23 Şubat 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1

23 Şubat 1842 tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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' I T it t Jlx J ??M I ~ v?i. til-no. 339 ?wnou m? aoor ?W LINK OK MVK.RPOOC PACKETS. T? tailfromN?v* York ?>i? ih? i5ih, aud Liverpool cn the 13tn c/eocA moi.tK* Ok M. Ml yo*7^w ? Ship ROSCIU8, Ca.rt.m John Collin*. 16th No*. Ship 8ir)UOSS,Ca,.Uiii E. B.Cubb.Mlh Dec. ES.5nr.niD AN. c auuin F. A. Degeytter, *5th Jan. | ' Ship UARBiCK, CtpUiA Wm. hki<Ki>, r co. From Livjcripmrl. Ship ftHEKfDAN.rii Uij V. A. On?r??< l*b No?. 8hii> aARUlCKA'^P154111 VVm- yP1 PccSun RoSCirS, CtpUin John Collins, 13th Jau. Mat WD DON 8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 1 3th Feb. 1 Theee *hip? are allof the lir?tcla?e,,upwardeof 1000 tone,built is the city of New York, with each improvement# * combine ueatepeed with unusual comfort for paeeeugere. Every cure r.. taken in the arrangement of their accommodation* The pneeof paeeagehrure m *luo, l"ur which ample itoree will be prorided. Tiitit aliipe are commanded by experienced mutera, who will make every exertion to give general saUefee Either the raptaine or ownere oftheeeehipe will be reeponei | ble for any lette c?, parcel# or oackagreeent by them, ualeaa re mJar bill# ot la.liiur areeiinied therefor. Theihipeol tin#line will hereafter go armed, aid their peen r Earconetruct on give# them cecuntynotpoeeeued by <uiy other ' SotveeecU of war. * forf^ghto^^apji.^o mg<>uft WM. It JA8. BROWN It CO., Llrerpool. Letter* by thepacken will be charged eeute per aingW eheet: 18 rmta per onne-. ami n?wepapere I eent each. <g y rOB NEW ORLEANS LOUISIANA AND NEW YORJCUN? OF PACKETS Jtj!LA. iaM^fei to I deepatch a chip from tlue port on the let, 5th, 10th,15th, soth and OMh of each mouth, commaicnu; the 10th October, and continuing until M -y when regular daye will be appointed lot the remainder ol' the year, wh-reby great detaye and duaap J noiatmeot* will b? urea-ruled during the eumuier monthe. The following thiiw will commence tlii< arrangemiut, Ship YAZOO.Cail.(lormJI.loth Oct. 1841. * Shin OCONEE. Capt Jutkenn, 15th Oct. liTiT, aetswssn'pi.t :apt. Hilhnrd, tOthOct. ShmLOUllaVILLlt, Capt. Huiit.Mlh Oct. Ship SHAKSPF.ARE, Capt. Miner, lit November. AtipGASTO V.Capt. Latham, Itli Nor. , _ Up HUNTS VII. LE, Wapt. Afuinford, 10th Nor. I SMpOCMULOKK. (.apt LeariU, isth Nor. Ship NAifH VILLK, Cap]. Dickinson.SOth Nor. m>ia MEMPHIS, Capt. Knight, 25ih Nor. SUp LOUISA, ('apt. Mulfonl. lit December. ! Three elnpe were all built iu the city of New York, rrpreally for packeti are of a light draft of water, hare recently been wly coppered and pa! in icleiulid order, with accommodation* for pDsengers unequalled for co ,,fort. They are commanded 1 by erperteDcd master-', who will make every exertion to give general eatialaction. Tliev will at all timee be towed up and Sown the Mississippi bi afeatnlioate. Neither the owners or cap.taius ofthese ships will be reaponei- I Me for jewelry,bullion.prei'iotii atones, stiver, or plated ware, or for any letters,parcel or package, lent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for tucsame, and the value thereon h"*a"rPE.a^V($F.V,IN8 k CO. M South s'.,?r JAMES E. WOODRUFF, Agent iu New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punc tually as ad] ysrtised, and grsat care will be taken to have the goods correct Ir measured. j31y NEW VOKk AM) HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE.) JSk ML Ml ML Th^ulp^f thishnewiir hereaueMeare Nev^o^^a the Ut and Havre on thr 'Ith of each month as follows: Eiorn New Yrrk. Fiom Havrt. The new ship ONEIDA, (1st March (isth April Capt. (1st July < lRli August Junes Fuuck. ( 1st November ( itlh December Ship BALTIMORE, ( 1st April ( IMh May Cart. cist August < 16th September Edward Funk. f let December f 16th January Ship UTICA, V 1st May (Hlh June Capt. 11 ?l September { 16th October Kre<Pk Hewitt. f 1st January ( nth February New atup hT. NICOLAS, ( 1st June ( 16th July Capt. < 1st October < 16th November J. B. Pell. t l?t February ( 16th March The accommodations of tin -c ships are not surpassed, com all that may be rei"ired for comfort. The price of eaten p?sage is SlM, rWeuqers will be supplied with erery requisite, with the exception of winea and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the ?baenbers. free from any other than the expenses actually! n urrad on them. Tor freight or passage apply to BOYD fc HINCKEN, Arrets, a> t Tontine Buildings. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. :' H'W Ears rott uced to st cents. . from the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. ( ? n,v!,*^~8,1,MUT, excepted.) Leave New York. Leave Newark. At* A.M. At t P.M. At* A.M. AtU P.M. a- s Ha a do Si do 41 do 10} lo I" do T do II do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty dnit IiotiNew Vork. be*to Newark. nrtSit liftKare reduced. From the Toot of Liberty strcet.daily. Loire New York. Loire New Brunswick. AtV $:$: ?OMERVILLE stage* connect with these line*nch way. k"?""*s sss: ah way, 10 cent*. KSnnhethtowm, 83 cent*. The for* in the 7} A. M. train from Now Bronawiek, and 4) M.train from New York, has been reduced between New York and New Brunswick to 60 cents. " and Ilahway U 17} " The PnDadelpbia maillme p??ef through Now Br ickfor flow York erery ironing at * o'clock. On Sundays the 7} A.M. trip from New Brunswick is omitfas*sogers who procure their tickets at the tieketolSce.rsoeireaferry icket gratis Ticket aarereceired by thecondur tor malvaatb* day when on<-c->aaed. nil BTATLN ISLAND FkiUlI. Fool of Whitehall etreet ^^^T^teamer STATKN ISLANDER Lesres Staten Islaad Leave* Whitehall At ( o'clock a.m. At i a'elost i s. "II " "II " " " 1 " r.M. "2 " r.u. ? |1 M H U |i 14 M ? a II U II t II ai On Suuday there will be two boete to run. The left boat Intra* (Mateo Island at S o'clock, r. m. oq - n ? kTiTT" hh HjEWs fc U R if?FAll aTT ^SjMjSeRANOFMF.NT-Ths steamboat OSIRIS. 9CSBC3L Capt. J C. Allaire, will commence running on payday, Wept 05'. h, u follows:?lea** Fhlten Market slip, ?et River, every *stunlay *t IS o'clock A.M., Tuesday, Wednesday. and h riday it 8 o'clock A.M. < Returning, leave? Red B.?uk every Moadav morning: ?t is *^o^tfu Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, at half-put "flu boat will run as above until further notice, navigation ?4 weather permitting- oQCm* T. FOWELL It CO.'S LINE. aMM| ^ POR NEWBUROH, landing at CALD WT.LI'S. WEST POINT AND COLD 9E9BkSE.SPRINO?The steamboat HIGHLANDER CapC Robert Wardrop. will leavs the foot cf Warren street PlowTsrk,every Monday. Tlvt 'Jay and Saturday afternoon's *t 4 o'Rock. Returning, the Hicn aimer will mvi .vewburgh every Monday morning at S o'clock, nun 'I uesday and Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock. for freight or paeaage.a: toy to the Captain en board. ILB. All baggage and Ireight of ererr description, hank MM ertpec is. put on board this boat, must be at the risk of the nan thereof, unless a bill of lading orrscaiptiaaigoed for l?? ?n?S_ nam. old line ov liverpool rACKETSmHBW. Regular Packetof the 19th February.? i'he favorite very iiii mnuik' vmp i ?pi. B.L-Waite will tail positively on Saturday, the l?ih of Feb. "Hie*accommodations of thii live for cabin, Jd cabin and steerage parsiugers, arc well known to be superior to any othes. and those vroiit to emb-irk should inaku early application o? board, foot of Deekmau street, nrto