7 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

7 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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I THI I Vak TU.?Ho. 3H4^-WMhI?. UM. mew line of Liverpool packets I To eailfron New V I.rk .... tt.r ,5th,a?d Liverpool oa IhelMh attach month, I m m m ^Tbom Nbw ToeaC _ flkm Rosrrus, Ca,-tAui John Coinoo.tHth Not. fyLsn>l>OSS,CA,.u.n K. B t ohb. *??? Dec Ikw 3HKKIU AN. C apUiu K. A. Dopey our, *5th Jan. K2oASAlCK,<V.j.ia.n W,,,. Skiddy,*6lh Feb. >boii lltekrool. . ? Ship SHERIDAN, Captain V". A. Depeyater, ISth Not. Ship UAKRll K, I. apt am W,n Sknhly, I3th Dec i Blub roscius, Captain John Collina, 11th Ju. Ship 9IDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, lath Feb. Thaeaahipeareallof Ike finite Uaa^upwardeof 1000toaa,built fa the city of New York, with euch Improvement! bo combine matapoed with uauaual comfort for paaeeugeri. Every care I am hoop takeniu the arrangement of their accommodation!. The price of paoaab*heace ia $100, for which ample atorea will bo I provided. Thete ehipe Bra commanded by experienced inaa tare, who will make erery exertion to giro general aatiafae I fbSw the captaina oi ..vruera oftheae ahipa will be reapooei Mo for any leKny, parcel* or pack?#ea vent by them, uuleaa ra paler bilia of iadma are menrd therefor. The ahipa of thialinr will hereafter go armed, aad their paea > Mar construction given theui security not poaaraaed by any other hat veeeelj of war. WM. ? JAB. Di*.u*rri fli vv/., oiTcrpooi. Letter* by the packet* will be charged 13| ceute pereinglt timet; 5? cent* per ounce. and newepeper* 1 ee* teach. Ijy rOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NBW YOKE LINE OF PACKETS dee patch aehip from thie port on the let. 6th, 10th, 15th, 90th and 35th of each mouth, commencing the 10th October, and eaatuoBf until May, when regular day* will be appointed foi fee eemainder of the year, whereby great delay* nnd dieap pointtnent* will be prerented during the rummer moo the. The fc On Trine ehipe will commeure I'm arraogeuvat (hipTAZOO.Capt.Cornell. 10th Oct. 1MI. Ship OCONEE. Capt. Jackron, isth Oct. ShipMISSISSirPl.Capt. Hilhard,30thOct. Ship LOINSV11, LE, Capt. Hunt. 35th Oct. SkisBHAJCSPEARE, Capt. Miner, let November. Ship GASTON. Cant Latham, Sch No*. Ship HUNTSVILLE. Capt. Afumford, loth Ner. Ship OCMULGEE, Capt l.ravitt, 15th Nor. Ship NASHVILLE, Capt. Dickinenn.30th Nor. Kip MEMPHIS. Capt. Knight, 85th Not. Skip LOUISA, Capt. Mu font, let December. Thee* ehipe were all built iu the city of New York, expireely for packet*, are of a light draft of water, hare recently been aewly coppered and put iu eplendid order, with accommodation* far paaeengera unequalled for cn nfort. They are commanded wy experienced mattetT.-a '<o will make erery exertion to give general eati*(action. They will at all timea be towed np and down the Miaeiieippt by eteamboate. Neither the owner* or captain* of theee ehipe will be reeponsibia for jewelry, bullion.preciour atone*, rilrer, or plated ware, or Sir any letter*,parcel or package, **nt by or pnt on board of them, unleae regular bill* (.Hading are taken for the eame, and the rakie thereou expreseed. For freight or paeeage, apply to E.K. COLLINS k CO. MSouth ??.,or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New 'Orteana, who will promptly forward all good* to hi* addrere. Ibe ehipe of thin line are warranted to rail punctur'ly a* ad Tertreed, and grcatcare will be takeu to have the good* correct iy meneured. jaiy NEW YORK AND HAYRE PACKETS (SECOND UNE4 JR JR. Jv JR. aU?, juyhv MJU# Th^tu^of thi* nB^wni hereajle^eave Nev^YorKnthe M u4 Hafta en the HJa of ea< b month aa folio w?: FYovi Ntw York. PSom Havre. The new (hip ONEIDA, i lit March (idth April Cant. (tit July < ittii Anguit Jatnei Puuek. ( lit November (llth December ?hip BALTIMORE, flit April f llth May Cert. {lit Auguit < llth September Edward Funk. f lit December f llth January felpUTlCA, tilt May tilth June _ Cent. < lit September I llth October i Fred'k Hewitt. f lit January (llth February Ilew ahiphT. NICOLAS, t lit June filth July . 1ut JKtok** 1 l*tf> November , J. BTPell. f lit February ( llth March The accommodation! of theee ihipa are not anrpamed, rem i bhung all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin painege ii $100, Pawcngera will be supplied with trvry lanuiiite, with the exception of winei and liquors. Oooda intended for thcie vqmeli will be forwarded by the abaenben. free from any other than the erpeneee actvnlfyi a* enrrad en them. For freight or peeiage amir to BOVD fc HjNCKEN, dgrata, | od ( I Tontine Buildingi. NEW YORK AND NEW abe. j 'w* Fare reduced to ma eenti. Frim the foot of Conrtlandt street. New York. "* V (Rm?4ay?8??dar? incepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. At I A.M. At s P.M. All A.M. Atltr.NL It h 4 do Id# i| do 4| do lt| do I do * jje II do ON-SUNDAYS. From the faot of Liberty ilmt Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty itreet.dailT. Ltive New York. Leave New Branawiek. At A.M. At T? A. M. | BOMKrVilLE' itarei connect with theae linen each way. ' fare between New York aad Rocierrille, loeenu. Do do Ndw UruHWiek, T* cents. ?bwny. lOcenta. j zabelbtown, M eenti r fare in the T) A. M. train from New Bnmiwirfc, and || , . train frnm New York, haa bera reduced between New York cud New Brumiwick to 60 cento. " nud Pub way t# IT) ' The Philadelphia mainrne paaaee through New Brunlwiekfer New York every erenxi' ai i? o'clock. , Oa Sunday! the T) A. M. trip from New Branawiek ii emit* ] ''^msengert who procure their ticketant the ticket office,re- ! aaive a ferry ticketenLie. TichtViarareceived by theconduetor oal* on the dap when wirtMM' nil | WTATKN ISLAND F&KKlt. Fo<>1 of Whit<>liaU etreet^2^^ml? * ^iTh.amrr STATEN ISLANDER Lmtci Staleo Island L?-iTai Whitehall At o'clock am. ; At o'clock AM. "II " " "11 " " i " p.m. " g p. m. ? gi " " " ? 4 " " ? " Oa Sunday there will he two boot* to run. The laot boot leaiae W1iln - -?? ? ? ? - - " os m KOR SHREWSBURY?FALL AHA"|WSi RANOKMENT?The eteamboat OSIRIS, i 9E?aKjflL CopL J. C. Allaire, will commence running on Mnrday, Sept. S5th, folio we:?leave FnKnu Market slip, I Ct Rlter, every 'aturvlay at 10 o'clock A.M., Tuesday, 11 lUVdaeodny, and Friday at a o'clock A M. r I BatMaN*. leaves Red Ban* every Moadav Morning; nt 10 < pHatb A. Tuesday, Wedneaday, and Friday, at half-past ' ?||n boat will run as above until further notice, navigation * > t*d weather permitt ing. ogdm* T. rOWKLL It OIL'S LINK. fciri mM H)K NFWBURUH, landing at CALD ^^HOWKLL-H, WEST POINT AND COLD SC2KZ. SPRING?The steamboat HIGHLANDER Capt Robert Wardmp. will leave the foot of Warren street New York.every Monday. Ttv i 'day and Saturday afternoon's at t oclock. Returning , the Hran. l iver will leave Newbnrgh -every .<ond?y morning at < o'clock, am I uesday and Friday aArrnoea at s o'clock. Fo- freight or passage,apply to the Captain en board. N. B. All baggage and freight of every dcicription, bank I Mfla oripteie, pot on board thia boat,minthe at the ri.kof the earners thflreof.unleea a bill aflading arroeeiptia signed for the asm* rngg I STAKLlNk. FOR NEW ORLEANS. &L M. sBk 8k Tn^uRCTlbere hSHeare to returatneir thanknoTthe pa tronage you have hitherto eit'nded towards the Star Line, and solicit a centimemu of a portion of yotir freight to New Orlsene,in thia lice, which will be taken at the very lowert ratre, in the followingahipa, which wilt succeed each other and tail SOLON,Captain Oeo.IJiiekman, RUB9EL OLtlVKR, faptain JabeaHowdn, ECHO t'ajpta n A. A. Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE, Captain 9. O. Glover, a*d other thine of the eaine clam, to ol low each other in quick wcceeiicn. For farther particulars, apply on board at Pine treat wharf, or to _ OLOVER fc MeMURRAT. <14 ISO Ptneat. cor. South. NEW FORK AND LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE tip PACKETS. . # Jfe # jfe SAILINTTO ATDTHOM LIVERPOOL WEEKLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No ei iviu'h street, New York. tTHE subscriber, in vim uncing *ie arraageaenta forthe year A IMS, appear* before In. fri.nde with aentiaaeala of (ineere. Meet for the able support h? has received for Buy years " Helikewiae wishes to call the attention of thane intending I* send for tbeir fi ends in Finland, Ireland, Scotland. and Wain, that ihey can at all linn* be accommodated by thia kje. ay weekly opportunities from Liverpool, aa well i* by all the well known diff. rent I.nee of packet ahim aailing to t*d from Liverpool,ou the. lit.ytk, Uth.lKh, aadMth of each Math, ihioughont ilie year. Ij ** alwaya been the atudyaf the anbeenhvr tphave the eMprawU shown civility, and diepetched without dvley, and those who vend for their friends may rest aalaadrd that every ear* sua aiiucni sun lion will Or fires by the Liverpool Agents to tho?e sent for, at Will u *11 who may embark with Ihem; sad should say of those. amove ensigi has been paid, a si embark, the mowy wiU b* refunded witlaaat say charge. The susrenbrr feels* pleasure ia mskiue kaosm ihs different ships by which his passenger* cam mu Hurta* the last yew, which has sin a ?rarral afteraction, am* task aa has ennsidsrtejy esliotlcd sad coacladsd his aiisagianaSs for the ysar ^Tht following is a list of itihw ? Mdg Scotland Ksbimma Ship Oataof* Childs ratrisjd W "!! . Kawrson Frank fori Roswll * New vorfc Nir.n : fasa?'"' &K : 85: - Ailfwd Chester " tb**a Wstlsad " LrtPil* Abkn " jrwLjkliB ' Bohtaski Kmsrsoa " PaasheaBoadwaaaaa M Alahaateaa U? " Kobt Uaae Treeaian JrsSas lloiiku a " \ irgmia ICstoa , XTItH If* Kumpr BstrluMrr Wtlib Watte " S jmkius Bejraraar ^WaCwtg^Sa.^^ifcrVaapscbra rapttias, are all well AjSes a*Ma??*fiwwi tin dtflbrewt porta of Irelaad and Scot V fWaaaaateo bs se< nrsd.tera araOa famaatusd for aay aaiouai, k Mult at lh* Natioaal sod Provincial Banks ?f Irelaad, end RMr iabpastire broaches, arid ?ko on Mrnsre J. h W. Roteatea, Lireroool. whieu are gas , Awe sf aay rharge, throwghout I. *1 South street. k saw J te W. MOBlNoON, l? (Joree Piasass. \$k-- V ** Hs. I Neptune si, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. .n >.. -f 4, USbJl. ?.r 1 NE1 NE\ PAS8AC* FROM OKfclAT BRITAIN AND ilUULAffir BY THN $&>. ^ ? ?H?W USWOFU VElCP&W^AckkTX. PenoM dffirvui ofifndiu| f?r tlieir fricti'U or nlntioni to Eb fluid , Ireland! Scotland, or Wdti,hiitDO*( moot r?rorablt I oppertuiuty of doing ?o, by the above Line of apleuilid packet nine, one of which fenreo Liverpool on the 13th and New York m> we 36tli of each month throughout the year. The ohip* comprieiug thii line are The KOSlflU8, The SHERIDAN, _ " SIDDONS, , 3 (JA1LRICK. The above?hipe are all 1060 tone burthen and oeer ; their aeeeenwn del mo* are wellknown lobe auperiorto any other line of packet* ; and their ifeculiarcenitruction rendere them a moot detirable eonreyauee for pamenger*, aa they poeeeaa advantage* Dot known by any others, ot winch persons shout to sen* for friends can satisfy themselves by going on board the ships at the foot of Wall street. A free passage from the different seaports of Ireland and Scot!? <! can he tuwaiKa, and should the parties sent for decline com tin, the passage money will be relurued to thoae whe paid it here. Those wishing to remit fnoues to their friends can hare drafts at sight payable throughout Great Britain and Ireland.? Tor further particulars or passage, apply, if br letter post paid, U W. ?t J. T. TAP SCO XT, ? Soalh si. or aU 3 Peck slip LIVERPOOL A NO NKVb Yt?kK HfcGtJLAK COM MJLKCIAL LIN t OK PACKETS. M. m. T(^IWFRO!TtoFABOVE>O!IT8 WKEKLY. Persons seudiug lor their friends residing in Great Britain and Ireland, can have them brought out with despatch per the abore ine on very moderate terms. Agents of tlia lint res Mclabilitr have lately been engaged to see that the entigaant is forwarded without delay, and ainail drafts given in their favor promptly paid. Orken from all parts of the country- will be promptly attended to, and such attention will be given to all tranches of the business as to guarantee the further patronage of thoee who who will favor the under-signed With their ordera and iu all eases where the paseengrrs do not embark the passage money will be refunded to those persons from whom it was re eel red. In ddition to drafts given on our numerous agents through out the different parts of Kugland. Ireland and Scotland, who give every facility to the emigrant whosm^us^e may he engaged oy as I is re, they can be furnis ledfWih c rails, large or small amounts, pay able ataight, as follows;? Armagh Dungaunon Matlon Baiubridge Londonderry Monaghan Bailing Downpatrick Money mora Ballvmena Dnngarvin Omagti Bandou Knnis I'araoustown Ballyshauuon Kuuiskillen Stntban Belfast Gal way Sligo Clonmemel Kilkenny Traice fork Kilnish Waterford Cavmn Limerick W em ford Colerain Lurgan Yough.il Cahil. On the National Bank and its branches? Athlone Kiwis New Ross Ballinailoe Knuiscorthy Newry Ballisa Fermoy Rose re a Boyle Galway Koscommon Carrickonsuir Kilkenny SPigo Clonmell Killaruey T allow Cashed Kiilrush Tralea Cork Kmturk Thuriee Castlerea Limeriel Tuame Cehcrciroon Loughrea "Punierary Charleville Longford Waterford Dniglieda Mw.ite Wexford Dunkirk Mitchelstown Westport Dungarven Ncuagli LootehiU For further particulars, aiwlv (if by letter,postpaid,) to , WW JOHN HERPMAJN. ?l Booth st. REMITTANCE* TO AND TAHBAUE EKOM GREAT BRITAIN ANU IRELAND, BY THE 1 & 1 1 ft OLD UN? LIVERPOOL FACKETS 1 Persons wishing to nend to the old cOuutrv for their friend*, < can make the necessary arrangements nth the lubiirnbeia, ( auil have them come out in this superior line of packets, sailing from Liverpool on the Tth and Itthaf every month. They will I also have a first rate class of American transient ships sailing i very sixth day, thereby affording a weekly communication from that port. One of the tiria. Mr. Jam s D. Roche, ia there : and wi'l remain during the year 1M2, >a*ee that all the persons nhnse passage* have been paid hat* are forwarded with care I uid despatch. Bhould the parties agreed for not come out the money will ha returned to thooa who paid it here withoutaay deduction. The shipe comprising thie line are: I The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, I " CAMBRIDGE. " COLUMSUh. " EUROPE. " SOUTH AMERICA. ' ? ENGLAND ? NORTH AMERICA < Drafts at eight, for any amount, on the Royal Bant of Ira ' land, aad on Preasott, Grote, Ajaea It Co., Bankets, London, which will be paid on demand, free of discount, in all tha prtatipal towns of the United Kingdom. Anntv. if by letter, post 1 paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO.. I jso M Eulton*t..aeTt doorto the Fulton Benk. N. T. | TAPSCOTT GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, I FOR PASSAGE FiO.M.AND REMITTANCE! TO t OREAT BRI TAIN AND IRELAND. 