainy. She complained on Sunday ol being unwell. vVrnt into tier room soon after discovering her situation. There was no appearance of her having been delivered there My husband heard of it when lie came home to dinner. He did not refuse to hare the child taken nut lor four of being sent to prison. Thinks the prisoner wanted to have the child taken out that night. On Mod.! < mnr. .. I l k. I... I .1 ' 1. l-..? tanzy tea oil the previous evening. She got up very early and called iur- and said 1 rnnst go dow n and make a tire, for she was unable to, us she was very tick and full of pain. She then went up to her rooiu. Saw the remains oftauzy tea iu a pitcher. It was vr ry strong. i>o not know that the prisoner is married, or had evrr had a child before. Mary Kmapp, sworn?Resided in the lower part i of the house; witness i-a married woman; pri-oner j went to toe country in July, and shortly after her return disc<iveit-d she was pregnant; saw when she came out of the privy; herclothes looked very bad, full of blood; went to the privy i.-on after, but it had been cleaned; Sally Ann was dressed in her usual manner; the child was taken from the | privy in about a week. Dh. Lkooctt, sworn?Is a physicim; had a conversation with the prisoner on the Wednesday evening after her delivery; she told me that she had gone six months, and while sitting on the seat she was taksn in labour aud the child dropped into the privy; saw the child after it was taken out ; it appeared to have been a full seven mouths one; applied the hydrostatic te?t, and found lhat the child had proha ly been born alive. [Col. Haakett here minutely examined the witness on the various tests 1 The lungs had been inflated. b'lt they might have been so by a single breuth i 1'he card was torn two or three inches from the ( child i cords vary in strength, some sufficiently , itrong to bold a child in sueh a position, others the reverse; the cord in this instance, had not been | cut; cannot say the neck shewed much violence; it'was saturated with the fluid, but shoved a Utile redness In regard,to tests and appearances, can only speak from my own experience; have I teen many things published that I kuew to he false; Jo not think that t.mscy tea would create abortion; ! cave known of instances where a child respired ind yet dieil before it was born. In respect to tbe prisoner, the did not tell the truth as to the time ihe had gone; there was evidence that the child ' was over seven months ; thinks the cord would have broken further freiu the body i f the child had ' it fallen as prisoner mentioned Have hi ard of cases where children have been burn while on the ieat, but uever first children. Dr. Archeh sworn ?Was called to US Norfolk utreet, on the 19th or 20th Oc'ober, to hold an in- , juest on a child than lying in the privy. Witness ( is a physician and also coroner* l)r Leggett and nyse.f at first supposed the child had been stilljorn?we applied the usual tests?supposed the , child bad breathed?the child had been about a se- , iron months one, obviously not full gone, auil siein- , :d to have been born a'.ive. , Several physicians (Drs. Wood, Francis and < lillman) were examined on scientific points as to he probability of the child being born alive, and i .u.. ..s i? _ ... lie vurivtiin.il ?II iiit_. HUM j mm uy |IIIBIIUCI AS I?? ( he manner in which she was delivered. Taney , ca, in abstretric can**, was spoken of by Dr. Gill- e nan, ? an old worn in'* method, and of no avail, . tlthough it may produce death. A child, in a ca?e , ike this, could be smothered by its mother's gar- , ents, or bleed to death from the separation oi the . :ord. t Col Haskett made an impressive and able ap- ( ieal on behalf of the prisoner, and the District At- ? orney submitted it without argument. The Court ixplaiurd the law, and thought the case, at least, lid not, under the statute, constitute the crime of ? norder?he spoke of the exertion required by pri- \ onerthe previous Saturday, in washing, her Deng cold and chilly, and taking hot lea with n view , o prevent injury; also the improbability of her ' hooting the place she did had there been an incntion on her part to effect abortion. The jury :ould bring in a verdict of manslaughter, but the J iritoner was eatitlcd to any doubt which mightbe * iu their minds. After an absence of a few minutes the Jury re- I urned withaverdirt of Nm Guilty, and the priao- 1 er was discharged. o Arratgnvunt of Thorn u Top fun fvr the murdtr of it IVife?The prisoner who is rather a small sized t jat), of about :tfi or 40 years of aje, was nrraigued f or ine inurueroi nis wue, in ine ^i\m ?aiu, nn i n the l?t of Jan. (mtl ) The indictrneot charges im a ith making an assault with a chair on the \ ier?on of Flizs i'o psn, his said wife ; also heat- ( ng her w.th a broomstick, with his fist, jump "? npon her, ar.d otherwise assaulting her, so t s tocausc her death On beng asked if he dcminded a trial, he replied in the affiirmstive, nd was going on to make a specck, hut was hesked by his counsel, Mr Lockwiod, who has crn assigned him by the Court. " The Court lisen to me," said he, "I declare before the Court ere, that 1 kiiow nothing nb >ut it " Mr. Shaler ad the case in hand, on the. cxaininationjof the pri oner, but gave it up, and Mr. Lockwoi 1 observed hat lie would be compelled to sec Mr. Shalcr besre he could (ajr when they would he ready for rial. The prist nerwrs then reminded. Superior I'oui't. Before Judge Oakley. Jan. 13. ? luiar SlirnrtjiMl??. Anthony J]. Fountain. -This was an action relative to a contested reeiut for #850. Mr. Fountain, who was latclv tiler of this ccwntv, bought, in IrCtH, house No.:{0 * 'andam st., for ifjtJ.fioO, part of the purchase tnon.y c ir which nai Iclton bond and morignge. Mr. f . t tiled in raveling hi* payments, and an action trus rough t befcrc the Vice Chancellor. The defend* ntthen produced a receipt for signed hy t 1r. Shetwood, whith the latter denind. The sub* * ret was rcferri d to th s Court, in oider to try the t tets. The jury dacl trcd the receipt not to he go- I nine,giving a verdict for plaintiff*. h Mr. O'Connor for plaintiff?Mr. Anthon Lr dc- * jnriant. Court of Common Plena, Before Judge Inglis. .Tin i:? ?./.An II". Dmming urul lltorge II. I'oll* k Il'illiom Hwkintm nnd Philip Mutx* ?This was B n action to recover about &500 far damages suesined ir const (pf-iico of the sloop Klixt Hoekman unniag intoaau sinkingthe hirge $haksi>earo, be* mgng to plaintiff, on the 2W.h Oct- 1A Ml- The arge was loaded with coal from Pottsvlllr, and ^ .as in tow of tho steamboat Thistle. When oil st he fnot of Umnd strvet the al-??p suddenly let go at er fasts, and sh?t out into tho river, st'ikingtho c< arge which at that moment came ronnd the lit nd, nd stink her. ^ J* The defendants put in a nlea of accidental colli- I, Ion. Verdict for plain iff, #5 damage*. fi L ti laoua lion* ? A lei tor from Independence, Mo. ated Dec Irt, wife*-" It " rumored that twelve or tl fteea Delaware or Pntsnwatomioe I udiane, lately T tucked a party of Siom, in one of their bunting m i ........ >11 k il!?d i iitnt i.iw. >lm ri" tl iru?d to trll ih* ?o??n?tni btk. TlU Sn?h? bum I W ?r*4 f,*m 300 * *? " | IER A J42. Theatricals. Fanw* Li.ssleh.?The long agony is over, the elements are restored to their wonted tranquillity. The dantttue sails to-day from Philadelphia in the hark Louisa for the Havana?she his engaged the who e cabia for herself, and thus intends to enjoy the "good the gods provide" w t i h-r accuhtomed nm diaUmet. Iler corps de ballet, under the charge of Monsieur Martin, sailed from this ci y on Wh elm s lay lust in the Rapid: Godspeed theni all over the perilous Jeep, The controversy between M'lle. Elssler and Mr. Simpson siiII remains open ; diplomatic negotiations have been commenced, but not yet terminated. In reply to the lachrymose card of Mr. Simpson, she ottered to make good the losses sustained by the management during her engagement, provided the company of the Theatre should receive the salaries withheld from them for the two nights the house was closed, owing to her indisposition. To this note Mr, Hlake, the Secretary of the Treasury, mar the Government of the Park, accedes?and appoints an hour of meeting with her Ambassador, but frsin some cause yet unknown,the .Secretary did not come to time, and the eccredited agent of the dan.itu.se incensed at the neglect manifested on the part of the Government cf the Park to Ins Excellency, in not being punctual at the time appointed, retires and represents the matter to the Queen, Thus then the matter staudshintil the spring.when negotiations will acain be renewed. Tins bids lair to he us kmittv u tjutsiionas the North Eastern Boundary, ?nd it may be adjust* d in the course of events, perhop3 at the same, time the Florida war shall have become extinct. lu Philadelphia the temperance society elected , her an honorary member; stie presented them, in return, a donation of ai d was authorized lo | make colleciions in betnilt of the cause in the Havana, also to tuke pledges, uud receive converts; she wus entrusted with a book for this purpose ; und we would not be suiprim d if she revolutionizes the Island .f Cuba, und expelled king alchohol from his throne. ' Soon we expect to hear, that the Female Moral lie- ' form Society has fulluwrd iu the footsteps of the temperance people, and also made her a member of their sisterhood. S le would certainly work wonders in the cause, and would etlect more in 'one night tliuu the lantern-jawed and ghostlike confessors cf this creed would achieve in one year of nights. M'lle Elssler intends travelling all over the Island of Cuba, and on her return may take New Orleans in die way, and in the course of the spring she will again be here, refreshed and reinvigordied, to grant i> ..i? ... -j - ? uir x luiurui nii rtwuiriitT, IUMJ dUjUSl pfllCCably, it possible, ihe exittiing cause of contention. She will then dance again for the noble Irate rutty of ] Firemen, if an opportunity offers, and, in ull proba- t bility, will revisit Boston, where the Bunker Hill t monument will meet her gaze, finished, towering in ' splendid grandeur, uftjidiug a token ot a nation's J l?lery, and to her the gladdening taiislaclion that the ? too lent her leg towards its completion- ' Mn. Biiamam?This gentleman gives his farewell ^ concert on Tuesday evening next, at the New York f Society Library rooms. His selections on this occu- t ion will Hll'ord a novelty to his legion of udmirers, s among which are pieces from the Postillion, Fra ii Disvolo, the Eagle* Haunt, and l)er Freyschutz We J iredict a crowded audience. Iilterary Wotloea. Charles O'Mallev, The Irish Dragoon, by Harry tjrrrifjurr, with -10 tpltiuliil tonne I llu*lr uIo.uk iy I'hit, complttein one volume. Philadelphia; Cany iml Hart, 18-11. This is nil slcganlly bound to- I luiue, suitable for the centre table or for the Fuiuily Library. We have so often noticed this work that a... \\- i.. tv c ubii ??n??5 ??? bwwui i|. ?