15 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

15 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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THJ Val. WTC.?Ho. 333 ?WhoU ?00?. NEW LINE UP Li V KKPOOL PACKETS. To Mil fro? New York <n IhrTSlh, wd Lirerp-olin ihelStb tftacK ?nU*? ^ M. EL ^ From Ni? Yen*. Bfiainri i's.iiiiti John Coll ml. Hth Not. Sop ftlDDOSR.Capiaiu K, B. Cohb.nMh Dee. Sup KHKRIDaVi. Ciplon W. A. Depeyiter, ?5th Jan. ZuUAiUUCK, Captnin Wm. hkiddy, ?tk lab. Nom Liviipml. m.i~. iHERtOAN.CH'iwii f. A. Uepcyitor, 11th Not. Su? *ARRICK, (iaplisn Wm. Skidcfy, IPth Dee. Skis RO8CIU8, CapUun John Collin*. 13ll> Jul Ship SlDDONtj.Cuptaiu K. B.Cobb, IS?h Keb. Tb**e?hip* are el! of ike tiretclas*, upward* of 100* ton*,built In Ike city of New York, with such improvement* ee cembics Citsperd with unusual comfort for passenger*. Ererj' car* boce t*ben in the arraiigementof their accommodations. The nrieeof peeeegekccce i? hioo.fur which ample store* will be provided. These ship* ere commended by experienced ma*\ tern, who witl make every exertion to give general aaiiafac "jfftitber the captain* or owner* ofthe** ship* will be repawn Mi for any leUem, parcel? or puckapeiscut by tbcm, nnlca* re ular bill* of ladiujf are*i^n< d therefor. Th*?hi|>* of thielioc will hereafter go armed, and their peen Hiteonatruclion give*them security notpoaxwoed by any other I it T***els of war. W^f k JA8. BROWN k to, Live,pool. Letter* by the packets wilt bo charged H| cent* pcreingl* *beet: *0 cents perounce. end aewspapcra 1 ten I ear h^ It v rOR NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORE LINE OK PACKET aft m m m foMa^tUer aecmuui cUuon onhTuwr*. it ii*T7itesart?d to d*anatrh achip from thii port on the 1st, 5th, l Ah, 15th, Wh mfwili of each mouth, eomme-iciug the Itth October, and ootinuing until May, when regular days will be appointed fci the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and disap neinOmenta will b* prevented during the summer month*. Tli* Mlowinx *hip* will cominruee thii arraagem>at Mup TAZOO.Capt. Cornell, loth Oct. 1841. a Skip OCONEE. Capt- Jerksoii, 15th Oct. 6hinMl8SIS.SlfPl.Capt. Milliard, 30ih Oct. IhmLOUISVILLE,! not. Hunt.!?51h Oct. sSpSHAKSPEARE, Capt. Miner. IxtNovember. Ship CkAHTO V. (Not. Latham, Silt Not. ~~ ' "vniqiru r p punt Miiinfnrd. 10th Not. ffip BcStSt" mil NOT. Sip NASHVILLK, Cwjit. Dickinson. Mlk Not. Ship MEMPHIS, Capt. Anight, 16th Nor. Ship LOUISA, Capt. NIn funi. lot December. These ihipa were all built in the city of New York, erprfga h for pocket*, are of a light draft of water, have recently been newly eoppered and pat in sjdeudid order, with accommodation* farpMienger* unequalled for contort. They are commanded ky expeneuced master*. who will make eeery eiertion to give general latiataction. , Thry will at ail time* be towed up and down the MiMieaippi by le-unhoata. Neither the owner* or captain* of these ship* will be reiponsii Ue for jewelry, buUk>u,preciou* *touee,*ilTer,orplated ware, or fir any lettera, parcel or packnre, lent by or put on board of taem, unleae regular bill* of lading are taken for the lame, and (tie raise thereon expreiied. far freightor naeaaee. apply to G. K. COLLINS fc CO. M South ('or JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orlsaas, who will promptly forward all good* to hie addreae. The snip* of thie line are warranted to eail punctually aa adl mrtieed, and grant care will be taken to bare lh* goodi correct h msassnd. j?ly NEW YORK AND HAYRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE;) jfc m, m. m. itfaSpTof U%i* HnT?rtir hereafteMeaw NnttoAoatli* Mt and Harre on the <?th of each month a* follow*: Irrm Ntw Fork. Prom Ham. The new chip ONEIDA, C let March (leth April Cant. t let July < l?th August Jame* runek. f let Noremkor ( l<lh December Mp BALTIMORE, let April C ltth Mar Cert, let August J 1Mb September Hdward Funk. I let December ( ltth January MpUTICA, < let May . filth Juae Cent. tit September filth October