1 By the New and United Lines of Liverpool Packets. 1 The eob^crihers beg t.i inform their friends and the c iHffh public, that they continue to make arrange men's for I JllMBOhc bringing out of passengers on very favorable 7 terms, from all porta of b.ngland. I nil aad. aad Scotia'd and ' Weiss, in first class American packet ships, commanded bj ex c perieuced captains. and will sail from Liverpool every six days k throughout the year iSta . Thankful for the I beral patronage they hare hith'rto rereiv- ' sd. the euhseribeee hope by iheir continuing ta faifil promptly, I ?f,d. ??r. 1 ihsl popularity thev have hitherto eij >yed Pereona tending for their friends may rely that the eame a, 8 len'ion will be paid to the comfort of pastsngere which hae la- | variably been extended to all wh ee passages have been engaged at this office, and in all esses when those sent for dscline * co "ing, the passage money will lie r. funded to the parties who I paid It bee. without any deduction I Those wishing u> send money to their friends, can be sup plied with drafuatsighi. nsyab'e ou demand, in all the princi- ' pal towns of the United Kingdom, and at the fellow! ig nanke, t In England? Vteesre. Jsmes Bolt, Boa k Co., Bankers, Lon ion; Exchange and discount Bank, Liverpool. 1 In In land?The Nstioual and Provincial Basks and 1 Branches J In Scotland?The Baak of Scotland and Branches. The subscribers have also a regular succession of first class 1 paeke'a. sailing to London three times every mouth, to Liver- I pool fire limea. >o New Oileans six tunes, to Mantle. Savin- t iiinanu in .rireiou weeary. ny which passage* cun.De at uh ' times secured on trery favorable terms. * The public will please take notice that the ontyshlps com- I pot irg the aew line of Liverpool packet* are? , The Unscius, t ollins, The Sh'ridan, Depeystrr, i Siddoas.Cobb, liarrick. Skiddy. * The United Line of Liverpool Packet* are? i rhe Rochester, Woodhome, Tne Weichestsr. Ferris, ? Scot laud, Robinson, Tsrolinta, Smith, , Southerner, Pa mer, . Hiker nia, Wilsos, ' Republic, Thompson, Uarroilof Carrollton, C Cornelia, French, Hudson, P>(e, I S'akinere. Miner, C re at Britain. Front, Memphis Kright. Hutliigurr.Crabtree, [ New Yr rk. Niven. I'sn hia, Gondmansoo, I Tslbat, Si< rey Brooklyn. Richardson, Diadem. Barnlow, Ocean. Willard N Carolina. Lrummood, N. Middle, True man. Lane rehire, Lyon, Eutiw, Rockett. The above ?hip* are ton well known to require comment. The subrental trust that * it i their superi ir arrantement* rbr the accommationorprisons wishing to senrt for their friend*, or who wish 14 r< mit ih>m money, those about making sneh engagements will not (all to observe the adrauttge* here offered them. For further particulars, apply (if by Ict'er post raid) to W. k J. r. l'APSCOTT, 49 South street. and 41 Peck klip. ft eor Oouverneau Lane. New York. MILLIONS DIE ~~ nnHAT SHERM AN'S LOZENGES would cure, all who 1 ever used them as know. The llee. Darius Author y, of the Oneida Conference, was given up as incurable, believed to be on the verge of the grave Tr im consumption, without t re hope of relief, till he tried these Lozenges They relieved him immediately, and m a few weeks restored him to health. 10 that he could resume his duties asa minister of the gospel. He recommends them to ail w >o are consumptive or have any derangement of their luugi, as the greatest medicine in the known wortd. He has witasssrd their effects on several other i, and always with the h ppicst results. He says so great i remedy, 1,rough the blessings of Divine Providence shou d be the common property of all, and la every taraily on the face of the earth. The Rtv. lie, Kastmond, of this city, gave a lew to a friend c f his. w |io had been giveu ap by her physician and friends a* in the last stage of consumption The dmi Lozenge gave her considerable idief. so that she was eueourvged to persevere in their use , and through the blessing of tioa they restored her to perfect health. Mr.Jaines sV H<le No 5 Tsntins Building*. Wall street, gave some t > a friend who had not /n joyed a night's sleep for several wnki, h-ing every fuw minutes attacked with suek a distress ng tough as altrost to take away his life. The Lozenges made him raise easy, and enabled him to sleep well all nigh' He had tried every thing he heard of, and nothing , else afforded the least relief?another instance of saviug a fel ' low be log from an untimely grave. Mr. K O f^tacy. mahogany dealer, # Wooster street, had been afflicted with a sewe cough for siz montns ; nothing he could get gave any relief (although he had the best physicians) ? till he tried Sherman's Cough Lozenges, one bog or which ea- a tirely cured hi i Ret. Mr. tfandeoek. 4S7 Pearl street, has used them in his family wi'h 10variable tucctss, and recommends them to all <j who are afflicted wiih coughs, colds, or any affection of the longs. ? M % M. E.Mariin, the fashionable merchant tailor. Iff Wil- t liam street, suffered several weens with a distressing cough, which nothing relievd till be triad theac Lozenges, which f ruce I him ma few hourt. War-hooi- Id Nassau street. Agents?Church's, MS Bow t rry; Studs,77 East B-oa 'way; corner Hudson sad Spring sts 56 tad I it Fulton st. Bro vkely n; Redding and Stale sts, Beaton 1 A tLJeukius. Wsshmgton c-itr. st; , DAPEH WAREHOU8E.?PER88E k BROOES, Wo. t) f I Liberty ztreeL offer for sale the following assortment at Paper ow the mast reaasaable terms: "] son ream# Witt 1 f MO reams StsM > Newiosoer < 5? MC ?tO 9<l**7 - i WW 00 HM f KM do ?*^lr'llln|ltrt4 ** m Tognher with fin* aaaortmant ofWntiagand| Wrapping t?,? l*ap?r nf wm9 ata# nT duality mad* to order at ?kIM | ; XW^ToTTI5?rri('!K.-V *Lf \nL? k-.XL Umiai kA R. H. LUILOW will 1*11 on Monday, F*b. 7th. Ml* t o'olock, at tne McrcbanU' Kac;.ang>, the following raliaMe pi oyer ly. rlz lhe double iraaaehnoe* andtwolot# of ground'* the north- e wool romcr of iHih trtctnod Kb Arrnac. The lower part dieiOrd into two aloriea. Koch lot measuring 14 Riot f inch** by ( lMfttt, Alao. that 9 atory brick dwelling houao No. ft llthatreet, Ant houto waat o, h Arrnu*. in good rder. hating rectntly been painted <kr mahout. Loi IS bj 100 ltd. Alao, thai bwek front hou.o oa ih-anuthweat cornar ?f 10th j Arcnuc ?'d llth*?r< at, known m tb* 'Wallace iloute " hating Anithcd roomt In the ottie. Theie is a good at able in (be t rear nf the lot. Lot ?"> hy i?u feet. , Alao, that Bralil.'# S' oi. ?nd lot adjoining, on the roar of Die c aboto oa the a nth aide Width atreaa. Let* b> Wfret more : arleaa. Alto, two htmea, o**e brick and the other frame, and the lot c pn the aootii ait r ot ibth htrcel, adjoining ti a abort. Lot 9) by 99 the t.more or lea* f % Urge part of tha onoy can rtwaia an hmd and mortgure a?* ""fR'h't info-mat nu, apply at N.i. 11 Broad etrert, ' ??the. anr.rfc. H L.i-Baw. , Hl'tUa* K-L IftUa a m.<ed _ !