ROCHK, BROTHERS ft CO. IS Fulton ?t. next door to the Fulton Bank. Parsons desirous of sending to the old eoiwtry, for .their friends, can hare them brought out in the ENGLAND, siding from Liverpool ? lbs 7th of April, or in soy of the Ups comprising the old line, at ling from there punctually on^th?7th and llth oferrry mobtti. For passage apply ?t NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL COMMERCIAL LINE OF PACKETS. tft M, M. M tjaETWTTO AWTROM LTVOTOOL WFF.KLY. OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE, No ?1 South turret, New York. F|*HE stibsc riber. in ann mneiiig h is arrangements forthe year A mu, appears before his friends with sentiments of sincere respect for (he able support he has received for many years Ha likewise wishes to call the attention of those intending in Send Tor their friends in England, Ireland, fteot>amT. and Wales, that they can at all times be accommodated by this Ens. ?y weekly opportunities from Lirerpool, as well as by ml the wall known cliffrreat lues of packet shins sailing to rf from Lirerpool.on the lit.7th, nth, 1Mb, and98th of such ynHi, tliioufhoui tbt year. It has always been the study nf the subscriber to hare the Migrants shown civility and dispatched without delay; and Sm* who send for their friends may rot satisfied that arery Stand diligent attention will br given by the Lirerpool mtato those seat for. e? well aa all who may embark with ; uy WwWt wimwc piMwe Km been ptid. "-.-"T'T!" ** r*lhude/Ftth?m any chwgs! .TV suhrsy^er fselsapteaaure m luskins known the different skins br which his passengers came out during the last year, Which has linn general olfaction, and that ue ban considerably extended and concluded his arrangements for the year ""The following is a list of ships Ship Scotland Rooins.in Ship Osceola Chi Ids Fair field Wl!?aO ^ Cloud Emerson Bu*?ll " New vork Niren Runnel I Gorer H we, " Warsaw Griffiths " Hibernia Wil n " Oswego Wood AJtred CHsever ** tVean Wetland Ciiflon lagcraoll TaN?ot 8 lory Louisville Allen N. Hampshire Harding " Sob reek i Emerson M Pan Uvea Good wans on " Alabamasn Law *> Robt Isaac Treeman Prentice Hopkins '* Virginia Katon " Tyrone ?pear " Europe Dotclieldrr Wales Walts * 9. Jenkins Seymour i " Westchester Fen is The abore ships, ?nd Ihi'ir respective captains, are all well ni favorably knows in the trade. A free passage from the different porta of Ireland and 8?ottsad ran also be secured,a-d dr;fla furnished for any amoaat. agrahte at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland, and OmirrapccUve branches, and vlso on Messrs J. ft W. Robin art pud, free sf nay Aug. throughout AW Mi l N?. I IVmliM <" Watrrtnn Tine*. Lirerpeel P^TET-iiUi V' SH a Re AHiT foin N?V WCSTS * "'* 1 * jta* M kwt Cotwijmeef will pl?A?? tttrnd ? ?h? recent of ikoir | odo irate di?irlr, f IT 31 E NE NEW - <'j?<>?- m. P\HIt ~THK AT ItK. miS EVENING, Kr!) 23 1112?Tue |* rform?ocej will ihe u-w imga r entitled _ . NINA llKORZA. Raphael Doi it, Wheal L> I Ugone Sjdbola, Abbott .Jrimalno. Bury j Sioiza, Bellamy Nioa Sfont, Mr*. Bejmour BrigiWa Slorxi, Bariy Giocotida, Buluul To ro?eluJ? irilli AGREEABLE SURPRISE. Lingo, Mr. Fiatide | Sir K?li? Ki emily, Kuti*r Mr*. TheiKire, Mri. Whaatley. I'uwilio, Kn ghi Fringe, Prilchard Laur, Mies i'tvlor Admiaeion? Borte 51 ; Pit 50'cents 1 Oalltry ui cents. CHATHAM THBATRR. BEN * I'IT OK MH. J U SCOTT. THIS EVENING, Kebramr 23?The periorumac s?||l commence with THE WIKE. _ ? ? In iaa St. Tierr*, Mr. C. J Smith. LeonaiHo Goniago, N. Jotinonu. .' uDt E-oria, Ma.on Mat tana. . . by a Yo?*| Lady. her Bret appearwatc M Ihiill ea*re. t loribtl; Mr* Herbeit To conclude with MONEV. U.rrcd Evelyu, (a* origin Oly performed by I ion in thie country, Mr- J. tt. S< oit. Orasee, Mr. St irn? Clara, Miae Me'taj er. Lady Krauklin, Mia Blake. Geuiginna, lura. Ueroert. a.,... ...... , .?3inai,ii(.fiM niitta ... Oowvennew ltiju?reln?'M??t*t ewreleelv RTPCHEU'R OLYMPIC TtlKuUb rH13 EVENlNtJ, February 23 -The performance will con ew ? Wiih IKKKEO HON. 3ir L. Paragon, M< NitHcrsou | Clurlci f jt.ip >a, Vr Edwin Kate O'Brien. Mn Motaoy Aflrr which for the twelfth time, a new, original, Musical Burlrequt on Kich ird 3 I, rnliti (1 SflCIIAHl) NO HI Elichard, MUchc!?Henry King. Nick em Sally Ann, Mm Hob rta. To He fallowed i v A PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. Sir Geo Hnwar?, Mr iiorton |Christopher Strep, O.-iham Nancy Stray, >lia Watt To conclude with THE OM.MnUo. 'atRonney. Niukueeo 11 Bubb*. Clarke Julia Ledger, v i-s Singleton Miaa Daai.wr, Mies Hot eft a Admisstuu- U ej? circle > cent*. Upper ooua m ooatl Pit Hi cent*. Private Hove:: BE More open at half pa.-i lie. Curtain ritee at eertb itiitKHlbkN UiUSKliibi Corner Broadway and Ann itretL Under the ManegeHx utofMr. I'. T. Uarnuro Rare combi vatio.n ok new attractions rrery day and evening (Ins week ? By (articular delirt tlieModelof theCityif Dublin and Falls of Niagara aiiH real water, w ill remain here a ah' re iierioil lrtiger. The lol lowing annueui periormera nwe b?eu tngagea ui ?n eiiurinoui cxpei m :-Mh. Hard wick, tlx celebrated vocalist. from ihc National and Park theatres, aud Niblo'a Uardtr; the liduul Mti.idiat, only two ana a halt ytar* aid; Mr. Delarue.llie great mimic who will give imi'atious of Booth, K. Kcau, For eat, Heinblin, Daniel O'Countll, aud olhrra?a'si, a curious txperimcnt in Animal Magnetism; maaterD. H. Booth, the celebrated eoutortiouiat; Mr. T. O. Booth, the beat comic ginger in America; ua l'ctite Cenio, uoirrraally acknowledged the mrwt graceful aud accomplished davctr, for one ofhernge, that ever appeared iu this city; the Albino Lady, and Fancy Glass Blowing. (fraud Coemorama changed every Monday. Day visiters admiue? the name evening free, flail a million of cnrioeitiea are collected in thia establishment, filling five spacious halls, e-<h lis feet in length. Admittance to the whole muaeum and entertainment*, 25 ceuta; chilJrea undtr 10,fall |?iice. f .a t w DUWhlitV AMPrtlTHEATilL?twmeuse Attraction? Third Might.?Xlua elegant and fashionable retort for amuaement hag been crowded aince the reopening, with the faaniou and eli te of ihttity. Tie performance of Mr. O. K. Stone, ae the Fiying Indian, far excends any thing we ever witnessed. We think wc can say with propriety that he in the bret white representative et the Indian cnaractrr in thlg country. Billy w hillock, and F. Diamond astonish all the darkias They ml clear the track. The comic. Booth wa* applau led from pit to dome. f&3 It* | CUMPLlMfcN l AllY BALu rpHE Papi'gof Mr. J. Parker, deeirou* of expre'ting their A estimation oi him in a puolie manner, rrrpectfully beg leave to announce lohia Irieadg and the public ia general that they i.'ead t ? honor him with a Complimentary Ball, te be heldst Uotl ic (la>e Masonic) Hall, on Fr.day evening ssth Fekrnary, H-3. The floor to be under the man?g?irent ol a Committee of Y oung Gentlemen Mr. Wallace's celebrated Cotillion Band h s been engaged for the occaeion. Tickets can bepiocurc.l at Mr. Atwilt'a Saloon, lot Broadway. Mr. Cotter at Gothic Hall. Vtr. Parker, SflT Bowery; Mr. A. A. Samanot, 235 Broadway, or of any of ihe Committee. fga It* plU ND VOCAL AN O l.N v l KU vi -.fi'l'Au t-o.NOc.it l VT ?Madame Spohr Zahn and Mr. Wm. Keyier respec'fully inform their fiit-nda and the public that they will give a Grand Vocat and inatiumental Concert, on Thursday tveniny, Feb. 24. at the City,Hotel. PoLoPl?FORMK*a. Madame Bpohr-Zahn, Mr. Kmaowrkv, Mr. Timm. Bone her, Aupick