* r. van umj iv commend thin particular volume to Ike attention of the public, which we do wiih all our hoart. It t* I every way worthy of the publishers, and suitable H to the wants of the public- a Correspond*.:.11 or Mies An ami, the daughter of John Adams, second President of the United States, edited by her daughter. V*!. II .Veto York and lAiuilon; IViley I'utnam, 1842 It seems that the favorable reception which the "Journal j mid Correspondence of Miss Adaius," has met u with, has induced the editor to prepare a second L vluuie, w hich is now presented to the public. It t* contains a multitude of developments, curious, )i useful and highly entertaining. 1 he American ? public cannot fail to sei/.e with aridity upou all the t reminiscences of 75, '7(>, '77, and subsequent years ti >f our infant Republic. * Consomption Curable? A Practical Treatise to h Prove Consumption a manageable Disease, with * Ha sea Succentlully Treated, under a New Mode ^ n this Country. By. J- S Rose, M. D For m ale by C Wells, 66 fluid street This up- l! teurs to be a very sensible and intelligible work H tpon consumption, tliut terrible scourge of this e :limate. We are not qualified to pronounce J] tpon tlie merits of this treatise ; but from what we ^ lave read of it, we feel it to be our duty to recom- i> nend it to the very careful consideration of all who L ire iu any way interested in tins subject. j 1 HE AllAZOflAN nEPUiii.ic, rrgfini) uiscuvrr* id in tbe interior of Peru, tiy Kx-.MiJsbipman Timo hy Savage, H C., member nf the Philosophical Jociety ol Williani?burgh, and of the Antiquarian Vcadeniy of Staten Island. Neiv York : I'uulisiicd iy Samuel Coleman, 14 John street, for the antlm-, M2. What doe* ?? B C." *tand for 1 The Complete Work* of Charles Dicke.tr Boz ) the Pick Ciwa. No. 2, 25 cei.t*.?U. L. /urry Sc. Co., 1W7 Broadway. EtcycLopeniA Amehica.ta?A very valuable lopnlar Dictionary ; No 2, 25 cent*. By G. L Jurry, a* above. Sea Tales ?Being Cooper'* Sea Novel*, No 2 1 the Pilot ; 25 cent*. Bv the aaiue. The Lecture o.v the Lira of Dr. Franki.i.v, ecently delivered at Liverpool, by the Rev. Hugh itcNeile, A M. For sale at the bookseller* ? 'rice 12fc cent*. Thf. Kcmlmrrv.tce, or Fhie.tdship's l!n ohii *ol 1, No 2 Thi* i* the Odd Fellow*' Journal ( I William* &. Co, 1)5 Nassau *t. lt The Ma in if Car*a, a poem, by I). A.T. Ky*- ?, er, Ltq, Chaiubersburg; W. H. Downey, Warsino to Wire* and IIi'siiaxds.?(Jonsid- * ruble excitement watt produced in this neighbor- 1 100U last week, among those acquainted with the arties to the tlfair, by the news tbat a man whose < leath had long since been reported, is about to re- I urn to his wife near this place, after a long ab- ' encc in the great west. Strange as it ir.ay seem, his information excited only consternation ami " ;rief in that bosom, wliich mi^ht hatre throbbed ' vith joyful emotion. A'ai the cause of her sor- r (iff remains to oe told. Unlikclhc con t?nt Penc- ' ope, wh'/mourned so long for the return of Ulysses " nun the saige of Troy, and refused 'or twenty , u rears to listen to a suitor or to iloHbt the prnbainii- I " y