* '"at ?uper**diaa[ Copper, 'or ahrathing and b >IU .1 * lll'ii *** " * '"**?. I*?ta trice an loi g adtt L ( " "emanae fortuna. The Aoanal y, ' antiouafnra an otti r quality. wrOletothe auhar iber tor apt - * T^ttsgnrssaagtrtag S-vrag ; ?????a?? ? W TO N YORK, MONDAY MCX at. Loan. tComspoiMleoce of lb* Herald. | Sr. Lulu, Miiiuvki, Jan. 27, 1842 A Judge Indicted?The Cast?Progie** of Temperante?Poktim. Jamb* Gohdoi Bkbbbtt, Em., Dear Sir,? Why don't yuu hate regular correspondent in thia place 1 If yon knew the vast nu ruber of Heralds, that your faithful and gentlemanly agen', Woodward, fhe must p?y up more regularly, however?En. lis a.,] disposes of weakly, yon would know something of the interest which our citizen's take in the euccess of your paper The truth is, St. Louie is behind no place in the United States in the occurrence of incidents which might serve to interest and occasionally amuse the country. Sume five er six weeks ago, one ef the Judges here,named Mullanphy,fined one of our most talen ted, amiable una respected lawyer*, one nunarea and fifty doilais, for not dropping in hi* chair in the Circuit Court room, the moment the word " drop" wasgiren. About a week after this affair, the oppressed and unsatisfied lawyer met the Judge.and gave him a couple of raps on the head, by way of a set 'jflf to the grievioua fines. Upon the infliction of the aforesaid sounding raps, his Judgeship jerktd a sword from his ivory headed cane,and gave an ineffectual thrust or two. The assailing party then had perilous recourse to an anti-mahojauy stocked piutol, bat happily for the breath of the " Cour'," did not deal out much peril from its yawning muzzle. Aboat this time the two valiants were separated, and each went hia own way, muttering very un* brothely things upon each other's sacred heads. The next day they weie both paraded before the city Recorder, and fined for an unprofitable bre*ch of the public peace. The matter slept quietly until a few days ago,] whan the Grand Jury of the county of St. Louis, walked into the Criminal Court and handed up to the accomplished Judge ?owlin,an indictment against Judge Bryan Mulitmply, ef the Circuit Court! Seme were delighted with the thing, some swore it was just the thing, and others said that there was not "sufficient cos'' for aay such proceedings against his offendiug and offended Honor. The indictment oharges M oppression, tyranny and abuse of ollice." 'lucre can be no doabt but what seme few indiscretion* may belaid at the judicial door of Uis Judgeship. But then he is a yonsg man, and has had bat a short experience on the btuch. He came into power about a year ago, and found a stupendous amount of legal business before the Court unfinished. He has often sit in Court from ten in the morning until near midnight, idjourning only an hour for oiuner. Fur all his food deeds his enemias award him no praise, but easily remember and enlarge at pleasure, his few ilight indiscretion*. 11a will be arraigned for trial n March?lookout for fun then You shall hear all tbout it. The " St. LnuiaTheatta" ie uow closed, but the ' City" is yet opeu. The drmmatii ftruma of the former are now playing ia Now Orleaaus, tout will return iu Marcher April probably. The Missislippi is yet free Irom ice, and our keen business classes hope that it will not clone at all this winter, rhe Ohio is also open, owing to the long freshet. Great victorias have latterly been won here igainst King Alcohol. Three informed drunkards rom some eastern city, held large nightly meetings ror a couple of weeks, and by persuasion and ter or allured and frightened over some hundreds from he rummer's camji. Some very distinguished troihies have been laid hold of as spoils by the friends >f pumps, springs, penstocks and reservoirs. A awyer named C??, who has been going it strong or five or six years, and who once longht a kind >f quasi duel with J uoge ? , of the Criminal Court, las come straight out and re-oived to kin no more, le has been speechifying against the "fluids" ataly, and gets niong tolerably well in telling what a* taoAma akoiai if. Penn, the Kentucky shad, probably the " unt had" who edited the Louisville Advertiser for a ongtioae, has taken editorial charge of the Mislouri Reporter here, which has beeu started i n the all ol' the old and rickety Argus. Candidates fur Jougress are multiplying in this State no ways Jew, on the democratic aide of the Honae. Cor >in,ine oia suitor 01 me Ar;i?i runt, i rnj ?<>uu awyer, Bowsin, Judge of the Criminal Court, and iud.on, who once had a duel on Bloody laland rith Col. Chamber*, of the Republican, are imong the names mentioned. A Mate Convention s to come oil' in BoonTille, in the Spring, and then be matter will be discussed and dee ded. The xeeent impreeaion ia ihat iludaon will be aclecied laoaeof the candidate*, elthoagh Judge B. has nany warm frienda. He ia a deep read juriat and rery laaciaatiag apealter. Shoulu be bo aelected, te will adorn .the Houae of Representatives, and nake the influence of Missouri felt ia the Committea of the National Legislature. Should Judge B. >e selected, lie will be elevated to tho vacant atat w the bene i. The " Pennant" newspaper haa men discontinued, and its Native American prinefiles ware Bold out to tho " Bulletin." V. Cliia, 'resident of the Missouri Native American Assertion, ia now the editor of the latter paper. He a a writer offeree and polish, and couducts the beet There has been a etrong and spirited meetng held of all who are against the repeal of the bankrupt Law. An opposite meeting haa been :alltd, but it will be " no go," it is generally :heught. We hare had no change in Postmaster pel i nr mercninware laucipttiuiK u uii>n ?h,'u? trade, and they deaerve it, for they are generally a iharp set of go-ahead and enterpriaing fellow*. Two or three new churehea are under way here, ind morality on the quick *tep. The St Loui* clergy are talented men a* a claaa, and jet there ire a couple of them, which if examined, would be belled " green " The new Catholic cathedral rill be a truly gorgeon* building when completed iccording to the plan,, and much more "coative" ban the old one Your paper haa a wide and deaerved circulation a thin place I hare been told by thoee who rende n the interior of thia Stute, that the apicy Herald a often to be aeen in the log cabin,aide by aide with 3os and Pickwick, to eheer the heart nod enliven he apirita, and improve the nnderatanding of Ike imple baekwoodamen. Pat the " Lancet ' into he "Captain of the deek"?it '* keen and sharp. 8. P. Trenton, H. J. [Correspondence of the Herald. 