Mr. Wm, Keyxee. Mr. Timm will prrside at the Piano Forte. PROGRAMME, rut i. 1. Qiintett, (first movement,) 2 violins, 2 tenors aud 1 violincello, Mozart 2. German Seng?words by Goth* ? K-un'sl du iita Land, (by ?leeire.) Mad. Spohr Zahn. LSp'-hr 3 Pi-no Forte Folo?Fantasia on <)heron. Mr. Konovrikf. Thai berg i. Violin Solo?Adagio, Ira ?p..hr'a <vtlrbra'ed 8th Concerto, Mr. Kej i.r. L. Spohr 5 Ana. from th-Cpera,' Titui;" Ha! lie iclilagt achon o Vitallia. Mad. Spohr-Zaho. Moaart a. Vioionc'llo Solo, Mr. Boucher 7, Englifh Sob;?At Night"? worda by T Mo re. Mad. Epohr-Zthn. Bshr 8. Sct.erxo, from a Quartet!, L, to a BeetliorrD rear iu I. Grand Qnintett?Piano Forte Solo.with accompaniment Mr.Timm. L. Spohr 3 Song, with Ubligalo V ol-ucello accompaniment by Mr B juchrr Med Spohr Zahn.L. Spohr 3 rornetaI'UtonSo.o?CieUCira Mr. Aupick. (Bellini 4 Violin Sol*. Mr. Kejacr. De Beriot ?. Aria.fromthe Opera, ' Figaro;" w Nouaapiu coition, Mad.BpourZinn, Mozart 8. Menu. t, from D minor Quartelt Mozart Ticket!, $1 each. In be had at the principal muiic atorei, anil at tin door oa the r ft nine of peifoi nance. Doori open at 7 o'clock. Can cert to commence at 8 preriiely. fll 3f DROF. J. N MAFFIT,(Chaplain to Ccngreec.) will deli 1 veri Conrae of Lee turn at Clinton HaU,oa|Thur?day ereniag, St'Ji iuat., at 7 o'clock. fa-gramme 1. The Intelleclual and Moral Power of Education. 3. The Caueee and tlTecta of the American and French ReTolutien. 3. The Glory of Mechaniam. ?. The Moral Oraud?urof the AmerleanRevolution. S. The Heathen and the i.hriitien Women contracted. Ticket! can be obtained of Clement It Packard. No. 188 Pearl a'.; J ? Red field, corner of Beekmaa and Naiaau lie.; and at (he door. . . Ticket! for the eource. SI: etaela lecture, 98 et?. 119 I w' SUPERb'INE DRESS COATS or THK BEST QUALITY, both a* to workmanehipand material*, for TWENTY-FOUR DOLLARS; al?o Pantaloons Ten Doilan, at PHILIPS' Cash Tailoring caUhiiehuMnt, 149 nroauway. N. B ?The above gurraenr* art guaranteed to be equal to every reapec' to thooe made by the moat expensive boueee la the aity Thie ia no empty (uarantea, but one that tha advertiaer pledgee himaelt to fulfil. Oarment* of aecondary qua lit f pmpor'ionablw lower. jis OltKA I' BAHRAIN.?For aale, to eloee a concern.? To Bolter* of Metal*.?1 wo pair* of Steal Chiliad Kolla, It inchee by d, with iron framing*, end pinionecomplete adapted for ateam power, for rolling Silver, firaia.and Plated Ma ta'e kc., nearly new. made by Jonea, of Birmingham, at an unlimited price, and imported for particular and ea|lecial nee. Apply at 11 Thame* at. f90 1W A YoUNCTMAN ofaetara bweinesa habile, ie d >eiroua .of A procuring employment aa hook keeper or general clerk ? Can be well rerommeuded?eelery moderate Ie well arjuaiated with tha Canada trade. Addraaa A. B., Herald office. to 3C \ITANTEO?An American Woman, either white or rolnr * ad. to d'j tha waiting and chamber work ina email f?mily. Enquire at II Eleventh etreet, firat brick boua* waat of B Did way. Nooe need apply withoat a good ci'v reference. to tt OUPEHIOH BEEK-UMON iMakKET, f?o if.?Tne 0 aubeeriher, aver anxiona to pieaee hit customer* and frienda, and the public gcntrally, will exhibit for aale c-n Saturday next. 90 h February, at hla Stall No Ik Union Maiket, the Beef of two tupir.or Twin Bietre, at a price according with the timre. Said Steera were fatted br Nehemieh Brown, K?q of the town of Bye, and aaid by judge* to b? eupsrior to ?ny ofTered Una aeaaon. Call and aee them at 990 Houeton atraet near Allen, natil Friday, at ito'clock. when they will ht taken to market, and eold on Saturday for a low price, jjgjguy CORNELL, (99 It* No. it Union Maiket. uTTEEftr NOTiCE-MPolTANT TO Fikim.HI1 Enriona rapnUtionaeema to spread in nemiqaanai of my eaoh ayatem and immanat rodaetioa ia prioao; still families may dapan I upo i (unctaxlity end despatch, and .at anoh unheard of prior a a* muat aatoaiah the beholder Mock Turtle Soup,per quart] 2 Ox Tail do . S Malligatawny ' ** Ie* Craam. ia form* T5 " Btane Maaga C-alrea Feet Jelly M Charlotte-de-rueee ... , i The shore article*. slthongh I) rery low in wlw, art no* to bt compared with tim traali furnished by i fevior persona baring no ftoree, no reputation, no nothing tt ttake. \v m. NUU,vlin ' oiifcuoofr, fit 1m* MHi*Woo itrwgt. BALD OK ORKV HEAD is the moetlugiielinc dggr ii pereoo eon hare. Light rrd or gr?y hair, or hair that cootaim daidruff, the n.oat filthy , to remedy thi?, peraom netd but oar Jooea'a Oil Coral Circaaaia. Tjmk pcrooaa Nrtlfir-W. Tiimfkin n King aired. N. Y., J Power, I'O ?er, Brooklyn, >n>l many othara. To prrrrnt the hair falling out and make it grow it la certain, it alio firaa it a delirioua dark look. It io aold at the rmoonibl* price of 3. S. or 8 ahillo>e? a bottle, at S3, mark the right numht r or you'll be cheated, tt Chatham ?tract, min i the genuine ia aigned io hand writing T. Jonea Brooklyn agent, 13? Fultonatreet, mind there are three -iiee. take care yon get the geaaine. fJI3l* pOLLjLCTitiNB ?t ne Nubecnbrra will collect M'oiea, y Draft*, Arceptancea, Cerlificatea ofDepoeite. fcr.(through Mwowi-o. Haruden It Co. f?om N. Y. to Albany) upon auf ol the following filacer, and guarantee raturna to the city of New York, in from tit to tight dmyt. vyracuM, Rackpiter, R EE: Eraaaaua Coming, "hoioaa^W^ Qleott, Allanr. ? Wan afreet, We# York. J? Comer Unto and kHHaataaa, Alkwtr. r?0 K rAt.E? tferwan raprn, cheap for oaah, at No It On Id T (treat. f?3 lm' ________ W YO YORK, WEDNESDAY M - ~ i 4. Y 1'UUjtAO iMteriifoi.tt Jfnnpnrf III AStr.iruireele. I WKDiNE^DAY. At 101 o'clock, in ill- i*le* room Extensive Furniture Sale?Without riiirn.imiftH'eii' sire ftinl valuable ariorlment of p-cnnd hand furniture, in all in varieties,formings luperior variety ol almost ereiy article in the line Piano lortti?Alio nt it o'clock, in the F uiton strict ilcre. 10 valuable piano forte*. At lli oMnck, in the sale* room, Valuable Sal* ol F'urni ure in Con inuttion?Will be continued ?od clo'etl the pile of valuable. 0?w and leeond hind Ikoupr bold and cabinet I'urui'ur* ol nil descriptions, *h civ rxuldaol be dupojed of ou Saturday on account of the wetther. Also. a t uak of French Linen damnk tabls and bed linen, napniui, pi inoaod table coverp kuifc tuid fork*. be. A'? Crotkcry,China and glen* wore, lamps, looking glassra, Itc etc. Alio. 4 piano fe-ttp. Sil? i-npttive. Alton hue at Sort me ttt of valuttt* household iurniture, removed from Brooklyn for ronvenitorr cf pale. THURSDAY. Cabinet Meketa Stock?At 101 o'clock, will be cold without reserve, the eniin itock in the wnrn roomi. the piorcrty cf utun Read St Hryn.lilp. 8?i Hadpon l-rtrl, w ho are givine up the t>iuine<t. cnnsii'mg of a fneral assortment of artie'ep inf-eline, <f their own macula lore, inclodig tables. | Iain and dretiii ir buiearc. t.ilae. oltomaui. divan*. aofa bed*, wihogaur and fancy chain, wardrobe*, toilet*, waihetandn, all kinds of brdsteadi. AUo, a omutity of good ircond hand furniture, carpet*, lookiuj ilapre*. hotMskerp'Dg art! lies.stores. Str. AUo, a liuautity of luuinar tad material* tor manufacturing t atalrgu--! in time?ertry article will be told without reout reserve AUo, cuuuikg lieu** desk i of a tu -eriur camtruciion. SATVIl!) Y, At 101 ?YI <ek at the iali room. r>|reniPi ? *ic w? cirgaoi rum urc, uimi ucKriptiuiM?vuni' prising the t lit re valuable lirawing room*. rnrlor and b<d room lur.il? e, from two Koumi gmig up home hte.uag. and forming ?sd-*irable a rjrir'v ol article* in the lm<- of the fe*t dieciiptiouc, n* ha* been ditpored of wt auction for ioim time. Alio, 4 piano for let. mondav, At tOt o'clock, ?t tnr *>h? room. Div O mil*, Clothn (, fuller, fancy and pledged article*. Jewel**, OutM. Wwlcliee. A* of ail description* AI*o an rttoitit ' f Fitniiy i>rjcrrie?. an invoice of Fore, Mil**. Cap*', Buffalo Kobe* Sie. vvrivrirsbtrck.