of her husband's return, the Penelope of rur I co toiy long since yielded to the solicitations of aim- pi, her lorer, and h r less fortunate Ulysses wil/_ re- . urn to find his wife's affections buried, and a rival I rated upon the throne of Ithaca. Under these cir- J?'i MimufiHiKiB <h# rr> an It ot thi*. interview raa) Af icij.attfi.?KUiaAl'x Mill* ( M.l ) Frtt Prr*?. ; ; ? IT Sali or Stock Cattlk.?The valuable itock i f Jh he Ten-Hill* Farm at C'liarlrat' wn, Mils, wa* |J old at taction l**t Wednesday, and went oil ?t ex- an remely low ra'c*. The bull* br. atht from jJ-1,50 ?' ? jffil?Cow* *nd Heifer* from A7 to $|?o-and ? kiQlh Down Sheep Is" <*ch. M hole amount of < ) i?? ?I,WI. Court Calendar?TllU Day. Servant* Cevar.?N'u?. 8ft, 80, *7. sh. s, Bo g|, 07, pj, Hi j n-? 90, 87. P9, W, 100, 101, 10-J, lot, 104, IIW, 107, |o? 68, lllO, 110. III. lit, lit. I'1 Coi ar or Cannon Pi.ka*.? No* 00, 01,04, Oft, ftft, 310, 7, Ife, <*, TO, M, 97, 48, 71. Jh l ia. i it l ocaa?No*. 117, lis, 110, JO 31. ?9, 77, ?ft, M III, 127, 126, 170, ISO l*<, 1ft), |3I, 133, 13ft, 134, 34, |3? W i Knot* Na**au.? The t-lnp Kob K?y, Irom N< w ork for Mooile, which put in at Na*>an l-akv, *4 >me tint" aiace, had had all her copper taken nil id be-n re-eaalked, and on nearly ready to pro- ^ ed on her Toyage. hy fan* Ramr. ?.f the brie Creole, anile ' from 11 fa-tan on the 7th alt. as pa xenger in the b-r?|n "" <>m?a, fc.r H.ivmm lie had entirely r?eowr< I om the wounds rceeircd ?t the lime of the run " or of the negroes on >< ar-i *f hi. ve ?.! The Gazette,of the llfh,**y?:?The xestelralled ? . i? I'ltfon, (from New York) bound to B#rm iHa, 1 tirko ltlaad, and thin pine*, when aear the fir?i irntianed port, experienced a aerate bl>w, w nrL iM irew h-r an her beem eada and otherwise so <ti?a- t* led Iter, ae to eaaae her being abandoned at lie ii4i la the Underwriter*.? Hmra-maS Htf'b <cm. LD. Pries Two CmM; .tiriciPAUii CaTuulii KiuT in ?i Lot in.? We em n that a v> ry uuultingand ti re itening haadliill, in writing, wan pot-ted up in the T.cinity <>( ihe Coercnt yesterday. The language, we are told wan quite intuiting, aud conrlujed with a warning to parent* to remove their children. It will be gratifying to the lover.a of good ordrr to lenru, (hat vigorous measure* have been tak> n by the Joayor and proper authorities to ferret rut and bring to puniihinent the guilty author, and alto to protect the Convent from any atranlt?St. lAiuii Hcj ubliMM. lilt LAKOtST '1HL CHKAPKfT. AND UKST AHROHTMKNT OX WIGS A ND SCALPS V. CLiREHUGH'S. ? > BKOADWAY, ENTHANCK IN b'ULTON 8 T. PHi m.m> attempt* th.it are daily making to iuutitr ti,**o * celebrated wigi Hiid fcalp#, uit jvi4t hu miuiy proof!# of Jm hizb cli?r?cterfh*y litre attained, stud the education thtr ?r? held m by the trade. But the public * ill obaerr* that C. m the original mater in this country of THfc VKNTILATINO AND GOS? A.MEII WIGS AND SCALPS. WITHOUT MF.TJ1I.LIC SPRINQII, ' tad that all others arc but feeble attempt* at i:iul.nou wutng the genum to dome nr direct the principle on which ;| ?y ire toad* to lit. and the alaill and practice to execute, at] wearer* and eonuuiorurt are invited to iu*| ret h * HKAUt? OF HA IK, etttcJi tor elegance, liglitue**, and durability r ay be ci:.i*cd I'nouft the fir*t production* of modern art. ft) their n..nu lae;ure they differ from all olhei* made here. The hair i* * ugly ?e?rt*d,and ?n equally dmlribnted a* to apt* nr juat nomin* hem the I Win: ttiey cover no tnoreof the brow than the natural mr doe*, and having no metallic spring, all diragreeable preaaire u obviated. For a '.outheru climate they ir? incaLnTabl*. (wingonly 1 or., weight. Senator*, tm mbe'i of Coupre#*, and gentlemen from retry luarter of thatmiutry, who are bow wearing t.'