Fimrh Hewitt i lit January ( ltth February Mow akap B T.NICOLAS, let June filth July liaisx'" The spinMmwditiiws of these ships are not eurpaiiiJ, ram Mnmg all that may be required for comfort The price of cabin paeeegi is flit, Pasoengere will be .supplied with erery requisite, with ths eneeptioii of wines and liquors. Goods intended for thee* rcosela will be forwarded br the nhsr risers, free fmm any ether tlian the expenses acteaCyi n"* m f"f OA jrate, , t> 1 Tontine Buildings. MEW YORK AND NEWARK. *ss> . Vara redmrdto MS cants. Mm the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. At 1A.M. At s rv. At! A.M. Atlt F.M. "T J.fe a vs "*" l)n SUNDAY* " * L^m^Vaw Ym-f?l "f Newark rflMthe foM^sf LtbMty^s'tre^.dofly. "Ttjt '"Wit* jSS^SK&rrLJS iLmMMWIw procure tUir litlnti at the tieketoOce.rearfM^mrr tkkctgratia. Tuhetearereeeived by the conductor 2* on Uioder when uurchieed. all " STATKN ISLAND WJUIY. ~ CS^Ar^ *f WhitohaM <xT^L*t3* *^ffihaa? 8TATCN ISLANDS " Tsnssasr1 :i " ;'i : t ll ? ?UH It 4 M ? " | ? M Oa Sunday thava will to (wo toata to run. Tbt laat boat laaeaaStalnnlotaadeit o'clock. r. a. o? jMM ^ FOR SHRF.WSBURY?FALL AK RANGE MKNT-The ateamboet OSIRIS SESaDLCant. J C. Allaire, will commence running on flMaf, Sept. Hth, ae folIowa:?leave F niton Market alip art Mirer, every Saturday at 10 o'clock A.M., Tueedey flL lT. and Fndey. at I o'clock AM. Retnraitu. learea Red Tank every Monday morning: nt II etoAAM^ Tanadar, Wcdncaday, and K rid ay, at toifpeei "fla koat will run aa above ufttil further notice, aavtgatloi a?d weather permitting. on toe" T. rOWKLL A CO.* LINK. POR NfcWBURGH, landing at CALD CapL Robert Wardrep. will leave the foot of Warren atraet haw York.every Monday. Thi vJey and Saturday afternoon'i ad 4 o'clock. Returning, the Hwh.uiJor will .vewburgt avanrMonday oMjrnjrr at o'clock, aa, Tueeday aud Fridaj "^rftotfht erpeeaagc.arply to the Captain on board. lor All baggage and Tmght of every deaertyben. banl MRa avaaicie. out on board due boat, aaaet to at the riek of the wnwra theroor.aaleaa a Mil of lading orreeeigbeeigpod fc* laeeagae _ mat STARLlNk FOR NEW ORLEANS. jsl M 0k & ^ TeRRImkere t? r?fl?n^J!eir kanko fbr the pa Manage you have kitiaerto evtended tnwarde Ito Star Line, am paHaK aeeotiagedioa of a portion of your freight to New Or haaa,ia thia line, which will be taken at the very lo weet ratce jatto foUe wiagahipe, which will aaceeedeaeh other and aai SOLON,Captain Geo. Bookman. RUSSEL OL?)VER, Captain debet Howea, ECHO, Capta-n A. A. Wood, WINDSOR CASTLE, Captain8. G. Glover, asdagtoranintar the earner I aea.to olloer each other ia quid anaaaatiea. rev farther particular*, apply on board at Tim beat wharf, ar to OLOYER ft Me MURRAY, eM tee Pineet.oer. South. HEW YORK AStt LI?'Ell POOL COMMERCIAL UNI ? PAClnCT?. SfepSfF' .?* .fl tVio'h itroot, Now York. rpHEwhoentoT.au. ymJiiiirrmtinnUfortic v?* - f."?".v*iLwith MotiMonta of ?'ne?r "J"1 * " ?? "?pport ho boo wmM for Mir ytor V*" ?W of IW inti nJipi ^^Sa^rtarvS^c.^'d Z^TiZZZtZtrS'1*- '" "? """ < ? T>& ?ho*M hoooth* n^ay of the ioWmu, ioU(; saat^v~ MlMf Mhgtot MtcktMO will bo gins by tic 1 Afoota to Ukm mbI for. ji wtll ? >0 who %?* Si; and okooM toy of thoto, wnoot to^v.<to.,>?\? *" MotoWfc.tho somt wUI to mlStoUt^l.^ 7?V ?Wcnbtr feel* a plooturc Ktmmkm, ho,.w* O,. .1 3?m Motor which he pttotn^cc ?Mnc oot damog Um Um \eM V^>fM M^ ^f0CtKM.Ml >n W ... hM OOthl,, lQ r.iMww dm concindtd om for our f?i r ?toi<?lUwiof io k lilt nf th'.pt :? ^d?Mgootlkod Rohimon Ptop Owohi fluid Ftorfttld Wilton " Bt. flood Kb. no. L 2 ftotoifeH Riattoll " New *wt N.to _ RmiII Oortr Hown " W?m? UriftUi " Hjiuiw Wilton " Otwfo Woo " AJftod fhoover - Orc*n Wrlloo " CU^bi log?noil - l.'hot Htor " LnanOli Alloa " N. lUmythire HiHn - Brio E-iX gift's-. "^SS " rttatieo ?