1 Tnairvow, N. J. Ken. 3, 1843. Vofvd thing* in 7Y mton? Intrigues of both Pariin? I V)ng* and Democrat*?Bank* and bad Currency? Secret* worth knowing. Iia? A more lovely morning than thia could never be leaired, even by the moat faatidiona fault-finder gainat the iaamatable and wiae diapeaaationa of 'rovidence. Never did the aun eaat forth more reulgcnt beam* upon thie now happy town. All thing* iperate for her prosperity; perfect felicity appear* o animate every countenance. Aa "Old Ocean" ia -eacued from a peatiieutial atagnation, and pariied by the raging element#, ao haa (once ?ombre frenton) been regenerated by inteatine commo ieas ; and the potent Herald?and now shouts orth in tones of gladness, " I am delivered." The all-aberbing specie-paying bank bill, after laving slumbered fOl a week, was raised this mornng in the House of Assembly, and with it arose a erriMe elamsr and excitement, l.ebby members, .nd interested spectators from different parts of the Mate, and "a multitude of ioafees were assembled here betimes, anxiously awaiting the fate or the nomentons bill. The ruffled shirt, black cockade, bankaristocra" ie whig representatives, in combined force were here, with eonnteaanees deeply masked with Arm leterminntionto crash oar bill with an evnrwhelmag majority. Bat, Sir, it would have richly feastid your senses to behold the iroa-haoded, sealymckt d democracy in eneh firm battla array?they sere a little baad of patriots, faw la nambers, but nighty in strsngth ; they east forth leok-< of defiince at tbsir aristocratic opponents, restless for iction Oecaaionnlly one would be seen with ilenched fists and with looks of go-a-lead-ative* less, and aaot ier gritting and shattering hit maaiks teeth, likes osrfeethero. Tss, Sir, it was a [lorious sight, and a day loagpo ba remembered RK H RNING, FEBRUARY 7, 1 Let our political enrutiea call m what they please; bo it locofoeoe, barn-burner?, fire and brirantoue, tar, pitch, and turpentine democrat*, it ii immate"iol T n /t,a? ma t.inia l/i nnf Km I K A lilt t ft shoulder the musket and march with firm step to battle, in case emergency rendered it necessary. Please <xcuse these digressions, for 1 am so much excited, it makes iuv very blood boil within me, when I think how villianously they succeeded in getting the consideration of the bill postponed 'till Wednesday next; but, Sir, our orators battled them bravely before ti:ey accomplished their abominable, deleteious purpose. 1 rejoiced (and it would have done your soul good had you only been here) to see our patriotic and brilliant young cbam pioa from Warren county, opea his battering eloquence upon them; tho scene was sublime?it reminded me ofthe great national assembly of Jfrance daring the " K- ign of Terror." 1 thought I oould discern a striking similarity between our young champion and the immortal Alirabeau; he flamed forth phillippics of thunder and lightning against the out ofdoors operations of the wbigs,and the midnight caucuses made mention oi in your Herald lie una rejoiced to think that there was a Junius (that niado me feel rich) capable of exposing their nocturnal workings. The whig orators yielded, and knoeked under in mute astonishment?he is a | roarer. When I discovered that his labored speech was of no avail, 1 felt indignant, 1 can tell you ? Another celebrated representative from the same county fignred ,'atgely in the debate ; he ia elderly in years, aud aage in (Vtacbiaviiiau wisdom. When he arose and east those mellow far sighted eyes over his speetacls, I fancied 1 could see in him a Prince Talleyrand ; his epeeeh was slow, but of great fo'Ce ; his appearance aad style was marked with republican simplicity, and, as the poet aaith, When ho spoke, You would think he talked like other folk. Rut there is an nnaearcbabie depth in biatpeechea, which may not, and in fact cannot be appreciated in this dull century, bat which futnre generations will unceasingly admire. The whigs have attempted to get up ctucus meetings since my last correspondence, but the Hurald has so completely discomfited them, that they are completely unnerved and doneortr, bat the democrats are up and doing. Ever r?-a iy to confide in you, I will now divulge some profound democratic secrets. We are play lug a deep game; our grand object now is to tear np and annihilate the whig party. You are aware that the Congressional election will t .ke place next fall?we are resolved to a man to send our democratic representatives to Congress, independent of any former cavilling about the broad seal. We have already sown the seed of di.-cord aroand our enemies, by getting up this tank bill; th? whigs of Fast Jersey are, a- was mentioned in my laat communication, all in faror 01 the bill, and thoae in West Jeraey opposed to it. The demos are lying low, and playing hot and eold. We.are in fact, all, both in blast end West Jersey, in faror of the bill; our i West Jersey democratic brethren, are making their whig brothers believe that they are strongly opposed to the bill. Ergo, we will accomplish two ] things as slick as a whistle, via:?First, we will get | the bank bill through, for we wiJ have tbe demos votes, together with the East Jersey whig votes, I and will so completely maim and disable our ad- ] versary, with our locofoco fire brands of disscn- i sion, that our congressional candidates will be ] elected in a whirlwind. Don't you understand! < Is not this the true gsme 1 Truth is mighty and must prevail. i How 1 do burn with the pure aeal of democracy, i its very sound should make every American ear i tingle. I can safely say that the strong are fallen, and the mighty must ere long lie low?democracy now and democracy lorever. I would lihe to communicate more concerning i oar frequent, eat.cusses. We bold them where dogs i cannot inn in, and than out again and hark. I don't t think it would be prudent to divulge all to you. i Assure me that you are a true demo?then 1 will | come out and open myself like s flaming fire. M. V. Z. i Hartford. ' [Correspondence of the Herald ] hartronn, Feb. 4,1842. i Millerum run Mad?Forgery inHariford?Morri?? Fancy Ball?Firemen'? Bait? Connectiml River t/guyun? oitfuim ?..j J~Mni ut ? DicktmDear Bennett? ] As Parson Fitch, who is new here lecturing to crowded houses every night, says, that tbe world is coming to an end in 181S, from ihe iniquity that is daily brought to light,?I am almost constrained to say amen ! For by that means will this world be purged from the mass of rascality, liccnsiousness and hypocricy, both in the pharisaical purse proud aristocrat and the most degraded can* didate for the Washington Total Society pledge The goodly city of Hartford has this day reminded me of my good old mother's beer barrel that would not stop working, even on the Sabbath, no moie than each indidaal has this day refrained from ' telling every person he rnst, that has been , forging! " You don't ssy so !" says one. " But it < is bo," says another, "for he was examined lust night before Justice , and put under $1200 bonds, to appear before him to-morrow morn- ( ing, at 8 o'clock, to show cause why he should not be bound orer to bare his trial before twelve honest men!" " 1 don't belieec you," sayu another. " Well, go to the cashier of the Bank."? Then off runs the whole of the erowd that bad collected to tell the rest of the eity. But aeriously, to-morrow morning will decide, in a slight measure, whether any body has been forging the names on his notes that he has had discounted at several of the banks in this city. For nay ewn part, I believe him innocent ; but as it was not for $100,000, it will be harder for his counsel to , make out a clear ease. Morris, who is well known in this State, asbaving given innnmerahle negro theatrical and dancing girl exhibitions, was yasterday sentenced to pay a hne of 0250, for bringing girl* into Hartford loahow their pretty legs. If we had have* taught Fanny Klstler, we should hare had $5000 out of her. A "grand fancy dress ball" eame oft last Wednesday night, at Union Hall, on wlueh occasion the " long-haired" gentlemen of this city sent to your city after a large lot of dresses, with the "keeper.' They had a jolly night of it. We shall on the 2 id have the great "Annual j Firemen's Bdl," which always equals aay thing ia the "bawl" line in these " digging " 1 hopetnej , will not this year have a less merry one than