4 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

4 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THI L TIL?I?. 321.?WkaU * . llW'J "* NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS To Mil from New York on the i?th. mil Liverpool on the 13th '/each month. ? jjjf^v ^ FIOM NEW Yoh. Ship ROSOIU9. raptain John Collin*. 96th No*. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B Cobb,*6th Dee Ship SHERIDAN, Captain JC A. Depeyeter, *6th J*n. Sf OAJUUCK, Culuii Win. Skidd), 96lit heb. F now Livxarwei.. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyater. 13th No*. S*P <&W 'K,Captain Win. Skiday, 13th Dec. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John (Collin*. 13th Jan Ship UluDONS. Caplaiu E. B. Cobb, 13th Feb. The** ahip* are allof the (irat cla*avupwaruaof 1000 ton*.built to the city of New York, with auch improremrnt* a* coin bin* ant apeed with unuaual comfort for |>**?cngcr* Every car* Ml been taken in the arranges.. n t of their accommodation*. Th? > price of paaaagehi nee i* pluO, for which ample (tore* will be pruritic J. Xheae aliip* are commanded by experienced marten. who will make every exertion to give general aatiaiac Neither the captaine or owner* oflheae ahip* will be reaponai He for any letter*, parcel* or Dockage*eeut by them, unlea* re polar bill* of lading arc eigne* therefor. . The anip* of thialine will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar eonatruclion give*them accurity notpoeaeaaed by any other but veeeela of war. * M South at.. New York, or to WM. It JAS. BROWN A CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12| cents per u ingle ^sst. ? tests per ounce, and ne wspapers I cent each. fay FOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS & m m. For the better accnitf nodation of shippers, it is intended to -despatch a skip from Uiis port on the 1st. 6th, 10th. 15th, 90th and 9Sth of each month, commencing the loth October, sot) eontmuiug uutil when regular Jays will be appointed lot the efmainder of the year, whereby great delays and dtsap ointments will b- prevented during the summer moutlis. The following ships will eoautence thit arrangemmt:? (hip TAZOO.Capt. Cornell. loth Oct. 1841. Ship OCONEE. Cap! Jackson, I5lh Oct. Ship MISSISSIPPI,Cant, llilhard.'ioth Ot t. Ship LOUISVILLE, ('apt. Hunt.Mlh Oct. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner, istNovember. Snip GASTON. Capt Latham, 5ih Nov. Ship HUNTS VILLE, Capt. Mumford. 10th N?*. Ship OCMULOEK. Capt Lravitt, ISth Nov. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinson.90th Nor. Ship MEMPHIS. Capt. tCuight, 9Sih Nor. Ship LOUISA, Capt. Mulford. 1st December. Thrse ships were alt built in the city of New York, expressly for packets, are of a liuht draft of water, have recently been nawly coppered and pot iu splendid order, with accommodations for passengers unequalled for cn nfort. They are commanded by axpenenced masters, who will make srery exertion to (ire soeral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or caidaina of these ships will be responsible lor jewelry .bullion jirecious * tones, silrer, or plated ware, or for any letters,parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them unless regular bills of lading are taken for the Mine, and the ralne 'hereon expressed. For freight or passage.apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 56South s'.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, A#enl in New < Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail pitnctuXly as ad osrtisad, and great care will be taken to have the good, correct fo ai-as'ircd. j31y NEW YORK. AND NEWARK. nm nfl Fart reduced to MS cento. From the foot of Courtlandt street. New York. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. ? a., ?m Ot a A M. Atli P.M. m*U "iT " I do 5 do it do 4} (to 10i do I do T de It da ON SUNDAYS. Fvem the foot of Liberty ttrest. Lute New York. Leave Newark. At 9 A.M.aud 4J P.M. At 1 P. M. and it P. M. ?" TO?' ^rtOTs$fc(RAHWAl "? Kare reduced. From the foot of Liberty etreet.daily. Leave New York: Leave New Brunswick. At I A.M. At It A. M. 41P.M. t P.M. OMiCBVtLLE stages cot-aeet with theaa lines each way. ) are between New York auil Sjuuerville, 10 cents. De do Nlw Brunswick, Tf centa. jahwai. to cent#. HmabeUitown, . ?centa. The fare in the 7? a. m. train from New Brunawiek, and 4| ?M- train tmgs New York, has been reduced between New York and New Bruaewiek to SO centa. " tud Railway t* 571 " live Philadelphia maillme posset through New Brunawickfot Hew York eeerj VCD1U at t o'clock. On Holidays the 71 A.M. trip from New Brunawiek iaomitPaeeeuaerf wiio procure their tickets at the tieketofflce.re. a?'i a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketaare received by theconductor eulv on the day when purchased. nil y 8TATEN ISLAND FEKllk. ^O^Foot of Whitehall ^^^^fiKteamer STATEN ISLAND OR Leaves Stateu Island Leave* Whitehall At o'clock a.m. At t o'deck a m. 'to " " "11 " " 1 " V.M. " S " r.M. - H " " H " - 4 " 5 " On Sunday there will be two boat i to run. The last boat knvi Staten Island at I o'clock, r. M. ol T"TN<X'RTtEKT MONEv , of all kinds, porchaeed at the v best market rates. Gold,of all kiuds, purchased and for tale bv. 8. j. sylvester, |g 22 Wall at.and ISO b load way. 'mn m for Shrewsbury?fall akKANOEMKNT-The steamboat OSIRIS, 9Z~aCZ> ^apt. J C. Allaire, will commence running on Saturday. Sept. 95th. as follows:?leave Krvlton Market slip, bl River, every Haturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tueaday, Wcdiicaihiy, and Friday, at H o'clock A M. fUturuiur. leaves ILd Bank every Monday morning: <\t 10 talnrk A.M.; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at half-past It o'clock P.M. The boat will run as above until further notice, navigation mm weather permit' jug. of 5m* HER bind line to albany, en tlie 4fcEast side of the river, haviDg better stage* TpS?yBAn*!|sS aml teams?asking no higher fare.?Office, Howard's Hotel. 175 Broadway ?Passengers will be forwardad by Stage to Albany by th s line from any point on tha East mde ef the river where the boats may be compelled by ice to **/[gtfitt will be on board each of the mail boats to girt assistance an I information This line extends to Montreal, touching at Albany, (office *der (he Museum) and embraces a very direct and commo?ous rout* tlnther ? . ' e AL. ? ?: t, I? r u.. ?L l ne <*{( aoa nom* 01 II? n?? *?iii ut lunuu re?ii j uk beet od >he Albiuy route,and do deception. TV strictest attention will be paiJ to the comfort, conrewttvrr a.nl ?pe?d of all who may give u? the preference. Whea the river ehaU be ehut up entirely. Red Bird ?Htl run all through from New York city to A! Deny. M. H?BAXTER. \ A?enU L T. BAKER. Proprietor. Ci<-1 n * T. POWELL k CO.'B LINE. _|?f| 0m ROR NEWBUROH. landing at CALD fcTeti I WELL'S. WEST POINT AND COLD T."""v" -""" steamboat HIGHLANDER Oept. Robert Wirdrop, will leave the foot of Warren street _ Raw York, every Monday, Tlvi 'Jay and Saturday afternooo'i f nt 4 o'clock. Retaruiiig, the HigB.aut.er will leave Newbnrgti very Monday morning at o'clock, ana Tuesday and Friday 3r.n ua at t o'clock. or freight or pasaage,apply to the Captain on board. \. B All baggaRr and Treight of every description, ban) i or ?necie, put on board this boat, moat be at the risk of the turners thereof, onleee a bill of lading rreeeiptiaaigned foi ? STARLINE FOR NEW DRLEANB; MLMb Tn^ubacribera b< g leave to returatheir thank^reMhe pa toooxRv you have hitherto extended towards the Star Line,ami licit t continuation of a portion of your freight to New Or bane in this line, which will be taken at the very loweet rates the fallowing ships, which will succeed each other and sail fveekly SOLON,Captain Oeo.Buckman, RUB9EL GLOVER, Captain Jabex Howes, ECHO, Cspla n A. A. Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE, Captain S. O. Olorer, and other shine of the seme class, to ollow each other in quick nee". i< u. Eor further particular*, apply on board at l'im tree! wharf,or to _ _ GLOVER k MeMITRRAY. . ? -? a?.?V It 4 .' _ _ _ NEW t OKK. AND LI VEnfOOL COMMERCIAL LINE Off PACKETS. M.M SAIUNu^rO ANDKubM LTVERTOOL WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No f I South vtreel, New York. THr. eulwcriber. in wm->uneing hie arrangements forth* yeai ISIS, appears befor* hie friend* with aentieaent* of sincere n**|*c: for the able aupport he hae received for many yean **Hr Lheniee wishes to call the attention of thoee intending to n i J for tbeir trends in England, Ireland. Scotland, aac Wa'n. that they calf at all time* be accommodated by tin. | Iter. I > weekly opportunities from Liverpool, a* well a* by ' all well known diltirent lines of packet (hip* tailing tc and ''"in Liverpool,on the lit.7th, Uth,HUi. and49th ol earl Month, 'h>ouahout the year. It ha* always been the etudy of the subscriber to have thi nrrgr..!'1! shown civility, and di. patched without delay; ana ten wh > tend for their friende may reat satisfied that every oaie and diluent attention will he given by the Liverpoo AyrIIla to thoee sent for, at wall aa all who may embark wit! teem , anal ehould any of thoae, wnoee paatagr haa been paid not embark, the money will be refunded without any charge. The etibrcnber feelaa pleasure inmakin* known the different ten.' uy which hi* pao*rng*r*cam* out during Uit laet year which hat given general a atiafartinn. and thai i * ha* consider tela- a ended and concluded hi* arrangementa for the yam following ia * lint ot ahipa Skiph,oil md Komnaon Ship Gaceola Child, Fan field Wilaon " St. Cloud hmmoi ? Frankfort Kiiaeell " New Vorfc Nivei - K??eell (eover Howe* " Warsaw Grift thi ' iiibeima Wilaon * Otwego Wooi " All red Cheever " Ocean Wei I am " Clitton Ingeraoll " Tolkot Story " Louiavill* Allen " N. Hampshire Harding " Sotiieahi Emerson - Panlhea Uoodwanaoi 11 AlttbtmiiB Law M Hobl. ltaar Treemai " Prentice Ilopkiia " Virginia Eatoi Tyroue Spear " Europe Batch ride Wale* Watt* * 8. Jenkin* Seymnu. Westchester Eerri* Tlieabove ship*, and their retpcctive captain*, are all we, and iav< isbly known inIho trade A free (manage from the different port* of Ireland and Scot Ian 1 ran - t*o M peenred, and draft* fnrnithed for any amount Cyi-bee at the National and Provincial Bank* of Ireland, aniif r- aicetiva branches, and also on Mamra. J. k W. Robin nti [ i erpoaL which ate paid, free of aay chary*, throughou Ike < r <lrd Kingdom En; lurihdr particular* ape If to JOHN MfeRDMAN.tl South atreet, J. k W. HOSTNoON. U (km Panama*, tat and No. I Nepinn* ai watertoo Deck. Liverpoo PA1 KET SHlfft t A it >0, lr,.m Now Orleans, If diKharj i" - at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall atroct. Consignee ' wiil i i ? attend to Ike tuotipt of their good* immediately. 5 NE1 NE Lexington. (Correspondence of the Herald.) Lcxinoton, Jan. 17, 1812Stair of Religion m I^xington?Society ? I 'mitworking? Currency? The Unset? Claw*. M*. Jambs <?. Baxiirrr Some weeks ago a letter appeared in the Herald, under the aignature of Hector, which threw our city into great commotions, notwithstanding it was evidently written by a man of very little mind- Presuming from his long silence that he has returned to his home in the west, I shall, if agreeable to you, endeav or to fill his place in a more satisfactory manner, by confiuing myself exclusively to such matters as can not full to prove entertaining, as well as editytng, to the numerous readers of the Herald in Lexington. Though the motives which have governed JI. in giving publicity to matters of so much delicacy, may ave been as pure as those by which Dr. Squirt was actuated, when under peculiar circumstances, he sang those beautilul lines : " Cuine rut in thu bote in, my own stricken dear " Yetitis much to be regretted that Mr-H. has indulged so freely in personalities, the result having proved quite injurious to the peace of society. One of our citizens, noted for his philanthropy and expansive benevolence, which appears to have taken within its grasp the whole of Lafayette county, in connexion with a large portion of the republic of of Texas : is said to be sollering the horrors of hydrophobia ; incessantly bellowing forth " Quoiuque tandem Hector abutere patientianostra," the resultof H's indiscretion. Hut this is somewhat foreign to my purpose, which is to co-operate with the President, Professors and Ttrustees of Morrison College, in their efforts to cultivate in Lexington a taste Tor literature, fox hunting and chess playing ; to overthrow Popery, Prelacy, Methodism, Lampbeilism and new school Prestiyteriauism heresies, which have found their way into society and almost annihilated an institution which, since its origin, is supposed to have cost the sum of halt a million. It will be necessary in the first place to notice the condition of the churches and stale of society iu Lexington. A large portion of my life having been spent in foreign travel, my knowledge of society is neces sarily very limited, which must prove my apology for errors which may be found in this my prolegomena, to matters of so much importance. The revival of religion alluded to by H. in the first Presbyterian church, has greatly declined- The pastor having, by his labors, laid up treasures in the other world sufficient to enable him to pay his far* across the river Styx, is reported to have retired to the country for the purpose of making provision for the ffesh, trading in blooded cattle and Berkshire hogs ; operations which^he_understands better than preaching or financiering. The Uampbeiuie raurcn appears to have fallen into a state of spiritual despotism. Some time ago the cry for water by them was so great during the Sabbath, as to induce the belief that one half of the city was in flames -, since the setting in of the frost, however, their 7*al for the water has greatly cooled. Some of theat are so chaiitable now as to