-hikctta aIicul *f?rcB"wTi! A nrll tin* inorniiiR, at 10 i'e o. k, at the auction room. 304 loadwiy, cor. Ua.,i,* *tr?et, Wat.hea, Diimood*. J*?'tliy, fce , mini, tiui; ot gild-aod *tlrer leiersnd Iri'inr evtr* jeweled winl 'tncliwli d.inbte e**e4 watch**, tr gelher with a large vanity of hue (oM jewelry, irdeemed tiom the differrnt piwuhrok, r-; map* ?f ICiiroiie, A*ia, Africa, aed Aunrica ? Alio, one ?|i!ciiiliil Kny|i?h light a"d d v spy pl??-'. a.n'?l itiali uments, and a variety ot other trticl-* too oumertuilo Ifientioii III fhia actverti,emeu'. One I'aria itianu'acnirni or. ira-v iwie no lot-iuui, aud two pianofor.ee will he eulJ at It e'cloci. Ann ta largi variety of Dry Ooode and Clothing; Muff*, Cape, he. - l-o, 14 pair* aapeiior Pietoie, Musket*, and auudry other ailiclri. And in the evening, ct <| o'clock, a *p!cn'lul collection of Ki jravHw 133 I * OIL I'AINtlSlfsJ A r AUt; t lt?.> -a. Ll-V t win aeil I on Thursday morning,.at 11 o'clock, at ihe Large Sale* llnom.151 Bio.ufwuy, a cn ice collection of I'uiii'inc*, amongst which are about 50 pouting* of cabinet aize. tiighlv finished cne-ipncr, and ha idiomely fnmtd, wait deeeriiog gin'ral attention. i?t Bt' A I nit at 10 o'clock, at 10 Sla'deu line, a iplendid eeaortmrnt of plated urn*, cike baaket*, waiter*, eaiton, japan tray*, cutlery, watehre, kc. Also, the flood* remaining uncalled for from the *<1? of Ihe iuiU inatant. f ip arrwint Af former Lurclt.uiiri. fS'iftl* A tfC lTON NO'flt'E.?Wednesday, Feb 33, at 13 o'clock, A at the Mer Enchange ?Ehaabeth itrect Property?By order of eiecutora. the hnck front houae and lot of ground in fee, known as No 331 V.lmheth aireet, near Houston, being part of the estate uf Peter Fsrmer, reeessed. The lot ia IT feet two ioehee in widt\ and in depth about half the distance to the Bowery, 33 feet. more or leu. The houso ie tub?Uitially b <ilt, two and a half ?tnrie>, brick front and alone b-sement, IT feet Birch i by 36 feet deep, having % back and front cel.nr. on the miin fl ior a large front room now occupied as a grocery, and a hack room, oa the aecoud 11 >nr two room and closets, and in the attic two ban'some finished room*, lilie indiepatabk, Aim th house and lot of grouud No. 3'0 F.linbrth atreet, nea> Houatnn The lot ia 30 feet S irchee wide front and rear, and in depth h.df the distance to tha Bowiry, 88 ft. more or lcfi. For farther information, appltr ?o Messrs. Wilkina It Rnlline, at their Baits Room, or to Wm. Bailey, Etecutor, No. tot Bowery. fat 3t* Tor st. thomas. st. croIxT and HAVANA?Passage only.?1 he (team bark CLARION will leare fnr In abora porta C^/IM\YSmnr. SATURDAV February ?th. This aw^^B^^Bbsnbeawliful a earner ia unsurpassed in her accommodations for passengers proceeding to those Islands, and h ?s great advantage over all other sailing vessels in calms and l>ghl winds, which much prevail in thes.e latitudes. Paa engers may rely upon the punctuality of this Teasel sailisg en the ab m day taeii. For passage, please apply to OLOVER It MrMURRAV, 100 Pine, corner of South, o- to WM. P FURNISH, f'4 _ 18 Wall street jMQ an MAIL Lht FOR ALBANY-, and interfl. - IIH.*. .js mediate places, as far as the ice permits, the "** " iteambo?t UTIC A , I'a^it. A H Srhultz. wi'l tears tlie loot 01 Lourtianni sir??, i nio n.r i iin.>uuii,H So'clocs, Wn'B dijr.Keb.S3d. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to PETER C. SCHULTZ, at the Office on the whnif. The steamoat TELEGRAPH wil' leave for Albany on Thursday Afternoon, Feb'tiary 34th, atgo'c'ock. I?3lt .Ml?i MM PEOPLE'w LfNalOH ALBAN* ? 1he AjZjtrtjC:2?sie?inbaaU ROCHESTER. FOUTH AVE 3E?t3EE2E.RICA and NORTH AMERICA,of the Peepie's Line, will be in readiness to commence rtinning between New York and Albany, and intermediate placet, as toon a* the astigiiiaa is free from ice. Pan age Ooe Dollar. fisim 1'AISAGE FOR LOyfDOI^?Packet 1ft MsrrlT^JWl-TIi' splendid packet chip PHILADELPHIA, VwbCipi ILvey .sails poeitirely ab re,h< r regular day. Having splendid accommodation* for cabin, iccond cabin and steerage passengers. For passage a iply to W. A X T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Smith *1. or 43 Peek Sim Persons within* 'o send for their friml# to come out in the abort splendid ship, or any of the regular line, can make the necessary arrereeineuts. and those desirous of remitting no nejr ran hare drafts for any amount, payable on demand, in all the principal towns of the L'uiied Kingdom Apply as above. 133 sd*. PASSAGE FOR NEw ORLEANS?Only KekMJWgular Line ?Packet ship VICKSBURG Capt.Berry, Xppfasa ls3Sth F<b., having vplendid accommodations lor cabin'eeeoodcabin, and steerrge pmsensers. For pasaaes,apply on board, foot of Wall si., or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 4* South street. f? 4S Peck slip. aaf- FuH COLUMBIA RIVER, Ureion Term lory, iJyHPW touching at Valperaiao and the Sandwieli Islands. jSaHssThe fait sailing copper fastened and coppered packs! Fliip VICTORIA, John H Spring, master, will nail as abors on the 30th Fe'-rutry. For freight or passage, haricg good accommodations, apply to A. G. A A, W. BENSON. f llw* It Old Slip 3 doors from South st. mAJw FOR NEW OKLF.ANS?Louisiana and New iXH^York Line?Regular Packet of first March?The ?SlCeplcndid fast sailiug packet sh>p OCONK<, Capt Jackson, will poaiiirely sail ss abore.her regular day. For freigtit or |iassage.haritig splendid furnished acrommodations,apply on board, at Orieaan wharf, foot of Wall street, orto E. K. COLLINS It CO. 64 South st. Great care will be taken to hare the goods by this lint cor reetly measured. Agent in New Orleans. Jas. 0. Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all roods to hie address The packet ahip Shakspea'f. Capt. Mina, will succeed the Gaston, and tail the tVrh March, her regular day. f 33 MPOrt LlVRkPdOr-W.iiT 34?Ti Tebruasr? The splendid fast sailing packet ship YAZOO, Capt. B. J. H Trash,, will poeitirely sail as abort For freghlor iatt?C4? wing splendid lu Dished accom moditiotis, apply on board at Orleanj wharf, foot of Wall at ?rl? E. K. COLLINS k CO. fai ?? South si cash- t\h,W LiMfc uF L.IVl-KfOoL PAfcK" f8.? iMMPW Packet of the g*th February?'