> " Virginia Y.olo * TtTWI SpM* " Rnropa BltchfUi VMM V> . > I teakiut Seymoi WMtchMtor r?n Thootoep ibipo, ood thoir , eopectivr mUiM, ui all we MMfcmshto kaowo nto trod* ~A.tof PMOfo troto tto dutotirt Mcto of Mtailtotot flarswesfrf r^HSrtsL'z zzzr. voir riopiotioi br our hot Mi ilto oa Man J. k W. Robu M^iMJJopU "^hwt1 ort poti. I rot ?f My oWgo, Umgto For ftothn pork colon imtfli . JOTtesas. E NE1 NEV THE GREAT BOZ BALL LAST NIGHT. TUB HOST BRir.LI AST AFFAIR TBT. This most extraordinary, brilliant, fashionable, humorous, Sam Wellerish, singular, superb, delightful, and astonishing affair" came off"(as the horse jockeys say) last night, and nothing ever seen, heard, or told of in this world before, even went off with such indescribable cclai. There must have been at least three thousand persons present; all most elegantly dressed ; and at least eighteen hundred of them were ladies: and the dresses, diamonds, jewels, silks, satius, pearl, gold, and other ornaments worn by tham on this occasion, must have amounted in value to at least half a million of dollar t, if not more. " Werry hard times, these," as the tender toed man said to the tortoise shell's back, when he trod on it. Before we proceed to speak of v hat was teen, heard, or said, within the house, we must describe what waesaeo outside the theatre, as early as half past 6 o'clock. Although the doors did not open till half past seven o'clock ; and some few ladies and gentlemen of the committee went into the back entrance of the theatre as early as seven o'clock and by half past seven at least twenty carriages had arrived. We will now go Outside the Theatre. Here there was a tremendous crowd, and numbers of well dressed persons, all trying to get a sight of the passing scenes and the actors therein, although the night was damp and cald. But they were all kept back, and admirable order preserved by officer A. M.C.Smith, and sixteen police officer* under him. They kept back the crowd; kept the entrance to the theatre clear, and preserved most admirable order throughout the night. The accommodations for the comfort of the ladies going from the carriages to the lobby were excellent; on awning reached from the theatre covering the steps and whole side walk to the curb stone; they stepped out of a carriage onto a platform covered with green baize, and so through the lobbies, and in through the main box entrance, the whole of which was covered with green baize down to the dancing door, and in this way they reached the ball room without soiling their shoes. Inside tXe Theatre. The lobbies were all cleaned and beautified ; and ample arrangements were made for taking of hats, cloaks, shawls, shoes and other nic nacs; the apartments for ladies to retire into were much improved. All the saloons were fitted up with great taste. 11 the lobby of the second tier wo a large counter ; ui one end coffee was dispensed ; and at the other end tea was served out to those who preferred it, in great strength and great abundance In the lobby of the third tier, was also a large counter ; from one end of that was dispensed lemonade ; from the other end port wine negus to those who preferred it; and they formed a majority. In the second lier saloon was plsced a long table d' wn the centre ; loaded down with all Kinds of choice refreshments, I including oysters of every kind and variety served np in Downing'# best style. In front of this tabls la' dies and gentlemen promenaded, took r< lre*lim?nts [ and walked away leisurely, tom?k-- n?om for others. ( In the saloon of th? third or rather the fourth tier, there was also a long table, and a small cross table loaded down with refreshments Here gentlemen went alone, and man* went it rrong; in the eating [ and drinking line. Tue following bill of fare wilj 1 give some ideaof the destruction mado by this ball r in the good things of ih:s life': BUI of Pare. 1 38,000 Oysters, aimed and 0 boxes of Raisins. ! pickled. 3 barrel< of Almonds, 7,000 Fried O) iters. 3 brrrels of Apples. 10,00# Sandwich.?. 3 barrets of Oranges. 40 Hans. S t pound of Mottoes. 70 Tongues 3 000 Kisses. 13 Floatiug 3wans, a new 35 P> rsmids?one eost t5s, device. and had ths " Curiosity I 50 round* of Alamodo Beef. Shop" on the top. 60 boned Tu.kics, g 11a- 350 quarts of Jelly sad [ lined. Biano Mange. 