express their belief, that Poedo Baptists dying during the winter, professing strong faith in A. Campbell, may reach the kingdom of Heaven, as well as other sects. A most damnable heresy, which no doubt will disappear with the breaking up of the ice. The Episcopalians at present are in a most deplorable condition: one corner of their church has given way, and ia likely ere long to lay as low as its quondam Bishop, thus deterring the good people Irom meeting as usual- It is true, they are a very spirited minded people, but are naturally very reluctant to run the risk of taking a leap in the land of spirits so expeditiously: at preseut they crow and talk much about the propriety of erecting a new building, and calling a new Priest, but unfortunately they are destitute of the funds required for the building of the one, or maintaining the other, the most J imminent men being much embarrassed by speeuation. It is rumored, however, that a few benevolent individuals are determined to raise the money by the establishment of a lottery office, an institution which, it is thonghtthe Legislature will charttr upon application. The second Presbyterian church is getting along quite smoothly, notwithstanding the pastor is much aflected with bronchitas. The Methodist and Baptist churches are exerting a more salutary influence than all others combined, save that under the pastoral care of D. C W. Cloud- This very worthy man wai at one lime a member of good standing in the Methodist church, but in consequence of holding heretical opinions, was excommunicated, when his brethren of the Masonic fraternity, through sympathy, united in erecting a house for his exclusive benefit, in which he has been preachiog for many years, to a large audience ot Universalis. It is difficult at present to say whether his love for preaching the gospel or participating in hot coffee, predominates. With regard to society, I would remaik ihat the right of pri mogeniture appears to have been an established law of the land since the earliest settlement of Kentucky. Consequently society is laid off Jiffuvanf olooooa thit if ia HifTtrtiilt fA 1IIIU BU mail J UlliriVIII yiB?n.?a ? ?- .. ?W MHIIVMIt tv give a correct delineation of it. Claaa one, entitled the nobility, embraces all those persons whose income is supposed to exceed the sum of 92,150, regardless of character or the means by which he has secured his estate: as this sum is the dividing line between the first and second class, it is often a subject of much discussion, which terminates in ouarrels which can only be settled by appeals to the Star Chamber, composed of the following distinguished personages: the accomplished Mrs. McA., the beautiful Misses L- D. and K , the lovely Miss \V- and exquisite Mrs. tt. Many families embraced in this class are of gentle blood?for instance, the Duke of Town Fork, the tenacity of whose memory, aided by an insatiable curiosity, will enable him to trace the pedigree of almost every individaal of distinction in Kentucky. He is decidedly one of our most opulent citizens His landed estate will vie i with that of a nobleman of Russia. The number i of his serfs exceeds two hundred, and is rapidly in' creasing, as well as improving in color. Notwithstanding his great wealth he is still getting more, t and is said to have recently revived an old claim | on.'one half of the city of Lex, which he occas onslly surveys, tearful that his claims may be barred by the statute of limitation : this is likely to prove one of ih* most hazardous acts of his life. " Facilis descensus Averni, Sed grsdum revocare hoc opus, hie labor est''' | Another instance?the Oily G*minor, president of our most prominent shaving shop ; the former a I gentleman in every sense of the word, the latter equally so, with the advantage of a tnngue so well greased, smooth, sweet, and persuasive, that honey in ita parity may be distilled from almost every woid { he utters, especially so when passing off eightMimes , tp the dollar, or negotiating lor the purchase of a bill of exchangt, by which some?poor fellow may he shaved tothequick. Oily Gammon has injured himself much by his supposed connexion with a firm of grocers and brokers on Main street, nearly opposite a dry goods house : the most profitable part of the business of the firm, consists in the importation of dimes, with which they are Hooding the country, passing them off at the rale of eight to the dollar. As they are becoming too sharp for each [ other, it is rumored that they are about to dissolve i partnershipSince the supension of specie payments by our i banks, nearly all of our nobility have turned private i brokers, the consciences ot whom a short time ago vmiM nnt suffer thein to receive over 6 percent for [ their money ; but have now got^ up to 10, 15 and 20, and sometimes demanding the 'specie at that. O, j conscience' ! I shall now close my remarks upon class No. l.by I remarking that it is split into two parties,termed the > Clay and Wicklifle (actions?the former staunch whigs ; the latter a heterogenous, compound of t whig, conservative and locofocoiam ; headed by the Duke of Holland, who has immortalized him* r self by conduct, the recital of which would not do for your paper, though he has the example of Sir Archey in the churches, whose passion for other men's | friends is truly inordinate. " Quern Deus vult per dere prim um derm nut" Class No. 2 embraces doctors, lawyers, and preachers No. 3 mercBants ] and loaters. No. 4 mechanics No. 5 clerks of all r grades, who sometimes "unearthly flattering make" t to catch a sign of recognition from their superiors. ' No. 6 black legs and green horns. No. 7 day labor ers and free negroes. No. 8 setfs or slaves. r Dehtatts r _____________ Amotiuh Neoho DisTWBMAivtE ? We Irarn from the New Bedford Mercury, that there was a disturbance in the cars on the railroad between New Bed ford and Taunton, on Wednesday, . consequence of a ncyro persisting in remaining it tha" Long Car," t and refusing to remove to the car set aoart for colored persons He was finally removed by force? and at the next stopping place, when the conductor went round for the tickets, he was a?aulted bv the 1. negro, and received some severe bruises in the affray F The cam returned to Taoaton, but before an officer could be found, the offender escaped We trust the rascal will be caught and severely punished. iV YO :w YORK, FRIDAY MC Albany. | C?rrct|Himl< net of Uir Hrrftlii ] Albany, TYbsday, I'cl?. I, 1SJ2 A serious accident occurred on the Mohawk at Hudson Railroad, by which two men lost the lives. The locomotive ran 01V the track, killing U engineer and one of the firemen. Gideok Hawliy waa to-day elected a Regent i the Univeraity. Mr. Haw ley is a talented inai one of the editora of the Northern Light, and wi formerly superintendent of Common Schools, at for many years Secretary of the Board of Regent | A better selection could not be madeIn the Senate to-day, Mr. Draws reported in lav< of the amendment of the charter of the Gener Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in the cttv 1 New York; which was ordered to a third readii on motion of Mr. Fuahklin. Mr Foster reported a bill to incor|>orate the Mi tual Life lusurance Company in the city of Ne York. Mr. Ka.iukr off red a motion to the effect, th the Comptroller report to the Senate the amount i fees received from clerks and registers in Chancer and clerks of the Supreme Court, for the laal 1 months. Mr. llhoades stated that a message was sent I the Senate from the Governor on the 2ti h alt whicb by a vote of that body was ordered to be r< turned to him. lie wished to enquire what hj been done in obedience to that order of the Seaatt The Presideut replied, that there was a report i the handwriting of live late Clerk, in the posseseio of the Chair, which was as follows:? "Lh ScKA.Tr?Jan. 27, 184?