.'? w lgi.ejn bo starred to. vhe price* will be found to auit the circumstance* of *11 If* _ '.*! COMMISSION I'A'i'KH WAKKII H St.. 1'l.e S a scribet* keep conatautly an hand, and offer lorsal*. in lot* to auit imrchaner?. Wrilinc I'niwr# of all kimU Alm?Y4r*v-? iou'i Blank Book fhtpera, ol till kind*. 1'rintius <>' iiualitieauail aire*on hand, or mad* to irderataliort notice. They alao keepou hcud a large saaortmeut ol Wire*. Kelkp(( , Blue Smalt*, Bleaching I'owder, tux) Soda Ash. lor 1 iy?* Wau'ilaclure*. wInch they offer at very low price*. via VkKSSk ItKhni's' at l.ihertv .? NOTICE TO BUYERS OF CABINET FURNITURE. IaflK aubaeriber would invite tlie attention of thoac ing to I urch*ae article* iu the above btiaineaa, to hit eaabliehinent, where i* to tie lotted a rich u?."ortti"nt of Boar? hI and Mahogany harm tine, of 'reach am other yulti rna, oine of which are not to lie round elarwhere, heiug entirely iriciual. Alao, hai.daoine rich till Cornice* fir wmdnwa, 'olii and Ring* . together with D imapka, t alloon* a ud Tiaela. and every article attached to curtain*, which will be nude in the lateat a'jle from pattern* lately received. N B. farlirular atleotioii pui to the !i ling up of Ottonana, Kire Screen*, and other fancy ar iclia viiih rmhronlred tapealry, V?'ASJtlNOTON MKkKH, dH-Cin 31S Broadway, neat the Hoapiiul. MADAME FLORINE LEFEVilE, from ranis, FRENCH OKEFB MAKER, 79 Franklin si. ADAME LEEEVRE, (late M'lle. Florinei brgg leave to -VI itil'oi m the lm in ql" New York, that she hag left the egnblishnieiit of Mmrg I henm k Legurnr. (in which ghr acted m forewoman. kc.. ever gtnce her anival irotn t ang,) trr the impose ef loriiiiuc oue of her i>wu, when- dresse.,cloak.i, corictg. kc., will be made afier the latrat fashions From the ua ure ot her airanccnieiits with herapei,t* at I'arig, the will be tumbled to give tne tn<>et perfect satisfaction to t.iuse 'adiea ho now honor her with their patronage. dad tm CCNIEItUk fc L'O.'fi At. rant amu botnio "fa? fcaiik Eiemrs and Aukni.t?For the Trauap rtaiiou of 5nele. Batik No w, Small Packages. Hainple (foods, VaJiiible 'arcrlr, kc. kc , in connexion with Meagra. Ilardrn Ik Co?I corn Hew York and A hauv to Buffalo, via Schenectady. Click, lyracuae. Allium, Sea-ca Falls, (iciicta, < aiiandaigua, He heater, Ratavia kc. Measra. I'omeroy k Co will attend to the Collecting, or Pay ng Noire, limits. Bills, A ceptaiirei. tcc , and It ansae I all and uy auch business aa glial I be committed to their charge in the hove named places, with prompliirga. Rl.FFIlKMC?.f : Erasing Corning, Esq , President Albany City Bank '1 Ron: l- W. Olcstt, r'.si|., " Mechanise and Farmers' B A. I). I'.itchin, Egj , Cashier N. k . State Dank Noah Lee, " Albany Exchange Bank Watts Sherman, " " Albany City Bank Aim eg Taylor, " " Commercial liana TneodoreOlcot*," " Csualllaiik E*ra r.' Prentice " J ihn Taylor, " Office No_a Wall gtreet. New Y. "h. rOMr.ROV h ' ' Office rtmirr'g fl'ii'diips, Coi..er Btate anil II irkei strrets, Albany. Albany. Nov 17th. imc nisim' 5 ILLS OF kiXcHANOEounM paite id > .aj mo. Ii.! md \ ?a u .i i ....... ..i . i , f ? r - in omit, for unit. tolWctn.na uu .ill [art* <if tic L ai'.ed Stale* lade at the heat market rate*, by 8. J. BVLVKSTBR, oil 11 Wall at. and ISO Broadway MEDICAL AID. A MONO the mauy i i<rhlr improremenU of ibe *gr 11,-r?; ( aie none of inure imp'rtauce to man- iml. and parhrpe one >0111111 appreciated, a* improvement* and invention* In he practice of iriellcine, yet we a>e couatmiutd to admit.mat re fuee never met with more couriiicl g pn ofa uf .