50 pair* of Chiekrna. MO quart* of fee Cream. 35 paiiaot D ick*. Cocoa Nat Cakes, Oildrd 1 bsrrrl of Cho-km Salad. Biscuits, Sponge Cakes, 3 00u fned Mutton Caopa? and Ladlee Finger* in , cold. thousand*. liivms. 3 hogsheads of Lemonade. So gallons of Too. 1'hrtirt la ol Pori Bingireo. 1*0 gallons of Madairs 3 .*or-n boars oi Claret. Ifia*. i 100 gal out of Coffee. There were used at this flte 800 oops and aaucers; 5,000plates tmd 4,000 glasses, tumblers, dee. Sixty-six m-n were employed in serving out the refreshment*, and <>n" hundred and forty men and women were employed three days and three night# in getting the refresh meat# ready. We come now to aaother very im;wtaat part of the f.rruagemtnts of the evening?the Kscoratlsai of the Andienee Part of the Haass. Here the arrangements were very splendid. The wkole front of the four tiers were ornamented with J wreaths, roaettea, festoons of fl iwers, coats of arma of tha States, portraits of the Prestdeata, statues t from the antique, Cnpida, Psyches, portrait of Boa, paintings of all his works, atari and drapery. We ' will begin at the Pint Tier. I Hers every seat was covered with white muslin, with gold border; and along the floor of the front d row of seats, green baise was placed lor the feet. j The fifteen pillars supporting the second tier of * boxes were covered with muslin tissue worked in a gold. This, with some festooned drapery at the t back of these boxes, sod on astral lamp also at the >r back of each box, aad a gold upright slab at the " front termination of each box com part meat, eorat pie ted the deeovatioos in that quarter. At the uaual Jj spot on the right of the first tier, was placed the OrthMtra, The front of the orchestra wan divided into fir? golden compartments, with wreaths in the esatre A the whale Isnlssnsd with wreaths. A kens goUea ^ yo: 7 YORK, TUESDAY MOR May-pole was in the centre (rout of Itoe orchestra, with an eagle on the top and wreaths pendant therefrom to two other golden pillars at each extremity of the orchestra. There were twenty-four seats ia the orchestra all covered with white muslin, and on the top of the front of it were placed guttars and tbiuboriacs- The band was as admirable one, led by , and better music was never itenrd at any ball in this city. There were no ornaments to the interior of any of ihtj boxes of ibe second or third tiers; and no one w is admitted to the fourth tier at all. We will now describe the moms or uch tieji or boxes, beginning with that of the Second Tier Front, The ornaments here ran in the following order, beginning with the proscenium, jist above the or chestra 1?A blue and silver star, with a rosette in the centre J?A statue ef Cupid. I?A medallion encircled by a wreath, with an open booh painted in the centre, inscribed " Olives Twist bt Box." 4?A statue of Pysche. a- A bine and silver star, with rosetta. fl-A statue ef Cupid. 7?A medallion, ss before, at No. 3; the booh inscribed "MASTKB IIlMMISET'S CLOCE." 8?A statue of Pysche. 9?A blue aad silver star, with rosette. 10 - A stutue of Cupid. 11?Medallion, as before?the booh inscribed 11 Old Cbbiositt Suor." 15?Statue of Pysche. | 13?Blue and silver star and rosette. , 14?Statue of Cupid. 16?Medallion, as before, bat Bve volumes of bound | books, all closad, painted, instead of one open book; these were inscribed "Comvlete Wo ass or Box." ' 18?Statue of Pyeche. < 17?Blue and silver and roactte. 18?Stutue of Cupid. ' 19?Medallion, with the head of Bos in the centre, anr- < rounded by a w reath and surmennnted by a gol- . den earle, holding a laurel crown in hie beak. 1 23?Statue of Pysche. < 21?Star and rosette. 22?Statue of Cupid. ' 23?Medallion, with an open booh in the centre, iaacri- 1 bed " Bissisv Roooe." 21? Statue of Cupid. 93?Star and rosette. I 28?Statue ol Pysche. 27?Medallion and book, inscribed " Picewicb Psvees." 28?Statue of Cupid. 