-To the Th Clerk has the honor to inform "the Senate, that i obedience to the resolution uf the Senate, passed lai Wednesday, he waited upon his Excellency the Gi vernor, nnd showed him a copy thereof, andtende ed to him live message therein referred to. when upon the Governor was pleased to say it was paper whicb seemed to him to belong to the Senati ana he was not aware that he had any right to th custody thereof, and that he therefore declined I receive it. " Sam'uG. Andrews, Clerk." Mr. Rhoades then ottered a preamble and resoh tion, reciting the seeond message of the Governo and concluding as loHcws:? " Rmolotd, That for the purpose of preservatioi and for the convenience of reference the unu- li printed and bound with the Senate documents of th present session." Mr. Foster raised a point of order that this rem lution could not be received, as it was in direct vi< lation oi a former decision of the Senate. Hi Senate had already decided that this message ahou not no upon the Journal, and it wastherelore out i order to attempt to accomplish indirectly what th Senate had by a direct vote refused to do. The PiuttiDExr decided the motion to be in orde Mr. Foster appealed, and after some debate th appeal was suspended, the hour of twelve havin arrived; and that being the time at which the Cou of Errors were to convene. In the Court, after the appointment of Isaac I El wood, clerk of the Senate, as clerk of the Coui it took a recess until one o'clock, in order to enah the Senate to go into election for <t Regent. Afti which the debate on Mr. Foster's appeal waa r< turned. At one o'clock the Court went into session agaii A motion was made to hear arguments on certai special causes, referring to the New York asses ments, during the session of the Legislature, and it Court adjourned to 12 o'clock to-morrow. In Senate the debate waa again resumed, an continued to great length. The question was the taken, the appeal sustained, and the resolution rule out of orderThe bill to enable the general society of machani< and tradesmen in the city of New York, toexten the benefiislof their school and library, was read third time and paased, and the Senate adjourned | In Assembly, Mr. D. R F. Jores reported a bi to require the caunty of Otsego to reimburse to th county of Montgomery the expenses ol the trial i J. Feuimore Cooper vs. James Walton Webb. 1: stated that the precedents in the statute books le the committee no other alternative but to report faVor of the petition. Mi. Cramer reported a general election law. The report insists on the necessity of holding tl election on one day, and urges that, in addition the vast saving of tune and expense, it will mat rially aid the cause of temperance. Mr Seymovr introduced a bill in relation'to cot and fees in Courts of Record. It provides for new and enlarged tariff of fees. Mr- Hori\man submitted a concurrent resolutio which under the rule lies over one day, requirit the Comptroller and Canal Commissioners to repr without delay. Mr. Dix offered a resolution, which was adopte enquiring into the propriety of the present e emption of the Regents of the University residii in the Ciiy oi ,\fw 1 or* irum auruuanrr ui one the sessions of the Regents. The special order of the day, which was M Davezac * resolution in relation to General Jack so Mr. Divezac supported them in his own peculi and earnest manner, and among other things dent* the ttuth of the story that there had been any re ance placed on cotton bags for the defence of Ne Orleans Mr. O'Sullivak read a letter froin Gen. Jacks* to Major Dave/.ac. The General rays that the i justice of the fine has never been brought to the i tention of Congress, the record of which remai an imputation to his memory?the only one th Congress, has not expunged from its records. M 0*8ullivanstrongly advocated the resolutions, ai had no doubt but that Congress would immediate take the action desired, the moment it was broug to their notice. He thought no man with an Am rican heart would vote against it. Mr. Hon mam thought that the debt of gratitude General Jackson had been fully paid. " I lay clai loan American heart," said Mr. H-, "and yet shall vote against it." It was not for ustorevie the decisions of the American people, and they hi adjudged that Gen. Jackson's services had bet adequatelyrequitedandrewarded. Mr-H express* himself strongly against the reading of the priva jeiter of the General's by Mr- 0*S He consider! it as tenrmg open the sanctuaries of frtendsnip M H sp >ke at length against the resolution. Mr- tin mom*, followed on the same side. Mr. L)av*7.ac reviewed, at great length, the o jections made by Mr. Hoffman. He urged the e amples of Montgomery and others in the Revol lion, to support his position that it was not too lat to do this act of tustice to Cenerel lackson. Tl debate was continued at length, and a motion wi made to lay the resolution on the table, which w negatived. The question then recurred on the fin imumge of the resolution, and it was adopted, 63 21. ft was sent to the Senate for concurrence. Cave Ulc.sCau. Another Fatal Accidsht ok the Bosti Railroad.?We regret to learn that at about ni o'clock yesterday morning, the locomotive ai tender, attached to the trainior Aioany, ran on n the track,and killed the engineer (Rice) and t! fireman. .... The loeomotire from the point at which it qi the track, aix|mile* thie tide of Pittefield, ran a bank of coneiderable elevation, and falling or upon the tender, cruehfd the anfortunate pereo alluded te. The engineer wae a rielim to hie i forte to reeeue the train, by detaching it and letting of the eteana. There were eereral phytieiaat in the care, w care immediate and aeeidnons attention to the a fere re One of them, howrer, the fireman, sort ed only fire miantee. being dreadfully injured int abdomen, and the other about an hour. So otl perion wae injured. The loeomotire wae much <