|p...v,l han i* exhibited by Dr lirrg.ry.or No 34 Mott atteet He a* r centli made aome valuaDle ditrorerie* in the trratmriil f due**'- whin- is t ot lily being appreciated, but he n win irg golden opinion* from hi* patient*. Ilia aigi.td by inme hat all discoveries in the healing ait should bt made known n the public fi r the bin. lit of u>?i kind; hut we wouiu ssk rhy ehoiild a physician more than any one r ae, bestow ilu rail 11 of hia labor* upon a community or a public, Irom v> hoin r he never rem ireil a correapondi >g biuefit; neverthrIrav, re are iulorined the Doctor liar pohliabrd a luMe to ok tie, tiling hia improved node of practice, and placed il within the:aeli of all who cliocw to ask for i'?the price ia <*)<. ula. It lay be had of the Doctor, at hia private rca deuce, (not a drug tore) 34 Vottatreet. at all houra of day or night, and alao at >e following drugatorea Stands' two storer in button atreet ud corner Broad'*?) and CtMiuber* atr<et; alio in the Bow ry at Ne. 63. i orner of Walker atreet. and I8S crner of pring ?tr*et; 14S Delanrey c rtier 8u(t'< Ik at; aud 131 t'halv-.ni ( ppoaitr Orange street A p iat p id remittance of one dtlar will obtain the hook in pamphlet form, a-ut free of oatate, to any part of the United Stale*. Addrc*< Dr. fire nrv.34 Mott at dlOlm* SOTIt'K ia nereby given, that flhe folio meg Slock f'ertifieatca hare been stolen in (lemony, it is supposed hy eraoua un the eve ef en i/rating o the United State*, where, a all probability, they will attempt in negotiate the aome.? ill perion* are cauliomd not lo purch-aethe ssinr, aa n <-aureahave hreti taken to atop pay ment ef the coupon*, or iuri'yt and principal wl en due, vii:? Duoseldnrf en* Klbsrleld Railroad Fonda, with coupuna to 844 60 Boiida o' ion riv dollar* each. No. Jill to 2.4lt, No. Ill to 111; Nu. 4074 lo 40*3, No 60*1 to 5?90 lliuai'in 5 per cent Bond* with Hope it Un of Amsterdam III h.an, nine bond* of 500 iu lea each. No. 5>u Ui No. 638*. rithoul coupon*. Hanoverians perc-m Honda or IS30. with roupoi r tn ih??. In. 30 to 31, three bondi of loon ru d .lli.ra eaeh; No. 15*, in 251 A, v<>. 25! B. three h nida ol 500 rix doll an acli. Boiiili of Pruxian l.oan o' 1030. at 4 percent in K up land, Itii coiipum; 13 hoitdi of i.'H'0 each, No. 1.06, I2i2 1216, 174. 1277, 9906, to.069, 15,344 to 15.349 Should any of the above b mil a 1>? offered for (ale. ptffona > whom they may be off-n il are rn|uritr.| to ? p the >aina ml give notice to Orlricha St Kroner. 42 Bread atie. I who ill give tlm met Mary e-curily, ami p.*y ill r' ??m tile e?rnrra, on recovery nl 111* whale, c.r any part ihneof i'2i lin' __ ~ MARTIN VAN BURKN. AK LATIr. years it whs pm^r illy remarke fh.-t Vfarfm Van ' Boren wa*always pinnd, gentlr, ami f;?so>l n'u " I Tninph nerer eici ed, or defeat deprested him, twt he *!w ?y? sc red perfrctly ?t hisea f ;.?uri when the rKKMOKVlUL KlaKC ri'?N i*ill .i^winat hini.hr too* it .1* r l?n ?- n n in r In Im rt iiothmu CtMlld rufHe him. V w. C ' t'e re tiler tr ?on < f thH w;?h (h?t lit was h muftAiit pjtrt n <1 rr.Tf.K\4 ILLB.wliirb hare su4.i1 marreroo* rlfert 10 h rn miring e system, tint no man who iiJus tin m can have b :<j blood, or e influenced bj *P|?? r, |?ai?ioo, pf101}/ J'/; ,***?? * host of ther c.vi'f th it ft'sn (ii"protected by '' ft *< i: ?) w It* tr to. U'.eerd if '?drni .?