1 2??Star and rosette. i 30?Statue of PyacheL I 31?Medallion and bosk inscribed " Nioholss Nice- 1 LE1V." 32?Statue of Cupid. . 83?Bluo and silver star and rosette. This, with n continuous wreath feetooned nil round, completed the ornaments ronnd the front of 1 the first tier from proacenium to prosceninm pillar. 1 Round the front of thta Third Tier were placed all the shields of the twenty-six 1 States in regular order, beginning at the oldest in the Union, and so d^wn; these were also ornamented < with festoons of flowers continued nil round the boxes front, and over each shield were English and American flags crossed. ' In the Front of the Fourth Tier Were placed statues portraits in the following order, ?beginning with the centre i? Fall length figure of Wash- Full length figure of Jefington. feraon. Head of John Adams. Head of Washington Head of Madison Head of John Quincey Head of Monroe Adams 1 Head of Jefferson Head of Jackson Arms of the States Arms of the States Statue ef Liberty A Star. 8 lata# of Justice. Over each of theee were placed the English and ^ American ensigns crossed; and between them were placed statues of Apollo Mid the fits muses; the whole decorated with wreath* and continuoas feotooas of flowers. Boxes of the Second Tier. To this, we mnet add, that every one of the sixteen boxes in the tier were fitted up with red striped drapery curtains to represent tents, each curtain having a blue ground in tho corner with 26 stars thereon. Tlie Proseccnlmn, On the proscenium the pillara were covered with striped bunting, and above them were four silk banners with appropriate devices; portraits of Bos on two of them. Tho Dome. The ?atire dome over the pit was covered with red, white. Mid blue bunting, radiating from large golden fci&r in the centre; and diverging at the stage HiJe in curved festoons, till it covered aO the ceiling up to the proscenium. Altogether 7,000 yards of woting were used in the decorations ; which all, from first to last, cost about $2,500; although much was only hired for the occasion. Chandeliers, die. In the centre of the audience part of the house,ov< r , the pit, were two splendid golden chandeliers with ( sixty variegated wax candles therein. At the main box entrance, where the green baize reached the i stage, were two golden pillars,supporting golden can- \ delebrss, with twelve variegated wax lights in each. These, with the astral lamps at the back of the boxes of the first tier, projecting from brackets, and six golden astral lamps hanging from golden brackets on the proscenium pillars, with ths usual number sf sixteen chandelier gas lights of four burners each, in front sf each tier of boxes, formed the whole ot the lights in front of the proscenium. We next come to the Stage Chamber Ssene; The stage decorations and arraugemcnts were the most chaste and beautiful that can be imagined. The stage was widened till it extended to seventy-six feet in width, ssd thrown back almost to the wall of Theatre alley. And the whole stage represented a splendid chamber of carved and gilded oak, with magnificent ceiling to match, of the Elizsbethean age, with deep bow windows on each side, forming a recess with Bests. On each panel of this room was placed a mtdaUirm tabkmuc, highly finished, reoresenting a scene from Box's works. These were twenty-two in number, and cenaisted of the following sutyects.? I?Oliver liking for more 9?Sam Wi lier writing hi? Valentine3?The Bailiff** at Mantilini'*. 4? The Bagacioui Dog. 6?Mantilini poiaenedfor the 17th time ?View of the Warren. 7?Nell in the eld Charch Yard. 5? Old Weiltr and hi* grandson Tony. ??"D*"t'i?g Dog*. 10? The Old Man at Nell'* Orare. II-Tim Tapaertit'* Rarerie. 19?Barnaby Rudga dkaeorering Edward Cheater. 11?Nell reading in the Old Chapel. 14?Old Cariosity Shop. It?Qailp and the Dog. 18?Oliver aPaeking No*h Claypole. 17-Th* Old Man at Nell'a Death-bed. 18?Pickwick in the Penad. It?Qnilp lighting the Staffed Figure. 90?N if be la* teaching French te the Kenwiga. 