their ( last, which gave them so much gratification , Our noble Connecticut river is no longer " iee | bound." So please tell Capt- tiaufnrd to come up te Hartford, with his beautif i| steamer Charier Oak, , and Capt Dnsiun, with the Cleopatra. , Siekness is abundant. Our physicians are about ( worn out. Plena# send us up a tresh lot, if you can , spare may. Daniel Wads worth, Esq, who gave, a few months \ sinee, a lot of land, worth $15,000, to the projected Atheneum, has given a further donation of $1,600, cash, provided $1,500 more can be raised, whieh will he done, iltkougo our citiseaa have already subscribed $80,000. By the way, this Atheneum ' building wHi be morethua half done by next fall. It will be. when finished, the hands>. mest piece of architecture inl the State. This anas# D. W. is the most liberal asan in this .sta'e, for he has the past few months given away bis money to various deserving objects by thousands and tens of thousands. wouid that thsre wars moie such nes than a... ,k.nu <W._ u... bout,"grinding the fee* of the poor," "poor against the rich," mad "rich against the poor," die. he. Next weok, Wednesday, " Dickens" dines in Hartford. The committee of arrangements hare written him to see if it shall not be Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, as the former ta hie birth-day. Q. Newport. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Niwport, February 1, IW2. Ttmptrtmcr m Rhtxlt Nmttd?IU Wonderful Progrett < among Uu I'fople? The Arutoerary oppose it? f Lecture*?Revolution. ' Jambs G. BaaaiTT, Dr ah Sin, i 1 bare taken the liberty of troubling you with a few liner, to inform yoit of the ste:e of things in Newport. The first und all absorbing topic ia J temperance. Nerer was there sneh a revolution , in morals in tbia place, as at the present time. The Total Abstinence Society was formed on the twenty-fifth of November, by 1 believe, twelve | persona. We now have on)jthe roll,a list o# names t mounting to nearly twenty-eight Snndtrd, be idan a javenile "eoldwehnr army" of over aix j hundred, and a Catholic andiaty of ahont four ban- | ERA 842. dred. Nor does (he interest on ihu all important, subject^ appear in the least to decrease. Ercry meeting (we hare three and sometimes four a week) is attended?hardly a .day passes without making an addition to the names on our roll There is but one class among us that have not felt its influence, and that is the aristocracy. They scorn the idea of haring their honorable names enrolled with those, who have had the firmness and rirtuo which they lack. The working men are the friends ef temperance; they have hitherto shared this riee with their more aristocratic neighbors, but now thev are fast cominr out from among; ttaem, and leaving tbeni to wallow alone in their sensual indulgences?thus showing that virtue as well as usefulness, is chirftly found withthe middling and lower classes. Every minister of the gospel but one, has aigued the pledge; that one an aristocrat himsell is pastor over the most aristocratic society iu the place. The only one who has dared to insult the friends of the temperance cause, is one of his society,and ho by his conduct, has only confirmed the opinion previously held concerning him. He, forsooth, could not bear to have his office contaminated with a notice ef a lecture about to be delivered by the Hon. H. W. Dwight, which a gentleman wiehed to leave in his office. He ordered him to take it away, and aa this was not dona so speedily as he wished, he kicked it out of doors. That man's conscience cannot be easy. A goodly proportion of those on the list arc relormed moderate drinkers, hard drinkers, and diunkard*, and yet among so many an enemy of the cause cannot pick out one who has swerved from the pledge he has taken. Quite a number of bars have been taken down; while 1 am writing this, (wo gentlemen who have sold a goodly quantity f the "critturf" are tearing down their bars and giving up this accursed traffic. Of one of those, 1 would apeak a few worda. He has for tome time, (although he baa still kept up his bar) been laboring in the cause by hireing hie own customers to give up the ate ef intoxicntiug dtinkr, and sign tbn pledge. The officers of our association ore thorough working men, thetr moito is " every thing for the cease, nothing for ourselves." They are deserving of all praise. But of all the iustrumeuts used to further (his good cause, there is noue so efficient as the ladies. As they feel woman was the means of man's fall, so de tbey mean, that by woman's influence shall he rise. The Martha Washington Society is indefatigable in their endeavors to further this cause; from one to two days in each week is devoted by them in selecting, or rather in finding out tbe family of the poor inebriate, supplying them with clothing made by their own hande, and furnishing them with the necessaries of life. Bless their ewect faces, the women if they do make some mischief in the^world, are always willing to do good. This evening, we have the Rev. Mr. Belch from vour city, to lecture before the society. He will bare an euihusiaitic|aasembly to hear him,one that he will be prond to look upon. Testerdny for the first time, was tbe American dag displayed upon the rampart* of Fort Adam*. It lose to meet the wiuds of heaven, amid (he pealing of the heavy artillery of that eplendid fort He will be a bold foeman who attempts to bring it down. Our Legislature ia all in a state of effervescence on the suffrage question. Some propose calling out tbe militia, but tbey do not know how to make them fight themselves; and thoy likewise imagine, that they nirht take it into their heads to fight them. Alar, little Rhoda, your email potato aristocracy must fall; their sovereigns tbe people have said it, and their will ia la#. Tbe people of this State are determined no longer.to submit to have their rights trampled under loot by virtue of such i relic ef king craft, as the charter of Charles the Second. The Methodist and Baptist churebes have commenced a protracted meeting: Should the result I>e interesting, 1 will let you Know. Peter. j FkomTex**.?The New York came in vegterday from Galveston, bringing dates to the 23d ins*. | No further intelligence had been received frotn Com. j Moore in the Gulf, nor from the Santa Fe priaou- c ers. It will be seen that the Texians are preparing c [or defence agt>in?t tl?e mvagiou threatened by M?-x- t Ico. _ i A letter dated Austin, January 5th, says, a "bill fiaa*ed both houses of Congress, repudiating Texas b labilities of the 1st of February." ( We have received letters and papers from Austin ' up to the 31st ult. 4 On the 30thult. the President sent a message to 4 the Senate, recommending an appropriation tobuild fortifications at the entiancts of Galveston and J Matagorda Bays, to be mounted with Paixhatn ' guns or bomb cannon, and also an appropriation for * the purchase of several pieces of the same kind of 4 ordnance for the use of the Navy. 'f One of our correspondents says, that the appro- t priations made by ine present Congress will not ex- " ceed one hundred and fifty or two hundred thousand J dollars at most. * p The law exempting slaves from execution was ' repealed in the house on the 30<h. with only two " dissenting voices?Hunter and Mayfield. h A bill was introduced into the Seriate on the 29th, u by Hon J A. Greer, directing the President to ne- K jotiate with the United States for the annexation b of Texas to that republic. 