? he splendid well AMAbkoowD. fait sailing, packet ship OAHKICK, Capt b kiddy, fail* posilir?ly a? ab.ve, har regular day. The ahipa of thia line tall erery fire daj-|. or pasaage free, haring splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin. and steer? fe pas sens era. Vox pnaeage, early application should be made on board, foot ol Well et, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, tl South street, or 41 Peek 8jjp._ ? Ot DOO LuST?A email Sianiel, white, with brown VPQT or red|ipoto?answers to the name ol Tippoo, which, r\ T\ with the address of the ndrcrlissr. k written on his collar A suitable rs werd will be paid on his being returned to I It Greenwich St. fat ?t? VTEW VOXir Fcb. 10, tm-.v a Public Meeting t.eld ia within the Lectors Roam of the Society Library, in terms of resolution# passed st a preliminary meeting morions lr published, prepertenr to organizing s subscript^ on behalf of the destitute ooeratirns in the manufacturing Districts of Scotland Dr. HUMMING wtt called to theCh air, snd the following renrlutiona were passed:-Resolnd, That we, ^tieen of Scotland and others, now residentsin the city of New York, being deeply imprested with the calamitous destitution which bis, sod ws Tsar still prsrails to an am recedsntsd degree in ill the nmtmfseturing to wns of Scotland, faal ourselriabound, by erery Christisn and moral principle, to esUnd to those poor sufferers, the ezpressim of onr wannest sympathy, und such aid as an all nise Prondeoee has beenrraciouily Plea[to place at our disposal. R< solved, That the following geatUmea be appunted a CommitUe for the purpcae of carryhur out thee nds of this meeting in the manner which they shall think bast. Meetre John Johnston V. ClirebugS Jno Morrison, Ilufh Mai sell, Dr. Caldnsll Jon. H. Courier (I. 8 Kennedy j*> Nieolson Walter Leegatt Dr. Rrnwnlee Mr. Kreeland Jsmes Reatoul O dfrey Pattison W. Wiinwrghl. jr Wm Boyd Charlm'VliM, ^Pm' teott M^Wling Andrew rooter J, l-mon John Sinclair Jas. Auchincloos Mr. Jamen tunr Jml R Sharp George Hart, Mr. Walker Kobt Sharp Robt. MtConkry Or 8m?1 HI tot Rte. Mr. AllUon Alai. Wilm, John Drnmmomi Mr. MeKenaie ;!?fcv J *' ?"'* A VsSLiti. HUGH AUCHINCLOSR. Treat. At a committer. meetin*. helrfln the Athemna, (he followinf iwtlmini wtr? *IW ' tlli Hit of fynnroitty:? John Or ay John P.rnu Wm Henferaon H. M'Oorqnodale Petar Pirmr _ Hu.bK.rt R. 8. Car.well OforaiPlnin John HottOB H?ml Cochran* P??rr Jlifne JMd. McCaert JohnDnntin Wm. Mormon Wm Lt*.l Nlr Mc VUm n.?tJ Morrnon Dr.Caro.r m John Muir TkA8Hore Thoa:,Sb?par<l Robe Marthall John John Cochrane r.ter pfril?r.n <?. C. Tnorbnrn Mr. hnlton R. Montgomery (ieo. Urtig Mr J O. cUro?nt Jao Lrnnoi Jaa. An^traon Alei Rankin Alec. Cimeron , Jaa^Arnot Etr.rrivK C-owaiifTrr?Pr. Cumminy It Sharp, Andrew Smith, Jaa. Limb. An*. Coetra. .. , . .. Member. ofCommitUa are rerometTuUp aoticilrol U uaa al dae cipcdition in the Collection of MtMCnptioni. ami to meet in the Athrnarum on Friday rrenmr ?nnt. Mhnlf pmIT o'clock?to Dint iwh torn, an may be collectedI by that ttane may he forwarded per Cthdoan, which learet Boat.a <a the ttt^'March 1**-* j QXV)lmxUt Prratdeat, R K f ORNING, FEBRUARY % Klegant Kxirarli Fhom 1)r Mott's Tsavels. [Ju?t Published by tbe Messrs. Harpers.] Dr. Mott's Watmloo Operations. When about to leave Meckel's Museum, I wa? offered to select a souvenir, and contented myself with a single Clavicle, which I prize hiehly, as having belonged to such distinguished anatomists as those who founded this museumPerhaps my affection for so small a part of the human fabric, might have made my friends hi Halle consider me particularly moderate ; but I had a reason which my American country men will pardon me for having wished to gratify. It was that I might have in this memorial of the labor of the il* laurious Meckels that bone, so small, yet so important in the human body, and frightful in some ot its diseases, which I conceived to have myself given? I hope I may say without vanity?still more consideration to, by erserh'ng it through its entire extent for a tremencom Ottea-sarcoma. 1 attached more valne to this operation from its novelty and onginaii ty, and from its never having been performed before; and, let me add, from my deeming it, from the ehu . racier of the vessels ami parts involved in its steps, the most important, difficult, and dangerour oprru ' tion that can be performedon the human body. The patient who was the subject of it still lives, as a monument of the bent lit of tandem surgery. Il tins nnlu kui-H norktrmo/l cnnAocifiillv nn nnf nrpaninn since. 1 have ventured tocallit my Waterloo operation, an it wag performed on the seventeenth day of June, [1827-1 Vie.ua. I wculd name thia fascinating capital as one peculiarly calculated for the residence of invalids during the milder months of the year. The hours glide peacefully and agreeably along in the midst of its literary and scientific treasures, in its 'polished society and refined amusements. There is no metropolis, containing so large a population, where the invalid may lead a life of so much tranquillity and repose, and have at his command so wide it rangeof rntional gratifications For it is here that the ameliorating influence of the imperial protection, conceded to the cultivation of all the elegant arts of life, has exerted a happy and most beuign moral power over the relations of society and the domestic charities of the heart, und been, no doubt, a principal and controlling cause of the practical results of thm influence which we behold in the foundation of such noble and ample institutions for the teltef of suffering humanity. Mm. Moit'b Discatri ton or Swiss Scbse*v. We avail ourselves of the following graphic tableau of our journey through a most interesting portion of Sw itzerland,copied from a MS journal kept by Mrs Moil, who accompanied me in this part of my tour: " One of the mo?t memorable spots we visited in Switzerland was Uo/tlau, which, thirty years ago. was oveiwhelmed by the fall of a mountain, and which buried no less than five villages, including old Goldau, and 467 persons. This awful catastrophe is still remembered by some who were eyewitnesses to the heart-reading scene. As we wandered over thia mountain-tumulu9of the dead, imagination pictured the snat. which now pDoke only of blasted hopes and isolation, wild as even it was on the very eve of that fatul day ; a rich valley, inhabited by youth and uge, each indulging in the hopes and pleasures peculiar to their years; locking forward to the morrow with anxious care or joy, little dreaming that an awful fate was hanging over their devoted head*, or that the mountain, which had so long yielded to their comfort and support, would in a few short hours spread death and destruction over all who dwelt beneath its shadow. The infant slept in its mother's arms as sweetly that night as it had ever done before; the jocund laugh went round; the merry song of the shepherd rang through the parting mountain with the same joyous sound; sorrow?for there is sorrow every where?hung with the same deadly weight upon the mourner's heart, as though it were to feed thro' a sad and protracted life upon ita prey, while the afflicted, to whom the grim mesK-nger alone could have spoken words of comlort, still bent the head in pious resignation, wailing their release, but not daring even to hope for it. The weary traveller, too, slept as peaCt fully through thatnighi, as if the morning sua would only rise to show forth to him Nature's beauties with still greater lustre, when he would wandeyas feailess o'er the mountain's side and through the pleasant valley, as we who now stood gazing on the fearful wreck, little dreaming that night would be their last. The scene was awful.? ttocks olan immense size?huge hillocks or mounds of earth?lay beneath our feet, w rapped m one common winding-sheet; the mountain earth their Sepulchre. * On the morning of the JKhh anniversary [Sept. 22] ef this awfal event, we commenced the ascent of the /fixi. The mist like clouds hung ever the Lake of Zougand the surrounding country, so as completely to obscure the eighty of everything twenty yard* beyond us, producing the effect of a wide, extended ssa, as it broke away and gradually settled in the valley below. The accent of the it igi is by a broken and precipitous route, made of large logs and stones, laid so as to form stairs. Up these stairs, on the .very brink of yawning