niaged ? Albany Argm, FXi 2, DieTUEtamn Caoualtt?On dntardny ereni laet, a young lady of thie Tillage, Mite Suaann Mulrey, itarted in a aleigb, in eomnanr with young man, for the nnrpoee of Tieitinr eoi friend*. They travelled on the rirer, at the ei torn it, generally, during the winter, la paeti from thia Tillage te and from placet on the Hi and ita eieieity. About four mib>a from the r lage, they droqe directly into a hole in the rin which, in coneeqnence of the Telocity of thoei rent, wet not fremen over. The young nana leap from the eleigh and wae tared. The tleigb inttai |y mnk and the young lady went down. 8 shrieked at the ditnppemred beneath the icr, a the fearful death-atruggle matt hare ihttantat eoi ly otcurred. She waa an estimable young lady Saro (M* ) ftrmotrat Cooar roa the CaaancTion or Eaaoaa ?Tl Court met on Tuesday. Several canoe* were ei mitted on printed argnmente, and the Court tl > adjourned till the neat day RK H )RNING. FEBRUARY 4, 18 Bankrupt Law. Sm? Aa you bare been of great aerrice to thia com'd munity in redreiaing abuaea, and righting of lr wronga, 1 with to call your attention to tome >e rulea, which hare lately been eatabliahtd by the Judgea of the United Statea Court, in relation to the Bankrupt Law, ia order to aea if a remedy canB? not he devieed far the aril. M I am one of the victims of the commercial revul^ sinn which baa lately awept oyer thia country. 1 ' hay# heretofore glrtn tap all my property to my creditors, bet i atillowe debt a which 1 am enable 9r to pay, a ad my hopes have beea naturally turned to the Bankrupt Law a* toy only retuge ; aiul oureadat jag thia law 1 had auppoecd that 1 a hoe Id hare U hern able to get my certificates of discharge without any aerioua expense. 1 supposed that twenty [|. live dollars would hare p iid all ; but oa making 1 application to a lawyer on the subject, I And that w the Court baa adopted aueh takes as will swell the expense to at least three times that amount. The 1( atatute says that the twenty day notice shall be f published in "one or more newspapers." The 01 rule adopted by the Conrt says " it shall he inaertK? ed in at least three of the folio wing papers." The atatute says that the aerenty day uotico shall be published "in some public newspaper designated by said Court whereas the rule requires that it shall l>e published daily " in at least three newapa- i pers " These oppressive rules, requiring three j j. times the number ef papers required by the ac, . swell the expense of advertising to the frightful " sum ef s<fil 50 in each ease, and in lomt cases it " fl will be luuohmore This gieat amount of adverti- t n sing is en'irely unnecessary, as the creditor in ^ every ease is to have a written notice personally n served on him. I1 And then the clerk's fees appear to be aa the same I |C expensive scale as the printing I will give you n one item of his fees as a specimen, to wit : "For < st settling every nrdes or decree drawn hp counsel, r y. per folio of a hundred words, two cents." Mow a hsia nrilora ?r? al\ itriulpil Bad arp all lirecit?l V iu m .. the same form, except the name and date, and yet ? a . thie clerk is to have precisely the nmi fee fv? Wit.lt- t . ing at the order, which the deck of the Coart of Chancery and other clerks get fer recording oc- J 0 dera in their books in a fair engrossing hand. c Another difficulty has presented itself to my | naind in the operation of thie law and the rules es- t tablished in pursuance thereof y it iathis, the pe- a titioner is required to make an inventory of and to r r? surrender to the assignee^ " all hia property,rights t and credit of every name, kind and description," [>> under oath, Ac. After this is done, he has a right c ,e to petition to be discharged ; but by the rules no r le further sten can be taken until hie has paid the r clerk $26 tig for the insertion of the second ad ver- t B" tiseinent, besides ether fees for the clerk. Where ( is the poor debtor to. get this sum, altar having !' giving up every cent at which ha was possessed 1 ] "J. It appears to me that the dearee of bankruptcy < which strips him of every veatage of praperty, ef- ( >e fectuaUy duablrs him from proceeding aay further to get his discharge. This law appears to nullify j r* itself. Does not Ike spirit of the law require that j le a rule should be adopted by the oourt that all ex- < 'K penae;, subsequent to the decree of bankruptcy, ] rt should be paid by the assignee out of the assets of tho bankrupt 1 The operations of this law are i most mysterious. 1 hope that you will throw some jL light on the subject. A Bahkhuft. | Euk?uebcc or the New Yobs Bar ? The profes- i sore of modern eloquence in the courts of the wes- ' n. tern Staler, and backwoods generally, and in Ar' > kanaas in particular, where a " learned blacksmith" , invited the Judge and Jury to "go out and liquor," I are all thrown into the shade by the crowning glory j id of a brilliant luminnry on hand any day in the Coinjj mon Pleas of this city. Though the shortest man i in the profession, yet he utters the tallest of all m imaginable sentences. Her j are rare samples of his 1 d thunder and lightning, discharged in the progress B of a single cause:? <i " Uentlcutn of the Jury, we ask fer Justice, for no 111 more than Justice ; and wv ask that it may be weighed out by the ample hammer of the lis." " They assail the character of my client; it is bele >ond the poisoned and venomed steeped arrows ef the :fl Counsel; but, gentlemen of the jury, in spite of their in> perverted efforts, the ample stream of justice shall still flow onward as wide as human sympathy, and aa deep aa vice." " He ia a religious man, and of trouble by lawyers. 1 His quiet spirit takes its flight, and deranges their t0 thoughts ; and this ia damages sustained by my client." *- "1 am aa easy as a dolphin resting oa the ckrystial and unruffled bosom of Heaven, and basking in the sunits light of eternity?became I am sure the jury are with a me." There! Let the corncrackers, wolverines, buckn? eyes, coonskins, suckers, and other orators of the j1? north, south and west, put the above glorious and poetical easays into their pipea and amoke that saute. H. i ihpm hiHe their diminished heads, and never x" look the New York bir in the face again. Shut up, ye everlasting slangwhangers of all creation, and let Judge Ingraham, who presided on this memorable occasion, go home to dinner ; and then let the jury "j go out to be coopered. Will you have a pickle 1 Mom Abocr rut Weather.?This winter is now ^ without a precedent. We never knew, nor heard of such before. That of 1817 was mild to the 24th of January only. This has extended ten days long?