1 On the 28ih. in the House of Representatives, the * Nsval Committee reported in favor ol the repeal of the act laying up the Navy in ordinary. 1 A party of throe gentlemen have arrived from ( Corpus Christi, and report that a large body of Cu- f manches have been down in the vicinity of San An * tonio, and stolen a number of horses, and killed 1 some of the settlers. They also state that some Mexican robbers have been again making attempts to raise men enough , to rob the rancho at Corpus Christi, bat have not succeeded. Colonel Carns is in the vicinity with a ^wuu uiMiipnuy ui uiuij wiiii uiuec ir>iuins at the rnncho, they feel able to meet any assault ( which muv be made upon them. A gentleman has pone to Matamoras to ancertiin whether the marau- t dere upon the frontier are encouraged by the Mext- J can authorities. \ The opinion at the Westi? that SaatAAnna has c no idea of invading Texas, and the people on the c frontier have the beat possible facilities for obtain* y ins information from Mexico. ii Two Mexicans lately came into the Ranrho with J a letter purporting to be from a Mexican, at the head of some sixty others, to Colonel Kinney, re- < questing htm to visit the Mexican camp, as they J were desirous of tradinp, hut afraid to come iu with- : out assurances from ColK that they would be well received. From something the bearers of the letter let fall, it was.bslieved that (he party wished to possession of Col. K , and place him in front of their - inks in an attack upon the rnncho, thus to prevent ihefl exians from firing. The two men were seized, ind compelled t? pilot the Texians to the Mexican encampment, but on their arrival the party wan i .(one, and could not be found, though there fires * were still burning. Fhom Campxaciit.? By the Borneo we have re- J ceived Yucatan papers to the 7th instant from the ca- ? pital. They contain the articles of agreement ?* to Pi the terms upon which Yucatan rejoined the Mexe " can federation, signed on the 28th December. Yucatsn is guaranteed in her domestic institutions, as before the separation The Yucatan tariff to remain * as at present established, and never to be changed r' by Mexico. The Slate never to be reqmred to furnish men for the army or navy of Mexico, except ti ?n? hnitalioa of truants. to be oomposed ol natives, and never to be ordered oat of the Stale, noil the lo* " cal governor to be the commander. The State to retain ita public vessels, a" well to prevent airiuv- 1 gliug, aa to punish inMilta and aggtesaions from wiih- } out, and to pay ita (?uota ol theloreign debt- And * the recaiptalrom cuatoma to belong entirely to Yucatan. It remaina to be seen if SmU Anna will ratify thia compact, being so neatly tantamount to the acknowledgment ol Hie independence of the State ol Yucatan; eapeciaily aa the Mexican Coiinnrseioner van instructed to demand that the Gov -rnor ol the State should be appointed in Mexico; thai a standing orceshould be maintained in Yucatan by the au >remc governmentTobaeco, we learn by the papers, is similarly iiuated as regards its relations with the mother re- ! jublio?N. O. BuUt tin, Jan 2t> Rnrat. Steam Ship Kosth ?This line ateamihtp will be oft the Baltse en the 4tii of next month o receive the American mailt, which will Icava his city on the 3J ?/Veto Orltnn* Adr Jan 26. Asiifikor a Fl>kt.?Qmta a fleet of vessels irrtved yesterday No lass than ships, lurks, >ri<re and schooners, the Zenehia, from Cantos, tmongthe numbei. See Matina List. The Michigan House ol IIepreee metises, by a atge majority, have decided in favor of su%en?ug til works of internal lmprovemeat. I ' ? LD. rriM TwoCwtI Moms .Fm awlismi.no !? Under Una c.puon, on Snnday moriiiuu, we gave.au indistinct inkling of certain extensile monetary operatic ns by a certain extensive ex-banker of Georgia, of which ihiacitp has recently been the scene We yesterday made some enquiries iute the subject, and are new enabled to give a more bold outline of the piciine. The name of the individual in question is Darwin Gibson. He has been urreaied on a wru for $5,250, issued by the CoNimercial Court, at the instance of Benoift and Hackney, exchange brokers. No. 1$ Camp atreet. _ it appears he nc-eociated with this firm two cerii ticates off deposit on the Bank of Troy, New York, for which they paid him $5,220. After Una operation h?- was " going it stroBg." lie offered for negotiation (anil succeeded, we helie*', ir? riusb.sg otT some ot tiivin) similar cerubcates ot deposit on the Commercial Bank of Hew York, lie sold,'or oflered for sale, the invoice of a cargo of coffee, which he said he wa?ahout to receive from Havana, but ot which thera is much doubt, and purchased a schooue^with the view of Ireiuhting her with flour lor Jamaica. Oue ol the certificates for $1000 on the New York Bank, however, w hich he offered for sale, wua pronounced " not genuine," by one thought to be a competent judge, and this it was which led Beneist and Hackney to adopt the csuree tbev have taken. The parties i? New York and at Troy have beeu written to concerning the mutter, and till they shall be heard from, the question of the certificates being or'not jbemg forgeries, cannot be conclusively solved ; so. till then, atrleast, we must believe all lo be "right straight up'and down," e.s Washington Irving ? beautilully expresses it!?N. O. Picayune, Jan. 25. Mutiny onBoabd a Hhitish Vessel?The crew of the British ship Elizabeth Bentley, consisting of twelve men, were brought before Justice Stringer yesterday morning, on a warrant sued out bv the captain, charged with mutinous conduct, by refusing >o perform duty during the passage of said ship trom LIngland. The facta of the case appeared to he, hat while sailing in the Bay of Biscay, on the 21st if December, the watch from below were ordered in deck, which they positively refused to do, until hey were supplied with more grub, which waa not {ranted- After some threats by the captain, they returned to duty. For this the captain, on arriving, applied to the officer of the revenue cutter to nave five of them atresled, and sent up to the city, ipou which the residue refused to perform duty, aBd they also, were brought up in company. The charge was fully substantiated against nine of them, and they were requested by the British Consul to return to their duty, which request only one of them jould be prevailed upon to comply with?eight posiively refusing, who were sent to jail until an opportunity offers to forward them to England for trial? Three of the crew were declared uot guilty of the ;harge, and by order of the Consul ware set at libery.?Mobile Herald, Jan 27. Raisino the Wind ? Some person in Havana, t appears, 'lately drew three hills on New York or $10,0(10each; those bills were sent to a bank in Ifobile; and from thence forwarded to New York, rhen. behold ! the persons in the latter place, on rhom the bille were drawn, declared they knew lothing about the matter, and bad givaa no authoity for such drafts. News from Havana ?The government paper if the 15th, contains instructions from the intendi lot, allowing special favor* to the English line of (earners. It is somewhat yingulsr, that opto Thursley s*t, the Hevaea