chasms, were we obliged to tide, holding firmly to the mane. W^hile the guide led our horses in this manner, we were enabled slowly and with difficulty to ascend. We passed many crosses, which mark the different stations, and serve as resting-places for the weary pilgrim or the adventurous traveller, each little shrine being provided with benches lor the purpose Arriving at the Hurpice de Notre Darned* In Nti^e, some of our party refreshed themselves with a cup of goat's milk and home-made bread. Another hour brought us to the summit ot the Kigi. Imagine yourself standing on a precipice of many thousand feet, the olouds below you, and the clear expanse of heaven above. Watch those clouds slowly dispersing, and preeenting to your view a landscape wide and extended, bounded only by mountains clad in eternal snow, towering in cold sublimity on the far distant horizon; below, in silvery beauty at the foot of the mountain, lay the Lake of Zong and the lakes of the four cantons. Autumn had already gemmed the woods wi'h its richest hues. The little pleasure boats of Lucerne, like birds upon the water, calmly pursued their various cour:e. Villages with their glittering spires; the peasant's cot; the princely lower; all lent their aid to beautify this wild, romantic scene. ' On turningthe last angle of the circuitous path, which at this junction bordered the edge oi me 101tiest precipice, we met a train of nuns and friars. pilgrims from the convent of Zoug, twenty milea distant, either for the performance of some vow or for recreation. The men were of uncommon stature, remarkably neble and erect in form? The nun* were exceedingly delicate in appearance, and one in particular very beautiful, moving wiih an air of dignity and elegance which excited oar adini ration and astonishment, and gave to im-ginationa bold licence to conjure up aome tale of deep ro mance, where, as ia usual, early, disappointed, blighted hopee? a lover dead or false?bad driven from the world of fashion and elegance the lovely, the enchanting form before us. But there were no marks of melancholy in her fine, expressive face; no pallid cheek or sunken eye to uphold us in our fantasies All was the brightness of youth untouched by the mildew of sorrow. A radient smile hi np her intelligent countenance, and with sweot mo deaty and grace she answered the few ijuestiofis politeness permitted us to addrees to her The dress she wore, though coarse, was particularly be com iag. It consisted of a hood made up ol black cloth, bound with white; a large coarse wrapper of brown cieth tied round the waist with a hempen rope,from 1 which hunga rosary and crucifix; her neck was covered with a plaited kerchief, which also went rouad the head underneath the hood. She looked like an offering meet for heaven. " The dress of the friars was similar in appearance and texture, except that tbeir heads were bare, and on their feet they wore sandals They were venerable looking men, with beards long and gray, fine, nay, handsome leainrea, and possessing the manner* of courtiers rather than monks. They proceeded to the house, teok breakfast, and, after visiting the observatory, departed, each with his mountain staff in hand A graceful inclination of the head, a kind adieu from each of the apparently happy sisterhood, and a bleasing from the reverend friar-, separated us from beings who, though unknown, were yet interesting from circumstances sod situation. i " We amused ourselves by wanderiag from one interesting point to another, watching the vsiied appearances oi the clouds, as in fantastic forms they hovered rouad the tops of iha distant mountains, and in purchasing little artiolea of wooden-ware, which are carved with considerable taste by a poor man and hia eon, who during the summer months thus reap their harvest, and ihereby provide for the .leceatnirs of a long and dreary winter. The day equalled our moot sanguine hopes, and held iorth the prospect ol n most glorious sunset. Though late in the season, the house was crowded by travellers of various nations, feelings, and pursuits. The pedestrian in his loose blouee, fanciful cap, and mountain crook ; the yonthfnl bride, the amilutg beNo and no lean courteous bean, together with the atnid and quiet matron, and vigorous old age, all aought the point from which might be seen to best advantage [ERA 3 1842. me uri|fiii auu ^tuiiuun ur|iniiuic ui Udy n louinn orb. The effect wag beautiful, truly enchanting, at ail elevation of many thousand feet above ilie level ot the sea, perched, us it were, in mid air. Insensibly the mind became withdrawn from the contemplation ol all earthly (hinge, and absorbed in thoughts and feelings exalted and sublime as the lofty dome of heaven itself, which at that moment seemed epiirely illumined with the last crimson rays of the setting sun, whose golden disc slowly cfeparted to bles? with his ardent beams another |>ortion ot our woadroui globe.Long b* f?re he disappeared the lakes at foot of this precipitous mountain,and all the villages on their borders, with the peacetul hills and forests which surrounded them, lay buried in ihe silence and gloom of night. Enraptured, we watched the g:a dual decline of day's holy light; beheld it tiuge withgoldea ri'd the lofty peaJt of snow capped Grinden wald, rest a moment on the cold, pure, snowy bosom of die Jong Frou, then lighting the teariuj mist of Pilate, something like an angel's pilyiug glance wheH it lights on scenes of human wo it cannot relieve?trembling and cheerless?fading in sorrow as it ltng'-rs yet more pure. The mantle of night, with all her bright and studded gems of sparkling lustre, covered the broad expanse ot heaven, allordina but a laint and dubious light. To remain any longer uear the brink ot a precip'ce so awlu!, would have tried a heart mote brave and fearless than our own. Cauiouely we retired, and felt much pleasure to hud ourselves surrounded by beings like ourselves, dependant on the power and greauiefs cf Him who shall but touch the mountains and they shall smoke, and say, be thou removed into the sea, and lo! it is done. After an anxious look at the fleecy clouds which began to flit across the summit of the surrounding mountain, and a fervent hope expressed that the morning would be alike propitious, the parly dispersed, and sought repose in the frail and totteiing tenement which crowned the summit of this lofty eminence. " We slept, but not soundly; for, in truth, we had become nervously seusitive, and fell as if we were on the branch of some high tree, or on the brink of a roaring torrent; and well might we imagine ourselves strangely and unnaturally placed; for a thick white ft g haa covered all ot earth, and nothing but the sky was visible, save the moving sea ot mist. " Towards morning the wind rose and whistled round the solitary house in most melancholy moanings. We watched the movements of the fleeting clouds. Finally the bugle sounded, and in an instant the household were in motion. The clerk of the mountain had arrived at the just conclusion that the wind, which now blew with considerable violence, would before sunrise disperse the clouds, and thereby aflord the lovers ot nature an opportunity ofwitnessing from this elevated spot, the return of that beautiful and joy-inspiring oib they had seen depart but the evening before in such unrivalled splendour. " A hasty toilel prepared us for a sortie into an atmosphere bleak and chilly as November. We asceuded the tottering steps of the observatory, there patiently to await the aay god's coming. At oue minute before six the the flrst glimpse of the glorious orb of day was caught above the mighty Alps. Two minutes past that hour his whole disc w?s entirely visible, like a globe of lire in the midst of sparkling crystals of calcareous spar; some gray ish, some capped with snow, others shining and transparent glaciers, thrown together in tumultuous confusion The scene was worthy of a painter's pencil and a i*oel's pen." !