* er. We give further extracts to-day relative to ng buds and blossoma : at (From Philadelphia Inquirer, Feb. a.) r A gentleman brought us some tiranchee or lilac from ' j Laurel Hill yesterday, with large buds upon them, apI parently about to burst into blossom, i , (From Peori, Illinois Register, Jan. 31,) The changeable weather has proved very severe on ' the wheat now in the ground. Farmers tell us that some Gelds htve been entirely destroyed. As the like to weather has prevailed throughout tha middle and the m eastern states, it is feared that the neat wheat crop will 1 be a short one. In the northern part of thio State, and w in Wiskonain, it has been protected by the enow ; but ' 1(| wherever this covering hes not sheltered it, the da nage must have been very aerious. ^ Chatham Tiieatie.?This house continues to be >(j eminently successful. That sterling attraction the ;r. Mechanic and the Queen, draws paesing well, t "" Kirby'a Gilbert, ihe mechaaic, brings down rounds ()_ of applause, that are as hearty aa deserved. In ad- ' x- dition, the never-liring'Ethiopeana,with the Adopted , u- Child, and the Swiaa Cottage, wiil make up the bill ] :e for this evening. When Thome took hold of this 1 4H house two years since, it waa amidst a general re- ^ as vulsion in theatricals; but nothing daunted, he real organized hit company, reduced his prices, and to with a tact and untiring industry that defied fate, . has fully established himself in the popular favor. Dabiso Attempt at Robbery ard Murder ? Captain Nichols, of the William and Eliza, arrived " on Saturday last from Philadelphia, informs us that t'l an attempt waa made to drown him by twa of his b? crew, assisted by two man from the shora, while he lying in Little Bay, near the mouth of the Rappahannock, where he had put in for a harbor, on the > * night ofthe 17thjnat.^ After coming to anchor he T went asnorr, n muii uirwuw v,.n ui? ivm,...... .... er his return on hoard wan mat by two strangers, who n* struck him a blow which knocked him overboard, *' and he would have drowned but for the timely as"J distance of Captain , who fortunately came to >us assistance. The object of the crew, with their n" associates frotn the shore, was, no donht, to murder the captain and then rob the vessel, asit was thought v* that there was some specie on board for one of the be banks in this place ?Norfolk Herald, Jan. SI. ler 'a* westers river Isnet.i.ioesre.?The Ohio has begun to fall again at this point. It is in fine navinr gable order, with between 9 and 10 fret water in the ah channel. The weather warm, clear and ttimmeri a like. At Pittsburgh, on the 24th, there were H feet at five inches water in the channel. The weather was is- cold, and large quantities of ice were running, ng At St. Louis, the latest accounts, the weather was 'er warm and rainy, and the Mississippi in good naviil gable condition. sr, At Memphis, on the 20th, the Mississippi w*"at ir- flood tide, having risen between 12 and 1# feet the d week previous? OtnemnaJti Mumgt, Jan 29 he U. 8. Steamer Missiwirei ? We hear that the nd machinery ol this fine frigate, now lying at the pier is- at Newcastle, Delaware, works, upon trial, very beautifully and smoothly- As sooo as she is in complete order, she is to go roend to Norfolk. kit Aspoistmest bt the Psbsidewt.?James ?b- Owes, Naval fMleer, Wilmington, If. C. vies iee Daniel ftbarweod, wbeee ooaamlssion will expire ea the KHh of the present month. ERA] 42. WnllSI retlMliintrfliy. THE LITTLE BROKER AND KAIR LADY. Turn?Diekttu, iidiit oS. There i* little Wall street man, Still running all about. To find a landlord, if he can, i Who will not turn him out. ( But many aorely vexed have beeu. And now they all declare, 1 Such impudence wan never seen , And more they will not bear < The little broker 'a rery small, And might unheeded pass ; For none would notice uim at all, If it were not for a lass, Who. though she sings so sweetly, That sho with rapture lllis Other sou hearts completely, h ill go about with pills. And soft heads too incline to bow Before the lady fair ; A fiown upon another's brow Is envy, they declare. But if this hint they do not take, By the truth it here reveals, Thu little broker's back may ache, Unless he use his heels. J Coming from Court landt street I see ' A sturm; who can abide it 1 I The Broker's head mar broken be. < If he Jo not run and hide it. I Review of Ooelt>, ?Swi | Sorrimi* Literary Momiigiii.? While, Rich- < monJ.?Of all those periodical*, that may strictly f c termeil literary owes, this unquestionably takee ( he lead. The January number is rich in original t ind nerroe*articles. The ons on Judge Bracken* t idge is wsrth the peine of a year's subscription. ^ rhe articles on Keats, Female Influence, the Uni- ^ rersity of Virginia, The Congressional Burying (j Ground, are all of a aery high erder of excellence. ? EitcycnorcDiA Akckicajv, No. 3 ? Geo. L. ' 'Jurry, 1C Broadway.?It haa long been a deside- ? atum that this iuvaluabie work should be got up c new, and in a cheap form. Here we have it, with ? xtensive additions,edited by Francis Lieber, and ther eminent men. It is a highly improved edi- it ion, and will supersede all others. a Arctvhvs, lor Ficruahv ?Uto. I. Curry, is7 o h oadwaij. ?'This periodical has a freshness and p irigiuali'y about it that is perfectly delightful amid n be mass of rubbish that deluges the world of peri- b< idicals now-a-days. The present number is a fine ir ipecimen of typography, has a very accurals like- ai less of " " Boa, and the first)paper,the "-Welcome ei 0 Dickens," is unusually well written. U CIraham's MAWAaiisa ro.R frkrviry?Curry pi wd Co. 167 Broadway, Pott, 88 Buiceru ?This o nimbi* contains an original letter, by Dickens. I 1 lie plate of Harper's Ftrry is uncommonly well T lone, and the frontispiece, a lady en koracback, ia fr he best mezzotint we have seen for some time. *1 Little's Mvsevm roa February ? CurryCo. w ib7 Broadway. This tiue old standard periodical snntains all the concluding chapters of Charles Ir J'Malley and Barnaby Kndge oi Works or Lori> Hacow, Nos 10, 11, aud 12.? Post, 88 Bowery?The whole community is deeply la indebted to this publisher for presenting this ri ra'uable work, and so many others in a cheap and c permanent form. o New York MinRuR ?This work bat greatly improved of lata. Ita illua'rationa are excellent. m Poland.?Soboiemki, <$" IVntzntki, 2 Pint tlrttl ? k Such a work a? thia ha? long been wanted. It treata of poor Poland, in a hieterical, literary, and roonu- j( mental point of view. How little, bow very little, 0| iothc majority o( peraona know about Poland; and ^ yet what a moat intereatiag field of reaearch it la ! lf The preaent work ia what all can deaire, and ia lr inriched with nine very accurate engravinga of ]j peraona and placea connected with Poliah hiatory. w We have alao received the follqyving, which may aer? after receive a more extended notice:? , "Wild Weatern Scenea, No. 4."? Samuel Colnan, 14 John afreet. ? "Correspondence Relating to the Hypothecation * of 500 Arkanaaa Slate Benda."?Van iVorrfm, 27 w Pinettrttl r' " Trutha Relating to the New York and Erie " Rail Road."? Stationers' Hall I'reti,254 Prqrl it- " " Proposed Constitution of the Slate o| Rhode P. Inland. '' " Speeeh of Hon. Levi Woodbury, relating to ^ a Board of Exchequer." !' " Timeaand Seaaona," No. 41. 