21 ?Bumble and Mra. Carney taking Tea. 39?Old Waller putting Stiggini'a head in the HoneTraagtr These beautiful tablaaax painted by Hillyard, the scene painter to the house, were the moat beautiful omameuta of the place. They were bung at regular intervals all round the s'.age chamber, and between them were theaploadid solder bracket candelabras, intermingled with over lOOgaalighta. At the back of tho stage, and in the eentre of the chamber, was a drop curtain covering a platfotm and open apace. This curtain was painted like the frwntiapieee to the Pickwick Papers, and exhibited all the characters ia that work. This was draws up aad presented the tableaux vivaato, which were represented by the actors in the following order, ' wth the daacos i? 1. Mrs Leo Ranter'* drees, dWure. * Ths middle aged lady la the dOohl* haddsd ream. t. Mr. Bardell fauna ia Mr Ptokwielfa anas. 4 Mr. Bardell eaeeaateis Mr. Ptahwk.k ia pries a. 9. The red eased was liwuailh. a Mr aad Mrs. MaaUUai ia Ralph Niaklehy S eftee. I T. OUvar Twist at Mr. May ley *a dm. RK B NING, FEBRUARY 15, 8. Little Nell, her giaudiather, the military gentle man. and Mr. Slum'* unexpected omearance. 0. Little Nell leading her grandfather. 18. The Stranger arrutlnixing Baraaby'a feature* Id the widow'a cottage. II. The Pickwick Clufc. Itl. Waahington Irving in England, and Charlei Dickana lo America. Tliew tdbleuttx were re pre sen ted by the following actors:? C*?t cr Chibactebs is nir. Tiiiitrx. Pick wit It Vr. Bellamy. 5a*? Tfr/far, John Ficher. 7Vp-ann Povev. t) ' derate, Clarke. Winkle, Andrew*. OUUVtlltr, Parry. Jtultr Giutiot. f-'u Mailer King. Mt? /yj H.mlrr M aJi-ckaon. Afr? fTirdell K rri*. Kldirly Ma'nrn Lady, Booillangrr. Nymph Bedford. Mmliltini, Andrew*. Ralph Nieiclrhy, Claik. Mi i Mcn'illini Jackaon. Oiivtr Tient, Pritchard. Britlltt Mr Povey. Little Nell Mia* King. Iter Grant/a: he, Mr. Bellamy. Shtmmtm. Nelaon. S'um Clark. Mrt. Jmlty.. Miaa Bulotge. Bamahy Rude*, Mr. Clarke. BarnahuU Futhc Oallott. Banta&y'i Haiktr, Mr*. Bid (or J. Tike Ball. By half past 7 o'clock they began to pour into the louse, and by 8 there were 2ft<K) persons present The scene was most exhilirating AH looked well tnd happy and in high glee?all delighted. Ai' torts of questions passed from mouth to mouth " When will Boz be here V* "What is he likel" " Lt he handsome 1" " Is he married!" " Is his wile beautiful!" "She's a very fine woman" " He's a charming fellow." " Do you know aim ! " " Why, I've spoke to him." " Do introduce me !" "I so wan't to know him." " 1 sup pose they won't begin the tableaux till he comes."' "What are all these pictures round the room 1 ' "Thai's from Barnaby Rudge, I believe." "I never read Birnaby Rudge." "Nor I." "What's Master Humphrey's Clock!" "Upon my life I don't know." These, and such like remarks, with an attempt at a march or waltz, occupied the first half hour. At eight o'clock, the ball opened. At this time, there were about two thousand persons present. The immense and brilliant assemblage were yet eII anxiety?every eye was constantly turning towards the entrance, and even the fair forms that were now sliding through the dance, gave evidence of the name feeling, and showed that they felt there was yet something wanting t? complete the glittering grandeur of the scene. After the cotillion and waltz, the gong sounded ?the curtain fell, aad the first Tableau rivetud very eye. Mrs. Leo Hunter's Dress Dfjtimi gmmssm "I? it possible that I have really the gratification of beholding Mr. Tickwick himself?''ejaculated Mrs. L?o Hunter. 'Ho other, ma'am,' replied Mr. Pickwick, bowing very low. 'Permit me to introduce my irienda? Mr. Tupman?Mr. Winkle?Mr. Saodgraia?to the authored of the expiring frog.'? This Tableau was received with great applause A dense throng now surrounded the Muyor, at the farthest part of the stage, as Bor. was now expected every moment. I t vain the members of the committee endeavored to form an extended circle, and the crushing, and the squeezing, and the standing on tip toe, and the exclamations?" Where is he V? " Let me see"?" Is he come I"?" Oh do let me see!"