>.. T ... mun m jjwTf.. We cannot say much for ttie personal beauty of these young daughters of Greece. In truth, were it not for the exceedingly picturesque and classical costume of both sexes, their large dark eyes, and long braided hair of black, and, above all, their winuing and courteous manner, full of graceful gestures and expressiona of warm hearteduess, to us in a strange land most gratifying, though to a dispassionate eye it might seem theatrical, we should call the Greek woman generally a homely race. But there was one exception among these interesting scholars, a lively Hydrio egirlof about fifteen,whom we took a great fancy to, as she also, as it seetned, did to us. In one ot our visits she presented to one of our party some pretty beadwoik; and the manner in which she ran across the room to deliver her cadeau, with her hand on her heart and her voice trembling and diffident, while the long gold ta?sel hung down tastily from her red cap, and her rich, full Abanian costume shone more charming than ever, has left an impression upon our memory that never wiUbe eli'aced. Tins recalls a delightful ride we took one beautiful afternoon to Plato's drove and around Mars Hill, with Mrs. and Mr. Perdicaris, Mr. Hill, and a sister of Mrs. Hill, and two of the scholars of Mr. Hill, one cf which latter was the favorite Hydnote. Wo were all mounted on horseback. Mrs Perdicaris, our lovely country woman, was most beauiifully attired in Greek costame, and wa9 taken for the queen, and we of the royal parly who were escorting her. Under this delusion, which we did not dispel, we were received everywhere with the greatest distinction as our lioraes paced along amid | the ancient ruins. Erery one stopped and uncovered as we passed, and even the old archbishop raited his cap, which he does to no one but the king and queen. The little girls, too, on the road.-ide, presented us with numberless rich bouquets of roses, pinks, and magnolias, till we weren> arly confused with their courtesies. The Greek dress of the ladies of our party never looked to more advantage than it did a cheval, and I must make an attempt to describe it. A red cloth cap, embroidered in gold, with a long taswl; a light Turki-h veil, not tied, but thrown over the head ; large, loose pantaloons, pattly covered by a very short. embroidered petticoat; a jacket fitting closely to the bust, with open eieevrs, showing lacework beneath, over which was a aort of coat without sleeves, biting prettily to the shoulders. To these add the red M9h, the Turkish slipper, and the long braided hair, and the tout ensemble completed one of the prettiest figures I ever saw. Such was our Hydriole gill, to whom might be transferred all the panegyric stanzas oi Lord iiyron'a charming verses to the Maid of Athena. Superior Court, Before Judge Oakley. Fkb. 22 ? Mrtktr vs. Brll.?This is the esse in which tnopUiati/Tbrought an setioa laying hit dainagax st $ >,(J00, for injury and interArence while raising the schooner Was. Roscne, at llurlgate, last year The defendant plead justifioation in what he hid done, and the jury gave a verdict in ' ?n? "f nlaintitr for AIU dainaetj. which carries like amount of coat*. United State* Marshall*' OArg, Fn 22 ? Hear? Scriever, niatir, and William Harding, mate of the ahip Henry Clay, lying at the foot of Roosevelt afreet, were yesterday arretted on a warrant iaauedeat of the United Statee Court, on a criminal process for cruel and unnaual conduct toward* William Bonnell, steward of the ship, who, it will be remembered, recovered #3000 against them in a civil action in the Marine Court a day or two ago The parties were arrested by officer Wm B. Walsh, and the captain wept freely on the officer's errand being announced He owns, we understand, half of the ship,whieh will proba bly be libelled and sacrificed on this account. The c.<ptain and mate deny baring acted towards Bonnell u represented, but the crew appear to be all against them, and testify to their conduct as being cruel in the extreme After examination before Justice Everett they were committed. They are both exceedingly smart, lively looking men. Niitc Davs Latex from Yocataw.?TbeTexan rchovner of war, San Antonio, arrived at New Orleans on the 11th instant, with intelligenee from Sisal to the 1st. Commodore Moors with the Austin and San Bernard was cruizing off* Vera Cruz, awaiting the arrival of the two Mexican schooners of war from this port, ene of which, however, the Liberty, bee beee lost. The belief is, that the treaty lately concluded at Merida, will be ratified by Saata Auaa?who is at 1 VsullvMssi. me*it ?, ?ii" ?n. - ? -... --- ?,j can, in policy, prejudice end condom. Should tki* prove tree, the Yocatnn arreboot float (far Mexico, let it be ramembured, owns not o tingle merchant reterl,) wilt be at tbe mercy of Moore, the noble Texian commodore, who will no doubt order it into tbe eerviee of tbe commercial marine of the Republic of tbe Single Star. The ecbooner Sylph, fr >m New York for Campeachy, Wai wrecked on the )9th January, about leveaty-fivemilae from Steal. Abott airired with the newa, and Commodore Moore immediately ceiled for the point On arrival, it waa found the veeeel wae a wreck, and that all the eargn but aboet one-fourth, hid been Mtolen by n gang of Mexican* on the ialand, who had probably netted it and de camped. Commodore M traacpoited to Swal the part nf the cargo eaved, with the matter, crew aod a pxeeeager. At the laetacconate from the Toxica ?hip?. tbey were all wall. , The Loniea on board of which the Mexican C?mieeioner* to Yncataa had embarked at Steal for Vera Cni, with General Aaaya end Colon-1 Le '?1LJ? !5SB? ID. ?r%t. frict Two OWtf | Mint, and icveral \ ucatnnese, was, on her arrival, fo.bid to enter the port, on account of hor cargo tf alt, being contraband in any but Mexican ve??cls. Notwithstanding this prohibition, the paaretiger* vrrnt ashore in a b >at. ihe commissioner* were allowed to go free, but the eight Yucatan citizens were icixed and caetintn prison. General Anaya, whom many of oar reader* know, baring a preaentiinent that all might not be right with *o treacherous a set, concluded not to land till he ahoald hear from the shore ; and learning ihe reiu t, rerauiued en hoard, and returned to Campeaehy. Colonel | Lemon, on the morning of the de.iaiture of the bark from Sual, had some niimoderetindiug with the i Mexic ,n Commissioner!, which occaeioued him to co ashore?and thi* circumitanee probably saved hii life. We gire a letter from our correapocdent at Mcr> da, which waa brought by the San Antoaio. Y ucutnn. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Mkmida. de Yucatan, Jan. 11th, 1H42. Xegocialiun with Mexico? Perfidy and Poioder? Sale of the Republic for Gold?7>xan Squadron?Ruin* of the Old IVorld. Mr. Bxrwkit,? The farce ha* ended here, and the p?ople of the " free republic" of Yucatan are again, by their owa fr?? nrill ~r *? > mtsiso, in ? measure, which will end in their being wholly so, as you will perceive by the copy of a treaty between the two States, which 1 forward you. About the 2-lth of December, Sig. 1). Quintans Roo, Commissioner from Mexico, with suite, arrived in Mcrida Congress then being in session, arranging matters to act with Texas, and Commodore Moore being expected daily. They were on the point, in fact, of declaring their independence as a free nation. Matters, however, k ok another turn. The Mexican gold did the work quickly, and they forfeited their henor with Texas, and formed a treaty with Mexico. Scarcely had the Commissioners turned their backs on Mcrida, when Commodore Moere and squadroa bolted into the scene of action, lie arrives in Merida, has an interview with the Governor and Cabinet, and propounds to thein tha following questions :? " Gentlemen, I'm here, are fcyou ready to co operrate V' "No!" " Will youjassist me in taking certain Mexican towns 1" " No !" " Will you take pojsession of three Mexican towna, if I will capture them within ten day s 1" "No!" and the interview ended by his asking for proofs tf show his government. In the meantime a curious acene was being enacted at the port of Sisal. The commissioners had chartered an United Statea vessel called the Louisa to convey the party to Vera Crux Captain W., of the ban Antonio becoming alarmed at the prolonged absence oftheCommodore, and at receiving no advices, hearing of the treaty sent a polite letter to said Commissioners, telling them that they must come ou board his vessal.? They and the Captaio protested against the disrespect of the " llaxdero Americano" to no purpose. The Secretary, howevar, was instantly despatched to Merida, to be assured of the safety of the Commodore, who, on hearing the state of matters, wrote an order for rheir immediate deliverance. So matters stand at present, aad as you will perceive, there must be trouble here ere long. The Commodore desna'cbes a vessel instnnter to com. municatn with hi j Government, and 1 advise you by that route. Mr. Stevens is still at the ruin*, well. Mr. Peebles, our Consul at Campcacby,is here, as also several gentlemen travelling in search of the "Happy Valley," end health. There is also here a gentleman from New Orleans (in the book trade there) who intends to " scour the country roued,*' and " make a book," so look out for mere light oa the subject. The whole party, fire in number, start early ia the moining to visit the ruins, and make discoveries. They are not much pleased with the country, and you nerd not be surprised if Consul Peebles should be ? bock agaiu" ia a sbsrt time after the receipt of tbia The people in one ?t the villages in the interior, got up a premature declaration of indepsndenoe, and the government just " Called them to order" at the point of the bayonet. So wags this quarter of the world. More soon from your correspondent. LBankrupt List. SOUTHERN D.STR1CT OK NEW YORK. Morris Shipley, New York, March 22: Chas P Freeman, do tH; Betij Leonard, do 29- Raphael Peixotto, do 22; Wm O Groser, do 22; John Gee Smith, do 22; Wm P C Stebbins,do 22; Henry H Elliot, do 22; Horace Whitehorne, do April 23; Wiliard L-ouard, do 23; Marvin MeNulty, Brooklyn, 23; James Plant, do March 22; Samuel W Thompson, do 22; Jesse D Series, Dutches* county, 22; Jons W Hunting, Southold, L I, 22; Albert G Case, do 22. NORTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Augustus P Ail ami, Sarsloga Spa, to be declared bankrupt March 19i John H Allen, Auburn, do M; Elliott Harwell, Buffalo, do 21; Wm G Boardman, Albany, do 11; Myron Bselte, Watrrtown, do 91; Theodore D Billlnes. Buffalo, du IB; John C B irr. Aurelius.de 7; E Bander, Montgomery county, do 13: Edward Cruttenden, Buffalo, do 31; Josiah Clark, Albany, do 14; Joseph Col well, Oswego, do 18; Edmnnd Curtis*, Scriba, do 18; Amos O Curry, Oswego,do 18; Wni L Cowrn, Utica.do 10; Sylvester T Carr, Albany, doll: George T Clark. Albiuy, doll; Samuel H Dubois, Buffalo, do 91; Daniel Diedendorf, Rochester, do 10; Henry B Holme*, Albany, doll; Kimball W Hall, Utlce, do 10; Bbubal Hubbell, Oneida county, do 10; Matviu Henderson, Oswego, do 18; Alanaon Hioea, Oswego, do 18; Myron Howlett, Scriba, do I"; Joseph E Haddock Buffalo, do 18: Lorenzo K Hadduck, do 18; Christopher G Hammond, Montgomery county, do 10; George p Jones, Buffalo, do 91; Andrew Kane Canajoharie, do 14; Daniel Knower, Rochester,do 34; Lyman Know lea, Delaware county, do til; Eeson Lewis, Black R>ck,91; Stephen Lemon Rochester,34; John-Ludlow, Ithacs, 18; Tbov Lamb. Buffalo, do 19; Gideon 11 Miller, Oawego, 18; Wm G Miller, Buffalo, 31; Tnos McMurray, Buffalo. 91: Jebn Meson, Ulice, 19 Henry Nicholas, Albany, 11; Berjimin Nott, Albany, II; Loren K Norton, Albany, 14; John Near, Canajoharie, 14; Abram Past, Genesee county,98; Reuben 8 Preacott, Genetea county, 3J; Dtnmsn Percival, Madison county, 10; Philip R Pry me. Schenctady oo. 10; John Post, Rochester,-It; David C Pressor, Scriba, 18; Wm prindle, OiWVgq, 18; Geo Russell, Albany, 11; Wm R isaell, Alliauy, 11; Albert H Ru Id, Saratoga co, I 19; Hamilton Rainry, Huflalo, 19; Joan 1 Shaw, Buffalo, 19; P Sharp.Troy.9, Willi'Summer, Bciiba, 13, H.nry Sherman, Yates to inly. 91 Harlot* Segur, tics, 10; Trumbull Smith, 10; Wm Serviaa, Florida, II; AlCnton Tubbs, JeflVison couuty. 31; Morris M Turner, Scriba, 18- Sylvester Thayer. Watrrtown, 13; Reuben M Van Sickle, Albany, II; TVan Alstyne, Troy,9; Abraham Van llorne, Montgomery county. IS; Evandar 8 War ner, Rochester, 10, Peter P Wright, Oswego,19; Wm F Walker, Saratoga Spa, 19. Whole number of applications in Notthem District,up to Feb 17, 31*waaTtlf/'t* f\V VL'UT UiUBflUint1 Ithiel Silaby, Acaorih, tu show cause March 16, Danl W Allen, do Jeccb F. Stirkney, Lancaster,da 16. MICHIGAN. (i B Steven*, U >trnlt, March ?; J Woodward, Detroit do 4; Win 9 Blake, Detroit.de 7; A E Mather, Detroit,do ?; Aan Martin, Spt lag walla, del; N 1' Fay lor. Dry.ten, do 10; Abel Oodard, Detroit, do3; O 9 Fake, Detroit,do 3; J 1, Barton, Detroit, do 3; John Barnard, Detroit, do 4; Phineaa Davia, Highland, do 4; S W Walker. Nankin, do A MARYLAND. T B Adair, Baltimore, March 98; J T Ou'hrie.Ilag'.rstown, April 0. VIRGINIA. Wot Howlett, Richmond, to ihew caaie March J3; Frederick Butler,Richmond, do93; Benj I.Beit, Rich atond, do33; W? R Ford, Goochland county, do JS: HobertC Milliard, Brunawick co, do 33; Garland Ballard, Orange co, do 23. LOUISIANA. E F Martin, New Orleana, March 7; K Hlnkley, do 7, Ckaa A Ely. do 4; Roht Adama, do 4; John Thoma*, do S; J B llullen, do ; John Dunbar, Baton Rouge, 8; N J Peg ram, New Orleana, 6; Thoa F Jenklna, do 4; itepben Field, do 9. Martin Canis, of tho llrm of Curt* m Porter, New Vork, Jo 9; J II Cormick, New O'J*"*' ??> LV'?. * do 9 tniBimrun, new ... , I.ucien H rmann.do#; Kd??fJ ???1 Bwcrett, #; Richard MiRtr, 1; D SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF ALABAMA. To tko* cauae March 14? Chrialophar Thwusn, Hy K-rler, Erektel Salomon, Benjamin Baldwin. Milton 8yre, Char Ira 8 8 Bright Sam I B Allow, John II Kraft, George 1 Brown. Edward U Ljm to, Aarun Urge. Lowia Jit Iron, Thoa A Prnnell, John T Taylor, Wm H Kallf, Coriefopher Jnnet, Abraham J King, Willnrd Fnraiin. Richardron I) Price, Tboa 8 J a met, Parcy Walker, Grr (J Johnrun, Ana-1 O 11 array 8 Beau ireanx, Ward Taylor, William A Verell, H B Qwothmey, Sidney T DougIota. TENNESSEE. Daniel Williawta. Wiliiama co. March 14; Byrd Tar vor, Norhrille, March 14: Jantl M 8au?u?!a, NaihriUe, March 14.

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