11 " Unitarianiam Identified with Deiam." * " Lecture on Civilization, by the Hon. Samuel ' Young."? (iouhl. Banks If Co. r ll " Meaaagenf Governor Fletcher- of Kentucky." "American National Preacher, No. 181."? Brick Church Chapel. "Addreaa of Mirabeau B. Lamar, to the People of Santa Fe." c "Reportof a Committee of the Pennaylvania , Legialature, relative to the Ilepudiatien of the , State Debt." 1 " Bank Reformer, No. b."?Ruffin, Ptlenburg, | Urginia t " Speech of Hon. Jamea Bncbanan,relating to the ( Exchequer ifoaru f Prospectus of a new Grammar of the English Languages? Barnard, 57 Gold Street." " Letters from the Secretary of the Treaaury, with appropriations for 1842." " Letter from the Secretary of State, with the Census of 1840 " "The Collegian, vol. 4, No. 3.?MagrudermQNotl, Charlottesville, Virginia."' Ahbithahv Power, Popery, ard Protestaistism ?Edward Dvnnigan, Fulton it reel.?Thia book haa a moat unattraeti vetitle.but ia a moat interesting and very valuable book. We never before saw the question ao fairly, or ao clearly stated between the Catholics and Protestants, or the whole of the ori?;in, rise, and progrraa, of the reapective parties, t ia an invaluable book to the lawyer, the parson, and the politician, and indeed all who desire sound information on a aubjeet of vital interest to all. Bock's Be actios aid Eurlimities or Nature. Harper, Brotheri.?Thia work has been too leng and toe favorably known to need any comment now. It is enough to any, that the publishers bare get it out in a very neat and correct manner. Encyclopedia America!*, No. 4.?Curry o Co ]t>7 Br owl way?This number brings the snb- 1 ject down to Benedict Arnold. In this way, all a can procure a copy of this invaluable werk. n Diceers's Complete Worbp. No. 4 ? Cuny .$ a Co , ll)7 Broatlway.?This number completes the 2 Pickwick papers, and forma the cheapest and best edition of them ever published Merry's Museum, No. 14?An interesting work | for children. ^ PlcriO*arv or A?T.J, ilD manVTAC itref.?!m Roy SutuUrland, I2B Fulltm *f.?The / publisher deterred great credit and extensive putronage for getting out tbit tuperb Dictionary of Dr. Ure's, in thie cheap and accessible form The work will contain 1241 engravingt?it will cott but 12^ centt, and be completed in 20 number*. The ' present cott it $11. , Cooper's Ska Ta?.es, No. 4.?Curry \ Co, 107 4 R> oadway.?Thit number eoncludet that beautiful r tale, the Pilot ; it it admirably printed fer all age* ' aad all time. Circuit Court. f Before Judge Krx-r. Ft*. 2?Kdward Dcmnrlly rt. Johh Motttr.? Slnndri ?Thit wee an action to recorer damage* 11 for the lot* of reputation, evil word* spoken, &e. j" the damaget laid at $2000. The plaintiff it a rea- ^ pecable and worthy ton of the "Emerald Itle," ?i and the defendant hail* from the lend of Fautt ? 0 Mr. Donnelly kept a grocery store in the month ? of May, at the corner of' Broome and Kidge itreeta, ai it well to do, ha* a tnug thrift/ wife, who attend* U to the thop when he it out, and help* him to turn an" honett penny." He hat alao aome pretty fr daughter*, smart and tidy, and capable of being t good matcheato really good fellow*. Mr. Moaaer {" it a roan of wealth, owning teyeral homes in (be city, baring realiaed the old and thrifty aaying that gt " dirty work make* clean money." He rejoic** V in ihe utefnl ooeupttion of a night tcnrenger Some ,( little altercation took place between him and the o plaintiff, at the lettei'a atore, relative to a email ' ainoent of money taid to be owing, and here were uttered the awfnl worde for which aetion ia h. brought. Moeeer, at we hare hriated, i? a German. c' He went on the aide walk in front of Mr Donnel- j) ly't atore ehont 6 o'clock in the afternoon, and cried out, ao thut all the world celd hear him, I" " You are a d?d ton of a , and a d? villain. * and yonr wifeia another, you are a d? thief, and won't pny your boneatdebta, what I work for, and I' I can prove every word of it by G?." The plain- " tiff proved that he did not owe any thing. The countel observed that Mr. Donnelly did not mind " what wee taid about Kim*elf, but t? bare hit wife nbuted, and that, too, before hit daughters, it wa* " too bad." Tee jury, after hearing the merits of ( the ease, and baing in tuh-ttnee told by Mr Blnnt, ?. that hia elient did net intend to prove whtt he at rled, gave a verdict in favor of plaintifftbr 92ft damage*, aad d centt cot l?. ( Far plaintiff, Mr. H- M. Reeaeyn, and Meter*. Hart fc King Mr. N. B. Blent, for defendant LD. S y I PriM TWd 0?nU (Jll y llltflllu " Cask or William Wile*.?The County Court net yesterday Hfternoon, pursuant to adjournment, udge 1 no a ah am in the chair- The roii was called, vbenthe President, after a few remarks, presented he following order for the consideration of the nenibers : ? " It having been communicated to tliit Court that the Common i ouncil hait accepted the resignation of Wilham Wiley, as Assistant Justice of the City of New York, and had appointed another individual, in bis case, ardered, that farther proceedings upon the charges heretofore pre??*!,teu against him, he discontinued.'.' Tuanimoualy adopted, and the Court adjourned tine die. Hmhwav Ruassat.?On Tuesday last, Mr. John IVroz, a gardener Irom New Jersey, while in the upper part of the city, lost hie whv, and meeting a man whose name Uns since been tound to be John 1). Waters, he aolicited hijn to show him the direction towards the Napoleon Hotel. Inetead of doing as desired, he guided him to one of the streets in the outskirts of the city, and thrre robbed him of jjftlO in money, a bunch of keys, and his pruning knife. Mr. Fercz, with the aid of another person, finally succeeded in arresting him, and he was committed at the I pper Police for further examination. 1 laurcsts \t Blackwell'a Island?The coroner teld an inquest yesterday at the Lunatic Asylum, )n the body of John Chester, a native of Mancheser, Kngland, who was admitted to the asylum on Tuesday, and died the Monday following about leven o'clock. He had been addicted to intemlerate habits for a length of time, and when admited was laboring under all the symptoms of delirium remens. Mr Robert Filield, who has resided with eceased at No 22 Catherine street, testified that tr ad been subject to fits of insanity for years, am tat he with another person had him placed in th< sylum. A post inortent examination was held b' >r. McLelland, assisted by the coroner, the resuf f which was to satisfy the jury, that dtceaset nine to his death from effusion of (he right cavitt f the chest. A Bhcte :rr Limbo ?A being in the shape of a tan, who says his name is William H. Williams, nil his business that of a pastry cook, was arrested ii Wednesday last, while in the act o< exposing his srson in Sixth street, in the broad day light, to a umber of ladies that were passing. He appears to e laboring under a peculiar mania, and on searchig his premises