editors had not translated th< Euopean news received by the steamer Forth A writer in the Diario of the 16 h, remarks, thai vhile the Havana papers are takes np with what is Msing in Mexico, Bnenos Ay res, end Cons tan tilople, or have their columns filled with novels, iriticismson the operas, Fanny Eissler, etc., netting i9 eaid of the commercial crisis, which new hreaten* the whole island of Cuba. Sugar is sellng at so low a price, as to afford no profit to the tlanteie. Anether writer in the Laeero, admits that the >lanters and merehsnts are embarrassed in their leenniary circumstances, in consequence of the lepreriation which has taken place in the price of lolonial produce ; bat still bids his countrymen not 0 despair. He says the French are about toRbanIon tfcr manufacture of sugar "from the heet-reot, nut will consequently consume a great deal more of iVest India sugar. He estimate* ihut the coffee ef 3uba now yield* $3,000,190 annually ; and thinks ( hat the labor and attention of the planters may be ' lirected with advantage to other tranches o| agrilulturo. During the year 1841, there entered the port of flavana 1618 vessels, measuring 277,102 tons, beenging to different nations. )Q1 GRAND 8TJIEET-LA1E VANN'8-BROWN C>V L It UltQUHART lake p'eaiure tn mnouneirg io the lublie that th ey have purchnvej of Mr. Vano his intere?t is herx'cusive Dry Good* establishment, No. Ill Or end street, nil they beg to inlorm the former irieues of this well known toie that ihey are now receiving an Imm-nee variety of Iciirahlo goods; the stork i* beiog rrpleiished in every de>.rlmen', and w? are uviug every ciertion to make this entailiehment accnn I to uone in 'his city * a marri for the *>-1- of ecfiil a-id rheapgoode. We pledge ourselves 10 the f uhlic to ndmt suieelveson (lie atrici'st Syeiem of on* puce, am! are secured the avtistasce of young m-n who wllpiv the tmoil attention to vieiiors, whether purchasing er pricing oods. We will open on SsiurdaT.Slh Krb. 1IW. and will commence y sivim our first cu.tsmors some ntraordinaiy bursain*. Ill good* will be found marked in p'n'n fi*ur *. no mystery, od aootl* will on any account lie void lor los* or more than the nice*o marked. We trnat that nil who deal with u* once will be pleated to lecome regnlvr eoitnn??rn. .... 8illu, Shawl*, De L <i?e?, ^alieoe*, NWlin*. Linm*. H.-se, Rove*. I.ace rood*, Haberdasher- , k launel*. Bl -nketa. Qui'ta ind Oomforiah e*. M rino , he. he. will be offend at price* otait the worvt tu* :*, and we hope no one that mile will go iway dnappo.nl BROWN h URQUHART, 1*1 Grand vlieeu The st >r* No 50 Catherins street to kr Ut, posse-*ion can >e had immediitely. Agply on the premise*. ar at tSI Osaad treat. FASHIONABLE BOOTS. pHK euhsnriber return* bis (inccre thanks to his friends, 1 custoraen, and the public generally, fur the liberal putroege which they have bestowed on him since hi* comment* meat u bullawi. and assure* thser. tk*t not hing on his part ahall k? ranting to merit a continuance ol theiame. He has succeeded b addition to hie preeeot ilsck iu obtaining, at considerable (pence, for hie Fall and Winter trade, a lot of the ?ery beet lunlitr ol French Calfuhin, which for softness and durability auuot be eicelled. He hu alio on hand a quantity of eater .roof Entlieh iole leather, which he can recommend ae a enwrior article for cork and double aoie water proof b.mti. He would 4io it.ite that he takes erawingi of the fret, in I laa lasts made to eait each customer Oentl?wea who may >e deitroue to obtain au|ie'ior Urate, and a god lit, are raapectally incited to aire the subscriber a trial. IAMKH wai KF.M ? n>n?t IT. f 5Cl(8,Xoin;Kr.-afti/hf,i? n * .u.n. O Li Combined Snail Wheel Locke and Comh union r*d'ncks. -These euperior Locke, confuting of Store, Uoor, and House ,oekn; Locke for Iren ' hem; Book Sifee.hc_: uighi Luteha; are decidedly saiwrinr to any is marfcei. Whilr. perfectly imple in th- ir operation mil me, ili-y are equal'ed iu safety ry no other Lock, and only lurpweed by/he celebrated Com?D?Uoo Lock of thf Mim* invonior. Thf principle <id which hey mv comiructtd i? rnttrely n'". no '[ > bene?' d to be incnuilUd in alfor ling, at e triiljatf the sioel ample uriiy. The price of utorr Jo >r Locka ere $8 to $15 mcht ^dlockc $3 to $12 (he df>t^fi. A superior article of P*ll< ek? for R *il lloadi an 'ah'p'i u?e, rorthy the ittenfioo of prreonf lateretted in imeS bu?ioe??. or e.1?. m ? ? ?ft WW * Azeufn for the Mf*einrw 4 I J Kltfat' K iN LTufTt-ALJke.n ,/\j* ./ , ^r. .,,..7" tV g73 Broadway, onjiotii- Nihlo% Garden.?This ILa'aauit i< shore th* Ice Cream Balooa. La lies will And. al this lUblishu.ent, a private rating room, and a bid of fare iipBed with erery thing that themarke! cat iff.ird?,hr sinbtiiberehope by their punctuality, giving all saiafae'ioe to le pere <a that wilt grre them their patrouige. Prime room ir dinaer partiee can be had All ordete receiraii loa. nl out?dinner pirtir* h ,IL. eoireel. e. ornamental pyramida'l kinds parmx of augir, chire <>f Urty. fancy cakes, Charlotte rune, tellies ice cr-on hit Jiu, glares,bomhes a gr-uadas, the only minutactur r?, kc, Ua baud treH'S. pate d# foies graa. and the yerapieuy, pe la pole, chimpogji >ns. h amiliee will ftur1, at any time, a rariety of dishre ready to Hid out. Their prices will be moderate. .MAGMAN It WHEN. French ''oob, ... i '' ,.r r lIfc_AND rii'ti'ivti t rrtr.-. ,.ar. - 1 Li OOCKIN.r KKPK ATiNfi 'HTOLs ?This Pie'ol eaa e due liarged sis times w h si o ost th" reptdilyof ihougtit. '!? ?"? ?. >H? I'MT-I . ...i.e. ... , VI|1 mrrrii or utliv die tnyg 'l" clumber * d hair I am hi on? l ie", nd there lor. cannot hi iw spari 1 k> oih?r r p .ting p?.tole. Die comtmef ion of (he pi?t?l i. |ierfre>ly iimpfe?the> can be rewn from tlic p-ckel and no* I villi nue h-od win <( the oat of a nrnme lie lime in rocking; a;t thoit ran h find > Mtuaminciurwk liii (loj r. i'n-y.rr no lenr-r than an Htnuy p nil pi del F.rtia ellere.hnoee keep>r?. t aptaine. platter. indnlheta. hey ar< an iadi? fumble article, u prison . b?ta male and .male, can vrilh ih < p.ilol protre' lh-ir lire* and property I alt .eh d b> many p'-r-oaa ae on- of tiwni i. tonal to near a i.xenof (lie c .mm. n kind, ttent'emen are in' iied in fall ? the .tor* of the advrrtier* ndei.name t >? aa'ec. ? i??i-a in Inn, p-rfeil safely and ion-liability to yet out of orJet, Will certain') recon.i .'lid hem over a.! otnei* Foretle n ilr.ale.ini r 11 I bv J. it. B'lLKN, IK Broadway. llff-riaiil'a'l fit r}.? fll?ra|( r) sfiili. Kh-KPr. H 1? i rie Oixrnaai acTZ~* ... a Hi), iior * yl- .. I at r< a ni.Vilr pur. a vi.itiDz m I m-rhan'a rd.!re?* eard.. hill heada ai?i tvery deatriptinn "f o'ainerrial blank*, L.*beii ei grand f<>| nil k nd .f dtoa nd wnlli 11 k iod? Tn'enl m?Uir U"? .ha druan ? ? I ibela at a ilalliraad r.p ??id? per lh uaattd. II ah, eon.ulai audeor ety aeala, ta ith apptopr atede una ii'in a euper oratvlr. lira, aid doui': ail-er pi lie 1 o- 1 lave* kn-rkcre, h-ll tilla.ke , t. tth imptoted tiimul.i d b rdtrr, hand.omel' raved. 8' re k <per'? . ?rd? t pe pru.t-d, at one dol ?r a f.fty 1 ent? and upaard* per thouenil rarda. in the n a in-r nd at hiWcr nr? ?a ihan c .n he inicint 11?: ajyoli.-i ..lali.r m*nt. AM ordrri t.r >mptl< attend* 1 1*. BlM. N, t.af-'.vee and Printer,

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