?fearfully increased, till the excitement became the vrry sublimity of enthueiaBm ! For live minutes and a half there was a terrible ttneaFine.f. At last the immortal lion of the pageant?the illustrious Boz and his fair lady were an aounced?the orchestra struck up " God Bave the Queen"?tad led by half a-dozen of the Committee, Mr- Dickens and his lady crossed the stage to the centre of the Elizabethan room, where ihey were received by the Mayor. Boz look ed pale and thunderstruck his charming wife was completely overpowered, and with a delightfully graceful timidity shrank from the observation of the gay and staring multitude. As Boz approached, Mr. Philip Hove seized hi; his hand, and said : "My dear Sir, here is a handful of our people?right glad?bright eyes?rejoice? heartfelt welcome?ean't express?overpoweredfeelings"?to all which Boz most graciously bowed, and placed bis hand on hie heart; and then Mr. Hons said " nine cheers,"and, evidently to the a? tonishment of the hero of the extraordinary Bene, the surrounding crowd gave utterance to nine en:l u siaatic cheers. The Msyor had now taken charge of Mrs Dietass, Mrs. Morns having accepted ihe arm of Boz, and after the most praiseworthy exertions on the part of Drs. Cheeeeman, Fiancis, and other mem bersof the Committee, the crowd separated, and the band having struck up a march, Boz and hie lady were led round and round the ball room. Then the second Tableau burst upon the view ol the company, and was received with unsubdued peals of laughter. The rest sf the tableaux and dances then oime of in the following order i? The Middle-aged Lady in the Double-beddec tiooM. [ERA 1842. The only way in which Mr. P:c twirk could catch u I glimpse of hi* my irtei iuus visiter, with the 1-ast danger of U< ing seen himself, was by cri oping on to a bed, and peeping out from between tb" curtain'on the opposite aide. To this manmuvre he accordingly resorted.? Keeping the curt.ius carelnliy clou d with hii hand, to that nothing more of him could he fren th:;n hi? <ac? and night-cap and putting on bi?spectacle*, he roust) red up courage, and looked out. Mr. Pickwick almost fainted with horror and dismay. Standing before the dteating glare, tvas a middle aged lidy in yellow cnrl papers, busily engaged in brushing what ladies call their 'hack hair.' it was quite clear that she contemplated remaining there for the night ; for she brought a rushlight and shade with her, which, with praisrwcithy precaution against fire, she had stationed in a basin on the floor, where it was glimmeting away, likru lighthouse in a particulaily small piccu of water." 5. QUADRILLE WALTZ.?.Selections. 6. TABLEAU V1VANT. Mrs. Bardell faints in Mr. Pickicick''s arms. " 1 Oh, yen kind,good playful dear," said Mr?. Barde II, and without more ado she rote from her chair and Bang Her arms rounJ Mr. Pickwick'* neck, with a c&tarsct o! tearsar.d a ohoruaof sobs. 'Bless my tuul!' cried the astonished Mr. Pick wick 'Mrs Bairfell," ray good womm ? dear nr?'.That a situation-pray consider? Mr?. Bardell, dont?if any body should come ' ?'Oh! let them come.' exclaimed Mrs Bardell, frantically; 'I'll nerer leave you?dear, kind, good aoul.' And with these words, Mrs Bardell clung the tighter. 'Mercy upon me.' (aid Mr. Pickwick, struggling vinlrotly ; '1 hear (omeliody coming up the stair*. Don':?dou*t,ttim e's a good creature, dou*i !' But entreaty oiul remonstrance were alilta unavailing; far Mr*. Bardell had fainted in Mr. Pickwick's arms; and before he could gain titno to de|io?it her in n ohair. Master Bardell enter, d the room, urshering in Mr. Tzpman, Mr. Winkle and Mr. Snodgrass." 7. QUADRILLE MARCH.?Norma. 8. TABLEAU VIVANT. Mrs. Bardell Encounters Mr. Pickwick in the Prison. " 'Here ?c are at last; all right and tight,Mr* Bardell,' (aid Jackson, looking exultingly around. 