numerous obscene prints, books ad engravings were found, that had no doubt tendi materially to pervert his already disordered mind, ie was held to bail in the sum of $200. which he rocured and left the office, after being confined ver night. Fiat -There were several alarms of fire yesterday hat at about half past three o'clock, proceeded omthe burning of the drug store of Messrs. Mooktover 6c Wheeler, No. 112 Cherry street?the loss as near $1,000. Stole Firrt Poi nds or Bi ttr.it. Nicholas Davis, otn the towboat Orleans, foot of Chambers street, a Wednesday night?locked up. An Owner is wanted at the Upper Police, tor a idy's cloak, small size, made of invisible green menu, and found in the church vard. corner of Mer er and Grand etreets, a tew nights since. Apply to nicer lvingAlso, for a black dress coat, supposed tc have been lolen in June or July last. Apply to Charles Bird, eeper of the upper police office. Took a Shirt om.r.?A man who says his nama Francis Gee, bat who is known to have an alias f the euphonious sound of hrastus Montra, entered le yard of the dwelling of Mrs Calhariue Simon>n, No, 63 Sullivan street, and commenced reloving the clothing suspended from the clothea ne. Mrs. S. rushed out to prevent his illegal acts, 'hen he attempted to escape, carrying with him n * liirt only. Upon examination, he was locked up II (his morning for trial before the special sessions. Si'Prosri) Pickpockets Arrested.?As Justice 'arker and officer liowyer were passing up Broad' ray on Wednesday evening, their attention wasdircted to the movements oi two men issuing from le crowd, who, Irorn external appearance and aeon, gave evidence of their being trained pickockeis They were pulled," and upon examinaon gave their names as William Palmer and George Vellesly. They are both English Jews, and one of lem is supposed to be the person called " stutterjg Charley." Upon searching their pockets two .niches were found, and a small amount of money ?hey were examined yesterday, and remanded back u prison for further enquiry. Court sf Common Pleas. Before Judge Inoraham Fib. 3.? J.ytlia Ann Ireland ve. Wm. S. Duke rml Aeon Vivill.?The plaintiff, being a lady of vealtb, was desirous of starting a young man, an icqnaintance, or dependent, of her's, as a cab drirer, and bought a horse, which she loaned to hina or that purpose Unfortunately the young man ens in debt, and a " limb of the law" sued oat an ixeeution, which was levied upon the horse in inestion, and the animal sold, it is said, for maeh ess than it was really worth. The present notion vas brought to recover the value. The ownership of the property appeared to be 'ully established, but much diversity of opinion existed as to the value, some averring that it was t lively white horse, " wiih mane and tail erect," !>nd capable of holding its own with any of its neighbors, while others declared the reverse. One nt the witnesses said he was " no iudge of horse flesh," and yet spoke of Mrs. Ireland's specimenof it in a manner to convey the idem that it was blind, pavin'd, ring-bnn'd, spring-halt, curbed, erih-bit, ipring-knee'd, foundered, wind-broken, had the heaves, the botts. nod every thing elee that a poor inimal could be afflicted with at one end the rime irae. The Jury, however, nfter hearing the teetinony, cimc to the conclusion that the horse was a olerably fair one, and gave a verdict in favor of ilaintifffor $127 60 damages, and 6 cents costs. For plaintiff. A- Williams, E?q. For defendant, C. Sherman, Esq. Small Fire Arms.?We see it stated in a report t ilir secretary ot war, in reply to an enquiry of the louse of Representatives, that the number ot small rins manufactured annually, at the two national arlorieu at Harper's Ferry ana Springfield, taking an vemge of ten years preceding 1830, is?musEeta 5,(175?rifles and carbines, 2,423?total, 27,408. Supreme Court oi the Uniter States, Fob. .? No. 28. Charles Kelsey st. al. appellants, vs. ilfreJ Hobby ct al This canse teas further argvad y Mr- Coxe for the appellants, and by Mr. Lsgara jt the appellees. Court Calendar?Tfsls Day. Ciai iir Court?Ko?. Id*. 181, 194, 114, #>,19*, 187, 94, 197tO'llfi incluiive. Cocbt o? Cosmos Part l, 10 o'clock, befere in Ire Inglia No*- MO, 49.*3, 37, *1,77,149, 101, 16A, 197, A, 91, IM. 98, 313, 47, 91, ?7. 139. 119, ill, 89, Ml ? 'art 2, 4 o'clock, before Judge lograham?Nns. 173 178, 30, KM, 184,184, IPO, IP1, 194, IP*, 199, IK), 393, 304, 30*. MILLIONS DIE pHAT SHERMAN'# LO/KNdKI would cure, all who 1 ever used Ihem as know. The Rev. Darius Anthory. f ihe Onenia I. unlet ence, was girse ep as incurable, bvlivv1 to bt o Uie verge of tlie sears from consumption, without ir hope of relief, till he trie* these f,oteufe* The/ relieve* ,m immediately, and in a few weeks restored him to health, that he could re.ume hie duties as a minister of the gospel, s rccommen Is them to all who art eonsumptirs or here ly dermgemrntof tlwirlungs, as lbs greatest medicine In le known world. H? has witnessed their effect* on several diet >, and always villi the h-opiest result*. He says so rest i lemrdy. Trough the blessing* of Divine Providence iouid he the common prog arty of all. aud in erery lamlty aa ie tare of the earth. The Hrv. Ur. Kaslmond, of this city, eave a few to a lady, friend t f hi*, who had been fieri, up by her physician aud irnds as in tie last stage ol eoMiiieption I he first Loasaae ire her tonsidervhle rtlief. so that sh* was cneoursgodTe rrserer* in their uie . end through the blessing of Oud they Stored her to [H-ifrct health. Mr. Jsmrv W Hal*. No 5 Tentise Ruiloinge. Wall street iv e souit t a friend m ho ha 1 n?> rnjoysd a nifht's sleep for tversl vtnki. b?ing every few minutes attacked with such a street nf cough a* almost to take away hie life. The ho rugM made him raise easy. aud enabled him to sleep well all igtr He had trnd erary thing he heard of, and n (thin# s afforded the least rrlirr-wnotner instance of saving a f*| >w bring from mi untimely grave. Mr r. (I Stacy. mahogany dealer. S< Woosler street, had -en alflicled with a severe cough ("or sis iiiohtn* ; mottling he add gel gave any relief (although h? had the best piiyawieas) It lie tried Sherman's Cough Lotenges, one boa of which enrcly eurrd hi o Itrv. Mr Halidcock, 4*7 Pearl street, has used them in hm itnily wi'h invariable autre**. and reeommendc them to nH ho arc afflicted wiih roughs, colds, or any affection of the M\ M K.Marlin. the (kshinnaUlc merchant tailor, 1ST Wil am alrret, sufferejl esversl vc'-.as with a distressing c >ugh, hirh nothing rvHivc* till he tried Ihtse Lotenges. which re I hun in a few houm. War-house lug Nastau street. Agents?''berth's, tat Bow y; Sandi.tt Kast Bioatway; corner llu-lem and Spring sis . ..I I IS I. . It i.ti , I Hni ihl, ii II-.1U.... ..ul iUI. Iljal,, ' IjVnkia' VTttf. ' af THTEtt"TR)S s",*I?~?|| y?rt?ol ,h. luiZ4iu~,ma.-Z* ? ' uw*i&?XB? " J

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