*trr< d I a l'n' do.? a, || m rstimwt'd th*t bey w vuld make * trper *f the ??rn? tune etro g *? ti >u am! eulle as a lainb. W* an le n>1 U by opeiufif of mler ihe hot* that if msr i'idiiee the warm I I > Med mrm>n r? br'ttftkr fhr'm ' 'frt to. w'Kti ^ If I m ?Me th'mto o through tfirir I In m cilm pi?i' tilerr manner. mil tuus rr rent wii> repetition oftbote ic-iifi of ro e. <Jy i.?m which i?e hoo/Ua<Ii^?N the nation*! anfm'i y. tvter'f PilU rr Vlo wonderfully tfll^rioni in the pret ? jti<?t? rvft' INHAMIV. id I together the be-tt thing we know for tli? tr. .k*; ? of* coral .mfit-itioud ?f?<t frr *t phtloe phett. Peter'* 9*atl? amy be obtained at hit < flier* 459 Br vIwh/. rii'i of t *r4iid, ^11(1 nt No. to North Smh?tr>#t t'hiKd | it. gj tm* \R fll< HARD AO N i ? h HK* WIN HI I I .t' Kicha d*o ?'* Bitten, ndv# rtited i.i smother to tuna, arr pfhly ftpoUtnuf in tine vtciaity by n> :i'lrt n wb . e njt iu e habit of tlrii?knif? bitten. (n?y nor*' tbun thegonj girl w;t? going to meeting ) f?.r the plea#tire of it We hate no ire for there ttihig* otir-elvet, bung quite bitter enough als?dy. without 1 !* ** aid of rue, wormwood or i|uuaii N.-ver?)e*? ifaffiicted v. tth'he prevalent dite 'new euumemted in eedverti?**n ?rit ta-1 ob ignd to become either a ** |il ? vmlwer,wor a bibbltr. we ilt?tii?l he inclined to call tf O^nt't, id inquire 'lie wuy t ? *" M *l n and ?ti etcta" ol Dm lor Hi lifUoo ? Ktetrr (N. If ) N? r n LetUr. mtmnr Wink j^ittkhi.?'tl r#r are :? remedy very high'/ id v?rj jmtty recivmroeudeu by phytir i ion 01 of grr U t ffh <? r in giving ireiiftth t?i U.e w? ak and dehiiiUt'd. Th- ?u?e of ath** ?ati?far onif proved their time*. Untiucfurtd by e, t ighter (irlrteri u> ;a tt r, tn? y cua.nuip :i( Die hf i-u iwer of the be#*, medicinal ro -te and plant* r et- . id, Knot %iM a*i ?? . preewi v* <h'* whole animal rc?> .omy iu h lie of habitual he Ui hint ? Tory c.iunyt be t.>o fr- | nntl> tnmendrd to |*ihtie n tire l>? j i*t n, cumin ' *frum the p" 4 la |if4kiu|(of fx?*? I'^hct ?if th? Rh-rry Winf Ri> rt.of which VltMA. B K I) HynJd irr j nM. ffinl mk ii'puf I y Dr. O JUihirJijn, < uih I* 1jIH?v pwi.-Rt* Vml, * V. ^ Bold at ?h-V. ?*> ?m ? rr* .it. W \ f. ?< >. ^n fi.Da.it its 7# *ml 100 KuUoii i?t i f?*? i'l & Cn 77 " mt Mr?>n?l <1 Ab?. B S.4*v'< k f*<? '.T3 B. <*??* y , < ???* o.gtoit m r.a*u? tfrrM ; m4, ^rurr o| OtBMin ; ilirn.% I Hrow?y I1** o nn<l MKWARD wil' b* v?*' r"T irrttt and co?| Z^DUU fiction of MAlTHlf K nf< HKH, ?n?4 ihf r? v?ry if TliiM?fii T? ou* i J ire lluud fd D >lUrt. eht<iiue4 Min from j b?4i??t ?n thit city ui (orgs! rjifi-Jii. .?r jeiVouran* dVltta to hi# c victiou, end Ope tlv tuMUit! for ? m<v<r. wr in pr ? *irt? u n?r *i?jr pvt thermf. * #4 TitcK^r M yth.yt 10 *? vrt of age, 9 frrl or 7 ncVd High, ? m ti ri'l rtimp'ni u ? <! r?{d4it% lour, tore or uAnmiI *ya, >1 ftcr murh C*??ore4 W itiv pnui J<*# t hlntrSed It itpilMblo it he il letoitfUHC'i by t yu?ii . r ^rntii* r ui t i v ifh*, t**nt 17 jr*r?cf Ag", ?? i.? %>aip IIMI, ii.L ft)**, ?<*iI rt booby k iir It it M>o?r?mudf| thtl B mHk# Pitcher j,urcS*?"! (>f J . Ryl wt?r, in Nrw Y^k,* Bit* .1 r-*\\ u by Kim tu I. Holt, fkwi k Lvt^Aofi f ?r ?ntl ?Uihn? 1 t\ r order ? M^yr ice Ten ^avI .U't p ?t au' Ul of widi her ??r? !i dtopp* J mm?1 the pub Alt Utrtbf NtUlWId<1 dfc*44Ml i?i i?i|fh? W I ATI'B'v. ir r^nkirr r I* TIU Villi I *ahi*r PtiMet#**, d*<\ it, it*. v?i? r^r* * ___ , ??

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