'What do you menu 7'said Mrs Bardell, with a palpitating heatt. Dan't bother the woman Raid the turnkey to Welter ' She's just come in,' ' A pru'nersaid Sum. quickly replacing I in hat. ' Who'* the plaiiiiilTa 7 What lor 7 Spetik up. old frllei.' ' D.adion and Ko^g,' replied the man. ' Execution on ceguoni for cost*.' " 9. VICTORIA WALTZ. 19. TAhLEAU VIVANT. Ths Red-noied Alan Discoarncth. ' | ???? r 'DnrJi g the deJivi ry nl tbU oration. Mr* Welter fobbed anJ wept at the end of the p iragrapht, while H.im. 'itting cn>?* legged, on a rhiir, end reding hi* arm* on the top rail, regirded the aproker with great auavity aa 1 b.'aiil : nee* of demeanor, occaiionatly h. ?towing a look of re cognition on the old gi-ntlemm, who wa? deliahtid ' the boginniug } and went to ?lrep about half wcy. 'Bravo ! very pritt) !' anid 9 m. I hope it may do you I good, flemtieV ?aid Mr*. Wi ll, r /think it vill, mum.' replied Sam. 'I wiah I can Id hepethatll would do yottr father good,' laid Mi* Wilier. 'Hjrk'e, my deer,' raid Mr. Wrllcr, ?0l ior; ' How do jou flr.il youraelfarter it, my lore V 11. BASKET QVAVRIU.K. 12. TAllIiEAU vrv'ANT. Mr. ami Mrs.'MantiHni in Ralph Sicklebt't Office. ' Wia i vtraviganre, Mr. Nieklehy,'tail M*dame M; ntill in addrrfaiag heraelf to Ralph, who leant agaiaat h? natv chair, with Ma hand* behind him,and regarded the mi .ble eeaple with a amiie of the avpremeat and a%o?' unmitigated contempt,?'Hie eatravagaaoe it tayeadall bound*' 'I have made ap my mi ad le allow asea him, and I *ay that if he haa aiaadrad and tweaiy ptaada a LD. 1 <f Mm TWOCvbu ? >?rurl<)l hu < lot lit Mil J pocket money , fat: m?f 01 BSjdeT nims. lf * very fortunate man.' 'Mr. MantUmi waited with much decorum to hearths u.no".u? ?f the proposed stipend,but when it rtschrd hi* ?in? he ca?t hit hot and'cnne upon the floor, and drawing out hit |<ocket bnodkcrahirf, gave Vtnt to bit feelings in a diurnal moan.' 13. MARCH. U TAl'l.KAV VIVA XT. (Hirer Twist at Mr. May He's Door. Mf. Oil< s liel I fjst by the tinker'" arm, (tu prevent bin rn nning away, us ha pleasantly laid,) and Rave the word or command to open the dcor. Brittle! obeyed, and this group |>eepin|? timorously ov. r each other's shoulders, beheld no more formidable obj ct than poor little Oliver Twist, speechless and exhausted, who raise I bit heavy eyea and n.utely solicited their companion. 15. .sl'AMSU DANCK. 16. TABLEAU VIVANT. Little Nell and her Grandfather, the Military Gentleman and Mrs. Slum's Unexpected Appearance. " Rumbling along with molt unwontid noise, the cartvan stopped at last at the place of exhibition, wbora Nell dismounted amidst an excited group of obiMroa, who evidently supposed her to be nn important iteaiof the curiosities ; an.t woreiuny impressed ??? iu? uu?i tlia" h?r grandfather was a cunning device im wax. A tailish gentleman with a hook nose and black Uair, with a military surtout, n ry ahurt and tight in the sleeves, and which hnl once bam frngged and braided all nrar, but waa now sadly thorn of ita garniture and threadbare? dressed, too,in the ancient grey pantaloon*,fitting i tight to the leg. and a pair of pumps iu the winter of heir existence - locked at the door and smiled affibly? 'What, Mr. iilum !' cried th? lady at the wax-work. 'Lor! who'd hare though*, ul aeeing you here."' 17. BOZ WALTZ. W. TABLEAU VIVANT. Little Nell leading her Grandfather. "Her friend parted hia breakfast?a scaney mesa of codec oad somn bread, u, tth the child and her grandfather, and inquired whither tbey were going. He showed them by which road they muat lease the town, hat before they had reached the corner of the l.isie tijR man came raDning after them and presaing her hand, leit aomething in it-two old. battered, smoko mcru-'ed Cnny | iccei. And thus they separate); IbeohiU t# id her sarred charge, and the laborer to r.inl uaW hiatoi ii a in hia ftirnac- fire '' 19. POST1LIJON QUADRILLE 20. TABLEAU VIVANT. The Stranger Watching Rarnahj in ths Cottuge. /ne Granger Ncrxntnt-inn iwrnnog $ tealures in the Wido ws Cottage. "Tk? widow and h?r *bw?I??w? riiittr Um

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